Newspaper of Evening Star, February 10, 1862, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated February 10, 1862 Page 3
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> LOCAL NEWS. Nottck ?After baring for auy few* printed the lt*H ef Ift?en remaining uncalled for In the p~t o?c? of tfcla city, (under the lnw author'i!r?y tfcelr publlrnttcn In the newspaper having *h? largest circulation within the aaual delivery cf tb? e?T?e?,) the proprietor of the Stmt has at >q<v?fc fcit compelled to dee*ln? their farther iraertlon, >~ecauee of the great space they have ??? >?-> >? * fftt month* cume iu w upj, ??** v, 'xv ??- ? rut be ha? bffi for!<d to lay over on each ^-cation, when printing the lists. idTfrtlafirests the Insertion of which wonld have paid at least rt?nble as much u tLe law allowed him for the letter list. In addition to this poaltlve pecuniary lose by t*eir l?sertlon slice tho?? lt*ts dst? come to be *a large as the New York city letter lists, they feave entirely?on tba day on which thay were printed- defeated his purpose of nraklne the Star alwsvs a neicsp*p*r?news being Its well-known oee'allt/. A strra ww vwva Ta. Nmn? AM V ? m U * Trxtii ? John E Owena and Miaa fnua Den In In Tom Taylor'a ronufdv of "Tbe Vlr. lima,1' and the farce "Deeda of Dreadful Note " Chm?tt'b ?George Chrlaty, Nell, Haalam, flayea. Boniface, Stratton, Clalrrille, S*eott. "JapaMcTmnmT,"Md others In a hugebill of muaic and fun, concluding with a capital after piece. Kino's Ampitratk* ?Tom King aa "Claaaic Pta'nurv Horaebaek;" tbe beautiful equestrienne Helolse; tbe pantomime "34 orStakea 10;" Gardner in tbe buri?que dance "Ala Cubaater;" the Battonte Leap;'' "Wee Ponv;" Klcradeaa the rMl \ar j rrinr ''H'If mnhincrVi W X.- t* JL- #? Pmithposia*.?Third lecture of Dr. Havea, the Arctic e*pl*?rer Subject?" The Esquimaux " AdrolM on free; doora cluing at 8 o'clock. Castebbfkt Haxv?Flrat appearance of the Canterbury Mina'r.-ia and Slgnor Raffaele Abecco, !n an lints <>011* proenmme, Including the National bal\?d (" Vlrtnoao;") Laonl's pantomime ?L*s **ta'ue Blanche," juggling, aonga, dances a^d barle*quea. Magical. L*cTt7*??At the Hall of the Young M'Va Christian Aaw'&tlon, by Ellen Beard f'?arnon. npon "Dreaa Reform, lta physiological arxi moral bearing " OiMixn' Fair, for the benefit of St Vlncant'n Female Orphan Aaylnro, corner of G and Tenth PTT-ren. k;? cream, confectionery, fascy artlclea, etc., eto. Aoad?*t of Mraic, Pa. avenue, between Ninth and Tenth ?t?.?Free conccrta at 4 o'clock. Hall open all day. " Woaairo abd Shimiwo.''?Mr. J. G. Hoiland, of Springfield, Ma* , editor of the SpringHeld Republican, and antbor of " Bitter Sweet" and other worka which have excited attention within the laat year or two, lectured before the Washington Aaaociatton on Friday night, upon " Working and Shirking '' The diapoaitloti to ahlrk U conatltutlonal with the human race. Adam fhirkt-d the blame of eating the apple npon Kve, and upon the serpent; and from that time down, tinning and ahlrking go together. All mankind are naturally laxy. No conalderable amount of tone fence waa ever built for the love of It! Kwy profession, trade or calling that gives the most Murn for the least labor Is overcrowded But by the grt-at competition In shirkring it happens that the shirkers sometimes make ha d work of it The <h'rkers of great cities are the great curse of i nation, in encouraging fain ideas and causing labor to be held as disgraceful. The stock exchange is the paradise of shlrkr; and professional speou'ating in atacka la ahirking reduced to a *,-?lem. But the meat humiliating exhibition of shirking is that up~>n a change of Administration, when a ? hundred do'Iar* of borrowed money, a half dozen clean shir s, and a carpet-bag, mak- the stock in tr*?*e of an hundred thousand men who hie to V; asbinzton to get a clerkship, a consuiship, or any other ?h p that may enable '.hem to shirk hard labor. [ Loud laughter, participated in with more or leu beartineas by the Asaociatlon folk upon the platform, anions whom the lecturer's random bit certainly made a ten-strike ] The doctors, lawyers anl traders of our day shirk the neceaaary preparat.on aod apprenticeship requisite to fit tfcem for their work The boy chants his rourd?bout for a coat, aod sticks out bis shingle As a general thin* kfa shlngla sticks out longer than ne does The loafer lies who says the world owes him a living. The world ourea blm nothing but a very rough ccffln and a retired no-account place to put I Mb' The duty of aelf-aaaertlon It shirked. Amerira.s dread singularity of personal opinion as much m singularity in dr?>as. !*ueh men take to the fence ns natura'iy in times of conflict of opinion aa does a squirrel to a tree Peace ts good la matter* not of vital Importance, but not to the point of sarr.fl-ing opinion and yielding to wron^. It was f*r this peace that American nationality was sold out Next is tae disposition to shirk racial duties. There are the shirks in churches. We all know how, In every parish, the duties ^sll upon a small nnmber of persons snd sre sbl/fefd by the majority. It is tc?? same in society?its burdens are always born* by a few. T^e shirking many are j?lvrays willing to believ . t^at what ought to be done will he done hv ? ? ? w ? ? 4 wuicwuy, iviucuuw? ai , ,Tben 5i*c,re,* P^'.deal shirking, which Invariably results In leaying 8g-a|rs |n ^ad hands. There is not another jetton on the earth where bad men hare Bora opportunities to gain office. Who is responsi. Not the bad men mainly. Theonly reason h*d men reign is because good men '..atrks They refuse, year after year, to visit .