Newspaper of Evening Star, February 13, 1862, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated February 13, 1862 Page 2
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EV KNING STAB. WASHINGTON CITT: THURSDAY FEBRUARY IS, 1963. K^Thongh Tbi la printed on th? fastest team prcsa In ua? tooth of Baltimore, Its edition Is so large u to require It to be put to press at cn early hour: A<irtrti>tmentt, therefore, should be sent in before 12 o'clock it .; otherwise they may M?l( 1 IV* n.w? Amr* UM J UVI aj'jTOI Ulttll Mit Ua f . Or* Fkivnm at tbe nrlrai military camps and F^sltlona will r?nff a favor by keeping tia poated aa to movpnenta and aSVra in tttelr rlclnltlea OUR in 111 TAR 1 BIjIHSET. wavt yard. The Harriet Lane having been prepared for a voyage, left the Yard yesterday about aan*e?. ' bound down. As heavy firing waa heard from the Confederate batteries tbla morning at an early hour, It la supposed that the ateamer was passing, and the rebels were paying her the compliment of a aalute. The Stepping Stones alao left the Yard yester aay evening. The King Philip went down to the flotilla yesterday, and returned about sundown. Or. Bell, chief of the medical department of Hooker's brigade, died at Budd's ferry a day or two since, of heart disease. His remains were brought to this city by the ferry boat Eagle last night, and after being encased in a metallic coffin at the Nary Yard, were sent northward per - a a ra:iroaa mis morning. imn. We are glad to be able to state that Secretary Stanton la much relieved to day, and is rapidly recovering. \V e trust he may be able to be at the War Department to-morrow. N?w PriLiCATioss.?We have received - 'The Hydropathic Encyclopedia; a System of Hydropathy and Hygiene, Designed as a guide to Familiea and Students, and a Text-Book for Physicians " by R. T Trail, M. D. New York, FowM. XX7-11 Tbis it the most comprehensive of the numerous medical works of Dr. Trail, embeiying a full howlng of the system of Hydropathy and Hygiene, as practised by Dr. T., and is illustrated by some three hundred engravings. The reader, whether agreeing or not with Dr. Trail In his medical theory, will be i[iterated by the vigor with which It la maintained, and will find much valuable general information in the work. From the publishers, T. E. Peterson <fc Bros., through J.&hlllington, we have " The Flower of the Prairie." bv IvllltATP ArmanH > nrrlftr , " T - K""I ?>" " caution story in the Mayne Reid style. Pe*-Adamitic Xewi.?Our Reuben?la view of the Act that our Rip-Van-Wlnkle-ish coten;porary of Seventh atreet shrinks from publishing anything In the news line until It has' searoned'' for at leaat a week?inquires: 44 Why is the A'attonnl iHtflligencrr like the 44 Poor Man's Platier and triumphantly answers: * it is good for a week (weak) bark." U5" The national flag was hoisted at the door of th# PrAVnit Murthal \ i? Ala*?n?lrU 1 ? _ w . ??. _ . m mm *( ?x AUMUl iO j IWIl ?Ifl*" day night about 10 o'clock, by some parties unknown. Thr President's Children.?The President's two youneestchlldren continue quite ill, of fever. The District is Coigre.-s? Warden for ike fily Jmtl.? Yesterday, Mr. Wilson introduced a hill into the Senate in relation to the warden of the District jail, providing that the President hail appoint a suitable person, by and with the advice and consent of the Senate, as warden, who shall serve for the tetin <>f four years, to receive an annual salary of dollars. Said warden Ik to have the exclusive custody of all the jails, and be accountable for the safe keep!re of all prisoner* legallv committed therein, and to have all the power* over said jail and the prisoner* therein that pertain* to the Marshal of said District. The warden to enter into bond with sureties for all the duttet connected with his office. Mr Wilson moved the reference of the bill to the Committee on the District of Columbia, lie siid It would be recollected that the Secretary of State bad lsaued an order, the object of which was to clear the jail of person* held there under the claim of being fugitive slaves. The order was received of course with a disposition to evade it. because it wa? well known that the jail was under the control of the deputy, Phillips, and under the *uper1ntender~e of a negro thief named Wire. In ordpr to evade the strict execution of the order person held in the jail owned by a man named Cnspman, in Charles county, Maryland, himself a sereaainntat !*? ' >?? ,K~ 1?' , . 1 ..v.. i?.?v*t ?-u% %jb ?ur jaii uriwrr a justice of the peace, in ord-r to be formally committed. This person bad been put in tbe jail by tbeman Wise, who visits the various regiiTlents and portion*of tbe country about here and steals negroes wherever be can lay his bands up^n them, lie recited the particulars of one case, ol a negro thus captured, who attempted to escape and was seriously injured, and for tie crime of attempting to escape was immured iu a dungeon, bis hands aid feet tied over a barrel, and be was cobbeil." a* they call it. After this punishment be was taken out of the jail and sent to a slave pen in TWi- - mtawnc mi> man ? ]? wm mere by the sanction of the Senate, and hi' bad brought In the bill to prevent the continuance of such crime* again?t humanity, taking the jail from the Land* of Marshal Lamon, and putting It under a warden to be appointed by the President of the United States, with confirmation of the Senate. Mr. Hale was unwilling that this bill should be referred without a word. He reminded the Senate that a resolution had been p&saed. In con*equence of an order having been iacued by the Marshal excluding Senators and member* of Congress from the jail, by which that officer was proclaimed to be in contempt of the rightful authority of this body. A copy of that resolution was ? ?v- n .?J ?? - M - ? - * ? cui iu iik rmiurui 01 me tj a ilea state*. and If that man Is now in possession of the jail, and In discharge of tbe duties and function* cf Martha! of tbe District, be wished It to be understood that the responsibility does not rest upon tbe Senate, but upon?tne President, who ha* t>een officially notified, by a unanimous vote of this body, of the dstngs of that man The bill was referred to the Committee for the District of Columbia. Financial ?From the New Yorkfcveniiig Poet of yesterday: Government securities are firm bat not active. Tbe 7 30 notes are selling at 75X. Money remains easy at 6 per cent, on call. Gold continues very animated, and at 104 per rent, there are numerous buyers for caah. On time KMJk'at04jf per cent, la paid, and lots cf 9100,000 are freely taken Tbe sales at tbe board ibis morning reach 92M.IHA), closing tlrm at 101a 104* Tbe deposit arrangement of the sub-tre.