Newspaper of Evening Star, February 12, 1862, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated February 12, 1862 Page 3
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LOCAL NEWS. I ivcimin To-Ni?ht. Tkkatks.?John E Owe* ? "Caleb PlumTTver" In the great drama founded oa Dickens' 'Cricket on tbe Hearth," and aa "Peter Paternoeler" la tbe comedietta of "John Dobba." Castikbcbt Hall?Mi?aSarah Duval,Slgnor Aberco. Butler, Ward, Parker, Talbot, Baldwin, Clark, Vinton, M'lle La Folle, Mlaaee Mllea, Ver*?nn, Welles, Maggie, and little Ella in a buge *Hll of pantomime and burlesque, including "CoaCoa-Coog," "Le Statue Blanche," Ward'a great ^ ck-rape performances, ttc , kc , with the grand tlhlnn ? Wtnt*. >. alVlilM Forge " ~ *T ? ? n ? ? .. - _ - , C*bisttV?An Immense bill of original songs, JXS*' an* comicalities, concluding wlths side putting afterpiece. George Christy, Neil, "Japanese Tommy," tnd others In new characters Amphithxa tbs ?Dan Gardner In "Ala Cubssfer" and M fcaranooucbTom King as "r'aarte Statue, horseback," Kincade, the so me*a,.ult man ; 41 Zonave Halt," Don Jnan," the rtaiclng equestrienne Hslolae and all the stars In * brilliant programme of performances. Lecture by Dr Trail, of New York, before the Washington Lecture Association ?P?*n " The Tme Healing Art" " ? hp tH? Fnnnjin, sabb4th c-v?w-? -J ?- - -??j f y h ) Sabbalb School, at Franklin Hall, corner or Ninth and D streets The tablet are loaded with 'aerofnl and useful articles, and arc presided or* r hr (be roost beautiful saleswomen possible. !a It that the Methodist churches monopolize all the pretty girls! We can't account for It, but the fact is so. Orphans' Pal*, corner of Tenth and G streets, for the benefit of 9t Vincent's Female Orphan Asylum. An attractive entertainment. Ac*dsmt?7 Music, Pa. avenue, between Ninth and Tenth ata. Free concert* at 4 o'clock. Excellent refreshments, Ac. Hall open all day. Washikston Scientific Association ?This eoclety, met last evening at the rooms of tbe Vouncr Men's Christian Aasocfatlon, and tosk the initiatory steps tovrarda a complete organization. Tbe following gentlemen wers elected voicrii. President, Dt L^rtmli. Vice President, Dr. Duhamsl. Recording Secretary, H. L Hosmer; Corresponding Secretary. Prof. Looml*; Treasurer, Or H. Bilct; Librarian, J Disturnell. Executive Committee? IJr. (Jale, L E Chittenden. Prof. Cones, J as P. Haliday, K. Richards, Dr Stephenson The President upon assuming the chsir, briefly addressed the society, setting forth their object and respective duties The society is established, he said, not for the purpose of making new discoveries and Increasing the fund of scientific knowledge, but to disseminate and popularize science so as to render It accessible, interesting and beneficial to the people at large. It was agreed to announce in the papers a subject for discussion at the next meeting, and a resolution tendering a vote of thanks, to be transmitted In Latin to the Young Men's Christian Association for the uae of their rooms, adopted. Police ?George Webster was arrested by the Third Ward policemen yes'erday upon a charge Af lawanv israa Ksl/I fns a KaasS nn k? ? ??? j | auu w *? i"i ?"i?u< ucanu^ uy Justice Thompson Stephen Sberdian was arretted for threat* of violence, and held to security lor peace by Justice Rowland. John Arteaser, veiling liquor to soldiers; security for court by Justice Barnaelo The Fourth Ward patrol arrested John Drunk, and turned him over to the military J McKay, for riding on the pavement, was fined 5? by Justice BsrnT-lo. James Titcomb, violating the license Uw; dismissed by the same Justice. Win Davis, driving on the pavement; fined 32 58 by Justice Wslter. Wm Barton. co*>r?>d. washing his beck on the pavement; fined S2.94 by the same Justice. Thi Barkry Casi Okci Mom?Before the Orphans' Court, Judge Purttll.?Yesterday, the Marshal brought into court the minor children ~ * ? ? - -a n i3 n i v*? ii.. * - ? ui liirui Kt n o arnry ihu .urt oarury, un:nwru, and asked to be relieved from their custody. V'wn. Blooat aad Fendall, jr..coat .elfor Dr. t.lndslrv, (who was lately appointed guardian of the'.dren by thla court,) renewed tbe application for an order of the court directing the children to be placed in charge of their guardian, Dr. Ltndsley. The Court said the matter waa now conatruc i ve'y before the circuit court, an appeal having Wen fcik-n, and application mnat be made there. This court could take no further steps. S?co?ii> Ward Polic* Casks? B'f?r? Justice -.Clt'h. ? W. Blennerhassett, for an assault on 1'arusl, wa? held to ball In the sum of muu lor his apd-arance at court, to answer the charge, and wsi fined II.M for swearing in the street Lew!* Carusl, for an assault on W. Blennerbrssett, was beid to nail In tbe mm of f-JCO for bla appearance at court, to answer the charge, and wan fined Si M for swearing in the street. Capt. Drank (too drnnk to glee hi* name) and Charles King (almost as drunk as tbe captain), both wearing uniforms, were taken up helpless In the street, and were turned over to the Provost Guard. Chas. L Kvana: baekman, for violating tbe back law, was fined *5 5M. Gatsibtxg vr the Stbaooliis ?Ye*terday, quads of troops from various camps, were en-, gaged in hunting up men who have overattid oeir time, or have l*ft their qusrWs without permission. They were on the lookout for the delinquents up to a very late hour this morning, and suireeded in obtaining a considerable number of them la tbe outakirts of tbe city, who were immediately conveyed to their quarters under arrest, to be dealt with according to the military rale In such eases. Carfli?? r?i cr Fibsarm?.?a man named ^?muel Hebb, whi'e standing in the city post office among a crowd of persona, dropped a revolver on the floor. He wa.? arrested bf patrolmsn McDevttt, and was fined *21 IV by Justice Clark. Tbla morning, J. G Manlng was arrested by the same patrolman for firing a pistol in the street He was taken before Justice Tbompeen, acd proved tbat he fired the loads out for fear of an accident Bern* a stranger, be was dismissed with a lecture by Justice Thompson. Popbtm Wabd 9tatio!I Casm?Before Tuuict Waxttr ?Alex. Toonette, druuk and disorderly; 1 56 Drum Major Brnce, do : turned over to tbe military Wm. Brunzel,do ; SI 56. Chaa Carner, do ; f! Rafns Miller, stealing; fot farther bearing A ben Gordon, drunk; turned over to tbe military. Jaa Scott, deserter, do Jaa Reed, larceny; for hearing. Wm. Dodd, drunk, SI. Tbea O'Brien, do ; turned over to the military. AtrnM White, drunk and disorderly; dismissed. Mary Simon, do. do. Tri Camfbills ?Klaewhere will be seen the announcement of tbe return of the Campbell Mivii!r?lfl and annMpanr# th?