Newspaper of Evening Star, February 11, 1862, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated February 11, 1862 Page 3
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I LOCAL NEWS. Axriratm To-Ni?ht. Tiiitii ?John E.?iwfM u "Joahna Batterby" In Taylor'a comady of the "Victim*," and m "Horatio Sprlgglna" la the fkrce of Forty Winks." CHaiaTt'a ?8ongs, ballad*, flate and violin eoloa, dancM, burlesques. and slde-aplittlng om!rallties, concluding with one of Christy's rich after-plecea. Caxtkb scat Hall.?Slgnor RaffSele Abeeco, the beautiful noQKStreaa .Mln Sarah Duval, Talbot, "Vmrd. Parker, M'lie La Folle, little Ella, M'sses Mtlea, Vernon, and other atara In a brllllar.t bill of pantomime and burlesques. To-morrow afternoon a grand matinee ana dlatrlbatlon of elegant gifts. Kixs'? Amphithkatz* ? A new programme of etuestr'an, arroba'lc, and comic performances by Tom Kinu, Klncade, the beautiful Helolse, and all the old favorites. Orpha**' Fa:b. for the benefit of St. Vincent's Female Orphan Asylum, corner of G and Tenth utreets Fincv and useiui *rw;ie?, couiixuvncry, ice cream, Ac , Ac. AftDMT or Mmr ?Free concert* every day at t o"oI<K-k, embracing Belctions from the mod popular opera*. Hall open all day. Sabbath School Ff*tival, at Franklin Hall, corn-r of Ninth and D streets, by the Foundry Chapel (M E.) Sabbath School. A moat agreeable euter'alnment Is anticipated. P*oc**Di*Gi or thi Citt ComciLs, Fll. 10, 18<J!?Board of Aldtrme??A communication from the Mayor, transmitting one from the Board of Trustees of PuMlc Schools, asking an appro* priatlcn to drain the basement of the Corcoran building on H street, (which building is now nsed by the female department of the public schools of the First District.) wss referred. The pabiic schools committee reported an act appropriating gi.50 to drain the basement of said buildinz, and the resolution was passed An a'-t relating to transfers of licenses (fixing the fees of tfc* Register for sail transfers), and an act to inert-? * tbe pay of th? laborer of tteNorlhern Liberty Market, were referred Mr. Brodhead presented the following joint resolutions relative to street railways : R'tolrtd. Th-t the bill which Du this day passed tbe Senate of the I'nlted States, Incorporating tbe Washington a d Georgetown Railway Company, and giving residents in the city th" prtfpi?r.e3 in subscription for stock therein, Is entirely acceptable to this corporation and to the cit;zer.s of Washington. Reso'vtd, That It would be injurious and unjust la tbe people of this Dutrict to vest the franchise for street railways through Washington, in a close corporation, whether of alien or domestic speculator*. Rfsolrtd. That th" joint committee- to attend to tbe Interests cf the corporation before Congress be instructed to ur?e upon the House of Repre entativsthe adoption of th?* bill which has passed the Senate, and that the Mayor be respectfully requested to transmit a copy of these resolutions to the honorable committee of the House upon the District of Columbia. Mr Llovd urged ttat no action ought to be taken by this Coa d. as r 'solutions passed this Board riTen'.ly In favor of tbe Baltimore and Ohio Railroad Company, which it was then urged had the rig hi of way bv act of Congrfss Mr Bohrer said the gentleman had misunder- j stcod the purport of the resolutions passed here. ( Mr. B rod bead said '.he resolutions allnded to did not | ass the other Board, and he was of the opinion they could nr>t pass there Mr Lloyd thought ths Board wonld stultify 'aol t Kw ar<1/-rsln.T iKa KMI >w>fr.rp Pnnn raai sftur the action cere In relation to the Baltimore aud Ohio Ruilrcid Compjnv, which company the Hat'W, C- rporation Attorney, and members here sa'tlbaa the franchise by act of Congress. Mr Wendell said the Senate bill could never pa** the Hous*, as several of the best lobbyists In in the country were here to defeat It He spoke understanding^. for he knew them He was in favor of a railroad, but If. as he understood was the case, t!s.e Baltimore and Ohio Railroad company was willing tc give its right to thiscitv, that was the scheme cf most benefit to us. What beiflrfit was the Corporation to get from ti ls bill* Why,3 per cent for the public schools of Washington ar d Georgetown Ijet any gentlf-miTi Siure It up, and see If that would be a tiaousaud dollars for either city. M r Broan thougat that as the members of tkis boartt were not acquainted with the provisions tf the bill, It would, In his opinion, b" better to postpone the matter for one week The boards ought not to be too hasty. as tfrey might do better than by the htll of Mr "Grimes or the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad scheme. The resolution was laid over for one we<=k. A resolution Instructing the Water Registrar to ?ettl<* the water J ipe account of Messrs. Thompson k Brn was passed An act for the relief of John P. Dennis?refunding bias 910, deposited by llm in tbe Bank of Washington to pay for a license which he never obtained? was passed. A resolution instructing the police committee to inquire Into the expediency of a revision of the hw in relation to tbe selling of coal by weight? fixing the ton at '2 (M<u pounds?was debated; alter which a substitute was offered, fixing th? ton at 2.240 pounds Tbe substitute was then adopted. M r. Wendell offered a resolution for the appointment of a committee of three to Inquire and report to the next meeting ef this Board aa to the feasibility of making an arrangement with tbe Baltimore and Ohio Railroad ComDany for the construction of a street railroad in accordance with the recommendation of the Mayor The resolution was debated by Mr. Wendell for and Mr. Brodh?>ad and others against It; and pass-d by yeas 10, nays 3 An act for the relief of F T. Sands (paying him for burying paupers who died of smail-fwx) was pmmA. An act frrthe relief of James Certain/to mnnltr a detciency in appropriation for removal of garbage) wai pesaed An act f r the relief Frank Waller (refunding him 97 58, line and coat* imposed upon him for running a wa^on without license,) was pa*vd Aa act for the relief of Bridget Geiger (remitting fl e of S4> and ccats. Imposed upon her for carrying concealed weapons,) w?s passed. A resolution in* true ting the committee before Congreaa to aak that body for a continuation of the appropriation for lighting the streets running through th? Mall, was passed A resolution instructing the committee before Corner?