Newspaper of Evening Star, February 12, 1862, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated February 12, 1862 Page 4
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THE EVENING STAR. DEFERRED LOCAL ARTICLES. Smithsosiaji LicTrii ? Monday ni.'tat, Df. Hayes the Arctic explorer. l?rtnred to an ImMM 'he audience at the ?mitb*onian Institution. upon Kjanimiax. This race of people extend from Bibrtu'i Strait along the northern and eastern ^#vr VaHK k. mm fmr /InWn t8 [jhndtr. I an<f al?n alone the ewtern, aonthern, and wtrturn rnaata of Greenland. occupying ? ahora llna of *41.080 miles II la believed that thfy originallr cxteodfd m far south in Mai tit tod R hoae Island, trace* of the Ksqalmaux having been foand In thoae Pta'ea Thev do not fowke the ahorea or the wa, and eonaeq arttlf extend but a tbort o* inu> ine inifrior. rne enure oouun ? i^Tv *UJt do** uot ?ceed 10,000, and they are evidently en the dp--euf All apeak radically ^ difference In d.atecU beo alight that an inhabitant of either the rn or tue northwe* eru ahorea find little difflr'vtv i ,b?*trae!'vea underatood anywhere thVoinjhVin e whole .Srqulmaux region The language la W *d,'?" principle, and UnmSnvMn#, ta quit* p-eculiar; the aounda of <i and K DreTaiUnir ^'ving It a guttural articulai;5rsa.i, 'n*a? ?n?l mnnnt Dhics by which to cooimuj<. ~^iiZ! count bt-yocd ten Tbey are Stature, averaging about five feet l? height. They have broad faces. flat no*e?, amall ??"' *nd, a eoirtcal bead.and ?o fat are their facea, *ro'** Inid arrest from cheek to cheek will seU '?? touch the nose. Their color la not nnllke that ?? * old dlrtv copper cent. Tb?lr hair la long "id jet black, the women tying theirs up In a knt ,nP<>n the top of the head, which ia never combeo ? an? with the accumulation of greaae and dirt . ??n becomes a solid mass This the females uae a * I sort of pln-cuahlon. In which thev carry the. r I bone pins, needles, &c Their clothing la of akloa j of the different animala found in that region, k They manifest a considerable degree of capability I for civilization. Home having graduated at col- | leges In Copenhagen, whither they were taken by navigators; and al?o exhibit remarkable aptl> i'te In music and (be language* The coloniz*? on of Greenland ha* been carried on aueceafully *>y the Danes for many vean. and tbere are evera'l missionary station Ink flourishing condition, a great number of the Krqui maui having been converted to Christianity. The land la not entirely bai >*n, there being ?uf :ient vegetal on toiuataln a co nsiderable amount of animal life, auch as reinde* r? rabbits, ptharnvgana, Ar The principal plants (he poppy, dwarf willow, and a species of grasw' >nd heather I acre is, however, a large variety rest mbling our own plan's such as the dandelion, cov^Up, *orrei and whortleberry The Esquimaux .have no permanent habiUHuu, living In hu ts built of k toncw, jnos, and leaves during the auttimn ai.d *pr,'ng, Ja ?ow huts during the winter, and In ten?* J ?kln? in the s'lmmer. In their | winter tut* the only fire uaed isli a little hollowed piece of scapstone, and fed with mow and blubber Over this Is impended a amall pot, also of soapstone, !n which they manage to make the wa'er simmer sniticlently to mancfa ture a little oup. Their food is never thorough',y cooked, though they sometimes warm It a little over the fire In traveling they alwa vs ea! tb<?lr meat raw, and In a frozen ftate. Several familiesfrequently occupy the aame hut, and the lecturer bad ?<*n as many as eighteen persons living in a little house not more than ten feet In diameter and fonr or five feet high The temperature In these huts Is generally quite oppressive, sometimes being as high as eighty-five decrees above zero, while It wa* fifty decrees below out<!de. This warmth deeoMpost-s the scraps and bits of meat thrown about | la Uie apartment* :ue nimospur.e r*cmiTely foul. Until the visit cf navigators to those regions, all the implements of the Esquimaux were formed of bone or Ivory. Their sledges were made by tying whales' ribs together with thongs and shoeing the runners with strips of ivory, made from the tusks of the walrus. The long tusks of the narwhal supplied them with lances, and their knives were either of stone or of bone The wreck of Dr. Kane's vessel? the Advance?was a godsend to tbein, and supplied a vast number with iron and wood The habits of the animals of the Artie regions were described by the lecturer, with the mod'' of tapUire employed by the Esquimaux. An interesting description wa? also given of the art of managing their little boats or ky a' of which was exhibited upon the sta^e, with a pair of snow *hoes and splendid specimens of the reindeer, seal, wolf, eld erduck, neat and eggs, ank, Green- I land dove, black goose, ptharmlgan, gulls, and olher animals. ?pecimensof the several varieties of plsats were also exhibited aud their peculiarities described. The lecture was listened to with undivided Interest 9rrt?MKCou*T, February 10 ?James Abrams. Esq., of Wisconsin, was admitted an attorney ana Af tkiia 1 'ntltt Not. 00 and 01. Th?