Newspaper of Evening Star, February 12, 1862, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated February 12, 1862 Page 2
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EVENING. STAB. WASHINGTON CITY: WEDNESDAY FEBRUARY I?, 1S69. P*T>oufh Tr.a Stab la printed on the fastest Win preai In dm south oi Haiti mere, !ta edition ! *o large as to require It to be put to pre*i at an arly hour: AtrtrtOements, therefore, ?hould be eat In before 12 o'clock otherwise they may may not appear until the next day. Of* F*:bnd? . the various military camps and positions will confer a favor hy keeping ua poatod a to movroenta and affairs Is their rlclnltlra. Spirit ( the M?raia| Preaa. The IntelligtMcer treat* upon the caae of " Dr. !*e?," and stiggrtt* that he wu rather a rude offensive specimen of hla class than a "apyM in the military sense of the word The Republican has a congratulatory article upon the ' step in advance" taken by the introduction in the Senate of Senator Sumner's aboil tlon resolution*. OFR MILITARY BUDGET. tii sLomiors kiwi or the victories in the south a2td the west ! Oar pea cannot describe the general joy here over the glorious news we publish to -day. Do not the details of the achievements of the Burnslde expedition at Roanoke Island, and of the combined fleet snd army on the Tennessee, completely vindicate the strategy of McClellan and the wisdom of the executive authorities h?re, In resisting so firmly the insane efforts of the traitorous abolition onward-to-Richmondltef' to brow-beat them Into interfering with hia (General McClellan's) well matured plana of the campaign f Is It not quite time that the malicious plots of tb? New York Tribune to defeat the General-In. chteTs war measures, by seeking to bring him into popular odium, were summarily stopped by the exercise of the Government's duty, in times iiki DTMPnt- In HmI rr?**** ! 1?? - , , ww?* UUIIIIUI *? J ?? * Hi tUVWt who aid the enemy either directly or indirectly. roahoke island. It la understood that General Hill commanded the rebel forces on Roanoke Island in the recent engagement there. He waa formerly of the U. 9 army, and ia a Virginian, ilia command (with the portion of the five thousand that Henry A. Wis? took to strengthen him that had reached there) numbered between three thouaand and three thouaand five hundred, of whom not more than two hundred at moat, If ao many, have eacaped. Gen. Henry A. Wise "tuk ick," of course, before reaching the island, from which It "wornt" quite as convenient to ahow his "thorough breeding"? hla bottom and heels, aa in the mountains of Weatern Virginia where h? earned hia reputation of the fleetest and longeat winded animal the war had then produced As long winded and wniuhlo ? , ?? iivumuuiiy, uriaioncauy DC is far longer winded and fleeter iu his new military capacity. A FALSEHOOD. Tbe New York Tribune of yesterday makci the following statement, which it utterly false: " Th? arrest of Gen. Stone was made without consultation with or the knowledge of Gen McGlellan. as it was made without the privity or assent of tbe Secretary of State." Tbe arrest of General Stone was made by the direct order of Major General McClellan, after that officer had devoted much time to the examination of all the accusations against him. The order was doubtless given because tbe ubmlaalon of tbe whole case to a court-martial waa tbe only way in which, under the circumstances, justice could be done to both the public Interest, and the accused. navy yard. The steamer Stepping Stone* arrived from the lower Potomac this morning, but brings no ntwa of interest, a* affaire are unchanged there. Heavy firing was beard from the rebel batteries this morning at 4 o'clock. Th* Fic*itazt or Wn. ?Secretary Stanton, we regret to have to etate, continues quite an invalid to-day, being still confined to hla bed. His indisposition, his physiciana say, Is entirely the result of recent over-mental and bodily labor. They anticipate, we rejoice to be able to add, that but a few days of rest are needed to restore uiui w pcttrci neaiio again. Have wi hot a Ginieal-im-Chikf Axons Us'?Roanoke Island, and Florence, Aiabarria, to-day answer that question ! Fort Henry answered it yesterday! Fort Donaldaon will doubtless answer it ere the end of this week ! A victory over Prlce'a army, In Missouri, will probably retcho the answer from the far West next week. (JT The New York Tribune, in its traitorous attempt to break down Gen. McClellan, aflects to discover that this officer is In disgrace with the Administration, because the Secretary of War, in issuing orders, uses the phrase, " By order of the President.'' The Tribune is perfectly well aware that promulgations from any Cabinet officer are, aod always have been, thus worded. The Tribune is defeating itaown purpose by betraying such blind malice To-day, the Seventh New Hamnshir* m?i , vfcl" ment, Col. Putnam, leave New York for tbe Tortugaa. From Frmnck Taylor we have Part 12 of Frank Moore'* admirable " Rebellion Record." Financial ? From Ibe N.York Evening Pc?t of yesterday: Government atocki are dull. Tbe T 30 Trewnry notea are % per cent, higher, telling at 9b\??9Money la ea*y to-day at 0 per cent, on call. Prime paper range* from Sjf to 7, according to the oreferencea of the buyer. The foreign exchange market la not aenaibly affected by the aewa from Europe, though rntea may be called acarcely ao Arm aa yeaterday. The ?? ?