* to ask that body to pass ti e bill inccrporailng a new gas company to furbish the Governmeut and citizai.a with gas at $2 JO per 1,000 feet, wan read. Mr F' fer waa in favor of referring the resolutir.n to th- police caiamittee, and thought that, Jn*fr*->1 of Laving the streets again dug up, it would be better to ask Congress to legialate on the price of gas furnlihed by the present company, wbtcb !*iat body bad a right to do Mr Do e took tbe same view of the case, and sa:d the blil before Congress was nothing more nor leas than a contract between the Government and the new company to furnish th? gas for lighting the Government buildings ana grounds at K 50 per thousand feet. Would the new company accoir.modite the citizen* at ? distance from their mala lints* The mat'er was rtferred to the committee on police A bill from the lower board in relation to street rj' tways wji reicr^a Tbe special order?the consolidation retain, tlon?'*'iS agaiu laid over for one week. Adjourned. Common Council.?Mr. Richards offered the following resolution la relation to street railway*: Ketolrul, ft , That the joint committee of the two boards to represent the interests of the Corporation before Congress be, and they are hereby instructed to use their influence to secure the incorporation by Congress of such railroad company as will guarantee to construct such roads as will secure to this city and District, and to tbe U- 9. Government, the greatest advantages la the shortest reasonable time with tne best eenrlty; to wit: a railroad from Georgetown to the .Navy Yard, and branches from this main road sis follows. Oae branch to the depot of tbe Baltimore and Ohio railroad; also branches on Seventh street, north and south of Mid main road, also one branch from the intersection of Fifteenth street and New York tvenue, easterly on New York avenue to Fourteenth st ; and thence north up Fourteenth street; and alao ooe branch from the road on Fourteenth street to Seventh street, by way of L, M or N street*; also that said company shall flx the maximum tore at Ave cents from any point on any road to an/ other point or terminus; and also that one cent of every such fare shall be t?ild over to this Corooration for the beaefit of the'public acboola of tbia District; also that *11 tbf rlgbu of this Corporation shall be properly guarded, ao aa to avoid aov or tbe leaat chance for contact between aald railroad corporation and tbe municipal corporations of this District; adopted Mr Mohun Introduced a joint resolution lns nu ting tbe committee before Congreaa to remonstrate against tbe paasage of any act In cor port ting any company to conatruct street railway* to tbls city wblch aoee not give tbis corporation police controi of tbe same, and also against tbe employment of steam or any other than horse power in propelling tbe vehlcua; psased. The petition of J. Hah, relative to tbe removal of dead animals, and a petition relative to the dra'aage of certain streets, were referred. Mr. Morgan offered a joint resolution constituting tue wave and rneana committee of thla board, and tae duance committee of tbe Aldermen, In conjunction with toe Mayor, a committee to devise some judiclooe plan for tbe lasulng by this corporation of notee or due bills ef a leea denomination than five dollars, la conformity witb any act of Congreaa which may be pasaed, adopted Mr. Wilson, from the waya and means committee, reported the Aldermen'* bill providing lor tbe payment of tbe principal and lntercet upon tae guarantied bonds of the Washington and Alexandria Railroad; psseed yeaa 14. naya'2 iy coaeaot, Mr. JUob bad leave to withdraw India Rubber Coats, white or black. K .30r?rh India Rubber Legglns SI per pair. And all kinds mi Rubber Good*, including Robber Boots and Shoes, Rubber Stoppers for bottles Door Mats, Under Sheetings for beds In sickness! 4c . Ac., at maaafacturers prices, at H. A. Hall's India Rubber Warehouse, 308 Pa. a*., between Ninth and Tenth streets. Jan 1-tf mJtaiXD Oa the 4th instant, by Rev M' Mat raw, Mr, JAMKS TTtURNBURKK to Miss louisa O'BM i fcN, both of Washingtoa, D. C. Jar.oarv i?rh, by Rev. Dr. Ryan, JAMES 8. J u H.n SON to Miss SARaH r. FUG ITT. both formerly of Maryland. {Baltimore ban oopy.1 * illkili Oii the '0th instant, of soarlet fever, CHARLES WASHINGTON, infeat son of Wm. A:fred acd Marv A. Ray, ac?d 1 year 7 months and lodayr. rare thee well, ay parents both ' _ 1 sone to meet my sister dear : I was not to stay upon this carta, So therefore dry up jour tears. [Baltimore papers oopy ) Kike evening of the 9th instant, EDWARD ,8 WORTH, thsonly son of Horatio and Mary Robey. aced 4 months and S9 days. goffer tie litte ohildren to oome unto us, and g?Md them not, for of snoh is the Kingdom of Hon from them/ No charg* f?r Consultation or Advil*. OC* MOTTO. We ate inch Balm* a* have no strife W 1th Nature or the Laws of Life : With Blood oar bands we never stain Nor poison men to ease their pain. Our Father?whom all good nee* fill*, Provides the means to care all Ilia, The simple Herba beneath our feet, Well used, rlllere our pain complete. A simple Herb, a simple Flower, Call'd from the dewy Lea? These, these shall speak with touching power Of change and health to the. Room No. 11, Washington Building, Penn. avenue, corner of 7th street. feb 8 2w? Coast, Bunions, Calosltles. Bad Nails, Enlarged Joints, and all diseases of the feet cured without pain, by Or. White, Burgeon Chiropodist, 428 Pennsylvania avenue, between Fourand-a-half and sixth streets. Room 7?up stairs. Office hours from 1*2 m. to # p. m. Orders to call at residences promptly attended te. jan 16-lm* Pliasaht PcaitisHzs Rooms, with fuel and ?