<r Anor. House date Philharmonic Hall) wiUi a splendid troupe of musicians, Ethlopean cumedians, pantomtmlsts, daocera, and other attractions The elegant improvements made to the hall, and toe reputation of the Campbells for originality, cannot fall of rendering the new Opera Houses most popular resort. TEE MA*TtA?D A!?*CAL CoXTKKtHCS ?This iartrr aad learned body of ministers and laymen of top Methodist Protestant Churrb, will hold Its rriiil^r session at Chestertown, K astern Shore of ft! ar* l-iud The District will be fully represented, its tb- wsr has cut eff bat two or three stations frooi the meeting. The session will begin the second Wednesday In March next; and the varl out stations and circuit* are now preparing to elect thsir d< fgatos. Houses on thi Sidewalk.?It ha* become qolte common lately for equestrian* to choose the *Jde?-alk la preference to the middle of the street. Of?nr-e penons Indulging In this amusement ought to be made to pav for the fun, or so thinks Justice Barnaelo, who yesterday fined John McKay and John watson ?2 56each, they having been srrested by patrolman Crown for riding their horses ms the psrinint. Craisi or Fnann? J no. McNlel, appeared befose Justice Thompson, yesterday, to answer the charge of obtaining a horse from Jno. Mont M %Jt m QMa?k. - J M *1 a ornery, wj nauu .ui omuu ippnrra xor ioe proeecatlon, nod Mr. Phillips for defence. Tbe evidence stowed that the horse wss purchased? tbe accused gluing his note In payment; a poo which, be wss wss warranted. This proving It wss* civil debt, Justice Thompson dismissed the case Not hi Mas ? By the card e'sewbere It will be teen that Cspt Drew, of the Georgetown H?K Osards, Is not connect*-4 as reported with any o?e of um booses closed Id Georgetown, for the sale of liquor to soldiers Cap* D. ?m formerly the proprietor of the Federal Houae, (one of the ho (MM mentioned,) bat has no interest la It A PoLhtth's FtraSftAL ? Cosapany 11, Vtth retlaMt M. Y. volunteers, yesterday afternoon scesmpsaled the remain* of a deceased comrade, Jshn Sear*, to the railroad 4epoi. The body vii ?eot to the late hone of deceased, la Csytura couhfl Y "Thihti ."?Oi Moadir evening the wife of Mr John Eck?ie.n, who Uvea near the Navv Tud. giw birth Ui three children?two g'.rlaand a ho*. Mother aid ba bee?and the fathor too?ore doing well Eratrai ?'ThU morale? a coiorad woman foil apon the payemeat oil, new Tenth Mmt, with aa attack el eptupay A large crowd waa fathered aroud her aai she waa taken la charge hr the pollco oatll she recovered L Tat l.BCTOat or Dr Hayes at the Hen thson; vi I on Mondajr nlghi, and other latere* | wwm wii articles, any b? fourWI on -aI fonrtfc p?fe t>t to-day* Sfr^ 3 Ciihijih CooaT ?Yesterday afternooa Wm L acSF1 ssssa alizansmia Arrai*? From ti e Alexandria Chronicle of yesterday we make up the following Item*: Geo. Montgomery baa Issued an order declaring that "the practice of making offensive remark* and demonstrations to the guards, military men, and Union citizens of this city, bv females and others of secession proclivities, will no longer be tolerated. All those offending In such matters will nereaner oe prompt:v arretted and treated as the circumstance* may require " The fire of Monday night consumed the old Gazette office, (In which was published the Local News,) tha residence of Mr Entwiale, and Mr. Steven<on'a boarding-house. 'Jharl?*s Adams, a well-known serewlonlst of Alexandria, was arrested en Monday by a couple of soldiers and taken before Cap*. Gearbeart, of the 6th Illinois cavalry, upon suspicion of having been outside the lln?*s for some time, and In communication with the rebels. On the recommendation of Mayor McKeszle, Adams was re leased from custody by Capt. Gearheart. Subsequently Adam* was again arreated by order of Major Gil*-, Arid officer of tbe day, and confined 1n the slaw pes; but, npon tbe arrival of Gen. Montgomery from NVaahington, Adama waa again set at liberty. Much excitement baa been occasioned by tbe arrest of tbe Rev. Mr. Stewart, wbo, la apite of remonstrances and warnings, persisted In parading his rebel proclivities in tbe pulpit. On Sanday, upon omitting aa usual tbe prayer for tbe President and Congress, a cltlzea In tbe pew with Captain Farnsworth, of the Sth Illinois cavalry, o uietlv requested tbe minister to read that oortlon omitted in the ffraver. This, with a second request, was not heeded, when the Captain aald : ' blr, I Insist apon It that you reed the prayer of our cbarcb, as prescribed by Its form*, for the President of the United States of America." The parson still continued the services, without payinn tbe slightest attention to the request, whereupon the Captain directed Sergeant Klnley to arrest the traitor on tbe spot Sergeant Kinley walked up to the pulpit, and merely laid his hand upon ine arm of the rebel parson, saying: " I am ordered to arreet you, air; you must discontinue your professional labors and come with me." The parson threw the sergeant's band off, struck a theatrical attltnde wblcb be had evidently studied for tbe occasion, nu gut on a mtio-aramanc spe#cn commencing, 'I arraign yon, sir, Wfore-th? bar of hl_h Heaver,' 4c , Stc. Here the captain stepped up, with Rome other officers, and tee reverend traitor was gently helped from the pulpit. An attempt waa made by several of the congregation to rescue the clergyman, bat the firmness and declalon of the officers held them In check, and Mr Stewart was handed over to Gen. Montgomery,who telegraphed to the State Department for Instructions Upon receiving. In