Newspaper of Evening Star, February 13, 1862, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated February 13, 1862 Page 1
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- t 1 V^. XIX. WASHINGTON, D. C. THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 13, 1862. N?. 2,802 THE EVENING STAR l? FUBUSltBD E VERT AFTERNOON, (SUNDAY EXCEPTED.) AT THE STAR BULLDINOS, w / tTMM mmd BUnnik it. ti W. 1>. WAliLAOtt. Pmpers rrTsd la p&ck&gea by osrrien i? S4 * ! ??, o* 37 oenti per month. To mall subscribers ttf price Is S3.SO a year, m md?met; S* tor ?U ovthi; SI for three months; sad tor 1ess thaa three months at the rate of 11 oeati a week. 81a fie coplft, ?xa cawr; la wrapper*, two cants. CJ- li<4KtannTi should be teat to the Cre before 12 ? dock m ; otlxrwl* they may art tppetr uatli the next 457, ^?????? TUH PL-m OF THE E*E>IY [From the Memphis Appeal, Feb. 1 J The Northern Journal*, in diaeaMing the plans of their generals, give us intimation of one probable feature in their programme, wbicb? if sueeewful, wonld proVe tha Leavt'at tlow that oould povibly be inflicted upon onr confederacy It is nothing more nor less than catting off all commanieation between the Potomac and the Mississippi Valley, by pushing forward two vast armies through East Tennessee and North Carolina, thus performing a piece of military strategy designated by Pat).. I ? ?w |TIW*W(U& bUU V/UU IOI XliO HI UIICO of the East and West are now connected by two lines of railway?one, the East Tennessee and Western Virginia, passing through the mountainoa* region of this State; and the other, the Weldon and Wilmington, running along the Atlantic coast. Both of these roads are in a measure somewhat exposed to the assault of the enemy, the former being aboat seventy and the latter near forty miles from the advance guard of the federal forces on c ? a rr? i-.i? ?-? Movuis iu cuuiucro nvuiD'.'ij una Pamlico Sound. Military aflfiirs are in a situation at present to especially indicate, if not invite, a trial of this Mhegja. The Barnside naval expedition baa rendezvoused on the coast of Nortn Carolina, with a reported force for land operations of atoot thirty thousand men. which may be inereaaed at any time by the addition of twentyfive thousand more under Sherman and Dupont. now at Port Royal. It is evidently the desigu of this fleet, if it doe* anything at all, to move on Newbern, Washington or Elisabethtown. with the view of their capture and the subsequent establishment of a base of operation against the interior portion of North Caro nun. In the meanwhile strenuous efforts may b? ifiade to penetrate Etst Tennessee by way of Cumberland Qap, or some other entrance, ao u to reach the great trunk railway between the Eaat and the Weat, at Knoxville or Greenville. This is known to have long been a favorite plan of the enemy since the commence ment of the war, and the importance of the movement has been repeatedly dwelt upon by the most sagacious and observant journals of the Northwest. Despite the almost insurmountable difficulties of accomplishing such an expedition, where every mountain pass would be made a Thermopylae, the late success of the enemy near Somerset, may possibly attract his attention to its supposed feasibility, while he still exults with exuberant ecstasy over his triumph. Indeed, we are already t<.ld that General Baell has dispatched largo reinforcement* to Thomas and Sctxepff since the battle of the 19th nit., though their ccmbined coiarawere knows to be at least three times as large as that of General Crittenden, which had rallied at last accounts at Liringston, about fifteen miles from the Kentucky State line. This shows a disposition to follow up tb? victory by pressing forward into Tennessee as speedily as possible, and give battle to Crittenden's retired army before it can be reiuforced in sufficient numbers to insure successful resistance in an attack. Of course General Aldert Sidney .Johnston, who eniors the ennfidsnM of that iumnU ,.f tK? MUsi&uppi Valley to m greater extent than any other military man in the Soathwest, will at a glance observe the evil consequences that in oat follow from another defeat of oar forces in this disaffected region, and will take prompt steps to arrest any such threatening disaster. If General Critteuden shoald again be overwhelmed with superior numbers, and is forced to retreat still futher South, it requires no superior sagacity to discern the fact that the enemy would be greatly encouraged in his attempt to prosecute the plan to which we hare alluded. The movements in tha field of a vast military campaign, like those upon a chessboard, are as shifting as the sands of the sea, and may be expedited or entirely abandoned upon the happening of the most trivial and apparently unimportant contingency. This principle applied may stimalate Ihe advance ?f the left