# polls, beeanse politics "hare got so corrupt;" or to attend the primary elections to see that be ter m?n ar? nominated. Such good men are the lowest of sneak* and shirks While one set o! men are too good to mix in politics another set are too busy, and thus the worst men set into power. The present unhappy condition of the country *s a commentary upon the wisdom of such shirking. The cure for this grand national fault is a great ws- for a great ra-ise A long peace maintained Wlthnnf i \m fatal to munhnnH IVure It very beautiful, and may be very safe for angel*, not for men. Could anything but war have brought out the n itlonal exhibition of patriotism now seen T The insult to our flag at Sumter made every man a hero, and every woman a heroine. Timid capital I taelf became bold and defiant. There la no i lack of self-assertion now. Political shirking Is becoming a thing of the past In conclusion, the lecturer expressed the belief that the war was ordained by an all-wise Providence for oar national purification. Cmtii Gcardhocss Casks?Btfor* Jus tic* Walttr ?Sunday?Bridget Kuyjs, drunk; fined 92 ?. Michael Kendrlck, do , dismissed. Win. 1). Bell, drunk and profane; fined 96 M. George jonrs roior*n, linvernmeni leimmr. drunk; turned over with hta tram to the military. VVm. H Mortimer, drank; do. CkM. Cole, colored, profanity; lined William Mentzer, asssult and battery on a small boy; do. S5 94. Margaret l, disorderly and profane; lined S*J. John DuaUran, drunk and disorderly; do. 32 25 Monday ?Michael J La u.;hlio, profanity; fned >138. Peter Riley, drunk, dismissed James Hurke. horsestealing; do. Thomas Gsfney. do^ do. TLiotnaa Meegben, drunk and disorderly, retained far hearing. John Daley, sosplcious prMoa; dismissed Thotnae Campbell, dnink; turned over to the military. Fovktb Wa*d8tatioh Casks?Before Juttie* Walter ?Sunday?The oaly casea docketed for trial at tb's station were John Green and Edward Davis, soldiers. They were turned over to the military for being drunk and disorderly. Monday?Martha Johnson, drunk and dlsor rterlv, d:tm!aaed. Alexander McGlue, do.: turned over to the military Benjamin Hlnea, do ; do. A. A ()?(ond, take.] from Brown'* Hotel by request of the watchman; dtamlaaed Thomaa Rarlden, drunk, dlaorderly and kicking open the door* of darellinga; flood S4 SO, and In dcfkalt aent to the workboune for 90 day* Polici ?The patrolmen of the Third Ward reported tbe following caaea for Sa'urday John Cordian, telling llqoor without a lleaoae, fined 9M 91. (Samuel Duncan, eol'd, carrying conceded weapon*; dlamlaaed by Justice Barnaclo. Tbe Fourth Ward patrolmen reported: Thomaa Berry, riding orrt the parementa; dumiaaed "by Justice Walter. Alexander Langdon, arretted <ipoa a bench warrant; taken to jail. Thomaa B. Thornet, aeuliga Government borae; held to ball for a farther hearing. Owen 8 CaUanand Jamea Ratnafo'd. attempting to paaaconnterfeat money; dlamlaaed oy Juatlee J?hnaon. A.J. Amoa, aa Laait't aa/i Kattaru An Ir^lak Vjmv ^<a? a 1 Ww Justice Bitnuto' John Wllaon, drank and dls^ orderly; turned over to the military. Who .las Tut !?A correspondent of the N"w Vork Comas* reta/, writing from thlscitv. tclU a very " morantic" story all about two uaceptlble military men from New England, who both made lore to a lady In Georgetown The lady is aald to be suspected of Strang sympathy for ' secesh 11 This did not affect the pamlon of the , two ofleers, however, and a challenge passed between them. This raaoited to pistols for two, a shot a piece, " nobody hurt," reatoratlon of th? entente cordial ' aad the scene closes with the arrest of the two principal actors by the Provoat Marshal. FcsrtAL or am Orvicam ?Lieut. Tbonui of company D, 33d Pennsylvania volunteer*, who died a few dayaitnce wm buried yesterday afternoon. The funeral procession waa compoeed of th* utembera of eompeay 1), and the staff officers of the regiment, and was preceded by a fine band. The dace?ed officer was Interred la the burial place at Soldiers' Home, near this ctty. Otstkis ?Elsewhere will be sees (he aaaouoceaaeat of the opening of a ateemed v?ter establishment upon a new plaa. opposite wiltards' Hotel By this arrangement l ha oyster "tains its fall site, flavor, and aU its Juices, a i uary that must be enjoyed la be appreciated 0 -Dm T*all'? Licit** ? Last Saturday erenlng, Dr. Trail lectured at the kali of the Young Men'* Chriatlnn Association upon tbs health and diseases of women. He beta. that woman it naturally the stronger sex, and more capable of endurance than man. having more nutrition In her system which, when not required In the production and rearing of ofkprlnga, add* to her owi vitality. Man is rougher and more able to withstand a sudden shock, out hss less ability to hold out. Ninetenths of medical practice, he said, Is among females and children; and If woman would only use the proper and simple meant for restoring and securing health, she would not only be better off herself, but would effactaall? prevent the Ills which so many children are heir to, and which embitter the entire life of tfeous&ndg A parent with an Impure system cannot give birth to healthy and vigoroua offspring; and the reason why so many parent* apparently strong and healthy bare weakly children la that the full Inhalation of pure air fa of the otmwt Importance to digestion. and If this la prevented by tight lacing or other cause*, the digestive organs cannot anpply the nonrtahment required bv the embryo offspring. All the 111a of parenta affect their offspring, but the debility and early death of children la net the effect of any diaeaae transmitted from the parent, but of the impetfect formation of organs necessary to healthful existence. The various dtseoaee peculiar to females were delicately treated upon, and the alleged evils of the drug system for such 111a enumerated. Pure air, proper aiei, my areas ana plenty 01 exercise would tfry soon render such complaints very rare, and would br'.njr Into tbe world a generation of strong, vigorous and healthy children. If any treatment of the diseases became necessary at all under inch circumstances, external application of water, blp baths, ?xc , Would afford relief; but it waa better to do nothing than to aggravate the complaint and poison the system with nauseating drag*. Ridiso o* the Pavivihts ? Several complaints have been made and warrants Issued aga;n*t soldiers and others, sojourners in Washington, who treat the laws with ccntemnt, riding a Da driving upsn the pavement*, and forcing pedestrians, without regard to age or sex. into the mud. A warrant waa thla morning Issued by Justice Walter, against one person, for driving upon the pavement of Tent#Hreet from E street as f?r north as It extended The complainant atated that frequently oa the route ladles had to go oat Into the mud to avoid coming 1ft cofttact With the horses, it Is to be hop^rt thnt the officers will arrest every offender, and that the magistrates will impose the heaviest penalty the law allows. It Is a common practice for officer* and soldiers passing between the avenue and the steamboat wharf, to gallop their horses along the aldewalks, to the risk of life and limb of all pedestrians We can sympathize with the soldiers who have to ride through the kn*e-deep mud, fcut the sidewalk Is no place fcr their horses. Tijim asd Sob-Tenant.? Laat night a small boy went to the Fourth Ward station to obtain tbe services of officer* In oreaervlm? the Dear* In a dwelling on Second street, occupied by two famines?Morris