reply, an order directing him to dispose of Mr 9tewart at hla discretion. Gen Montgomery set the reverend gentleman at liberty. Dxsczxt upon Whisky in Bladensbcro.? Yesterday the guards of the 1st District regiment went Into Rladensburg and finding that certain parties were selling liquor to soldiers, emptied the stock of two establishments there. One of the persons charged was brought to this city and turned over to the Provost Marshal for trial. T a kino thk Oath.?Justice Donn having partially recovered from bla severe attack of sickness, has resumed his business under the order of the Provost Marshal, and this morning administered the oath of allegiance to a number of Virginians who are now In this city. Central Guardhouse Casks?Btfort Justitt Walter ?Ferdinand Kimogouber, vagrant; workhouse 90 dsys. Chas. Einll, drunk; Si 59. Ellen McCarty, drunk and abusing her child; workhouse 60 dsys. Fifteen lodgers were accommodated. Painful Accident.?Mrs. Chandler, while passing along the smooth stone aide-walk on the south side of the General Post Office yesterday, slipped and fell, breaking her leg in two places She was immediately placed In a carriage and conveyed to her home In the First Ward J. B. Conk un, the great spiritual medium, can be consulted at No. 411 Thirteenth street, between G and H, Washington. fe 12-31* Thx Eliza Poset charged yesterday with disorderly behavior is not the Eliza Posev who reJ A * A tl . uura uii 1 aire*:'., uriwccn iwcuuima 1 nirieenm streets, It* Mb. Editok?Sir: In your issue of yesterday you bad *u article headed "Georgetown Restaurant* In Troubie," and among others you bad ray name mentioned aa being proprietor of one of tbe bouses tbat were closed Now, i wish it to be distinctly understood tbat I am not in any wav connected with any public bouse whatever. Wm.O.Dkkw. Ma Emtoe?Sir: There appeared In your Star of tbe Utb, an article charging Capt. W. Draw with selling liquor to soldiers. 1 beg leave to say that tbe gentleman mentioned baa nothing to do with my place, as I am sole proprietor. It* Hkubt 8. Nblsox. " TLBS'* VOMTOVXV&YMVT OtJM ARABIC ?We take great pleasure In recommending the above favorite remedy for Cengbs, Colds, and all affections of the Throat and Luugs An attache of tbla office bad a severe cough for several weeks, and after trying every likely thing, without any relief, was perfectly cured by a single ttottle. We are , not surprised that It Is so largely patronized by oar soldiers in aunp ? Bait. Clipper. Th* I id: an Hebb Doctos, From Canada, will describe diseases and tell his patients the nature of their complaints or illneas, without receiving any Information from them. If a chart* far Consultation or Advit*. OtTR MOTTO. We n?" such Balms aa have no strife W 1th Nature or the Laws of Life: With Blood oar hands we never stain Nor poison men to ease their pain. Our Father?whom all goodness fills, Provides the means to cute all Ills; The simple Herbs beneath our feet, Well used, relieve our patn complete. A simple Herb, a simple Flower, Cull'd from tbe dewy Lea? These, these shall speak with touching power Of change and health to the. Room No. 11, Washington Building, Penn. avenue, corner of 7th street. feb 8-2w* uor.H", nunions, uaiosines, Bad Nails, Enlarged Joints, and all d'seanes of the feet cored without pain, by Dr. White, Surgeon Chiropodist, 426 Pennsylvania avenue, between Fourand-a-half and Sixth streets Room 7?up stairs. Office hours from 12 m. to ft p m. Orders to call at residences promptly attended to. Jan 16-lm* Plkasant FuRmsuKD Rooms, with fuel and gu, with or without board, at 415 E street, between Eighth and Nlnih streets. Table boarders can be accommodated. Jan 15-lm* Taxi mo moki cnplkasaut a.nt vhiaxs Midicixas ?For unpleasant and dangerous diseases, use Helmbold's Extract Buchu. which has received the endorsement of the most prominent physicians In the United States Is now offered to afflicted humanity ps a certain cure for the following diseases and abuse of ths urinary or sexual organs: General debtllty, mental and physical depression, l V 1114.. Jk -M t- ? ? >- ?< ? ucictinuiauvu 01 oi-vu to me neaa, confined ideas. byfterla, general Irritability, rest* lessoess and sleeplessness at night, Iom of appetite, absence of muacular efficiency, dyspepsia, emaciation, low spirits, disorganization or paralysis of the organ* of generation, palpitation of the heart, and, In fact, all the concomitants of a nervous and debilitated state of the system. To insure the genuine cut this oat. Ask for Helmbold's Take no otber. Cures guaranteed. See advertisement la another column. feb 4-tf Families who have never used Boston crackers are Invited to try those maaufactured fresh every day by J. L. Dayton. Bold by all respectable grocers. ja88-tf Th* miasma and foul vapors generated bv the hot sun will be far more deadly to war volunteers than the enemy's b&youets. In tie Indian and Crimean CamDaltrns Hollowsi/'? ''ills w?r? n?#*l In enormous quantities Th? y ke >C the troop# In perfect health Only 25 cents per i ox. Soldi era, aupply yourselves _ 217. 1*014 RrBBXXbOODS. India rubber Sbeeta for protecting chlldren'a bed a, that no family ahoold be without; 78 cents each. Rubber Blankets, for aoldtera, #1.25 each. Rubber Poaches and Blankets combined, ?2.80 each. indla RubbwOoats, whits or black, S3-50each. India RubW Leg ulna SI per pair. And all kind* of Rubber Gooda, including Rubber Boots and Shoes, Rubber Stopper* for bottles. Door Mats, Under Sheetings for beds in alckneaa, 4c 4c , at manufacturer's prices, at H A Hall'a India Knbber vvaretotiMe, kh fa. ay., between Ninth an4 Tenth streets. Janl-tf f aim On tb?6th instant, by the Rer. J. Ebinger, J. L* PHI I.IPS, of lialtimore, to Miss LCCINDA B&ILKY.oi this city. [Bi'to. papers oopy.] * On the Uth instant, by the Rev. Mr Taauer, Mr. WI lliaM W. ti M K8 to Miss MARGA&KT bCOTT, both of this oity. ? ^ m ^ MMh oii*8rra?^: 5?r?sw? sat Sars. elde?t son or Nioholae BiJdie ud the tato n Mkh Wood Van Z*n<3t, of thl? oity |NP(lKTiN T_T O UOll.. Thttlbdnbirikm ohm the nor* No. 16 MliTHf|*"i Pa. ?.. bet. 8tti M.d 9thits., uafir?t Oiaoo Laoe ?m Pm.oj Drou Cap Depot, ooaiieiiui ia jartofFointd'Aleaoon^ Applique, Mock ec &ad k DVg?82N'?