* > ^lth or without board, at 416 E street, between Eighth and Ninth streets. Table boarders can be accommodated. jan 15-lm* India Rcbexk boons. India rubber Sheets for protecting children's beds, that no family should be without; 75 cento each. Rubber Blankets, for soldiers, SI .25 each. Rubber Pooehoa and Blankets combined, &2.50 each Bacrrp Mrsic ?A very favorable opportunity 1st now ofl'ered to those wbo wish to acquire a knowledge of this delightful science under the Instruction of Professor Sharetts the accomplished leader of Wesley Chapel choir. See advertisement. Thl next lecture before the Wasblngjon Lecture Association will be by Dr. Tralf; of New York, on Wednesday night. Dr. Trail will remain at 487 Sixth street, until 3 o'clock on Thursday afternoon of this week. Rkv. Da Frederick Brown, of Cleveland, Ohio, has, it Is understood, signified his acceptance of the call of the Bridge s:reet (O. 8 ) Presbyterian congregation in Georgetown, formerly Dr. Bocock's congregation. Attention Is called to the advertisement, elsewhere, In relation to the organization of a reheat Club. The undersigned, Capt Ajace Lacchl, declares that be has no connection whatever, or even acquaintance with, Francesco Lacchl, who was arrested on the 5th ins'ant, for disorderly conduct. It* Caft. Ajace Lacchi. Tbs Isvian Hub Doctor, From Canada, will describe diseases and tell his patients the nature of their complaints or illnMt. wltknut r?rci wt nrr anv I .ifftpma Alpheua Duvlne, vagrant; workhouse 90 days. John Oaelo, drunk: turned over to the military. Catharine Jones, Mary Jonea, Eliza Posey, Chaa Poaey, and James Anderson, all colored, arrested upon a charge of disorderly behavior; dismissed Criminal Court. ? Yesterday. Richard H. Trunneil, convicted of an assault and battery I on William Albert, a soldier, was fined $6 George Madison, Indicted for an assault and battery on Bernard McGurk, was acquitted. William Gibbs, indicted for an assault and battery on Alexander Clements, was acquitted. Adjourned. Fourth Ward Station Casks? Be/ore Justice Waiter?John Bailey, disorderly; locked up for three hours. Richard Rivers, disorderly at Canterbury Hall; dismissed. Agnes White, drunk and disorderly; fln?d 8156. John K. Day, do ; do 81. Henry Mathews, fighting; dismissed. Funeral of a Painter ? Chas D Cushlng, whose death was noticed in yesterday's Star, wa? buried yesterday afternoon in the Methodist burial-ground, on Fourteenth street, near Columbian College His funeral was attended by the Columbia Typographical Society. in tae unlted 8kln regulation drew, and bring with them a complete camp equipage and ten horses. As they have been drilled with heavy guns, for practice in forts, they are not provided with a field battery. On their arrival at Washington they will occupy Forts Stanton, Snyder ana adjoining earthworks, situated southeast of Washington about three miles, and on toe Maryland shore of the Potomac. Geokqetow* Restaurateurs in Trouble ? A detachment of cavalry, numbering about sixtcn, yesterday afternoon came through Bridge street, in Gsorgetown, ind closed the following restaurants : That of Columbus Fearson, near the new military bridge across the Potomac; that under Mrs. Lang's Hotel; that on the opposite side of the street, kept by Captai n W m Drew, < f the Home Guard ; and that near the east end of the street, kept by Alexander Giles. Fearson and Gilts Wf re taken tu custody by the guard, and brought over to tbls city. It is stated that this action of the guard was in consequence of l'quor having been furnished to soldiers of Gen. .VlcCaH's division by the parties proceeded against. Central grxrdhocsk Casks?Effort Justice Walter ?Patrick Morgan, for riding on the pavement; fined ?'2 !>1 Mary Simons, drunk and disorderly; do &A. Marv fiala-jhun H.i ?t at listened to wltii pleasure and Interest by an audience containing many skeptics in tbe matters (be urged to eloquently. . Her address wax a satire on tbe follies of socalled fashionable life, wltU its attendant evils, and was enriched by many quiet touches of humor and pathos, and Illustrated with a number of anecdotes in point. s*he never lost sight of her subject, however, which was the evil entailed upon mothers and their ottspring by their present style of dress, which spoils the beauty of tbe form, and of co "rse brings debility and general loss of health. Art;llkry ro* Washington ?The artillery regiment of Col. Doubleday, enrolled as the 1st regiment heavy artillery, New V'ork volunteers, are to arrive here to-day from New York The men are fully equipped with short Enfield rifled muskets, with triangular bayonets, are uniformed the petition of J Champion from the files of the Board. The Board took op the special order, a bill creating a Secretary of the Board of Health, which after consideration and amendment, was passed in the following form: B* it *nacud, ft, That from and after the pas age of tbls act, and annrally thereafter, on or about the fourth Monday In June, the Mayor shall appoint, by and with the advice of ths Board of Aldermen, a Secretary of the Board of Health, who shall be a regular graduate of the medical profession, and shall have an office in the City Hall. The duties of said officer. In addition to the usual duties required of the Secretary of the Board of Health, shall be, to remain In his office at least one hour of each day, to be designated by the Mayor, of which public nstlccshall be given, for the purpose of receiving and recording complaints, duly made by citizens, or an officer of police; (provision being made for lodging such complatnta at any hour,) and If upon examl; -tlon thereof, he shall deem it neccssary, he shall with the consent of the Mayor, Immediately notify th? Superintendent of the Metropolitan Police of any nulsanca, or of any violation of the health lawa of the city, whose duty is made by the law of Congrpss creating such police to give prompt attention to said complaints, In accordance with the laws of this corporation, and also of the lawa ere aunK Mia metropolitan ronce. BM secretary hall perforin such other duties a* may now or hereafter be prescribed by law, and attend to and execute all order* and directions emanating from the Board of Health In the discharge of their legitimate duties. He snail receive for his services a salary of stx hundred dollars, payable monthly out of the general fund, said salary to commence from the time of appointment. Sec 2. And be it ena ted, That all acts or parts rf acts Inconsistent with the provisions of this act be and they are hereby repea.ed. The Board then adjourned. Thi Daxss R storm L*cTr*?.?The lecture of Ellen Beard Barman, at the Young Men's Christian Association Rooms, last evening, on " Dress Reform?its physiological and moral bearings," was listened to with interest by a large and Intelligent audience of ladles and gentlemen. The fair lecturer illustrates in her own person the advantages of what Is generally known as the 'Bioomer style;" and her ability to urge Its claims upon the attention oX her sisters who follow the behests of fashion, may be judged from the fact that for aulte an hour and a half she ?u AMUSEMENTS. TBKATER?Mr. J. K. OWFN8' Second Wert. TUKSDAY, Febmary 11. will be performed Tom Tajlor'e Comedy of"The Viotim?"