Newspaper of Evening Star, February 13, 1862, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated February 13, 1862 Page 3
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LOCAL NEWS. Amiiimm TO-NI?HT. Tmtrn?Job* E Owwi M ' Caleb Plnmmer,M end ss " John Juan Poo ley'' In the fbrce of " Young England." CiMiiini Hall?An Immense bill of novelties, including "Virtuoso," 44 Con-Coo-Cong,'" " Le Maine Blanche," Joggling, dances, slackrope performances, solos, ballads, Ac., Ac , attractive to every lover of genuine fun. CnntSTT's. ? George Christy. Nell, Btratton, Haslam. Bonlfhre,Scott, H ayes,Clalrvl lie,Bnrdtfc, ' japanese iommy,"ua oio?m?,?? - ?** t"~r {ramme of choruses, songs, ballads, dsnees, and urleaque, concluding with a capital afserplece. Unmans' Pai?, for the beneit of ?t. Vincent's Oipban \sylum, corner of Tenth and G streets. Confectionery, Ice cream, useful s .d fancy articles, ??tc. A delightful evening ma? be enjoyed here Kite's Ampbit""*** ?Aa ?bil1 equestrian, srrobattc. and comic performance*, by Tom Kin*, KIncade,Gardner, M ile Heloiae. and all the stars. Go see "Don Juan," the great equestrian psntomlne. Timfiiikci Hall, E street, between Ninth and Tenth streets, grand ball of the Lafavette Chh A capital entertainment la In anticipation 9?bs*th school r ebtival, at Franklin Hall, corner of Ninth and 0 streets, for the benefit of the Foondry(M K ) Sabbath School Last nigbt f be hall waa crowded with a throng of people enjovlng themselves to the utmost. The Foundry folk* If they spread ao many attractlona before the public will certainly have to secure a larger hall. Acadkmt of Mcsic, Pa avenue, between Ninth and Tenth sts Hill open all day. Free concerts, embracing selection* from tae most popular operaa, at 4 o'clock. Excellent refreshments, Ac. Oa Tball at thi Pmithsokian ?Last night Dr. Trail lectured at the Smithsonian before the Waahlngtnn Lecture Aaaoclatlon upon "Hygiene w. Drug Medication." He held that the theories of the old acbool of medical practice were absurd in science and oppoalte to nature, and claimed to nave aacertained the true principles of medical science He scocia prove mat tne popular iivqIcal system waa ftlse, In four different way*: by indisputable facta, the testimony of ita advocate*; the law* of nature; and by argument and logic; and challenged the whole aclenttflc world to meet tbe issues he abould present. He ahould charge distinctly and prove satisfactorily that the regular medical profession in all it* atandard author*, text book*, and schools, teaches a false doctrine of the nature of disease, of vltalltv, of organization of the relations of disease to the system, and of the remedies for diaease The lecturer quoted from the work* "of Prof Flint, of New York: Snow, of Rhode Island; A met, of Alabama; Youatt, Tally, Mag'endle, of France, and other medical men, in proof of hi* assertions relative to the deleterious effect* of drug medicines, and related the experience of certain doctor* who, having lost faith In their old system, humbugged their patienta into health with bread and sugar plllets, colored water, Ac , upon which the deluded patienta might hang their faith while nature worked out its own process of cure unobstructed Homeopathy approached very near the harmleasless of sucn specifics, and when analyzed waa found to contain a weak solution of a shadow of a bade of nothing at all, to begin with. Homeopathists were as successful as the allopathists. not because the people love homeopathy more, but because tney fear It lea* than allopathy; and it was well known that the lens faith people have in medicine, the mo?e tbey believe In hygiene. Disease was a process to expel the foul matter and Impurities of t'je system, and to attempt to carry cT poison bymeanaof poisonous drugs, waa like casting oat devils by the power of Beliebub, the Prince of Devils. In his extensive experience among the camps, he bad found that the soldiers feared the doctor's drugs more than they did the rebel's bullet* Douglas, Cavour, and Prince Albert had been killed by medical treatment He would not say murdered,%it w ould us-the general term of manslaughter, which would apply as well, to the rases of Washington. Harrta/>n and Taylor. The more prominent the patient the more numerous tbe doctors, and be bad often found It tbe cue that such pa'tents live about as many days aa tbey have physicians. The lecturer explained hla theories of disease its treatment, as before published In the Star, and closed with an amusing hit at tbe Bull Run defeat, which he styled a "liquor panic," resulting