* AMUSEMENTS. THBATBE.-SMo9d Week of Mr. J. E. Owens. Wednesday, Peb'y 12, willbe performed the Comedietta of ^John Dobbe"?Peter Paternoster, Mr. J. E Owens. To oonc!u<ie with tie Drama or "Caleb P'.ummef"?Celeb flumnier, Mr. J. E. Owens: Dot, Miss 8- Oenm. Toe new pieoe of MThe chimney Corner" will be prodaoed ?n Monday. It* * Campbells are Coming" RETURN OF THE OLD FAVORITES TO THX1K NEW OPERA HOUSE' LATS PHILHARMONIC HALL, Fsmnstltania AV., Abov* IITB ST QRAXD REORGANJZATIOy! SIXTEEN STAR PERFORMERS, Piokel from the very flower ol the Ethiopian profecaion, whose chaste S O I K e K a n c bTi/rn p b during tbair late tour throughout the principal oitiea of the have von for themselves the hichest encomiums f'om both the PRESS AND PUBLIC! New Facts and Old Favorite* Also, a complete BRASS BAND! Under the direction and leadership of MR. FRANK MALONE. The Echo Busin, Late of Dodvorth'a Band, Nov York. Obsikvx thi Galaxy or Talent s pie. ralphael voight, a i n ? ? * lunuosi vireoior ana ?oio vionuni; MR. FjlANK MALONE. Eoho Bugler and Cornet E Puton; W. A. CHRISTY, Eccentric Comedian; W. WARDEN, The t'naproaohable Alto; G. W. FORD, Baaio Profando; CHARLES DUPONT, Interrogator* A. F. BTIJART, Pantomimiat; MON8. EUADORA LOCKE, Bohm Flute; PROF. NASH. Violin S?oonda ; C. W. KENDALL. Violoncellistand Siump Orator; W. R. LY8TKR. ftnitar T?nr : LOW 6AYLORD, Ethiopian Jester; W. SCHAFFER, Tyrolian Warbler; WM. CLAYMORE, Aria; JOE CH1LDS, Champion Clog Dancer. SPECIAL NOTICE. The Management would announce to citizens of Washington and viomitr th*t they have leased the above Hall, and it is now undercomg a thorough renovation The Auditorium will b* arranged with cushioned seats. The Stage will he new, entire, and all appointment which will speaitllr sdist it for s First nlui Pinna nf jkmnM. meatfnr For oMninc night see future advertisement and bills of the day. List or Pricks. Admission ? .2$ o*nts Reserved Seats SOoanU Colored Gallery . .-_?25oent* fe ll-2t DUPONT A GA YLORD. Prop'rs. CANTERBURY! CANTERBURY! First Appearance of the CANTERBUR Y MINSTR ELS ! CANTERBURY MTNSTRELS ' CANTERBURY MINSTRELS ! TO-NIGHT. First Apjearanos of fMGNOR RAFFAELE &IGNOR RAFFAELE A b EC CO. ABECCO. ABECCO. THE THE GREAT NATIONAL BALLAD GREAT NATIONAL BALLAD V1KTUOSO VIRTUOSO! TUB LEON I PANTOMIME COMPANY In M. Lfom'ft highly anooeeatnl oomic pantomime, LA STATUE BLANCHE! LA STATUE BLANCHE' Received on Saturday with unbounded shouts of laughter aod applauae. Admiaaion 26 oeata ; Orobeater Chat re 30 cents. A Family Afternoon Entertainment On WEDNESDAY and SATURDAY. For LaUiea and Children, with delightful perform acoes aa<1 % lavish diatribution of preaenta, seta of Garnet, Coral, and other styiea of Jewelry ; articles of uaeful and ooatiy character, and p1l.iv liltr.r'se.c?"1l.h ukk??ks: CU" The Silk Dreea on 8a<nr<i*Y. FebrnarT Ath, wa? presented to M'l. John E. Aboil, on the Island. ^ A macaifiaent havener CLer.e Silk on WedneaAdmi'aion 2iofnta ; Children 10 centi. fe 10 iv the Vf A8IIINGTON ACADEMY OF MUSIC. Vem.t. Avktvub, (South Sid?,) No. SI89, Between 9tk nrni 1(?<k sts. ^ Every erenim a remarkably fine FreJ^Motrt, enftrao ins eeleotiona from the beat ol&Mio muaio, and tiie moat popular ooeraa?rendered m h?HA* I sty^e than at any other Amerioan conoert saloon. The gueste?and the pnbiio are freely invited, without oharga for entrance,?may rolj upon bar mg every comfort they desire. In addition to the finest muaio in Washington they wiii obtain, on oa!I, from the attentive attendants, decidedly the beat Refreshments for sals in the 1-ederai Metropolis Officers constantly in attendance to keep good order. Concert oonnnenoing at 4 p. m. HENRY ROSENTHAL,. fab 7 1m Proprietor. KINtt'S NATIONAL AMPHITHEATER, Pen*. Av. asd E St., N*ar Willaftfi'. T. King -- ....Sole Lessee and Manager S3, bocit . . Associate Manager \ Whittaker -Equestrian Manager THIS evening, Tom King will givo hiaComio Imitationi of CLASSIC STATUAR Y horseback: Have you ae<?n old DAN GARDINER In hia treat Burlesque D&r.ce. A La Cubuttet! And K'-aramocch The Bountiful M'lle H Kl.OlsK Every Evening! KINCADE. the 10.)SuinmeraAult Man! Tie Or eat Zouave Halt Muat he geen to be appr?oiated. DON JUAN Every Night until farther nctioe. >iw Novkltikb in Preparation! Stale Prices?Oroheater Chaira 75 centa; Dieaa Circle 40 oenta: Children under in yearaof age to Dreca Circle 26 oenta; Social R&nm 26 oenta; Colored Gallery 25 centaj Colored Buxea50 oenta. isuura upon ai < u t.iwi, ponuriuauccs vui o?mnuanoa >t 8 praci?ely. fe7 ODD FELLOWS' HALL. 8*v*mth Stkixt. George Christy's Minstrels APPEAR NIGHTLY at ODD FELLOWS' HALL. And conttnu* tvtry evening until further notice. NEW SCENERY hu been added to the 8t*te. and ever* arr&nce ment made for the proper production of GEORGE CHRISTY'S CELEBRATED PAKCES, BURLETTAS, Ac. Ao. Ao. Admlaaion JS oenta; Orohester ohairr, SO oenta. Doors open at quarter to 7: oommeno9 at a aarter to 8. JOHN P. SMITH. fe3 Buaineaa Agent. fjATENT OFFICE CURIOSITIE3-Gaide to JT Patent*, catalogue of Curioaitiea and Government Garden*, at the atiod in Patent Offioo; Rare AntiQua'i&n Book a; Government Booka; Doouinenta furnlahed: Railroad Reports; Mllitarv Re porta; Knrot Patent Ofioe Reporta; Cheap Hooka rarniahed to Pedla-a; Military Trial*: Military Lava; Army Recnationa; Panorama of theCoaat allowing over S.GDO milea; many taoutand Cheap Booka. Recolieot cheap rent. Large aalea, icw pi ioea. Up ataira, over Bank of Washington. ja?-lm* ALFRED HlTNTRR. M?^???? BALKS, PARTIES, &c. t'HE LAFAYETTE BOYS IN THE FIELD A6AIN! The membera of the Lafayette Club take pleasure m announcing to th?ir many friende.and % the pubHo in general, that they intend riving JfcH their 13th GRAND BaLL at Temp?rance^A Bail.on THURSDAY, February IS, 18?. BB The Committee pleas e themselves that no pains or expense will be apareito make this equal to their laet. A fnll Hnu! Strin* Rn.rr1iannrA.vMl far ?h? night f iokeU tl, a Kantlaman and ladies. Bt oraer of the Coamittoo. fe 11-st* T POSTPONED. HE STEWART HOLLAND BOYS announce to the tablio that they will nrathair am. Seventh GRAND UALL. at Pbankuh Hau $f (instead of Btott'a Hall) on TUESDAY,