and P&gnotla. The ntcesafty for official Interference wm made very apparent by tbe bov. who declared that " tber wu jest razin h?1 down there." Upon the offlcera examining tbe prem'ses mattera aid look stormy?the head of eath family, with a pair of revolvers, waa Itanding guard over hla portion of the domlcll. Justice Walter went to the houae at a late hour, and avertalnlnz that the cause of difficulty was a question of righto of tenant and subtenant, succeeded in pacifying the parties, who agreed to aettle the queatlon by civil proceas. Killed bt a Bmtihil ?A aoldier named John Asop. belonging to a camp of volunteers In the vicinity of Columbian College, was shot on his return to camp on Batarday laat, by a sentinel, under the following r'.rrunntancM A inn from the direction of this city, seeminur to be much Intoxicated He had a bottle In hti hand, and as he approached the camp he wan balled bv a sentinel and ordered to halt. He was passed within the lines by this guard, but was again ordered to halt, by a second sentinel. This last guard, finding that the drunken soldier disregarded his command, leveled bis pteceand fired, shooting Asop through the brain, killing him instantly. The affair will undergo a military Investigation. New Poxtoos Train?A new pontoon train hss just been completed, and la now cncamped HP^r tbp 4 ripnn! It rnnilifi nf nnmW ? ??? _ ...-V- ? wMtww V? ?"? UUltlVVI VI lOI^C flatboats rigged with wheels under them, to they can be transported rap'.dly and s^.urelv, and an Immense amount of timber and planks upon trains of wagons built expressly for that purpose. This is Independent of the train of Col McLeod Murphy, which la made of India rubber boats and filled with wind. There are also at the Arsenal over 200 pieces of lit; ht artillery, all of which are ready for the field, and are held as part of the reserve, In case anything should happen to tbe 400 now in the amy of the Pwtomac Deaths among the Peihtees ?Last week two deaths of members of the typographical fraternity occurred In this city. The first was Mr. John D. Campbell, from Lockport, New York, but recently employed In the Government printing office Hit remains were sent to bis former home bv the Columbia Typographical Society of this city. The next was Mr. Charles D. Cashing, orlarinallv from Boston. Mass . and afterwards employed in this city In the National Era office. HI* funeral will be attended tbla afternoon by the society above named. Both gentlemen bad acted as editors. Thk Gallaxt Old Fkanklin .?At the anniversary meeting of the Franklin Engine Company, held In their ball on Tuesday evening, February 4th, 1962, the following gentlemen were elected officers for the ensuing year: President, Jno H Sessford; vice president, E. J. Crampton; recording secretary, Geo. R Crossfield; treasurer, Wm. H. Beardsley; captain of engine division, J. Hudson; 1st engineer, Thos J . Martin; *2d engineer, Jno McDavltt; l?t director of hose, Jno Maddox; 'id director, R. E Mooney; 3d director, Wm. A. Sbedd; 4th director, M J. Rldgeway; engine house keeper, J. W. Hutton. Pirham's Kxcchiios ?Tour!?ta, business men. and officer* and soldiers on furlough, are afforded by Perbam's grand excursion arrangement, travelId? facilities unanrpaaaed In economy, enjoym ?nt, and dispatch. From B*ltimoreto New Yorkand return tbe fare la but 88; and to Boaton and back but 113 50?only little more tham balf price. Return tickets good until May 1st. For particulars tee advertisement. Da. Caxivaa at thi Cafitol ?Yesterday, Rev. Mr. Cbeevei delivered a ranting abolition sermon at tbe Capitol,_ln which be compared tne federal union to Uarod, U>fl rebellion to Hercdiaa, the loyal glare States to the daughter of Herodlaa, and emancipation to the head of John the Baptist The oath that iter 3d bad taken was compared to the idea that slavery la protected by the Constitution. Tucxsa's Gaocsaiss?For fine teas, sugar, coffee, crackers, retains, ketchups, butter, wines, liquors, cigars, fcc., Tucker's grocery warehouse, No. 325 Fa av , is unsurpassed Hotels, grocers, restaurant*, sailers and housekeepers are hers supplied with everything in the line of groceries, of superior quality and i.t remarkably low orlces. Don't forget the number, 325 Pa. av' Cmimitial Cocet ?'This morning, Richard H. Trunnell was tried and convicted of au assault and battery on Wm Albert, a soldier. The ease of Geo Msdlson, indicted for an a?sault and battery on Bernard Gurk was then tried and given to the jury, who had not returned Into court when our report closed. Thb Btbambb TiLtoBArH, the agent desires us to say, was not seized for having twenty barrels of whisky en board for the soldiers, as stated la the papers last w?-ek. That steamer has been ia the dock at Alexandria for a month past, undergoing repairs. Bebb fob thb Soldibbs.?Drove after drove of beef cattle came to this city by railroad, from the North and West, last week, and a great many more are awaiting transportation to this city. The cattle are all for Uncle Bam, and are generally in good condition Cbihiral Cocbt?William Jones, convicted oa Saturday of the larceny c.f a camp bed and cheat (mm Ambroee Carner.wa* sentenced to one year'a lmpriaonment In the penitentiary. At Hia PoaT Again.?To-day Justice Donn appeared la tola ofice tbe first time for two weeka, haying been confined to hia houa* by aicknett which it waa feared would terminate fatally. DiMiiora Cor!*TianiT? ?The city Is flooded with well executed counterfeit one dollar notes parportlnf to be upon the ^Farmer* Bank of PottarilJe, Pa." Look oat for them! Dn Von MoecnziBKiR?If oar citizens who iffiictud with Af f h? ana ap mp Ha ma* call upon Dr. Voo M. they will miss it greatly, m be ceiea the most highly recommended cl any Ocullat or Auriat who haa ever tilted tula country. Hla oflen are at *27 Penn. avenue, opposite Wtllarda'. It Til Inuii Haas Doctob, From Caoada, will describe diseases -nd toll hi a patlenti the nature of their complaints or 111neea, without receiving aay Information from them. JVi ekmrg*/" Cmmtnilmtimm or Adviu, ova MOTTO. We uae such Balma aa have ao atrllB U) 14k M.4 - , -Mm ? " iui n?wi? or *a? L4WI OI LillD : W lth Blood oar hands we never stain Nor poison men to one their pain. Our Father?whoea all goodnem fllla, Provide* the mean* to enre all 111a; The almple Herb* beneath oaf toot, Well nod, roller* oar pain complete A almple Herb, a almple Plowor, Cail'd from the dewy Lea? Then, these shall apeak with teaching power Of change and health to the. Room No. 11, VTaehlagtoa Building, Pena. *vraw, comer of 7th strwC Feb 8-f w* Coutovwd Snr? Gim Amaiic.?We take greet pleature In recommending the a bo?? ffevorlte remedy for Ceughs, Cold*, and all affection* of the Throat and Lungs An attache of this office bad a severe cough for several weeks, and after trying every likely thing, without any relief, was perfectly eured bv a alngle bottle, we are not aurprfM-d that It lsao largely patronized by our soldiers In eamn Bait. Clivver. Lixi! Lm*!! ?Our friend Wm. H.Godey, hu just opened a kiln of best quality woodburnt lime. Call at the kilns oa Fock creek, near Georgetown. fa T St Tfii ttixtMA snd foal vapors generated by the hot sun will be far more deadly to oar volunteer* thin the enemy's bayonets In the Indian and Crimean Campaigns Holloway's Pills were used In enormous qusxtitles. They kept the troops In perfect health. Only 2S cents per oex. Soldiers, supply yourselves. 