from an Imprudent use of brandy extensively administered by the nodical men upon tbe fltld to stimulate tbe vitality and endurance of tbe soldier* through tbe engagement. Between the hygienic and drug m edlcal systems there Is an "Irrepressible conflict," which tbe Doctor Is determfued to aglt#e until tbe people have a chance to see which la correct. Mebti*9 or Hotbl asd Restacrakt Kxxpixs?Yesterday afternoon tbe hotel and rentanrant keepers Interested In tbe movement relative to tbe ordei of tbe Provost Marshal closing their establishment* at half-past nine p. rn., met together at the saloon of .Mr. Benter, on C street, for the purpose of hearing from their committee, appointed to wait &pon the military authorities, and to take such action as would be deemed expedient. The president of the society (Mr. Simpson* stated that he with Mr Steele, bad accompanied tbe Mayor noon bis visit to tbe Provost Marshal and Judge Key. and that their request to be permitted to keep open until midnight as usual, was favorably received. They wonld probably have a delntte answer In a few days The Provost Marshal bad told tb'-m thattbey might sell liquors to ofBcers, and might also keep their establishments open as formerly, to sell eatables, but no llanocs most be sold to mi n?nn? >n>r ? J J"--??? -??v? ?a?v uvui prescribed Mr. Brhade thought the military authorities hid nothing to do with citizens In that respect, and that they might keep their bar* open uattl midnight as long as th*v refrained from selling liquor tn soldiers. It would be well, he said, to call the attention o/ the Mayor to that point, so as to bring It up when he next called upon the Provost Marshal and Judge Key. Tbc Mayor should Inquire what right the military autborlliea have to clo?e the establishments of citizens before 12 o'clock at night, and whether thev were to permitted to sell ale and beer to soldiers Mr ?mer'.ch thought It beet not to say anything to tbe Mayer about It, as be was already deeply interested la It, and would do all that was necesMr Lersrh moved that the Mayor be Instructed to procure from Gen. Porter their privileges to be granted, In writing, so that tbe regulations of the military authorities might be printed sad hung op In tbetr establishments The chairman regarded It as unnecessary and Injudicious U> urge the matter any further upon the Mayor. That officer was exerting himself to tbe utmost In their behalf, and when the movement was first sjirted had told them it was what they "sbocidhave done long before." When he (the chair) called on Gen Porter with tbe Mayor, tbe General said he regarded Washington as a military encampment, subject to mil nary I law. This conflicted with tbe authority of the Mayor, which be la his letter to them regarded as belag still la fall force They had better let the Mayor alone, and If be failed la getting their request granted by the present means employed, they sslgbt then demand of him to take tbe neees aary legal s?epa to secure to them their rights. With regard to selling to citizen* and refusing officers, tbe Provoa* Marshal told them tnat If he ahould be refuaed a drink while cltlzena were drinking be ahoald be liable to raiae a muae aa well as the rest, aa such a refusal seemed to lower 1 * fflcera below the grade of citizens Om ban- 1 d-ed name* bad been signed to the pledge not to aell to soldiera, and to inform of tboae who did, if the proprietore were allowed to aell liquor until 12 o'clock at night; and the pledge, with a list of those refusing to sign It, had been presented to Gen. Porter. Thia pledge la to be again circulated; and It wrs agreed that. If their petition waa granted, whenever ah individual waa detected by one of them aell lag to soldiers, It ahoald be reported to tbe Aaaociation In con id en ce, and be officially laid before the military authorities, so that the guilty party would be Ignorant of bla accuser. The following gentlemen were appointed to draft raise and regulations for the government of At 4 From the Flr?t Ward, Mr MeGrmnn ; Second do , Mr. Weet; Third do , Mr Kloman ; Fourth do , Mr Spr1iM$rann ; Fifth do , Mr. Platz; Sixth do , Mr Sandermon; Seventh do., Mr. Lorvh. Mr Schade was added to th? committee, and the meeting adjourned aatll next Wednesday Fuitbkal?The funeral solemnities of the late John C. FlUpetrlck, who wae hurled ysatardsy. were of an impressive character H)? r*malna were followed from hla late reaidenee on Capitol HIU by the oMeere of the Ualted Stntea 8en\te, by the orphans from the Catholic Asylum, under rL?rv? of a directress, and ty a large number of hla