-sury seems to f>e growing in favor. Tbe demand notes arc coining in more freely, and there is everv in. aieauon that the deposits will largely lncreanc when the process become* more fully understood by tbe public. The depoolta up to thl? time are about ?1,?50.Wi0. Another million dollnr* of tbe 6 per cent, bonds were received from \V<i>blnj{tou to-day, on account of the banks There are now two mllliona In tbe bands of the sub-treasurer. Fight for the chamrin**hir or Knglaxb.? 1 ho London Mobe, Jan. 2k. says; Tlu >l??- n .i.' ?? ? - * .k>w<ciiku> kh>k pioce yes?eraay morning ?t bedstone, tu Su*rey, ?iid about thirty miles fr in London. Tbe light began at seven minutes rest nine o'clock, and after Igbtlng one Boir and eight minute*, during which time forty-two rounds were fm-ght, KVng was unable to come up to tbe call of time and Mace was declared tbe victor. Tbe betting at tbe commencement was two to one on Mace but in tbe course of tbe e; counter tbe odds varied to similar offers uDon Kina i or puunument delivered up {o a certain time vraa tolerably equal Kiug having slightly the beat of It until tee last round, when they cloetd and fell, and King's head in contact with the ground which rendered him insenMble, the sponge waa thrown up in taken of hi* defeat. The fight took place amid a steady fall of rain, but the attendance waa very large, the arlitocracy being very powerfully represented. Oy fcdvArd L Pierce, the Government agent < barged with the care of contrabanda at Port Royal, state* that there are at present eight thousand negroes in the territory of Kcuth Carolina mow occupied by the Federal forces There are I, * -- ? - - ? - - ? ron iioyal, live hundred at Beaufort, end the balance are either scattered among the dlflerent canpt, or are living on the plantation*. picking cottoa for the Government agents, ?f doing the best they can to obtain support Two hundred oat of the alx hundred at Port Royal arc wmbm and children. Moot of these contrabands nre very destitute, and sadly In want of clothing and other neceaaarlcs of life. CoavsaTtoa with Cams ?a convention with China. aoaooB/"^ - ?- ? - " ? 'v * mtae publlc,wu coaciudod several ynn sine*. but UiW vlltk?U to as aot to rmbtrra?s the Chinese In their negotiation* with EogUod and Franc*. 10"A We?Wrn paper remarks upon the siml Unur in ftowud oi war cupwactor and ooa-n>a*riclor. There 1* Ijttle to cbooae between them. ?. i ^ TELEGRAPHIC. | From Fort rent Monroe. THE CONSTERNATION IN 8ECESSIA ON ACCOUNT OF THE DEFEAT AT ROANOKE ISLAND. ? NORFOLK PLACED UNDER MARTIAL LAW AND VOLUNTEERS CALLED FOR THE VOLUNTEERS DON'T COME WHEN CALLED FOR. AN ATTACK MOMENTARILY EXPECTED AT NORFOLK. CONFEDERATEIRON-PLATED STEAMER MERRIMAC A COMPLETE FAILURE. THE DEFEAT AT ROANOKE ISLAND CHARGED TO THE TREACHERY OF THE NORTH CAROLINA TROOPS. BURSTING OF THE SAWYER GUN AT NEWPORT NEWS. TWO MEN KILLED BY THE EXPLOSION, AND SEVERAL WOUNDED. Baltimore, Feb. 13 ? The Old Point boat h&a arrlvpfl hrlnoa th*> fnllnwina npwa * Fortress Monrok, Feb. 12.?No flag of truce to-day, there being no arrival from Hatteras. Aa the steamer Express waa coming down from Newport News thla morning, on her regular trip, a man ? as picked up In a small boat, who left Norfolk yesterday morning and made his escape from Sewall's Point in a small boat. He confirms all previous reports, and adds that Norfolk has been placed under martial law, and that volunteers to defend the city are beine called for in vain. Work on the Merrimas was stopped on Saturday last, and she is now at the navy yard drawing so much water that she could not get out even If she was ready for sea. The greatest alarm prevails at Norfolk; an attack is momentarily expected. There are said to be only about 200 troops at Sewill's Point. A rumor is circulated at Norfolk, that the defeat at Roanoke Island was owing to the treachery of the North Carolina troops. The Sawyer gun at Newport News burst yesterday afternoon wlnle being fired, and Privates Josiah Jones, of Company D, and James Shepard, of Company B, 29th Massachusetts regiment,were Instantly killed, and W. W. Bowman, Company 1, same regiment,was so seriously injured that his recovery is not expccted. Jones belonged in Greenport, Long Inland, Shepard in Lowell, Mass. Their bodies are sent north to-night, via Baltimore. Four or five other persons who were in the vicinity were injured, but none seriously. ESCAPE OF A REBEL STEAMER FROM HAVANA. New York, Feb. 13.?The steamer Columbia baa arrived from Havana A rebel steamer escaped from Havana on the eighth (?th) for New Orleans. Frsm Cairo. St. Louis, Feb. 12.?A special dispatch to the Democrat says passengers by the Evansville packet report passing at l'<tducah, this morning, eleven transports laden with troops The Forty-sixth, Thirty-flrst, and Fourth Illinois regiments, a battalion of the Twenty-ninth Illinois, and a company of the Eighth Wisconsin, left here this afternoon.' Signal lire balloons, apparently sent up from May Held by the Rebels, have been seen for the p.jsi mrtrr nignis. The Littit from Fort Henry. J*t Loum. Feb. 12?Advices from Fort Henry ay that mnch reliance la placed on the twentyfour pound and rlti?