Newspaper of Evening Star, February 11, 1862, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated February 11, 1862 Page 2
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EVENING STAB. WASHINGTON CITY: TUESDAY FEBRl'ARY 11, UjTTkor,;u Tn ia printed on th? fastest t am pre*s in u.?.? loutt of Calttmorc. its edlt'on Is *o h f an to require it to be put to pr?? at an f rly Lour: Adwrtittments, therefore, should be en' In brfore 12 o'clock x ; otherwise they may may not appear until the next day. Spirit ef the Msrnlac Press. The [nUiligenttr notices the rowdyism and d'sorder admitted by the Richmond papera toexlet In that city, ea demonstrating that tfae maxima of accession In undermining the fabric of the nation have also weakened the munlmenta and buttresses of social order within the seceded States. The Rfpuhliran treats upon the" Political Condition of the reconquered territory," and argues that the seceded States can never come back Into the Union until thev shall have been reorganized and reo Ulcered In all their departments. on* Mil IT Aft 1 Bl'DGETf Lorn napolkok. The news by the Jura?of Lonls Napoleon's declension to favor European Interference In our war, (published In to-day's Stat,) was fully expected by this Government, (asweintimatad more than a week ago,) notwithstanding the persistent effort rf the English press and our sensation press to create a contrary inapression. Tbis expectation entertained here was simply the result of the abiding confidence of the Government of the United States in the personal Integrity of the Emtworof the French and his ministry, whose Intimations of their purposes and views with reference to oar affairs have invariably been of the most friendly and disinterested character. No weight whatever is to be attached to the eomments cf the English papers with secesh ivmnnthtfi and naarvfittlrna s montf nn?<t In nnr northern dispatch to-day,) wherein they at'empt to discredit the word of the Kmpercr Napoleon by Intimating that he does not tell the truth in hla recent speech concerning hU own purposes Tka' line of argument, all tLe world know, is merely the last resort of these who find t ieir previous statements confronted with positive proof of their untruth. HAVT YARD. The King Philip went down to the flotilla yesterday, and returned last evening. She reports affairs unchanged in the lower Potomac. Smoke from the rebel camp fires at Cockpit Point, Shipping Point and intermmedlate place*, ? visible from the flotilla, and sometimes con slderable bodies of men are seen on the bluff overlooking the river. Heavy firing wrs heard from tbetebel batteries * 1 night. The Harriet Lane will toon be ready for tea. confirmations. The Senate iir.t made tbe following confirmations ; Majcr Generals? Etbau A. Hitchcock, Henry \V. Haileck Brigadier Generals?J ames W. Denver, of California; Major Robert Anderson. Quartermaster General?Major E. S. Sibley, with the rank of Lieutenant Colonel. TUK S'CRRTARY OR WAR. Secretary Staiiton, while In the War Department yesterday, wis attacked with vertigo, from which he h^s occfalonally suffered for years past when overworked. This forenoon he 1? much better, being able to attend to business In hit own chamber. No apprehension Is entertained that he will be thus kept from the Department for more than a day or two. not so. Tbe New York Tri6???'j story that the staff of Gen. McClelian breakfdsted with Dr. Ives, of the New York Herald, on Sunday last, at W11lard's, is an untruth. The truth is, two members of the staff of tbe army of the Potomac, on ftun/lai' imn*ntncr r\r* rtrvrvV a# - * *?4 w?; t"**,vv? a private ureu&13.BI with Dr. I. at V>'lllard's, at which hotel they board. affair* down river {Correspondence of the Star ] U. 9 Stkamsr Steppiso Stojih, Potomac fitcer. Feb 8. 1^2 ?On Monday evening. the 3d Instant, we weighed anchor from Indian Head in order to piss tbe rebel batteries to reach the lower flotilla rhe object wss to provision the aeveral vessels there, to pay off the officers, and aupply the seamen with small stores and clothing Tor this purpose we took in a quantity of stores, provisions. Ac., from ths W yandank, and Acting Paymaster Cosby accompanied us. The evenlug being foggy, an attempt was made to run the blockade in broad daylight?the Annrosta accompanying us; but on reaching Stump Neck the fog llf >d, upon which we turned back, and, anchoring in Mattawcman Creek, waited for uight. As soon as It was dsrk we again started, and stood down the river. Tbe night was very " eloudy, and as we drew very little ueter, we were enabled to keep close in to the Maryland shore. These two circumstances probably prevented tbe rebels from either seeing on hearing us, and we passed without a shot being tired. From Tuesday till late last night we were ergaged supplying tbe several vessels, from Liverpool Point to Blakiston's Isl.nd. and, our work oeins completed.we stood nnth? ?n??p ? .r.<-i?* this 'morning. Again the dirk-ie** favored us, and again we ran the blockade without a (hot from tbe rebels Ou Friday njrrn'.ng, a launch left Mattawoman creek with ?tcre? fcr tbe 5th Kxcelslor Regiment, Sickles' Brigade, encamped at Liverpool Point All the way down, abe wa? a target for the rebtl Mtttrlis, but none of their shot or shel' touched her. Aaa p&rting blessing, a new battery, just opentd opposite Liverpool 1'oint, aent three shot* at th? launch, *Jt they all fell short. \V. R. <i. Lassb ^om Railroad Pckpo?b? ?There have b?en prepared at the General Land Office, and trarsmltted to the Governor of the State of Michigan, certified transcripta of seven lilts of lands approved to said State for railroad purposes, under the act of June 3, ISatS, Id the district of lands subject to sale at Marquette, containing In the aggregate 3??,123.7# acres. Farther by the Aaierica Tbe London Times, In an editorial, says. We need not be eajrer to middle with American affiirs. This la a time for awaiting, and we can afford to wait quite as eastly as tbe North and South can afford to be working across the Potomac, at tbe r.01 cf two millions sterling a week each i?f them. I If there do** come any real cause of complaint, it - ill ted all the more