217. Coin*, Bunions, Calosltles, Bad Nails, Enlarged Joints, and all d'seases of the feet cored without pain, by Dr. White, Burgeon Chiropodist, 426 Pennsylvania avenue, between Fourand-a-half and Sixth streets. Room 7?up stairs. OAm hmip* frnm 19 m (a A n m * ?n ? ? ?? ?? ... w Y ,M * vri*?v?? ?V uou at residence* promptly attended to. Jan 18-lm* PLXASAUT PumiflBHID Koo*g. With fuel BOd ga?, with or without board, at 415 E street, between Eighth and Ninth streets. Table boarders caa be accommodated. jan 15-ltn* Familixs who have never used Boston erackera are invited to try those manufactured fresh every da? by J. L. Dayton. Bold by all respectable grocers. . ja 96-tf TAXI NO MOBI UMPLKASAJtT AND UNSATK MBDicixxs ?For unpleasant and dangerous diseases, use Helmbold'sExtract Buchu, which ha* received the endorsement of the most prominent physicians In the United States la now offered to afflicted humanity as .1 certain cure for the following diseases and abuse of the urinary or Bexual organs: General debility, mental and physical depression, Imbecility, determination of blood to the head, confused ideas, hysteria, general irritability, restlessness and sleeplessness at night, loss of appetite, absence of muscular efficiency, dyspepsia, emaclatl*n, low spirits, disorganisation or paralyses of the organs of generation, palpitation of the heart, and, In fact, all the concomitants of a nervous and debilitated state of the system To Insure the genuine cut this out. Ask for Helmbold's. Take no other. Cures guaranteed. See advertisement jn another ct.1" mn^ feb 4-tf India Rcebkr Uoods, India rubber Sheets for protecting children's beds, that no family should b? without; 75 cent* each. Rubber Blarkets, for soldiers, 91.25 each. Rubber Ponchoa and Blanketa combined, S2.50 each. India Rubber Coats, white or black, 92.50 each. India Rubber Leggtns 91 per pair. And all klndr of Rubber Goods, including Rubber lioota and Phoes, Rubber Stoppers for bottles. Door Mats, Under Sheetings for beds In sickness, 4c , &.C., at manufacturer's prices, at H . A Hall's India Rubber Warehouse, 308 Pa. av., between Ninth and Tenth streets. jan 1-tf MARRIED In Harvestran. N. Y . on the 6th instant, by Rev, Mr Freeman, Mr. AUGUSTUS EDfcON, of tin* o?y, to Mra. FHEBE A. STEDWELLi, of the runner place * On the 9th lnatant by the Rev. E. Fiierrer, at the Lutheran ?'huroh, oorner 4th and E street*. JOHN KAUFMANN to AUGUSTA LOUISA NEUMA.N.both of this oily. * DIED. On the">th inatant, RICHARD II., infant aon rf Rinh^rd U. and Sarah J. Boawell, aged 2 mouths and 22daya. Devest Harry, then hast left na ; We thy loss most deeply feel; Bat 'da God that bath bereft utile oan ail our sorrows heal! The funeral will take place from the reaidenae of hia parents, on 1 street, between 4th and 5th sta . to morrow evening at 3 o'oloek. The friends and acquaintances cf the family are invited to attend. * On Satnrday, thefi'h instant, in the 6M year of her age, JANE MoUATHRAN, wife of Jam^s R. McCatnrau. She live 1 a ""nsietent member of the Methodist Church Fast Washington Station, a d fiieo in tne triumph of a b taaful immortality,icavi's a large family of six sons and two daughters to maurn her ioas, which is her tain. * I Alexandria oaoers codt.1 At Camp Belg?r, near Baltimore, on tl:e 5th of this ni .nth. JOHN THOMAS MA> KEY , in the 16th year of hit ace, bod of Thomas Maokc/.Ksq., of this oitv? He belonged to Captain Berkley e Compauy B, 3d Keg't Maryland Volunteers. Dearest brother, th >u ha<>t left ua, We thy loss most deeply feel; But'tisGod that hath bereft as, He can ail our sorrows heal. Bat again we hope to meet tnee, When the day of life i* fled. Where in heaven we shall greet thee, Where no lareweli teai is shed. * On the 2d < f Feb nary, JOHN Til.BERT, twin son of B. and ti. tpnguiiey, aged 10 mon'iia and 5 days. * Departed this life,at a f-w minutes past eleven o'clock on fconday night, JOHN U. FlTZPATKlCK. long a well knjwn and much esteemed citizen of Washington, in the 57<h yearrf his age. Ha was seizei with neuinoma on Friday last, whioh, after three daysot intense suffering, terminated thus suddenly in desolating the home of a Urge and hepless f'miiy. Mia funeral will taks piao* from his lata residence on aoutti R atreet, Uapito! Hi l,on Wednesday morning cext, at 9 o'olook. [Repub.] * On the 10th instant, FRANK, ion of Jamea and ?. M. Colegate- aged 5 months. Funeral at half p tat 2 p m , Tuetdsy, 11th inat. TO OFFICERS, HUFLERS, Ao.-For aale, at a moderate prioe, a New York bailt four wheeJed light oovered WAGON, with handeome liLVhur Aintiinna. An _ h*vin? K??rt ntan ?krA? times, cost #183 Also, a New York male set of Double Harnest, with platea fillings, wtnoh has never been used at all. Also, a set of plain Single Harness, quit* new. Apply at 48T Seventeenth street, oorner of 1, for audresa of stable and groom. de 11 BUTTER! butter:: BUTTER!!! 100 kegs choice Goshen Butter, just received and tor sale cheap by F. B. HASTING & CO. no 86-tf 393 D ?t- fwiDf Pa *?eiio DLACK TEA! ~~ 1> , , BLACK TEA! cherU standard Biaofc T* ha?e been received to-day. Alao,ohoico Gr&?u T*a. . KING * BURCHKLL, jal Corner 15th atraat and Vermont ? . Whisky: whisky: whisky: 8 n. pike * CO. fiOO barrel* M AG.NOLI A, 900 " xxx. iOO M Millar'* RYE MONONGAHELA, *00 Fine OLI? RYK. 800 " Fine OLD BOURBON. Jaat received at Ciaoinnat' prioe*. EM1LE DUPRE. 