frleiida and relatlvee The body waa Irat Uk?a to St Peter's Catholic Church, where the burial services of the church were conducted by Rev Fathers Kolght and Mickey. As a token of respect to the daceaaed the flag of the Columbia Fire Compaay was displayed from thler engiaehoaae at half staff, and the bell wa* tolled during t h* -- A# d ? - v y* vt ??? isornii prvgwioa. Costhabaxm?Some 25 of 30 contrabands rame acrooa the Potomac and through Georgetown to this cltf yesterday Moat of thein wen women and young children, and it* right was om to excite the aympathy oi lookera-on at their apparaat helpUa* condition Wo did not aocert*Jn what disposition wai m'de of the*. KCL.LT CAHMtim Vnl * *" M? vto *m irmtod by ofloen Kin ball tod Knm for the iarewy ( a eooaiderable quantity of clo- i **> *, Him watch and gold chaia, aad wra a?*t to tall for a further hearing, waa brought oat | let Saal naantaatloo befor* J uattee Donn Br ^ vaa foliy committed for trial at court. ott for the reappearance of the Campbell Miartreia at their a?w opera houae, Pennsylvania above Kleveath Met. io^mrow sight j Aiu<t or Me. Wi*er.?in the House of ReereaeatetiTM yesterday, the following resolution, cflWrd by Mr. Hickman, wm id' pted : Whereas Henry Wikof. a ?;tnm sub pot need by the Committee on the Judiciary tntbelrexamtoetloo ef the Acta In connection with the aller?d censorship over the telegraph, concerning which aid committee were directed by the Home to make lngulry, has stated that a portion of the sab litM nf thj mi?in ?# Ilia ?K. IT?I ?X*HVV ? ?? va K imurut VI ?MC U 111 ted State*, communicated to Congress on the 3d day of December last, vu transmitted by telegraph, through his agency, to the New York Herald, prior to the receipt of the aald message by Congress, and has reffcsed to state from wnom be received toe matter thus revealed to the public : Therefore Resolvtd, That the Seogeant-at-Arms *>* directed to bring said Henrv Wikof before the bar of this House to answer said contempt. Upon being brought before the chair the speaker stated the charge to Mr. W. on which he had been arrested, accompanying It with the usual ' What have you to say," Ac. Mr. Wikof replied, "Nothing; but that while hoping not to be considered rs wanting In respect to the Judiciary Committee of the Houce, the in iviuiBiivu iu? vuuiuiikicv uruiauucu ui uic wm received, ruch u it was. under the obligation of the strictest secresy, which I found myself bound U> respect." After considerable discussion the House adopted a resolution directing the confinement of Mr. VV'l,Jtof until he shall purge himself of contempt or is d.charged by the House The accused was then placed In the g^ard room under the Capitol. Criminal Court?Conviction of Gtorgt J one* for Ma?<laugM*r.?Yesterday, in the case of George'Jones, (colored) tried for the murder of Theodore Chialey, (aleu colored,) on the 10th day of October last, the evidence seemed to be substantially to the effect that an altercation occurred at night on the corner of Fourth and Market sta , Georgetown, between Jones, who was In a passion because he said some one had fired at him, and Chisley. Jones had absolved the bystanders from the charge of having fired at htm, when Jones SDDroached a^d asked If It was him who fired Jobes answered, "not unless you have changed your coat " Some words paaaed, when Cblaley truck Jones and knocked him down. Jones rose and wma belrrg pursued by Cblaley, when the lstUr stumbled and fell, or was about to fall, and ju*t then Jonea turned and inflicted the ataba which resulted in the death of Chlaley the next night. The knife waa displayed in court, and waa a formidable looking weapon. It had a black handle and a guard, and the blade waa about 8 or 9 inches long, with a broad back and keen edge. Aa one of the colored witnesses said, "It looked more like a aword than a knife." The Court inatructed the jury aa to the distinction in law between murder and manslaughter, and after a short absence from the court room they returned a verdict of "pianslaugbter." Okdkb or Marshal La mo* .?The following order was issued by Marshal Lamon on the 9th Inst : Washisgtos, Feb. 9th, 1862. To Jailor and Guards at tkt Public Jail in the District of Columbia : You will this day release from custody all persona claimed to be held to service or labor, and not charged with any crlms or misdemeanor, who are now In jail, who have been there for the space of thirty days or upwards?from their arrest and commitment?and, in future, you will, in regard to persons claimed to service or labor, and not charged with crime or miademeanor, govern yourself in strict accordance with the order to me as Marshal fcr the District of Columbia, of date January 25th, 1862, from Hon. Secretary of State Respectfully, Ward H. Lamon, U S Marshsl D. C. Central Guardhoisk Case%?Btfort Justicc WalUr.?Thomas Colter, drunk; workhouse 30 days. Michael Gibson, do ; turned over to the mtiitary. Lawrence Gallagher, drunk and dlnornmWKAi... *?1 .1..,. U.._ P.ll.