Newspaper of Evening Star, February 11, 1862, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated February 11, 1862 Page 4
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THE EVENING STAR. fFo* Thi Fta.*. ' Indian Corn. r j one of the fabled gift* of Ceres exceedi in value that which America hu given to mankind in brr well known native product? maize, or Irdian-corn. Whether we oontider the bread'h of zone in which it maj be grown, the variety and extent of its u?e*. the ease of culture, or the beauty and richness of its appearance while growing in the field, or after being gathered in the crib, no production of the vegetable kingdom surpasses it. It flourishes far south, in the regions fanned by the breezes of the Mexican Gulf, and northward to the great lakes and the burders of Canada An might be expected from the extent of its habitat, ii has numerous and ever increasing arises, differing very greatly in resp^ot to ffizc. apptaranoe, and ccnstituent principles. While the general characteristics of the plant are tbo same everywhere, there are found varieties a, the extreme north that scarce attain the height of three feet, with ears no larger .han a man's thumb; while at the south sime are found that reach five times that alti* * - e - ? >2 5 VI* I tude. witn ears oi a correspoiming size. ? aero is also much diversity of color in the grain, white and yellow predominating, but red, blue, and variou3 intermediate shades frequency occurring, and depending upon the color of the epidermis, or of the essential oil contained in the kernel. A collection of samples of the different varieties raised in the country would be an interesfisg spectacle, and worthy a place in the Crystal Palace itself. The constituents of the grain are principally starch, oil. gluten, and several of the phosphate?, and these differ much in relative quantity in different varieties. Soil and climate mart a great influence on the character of the jrnin?that grown at the North abounding re in oil. that grown at the South more in ?.?rch; in this matter seeming to meet the wnnts of the animal economy which the higher the latitude, the more it requires food of an oily or heat producing nature. A like difference in some degree is noticeable between that grown in tbe interior and on tbe seaboard, and when seed is transferred from one region to the other the change becomes perceptible in a very few years The variety known as pop corn owes its peculiar properties to an excess of oil, which on the application of beat is converted into gas and explode?, effecting a completo tranfformation of tbe kernel, and turning it inside out. Sweet corn is a vcriety cultivated in some parts of the country,* and used for cooking in its green state. It contain.* sugar and a larger amount of the phosphates than other varieties. It continue^ longer in the milt than other varieties, and on becoming dry is very much ahrivclcd. The number of cars to the stalk, and consequently the proportion of grain to the fodder, varies much in different varieties, although is much influenced also by the quality of tib. 1 mode of cultivation. In some cases 3 foil siu others as many as eight or ten, single car. a single gtalk. beiutr found nP?- 'hat the varieties containIt has been founrt * suitable for making itjj most starch arc men .. . B bread. io consequence of tn* ? . r "' uesiveness of the ireul or Hour, while .oat containing most oil is best for fattening stool** It is a matter of considerable im portico to I the cultivator to select the best and most productive varieties, and those best adapted to the ire to which it is to be put. If the corn i* dee.gned for bread-makirg the soft or starch iroduuing varieties will be moat suitable; if for feeding st< ck. the fluid f>r oil producing varieties When fodder is of little consideration a kind should be elected having tha smallest stalks with the greatest number of ears. C. C. Horse blankets and buffalo robes, A'.! etji?s sad price?, at j. B. PUDNKVS, 384 Pa. aT? . k*ci room, 'M9 D treat. Rubber coats, ponchos, "legsins, Blaafcets, Ca? Cavers *rd Cap*, at j b. pupnky'8, 3si4 Fa 6V9., b*-k room, c 353 D street. Heavy regulation blankets. b?> oheap, bj j. b. pndney. ' I !?!? iwni| or aSS D atiNt, PA NfcW THING. ATENT Compressabie Cot, can b? folded np in!o a ep?.ce ?4 inches long by 6 wide, an ingeuioue contrirance, for sals by J. B. PUDNEY. 384 fa. are., back room, ja21-tr_ . or 333 i> street. PROPOSALS To* STAMPED ENVELOPES. Post Otttcx Dxpartmkst, Jan. 13, 19?. Sxalsd Psi po?al!? will be received ontn 3 P, "! on tne isth da* ol Fet ruary, 1882, for fjrnishL1* *'J ir>e "Stamped > Lveiopes," 'Letter Sheets and Ecvelop?? combined," a*.d "Newspaper Wr?>* ?ers," wfcioi thi? Uepa twac mar rsquire, doner a eirioC of yearn, oomajtiicins lst April, lout. Viz: STAMPED ENVELOPES. No. 1, Of r.vto t.zef %% by t\ inches, of white *ap<?r. No. 2, or letter by 5* inches, ani extra lett?r ma, SW ?>y luohes, of white, buff, or creani-co.oreu pR?.-r, or m each proportion* of either may be required. No.3. or oCk-ial s.ze,3% l>y ?V inches, of the ?ar.;e c ora n* No. ar.d under a I*e condition as r?tue ?rtpe*?'ott of ea-h. No 4, or ex? a offi-ril pi* ? 