? Jo?hu* Bn'terby. Mr. J. E. Owene ; Mra. Merryweather, Miaa 8. Ueuin. To oooolmde with the Faroe or*Forty \Vinke"-HDratio Sprug|ina. Mr. J. R. Owen*. It* Campbells are Com'nf." RETURN OF THE OLD FAVORITES to thkik NEW OPERA HOUSE ! latb PHILHARMONIC HALL, P??T?8tlra!iia Av., AbovbUihSt. ORAND REORGANIZATION! SIXTEEN STAR PERFORMERS, Piokel from the rery flavor ol the Ethiopian profoaaiou, whose chaste SOIREE5 DE ETHIOPE curing their late tour throughout the principal ' - Mil i uJ .,! / WANTS. ' WANTED-A youne OIRL for nana. App'y " at Washington Honaa. It* _ P. 8. MAttTZ. AVOUNG MAN- of rood boairaaa ?|?Maw, wiahea to obtain employment in a atom as clerk. The bast of reoomiuenriatinna given if required. A<*dreaa"M. 1. I.." Star Office It* OOK WANTED.-A choioe, firat-o'Ma Cook Vy wantel at 389 New York a*enn??. Wagea at the rate of 910 p*r month will be paid and permanent eTployment aiven. It* A SITUATION WANTED, b? a yeuna man. aa bar keeper, and willing to make&im'eif generally useful, with the be?t of referenoe from hia latt place, if required. Addreaa " M. O. M Star Offioe. U* W7ANTED?At the Show Card Faotory, a F!I?* LKR lw, or a Lad who ia uaed to drawing or handy wi.h a brush or pencil; none but thoae who have a ta ite for enoh buainasa need applv. at 4 76 Seventh at.. Room No. 10. It* WA N T E D-Bt a permanent resident, 'a DWELLING-HOI'3K,<u-fn'nie?ied,) within ten minate*' walk of Wtllarde* Hotel. A<5<'r?sa, 8t"tinr looation, rent, &o , Toet Olt ^e Box 155. "? I ~,M LOST AND FC-r^r. T OST?Last eveniae, a (JAITER SHOE, on J_j Pr. ivcii*, between Naticnal Hotel aad loth t. T i? outer will p ew return ?*.n?o to PH1LL'? KEE\ER, corner 1Mb and 0 afreeta. fell ? C UEWARI)-Srrarrd or ato'.en, iinoe Friday taet.a large red COW. with *>- * white seots oot reen lerted; erop off etch ear; will have a calf soot; had orockedJKaJaH horn*. Fire dollars will be paid tor her de.ivery to the subscriber'* stable, oorner of 9th a'-d C ??a , Island. (if ) a FA I'LEY. tfOR SALE?A coirfortMble FR * ME HOUSE 1. ami the Lot on i? built, mtuat'd "? square lot No.t>etwfer Land M and lMh and 14th street*. It is now u ider a puuetut rent of As p?r month. Fr:o? $?or A.p ? to V[- \V. 6 *LT. Pa. avenue, between ilth and 12t* cts. fell 'PRBASIJRY N'?TES STOI.KN?2?*T>II.F HS * TAKF XOTICE? No. 4SW> for P No. lf> 7 for and No. 94W> for $&>, of (he 7 31ft p*t oe. t. Svenr Treasurt -.I'tes. p&vaNie to the order of t?. B. Havder, were st 'lea on tne 9th inst .ani raiment on them tlt?ir ? -n i?i? i? ?t. SECOND EDITION. TMRK'E rCLOtl, P. M. OUR MILITARY BUDGET. a K:*T?I AfWr one p m *o-d^y, U?e ?? eets of Waahlag ton were foil of a rumor tMc the OonraMit bad received positive intelligence ?f the captors of General Henry A. Wise u4 ftftmo hundred of bU troops, on Roanoke Ifiand. by the Bnrnntde exp??diti?n. It la poa'tJeely ontrue The atorv originated In Ball more tbla forenoon. Ncvrrthfleas It la d?emed highly probable that mere or leas of Wise's armv moat have been taken with Koancke laiand. off which tt ta hardly poa,'fclrthathe could have transported bis whole force under the -una of onr fltet and tbe bsvoaeu of our troops landed. the hiehest encomiums f. om both the PRESS AN II PUULIC! Nw Facts and Old Favorites ! Alto, a complete BRASS BAND! Under the direction and leadership ol MR. FRANK MALONE, Ths Echo Buolkb, Late of Dcdvorth's Band, New York. Ob^xrvi ths Galaxy or Talwt : SIS. RALPHAEL VOIGHT, Musical Director and Sola Violinist; MR. FRANK MALONE. Eeho Bugler and Cornet E Piston ; W.A.CHRISTY Ecoentrio Comedian; W. WARDEN, The Unaproaohable Alto; G. W. FORD, Basso Profcndo; CHARLES DUPONT, Interrogator ; A. F. STUART, Pantomimist; MONB. EUADORA LOCKE, Bohm Flate; PROF. NASH. Violin Ssoonda ; C. W. KENDALL. Violoncellist And Smmn flrAlnr W. K. LYBTER. Guit&r and Ter.or ? LOW GAYLORD, Ethiopian Jester; W. SCHAFFFR, Tyrolian Warbler; WM. CLAYMORE, Aria; JOE CHlLDS, Champion Clo< Danosr. SPECIAL NOTICE. The Management would aanouroe to oitizens of Wa?hington and vicinity that they leased the above Hell, and it is now undergoing a thorougli .'"novation Tfte Auditorium will b* arlanged with cushioned seats. The Stage will he new, entire, and ali appointment whioh will spo| cially adapt it for a tirst olass Place of Amusement (H7* For noening night see future advertisement and oilla of the day. List or Pricks. Admission ,28oents Reserved Keats ? SO cents Colored Gallerr.... 25 cents fe H-2t DUPOXT A. GAYLORD. Prop'rs. CANTERBURY! CANTERBURY! First Appearanoe of the CANTERBURY MINSTRELS ' CANTERBURY MINSTRELS ! CANTERBURY MINSTRELS TO-NIGHT. First Appearano? of PIOXOR RAFFAELK &1GNOR RAFFAfcLE ABECCO. ABECCO. ABECCO. THE THE GREAT NATIONAL BALLAD GREAT NATIONAL BALLAD VIRTUOSO' VIRTUOSO ' THE LEONI PANTOMIME COMPANY InM. Lconi'a highly auooeaatnl comic p\ntomime, LA STATUE BLANCHE' LA STATUE BLANCHE ' Received on Saturday with unbounded ahouta of laughter and applause. Admission 25 cents; Oroheater Chairs SO centa. A Family Afternoon Entertainment On WEDNESDAY and SATURDAY. For Ladies ar;d Children. with delightful performances an-i a l*vi?h distribution of preaenta, aels of Garnet, Coral, and other at)lea of Jewelry; artictra of useful and ooatiy chkiacter, and SILK DRESSES-SILK DRESSES ! H7" The Silk Dreaa on Saturday, February 8th, wan presented to Mra. John E A bail, on the Ialand. A macnifioent Lavender Cheoe Silk on VVednesXdpii?aion y>oer.ta ; Chi'dren 10 cents. fe 10 yv the TT ASHINGTON ACAOEMY OF MU6IC, A VBSCB, ( fOUTH SlD*,) No. ??9, f}etween 9tk and lOtA stt. Every evening a remarkably fine Free Conotrt, embryo in* selections from the beat claaaio muaio, and the uioat popular operas?rendered ia better atyle than at any other American ooncert aaloon. The gunstrf?and the publio are freely invited, wuhoui chance for entrance,?may rely upon hav ing every comfort they deaira. In addition to the fineat masic in Waah.ngton, they will obtain, on oall. from the atteutive attendants, decidedly the beat Rnfr-shraenie for tale iu the Federal Metropolia Officers constantly in attendance to keep good order. Concert commencing at 4 p. m. HENRY ROSENTHAL, feb7 lm Proprietor. KING'S NATIONAL AMPHITHEATER. P?kn. Av. axd E Sr., Near Willards'. I T. King?... Sole Leaaeeand Manager ?.Scott ~ .. Aaaooiafa Manager . \V hi (taker ............Eauestrian Manarer THIS EVENING, Tom King ?iii giv* his Comio Imitations of CLASSIC STATUARY HORSEBACK! Have you se<*n old DAN GARDINER In hi* great Burlesque Dance, A La Cubutttr! and scaramouch ! The Beautifnl M'lleHEbOltsfc Every Evening! KINoADE. the 10f? ?ummers*ult Man! The Great Zouave Halt Must he seen to be apprroiated. DON JUAN