for our present patience and f wbemranre. I Tb** London Globe editorially remarks that the { msrltine Powers cannot be expected to respect the j Federal blockade linlpl* I 1?V rri I _ , ???? v???j * ??cvii ?c i ue rommerce of the world cannot suffer Itself to be despoiled for an indefinite period u ider the mere paper blockade As to Intervention, says the . lobe, we may be Invited, or offered to intervene, but our g'eat aim must be to preserve consistency with our own principles. In a letter from Mr Seward to Smith O'Brien, in response to the latter'? recently proffered advice, Mr. Seward urges the latter. If he would promote the muse of America, of Great Britain, and cf bnrr>anity at large, to speak and act in every case, and without qualification, for the American Union. Mr Seward's tone is highly patriotic for Union, and friendly towards Kuropean Powers. In regard to whom be is determined to stand always, not ^nly in the right, but upon the defensive. George Thompson had again been lecturing at Manchester, on American affairs. His remarks were n.ainly In response to a late speech by Mr. Massey, at Salfurd. whose statements he branded as absolutely false, and a grievous injustice to the North Ttie .tciurer said the breaking of the blockoti - would be a wicked and fiendish act, and no greater crime could be committed against anv cr jntry. He Lad faith, however. In the pacific and neutral policy of Earl Russell i'be Times, in an editorial on Mr Sumner's speech, protests against any suggestion that Kngland bts bud^'t-d oue step from her former position ?i:t> retp<< t to her rights,whether neutral or brll!g*rtnt. W tat she agreed to at the Congress r>l Pari*, ahe atiil stands by, aud what ahe had .. fore limited, only by tiioae conce*a ions, she ha* till. TUe case of the Trent haa made do new ,has* whatever A dispatch of the ?d from Algiers, says: On Monday, a prolonged cannonade was heard here, proceeding apparently from a distance of about alx milea from shore A vessel was *luhted this morning,1 wnich appeared to be the Sumter It la supposed sbe snnk her adversary. The above 1? considered doubtful, as an Algiers dWpatch of the 94th, aays the Sumter bis been aeen In tieno. se watera, a few leagues cff the port of Genoa The Gibraltar Chronicle saya the United States 1.001 ul at Caalx protested against the aaalatance ^lven the Sumter at th?t port The authorltlea, <iowever, conaldered themselves bound to afford >-uch sid as was indispensable, the Sumter having sprung ? task D<*' the acre w Bhe was perm it ted lo rfbct the necessary repairs 1b the arsenal. strong band and lummary process. James H Holmes, the }*ecr?tary of New Meilro, has arrived here In eleven daya and a half from Santa Pe, bringing Important dispatches to Gen Hunter, and Information regarding attain In the Territory The rebel Brig. Gen. H. H. Sibly was within thirty milea of Fort Craig, with *2,500 Texana with artillery, and bad lssjsd a buncombe proclamation. Col. Canby bad taken active mear ires to oppose him, aid felt able to make a aucceaaful resistance. It waa reported that a considerable force of Texans were advancing up the Rio Pecos to attack Fort Union. An express has been sent to Denver City for reinforcements, and Colorado troop* will probably inarch immediately. Martial law has been proclaimed In ths Territory, and all able-bodied men are being drafted to aerve In the militia. All the mules. horses, and ammunition in the Territory have been seized for the use of the GovI ernment. I The Indiana la that Territory are reported to be troublesome. From Ship Island. Boston, Feb 10 ?The ship Bullion arrived at this port this evening, bringing Ship Island dates ( to January 80. All was quiet tber?, and the health of the troops ^ood, only one death having occurred A few I contrabands had reached the Island and been set 1 to work. j Light-draught vessels were wanted. The gunboat Nightingale had arrived from Tortugas with aevenieen 0-inch navy guns for del fence There was no fesr entertained or aggressive movements from the rebels. The ship Black Prince arrived from Boston on i the 15th, after a rough passsge, daring which she i lost 145 horses. I 1?7? The Prince of Wales Intends to start about 1 | the ml'idle of February on U) eastern tour TELEGRAPHIC. Most Important from Europe. LOUIS NAPOLEON DECLARES AGAINST , EUROPEAN INTERFERENCE J WITH OUR WAR I MASON AND SLIDELL ARRIVED IN ENG- t LAND. J * g Poktlakd, February 11 ?The steamship Jura, with Liverpool dates to the 31st nit , arrived at 1 this port last night. [ Messrs Maaon and SUdell bad arrived at South- ' c ampin. No demonstration was made on tbelr " arrival. The former went to London and the latter ] to Parla. Consols ar? firmer, and bad advanced j^. Napoleon bad opened tbe French Chamber on ' 01th In ?nppch mIi) that th* civil war which desolates America bas greatly compro- j mlsed our commercial Interests So loss howSVKR AS THE RIGHTS of NEUTRALS ARK BESPKCTED WK MUST CONFIX* OCBSELVBS TO EXPRESSING WISHES FOB A!* EARLY TERMINATION OF THESE j DISSENSIONS. ' 1 The ?peech refers to the relation of France, and ' recapitulate* the financial programme of Fould'a I Budget. Some English journal* (of aecesh sympathies) I construe the allusion to the American dlfilcultles ' into something like a threat, and as significant that France Is Impatient and when the occasion ( appear* to demand it will Interfere. Most Important from the South. THE BURNSIDE EXPEDITION IN POSSESSION OF ROANOKE ISLAND. THE STRONG REBEL FORTIFICATIONS i THERE Ml'ST HAVE BEEN PREVIOUSLY REDUCED BY COMMODORE GOLD8BOROUGH. I Baltimopk, Feb. 11., (from Fortress Monroe ' Feb. 10 )?The flag of truce of to-day bring* in- , telligence that our troops landed on Roanoke Iiland yesterday (Saturday) afternoon. No particular* are given, but it was intimated that the 1*1 and had been taken. No papers were received except the Norfolk Day Book of Saturday, the contents of which have already been published. The French steam corvette Gassandl arrived here this forenoon. The Catinet also returned. Ten deserting contrabands came into Camp Hamilton this afternoon, having been found bv a scouting party under Capt. Donovan, of