5 1 10 bv 9 4-5 inches. of the oolnr ss <o. 2, %i.u under a hke condition as to the ?r' ixji t< - >n of eaoh. No. 1 and it to l e e.n:>ossfd with th* three or six ? at postage ?tarr.p. ,ho. 3 with fix cent, aid No. 4 -<nih twelve. twenty, an-j forty oent ??amps,a ! ofe**'? and co'or similiar to thote now . in use Letrer eWt? and stamped enx'eiopes combined, of wnrte or b:i>e paper. Note shoets and stamped nv.Hopes combined, of white or blue papir, both b aes fcuiiw^tea with the three c'nt 'tamp*. Stamped newnye.per wrapper* not les" than 6 by 10 2-5 nn3 of buff paper, emt-ossed with the "tip cer;t po?tare stam?. or any other denomination that ma* be repaired. Pr-.?po*a s are a to iov.ted for furnishing straw or man.Ua boa/a N>x?s, or others ol rqaal or superior street tii, for picking pa.~ce s of envelopes, of letter sheets ar d envelopes combined, sr.d or newspaper "rippers. containing from one hundred to five hnndred each. awl for w*ter-proof wooden cases f-r Becking paree.s of four to tweet) h?e thousand The enrelopes and wrappers are to be made in the bast nucer. of paper of approve*: quality, special7 for the purpose, and with ?'j:h water rrirxs as ne Postmestsr General mar direct. Th*y mast be gnnim>-d for sealing, the former a: .ea?t4>? mohes on th? point and one end nl'tM atter; they must be banded m paroels of twen t? five, packed without chirge lor packing, and furnished oompiot* in all respects, rr&ay for nse with a!l reasonable dispatch.and in suchsuantitiesa* m%' be rt?uued to fill the crders of postmisters, ani must b* delivered either at the plaoe or manufacture or *t the Post Office Department, a; the option of tne Postmaster General, to an agent tty acthorix*d by tie latter to n?pect and receive them. An Meet of tii* Department will furni-ih the address fir eacn parcel, winch is to be pasted on the box by the manufacturer without charge. Tu* >tie? f.<r snibosaing the postage stamp* on t lie envelop"* am! wrappers are to be executed in t!i? best s.jle, and t iev are to be provided, renewed, vi. . k pt hi order ?; the expense of the ontracU-r. The Department a so reserves th? right of reqnir in* new deronuua.n>n of stamps and any changes ofihedies or oolors without additional charge. Bi.icjr* are expected to furnish samples ofi>*per ith ti.eir tids of the qat'ty they intend to nse in I-# *Baanfa?'.iue of the envelope * whf oh they proto 8i??^! r. and also spejimetis of the envelopes unstamped. and of boxe<". Im i/. }.,Ax f-~ rrts of int tinj nivi toLrr% mbonliet'Ttbtd itparatf ,f -rotilx mrt xnritt<i in fvr*i*k tnvtlopts pro > ./?/vi.'A T>*t. nt ili.uolrWt line.*, i k*duatinq tkt pritf. r ?.u Utim trr tkr *npr 'strtpzion.) to rubttitnte :Kt piai* ?r uHtm'eJ ?*? ?,.??/.?, tn whole or m part, if tfi4 Ump i't-ft'n'- may tltet. Propo**'* ?:e ?lou .?vit?d for d?\''oe? other than *Ver marks, (cr ad<i.t ?>:?a: to aucii marks,) *o afford protect on agates! ccunterfeitiBC?spsci m<*ns to niit?*r itred. Teoortr* t will l>e awarded to the bidderwhote it be not tt'o lowed, la cons'. a<i\ractae*?us to the Ofpartment, am. ia< Ai pr:cs, the quality of tne v. ... *. a:. I hj? cy aud a^i ity to masufacti envelopes in accordance with tt.? i ti: . f itr.s viVfrtiaanient; aid no proposals w. ' o !a'.<.vri<i jnieis accompanied by Euaran teen. i? J r* r ?io< aoor.tract the successful bidder mtv i>? ic im .*] to pr.par?n?w di?*s and submit Mprtsaione uiereof. The uae of the p'?* i. ihei may or may cot b* continued, but no juIio vi cha 4e m tae devioo tl the stamp* will be adopted. Mutds a d security wul be requited for the faithpert' mancd or the contract and payments " i'ler it wnl be ir>a?'e f uarteriy. The Postmaster ?> nera. rn i.. himself the ri*at to annul it '^v:r b* sria4: <tr ovr that the same or any n* L T ' c*'"?3 *>r ,n the market for the m ,mk1 t awi 1 aot, is any oaee. - ..?o?iTT VI me contTOt to | WM> hi -).,l t? in hi* ojiulun, leaa *b.?Of ! <HJSL' tie<i?h\.. the cnciMl butter ?r conti?."tor. I n? rifht ia &!?? r?Mrv?<t to Sbnul the contrMt lor !?j'u?e t'? p?rf 'tin lMib'u,i> ?ny of lU ati??l*Uona. The aiwit-er ot ?nv? opp* of different ei*e? HW ? f wrap??'? k?aoe<l to I'oatmiateradcrinc the u?Oml enoi?i June.'O, >3S1, la fn>ly art ;orth latha l**t report of tha t*oatint*ter He jer: . The bida >ko? 4 b'? marked "iVfMiaJi for Hiand Wmpptr.1 UO ahould b? /vi?dr*a*?J to thrt "Thtrtl AJflat-.nt Poatntfwter General. Po?t?>fcoe Department." M. BI.AIR. j? 15 Vf tt Poaf&ater Ottiwti. I^At.'IORAL . KI^TSAND Hoop SK1ETD, % I 325 PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE. i GOODWIN'S TOBACCO. H. II. WATTSS VOLUNTEER TOBACCO, j 1 GKOGEKIES 1 AT HALF THE USUAL PRICES, Hating btm Jmrckawt of Bankrupt MercktiUH * and otktrt. i REMEMBER, ( TUCKER'S, SM PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE TUCKER'S, 3S? PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE I ] WAtHIN?TON. | ^ f*b 7-#? fili * -J* ??i.u wAk / A DVIVLIl O ; i WHOLESALE AND RETAIL t I Groceries, Liquors, Cigars, Wines,&c i FOR FAMILIES, ) FOR SUTLERS, \ FOR OFFICERS. T EAS, FINE. U NION CIGARS. C HACK MRS, BOSTON. K ETCHL'PS, IMPORTED. ' E XTRA COFFEES. t R AISINS, MALAGA. < ? 1 < READ OUR PRICES * READ OUR PRICES'. I WILLIAM TUCKER'S ! CHEAP GROCERY WAREHOUSE, 3?3 PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE ' IMPORTANT TO FAMILIES, RESTAUR- ' ANTS, HOTELS, GROCERS, AND OTHERS < I WILLIAM TICKER'S ! CHEAP WHOLESALE AND RETAIL ] GROCERY WAREHOUSE, . 