Newspaper of Evening Star, February 10, 1862, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated February 10, 1862 Page 4
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THE EVENING t^TAR.! FORM! RIFT.ME1, FORM! 1 Below we have a new edition (with alteration*) f the British laureate's war poem, ad dreeaed to 4,enr faithful ally," when Napoleon* cannons at Brest ard Chalons wrr grinning with i'ool lntwjt erosa ;he Btrai'a to Dorer and Alderaho tt. Some liberfea have been taken with Tennyson* 1 lat tanza in order to adapt theae *c eircaan*Unoee : There la a sound of tbonder alhr, Storm In the East and da/kena the day, #torm of battle and tbnnder of warWell If it do not roll oar waf * Form! form ' Riflemen, to *m Hendy, be ready to meet the t'tarin Rlflrmen! Rifleiv^n ! Rifleme.ij form . 3e not deaf to the souiwl that warns? B* not e*U4d by a dr. ** *'* fk* ! JLre figs of tblatlea, or of thorna* Bow should a desoot set men free T Form ! form ! Itifleroen, form! Ready, be ready to meet the atorm ! Riflemen! Riflemen! Rlt'emoa, form: Xet politics for a moment go; ( Look to your Rona, and take go*.d &lm i -Better aa freemen to die. yoa know, Than yield to a tyrant'* aword and Form: form .' Riflemen, form Ready, be ready to meet the atorm: f Riflemen Riflemen ' Riflemen, forn.v Form in the field wltb a wild hurrah ' Form In Gcd'a name, rank and file ! John B?.il abeda tears for alavea, but ah ! The devil knowa he'a a crtxodtit! Form : form ! Riflemen, form ! Ready, be ready to meet the atorm Riflemen ! Riflemen ! Riflemen, form' I HOU8EHOLP RECIPES SCOTCH SHORT 31iD. Put two pounds of butter hi some warm vlace over mehi. where it will *r?dtially b? ?nme soft without it the same time melting Ta'te two quarterns of flour, and mix Mtb it h ilf a pound of loaf-sugar in powder, t and leraon-peel and blanched sweet almond (2? Quantities according to taste), cut very fine. Add all these to the butter, and knead the whole till it appears like dough; then add a tablesDoonful or two of yeast; again knead it, and roll out into eakes^of the proper siie and thickness. Ornament the edges with candied lemon and comfits, baring previously pricked the edges with a fork. A PAT* A BICE PDDDnMJ. Wash a quarter of a pound of whole riee, dry it in a cloth, and beat it to a powder. Set it upon the fire with a pint and a half of new silk till it thickens, but do not let it boil ; p?ur it oat and let it stand to cool. Add to it seme cinnamon, nutmeg, and mace, pounded, ttogar to the taste. half a pound of suet, shred very small, and cijht eggs, well beaten, with (one salt. Put to it ei'her half a pound of currants, clean washed and dried by the fire, or some candied lemon, eitron, or orange-peel. Bake it half an hour with a puff crust uiider it. TO PR*VE!?T I5K FRO* DAMAGIim STEEL rEJ*S. Throw, either into the inkstand or thebi'ttle in which the ink is kept, a few nails, brok en bits of steel pent (not varnished), or any piet e of iron not rusted. The corrosive action of tha acid contained in the ink is expended on the iron introduced, and which is soon covered, by the decomposition of the sulphate cf copper, with the coppery hue observable on meullie pens o>od with common ink. The ink will not now affect 'he yen; or, should it still do so, it will only be necessary to add more iron, and the mischief will be entirely remedied. MAKCTO VINEGAR. To eight gallons of clear rain water, add . f i . xnreo quarts ox moiasfe?, puc it into a casK, chake well & few timo*, then add two or three poonfaU of good >ea*t cakes. If in summer, place the cask in the son; if in winter, near the chimnov, where h may bo warm. In ten or fifteen days, add to the liquid a sheet of brown paper, tern in strips, dipped in molas es. arn ?ood vinegar will be produoed. The paper will, in this way, form what is called the ' motho?," or life of vinegar. nOW TO TOAST WKLI.. Stir the firo nnti! there is a clear, glowing surface, free from flntne or smoke; oat the bread moderately thick, and do not hold it elose to the bars, hat at such a distance as to see it when it is beginning to barn; more it gently up and down until the whole surface is a clear uniform brown; when thoroughly touted, serve up as quickly as possible before it las time to cool. DELICIOUS TOASTED CHEESE. Cut two ounces of cheese into thin slices, put it into a saucepan, set it on the fire, and add one gill of fresh milk; simmer it till the ?hee?c is quite dissolved, then take it from the ?re aid pour it iaU> shallow dub, wlioa OlHjl?d a little, add the jol* of an egg well beaten. ^ "Ihen place it before the fire, and brown it | nicely. W *0 *AEB CE*B!