the 16tb Massachusetts. One of these was a member of Black's Virginia Cavalry, who were engaged in the skirmish at New Market bridge on the 22d December with Max Weber's regiment. He was completely armed with carbine, pistol, &c , and had a considerable amount ?f Confederate money. They represent a great scarcity of provisions In the rebel army in this quarter. The barque Trinity arrived tbi? afternoon from Boston, with four hundred released prisoner*, to be exchanged, in charge of Lieut. Buell. It Is expected that Bishop Ames and Hon. Hamilton Fish will accompany these prisoners when they are sent over in the morning. iVofe.?On Friday last the battle of Roanoke Island began. It was evidently an attack only by our fleet on the rebel fortifications and gunboats; as an attempt to land GeneraJ Burnslde's troops until the fleet had taken the fort, would have been equivalent to exposing them to almost cer'aln destruction from its guns. The iast previous positive news from the nccne of action which the rebel General Iiuger permitted to come to Fortress Monroe was up to Friday afternoon, when Commodore Goldsborough had sunk some of the rebel gunboats. The news he received subsequently (up to Friday night) he concealed, as we learned by our Fort-ess Monroe dispatch that left there on the evening before laat. We now learn froin the dispatch just reaeived that Bcrxsidk has effected a which must involve the previous reduction of the rebel fortifications and at least the dispersion of Gen. Wine's force of more than 5,100 men, recently sent from Norfolk and Richmond to aid?outside the fort?in the defense of the position. W? are very sure that Burnslde and Goidsborough have achieved a glorious victory, indefd, for the pood cause of the restoration i.f the Union. Ed. Stah. 'r From Farl lletry Skirmish with the Enemy's Cavalry?Four 1 Rebels Killed and Twenty-five taken Pris- i oners?The Cast of Gen. Smith. \ St. Loria, Feb. 10.?A special dispatch to the ' Democrat of thla city, dated at Fort Henry today, ?ay?: Two hundred of the Illinois cavalry, while on a reconnolterlng expedition thla morning, it a comprny of the enemy'a horae, and charged i., > them, killing four and taking twenty-live prlaonera, Including their captain. Only one of our men waa wounded. In consequence of General Smith'a appointment not having been confirmed by the Senate, that otflcer haa tranaferred hia command to General Lew Wallace, and will leave for Paducah tomorrow. Generals Grant and McClernaod telegraphed to Washington, vouching for General Smith'a loyalty and efiiclency, and nrglng that the Senate reconsider Ita action on hia appointment. General Grant and atafl made a reconnoiaaance In the vicinity of Fort Donelaon to day. The ateamer W. H B. lisa returned from the railroad bridge, with a lot of horsea, wagons, commiaaary tore*. Ac. The War in Kansas and !Hew Mexico Leavkswohth, Feb. 10 ?By general order No. 17, Gen IIunterdeclarea martial law throughout the State of Kansas, and declares that the crime of javhawking an a 11 be put down with a CONOR ESS TONAL. XXXTilth COJinnESS-Swiid Station. Sihat*.?Yesterday, after onr report closedMr. Rice gave notice of h'? Intention to ask eave to introduce a bill authorising the issue of mall note*, of a less denomination than fire dolars. in the Diatrlct of Columbia, by the banka. The report of the Committee of Conference on he disagreeing votea of the two Houses upon the till to organize ten thousand twelve months roopa in Missouri and Maryland to aecre in those (tatrs only, w?.s concurred in. After the conaideratlon of a resolution instructor the Finance Committee to Inquire into the ex?ediency of establishing by law a national lnstiution of saving and fltcal agent of the Governnent, and a season bjk nt In executive session, the *enate adjourned. Housk ?Th?? petition from Philadelphia In re* ation to solemnizing the birthday of Washingon was referred to a special committee, with lnitrurtions that the Declaration of Independence ind S?cr*tarv Stanton' nr^irlam>Hni> Ikkim) ;Ue Will Spring victory also be read upon the oc: salon. The election ease of Mr. Joseph Segar, from the Srst congressional district of Virginia, was conildered. and, without disposing of the subject, he House adjourned. Roanoke Island and the Adjacent Countey. Mr. F. P. Shannon,a Hatteras pilot, who haa just irrlved In this city, furnishes us some Interesting information concerning the Burnslds expedition ind the attack on Roanoke Island. Mr. Shannon states that the situation of Roanoke Island la aurh that It may easily be surrounded by our vessels and swept by a concentric Are. The rebel troops, however, were stationed on the Island in considerable force, and a stubborn reilstance was expected. The population of the mainland is sparse, and the country low, swampy and unhealthy. The principal products of the sca-coast region are corn and tobacco, with small quantities of cotton and ltrje tmounts of tnrpentine. The seaports are all on low ground, and no fortifications can be erected which our vessels cannot readily command ?y. Y. Post. Deaths of Soldiers ?The following deaths amon? the soldiers have occurred since our last report: Francis Coon, company H. 44,h New York volunteers, at F.ruptive hospital. George Tanner, company F, 52d Pennsylvania volunteers, at Warren hospital James Gould, private 56th New York volunteers, at camp. B H Stone, company G, 4th Vermont volun *:?rio. g> vsuiumuian uospnai. George Gould, company A, 56th New York volanteers, at camp. Reseum Alien, company H, 50th New York volunteers, at camp Se'gesut Charles H. Anderson, company F, 23d Pennsylvania volunteers, at ramp. Howell Reeve*, company H.231 Penn?ylvanl* volunteers, at camp. ry^OFFICK OF THF. JOINT COMM1Sll? sionof rhi; umi>:dut\tk? and CoSTA It 10A, Watkinnton, Ftbrxirv 8,1P62.?At a roostisr of the l>o?ira. held this day. it was Cirdered. That VI persons havint olaims npon the Kepu'.lio of Cost* Kica.whnh are ?rcv;ded for br the convention between t^e United States and the taii Hepublio concluded on the 2d day of July. 18S0, do fi i memorials ol the same with the i?eoretary ofthis beard in the c;t? of Washington. CHAS. VV. UAvli?, Secretary pro tern. _feJJ-?w No. gfiO F sneet wett. T*"1,UI,l'r'~A meeting or the Ho'ol and 'I iJ Restaurant Koepers will be held on WEUN ESD* Y. February 12. at 3 p. m . at the houBe of Mr. A. F- Benton, C street, between 6th and 7th. Bt order of the Committee. fe lf-2t* YV?IHK SINGING CLASS AT WESLEY 1X3 <"bape , comer sth and F eta , is continued ?verv Il'tSuAY EVENING. at <>4 o'clock. Suecesa gnarantied to attentive 'earners. Terma, ^1 51 for sixteen le-aona. fa 10 2t* -V^5=?H OCK VI LL B AND WASHINGTON LL3 TUKNPIKi: ROAD COMPANY. Ftbru~ am 8,1862.?A divid ?nd r.f four per oent. haa been declared on the capital stock of this Company, payab'e to atookhoiuera on demand at the (tank of Washington. 