- ? - kciw w nave got into a lew feverish position, much of the large amount of bill* held oo (peculation having been absorbed within a week, and, besides, the exports are falling off while the Imports sre increasing, thus establishing a more regular market. The leading drawers are asking 115 on London, and 1 MJ* on t'aris, but these are tfa*< per cent above the selling rates this mornSold Is very firm to-dsy, and per cent, higher The sales are large, especialiv on time Most all the transections were at lu3\al0t cash and 104 j*' buyer thirty days. The deposits of demand notes at the sub-treasury on i per cent, interest are principally from savings banks and individuals. The notes do uot coroe In as rapidly as was eip*xted, most of them being inactive circulation, supplying the place of the bank bills which have been redeemed durlrg the past mouth. r?k. m stiiir tiikt ark Done.?The New Y ork cor respond cat of the Philadelphia Inquirer writes: "tim unpatriotic, if not scditlooa character of the attaca. upon ttin .McClellan and the I'realdrnt, which *ppear nlinont dally now. in the coluiuna of the New York Tnbuua and Evening Toot,are exciting univeraal detestation here, and, peeing that the tffect of them la to breed diacontent among the troopa, to whom particular pain* are a*ld to be taken u> Dave theae paper* aent, the cnl v wonder i* that the tjoveroment haa not ra oritd to the necessary measures to put a atop to ta? aulaanc*. AaacsT*?Mr- Heco, a Japanese, who hu com*: to tbla eointry for the parpcae of eatabiiahlng commercial connectioua with aome of the baalina lrma in the Nsrtksn ritiM ?? acquaintance la this city, came bere a abort time a.nee on a vtait. It appeara that be baa been iniataken t* a Loolalana creole, and hla mortrnenta cloeely watched. Yeaterday Mr H., in coaapeny with Capt \Vm. Bootbe, called at the realdenoe of Mr beorge Bryan, where they had baea bat a few atooaenca, when a aqbMfcof aeldim entered tbe houee and arrested Jjfte three tirtiaH, who were taken before UlPnrroet Marabai, who after bearing tbe explanation, acquitted Mcaara. Bryan aM Boot he. end reteoaed . ir. Heco, that gentleman fiivlng bond fc>?-fcla 'e-appevence ?-jUurondria Ckrtnui*. IKk. f f MB????? TELEGRAPHIC. THE GREATEST UNION ACHIEVEMENT OF THE WAR! The Bari'ide Expedition Kill or faptorr Wl?e'? whole Army Koanoke I'land, except Fifty, who managed to Escape! TWO THOUSAND REBELS TAKEN PRISONERS ! ONE THOUSAND REBELS KILLED AND WOUNDED! LOSS OF UNION TROOPS THREE HUNDRED KILLED AND WOUNDED! THE WHOLE REBEL FLEET CAPTURED UK USB1KUY hi): HENRY A. WISE NON EST AT THE BATTLE! O.JENNINGS WISE SHOT THROUGH THE HIl*, AND A PRISONER 1 ELIZABETH CITY BURNED TO THE GROUND! GREAT CONSTERNATION AT NORFOKK AND RICHMOND! SO MUCH FOR THE RESULT IN THAT -QUARTER OF GEN. McCLELLAN'S STRATEGY!!! (I'er Telegraph to The Star ] Ualtimork, Feb. 12, (via Fortress Monroe Feb 11 )?By flag of truce to day,we learn of the complete success of the Bvirnside expedition at Roanoke Island. The island was taken possession of, and Com moaore L,ynctrs fleet completely destroyed. Elizabeth City was stacked on Sunday, and evacuated by the inhabitants. Itwaa previously burned, whether by our ahella or by the Inhabitanta is not certain. The first newa of the defeat arrived at Norfolk on Sunday afternoon, and cauied great excltemenr. Ths previous newa waa very satisfactory, stating that the Yankees had been allowed to advance, for the purpose of drawing them Into a trap. The Rebel force on the island la supposed to have been only a little over 3,000 effective fighting men. ben. Wise was ill at Nag Head, and was not present during the engagement. When the situation became daugerous he was removed to Norfolk. All the rebel gunboats bu* one were taken. That escaped up a crci k, and was probably also destroyed One report at Norfolk says only 70 Confederates, and another only 25, escaped from Roanoke Island Gen. II iger telegraphed to Richmond that only 50 Confederates oil the Island escaped There appear* to be r.o bright side of the story for the rebels. The Richmond Examiner of this morning (10th) says, lu its leading editorial: ?'The loss of an enti.-e army on Roanoke Island is certainly the most painful event of th*1 war. The Intelligence of the telegraph yesterday is fully confirmed; 2,500 brave troops en an island in the sea were exposed to all the force of the Burnside fleet. They resisted with courage; but when 15,000 were landed against them, retreat being cut off by surrounding element*, they were forced to surrender. This is a repetition of Hattera* on a large scale." The following are dispatches on the subject in Richmond papers of this morning: "NomroLK, Feb 10?The latest news states that Capt. O. Jennings Wise, son of Gov. Wife, was shot through the hip and disabled, though bis wound was not mortal. Major Lawson and Lieut. Miller were mortally wounded. About 300 Confederates were killed. Our (rebel) wounded number over 1,000. The number of Yankees wounded isabout the same. Midshipman Camm had his arm shot ctT. The other caaualties are unreported. A late arrival this morning says ciiupciu ui?j uou ofta aaeiiea and burned by the Yankee*, and that the enemy wait pushing on through to Edenton " Second ruspatek ?Norfolk, Feb. 10?A mor has prevailed that Commodore Lynch'a fleet of gunboats bad been captured. It ii not regarded true, but Jt i? believed that all were burned by the Confederates to prevent their capture, with the exception of one, which was endeavoring to make 1U escape. The fleet went to Elizabeth City from Roanoke laland, and waa ?waK.W1.. V,..?