*T FOR METALS. Take of pum maftich ten grains, rectified spirits of wine two drachms, add two ounces of strong isinglass glue made with brandy, and ten grains of true gum ammoniac. Dissolve all together, and keep it stopped in a phial. When intended to be used, set it in warm water BLCn*G rOR CLOTHEf. Take one ouncc of soft Prussian blue, powder A . S A. ! A. - * * ? ? n , anu put 11 into a Doiue wua one quart of clear raia water, and add a quarter of aa ounce of oxalic acid (powdered); a teaspoonful is sufJicient for a large washing. BAKZS CC8TABD. Boll ami sweeten with fine sugar a pint of milk, another cf cream, with a stick of cinnamon and a bit of lemon-peel, fill the cups, and hake for ten minutes. ???????????i? Horse blankets AND BUFFALO ROBES, Ail styles and J. B. PUDNEY'S, 324 Pa. are. baoa room, 399 D street. RUBBER COATS, PONCHOS. LEGOINS, IV Blanket*, Cap Covers *nd Caps, at J. b. fldney'S, 334 Pa-ave., t*-k room. _ or 388 d street. IJBAVY REGULATION BLANKETS. XX saie eksap, by J. B. PUDNEY. 334 Ps.ave.. back room, or 388 D street. mm A I1BW THintt, 1 ATKNT Oompreeaable Cot, oan be folded ay into a apice 34 lucbee Ion by 6 vide, an ingenious ?oatri?aaoe, for ule by J. B. PUDNEY. 994 Pa. are., baok room, jetl-tr or iii D street. Soldiers' Pay. THE ADAMS EXJPRESS COMPANY WILL TOKWUD BOLD IE RS' REMITTANCES TO THEIR FAMILIES, At any pi a r* on the lines of their Exjrresst At aeharge of twenty-fire oenta for aay mm not exoeed.og fifty ilo.lar*, and a proportional* additional charge to placet reao*ted by connecting Expreeeea. The mocey, whether Gold or Trtantry Notts, Iud u te enclosed man envelope and eeoarely ?Mkled.ab?i have the laUaddreea.dnolodinc town, >'o?t Oftc. and s*Mte; and m citie*, the etreet ana r^mter.: n; ":a j>er?n to whom to be eent.and to* amove: l>:r marked thereon. Knvelopea trr thi? porpoee may be had at oer offioee. To iaoi na'e prc-npt delivery, the oharge for re r-ttaace Mouid be pre paid. Ai?A.MS LXfKhS9 COMPANY. WaskimztG*- T?.ii. <? isua ' a ' ? Soldier*' Fay! THE HARNDEN EXPRESS COMPANY Will remit sutra of FIPTY DOLLARS AND UNDER, F*OV t?OL?lEBS TO THSim Fajciuw* At a charjeof TWENTY FIVE CENTS. Tbe money ahonld be plaoed in as ENVELOPE ard recarV.y sealed.! Tie fiTTaddreM, < i?>: Put OJU*, Stau; *lto, ttrmt and mmmt?. m a lent* eityj of tbe pereon to whom to be eact, HIST US LEOTEL.Y MARKED ON THB ENVELOPE. HAS BLEN DEMONSTRATED THAT TUB EXPRESS Fl'RNlSH&S THE MOST RELIABLE MEAN* FOR SOLDIERS TO SKND THEIR. MONEY HOMK. ENVELOPES AND BLANKS WILL BE FUENIBflED ON APPLICATION TO OUR OFFICE. E. 8. SMITH, Aint H&rcdec Expr?M, ... ?u ?L, moo ad door boicw Pft. are., *??-' WMWattw, P.C. t IMPOBTAHT TO 7AXILII8, RESTAURANTS, HOT1LS, SUTLERS, GROCERS, AND OTHERS. | WILU&N irCEER'8 i CHEAP WHOLESALE AND RETAIL 1 GROCERY WAREHOUSE, 33# PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE, 394 PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE. ^ GROCERIES I? ammmt r ma USUAL fKlUCB, I Having bttn purchased / Bankrupt Mtrehat\t? and otters. < i __ i TUCKER'S I TUCKER'S Groceries, Liquor?, Wine*, Cigar*, &c j FOX- FAMILIES, FOR SUTLERS, FOR OFFICERS. I T EA8, FINE. U NION CIGARS C RACKERS, BOSTON. K ETCHUPS, IMPORTED. E XTRA COFFEES. R AISIN9, MALAGA. READ OUR PRICES! READ OUR PRICES! Extra Bro\*n Sugar 6 centa per pound White Sugar 13 centa per pound Fine Ureen i'ea 30 cents per pound Fair Black Te? 50 cents per pound j Extra Coffee. 20 oanto per pound Good Coffea 16 cenU per pound Wax Candlea.. ,.35 centa per pound | Malign Ralalna..* IS centa per pound . i Cedfiab 6 centa per pound i Imported Cigar* 50 centa per 100 ( Havana Clgara 91 to S3 per 100 Almonda 12 centa per pound f Salt '20 centa a bag 2 Good Butter .....16 centa per pound b Extra Butter 20 centa per pound a Fine Winea 81 per bottle Wblakey to 50 centa per botte . 11 Other kinda of LIQUORS In oronortlnn Call and aee for yourself. a TUCKER'S, f a 323 Pennsylvania Avenae. ^ A WILLIAM TUCKER'S ( CHEAP GROCERY WAREHOUSE, 324 PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE, 325 PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE. 1 GROCERIES E AT HALF THE USUAL PRICES, C n Having bttn purchased of Bankrupt MtrcKantt i< and j Stuart'* Reflued Sugars from 9 to U cts per pound Extra Fine Green Tea 75 " ? Good Green Tea 50 < ni m l_ fW m,rn ?. ?,nri FIB'S DIKK IH " " Good Black Tea ?0 ? old Java coffee 90 " ? Good Coffee 18 " ? Every thing else In proportion. g REMEMBER, r TUCKER'S, 88# PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE " o TUCKER'S, 396 PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE * vVASBiaaToir * I f IMPORTANT TO FAMILIES, RESTAUR- * ANTS, HOTELS, GROCERS, 1 ANn ATWVRH 0 I WILLIAM TUCKER'S s CHEAP WHOLESALE AND RETAIL 2 GROCERY WAREHOUSE, ? 