wing of Buell's army, under Thomas and Schoepff. unless it is confronted with a counter force of equally-large proportions. We have to contend with the disagreeable fact that there is in East Tennessee, the field M4 this operation, a large, disaffected, if not treasonable element, ready at all times to give aid and eomfort to the armed legions of the enemy in their coming. The section of North Carolina, too, within the vicinity of Uatteraa, has been charged with * subdued sentiment of disloyalty, which, if tru?, would offer strong inducements to invasion by the expeditionary force of Barnaide. Fifty thousand men pushed through from each direction, while the situation at other points is preserved, would necessitate the utmost diligence and energy on the part of the Government authorities to keep the Confederacy from being dangerously pierced in its Achilles beel. Oar philosophy in this matter would dictate the eminent wisdom of the adage, that an ounce of prevention is worth a peund of cure. naiMUd Veeeels?Enr??rti and Aaaer. Icaa. The champion of the French navy. La Qloire, is now actually in the dockyard, stripping off iu mail, in preparation for some more perfect mode of arranging iu armor. The foreinoat ship of the British navy, the Warrior, most evidently share the same fate. A short trial trip, of two or three hundred miles, has disclosed mch serious defects of construction that even the London Times indirectly suggests the possibility that tha h??t mode of building mail-clad frigate* hu not jet been attained The fact* warrant each a conclusion. so far ae English practice is exemplified in that vessel. Although the Warrior experienced no very rough weather on its short excursion, it was found that the leverage ex braised upon the plates and fastenings by the motion of the vessel, as she passed over the waves, had loosened many of the plates, and actually caused such dangerous leaks as to require docking for immediate repairs. This u indeed a matter of national importance to the United State*?since the failures in Vn?A*vA AnakU tie ?a a * am tm.?w ? iu ijuivpy us w ?%?*?? vu wi uij i u the construction of mail-clad vessels. The mailing of the ship now being built at Mystic for oar government. consists not of ?latee, so called, cut of a "girder and narrew oars, plae*d longitudinally upon the aide* of the Teasel"?thai affording additional strength instead of weakening the ahip. Sack is thelnerwased strength thus obtained, well-skilled persona believe suspension bj the end* would scarcely perceptibly defleot the center?mach like aorne of our bridges The bars need on the Myatie ahie have the - ?? A. t a 7 ? a a ..rn. euoci mm us pianKing 01 UK Sldee? strengthening itutead of weakening?while the arrangement of tb? b*n permit* an ioeroue to soy de?if*d thicknes* beyond the three and half iaekee oaed is that veeael, with the additional advantage ef being comparative I j easily adapted to the curvature of t&e frame. is'.L .t. ??- ? ?? - *- * im mo rc?uiic uuw ouuuQui? orougOC Id oar in tha failure of the Warrior following that of tha Gloira, it behooves our government to re-oxamino all its plans of the twenty mail-clad gun boa u. and all other ironclad reaala, that oarcoontry may not be "behind the intelligence of the ago''is this allimportant arm of oar national defences 4a KrmiT to Dombsticats tii NomiWc learn that a nombw of <eotLemen are about purchasing Ball Mountain, Vermont?wltb a view of trying the experiment la domesticating (be boom. The entire bane of the mountain Ta to be earlooed by a high fence The object la to make tte moose serviceable is driving singly or by pair*. THrrr?Amd or Ciowi.?Por several daya put find ll rv*? I Ko Koflttw iall ? 4 ? ? . BocX* of crow* bare ventured near the cattle f*n?, amr the western aeclloa of the city, to ?e?reh ?f f??d Yesterday t*ey w?r? there Wy thou?aad? tad quite number wttt ktllad.?B*U. 8w*. j Fomt Dow*l?oh ?!n hta Ipeteb. rrtrxmslve to tbe serenade last night, Gen. Bailees, after thanking hi* friends for the 'ompllment, remarked, "It la Port Henry to-night, and it will be Port Ponelson tomorrow nig at " AJost of our readers have forima, from recent feports, fl pretty accurate Idea where Port l)nnelson is. if Is a fortlti cation made of earth, and waa constructed about the i a me time last summer as Fort Henry. Situated at Dover, on the west bank of tbe Cumberland, where that river washes an obtuse angle, It istwe'.vt miles southeast of the latter fort, and mounts about ten 84 and 39 pounders. Some (even or eight post roads Intersect at this point, and tha V rl i r.h 1 * arid rUrlpa#UU ^UrnaH n???M Knt .MV II ? 