Every Night until further notice. ftivr Notkltibs in Fasf akation ! Seal* <if Prxees?Orohester Chairs 75 cents; Dress girole to cents: Children under 10 yeare of age to ress Cirole 25 cents; Sooial Range 25 cents; Colored Gallery 25 oents: Colored Boxes 50 oents. Do<>rs open at 7 o'clock; performances vih oommence at 8 precisely. fe7 ODD FKLLOW8' HALL. 8kvinth Strut. George Christy's Minstrel* AFPEAR NIGHTLY at ODD FELLOWS' HALL. And continue ivtry evening until further nolitt. NEW SCENERY has been added to the State, and every arrangement made for the proper production of GEORGE CHRISTY'S CELEBRATED FARCES, BURLETTAS, Ac. Ac. Ac. Admission 25 oents; Orohester chairr, 60 oents. Doors open at quarter to 7: oommecoe at quarter to 8. JOHN P. SMITH, fe8 Business Agent. PATENT OFFICE CURIOSITIES-Guide to Paten's, Catalogue of Curiosities an<1 Government Garden*, at the stand in Patent Office; Kare Antique-tan Books ; Government Books; Do<;uir.ents furnished; Railroad Reports; Mintarv^Re ports; Wnrnt Patent Oflioe Reports; Cheap books Ail wished to Pedla-s: Military Trials; Military Laws; Army Regulations; Panorama of the Coast shoving over 3,000 miles; many teomand Cheap Books. Reoolieot cheap rent. Large sale*, low prioes. Up stairs, over Bank of Washington. ja?-lm* ALFRED HUNTER. BALLS, PARTIES, &c. 1'HE LAFAYETTE BOVS IN THE FIELD AGAIN! The members of the Lafayette Club take pleasure in announcing to their many friends, and M the public In general, that they intend giving J9 their 13th GR iND BaLL at Temperanoe Hall, on THUKSDAY, February 13, 1862. Gfli The Committee pledg e themselves that no pains or expense will be spared to mak? this equal to their tact. A^fnll Brass and String Band is engaged for the Vickete f 1, admitting a gentleman and ladies. Bv order ot the Committee. fa 11-st* T POSTPONED. 1 HE STEWART HOLLAND BOYS an- < nouooe to the publio that 'hey will give their ** SeventhGRAND BALL at Franklin Ha: l jh < mttead of Stott's Hall) on TUESDAY,/9A February IS. 1882. QSL ! Tiokets SI. fe 10-$t*~ I^he third grand soiree Will be given at M TEMPERANCE HALL, jti i E street, between Bth and loth, 1)1 On FRIDAY E\ENiNG. Fab'r U.Gpfc Daaelng Wi oommenoe at sk o'clock. The best muaie will be in attecdanoe. Tiokets f I. i feS-lw* Prof c F. BARNES. Manager. j 1 -1 ? A??,. . LINKN GOODS FU LL Assortment at prioM moat frrorftble to U* (DHM??ri. PERRY * BRO., _/ 7 St Penn. truue utd 9th atrMC SWffSTfe!'- to "W ! ie n-3f WANTED?A pood co O'ed COOK, who understands her business. On? to o -ok aid wash, who in competent nr,r| icrinstriou?, may h?*r of a d?>Bir*h> home. unth eoo<1 waees, by app'y'"e to the Bookkeeper at the Star <)ffiaj\. f? U Jt WANTED?A SITUATION- by a praotioa! double-entry Hookkecpsrof 10 yewV expe 1rai!#. licit reference* r'vcn. Aifdrmn KDW1M WILLIS, Washington, D.C., through Port Offio*. ft 11 318"'* VV ANTED TO KENT -Wanted to rent, with * or without f'j'niture. in the First Ward. & HOUSE with from 12 to 14 g(o4 rooms. Addre-s immediately E. J. ALLEN, Provost Marshal's C'ffioe fa 11-lw rpo SUTLERS AND OTH ERS.-Wanted, by 1 a young man. a Situation in a sutler's or teneral provision store ; thorough v understands keeping accounts, r n-t willing to make himssif generally usefu'. Undoubted r*fer?noes as to character and ability. Address "D. P. L.," Siar Office. fell-tt* HARBKRS WANTED?*' E. A!.MOT'S. No. 312 Pa. avenue near Wi.arcs' Hotel, Wa?? inton. fe 1Q-S?* WANTED?Si* food SH'>K.M AKEK8 imme i - - ?ui?icij. at iiu, tfvi /ia FX * upprmxe Odd Fellows' Ha'1. ____ fa 10 at* WANTED.?A Sutler lain vast of a MAN that iswillm'to make himself generally useful. Arp'y at 3'.i3 D at. ;elQ2t* WANTED?* oom'ortably furnished HOUSE, for a sriall family. K?ntn H to exceed ?60 per month .'ddresaBox 22X Post Ottns, fe 10 3t* WANTED?A ycung MAN from 18 to Sn t ars of ag*. to art *a poster far the store. Must understand keeping acoouuts. Apply 26' Penu. avenue, south side. fe 10-41 WANTED?A SITUATION as barkeeper, by a young man with exper en-je. Beet of reference given if required. Address "O. F. *? Star Office. fel0-3t? WA<*TED-A TENANT for p*rt of a house, with a good kitchen, pnrtinily furnithed ; or bouse as it stands; water ai.d gas. Apply south B trrot, near 21, Capitol Hill. ( 10 St* WANTKD-A coirf irtable HOUSE, furnished yv or unfurnished for a family of eight per?on?. LooVion b:twcen 3d and 14th iti*ets, atd within a short distance of the avenue / ddr<"ss, stating looat on and terms, J. JOHNSON, Box 84? Post Office. f? 10 3t* WANTED?By a young man of several yeara' fxpsrieace in a grower? and provision store, in thiscity. aSITL'Al'ION as I ook keep- r. sale* man. or to make himte l generally usefnUn some hni!PA>i. Ri?a? n! />f nharonf?. -*< ' ospabiiity can be furuiRQcd. Address 'V. K Star Office. fe 10-it* lyAMED-Tfo nicely furnished ROOMS on " the first or second* floor, with or withon' Board, as may ha desired?for a sentleman and wifo two children and servant. Best re'ere.nccs I a? to respectability of parties given and requite.'. Location nrefcrred within threo or f?