* -i - * * * ^luwaviy uuiuv civ mr loruifr pOlHt. Third Dispatch?Norfolk, Feb. 10, received in Richmond at midnight.?A courier arrived here thia afternoon at 4 o'clock, and brought the intelligence that Elizabeth City was burned this morning by tbe Inhabitants. During the conflagration the Federals landed a large force. All of our gunboat*, excepting one, were captured by the enemy. Gen. Wiie ha? not yet arrived at Norfolk. A courier arrived h^e yesterday afternoon about -. -???- ? ? niicc u cioci, irum woom we gamer the following Information : Tbe enemy advanced in full force upon Elizabeth City yeaterday about seven o'clock, and began an attack upon that place. The cltiiens finding Kiistancc in vain cvt-juated the place, but before doing so Bet Are to the (own, and when our Informant left it wai still In flamee. We have also to record the capture by the enemy of #11 our little fleet, except the Fanny or Forest, Informant not certain which. Thia eluded the enemy and made up tbe TaaquoUnk river. It waa pursued, however, inri frnr* *r? i ?9 i .v- -?.v vhivimiucu mat be too was csptured. It is said that before our boats surrendered they were abandoned^nd that the crews succeeded In making their escape. If o, we are at a Ion to conjecture why they were not tired before they were abandoned. The disaster to our little fleet is attributed to the fact that having exhausted the supply of coa1 and ammunition, they proceeded to Elizabeth City for the purpoee of obtaining a supply. Every effort was made to ob'.ainccal, but without success, and ou tills account the fleet was unable to return to the Island or send any assistance whatever to our forces. All the details as published with reference to the capture of Roanoke Island arc coutirmed by courier. He represent* our loan at 300 killed and wounded; and that of the enemy at not leu than 1,000 killed. Great havoc waa made among them whl!e''. mlng up the road leading to the fort. Our fvrcca brought to bear upon them two' pounder*, and at every fire their rank* were terribly thinned; the place* of the fallen were, however, quickly filled Pork Point battery waa manned by the Richmond filuea, and moat nobly did they defend It during the conflict. They were attacked by a whole regiment of Zouave^ end though completely overpowered, they stood their ground bravely, nor did they yield a foot till all aave seven fell bleeding to the ground. There la good reason to believe that had Col. Hennkngfej, with hie artillery, b?en on the Island it would net havt been forced to surrender. A lac} c f field pieces wu aadiy felt, anfl^ad the* I been at hand the enemy perbape would never hare been able to have landed bla forcea. Henalneaen bad erdera, we nnderstand, to report at Roanoke laland, but by aome iniaunderatandlag be mistook Ellaabeth City for bis place of destinatloa. Capt. Taylor, of tbla city, la rep* reeented aa havine distinguished himself. In addition to tbe above are many rumora we might five, bat aa tbey are Robing more tban rumors, we witnnoia tnem. Among them it one, however, worthy of notice, that Gen. Wise had been shot while in an ambulance on hla way to Norfolk. There is no truth whatever in this statement, so for as we have been able to learn, and can only accout for it by supposing that the name of Gen. W. was confounded with that of his son, who was reported among the killed. It is reported that one regiment from Massachusetts was nearly cut up, but it is impossible to ascertain which of the five that were attached to the expedition. i ue newi recci*c? lu-uny occasion* great excitement at Old Point. A ateamer with official dispatches from General Burnslde is hourly expected. The prlsoneri captured, numbering at least 2,000, will be here in a few days. All the southern papers received are unanimous In admitting the complete victory of our troops* and that the lots of the Island l?a very serious one. Official Report of Lieut. (Commanding) 8. Phelps1 Recent Glorious Achievements on the Tennessee River! The U. S. Onnboiti under hit command proceed all the way up the River Into Alabama, and clear oat everything the enemy had upon it ! The Rebel Fleet, Stores, Ice., Destroyed or Captured, ice., 9cc. Cairo, Feb. 11.?To Major Gtntial Georgt B. McClellan, Washington : The following is Lieut. Com'dg Phelps' official report to Hag Officer Foote: 4> U. S. Gunboat Cotusloga, Railroad Crossing, lennessee river, reo. iu, isuz?to t>ag uj/icer A. H. Focte, U. $ Commander naval forces western waters, Cairo, Illinois: Sir: We have returned from an entirely successful expedition to Florence, Ala. At the foot of the Muscle Shoals, Alabama, the rebels were forced to burn six s^ainers, and we captured two others besides the half-complete gunboat Fastport. The steamers burned were freighted with rebel military stores. The Fastport has about 250,000 feet of lumber on board. We captured 200 stand of arms and a quantity of clothing and stores, and destroyed the encampment of Col. Crews, at Savannah, Tenn. We found the Union sentiment strong. I am, respectfully, your obedient servant, 8. Phelps, I I...* n- a t __ *T u iar 11 liicui. i>uiu!iiauuiiig, U. D. A^." G.