820 Pem?jlvauia avenue. rrr Al*o, Agent for B. N. PiKE'd ARMY CORDIAL. fe 1-ly [MP O ft T ANT TO L A 1W E B. The aubccnbera have opened tbe store No. 16 Market Bpaoe. Pa. av.. bet.8th and 9th ate. aaafirat olatt Laoe and Fanoy Dreas Cap Depot, oon'iatinc in part of Point d'Alenoon. Appliaue, Mecklen and Valenciennei Laoea, auob u Collara, Bleevee, Handkerehiefa, Cape*, Flouncing, Capa, Capa, Coiffure*, and made up gooda of the fineat quality, and at New Yorkpricea. COHEN A DUB8ELDORP, from New York. N. B.?All aorta of Laoea waahed. mended, and done up equal to new, at ahort notioe. de 36 2m* I^EORea M. WORL 4t CO., VJ Importer* and Dealers in WINES. LlQUOHS.ClOARS.itt.j | And GENERAL COMMISSION MERCHANTS An assortment of Merchandize of every desorlpttoa oonstant]j on haod. GEORGK M. WORL * CO.. T4 Water street. Georgetown. jaZl-lm* By the Rope Farry. FOR HALE.?Two very fine saddle HORSES, (young,)suitable for officers or oar-srv ri*g? purposes. Call at the oorner of T-7ft andK street, Island. ^ feS-St* JAMES KELLY. NOTICE NOTICE 1UATVPU 11VI lU?l TO SUTLERS. TO BUTLERS. " SPICED MOLASSES CAKES. SPICED MOLASSES CAKES. SPICED SUGAR CAKES. SPICED SUGAR CAKES. In oonseqaense of the treat demand for oar Molaeeee Ginger Cake and Sugar Cake, we bare appointed W. H. HAMILTON & CO., 4T9 Nintn Street, aa prinoipa' Agent for their sale, from whom they oan be bought at five dollar* per barrel. SNAPS, JUMBLES, MOLASSES POUND CAKE. IN QUANTITIES. IN QUANTITIES, IN QUANTITIES.

BOSTON CRACKERS, Titnk arary day?warm from the oran maka daiioioaa food? Ttn Cents Per Pound. DAYTON'S - CELEBRATED MINCE PIEB. Hotal-kaapari. Baadi of Pamilioa, and Snliara ara inritod to try oar aaoallaat Miaoo Fioa. Oar MINCE PIES naod oaly to I* triad to ba appreoiatad ; pnoa 910 tad 9 IS Mr kaadrad. JAMBS L. DAYTON, Bafcary?499 Blarentk atroot, tt I batvaoa 0 aad B. I ? 7 f WANTS. RARRKRS WANTKD-At E.XlLIOTS. No. JD 919 P?.?Tec?e ns&r Wi'.lMMa' Hotel, W*?hmfa. _ fe !(>-?? WANTFD-Six rood 6HOFMAKKRSlmm*" di%t?ly. Apply at No. J01 7th #t.o??onte Odd Feiiowt' Hail. f? 10 W ANTED-A SCRUB GIRU Alto, a Girl to J Appiy at the Ebbitt Houee. feur It* WANIED-a SITUATION by a re??ectabl?? WW *< .)a Blain -.Mr Wins w* aW<?. m ?. A - -T ' !? VV uu WVA1UIJ WWiUUi ?VUM ironing- Addrfaa "H. B ." StarOflioe. It* A YOUNG MAN of f>od baaices* experience, xrithf- to obtain employment in a *tor? u elerk. T*-e ^e'tof reeomi!'?nrfatn^? it yen if required. A^dreaa'M I. I..*' t?t\r Offl-e If \*7ANTfcrV?A ?nt>r la in vantof * MAN that TT U to m&ke himself lenera'ly aMful. Arp y*t^^3Di.t. frlO 8t* PARTNER WANTED, yritha nrnl! capital; prcfii* ctMrantied two to thr** finn'Md dollar" per month olear. App j at 569 Penn avesoe. It* W. DONADK. WA NTKP?A oom'orta')'? furnished HOL'PK, fora amati fami'v. R'n'a>t to exoeed ?6? perm<??th Address Box Poai (Jlfije. fe 1" <n? 2 WANTKIV-A yonnjf MAN from 18 to SO y ara of a<?. to ast aa porter fjr the at"re. Mnat nrderitand keeping acoonnt*. App'y 26?* Penn. avenue, Booth aide. fe 10-tt A (klTUrv . ^ w mm mm a rw* t ?\ ? _ ? si l UAiionai DMHepsr, nj t a youn? man with eaper ?n3*. Best of reference given if required. Address "O. F. ft." Star Office. fe 10 3'.* WANTKD-A TKNANT for *ut of a house, with a tood kitchen, p vtially furnished ; or house as it p'ands; water aud gas. App> sooth B street, n?ar2L Capitol Hill. f 10 St* U7ANTED-A SITUATION, by a re.peotaMe T" toont ?irl, to do ohambacwork und help through the house iu tens al, or world do the hous?work of a small fam:ly A pplr at 390 7:h strejt. between H and I. Oa" for two days. It* A SITUATION WANTED, bj a younc man. as bar keeper, and willing to makehimie.f gonerally nsfful, with the best of refe'enoe from his >a?* ol^ce, if required. Address "M. O. M Star Offioe. It* WaNTF.D? By a respec*?b'e yonnf tifl a SIT L A Tl UN in a orivate faun t as o Sam her maid aud MMiM Can out and (it ladies'and etiild'en's d-e'^eaand alto plain sewing. Apply for3 days at 259 21(1 it ,M?r L st. It* \Yr ANTKD-A eorofjrtal.;? HOUSE, furnished " or urftimuhed for a family of eight persons. Looa'ion between 3d and 14th streets, and within a short distance of the avenue Address, statins !ocaton and terms, J. JOHNSON, Box 24* Post Office. fe |Q 3t* WANTKD?By a young man of several years' xp3rieooeir a groaorr and provision store, in rhiscity. aSlTUATlON a? too* keeper, sales man. or to make him&ei! generally useful in some busings. Bast ot testimonials of character and capability can be furnia&ed. Address 'Y. K Star Office. fe IO-2t* WANTF.D?Two nicely furnw?bed ROOMS on the hrst or s*eord floor, with or without Boanl. as may be desirei?for a gentleman and Wife two chil r?n ard servant. Best reerenoes a* to respectability of part;?* ici*en and request?*. Location prefirr^d within throe or four blocks north of Penn avenue *r>d between ?J* and 15th its. Address *1).," Star Offios, stating vor* lowest term*. fel0-3t* WANTKD.?A lady wishes to obtain a SITUATION a? h'>n*ekpeper in Bome smal' fvni )y. Inquire at St Patrick'* Churoh. fe 8 st* WANTED?Three unftirni'hed ROOMS.without board. Location between 13th and 19th strata p^ferred. Ptato t?"-ms: address "C. P. T Hex *3i. City Pout Offige. fe 8-2t? WANTKD?A GIRL to wait on the table and do oharnberwork Unexceptionable reference required. Cali at 319 9th street, between L and M. fe g 3Iin vT1/n rinn r"r?r?if n v ? r l> u ?-?/ * *?UW V V/? ' 11 t W ? - I V." i MJ IV yy SHUCK KR , and three WAITERS; ?ao, five Women f?r housawork. Inquire at 570 Pa. avenue, corner Isl nt. fe 8 St* WANTKD?In a drug and pre-ctptton store, a competent ASSISTANT. Must bring good recommendations a* to character and qnaliScation?. Address, w"h real name and reference*. pliarmac-utist." Washington P O. fa 7 3 * IV'ANTKD?At the Billiard Saloon corner of Penn. aveuu* and 11th street, two or three BOYS, oolorad Bsst wages given. Th^se ao quaint* i with the business preferred. fe7 3t Y\7"ANTKD?A colored WOM VN.on* who un?* demands rooking. Good wages given Apply at C. KLOTZ,9th et., between Avenue and D btrr. t.. ie 7 at" WANTF.D-A renteel and intelligent young L*DY. who ean sing and p!ay the pi*no moderately, to trave with a gentleman and as*i*t in a p;essart aid t?nteel occupation. Address Hartweil.'^StaMJffic*. fo7 et* LU'HMISHKD RO??MS W ANTED?Either r with or without private table?by and l&dy A parlor and b:*drooin nicely furm?h*d wilt be rf quired for the 'a'1? aud a bedroom for the gentleman. Unquestionable reference* give" if rrqnr?d. Address J W, Box 124 Post Office. f?7 3t* WANTFD?Books to post and accounts to adjust, by a praotioa' B okkreper of iong experience Ample reference given Address "Acoouniant," Bex No. UZ Pest Office, Waalungtoa, D C. feS lw* i*/ ANTKfl TO R K N T-A Pew in ?h? ** CDURCH OV THK EPIPHANY." Addrmi Box 13 Star Offioa. ja 31 WANTED?Sutlers and Soldier* to know that they can hry <MMP t*T?>VE8 and TIN WARK oheap of H J. GREGORY, 3*1 Penn avenue. jail WANTE:t.