>ur blocks north of Ponn avenue and between 4h ard lVh | *ta. Address 'D.," Star Offia", stating ver* lowest terms. fe!03t* \V ANTKD ?A lady wishes to ob'sin * SITt/1 vf ATION a? tiou?ekeeper in some rrrai! f .t iy. Inquire at St Patrick'* Church fe 8 3t* \V ANTKD? A 618 L to wait on thMv, e and ? tlo chamber work. Unexceptional e referent? Call at 319 i?th street, bitw?e? I, ?nd V. feR 3-* WANTKD?A genteel and intelligent you-* LADY, who can sing and piay tl>e moderately, to travei with a gentleman and an-ist in a pleasant at.d efnteel occupation. Address "Haitwell." Star Otfio?. fe 7 6t' Wf ANTF.D?Books to post and acconnts to ad* ? just, by a practical Bookkeeper of lon? experience Ample reference given. Addr*a? ' Accountant," Bex No. 24 Past t-ffice, Washinitr,*, D C. fe5 lw* UL'ANTED?Sutlers and 8oldiersto know that *V th?y can utiv CVMP 8TOVK8 ard TIN AUU ttAlJLi rttUM MSW YORK. 41 UOUK8. This Company ia prepared to forward all kind a of gooda to and from? NEW YORK?Office 38 Broadway. BOSTON?Offioe, 7 Con*reaa atreet, and 3 Congreaa Square, PHILADELPHIA-?Offio9, 33T Chestnut atreet, BALTIMORE?Offioe,Camden Statiou, WASHINGTON?Offioe, 38S Pennsylvania a*., ALEXANDRIA?Offioe, 105 Kint atreet. ANNAPOLIS, FORTRESS MONROE. NEWPORT NEWS. PORT ROYAL, And the SOUTHERN BLOCKADING SQUADRONS. AT FAIR RATES! ja*7 lm* LOVELL, COLLES & CO., WHOLESALE GROCERS, 86 Front Street, New York, and 310 E Street, Waahington, D. C., (near Willarda' Hotel.) Having started a branch of oar v?.k ?.?.v lishment in this city, we invito Sutltrs, Groteri, R**t*ur<mt*nri, and Hotel KetpttM, to oall and examine our stock. whioh is well assorted and eomprtMd of goods of the beat quality. We take orders foi any thing in our line, and exeouto them promptly. js23 tf REWARD?For the apprehension (ard <5c>l>delivery to roe at Bladeusburg. Md., or seoured in Jail ao thai I get him) of NE- W GRO SYLVESTER, late the property of N&Uaciei tsuit,deceased, of Priooe George's 40% Md 1 will give the above reward no matter ? where taken. S*iveater is of oo?per oomplexion of thi': stature; about A feet 9 or 10 luohes high. He la we.l known in Washington city, and ia no donbt larking thereabout or its vicinity, or in tho u?ighborkood of Governor's Bridge. Anne Arandeipounty, Md. N* v. BTal'HKN, Exeontor of Nathaniel Suit, deo-ae-d. [Upper Marlboro' Gaxetteand Prinoe Georgian paper laeert weekly for ? weeks.] ft l->w? 1\IOW IS YOUR TIME TO BUY OVER WARK cheip of H J. GREGORY. 3*1 l'=rn avenue. ja H DI/ANTKU-W^ are co-t buy::ie SiiCONDTf HANDR'SMTUR!',STOV C; ?and Hi:i> DING, lor wnioh wo arc paj:j>T the iiichert cash prices. Families dcoliBtiir ..uCs<?,:oep>"r, or having a surplus of furntnrf, ? tl! Sue! :t to their *4 vantage to give u? a nail. RONT7. ft. RRIFFITII, je 13-tf Nt>. Hit9 7th > t.. t-C.w. I apa X *te. WANTED?Krory person to know that I am in the market, read* to p*y cash for ali artiolea in the hoimefumirhir.; lice. Those l^avina trie city, or having a Mirp'us, w:ll do well to caJ. R. UUCJJl.Y, 4^* Seventh i>t.. between Gand H its., (east side,) Oeaier in New and Second-hand Furniture. no 16 GEORGETOWN ADVKRTMTS nrig^?A LEG 1 U't K. for the benefit of tlie Younj JJt Catholic's Fri*n<'S">cie*y of Georgetown, I whT be delivered in Trinity (Catholic) < hurrh, nerocelowi, on WtliNK^DAY KVF.N.NG, February 19;h. at 7>4 o'clock bv Kev. Father Kakly. S. J , President of Georgetown Ot?l!e(?. Admittance 23 cei,ts. fell T.T.8 Adst |> M* UNION MEN OF GEOHGETOWN.II5 An adjourned meetincof the Union men of Georjet^wn win be heid on TUK8DAY LVKN- | JNG next, the llrh instant, at T\ o'clock, a; So- j cif t* Hall. * II oiHzens oppossea to the e*ii?e!ess icuouiuuiwiu in iBTnr nj oncveiuns onr oera-na fo'low oonntryn.en to th? advantages aud !ilcs>lnics ofthe Union, arc invited to attend. fe 8-3t I rum POTAIOE!*. Bushels of prime Buck Eye and Peach Blow Potatoes ill store and f>r *ale by JOHN J. BEALL, fe 8-St* No. 87 W atcr street, Georgetown. fr<\ ORANGES, LEMONS, 4o. 'Jyf BOXhS Prirre Oanges atd Lenaon*, l.oon Ib? New HAMS, to casks CURRAN IS. 50 (ancv boxes Prime FIGS, l^MX) lbs. New LARD. For sale by W. H. TENNEV, fe 8 3t Georgetown Jg U C K 3 K 1 N 6 L O V E 8! Ramsburg & Ebert, 105 HISH Stkbkt, GEORGETOWN, D, C. The only manufaotnrers of Gennine BUCKSKIN GLOVES, MILITARY GAUNTLETS, and MITTENS in the Dietnot. Officers' Gauntlets made to order. Bnokskin Drawers and Blurts. ja 18 ARMY EXPRESS COMPANY. NEW ARRANGEMENT! KKV G' B. HA Y l)K\! felt-St* n-.ap vr 4 d R*e X.> , ?*. V. DISTRICT OF HIM .M HI A, CoFSTT o? Wa?hixgton, To wit ?I hereby c r- tr. tily that Janes J* Heaver* of thie count*. brouph* fefore ire. one of n-> Jua'ir*-* <>f the He^e, m an: for say) co <nt*. tu * 8ti. Fehn: ayl862.a d? I I 'own MARK ab^ut \b% han<la h.*h; itavia? lU if f; liind ioot vhite up ro ?!.o ancle; it* right bird fx** w*th r. T ttie> w ife under the fetlock; a fctAr on its forehead; and ir* hack or-. Said mare when fjuaa had un it a military saddle and br?d!e Given under my hand and *"a\ W. THOMPSON, J. P. The owner will come forward, p'ove property, pay charge*, and tako the ?so*e name 1 mare ?* ?, or she will bo ?o'd to pa* wxpenara. Call at offlae of Metropolitan Policy 316 llth at. fell 2awsw RAN A WAY?From tbc rubacrr.ter, livmc near i.urrattsvil'e, Prinoe George's mnnty, m Md.. on the7th February.'862, m* NK6HO WOMAN, "Bettie." who oaila herself Jm Liettie Shorter. She i* at" ut twenty-five ^m)W yeara ora*e, four fiet 10 inches h:rh; da-?X3L? copper ooloted; ihm Tiaaied.ofa light mu'cu.w f'dine; haa aom? cf her toe* on ore too* injured from it burn when a ohi'd; had on wh?n she left a b ue country made yarn frock; and had other >lnlk.. -ML * ? - L ? - . i l .1 J muvucg wnn i'di. rnt intii wim i ff, ntr cnuu O ivia a out 12 months old. i|2iwi!l be eivon for apprehensi-n of the arove wom?i and child, provided thf?t ther a'? delivered ti me or secured id jail, so that I can cet tSem a^atn STANISLAUS BRADFORD. fell 3td&2?w2w? _ CAM K TO THK PRKMISKS "F MR. F'?Nnairan on F street. b-twe? n M'h and nth, a white SOW. The owner is re-'fcJ^^ quested tocme forward prove property par o iinee, and tako her away. lel?i 31* JOHN RILEY. LO**T ?StraT*41 from fhe owcer, on Sunday Lirht, a dark bay HORSE, with a fry star in his f-rehta'i;*'d, ha-w p als> a rat jUjl taM; < t'?e horse is quite *titT in the breast.) The finder will he r?w& ,!ed by returmnc the horse to the owner, at fwampood'.e, fcetweei the iron bridge and the railroad. fel^st* MICHAKt. McMAN. 0()n RKWARP.? [-out on the r ad from the Poor House to the Da; art writs. -*s? by th? ConeroRsior.a! l u'Tinu tmuui and the Avenn*. a <?< !,D WATCH. The M finder car h? sa'ulied a* to the owner, andW* rooeive his thanks, er.d the a!>oTe reward b? l-avlcg it at the Star Offi.-e. fo M-St" DISTRICT OF WK.UM HI A, Corv? or \Ya?hingto<?, To wit: I hereby oer t fy Hist W. ?i. White, ' f Wmrhiiu ten Conniy. bro";ht before rr?. t.he rub 11sHI erriber, a Justijs ?.I the tins 8. a; . f Febuary, .862. us ctrar. tre?pa?sfne npon his ?n e'? aare*.**ltellns? "7:h street rotil, 2 SIlOA'M. rim owr.9- rn?r"o| can l:a-e the *aa.e by proving pr p*rty *nd pavnjt O'vpn u.v>er rcy !,v.d end ?ea! th ? Stb day of Fel>r?arT, :862. f> I" 3'* JOHN H JwHN^ON, J P. t,M I'Mt-A POCKET HOOi contains aoos?i'lerah' Rin iuut of n: one/. The oan imv? 1* r.T P'O ir.c p P f? >.' V J?:ri\ ;S PHKO0I- K S Li'JvAnl^r Coucty P-O'ii ~ }* ore, oo.