5. B. BOAKMA.N, fe lo-lw Seoretary. irS?8ABB^TH SCHOOL FESTIVAL.?The u_3 Foundry M. K. Sabbath School will hold a Festival at t-ranklin Hall, corner of 9th and D streets, tocommence TUESDAY, llth inst., and to continue during tho week. A full brass band vill be in attendance. A piaaaant time la anticipated. Admission 15centa. fe ie 6t* ry"5? WASHINGTON LECTURE ASSOC1.A LL3 TION. The Thirteanth Lecture will be delivered by K. T. TK ALL, M. D? At the Snitt/isonian Institution, On WEDNESDAY EVENING, February 12. SuVijsoi?ana Pack Hkalinb akt. Boors opea at 7; Lecture at 8 o'clock. Admittance 25 ccnta. felO-St fYr"-? WASHINGTON SCIENTIFIC^ ASSOCIATION.?A retular meeting for the eleotion of pe. manectofficers, for the en:uiug year, will he held at the rooina of the Young Men a Christian Association, Penray Ivania avenue, between Sixth and Seventh streeta. on TL'ESD A Y EVENING, the J 1th inatant. at 7 o'clock p. m. The attendance of all the members ia deaired, aa well as citizens and atraneera who take an interest in th3 above society, which will embrace reei<Jent and non-resident membera. Weekly meeiioea will her?after be hold, and papers read on scientific subject*. feb IO-2t* rirGP?A FAIR, for the . jrefit of St. Vinoent'e II E? Female Orphan Aavlum, will be opened on THURSDAY'. S-th mat. 8t the Asylum, corner G and K'th streeta. A variety of useful and fancy arnolea will be offer:d fur aa!e. < ncro w hi i)" 11'jncr room wh?re ail kinds of refrM^Den's will be served. loe Cream and OonfofUJpy, in their varieties. ja 29 tf |7>5|LIKS ARE INFORMED THAT WE I1 i ft/e HL'CKLbtfEKR Y PIES f..r ?a'e at IS* cent*, at DAYTON'S Uakery, fell 450 lith at., bet GacuH. THE GERMAN LETTER LIST WILL BE pub'islieJ to-mnrro w in ti e 'PATRIOT," the new German Washington uaper. For Rale by all newdealers, and at tue offloe, corner o' 7th aud D streets, over W. D t'fitph.'id'a Bookstore. It* i i ~ chess! aTENTLEMEN Wf,o ii ay wish to join in the Formation of a select Chees C ut> in Washington uivy inay ad lre?s **Ca:Bf>a," Bjx 59, when a meet ingcfaach will bo oalleu to de.iberate npon the matter. fe lt-3t* vw 1 N E S! T? LIQUORS! CIGARS! The undersigned begs leave to inform the public that he la sellm* out hia fine atook of Wines and Liquors put ap for famiN use. at cost pnoe, at hla store No. 431 ii ct? near 7th at, fe 11 3t* FKANC1S SPETH. NOTICE TO FAMILIES asd 8UILERS. I am closing out a large stock of PIE FR UIT8, FRESn FRUITS, PkESERVES, PiCKLES. SAUCES, CAT UPS. 4.0. at a sacrifice. Dealers will conanlt their interest by giving me a call T. M. HARVKY, fe H 13*, 281 C st , oppsite Theater. Ta card. HE Undersigned wonld moat reapectfall j thank t h A nnlin*m?r. ??><< " '? W V?,? r ?L *" .. r ?uu ...? UEI|"UV[1 IUI meir exertions, and in extinguishing the fire on Garrison street. Navy Yard, on Saturday eve ninr, between the hoar* of 11 and 12 o'clock. 8. WOLKHB1MKR, It* 607 Garrison at, Navy YardI HAVE JUST RECEIVED FROM THE North a large assortment of CLOCK?o-_. perior in styU and finish to any ever offered PHI in this city, wb?oh I will sell at the looestBsal market price. Watches, Clccks and Jewelry IWl repair*! with neatness and di? pa*.ca at CEa? WAL HEEGER'S, _fe ll-5t* comer of 3th ar.d I ste. east. R MILITARY GOODS. ICH Presentation, General Officers', Staff, and Line SW OR US. Boshee, Belts. Shoulder Pt-aps, Sword Knott., Epaulets, and every desonption of Rich Military Moods. A large assortment always on hand. M. W. SALT A JIRO.. Jewellers, 334 fa. avenue, 4 doors west of fe ll-3t Brown's Hotel. ^JHEAP CASH flTORE! The undersigned havo oonstantly on hand a general assortment ot New and Seoond hand Fu?niture, Crockery, GlaJbware, Tinware, Fancy articles and housekeeping articles generally, which they are prepared to eell as oheap if not cheaper than any other establishment in the oijfy, liuying eio usively for the cash, and soil' .g for the same, they aro satisfied they oan oompeve with the cheapest. Persons in wan' of any of the above artioles are respectfully requested to give us a oall before purchasing ei nowhere. All kinds of ;?ecoad hand Furniture taken in exchange for New. BONTZ A GRIFFITH fe 11 eo6t No. 369 1th it., bet 1 and K ?ts. HACRVLb^'S Old Original Steamid-^?juM0 Oyster Saloon, W here von oan obtain OY 8TKK8 Fnnsn raon thi Wirns! HARVEY has aiways uad the reputation of dealing in the best stock of Btva.vea. and he inLAnril tn m?nt tnm J 1?? * '* ? ?? vuuuiiuou approvtuoo OJ LD6 public br UNvinf oonatent y on hand the beat 0?iteri afforded by the briny deep. U? ia atill eeillng at the low rate of f 1 par buahel. with trimming*. Don't fail to oali at USl O ttre*t, oppotiie the Theater. fa II 3t REWARD.?Ran away on Tuesday, Jan. 0/U2SJ, NEGRO BOY MADISON BOOTH, commonly called Diok. about * feet high: SO yeara old; had on when he left White oloth panta, two pea jacket*; he oar Ja ried off witn bim a large grey horae, about IfiJdLa banda high; 8 yeara old; very huh mounted, me above reward will be given for the return of man and horae, or %BD for the man and S2o for the horae, ja24 ^Sw* Priaoe tteorge'a oounty,lid. / / OFFICIAL. Asia my Lt?coli?, President of the United State* of Ammoft: To All VTK :m ?f May Conctr*. Satisfactory evidenee hariLg boon exhibited to me that Wikmaiv Michil* hai bees appointed Consul of the Kinrdom of Saxony far the State of California, to reside at Ban Franoisoo, 1 do hereby reeogrixe him as s?oh. and declare him free to exercise and e^joy such functions, powers, and privileges