-Wfl are Dow Laying SECONDHAND FURNITURE,STOVKSand BED DING, for \rnicn *? wf pa? mg the highest cash prices. Families declining housekeeping, or navuig a ?urpiru of furniture, will find it to their advaaUte to give us a ??il fiONTr. ft GRIFFITH, le 13-tf No. 369 "Mb ?t.. betw. i ana K nt?. WANTED?Everr person to know that I am in the market, rer.dy to pay e\ah for &1! articles in the honsefurnishing line. Those leavinr tne city, or having a surplus, wiii do well to cftil, R. BUrtl LY. 4Seventh ?t,between G and H ste., (east sido.) Dealer in Now and Second-hand Fur niture. r a 16 IiOST AND FOUND. pAMK TO TFIK PREMISES t'FMR. Ff-?NV; uac&a on F street, b iwstn U'h and 15th, a white SOW. The r,vur n re-^fc?^^ qno*ted to c"me forward.proTe prcp3rty AJmmUuM pay obarres, and take her away. ft 10 3l*_ JOHN RILEY. LOST?Strayed from the owner, on Sunday nifht, a dark bay HOR8E, with a cv. tar in his I renead;ai d, having a!s-> a rat ta'l; (the horse is ^uite stiff in the breast.) The finder will be rewarded hr returning the horse (otheownor, at Hwampoodle, between the iron bridge and the railroad. ft 10 St* MICHAEL MoMAN. C*REWARD.?Lost on the r'ad irorn the <5>A(U Poor House to the Departments. ? r>y ttie congressional burying ground and the Avenuo. a GOLD WATCH. The ril finder can b? sVi?fied u to the owner. &na4BriiV rooaive hi* thaiiks, and trie above reward b? faring it at the Star OfGae. fe 10-R* r\l8TRlCT OF COLUMBIA. Copwtt of 13 Wa^hiiirtom. To teit: I hereby eer t'fy that W. (?. W. Whtto, of Wajhinc ton Connty. brought before me. the aub V Wftl ir "Tiber, a Justice of the Peace, thie 8-n ca) if Feb-uiry, 1MJ. aa ?stray, t'e?paasing open hia en?'< anrea,,,HellTue.'"Jth atreet road, 2 SHOATrf. The owner thereof c%n hare the sarr.e by proving pr ipertT and paying charges. Given under rnv lia.nd ?.nrl tail 4>i? ?tv a/ ? ? . ?? ? ? <> ? ; vi February, 1662. fiwsi* J0HNJI JOHNSON. J P. FOUND?A POCKET BOOK containing aoun Herable amount of money. The owdw cad have it by proving property. Call at JOHN 8 SHKonKR'S l<anca?ter County Pro?l?i oS o-e, oorner 13th and ?i ?t?. fe 8 St* IT'OUND?On to-day (Saturday. February 8,) on A north A atreet, trftwMn let and 2d street*, a mall HUM OF MoNfcY in a small leather ba$ or puree, whioh the ownw o&n have by deaonting property aad Hfinc lor thi? td?*rtiumjii? ' ) quire of R. \V. CLARK, No. 53 north A street, Capitol Hill. fe 8 3t* fl&QOA REWARD-LOST OR STOLEN.?A $?UU 1UAMOND BREAST PIN, about the is# of balf a dollar, on Tuesday, 4th Feb. The pin had a large diamond in center, and three o'ueters around it; setting finished m oak ec& shape of Maltese Cross; chain and pm attached, pia twisted, and a diamond net in it. If returned to MISS MARY TURNER, 37 Pa. avenue, or to MR. A. P ALLEN, at Justice Dona's Office, reward will oe paid, and no questions asked, fo t 31 Ran away from the subscriber, near BladiJuLurg, BOY ANTONKY CRAWFORD,commonly oalled Toney. He <1 is i feet 5 or 7 inohee high; very black; short hair; grave oountenanoe when rpoken to. Jk w tbu m iotr in on* oi tin eyebrows, oca*I sioned b* a kiok of a horM, ac&roely perceptible; left in.November !aat. I will give 9160 to have him brought homo to me. ja23 F. M.'GBUPKR. KEWAKO-For the awralMuira <ard cehvery to me at Biadenaburg, Md., or *eoar*4 id jail ao thai I get him) of NE OKO 9VLVimT?Ri late the property of Nathaniel Bait, deceeaed, of frinoe George's jn Md 1 will give the above reward no mauer^aL* where taken. Silvester is of oc;per oomplexion; of thin stature; about 5 feet 9 or 10 inches high- lie is well known in W achington city, and is no doubt lurking th*reaboet or its vicinity, or m the n?uhborhood ol Governor's Bri?*re. Anne Arund^on?u:ty, Md. N. C. BTEfHEN. Exeeutor of Nathaniel Bait, deo? M*4. I fl'pper Hlrlhiim1 Rkuit* 1?.I Wi ! " _ _ __ ?-? ? ?*hvv \?v>i?iau payer insert weofclr for 4 week*.] fe l-3w* ?7(i REWA_RD.-RaoavaromTHMdar.Jaa. ?<Uad, NEGRO BOY MADlSoN ^ BOOTH, commonlr called Diok. aboat ? mm feet higti; 96 teui old; had oa ?kn ha left vhiiaoloth pMta, too poo jaakate; he oar Jk ried off vita aim a lar*e grey not?, aboat MjQL baud* high; I rears old; rarr high laonnted tu? abora reward will be nvoa for tHe retarn of mb and horse, or fM for the nan aad tf to for the horae, { either oaee tone secured eo that 1 ge> thorn again. GEORGE W. GARDINER, Near riioMaTi;, Ja M-tw* Pruwa George's oounty, Hi BOARDING. CENTRAL HOTEL. (*won tk? plan.) Vy oorner of PonaaylraGia avsnu? ana 6 it rp5o?ite ooroor to Bfon'i *nd the National, to now fnni'ahod t&rooghoot with newacd fcanJaom* fumimro. The proprirtar inform* hit friendi and th* pnbiio that they oao oo aooomm.-tinted vita room*, by the da* or wark. with or wlthart ?*}?. T'ie Dttun* Salcon o?en at a I honra. H. DUKHAM G*L?TON, fa 10 oeSw* Propn?tcr. FOR SM.E A-Ni? HSVT. FOR rk\t-t"?o furnt?HFD rooms. with lioard, at 391 K ?u?rt, MtvMn <H>< and loth f? V-St* tpOR RENT-Tl''?#? FURNISHRD ROOMS*. " at No. St8 P#nn?jlva2iaavemJ.third oor?ast of Kir|cwo,.d Hoate. f< MB 3 * Ij'OR RKNT-Two FTRN'^HKO ROOM?? a Parlor ar.d Had Ro. m No. 37 R'id#* ?t. Georgetown. f? io-3t* t^OR RKNT?At No 814 PrDDiTinma amit, 1 ?*cood door aK^ve W'Marrf**, a l*rg? ard fnmnodioaa front H'?OM. newly and n?atlr furn ?hel, luitahf for an c or committor room. fa 10 ? * AUAKUI. A Ii/ n?nii'*"Mtui HJK riihed Kront Room w Boar.V on tkeeeAind floor, irat be ob'aine* by a; f jwf At No 339 F ?tre?*. h^tsrcep. 9'n atd tftth. f" I''* St* A FURNISHED FRO%T ROOM. ?cf?lied with in * deluhtfol neirhhorhoou and oonti(uoua to the Depirtwi->at*..i* tferad for rent. Rent moderate. Apply a* 401 U atre?t, (acnth aide > between IS u and uth atre^ti, where 'be room m*y b"< eeen. f? 10 St CPI.KNDIDPl'lTE OF ROO.MP.-The adrer tMer hanafpendid ?utfo of ROOM? to lent, (parlor and bed room.) with fne' and git* ?irn mon'b,pata?lein advance location b*?t iu the eit/. and in the imm^i^te neighborhood of Ger.eial McClel'nn. Also, two third etorr Rooms, at -f 4' lt*r month, with fti*l *.* H kAAr+*m * V ?. ?? Star Offioe. " "feMC 2t*' FOR'RKNT?Particf the Hoaae southeast oorn?r Mth ard M eta. It is a very desirable locality for a store. Inquire on the prcmisec. fe? at* BOARDING?One or two neatjr furnished Rooms, with Board,o*n he obtained at N*?. S24 6 atrret, between 12th and 13'h itrwte. at #? er month for two p?rarna ; those anwil"'frtjr to pay that ori.oe pes*! not ?p?1t A r^od COOK and CHAMrtKHMMl) wanted, wi?h reeom mendations, to wham the highest p-ioea will t-e given , \ fie 7 ft FOR SALE?Several co^ BUILDING LOTS of ground. we!!Io*"&t-d ?"n this eit? A i?n. FARM in Wmconein of 110 acre* of ro-><1 farming and well timbered lard, near the Mumjupm rivr; all of whioh may lie bought at a moderate Inquire of Mn. MAKV A. W. C. VAN NESS, N". 