-asr 1 sth and ! ate. fe 8 3t* L'OUMD?On to-d&r (Saturday Fe! rua * P.I on r north A. 8' c^'. h? t\??en l*t ar,d2i street#, a mall SUM OF >lON K Y in a "insll leaner la* or pur??, which the owrs?r c-n have "y deicriflnt p.-Qpertr and pauing IjI thi? advertisement. Inquire of H. W. OliAHK, No. 53 north A urect, Ca;;tol Hill. feSSt* Q91WI Rtw*Rn-LO<To? sroi.KN -a O? B 'f K " S i* ! I ?, a-outihe ?i2? of naif a 'Pa ,r> Tue^av. 4th '1 piu had a are>< ?li vnn'Q ! in< enter, and three o'caterj around it; artt'.Ui: ir. oac ecanitil, ic hapr ct Malt"?* 0fo.r- : c.iaii; and jin attsou.ed. pin twi*te*l. an ! a di*tnoi d *?? 'u it. 1? returned to MISS MA it V TL'K;\ER,27 j'a. avenue, or to MR. A ft. A'.LF.N,at Ju?*i e Ponn'a Olfioe, reward will be paid, and uu t4U?st!o:.j arksd. fe 8 31* RAN A WAV FROM THE HI W^'RIBER, n'a* l}iad?ns'urr. !i? V A.NTONKY ORAWFOR O,commonly called Voney. He ii 6 feet 5 or 7 ir.c'. slue;,; very bi?oW; ahort Jrl hair; eravs ennirtenar.-e wi ?^n p ken to, JI witu a scar in or o . f h ey?brow.?. r>cca-J2L tmn-d t.y a kiok of ahorse. c*-T"ly percaptible; le!t in.Ncverobo.- iast. 1 wili tivo $160 to Uave him bioujht June to ir.e. ja23 F. MAGRUPER. ~ FOR 8JLUH AN NT. C?OP. RENT?With of without Br,ar.1, sr^o. P ' 50 Twelfth etr?e*. ?>^?-t b''h ' ?i*?m o and H atreeta, a coirmoci uc t?vi> r KO??M. second etory. newly sr.i nsatl* furn - i ed Theloottion ta oneof tho mc?t domal>le in hrc.'.y No children in the home. t* n i ? tj'OK SALE?A good BAKhKY, with two overs and a tabling fcr three horses The bnunest la e>t&bli?heJ av1 n.f./ Lj vd.-j iiiuoii unproved Addroan "H F J7 . s?p.r ?'<Tio-?.* TO LKT WITH BOUti>-A n>e* ROOM in Georgetown. T?thi!t p-ivati One or two ladies preferred. A irea* D> x 641 Geo rgetown. fell 3t? A GOOD OPPORil'NITV IS NOW OFfered to tny pv^on wht> wishes t? et.gage in the \6wspap<*r an1 Om.i 'cii Husheaa Mr>ek and Fixture* of A Al?A.M^O.\"8 w-' 1-kcwn Periodical Store f??!<*, seventh aticet, opp-tare General Poat Office. lei 13. WTORKIM ALEXANDRIA. VA.. FOR 8ALP. t The advertirer f*isg atxnU to o a g? hia baainea8. xriH eel out f>i? re tituatrd on the oorner of Kin* ar.d Royal nrreta, n :o*ar>dria 7 ho location ia t' e nr-st deeirahie to tiie low . and she atcok oci:sifto of a we.i selected a?<!or'm nt of gooda suitaM? for the sr** y. Pa'ti*s wis1 mg h p?iohaan will pea*ec*'! at the ^tore.No 79 K rg street,com ?r of Royal, or address Hex 307 Po?t Office, Alexandria. fe 11 ?o3t FOR RENT-Twr, FUK NISH ED ifooMS. with Heard, at 391 K street, between 9th and loth {e 10-V.* FOR RENT-Tnree FIRNISHF.D ROOMS, at No. 276 Pennsylvania avenue,third iooreast of Kirkwood Homo. f- hl? at* I70R RENT-Twi FURNISHED ROOMs" a Parlor aLd L'ed Room. No. 37 Bridge at., Georgetown. fa ?ft-3t* FOR RKNT?At No *14 Pennsylvania aveuaa, sec*?nd door abrve Wnlards'. a large aid commodious front KOOM. n;w':y and n'ati* furc ?he.1, iiOaKla Aw ??i . A ? ? ,A ivi ait vuiw umiiHiiuPQ i'>uui, in iu A large and handsomely fi r risked Front Boom w th Beard, on the aeoond floor, may be obtaine" b? app ymg at !Si. 339 F street. between 9th and loth. fo 10 St* A FURNISHED FRO^t ROOM. supplied with gas, in a deluhtful neighborhood and contiguous to tue Department", if for renRent moderate. Apply at 401 H street, (south ids ) between 12;a and 13th streets, where the room may be kab. le 10 st CPLEND1DSUITE OF ROOJil^.-Th* advr. ^ ti?er has a ?p endid ?oit? of ROOMS >ent, (parlor and bed ioom.) with fuel and gas, 120 per month, paTa^ie in advanoe Location be*t in the city, and in the immediate neighborhood of General MeClelian. Also, two third story Koomn at ??i per mnnth, with fuel and ras. Address "F. Star Office. feb 10 2t* IT'OR RENI?Part?cf the House southeast oor1 nar 11th and M sts. It is a very dssirable locality for a store. Inquire on the premises. fe 8 SI* BOARDING.?One or two neatly famished Rooms, with Board, oan be obtained at No. 324 G street, t>etween 12th and lStli itreets. at f6i per month for two persons ; those uDviiiirc to pay that pri.oe need not apsly A food COOK and CHAMBERMAID wanted, with proper recom mendations, to whom the highest prioeswill be gives. fs7 3t FOR SALE?Several gotd BUILDING LOTS of ground, welt !oeat-d in this city. Also, a FARM in Wisconsin of Wo acre* of gom firming and well timbered land, near the Mississippi river; all of whioh may be bought at a moderate ?rio'. Inquire of Mrs. VIARV A. W. C. VAN NESS, N<>. 464 north M street, between 12th and ISth. fe? 4t* EXTRAORDINARY CHANCE-STORS and U FIXTVKKS FOR SALS.-A Store in the most approved business ioca.ity, ino a urg Fixtures and tat a small stock of La ties' breae Trimmings. Embroideries and Mi'.anery Goods, will be offered at a great sacrifice and possession given forthwith. This is a chanoe nf - <"? renoe, and all applications be made at fvo. IB La. avenue, between 8th and 9th its j%28-Sw* f OFT TO RENT, aeoond ?oor. 316 E ttrcet, JLi near Willajua'Hotel, 22 by DO feet. 1 squire in the atore. jail AH RARE CHANCE.?The proprietor of the City Hotel, (the only first oiaas bote! now open in Alexandra. V&.,) is desirous to retire from basiuMs, ana will eel), for a fair Drioo, the FURNITURE, FIXTURES and GOOD WV L, , of tue house. Mis leaao wul terminate on the 1st of January, 1863. but the property can bo dosM bo ieaaea for a muoh longer urea a moderate rent. Thia Hotel la now doing, ana has for many year* done, a large and profitan e business, Th" d.eeire of the nnderaignea to retire from publio kiij'ti la the only indaccai'*3t to seli, aa he oouid not hope to engage in one more profitable. For terms and Emeu ara apply to J AS A ENGLISH,who la aaonaad to negotiate.or u> the ucdfrslgued. ialTtf * &AM'L HEKLEBOW Eft. UANUSOMKLY FURNISH ?t> FottiWiitomaly Fmrntakal Roo??.*i?p'-*4 with caaand water,ana convenient to iLr pMer,t Uc^^rJS3?SSS?^, fJ&?i, CONGR BS810NA L XXVVllth CO?IRRCM-lkMa4 Tcwbat. February 11. 