Newspaper of Evening Star, February 11, 1862, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated February 11, 1862 Page 1
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/ I V2t. XIX. WASHINGTON, D C . TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 11, 1862. N9. 2,800. , THE LVEINIfiG STAR M FUBLESHED EVERT AFTERNOON, (SUNDAYEXCEPTEDJ AT THS STAB. BCILOIHGI, fern* HitMM ?M EU**ntk tt. ?T W. t>. WALLAGH. Pspers serv-d te packages by carrion at ?4 few, or 37 cents per month. To audi subscribers the price Ij S3 JO a yew, im adm???, & for ?ll months; Si for three months; and for ton than Ifcree month* at the rate of It seats a week. 81? copies, ohm cant; In wrappers, two cnnrs. IH7" Advwtis*ii?hts should be sent to the ftce before 12 s'clock m.; otherwise they may net appear antU the next d?\. GENERAL GARFIELD'S VICTORYOVER MARSHALL. The following letter, although three weeks old. having beeu strangely delayed in its transmission contains a graphic and interesting account of the rout of Marshall's forces, and gives _ ? ? fi r\f i An rf tKa ?.?Vt + ? k a r. II mure imumc "6UL ???" "D have heretofore Seen : (Correspondence of the Louisville Journal 1 Camp at PaintsvilU, Ky.. Jan. 13. Gen. Garfield, whe has been making Marshall retire rapidly before him t? this part of the country, was brought tot stand still a few days after Christmas by finding that the fat rebel had so snugly entrenched nimself within a few miles of here that it would reqaire as large a torce as he oould muster to drive him from it; o he immediately summoned all who were under his command to ioin him at this place, aad among others he called on Col. Lina&ej, whe, of course, although not yet mustered into the U. S. service, or brigaded under Garfield, responded cheerfully to the call, and our regiment by necessarily slow and tedious routes made its way as far as Louisa, Lawrence county, where the news reached us that Marshall bad burned his baggage and retreated under cover of darkness, leaving a clear field, and showing but the smallest sign of a fight. We were compelled to travel in detachments, as there are few boats on Big Sandy, and they are all small, and as the order calling us to aid him had not been countermanded by Gen. Garfield we continued our march up Lieut. Col. Monroe was first sent forward with a detachment of four companies and the remainder of the regiment was to go by landMonroe and his command reached this place on W^dnedday, the 8th January, and were immediately ordered to draw rations for three days, and hold themselves in readiness to iparch. Early on the morning of the 9th. With detachments from the 42d Ohio, 14th and Kentucky regiments of infantry, and a ikudr n of Wolford's cavalry, amounting in all thjabout 1,100 men, Gen. Garfield started on tab march to Prestonsburg in pursuit of the Marshall. They marched cautiously but rapidly daring bole of the first day, passing on theraute by Marshall's intrenchments, which oartainly offered the best defence for him that oould well be planned. For a mile before you reached the nl&ee bv the nrincinal road there worn breastworks thrown up in the style of abettis, behind which a hundred men could conceal themselves and fire on an unsuspecting foe, mtking a safe retreat through narrow ravines In the rear. The principal fortification was a fort built on the side of a hill, where cannon and fire thousand men could be sheltered, and wLi?h commanded three roads forking there, besides a considerable stream called Jenny's creek. Tremendous hills towered above and all round it, where the rebels could have posted flankers to harass the attacking party, and, taken all in all, it is said by military men to be the most complete natural fortification and most impregnable they ever saw. After pacing this place for a mile or two verythiag gave indication that they were fast coming into what might be ealled an enemy's country. An advance guard of caval.-y wa3 kept continually ahead scouring the country to prevent a surprise, and the day's march enaed about 8 o dock with Nothing of Stirling interest to relate. The men were tired, and as soon as they fell upon the earth with their blanket* around them they were fast looked in the arms of " sweet nature's blest restorer." An alarm from the pickets early in the morni?8, before daybreak, hardly sufficed to rouse them from their slumbers, and they returned again to sleep when they found it had only been a skirmish between a scouting party of the enemy and our pickets, which left the rebels the necessity of carrying off one of their number severely wooded. Ob the march again they passed through Prestonburg, and here wero informed that the enemy was about five miles ahead. Tired and jaded as they were, the expectation of having a fight reinvigorated them, and they moved on with renewed alacrity. About one o'clock p. m , In the vieinity of a stream called Middle Creek, they heard the sharp rattle of musketry in the direction of their advanced scouts. They halted, and the Adjutant of the 42d Ohio was sent with a squad of men over the creek to the point of a hul to discover the cause of the firing. As he reached the hill, our men heard the loud boom of cannon, and then they knew that there was no ordinary skirmishing to be done there. The Adjatant returned and reported the enemy in foro* on the omxnita nt th* hill ?