February It. IMS. KB Tiofceta ?1. fa 10-st? a taiftu unftnu duiiiCiB 1 Will b*jrixgn?t ftl /MHJ6H8, CUl^.HUAK3ENE88, *o. | COMPOUND S\lbUF OF SUM ARABIC, Thi? flMMOt %aA fOfulMi Couth RomodyT bMO ao iodic known %n<l exteniiTolyom4 thataoci HTMM Ut? booonie Ujniliw with lU oxtroo.-djAft!" ntt tfm > a . t? C ? WANTS, f \J|7 ANTED?A PISH-WAHHJIR and BCRl'B^ GIRL A??lyat thaEhbipMoTao. It* WANTED-A plain COOK, WASHER. u4 2? TroNER. in am&il family. AppW at 437 Eighth atr?t between D and K. >3 at* WANTHf>?TEAMS to hau' wood. Call at W. " T. MoCloaky'a Seiar Statd, in Br?wn'a Hotel. [feli tt*] JAS. HARDING. \jyANTED?Two SERVANTS. f?r oook and ?* rliaattormaid. Good referenooa teauirod. ApP'y at tins office. it* WANTKD-A WOMAN to do waehinf and ironing and general hoaeework. AnAaneri ?an or German woman preferred. Apply to 449 12th street, between G and H. fe 1? 2'* \U ANTED? A BOY abont 1? or 17 jeara ofaie, " who can keep books and attend in a store. Good recommendation! a-e required. Apply at ?be Star Oflb*. 1t* WA NTP.P?Bra rerpeetable woman, a SITUATION aa oook.waaher and ir->per, or to do reneral homework. Address Box 1 2 Star Of fioe. fe lJ-tt* WA NTED? Bt a lady and senMeiran. a FURNISHED PAH I .OK KB<ICH^VIBER,lVMt of 12th street preferred. > with Board. Fire and Oa*. Unaueationab'n ?ir?n *ml r*anirai4 Addreaa "M /G .," gtnr C^ffne*. <? lYst^* WANTED TO HIRE-A HORSE and <i?ht " Bimneaa Waroo, by the month?the ndrertirer to faed ard at?b e th> orte himaelf. Apply to NKlLiG 1>TKEK. * CO., K?rmture Store. up aUira, No. 323 Penn. ?v. It* YVANTED?Ona tr.oi SERVANT to eook, " waah and iron. The beat w%*?m Riven. Nona need apply hot thoaa who oan noma well reoommended. Alao, one Servant ti*n<l to children ; the beat wates jivan No 361 New York avenue, between 10th and 11th Bts. fa 12-St* GEORGE 8E1TZ. WANTED?Bt a pprmanant reaident, *a DWELLlNO-HOi;??K.(iir,fiirmahed.) within ten niinntea' w&llt of Wil'a ua' Hot"l. Addreaa, etatin* looatior, rent, Ao , Post Office Box 153. fa ll-3t* \\j Am rr.n-A cr>od co!or*?l COOK, who under? stands her business. Ow tocwltund wash, who m competent aid ii.dustrions, mar h**ar of & desi'ahle home, with Rood w?Res, by app'tinr to the Bookkeeper at the frtcr Offioe. fa U St VV ANTED TO RKNT-Wnnted to rwt, wi?~h " or without furniture, in the First Ward, a HOUSE with from 12 to 14 gcod room*. Addre?s immediately E. J. M^LEN, Provost Marshal's Uffico fe ll-1w BARRFRS WAN'TKD-A* E. ALLIOT'S. No. 313 Pa. avemo. naar Willards' Hotel, VVa?h1 ii ton. fe l?-3t* WA NTED-A oomfortabW famished HOUSF, for a ama'l fami'T. P?ntnot to exceed 861 per month Address Box 23H Post Otfioe. fa 10 3t? WANTED?A Tounit MAN from 13 to 20 vars of a*?. to act as porter far the st^re. Must understand keeping aooount*. Apply 36*) Penn. avenue, south side. fr 10-<t WANTED-A SITUATION as burkeeper, by aronnc man with e*iM?rii>nfti?. K??t of enoe riven ifrequirel. Address "6. F. f? Htar Office. b 10 St* WANTED?A TENANT for p*rt of % house, -with a rood kitchen, pvtially furnished ; or house m it stands; water and (U. App'r pouth B strfot, pear 2J, Capitol Hill. 1* 10 St* VVANTKD_A comfortable HOUSE, furnished or unfurnished- for a family of eiiht peraona. Location between 3d and 14th atr'etc, and within a short distance of the avenue. A ddroas, Matinc locat-on and terms, J. JOHNSON, Box 24S Post Offcs. fom 3t* WANTED?Two ntoAly furnished ROOMS on the fi.-st or second floor, with or without Ri<*rri. km ipay be desired?for a aentieman and wife two children and eervant. Beet references as to reepeofa'ility of parties ni^en and re*u#et??. liOOtion prefirr<"d within throe or four h!ncki aortli of Penn. avenue aid betTroen 4% and 15tii sts. Addross 'I).,' S?tar Offios, Btaticg v?rr lowest Wm?. fe 10 3t* WANTKD?A genteel and intelligent youni; LADY. wh > can aing and pay the piano moderately, to travo: with a icent!eir*\ and aasist in a pleasant ard rfntr-el ocoupaticn. Addreea "Hartweli," ftar Office. fe 7 6t* tll/'ANTEP?Pirtiera and Sold tern to know that TT they can buy CAMP HT0VE8 and TIN WAKK cheap or H J. GREGORY. 841 P'nn. avenna. ja 1> WANTED.?We are now buying SECONDHAND FURNITURE. STOVES aaU HtUD1NG, for whioh we ara paying the highest cash prices. Famiiias declining li i sekeepicr, or having a snrplr.6 of furnituro, will find it to their advantage to gm. c& a o&l! DONTZ ft GRIFFITH. j* 13-tf No. 36'J 7th gt.. bwtw. I ana K sts. WANTED?Every person to know that I am in th* market, reviy ta pay ci.?h for all articles in the houspfurcsshiiig lin^. Those leaving tne city, or having a rorplus, will do well to calf. R. UUCH1.Y. 4^ Seventh ?t., between 6 and H (east tide,) Dealer in Not aad Second-haad Furniture. no 16 BOARDING. rvt' D M i m L' \ t ito td i vaifvp rm i on ri<ii rm i w I v i i. n.ioi |-?ii t l?U/? l\ ifers can be acooir. inoaaied on re\??>nabie terrna at ft3ft New Jersey avenue. Capitol Hill, within a p?w door* <?f nonlh wmj of Capitol fe 13 3.* CENTRAL HOTFL. (wpon tk* Eurovan plan.) o.?rner of Pennsylvania avfuu" ana 6th meet, opaoeite nornfr to Hrown * *ud the National, ia now furniahed throughout with new and Landsorn# furniture. The proprietor informs his friends and the publle that they can bo acooiumodatrd with rooma, by the day or ww k- with or without meals. The Dmins Salmon open at a 1 hours. H. DURHAM GKL?*TON, fe 10 eo2w* Proprietor. QEXJROBTOWN APVEfiT'MTS gUCKSKIN G L O V E 8! RamtiburK & Ebort, 105 Hieu Stkekt. GEO HUE TOWN, D. C. Thdonlr manufacturers of Genuine BUCKSKIN GLOVES, MILITARY GAUNTLETS, ai.d MITTENS in the District.' Officers' Gauntlets made to ordor. Hookskin Drawers ar.<l Shirts. ja 18 ARMY EXPRESS COMPANY* NEIV ARRANGEMENT ALL RAIL FROM NEW YORK. 41 HOURS. Thie Compan? la prop&ied to forward all kir.da of goods to and frou,? NEW YORK?Offioe 3? Broadway. BOSTON?Offio?, T Congreaa atreet, and a Conrreaa Square, PHILADELPHIA?Offioe, S3T Cheatnut atreet, BALTIMORE?Offioe, Camden Station, WASHINGTON?Offioe, 399 Peimarivania ar., ALEXANDRIA?Office, 10ft Hint atrmt, ANNAPOL18, FORTRESS MONROE, NEWPORT NEWS, PORT ROYAL, And the SOUTHERN BLOCKADING SQUADRONS. AT FAIR KATES ! COTTAGE SETS! fll COTTAGE SETS! Wf Thirty very handsome 8eta just received, in Solid Oak, Imitation Oair. Map s, and Decorated, with and without Marble ropa.and at price* that oanrot tail to aive entire aatiafaottonAlao, an extensive aa?ortm-ct of CABINET FURNITURE. FKATKEK BEDS, BOL8TKR8 and PILLOWd, Haira- d Shuok MATTR E8SES, Ao.