r.s are allowed to the Consul* ol the most favored nations in the United States. In testimony whereof, I have canned these letters to be mvle patent, and the seal of the United States to be hereunto affixed Given ander my hand, at the city of Washington the 5*h aar of February, A. D. 1862, [L. s.] ana ofthe independence ofthe United States of America the e ghtv-mxth. AKKAHAM LINCOLN. By the President: F. W. Seward, Acting Secretary of State. CUf PHER D'8 PLAID9. for Ilreaaea inH Smti C5 Cloaks, Shawls, fine $i!ks, acd fine Drew Goo is, at reduce 1 <>u' stock of Monrning Goods, in all fabrics, is now full aad complete, PERRY * BRO.. fe lo st Pa. avenue an 1 Ninth street W HARDWARE! HARDWARE! E Havejmt received a large addition to oor stork of? Gennine Griffin's Horte Nails, Carriage Springs, Cartage Ax.ei. fto., fto. CAMPBELL A SON. 351 Penn avenue, fa 10-flt* Opposite Metropolitan Hotel. T* DISSOLUTION. HE Copartaerahip heretofore existing between Horatio Moraii and J. P. Hilton, as the firm of Mora* A Hu.Tok, is this day dissolved by mutual

consent. All persons havitg olaims against the said firm will please present them to H. Mo ran, for setilement, ar.d ail persons indebted to the firm will please call and settle with the same, who wilt remain a few d?ts at the old plaoo of bufcine?s, for the purpose of settling the affairs of the firm, belorj encaging in any other > i naess; as all bills lelt unsettled by that time, will be pl*o<d in the hands of a proper officer for co l?ctioc HORATIO MOHAN* Feb.10,1662. JOHN P. HILTON. , N. B.?A first rate pair of scales lor weighing i hayorcaal, torsve, Alun, horse, oart, tod har- , nrss. fe 10 3t* BNOT URN8IDE8 EXPEDITION. BUT DAILY FOR HOOKER'S DIVISION. MATTAWOMAN CREEK. Th"> sa'e ar.d strong Steam Propeller. "C >*AtiPH," will make a daily t'ip to -.fT""" fe. MaUiwoma-i Oroek and ba^k. leav C." ^irrr j" in^ Carter's Wlmf, foot cf 1SH it , * * 1,1 '' 1 Washington, EVERY MORNING,(Sundays excepted,) at 10 o'clock precisely Keturnirg will leave Mattn.-aoirmn rtmelr HVKfv NOON, at 4 o'o onk. Freight taken low, and fare reasonable. For freight or p\ss?ge apply on board, or to the Agent, JOHN PBTTIBONE, 4 79 1th street, up stairs. Washington An OmriU-Bs will Imv the corner of 7th st. and Pa. ave., every mornin? at 9H o'clock.for th9 boat. Pateer.gers taken to the boat free of charge. Passage $l f.o. le 10 61* CA CARD. LAGETT ft MAY Take great pleasure in announcing tc th? I^adies of Washington and vieinity that they wiil open en Monday. February 10th. S'iO 000 WORTH OF RICH SILKS AND EVENING DRESS GOODS. Consigned frora one of the 'arge*t Silk Houses m New \ ork, to be sold at an inimense saenfioe on th* original cost of importation. They came, as a part of the stcok? rarcy Silk Pr*ss Robes, for evening. Rich Fig'd and Stripe! Silks by the yard, evening colors. Moire Antique and Waterea Siiks, evening colors, Piain Taffetas, in all the 6venin ; colors, Kep Silks. Elegant Ch!na Hlkt, Grenadiiie Robes, and Grenadines by the yard, Tissues and Tissue Robe*, evening colors, Crape de Paris in every oolor, Double-widtti stuped Albina, or Challi-Albar.aise, in all oolors. Lace ai:d Tar.cton Robe?, elegant goods. Gay Berege Rtbes, fto., ftc also. a 'arje a-sortmrrt of v?ry choice styles of SPRING SI LKS, by thr>ya d; tne*e together with the above goods, wi'l be sold at about one ha f tha original co t. "OR CASH, i'hey retrain on ssle until t^o Ut March. Ladies Ce ir.i.g to purchase 1^1 "gar.t Dreaces have now the opportunity. CLAGETT ft MAY, fa 10-st 324 Pa. av., bet. 9th and loth ate. A ? Ai^VI IV/?J. LL Per?onn havir s claims agiinst the Fir?t Methodist Protestant Chnroh, (Na*y Yard.) are rtqaented to present them to the undersigned, on, or before WcdneBdiy, February. 12th inst K. B. FKRGUHON, fe 8-3t* S?oretary Quarterly Conference. ROOM TO RENT, suitable for sutlers' supply .-tore. App'y to . ft J. MYERS, Importers of Watches, 10 Washington Building. Dealers in watches Wcuiddoweii to oal! an<? exairmiethe stock of 3. ft J. MYERS, whioh they aro sailing 30 per cent. lower than any other house in the city. 10 Washington Buila;n?. VVATCH MAKERS Will ?av? time and trouble vV by calling on s*. ft J. MVER.S to purchase Watch Materials, Watch Glasses. Tools, and Jewellers' Jobbing Materials. 10 Washington Bmiaiag. O ft J. MYERS, hiving understood that bcv>o? eral trave ipg peaiars havinc represented that they are oor.nesttd with their house, and soiling an inferiorartiot",thay take ttus measure in informing the trade that they are in no way coorebtod with any hou?e o* agents in this oity. <nr* Branc* ot Boston House?10 Washington Building. Washington. fe 3 ^HTRTING AND SKIRTING COTTONS, C^all numbers of the best brands produced in the Union or Europe. FERRY ft BRO., fe7 6t Penn. aver.ce and 3th street. ^ PKING SUPPLIES.?Onr nsual ample stock of all Dry Goods adapted for early Spring wants. One prioe only, marked in plain figures PERRY ft BftOTHKR, fe 7 fit Pa. avenue and Ninth street. Butter, butter, butter ;-we~aNi now reoJiving by express from New York, weekly, _ PRIME GOSHEN BUTTER, to which wo rohpeotfuliy cad the attention of families and others BROWNING ft KEATING. 353 Pennsylvania avenue, between ja 18 3'aw __ 6th and 7th ste. tfiENTLEMENS READY MADE GARMU ENTS, OF FINE QUALITY. W? offer otiztntband strangers a iage assort mentol HVKKOOaTS, DKK8S COATS HUSICtUT?. P*NT*l linVM of alt color* and qualities, equal in make and bniah to the beat custom work. WALL. STEPHENS Sc CO., M?rohant 'failora and Clothera, . ? .. . 3aa P*vave 641 9th 10th ?ta. J> M-tfit (Inte.. A Rep.) pORTAHLE WOODEN TENTS! The underaured haa for sale and will m&ke to order 1 ortab.e Wo(>dcn Xen?a, of any required size, at a very low price. These tenta oan be out up or taken (.owe in a tew minute*. and oan be aeen at tne corner of Fourteenth and G at*. '"I' JOHN A. JORDAN. dozen now iji store, all atylea, at about half t-e uaual price tor the same zpoda-at! of oar own manufacture. THOMPSONS, A. Lako kw. Marble Hall B&ziar. > a' Under flrowa'a Hotel. WH'SKY; 8 N^fiTCcO. WH15KY! 500 barrels M A6NOL1A, 500 *? XXX 25 V,'AWyTNONeAHB''A6fl0 M Fine OLD BOURBON. Juat received at Cincinnati prioe*. Ir_. cfRifAL.' *""< 8- " FIKK'=! ?