-I... J ucii y < *<ui?uvusc ?*" uaja i'i ai y vaua^uail) UU J do 9<)dayi. Catharine Coyle, do ; do. 90 days. Wm. Shackleford. do ; UneJL56 Mary Jane Bunress, flahtlng; S3.M G. H^towell. drunk ; *1W. Catharine J one*, disorderly; SI. John Harridav, do ; 81 5P. Sarah Gr?ason, fighting; #3 91. Daniel Haggerty, drank; turned over to the military Millard G Horton. do ; do. Jos Hume, do ; Sl.M. Eamene Coater, disorderly; S2. Ten lodgers were accommodated. Fabaok or Axtillbbt ?Yesterday morning, tho line oattery of flying artillery from New York State, undercommaDd of Kennedy, marched up the avenue, fully equipped, making a floe ap pearnnce. This morning aeveral floe Artillery corps passed (long Pennsylvania avenue, making a very handsome appearance. The Massachusetts 5tb battery, wblcb appeared on tbe avenue about 9,^ o'clock, attracted inocb attention, and waa greatly admired by the crowd of pedestrisus In tbe streets about tbat time. Fourth Wui Statioh Cases? Be/ore Juttic* Walter ?Francis Mabar, drunk and disorderly; fined $->. Jobn Connor, do; do SI 58 Ellen Green^do ; dismissed. D. Bark ley, Jobn Grady, jonn uacy.ana Joints wicHenry were arretted for attacking a soldier and stealing bis pistol; jail for court. Jas. Murray and Geo Birrfsall, drunk; turned over to the military. Wm Smith, drunk and disorderly; workbou*e90 days John Walter, pissing bad money; held for further hearing. Wai Roman, drunk; workhouse 30 daya David Curtis, drunk; dismissed. Police.?The Third Ward patrol reported thla morning?John O'Dwyer for being drunk and disorderly; committed to the workhouse for 9(1 daya. Win. Roach, do.; dismixsed by Justice Barnaclo. The Fourth Ward patrol report?Gbas. HIsey, assault; dismissed by Justice Donn Owen H&nev and John Lang, charged with violating the health regulations; dismissed by Justice Barna^a. J. B. Conilin, the great spiritual medfurn can be conaulted at No. 411 Thirteenth street, between 6 and H, Washington. fe l2-3t? Ttlee's CoMroriiD 9tkcp Gcm Arabic?We take great pleasure in recommending the above favorite remedy for Coughs, Colds, and all affections of tbeThroatand Lungs. An attache of this ofBce hsd a severe cough for several weeks, and after trying every likely thing, without any relief, was perfectly cured bv a atari* bottle. We >r? not surprised that It is to largely patronized by our eoIdler* In camp.?Bait. Clipper. THI I*SIAN Hill DOCTOB, From Canada, will describe diseases and t?114ila patlenta tae nature of their complalrta or Illness, without receiving any Information from them. No tkmfgt for Consultation or Adviu. OCR MOTTO. We' -ae such Balm# aa have no strife W lth Nature or the Liws of Life : With Blood oar hands we never stain Nor poison men to ease their pain. Our Father?whom all goodneaa fills, Provide* the means to cure all Ills; The simple Herbs beneath our feet, m Well uaed, relieve our pain complete. A simple Herb, a itmpie Flower, Cull'd from the dewy Lea? These, these shall ipMk with touching row*r Of change and health to the. Room No. 11, Washington Building, Penn avenae, corner of 7th street. feh 8-'2w* Corks, Banlons, Cslosltles, Bsd Nails, EnUrged Joints, and all dtseaaett of the feet cured without pain, by Dr. White, Burgeon Chiropodist, 4M Pennsylvaala avenue, between Fourand-a-half and Sixth streets. Room 7?up stairs. Ottce hour* from 13 m. to ftp ro. Orders to call at residences promptly attended to. jan 16-lm* Pleasant Puehishid Rooms, with fuel snd ga*, with or without board, at 415 E street, between Eighth and Ninth sUeeta. Table boardert can be accommodated. Jan 15-lm* id who have never used Boston crackers are Invited to try those manufactured fresh every d*T by J. L Dayton. Bold by all respectable K'ocers. jaifcvtf Thi miasma snd foul vspors generated by the hot sun will be far more deadly to our volunteers thin the enemy's bayonets. In the Indian and Cfi?ea? Campaigns HoLoway'a Pills were used "* -VI.T TJ* 1 '.u"" 1D T kept the troop* In p*rfKt health Only 25 cent* per box. Boidlsrs, apply yourselves. ' iSSIA ft VMS* boOM, India rubber Sheet* tor protecting children's bed*, that no tamlly should be without; 76 cents each. Robber Blankets, for soldiers, each