<) soon began to appear on the peaks of the 'taU hills, a ad commenced firing on oar men. Gen. Garfield immediately divided bis force into three detachments, tearing one as reserve, giving one in ocmmand of Lieut. Colonel Monroe, and the other to Col. Oraner, of the 40th Ohio Volunteer*, and ordered the latter tc attempt the ascent of one of the peaka to the riyht. In his detachment was a portion of the ashington Rifles, commanded by Louis Sehweltser, of yoor city, and they behaved to ft man most gallantly. Craner's detachment won their way inch by Inch up the steep hill without the loss of a man, and killing several of the enemv, and drove them gradually down the other siae. and from the top of the hill obtained a full view of the oannen. Opposite them, and on a hill to the left of a cannon, whieh waa planted in the ravine, the rebels were intrenched behind a large rock whieh seemed impregnable from below. Craner's detachment divided their fire between the artillerists below and the infantry above. For some time they were in a moat dangerous position, being expoeed to the entire fire of the enemy from the two peaks whieh they yet ooeupied, and from the fite of the cannon in the ravine. Gen. Garfield. seeing the state of the cuv, oraerea l.i?ui colonel Monro*, of the 22d Kentucky, to atorm the rock on the hill with hi* command. And here commenced on* of the mott desperate nod determined fights thnt thia war haa yet given birth to. They crosaed the ereek,whieh was up to their waiata, amid a hot lire from the enemy, who doubtlesa divined their intention. When on dry land again, they atartedap the hill with ahoata.led on by Monroe and reached a flat on the aide of the hill, where they wer< Mailed by three fires from different pointa, at another force waa discovered on a hill to th? left who poured * warm Are into them, iiere, too, an unfortunate miatake occurred, which came near loaing the battle to oa. Craner'i men on the hill to the right, mistaking Monroe'i men for rebels, poured a lire into them from their aide, ao that he waa now exposed tc foar fires from foar different pointa. The blander waa aoon rectified, however, by Col. Garfield. from the stand where he waa observing the fight, calling oat to Craner that he waa firing into oar own men, and Monroe'a detachment raiding a about of "Hurrah for the Union," which waa instantly understood by Craner's men, and responded to by them with will. The rebel* raiaod a loud shout of "Harrah for Jeff Davia," and Mot a thicker volley of balls than erer, wounding an* of oar men badly in the arm. Oar men now bushwacked it; that it, sheltered tbemse.'vw behind trees and shot when they had a bead drawn on their man W ithin a few yards of the rock, Monroe ordered them to charge bayonets, and with load yalls for the Union they sprang np the hill and over the rocks. Three of oar men leaped upon the rock, and two of them fell?the ene dead with a ball through his brain, and the other with a bad wound in his leg Thickly the shot fell around them from the other two peaks, bat the secesaionists in the immediate vicinity of the rock tarned and fled indiaeriminately. The r *k was won by as gallant a charge aa has been reoorded. The fl^ht lasted aboot an boar longer, th* attention of oar men being mainly directed te their cannon, whioh was doing us small damage, although several timaa they fired bombshells oat ofit at oar troope on the hillside. The firing became slack, and, aa the cam of darkncMoaaa over tfcoaoeoe, il ceaaod entirely. Few of oar men slept, although thej were worn oat with fatigue, and but few of them regretted that the enemy had taken their cannon and fled next morning. No sign of them wu left except the smouldering ashes of . their destroyed stores. There was about fifteen wounded on our side, 1 th-ee of whom have died sinee, and one was killed on the field. His name was Nelson Bogg*. and he belonged to the 14th Kentucky. The other dead belonged to the 42d Ohio. The 22d 1 Kentucky regiment, although as warmly en- 1 gaged as any of them, lost not a man, and had bat three wounded. They were members of j Company E, and belonged, I believe, to Lewis and Greenup counties, Ky. The loss of the ] enemy cannot be correctly ascertained, as they were borne off the field, as soon as they fell, 1 by their friends, but a good many of them were found piled in indeoent carelessness together, and only covered by a few dry leaves, after the fight was over. Skbokaht. , Moifar i!t tbb Sopth.?A Norfolk correspondent