323 PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE, 3 PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE. ? GROCERIES 1 AT HALF THE USUAL PRICES, ( Having bun purckated of Bankrupt Mir chant t \ and othtrt. , < TUCKER'S ! 4 Tt mtrf n ia I Good Black Tea 50 " " Old Jara Coffee -20 " * Good Coffee 16 " ? ( Every tblng elie in proportion. I REMEMBER, 1 TUCKEP'J?,323 PENNSYLVANIA A VENUE ' XJJCKER S, 384 PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE 1 WASHUeTO*. 1 ?????_ 1 1 tuck kb'8, j 325 Penniylvrjila Avenue. j william tucker's \ CVIETAP OROCEJIY WAREHOUSE, 325 PENNSYLVANIA A V E N U E, 3*5 PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE. GROCERIES at half the usual prices, ! Having been fttrdiased of Bankrupt Merchants j and otheri. Stuart'* Refined Sugars from 9 to 12 cU per pound Extra Flue Green Tea *5 " 41 Good Green Tea 50 " ?' Extra Fine Black Tea 75 ?* ? i, Aim I.w B ? WUK |?r pound White Suga." 12 cents per pound Fine Green Tea 50 cejiU p?r pound Fair Black Tea 50 cents per pound Extra Coffee 20 cants per pound Good Coffee ?..16 cents per pound Wax Candles 35 cents per pound Malaga Raisins 15 cents per pound Codfisb 6 cents per pound Imported Cigars .50 cents per 100 Havana Cigars 91 to 83 per 100 Almonds ...12 cents per pound ! Salt 20 cents a bag Good Butter 16 cents per pound Extra Butter 20 cents per pound i Fine Wines .81 per bottle Whiskey 25 to 50 cents per bottle All other kinds of LIQUORS In proportion. Call and see for yourself. 1 '-T?*TW IMPORTANT TO 7AXILIZS, RESTAUR ANTS, HOTELS, * < f SUTLERS, GROCERS, ATO OTHERS. WXLUAH TUCKER'S CHEAP WHOLESALE AND RETAIL GROCERY WAREHOUSE, 3M PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE, 325 PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE. GROCERIES AT HALF THE USUAL PRICES, Having bttn purckastd ?/ Bankrupt Merchants and otkert. TUCKER'S TUCKER'S Groceries, Liquors, Wines, Cigars, &o FOR FAMILIES, FOR SUTLERS, FOR OFFICERS. T EA8, FINE. U NION C1GARB. C RACiERS, BOSTON. K ETCHUPS, IMPORTED. E XTRA COFFEES. R AI8INS, MALAGA. * READ CUR PRICES! READ OUR PRICES! L'Diaiim Sncr?f O ...i (hST*M.IIH*I> IK 1*39.) Bef Iff re to inform the pjb'io that they have extended th?ir Expreaa to Waehington, and are nov prepared to Tranatort Meror.andiee, Han* Note*, Specie. Jewelry, Ao.,?o all parts of the MiddU, 1V1* Engl *nd and Wtsttrn Stmt and Canada. Connecting with the most responsible ExprM?ee throathont the country, we are enabled to offer muqualltd faciiitus to all who may favor aa with their patronage. For terms and farther information apply to K. 8. SMITH, Agent. Third et^2J door below Fa. avenue, ja 9-3m Washington, D C. ^ DAMS' EXPRESS COMPANY. NOTICE OT~KEMOVAL, The delivery office of this company is removed from Third street to tho large depot oa B street, between 2d and 3<1 nt? ?<e y-tf r . _ J' / DENTlsT&Y. D. L. L*V KTt! bt^'noh of tki ?tabment NoTl* Waverlr Plaoo, New Vutlj i treat rioilities in overall re Dentistry, lie is in possession of a new and important invention for the insertion of Artiftoiai Teeth, on the principle of Atmcrrkerie pr*.?.?*?rs,entirelT different from the old mode, and seer red by letters Patent (ranted Apru ?th, IBM. Thi? invention > of the greatest value, there being lee a plate ^sed to oover the roof of the month, aod with an increased amount of notion. The pnbiio are invited to oa 1 ana examine specimens and certificates from some of the most prominent and soientifie gentlemen, No. 491 Tenth street west, near Pa. ave. ja 14-eolm* DR. CHARLES R. BOTELER, DBKTTI8T, NO. $36 PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE, Bstwzxs 9th asd 10th Sts. Ja4-aot? _ AND IMPROVED IN VENTI*'^ ARTIFICIAL CKkOTLASTl BONE teeth, *V ITH0*T MbTaL PLiTI OE Cutri, , DR. 8. B 81GESMOND, 1 tfri Ycrb-9.60 f f-ni?i??ia 4* | 121 18,4 ?* . Wa*kintte?, if? public to the loliowing WmwwI system: f p mi. iobritor, Diitiaoii lock ioifivafci aw Uliwirii lii awn Om Mh, 1 IfiUMl J>wi<y * U< wmW, for all nwimwor iMPivnuos. Air #ro juxj* pmlwact i xxttirr. APFUY acmfcDUmLY. 1 9WEE WARRANTED. OR NO CHARGE IN FROM ONI TO TWO DATE. w?b? ^ iMl, ttmam, Atmmm tfca KM tad, Thrwt, H?M mt Bkla. AftcUatM Mk* Lbii, *?m? MA a* Iwli ?m TamVla Plaardara mniMi M? VLTJ In iti af T a?tb?<Aaaa Dmlfi! 1*4 DMrnt- ?UiN WLIth NUwJIumn tMMaatk' l?;?, k^l Bady tad Mix;4. " ,M ?a?ii?y "*u _ . rdtwe m** ~r-iixiy ?M ten >mw? lA? Fiturw af Mtury TIM, thai draadfkl and daatrvctiva kaMt wtaofc ancAaliy l*Mf t? an anuaaty m?? tha?aar.da af T?M * ?* axakad Ultnf* aad kriiliac; tnt?,l?-t: trb* tairfel atbarvwa hava aoaacaad Iwuadaf liiiua antfe tba lAaadan af ? aia&?a ar vtkad la awtaey tAt Urtaf ly*a, My Mil *tt nU WfiliinM. MARRIAGE. AAlllI Pll**ni,ar Yavaf Maa aaawayteUM Mw rUfi, fcainf avaf* af pfeyiicai vaaknaaa, nruii daktluy, ianmutit, Ac., apaadi'r ccrad. I TBAVBLLKB8' DLRECtOB* \ f PA68K90KK TEADT8 T PiMiwn mm ?n#iu WASHIN?TO!l AUD BilTI^on , WJil ruu foLovt E*m Dmh T*m*u Jr*i* *> mU D*mri Ami Di*iv dnri?? tJU ?pm4, M4 *M Ml itOKfari. ; Foe Pki,?d?:**iaard N?w York-LaanW^ 5 For B?)tiaor?-LMT? vVftttiaftoc at fc; AiTB?