833 PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE, 334 PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE. g GROCERIES r AT HALF THE USUAL PRICES, ( Having bun pwrtktutd of Bankrupt Mtrekantt I and otkeri. * o TUCKER'S Jj TUCKER'S | A WHOLESALE AND 14TA1L t ft Groceries, Liquori, Cigars, Winei.&c c FOR FAMILIES, 1 FOR SUTLERS, P FOR OFFICERS. 8 T EAS, FINE. U NION CIGARS. C RACKERS, BOSTON. ^ & feiunurs, IMPORTED. K XTRA COFFEES. R AISINS, MALAGA. g d READ OUR PRICES 1 11 READ OVA PRICES! WILLIAM TUCKER'S ' CHEAP GROCER Y WAREHOUSE, i >34 PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE f 194 PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE. GOODWIN'S TOBACCO. H. H. WATTS'8 VOLUNTEER TOBACCO. ] J ? I GROCERIES l AT HALP THE USUAL PRICES, Havimg torn pmnJUud / Bmnkrmpt Mntktmtt i amd ttktrt _ m ( BE MM MB MM, TUCKER'S, S9S PBNNSYLVANIA AVENUE 1 TUCKER'S, ??A PENNSYLVANIA A VgNUE { WAiunm * ' 4 * Sb74a 1 hsbb 1* to Inform ttfKMHIHW 124*4 tended their Kxpreea to Waehinfton, and afe now lieywed to Trmueort Merchandise. Blbli Nolo*. wSssnshss^BtsS sum pomeounc with the moet responsible Expresses throve boat the ooantry, * are enabled to offer m?iM?U$d fmcilitUt to alt who n*y favor ns with thftir pttroo&fo, F*or twmi &Dd^fth?r infotn^tton apply to K. ft. b>l\fH?Af?t! , Third it., 2d door oeiow Pa. avens*. Washington, ftC. ^DAM8? EXPRESS COMPANY. NOTICE OVILEMOVAL, . The delivery offioe of ta.i company ts removed from Third er-??et to the large depot on B street, between 3d aod ad ?t? rfe *?-tf Z FURNITURE! #J\ FURNITURE! FURNITURE! W. B. MOSES, (of the firm of Mneea * Peck ham, Philad'a,) Manufacturer mud Whoteaaleand Retail Dealer in Cane-seat Cuaira, Cot'aje, Parlor and Dininc room Furniture?Thorn'a BuiMing, ?OS Seventh itreet, above D. Every variety of UPHOLSTERING promptly ana neatly excouted. Store open day and evening for the aoooinmolfttion of the pnblio. . . Purohaeera will atudy their intereat to oall before looking elsewhere. ja 22-8m* g U T L E R S , ATTENTION!! 300 BARRELS GINGER SNAPS, Prims Quality, For tile ib quantities to rait the trade, at low figure*. JOHNSON A NAOLE, 399 Pa. avenne, Waihineton, D. C., ja 11 10 Roya! at., Alexandria, Va. Wall, Stephens &. Co., MILITARY AND NAVAL MERCHANT TA TLnKs and dkaiirs in SWORDS, CASHES, BELT?, EPAULETS, SHOULDER STRAPS, GAUNTLETS, GLOVES, 40. knd every variety of READY-MJ.DE CLOTHING. At Reasonable Prices, WALL, STEPHENS k. CO.. 323 Pennsylvania avenue, between ja 11 [Intel, ft Repub.] 9th and 10th sts. IfiO 8. WERTHEIMER It CO., AO A IO? No. 462 and 464 Seventh St., *evji OpposU? the Pott Office, )ffer their stock of WINKS, BRANDIES, GINS. CORDIALS, eto.,al?o their iarte assortment of 1EGAR:*, TOBACCO, kANCY GOODS, eto., or sale at Wholesale Prioes. They keep oonetant'y on hand fine PHILADELPHIA CREAM ALE, in kegs and bottles, for ars or family nae The piiblio in general are reu eg ted ta ttve them a call and examine their w m vaWft VI t'MMia, 8. WERTHEIMER A CO., 46U and 404 Seventh street, de 21 ~3m oppo. Pott Office. Oysters! Oysters! *HE OVERLAND OYSTER EXPRESS COMPANY till oontinueto teoeiveda: ythos* famous planted ATUXENT RIVER OYsTERS. ^ Restaurants and private familiesfl^^tt (_J roald do veil to ca!l and try them. Those oystersare sold 36 hours after hey oome from the vr&W. |L^ Office No. 4S Market 8paoe, below the krenne House. ja8-3m ^HEESE: CHEESE!! J CHEESE!!! LIUyORS, TOBACCO, CIGARS, NTTO, RAISINS. CRACKERS. All on hand and for sale cheap by K. B. HASTINGS A, CO , 323 1) st., facing Pa. avenue, no 25-tf Philharmomo Building. , *7 FOR THE ARMY. ?v E Have Just received, by steamer Arago, a irge assortment of magcifcent Frenoh Brass liami (System* Gregoire;) French Bugles, lor lfantry. cavalry, ana artillery; Martin Frere's Celebrated Clarionets and Flutes ; Brass Irstiutents ol all kinds. Also, the finest qua lty of Ven) Strings. Bussou'a Aooordeons and Flutisas. 'ogether with a large assortment of latest Frenoh I I >.i? b. D?J- 1> - ..... 1.1 uainui moil'l owjro OI W. G. A1ETZEROTT, ja 16 Corner Pa arenue and 11th at. FRZVATB. PRIVATE PRIVATE DR. LA BONTA ? 