- United States, plaintiffs in error, *?. Lysander W Babbitt and Robert Coles, fcrrors to tbe District Court of tbe United States for tbe District of Iowa Mr Justice S wayne delivered the opinion of the Court, reversing tho Judgment ?' the said District Coartand remanding the cau? >s f, r further proceedings to be had thereon in conformity to the opinion of this Court. No. 94 The Commercial Transpo ration Company, claimants of tbe steamboat Commerce, appellate. vs. Henrv Pitzhugb et al Appeal from k tbe C!r:ult Court of the United states for t h* A ?outh?rn District of New York. Mr. Justice ' Clifford delivered the opinion of the Court affirming the decree of the said Circuit Court in this cause, with cost and interest. A1 4?) JO 14 4 r ..J a a tlTiin ot iiv?. i ij i?, "w. tt j "Wj BUU lO. II t IliQUl U iM cow, Jr , etal., 4c . plaintiff* In error, vs. John B. Hortlx, Charles J. Carpenter, Elezar Bianch 'd.John Hogan. A Hardy, and Christopher McLure Error* to the Supreme Court of the State of Missouri. Mr Justice Grier delivered the opinion of the Court, affirming the judgments of the said Supreme Court in these causes, with eo*t?. No, 76 Robert Turner, appellant, vs. Andrew Flannl^an e? al Appeal from the Circuit Court, of tne United States for the District of Maryland. Mr Justice Nelson delivered the opinion of the Court, affirming the decree of the said Circuit Court in this cause, with routs, and interest N?. 27 The City of Caror.delet, plaintiff in error, vs. the City cf St. Louis. In error to the Supreme Court of the State of Mlsouri. Mr. Juatl e Catroa delivered the opinion of th?- Court, affirming the judj^wntof the aald Supreme Court In th!a cau-e, with eoata. Noa 79 and %<> John O. \Vaodraff et al, Ac , appellants. vs. William Nelaon etal. Appeal* from the Cycuit Court of the United States, for the Southern District of New York. Mr Juatlce Wayne delivered the opinion of the Court, affirming the dec rets of the aald Circuit Court In these couses, with costs No. 144 Joalah A Nooaan. appellant, va. John R Lee. Appeal from the District Court of the United States for the District of Wisconsin. Mr. Chief Justice Taney delivered the opinion of the Court, ovearullng the motion to dismisa this cause. N?. 1*7 Peter Conway et al, appellants, vs. James Taylor's executors et al. Toe argument of this cause was continued by Mr. Stevenson for the appellees. Fibmary 11?Timothy Cronln, Esq., of New York, and Hiram B Crosby, Esq , of Connectl cat, were admitted attorneys and counsellors of this Conrt. No. 137. Peter Conwav et al, appellants, vs, Ju. Taylor's executors tt al. The argument of this cause was concluded by Mr Stanbery for the appr Hants No 63. John Clifton, claimant, &c., appellant, xs. Wm. H Sbeedon The argument of this rause wm concluded by Mr Donohue. for the appellant No. lit The United States, appellants, vs M. ?*. Vaidej* and dsiigns. The argument of this i a use was ronimeneed h?S? #? < iui me appellant* Varsichihg Chiiie?A writer in the Dairy Farmer stales that It Is tLe practice of tome dairymen to coat each cbeese thinly with a varniah made from shellac dissolved in alcohol, when shoot to shipped for market It la said to import the appearance of the cheese and to keep it from losing welghtand gathering mold. We can not say is tc the value of this recommendation. IBNIIDrS Patent Portable House. The Inventor sails the attention of Butters and otnera to this useful invention A Hons* can ba bailt bj this Irvector without nails, sorevs, or grooves. HUDM kiwi Mt&hl*. Kwll? l- *-- ? " ? ? -iw w?>t? *U ?UD NIIU? W?J| IV aaa ba put up and takau down without isjary to tlio buaid*. Order* can b? left vitfc stAHlKL WISK. Builder, No. 346 E ?'.roet, n<*r ThirteeKtn , Wmoi-tton. D. C. H0"" B"NM5Ta BUFFALO BOBEB. i.B. PUDNKYT*, 334 Pa. art, Jack room, ZiiD atroet. Rt'BBER COATS, PONCHOS. LEGGINS, TJi p* iv*., i j Ji ,1^"?:. w* V Bum H?^? V?KeL'LATIOiN BLtAJNKKTS, J. B. Pl'DNEY, 324 bftflk rooa, _ __ o'?> D street. P,,.^ A NEW THING. . ATENT Com?reu?bi? Cot, o&n be folded ay 'iSP?* ***** f ,B?V* Jon* by vide, ftn in*eaioaa uuUn?acce, for nlo by ?, ?