*d Parrot gum of the First Missouri Artillery, three batteries of which are there under Mfjor Cavender. Four more regiment* reached there last night. Our reconnoitcring parties went within a mile of Fort Donelson yesterday, and a squadron of our cavalry barely escaped capture by nine hundred Rebel cavalry, supported oy a body of Infantry. Rejoicing Over the Victory. FRFDKEir k, Md , Feb.12 ?The news from the Burnside Expedition, received here to-day, caused Intense delight among Unionists and the military, whilst an evident depression sat upon the faces all sympathizers with the rebellion. All la quiet along the lines. Bank sf Mutual Redemption of Boston Bo?tos, Feb. 12 ? Judje Blgelow, of the Supreme Court, t#-day issued an Injunction against tu. d.?u ft* n - j ai *? i ? iuc uauk 01 mutual nrurmpuun lor some lllior* malitles, which It ti said will notaff'Ct the financial credit of the bank. Kejalcings at Hartford, toon Hartford, Feb. 12 ?Flags are flying all over the cltv, guna are booming, and the church belli are ringing a merry peal over the Union victories. The whole city la rejoicing. The News at Harri burg. Hakri*bur?, Feb. is ?A salute of thirteen guns waa fired on Capitol Hill, between four and five o'clock, in honor of our glorious Roanoke Island virtrirv Hotel Itritriyfd by Fire. Danville, Fa., Feb. 11.?Henrle'i Hotel, adjoining the court home, in this place, wu destroyed by lire this morning. The Iom Is about ?.5,?X(0. Yy* WAS KING TON LECTURE ASSOCIAJJ? TION. The Fourteenth l,eetur? will he delivered by G. B. CHEEVE*. 1). i).. At the Smithsonian Institution, On VF IP* Y EVENING, Fel.ruar* 14 8ubjeot?"Erifcwe, and tkt buttle of Frudim Doors open at 7; Lecture at 8 o'clock. Admittance25 cents. fe *3 2t llf MABON1C NOTIOE?Grand Lodce of F. ikS A. Masons of the District of Columbia. A Called off Commurlca'ionof the M W.Grand Lodre of the district <>' Columbia will 1m h?M r.n BATUKDAy KVKNINO next, the"lSth ins'tairt", at 7 o'clock, at which ail tbe officers and members aro earnestly requested, and Master .Masons in BHOod standing fraternal It and cordially invited to o present. VV. MORRIS SMITH, fel^St [Int.fc Re?.2t| Grand Secretary. VW?ROOMt? OF THK YOUNG MKN'8 (JJI CHRISTIAN ASSOCIATION. Waumsslos, Feb 13. 1862.?The Association having heen repeatedly lmpoied apon in the use of its Hall for purposed unauthorized, and without adequate remuneration ia some cases, the undersigned, a Com niittse of the Hoard of Managers, hereon civ# notice that hereafter ths Hftll will not be opened f^r other t!mn the proper uses of the Assooiaticn. without speoial arrangements for each and every evening, and payment in adv&nce of the fee required. mi K iibuu n. mii.i.r.K, l'rea. HKNRV IIKAR1), Sec. [Rap.l It !? FKNIAN BROTH KR HOOD.?A aaecial LUf meeting of the Ph?rnix Society will be held at the Kxofrauae Hotel. ? street, between 4S aud fith.< n THURSDAY' KVENlNti, 13ih mutant,at 7 o'clock p. i.i. A fall and punctuil attendacc* is requested, i'ne regular weekly etmita "f the Society will take place on Sunaay evening* at i o'clock- at the above oia<'e. Bt o-der : fe 12-2t* AN OR K W MoKF.NN A. Center. (TWOFFIOK OF THE JOINT COMM18UJj SION OFTHK UNITF.D8TATE8 AND CoSTA KfCA. Wtukingtem, b'tbrunry 8, l*>i?At a meetinc of the board, neid tnia day. it waa Ordered. That all peraona having olaima upon the Republic of Coata Kioa, whioii are for by the convention between the United Slate* and the aaid Republic concluded on the 2d day of July. IMP, do fi e memortala of the aame with tba 8ecretarv of thia Hoard inth? u has"' VV.' DA v is"" S*oretary pro lem. fe ll-2w No. 460 F HiMt weat rS*R(?CK VILLK AND WASHINGTON 'JJS TUENPiKK ROAD COMPANY, ftbruary t, 18b*.?A dividend of four per oent. has tea a*cared on the capital a took of tlua Compicj, arable lo atookho.dera on demand at the Bank of Washington. 8. B. BOAKMAN, fe lo-1 w Bee rata-y. (Vg?8ABBATH SCHOOL FE8TIVAL.-The J_5 Fomdrr M K. Hah bath School will hold a Festival at Fraaitlin Hall. oorn?r of 9th and D street*. to oominenoe TUESDAY. Uth mat., and to oootinne during the weak. A fall braaa band Win oe in attenaan''e. A pieaeant ume aniioipated. AdmiMiua lftoenU. fe 10 6t* i"lt THE UNlONTRAYfcR MEETING Will JJ? tie hoiaen ever? day tin? week in the LutheranChurch, f Kev. J. u. But!er'e.) at the ooroer of Uth and H at/??u, commencing at 4H O'oiook P mM and continued but one hoar. Ja ? A '-"AIR, far the benefit of St. Vinoent'e Femaie Orphan Aeylum, will b? opened on L RbDAY. Mh met. at toe A?ylum, corner 6 loth atreeu. a variety of uaeful and fanoj aruole. will be offered for eale. There will be alanoh room where a>l kind* of retrcihraeau wiii be eerved. loe Cream and Confectionery. in their ranetiea. ja 29 tf BPJGS?. ?ST BAKNESB. _ .wa, ?>>?? nAaun,OOapl*U,Tlttf\_ oilcloth top. aaiUble for ? anttsr, htk*r,>2P fifes sLvffijf sffiw* "try t?Ul?fcKlO* COTTONS AN|) L,NKN8 5 rv ?i ,?:<** t*.t Sh?etiDi and 8Mrtio? Cottons, t'.,i 'no HhirtiM Lloen?.T?bl?Lir.ena, M ,owT.