3?rea all V en ?rial Dihum permanently and i uiokly. without the ose of disgusting or poieonna drugs of act kind. No dieting or interferenoe with buaineea. Consultations free. It ia saying quite enough in ita fat or, when I Bay hat my praotioe it thai whioh ia in uae in all the lew York oitr hoaaitala. New York City College and Hospital Teatimoiala fvnished. Ladlra with White* and Hi OTa-v _ ??? WWW Vt I 11V ff VU1U nred and saved a consumptive's grave by my reatraent. There is nothing oftnsivt or disagrttablt in any art of the treatment. < All cures warranted, or money retarded. Communication* in writing, with return stamp, iromptly attended to. Medioinea for travelers and others puked, with 1 ill instructions for use. and warrantee. Offio??Room No.8 Vv aldington Building, Penn, venue and Savesth st., Washington, i). C. feb 1-1 m* | I PHILADELPHIA PROVISION STORE, L 119 Pknkhtlthiu avkttvb, Bt!wen 19tA and ?0tk its The ucdemgcea, haying located himself as ibove, takes this method ofinforuung the oitiaens f the First Ward that Ue haa opened a firat-oiaaa i roTiaion Store, oonduoted similar to those for rhioh Philadelphia is famous. I Here can bo iounH at ail times a large and fresh . opply of POULTRY, GAME, '-'EEF, MUT- i ?ON,fco, FRUITS and VEQK.Va ui.k4?? ? on. \ Particular attention is called to his stock and ' , noes of MUTTER, CHliKSK, 4.0, Philadelphia Print Butter. ( Gothan and Western Reserve. Being doterroined to give tbe itrioteat attention o the wants of his customers, and to keep every rtiole in hia line of the beat quality, and sell at the iwest market prioea, he hopes to merit a share of . I nbliopatronace. | Families will be waited upon daily for orders, If Haired. noW THOMAS R. WILSON. I aoLD 8WI8B | ?ve now on hand a large stock of all the most brated Watches, that I am selling at the very iwest prioes taat good and reliable time keepers anjge afforded at; and every description of fine .?n uuk i uu ti?uu; an new sty lee received as oon M manufactured, and offered at the lowest ates. Silver ware manufactured in my own shoe. Lit kinds of MILITARY GOODS on hand, suoh s Revolvers, Swords, Sasbee. Belts, Bowie [mves. Pocket Compasses, Ao., eo. Also strong irmy Trunks and Bed Combined: and many other times useful and ornamental at 338 Pennsylvania ywnne. uoao-tf H. A. HOOP. 1QQ JOHNSON A NAQLE, OOQ *ol7 mroiTtu of *ol/ VINES, LIQUORS. HAVANA CIGARS, FINE . GROCERIES, te? lo, 999 Pa. avenue, between 9th and 10th streets, Washington, D. C. No. 10 Royal it, near King, Alexandria, Va. oie Agents for the SPARKLING HOCK and MOSELLK WINES of the Hookheim Joint Stook Co., i>i Hookheim on the Rhine. Constantly on hand their eelebrated a m ? - ipartitug hoc* ami Moselle Cabinet Wines. Connoisnears are respeotfu ly innted to jWe ua oalL 1*1 SOMETHING ti?W-8VPBRIOR MULLED 3 CORN.?The snt>s?i iber, having cot the Menoy o sapply Washington t tieorgetown with this elicate preparation of Cora, would respectfully sk of hia mends. and thepublio at large, to five "illfttff.'ZlXFPa. avenae, between 18th and Itth ata. N. B.?Manufacturer of Marble Mantles. Monuaenta, Table Tops, Ac. A large assortment always p hand. oetsW A BALMORAL BK1RT8. fx NEW and cnoioe assortment of seleot eolora iiaiffit ns ss&gOT fgfaa; <* 'opif n and Domestio Dry Goods in all the 4epartttenti of family waste. An uupoolion of atock i no art no obligation to One pr;o? only, marked in plain tl?foe; heoee, topnrohaaerliMotind. PERKY k. BRO., )aT-tr Penn. av?nne and Ninth ?t. r A DIES'. GENTLEMEN'S AND CHILjNErf COIXARS. SHIFTS, THOMPSON, under iirown'n, dot E. A. Lake A Oof* Marble Hall B>naor. A."" ""I"' A?*T LOTUS A, u? *? inp-?rAA?;ulCT ^ if *.. IMtlUl rt> W? nOLUMBLl MARKET, ~~ U P*. MfMM, MTMr Tkwttmuk it. Th* IBk>?oriber ?mM noet reepeoibllr miorm be omSMaof WMninitontijat he hM.retarned to illMnilbtll itt brmauM, M ia time* goo*, le wilt bonppy to gTOrtliia olalfrteada tod tu TJS' 8wQm?h*>trtiw>touy part ?f %V' .1 O. MALLARD,

?r gArrigTRY. P-. t- LEV gjff .^^ffi(* 'no 1^. of the eetaJ BWtNo la Wave, r Ptooe, New York), woe Id eall Uieattent-.on to tbow* who ni'Mtu SNd hi* Mrncft. that fn addition to hur*' " u greet frci'iUea in operative Dentistry. he is is possession of a new aid important invention for the insertion of Artificial Teeth, on thepnnoipe of Atmospkertt prt*sim, entirely diflerentTfcm the old mode, and seonrcd by leCera Patent jractei April ftth, 1868. Thie invention ia of the ireateet valne, there being tea* plate aeed to oorer the roof of tie month, and with an increased amount of aiouom. The pablio are invited to oa 1 and examine apeoimena and oeitificat^ from aome of the moat prominent and acientiho gectlemen, No. 491 Tenth street west, near Pa. are. ja 14-oolm* DR. CHARLES R. BOTELER, -4-XWX', NO. 336 PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE, Bxtwkhh 9th 10th St?. jfc4-?o2m |yjKW AND IMPROVED INVENTION ARTIFICIAL CHE0PLAST1 BOXM TEETH, WiTHot t M*tal Plats oh Clasp*, DR. 8. B SI6E8MOND, 910 BrotuHfy, Net* York? 260 Prn*rylrania Aft ?**?, b* *n*n 12:4 and ]Z:b iti., Washtntton, Calls tha ftttentics of tiejrjL>lio to the tollo^iai %dT?ntae^> of hia im?rc>T?d ?yrt?m: I l. The Tttth of hi< nrrer oorode nor chant6 oolor by nni*^ OE?