* B HUl>NkY. i_ .. . av?., b*jk room, . or 33f D rtr? 1 BALMORAL SKIRTS AND . t IMPORTANT TO FAMUIsT RESTAURANTS, HOTELS, J SUTLERS, GROCERS, AND OTHERS. CHEAP WHOLESALE AND RETAIL grocery warehouse, 383 PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE, 394 PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE. GROCERIES AT HAA.F THE USUAL PRICES, Having bttn pvrtkafd / Bankrupt Merchants and othtrt. TUCKER'S TUCKER'S Groceries, Liquors, Wines, Cigars, &c FOR FAMILIBSy FOR SUTLERS, FOR OFFICERS. T EA3, FINE. U NION CIGARS. O RACKLR9, BOSTON. K ETCHUP8, IMPORTED E XTRA COFFEES. O A tofkia u * * ? ? ? jp ftlBIHO, m ALAUA R^itD OtfJI PRICES' R E. A D O 0 R PRICES! Kxtra Browrn Sugar 9 cents per pound White Suymr 12 cento per pound Fine Green Tea 50 cento per pound Fair Black Tea 50 cento per pound Kxtra Coffee 20 cento per pound <>'ood Coffee 16 cento per pound H ax Candlee 35 cento per pound Mi/agi Ratoln* 15 cento per pound CoJl1*11 ? centa per pound Impot ted Cigars 50 cenU per 100 Havana Cigara fl to f3 per 100 Almondi' 12 centa per povyid Salt 20 ceata a ^sg Good Butte/ 16 cents per pound Kxtra Batter 20 centa per pound Fine Wines 81 per bottle Whiskey 25 to 50 oenta per bottle All other kinds of LIQUORS In proportion. Call and aee for youraell. TUCKER'S, .TJ6 Pennsylvania Avenue. WILLIAM TUCKER'S (HEAP GROCERY WAREHOUSE, 32i PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE, 345 PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE. GROCERIES AT HALF THE USUAL PRICES, Having t?tn purckaitd of Bankrupt Merchants and othtrt. Stuart'a Refined Sugars from 9 to 14 eta per pound Extra Fine Green Ten 75 " " Good Green Ten SO " " Extra Fine Black Tea.....75 ?? " Good Black Ten 50 " ?? Old Java Coffee Hi 4< ?? Good Coffee 10 ?? << Every tblng elae In proportion. REMEUBER, TUCKER'S, 325 PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE TUCKER'S, 385 PENNSYLVANIA AVENUg Wabhinaton. IMPORTANT TO FAMILIES, RESTAURANTS, HOTELS, GROCERS, AND OTHERS. I WILLIAM TUCKER S i CHEAP WHOLESALE AND RETAIL \ GROCERY WAREHOUSE, 384 PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE, 3S* PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE. GROCERIES AT HALF THE USUAL PRICES, Hating bun pmckattd tf Bankrupt Mtrckantt and otktrt. T U C K E R,' S TUCKER'S WHOLKSALZ AND KIT All. < I Groceries, Liquors, Cigars, Wines,Ac i FOR FAMILIES, FOR SUTLERS, 1 FOR OFFICERS. T EAS, PINE. U NION CIGARS. C RACKERS, BOSTON. , K ETCHUPS, IMPORTED. E XTRA COFFEES. ? R A1SIN8, MALAGA. { l 4 READ OUR PRICES ? READ OUR PRICES! 1 WILLIAM TUCKER'S CHEAP GROCERY WAREHOUSE, 3 it i PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE ' 3'Ji PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE. 1 GOODWIN'S TOBACCO. H. H. WATTfi'8 VOLUNTEER TOBACCO. GROCERIES AT HALP THE USUAL PRICES, Having Mtn purchaud / Bomkrupt Mtr'hantt m4 otktrt. RCiriumv TUCKER'S, m PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE TUCKER'S, 3M PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE WashMKI. M74i ? , n ( fc.STABUU?? ni l?s?j Beg l?ace to Inform thepabHo that Uey have extended their Kxpreee to Waehin*ton, and ark new prepare* to Transport Merohaodue.Bank JWte, Beeote, jMNlrr, ?o>4?o all pan* of lS? ?%ddl*t Smm EntHM and Wtstmn Stam *a4 Canada. Conneetinc with the moet Ttiaponaible Ezpreeeee thronghont the country, we Vre enabled to offer fmciiitw te ai. who may favor oe with their patronage. For t?rme and further infor nation apply to k. ft. SMITH, Agent. . _ _ Tfctrd *t.,2d door below Pa. avenue, ja9-Sm ?*-'??-i?*? KV* ^DAMP' EXPRESS COMPANY. j. NOTICE 0J~REM0TAL. | The deliTery office of this company it removed from Third atreet to *ne larie depot on B street, between 3d and 3d zt* de ?o-tf Z FURNITURE! fj\ FURNITURE! FURNITURE! f\\ W. B. MOSES, (of the firm of Moaea t Peckbara, Philad'a,) Manufacturer ami Who.eaaie ami Retail D*aier in Cue. mt ntllLlra. rntl.M * * > Itn una OIDinr - I room r ur'niture?Thorn'i UBildinr, 608 Seventh | >t5tybwiSV of UPHOLSTERING promptly ana neatly exocotM. Store open d*y and evenmt for the aooom^odaHon of the public. Parohanen will etudy their interest u> call before looking eleewhere. ja 2i-Sm* ^ U T L E R 8 , ATTENTION!! IilOO BARRELS GINGER SNAPS, PBIJt* Qpalitt, For stle m quantities to iuii the trade, at tow figure*. JOHNSON & NAGLE. 8*9 Pa. avenne, Washington, D. C., ja 21 10 Royal it, Alexandria, Va. Wall, Stephens & Co., MILITARY AND NAVAL MERCHANT TAILORS, And Dkalik* IN SWORDS, HASHES, BELTS. EPAULETS, SHOULDER STRAFE. GAUNTLETS, G LOVES, &0. And every variety of READY-MADE CLOTHING. At Rkasokablk Pricks. WALL, STEPHENS A CO., 3'i2 Pennsylvania avenue, between ja II lintel. A Kepub.} 9th and HHb eta. AM S. WERTHEIMER A CO.. AC A 40^ No. 4*.KD 464 Skvkhth St., tDI Orpotif tk*. Post OJlt*, Offer their took of WINES, BRANDIES, GINS. CORDIALS, eto.. also their large assortment or SEGARS, TOBACCO, FANCY GOODS, eto., for sale at Wholesale Prices, They keep constantly on hand fine PH1LADEL PHIA CREAM ALE. in fcees and bottles, for bars or fami'y use The public in general are requested to tive them a call and examine their splendid stock of goods. B. WERTHEIMER 4. CO., 462 and 464 Seventh etre^t, da 21 -3m oppo. Poat office. Oysters! Oysters! THE OVERLANI)OYSTER EXPRESS COMPANY Still oon'inue to receive d&i y those Tame na p anted PATUXENT RIVER OYSTERS. Reataa-auta and private tamiiieafl^u (_j would do well to call ara try th*m. w\Uf Thoae oyatera are Bold 36 iionra after they oome from the wat?r. lL/~ Otfioe No. 4S Market Space, below the Avenoe Honae. ja8 3m CHEESE! CHEESE!! CHEESE!!! LIQUORS, TOHACCO, CIGARS, NTTS, RAISINS, ('RACKKRS. All on baud and for aaio cneap by F. U. HASTINGS