^ohiMTM* laltHri For Pkila4aipfc*a at *M r u. i For Harriabor* aid tha Nortk tad Wqtt.tai* ' WMbinttOO?t???A *.ar.d? I- a. For Fredanc* at 7 *? a ?, and 1? r * rcujjrs MOTjye noktu MornlB|lEx?rew Imvc Wwhtrcior 4,. nr? ?t B^tnaore 1* a. IL? r. B 1 Nrv York r. ffifipiij 1U j. *. Monun# Aoeoaap^uoB taam \% wbmtoi i* A- Arr it* atBitti ? ? * > * . Ka ooaa* i.ohj at Ba Lu.p'i Thi? lath* Moraine eoftMs^r. for Aacapoll . Z FURNITURE! FURNITURE! FURNITURE! Tj\ W. B. MOSK8, (of the firm of Moaea &. Peek ham, Phtlad'a,) Manufacturer and \Vtioleaalo and Retail Dealer in Cane-aeat Chair#, Cottage, Parlor and Dicing room Farniture?Thorn's Building, 609 Seveuih street, above D. Every variety of UPHOLSTERING promptly ana neatly exccnted. Store open day and evening for the aeoonimodation of the pnblio. Purohaaera will stud; their interest to call before looking elsewhere. ja 22 3m* U T L K R 8 , ATTENTION!! 'JOO BARRELS GINGER -SNA PS, Prims Quality, For aale in *uantit.0g to suit the trade. at low figure*. JOHNSON A NAGLE, 299 Pa. avenue, Waihiniiton, 1). C., ja 21 10 Royal it, Alexandria, Va. Wall, Stephens & Co., MILITARY AND NAVAL MERCHANT TAI.LORS, And Dbalirs in SWORDS, 8A8H&S, BELTS, EPAULETS. SHOULDER STRAPS, GAUNTLETS, GLOVES, Ao. And every variety of HEADY-MADE CL0THIN9, At Rva*onablk Prices. WALL, STEPHENS A CO., 322 Pennsylvania avenue, between ja II lintel. A Repub.l 9th and 10th ita. A (ZO 8. WERTHEIMER A CO., 4 f? 4 TtOfc No. 462 and 464 Skvknth St., iv)x Orposite ths Poit Offict, Ofier their iitook of WINES, BRANDIKS, GINS, CORDIALS. eto.,al?o their larre ateortment of skqars, Tobacco, kancy goods, eto., for sale at Wholesale Prices. They keep constantly on hand fine PHILADELPHIA CREAM ALE. in kefs and bottles, for bars or family ut>e The public in jeneral are re ,ucb?*i n- jive mem a call and examine their splendid stock of eoo<t?, 8. WERTHKIMER ft CO., 464 and 464 Seventh street, da Ti >m oppo. Poet Office. Oysters! Oysters! VHEOVERLANOOYSTER EXPRESS COMPANY Still oontin jeto receive da> ythose famous p'ant?d PATUXENT RIVER OYSTERS. Restaurants and private familie*fl^^i\ f. J roald do well to oa!l and try them. VlUv Those oysters are sold 36 hours after they come from the water. \lF offioe No. 4^ Market Space, below the Avenue House. ja 8 3tn CHEESE! CHEESE!! CHEESE!!! LIOUORS, TOBACCO. CIGARS, NTTS, RAISINS. CRACKERS. All on hand and for sale cheap by P. B. HASTINGS A CO., 3i3 D st.. facing Pa. avenue, _no 25-_tf Philharmonic Building WFOR THE ARMY. E Have just received, hy steamer Arago, a large assortment of ma?ni5cent French Hraaa Drums (System* Groeoire:) French Bugles, lor infantry, cavalry, ana artillwr* - * -,?' . ? ? r ? w luout m BU&ro vi peblio patronage. Families will bo waited upon daily for orders if quired. I noli . THOMAS R. WILSON. | B WATCH EH OLD AND SILVER ENGLISH, SWI88 AND AMERICAN. [ have now on hand a large Block of all the meat iefebraU?d Watohes, that I am selling at the very oweat prices tbat good and reliable time keepers san be afforded at; and every description of fine JEWELRY on hand;&ll new atylea received aa toon aa manufaotored, and offered at the loweat ate*. Silver ware manufactored in my own shop, kll kinds of MILITARY GOODSon haud.auoh lb Revolver*. Swords, Saahea, Belts, Bowie Knivea. Pocket Compaasea, Sc.o., &o. Alao strong \r nar Tronka and Bed Combined: and many other Jungs asetul and ornamental at 33b Pennsylvania ivenne. noao tf H. A. HOOD. 9QO JOHNSON A NAGLE, OQQ 6OJ7 ikfokths or WINES, LIQUOKS, HAVANA CIGARS, FINE UROChRlES, jr., So. 389 Pa. arenue, between 9th aud 10th streets, Washington, D. O. No. 10 Royal st, near King, Aioxandrta. Va. Sole Agents for the SPARKLING HOCK and MOSELLE WINES oTthe Hockheim Joint Stock Co., in Hookheim oft the Rhine. Constantly on hand their celebrated *Sparllxng Hod aiui Moselle Cabinet Wines. Connoiaieora are respect/to ly invited to give ua j*8 SOMETHING NEW-SVPERIOR MULLED w CORN.?The safari lfcir, having cot the agency to ajpaly Washington* Georgetown with thta lelioate preparation of Corn, would respectfully Mk of hia fnenda. and the pablio at large, to give t a trial. Alao, Popped Corn, plain and augared. WM. BRA DLY. Agent, Pa. avenue, between 18th and lith eta. N. B.?Manufacturer of Marble Mantlea, Monuneuta, Table Topa, Ac. A large aaaortment aiwaya ?n aand. oe l*-?m A BALMORAL SKIRTS. tl NEW andohoioe aaaortment of aeleot eolora ird patterna, many atylea, not found elaewhere. In addition- a fine and ample stock of all klnda of Foreign and Domeatio Dry Goods in all th* departnenL of lamily wanta. An in*peotion of atook incura no obligation to