4?4 north M street, htta-een >2tR and ISth. fe8 4f rpwo pleasant ff kn?shed rooms? 1. Fark.r *n<< rVaruber a'tasted, with or withoe? Board, at 3 7 Dr.dge ?'re??t, ?Jeo <et"wn. fe7 S;* F^OR RENT?2 large FURNISHED ROOM!1, oommnnicatin*; centra! location Apply at th it office. a fe7-8t Furnished or unfurnished rooms for rent on Maesaohns'tU avenue between 12'h and 13th ttrMtl. Hnii?!i li-nn <mm 19th atre?t. ~ " "" ' '"'fe7'st*' I^XTR AOHD1NARY CH WCK-STORE and A FIXTURES FOR 8ALE.-K 8<?r* in ?t?? mopt approved buaiLrsa locality, ino uJin? Fixtures ana Mlt a email rtoc? of ha mm' Dress TrimiD'Dca. Embroideries an'l Millinery Goods, will be ottered at a rreit sacrifice and poaaesai n riven forthwith. Tfna is a chance of the rarest ooourrence, acd al! applications be made at No. 13 La. avecne, between 8th and 9th at* j < W-iW LOFT TO RENT, aeoond door. 316 K street, near Wll'ardK' Hote',22 by l'Ofeet. Inquire in the at''ro ja!3 Akakk cha "sck.?Tne proprietor of the City Hotel, uha only first ei&aa Hotel now open in Alexandria Vv.) ia desirons to retire from husinegK. ?nd will s'll.for a f*ir prine, the FURNITURE, FIXTURES ar.d GOOD WH.L of the house. Hisleass wi i terminate on the 1st of January. 1863. bet t:ie p'opeily can no doubt be ieasstf for a much ior.Rer term at a moderate rent. This Hotel is now dom*. ana has lor ms:.y y?ars drne, a ;ar?o and piontaWe bunn'ss. 't he dssire of the ucuersigned to retire from pjblic bu<in as is the only inducement t" sell, as heoon d not hope to er.jMte in are more profitable For terms an-i particu arsapply to J AS A. ENGLISH,who is authorized to w cot.ate. or to th* undersigned. JalS-tf SaM'I, hk flkmiwkh_ Handsomely furnished roomb.Four har.ilecirsly Furnished it ooira, supplied With ras and watc. aad convenient to the Patent and Post O&cs Defertnecta, for rent Apply ai 49 0* Maesftobsaetta nanus, north s:d:, hetween 4lh knrl Ith iiti GEORGETOWN ADVEET MTS Yf?UMON MEN OF GEORGETOWN.? II *1 >. c adjnn:n"d mretin* of'hp ir.ioa man of GsorfeUwn. win fie lie'<1 on TUKS*1?AY'.the lltli tenant. at o'clock, at 80oi?tv Hall. A11 cfiz^ns < ppoat?u u> tue cau-el<*s? r?l'?! .101,. and in :avor cor. vertine oir deluded fe Irwcour.trrmen t?? the aivan'sn** and !)le??lr>t? of the Union. &'c invited to attend. fe 8-St 1 ^nn ., potaioe-. 1*JUU prune Ruck Kre and Peaati Biov Potatoes in ?tore ar d f .r .-al* hj JOHN J HEM.L, fe 8-3t* No. 87 Water Btrf*t, Georgetown. en ORANGES. LEMON*. Ac. *J'f BOXfcS Pri?'? O anjee a..<l Lencnr, ln.ll I K. \*w U 1 Mv * - l?? 4 ? V " ?> .> ' f 10 oa'kb CURRANia. 50 lano* box<*? I'riroe FIG?, l/TO lh?. New LAKli. For aile hj W. H. TKNNE V, f?8 3: Gwr|ttoTn. gUCKSKIN GLOVES! Kam^bu r & Ebert, 105 bl?H fcTBKXT, GEORGETOWN, D, C. The only manufuctmera of Gen"ioe BUCKSKIN &LOVKS. Ml LIT A* V OALNfLETs, aad MITTENS in the Dutriot. Officers' G&imtieu raadr to or^er. Bncfcakip Drawora and Shuta. J* 18 EDUCATIONAL. \1RS. BURR WILL RKS"ME HER L"1 Soho?l for Krelieh and Freeeta Monday, Jannary ?th, New York avenue, between iSth and '4th ts ja 17-U6tA Jaw6t CHEGARAY IM?TITUTK, l?47 anblsirespurckr't.-*li-hia. This Institute, con <lu?ted fur two year* past m the city or Philadelphia hr Madams Ckcgakit and her niece Madame D'Hukvillt, upon 'he same principles as the oni* in ^ew York, eatab lish?d there in )8H. will reopen,after the Chrutnm holiday, on Monday. January 6tS. with its usual ample and complete provision for the education of vuug uwim, un-oi iu- uirccuvn ui ic D'Herrilly. Circulars, and ail requisite information, can D9 obtained on application to the Principal. ja7-lni Horses for sale. Of every description. jty Constantly on land?Louisiana avenue, near the Center Market. de 13-6m* ARMY EXPRESS COMPANY. NEW ARRANGEMENT ALL RAIL FROM NEW YORK. 41 HOURS. This Company is prepared to forward all kinds of foods to and from? NEW YORK?Oflloe 39 Broadway. BOSTON?Office, T Congress street, and J Colcress Square, PHILADELPHIA?OAee, 337 Chestnut street, BALTIMORE?Offiae, Camden Station, WASHl!S6TON-O?0e,3S^ PennsTlvama a?., ALEXANDRIA?Office, 104 King street, ANNAPOLIS, FORTRESS MONROE, NEWPORT NEWS. PORT ROYAL, And the SOUTHERN BLOCKADING SQUADRONS, AT FAIR RATES! ja*T lm* LOVbLL, COLLES & CO., WHOLESALE GROCERS, 66 Front Street, Nev York, ud 316 E Street, Waahington, D. C*. (:.e\r Willarda' Hotel.) Having started a branch of oar Nev York establishment in thia citv. we invite Risiaitrmntmrs, and Hettl Kttprrt, to oa!l and examine oar stock*. vhich ia veil assorted aad comprised of cooda of the beat qualUj. We lake orders for any thing in oar line, and exeoute them promptly. ja23-tf SMITH * BROTHER'S PALK OKKAM ALU, SUPERIOR AMBER ALB, PORTER asd NEW YORK BROWN STOUT. The above CELEBRATED AMERICAN ALES are Brewed from the CHOICEST BAR Kir as * ? - ? * uai aiaLii rvnur?, ton Bifn j Ntreawd b; I bote who have used them. Purohaaers are re?a?ct*d to call and examine our eaperior stock, aarared that they will find the BEST and PLBEsT artiolea. We have at all timee a large stock ready for delivery, in whale, aa.f ana eaarter easkr, ?aiftb!e for the TEADE, HOTELS, and FlMlLY USE. which we of* on the MOST FAVORABLE TEEMS. SMITH * EEOTHEE. Brewer*. No. US * ISO WestUU el. New York City. u Orders by >Ia. or fin ses promptly negated, ce Mb [second edition. THREE O'CLOCK, f, ARMY GAZETTE. oma vo* th? a hut or di tth. Wa DtniriniT. J WtihlAftou City, February 10, lB9i ( Oritrtd, That i penon calling himself Doctor -. ! <*. a native rf a rebel Mate, ?k?n brother, late!y in tbr miittory Bcrrlc* of the I'nlted Statee, la now an o?cer la the rrb*l imy, and who pretend * to bo a aperlal representative of the Now YcrV H-rtud for Washington, be tmtto4, ao4 h' d in close ens tod f at Fort Mc Henry, aa apy? and for violating the roles and regulaMoM of this Department, in thia: that on Saturday, the 3th d?v of February, lMi, agatnat public and wetlknown regulatioaa for the aalfc transactions ?t Congressional busineaa, be Intruded himself into the War Department, and into the chain ben wbere the Becietary and hta aaalstasta wore transacting buaiuesa with members of Coegrsns, for tbe purpose of spying, and obtaining war news, and Intelligence la respect to Cabinet consultations, telegram*. Ac , for publtcatlon, which be knew wh not authorized to be published; and. hieing no in traded he conducted himself insolently, making threats to an Assistant Secretary. Pater H Watson, of tfcs hostility of the New York HtrtUd agaiast the administration of the War Department nalees ho was afforded special privileges and furnished intrlligrace in the Department In respect to Cabinet consultations, telegrams, official communications, and all news the moment It was received by the Department, and in advance of all other oaoera * The War Department Is the place where tbr President, Commander-in-Chief of Ike Amy aad Navy, end bi? aabordtnate the Secretary of War anu other public otBrera are earnestly eB^i^ed in the business ?f overcoming treason and rebelttoa age(nat the Government ot tbe United State*; It te not a place where aplea or traltora, or aar person, bat for pcbllc purpoees, can be suffered te eater er harborNewspapera are valaab'.e orgaaa of pabllc la telligence and Instruction, and every proper laaUM* xm\11 Vv? afV'nrHa) 1 1av?I naranna t/\ *-?