A CO., 323 L> at., lacing Pa. avenue, no 26-tf Phil harmonic Blinding. W FOR THE ARMY^ ! " t Have jest received, by steamer Araco, a large asr.irtment <>f magniSoent French Brass Drums 'rfysfm* tirerotre;) French Hugles, tor infantn, oavalrj, ana artillery; Martin Frero'e Celebrated Clwiocets and Flutes ; Drass Instruments ol all kinds. Also, tr?? finest 4ua ity of Venios Strings. Bussou's a os'jrdeona and Flutinas. Together with & large assortment of latest Frenoh Musio for Hands. Music More of W. U. MKTZKROTT, ja 16 Corner Pa avenue and 11th st. PRIVATE. PRIVATE PRIVATE ! DR. LA BONTA ^ Cures all Venerial Diseases permanently and c f uiokly, without the uie of diiguztiBf or poisonous drags of any kind. c No dieting or interference with business. C o csu Stations free. I It is saying quite enough in its favor, when I say that hit praotiM is that wiuoh is in use in all the New York city hospital*. New York City uolloce and Hospital Testimo- . nials furnished. I Ladies with Whites and Diseases ot the Womb oured and saved a consumptive's grave by my treatment. j There is nothing ofenstvt or ditagntablt in any part of tne treatment. j All cnre? warranted, or money refunded. Communications in writing, with return stamp, , prom ft! y attended to. Medicines for travelers and others oaoked, with r fall instructions for nse, and warrantee. Office?Roon? No.8 Waetington BiuMinr, Penn. ? avenue and Seventh st., Waehi&gtoc, J. C. feb 1-lm" a Philadelphia provision store, 1 119 Pennsylvania Avimi, . Bitvun I'U-i and ?0tk sts. , The undersigned, bavinj located himself as 1 u?gi in is mnirou oi lnrorminc the oitiiens . of the First Ward that he has opeii?d a first-class Provision Store, conducted similar to those for ' irhioh Philadelphia is fame,as. Here oau b* loan1'at ii;l times a large and frfsk i supply of POULTRY", (iAML. VEEF. MUT- 1 TON.&o. FRUITS and VEGETABLES in sea- , son. Particular attention is called to hts stook and . prices of BUTTER, CHEESE, k.o. c Pniladeiphia Print Butter. . Goshen and Western Reserve. Being determined to etve tbo striotest attention to the wants ol his customers, and to keep every artiole in nis liue of the best tualitr, and sell at the ~ 1 vit market prices, he hope* to merit a share of ] piMic patrcnaee, . * ' amines will be vait?d n??n ?<? !- r~- ---1? " - -rvn uoii ; IVI VIUVIll U required. u noW THOMAS R. WILSON. Ci WATCHFS 'OLD AND 8ILVER ENGLISH, SWISS AND AMERICAN; I I havo now on hand a large stock of all the moat aelebrated Watches, that 1 am sellin* at the very lowest prioea tnat good and reliable time keeper! 3 oan be afforded at; and every description of fine ii JEWELRY on hand;all new styles received aa a loon aa mannfaotnred, and offered at the loweat c rates. Silver ware manufactured in my own shop. All kinds of MILITARY GOODS on hand.aucTi , is Revolvers, Sworda. Sashes, Delta, Bowie [ Knives, l'ooket Compaaaea, Ac., Ac. Alao atrong t Army Trunka and Bed Combined: and many other {, '.hinga aaetul and ornamental at 339 Pennaylvauia i iTenue. no3> tf H. A. HOOD. B rw ^ ,JUM junwiSUiN * NAGLE, OUQ ' c fcOiJ IMPORTERS O* *lOJ , WINES, LIQUORS, HiVANA CIGARS, FINS h GROCERIES, *< ., d No. 399 Pv avenue. between 9th and 10th atreeta( Waanington, D. C. 5 No. 10 Royal et, near King, Alexandria, Va. i *ole Aaents for the SPARKLING HOCK and 1 MOSELLE WINES of the Hookheim p Joint Stock Co., in Hookheim li on the Rhine. a Constantly on hand their celebrated a Sliari'ltnc Hari /inA \Tn**U? 11/.-> , i tt ? V * JT Connoiiseuraarereepeotfu ly invited to give ua o keail. i?? k COMETHINO H?.XV-Sl PERIOK HULLED 4 3 CORN."'The au:>e<Miv>?r, having ?ot the agenoj v o supply Washington r. ueorgetowo with thia C lelioate preparation of Corn, won d reapectfnlly iak of hia friendi. and the pnblio at large, to give t a trial. Also,Popped Corn, plainandsugared. g WM. HR ADLY.Agent, i] Pa. avenue, between 18th ana 19th ats. N. B.?Manufacturer of Marbie Mantles. Motunenta, Table Tops, Jto. A large aseortmenialways >n hand. qq 19-3m I A BALMORAL SKIRTS. KW^and ch?io? assortment of aeleot oolora c u??uj ?iyi?6, not round elsewhere. In addition- a fine and ample stock of all kind* of Foreign and Domeetio Dry Goods in all the department* of tamily wants. An inspection of atook incurs no obligation to purohase. V One pnoe only marked in plain figure* ; henoe, ? no purchaser la deoeived. o PERRY A BRO., P ja7-tr Penn. avenue and Ninth at. ' I de? K. A. Lake A Co?s jtf'a?Me*H an?BuL | A RMY IU)VH! ** ?sloven OLUMUIA MARKET, ' ? . P?. unur n?rtf?uA it. Tb* aibMtbfj dmi rocptotfalTr tnl-nm i gss&ngm i~r? i "7.TT 0. MALLARD. I WL R. BOTKLOi NO. IWTSNSlvapuaTV ENU S, BllWIW 9th a.hb 10th bts. J* 4-eoto