Hirohase. One price only, marked in plain fig urea; hraoe, 10 purohaaer la deoeived. PERRY A BRO., ja7-br Penn. aveaae and Ninth.#t. 3ARMENTS. GLOVES, HOSIERY. HAND (ERCHiEFS* SCARFS. TIES, CRAVATS, LtlNKN COLLARS. SHIRTS, A? , Ac. THOMPSON, under Brown'a, de ? E. A. Lake A Co.'a Marble Hall Baaaar. A RMY 6LOVES! \ ARMY 9LOVBBS A?lh? l0T?D?0t0f ndLtMHU MARKEt. Th# snbseriber woulTmoet respootlnt.y intorm the oitliens of Wasiunttoa that ha hu returned to old eaarter, where he intends keeping, a first ate market ie all its braaehee, as la timae (one. Be will be haprr to greet nit old friends and ooaN/H?Goods sent free of oharge to aaj part of %T "" v-malLM. Celebrated Clarionets and Fiutea ; Uraes listraments ot all kinds Also, the finest tua'ity of Venice Strings, Hudson's Aceordeons and Flutihas. together with a large assortment of latest i renoh Musio for Bands. Music Store of W. G. METZEROTT, ja 16 Comer Pv aventieand 11th >U P H I V A T E. PRIVATE PRIVATE DR. LA BONTA Cures all Vencrial Diseases permanently and iniokly, without the use of disgusting or pjisonjos drugs of an; kind. No dieting or interferem.9 with business, Consultations free. It is saying quite enough in its favor, when I say that my practioe is that which is in use in all the New York oitr hospitals. New York City College and Hospital Testimouals furnished. Ladies with Whites and Diseases ot the Womb sured and saved a consumptive's grave by my treatment. There is nothing oftniivt or duatratmhU in mt pari 01 the treatment. All cures warrants, or money refunded. Communications in "writinic, Willi return stamp, promptly attended to. Memoioes for travelers and others packed, with "all instruations for use. and warrantee, Olfio??Room No. 8 wasf inttton Building, Peon, tvenue and Seventh et? Washington, D. (J. feb 1-lm* Philadelphia provision store, 119 PKKN8TLVAMIA AVKTWM, Bttwttn 19tA and 20tk stt. The undersigned, harinc looated himself as kbove, takes this method onnforminc theoiligens >t the First Ward that he has opened a first-class Provision Store, conducted simitar to those for irhiah Philadelphia is famous. Here oau he found at ail times a laree asd fresh rapply of POULTRY , GA^ E. ?EEF, MUTrON.&o. FRUITS and VE?E^TA?LEe in seaton. Particular attention is called to his stoak and noes of BUTTER, CHEESE, Ac. Philadelphia Print Butter. Ooshen and Western Reserve. Beinf determined to eive tne strictest attention ? the wants of his oustomcrs, and to keep every krtiole in bis line of the best ?uaiitv, and sell at the owest market orioe?. hn"? - - * _ :j '"Z *c/'wj 01 manaifcctore * KM B^T?f oorode nor change oolor by iC? N^L?h ?rths 'U^ter than ?ny other. J? u T rr?U n*"1 t>? extraoteu, a> tke i Thi r??TI Of? be inserted over them, o ac * rooU wu* ^ cade lncffeneira, an never nniJi- ^porary teeth are needed, aa permanent JVt1 e-n be made ltrmediately, thereby preserving *_? natural exsreaaion of the face, which under the old system la frequently dinfigured. 4. Thia work haa been fnlly teased over fire yeara by many of the first ohemizts and physioians of this oountrr. Dr. S. has aleo invented a white nndestrnetive metal filling, with waiofc the most sensitive teeth pan be filled without pain, and can build up a P?rfeot, aonnd tooth on any side roots, whioh will last through lifetime. The boat of referenoee siren?to Dr. V. Mott; Dr. Doremns, Professor orChemiatry, N. Y.; Boa. Judge WaTne, of the Supreme Court of Washington, and thousands of othera. Call and examine for yourself. no 8 Cm ~GAS~FITTING, Ac. AVfM *. DOVE h CO. Rg New pr?f?.rtsi to execute any erisra with W.ii"b th*y d? favored in the PiWMBlNO, ?AS OR STEAM F1TT1M* BUSINESS. _ jr7" 3;<ye on Sth street, a. few doors north ef Pi, Tosse, waorn ohm rogafl a ocmjlcte aceortmext ICHANDELJ I'ka and eU?: ?A9, STKAM *?4 WATER FIXTPttKi?. ,atT-W We A S FIXTURES. E K*to ie store, and are dai j recemng, 9 AO FJXTUKBSo{entiTt\y New Patterns and D*c;?ca nid Finish, s.ipwior in * ty;e to any thine heretofore fier<?d in thi-j market. We invite citisecs reoeiai i; to eal! an i esarcire our stock of 6as ana Weter fix'ires,'foeiinj confident that we u*r? the last MiectcU stonk in Washington. All Work in the above lice mtnurted to air aar* will be pr?_i?tiy a-.'tended to. JfYF.PB Jfc Vm.HAI, Mar t-tf 376 D street. FAIRBANK'S STANDARD SCALES. FOB SALK BT J. P. I1AHTHULO W, Sole Acent, D m ft. I?I..IA * wwr . t a. agntuuurai narrngasC) 8J8 Seventh Street, I Btttffun Pmnsylcania avenue and tke Cancil% opposite east end of Centre Market. I i* 14-tf LOVELL. COLLET ft; CO., WHOLESALE GROCERS, t?6 Front street, New York, and 310 E street, Washington. D, C., (nsar W Wards' Hotel..) Having started a branch of oar New Yor e establishment in this oitr. we invite Sutlm. Rtstaurantrutt. and Hotel Keepers, to oa.ll and examine oar stock, whioh is well assorted and comprised of goods of the oest quality. We take orders for any tlncg in oar line, and execute them promptly. Ja28tf 1 nOTJCB. UHHHH ADA91S* eiPECSS COMPANY." This Company offers to the jnblio" Une*nailed Advantages" for the Safe ana Qaiok DiseaUvh of Heavy Freights, Paoxaces, Valaablee, Money, &o. Ac., to all parts of the United Htates. Expresses to and from the North and West departft om and arrive in Washington twice daily, I All Expresses are !- charge of txnrimixi end < rtltmbU Messengers. All Packages for The Ro!di?rs carr.ea at "onx Half" onr nsual rates. All Goods for the so-oalled "Confederate States" and all Articles " Contraband of War" will be RmrvrsD. v Unr Expresses leave New York at 1.1, and P. M., arriving in Washington at 6 A. M. and h:s? P iMt Expresses leave Philadelphia at 8 JO A. M. and ; 11 P- arriving in Washington at f.SG P. M, and i I A. Mi Expresses leave Baltimore at 4J0 A. M. and S P. | M., arriving in Washington at 6 A.M. and IJO I P. M. Expresses for all points North and West leave Washington rt 7jo a. M.andSJO P. M.daily. Special Contraots for jarge tnartities of r reight |v?u uo luauo OH (fcvp.icauub UJ LUIS ? 