* ?4.n be lrae-Ksd orer tnem. o ache" r?0U *1" ** wmi* lnoffeatire, an never nni.I*!?j^F1?crVTte?th are needed, ai permanent ^ mad? immediately, thereby preaerrinr th? i ?x?reaaion of the nice, whioh Under ^ [ ***????? diifitnred. u *'_A ??Ik hia been fully tested orer fire yean LJSf0' f til" firi' ohemiat* and phyiietaua or thta oo u?v irr e iBWfed a white undeatruotire T P0** "naiUre teeth g?b?All*?.lnthont pain, and can bnild np a for IMt, BOOT.a tooth on Knr airln ronf*. vkmh # ? _ - ? ? n UIVM W1U MMk throne h lifetime. The beat of reference ri*er?to Dr. V. Mott: Dr. yoremu*, Professor of Chemistry. N. Y.; Hon. aclce Wayne, of tu? Supreme Court of Washington, and thousands of ethers. Call and examine for yourself. no 8 to GAS FITTING, Jcc. AWM ?. DOVE * GO. RE Now prepared to oxe-,u;e any srdsrs wltfc fpiiii they ttvst b^faTored in tie PliVMDINfl, AS OR STEAM FITTIH1 BUSINESS. fiT Store on tth street, a few doors Lorth of Pa, ease, whs^e ira.* be fcucd a coin?>to s*?orimeai f CHANDELIERS *nu otie; CAS, o'i'KAM an? WATER FtXTttftK*. <a?T-T WQ AS FIX TURKS. E Have in store, and are dai.y r^oeiTtci, 9AS FIXTURES of entirely New Patterns and Deeigns and Finish, sapenor in stne to anything heretofore sffer<d in this market. We inrileoitixens general It to sail and ex*rn'r.? our stock of Gas ana Watat f-ix' *res, feehDf oentdsni that we ha-re the !ast asieotAu stork IT. WuKm?t/v? All Work in tfco above T^ne minuted to air art will be jr*:nFt'y *tifnd?d to. MYEFS * ntr *-ti JV8 D street FAIRBANK'S STANDARD SCALES. FOR PALB BT J . P . BARTHOLOW, Sole Ar .t. Hardware & Agricultural Ware borne, SJ5 Seventh Street, Between Pennsylvania avenue and tkt Canal, opposite cast end of Centre Market. Ja H-t; LOVELL. COLLES fc CO., WHOLESALE GROCERS, 86 Front itrMt. V^-k - ? ?? I *"? *" "I &cd 316 E street, Washington, D. C., (ntu Willards' Hotel.) Having started a branch of our New York establishment in thia oily, we invito Sutlrrt. Gtacert, Rtstamamtmrt. and Hottl Ketptrt, to oall at.d examine our stock, which is well assorted and comprised of foods of the best quality. We take orders for any thine in our line, and execute them promptly. J a 23 tf NOTICE. ilHHHiH "ADAMS' EXPRESS COMPANY." This Company offers to tne pnblio ** Unequalled Advantages" for the 8ate ana Quick Dispatch of Heavy Freights. Paoxases, Valuabloa, Money, 4o. fco., to all parts of the United States. Expresses to and from the North t ad West deff-rt fr om and amre in Washington twice dally, All Expresses are tn c^r?? of tmrimuJ and rtltablt Mossenfers. All Packajes for The Boldiers carried at "oim" our usual rates. All Goods lor the so-oalled "Confederate States" and all Articles " Contra! and of War" will be Rimn. Our Expresses leave New York at 1.1, and P. M.,arrlving m Waehiagton at ? A. M. and tJ? P Mi Expresses leave Philadelphia at 8 JO A. M. and IVP.JJI., arriving in Washington at i.X> P. M, and 'e'ikWi !mtb Baltimore at 4-20 A. M. and I P. M.^arrmnj in Waahington at 6 A. M. and *J0 Expresses for all points North and WMt leave Washington at 7J0 A. M. ai d 2.30 p. M. daily. Speoial Contracts for larce quantities of i reuht oan be made on asp.ication to tiny i tftop. All Gooda called for and delivered Jrtt <J Lx%-a aharfea. E. W, PaRsoNB, Sop't A .Urns' Kxpreea Company. Washington, Anguat 23. 1861. s.u a-tf A, SOMETHING NEW I A. /> ^g&^^JGKXATia^ DUCOJPMT 41 voi v iirwi, orrosxu (At TKtattr. OYSTERS STEAMED lo the Shall and Thoroughly Cooked (fir superior to a rout) in two mw?iu, tk* fmttttt tivu on rttord. Call and see. The onderaicned respectfully inforraa his friends In the Diatriot, and viaitora to the oity, that he hae refitted hia old and will-uown kstabl: shmst id a moat thorough manner, and has made complete arrangements to furniah OYSTERS in any atyleand m any quantity. MX to 600 gallona shuoked per day. 3.000 to 3,000 cans of Sptoed and Freah put up daily?cans hermetically aeaied. Furnished in the shell by the bushel or barrel. Peraona wishing to have Oysters furnished regularly through the winter, at Ueltimore srioea, without fear of failttre,ahou!d oall and make arrftnrAmAnfa > f-r/?a T?rsi ? *?? ?'4 ? ? VUWI M IVifUlt UUiOf auu UiUUCJ saved by purohasinc of ct, as I furnish jn \rticle Mual to the oelebrated Baltimore eatabfiilments, at prises jaat u low. TO SUTLERS, Canned Meats, Lobsters, g&rdines. Clams. Strawberries, Tomatoes, Pics' Feet, Tripe, Ao. Ac., Ao. Also, Pickles, Catsup, 8ajoes, Brandy Peaches, Ac. Also, Game and Fresh Fish, Turtles, Terrapins, Freeh Lobsters, Cod, Halibut, Ae. In fact, every thine for sale in the Northern markets always on hand, at reasonable prices. Hotels and families supplied with Oysters, delivered without charge to any part of the District a season, if the money is seat with the order. My establishment is open from 6 a. m. to 13 at I nitlit, every day, exoep; Sunday, when 1 oloee at to o'o ock a. m. v JH tf T. M. HARVEY. WALL. HTEPHBMI A CO.. ?? 