3CTATK ? Mr. Wtiaon presented ? petition, e'^nrd by 25,31S persona, asking CoaMideenw bomoBpathic physicians to be employed tn U? armv Mr. Rtce introduced a bill authorising (W banks of the District of Colambta to Imh notes of denomination* less than five dollar*, referred Mr Hale reported from the Naval Affair* Committee a joint resolution restoring Lieut Charie* Hunter (now In command of the Montgomery) to the oanl active service list, pnaeed The Annsnl Forttirntlon bill w?a taken up, and considered bv sections and cUum. In the course of the day'* session, itoe President nsrned Mr. Cowan to be a member of the flnanc* committee, rict Mr Bright; also, Mr. Hender on to be a n umber of the pent ottce committee. Hocsb ?A resolution instructing the joint ooonmlttee or. the conduct of the war to inquire into toe cnargt* that the reo-ls were petnici of the roun er*1gn before tt was issued to tb* pickets along fbe lower Potomac on tbe night of lb*dopa rtu re of the sloop-ofwar Peasacola. and that information of Intended military movemeuts la conveyed to tbe rebel* by traitor* la clrll or mllltarv positions, was adopted. Tbe election caae of Mr Joaepb Seear, claiming to be a reprra-atatlve from th* First Congreaslonal District of Virginia, wa* taken up, Mr Maynard, of Tennessee, navlng the floor LATELOCAL NEWS. Police ? Henry Lachmsn waa arrested by pa trolmao McDevitt upon suspicion of having illegal possession of a Government bora*. He waa takeu before Justlc* Thompson, when th* evidence showing that be waa placed In pomeaslou of the borae temporarily by an authorised oAcer, the caae was d suilsaed He was then calked to answer tbe chars'* of peddling without a lice***, and waa fined g-20 M Stephen Pafon waa arrested by the san e pa rolman for threatening violence to 8. C Chad sin Justice Thompson held hlra to security for peac*. Tbe Third Ward patrolmen report- a hi* morning: Catharine Covle. drunk and dlso'dt .v fined *1 50 Ragan. do ; dismissed James Sbodbott. selling liquor to soldiers, do John My*-*, Insulting ladle*; fined |1M. Tbe ronrth Ward patrolmen reported: O C H^'horn k?(>n1n? a ItvMvitshl# without iimu. nnd. alio, for watering bnrses on tbe pavement, btrth were r?iled for a further bearing. Mr Hatbcrn is the proprietor of tbe stables in old Trinity Church. Re baa b?*en flnei tbfee times Enviously Anr.a, K?.V, Elltibetb and Henry ight, and James Seebolt were yesterday arrested by the patrolmen In the northern part of the Fourth Ward ?a vagrants. and were aent to th? workhouse for 9U d?v? each by Justice Barnacio This tqaau of vagrant* will be remembered aa tbe notorious Lieht family," ao prominent in several m?es before the various court*, civil and criminal. Patrick O'Nell and Michael Gorman, two cavalry soldier*, were walking arout.d In Swampoodle yesterday afternoon, and a man named Thomas Hilt undertook to take tbe sabre away from one of them The other turned upon Hill and ?truck tlm a blow with bis stbre upon tbe shocldcr, Inflicting a very ugly and awious wound AU were taken before Justice Welter, who imir.'diately d'tmisied tbe soldiers. HI 11 was also discharged tbe wound received being regarded aa a sufficient punishmei.t for hla folly. Ckixtsax Cor*t ?To-dar. William Perkins, George Gordon and Alexander Pagan, Indicted, for riot on the 20th ult , were acquitted. Charles Day, alias \\ m Day. colored, was tben c>n the charge of enticing a slave to rna away, aald alave being a young woman, belonging to Dr Snyder, of Georgetown. After the testimony waa closed, Mr. Norrta, counsel for tbe defenae, asked th* Court for certain instruc tlobs After hearing him. the Court instructed the jury that the law coaemplated an actual low to the master of the services of his slave; unlesa there was such a loss of service* to the master, there was no offense against the law. In this ess* the slave wis only abaca' from her master's bouse about two bours. Without leaving the box the Jury found a verdict of "not guilty." Particulars of the Actiea at Rsusk* Island. The Portree* Monroe correspondent of the Philadelphia Inquirer writes Fab ?th: By a flag of truce, to-day, I learn that the bom bnrdment of the works on Roanoke Itlaad conttuued during yesterday About noon. Com. Lynch got bis Mosquito flotilla under wav, and came down Currituck Sound to aaalst his Rebel frfetid, (ien Wise, on the Island The Federal gun-boats then directed their flre upon the gun-boats commanded by Lynch, and at five o'clock yeaterdsv afternoon three Rebel gun-boats had been sunk, two were captured, one of which had a Commodore's pennant flying during the action, and the rest dispersed in every direction. The firing ceased at dark last night, and was recommenced with increased vigor and effect this morning, and kept up until cbout eight o'clock, when it Is suppcaed the Rebel forces on the laland surrendered. A fireman on board the Belden aald that the Federal troop* had been landed In large number* on Roanoke Island, and the Stars and Stripe* could be seen at Elisabeth City living over the Confederate batteries. It was rumored la Norfolk, this morning, that three regiments had been recently sent to Roanoke island, and that as tbere was no chance for escape, the probability was that they tre. all captured. The Rebels acknowledge that the only obstacles of importance to retard General Burnside'a march inland and upon Norfolk, will be the natural uaci 01 ?w?uip?, u???, ??. The rrbtlj feel tto-ir recent defeats very eon ibly ,and are growing <lf perate la their tear. NOTICK NOTICE NOTIOK TO SUTLERS. TO SUTLhKS SPICED MOLASSES CAKES. SPICED MOLASSES CAKES. SPICED SUGAR CAKES SPICED SUGAR CAKES. In coneeqnenoe of the great demand for oar Mo laeiee Ginger Cake and Sagar Cake, we tore appointed W. H. HAMILTON ft CO479 Nmtn Street, aa pnnoipa Agent for tliatr eale, from whom they can be bought at fire dollar* per barrel. SNAPS, J U MULES, MOLASSES POUND CAKE, IN QUANTITIES. IN QUANTITIES. IM QUANTITIES. BOSTON~CR ACKERS, F'et!i eve;j day?wsrm from the oven make deUcione (oidTm Cnif Per ptrund DAYTON'S rn mnirrn uivrr pr>? Hotoi-keejer*. Heads of FuiuIim. ud gotiere are invited to try oar exoe idto Mkos Piee. Our MINCE PIES need obI? to be tried to be arprfci%ted ; price l?acd 011 Mr kudrtd. JAMES L. DAYTON. Bakery?AM KierentS street. fab s between B w< H. Q/? INCH HEAVV BAIL DUCE. t>0 98 iLeh Cottar, Dock, loW lilefteued and Brown SkeetiLf Towel . Napkins. 'I %ble Linen a, Bed Curat- r:s, liiaMi-w, ? Unadf. Ph**!?, * nn?eM*t i Cioak*. G .Tjii?nd r?a*rer,dm. otfe?r Witia -f J 0(mju?. o? aai* at the ! ?** wx R KILKY 4 WIO.. Mu. c6 Oeatn? fio.w, BrtTMB 7iU tn I Mi *? ?. f? S-'Ot <?r ?o Pa^Mr JS^USr"' ii^ggST Jia Corner aT- "?> ?*? SOLDIKK? JUsT * n/F?r * Richmond o*n ??' j^r qnt^< > ?y j.Vatf *<?* Ml f fl '.Ai: il'L^ v^Tu^a?" " Nor?te?i? r"*1, -

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