&c. BOTELER * VVILLSON, Iron Hall, 318 Pa. ay., bet. 9th and lMhata., ja 29-6t(?o 3d and Si floora. LOVfcLL, COLLES <k CO., WHOLESALE GROCERS, Front Street, New York, and 316 E Street, W ashlngton, D. C., (near Willards' Hotel.) Hiring started a branoh of oar New York establishment in this eltr, we invito Sutltrt, Groctrs, tUitamantems, and HcUl Kitptrt, to oall and examine onr stook, which fa well aaeorted and oomprised of goods of the beet *nalit j. We take orders for any thing in our Imp, and execrate then promptly. in 23-tf NOW 1? YOUR TIME TO BUY OVERooftta, Paats acd Veate, at New York pnooc, at SMITH'S, No. 460 Seventh street, oppotite foit Office ja 16-dlm 1HA MALAGA GRAPES. 1UU LBS. Of the laieet importation, and of ?t~ '"""'""" '"""SfS'e * BVRCHELL. (t 4 norn?r ti?h at. aivi Varmnnt tv. NK NICK KOaKWOOD CH1CHKK1N6 PIANO for t7S. rnsJm* dole^Aiencr ior 8t?iiniraj and Bob*s and Eav?a. gELLING OFF. BpLLIN0 wp, Great bargain! in all Winter Sbftwla, 0H?aka? m[.cy tHimre, merino, and wintar Vreee Good*, to make room for Spring Supjliee. J* ? M flas SereDthit.^aboT^j^M^aT. pORTABLE WOODEN TENT*! The ?nd*r?fned h&a for Ml* %nd will mU? to order PortableWooo?n Teat*, of any reaaired i else, at a very low priee. Theee teattoaa be pit op or taken down in a few minute*, audoaa be??:c t tbs?"?stjoidan. i a litj JJ H D ? ... I SECOND EDITION. THREE O'CLOCK, P. M. Official Detailed Repert fcy dore Foote of the Captare f Fert Beirf. - Full Parttnla-i ( that Brilltaat Actlia aad Subsequent OprratUu oa the Tfaw?w? River. LUt af fa??lHi?*?Killed and Wmded. kc. Cairo. Ill , Feb. 7, 1*<? ? j*Tr: I hare the honor to report tint on th" 6'h inatsnt. nt 12J< o'elo-k. p. rn , I made an attark on Port Henrv, on the Teunewee river, with the lron-clad jr'inl??ata Cincinnati. Commander Ptemlie); the fla-;ahip taafi. Commander Porte"-; Carondelet, Commander W alker; and Pt LouW. Lleat. Coirmandu.. -i? '-? ? ?i*1- ? >? -? uk buiwiw^, ?i?v uiau^ wnu uir ?ur mnr Old gunboat* Conectoga. Lieut Commanding PbeLpat the Taylor, Lieut Command tug Gwlnn; and tbe Lexington, Lieut. Crmuandlng Shirk, aa a aec ond dlvlaion in charge of Lieut Commanding Phelpa; which took poaltion a*trrn and inahore of the armored boata, doing good execution there In the action, while the armored boaia were placed In the first order of ateamlng?approaching tbe fort in a parallel line. Tbe fire waa opened at 1,700 yarda distance, from tbe fiag-aklp, w>1ch vh followed bj tbe other gunboat*, and reaponded to by the fort A? we approacLfd the fort under ilow oteam'.ng, till we reached within 6(10 yarda of tbe rebel batterlea, the fire, both from tbegnnboataand fort, incrraaed In rapidity and accurrcv cf range At twenty minutea before tbe rebel flag waa atruck. the E*aex unfortunately received a abot in ber bollera. aiklok In ?1 .. *' ?. 1 ? -? * itouiv u in ?ur wuiuiuio^. uy VI 29 officers and mm, Including Com Porter, a* will be seen In the Inclosed list of casualties The Kssex then necessarily dropped out of line, astern, entirely disabled, and unaole to continue tbe fl;rht In whleh she bad ^ogillantlr participated until the sad catastrophe. I be flrlug continued with unabated rapidity and effect up.>n the three gunboats, hi they contln'i?d still to approach the fort, with their destructive fire, until the rebel flag was hauled down", after a very severe and cioselv contested action of one hour and fliteen minutes. A boat containing the Adjutant General and Captain of Engineer* came alongside after the fliig was lowered, and reported that Geo. Lloyd Tilgbman, the commander of the fort, wished to communicate with the Flag Officer ; wb*n I dispatched Com'r Siembel aud Lieut. Comm&ading Phelps with orders to hoist the American flag where tbe secession ensign had been flying, and to Inform Gen that 1 would see him on board the Flsg ft! p. He came on board soon after tbe Vulon had be?*n substituted by Com'r Stembel to: tbe rebel flag on the fort, and possession taken i rereivc? me ?*enerai, oik stuff, and som* tlxty or seventy men as pri?oners, and a hospital snip containing sixty Invalids, together wlthtbe Fort and i'j efT-rU. mounting twenty guns, mostly of heavy caliber, with barrack and tents, capable of accommodating 15,000 men. and sundry articles, which, as 1 turned the Fort and Ua effects over to Geu. Grant, commanding the army,'on his arrival In *a hou* after we had made the capture, ho will be euabied to give the Government a more correct statement of, than I am enabled to communicate from the short time I bad possesion of the Fort. The pbtu of the attack, so far as the army reaching the rear of the fort to make a demonstration simultaneously with the navy, was frustrated by the excessively muddy roids aid high stage of water preventlug the arrival of our troops until tome lime alter i nan ta*?n possession of tbe fort. On securing the prisoner* and making necessary preliminary arrangements, 1 dlspitihed Lt. Cotn'd'g 1'belps with bis division up tbe Tennessee river, ;m I bad previously directed, and as will be seen in the enclosed oraers to him, to remove the rails, end so far render tbe bridge of railroad transportation and communication between Bowling Green and Columbus, and afterwards to pursue tbe rebel gunboats and secure their capture if possible. Tbis bring accomplished, and tbe army in possession of tCe fort, and my services being indispensable at Cairo, 1 left Fort Henry in tbe evening of tbe same day, with tbe Cincinnati, Essex, and St. Louis, and arrived here tbis morning. The armored gunboats resisted effectually tbe shot of tbe enemy, when striking the cast-mate. The Cincinnati (Hag ship) received thirty-one shot, the Essex fifteen, the St. Louis seven, and Carondeiet