\V. CULLUM, Brig. Gen. Vol's, Chief of General Halleck's staff, U. S. A. [ \ote.?The Star reapectfully requaata the New York Tribune to see to whom Brig. Gen. Cullum, chief of Gen. Halleck'a atafi, officially reports the glorloua achievements of a portion of the comblned army and navy in the West. We make thla requeat because what we publiah above utterly dlaprovea the Tribune's reiterated falsehoods alleging that the relations of the General-ln-Chltf to the whole army have been changed] Another Important Victory In tbe West! ? Commodore Foote Destroy* and Captures the entire Rabel Fleet in the Tfnnmee River! So much for the Results in tbe West of Gen. McClellan's Strategy! ? The following telegram arrived last night at the Navy Department from Flag Officer Foote: Cairo, Feb. 11 ?The gunboats Lexington, Taylor, and Conestoga, under Lieut. Commanding Phelps, agreeably to my orders, have proceeded up the Tennetaee river, and destroyed or captured all thk rf.bkl boats, broke cp thkir camps, and mad* prize o? thkir vine new gcsboats. They went up as far as the river was navigable. A II n r?? ^ ? n. n ruuu, ria^ umcer. Reported Evacuation of B*wlii| Grrtn. Louisville, Feb. 11.?Two persons ju?t arrived here report that the Rebels arc evacuating Bowling Green, with Indications of their proceeding towards Nashville. The Movement Against Kaoxvllla. Cincinnati, Feb. 11.?Reinforcements have gone forward from Danville and Somerset to support General Thomas In bis movement on Knoxvllle, Tenn. !> FENIAN BROTHERHOOD.?A sseoial IL.K meeting of the Pha'nix Society will be held at the Exchange Hote!, street, between 4X and 6th. on THURSDAY EVENING. ISih instant, at 7 o'clock f. m. A fall and panotual attecdanoe is requested. The regular weekly aeetinfa of the Sooiety will take plaor on Sunday eremnce at 4 o'olook. at the above place. Bt otier: fe 12-tt* ANDREW MoKENNA, Center. IT"5?OFFlCE OF THE JOINT COMMISII J? 9ION OF THE UNITED STATES AND COSTA RICA, Wathingtom, b\bruary 8,1P62.?At a moetinc ofthe board. held thie day, it wae Orrlffd, That all persona ha*ice olairae upon theRepnblio of Coata Rioa.whioh are arov.deil fnr K? tka 4l* " J* * ivi 1/r ?Mw uuuvouuuii uotwren If 6 UDllfQ 91&16S and the said Republic oonoluded ontheJd J*t of July. I860, do file memorials ol tho same with the Secretary of this Board in theoity of Washingtoa. CHAS. W. DAVI8, Secretary fro tem. fell-2w No. 860 F street writ. f^ROCKVlLLE AND WASHINGTON UJF TUHNF1KE ROAD COMPANY, Fibman 9,1962.?A dividend of fonr per oent. has been declared on the capital stook of this Company, payab'e to stockholders on demand at the Bank or Washington. 8. B. BOAKMAN, fe 10-lw Secretary. (>Tg?3ABBATH SCHOOL FE8TIVAL.-The LL5 Four dry M E. Habbath School will hold a Festival at Fiankiin Hall, aomer ol 9th and D streeu. to eommenoe TUESDAY. 11th inst., and tooontinae during the week. A full brass hand will be in attendanre. A pleasant tune is antioipated. Admission 15 cents. fo lo-6t* rTfr*WASHINGTON LECTURE ABSOCIA J.S TION. The Thirteenth Leoturewill be d*hv?r*<i t>* R. T. TKALL, M. D., At the Smithsonian Institution, On WEDNESDAY EVENING. February U. Subject?Th? Tkcb Hkalihs Am*. Doors opes at 7; Lecture at 8 o'o'ook. Admittance 25 oents. f?t0-3t jV??CITY HALL, February 3, 1883.?The A?I.S itMvrij bavinc oompieted the Annual A?ne?*ment f r 1868. will meet m their room, City Hall, a* a Board ot Appeal, froin the 10th to the .*th of thia month, inclusive, to hear oomplsiuU and to make iuoh oorreetiona as they may deem neceeeary- GEORGE GOLLARD. feb A-2awtd Secretary. i|? THE UNION FRAYER MEETlUg Will iL R be noiden every dar Km ??#? in , ni^? an Cburoa, ( K?v. J. 6. Uut.f:; at the oorrn.. of 11th and H itrHti, oommflnoing at 4H o'clock p n.. and oontinned but one hour. ja 30 (Yl^A_FAIlt, for the benefit of 8t. Vlnoentfe ILV Fenuue Orphan Aay 1cm, trill be opeaM on THUS 80AY. 90tn iu*t. at tbe Aay lam, oorner O and 10th treed. A. variety of aeefnl and faney article* will be offered lor aale. There will be alacch room where all kindi of refraehmente will be aerred. loe Cream and Confbottonery, in their Tanattee. ja COAL. WHOLmLK AND tRTAlt. At our omr, N,w Jeraey *venu"s, oppotits'B; J. LAWODOW k. CO. n * HAY?HAY?HAYt w f t 5SSS CONGRESSIONAL. XXXVIIth COHURrss -Ser.n-1 Smlii. Pijiatk.?Yrvtefflay, after our report closed? Resolution* deotarhtory of?the relations between the United State* and the territory once occupied by certain States, and now usurped by pretended governments, wlthootconatitutlonal or legal right, were tabled and ordered to be printed The firtlfleatK n bill was considered, amended and without flnuiy disposing of the subject the Senate adjourned. Hotrsi ?After our report closed? The reportof the Election Committee declaring Joseph Segar not entitled to a seat in the House as a representative from the 1st Uongressinal district *f Virginia was concurred in, and the House adjourned. 500 fort0 ?IO,e OOD?lK?meat, at 7 centsper !b /AMES S. GIBSON, fm ? . 223 Pennsylvania ar?noe. - f 12 3t opposite Wizards' Hotel. OATS AT WHOLESALE. For sals by J. LANGDON * CO,, r. <> .< ^eir J?rMT * venae. - opposite B. k. Ohio E. R. TVJOTICE.?All persons are forbidden to nero1T tiatean ecoepfance of R. W. Adams, dated 16' fift*?a handrad dollars parable pol,t^B"l; New Vork.-the ume having been mailed in New York to the ucder itned and not reoeived. fe '2 10t J. LANGPON. J.TQT A,ND 8RKF.N TEAS. T?X? ai*rR? lot of Black and Green Inn' Sf QtS&J. 1"!*'b?.P-*n * ww, wa HI KIWI O* ttlllUHl mem, me oeierraiea I English Breakfast Tea smith a hart. Branch of P. Tisrnan & don, of Baltimore. 