1MV mill W V l/UHB WW w?? four miles south of It. The position is important as controlling the river aa far up aa Clarkesville. and, in conjunction with Fort Henry and Tenneaaee bridge, aa breaking off from the rebels some twenty miles of railroad communication We are without any reliable Information in regard to the rebel garriaen at Fort Donelaon. Up to the 20'-h of January it was only occupied bv a few companies, but may have been, and probably has been, largely reinforced since that time. Possibly the bulk of Gen. Tllghman'a command retreated there Instead to Paria, as la generally supposed. Or fresh troops mar have been thrown into it from Clarkervllle. Clarkeavllle. where the railroad croaaea the Cumberland, ia about thirty ml Ira from Dover. Extensive and formidable rebel worka have been constructed here for two or three montha, and a large number of heavy guns ahlpped thither, it la aaid, for the protection of the bridge and the communication with Nashville Itlaalao reported that Geo. Buckner left Bowling Green tenor twelve daya ago with ien or twelve daya ago with thousand men supposed to be destined for Ciarkeavllle. Thua It will be that matter* growing aerloua for the Cenfederat a in the Cumberland and Tenneaee valley*.?Mis. somri Republican, 9Ik. Rk-oocupatios of Romskt.?The Wheeling (Va ) Pre** ?av? ; For two or three day* rumora have reached the city reapecting the re-occupation of Romney and the probabilities of an early advance upon Winc beater. The sum of th?m all is that Romnev has been re-occupied, and Lander haa thrown outpos's upoo the Moorfleld and Blue's Gap roada. So soon as the roads will permit, and concert of action from Banks' column can be secured, no doubt the country will be entirely cleared between Romnev aad Winchester by two distinct detaebmenta. diverging at Moorfleld, and uniting thereafter at the junction of tbe Moorfleld and North wcnriu turnpi se wng ioc main ooay or iae mrcw, which will take the direct road via Blue's Gap With complete preparation of force, and equipage, and a clearance of all the region roundabout, it they progreas, there la no doubt bnt a union of the force* of Lander Irom Komney, Uanks from Martinaburg, and Wilson from Hancock, couki be accompliibed withlr\ two days from the commencement of their movements The enemy, however, will probably be prepared for the attack, as they cannot have made their last retreat from Romney with anv o her expectation, and their facilities for procuring reinforcements are ample. So we may expect to hear of a heavy engagement near or at Winchester as soon as the weather wiil permit. H atti.?Papers from Port-au-Prince to January 16th state that much alarm is felt amonj the Haytlan? in consequence of the attitude of Spain A writer in the Havana Dtario asserts that St. Domingo was much more prosperous whsn the popnlace were (before 17W) held as slaves, than at a r* A .1? -? * in<.?cu>, auu tuuK^ucnuy 11 WOU !U U' oeuer IOT i&e Interest* of coiumercs should Spain poasens the entire island "La Republique" speaks of the immigration movement aa attended with complete success, and autea that England and Franc*- Intend to encourage colored emigration to Haytl. It alao thinks that President Lincoln's colonization scheme Implies onr Intention to acquire new territory for colonization purposes from Mexico, and that It was fortbls end that the United Ststes were willing to assist Mexico In her European embarrassments Twenty-siybt persons. Including several officers of the armv and tbree aids de-camp of the President, snd s general, have teen arrested for complicity In the Gonzaives plot, and tried for treason at a court martial. The coffee crop is unusually satisfactory. A .CARD. vlaveit ? fflAY Take great p>uir? in announcing tc tbe Ladies of Waahiocton and vioiniXf that thay will open oa Monday. February 10th, w I'iO OOU WORTH OF RICH SILKS AND EVENIKO DKE8S GOODS. Consigned from one of the !arge?t Silk H<>nsts in New York, to be told at an immense aaorifioe an the original ooat of importation. They name, aa a part of the atook? * %Loy Silk Dr??? Robea, for evening, Rich Fig'd atil Striped Siika ly the jard, evening cotora. Moire Aufqae and Waterea Si!ka, evening oolora, Piain Taffitas, in ail the evening oolora, Kep Silks. Elegant China JMlks, Grenadine Robea, and Grenadines by the yard, Tiasueaand Tissue Robes, evening oolora, Crape de Paria in every color, Double-width atnped Albina, or Challi-Albanaias, ;? .11 in an wiurai* Lace ar>d Taneton Robes, elegant goods. Gay Berege Rebee, Ac., Ao. *l?o, a Targe assortment of very ohoioe styles rl SPRING SILKS, by theyaid; tneie together with the above goods, will be sold at about one half the original oo?t, kok CASH. They remain on sale until tbe 1st March. Ladies desiring to purohaee El?gant Dreeces have now the opportunity. CLAGETT A MAY, fe 50-3t 334 Pa. av., bet.9th and loth ate, ?JHEAP CASH STORE! The undersigned have constantly on hand a general assortment ot New and Second hand Ketniture. Crockery, Glassware, Tinware, Kanoy articles and housekeeping artiolea generally, which they are prepared to sell aa cheap if not cheaper than any other eatabliahraeot in the oity. Unymg exo naively for the oaeh, and aelling for tne aame. they are aatiafied they can oompete with the cheapest. Persons in want of any of the above artiolea are rilBictrulIv rmn iiMUvi in ??? ? - ? w - -?