^?wu*Y. u \j*/ CONGRESSIONAL. HITHU CONGRESS?Vcwl SmiM. 8*natj.?Yeaterday, after onr report rlo?pd? The Senate considered the ?150,000,000 Treaanry Note BUI, and without taking final action on the subject, adjourned. Housi ?After our report closed? In accordance with the resolution of the Houae, Mr Henrv Wlkof ivn nrros'm! and hrnnirtil K*. fore the bar bv the Sergeant-at-arm*. and upon refusing to give a satisfactory answer to the charge preferred against him, a resolution directing the Sergeant at-arms to bold Mr. Wikof in close custody until purged of his contempt, or discharged by the House, was adopted. Adjourned. Thk Mortar Flbkt Prkparisg for Departure.?At the Brooklyn Navy Yard strenuous exertions are making to prepare the remaining vessels of Captain Porter's mortar fleet for departure on Saturday next. Six of these vessels are now at yard, nainelv; the new gunboat Octorora, the gunboat R. B. Forbes, the steamers Jonn P. lirVcnn WrMtflolH fMtftnn anH K-??v A Haughton. The R.B.Forber, Lieut. William j Flye commanding, was put Into commission yesterday M?e would bave been ready nearly a week sooner but for a leak, which was not discovered until after she had left the dry dock. The steamer Westlleld will be put in$o commission this afternoon. The work will have to be pushed forward night and day to have the other vessels ready by by the desired time ?N. Y. Post. Bombardment at Pknsacola ? A dispatch from Charleston to Richmond says that on the Oth instant Fort Pickens, with the Niagara and Colorado. opened tire on Fort McRae, Barrancas. mud the Navy Yard After some hours' bombardment the vessels hauled off, and both are said to be badly damaged Baltimore, Feb. 1*2.?No reliance whatever is to be placed in the report < f the bombardment of Fort Pickens?it being the exclusive property of the South newspaper, of this city, and undoubtedly a base invention of the enemy. ?n7"The New York Post save :-?\Ye hear that Dr. ive*,' the person who has been sent to Fort McHenrv by order of Secretary Stnnton, on a charge of treasonable spying in the War Office, was yesterday dismissed from the Custom House, where he had held an appointment received under the administration of Sir Buchanan. His name was at once erased from the roll of Inspectors." CJH1RT1N? fO rTONS, and Cot'ons far ladies' nDtf children'* -wear, * full supply of the beet grades. under the marked rates Notwithstanding thedailr ad?ano? in price of a'l euoh goode, we oortinue our old scaleof prices. FERRY A BROTHER, fn 13 tr Penn- av and Ninth et. BLACK SILKS ! I.AHIf ?ll " - ? ' w?ava* w 'UU? juo<> v|ioiiUU| iu Bll 1 TUIIl 87H cents to .?2 P*r J?rd. All Fancy Ureal Silks sMli?r off at cost prices, to close out the stook. fo 13 5t J W. COLIiKV. JELLING OFF! 5? SELLING OFF! The entire stock Rich Winter a .1 Fall Dre?? Goods. Lone Broohe Shawls. Clot*! Plaid Shawls, a lew Ladias' Cloth Cloaks, all at cost tor ca?h. J. W COLLEY, fe 13 5t .123 Seventh >t., ab ve t'a.av. COLORED BORDERED TOWELS, select styles and qualities, from low-priced and medium up to extra line With our usual full and ample stock of all kinls of Linen Good*. One price, the actual cash standard value, marked in plain figures. 1'KRRV ft HRi?? fe 1.1 tr Pcnn. avetine and Ninth st. 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Bids t?> be directed to Maj. A. bkck WITH, C. S , L*. S. A., Washington. D C. Poem or Bid. 1, A B. do hereby propose to deliver to the Government good Heef Cstt e on the hoof for per hundred pouiids gross weight. The Cattle to b? delivered at . according to the terms of the enolosed advertisement. The Cattle to be weighed on tlie scales, and the weight so determined to be the purchase weight. 1 hereby agree to give a good and sufficient bond for the fulfillment of the contract, and to receive Treasury notes in payment for the Cattle. fe 18 List of u^cai.lkd for packages.? From the Bn timor* A Ohi" Railroad,on Storua it Wll I. * D? BVi n l.u - * ??uu ? Umii?nvoiivuui oorner 01 Pa. avenue and Ninth street: M. Cahn, B. F. Brush, J.McNuty, J. H. Stakera, John Snyder, fifeorge Fricker, f. Thusber, T- Iff. Whseler, . F. \V aon. W. Leirner, Chap'.am >iat!ock, Capt. \Vi*B<?nbottom, lit R. F. Marler, reg. ChaaBears, Luk" Burk- 8th III, Col. Caa??nar, lat Mich. \V. H. McCombs, remm^nt, W. A. Curaminga, Col. Famaworth, 8th 111. Geo Kiobarda, oavaliy, A. B Corey, W. Tompkins. Berdan'a muraocn * (Jopeiind, Sharpshooters. 1st reg. i. Cr&use, Milline, Riohards, A. A. Cummngs. fe 8 ART OF WAR BARON bK JOMINI. Translated by Capt Mendel! and Lieut. Craighii', U. S. Army. GEN.CASKY'S INFANTRY TACTICS, Turks Volumes All Military Hooks for raieat Northern prices. Hudson Taylor, Bookseller and Stationer, 334 Pena. av. fe 7-2w [Intel , Repuh. A Chron , 2>r) Boquet?! b o q u k t s :: BOUUKT8!!! CLEMKNTSON A HANFT, FLORAL DEPOT, Co en sr. I'a. av. and 3d st.. south sidb, Over Mades' Hotel, Manufacturers of al1 kinds of l'ANCV HIIOUKTS. lUSUKIil U?ill. ? * %I i? - ? - ? - . - *? k ilii A? WREATHS* OF FLOWERS. fCT* Balls. 1'aitsrs and Wedding* supplied with the i-est quality, at tIt9 shortest uitioe, and at the lowest price?. UcqueU sent to all parts of lite city and Georgetown. P. B.?Fresh Violets constantly onhauiJ. fe7-lw National steam laundry, Pknw AV . sOUTH sIDE. Between 13th and 13)* streets, Washing ton. W a H H I N G For the Army, Hotel.*, Families, avd Individual*. As we have every facility for doing ?p some Ten Thonsaud Pieces Itaiir, our patrons may depend upon having goods done op in the best style arJ returned promptly when promised. Goods called for and delivered. Charges moderate fe7-6t* Wheatley's DYKING establish MKNT Tin v n i? r n r Finding it impossible to give striot attention to the Washington branch of my business, 1 intend oioaing it ou Thursday-the 13th of February. All persons having work there will fi?aae oall ai d take it aw?i, on or before that date, otherwise, they will be obliged to call at my old stand in Georgetown, where 1 am now permanent y located; where 1 shall be pleas*! to reoeive their ordera in future, which 1 p edge inyielf to ezeoute with promptneaa and dispatoh. w;h. whkatlky, fe 7 5t No, 49 Jefferaon at., Georgetown, D. C. 8MALL POX '.-Small Pox Effectually Cured and AbolitK*d.'