D DENTISTRY. . L. LEVETT. Dentist, < branch of tha estabment No. 19 Wsveriy Place. New York)^MC^ would call the attention to those who mt)Ub|l seed his servioes. that in addition to fcis^*11 u jreat (ao-.'ities in operative Dentistry, he is in possession of a new and important isissMaa f?? urn inaeriio? or Artiioial TwHh. on tl?o pr'.noip ? of Jtmotrktnc rrtssm, entirely d:fl?r?nt from the old mode, and arcnred by letter* Patent gracteJ April 6th, 189*. Thia invention is of the greateat aloe, there being leas plate uaed to cover the roof of the month, and with an increased amount of auction. The publio are invited to oa i and *tamine specimens and ceitifiratea from ?rme of th? m<>at prominent and eoientiio ?r*n*T?raeh, No. 491 Tenth atreet west, near i'a iv?. jali-eolBi* [^EW AND IMPROVED INVENTION ARTIFICIAL CjtSOPLASTl BONM V E E T H. WlTSflt* M? ??u ruTi PI vmirv #10 Bro*d*>Z^'Xn?jpilaivlra.ns A* rm, btliMM 12iA ??ut 13tk it*., WaiA?**?o*, Calls the attention of the public to the following ftdranUcM hi? improved ?T?tetn : 1. The Teeth of his auuiulfccture wi MM never corode nor chance oolor by any***"-" acids, beinc thrr- fourths 'ijhter than any other. *. No teeth or roots reed 1? extracted, U the artificial ohm can be inserted oyer them. I. The roota will be made inoffensive, an never o acr.e, 4. No temporary teeth are needed, as permanent ones oan be made immediately, thereby preeemni the natural expression of the face, which wider the old system is frequently diafitarnd. *. This work has been fully tested over ire years br nunt of th? s ? ?1 ?1 ? VIKHIUM MM fUTIigiUI CI UUI oountrr, Dr. 8. hu alio in Tented a white ondestroetire metal twine, with whioh the moat sensitive teeth oan be filled Without pAin, and oan build ay a feet, sound tooth on iny aide roota, which willlast tblpsott lifetime. The beei of referenoes ciree?to Dr. V. MottjDr. Doremns, Professor ofCheiDistry, N. Y4 Hon. Judre Wayne, of the Supreme Court of Washington, and thousands of others. Call and examine for yourself. no 8 >m ~~ GAS FITTING, be. AWM *. DOVE * CO. *E .Now presaged to exeeste any en^ri with WAl*h ther Iitr be favored in the rkVMBlNff, CAS OR STEAM PITTlHf BV81NE8S. ri-*- at uv * - ? l./ bhii uu iib iirrai, k xev coon north #1 Pk< ftreaio, where msrbe a oomttote assortraeai rfCR ANnEMFkBan?aihar?i&, STEAM at* < W1TP.H FIXTURES. taW-U W?A9 FIX7VKEB, E Ha*? ic store, and are dai.y rroemLjr. WAB fllTVRBSolenttreW New Pr.tternsand vonpm , and FiE,i?h, superior in style to aajthicj hereto tor* i fierd in this market. We inritaoitiMes seneral I It to sal! and examine our stock of 8u and Water i Fix4 ires, fe*lir.j confident that we have the tort 1 seieote<l stock in Washington. i All Work in the above use '.Etrssted to Mr stro 1 ill be frsmptir attewied to, i i FAIRBANKS STANDARD SCALES. roa sale it J . r . UAKTHUliU W , Sole Agent, Bard* are & Agricultural Warrhaote, 1 MS Seventh Street, ( IMiieun Finn silvan i a aeruM and lJu Canal, opposite eut end of Centre Market. . j!V 14-tf t LOVELL. COLLE8* CO.. I WHOLESALE GROCERS, j *6 Front street, New York, s and 316 E street, Washington, D, C., ? (near Willards' Hotel.) t I r Having started a branch of onr New York estate llhnMt in ihll wa tnwita ? ? -"'J W ww k ?r?t' r U T WV?T #| | RtKaurMimri. and Hoitl Kuftrt, to oall and ex- I umne our stock, which ia veil assorted and I !Oinpnsed of Kooda of the beat MDality. We take !j >rdera for any thin; in our line, and ezeonts them P iromptly. ja23tf 0 ^ NOTICE. OSmmmihmmmmmm \ 'ADAMS' EXPRESS COMPANY." a I'hia Company offers to Uie jobHo** looted I vnnt&ter' (or tue ^afe ana (4010k iJisp&tcii cf !nav7 Freijhu. Paocates, Valuables, Money, 4c. to., to all par(.i of the United State*. Kxpreiees to and from the North and Weat deart from and arrive in W aching ton twioe dally, Ii All Expresses are la 0harfe ol mtmi*ltd mnd tltabU lUMMmirari. All Packages for The Soldiers earned tt "errs tALF" onr osuiV rates. ii All Goods tor it? sc-oatled "Confederate States" n jid all Articles "Contraband of War" shUbe 11 t jrtrsssi). r Oar Kxpreeew New York at 1, f, and I P. si A.. arrivm* in Waj-liiecUn st A. M. and Ml P *. M. r Expresses leave Philadelphia at 9JO A. M. ud u 1 P. Marriving in Warhingtou at MO P. W, and A.M. U hxpreeaes leave Baltimore at 4.#? A. M. and t P. s d.^arriving in Washington at S A.M. and Mi n 1'xpresses for all points North and West leave a Washington at 7Jf> A. M. and 3J0 P. M. iai'v. a Special Contracts for large quantities of Freight an be made on asp.ioation to this < >?oe. All Ooods called for and delivered ftss at Kitrs b&rce*. E. W, VARSOlfB, 2 Sup't dans' Express Companr* Washington, Augusta, 1M1. auSMf ?l rfcR. DUPONTS SUGAR-COATED PB- k LF MALE REGULATING PILLS Read the following unsolicited enoomi-^Bu u iDii: Hr / u "I oannot ootrmend them too highly.** W. f-7 "They are the beat h eraale Pills extant." "I have used them with complete suooees." 11 "Would not he without them upon any oorsider- _ -tioc." "They operate speedily and effective]/." Pnoe fl. Sent 6y u,au Sola by 8. C. UPHAM, >10 Chesnut street, Philadelphia,and in Washngton by 8. C. FORD, comer Uth street and Pa. . enne.; in Alexandria, br HENRY COOK * JO., Druggists. noS-aolT fl [inuni HAIR DYE '.?TO COLOR RLACr OR BROWN!.'