-1 a?*w WW W WWII UV1VIO f U I ~ chaainf e aewhere. All kinle of seoond hand Furniture taken in ex chance Jor New. BONTZ A. GRIFFITH fe II eo6t No. 369 7th st.. bet. 1 and K ?ta. NOTICE NOTICE NOTICE . TO BUTLERS. TO BUTLERS. SPICED MOLASSES CAKES. SPICED MOLASSES CAKES. SPICED SUGAR CAKES. SPICED SUGAR CAKES. In oonaeqaenee of the treat demand for osr Molaeeee Ginger Cake and Sugar Cake, we hav* ap nlltarf * w. H. HAMILTON A CO., 479 Nintb Street, n prmoipa' Agent for their aale, from whom they can be bought at &v? tiollara per baiiel. SNAPS, JUMBLES, MOLASSES POUND CAKE, IN QUANTITIES. IN QUANTITIES, IN QUANTITIES. Boston 'Crackers, P'Mh avery day?w*rm from the oven make delicious food? Ttn Cut* P*r Pound. DAYTON'S CELEBRATED MINCE P1BS. Hote-keeper*> Htadi of, an_ Butlera are invited to try oor excellent Miros Piee. Oar MINCE PIES Med only to bo tried to bo appreoialed ; f noe fl? and fit Mr hand red. JAMES L. DAYTON, Bakerj?43* Eleventh atreet, feh 3 between 8 and HUUTTER. BUTTER. BUTTER !-We art li low reoMYiAf bj exirtM from New York, VMKly. Prime ooshen butter, to vhieh w raapeotfally oall th? attention of fwniliM and others BROWNING * KEATIN9. 3*3 Pennsylvania avoone, betw<wn la i? Xa-w 8th and 7th ?f. rr?0 1 8UTLEKS AND ' RESTAURANTS. lMbaafcMB ?ry superior ? WINE, for ?!? cb?M bT WM>CORW1N BURttV, No. U7 PMMylvMU Mitu, 4 TELEGRAPHIC NEWS. THE WAR II TEANCSSEE. ADDITIONAL FRO* THX GUNBOAT BXPRDITIOX VP THI TKNJtKSS SB RIVXR. At many point! the sljjbt of the boats with stars and stflpei was bailed with shouts of joy. Capt. Gwin, of the giinboat Ty!er, recruited 30 men for the service on the gunboats, and say? he can eet enouoh to man the whole fleet. The people of Florence were to delighted to And the atara and atipea one* more their protection, that they prepared to give a ball to the oiflcerj of the gnnbeau, bat they could not remain to accept the courteaiea. Wherever oaf bo&ta landed and the people became aaaured that we did not come to aeatroy. but to aave, they aeemed to have no meana too extravagant to expreaa their delight and jov. Our boata raptured four ateamers, Including an nnflnlahed gunboat, and burned aeven othera We alaocaptured a large quantity of atorea. and 180 atands of arma. The boata go up the river again thla morning. The weather la improving and the roads are drying. rtTiniAL ARMY IN XOTTOW. The Cincinnati Commercial saya the Federal army In Central Kentucky it in motion, and that General Nelson'a divlalon la marching along the Glaagow turnpike. Gen. Mitchell's divlalon croaaed Green river on Monday, taking the advance of the main column to uownng Ureen. CONFIRMATION OF THE ADVAKCK OF TBI FKDKRAL GONBOAT* TO ALABAMA. The following dispatches relate to the Federal movement* In Tennesseee and Alabama: Lynchbtjhg, Va , Feb 10 ?The Lynchburg Virginian has received a private dispatch from Chattanooga, dated on the 9'h inst , wnlch states that the Federal gunboats reached Florence, Ala , about 4 o'clock p m., yesterday Troops were landed and the town occupied by them They went up within a mile of Tuscumbla. Ala , last nlqht. This morning tfcey left, and took to their gunboats. A later dispatch to the Virginian from Chattanooga, dated to-day, says the reported flght at Bear Creek is untrue. The Lincolnites bad again returned to Florence. Wo bridges had been burned on the railroad, but communication was entlrplv out off hctWi*n Chuttunnnot M?m phi*. The Federals are landing at Eaatport, Miss , thirty miles below Florence, on the Tennessee river. Memphis. Teiin , Feb 10 ?The Federal gunboats passed down the Te messee rlverfrom Florence yesterday, and carried off large quantities of govt-rnment stores. The Florence steamers Bibb and Dunbar are safe. They ran up Cypre?w Creek at the approach of the enemy. No injury was done to private property or to the railroad. The enemy Is expected back soon About 5u0 Federal cavalry were landed from the gunboata. Savannah, Hardin county, Tenn , Feb. 10 ? About 10 o'clock yesterday the railroad bridge llVPF tbp ritfpr WnV.r.M PaHor?l?. ? ? - - - v. ? u ?