?tt\? subscribe oameto Wash mgton three weega ago, and, to hia astoniahment aud regret, foend the 8mall fox ??v?iiin> ihm?k. out tl>? oity ami :ta vicinity to an alai mine extent Being oogmxant of the fact that the disease is not id the least aba. "d, he felt it his duty to bia country and fellov men to remain h*re, in order to cure, destroy and expel that loathsome diaeaae from your midst, and a so prevent iu farther spread. If this disease is not speedily oheckeo, but allowed to inorease as it has done dm ing the few past months, what will become of the army and cUixene before sprint! There is bat one answer to thli question, and that is self evident to every one. TUe subsoribsr guarantees that all persons suffering from this disease, who mar be attended by him. will not be marked or pitted in the ?*oe. All other diseases are treated with equal oare and saoows, without the use of ealointl or olu* ??i ?> ' ?'? -?*---? -* ?wueu iroaiea ?( u any ItMft. curia m 43 kauri. i3r SI2S"?I?ho w,".?*11 J* Jb,B ?AM, NO. S6? lSlli itrMt, b*tvMu L and M.ou (uaiit bn Testimonials, which arc of the hit heat character, aud whioh. hedonbu not, will prove to be entirely , ^C. J- XW CORT, M. D., Formerly Practical Phy .loian and Surgeon in MilHayr

Hospaa ? in huroae. and for Hi* pa?tS> Jjjjty yh known fraotioioner id U?e ciu of .. J ?? ? HORSES w/NTED FOR THE U. 8. OOVn ERNMENT. Fiilxd ra#o?AL?, for the delivery in Wwbincton City ?f 1,450 CAVALRY ud ARTILLERY HORSES, for the U. 8. Government, will be reoeived at the offioe of Col. D. H. Rnoker, Depot Qaarternacter in thia city, nntil lSm.on ilONDAY. th? 17th instant. Theie horses will be purchased ra iota *ot ex ceedinc 200 each, and no bids will be entertained for a greater number from an? one person. No bid will be entertained that is not endorsed by two responsible pertons, who will guarantee that the bidder will oomply with his proposition. if it should he accepted. Twenty fivedsys will be giten from the opening of the bid*, for the completion of the deliver? of the horn's. Of the above horse*, y*> are required for Cavalry and 9Sfl for Artillery. Description of Horses required. Cavalry Horsks. From IS to 16 hands in height; between 5 aad yeari of age; of dark colore; veil broken to the addle; compaotly built and free from all defect*. Artillery Horsks. To bo from 15X to 16 hands in height; between 6 and 8 ye?rs of age; dark oolors; free from all doU**.. wall K.aWm I.. ? ? - - J a- ' ? IMU, WWII invuni MI BWUMI UU HI V?I(0 COl 1MB than 1100 pound i. The horees will be inspected by a board ofoffieera detailed from the regiments requiring them. The undersigned reserve! the privilege of rejeoting eaoh and every bid, shonld he oonsider the interests of the aerrtoe require it. STEWART VAN VLEIT, fa 12-td Brig. Gen. and Quartermaster. Ba!titrore Clipper, Philadelphia Press, New York Herald and Pittsburg Commero al Journ\l. win pieaao copy.mi <i?y,and eend bill aa above! COAL. WHOLEBALK AND RETAIL. At our Office, Now Jersey avenue, opposite B. and O. Depot. fe 12-tf J. LANG DON k. CO. tnn PRIME HAMS, for tale, to close oonsua 7UU nent, at 7 centa per lb JAMES S. 6IBSON, 5223 Penn?jl?ania avenue. fe 12 St oppoaite Willarda' Hotel. ATS AT WHOLESALE. For ea'e by J. LANGDON A CO , New Jersey avenue, f. ~ ~ ? io i*-u opposite u. a umo H. R. NOTICE.?All persons are forbidden to negotiate an acceptance of R. YV. Adarns, dated December 16.1861. fifteen fcm dred dollars payable at the Metropolitan Bank. New York,?the nne having been mailed in New York to the urdersigned and not received. fe '2 lot J. LAN6DON. J BLACK AND 8REKN TEAS. UST Received a large lot of Klank and Green Tea% of the first grades, imported by P. Tiernan A Son, ot Baltimore, among them, the oelebrated English Breakfast Tea SMITH A HART. Branch of P. Tiernan A Son, of Baltimore, fill 7th at , next to the National Intelligencer OfHoe. JeJ23t (Intel.) Mrs. s. courtfille. 46$ KL*V*NTM ST .N*A*F. ATTKNTION. I.ADIK8!-lt will give yon aati'faction to go a little outside Pennsylvania av . to see Nrs. 8. COD K TE111LE'S CAPS, MUSL1N and ILLUSION WAISTS, REAL LACES of ?very description, FR hNCH EMARO IDE RIES. etc Orders are taken for Waists to fit. Also, all kinds of Lace Goods. Wanted, several able Hands to do up lace eo-ds snd sew at fine muslins fe 3t* FRESH LEMON BISCUITS. 12oentspsr lb., BOSTON CRACKERS, "> cents. SPONGE BUTTER do. l?oents, SODA do. 8 cents, SUGAR do. 9oenrs, WATER do. 7 cents, Gcod RKOWN KIICiB ?-?* , - - . - . l)OUM| V?n fidcCODFISH, 5cent?, Another lot "f frwti rroutrl rOFKKK, rOTATOFSand BUCK VV UK AT FLOUR. At vwj low ?ru ??, at f*l2 lw* L A. L^LLWIG'S. Navy Yard. I ADiES RUBBER BOOTS ! \j AND SHOES. All Bizca, at J. B. PUDNKY'S, 3*24 IVna atenne,back of Clacett'a Dr? (iood* Store. MEN'S RUBBER BOOTS AND SHOES, I At J B PUIINRVB, f? 12 tf 3'.14 Pena. av.. Baok Room. F'AMIL'ES ARE INFORMED THAT WE hara HUCKLEBERRY I'l ES for at US cent*, at DAYTON'S Bakery. fe II 456 Hth G and H. CHESS. "WFNTLEMKN Who may wish to join in the I formation of t wl?t Chess Clns in Washington eity may address "Cais^a," Box 59, when a meet- i mgofsaoh vill be called to deiit>erate upon the mattery fe 11 -3t* I N fc 8! LIQUORS! CIGARS! The undersigned begs leave to inform tie public that he is selling oat his fine stook of Wines and Liquors put up for famil' use. at oost price, at hie store No. 431 E St., near 7th st, fell 3t* FRANCIS 8PETH. J^OTICE TO FAMILIES and SU1LER8. j I am closing out a large stock of PIE FR CITS, FRKSh FRUITS, PKKSERVES. PICKLES, SAUCES. CaTCPS. Ike. at a saorifioe. Dealers will consnlttneir interest by civics me a call. T. M. HARVEY, fe 11 -3t 881 C st. opposite Theater. 1HAVE JUST RECEIVED FROM THE North a large assortment of CLOCK*, sa-??* perior in style and finish to any ever offeree Ril iu this city, wh'oh I will sell atthJ lowest tjjl market price. Watches. Clocks and Jewelry M repaired with neatness and dispatca at y WM. SEEflER'S, fe ll-3t* corner of 8th and I sts. east. R MILITARY GOODS. iru 1 " ~ >vivm * ivnvubovrjui voucm uiuocn %?l&q< ftllg Lino H WORDS. 