'IT00. All Goods called for aud delivered frtt </ bain charges. E. W, PARSONS, Snp't Adams' Expreae Comparer, Washington, August a. 1861. an a-tf i /^\ SOMETHING NEW ! /> mot f mjiOuxAim Ducovnr ofW^i f 4J \lHf THB Asi At ?S1 C crrotu* tkt Tk*at?r. OYSTERS STEAMED In th* Shell ana Thoroughly Cooked ffar superior to a roast) in iwo wiimhuj, ik* iiwi on ruord. Call and see. 1 The nndersigned respectfully inlorns his friends In the Distnot, and visitors to the city, that he has refitted his old and witi-inown i^tiblishmint 1 ; in a most thorough manner, and nu made 00m- ; I plete arrangements to furniMi OYSTERS in an; style and in any quantity. 400 to 500 gallous shocked . per day. 2 000 to 3,000 oans of Spwed and Fresh ; sat up daily?cans hermetically staled. Furnished in the shelf by the bushel or barrel. i Persons wishing to have Oysters furnished regular!* through the winter, at Raltimore srioes, > without foar of failure, should o?ll and make ar rangements at onoe. Freight, time, and money : saved by purchasing of me, as I furnish an artiole ' esual to the celebrated Baltimore establishments, at pnoes just as low. ? TO SUTLERS, Canned Meats, Lubsters, Snrdin*s. Claim, Strawberries, Tomatoes, Pigs' F?et, Tripe, Ac, Sfco., Ao. Also, Pickles, Catsup, Haloes, Brandy eaohes, Ao. Also, Game and Fresh Fish. Tor- ' os, Terrapins, Fresh Lobsters, Cod. Halibut, fca. In faot, every thing for sale in the Northern markets always on hand, at reasonable prices. Hotels and (kmlliea rhUm with ImtM <4*. liTer?d without oh&rge to any #&rt of tfie Diatriot, in UMoa. if the money in aent with the order. at eatabushmerit ia open from t k m. to II It t. every day, exoept Sunday, whan 1 oLom mt 10 o'clock &. m. j?2 tf T. M. HARVBT. WALL. BTEPH1IW ft. CO.. Tf 3J2 PunwTL?ajiu. Arnrvx, MILITARY AND NAVAL MERCHANT TAILORS, AND KKADY-MADK CLOTHIERS, AND wwwr111? ?-if (Intel, ft Repnb.) gOUTI AMD ga-wKS^ TO BUT TRR Wiva new man * feature % ill kind* at BOOTS Mi SHOES, and oc: atutip reeeivini spylr ol eaaterr mule work of every dr HI anttion, mad* e^ireul# tc orfcr, tad whlf|l heeo.lM* maea icwer arioo ta*E hM beon* ML heretofore ehtrged ta tkmmitj tm mull isferlac article*. *? wr^-sMS? WM yt?wUMrtf an>??i WBOYB' CLOTHING. E Hare received withia the last day or two a lar*e aeaortment of BOYS? SPRlNe CLOTHINS, embracing all atrlee ?f low-pr>o*d, nodi tin, Kfii.e ?u&litie?, wnioh "We are aaUiBf a t yary pncaafor oaab. "" WALL, STEPHENS * OO.. . ?99 Pa. a*., between Ht andlttk ak ?B HnteUneneerand Re?nblioaa.> 0OU0H8, COLIM, HOARSENESS, Ao. COMPOUND SYRUP OF HUM ARABIC. , Tkia eleeaant and popular Cough Remedy haa MM ao tori knova mm aktanaivolyaaau that moat yonaonii hare Woome ftunilia with ita extraordinary ctfioaoy. It oaa L?e had at all the trine p I drm atorea^tMapd ?> ocnu a bottle. ATTENTION, butlers.ofkickri AND A large (took of CA M P 8TOV ES, maaafaotnred .and Tor mi* at 191 P?uuyiTaiua avenue,near d^-Sf" * ? H? J. 9BB80BY, f^mhumoft thoouool D?. J. Hf rattftaaaly Mrtiit ta hi* hanar u a fuLtmm ud aaaddtaUv OFFICE No. 7 SOUTH FREDERICK ST. Uft baud aid* raio( (no Balumar* *traat. a f.v 4wihw tf r. ",kMrr? t?jBi aad ku. Wttm wt k* pud ar d Mr. tain a rtiaf. ^ ^ _ OK JOHNSTON, Maaktr of U><ilifti CalUg* af ?!??,,, Lwta, ?<i at* lr*m * tb* aw *Bua*at to Ua tiNM taiaa, aad tki rinui MRrf vkMt Ufa kubtuifM ta tk? kiwiuaW Utn.Tua, PtoJadaiptaa aad ibntM ku ?ff?ctid Men4 af ih* aaat **1aaMhu?g utn iltt vftf ?*r koavn; May traahlad vitk rmgior ta tb* kudlB an vbao a*U*p; mat DtrmatM, ilara?d U taddtn aaaoda, baahhioaa* vttb fraaaaal blaabtaf, aim dad am*un>*? viU ionagomomi af mm*, wow carad tmmodtautr. IMK* P^iJT/CrLlA NOTICE. Ttmng Mas aad athara vba h*?? tsjarad tbcaaalva* by a anaie practie* ladaifad to vfcae alaaa?a baMt fraoa*a*ly Uaraad Iraa *rii naairintaai, or at nM, a* afita it whioa axa ayt U, fak Uaa vbaa aai.ap, ?d if m. aarad, Mnd.r. inpaaarbla, aad d*air?yi batb auad aad bad*, abaaid apply tmn**tv. *% ar* *am*af tb* aad aad aataaakaty ifMblfWMH by Ndt habit* af rawk, tu : Waakoaa* af tha lack aad ktBM, Pair.* 10 tba ' " "-rti lia^Hami r,liT,r'^irUU-n ,f norrom irrnabiHty, th* Difa?l'* TaoadM*, ?aa*rai mmiiji "7arpwtm *1 MBnnRIM, *C HlKTiLLT.-Th? hutil IIKU a* ika wtmi in ata M ka draadad Lma af Maiae-y, Caofaaaac a< 14m*, DtmM af Ipinu, Evil rorabadiafl*. Atwws af btMtf, iaif-Dtairmii. Lot# rf fta.iiada', Timidity, aia... ui mom af tba ?tU* Mdwl KHTOVI DHILITT.-TkMIU<l Mt MV)ld|f *Mh tba UIH af tbatr diclisitf baaith, toaiar tfcair ngar, ktMBluf >ul, ptli, otrMM and au'.ciatad, kartag nmgmtu ipptuuM i?m tba ijm, cNfb m ay i&ptana af iih|DISEASES OF IMPRUDENCE. Whan iha ntoraidad ud inpnadam rauryaf pl<Min tada ha Hi uabtfcad 3m Midi af tbta patafai diaaawa, it im aftaa bappaoa that ui iU-tiroid IMH ofihuM ar draad af diMtim datara kin fr jm apply iu| ta tboM vt.t frmtn iduttw ud raapaclakility, cu a lac a bafnana bus. fall* tela tit kanda of iftiaraat and daiifniaf prataadara, vba, lacapabia aI tartri, tick bia pae?r>iary aabatanca, kaap bis. tnlaag naaath antr nwatk, ar aa lanr aa u>a amaJlaat Taa Ma ki abuuuad, ?td ka dcap&ir l?a<a bua wut ram ad baailh (a a irk a?ar en falling diaappau.uoaoL; tr b; ua wa al that daadif paaaae?Maremry?haaiao tba tanautauaoal iy?waaii af ikta iambi a dtaat aa, aach aa A.Yacuaca af tba aart, Tliraai, aad, kin, dka.. prerreaatng with frifbtfal