%? VJ fcW i cut ' Ui-3. The work had not, however, been injured by tbe enemy. They say that wltbln two weeks they will have possession of tbe entire road Narhvillk, Feb. 10 ?Passengers who arrived here this evening by the steamboat slate that our ;outs report that the Federal infantry and cavalry were within four miles of Fort Doneldson ou yesterday. Otber passengers say that Federal gunboats were in sight of the fort ca yesterday A private dispatch from Clarksville to-day says that Fort Doneldson Is safe and caunot be taken Later dispatches than the foregoing say toe Federals destroyed several spans of tbe railroad bridge at Florence, Alabama, connecting with Tuscumbla,'(Charleston and Memphis Railroad ) There were six steamboats at Florence, two of which wer? captured. The other four were set on are ana ournea oy ice citizens 01 Florence. A private dispatch, received this evening from Decatur, says teat everything Is qutet, and the trains will run regularly again on the Memphis and Charleston Railroad. Niw Orleans, Feb. 10 ?Private and general dispatches sustain the report that reconnoiterlng gunboats have gone up the Tennessee river a < high as Florence Nashvillk, Feb 10.?A private dlspatcb, received last night from Florence, states tbnt the gunboats had left that place. The latest accounts from Fort Donelson say the place bad been largely reinforced, but no advices navt been received of movements there The latest intelligence from Savannah is that ka ciulaa ' hkasis ? uv m vmvi -i ^ uui/vuia wciC a* f* ail Oil UUfll* lng which communicates with Savannah without passing Fort Pulaski. Gen llnnter's Expeditisu?Preparation for a >lo?f. Lkavksworth Feb 12 ?The greatest activity prevails at Fort Leavenworth in preparation for the expedition to start from here under General Hunter. Troopa and supplies are being concentrated in the southern portion of the State, and the indications appear favorable for an earlv advance. General Hunter himself is working earnestly and

unceasingly In perfecting the details of the expedition, and every department is pushing to the utmost capacity. Seven regiments of cavaly and jour regimen'm 01 inrantrv and three batteries of artillery, with Parrott and Wlard guna, now en route from the East, are daily expected to join the expedition, wblch will be one of the moat formidable yet organized during the war. Farther fr?m Enrepe by the Teoteuia. The ctatment of Mr. Seward. Implying that tbe American government held tncmselves bound, after subjugating tbe rebel*, to restore tbe de stroyed harbors, added considerably to the disqu'et of Federal bondholders, slace It adds to tbe ultimate amount of debt. It Is believed that erven If the war Is wound up immediately the debt of America would Involve an annual charge or the revenue equal to more tban half the total required for the national debt of England. A new ministry has been formed In Holland. The Russians nave been defeated In Circaasla. French troops are being rapidly dispatched to Mexico. Finer*) ( C?l. Allen and Sugitn Weller. Tkkjitoi. N.J , Feb. 11 ?Tbe remain* of Col. Allen and Surgeon Weller, who were drowned at Hatteraa, arrived here at noon to-day, and were received with a grand military escort. The remains, which were enclosed In rosewood-colored metallic colflns. were placed In hearses drawn by four horses, and attended by six colonels and six majors, acting as pall-bearers. They are now reposing In state in the Senate chamber, where immense crowds are awaiting a visit to the honored dead. From Vftlifsrnin. C . M C. ? iir ; U-V. ?A ? * ? oaa runuKU, rcu ill.? I UC lifOlUff BOllOra, with ton passengers and $670,000 In treasure for New York and $150,000 for England, sailed to"frade is reviving slightly, with moderate transactions in general merchandise A speculative movement has occurred on foreign brandies, establishing a rise of 3Sa50 cents per gallon. Domestic brandies are higher. Whlaky ditto. Spirits of turpentine $150. Candles dull at 20aSS cents. Rebel Mail Captured. - - f-W 14 A * - * >?- ? ? - \vuiciiiiiaii! row ?i - -n. prcim auptlCD I TO III ndlsna polls to the Commercial says that two men were arrested at Princeton, Indiana, a few day* since, by the surveyor of the port. On searching their persona, their clothing and boot legs were found to be wadded with letters for partiea In the Booth, many of them from Europe. One of th* men had a large amount of gold in his possession. Grsml Hitchcock. St. Louis, Peb. IS.?The Republican learns IBM venerai hiicqcock baa accepted tbe appointment of Major General of volunteera. Should Gen. Hallcck take the flald In tbe aonthern expedition, which la regarded probable, Gra Hitchcock will remain atbeadquartora. Harrard College. Bobton, Feb 11 ? ttiabop Htxpatrick waa today elected one of the overaeera of Harvard College, by the State Senate. Tbe election goea to the Houao {or concurrence. bbiiim nrea Pkottokkcb, R. I., Fed. II ? Flags have been displayed and salu tee fired In all the towns of the State to-day, in honor of the capture of Roanoke I aland ??OAL OIL-COAL OIL-COAL OIL! COIL iNn pthcbiimiii. ? ifflKHL., Core* New Jersey ? . and Eat. gAL.MORAl> D ^ BK1RT8, <*?