*f}V JRIPORTANT TO LADIES. The anbaenbera have openou the atore No. 16 Market Space. Pa. av.. bet. 8th and 9th a is., aa a ft rat elaaa Lace an-i Fancy Dreaa Cap Depot, ooDiiatinx in put of Point d'Aiencon. Appiiaue. Mecklen and Valenoieonea Lftcea. auoh aa Collar*, Sleevea, Haodkerohiefa, Capes, Flounoinf, Caps, Cape "P *??da of the fin eat quality j and at New York price*. ' COHEN ft DU88ELDORP, from New York. N. B.?All aorta of Laoes waafced. mended, and done up e^nal to new,at abort notioa. de 2b 2m* BURNSIDE'ft Patent Portable Dome. The inventor oalls the attention of Satlera and others to this useful invention A House oan be built by this Inventor without nsiiSa torevi. or grooves. ' * wr B*rno? tkni 8 tables built in the same war. It o?n no pit op and taken down without injury to I the board*. Orders can be left with SAMUEL WISE, Builder, No. 346 K atroet, near Thirteeath , ja tl-lm Washington. D. C. SMITH * BROTHER'S PALE OREAM ALE, SUPERIOR AMBER ALE, PORTER aid NEW YORK BROWN STOUT. The above CELEBRATED AMERICAN ALES are Brewed from the CHOICEST BARLEY MALT ana HOP8, and highly esteemed by thoae who have naed them. Parohaaera are ra<uestod to oall and examine oar superior a took, assured that they will find the BEST and PUREST artiolee. We have at all timee a large a took ready for delivery. in whole, ha f and quarter oasts, auitable for the TRADE, HOTELS,and FAMILY USE, whioh we offer on the MOST FAVORABLE TERMS. SMITH * RROTHER. Brewert, No. Its & 160 Weat 13th si., New York City. Order* by Mai or Kzpreea promptly ex footed. deMai I HOCK WINKS. From ik* Houtt if Mttrrt Htnkoll fTomp*My, Ifiy?ci. J?t r?Mind ? !arg* lot of HOCK WINES, in tare of 1867, the bMt now in tho ooutry??on isting of? BOCHHKl1{B?,-'stii: &nJ PparkliBg. LI KBFK A I'MlIyCE, Rl'DKSH RIMER. MOPEI. MUfCATRL.-Still Md PpttkliBf. MARCOBRUNNKR. JOHANM?B:KGKR SMITH * HART. HricobofP.Tiennnlt row, B?ltirr.o'?, fill Seventh ?tre-t, next to tbe cffioe of the SmauLi ruA .?small Pox Eftttuaily Cured and Abo.isktd'?Tue sub?crib*' came to W ash icgton three woe*8 mo. and, to kit astonishment and regret, foand the r^mail Pox prevailing throughout the city acd its vioirity to an alar mine extentBeing cognizant of the fact that the disease it not in the least abated, he felt it his duty to his oouutry and feuow men to retrain h? re, in order to oure.destrcj and expel that loathsome disease from your midrt acd a to prevent its farther spread If this disease is not speedily checked, bat allowed to 1 dorease as it has done dai lag the lev past month... what will t>eoome of the army and citisens before sprint ? There is bat one answer to this question, and that is self evident to every one. The subfccnbsr guarantees that al! persons safleriiig fri m this disease, who mar beatt'-cdsd by h in. wul wot be niarked or pitted in the faoe All o'her disease* are treated with equal care and sbocee*. Without the Ute cf ralomtl o* blue pt&i (mercury.* Oistt of tvrkoxd fever, when treated at an ear y staze, cur id ia 48 hour s. All persons who will call at his offioe, No. S69 IS'h street, between L and M.oas examine his Testimonials, which are of the highest character, and which, he doubts not, will prove to be entirely sal;sfactory. C. J. VON CORT, M. D., Formerly Practical Physioiac and Sargeon .n Military Hospitals m ?aro?e, and for the past SI) j.-aisa well known praotioiocer in the citv of New York feT 8t* Housekkrpkks' wants, table LiDens, Towels and Napkins a fall assort ment. Doylies, Sheeti: gs, Pillow Cottons, Linens, Blankets. Comforts. Counterpanee, Ao. Tbe whole at oar proverbially low eneee marked in plain figurea An inspection of stoek implies oo obligation to pnrohase. PERRY * BRO., te 7 6t Penn. avenne and 9th street. t:UTLKR8 AND OTHERS SHOULD RL'BSCRIBE TO THOMPSON'S BANK NOTE REPORTER-Weekly. per year; eemi monthly. #1.40; monthly, 75 oeats; with two oopies of descriptive list free to all who pay ia advance. Orders promptly executed by ecolostog the morey in a note stressed to WARREN CHOATE, 338 Pa. avenne to 7-6t* STITCHED IN CONTRAST COLORS. Ladies best Pans Kid fiioves. Also, plain Kid Gloves, all oolors and uses, very best savitr. In addition, ocr usual full aod complete stoek of gry Goods, in aH the depart.,.^nts of family fUti, r the preeeot and approaching aeaaon. PERKY * BRO., fa7-6t Paavenue and Ninth etreat. JAY COOKE ft CO.. 3BANKBZ1.0, No. 452 Fifteenth Street, oppoaite Traanry Buildings. Washington. In connection with ocr Philadelphia Hoaae we have opened at No. 404 Fifteenth atreet, an eftoe for the tra< aaot.on of a general Exchange, Colieo tir.g and Barking Business. We buy and <.efi Coin, L'nourrent Money, Stoaka and Bonds, (on eoramission,) Drafta on American and European oitiea, receive Deposits, aad make Collection* upon all aooeaeible pointa Je4_lm _ JAY COOKE ft CO. ^ ft J. MYERS. W5. 10 Waihisgtow Br:LSin?, Penn. Arenu*. A large "took of American A'atehee for aala, at wholesale, by 8. ft J. MYERS. American C ocks at who eaale by ft J. M VERS. Watoh Materialaat wholeaaleby S ft J. MYERS. Plated < hams at who'.era.e by B.ft J MY ERs Watch Work dona for the trade only, by a practical w<rrkman. at S. ft J. MYERS*. Steel and Gilt Keya a' wholesale by 8. ft J. MYERS. [IT1 All w hoi eaale dealer* in W ate Lea and Jewelry would do well to o&-, at S. ft jTM VERS' before going on Eaator purchasing alaewhere. ja y-1m* I AD1ES' READY-MADE DNDERCLOTH LsTNe, NEW FANCY AND MILLINERY 600D9, REAL LACES, EMBROIDERIES, Ao., fto.?I take pleaaar* in informing the ladiee teat I have just reoaivd from the north ala'ge atock of aapenor aualit* LADIES' READYMADE UNDER-CLOTfi1 N.b. auoh Cnamiae, Night Dreabea, Skirts, Ladies' Draw era, ftc , fto.. whiofa I deaire the ladies to inspect, aa tkey war* imported before roods got ao huh. and are thar* iore very cneasindeed. No.lS-MRB R.G. ETCHISON-No. 18. PtHXi. Arwnvn, Between 8th and 9th Streets. N. B Pinkuut dona to order. fie 11m J ATTENTION! U8T Reoeived a larje assortment of New Feathers, Comfortable*. Blankets, Bedsteads, Mattresses, and Carpets. Persons wiahiag to bay are re* nested to examine my stoek belore earohasiac, as 1 am determined cot to