six?kiiliu^ ?"e &r>d wounding nine In the Cincinnati, and killing one In th? Essex; while the casualties la the latter from steam amounted to 28 in number. The Carondeiet St. Louis met with bo casualties Tbe steamers were admirably bandied by their rAmm**irl?ra snri I, ? ? ?Ml ? UMW vauvvt*) V'U IY bow guns to tbe enemy to avoid Txposure of tbe vulnerable parts of their vessels. Lieut Commar.rllng Phelps, wlit Lis division, also executed my orders very tffVctuallv, and promptly proceeded up tbe river In tbelrfurther execution after tbe capture of tbe fort. In fact alt tbe officers and men gallantly performed their duty, and, considering tbe little expe'tenretbey have had under flrc. fur more than realised my expectations. Fort Henry was defended with tbe most determined gallantry by Gen. Tllgbmau, Worthy of a better cause, who, from bis own account, went Into tbe action with eleven guns of h?avy caliber h?'" ri nrr nnnn am r Kn? * ?? ... U|/vi< vu> .yx/uw?, ??UIVU UC lUU^Ul UIIVI1 even of tne number veie dismounted or otherwise rendered useless 1 have the honor to be, very reapeetfttllv, your eb't aervant, A. 11. Kootk, Flag Ollieer. To Hon. Gition Wklles, Secretary of the 'Navy, Waabington, D. C. Til* C?rUTIK?. Acting Commander K:!ey. of the gunboat Kaaex, rep. rta (Capt. l*.>rter being unable to write Inconsequence of being acalded) tbe following liat of caaualties oa that ve^ael: Commander Porter, Pavmaater Lewis, and eleven othera aoald* d; one killed by cannon atiofc Ave killed byacaidinv; and four musing. In addition to the above there ware uiuncea wiGien, or U'DKQ nine Were acalded and four have since d'.ed Capt Strmbel, of the flag ship Cincinnati, report* that the raaualtiea on board that vessel during the bombardment of Kort Henry, from the enemy't lire were: Killed 1; wounded ft? total 10. PrEriAL Oisu, No. 3. U.8 Gcmioat Taylor, ) Padueah, Ftb ?, 1??2. J Lteut. Commanding Phelps will, as soon <ts the fort shall hive ?urren<i?-riMi ?n?t nrwin from the flag ahlp, proceed with the Coaewtoga, Taylor, and Lexington up the river to where the railroad bridge rroaaea, and if the armv at all not already have got powsMion, be will destroy ? much of the track aa will entirely prevent ita uae by the rebels. He will then proceed aa far up the river aa the stage of water will admttandcapture the eneuiv'a Kunhoats and other vciaela wclch might prove available to the eoemv. A. H Foot*, Flag Offlcer, Com'g Naval Force in Western Wateia. CONGRESSIONAL. ? l.lVVIIth COMGKEitS-Srnad SeaaUo. ... tO ? ? ?i/itBeuAi j rcwruti j 14 . Sbxatk ?Afur tbe introduction and reference of sundry bills, resolutions and petitions of no generci interest? Mr Grimes reported from the Naval Affairs Committee a bill to reorganize the Navy Department, committed. The fortification bill was then taken up and passed. Mr Wilson introduced a bill for the establishment of a national foundry, Ace j referred. Alio, a bill for the appointment of a warden 01 the Washington, D C, fall, and addrriMd the Senate against jailor Wise, of that prison. Mr. Hale addressed the **enate on the bill, taking occasion to deprecate the President's continuance of the present Marshal of this District In oliicc; bill referred tks. lunau Kill im.?a aica nnn nnn ?/ t ? iVUW. WIU IU AMU v V 1 W|"WjVW VI M ICOBtli J notes was then taken tip, and was being read for information as the Star's report went to preas. iVor?.?In the course of the morning's proceeding*, Mr. Gi.mea aent to the Clerk'adeak the telegraphic reports of the recent glorious victories la the South and West, wh!ch were read for the Information of the Senate. House ?Mr Hickman offered a resolution directing the Sergeant at Arms te arrest and bring before the bar of the House Mr. Henry Wikof, for refusing to give testimony before the Instigating Committee upon the censorship of tLe telegraph, relative te the tr&ntmfcBlon by telegraph ol the President's annual message to Congress to the New Yerk Herald previous to the reading of the message in Congress Adopted. [The dispatches from the Tennessee river gunboat expedition, and from Fortress Monroe relative to the capture of Roanoke Itlrnd, were read to the House by Mr. Sedgwick, cnairman of toe Naval Committee, ana the news created a great sensation in the hall 1 The bill making appropriations for the sundry civil expense* of Ihe Government for the fiscal yea* ending June 30,1867. vu taken op, and an amendment, Inserting ?3,000, Instead of tl,000, for the purchase of trees and tree-boxes to replaoe those destroyed by Government horses In the public grounds, agreed to. REWARD?For the apprehension (and or secured in jail so thai I get him) w NF.' flV GRO SYLVESTKR, late th? property of ^ Nathaniel Suit, deceased,cf Prince Georre'i Jk Md 1 will kits the above reward no ?iiiiimh *,* ** takan. S?lT??iar ia of ooppar oomp:exi.?n of thin atatnre: ft&Bt* tot 8 or 10 loohe* to**- Ha } wall known i q Wfcehinrton oity, and ia no doubt OUR MILITARY BUDGET { * * com 10d011 jotm eomunum. On application at tba N>*T D?pan???i w in pcmltMl to publish the faUo%?M *?"paioh trmm f^errtvv WaUca, ml to Com Fo?> ? taat: Matt DtrABrxmrr, Fab. Kk, ?? Flf OJutr A- H F?n, VSy cmmmmmdiH Vmind Stmtct JfmtnU fmc*M ?l C?ri, lUmoits loQT aiapatrb aaaMMU| ue r?pwn at r?n H?uy by the squadron which yon oomuM, baa jjlvea the hlgb?t grat'.flcatJoe to the PmI< dent, to Coagraa, and the country It waa received and read la both Houaoa of C'ongreaa. In open aeaaton. Tbe country ap peer; a tea your gallant deoda. and thta Depart n* nt deal rea to convey to you aad your brave Msceiatt*. tta profound thanks lor tba aervlce you have rendered OinaoR Wium, Secretary of the Navy. THE LATEST BY TELEORAPB. Farther fre? the EiicdltiM U PUr f?e, Ala., ap the Tencuet river. ? _ . Oar Glorisas Fli|, wttk the Stars ? StrlfM, everywhere Wrlnacd as a Kedrriaer'!! ? CraciVNAVI, Feb 12 ?special leltfrtns Is the Gazette ax d Commercial, dated Port Heary, F?k. 10th lust , five the folluwlng accounts of the ?zpedltion ap the Tennessee river after the oaptura Of Fort Henry : The Islington, Conestog* and Tyler fin chase to the rebel ate*m*r Dunbar Ob reaching the Memphis and Louisville railroad bridge ear troops set ftre to a portion of It, took a quantity of tores, Ao., and pined on In chese of the Danker, but did not overtake her. It la supposed a be escaped by running up some creek during the night. 