* j? |i" iL" *? V. W. COLLJSV. "S official. Treasury department, fkbbcaky 4, 1mb. H?ldbks or Oomw of the United States dated [ August 19, 1S61, and payaole three yean frois I date, are hereby notified that provision Is made ' tor the payment of ths Coupons of s?rai-annnal in | terest which became due on the 19th instant, In J coin, agreeably to their tenor by the Treasurer of j the United States at Washington, or by either of xn? Aiustani Treasurers at New Yora, Hasten, and Philadelphia. All such Coupon*, together with schedules showing the number and amount of each Coupon and the aggregate sum of each parcel, must be presented for examination and verification at least three full business day* before payment. 8. P. CHASE, fe 5-tl9th Secretary of the Treasury. Treasury department, FtBRCART 4, 1*68. Notick ib hereby GiTM of the readiness of this Department to redeem the Treasury notes payable in one year from date, authorised by the act of Congress approved December 23d, 1S37, and tVi? TrMinrv nnln rutvnhlp In ilttv rinva frnm date, authored by the act of Congreaa approved 2d March, 1661. Interest on Treanrv notes of the above Issues will ceaae on the 7th day of April next by terms of tbc*e acts respectively. fe 5-tap7 Department of state, WAtHinsTON, January 25, 1??03. The Secretary of State will hereafter receive Members of Congress on business on Saturdays, commencing with Saturday, thi firat of next montb. Jan 27-tf WILLIAM H. SEWARD. TTTAR DEPARTMENT, ?t January 21, 1H62. Ordkbkd, That the War Department will be closed Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays against all other business but that which relates to active military operations in th? fisld. Saturdays will be devoted to the businea of Senators and Representatives. Mondays to the business of the Public. EDWIN M. STANTON, Ja22-tf Secretary of War. Tilli Xi xxJCv \ EYE AND EAR. No. ??T PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE, OPPOBIT* WILLARJ^S HOTEL. Oculist and Aurlat. DR F. A. VOM MOSC'HZISKER, From Clinton Place, New York- has arrived in the oity and owned hie offices at 927 PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE, where he oan be oonaa'.ted on Maladiee of the VVK A M n V AU re^nirinc med'ca! and surjioal treatment. Dr. Von Moschztkikr is the inventor aad introducer into the medical practice of the ETHERIAL EAR INHALATO R, for tbe treatment of obstinate cases of DEAFNESS AMD NOISES IN THE HEAD. He ia also author of the letters published in the New York and Philadelphia pipers treatinc on the prevention of DEAFNESS FROM THE FIRING OFCANNON, fe. Dr. Von M. has for trie past fourteen years devoted his ipeoial attention to the TREATMENT OFTHE EYE AND EAR, AnU possess** the testimonials of some oi the beet known public men in the Union, who h?ve been most cncoeeftilly treatel by him lor the RESTORATION OF SIGHT f HEARING. R E A D. [ Frrm Professor Alrtnirur. Raltimort 1 "I have ttaig day seen Alms Wis#, Lor sight per feotly restored. I am 1 app* to express mj oonvio tiOQ that by your skill and judgment she has been saved from the greatest deprivation that could have befailen her?' [From tk* Hon. Senator Puth ] To Dr. Von Moschzisikr : I am greatly obliged for the interest you have manifested in ibt case of i>eafncss. and the skill with which you have treated my oase, and I have no doubt that by oareful observance of your directions, ray hearing will be oermanentiv restored. fi H. PIT.H. ( From Jokn NT Lean, Jr., son of IK* Hon. Judge of the U. S. Supreme Court \ It is well known to my numerous friend* that I hare been deprived of my hearing for many years. I am happv to state tnat 1 have, thanks to Dr. Von Mosohnsker, entirely recovered. My hearing is nowasaonteaiever. JOHN ^I'LEAN, Jr. For several veara I suffered from deafness. Or. Von Mosohzisker restored my hearing, St. Louis,gept. 7,18M. JOSEPH VEATS. Hr. Vnn MniAhvilknr mrtmf anAAAaafnllw naavataX oiTmy eyes,and benefitted mv ncUt exceedingly. GEORGE H. CHENEY. 8t. Louia, Sept. 17, W58. f Letter from Rev. J. J. Mullen.} Dr. Vow. Moschzisur?Dear Sir.?/inong thoae who have been benefitted by your afcillful treatment, in diaeaaea impairing the aignt, it afTorda ma (treat pleasure to add the teaumonial of my gratitude to the liat ot your p&tientf. My aight mi ao much impaired daring the laat eighteen monthathat 1 ouuld not reoognne the featareaof a friend standing near me. I tender >oi thia acknowledgment of your eminent aki l and auooeaa in the treatment ot your obliged and gratefal friend. V t MITT I MM Uai??A> k? * w luy uuv/i?| nw?wi r ?> I SUIUK The original of the above, and hucdreds mora testimonials, oaa be seen at Dr. Al.'s rooms. Patients wishing their family physician to acoomp&ny them tj witness operations or for the purpose of consultation are at liberty to brine them. Medioal men wilt be at a!! limes welooined to witness Dr. Von M's operations, and examine some of the inetrumsnts he has introduced for the facilitation of Opthaimio and Aarai Surgery. Arti fioial Kf es inserted without oausing any pain to the patient. ! Ofhce hoars from 9 a. m. to S p. m. and from 3 to 'fcb^ lm 88T PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE. COIN WANTED! The Highest Prioe ptid for GOLD AND SILVER! Sricia For Sal* in Sens to Spit. LEWIS J OH .ISO* fc CO., BANKERS, Pennsylvania Avzncb, ja 22-tf Corner Tenth street PROF. ALEXANDER WOLOWBKI. PIANIST AND COMPOSER, Byj{6n?r&lro^aest winopepa ciM?