811 7th at, next to the National Intelligenoer OfPce. fe 13 3t (Intel.) Mrs. s. courteille. 463 Elxvbnth ST., NUI F. ATTENTION. LADIES!?It will fire you satl'faction toroalit'le outside Pennsylvania av, to aee Mra.9.COURTEILLE,SOAPS,MU*LIN and ILLUSION WAISTS. REAL LACE* of every description, FRKNCH EMAROIDKRIES. eto. Orders are taken for*VVaists to fit. Also, all kinds of Laos Goods. Wanted, reveral able Bands to do op laoe co ds and sew at fine mnslina fe 1'< 3t FHKSH f.EMON BIhCUITS. ISoenta per lb, BOSTON CRACKERS, 10 oenU, SPONGE BUTTER i"o. lftoenU, SODA do. 8 oents, J?UGAR do. 9 cents, WATER ao. 7 oente, Good BROWN SUGAR, 9 cent*, Very fine CODFISH, 5 cents, Anotner lot nf freeh * round COFFEE, POTATOES and BUCKWHEAT FLOUR. ai vary low Brine*, at _ ? fa 12 lw? L A. DELLWIG'S. Na*y Yard. LADIES' RUBBER BOOTS

AND SHOES, All sizes, at J. B. PUDNEVS, 384 Penn aienne, hack of Clarett's Dry Goods More, IV*EN'S RUBBER BOOTS lfl AND SHOES, At J. B PUONEY'S. fe 12-tf 324 Penn. av., Bwk Room. HOR3ES WANTED FOR THE U. 8. GOVERNMENT. Pkalkd Proposals for the delivery in WsshinstoB City of 1450 CAVALRY and ARTILLERY HORSES, for the U. S. Government, inll ha ro^ai?r*/1 ? *v.? -m.? ?* 1 ~ .wvvi?ou m luo umoo oi lini. v. If. KilCkfr, D?pot Quartermaster in this city, until 12 in , on MONDAY, the 17th instant. These horses vill be purchased in lots not ex cecding 2*^ each, and no bids vill be entertained for a greater number from any one person. No bid will be entertained that is not endorsed by two responsible persons, who will guarantee that the bidder will comply with his proposition, if it should be aocepted. Twenty five days will be given from the opening of the bids, for the oompletion of the delivery of the hors's. Of the above horses, 500 are required for Cavalry and 950 for Artillery. Description of Horses required. Cavalry Horsis. From 15 to 16 hands in height; between Sand 8 years of age; of dark colors; well broken to the saddle; compactly built and free from all deleota. A *? ?? - n. I1UKBJIS To be from if>4 to 16 hands in height; between 5 and 8 year* of age; dark colors; free from all defeota; well broken to harneia and to' weigh not leaa than UCO pounds. The hones will be inapeotfd by a board of officers detailed from the regiments requiring them The undersigned reserves the privilege of rejecting each and etery bid, should he consider the intereata of the serTloe require it STEWART VAN VLKIT. fe 12-td Brig. 6en. and Quartermaster. Baltimore Clipper, Philadelphia Press, New York Herald and Pittsburg Commerc a1 Journal, will please oopj.till day, and aend bill as above. Families are infornkd that we have HuckLEBERR V PIES forja'eat 12H - " " WW-?. ?? v/l 1 TOPI'S B&COTT, fe 11 4 56 11th St., bet. G and H. CHESS. GENTLEMEN Who may wish to join in the formation of a seleot Chess Club is Wuhiacton oity may address "Caissa," Bo* 59, when a meeting of soefe will bo called to deliberate upon the matter. fell-3t* i Ju inks: t? liquors: CIGARS' The undersigned begs leave to inform the pnblio that he is selling out his fine stock cf Wices and Liquors pat up for familv nse. at oo?t price, at hia store No. 431 E St., near 7th st, fe 11 St* FRANCIS EPETH. J^OTICE TO FAMILIES asd SUILERS. I am olosing out a large stock of FIE FR CITS, FRKSh FRUITS, PKKSKKVKS. PiCKLKS. SAUCES. CATUPS. &o. at a sacrifice. Dealers will oontnlt their interest by civing me a call T. M. HARVEY, fe 11 -3t gSl C st, opposite Theater. 1HAVE JUST RECEIVED FROM THE North a large assortment of CLOCK-1, perior in style and finish to any ever offired pjl inthisoity, wh'oh I will sell at the lowestK^l market price. Watches, Clocks and Jewelry Pari retM red with neatness and di?patoa at WM SEEfiER'S, fe 11-tt* corner of 8th and I sts. e??t. R MILITARY GOODS. ICH Presentation, General Offioers', Staff, and LtneS WORDS. 8a4tios, Belts. Shoulder Strap* Sword Knots, Epaulets, and every description Rich Military 9oo4a A large assortment always on hand. M. w. GALT A BRO.. Jewellers, 344 Pa. avenue, 4 doors west of fe ll-3t Brown's Hotel HACRVLKY'8 1^1 Q tigroid Original ^llMT Oyster Saloon, W here you can obtain OYSTERS Fkish from th? Watms! HARVEY has always had the reputatioa of dealing in the heat stock of Biva,y*s. and he intends to merit the oontimed epproha'ion of the public by having oonatantiy on h?od the beat Ova icra anoraeg oy we army deep. II" it still neiling at the low mte of 31 par bushel. with trm'sings. Don't fail to call at 2S1 C street, oppoai e the Thoater. fe 11 at S~ HEPHER D*8 PLAIDS,for Dreaaeaand SuiU. Cluaka, Shawls, fine Silks, and fine Dresa Gooda, at reduce! rate*. Ourstook of Mourning Gooda, in all now fall and oompleta. PERRY * BROh fe 10_6t ra. avacua and Ninth street WHARDWARF! HARDWARE! E Havejmt reoeived a large addition to oar stock of? Genuine Griffia'a Horre Naila, Carriage Springa, Carriage Axles, A.o? ate. CAMPBELL * SON. 351 Per.n avenue, fe 10 6t* Oppoaite Metropolitan Hotel. Tl D1S8 >LUTION. HE Copartnership heretcJoie existing between Horatio Moran and J. P. Hilton, as the firm of MniiN A. Hilton, la thia day diaaolved by mutual content. All peraons having olaima against the said firm will please present them to H. Moran, for settlement, nr,d all persons indebted to the firm w'il please ealt and settle with the same, who will remain a few davs at the old plaoo of business, for the purpoae of settling the affairs of the firm. h?fnr? [ --- all Mil. left unsettled by that"timSrwuTb? plaoed m the hands ol a proper offioar for collectionHORATIO MORAN, Feb. <0,1862. JOHN P. HI LTO N. N. B.