rapMitk, dll daaU pau a pariad ta cia o/aadfii iilaiuifi by MM( kial a thai i jiaTaiad caiairr baa wkaaa Mana M Ut'alw laiuai DR. JOHNSONS REMEDY FOB. ORG AX 19 WEAKNESS AND 1MFOTENCT ly tkia I raau aad unparuat raaady a n hi an af lb a atfaai kia tpaadUy (Mad aad f?U ?t#aa raaaarad Tkin?adi4MM aat narraaa aad daklliUMd, vka kid MM ail tm, wn kaaa tnmadiataly raliavad. Ail impadiaaata la Marrlafa, ntilau aa MaataJ DtoaaaJllkauaoa, kaaa af fiaamilta Pavai. Rarraaa lnuawlu. rranaalinr ud Waakaaaa at lutMlM af tba MM IttlN kkad tpaadily emttd. ENDORSEMENT OF 7 HE FREES. Tb? MiJT Taocainni c,arad at thU IpnUMiaa vttkia tba laai aaraataas raan, aad iba nmnaa fpaanat Bmtriaai aparttxaa parfn-mad by Dr. Jakaaaan, vtiaaaaad by fta raaanata af tka papara and taaay Mkaa Hnaaa, uuaai af vkltk kara appaatad i(ui aid agaia banal tka P?bU*, baa'tlaa bit ataadwf aj a pi^iaaa af llkiaaw aaa raaMk Mltty, la a avflaiaat rmaraaiaa ta Mia aAlatad. aarlt-ly THIHM ZllVEA.n. Protected by Royal Lsttort Patmt of England, ?*ii iHcurtd by tkt Sealt of lit Eeoi* do Pk?rmatU Paris. OmA tka faaaanaJ Mtdi'itu, Vitnna. TRIK8EMAR No. 1 Is the effectual remedy for Relaxation, Brnma.toxku(Ba and Lihauitiox oithi ?tstsm. TRIESEMAR No. 8, Coinplet-ly and entirely eradicate* all traeee of thote disorders, for which Copai /a and Csbebs i.ave cene-n iv been tr. ought an antidote, to the ruin of the health of a vast portion of the population. TRIE8EMAR No ?. Is the great and sure remedy of the civilised world for a., impurities of the system, as weii as secondary symptoms, obviating the destructive see of Mercury. as w*: ae otner deleter >ss ingredients, and whieh all toe Sarsapanlla is die world cannot remove. TKiisBMAk Nos. J, 2 and 3 are alike devoid of taste or smelt, and of all nauseating qualities. Ttiey are in form of a losenge, ana may lie on the toilet tabie without their nee being soapeoted. Hold in too oases at IS each, or four oasse in one for <9, and in *27 oaees, thns saving .as adriinsfred ty Va peau, LAheniand, Rons. Ae.. Ac. Wholesale and retail by DR. H. A. BARKOW, l'.H bleecker street. <4 doors from Mm Dongal street), New York. Immediately oa receipt of remittance, Dr. Uuiow will forward Trieaemar to tor ?art of tbe world, eeenrely paeke4,apd ad'ireeaed aooordiacto tfce inaUnofiana of the writer. Pnlliahed also by DR BARROW, that eopaiar and >mutifn :> iilnatrated medical work, Human Fra ty. Price 26 oeata. Trieaemar ?ad book ou be obtained by aptoial aathonty from 8. C. FOR D, Washington, D. C. de Q-ta lea it renaini' mnum Worcestershire Sauce. Fronanneed by AS EXTRACT CONNOISSEURS Bl of a LaWer fro? a te ba the || ***** Ji at Madraa ** ONLY GOOD \ nHuJMtP SAUCE," BBy* at Woroeeter. and applioable to LVERY ^||g in India, and ia, in VARIETY my o?iLior..tne moat |f*?a pa atabie, aa well aa (>P niflR moatwboleeome 1>1BU* W&0Stmk? thatra made." The abore SAUCE ia not oijjy tbe im and moat PorVLAK eoiTDiMSHT known, but the moat Meomemit*l, aa a few dropa in Stmr, Gra*?. or with ?#A. hot and oold Joint$, Buf Staai, Gmm*, te., impart ?i: Vifuuite seat, wnion WWH littym omaon m*-afaoturora have la vain endeavored to twiiKUe. On tb? Bruikfan, Lwmtkttm, Dimmr, or Smpwm a crust oonteininf M LEA Jt PERKINS* WORCESTERSHIRE SAUCE" u Indiapeaaable. To appreciate the txttllmt tMiuui of this deJ?Evmj preparation it ia only atowur; to porobaoe i email bottle of the mmmim, of a reejeetable .roeer or dea er, aa many Hottl aau H**taurm?t pro prietore eeidom piaoe the Pur* Saaoe before their rvoeta. Dot enbatitute a fen nine Bull* felled with ft irwnowi mixture. For sale by firooere and Fnuterera everywhere, JOHN DUNCAN fc SONS, Onion SfMfi and lit A ttrut, New York, Sole Wholeaale Agenta for the UniAed Statea. A Stock alwaya in atora.?Aleo ordera received tor direct ahipmenta from Em land. RTBnwri of Commtttftiti mmd iw^miei.JTl _ eep 3-1 y ,eo JUST RECEIVED TEN BBLS. 8. HOR1NEB eapenor OLD RYE WHISKY, euEtreare old, warranted. Aleo. prime Moaonfahela Whiekiee for aale at 333 Pa. avenue, by de ? Stawtf BROWNING * KEATIN?. CASH NOTICE. N Conneraeooe of oar havin? to pay eaah far ery article ef fooda we parohaee, we are foroed M? KUBM oir DU1DM to cut titluiTti;, Tor the SSET SXt^Til.^m3iT5T JM Pi. ami*. k*Mi M ud MU it . 1?^ Mate!. A Reeab.) SaserSvsSS lioee, Oarpet b*t?. Ae? wYioh we are bow aalUa* at y?t low inoM, ?u ***?? m?WJ*JSu Ewm job pkimiimw VERY Deeori?tion of JOB PRINTING required by any body?oitisena, cirll ranotionanee, arret and navy offioere, flier*, U-awM m the STAR OFFICE, is eatiafhotory tyle.s* low rat? for Caafc. ? ll/K OFFER TO MILITARY MEM a lam ME ERS. CAMP BLANKETS, BALF-Hb8lT*?M whion we innte all oath yarnliiewle ?"T'r before matin* useir wiecbooa. * WALL, STEPHENS 4 COIBS Pa. a*., between ftth andlMh Ma. m ft (iDtelluepoer and Reyblioaa.) M^ffcHMrL&^/SiirGJfT ALE. We have jnet reoeiTM a ?u?Ly oi theatre Ae, wtuoh we recommend to be ofa verr maerior aeat 1 AINfkkolN, DOT tie<irreU)wn__ iTdmrn^^ J?m?tf ' '"CTgaUBgKk. ()NK NICK RUSK WOOD CHlCKEKlWq N*v \ ort Mail Titl?-^?w Waafe*ftf*n ? t A. arrive ?t IA* r. J'ki^c ? |1ua I U7r. New \orilDr. *. Phi!?<ie>h? Trem iMm WMhinfton itt?r I Baltimore M 4 J?r m.m4 Pki.*:* I intrmoa AioomnodMioil-l?f* Wtfhinctet I *t 4 m. arrive at tl? ttmnrt U Irv. No eo?. A aexioce *t Baltimore. 