of the Richmond Dispatch gives thli i graphic picture of the difficulties attending the present condition of Confederate ourrency : ' "Leaning over the oounter a punled volunteer was endeavoring to reekon up the ebange {'ust paid out by the sleek-haired clerk. Before lim lay a quantity of mutilated bills, ragged and dirty pieces of paper, bits of card-board, printed checks, a tew copper pennies, milktickets, postage-stamps, ana other interesting specimens of the present outrageous 'coin of the realm.' Over and over aga!n the puzzled volunteer essayed to count the pile of villainous currencv. and over and over again he failed to find it satisfactory. It vu too much for bis rustio arithmetic ; the problem was too difficult ; to solve upon only ten fingers. The bystanders laughed. The money was spread out upon the how ca?e as young ladies lav cards upon a table in telling fortunes, and the soldier stood before it searchingly examining every piece. 'Do you call this money?' he asked, taking up a small yellow parallelogram looking very Tike the brass card on the top of sar line box. 'Do you call this money ?' holding u{? an advertisement of fine Havana cigars?'and this,' a bit for 15 cents, in which some weak-minded printer had gone raving mad in different kinds of type, lGood for one shave , (reading slowly) Did, the barber?' 'Do you call this money '' The sleek haired olerk was puttied also. It'll I pass all over town ; indeed it will, sir.' Once more the soldier scrutinited the ragged and incongruous pile, and grasping it in one hand, soliloquised : 'So this is money?money1 ha! I oall it stuff. Why a man might hold bis hand full, and then have but 37 oents in money.' " WHXRSABOCTS 07 CSITTKNDKN AND HI* Rebels ?The Knoxville (Tenn.) Register, Feb. 'id says: This officer has now his headqnnrtersat Gatnesboro' on the Cumberland river. From a member of Gen. Carroll'a hrirtdc who 1?f? ih??on day night last, we learn that the force there la perfectly organized, the camp In go d order ana In the receipt of ample aupplles The enemy have not crossed the river at Milla Spring, with the exception of atnall partlea of aklrmiahera. They eem to be deterred by a well founded dread of a flank movement by ourforcea. A list of the killed and wounded on our side haa been made out at headquartera, and we presume will shortly be published It doea not exceed three hundred, and It la now pretty well ascertained ttat the enemy'aloaa waa much above that number. [Gainaboro' la the capital of Jackaon county, Tenn. It la altuat*d on the left back of the Cumberland river. Ituaaa court house and several stores and dwellinga It la one hundred miles from the battle field at Milla Spring, and twenty miles south of the Tennessee Una.] irr Every portion of space occupied by Franca In the great Exhibition of 1862 la to be carpeted. Mirrors and girandoles will be hung In every available position, and the great court in the k south write rn part of the building will be hung with curtains atre^bed from column to column, abutting off thla portion from the rest of the bulldlng and, In effect, rendering It a distinct exhibition. lL/~ The clock on St. Paul'a, London is "a big thine." The pendulum la four feet long, and the weight at the and of it la one hundred pounds; the dial on the outalde la regulated by a smaller one within; the length of the minute hand on the exterior dial la eight feet, and the weight of seventy-five pounds; the length of the hour fig urea is two reeiana two and a half inches. IT^The Calcutta. a roomy teak line-of battleship, of 229W tons,la now in the coarse of fitting up at Devenport as a hospital ship. Wehave in tbls rase, says a London paper, like in many others at this crisis, taken time bv the forelock, and as soon as we hear of the first soot being fired, the Calcutta will be ready to proceed on her humane errand. i sosth cargufca. Taoors ?The Virginia correspondent of the Charleston Courier savs "that out of the Sth South Carolina regiment, rumberLag eight hundred men, whose term of service is 'afcat expiring, but on* hundred and seventy ' nave signified their willingness to enlist "for the ' ww. > (O^VTeuztemps and Ole Bull, the renowned violinists, appeared at a concert recently given in London. The swieert by the way, was a sort of site fdrtda affair, the selection comprising between forty and fifty pieces. Among the vocalists were Blgnor Brlleti and Sims Reeves. PaasYViLLa.?There are now at Perryvllle, Pa , over twelve hundred four and six-mule teams ready for service, excluslv* of upwards of four haadred aad fifty which have been transferred to the Quartermaster* at Washington and Annapolis. JUT" Property to a considerable amount has been <im? uD at Delhi. na^<rMu?i - , vMv vs ?w apariuienil OI OFFICI AL. Treasury department, Fkbrcaky 4, 1002. Hold*** uv Bohm of the United State* dated August 19, LBfll, and payable three year* from date, are hereby notified that provision Is made for the payment of the Coupons of semi-annual In. terest which became due on the 19th lastant, In ota, agreeably to their tenor by the Treasurer of ! the Untied States at Washington, or by either of Um Assistant Treasurers at New York, Boston, i and Philadelphia. l All eueh Coupons, together with schedules ? showing the number and amount of each Coupon i and the aggregate sum of each parcel, must be 1 presented for examination and verification at least > thsea fall business days before payment. 