Rubber Ponchos and Blankets combined 9i M each. India Rubhtr Ooats, white or black. S2 90 each India Rub** LeggI us Si per pair. And all ktMbstRubber Goods, including Rubber Boots and Shoes, Rubber Stoppers for bottles. Door Mats, Under Htn*tings for beds In sickness, kc , A.c , st msnafacturer prices,at H. A. Hall's T oil Im D ..WW.. 1U u Vo D- - ? - -? i* 14 ww*. ?? MVUVUMJ) WW f J UVIWVCR Ninth and Tenth streets. feb 1-tf (UK&IKD On the I'h instant, by ths Rev. Dr. Moravll. CifUiB CHARl.F* a. RKYN01.PS. U s a, to AMNIR R., eldest dMfhter of Dr. John M. Roberts, of this eity. * MUh ?? y>? Utk insUat.of typhoid frrer, JOHN W. Goodrich, iaiiii Jbth je+i. ? Ml* MdUOM Ol UM luulf M* rMfMtUU iMtaat, hil tr*n?lraoih?r, 343 Nlatli atrMt, VMt ski*, bMvMi ;w*i u Ob ti? 1JU iMtant, TERESA COLLINS,aged 1 Hilr'ftnwml wjU Uk? Jljo* from h?r lata r?ilieBM, oorn#r of 17th ih C atrMta, ?o morrow at 2 AMUSEMENTS. THEVTHB.-SMoa,! Week of Mr. J.E. Ow?n?. 1 Thereday. Feb*y 13th. will be ?erfonned the Faroe of '"Young Eng,and"?John June* Pooler. Mr, J E Otr?n?. To conolude with the Dram* of "Cai*b PiCaleb flammar, Mr. J. El Oweni: pot, Mim 8. Oecm. Tee caw ?ieee of "The Chimney Corner" will be prod ae*) ?n Monday wit _ 1T_ Tte Cftaapbf lis Have Come. GRAND OPENING NIGHT or THIS WORL D-RP.NO WNED BAND OF MINSTRELS, AT THIIK NEW OPERA HOUSE! LATI PHILHARMONIC HALL, WITH SIXTEEN STAR PERFORMERS, FRIDAY EVENING, February 14. AJmiMion..?? ,26o?nt? KMenrod S??ta SOoenU JTT For partioul?r? wee bill* of tba day. CANTERBURY! m . ^ C ANTEKBURY! First Appatranor of tto? CANTERBURY MINSTRELS ! CANTERBURY MINSTRELS ' CANTERBURY MINSTRELS ' TO-NIGHT. First Aptear&noe of BIGNOR RAFFAELK BIG <iOR RAFFAELK A b EC CO. ABECCO. ABECCO. THE THE GREAT NATIONAL BALLAD GREAT NATIONAL BALLAD VIRTUOSO VIRTUOSO! THE LLONI PANTOMIME COMPANY In M. Leoni'a huhly auoceashil oomio pantomime, LA STATUE BLANCHE LA STATUS BLANCHE! Received on Saturday with unbounded shoaU of laughter and applause. Admission 25 oenta ; Oreheater Chaira SO cents. A Family Afternoon Entertainment On WEDNESDAY and SATURDAY. For Ladiea and Children, with delightful perf >rmanooa and a lavish distribution of preaenta, aeta of Garnet, Coral, and other at? lea of Jewelry ; artiolea of uaeful and ooatiy oharaotar, and SILK DRESSES?31LK DRESSES ! QI7* The Silk Dreaa on Saturday, February 8th, was pretexted to(Mra. JohnJB. Abell.on tbe laland. a uiMuiuooub uafciiuor VyiiDBC rill CH WPUD0B* diT. Admission 20cento ; Children 10 oents. feio w the ASHINGTON ACADEMY OF MUSIC, PSNN. AV*JfU?, (S'OCTH SIDI.) No. 989, Btt^eftn 9?k and 101* itt. Every evening a remarkably fine Free Conotrt, embracing selections from the best olassic mosio, and the moat popular operas? rendered ib better style than at any other Amenoari oonoert saloon. Tbe guests?and the public arts freely invited, without charge for entranoe,?may rely upon hftv inf every comfort they deaire. In addition to the finest music in Washington, they will obtain, on oalI. from the attentive attendants, deotnedly the best Refreshments for sale in the Federal Metropolis Officers constantly in attendance to keep good order. Conoert commencing at 4 p. m. HENRY ROSENTHAL. | feb 7 1m Proprietor. ICING'S RATIONAL AMPHITHEATER? am riNN. A?, AND fc SST., IVtnr Willardt'. T. Kim Sole Lessee and Manager C. Soott. ...... Associate Manager F. Whittaker ..Equestrian Manager THIS EVENING, Tom King will give hi* Comic Imitations of CLASSIC STATUARY HORSEBACK! Have you se*n ol?l DAN GARDINER In his great Burlesque Dance. A La Cubuttn ! And Scaramouch! The Beautiful M'lte H KLOIrtfe. Every Evening! KiNCADE. the 100Summersault Man! The Great Zouave Halt Must he seen to he appreciated. 80 N JUAN ight until further notice ~ New Novkltir* in Preparation! ^ Scal$ ?f Prite*?Oroheater Chairs 15 cents; Dress CirfllsMsmli: Children nndsr In >Mnnf u< Dresa Circle 25 oenta; Social Kange 25 cent#; Colored Gallery 25 oenta; Colored Boxes50 oenta. Door a open at 7 o'clock; performances will ooinmenoe at 8 precisely. fe7 ODD FELLOWS' HALL. Sbvknth Strut. George Christy's Minstrels APPEAR NIGHTLY at ODD FELLOWS' HALL. And continu* ti tty evening until Jurtktr tuitct. NEW SCENERY has been added to the Stare, and every arrangement niad? for the proper production of GEORGE CHRISTV'S CELEBRATED FAKCES, BUR LETT AS, fte. tea. fca Admission 2f> certs ; Oro heater chair*, oerta. Doors open at quarter to 7: ooinmetoe at auarter to 8. JOHN P. SMITH. fe 3 Bnmnea* A gent. PATENT OFFICE CURIOSITIES-Guide to JL Patenta. Catalogue of Curioait;es and Government Garden*. at the stand in Patent