-A first rata rair of eoales lor weithin* havoroaal, lorsale. Also, horse, oart. and Harass*. fe 10-3f B U K N 8 I D E BNOE X P K D I T I O N. BUT DAILY FOR HOOKER'S DIVISION. MATTAWOMAN CREEK. Th* ra'e and strong Steam Propeller. "C rfgra.-wiUaakaadaUTtMpto _ JC-w 4 PiifiTwVrr moraine at's* pNsiock Joeth^boM. >??*a 10 e rec ? ? "if To at* CJHIRTINO AND SKIRTING COTTON?, CT all nnmbera of Um best branda pro4mm in tM Union or Europe. PERRY fc BRO., i*TR Paan.avnna*ad3Ui ?tr?C ttPRINe SUPPLIES.?Onr uul ample .to** S3 of all Drj Goc?da ndapwd for early Spring vuU I ?a <** I i f??? r%.MdNnmKTMi. I HOCK WISES. From tki Houti ?/ Mttsrt. HtnJull f Ctmp?y, JfefMUJ nit r?wif?4 ? larft lot of HOCK W'MK#, rintftf# of 1(57, the beat now in the country? >? lfttlnc of? ho! 'H Ml VpulllM. JOHAN.MJBt R6KI SMITH * HART. Brunch of P. Tiernac A for, Jta'tiroo'e. St I Seventh atre-t, n?xt to tha o?o? of tha fe 6 St Nationa1 Intelligence-. VN a?ti rig top. _ | !f*T OF UNCALLKD FOR PACKAGES.? L* From the Baltimore A Oni" Ka:iroad,on 8tor ace at WALL A 1M K N * K Dtf, aon Ui oorcer of Pa. avenue aod Ninth atrial: M. Cahn, B. F. Broth, * J.MoNattv, J.H.Stakera. Joh&Snvtfer, Woorrt Knckar, F. Tbonber, T flfTWheelar, P F Wi.aon. W. Leitaar, Chaplain Matlock, Capt. Wicfenbottom, lit R. F. Marley. reg. Chaaaeara, f.uke Burk. 8th III, Col. Caavenar, lat Mich. W. H. McComha, regimant. \V, A. Cainminga, Col. Karnavorth, Sth IiL Geo Rioharda, cavalry, A. B Corey. W Tomakina. Berdan'a Mirdooh A Cope land. Sharpahootera. lat r?f. I.. Ciaa?e. Millina. 6. Rioharda, A. A. Cumminice. fe 8 TH? ART OF WAR * , BARON DE JOMINI. Translated by Capt Mendell and Lint. Craifhill, GEN. CASEY's INFANTRY TACTICS, ..... Thess VoLtrxn All Military Books for ?aie at Northern pnoea. Hudson Taylor., Bookseller and Stationer, 334 fa *-?w [ latel . Repab. A Chron . 3w) BOQUET9! tf O Q U E T 8'! B O OU ET8!!! CLEM KNTBON A HAN FT, FLORAL DEPOT, Pa. av. and 3d ?t., south side, Over Modes' Hottl, Manufacturers of ai kinds of FANCY BOOWETS, BASKKTS. VASES AND WREATHS OF FLOWERS. IH^Balr Parties and Weddincs supplied with the Deet quality, at the shortest notice, and at the IownI prion*. Bonnets sect to all parta of the oity an'l ?eorsetown. n a it; -1 ?a ? ? ? ? ? ? - i . c.?r ino ? loieti oomniiy OUIIHIC. IST-1W National steam laundry, pi!?n Av , socth Sid*. Between 13th and 13>4 streets, Washington. w a 8 h i n g For the Army, Hotels, Families, and Individuals. Ai we h\?e every facility for doing op ton* Ten Thousand Pieoes Dailv, oar patrons may depend upon having goods done op in the best style and returned promptly when promised. Goods called for and delivered. Charge* moderate fe7-6t* Wheatley'8 dyeing establishment TAKE NOTICE. Finding it impossible to lire itriot attention to the Washington branch of my business, i intend dosing it on Thuriday.the lSth of February. All persons having work there will pt*aee oa'l and take it away, on or before that date, otherwise, they will be obliged to call at my old stand in Georgetown, where i am now permanently located: where 1 shall be eleaeed to rmoire thei r orders in future, which I p edge myself to exaoat* with promptness and dispatoh. WfH. WHEATLEY. fe 7 5t No. 49 Jefferson ?t., Seorgetowii, D.O. SMALLPOX '.?Small Pox Efactually Cured and AheltsKtd'?TM subscriber came to WMh i or ton three weets ago, and, to hi? aaton i abate nt and regret, favnd theitmall Pox prevailing throughout thr ait; and ita vicinity to an alarming extent. Being cognizant of the fvet that the disease ia not in the least abated, he felt it feia duty U bis country and feuow men to remain h*re, in order to cure, destroy and expel that loathsome diaeaee from your midst, and a so prevent its fsrUNV aer*ad. If this disease ia not apeeditr checked, but allowed to inoreaaeaa it has done daunt the few past months, what will haoome of tae army and oiUxena before springThere is trnt one answer to thia question, and that is self evident to etery one. Ti>e sutisonbsr guarantees that ail pereona raftering fr m thia dtseaae, who may beatf^dcd by him.wiil cot bs marked or pittetf in the faoe. All other diteasea are treated with eaoal M'? and raeoeaa, witnou t the use of calomel or blue pi lit (mercury.! Cases at typhoid freer, when treated at an aarly stace, rurid in 48 hours. All persona wbo win call at hia office, No. S68 15th street, between L and M.oan examine hia Testimonials yhiohareo' the highest oharaoter, anH wK t ak ^ 1 * * 4~ 4? ** ?' t>hivii, Iiv uvuum uuk, Will prUT? IU u? cnwrfij satisfactory. C. J. VON CORT. M. D., Former!