1 tui tf tbe eiternoor oo?. 1 nexion for Aci.?po < . I j)D ?nixl?T? lMT? ^fi?kin**ee M t.M tail? r. . I Til* 6 r. M. tnum frow Wuluartot mcmm, I tbroiifa to New York ever* ?aj dtrtm* ibe tm \ ,-s.jsv3?M??a&.,u.. i M.. Bfebaore t.M r. . Arrives! WeekiaUi. y I ^SUr* N*v Yort illr.l; PtllMl?! &.? \Uf r I luBfcl timer* 4JI A. H. Amu itWMkic<toc Ur I A Leave Now York at 11 p. P>i.ade ?t.a > j a.m.; Bok?oror* a.?. Arr:eea? Wookiacta? a* a.m. LooaJ eeoawKlotlei Train* inn Baittaara Ol a~ otd 4 3* f. m , for waokiagtoa, Orrln tbcTC Ol it On BvndaraotOOud 7* a. m. oalj from Balunm'?. No Annapoita or Prederiok eouexiona oa va^encer Troina Lennn* Waaklagton ot 7.o> *. M. aod 4 ? P. M.. aad Baltimore ot IM a. M and* St P- M , make jireet oooneat:cr.a for Anaa?ot>? at ln? J auction. Thai ? am, oo<1 3 09 p eonneotat H ?iar tor Fred??r ick, Bacertt'jwa, Ao., Jtc., axoaM Datdara. f raj a a taova Aanapolia tor Baltimore and W?i inoton iiiWi,!. and $ ? p. Paaaencer Timaa leevm? Waahington al UWl m., U a. m., and * p. and Baltimore at uc a.\c 7J6 a. M . will flap omltmt Jwmtlua. Way Paaa^Ltera nmat taka tha Aacoma??4?uaa TVotai Miy Traira will lea re Waahiacton and Baltimore prmmpth wa???r^*a?ii.axo*ptiD? thai tar ijr 4 m,7 j# a m, and 4 on p x tnauia will arait M mi aaiaa if neoeaaary, to aocu.t the fMMgW and Maita For S;ok hp*! Woen4ed So later*?A aeecia aar. with an attoLOant, with kodn, will leave Weehmttun twioe a weak for Philadelphia direet at ii a a, lor the aoooanmodatioa ot aick aod woiun aodiera. W. P. BM1TH. ?4 Me* tot of Tranaportatwc. Bait 1M9] THE V***, Penniylvania Central Railroad, V (with ita oonneetioan) J 18 A FIA8T CLAl^ KOUTE ( vr auii WMTHUI I'lXlH SPEED, SAFETY AND COMPORT ! STONE BALLASTED AND FBEE FROM DUST! fi AGO AOS CHECKED THBOl'OB FROM BALTIMORE! mn dailt TtAtM rmoM FBIUDILPBIA TO riTTMlRHH! Two of thMB MAklBC clot* coRsarflom at lutinr^ Wit* traiaa OB the NORTHERN CENTRAL RAIL ROAD, ud format THE OREATCENT&AL ROUTE rui WASHING TORI AMD BALTIMORE to all points Id the Wwi, NoBra-wnr AMD SotTH-wm E7" For Tkroid TMketa.appy at the Oftoe el the Northern Geetra. Kail Road Com jaoy, Calvert station, Raiueora. Splendid Sleeving Cart on all T<isht Train* Stnoiring Saloon Cart on mil JTrains. FROM WASHINGTON. PiMtaitri ?i. 1 take t ha 6 a.ja. aad I p. m. train. i riTinr m oaitwore u 7 J? a. . ltd 6 4ft p. BL, Wber* com oonneotio&e are nM? witk Miu ob EU? Northern Cectr* K K ..aod arrive It Umr- i kt 1 p. m. aad 1.46 a *_ Utrt ou*et:u the traiue on U* PwinlTHU Col i t oad fur ail parte of the VMt FRE19BTB. . By tfcta roete, freif bu of til deeonptiopi ou he forwarded to and from aay point on the JUul romc* '? of Ohio, iMtioty, iBdiua. Illinois, Wmoouib, low*, or Mtuviri, 6? Hmtlromd dtrtrl. Tli?P??n?j .mi? Central Rejlroec tine eoaneeU at Pittebnrt w th **'"? whicc Goodeeaa 6 for war ck to any port ob the Ohio. Mb>kingem, mteckr, Thiibii,CBaiborltod. flUBOie. M>h laappi, WiaooBBiB. Mieeonri, Kaiiu, Aikiw. and Red Hirer*. aad at Ci?nra|aMd, Itondaiky w Cbiotfo with ueaatn to at. North weetero Lakes. Merohacte aad ehippera ectmeUa* toe traaepor. tatioi. of their Freight to this Compacy.oac rely with ccnf.cence ob ita ?peedy t-e.r.k. THK RATES' OF FKBI6HT to MMlfroaaov fo I t in the Weet, by the Ponaayivaoia Ontrt Raj, road. mrt aI mil Hwii a$ /mmmrmbU w mm tknrfjd by exk*r Rmtfrtmd Cmmprnmat. ID" B? partionitr to nark package* **tia PniR. CSKTKAL R. R." MaGRAW * KOONS. Freight Agent*. No. SO .North etreet, Baltimore. ENOCH LKWJB, ?M'i tin peri ?ft, AJ too aa, Pa L. L HOUPT, Geu'l Ticket Ag't. Puilacelehia H. HOLSTON. Oen'. Freight Ai?t, Pbilidelphia. kN-tn J^OKTHtRN CENTRAL RAILWAY. Tti Shortttf, Qu*eb**t and Bui JteerteAem Emit*- | WEST, NORTH*ANJ>4NO*THWE8T. 75*rstschkdvlr! ' um CiiMi or Tim. Ob and after 81'NDA Y, 84th Nonabir, Pimncer Tituu will arrive ud deyvt (roa Cklnn Station m foliow? : T*?im Noeth LBATB Mail at ?? a. m. Bifiio Kiprw 1p.m. ? | Park ton Acoommodanori 4?. m. PitUbnrg and Hameberg Expreea Ijr m. ? Bom A aura PfvrkVus Aooonmodauoc at I a. m. Huf&lo Li?rml?a.m p pitubarg and Hamabar g ripf? !?. , Mail I90p. m. The 6 a. m. train from Washington eoaaeqte with the (JO a. m. train from wTtiaor* for ub W(*t and for BaffaJo. Kmira,Roobeate- Den kirk, Caoadaigaa and Niagara, aad for Nea York ouy. The II a. m. train from Waebiagtoa oonneeta with Um)i. m train from Baltimore to wmi, North a~d N orthwaat ard Elmira and Baffklo and tCTTr'm. train from Waahiaftoc oannaoti with > tbe?jn p. m train from Baltimore Sr Putooarg. L Hamebarg and tha W*?t aat u a dim* oolsection for Lebanon. Kaaton A Her town aad .New York rt* Cehtr*. RulrooC of Nov Jsrooy. Try g tkis roato for Nov York. ? CTTti* only tnua iMruu Itlbatn on 8wxl?y 1 laJUM 8 ?. m. trn..L. lor HtrrMmrg,raMaq, Clu"^fS^onlj^Smin^rriTinf is Bk.uaor? ob Soatfoy is tbeSJPa. m.tnuc J AS- C CLARKE. ??iy ?wy#ri^?c^?ct T notkct. TO TI1VKUU& * < i'cxnaMtor Geter*. L*t:b< orflfC ths ailsornoc botvoon WMht&fton. Baltimore, and Old Point iFfTTUtJ^^^ Mouroo) to bo rooomod, ob aatf M oLAr.tMatii inituL the Dot Lim ot woreers ' i^tf0'0" ' M. w. FALba. Prsst m TOPHAJfC m MMilbM Md? U oik? MM. ?a^enor Leather udDna Tmb mU? ? T^o^ttsw^wsaWfEpW? k.r?n oi tnjjd,?r m2i to trtw < ifBSC

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