Office. Kare Antiqua'ian Rooks; Government Books; Documents furnished; Railroad Reports; Miiitar? Re port*; Utirnt Patent Office Reports; Cheap tfooks famished to Pedia-s; MiiMarr Tria's: Military Laws; Army Kegu'ations; Panorama of tha Coast shoving over 2,two miles; many taousaad Cheap Books. Recollect cheap rent. Large sales, low prices. Up stairs, over Lau* of Washington, ja 39 lm' ALFRED HUNTER. BALLS, PARTIES, Ac. MU-VUMKNTAL8 IN THE FIELD AGAIN ! The members of the Monnraental Club M tike i'Ht pleasure in announomg to th*ir JS inuf frlenSi and tne oublio generally that^Hgj they willgiT* their Fifteenth Grand A?s*inlflHk b'y at Franklin Halt, oorner of 9th and P street*, MONDAY EVENING, Febmary 'J4, 1862. Tick ets fin cents, admitting a gentleman and l&diea. By oider of the Committee. Floor Managers. Wm. Rabbitt, George Miller, Miohaei t-lanigan. Geo. PulMki. frlS.15* HE LAFAYETTE B?Y8IN THE FIELD 1 AGAIN! The members of the Lafayette Clnb take pleasare in &m>uuuoiu> tn thui.- m?.nw the public inreneral, that they in?ead nivin* fix their UtJi flRANI) BALL at Ttirptrtnu^tt Hail, on THURSDAY, February 13, 1862. Gmk Ihe Committee pledge themselves that no pains or exaense will be spare 1 to make this oeus-J to their last. A full Urass and Btrint Band is engagec for the BlffDt. Tickets #1, admitting a gentiemaa and ladies. Mr order ol the Committee. fe 1 l-st* THE TilIRD GRAND HOIK KE Will b* given at M ? TEMPBRASCE HALL, 3 E street, between Mh and lftth, JK On FRIDAY EVEN.Ntf, Feb'y ll[j* Dancing will oommenoo at o'olook. The best mailA Wl I } Wt in attanHsnna *1 ... w v?r WV viixia ?W?' * iUSCk* U> ? fiMw' Prof C F. BARNES, Man&fRr, BOARDING. " Furnished rooms to rent, wtth Bond, in a pleasant location near the Capitol. Also, a t AndtoinalT fnrnuned Parlor and Chamber oommnoioaliDt. Icq aire at Star Offioe. felS-tf PERMANENT OR TRANSIENT BOARDJL era oan be aoooninooated on reasonable torina at Hi New JereeT avenue. Capitol Hill, within a few doora of aoith wing of Capitol. fe 13 3;* GEORGETOWN ADYEBT^MTB |> W A LKCTURK. for the benefttof the Young UJjf Catholio'e Frira.i Society o{ lisoreetown, win be delivered in Trinity (Catholic) Ohuroh, Oerogetown, on WEDNESDAY EVENiNG, Febrasry 19th, at 7>g o'clock, br Riv. Fathkb Eailt. 8. J., President of Georcetowa College, Admittance a& oente. fe llT,T,tf.Ad3t g U C K 9 K 1 N 6LO V E 8! Rami burg & Ebert, 105 Hies Stvkxt, OEOHOETOWN, D, O. OfioerV Gaanbete made to order. Beckehin Pt?wore and Shirta. ja II A~ZT~ LINEN GOODS^ 7~ pi! i.i. -A a* ? -? ?? ?? * ^-1- * HnUiMii*u? > >1 lun iuuvi ia>uiau:? H)

tii? oonmmen. PERRY ft BRO , W 7 6t Pepn. tree u a and jw ?tr?ot. N~~ OW 18 YOUR TIMS TO *UY OVER ootte. Pmu imtVMU.llNiT York >rioM, at Sf^nh'8, No. 460 Seventh tre?t^o|po?it? 0NpWJAc?K"w<M>D ??<=? ?? *on>- ""'"ii "IImci h 6o.r? Hmofc n "' poRTABLK WOODEN TENTS! The ttDilermq#"! ku for mU aad viM auk* to order portabto Woo** Tj?U, of ibt mrnii iM. ata very low ?rle? Th?ee UnU eta be yet am or takea Jovaioafaw auaut?e1aadoaa boMta ^fess?" " '"" " ww r-wwAi., 0 wahtA \UANTED?By a youn* am, a SITUATION to make biniMli neefal to kit employer*. Can sff', a&.0,"M? ; mts KRAFF^'S, Seventh street, toetween M aB<* N tr. fe IS tc* )JUANTKD?Aoo!or?d WOMAN, ? ebambar*~ maid and waiter, on* who thoroughly ul>>: stand* her ban neat. Inquire at the Star Ofice. fig <? at* WANTED~A SERVANT GIRL who is a " " so^doook. On* who is oompeteutand faithful w-ll find a good p'ao* by leaving h?r a'rtress at th* war oftc*. directod to Mr. DAWSON. fa 13 St* \\TANTKD TO KENT-A mod*u HOU3F, with 8 to 13 rooms, between Pennsylvania avenue and H street and 3d and 1HH sts. Apply at 452 Eighth street, bstwean Feun tvense and D v f 13-3f WA!>iT*iD TO RENT?Br a permanent reei'* dent, a amall or ir.edinm z*1 Unfarniaked HOUSE, between 4th and li'h and Pa. avenue and K ats. Addre?a (atating term a, looation. Ao.) "M.." at thin office. 13 3t* VVANTKD-A SITUATION, by a resectable *' yonnc Kncli?hm*n. M waiter ; a'an b" hia wife, aa aaamatrraa or unra<>: will in* to make tiaai* aelree n?eful to their employers; would hire to artaer or aeparate. at m<der*te wifN, Both are Protestant* and h*ve rood refe'Ctioea. Call or aJdreaa **T. H. H.," 224 F atreet. betweea 14?h and 15th. It* H7ANTED? A ?lam cook, washkh *r><t IRONER. id small ramify. Apply at 437 Eighth street between H and E. fe 12 St* U/ANTKU-TKA MS (n h?u! wood. Call at W. ** T. MoC!o?kj'? *e;?r ?tar.d, id Bmwn'i Hotel. JA8. HARPINC. WANTED-A WOMAN to do washing and ironin* and general honnework *n Amen r>an or German worran prrferre?l. Ajp!