8. P. CHASE, fo 5-tl9th Secretary of the Treasury. 1 f|\REASURY DEPARTMENT, X Fkbkcakt 4, 1802. Novicn is inut oivsn of the readlneas of this Department to redeem the Treasury note* i payable In one year from date, authorised by the act of Congress approved Deeember 33d. 1887. and - the Treasury nstes payable In sixty days from i date, authorlied by the act of Congress approved id March, IBM. Interest on Treasury notes of the above Issues wtll cease oa the 7th day of April next by terns j of then acts respectively. fe 5-tap7 1 Department op state, Washikstoii, January 23,1808. , The Secretary of Stati will hereafter receive Members of Congress on business no Saturdays, commencing with Saturday, the first of next month. Jan *7-tf WILLIAM H. SEWARD. j War DEPARTMENT, | Jarvii tl, VM. Oasqpas, That the Wax Department will be dosed Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays against all other business bat that which [ relates to eetlvs military sperstleas In the fisld. Saturdays will be devoted to the business of SeMteis and Representatives. ( Mondays to the business of the Public. EDWIN M. STANTON, ja tt-tf Secretary of War. usn. vurua is iouu OI Lie canon, mo. He baa taken twenty-nine prisoners. Including two captains and one quartermaster. Ha has also captared k quantity of flour. Prta Jtpaa. San Feancisco, Feb. ft?The bark Ada D. Rogers, with Japan dates to the 19th of Decernt>er, has arrived. Three quarters of Kanakawa had been destroyed by lire. The loss was about two hundred thou and dollari. Japanese ambassadors to England and Franee were expected to Mart from Jeddo on the 2d of JanuaryMartial Law Declared la Kansas. Lkavekwobth, Feb. 10.?Gen. Hunter bas lamed a general order declaring martial law hroughout Kansas, tie declares that the crime >f Jayhawklng shall be put down with the itrong hand and summary forces. Legal Tender. Milwaukee, Feb. 8 ?The Chamber of Com. nerce to-day adopted a resolution approving the gal tender clause In the treasury note bill. C'MP8T0C^ rrovKsn A tare* stoof on hand, vkioh'win ja 16 991 Pa. ETsnuV allied power# have made an advance toward the Interior, and occupied a place called Kapirltu Santo. The Mexicans retired without flgntlng. Tbe steamer Baltimore waa expected aallv at Havana. The Latest (ram Fort Henry. fkspakations tos activb wobk?dbsthcction of a bbbbl ocnboat?tlvihal othkbs eipobtbd captcbbd ?panic 1)1 tunimii. St Locis, Feb. 10.?The army la Mill encamped at Fort Henry, but preparation for further movements are progressing. The river is very high, and part of tbe fort is overflowed. Five additional regiments are expected, and tbe unfinished fort opposite Fort Henry tias been taken possession of. The panic in Tennessee, owing to the recent de. feat of the rebels, ia so extensive that the river Is con?ldered open, to its bead waters, to the Union fle?t. The rebel garrison of Fort Henry, that fled when the fort was attacked, have taken refuge in Fort Donals>>n, making the whole number there from eight to ten thouaand. A letter from a prominent rebel, foundin a mall bag captured by our troops, speaks of the demoraltxlng effect of tbe defeat at Somerset, and says that another at Fort Henry would be almoat irreparable. The rebel steamer Orr waa chased by the Federal gunboat Conestoga, and abandoned by her crew after first setting ner on lire. Several other rebel steamers are reported to have been captured by our gunboats, which will probably go aa far up the river as Florence, Alabama. Western War News. St. Louis, Feb. 10 ?Telegrams have been received here from tbe commander-in-chief and Secretary Stanton, returning thanks and commendation for tbe energy and ability displayed in achieving the recent victory in Tennessee. Miramon is Mid to be execrated by all Mexicans. The French steamer Milan, which was run into by the U.S. gunboat De Soto, will repair at Havana. The schooner Henry Travers arrived at Ilayana on the'JUth. from New Orleans, with cotton, and the reael steamer V .ctorla arrived on the 21st. three days from New Orleans, with cotton and passengers. General Miramon sailed, under an assumed name, on the 23d, for Vera Cruz, where he will take a schooner and eil'ect a landing somewhere on the coast. It was reported that Miramon would be arrested at Vera Crux by the English rommander, for the robbery of the Brit sh Legation at Mcxico. Miramon was accompanied by sixteen Mexicans. Santa Anna will arrive