?Only 39 oanteabox. Throe ?xe? for one dollar. Gray, red or flaxen hair can ie chanted in a few seconds to a i** blaok or ' Town, by D?r.( l1 pham's Lipoid Hair Dye, the beet Ad cbe&pest in the world, producing, the moment t ik applied, a rich natural appearacoe. Each Box >f UPhAM'8 HAIR DVK i? warranted to oontain ,s muoh Kair rfv? others sell for on* dollar'. *>Id by S. C. UPHAM, 3JO Oh?snut"street, Philaelphia, and . CAI-vERT FORD. comer 11th tro3t and Pa. are., in Alexandria, by HENRY ;OOK ATSo.. Druggists sepfr-eoly I"^R, GODFREY'S ANTIDOTE WILL CURE U GONORKH(?.\ in nix daya No^^ h&ccfl of dlAt rAtnirMl. U im 1 ah ?pecifio of aixti-fiTe yeara atanc 1 n nd will not harm the meatde.icate oon-^fBr r titution- It 3oiitatna<i0 fiinerait, PriM j. 11. Sold by d. C. UP HAM, 310 Cheannt atraet, T 'hiladelphia, and in Washington b* 8. C. FORD, h orcar llth atreet and Pa a?a.; in Al?xaL<tna, by a 1K.NRY COOK & CO., DinKfiata. no Sb-eoly B ^ BALMORAL BOOTS. " _ JfOAT Tipped Doable aole Balmoral? f 1 SO 1 lalf Kid do do do 82 on \ Hot? Calf do #2 SO fc Alao, all other irttrlea of LadiM aad Mtaaoa' lalraoral Boots, the oheapeat and beat aasortment atheoity. J. ROSENTHAL, f f>o. 16 Market Saaoa. a ja7 eo Penn. avenue, between 8th and 9th ata. 0 k.Towiu. J. M. Towni. J. B. Towns. * L. TOWERS * CO., a TEAM BOOK AND JOB PRINTIVO Rft TABLISHMENT, Conur Lcmuiana ar*ntu and Sixth tt. The attention of the bumnetaoommanity ie reifeottullr invited to the New Book and Job Printdk Establishment, which has been fitted dp with ft ew m&tBnalTi* the moat oomplete manner, u now . Bookp, _8pt^ehe?. ParaehleU. Card*. rir/u>i?< " ^"he Attention ot mem?>?r? of CongrsM it 0 tally re^ueHted for onr f&oilitiee for printing k IftcohM, we hare the ateam tower in he oitr. ditfUitB nEKAT ATTRACTIONS.?#rand ri?li> ' lerct Fin. mtwmxmai1 sMHKM O HI. J0KMTVR, DitflHVKKlfiflfAl FOR ALTWMULBSOF IMFKVDKTfCE. iff NO FALSE DELICACY FKEfEWT. A-PPLV IMJUOUKLT. TittoMrf atlut, krnnm, ilnttmrf U? H4 *t? IM4ir jwm*h DMHm, bapauacr, *M ft! Dab-.lity, Rhimmw, DriMpi, liyn, UeofWe f M?, U? Ifina, riirfaOM <* Inn, TOHiitv. ntniuofi, isuaaM* ?f Mftiif iMmm W * *d, Tkrwu Dm *r Aftcuaa* W U>? Ltuft, ttw ick ?T t?mH? [>i?t d?r? iriwfMa MlMl/T ?*'"* ?f TMtb??k?M DrMdfal and PtKncun Pim Htib^NDdei Numf? unfMMki*, ud dMUvy Ml 70 UNO MSN lawMh *k? kin k?e*re* U>? ncam? ?f B>ltt?ry T1m, Uit <ir?idf*l tad dtttrteuvt btku vktck tnottlly tvttpt tt u matlni*!? fnri thMHudi af Tt*| Mm W tb? MM tsaktd t*l?ois tod Willmot iiUllM, ?4* igtn atkarviM k>'< Mtnnctd luiaatng hulM vKk Ik* ikaadtrt M vtkk w ictuc; Mil vMfe MARRIAGE ax>m? rntiRi.w T~?f H? My rUn, baUi( i?tN W phraieal vmImn, Wfult da bUtty, Imnlsit, kc, apaadil* cmi vb? cIum huaaatf ib4m (ti MI* rf Dr. J. nllriaaa; t aanlda is bit h*n*r u t pitltau u4 wMttfly ralj apan bia aktli u a phyaiciaa. OFFICE No. 7 SOUTH FREDERICK ST \ laft band *14* jptaf fr?re Baliunara rtml a h? 1m trim lb* wnit. Pm.ll pat W rtwrn >?uil wtw. bNM tit ba ptM nd MUk mm>. D* JOHNSTON, M?k<i W U* Un, Cailafa af fcitWii, p???Ml Ana ana if tba imm imiiiii Caiiaf?a ta tba Vanad lulH, Utd Lhi fiaatar pan af ikaa Ufa baa baan ipaal lb Ik a bMmtala af Lacdac,Pana, Philadtiphta and illlbMrt, baa afaetad aana af tba maat aanattbie* a ant tbat ??n a*ar bnawa; many waatiad vltb naftaf ta (ba baad aad aan vbaa aalatp: mat mhiiii In. >IIM aiariad at aaddtn aaacda, baafcfClnaaa vitb fraqaaat Maabuf. attaadad aamaumai vttb darangaiaaat ai aui, vara caxad laaaTAEE PARTICULAR NOTICE. Taaaf Man aad atbara arba ha** fa)?f*d uaaaalraa by a aartUB praeUca tadalfad la vbaa alaaa?? babtt ftajaaaMy taanad frao aril raaipa atari, af u nbaal. tba afaeta af vtitl ara iitkilt f?li aku ??i"? * ? ??a Mnd i n mtrntft iapaaart>la, u4 4mu*ti kaU M*4 u< badr, lbe?ld apply iremidwuif. n<H ara mi ad tba Hd ud otlutW; tflMi iwdind by ?*rlT babit* ad will, m i WiUmn af tba But ud UbI*,Ptlu in U? Hitd, Duhw ad Siffct, Um ad MmiiM Pith, Paipitauac af u? art, Dy?p?r?y, Mirmi imu bdllty, Daranfaratot af tba Dtfaatlva r?ncuaoa, (Mini Debility, B?irptom? ad Car.iain?tian. *e MINTillt.-T*a faarfai ifiett aa ika aitd an maab la N draadf d?Laaa ad Miaory, Cwfum ad 14au, Dicmiia ad tpinta, KtiI rarabadmjp- Avaratao ad Saciaiy. ialMMatraat, Lo*a ad atiwda, Timidity, aw., ui mm ad tb? arila WdMti RHfOl'l 'DIBILITT.?Thaaaaijdi lu aa* fm4gt vbai la Ika caaaa adtbair dac.'miac bat lib, iaain* tbair rigm, baaaakif vaak, pa'.a, aar*a?a aad antcutM, haviaf a awffaJaf appaaranca abaM Ika ay*?, caajh ar tymfmm ad aao?a?fV1SEASES OF IMPR UDEUCB. Whan tba Biintdid andinpmlaiit ? alary adalaaaarf hdi ba baa tabiba* tba ? ? ? * ??? biffni (hat aa ill-anad nmi of tktm ? draad af dtaovrarr ttltn fain ftM tppl; tcf w tbaaa *U, ?4iuu? ui mficwbilit;, lu ii?m btfnaad kw. ? Uk wu Ui kaodi of ifnafent ud <Wuf?tA? prcundtri, wha, tac*p*k>* f carina, llcb Ms p?c?ci?rr lAiinn, t??l Ma u-iiinj aaik aAar mnik, ?r aa l**if aa u* ?a?ll?tl Ma eaa ka aklainad, and is datpair laa*a bin TtU raiaad kaalU la atffc ??r aia railing diaapptlauaaoi; ar kj Ua aaa af that 4aadly tm(<n Um ciiuciliikhJ ijrnpui tf tbii ItmMi dwaaaa, aacb aa ifa?tlau af Ua Iran. Ami. Iu4, Mb, *., vrafraaama vttfc fnfhtfal rapMitT, oil daaik nu a >aiM ta bia draadfai aafartafi It aaodiaf Mai a ikai mr atai?T?rad aaaairr fna vkaaa kaarna aa ttavalat num. D*. JOHNSON'S REMEDY FOR ORG AH 19 WEAKNESS AND JMPOTENCT y tkla pul ud iaaartaal raaady vaakoaaaaf III aafaaa ira ipatdily aarad aaa tall rlfn raaaarad. Tkimiadi a? ika aat narraat and daktknaial, vka had laai all Mft, lavi b#ta ium?