34J* PsitmrviTiLmA Avwai, MILITARY AND NAVAL MERCHANT TAILORS, AND READY-MADE CLOTHIERS, AND t5I^BTJIfi^fSf891or'o8f.NTLE? fr-if (lntol. A R??nb.) gOOTS AMP TO BUT TU We are Mf ci.Vjmine all Hate of BOOTS |M SHOE1*. ?ud cc ?-.*c*JV r?or.Yin* nnh of N?ri made work of evm oo-eugv HnMiOfi, mad* expressly to oro?r, and w;.. W W1 ?old *t?mic cw?r or I '-xn fcaa been* PQk keretororn abar<ad ia Qua uty far aw ixfenor 3^^ WMeVWK Mb Vtuneviwe.nle >?MMI Wmm BOYS' CLOTHL-^e! Hits mltvd within Us Iftct day or two M aasortment of BOYS' SPRINB CLOTHING. mJbraaicc *11?tries of low-prloM, m?diam, ?ivl fine qualities, wluoh we art ellui* a t y ww ?t.o?i for cut WALL, STEPHENS A CO.. S99 Pa. a*., lmvnd B& r.ndl 10th lk la M (Inf HuOT<w?r and Reaabhoaa.) ROUGHS, COLD^^HOjlRSENESS, Aa. COMPOUND SYA UP OP GUM ARABIC. ^Tkia popm^&r Cough RamaQy h&a ? bottl*. aw"ot,0m-j8gm? .officbm and 2|^iST8SwSMaSfas ' h. 1. mmoby. | d d&. iohrstor, daitihobk fob. all di8kasmof imf* 1dkho*. Air 1T0 FAL8M DELICACY PMMTMMT. affly immkdumt. 4 mi vajuujota. ok jro ciummw, ur mom om to nro *jy?. Bsu^ats^^agjsS teaesssSSsa ^^essttssrfce: I ltitrnmiH, sc., iptMUV Clrit. ? vka plMM kiBMK u4a tki mh rf On J. m; Nlft aalr Meldi in Ku kmm u a gi?il>? aad wHou; rtlj apan bi? kill u a pb^iclu. OFFICE Nc. 7 SOUTH FREDERICK. ST. lift kind itdi f*ag fram Bilniaara atraac h? lim fma Ui Hnn. Tail Mt ta ikMm uii im iukH. fctom Ml ki paid Md mo tain Nw#. DR. JOHNSTON, Idmbkit ?f tki Eayal Cailifi if Hmtai, kwlw, rradaiU fr*a Mi ?f tki maat iiumi Callafaa tr tki VaKad lutH, and tki fTMMI part af * baaa Mi kaa ktM if it la tki bwnuli t too dan, Pi ru, PhtUdilpkia aad itovtan, k*i ifietid Mai if tki naat aataniahiaf mtm tkat *m TM kncvo; roaoy traabiad wnk nifiarla tki kaad aad Ian vkio aaliipt rraat Miu aiaraoad at taddto Mar.da. baakftlaaaa wuk fraqaact klaabtaf, auaadad aitiiBii witk daraaf aoaaat atf and, iin a arid MaiTAKE PARTICULAR NOTICE. Taaaf Mm and achafa wka ka*i tafatad tkaaaalaaa ky a rtaia praetiea tadalrad ta vkaa ataai a kaktt IrMHad; laarnad fraa i?ii tawpaatana. at at iikaal, tki iliea af whiaa ar* ?^? ?1 " ?- ? ivi? ?? ! ?u?? HMvp, UQ 3 Ml raodar* Mrrufi uapmiblt, ul inutfi Mk alii M kody, abonld appiy imscduualf. l>*i? art ? of ih* ud aad togji n r I j ifilti mWmi4 ky aarl? habtt* or yo?ti>, ri? i W*akr.*a* of th* But u4 km bo, rain* is tit bud, Dubmd of Sifkl, Um of Xhcmi Pmi, Ptlfiutm of la* Hun, Dyop*p*y, Him* unakilily, D*ranfam*nt of th* Dif*ou?o k*w>cu*o?, 0MMtl D*bility, Symptom* of Coo*mmpo*n, Ac. I MHTiUT.-ni f aorta; affaet* on ih? mlad or* oMt u k* dr*adad?Loaa oI Memory, CufMM of Idoaa, DitrMOM of Bpnta, Enl Forabodiap. A tr?>oc of Bociatv, tftU-Dtotrui. Lot* of BoliUMU, Timidity, tic., km MB* W lb* (Vila prodacad. RiiTOCf DikiLiTT.-nonudi eu m*|i1|? wtaili tba (1MI of thair dacluuBf koahfc, iootnf tboir rlfoc, k??? Icf v*ak, pal*, n*r**a* uid uaci^toa, bim| * mo|riu ifpuuc* akom lk* ?y**i CMft or ?yopun of DISEASES OF 1MPRUDXNCM. Wk*n Ui* ici*faid*d and nrr-?d?oi ?ct?ry of pl*uu* Hdo k* hu imt Uxd t>j? M*d> of thi* painfal dutuo, u loo ofioo kapp*o* lh*t *o il1-tin?d *?o** of aham* or droad of dtecovary d*l*r* hur from apply mf to thoo* who. trou alM alloo ul rnp?cu?u.f.j, cw alaea bafriaod km. Mia law Ui km da i f if'i^not and dai.f aiuf praiandara, vb*, ItuftMl a/ cannf, filch kii ptcaintry iMu?, kttp kin intiag uiir nwoth, tr u Ionr ti lai tmalital r?? ua kl akl&inad, and in diipiu Uiti bin vitfe raised haalta W ?ifk 'ir iurniiw| iiupfNutiMDi; a* by tke ih af dMllHn Hint-Mtreary?haatan lb* cauautauaaal ifMWi a# tkU iarrikla dittaat, tach u AYteuaat af tlit Ht?T_rtmi, lw(, kin, Ae.. nrarraatirf with frlfbtfal rapidity, till daatk paia a triad tt bi? drtadfa!ttfarin|? hy ttndinf hintaikatwditttttitd caaolrr frtm vmi Mint aa inftlwntim. DR. JOHNSON'S REMEDY FOR ORB AN 19 WEAKNESS AND IMPOTMNCY By uti |tH> aad uavartaat rtraady atthmai tkt arraat ait tfuiiy a at ad aid fail rljat nww>l fkumti rflkt mi rarvaas and da'ai. uitd, vka had iaat ail Itft, kara ktta lmmadlataly rtllarad. All Inptulratntt la Mtnup, Phjttkaj m Maalal DIhm>ttaailana, W*tt af PitnaaliTt Fmr. Imm 'rrltaHmy, rtaskiinf aad Wtakmaat at Bnaaaitta tt Ut bm (mrU triad tyttdlly ctrtd. ENDORSEMENT OF 1HB TRESS. TBI Mart Tecetaao* c,*rtd at Ifclt taautatias vttMa tkt tut ttTtoLttn yttra, aad tha naiaaiaaa layattaat