_for ths Pisno ?nu 3iu|n:ii uj oia dow anu ?irap:in?a<*^^jM| method. In thia war, ?n opporfun.tjl | V r 11 wil: se ext?nd?a to all who deaire to ae-'' * f 1' aire a knowledce or Vooti and Inatrnmental Moaio, on the moat liberal terma. All thoee who daeue to join thia eonrae will apply at one* M hia residence, No 303 Sixth atreet, between K atroet &cd New York avenue. H ou ra of reoeption between 9 and IS o'elaok a. m., on Tueaday a, Thursday a, and Saturdays. jaC lm I Have now on h&nda^arg ?an aaaortaent of I CARRIAGES, auporior to any in th in*rit?t. win oh 1 ant prtp*-<>d to acllwKgi&L lowforo&ah. Peraona in wajit offnntiJC ? work, will do wall to call and exunina m; stock b?f?ra pa rehaai or e!tevhir*. Allrmira neatly don*, gad ordara promptly at WASHINGTON, D. JANUARY, lMi. REMOVAL. A. BIHMCER & CO. w. RBMOVBD T* 919 PENNSYLVANIA A YE* IK, orrorr* WILLARDS' HOTEL We invite the attention of our friends and Iron* to the Oe^d below: No. 319 Pkhnstlvania Avimtb, > (ofpoiit* Willard'i Hot*l,)\ The Pubacrlbers, having opened a Branch Establishment In this City a few month* since, and feeling encouraged by the liberal patronage already received from la friends and the lovers of pure and genuine WINES, LIQUORS, and other article* in their line, have determined pon a continuance and extension of their busl new. Their assortment embrace*? FINE COGNAC BRANDIES (of various age, brands, and district* ) BOURBON AND SCOTCH WHISKIES, JAMAICA RUM, GINS, Ac , Also, several valuable Tonics, Bitters, and Stomachics, which are remedies for bowel complMpta, fever and ague, headache, and the like. MADEIRA, SHERRY A PORT WINES, CLARETS, BURGUNDY, CHAMPAGNE AND GERMAN WINES. HAVANA SEGARS, Of all Varieties and Price*. FINE NAVY AND. OTHER CHEWING TOBACCO ALSO, PICKLES, SAUCES,CHEESE, PRESERVED MEATS AND FRUITS, SARDINES, VINEGARS, SWEET OIL, tc , ftc. The Stork wn? particularly elected to salt the wants of Hotel-Keepers, Sutlers. Restaurateurs, Ac. They are lnvlwd to visit the estab".s?,r..? ut, which la under the direction of Mr. Job. P. Wilson. Owing to tbe fact that they import mnat of the articles direct, and to their many business facilities, they are enabled to offer their stock Goods at yery 'jw prices. Your obedient servants, JL. BlNLlOER Jc CO., mporttri of Foreign Winn, Liquors, fc. Jt 11-tf New Yokk and Waphihstoh LOVELL, COLLES & CO., WHOLESALE GROCERS, 86 Front Street, New York, Md Sie E Street, Washington, D. C., i*e*r Wizard's Hotel.) Having atai ted a Oraach of our New York eatabliahment In this city, we invito Svtltrs, Btomtx, Rtstavrrmtrurs, and Hottl Zurtri, to call and examine onr stock whioh ia well aaaorted and comprised of gooda of the beat tu&llty. We take ordera for anything in onr line, and exeonte tnem >romyt:y. Ja tt-tf Dayton's Bakery. non NEW YORK. BRANCH, No. 4S4 Eleventh si., between G and H, WASHINGTON. D. C. , DAYTON'S PIC NIC A OYSTER CRACKERS, M SPONGE BUTTER CRACKERS, BOSTON CRACKERS, M WATER CRACKERS, M SODA CRACKERS. GRAHAM CRACKERS, " LEMON BISCUIT. * Celeb ratedMlNCE PIES. Hotel-keepers. Heads of Families, and Sutlers are invited to try our exoelient MINCE PIES. tjsstTmonijll. Camp Scott, Sept 9,1861. Mi. PiTTOH?Sir: All of us, both oAcera and private*, have ate freely of yoar Pies. I oan oonsotentiousiy state that no man la on the uck list from partaking'of them. To teli the trnth, we are heart-sick beoauae we oan't cet enough of them. They are the only real lunry we have had ainoe we left home. W. F. Dimming, M.D., Surgeoy. rrr Discount to the Trade. J. L. DAYTON, ja 11-lm 456 Eleventh at., Washington, O.C. FRANKUN * CO., OPTICIANS, 44 Penn'nav.,< north aid*,) b?t. Utk and ISth iti. EY^4ARLNKliLND FIELD 6LA88K8. COMPASS ?8, Ae., of til* bMt *u%litie?. oonatentlr on hnad. f? 4-tr pARAFFlNE CANDLES! { TZ7 n/?r? V t Q Bi Tff VT Di D 4 DDt mro 4VK4JWWV4 W M. ******* M X AXVAXXiiT JB CANDLhS ! Manufactured by the N?w Yobx Pxiirrmi Cxkpli Co. For aale in foanutioa to wit parcha era, by the Manufacturers' Agentt. JOHNSON 4 NAOLL, sJ89 Ptu. avenue, Waahinfton D. C. Ja 21 ! Kojal, near Kiag ?t., Alexnodria, Va. ' I rpo MILITARY OFFICERS AND OTHERS. { BATCHELOR'8 QKNU1X* HUM. DYE. TIm Bdt la th? World. IV Omtn R*UmkU mud Hm wini Hm*w Dt* Emtwm "naa, Mov?-5l Barclay at. (SB ? Broadway) N.T. J ?4?|vf MiH.>naM,*nrMA It . . . TBI WHKLY B1AH. MWrntag grmtm wmi ? Wm^i stifle P? ? P1v? Mp&fli 1 n ?#>> m>??? 