8a?hej, Letts, Shoulder Strap*, Sword Knots, Kpaulets.and every desonption of Rich Military Goods. A large assortment a! way a on hand. M. W. 6ALT A BRO.. Jewellers, 384 Pa. avenue, 4 doors west of fe ll-3t flrown'i Hotel. H ACK VLK^ ' S Q ^gk|moid. Original Steam' Oyster Saloon, W here ?ou can obtain OYSTKKB Fk*?h riox the Wat***! HARVKY has always had the reputation of dealing in the beet stock of Bivaives, and he intends to merit tbe coaticued approbation of the publio by bavins constantly on hand the best Oysters afforded by the briny deep. He is still selling at the low rate of 91 per bushel. with tr minings. Don't fail tooaltat 2*1 C street, opposite the Theater. felt 3t SHKPHER D'S PLA IDS, for Dresses and SuiU. Cloaks, Shawls, fine Silks, and fine Dress Goods, at reduced rates. CJur stock of Mourning Goods, in all fabrics, is now full and oomplete. PERRY A BRO., fe in bt Pa avenue and Ninth street. 117 || A D niV A D V I KM A D nt*r a W? ** s / mi? mj ?? ni% si A A f VY A XV r> v ? e Have just received a largo addition to our took of? Genuine Griffin'* Horse Nails, Carnage Springs, i Car-iage Axles, Ac., Ao. CAMPBELL A, SON, 3.'>l Penn avenue, fe 10 6t* Opposite Metropolitan Hotel. Bnot UKN81DES EXPEDITION. BUT DAILY FOR HOOKER'S DIVISION. MATTAW0MAN CREEK. The ??'e and strong Steam Propeller, "C PALPII," will make a daily tnp to MaiDvwuman Creek and back, leav ins Carter's Wharf, foot ofl3K Washington. EVERY MORNING, (Sundays excepted,) at 10 o'olook precisely. Returning will leave Mattawoman C'eek EVERY APTERNOON, at? o'olook. Freight taken low, and fare reasonable. Por freight or pissage apply on boardt or to the Agent, juun I'bTIIBO.NK, 479 streM. up itaira, Washington An Omnit>u* will leave the corner of 7th at. ud Pa. ave., every morning at 9ft o'olock.lor the boat. i'aaaeDxers taken to the boat free of oharge. Paaaage 91-fln. fe 10 f QUIRTING AND SKIRTING COTTONS, W7 all nutnbera of the beat hranda arodnoed ia the Union or Europe. PERRY fc BRO., fe 7 6t Penn. avenue and 3th atreet. |?QR SAL F?A ?eocad-hand SUTLER'S r TENT, 34 by 15, oompleta and in good oondition, having only been uaea tw.j week*. Inquire attfEO WILLNER'S, 4*>4 Ninth ?t. fe?Sf P E R H A M '8 SECOND GRAND EXCURSION NEW YORK AND BOSTON! From Baltimore to New York aad Return #? rroin Baltimore to lfoeton and Ketarn I1S4A Tioketa for tale at Mr. Perham'e Ofioe in the NaUonal Hotel, where fail partiou'ara may be had. Two through tralue daily, leaving Washington ? Tioketa good to return on or before May let. ja31 lit* VALENTIN^ I VALSNTWKS t INS. A lar*?a??ortment of __ From th?bMthua*M, for tale, wholonl* lad retail, at tin ioveat omo irioM. A ?*i7ht>?ral diaJa??tw* No. ?T? Pa. *v? Wa?hiDfton. ^'7* " J wy Dfiin? wmiWi On# pnoe only, M*rk*U in linn hetrf? PKRRY k BRoTHKR, fejMet Pikjmiuue uxdinth atr*eL A LL MEN DISCHARGED PROM bKRViCB V - imr A -t"Hi1? i SICK and WOHNOKD soldiers in HOSPITAL. Published in conformity with the resolution of the Senate of July 16, 1861. At Bmmtmmy Heopitol, ffwrgjww, Feb 7 MU 8. Infantry 17 tttb Pran Volunteer*. 1 4th do do 1 rwtb do do 1 th do do.. 1 57th do do...... 5 $d do Artillery.... 1 71* do do 1 in ao uvwr 1 5tb do MMMmh I 1st Rhode Island Art. 1 tltb do Cavalry.... 1 17th New York Vol... 1 Mh Wisconsin Vol.... I 2lst do do.(?) 2 ftlh do do.... 3 43d do do.... 1 Cameron Rifle* 1 45th do do,... lUtf D C. Volunteer*.. I 3d do d<#... Mk MilneVolnnteera. 3 Mtb do do.... 1 Officer'* servant...... 1 -9th do do.... 2 Hospital Department. 1 1st New York Artillery 1 ? 9th Pcun. Volunteers . I Total,............63 (a) Owe officer At Gtntrnl Hotpu&l. Union romrr Brtdft mtd Wntkington ttrutt, 6mriMM. A* 7 1st New York Vol... 2 5th Wisconsin Vol.... 2 5th do do.... 1 1st do Batt... 2 11th do do.... 1 2d Michigan Vol 4 14th do do.... 1 4th do do ...... 1 l?th do do.... 7 2d Maine Volunteers . 1 18th do do.... 1 7th do do...... 1 19th do do.... 2 2d VermootVoiuntee* * 20th do do.... 1 5th do do 1 20th do do.... 1 8th do do 31st do do.... 1 1st Excelsior Brigade. I 33d do do,... 1 3d do . do.... 6 35th do do.... 1 1th do do.... 1 43d du do.... 4 5th do do.... 3 44th do do.... 1 1st New Jersey Art... i 50th do do.... 2 9th do Vol... I ciik n?i4*.?.u tr-i l ?niu ui uv.tit A ! ? wiiviuia * i 55th do do.... 1 Harris' Light Cavalry 3 58th do do.... 1 Motfs Battery.. 1 5?th do do.... 2 McMann's Battery.... 1 59'h do do.... 2 2d Cameron Dragoons 1 84th do do.... 1 id Cameron Riles.... 2 89th do do.... 1 5th Massachusetts Bat. 8 70th do do.... S 9th do Vol. 1 00th do do.... 3 Stockton's Rifles 4 1st Petin. Cavalry.... 5 Stein field's Artillery.. 1 2d do do 2 De Kalb 1 4th? do Volunteers. 3 2d U. 8. Infantry 1 7th do do...... 4 3d do do 3 12th do do 2 5th do do 1 35th do do 1 8th do do 1 48th do do 2 10th do do 1 47th do do 1 2d do Artillery. ... 1 57th do do 9 4th do do 2 1/ ?_ n 1 a rmnr i mnn iz ? 2d Wlaconaln Vol 3 Total 141 At H?rpU*l mi CotmmtHmm CciUgt, Wcskrtgtom, Feb. 7. tut U. 8. Cavalry 5 37th New York Vol... 1 2d do do 3 5tth do do.... f 4th do do 1 Sid do do.... 1 5th do do 2 77th do do.... 3 6th do do 3 MeClellan'a Dragoona. 3 3d do Infantry.... 1 lat New Jeraey Cavalry 1 2d MaineVolontoera.. 1 ?th Petin CavaJrv.... 1 7th do do 1 2d do Volantecra . 1 11th do do 13 3d do do 2 2d Vermont Volunteera 1 13th do do 1 4th do do.... 3 52d do do...... 1 5th do do.... 1 1st California Vol 1 8th do do.... 1 Pth 1111 nola Cavalry... 2 5th Maasarhnaetta Bat. 2 Sturgiallllnola Rmea. 2 10th do Vol. 1 5th Wlaconaln Vol ... 1 4th Rhode Ialand Vol. 1 lat.Mlnneaota Vol 1 Rocket Battalion 1 2d Michigan Vol 1 2d New York Cavalry. 2 3d do do 1 8th do do....12 4th do do,...?. 2 (\n~\Am Pawalru 1 J. v/nviuv vu * ?**i J ..* A C?M UU UH, 4 17th New York Vol... 1 l?t D C. Volunteer* .. 1 2!!d do do.... 1 ad do do...... I 34th do do.... 1 ? 3?th do do.... I Total M ill (rtntr+i HotfUa.1. (OircU,) IT?<4w|lM, JV6 7. l?t U S. Cavalry..... 2 ad New York Cavalry. 