at Havana by the next steamer from St. Tnomas aud proceed immediately to Mfxico. A New York brig was capturcd on the southern coast on the 20th, by a Spanish cutter, with 630 negroes ou board. The Joseph Maxwell, one of the Sumter's prizes, has been delivered up to her oap'.ain. A CONSPIRACY Ilf N*W OBLKlNS. A letter from New Orleans, per steamer Victotla, says that the superintendent and various employees of the Opelouea* Railroad have been arrested, a conspiracy having been discovered to deliver to the Union forces the entire railroad line, and give other aid. A Berwick Bay letter says the conspiracy has been suppressed. The reWls at Havana expect the rebel steamer Vanderbilt in a few days. She ran the blockade out and back again, and will try again. Dates from Vera Cruz of the 21st state that the Farther Irem Mcxice?The Ultimatum ef the Allies. Nkw Yobk, Feb. 10.?By the brig Lincoln, from Havana, we have dates to the 23th ult. The steamer from Vera Cruz on the 15th states there were 16,000 allied troops there, and a body of 50,00* Mexicans near Puebla. The ultimatum cf the allied Powers left on the 17th, to be presented to President Juarez. The allies have issued a manifesto to the Mexicans, stating the reason for invading Mexican soil; denying that their plans are for conquest or any interference in the polities of their government, but that they came to extend the hand of friendship to a country which they behold wasting its vitality in civil wars and convulsions, and asking Mexicans to deliver themselves up to the good intentions of the allied Powers Demands were also made that a representation be sent to Madrid to nlve satisfaction for the expulsion of the Spanish Minister. That the treaty of Almonte be fulfilled That Spanish subjec's be Indemnified. That J10,(Ou be paid for seizing the Bank of Conception At the meeting at which the ultimatum was adopted. It was decided 1hat payment be exacted for recent expens?*s incurred Four days are allowed for an answer to be returned. San Juan D'UUoa is occupied alternately for fifteen days by each of the allied powers. The Progress, published at Jalapa, says that provisions are very scarce at Vera Cruz, and the food of the Spaniards was very poor. The hospitals were filling fast, and desertions were heavy. TELEGRAPHIC NEWS.

LATER FROM EUROPE. ARRIVAL OF THE STEAMER AMERICA. V'afae Rimt'i ?f IObmIhi'i Dciifa h Intfr(fr? wlih the Blockade?The Privateer Sn alter. Halifax. Feb 10 ?T he (earner America, with Liverpool datea to the 26th of January, has arrived. There were vague rumora in circulation that Napoleon had notified England thai he will short ly officially demand joint action Tn miaing the Amertcan blockade, and that If refuted by England he will take the initiative alone. The rumor la given in the London Shipping Bazette which aaya: " It la current in clrclea auppoaed to be well informed, that a semiofficial British government by France The London Timet continues to urge England not to Interfere, and savs the nation can afford to wait. The privateer Sumter la reported to have been sen cruising off Genoa. Tbe commander of the Amerlsan gunboat Tusr.arorn has published a denial of the report that be anchored off Osborne, and was rebuked for a violation of good taste. Lord Lyons has been gazetted as Knight of the Grand Cross, Order of Bath. THE LATEST. Paris, Feb. *26?The opening of the French Chambers takes place to-morrow, when It is expected that Napoleon will make some statement about America and Rome. Tbe French papers conclude from the attitude of the English press that the Trent affair was only a pretext for war, and that England wants to force the blockade. Tbe Paris Temps recalls the fact that some Russian ships ran the blockade of the Baltic. The Opinion Natlonale blames the semi-official French papers for hidden Southern sympathies, and says that England will become dangerous to France if America Is weakened. The Constitutionelle says that tbe Mexican General Almonte Is now in Belgium pursuing negotiations for placing the Archduke Maximilian on the throne of Mexico. Tbe Liverpool cotton market closed quiet, and prices unchanged. Breadstuff* are dull with a declining tendency. Provisions closed heavy. Consols closed at 92\a92,V. THE EAR WASHINGTON, D. C\, JANLARY, lMti. REMOVAL. A. BIHHGER &. CO. ATX RBMO VBU TO 819 PENNSYLVANIA AVENl'E, orroMTB WILLARD9' HOTEL. I I TH* WMKKLY ?T AK, Vhb UMliit rtmily ul Rm Jnmiwiiiiiil i??? itiiaty * !?> ?h hbAan rrrtiy bhiIH Tnii-OMi. <M0riiWf,ta Stable ?epy, per ,.....#1 M PItp It fc W !> ?<# ?Mim? I B TwnJy-Iw r?p!s M ltiRT?r!aUT?>?taliathj< Wiahlagtoa N?wt' ftsl ici isdf Tkt r??t?| Stm elrtiMi pc generB'Jf throughout the coistry U" ^la^ie codI.? (la wr^f f? ) eti * procured it tbf cour.U*, luiuitsdiaWiy ?ftet the taw* oixtf p*p<i I'rioe?TOREK Ci;NT?. HELM GOLD'S GENUINE PREPARATION. " U+HU.T COKCKNTKATED Compound Fluid Extract Bachu, A 1'oiuit* Mi k'r?ri/U K*m*dt For D.ifUN ot tl BLADi?tK, KIDNkYS. SRWKL, a&4 SICAL SWELLING*. Tula M?dieiiJ? !i.