(Litilf rtlitTtd. All lmpaduaanu la Mtirtifi, njiUtj at MaaUl Diaaaallaaltam, baa* af CmrKI)a Prvo, Bar*?a Irrlubflhy, PnaMaf a ad Waateaaa m Etaaaart? af tka mm faarfU M lymllj cartd. ENDORSEMENT OF 7HM PRK?K Til I4IT |M( U lUa I Mil w? vMkli h Um hvmuiq tun, u4 lM imiMi iafUil Serelni ifMUMM frUtm?4 ta Dr. MoMi, *mmm4 fcy #f <* pyw ul nu; mtw mom*, hum af rfHk ban imoit i|U ud ijtli U? nbll?, MMm bm Muilaf u t nulmi # iluuw ul nwil *lhy, W a e^eleel gweerue te ?fce aeiewd. aulMr TRXBSBMAR. PrMteted by Hoy a I Litters Pat tut of England, am>l secured by tk? Seals of tkt EtoU di Pketr?M(N dt Parity mmd Ik* ImptrimJ ColUf* of Mtdi:\aj, J nana. TR1E8EMAR No. 1 the HTrattsl r?m?!y for Rklaxation, ** (ATOEXH<EA &0d LxHAVtTlON OB TBI STITBJI. TO I t?av MAD W- a >omfletely at <f'entirely ^erajientes all tnoM of I how disorders, for wtuoh Copai ra and Cnbebe i*ve ser.eratly been thought an antidote, to the um of the health of a ran portion of tka popaiatriesemar no. s, the great and ore remedy of thr cintited wor d or all imparities of the aa wall aa eeooad,ry *7mptoDu. obviating the doatraatira sea of 1 eroury, aa wall aa other deietarioas inrredieats, >nd which all tbo 9arsaparJla in the world aannot more nnnil Nos. l.S and Sara alike dajid of taste or small. aaC of al! nauseating a sallies. Thar are in the form of a !oseage, and may la oa um toilet tabie without their aaa being aaaintad. ttoid in tta oaeee at #3 eaoh. or foar ft oaaaa in aa for $9, and in #*7 eases, thus eavict ft. as Orninialered by V \ipeau,, La emand, Roax,?e., iq, Wholesale and retail br DR. H. atbact()W, 194 Biaacter street, (4 doors froiaMaa)ongai atreet). New York. Immediately on reeiet of remittanoe. Or. baikow will forward rneaasear to any aart of toe world. ?? * seked^Qd a4drMMd aooortkag to the inlfMtWM f the writer. _ PnblmftM aleo by DR BAIROW, that ?op?lar nd beautifully illustrated medioal work. Human i "railty. Price JSc?U. Tneeemar una Book our t> obtained bytjecial authority from 8. C. FORD, Vuh.atton, D. C. de U-Sro ^ 8OMKTHIN0 NKW ! /^v PiucoynT >|V jl< 881 C sir mi, orreru* tlj OY8TEKS 8TKA.MED I d the Stell and Thoroufhly Cootad (Jar a^ener to U roast) in twe ?? *( <. sA? /tiiul iiflu o* rtcord Call a&d m. , Tbe andersijned respectfully inioraa his friecds i tbe patriot, and visitors to the oity, that he has > fit tod bin OLD and WELL-1 l?OW Jl BSTABLMKMBST , a & moat tknroarh in?.i>i>?? m-rnj k? ?J- - ? ' !ete arrangements to furnish 6Y8TI. K r< ia ut tylsand in any quantity. 4?nto W> ta'lons shaofced 1 er day. 2 000 to 3.000 aana of Spieed and Freah at upavly?MM h?rrr.*tioally Mated. Fnnuahed i tb? shall by the bashe. or barrel. Persons wsshiac to have Oyster* fsraisked retmvTi* toroach the winter, at Baltimore ihom, 'itboat fear of ?ailnre, shoald call and make ar*nomenta at onoe. Freicht, tin*, and money ived by parokacinc of me. a* I furnish aa articls anal to the celebrated Baltimore rati Mill?fita. t prioes just aa low. TO SUTLERS, Canned Meat*, Lobsters, Sardines. Clams, trawberries. Tomatoes, Pita' Feet, Tripe, # *. *0- Also, Pioklea, Calsas. 8auoM, tfraady i saobes, Ao. Also, Same and Fresh Pish. Tur- I es, Terrapins, Freeh Lobsters. O&d. Halibut, Aa. la fact, every thine for sal* ta the North* re Mareta always on band, at reasonable prioea. Hotels airf families supplied with Orators, derered without eharge to aay part of tie Distnet, i season ^4 tbe money is segt with the order. IcVt-'eTwry Vhia ' ?4om at ?o'clock a. m. jat tl T. M. HAJtYKY. LEA fc PKRKIIil' WorccrtSrSiin Bum. P roc* anted by K5 EXTRACT ONNOIS8KURS B of a Letter from a j JJL at Madras OMLY eOODjVL AW|M> SAUCK.- JM HTM.. ud??ii?b:.>o S?9 . JtVEievkky unm U W?ll M 1 of dish, pgrffistssb ; The ibort 8AUOH liaot oitr tt* unwd soil nrriji* oom>: MntT kaowa. bat the moat liwiw r?l, u a few droM la Somp, Oun. or wrtfc flu. ot and oold Jottut, Bnf St?k, Q+wu, fe., impart a ex?uiaite aeat, which mmrrmc**Ud 8mm aao{hoturera hare in rata endearored to iwfttfi. On the Br?kfa?t, Immcktm, Dimmtr, or Bmwm V>U, a ormet oontaiainc M LJ?A * PERKINS* I VORCE6TERSHIRE SAUCE" u tnrtiafa^to. To appreciate the ctoIImH laaiirin *t tkia dsii- I ioMi preparation it U oaly aoaaaaary to porofcaae ' Mil bottl* Of tbO f< *>?, of ? IWjMiMHH or or dM tr, u many Haul ud Hiiliwl prorietora seldom plaoe the Pwrt 8mm brfw* thw qmu, bat rabatitBteft icduid* BattU tiled vitk . ?M? mixtaro. For Mieby 6rooert fta4 Frviterora wuMi, JOHN DUNCAN * SONS, Ontm S*usrt mmd Ml* firm, Nm Terfc, Sol* WholMBio AgoaMfbr tho UoiAed BMn A Stock ?1 wore is Mor??Ai*o orOora hmtK l?i uirwH impiauuu ll Mi U|m* mf9-lj*o iid, w*rr*ctad. Alao, prune Moaom*hA? Whitt msr nfe?w&?