2 ad do do 10 9th New York Vol ... i 4th do do 3 49th Penn. Volunteer*. 2 5th do do 1 99th do do 2 ?th do do a 5th N Hampahlre Vol. 3 4th do Artillery.... 1 4thVermontVolunteers 1 5th do do 1 7th Maine Volunteer*. 1 ad do Infantry 10 1st Michigan Vol 1 3d do do 5 Engineer* 1 4th do do 1 Cameron Dragoon*... 1 ftth do do 2 ? 8th do do 2 Total 50 10th do do 3 At St. EUxabttk Hcsfital, Eastern Bratuk, Fib ?. 4th Exoelnlof Brigade. - 59th Fenn Volnnteen. I 2d do do.... 1 Kxce lei or Artillery Vol 9 1st do do ... 1 52d Penn. V-Monteera. 3 4 let New York Vol... SI StL New York Vol... 1 15th Penn.Volnnteera. 1 29th do do.... 1 2d New York Cavalry. 8 Cameron Rifles 2 ath do do.... 1 35th Peon. Volnnteera. 1 57th do Vol 1 5th Vermont Vol unteera 5 <Mth do do 15 Brlckel'a Art. Batt. .. 1 ?th N HampahtreVol 3 59th New York Vol... 1 let California Vol.... l 22d do df... 1 15tk Jriaea. Volunteer*. I 30th Penn VoluntSera . 1 ? let do Reserve.... 1 Total 96 Sir.k ? ik* DiH+tu, 1 Feb. 7. let U. S. Cavalry 1 1Mb Indiana Vol 5 2d do Infantry .... 3 85th New York Vol.. 1 lat New York Artillery 3 *7th Peon Volunteers 1 2d I). C. Volunteera... 1 Berdan Sharpshooters 1 *1 U. 8. Artillery.... 1 Mth New York Vol... t 3d do do 1 56th do do....10 id New Jersey Vol... 1 30th do do.... 1 4lb U. S. Cavalry 4 45th Pena. Volunteera. 1 4th do In fan trv 2 52d do do 4 4th Rhode Island Vol. 1 77th New York Vol... 4 5th U.S.Cavalry 3 Rocket Battalion 5 6th do do 2 9latPeno. Volunteera. 1 5th Maine Volunteera. 8 -5th New York Vol... 1 6th Wlaconsin Vol... 1 b5thPeon.Volunteers. 1 7th Maine Volunteera. 1 98th do do...... 8 OiL 11 ? ? * ? -* ** ? * "" ? c?i ren viTiirj.... ||oiii nnr i on vol... V New York Artillery .. 1 (juarteriaaaker'i Dep't 1 10th Penn Cavalry... 1 104th Penn .Volunteers 3 10th New Jeraey Cav . 1 106th do do.... 4 10th do Vol.. 2 Col'daervtatoofieera 4 lith Maine Volunteer! 2 ? 3d U.8 Infantry 1 Total.,. 88 At Gtturml Hospital, AUxmmdrim, Ftb.T. 3d U. 8. Infantry.... 1 Slat New Yort Vol... 1 3d do do 1 03d do do.... 2 4th do do 8 Nth do do.... 3 8th do do. 2 69th do do.... 1 lat do Cavalry 1 I at New York Artillery 1 4th do do 1 Uth do do.... 8 5th do do 2 lat do Cavalry. 1 9th do do 1 4th do do.... I ad do Artillery.... 3 3d Pens. Volunteer*. 1 5th do do........ 3 5th do do...... t 2d Maine Volunteer*. 9 7th do do a 3d do do 1 llth do do 9 4th do do...... 1 Mth do do. .... 1 5th do do 1 29th do do...... 1 Tth N. Hampshire Vol. P Ud do do 7 35th do do I 9th do do.. 1 15th do do 3 12th do do.. 6 40th do do i lit do Bat.. g 5?.d do do...... 1 4th Rhode laland Vol. 7 5S1 do do S3 1st do Bat.. 2 73d do do 1 6th do Art.. 2 86th do do 1 5th Connecticut Vol ..iO 86th do do 4 5th Vermont Vol 7 93d do do 30 lat New JerseyVol.... 1 99th do do 3 4th do do.... 10 106th do do 0 5th do do.... 2 54th do Klre Zouaves 1 iat do Javalryl7 lat do Dragoons... t 8th New York Vol... 1 Uth do do 8 9th N Y. State Militia 1 lat do Artillery.... 1 16th New York Vol ...29 *d Michigan Vol u 17th do * ....!? 3d 4o do 4 18th do do.... 1 5th do do 8 19th do do.... 3 27th Indiana Vol 8 <2d do do.... 3 lat Wisconsin Vol.... 1 M?V - M -a * - vui ?u qo..m *i|jo so ao .... o *kh do do.... 6 5th do do i 27th do do....18 ?th do do 7 Sflth do do.... 1 1st Mlnneaota Vol i 8Mb do do.... 9 8th 111 loots Cavalry...M 3*1 do do.... 3 Lincoln Cavalry 1 37th do do.... 1 Cameron Dragooea... i 38th do do.... 3 Quartermaster t am39th do do.... 1 pleyeea 4 40th do do.... 5 Citlzeas s 44th do do.... 1 , ? 54th do do.... 1 Total 471 57th do do.... 8 At fifth Distriti Sck?l H?u? HtfiuU. Br mack of GtmtrtU Htrpu+i m Fijtk 1$r?*, M. 7. Cameron Dragoon*... 1 5th Rhoda Ialand Vol. 1 id U. 8. Cavalry 1 ? Ohio Cavalry (uaat). 1 Total 6 mmtm l?f? ? W *| d< Hotpttol, (Gal**1< Mmjmm,) Fkb 7. 1st Berd&n Sbirn'ti..l3|lM U. S. Cavalry 1 id do do 1? ? 7thMaanchoae4ta Vol. ( Total,............37 44thNow York Voir*) l| (a) An oflcer. At Dougltt Hoipual, corner of J strmt aad line Jwity aoraaa, 7. Major. Paymaster.... 1 104th Parn.Voltintaera I Hoapltal Steward 1 lat Loaf ltlaad Vol.. l Mth Now York Vol... 1 llth Mala* Voluntaeta 1 lat Paaa. Canlrr 1 ? 9th Now Joraoy Vol.. 1 Total 9 lat U S Chawaota ... 1 If roaov* Corn and Hiuom, withoirt ttet UwitooM bf worn fwtiifly ator tb? o*?Uon, *IUoit IBOMITWISM*. Alao rmuTN Wartt acd olhar up?rflgoaa fl??h from th* baada, ?o tbat tb?y aiU aapoar imal! a?d deiicat*. No. 9sc$rgjt e J. I I ~ ' - __J auction sales. TU18 AFTERNOON k TO-MOKROW By WALL A BAKNAKP. Aeetme?^ < l*tf, ?f reoo*47 we win ofii n motion, on ; tl KSHAY. t*e ?*?h 4?j of Pebraary, M 4 o'clock f. m . on tt? jrewit?ee. tfcat lot #i fro*dc is Wanhincto* kBOWBU?ddM?nt<edMtk?BOm crn part of Jot No twnty-m*. i*j> ic Metre No. o?? hundred. (?* ?) l^ntiM fttrty^'.fM feet on Twentieth ntxeet. m4 kfty feet oa M wm the imf roveoietiia. oonnmuns of a two rt/wy fra*e of nale < f?oe third of the *?* mnm to be in ewh, the reeidee t? three <3?a> in talniMiU. at three. "I. n?e n?ontk? afm dtXr with mterwi- u? Tbe term* of atV mast be co?i^Ii?m4 with one wwl after sale. or th? property n?a? V nwM at ths risk aid co?t of lb* it at pu r??ta??ei. sfW m, weeks' notice. WALTER 8. CO*. HLtfM CAPf-R f "V Tract**'* Geortetown Band's Ass'^.atiot ja T dtu By 9R tEN A WILLIAMS. Aaotionaer* Handsome building lot, fronting or Noam M l!t..inwKlli9:i abdSbvbjitb StftBBTS, at ArcTion.?Ob TuMtfAV, tba iiti imtui. vtitaii Mil la frKt of tlM irawHM.Mi o'etock ?. m . naif of Lot No. 2, la Sabdiriau<B of friars No. Ml. it reicg aa ond.ndec ha, f. This ropartv la trory hudanm1; *ita*ied. froatiBf ca M straet, between Sixth and berenth aUiNa Terms oBah. fe7 d GREEN A WILLIAMS. A ecu ETTHE ABOVE SALE IS POSTPONED ob aeooant oi the iLcientom weather, aaUl rRIDAY. tbe 14th inatBLt. same roar. Wil?< GREEN A W iLLUMS. ABeta. FUTURE DAYM. By J. C. MoGl'IRE A CO., Aaetieaaers. EPEREMPTORY SALE OF HEAVY BOOTS AID fiori.