-csam* th? lonr of Dicwtioa, wid ascitic the a.b?oeb?t* TlU> :>h.Uj action, by which the w*tkt cm ritrnon depositions , tad ali visiirm uuuiiiiiti ar* rtdicw, u we.l u riis ajis mrLAJUi&iioa. EYE AND EAE. No. 38T PENN8Y8LVANIA AVENUE, OPPOSITE WILLARD*a HOTEL, Oculist and Aurlst. PR. F. A YON MOSLHZISKER, From Clinton Plaoo, New York, has armed iatfce oity and opened his offices at 22T PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE, where he can bo consulted on Maladies of the EYE AND EAR requiring medical and sarsioal treatment. Dr. Vos Mosc?iziskkr is the inventor and introducer 11 to the medtcal practice of the ETHEKTAL EAR INHALATOR, for the treatment of obstinate cases of DEAFNESS AMD NOISES IN THE HEAD. He is also author of the letters published in the New York and Philadelphia papers treating on the p; evention of DEAFNESS FROM THE FIRING OFCANNON, ft. Dr. Von M. has for the pa?t fourteen years devoted his special attention to the TREATMENT OF THE EYE AND EAR, Aud possesses the testimonials of some of the *>egt *nown pubiio men in trie union, wno n?ve dwo most suocesfully treated by him for the RESTORATION OF SIGHT f HEARING. R E A D. [F>cm Professor Monkur^Bnltimort 1 "I have thu dav Been Miss Wi?e, her sight perfectly restored. I am Lapp* to express my oonvio tu<n ibat by yonr skill and judcm.'ct she has been saved from the greatest deprivation that conld have befallen her.'' \Fr<ym the Hon, Senator Pugk.] To Dr. Von Mosciiziskbr: I am treaiiv obliged for the interest yon have manifested in mv caee of Deafnets, and theskili with which tou have treated my case, and 1 have no doubt that by careful observance of your direotions, my hearing will be pe-manently restored. G. H. PUGti. [ b\om John ttTL'an. Jr., son of (h? Hon. Judge of tke U. S. Supreme Court 1 It i* well known to my ru norou* friends that I have been deprived of my h-armgfor many years. 1 am happv to state that I iiavc, thanks to Dr. V?>n Moscriitsker, entirely recovered. My hearirg ts now as acute aa ever. JOHN AI'LEAN. Jr. For several vears I suffered from deafness. Dr. Von Mokobzieker re?torod my I . ance. Ct. Louis, Sept. 7,1858. JOJ EPH YEATS. Dr. Von Moschxsker most successfully operated on my eyes,and Denefitted mv eight exceedingly, GKORGK H. CHENEY. 81. Louis, Sept. 17, }R58. [Letter from Rev. J. J. Mullon 1 int. Vow. Moschziskir?l>rar Sir;? Among those who have been benefitted by yourekillfu! treatment, in diseases impairing the sight, it affords me (treat pleasure to e-dd ths testimonial of iny gratitude to the list ot your patient?. My sight wa- so much impaired during the last eighteen months that 1 oould not recogniz? the features of a friend standing near me. I tender jou this acknowledgment of ycur emir en: eSfi 1 and success in the treatment ol your oblig?<! and gratefu: friend. J. J. AII'LLON, Jleotor ?t. Patrick's. The original of t!i? a ove. and hund eda more testimonials, oan be seen at i)r. M.'a rooms. Patients wishing their family physician to aocompiny them U- witness uj>erR,Uor.s or for the parpoae of cousultation are r.t i. berty to bring them. Medical men wilt t? at aM tun's welcomed to witness Dr. Von M 's operation?, and examine some of the instrument) he h&i introduced for the facilitation of OpU.a>mio and Aural Snrgery. Arti fiola! Eyes inserted without causing any pain to the patient. OStoe hours from 3 a. m. to 2 p. m. and from 3 to 'fcbl 1m 8*7 PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE, COIN WANTED! The Higheet Prioe paid for GOLD AND SILVER! Epkcib Foe Sal* in Stas to Suit. LEWIS JOHNSO <i tc CO., BANKERS, Pssy?TLva?iA Avknp*, ja22 tf Ccruer Tenth street PROF. ALEXANDER WOLOWSKl. PI An 1ST AND COMPOSER, By general request wiil open r. cla?t? tor the Piano and Singing, by his new and umplified^-aCSJIgg method. In this way, an opportunity!"* jf rfl will be ezteniiel to all who dei-ire ta aoquire a knowledge of Vocal and instrumental Music, on the most liberal ternns. All those who desire to join this course will apply at ono* at his residence, No 303 Sixth street, between K treet and New York avenue. Hours of reiepiion between9and 12o'clock a.m., on Tuesdays, Thurtdays, and Saturdays. ja3a lm 1 CARRIAGES*. Have now on hand a largo and tine aeiortment of CARRIAGES, superior to aty in th*r -grew-w> market, I arn prepaid to sel ygRjSS: low for cash, Pertons in wan; ofgood-*B? ~*vP work, will do well to call ana examine mistook before purchasing elsewhere. All repairs neatly done, and orders promptly attended to. I have also one very fixe close Pannel Carriage, whioh originally oost 91 326, bat little used, and will be sold low, as the owner has no further nse for It. ANDREW J. JOVCE, ja 31-lm Corner 14th ard E streets. |~1ENT8' 8iLK CRAVATS amd neckties?" Or GenU' 8ilk Pooket Handkerohiels. Gents' i^inen Cambrio Handkerotiels, Gents' Gloves. Gents' Umbrellas, Gents' Undershirts