/ Practical Physician and Surgeon iB Military Hospitals in fcarcse. and for tfa? p%st an jeara a wall known praoticic-aer in tbe oiH of New York- fa7 8t* HH OUSKKKKPKR8' WANTS. TABLK Lineua. Towela and M*ekins a fall assort meet Piflcw Cottons, Linens, Blankets. Comforts. Coun'*rp*nes, Ao. Tbe whole a: our proverbially low stees marked in plain fit urea. An inspeotion of a took implies i>o obligation to purchase. PKRRY A fSRO., la 7 6t Penn ar?nue and 9th street. CJUTLV RS AND OTHF.RS SHOULD SUB^ Qp mUL' 1 n T llAkf Durv ar IO o * a?W m - ^ i\ i i>lj m. v? ?nv/iurr*,/il D DA.1A I^UTB | REPORTER.?Weekly. ?2.S0 per r?r; nbi monthiy. f 1 5*>; monthly, 15 aents; with two oopies of descriptive lut free to all who pay in advanoe. < Orders promptly executed by er.oloaing the monev i in * note a-ldreseed to WARRE>TCHOATfc, 33'i Pa. avenue fe T-tt* CTITCHF.D IN CONTRAST COLORS. | O Ladies beat Pana Kid Olorsa. Also, plain Kid GIovm. all oolora and ?ism, very , beat quality. In addition, our uanal fall and oomf let* a took of Dry Good a, in all the departments of family varta, for the present and approaohimtaeason. PERRY A BRO., fa 7-6t Pa.avenue and Ninth street. JAY COOKE A CO.. No. 452 Fifteenth Street, opposite Traaaary Buildings, Washington. In oonneetion with oar Philadelphia Eossews have opened at No. 484 Fifteenth street, an oftoe < for th? transaction of a ceneral Ezohange, Colleo- I tic* and Banking Kusineaa. We boy and sell Coin, t noarrent Money. Stock and Bonda. (on eomauaaion.) Drafta on American and European citiea, reoaive Oepoaita. and make Colleotiona upon all accessible points \ te? lm JAY COORB A CO. SA J. MYERS, 10 WatHinaTON Boildihs, A larr* stock of Amciou >Vatchet for Ml*, aft j wholesale, by 8. A J. MYERS. American Ciocka at whol**al* by 8. A J. MYKK8. W&tah Materialaat wboleealaby 8 A J. MS KRS. Plated rhum it wholeraie by S. A J MYKR? Watoh Work done for the trade only, by a jraotioal workman, at 8. A J. M YERS*. I Steel aad Gilt Key* at wholaeal* by 9. * i. 1 BUYERS* 117" All wko!e*a!* dealer* c Watot** and Jrwelry would do w*il to oali at ft. A J. M YER8* b*- , for* coing on La*tor purcfcwi&f eieewher*. ja?-lm' 1 I ADIKS' RHADY MADE I NDKRCLOTH I I-i ING, NEW FANCY AND MILLfNBRY I GOODS, REAL LACES, EMBROIDERIES, < Ao., 4o.-1 take pleasure in informing tb* Mull** 1 that 1 hav* jo*t reo*irrd from tb* aorth ala?jn < a'ook of auperior foality LADIES' READY-' < MADE. UNDER-CLOTHINB: ihI r.a?i might Dreeses, Skirts, LWiw' 0r?vwi, &?., ks.. i whioh I deeire the laaiee to tuspeot, m they nn i imported t afore goods got so high, and are thers fore very cheap indeed. I No. iaJMKH R. O. ETCHl90N-.No. 1ft, ' Pinna. Avbhub, Between 8th and 9th Streets. N. B. Pinkipc done to orJer. fiMm Just Receded r*Tfsr^^fcjaortnoent of Now ' Feathers, Comfortable*, BlankeU, Bedsteads, 1 Mattresses, and Oarpota. Persoas winning to ] bay are re? nested to examine my stook bofore pat- I ohasing, as I am determined cot to be undersold. < *. bucblyt i 439 7th street, between 6 and H. fb Mm* eat mde. 1 MR. PERDRIAT, Burgeon Chiropodist, from ! Paris, begs to i nform you that he ana effectaal- , It remove Corns and Bunions, withoat pain, eo | that the shoe can be worn immediately aAer the i operation, withoat iLoonvemenoe. Alao removee 1 w&rts and other s s per fl eons flesh from the hands, so that they will appear small and delicate. No. 18 O* street, near City Hall. Charges moderate. Refers to the doctors of Washington jenerPERHAN't SECOND GRIND EXCURSION - - TO vtr. w IUKK AND BOSTON! Km Baltimore to Nov York and Return f 9 i Baltimore to Boston and Return I11J0 Ticket* for tale at Mr. Per ham' OBoe in the 1 National Hotel, whore fall partion'ari rany be had. I -Two throagh trains daily, leaving WashiartjB at 6 a. m. ana 5 p. m. Tiokete jood to return on or More May let. 1 iasvur __ VALENTIN?8! VALENTINES ! VALENTINES! ltfltUMrtBHt Of SENTIMENTAL AND COMIC VALENTINES, arAWsaftsir- ittafcark ss?Erw ^SjraypMMr1 jfc?> No. ?T? Pfc. ? .. WaatumtOB. Al NOTICE TO WATCH MAKERS. Jfcv JuS S. * J. M VERB jQl ' ^pfo'eooSi Wtrvuil. Wfttoh work doMfttttte triwifoBtj. Krl?tod Mrtoa hat J'Witik M?Mri3. SBts&'if'gm'&Ra isir krsif ?? I ? , , , .j?I AUCTION RAI1K8. THIS AFTKM.HOON ? TO-NOKKQW &B. 6RKKN A W1LL1AMF. Aeettwwn *Y# Aft fwf A Mtf D OULK FANCY GOOD*, BOOT* a*w.nlK. C Awp rriwitrn, a* Arcfuw-Oi THl K* DAY. ihe Ittk icaiaot, at ? ' lock a. m . v? ?k*J' v at oar A act ut Jlootaa. a far,era u*ort>M^ of Fane? t*o?4a. Rewia. aoC Hoaathotf Farnitara of rr?if oeacripuon. fo >-d (* ?.) tf?KKNtmi.l.lAM>.Anta. bj uktt.> * wiLUA?IK Ai cl > .?? pXCKi.LENT HOUSEHOLD AND KITC* Ci nFri*irrniT ttmon **a For?i m. Ksrr-Oa TrtcMfUA Y, it* 13 a >Mt. v. Ma., Ml at lro clock a. m .at tt* rardMM of N. B. VatstMt, Em>, at th? tonwr mi Mm iT*BU?rd IM iirttt. a gooC autrtaMi of riraitare, via: _ _ Piracy and Walaat Sof?, Di??n? ted Tablas, ' *Mini unc oib+r Har?aa* aad Bid aboard. Fio? M?rbie-to? Oak Cotta<? Chamber e?t. Pier 6 aM and Tafct?. UedaUala, Wart an< oUtt ExcfHoK^rathfr Bod*. Pillowa and Boaters aid Boldlnc Hair and ou??r Mmniin, Kxtecaion. Koekiu and oJi?r Ckana. ?iDd? VhtdN, Vwaattaa arrf oihsr B ,nd?. fcaveral fine Engrarlor?. Cl -et awl Man* Vaa??, Cbina, tiiaai aad Croekary W iniM TablaCatRub. Matting aad Oitaloifc, l?TM aad OlUn, /v doiroam, Shorai, roagi aad Faadara, \> itb agood aa?rti?r.t ofR.tcNer. K^aiaiU* aad maoy otbar artie st w?lota * darai nnnrnnaa ry to ac a mar ate. Tanaa oaah. Tka Houaa la alao tor rani; a kaaaao? looataaa ft* ? V'.^'.'fSir- lc^aira at lU rsa aaaaa ofj. w hll&fVT, p?q . No 4 51 11th. luiiaawi ? and H Itrnii. Out EN * WILLIAM*. fa? d UHAItf.) Aaetu o*rra. I*, iirtl I A. Diawiin * .. T,*"USTBE?' "baLK -b" rirtae afa''<M af 1 trn?t from Cbadee W ifliama, dated Apri^g. l?A*,a?.u of r<sx>'C. we will offer at aeetiOL. on THl RSDAY. tie Hth dap of WSbrmry. at 4 o'clock p. ,on th? prerr ?ee, that ot at graaad in Wuhn ctoa knovnaad d*tcr.r.ed ae tketoru em part of lot fto tw*nty-?ix, (?,) in eeaara No. one hundred, (!