***J ?* ? w ^ivuirr, oa equal terms. Information of such public facta as mar be properly made known in time of rebellion. Bat no matter bow useful or powerful tbe press may be, like everything else It is subordinate to national safety. Tbe fate of an army or tbe detftiny of tbe nation mar be imperiled by spy In tbe garb of a newspaper agent Tbe nation is la conflict witb treason and rebellion, and may be threatened by foreign foes Tbe lirea and fortunes of twenty millions of people, and tbe pence and bappmeas of tbelr posterity In tbe loyal States, tbe fate of public liberty and republican government forever, are stated upon tbe instant laaue. Tbe duties of tbe President, bis Secretary, of every oflcer of the Government, and especially iu lur ??ai i/rp?uucui auu wuiwry rtfiw, w, it this moment argent and solemn do Hot?the most solemn and urgent that ever fell upon man. No news-gatherer, nor any other person. for aoedld or treasonable purpose*, can be suffered to intrude upon tbem at such a time to procure news by threats, or spy ont official acts which the safety of the nation requires to b# disclosed. For these reasons the aforeeaId Ires has been arrested and Imprisoned, and all persons so offending will be dealt with la like manner, Edwis M Siajitoji, Secretary of War THE LATEST BY TELEGRAPH. J ark'an still at Wine beater?He DcaeiBen his officers as Cawarde, and re*i|H Samvx Hook, Feb. S ? Jarkion is reliably reliably reported to be attil at Winchester. Ob returning there from his late tonr he denounced his ol&cers as a set cf d d cowards, his men as half traitors, and sent hi* resignation to Rich mond Thi antboritles there requested him to witndrsw It. and be will probably do ao, tinder a promise of a higher position Brigadier Gen er*l Loring, at last accounts, was at Rom net, with 5,000 men CONGRESSIONAL. XXYVIIth routines* SfcsK Inikra. Smat*.?Various petitions were presented and referred. Mr. Wi'tson introduced a bill in relation to contracts and orders for Government supplies; referred to Military Affairs Committee. The bill sometime since reported by Mr. Grimes from the District Committee, for the incorporafinal nf t K* WnsKin Iab nW ? i D?ll road, waa taken tip and passed without a division, after having been amended by providing that three per centum only (rather than 10 per cent an originally provided In the bill) of the groat receipts for fares on aaid road shall be paid over to the cities of Georgetown and Washington, for free school purpotss The report of tta<> Committee of Conference on the disagreeing vote* of the two houses upon the bill to organize ten thousand twelve months troops in Missouri >nd Maryland to serve In those States only, waa taken op, and wss debs ted by Mr Trumbull against, and Mr. Henderson 1m favor of the report. Hoitsk ?Resolutions providing for the prevention and punishment of fraud, and in relation to mr uiBuuivniiniia ui psyuiuirif, wrif mnpi' a The bill authorizing the Issue of ten minions of dollars in Treasury notes, was passed Mr. Crittenden presented a petition from tba citizens of 1'blladelptita, praving that Congress solemnize the approaching birthday of Waahiugton, bv meeting and causing to be read tbe Farewell Add i ess of George Waablngtoq^upon tbe *22d instant; ?nd that the address, ol sot table parts of it, be also read at the beat of each dirtsIon of the srmv, and upon every vessel of tbe navy, aa for as practicable Mr. Lovejoy offered a resolution that tbe Declaration of Independence, and the proclamation of ttie Secretary of War to the srmv, Uaued after tbe Mill Spring victory, be also read, npon which tbe yesa. nd nays were demanded r a ti? t r\r> a t vftps AmI a xjf 1>V/ Vy /I Li IV u rr Washisotok add Gaoaorrow* Railway ? Senator Grimes' bill authorising tLr construction of a railway from tbe Navy Yard, alone P? sylvanla avenus, to Georgetown, passed tbe Senale to-day. witbou; a dissenting voice The following gentlemen are created a body corporate to carry Into effect tbe provlaions of tbe Mil, which nave already been'published In tbe Stmt: Richard H Wallach, John M Brodheod, Wm tf Todd, Joaeph Bryan, Z C. Robbloa, Edward Clark, Say lea J Bowen, Henry Addison, W.H. Teaney, and Peter H. Wa'son Hi.tsos <v a* r/xvo* sainna T?H HMTMM I/I?*I'BAL Vf VU.l A ^ ? roiiflittd In the Washington jail on auaplcion of being runaway slaves, were yesterday released in accordance with the order of the secretary of Stale promulgated MM time atnce. ll'RMIOra Patent PoruUe Home. The inventor oa.lla the attention of Hatlera aad otuere to tUa aaefai invention A House eon bo bout by thia Inventor without naila, acrvwa, or croovea. . lit un and ? tables built ia the ?n? way. It oanbepnt up and taken down without icjary to Um boards. Orders e&a M >rt with 8A.MUHL WISE. Bu.4?r, No. 346 E stroet. near Ttlrweatu , ja U 1m WMk>Mto?. P. C. LOVtLU COLLES * CORrifOL?3ilL^ GROCERS. M Front Btrert, Now York, eud 316 K Mrort, Washington, D. C., (ami WilltnTa Hotel.) iiarioi start*! & bracoa of oar Now York aa?a! IshmsU in this eltf, WO invito lutlirt, Qrimi, tUtiamrmmttmt, and H*tl Ii?iri, to ea'.. ud ismice oar r.o-k wkwh m wall araorted ar.d ooaipriMd of {iHMitof tii* best Wa take o -dera for aartitiac in oar! raaeal* U<a p*ompt j. ia8(i Q(? INCH HKAVTBAIL PUCE? Ol) a iLCh CoUor Daefc, una Blcaea^d a .d Bruvi t>hr?tic| Toauia, Napkins, 'labia Lia?aat Bad Coraf ri?. Hla> krt-, FUanelt, SUawU, <'* baiar?*. Caliooee. Cio;k. OU>* im4 s^wpaadara. Aca other kiaa of Urj Gootfa. o< Mua at ?ae ImH prioaa, WM. K MILKY k MOs No. )? Caotral *u>re?, Matween 7.k and k a'raat? fa S-1<H vriwjDeuUKjUrSei. NeJL3*5??ft WIVZSWXZ. 1 ' *r?Msasr

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