and Drawers, Fine Cloths, Vestings, and ?.aMimeree, for genU, Cotton (*hirtiags of the beet grades, Linen Shirtings of the best grades i reported. Au of the above at our proverbially low prioes, marked in plain figures. An inspection of stock solicited ; it moors no obligation to purohase. PERRY A BROTHER, JaSl-tr Peno. avenue and Ninth st. i TO '? BUTLERS AND w ? RESTAURANTS, 100 baskets very superior CHAMPAGNE , . w w WINE, 1 for nle cheap by WM. CORWIN BURG t\ No, 347 Pennsylvania avenue, i* * entranoe on Sixth st. < ?JOAL OIL?COAL OIL?COAL OIL! COAL AND ETHERIAL OIL At R*nrc*D Pricks ! ? , 8. W. O'LAUGHLEN'S Coal and Ethe rial Oil Manufactory, . . . Corner New Jersey av. and Est. jalSlm* < / V ISAAC HERZBERG, /Sv X A _ The Only Liotas?i XWA V V f A WN BROKER. A A gio.noo to be loaned on Bold and Silver W atchea. Jewelry. Gone and Piatola. Silver Ware, ana Wearing Appare ? at the old stand, No. 361 C street. bask of the National Hotel, between 4X and it n iti. de U-3m* AND SECOND MOURNING Spring , VI Silka. with all other kinds ol Silk Oooda, at 1 moat moderate rates. PERRY * BRO.. Pa. avenue and Nin' h atreet, fel0-6t "Perrr Bnitdinr." General burnside's expedition VI.i and within aome dfatance of SMITH'S Ciothing Store, ao that every one in want of Clothing, Hata and Capa, oan have fr*s aeeeaa to the People's Clothing store, No. 460 Seventh atreet, _ opposite Post Ofltoe, where all kinds of Clothing , oan be boaght at Northern pnoes. ja 16-dlm HPOR CHRISTMAS PRESENTS! AND KERCH I EPS, HANDKERCHIEFS, H AN DKEKCHIEFS .?All aorta, a took now ?n- 3 e^ua .od. .or and gentlemen?jast the tiling for Christmas Present*. S At B. A. Lake k. ?o.'a Marbie Ha.^ftMur, de80 Under Brown's BoteL 6 CJELL1NB OFF* t 3 SELLING OFF! Great bargains ia all Winter Shawls. Cloaks, Pansy Cashmere, Merino, and Winter Drees I Goods, to make room for jj ia ? flt (11 Seventh at., above P?tn. av. We invito the attention of on: friends and trons to the Card below: No. 919 Pknhw.ta.wia Atmui, I (Ofpetilt Willmrd'r Hctil,) { The Subscriber*, having opened a Branch Establishment In thla City a few months since. and feeling encouraged by the liberal patronage already received from Its friends and the loyera of pure and genuine WINES, LIQUORS, and other article* in their line, have determined pon a continuance and extenalon of their bust new. Their assortment embraces? FINE COGNAC BRANDIES (of variout age, branda, and diatrlcts.) BOURBON AND SCOTCH WHISKIES, JAMAICA RUM, GJNS, Ac , Also, several valuable Tonics, Bitten, and Stomachics, which are remedies for bowel complaint*, fever and ague, headache, and the like. MADEIRA, SHERRY A PORT WINES, CLARETS, BURGUNDY, CHAMPAGNE AND GERMAN WINES. HAVANA 8EGARS, Of all Varieties and Prices. FINE NAVY AND OTHER CHEWING TOBACCO. ALSO, PICKLES, SAUCES, CHEESE, PRESERVED MEATS AND FRUITS, SARDINE?, VINEGARS, SWEET OIL, ftr ., Ac. The Stock was particularly selected to suit the wants of Hotel-Keepers, Sutlers, Restaurateurs, Ac. They are invlUd to visit the establishment, which la under the direction uf Mr. Jos. P. Wilson. Owing to the fart that they Import most of the articles direct, and to their many business facilities, they are enabled to t ifcr their stock Goods at verv low Your obedient aerv&^ta, A. BLMX.tR A CO., mporttri of Poreig* Wines, Liquors, (c. ja U-tf Nkw York ard Washis?to2i. LOVELL, COLL.KS A CO., WHOLESALE GROCERS, 86 Front Street, New York, and 316 E Street, Washington, D. C., <n?ar Wi'Iard'a Hotel.) Having atArted p. branch of our New York eatabliahment in tfcia city, wo invite Sutler!. Oroetn. Rtttaicrauteurs, and Hotel Kreperr, to call and examine our atock whioh is welt araorted aid oorapriaed of gooda of the beat*ual:ty. We take ordera for anything in our lice, and ezeoute tnem liaitlT. . ja ?- tf Dayton's Bakery. noH NEW YORK. BRANCH. No. 4W Eleventh si., between G and H, WASHINGTON. P. C. DAYTON'S PIC NIC A OY8TKK CRACKERS, " SPONGE BUTTER CRACKERS, " BOSTON CRACKERS, WATER CRACKERS, " SODA CRACKERS. GRAHAM CRACKERS, LEMON BISCUIT. " CelebratedNIlNCE PiES. Hote -keepers, Heads of Pamilie*, and Sutlers are invited to try our exoelient MINCE PIES. TESTIMONIAL. Camp Scott, Sept.9.1861. Ma. Dayton? Sir: All of ns, both officers and privates, have ate freely of your Pies, I can con Mientionsly state that 110 man is on tho sick list from partakinc*of them. To tell the truth, we are heart-sick beoauee we can't gel enough of them. They are the only real luxury we have had sicoa we left home. W. F. Dimx.ns, M.D., Surgeon. ID" Dieoonnt to the Trade. J. L. DAYTON, jall-lm 446 Eleventh si,, Washington, D.C. 44 Penn'a north aide,) bet. 12th and llth ati. EY^1 ARLN KSAND FIELD 6LAS8K3, COM PASSES, Ao., of the beat jiiahtiea, oonatantly on h*nd. fe 4-tr pARAFFINK CANDLES! WUCCVS PATENT PARAFFINS CANDLES ! Manufactured by the NlW YOH PAJLAVrtRB CA.RSLB Co. 7or aa!e in to&atitiee to rait parch* era, by the Manufacture's' Agmts, JOHNSON A NAQLK, W?? Penn. ?nu, Washington D. C. ja 31 10 Royal, nev King at., Alexandria, Va. po MILITARY OFTCER8 AND OTHERS. BATCHKLOR'8 QS. iJIIfB HAIR HTM. The Beat in Uia World. la Only Rtliabl* and HnrmUss Hatr Dv* Known. old bj all Draniata; alao, at Bancroif'a Patent Medioine Store, e p. Patent OAoe, oor. P A Uh, " "'iffia aotorj-Sl Baroiac ?.