lai|llal aparauaot ytr'trtntd k* Dr. JAuMa, aiuittatd ky it H'rrun if tat pa*trt ana many aiht* aaraaoa, naOcaa af vtiak kitt ap^aarad afin aad afala Mart ika paklia, kaaMat kia aiaadtof at a fauttnma ti akaraatar aad rakadk Mlity, It a illttaal ftartattt la Mta alltui aai IMi TRIBSSMAR. Protected ky Royal Lttttri Faint of EnglaeU, and secured by tkt Seals of ikt Kcole de Pkar' marie de Paris, and tkt Imperial College tf Medicine, Vienna. TRIE8BMAR No. 1 Is the effectual remedy for Rblaxatiob, Brnma roKKBCBA. and ExBAVSTIOK ob tsb btitu. TRIE8EMAR No. 8, Completely and entirely radio*tea all traces of those disorders, for whioh Coyaiva and Cabebs nave generally beea thought an antidote, to the ruin 01 tiie health of a vast portion of the popalataon. TRIE8EMAR No. 3. Is the treat and sore remedy of the civilised world for all maturities of the system, as veil as seooadary symptoms, obnatirg the destmotirs m of Meroary, as well as other de'eterioas .niredieuts, and rrhieh all the Sarsaperilla la the worM eannoi remove Tbibsbxab No*. 1,9 aad > are alike devoid of taste or smelt, and of ail msmsHii eaalities. They are in the form of a loaenge, ana may lie on the toilet tab.e withont their we being saepeoted. Sold in tm oases at fl seek, or foar #3 sas? ia one for #9, and in M oases, thas saving . as mrl.TTr ..T-r-rf K- O-1 7Z*lCZ - " AO. Wholesale ar,d reta:i by^Jli H. . BAK ROW, 194 tilMckar (4 floon from Hwl)onral street). New York. Jniniediatalj on raoeipt of remittance. Dr. U*uow ?h. forward Triesemar to any ?*ft of in* world, seen re. y packed,and add ressed aooordinc to the Instructions of the writer. Published also by DR BARROW, that eopmlar and beautilully illustrated medical work, Unman Frailty. Prioe as oents. Tnesemar and Book oas be obtained by special anthonty from S. C. FORD, Washington, l>. C. de tt-ta Hi * riRRINI* oiunuru Worcestershire Sauce. Pfocaaneed by E EXTRACT CONNOISSEURS If of L*Mmr from a te be the If SmtUmmm *1 at Madna -OMLY 800D^% ^flbM4er SAUCE." at Woroeater. .0d.?!,?bi.u, - rwi EVERY VARIETY gjEpffmy offn?o "tt e^olrt MfljnMpaianbie, aa we!, u or dish. The above SAUCE u not only the nay tad moat ronui ooifDiKKjrr known, bat i'le moat iiwiwitml, aa a lew dropa la Soup, Gravy, or with MM. hot and oold Joimti, B**f 8u*k, Oaau, ft., impart an exquisite seat, whieh mmprimeipUd Baaea manufactoren hare In vain endeavored to muaii. On the Brtakfmtt, Lmmthttm, Dimaer, or Swpti T*Llt, a cruet oootaining M LEA fc PERKINS' WORCESTERSHIRE SAUCE" ia indiapenaable. To appreoiate the txctlUmt ?MJttw oI thia 4Meiotu preparation it is only neoeeaary to pnrohaee a amall bottle of the gtmrnrnt. of a reapeotable fro Mr or <JM er, u mu; Hottl ud RiHewraet pr?prietora aeidom pl*oe the Pmt SanM before tbeir ineau. Dot anbetitute a f onaiae BottU fcUad with a tr*nou* mixture. For eale by GroMra and Frmttarera erery where. JOHN DUNCAN ft RONS, Dhim Sfuan amd lixA stract, firm York, Sol* Wholeaale Acenta for tha United Btatae. A Stock alwaya is store.?Aleo ordara reoatvad for diraot ahipmenta from England. IrrBtwmrt 0/ CotmitrftUi mmd Imitmtiamt.XJk MP S-ly.OO IU8T RECEIVED TEN BBLB. 8. HOR1NE 8 J anpenor OLD RYE WHISKY, eixht jeawa old, warranted. Aleo. prune Mofibacahela Whiakioa for aale at 363 Pa. avenue. by da 4 Bawtf BROWNING ft KEATING. CASH NOTICE, N Conaeqnenoe of oar having to pay aaafa far every article o( cooda we aurqbaae. we are foread to redaM oar baaiooM to Oaeh exolaeively, rer Ue ;^ftr6fx^^i:pva?1Jsf%rs2Ta boye* wear, which are elling at a mooh lower rate than nauslij. WALL. 8TEPH ENB ft CO.. Siia Pa. avenue, between Ma and 1Mb at . lev riatelTft Reeab.t (1/ TtAVRIJNB VIIINTa E.?, ^ftJWiBff W?.. ~ taired bj uj boij?oiQuu, airtl nnctionanM, S;n5TTRMo?lfeSSati5rSKFw r?t? for Cmfa. M?-lf VVK OFPEA TO MILITARY MEN a ]area bafere makiactbair aalaofcona. WALL. STEPHEN8 M CO., \lA8?EYJ.COi,LlNA_* CO.'S if * rti 1L.AJJ K L.FM1A DKAVQHT ALE. W* h*T8 }ut4?OMVM~a hmIj of U??boT? Ai?, vtnoh W rwommtod to b? ora t?tt rajerior % uUOlfAWr S^Oa*WOOD CHICMEIN? *?sittn?Z'i!fm*i **"** ???3. w ~T ^?JWte??w-tim rr # ?????? TRAVELLERS' DDUOTORT. FAflsnrom TEHW Om mmd AJUr MONDAY, H?w?i a, MK. WilHiNOTON A FID VALTIM1I WUI ru m foU?va i Bw MDpIVMu JfrtnrtMMl DvmAn? > *< ?< IT ' * 1 For PkihMfki* uri Ntv YorllVow WmI IMtol At M* A ?. 11 m A M. 4 ? ? H. For B?iU'?o.?-L?*m Wmu^In It IMu4 For "'bBtpoiu At 7 40 a * udtoir a. For friMejhl* lltHri. _PDr Fir it eri Art lfc? Mirth u4 Wnt.lnn WufcMMUiMi V,airf??<wM? T u. J PorFlMHMk At 7 4u a Mi AAd t?FI. TKl/?r? MOliyti NOBTH. Moriinc Imt* V mJumIn!?*.?. Arrimt B*.t:ir.c re ?