be aaderso.d. K. BLCBLY* 489 7th tret, between G aad H, fa l-Im* east side. \I R. PER DKI AT, Burn eon Chiropodist, from 1X1 Paris, bets to inform yon that he aaa effectually remove Corns and Bunions, without jam, so that the shoe can be worn immediately after the operation, without inoonvemecoe. Also removes Warts and other superfluous fl esh from the hards, so that they will appear small and dehoata. No. 15<>i street, dsar City Hall. Charsee mooerate. fT7"Refers to the doctors of Washi&cton ^euerPBKHAM'I SECOND GRAND EXCUEIIOII NEW YORK AND BOSTON! From Baltimore to New York and Retnrn f ? , From Baltimore to Boston aid Return #13.?0 Tickets for sale at Mr. Per ham's Oftoe lathe National Hotel, wher* tail parUoslars may be had. Two throuih trains daily, leaving Washinftoa at 6 a. m and 5 p. m. Tickets good to retarn on or betore May 1st. Jasrut* VlLiNT.NEv8iLEJTONEgV:ALENTmE8 i | 1B??. A larce aeeortment of SENTIMENTAL AND COMIC VALENTINES, From the beat honeee. for aale. wholeeaJaaad retail. at the A^llbjfiju?v NOTICE TO WATCH MAKERS. JK g, ^ jt MYKR8 ^ HSVTn* opened a branc? of their Boeton Houe at No 10 WMhiDitoi. Bu 'd.nt, oomer of Pa.are. and 7th street. ibtiU the attention of Watoh Leather tiuardi, Hpaetacaa, bet.ase a variety of good* too tumerou to mention u ordinary edrer tiumenu, whieh they will sell at the loveafeaa "fUSSfcoML trade only. Printed prloehit of Watch Material, fco., e#nt poet free on apalMatioa. No eoaneofaon with any other homae mthieoity. taMMm* CiW'UHmOWWbM. E?. BROl DER1E9, fee Sproial barcain* for ofte*r? sr* flitM feoa. irnw nfltt ate eel. AUCTION SALES. Ii TH18~AFTERIfOON M By SRKKN A WILLIAM* ANIXMIMF. BDII.DINtt LOT. F*UNTieTW^ H o* Noiti M fT..?riwsiatt!B I ftTmin*. at Arcrioii-^?n TU hl>A>. ti*i5 I wo shall ? ] i? f'?lit of tLe ?r^?i^, * W o'olcc k ?.m . t?a f of v?t No. S, in PbMitI(iJ Fqn?r^No. Mt, it i-wmt tn ra??v.di?i ha'rK: Sru?ntT 1? r*Tf hawJwwa1? ?.t?at*4. front4k u I atrc*t.betav<ea tuth an: .vmU etrr?u7 T<vnn ea?h. * f>7-d liKF.E.'y ? WL.MAMS. ; Br ?RFKN ft WILLI **C, J W HKKLWRItiHT AND fc LACKP Miff 1 V? *BOP^< Billow*, ABVIM, 1<AB?B I*, m FUd'M TBI root#. VICBB. ftC-? AT ATrtloa^ (IB \V KUNKSDAV. tte i?Jh iBotaat, Bt l| ? ^ A a.m ,a?th*?hepB of JohB K.Doraemi j corner of Niaourth Btd K streets. *e ek&i I thr following articoe. Bis One B ackamith !*Bof, Od* Wheelwright Saop, on grosnd reat, Kotr ABTllB. Lot ofNBWWaBd Scrap Iroa, Btaekat, _ . | L^to ic* B'ac ksmith To^i _ 1 ooDmy 01 vtatnmrvii, ana to me tinct^, will expo** to pcbho MLe, for oMlfia lror' o< f Conn Hoaae door ofaaid ooii'ty, tnir Wt-D' A DiV) th? itk dt; ol Mreh IMS, djt o'"' I tbefo tnwinf de?crit>*d property, -a. W fondant'a runt, t tie. o aim and litMH: IB aoc. K ttO'onth 3 fe?t t imhee of Lot N?H.n f*?a 1 no, m, frotttv oa m rrMt vwt, mvwb u m j H atroeta north, in tneeity of WwintKioii. u. C. W together with all aid kit.* alar the improvemart* 1 thereoa, eeixoJ atd Wred upon aa the property <* *J Irwin !*. Bark?r,an<1 will be eoId to eatiei? judciai J Mo. 2P7 to Jacaary tern i?Qt, in favor ef John L 7 k*nde 1. WAKi> h lamon, felo ta U- S Mammal D. C. by WALL4 U ARM A HI). Auotioceera. TRUSTKW HALE.?Br virtue of a deed ti trust fiom Char!'*# \N Mams, dated April?, 1*56, and of reoord, we will offer at aeoUoc.ea THtRSUAY. tl?e ISth 6*y of Febraary. at 4 o*o ock p. m , os th* premoea. tfeat lot ol ground in Washington krown and deaeribed aa the oortt em part of lot No tw-nty-aix, (*,) ia aeoare Ne I cne hundred, (M0,> fronting forty-eight (eet og Twentieth at e*t,and tfty leot .a M street, witt the improvement!, ouaaiaUng of a two atory [rtai Terma of aale: One third of the pa rebate nooej to be paid in oaah, the reatdae ia three earn iaatamenta, at three, mx, ud Bin* BtBtai aAar date, with interest, to be aecured The terma of aa'e mitt be ootaplied wit! witki* one week after aale. or tt* property may be reeoid. at the riak and ooet of the ?i at p u;oi.a*er, rJUi oae weeka' notice. WALTH> COX. HUGH CAPKRTON, M TVua^pa'a Georgetown Bum's Aeeooiati?n. By WALL * EARNARD, Auctioneer. f T'RUSTKK*' HALE-By nrtae of a deed ef I 1 trn?t from Cynthia B Maton and other a. dated I Maroh 13,1857. an# of rer< rd. we wi I o let at aae- I tion.oa SATURDAY, the 15tb day of Febraary. I at4o'eioek p. aa~ on the preaniaee, Uat tot ol groa.d I la Waenington knows aa :ot No. tightest), < II,iu I r -nare No. .svettj thiee, (73.) wifii the rr.?re\*> I n<mta ft Tw ? of aaie: One third at the parehaae moner V to bo paid ia oaaa; aad the roaKtae ia three ua. f wauvata, M larv, ?ii *ua r.a.e momai ftJUT ( dato, vitl iLt-rwi, to ho NMrMl. I TM tens* of 4m m ul bo oomyliod With witkir \ one week alter eDe. or Uo proporty dot bo reeo 4 ^ at the rirk and ooet of the firet purchae?" f WALTFR H. COX, ? _ HIGH CAPKKJuN, ^ Truetcea Georgetown Build'sAseooia'a. Jj Ja7 tawu WALL * BARNARD. A* eta W Br J. C M06UIRE A G<J , Aactioneere. 'PRUBTEE'S SALE OF NEAT TWO-8TOIY I * f***i Dw?ll:>o hdiii on Tbkth ftkkbt i 2*?t? ?*lrw**s n arb o y&ekts flobtm ?till I Monday afternoon. February MU.aM i o'otoo*. on Uto preaiooo. b? virtue of t dr?d of 1 traat.aatod OruWstti . lW.aud flu y rooo.dofl ia 1 Llbor s.Ji. 81 No. Z*. fouoe SI, oitoi the lata W rooorda lor vy-mirtw ooanty, d. C . i aha:: m:I I the title to pine of Lota nnmbered *y uda,n aat> division of e^aarr uaberM K7. I fronting 56 foot I loch oa TontA at reel wea?, betweea I N and O etrooc* aorth, raining book IJMeet to a I tkirty-ioet aJley. tocoth r with Uto uaorovriuer u, I oonaietia* ofaroatand well baiittwo-ator? Praa* ft Dwelling Noue. with a back building. | TtnM: On# cMii. tup remMiJ^r in rn mw! I twelve month*, with interest, mim by adeed ot J trust on the rrtmiwi ? i J A.8. H. 8H EKEl.f* Truatee. ' I js 8' .iawAde JVC. MoGllKfc, A CO . Anota. I fs AN OY8TEE.S?OY8TKE8. I \U|f Great so entihc imp-ore-I ^5MP meet m tfTKAMlNS Mi W I ? KOAbTING OVSTKIS, L by wbicb the entire flavor ud mse of tbe Oyste: a la ret* ted. The PK VKL 8A LOON, 813 Penn. avenue, of- I poaite Willarda* Hotel, will < pen thia evening. ? (atgn of the f lob* lights) with ita improved irfci.rer /k ofiUMlii.MWMH of ftttag.feid order <faer- a tioo. Ati desiring a I try wtil i>e rewan#! t>j ovLing. Superior taality of Freeh Salt Oyatera f constantly on baa4 to anpply Hote.s. Pa tie. sud k Kaoiiliea. in aboil. k9- or ?M Families' others 1 delivered on abort notice Choiee Ci?ar* at rM eonable rates, let-inr W "cgrfASV'8 * OTmMl OYSTERS , An Oyster Shipping CoMMt haa boor, formed ft for <h? pnrpoae of safplytng * ashington and its v,o:nity wifh Ovstere. ah pweons wh.oLu a*e frow 1 10 to 100 gallons per day, can be aapelied. Ojat*r? I ic ue i sent in base or a oar load of from ISO to Sf f bsabe.a oaa be bad oa one day's notice; for a lea* A aaactitT cail at 6? B idr* street. Georgetown. U. C. The Oyru>-? shipped bp this oompnnv lau I freab. if not norr so, than any others thai can be I had .d the District The Oystera are opened 'ha 1 Bane day they are taken fro as the water, and * .7i ?