9 M VwcBty-S^s 9 ll ItlmTirlafcly msUIm tk l(We*laftee Ww* Uit ^aa ?Oe Tks Lm%+ Emmtmc 8*m elfemMi -- 1 w oouvy. ccptee (la wrappers' ou be peacured at the conatrr, lmiuedUlsly ita the Ime ot ttf ptper Prloo-THKKK CKlfTB. fl?LMBOLTV8 GENULNE PREPARATION. -- nmrtti.T COIfCKNTBATtDn \ Compound Fluid Kxtnet Biohu, A IPfUYM Mi Sf* \fU Affwiy For Pimiw of M BLADDER, KIDNEYS, GBA VEL, U< D* OPTICAL SWELLINGS. Tkn MmImudo Inor? the WW of DnwOoii, ud avcltei the ab*o*b?*t? Into ban u.j ictios, by vbieb the watot ok CAirnm < ihwUcm , and >Jl vxhJTru.AL kblabaemmit* t-* reoiood, M W9\\ H T sy A.MD inrLAJUtATlO*. HELMBOLD'8 EXTRACT BUCHV For Wwhfm Arising from Lxcsm**. liaJ-iu of DimnBti, Ltrif ix.di?or*t)< n or At>??0, At tin,ltd witktki FbUoving Sympimu : lodiifocition to Kxerlion, Lom of Powor, 1>>m of Mrmorr, DtSeiiltr of Rrmthiag, Weak N'ttn, TropbUng, Horror of WaAmbJmm. TV?? ? " wimn?*i oi v lawn, paia in the Buk, Universal Lansitude of the Moiotlir Htiub. Hot Hands, Jr :aahii)( of the Dryneaa of the Skin, F'uptioni on the Faoe, PALLID COVXTKtaHCB. Tnese aymptoma, if a> own] t>> (o on. vhiah Una nedictne invariably remove*, toon follows l.MPOTENCY.FATUITY, FPILEPTIC FIT?, t* oh* of wkxck r*? Pmtimu m?f E<ry>*rt. Who oau r?T Itiat t key are not f<e?neot2y foilovod by tiu*? "db- an diskasbs," "INSANITY AND CONSUMPTION." Mtii) are av&ra of the oaaeeof their aaiariac, BUT ROMS WILL CONFESS. THi; RECORDS or THE 1NSANK ASYLUMS A*'1 tk* Mt!a*rkot* D**tki b\ rontwmption. Bill AMPLft Wnifll TO T&l TB-TTH Ot TIB iimrai. THE CONSTITUTION ONCE AFFECTED WITH ORGANIC WKAKNk-S **u;ree the aid oi n<*3ionic to atreacUtaa ud Itvicurate the S*y?tem Lich HLLMUOLD't* EXTRACT BUCHU imtmrtmf 4? dott TM.1AL WILL COHVISICB TEB XMT aKSrnc*.U FEMA LES- FEMA LE8- PEMA LES, OLD OR YOUNG, blNGLE. MARRIED, OR CONTEMPLATING MARRIAGE, In Many Affttumt ftruhar 10 Vtmmla the Extract Buc*.u >s uueauaiiad bj aty ether remfdy, aa in ChlaroBta or KotoDtiuu. Imgu anty PBi-.fu.aes3, or 8uppro*atoc of Oa?u>?arr Kvao u&tioce. Ulcerated or ^chirruni etate of tha Ularu?. Leooofhria or Whitea, sterility. aLd foy all eb>np!a<ata tucidett to the **m. whether ariaiag Iroia icdiaerauoc, Hah iU of Diaeipaboii, or ia U>e DKCLIXF. OK CHASOK OF LIFE! tas *TXPT(>Me *Bova. HO FAMILY SHOULD BK WITHOUT IT. TmM ?o ?*or? Mttcwrf or Dmpminl M*dic iiw /or M4l ftimw. HELM BOLD '8 EXTRACT BUCHV CVMS SECRET D1SKAIU In all their Sta?e*, At uttle Eihim Little or bo ch&r.ce in Diet; No loooBTexueoee And me kxpotwt. Itoausee b fre^d?nt desire and fivee etreafth te Urinate, thereby Removing UbstraoUou. Preventing Bad Chriuj Smotaree of the Urethra, Aiiayiac rainsutl inttaaaiMtioB, eo frequent in the olaaa of d;eea?e?. kid eire lBi ail Poutmoms, Diseased, and ucrn out Matter. THOUSAND# UPON THOCIANM WHO HATE BEEN THE VICTIMS OF QUACKS, and who have ?aid k+arv > ** to baaarad in ac.ort time, have found If f j wer? deceived. ana Lhat the "poison" hu. by the uie of "?wwr/?j uirunaii tma dried or m the yatem, to break oat uuu crarated form, and FBRKAFS AFTER MJ.MMIA&M, ffwBELMtfUuD'B EXTRACT BVCMV All aJTeetiona aac diee?eee o f the (JKINART O&fl&nt, whether exist, ai ia MALIC OK FKBUJLBf from whatsrer ~&at e rririratinj and do aattor off tiJri LONG ITA.idimg. Dieeaaaaal Ueoe Orrana retire the aid off a DiMM HELMbOLD 8 EXTRACT BUCHV 16 THE GREAT DIURETIC, and it is certain to have the deeired effeot ia Dimitea/or wkiek U it retomewwM. TLDU01 Or TBS HOST KB8POBBIBU AKJ> &?UABLB CIAR1CTH villleeeomHEy tka aedscm*?. CERTIFICATES OF CURK8. From 8 to 0 jeaiV tan<ilm* with pxBfK. ~nujium. wa mu "so aicKir or "nc&sDivra." HELMBOL1V8 EXTRACT BUCHU iceomyo?d of ttiehu.CihthtudJgniMrBmMtt Mi acted with gfeM eve bj m oompetcol drmtcie*. PREPARED IX VACUO, BY H. T. HKLIIOLDi Pmetioa and Analytical Chetnut, and Sol* Micuiaouirer of HELMBOLD'B GKNUIinS PKIPAKATIOHS. AFFIDAVIT. Personally appeared oefore m?. an AHir? r of the 01 ty of Phiiadeijpnia. U. T. UnjaoLmwio being duly sworn, doth Mt, hie prepara* tone oontun no utiiar iniiirimu drufs, bet are poreiy vei?*>be, ft. T. BELMBOLD. Bwom and abaonbod* a*. <>047 of NoT?ab*r, 1864. WM. f HI BbhKO, Aiderniar, NUtt cu.atov* Ha"*, Pki a. FHYSICIASS in ATTENDANCE FROM 8 A- M. TO 8 P. M. Ft if 91 teltit, *i six lot I*. Deltrerod to asy addrtM,McareL? nortec .roa ot??efv?i or . AiUicm IMcrt for iWoruUea is mcM? m H. T. HfcLMUOLT, Cxtmvt, Depot, 1M Soaih TuiGi at, bf.vt Okett&il Tki 1* - dEVt'AMi OF COVNTEAFKJAV ixo vnrRifrciflmd d**lkm> rho <! ? ? r to uiapese "of ?*rs" **oth*r" fcrttalea on In? r*f m*Uio-I HtiwtitWi b'lMtM Priportt*n , " ** Irirtu Bm* , II 44 44 i Tlt| |, |j . " ** imfrtmd ?*n ITwi oM br f. I. Waits. K. 0. *tuu?, J??a Wilmi, 8. C. F*a?. ?. ? fcarwuvis, B. C Uajoi. D. B. Clau. IDVU * WnawB.'J. L MUM, WMi MW ? <iiinnw? [AND ALL DMm&lMtB MVMB rmMMMA. uiiiooim. ?? *? W WnrtMM. M MM >? a. LM ATOIDIMTOMYIOR mi XT09ULB IHV ********* t l% *

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