>bi mm stsSiwatRss: TRAVELLERS' DIRECTORY. 1 PABSXKGKR nULIWl 1 PiMmn mm ?T?HI WAKHINGTO?! AND BALTTMoftK niiUUM l* 0*l ?**&&&&**' Fnr Ptiii?ir'rk" New Torl-L?nWi(k ? 4 M.Md ??T m. "or fct* i n or??ftt M?M* 1 ?Ba *!* <? <# MT4? ** t or MUfOtM ftt T # A M. Md ? ? r b ?*& is?jw? to w SShlMtOB M 6 no a For Frederick at 7 * * , a?4 3-M r M. Njw York r. *.. ffam.t .r, TSTtTT f*"MmSir ' i?U?*Wor.,ni ooa?.?o* a. *.; arrire ai^iaibmore L?*rVi jU UBT. X> N?w Vor~P. . Ttwb W? ?!,* toi aow r M. rricnui BMIOn MIRFI. M HP M. . itim.*rriv? ?a B* ti?or* ?t I p m. NO *01 muuu nt Baltimore Ikia ia Uia ftflornooa oos a?xioa for AoBApous. Inuii Kiyr? I?to Wifklaitn I f. h. imn u Baltimore MS p. PkiiMM^to Mil 11i'? 5 P. p. tram from WMhtafton Maaoti tkronsk to N? York mtf to# 4nnag tfco vtM ? fcn.tmwre? ? p. a. Amnu WitkiKtoi ' R?v York ft.tU Pk^??k i If jr r a. BicnortUl a, k. Arrreant WnAi*tot 4* ^*i*.'. - ?? V^k - ? * '*? - - .- I.-W Via ? Wt U rMMMI Mi a. BalllaomMk a.m. AmnM WmhiUj IX i. K. _ Loaa. AMOUMUtiN VruM it i4 k .uk! 4 3? r m .for Weehieflee. Mrtf th"r? ft* 11 A M. Ud 6? F M. On 8nn<!Ay? At 4jn and f * *. H. only from Mti more .No AoUf?lii 01 Kr?d*n?k tomiwunt Bmiifi. riiMtftr Tmu inniii WuiuuMn At ? f> a. . A..d i r. Mid PfcLmore itiAi. ai*j4?i p. m , make I r?<> tocrwiiwi for Aanipou* At th? i unction. TheT?' am, ?rd |f> r m oonnAetAt F<XM for Frwtoriok, Hafer?t'jv*, if., k*?m\ c??t Birfift. TrmiDi ! * ? AxDAfoiia tor Btlttin and Wutiiftoa tt ?jn a. K. Aod FwiB|*f Trauta .mviai W'Mbtaitoi it M* a. ml. U . a-1 < r. n.< ar.d Ba'uaora at 4JP ud 7JB A. Will n? 0?i? ?l iWMNW JtaflM*. Way pMMBieri mnct take U? iwinniwiw ^TmbTvill >Mre WmiidiIn aad fcHiaww promptly ?HI Iwm, tAatth?0>a w,7 *5 a x. ud4 00 r m t-ain? wili wait SO niutti if aeooaaarr, to aeoaie tbe puanirri and Uu.i from tk? Ktit. For t?ick ai.d Wounded Solfliara? A aMflial oar, with an aUmdant. with '**Ja, wilt M?t? WMkici ton iwiova ww# for Hbi.acaiyaia airaot at 11 a b. far tba aoaoiaiaodatioa m atak ar,? vuuau*c aoidiara. W. MMiTH , fa 4 Maat*r at Ti?i'n tafioa. Bait. 10M] . THE [IMS Pennjylrania Central Eailroad, (with ita oonnMtaaai) IB A FIRST CLASS ROL'YE TO ALL THE WESTERN CITIES SPEED. SAFETY AND COMFORT! STONE BALLASTED AND FBEE FROM DUST! BAGGAGE CHECKED THROUGH FBOM BALTIMORE! TBftBI Ui|,| Tllllll run PUII llll'l Dill' >? ?' " ?- ? Two of tho* xxosi romimoMir luiinn* with trtlM on tho NORTHERN CENTRAL RAIL ROAD. and tonniiu THE OREAT CENTRAL ROUTE nea washington and balt1morb to ail pomta lb tfcs Wbst? Noeth-w*?i hid South wmt. tDTYor Tkrouth Tioks ta, appir at tu UAm ol the Northern Contra! Kail lonf Co* paey, Oarvort Station. Iteitimoro. Splendid Sl?jn*ig Cart on mil Ntgkt Trmm Smoking Saloon Cars on mllTrmtu. , prom Washington. Paaeongora wui takt the t a. aa MS p. a^tnum. arriving m BaUtaaeo Ml?a m. a?4 ?> . tie NorUorTcMtraT t'. ifac*.-'-v? - ruT bar* ?tl?. m. 1M t m., t' ?re wweetiL* vitt u? mm mi mm r?nty *mm. omm RkilroM for fcll prntuoftkm VMt , By tUi ro?u, forwarded to Md froa My |out m Ui_JLM.r?*d? ofOhio. KooUoky, Isdisnfr. IUibom, WIiwhii, lo?s, or Misaonri. by Kmilrmd iman. Tton?HyiT%Bt? Caatiml R?ilroMkl?iMUMti ftt FitUKari with Bl?w>i. by whiek boo(i*u eforwaj-dod to My port?? tkm Oh.c, Mo?kin?on . Nit?ty. TaaMBW. faahirltni I1Iuio ? Mim Cbioaro with to al fTortliw?Mru UkM. MerohkcU Md ?bif*or? ?Btr*?tiM u" trMsfortatioa of thair FraifM to Uua Cwjwny.wi rmj wit:. oonfcdeoe* on lU * ?<? t'Maii. THE RATEf UP FKKJGHTto ud froa My kfUftl ! ftVa U. m* n?? ?? * ^ * r-??? mmm ? ir ?? in bHf X VWIVJI VMM WW R*ilro*d, ?ri M mil ttmu mt ftmmmbU ?J ?r? ikarttd kg ?4r K+Ur?*d Cewj utii. t/ Be Mrttoai?r to mark p*aU|H "tia fm. clitiil r r." MaGRAW A ROOMS. Frwrbt Ainu, No. M North itrNt, WitiMr*. Msfefesae delphifc JaiA-dly J^OKTHKRN CENTRAL RAILWAY. Tk* Skortut, Qmitbut mmd B? t Iw>iAw> BmiHwkct, norts^as^orthwwt. WIIfTEM SCHEDULECiAMaoilun, . Mail n i * J**1** Now* Lbatv feS?. ? ? _ _ . TbaomJoftb Auin gggssiE... iSti^ULp", ^as??rrai! Ka2L& .B.'^;f v,??^" *or? 01 ty. Th# ? a. m. train fro? WlfMifM mumu with the I f. m trail from BaJtivor* to Wml NorUvidNorUvMitBitlminud BaJfkio?f>d TmT"*. train from Waak^Bftos toBMeto with boa (or Ubwog. Raetn* AUwhm w< New York rta Cektra! Railroad of New imnrni. Try tkia route for New York. w on!? tr*:r arriving la Balthaoro oa tote? to th? t JO a m. trata. JAR. C.CLAEIRT ao?-lr RapoilBt?<?tT? J1QT1C& TO TmflUM.. A Hfc I c?tir.ui'r ?*:.<"* ut L| V' ail mi i it* botawu waakfactaa, "r k Baltimore, aad Old Polat i Portrni Monro*) to bennMli oa m4 U v74Y>iao*|( Iti ' day) Croat ttair wharf; foot of Cuaa Duo*, at 4k Mtttto'oioci p.m. aW m. n. rmj. n?* BIB TOP BLAH'S MB '"^^ggKgyaigfjr- ] "*l^^S?-u. i

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