-UB FNIDAV AFTERNOON. kriSfT 14th. at 4 nVaak At tka Abm.? Room*. afcatl **ll in lota to an t tt* trace? S Caaea CaYalry Boou, $ Cum Meii*' atd rioya' Boot*. Btogaaa u4 (U||Ha Bmkll lotWomN'a Skoaa. Mi" witfeoat rMtrra f?'3 J C. McqriRF A CO.. A?to. Bt J. C. M06UIRE A CO, AMboatNi. F| I'RMTLRt AND HOLCLHOUD CFr?ct* at pum.ic acctiqb.?On j?ATrRDAY MoRNiNG. Fat>mary at 10 o'clock ia 1-oLt of tbe AuoQon Rooms, wa aka-i aali a aaat tity of exoe..eni Fnrauare ioueeboid fcfaota, c Mtariaiac? K'aah covered Sofaa and Arm Ckaira, Marble to? Center and Sofa Tabiaa. Several Mahogany aou Wainat iMoraUrwa aa4 BookoaMa, ? _ . Cane and Wood Beat Chair* and Rocker*, UtnJMime Oak Leather aove^ed Lounge, BarfaUaaa. B >rean? Waakatanda, air and Hn*k Maliraaaaa. Feather Bed a. Bo. ate ri and PillcVl, Comfort*. Biankeu and tfpread*. Painted Cottage gata. Spring Mattroaaea, i'vama u ? Chin?r6li?? and'Croofcory' Ware, Cookicc and other Stove#, A o., Ac. ?^3^?**"' J. C. MoGUIRE 4 CO , AeoU Br wall A BARNARD, Auctioneer.. Comtr South ruU Pm. ? mmd lixmtk ttr?t Household a no kitcbkn fukniTCBB, Ac, AT AlCdOS -Ol SATURDAY M< 14th met, at ?o o'oiook. we will m I in f-or.t of tae Auction Kooni, the efleola of t family deelimnt hoaeekeopiac oomprutaf? Mah? cany Sola, Cfcau* and t>rpe?e. Nativeac? Bureau*. Wardrobe*, ana Tablaa, pou'KWii 0WI BHG Lountea, Ceaa and Wo ad I? eat C baira, Rocker*, Wumiudi, ud Toilet Seta, and 61mm. China, 61?m, and Crookerrware, M?? Carpet, Oilcloth. *0* Cooking ud other Stoves,and K itoben Farnltaia, tf IS * WALL A BARN AR D. AacU By WALLA BARN AR1), A?otu>n?era Otr, Sonik itdt Pa. ar. amd M i?m. 3m fbbt of lumber at auction. .UUU ??B SATURDAY. l*U ia?t atlSe'dk in. wc will eel! in fractal the Auetion Room, 3 or? feet of Lainber ant 9m Joist, a Ire rood order. fe !? WALLA BAR NA W D. Aeeto. By J. C. MoGUIRK A CO.. Auctioneer*. POVKRNMENT SALE OF HORSES-On V 1 I U I U . >1 A t M/1U ? ? J I00*' *, th*,G??f?nu?it Co nail, n?k the Observatory, I ?k?il Mil? 14? Horaee, *s4 * Nun, Condemned u unfit for h^i* ernoe. Terms o*?h, In Government luude. frM <1 MetftJlSk 2r<i^A?ou. J\1 s"*Jifc*?i ? I I WW MB VIVTI OilW. oi the Circuit Court, of tfie llielrioi of Coi??b:a. (or the oointy of Washington, asd to me directed. I will espoee tAMkm uif. lor Mth. on Rl DaV, Um 2Ut aay ( rmtrwmry, I Ml. n IIm Ctn, mm* dltflf Ml Of U? Market kvM bf idffe. Il?wn?town. D Cm oomneucia* %t M o'oiook a ?..?*' Cord* of Oak and PioeWood, Mied aad ened >on as the roods and chsttel* ?r Joke A. Gnnee. aed will be eold to sati?ff jndiciais No ?*. to Mat tern 1862, in ffcvorof Dic*soa,eer*iTor ol Piofcrel,. W AlD H. LAMM, fe 11-dts U t*. Marshal, P7 C. MAR-HAL,'? SAL It.-In vttae of a writ of fieri ftoias, issued from ifia e erk'e cftee of tie oiroat ooart of tee District of Colsnitoa. lor Ike oonrty of Washington, and to ase d.recioe, I will expoae to public sale. tor oaah. in front of t*e Court Hoeee rtoor C said eon-ty, on Wt-DNKrJ)AY, t*e &?h day ot Mareti lata, atU < o.uok tkaiollnviLf deeenbed propo-ty, to wit:?All defendant's riiht. title, e aim ?jki iD<*r?. the ?OBth 3 faat I loohoa of Lot No. >l. ! ^nr? No. Bt, famine oa ttn atreat vni, batoaaa u aid P iumu nortk, in tita oitj of Wumiiituc. I). C., tofothar with all and aititalar the tnprovoaoeta thereon. Mixed ud lovMd soon aa the ?r opart* of J'tria S. Marker, tad will boaoid toaatiafy Jadioiaia io. 307 to Jaan*ry tarn IMS, id favor of John L :?ado:i. WARD H L/.MON, la 10 ta y. s. Marahai D. C. FOB SAiiB AND RENT. 'po^LgT^Vofy eoeforisblasnd well finuakod Wart id-Male and Famaia 8K> V ANTP. Apply forthwith at MS C atraot, batvaot tk and 6.h, ay ataira to tf 3t* FOR Rt.JT-A v*U fanuakod ROOM, firet floor. 413. oorner ot H and lata ata. la tt-a* TO KKNT-lirM-elM SALOON.oa num fthie terms. For ssrucu.fcri lMiirait Pens syhrftnift Hots I. Wo. 3T Psnn. ftT- H 13-It* |?OR RKNT?With or wit*o?t Board, it Ma. r 410 Twelfth wtrv*U eftat i.O*. between 6 sn<1 H streets, ft oonssodk is FRONT *0?>M.ssoonfl tor?, newly ftad nsfttlv fnrn tied. Theloctuos is one or ths n.oet desirftble in ths oity. No ekiMroa in the Hon?. { ll-lw LMIR SALE?A good BAKER Yt with two evens " ftnd^tft1 r.| for three bureea Ths baainse* is ? 4 m-A k* ? *- - ? ??7 ??>r ??|i lonm Aadr??F J?" rioiT.^Ur <>?*?. Mm* P)R SALE-A oomfortable FH ME HOl'SK and the Lot on which it ia betlt. *itaated M aare 347, lot No. 14, between L and M u4 ISth and 14th atreeta. It ia now under a MiotaaJ reet of ft p?r mocth Pnce #?M Apply to M W, ttALT Pa. imM, Mvtta nth and nth at*. bun TO LET WITH BOARD?A ikm ROOM ia 6?or(?ta*a. Faw> rinU- Out or ttro StorfXova. A GOOD OPPORTUNITY 18 NOW OFferad to any poraon who viahee to engage ia the Newspaper n.c P?n-to4Ma Hu? amok and Fix tares of A. ADAM^iN^rai-kwvt P?riooios Sici for aale, SeveoUi atroat, oppoetta General Pot Of&oa. fa li-at A FURNISHED FRONT ROOM. aappliad with |M, in a d ^, i?htfai aeighbumooo aad Qontigaoaa to the DrnrtneoU. ia -fered lor rati .rat wxl?nU. Apply M H rtrrai. <aoatk ud* ) bctvMD Uik Md IXU Mrrate, ilf? ?? room i??y b* gra. < ? ? . wTORt IN A L.EXANDR1A. A.. FOR RALE* Ti? tdrertiMr beiaf ?bo?t to ?&?&( kia bwidam. will rail rat hklSor*, ai?ul on Ut ooiMf as? &\ EWmt^fJiXSrJSS'i "Si nost Mfi"< tftO huiMM IOVAuITa tiTM ftar. butft mftl! aioak <11L*^lMr* 1>t?m T * Embroideries wH Mill Den Goods, Will offe-ty; M * MM MrwiM MlilM fi?ss Iwttfitt. flM M ft thMM M &M IMK MNIrenoft, ftM ftll iwaaiiioii t? wmm ft*Nft. X* Lft ?t??. bH?m tth ftndStfc * l<?ts* f OPT TO M.KHT, MMaiAoor. SIC B sirs*. Li MV WtUftdb' HftU.abr miMl lit mm m Uss>? )ftM_ I?OE RENT-At No. >14 hut] 'rftuft trnM. F seood door sbovt WukNr^ft Iftifsftwleow tHau ftrtlOOM. ?W ?i * " " mtebta tor u oftat ot nnw miit?~rno? **"'<> M ?? A wtussrufjs of U? bnHt Hit k?W w?u Iwwili m tb* 1* WJwwn.iw.y. u? umiii ?MM** rer^gsSssSSaggjga

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