<?? W Broadway) N. Y. .-a ' 4 HELM BOLD S EXTRACT BUCHV For Weakp < **>? Anrnc from fi*e*a?e?. HaSit* of DianptUom, >ju"1t I.-idiaorefeoc cr Abuae. "rf AttauUd tcitk tkt FMowtng Symptom11 Indiepoeitun to KxerWoc, Loss of Powr, Loaa of Memory, Difficulty of ttreathiac. Weak Nrrrwi, Trwabiiat. Burror of Di?ea??, VVakefulnMa, D'.okMMof visioa. Put in the Uaok, Ue vert* Ltuisitnde of the Mnseular St item, Hct Hud;. FiaiUiiii of the 3 cdy, Dryuete of th? Skin, Kruptioae ou the Faoo, PALLID COr*TK!*AKeB. Ttese symptoms, il a towed to (o on, which Uus mod.cine in variably removes, eoon fo.'ovs IMPOTENCY,FATUITY. L?LFPTIC FITS, h one of irkitk tkt t'uimu nay Eccftrt. Who ran F*?ttiit they are rot r-etnentiy followmi by ui.4?"D?irH dmkasbs," "INSANITY AND CONSUMPTION." Many are taart of t-.e cause of thsir hImiiu. BUT K33K WJJ.L conrui. THE RECORDSoy THK INSANE ASYLUJM And iht MtlancKcly Leaiht by Connrmpttan, till A.MPLI WtTHKM TO TBI TRUTH 0? TIB ufnTtos. THE CONSTITUTION ONCE AFFECTED WITH ORGANIC WEAKNESS, etairM the aid of mediaine to atrenethaa and lm urate the Syeteai hioh HELMBOLD*S EXTRACT HL'CHU tmvmrimf It do*t TSIAL WILL COWVIBCB TBI MOST SIXPTlCai* FEMA LES- FEMALES- FEMALES, Ol L> <?R YOUNG, SINGLE. MARRIED, OB. C ONT1 M PLATING MAR RI AG E, In Many Afreet*ont Pfttltar to "tmaUt the Extract Bucic ?s uneaua.Ud toy any other remedy, aa in Chloioaia ? r KetcLUJU. lrr<gu.anty FAiTifulaet'i, or Srppreea on o* C'uMomarr Evaonat ma. ITCratec or Sctiirrcaa "ate of tne Uteius. Leucorrhfa or VVh;t;>?, S?e. ility. a^d for ail ccirp ar ts incident to the tec. whether anaing from Indieoretioc, Ha iti of Diiuipatioa. or id the DECLINE CK CHANUE OF LIFE! SSI eTMFTOMe ABOVK. NO FAMILY btfOl'LD BE WITHOUT IT. T&kt no mo*i Balsam, Aftrrttryr. or OmpitaumM Mtdirint Jn UnpMuaM and Van front Vntatts. llELMBOLD S EXT&AU'J BVCHU CC&tt SECRET DISEASES Intheir Stages; At utt'e Expense LUt-e or no cuxz.z?in Diet; No icoonTewenoe And no k^yofuf. ltc%d>ea a fr#?*u?nt d??<iv a i give* strength to Urinate, thereov ftemuTtnc ?*i?t.uot.oas, i'ru\bnt!D; n.J Ikui; fcino.'ur>?? ol Uie l rethra, A'^jiat rMaf.'.J luilafuiii&tooB. m frequent in tLe ci*-..s of cts< & ec, &u? cxps .tag ail Pouowokj, Disiastd, and ieom oul Ma"tr. TBocsaxi;3 croa THOCKANM WiiC/ iiA'/Ji i>??A THE VlCliMS OF QUACKS, and who have pai<i ?eaey./M* to beonredib a short time, nave found lhf? *e;.< Ji oe>v?l. a~. that the poisos" hM. by the us*of "powerful atirtnttnit been drill ap m the sjate.-o, to break oat in an M trarated form, acd FBJiHAPS A PTMR KAr.ZIJ.e*. V?* HEL!ttB?'~ir3 ti7n>,Cl 3'JCB* ah afl'eouons sin.. ditr*.?. i o !u' * IU1.UKY COGARS, in MAX.** OH riiniLK, from what)rer \ut-e rr,t\i ?tin? and bo manor ol U J .. LOX<? STAKUiHG. D.imlin}! t iese O-tai.' *?oulretiie aid of a D.nmim. UELMBOLD 2 EXTRACT BUCHO i? TilE GREAT DiLRCTlG. i? certain to bava tuc reeued effect la Due* tec/or t#AtcX t; u t^omtruKdsd. (TlI'MCl or TUB MOST BBIPOHtLBlJI AJ>D BALI A XL CHABACTBB UjBooomyBST Ue medicmea. CERTIFICATES OP CL H KB, From I to ft yetre* aiaadlac with Name* known to SCIENCE AND FAME. "fHrSJC/JJVtf" FLMASB "NOTiCM." m IAU "HO BBCB8T'' OF "I?GKBDI**T? *' HELM.FOLD'S EXTRACT UUCHU ta eompoaeti of Huch a, Cm bet* ar. J 1 u r Hemaa* aeleotM with r?t caxe tj a ooiuyeteat d. u?jtat. pcryiurn rw rtnnrt BY H. T. HELM BOLD, PraeaoaJ and Analytical Cheauat. and Sola Nuui&oturar of HXLMBOLD 8 GKNULNE PK&PA&ATIONS. affidavit. Personally appeared oefore m?. ac Alcannas of the city or Philadeiihia, ti. T. Hei xboli, wdo being duty nrcra, doth ray. hia preparations oontain no narcotic, no raeronry. or oilier iijurioee dnu?, bat are purely vegetable. 97T. helmhold. _ Sworn aad subeeritrtd before me, UieiJ odaj of November, 1864. WM. P. HlllBfcKU, AldormaL, Nlntli ?t,. a^cre Race, Cu t physicians in attendance from S A. U to 8 P. M. Price SI par kettle, er six for ?. Delivered to any addieea, eeeareiy patiec .real obaervation. Addreea letter* for information ia coriioe oe H. "I. HFLMBOLU, Cktmut, Depot, tot Sotitn Taatn el, b?iow Cbe?tna> Pk> ia HEW ARK OF CUUNT?ltKElltf AND UNPRINCIPLED DbiLUhH who to duaoee "oI tta?-1 own' "Athtr" trYii^ e. An tVa rABHtAllA, A HtiwUoid'i 0?mim Pttpmrattc* . ?? " fctrM ? ?? ?, ? ? " S*r$mfmnllm, m <? lmnpr?td 4um f" ? 4 Bold by Si. B. Willi. Z. II. iLiiAP. Jena MSivn. 8. C. h?*> ? B. "WTW>*TL*, ik. C majck, D. B. ClAftl,ltljwkj. * t4.TftkH*?. J. r. majob, wwkiutet ict tMriitnri, ZAND ALJL VSWeiSTS EWAtWHt kk, Atth. TO* HMLXWJLD1J. ias.* ho iiutfl t Um Kmt i?c*r u ? *? icr it. aiiv avoidimfv'lifr>h | XfOSVIl D***kt 8ymffm? ?* w* ?UmtN4l . 41 Im N.ttu Hri