1 he gunboats went to Florence. Ala . the heed of navigation, 5fcSo miles from Padacah. Kmywhere along the river they were received with astonishing welcome by numerous Union families In Southern Tennessee and Northern Alabama; and at towns along the river the eld hag wa* looked upon as a redeemer. ARRIVAL FROM El ROTE 8t. Johji's. N. F., Feb. IS ?The Ten toe la, from Southampton on the 1st Inst , peoed Cape Race at ft o'clock on Wednesday morning. The Australasian arrived al Liverpool on the Drat The Tusearora bad been ordered off the dock by the Governmont and had taken posltloa near the Needier Tbe Nashville la In Southampton docks. The report of a nival engagement on the Miditer ranee u is not confirmed. LATE LOCAL NEWS. ? CllXIS&L Cocnr.? Trial 0/ motlur Murder Case.?This morning, tbe rase of George J ones. free negro, charged with killing fbwlere Chisley, free negro, by caring him with a knife on the left aide of the abdomen, wu taken up The affair occurred in Georgetown, on or about the lat of October last. Mr. Norria appeared as counsel for defeaoe The following Jury waa chosen, all from the regular panel: Jr.mea H. Durham, Jos. Follansbe*, Wis. F Doniphan, John Scrivener, John Fit, Henry Martin, Lewis Wright, Francis Riley, Wm. Feu wick, Samuel R. Sylvester, Watkins Tolson, Patrick Crowley. The testimony for the proMerutlon commenced with the evidence of Dr. Armiatead Peter, who testified as to the character of the wounds reoel vad by Chlstap. LOST AND FOUND. LOST?On the tth instant, a medians-si zsd BREASTPIN, with a set one iuf b!ae aad the other half sola ston??sassoss4 to have bean lort in a Navy Yard omnibaa.' A auitable lavard * i.l f ? civen il left with Captaia N ALLEY. Patenter ffise II* CTRAYED OR STOLEN ?Two MULES. ^ strayed from Old Koaitdry Milla.1^ Sarday night, the 9th instant,?oa* waifkA an iron grey, and tha other a bey mare. Both had on haltara, with a cna~i. at taohad. A liberal raward will be giren fur th? return of aai<l mnlea Enquire of GEOROE WATERS, No. 9*$ H't!. street, on Canai,Georse town, DC. ^t* IOST-On Saturday. tha Sth of t-abraa", a a moJinrn aiza GOLD WATCH, bear- Hi iq( on tha back tha initial* *'H P. T together with a representation of a Gothie > H Oharch at Point Len. tha a bib bar ancAW maker'i name not recollaettd. A reward of will be paid to the person returnmr the aaaie to tha office of the Evemng Star. Supposed te loot either on Pa. aveaae, or going oat Tth street to toL KMC I* H IT wCA HEWA1D -Km inr from the *ab*.n' ber, Febrnar* 6, icy NEGRO MAN, jj^ N?d, (ca'l* him*Alf Ned Heneoa,) he ia aboat fiv? leer fix inches huh; about thirty five V\ y?r? of age; had on at the rime, home mad* cloth, purple jarsket, and white pant*; bad a light toar ovr hi* left eye; fall *ait of wh?ker* and hair. 1 will five the above reward for him if t*kea out of Calvert ooaaty. or twenty-fi ? dollar* if aire'1 *n the cDuntj; in eRher case he mart be ecnrrd that I c?n get :nnu a*%m. THOS. V. B'.AKE, fe 18 3t Calvert county. Kri>ad?hi? r. O. RAN AWAY-F>om the *ub*onber. living near Lurr*tts?il.e. Prnee Getirre'* nonet*. a Ma.. "n the7th FeSrna-v.lWi, my NICO<tH ? WOMAN, -Btttip." wh'i o?.ia fcaraalf b?tli* Skorttr She i? awut t??nt)-(>i A* yeara ol a<e, foar f ?et 10 mane* hi*h. dark^3L? o<)>p?r co'ored; tfcn v; light auto oat frame; Imi eom? of her toe? on on* foot injured from a barn when a ehild; had oa whan abel?fta h oe country trade yarn f-ook; awl had otbar elothea with far. 8he took with bar, km chud Olivia. a'out IS m iDtua old. $3i will ba tiree far apprahennicn of tUe ahove woman and ebild. fry vided that they are da lvered t > me or aecured ia jail, ea taat I oan cat them a* am STANISLAUS BRADFORD. fell 3tdA2*wtW w / vo *r * ; ? r* imun Gaa^vaa /-='iiL R'SS^WiE ?.'?lVS? ^r SMwa # I ???. OD .c-sa^tti? & &z5 ?*v"z'VAylrt$. fe"-St* Cbap ?in?*i R?t. .?* VCAME TO THK PKKMI8K8 OF MB Fl.AWuagan. oo F ?treet, b?iwe> c Mtb aad^^KW I5U?, a wbit* 8H\V. The omurt-m^ quettNl to oonr.e f ?r ward, prove pro party .hmIMB bat c'. srt??, atii take her away. f?y>?? JOHN R>LKY. LOST ?strarfd from the owner, oa Man day ruht, a dark bay HOR8F, with >|\ tar in hi* foreand, havtrg alu-t a rat TiTR tail; <t*e horns ia quite aUlT in tb? breast, "* The finder will be rewarded by retarninc the bora* tovthe owner, at Pwampoodie, Leiwueo the iraa unugr ?nu wuu miruM. a 10 3t? MICHAEL McMAN. "fob saleand rent. EH>R RENT-A veil-famished ROOM, irwt r floor. 416. corner of H tad 18th eta. le M* TO RENT?A first-c.ass SALOON.on rtMot able tern s. For s\rtiea!ar* lasalre at Penasyhrania Hotel. No. 57 Penn. av. ft FURNISHED ROOMS TO RKNT, with Botrd, in a pleasant iooatmn rear the Captto 1. Also, a laclsomel/ fnrzushed Parlor ud Chsabar oommnnioaUnt. fcfsire at Star Office. fell-tt FOR RENT-With or witkoat !N*r?. at No, 460 Twelfth street, east ?de. betwaea G sr.J H streets, a ocm mod iota FKOI*r H<? ?M. abound tory, h*1t and neatU fw*'?b?? Theloaauea u one of tiie most detiiable in the oity. No ehWdraa mthehoe?e- Ml-le L^OK 8ALE-\foo4 BeKKRY.witk two o-rena ? r ard n&blinc for three borsee The ba?mee? la fxtabliahed uJ may be veri maot. p ?r*<5 Addresa mhTF-J.." Bo? T. i?tar ? ><;?. fqll-W* POR 8ALK-A ooaiforiable FR * ME BOt'SH / and th? L.ot on vhioh It it tailt, mtuM iq para 8?7, Jot No. 14, botvMo Land M ai.d 1SU a?d 14th atrMts. It U dow ander a FinetaaJ raat n>ont^* ?' AmIt to IK W. ?Ai-T. Pa. avwiTie, hetwaaa Uth and 14U ?U f6 ll jl _ TO LET WITH BOA&i>?A mo% ftOUtf ui fieortatowa. Fanai> private. Om or two prjlcrr-d. Address Box M) ?aorgaiowe. A GOOD OPPOETU^tlTY IS NOW OFfercd to any p*r?on who wtfb#? to * r.gaca ia ?2 SSSW5 sjasi ^ oicr"- svt' I M?K EKNT?T?n PVNNISMED ROOM*. r with 3f 1 * M tM 10th " PiMi?2rlS'?SrS?? ISgfc Q?ori?towB. I? ' w A LARGE AND BANO?'iME.Y FUR >-W*jH kmr,' Mii 'm w I R.^r" A ASPSSKmta ASSfcsrsi

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