>' a. P:.:l*3?lpAIA UJ* F.H.; New Ycrktr. HAmw.era l.ttra. AxcniiDo- aroo fitvc w>akln>M T# a. H. Arrive At Bfelttmnr* l* # ?. Ne wmiit ozji at Tbi* m tfc* Moraiai eemnwi f?N^r'c'k MAil TTAlnWMklAJTtM At U A. In AIT1TS At BAitttBAre It 40 F. H.i PkRAde.ffaiA Urr.K4Nt*v?rtWM. _ OLiUil'-WU *? - ? * .ssanuBMKi ritMouus: 119 PM. . . . , _ __ ? AiMruoon AMMj?nit?n? t??? WMktactoc ttug bV^o^^a: I^-STS: r. I *&,: i&^^lg?sr,*rzs' u.~ JSVJS S?Ui'J2S&? u,.. .. bft Uawr* t M p. K. I r?r ? "iitVi' i " "? ?* Naw Yark at r. m rtdiagmtm hm p. ?u?kttianr? IM A. K. Amn M WMSI^IOB ?JB L|I?f? N*v York at 11 r. * ; PMlaA?l?tua tM a- baltimore j6 a. a. Arrive el waeh^stei p K' a., H. Looal AM0B>m<x2?tl0D Tnuaa )nt? Mttaon &t t a.- 1m 4Si p. .far WMhingt?. arrlv* ? % ul-m Mil a. m. Ud 6 *4 P. k. On 8?B4aya m 4Jf> tod ? at a. a. only from Baltimore. No Ana&poha or Fradono* nawltw ?a ^mV?tmTru? I?Tint WMhiartoa ati.? *. m. Aad 4 f?' r. and Baltimore w 7JI Ali4 4 3. p. m . <t r*l f?r AtMfOlilttlk* Jtioction. am, and r u oocdmi m lar lor Frederick, dMrtlom, A*.. Ao.. 4i.?fi - - -- ? m i?i11 iM>?anHfOiii jor wmwrtm Wukinftoa ftt iJt a. u. and 1#F. UPaMimfr Trtmi laavint Waahintton at a. h , 11 a- a., id! i p. v.. and Baltimore at CJD mm IMa. will ?t*r o?4/ ?. i?n?w? Jwut%?+ Wa? PutfLtm mn*t tafc* tua MmmmmmUm IVirau ? Trait,? will Imm Wuhi&rtoc and R%lt:*ora pumwil* witm rmr4 itau, xoeptiDf that tb? 4-JO a m,7 * a m. and 4 no r m trum wiil wait ? mi r?t## If aMaMarr, to Men.* tM pM*Mf?ri and Mailt from <h? Eaat. For Sick aini NVnaniad Roioi?r??A ir*cia <a. with an attendant, with Md?t will J?ar? Waahincton twine a v?v s far Pbnad?;pbifc air?ot at U a m. for u? aooamaodation of tirk an? woimm oldiara. W. P. BRflTH. E win of Tf^nnn in. iik IMS] TP* "?* Pennaylr&nia Central Railroad, Orith ita OMiNtiOH) 18 A FIRST CLASS ROl'TE TO ALL THE WESTERN CITIES SPEED, UAFETY A>D COMFORT1 STONE BALLASTED AND FREE FIOM DUST! BAGGAGE CHECKED THROCCH FROM BALTIMORE! ! mn mat tiuin rion PHILADELPHIA TO F1TTSBUR.GH Two of tbooi mkiac cimi c05rbct10mb at kiuuism with tnlM on th? NORTHERN CENTRAL RAIL ROAD. THE ORE AT CENTRAL ROUTE noK WASHINGTON AND BALTIMORE w BU in UW Wbt, Noiti-wut mb Sorn-WT. Cy For Through Tioketa, applr at the Oftw of the Northern Central Kaji Road Conpuj, Calvert Station, Baltimore Splmdul Sl**v*ng Cmrs am mil Ntrkt Trmim* Smo&inf Saioon Can on mil 7V?jm. FROM WASHINGTON. Pumicri win late the* a. m aao t p. . traina. arrinni in Baltimore at 7 a. m. MM U p. m.. where cloee ooooaetiona are a?:e with tnuu oa the Northern Centra K. ?.,aa4 arrire m Harru har? I m m a^ t AJt ? ^ ^ ** ? f ?T of ftllMNn^lffl Ml b? lomrdtd ttiotffraBU; ^ i>toitM__Rsuraede of Okd?,K?Lt?ci?t Indian*, |ilir.oi?, Wisoomib. lo**. ?r Mimonil, ??r Ka\lro*d dwS. Knifraad ftlMriAMta ftt Pituburiwnb Hl?nn rr?, by viol boo?i?M te forward*} to ncy Krt on th? Ohio .Mask lacam, Eratnok*, '[>iiL?aaae. Cnrnbrriaiid. nlttoi*. Miaa"flW*.XLlee<wul,J'ieK,,,ri' * ?? Mktuu, blC r-"BtTTr? ?-f<?tPirT il mi I . ?./ Ctu?a?o vitk Kupwito ftii WmlnMin LAkw. jMrafcftct# i DipH"r? rulrartiac Um LrtMMrMtpioitheir Frniit to this ''?n ft fit ? r? r ooLbderiO#on its ??o?<ty THE RATI* OF PKKItJB T to udfbniiT po et in the WMt, by t>?? Praa*yl*?M? Ootml r*iiroo<j. ari mt mil immi ?j fmmtrmkU mt mrt tkmrfd fry KMr HmUr?d fm^mn. JLT B? par cn^rio wk pMtifMNm Pan. CE>t?*L k r." MaGRAW a KOONS, Froifht Amts, no, ?o Nonh street, m i nor*. ENOCH LEW IB. Son'. A!toon*, P*. k. L HOOP I tten'l Ticket Af't. Puii*le ?&i? . H HOUSTON. %ma\ FrmgM AlWt.Plult<Ulphu? MA-dly ^OKTHLKN CKNTMAL RAILWAY. Tka Skortttt, Qwuhwt mmd B**l RtmUftwm MMWK8T, NORTH^ANJJ^NORTHWBrr. g???Ljm W1NTSR SCHBDVLB CXAJMB OF TlMB. Ob ud after SUNDAY, Mtk November, fMiii rer Tr*.r will arriv* a*d 4*fvt trm OalTtrt BUtiot m foliowt: T?ii? Nosra Liati ** *" H oJiOo Ki pr?w Mt^ia. I?. . jyiA gg&Kssugsfias m *1 a. m. mi from Waihtactoa (mmti j^s/*A5s^iiSS55Sa Tk#5 ?. m. trun from Waahiartoa aonnMta wltfc ILrThi oaly tnua l?*rini Bam mar* ot ranitai ii.ui? ^|i. wi. ijiin^ior Mmnvf, ritssMrg, wk? only tou imfiai la Bi a?or? on Btitef u the &J# a. m. tnun. J A6. C. CLtAJLKE, no ?-ly imratwMrt. T MOTION TO TKAVEUtmV . _ A |W ralpMtcr twmj hATiBc wMrai M ftllMnriM btliwu WMiulM. __ ^ BkltiBon.ud Old Foist < Fortioot Monro*) to ho rwuxd, on ud Monday. ib?*Ptfc inatnnL tk? Bnj La? * > wJl BaUimore KVKEYDA Y (nooytiu d?fH'om th?r wk?nTfrx>t of union lH>ek. at ?W o'olook p. m., or inuoodiatoty tfUr lk? arriraJ of TiHf M. W. FALL*. Pwrt B TOPHJUfB r M M MI WM TMWWK m ?... M,ft8S5ti.aJ5yy^r*** ^^pg^SA*totsrjr* Mwtw ol Omwm M(i Will BteM BMVMV ^odT b3?r? f?rch*?ij?g Jintoi VrutatbMin and* la otkir num. bnp?n?r Lotwr tan Drm Trm*ta mmU to IsPST' ?rr^' *

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