*ct, to the District the aaeoe night. Al: ord>r* If oirootod to WILLIAM H*NCE, Aanapouv Md* If manager lor Company. will be promptly attended 8 be. fe 4-lBft* J LOVhLL, COLLK8 ft CO.. ft WHOLESALE GROCERS. S6 Front N? v i ud sit E Btntt, Wuiuvtoi, D. C.. ( nmr Wilhrd'i BoU! ) 'Jl' Htnof ilvM i brtMh of on Nnr T?rk <M>- \ liahment U Uua o>ty, w ldtiU ButUrt, Gr^tn. Wi Ruimwramitmt, tad Hoiti K*tpf >, to ??il md I ?MM? our itoik vtuok u *iU Maortud mi I oaprlaed of goods of tfco boat gnaUtr. W?t?M I order* for anything in our Hat, mad uwitf tntm V ?rompty. )? B ? Br POI SAL B?A Moond hftMl SUTLEE"? m r TBIT, M l>f U, ?onpl?? Md II ICKkl ?o*M- f 4 TO OPPlCULS, hl> LKRft, *o.-Por * T m raoonrM* prim, 3 Nov York tmiit fo?r HL wk#S<~i lightoo*?r?d WAGON, with b*.r,a?m0 mm loataor etikioni, Ac., kvUf tow mm tkrw II UR>M.o<xt|Ut. aKo.sNow V?| WdtNc of ? Douo.e fci^. i* . ^ V ^y^WBtrjy fl groom. ' * I J^ITTRR: mnwm^ * BUTT** 5 ^lockocaoho.M 6n?h? ttnttor, jut r*o?vo4 ud U 4&fr.reSg*p.*.?St- f DLACKTKA! ?. w, ntOUKM. WOlLkOO.. _ ^.laraSCTilM^ | MABiMorte?tor of *** ? *? A. m > ?-! T,WW11V15kFsm lee at .'?uow im? I(pqo<> . nuncfios. I 1ST OF UNCA1.LKD FOR PACKA0R8.Ij From the Ualtimnr* A Oni? Kauoal.oii SU?r M??t WALL A B\RNAKl>S.aouU> corter ?f Pa. avenue and Ninth atrw': M. Cahn, B. F. Brnah, J.MoNutr, J. F. Stakera. John Snyder, **orn? Knoker. F. Thuaber. T &1. Wheeler, P. F. Wilaoa. W. Lmmar. Chap'am Matlock, ('apt. WitK^nbottora, lit C. F. Marler, rag. Ohaaaeara. uke Bark- ith 1*1. Col. Caa?enar, let Mich. W. H. MoComt?a, regiment. W. A. Camming a, Col. Farnaarorth, ?th Ili. Geo Kioharda, cavalry, A. d Corey. W. Ton.pkina. Bardac'a Vardooh A Copeland. Sharpahootera. lai rag. L. Craute. Milnne. G Kioharda, A. A. Cummin*a fe ? '|'H? ART of WAR BARON Vt: JOMINI. Tranalatad by Capt Mandall and Dent. Craif till, GEN. CASEY'S INF A vfidT TACT1CB, Tnmn Votrnii Ail Military Hooka for ?aie at Northerr pnoea. Hudson Taylor, Bookseller and 8?atioa?*r, 334 Pent. a*, fe i-tw (Intel . Repcb. A Chmn . 3wl BOQU ET9! BOQUKT?!! B O O V ETgn _ CLEMKNTBON * HANFT, FLORAL DEPOT, Cohxxk pa. av. amd So st., socth side, fjt>er Mades' Manufac'nrers of all kind* of FANCY BOOuKTi*. BAHKET?*. VASES ANU WREATHS OF FLOWERS. C7-B* to. Parti.-s an<1 Wedding* supplied With the DMt quality, at ths shoiUst doUoo. and at (be lovMt priom. Bo*ueta sent to all parts of the eity And Georgetown. P. 9?Fresh Violet oons'aitly oh hand, fa VIw National steam laundry, Pknn At . South Sim. Between 13th and 13* streets, Washington. W A 8 H I N G For the Army, Hotels, Families, and Individuals. As we h*?e every facility for doing ip sob a Tea Thousand Pieces Dailr, our patrons ma* aepend upon navine g?>oJs done sp in the beat style and returned promptly when promised. Goods oallet for and delivered. Chart > moderate fe 7-6t* WHEATLEY'S DYEING ESTABLISHMENT TAKE NOTICE. Finding it impossible to give strict attention to the Washington branch of my business. I intend e<?sinc it on Thursday, the 13th of February. All persons having work there will pi^ase call at.rl take it away, on or before tnat data, otherwise, they will be obi iced to call at my old stand in Georgetown, where I Bra now permanent y icoated: where 1 shall be pleased to receive their orders in futsre, whtoh 1 p edge myself to txeouta witn promptness and dispatoh. m _ w. h. wheatley, fb 7 5t No. 49 Jefferson St., Georgetown, D.C. un Miftuj uiier ?rnr pi wcicr wf OMn acr*> i eiitrf to rcamfrmt*. jarff*0***61EKN fc W1 ?LiAMS.Aa<* ~ FUTURE DATS. ~ I AR?HAL'3 SALE.-By rirtaa of a writ* A finri faeiaa iuo^ trow tka Clcrk'a & ?. * V Ik* Circa't Co?rt. of the bntrw< of C4tWA.|? I |h? OOBDtT of W Mblll|b)B.kL4 tOMfr^BpUd. | will nyoM t.> nuWtic m!a for rath, oa F?mv I tk? 2!at day of Frhrmary, MB oa tkaCllKlaa^ I diAtHy ?a?t of tke Market kuaaobrito.taWaorr* 1 town. D C., coma coins at M o'? ook a ? k V Cordaof <>ak and hw Wootf,M?t*< ak ^ I u?on aa tka fjoda and ckMtna "f John A jti^ a and will be aold to Mti'ff judioiala No +>. u> Km tarn 186*, in .Vrorof Die - ton, r of Ptokral . I ?VAKD g. 1.AMUN. 1 ftlMH V-tf. Maiaaal, p. r_ Fy GREEN It w 1LLIA MB. A itapaa>% f?XCJtULENT HOC8FHOLD JU fcH- I fi lammtcit at abctio* Hir># I Kikt ?On THtKHiiAY. tha IS k taat. w-lt*. I tal oommancinf a: 1? o'ule. k a m At taa raa.daa- | aI KM Vtr ntult Km a* - M ? trfiwHlnka^*C2 gvod aTeortajeet if"VarMahogan* and Walnat Sofa. Di?an? ud Tab ei. br.'UiDt and other bi'ru<u Sideboard. Fin- M?rb:c-ioiO?k Cotuue Chinbwr?t. Pier 61**0 ana T*bie. fcc-dat ad? WMh Md othar Ex^Meo^cMher Beda, PUJowi tad Icitn u| 1 Balding? Hair ata ou-ar Mattrar?*?. "? bit?r.roi, Rooking and o:h?r Cha*ra. \% tndev Sha-lea, V?n*tian and oth?r hevera! fin* EnjraTlLa*. Cl^t and Mant* Vm?-, China, 6la*a and C ra?. kery \N are and TalleCet1^1 Cart*u. Ruga. Matting and Oilcloth, Stove* and Gfatea, Andirona, Sborei, rocga and rtaMfi. Wita a good aceortrteal of Kitahen Keqatetteaan* mat y other arbalee w* ich wa data aaneoeeaa ry to enumerate. Terma oaah. Tne Honae ia alao for rant; a hanaeoroe ooatioc and in in.* repair. Irqairt at the reeideac* of J. ? W. DaKRAKFT, F*? . No 431 llth. berareta T to and H etreata. U KEEN 4 WILLIAMS. I f* 10 d llrtARa?.] Aaotione>rf. MAR-HAL'S SALE.?In *ttae oLa writ of I fieri ftciaa, laaued from the o'?C*a ofcte of J tie cireat ooprt of the Dietnot of Co^f mMa. or t; * |

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