<?,) fronting forty-eight reet ? Twentieth a treat. and fifty feat oa M etreet. vuh the i m prorena&u. oona la ong of a twe atory Irta* Terant of a&Je: ftne third af the parehaat laeaay to be paid in oaah, the reexlveis thraeeeaaita talmenta, at urea, eix, and nlaa atoatha after date, with in tweet, to be ecnred. The termt of aale mnat be coap.ied with vithia one week after aale. or th*_property ma* ba reaatd . uiMnuun ooat of We hi ?t nmmr, ajfcaa mtk VMkl' BOtJOB. Tranea'i Gwrinowt. Baud'i Aaeoc.abaa. MTfcwU future'd a ra. By SHEEN * WILLIAMS. Aachonaera Handsome building lot. fbontins oh NoBTH M f T . stwiftn six IBsSlVBimL at Arcnon.-^OB Tuesday, the urn lnitant, we aba'. aall ta front of the araw?i?aa. at 4 o'clock ?. n.. Ml. of Lot No. t, la Sctxf maion of Square No, ?4S, it r*iag an on din <i?nj half. Thia property la rarr b?'t aitaatad, fronting ob M atraat. b*twaan Sixth Bad Seventh atreeta. Taraaa oaah. fe7-d GREEN A WILLIAMS. Accta. THE ABOVE SALE IS POSTPONED on aocoant of the inclement waathar, until rftl> DAY. the ltth inatact. am# hoar. fab 13 <1 G RE EN A WlLLlAMg, Aaota. ]\f AKVHAL'S HAL.K?By rirt?* of a writaf iM be;. f?oita imum iron tb? C.mV? < th* Circuit Court, cf the Uiatnet of ColnifH^a^ war the ooaflty of ** aahiacton, acd t<* mm I vili rapoM to aatmo Ml*, for oaah 0*Y, the 21 at day of F?i>rairv, 1MB on th* eta 111? diaUly Mitol the Ma>Ketfc?aMbrtdre. taVaorr*town.D C., co??.*noiBf tt W o'olock a C?rdaofOak and t im Wood, wiiM u4 iarted |oa M the itocd* and ohatt*ie John A. GniM, and will be wld to Mt1?fr judicial* No ?*. to Ma* torn 18(2, In Ikm of Difiics,i?r?nror of PwMf, WAlD H. LA WON, fe ll-dta I'. * - Mi-i?aI. I? f" MARSHAL'S BALK.?In vita* of A writ of ben (mmm, imum from :ho o.ork'* oAce or Ue eircut oourt of the Dietriot of Columbt*, tor Lb* oouty of WMhtnrtoa, sad lo me dirooteo, I vi l expose to pub io a*le, for oaeh. tn front <4 the Court Uobm door of?id ooui ty, on VVKDNKrDA Y, tne 5tj? day of March IMS. kI II o'elt>ok m.. the r<> >vine deaoribed property, to WitAll det> (int.: t rum. title, oaum aad iptoroot la and to Ul (oiti IS feet S loehea of Lot No. XI. in Sort No. SM, fronting on Sth e'reet weal, between o And P street* north, in tbeeity of WaehmrUn.. D. C.. together with all Aod eiacamr the improramacte UwreoL, aeised and le?ieo apon aa the property of i'win 8. Barker.and will beeo d toeafaafy jad.ciate Co am to January torn 1MB. in fa tot of John K. IMMI. WAIDS LAMUN. fe 1> u OTk Mhre.?ai P.C. SMITH * BROTHER'S PALE CKKAM ALE, SUPERIOR AMBER ALB, PORTER AJR> NKW YORK BROWN STOUT Tbe above CELEBRATED AMKRICAJf ALE8 m Brvwd from tbm CHOICEST BARLEY MALT an* HOPS, and kifky till l>y Ihoee who Ur? Utd U>em. ^inhiMn w? ra? seated to call tad examine oar *apori?r atoek. unrtd that they will ftad the BEST aod FIEEST mMK We kava at all tinea a large (took real* far delivery, ia whole, na f and 4 Barter oaaka, wMable tor tlM TRADE. HOTELS.aad FAMILY >?K. whiob we offto on the MOST FAVOftAVLK TEEMS. SMITH A KKOTHER. Brewer*. No. IAS * IN West 18th?t. New York City. Order a by Mai or Exkm praaMlf luaaM, CeMai ROOM TO RENT, aa. table foraatiora' aa?ir Aaely ?o S. * 77M YERS. im^nera of Watohaa, 10 Wukiaibw Baiidicc. IN WiTruvn iii^iUiUMll lo U oal! tod uuiMtk?itMk of 1*1. LIB. vm?k they are ee .tag V ft Mnt. lovir than *7 other boiM ia the city. 10 Wuiitijtoi 3gnc ?CVI/ATCh MAKKR5 W li! ?v time ud troihle hrcal! ng e. A J MYERS to pnrefcM* Watch Mater Mil*. Waieh tiluci, Toon, tad JeweUere' JobMag Malarial 1. 10 Waeuiagtea BaUdiag. SA J. MYERS, hiring aaderetood that ee* era! trave i?g aed.ara hanai repreeeated that they are oooaeoted with their noaae, aad aa inferior artiole, they take thie aieaearc in informing tke trade taat they are ta no way aoaneoted with aay hoaee c %reata la t hu city irr- Branch of BoetonH oaaa?10 Waehmrton Bnitding, Washington leg OYSTERS?OYSTERS- ^ /^w tjj wbivh mv waiMlv hvtvt mn hsv vi mv VfiWI i#?:pt*bl ?a loon, 91j phi. ftmie, ofKMit? WlLarda' Hotel, will cpea Ula eY?oiaj, Wn of til* glob* lichta) with its improved mimt if i?UUO(, MMatu of Itttai.kBd order otmrnoo. Ail deairinf a lmury will be rewarded t?r sailing. Sajerior 7 of Fraah Oyatera jonatanfcy on hand to aapp'y Hotels. Botlera and FmiIih. ib aboil, kflf.or ou Puuiin1 ordara laJtrered on abort olio*. Ctotoe Cn*<a at raa >onat>la iMM. t?>l_lin* ANc8AW{r." gjQ OYBTBK8! OYBTKM! r JLp Orater Shipfia? Comru; haa boon formed lui 'mm parpuw OI atp? yiOf KUUItM ?Bd lt? rioinity with Or a term. AH pe<aoaa wbieh a?e Na 5?s air c/sitiaavs. .S'SS b?th#i? can be Lm oa one oaj'i notto* for a leea Ptity aall at M Bridae etroet, 9?or|?o*B. u. "ho Oyntore shipped by this mimd; is as , if cut nor* ae, taaa any others tUai eaa be bad ib the District The Oyatera ara ofoood 'he laatoday they are taken from the water, and ara ant to the l>ta?riet the Mao niahL Alt or<Ws 11rooted to WlXXlAMH A-NCETlaaapoia. Nav Maacer tor Company, will bo fromptly attended to fo4-tsa* LrOVKLL, COLLKS *. CO. WHOLESALE OROCJSRB, m Fro?t mroac nov York, (MV WlllMil Hotel) Bftnni started a tnaeh ofmmr N?* York ?ctt~ liikant is tkte ?tty, w i?rite lHni,Bni>i, Iiii?imI?i, u4 H?W ri?irii to tall u4 UUUM o?r rtotk vktok u wail M?arf4 Mi NBprtMicf gootaof U? feMt ?a*Uty. W?tol? ^Cotl, TrMMn NoIM, U4 dunmt kMf fct ud wUt aaata?rt. aitior "iSaoTmutce A LL MEN DISCHARGED FROMtoJKKVICB A eu gat iuH oat la a ataa aalt ot Clittn at leaa that N r-w Y orkjnot-, at tfca P*op Cic*UiwtMw> No. 4M1wim?I >??? i? ta-dim OH b A L K-A NDoil^ial BCTi-fc*"? bj u. oompieteaeiia r?--? ao^i WLnygg**. 444 WtaUM. fctlf ~, ; o? 3Baa ti~ JSKSj'ofbKO^W ?Q>> * CO - / *ih?" WWwTrmV.

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