* to 449 12th atreet. h?tw??n G and JT _ fe 12 2t* WANTED?By a rerpsotali'e woman, a SITUATION as oook. washer and irr.oer, or to do reneral housework. Address Box 12, 8t#r Of fioe. _ fe 12 2t* WANTED?By a lady and KtnUeiran. a FURNlSHF.n pa m i nn rn ?mbld v <*m va* v * i_i it f \ wor? of 12th street preferred.) with Board. Fire and *)aa. Unquestionable ref*reno?* given and required Address "M. G.," Htar Offioe. felJ "U* WANTED?One good SERVANT ti nook, wash and iron. The best wsges given. None need apply but those who can ocmf well reocmmended. Also, one Servant to attend to children; the boat waxes Riven. No 361 New York avenue, between 10th and 11th sts. fe Ig-St* 6KORBK SF.ITZ. WAITED?By a permanent resident, 'a DWELLING-HOUSE, (unfurnished.) within tea minates' walk of Wiilards' Hotel. Address, stating looation. rent. &o . Post Office Box 155. ft 11-81* \E7ANTKD? A rood colored COOK, who under?" stands her business. One to oook and wash, who is oompetent and industrious, mar hear of % desirable home, with food w**es, by app'Tine to the Bookkeeper at the Star Offioe. f> 11 at \V ANTED TO KENT?Wanted to rent, wi?h w or without furniture, in the First Ward, a HOUSE with from 12 to 14 good rooms. Addre?s immediately E. J. ALLEN, Provost Marshal's O ffioe fe 11-lw V17ANTED?A youn* MAN from 10 to JO y?ara ? * of aire, to aot as porterfor the store. Must uuiioiBwim >oc|iiii| KBvuun. Appiy ?ot renn. avenue, outh side. fa 10-4t WANTRD?A SITUATION. by a praotioa! double-entry Bookkeeper or in years' expedience. Beat references given. Address KDVV1N W 1LLIS, Washington, D. C., through Post Offioe. ft II 3te<>* WANTKD? A genteel and intelligent young LADY, who can sing and piay the piano moderately, to travel with a gentleman and assist in a p'easant ard genteel occupation. Address "Hartwell." Star <?tficfe 7 6t* DyANTED?Sutler* a?4 8oldisrale know that ?? iney can nny r STOVB8 and TIN WMIK cheap of H J. GREGORY, S!il Penn. avenue. ja 1> WANTED.?We are row buvinr 9ECONDHANO FUR NITUR E, STO VE8a&d BED | DING, for which we are paying the higheat caah prices. Families declining housekeeping, or having a ?urplu? of fnriiitnre, will Sud it to tneir advantage to jive u? a ??!!. BONTZ & GRIFFITH. Jelj-tf No. 3K9 ith ot.. t?etw.) anc K at*. LOST AND FOUND. | OST?On Tnewlay. the Mb instant, hetvwn I i Mrs. Gen. Macomb'* *n<1 the church of tha Kpiphanr.a lieavj G<?LD OH Al N, with clasp, in shap* of a hand A !;l>e ra! reward will be *iv?n if 'eft aU7th ar.<l I Mg. " lt?~" I OST?Between 19th and 11 streets, and the j Patent Office, a !ad?'? sold WATCH a?d I'HAlfV. At;v o*e who will ietnrn it Inwis'a Jtwelrj 3tore, Teun avenue, will bo libeialW rewarded. It* IK FT, LA?T MONDAY, February 10, at my 4 store, by a soldier, a l't'RSE containing a cum of money, which he can obtain br a proper description and pavinc for tH:? advertisement, GK<>RGK W. STROl'D, It* No. 61 Brid*e ?treet, Goorcetown. ^TOLEN, out of the Ha'i of No. Louisiana avenue, Wednesday tmiir a iarje rz?mi hocauy hair o oth HOCK I \ G CHMR. the seat <>f which ??u a little worn. A liberal reward wilt be paid for the recover? of tho raine Wanted, a Chaml eriraid; a'so. a small oolared Girl. AppW at No. ? Lonuiana ave. fe 13 3f STRAYED OR STOLEN-Two MULES, strayed from Old Foundry Mills,*4^ Sunday nifht. the 'Uh instant,?one waifMA ati iron grey, and the other a har n are. w* Both had on baiter*. with a ohatn at taohed. A liberal rewa'd will Ije given for the return ofs*id rrules. Enquire of GEORGE WATERS. No H'jh street,on Cana!.Seor?e town, D C. fel2 *t LOST?On Saturday the *th of February, & meuuin size GOLD WATOH.bear- JR tag on the hack the initial* "H P T \ together with a representation of a Gotlno ? M Church at Poiot Levi. the number and4MM* maker's name not recollected. A reward of flO will he paid to the person roturning the same to the office of the Evening Star. Supposed to lost either on Pa. avenue, or going out 7;h street to tol. < E&te. fe 12 3t* fljCn REWARD?Ran awa* from the aubsonvO' ! ber, Februar* 5, my NhGKO M AN, Ned. (ca'ls hlmMir N?d Hminn I ha > hnnt WlW five'feet hix inches huh; abou; thirty five T\ yars of age, had on at the time, home trade oloth, purple jacket, and white >.aoU; had ? ' < light soar over h? left eye; fail suit of wh;aker? and hair. 1 will give the above reward for him if taken out of Calvert oounty. or twenty-five dol are 1 if taken in the county; in either case he must be ceoured that I oan gef. turn again. THOS. V. B'.AKE, J fe 12 3t Calvert counir, Friendship P. O. , RAN AWAY?Ffom the subscriber. living near < J.C. Lunattavilie, Prince George'a oounty, m ( Ma.. ?u the 7th February, 1862, in? NEGKO (K WOMAN, "Betti?." who oalla heraelf Jr* Bettie Shorter, she i* ao<>ut twenty-five \ years of ace, four faet 10 inane* high; dark CTf m oopper oolored; thin viaaged.of a light muaouiar frame; ha* aom* of her toe? on one foot injured | from a barn when a ohild; had oa whan ah* left a blue oountry made yarn frock; and had other olothe* with her. Sho took with her. her child { Olivia, about 13 montha old. will be given for . apprahenawn of the above woman and ohild, pro- 1 vided that they are delivered to me or aeonred in Jail, ao that I oan get them again ? STANlsi.Aim nmnpnon fell 3trfftiaw2w*~ Treasury NUTES 8TOLKN-i)JPi!Lf:Rs take notice?Ho. isw for #'?*?, no. 14017 lor 9lOfl.and No. 9180 for 8S". of the 7 31" per oe:jt. 3 year Trtaaorr notes, parable to the order of G. B. Hayden, werestmen on tne 9th inat .and i pajment on them aid their ooupuna la stopped. I kev. e a. hav nfcfw. f? 11-St* Chaplain 13d Reg. N. Y% 8. V. j yOUND-A POCKET BOOK containing aoonr siderahl* amount of money. The owner can < have it by proving property. Cull at JOHN 8. i 8HRODKR'? Lancaster County ProviM'a t^oie, t corner 13th and ?t?. fa 8 3t* |/OUND?Oe to-day (Saturday. February 3,) on r north A street, between 1st and 3d streets, a I mall SCty OF MON K Y in a sni&l; leather bag or i purse, which the owner can have by desonbing , property and paying f?r this advertisement Ir uire of K. W. CLARK, No. 93 north A street, Caeitol Hill. fe8 3t* DIHTRICT OF COLUMBIA, Copwtt of \N AiHirisTos, To wit : I hereby oer JWV juy inac yv. ?. VV. White, of Waahiac ton Coanty, broaght before me, the sub ^WLi El&JIu'iiS?"06 of th6:P#M4' "? ?'n *>M of February,11882, aa eatray, treapaasing upon hia enoloearea, Hell rue," 7th atreet road, 2 8HUAT8. The owner thereof oan have the aame by proving property and paying chargea. # February1,1!#? mT Und *nd ,Mj tbi> ?f fel?Sy JOHN H. JOHNSON, J. P. suf faaa ?% in MIMM1BV* lr "rotnraed ?? M li A ' B * I I VI? ??** iTtaw, or s5b^^^.F?,'Bixvcr* ~j0 ' 6RO HYLVFU^LLRLh,ra' NE' V ' Md^Vw/]l8?iv'adth^fed*?f i? ' JfllL*'V V11* rtvtnl no mititr^l* wh?r? U*im. S'lTMUr i? of oo?Mr ooinplMion of thin t*tur?: about 5 foot 0 or 10iDoh*hi(rhH? for 4 TwkT) ft 1-Ty? , |M KORGK M. WOKL * CO.. ! bKORek M. WOIL4CO., **-* ^^TOSBBay, j SECOND EDITION vkiu 'ci4?cm, r. m. The Ciivu.ui ?It li understood that Chftalier Wlkcff, thla forenoon, aaewered the question of the special committee of the Houae, which yeaterdajr he declined to aaawer So, we take it M * - - ** jwi granwu iui oy urn ume be la out of Umbo, and a grutw hero and notability thu rvtr before The Chevalier baa decidedly ,'aoldM the committee, ud the committee, in turn, tea aa decidedly "aoid" the Houar. The Hooae, by Ita action la the premtaea, would hare "acid" the public, If the latter had failed to prove better " amellert" of large-sized mice* than all Coagreaa, with all .ta dlflfcreat "anelllafrM c~mm;ueea PaoMOTED ?Chailea Hopkiaa. irat claaa clerk in the Pension Office, tua been promoted to a second claaa clerkship OUR MILITARY BUDGET TBI CARAIDS or TBI BOCK The avenue haa been alive with carta *ds to-day. aucb aa that Fort Do nelson had been taken with 7,000 Confederate prlaonera; that Lander had taken W iucbester; and that a protracted If fit had occurred down river between the Confederate batteries and our flotilla. Though confidently aaaerted. they are one and all without foundation, ao far aa wc can learn. THE LATEST BY TELEGRAPH NEWS FRO* SHIP ISLAND?CAPTl'RE OF A PRIZE. Niw York, Feb. 13?The Baltic ia below, from Port Royal. The atoreahlp Supply bringa Ship Ialand date* of thp 24th, with the captaina and erewa of the rebel nt earners Anna and Lewla, and schooner A.J. Rlen, taken by the New London oil Florida There wa* nothing new at Ship Ialand The troopa are healthy, and the worka programing rapidly. The frigate Niagara, gun bo*ta New London, Hatteraa, Itasca, Coon, Pampero, ahip Black Prince, and brig J. P. Wftherlll were anchored off the Ialand. The Supply boarded off Florida, on the 13th, the Brltiah achooner Samuel Hart, captain aald bound from Liverpool to Cardenaa. Having 90 paper* and being on the route to rebeldom, ahe waa taken by the Supply and the crew put aboard and brought to thia port. The cargo ia auppoaed to be arma and ammunition. Capt Palmer, late # <1 - * * " ui lur iroquoia. arnvea la ihe steamer Columbia and leaves to-day for Washington. MOVEMENTS OF THE ALLIED ARMIES IN MEXICO. CONFEDERATE STEAMER VICTORIA ESCAPES FROM HAVANA. New Yobk, Feb 13.?The steamer Columbia, from Havana 8lh icst , has arrived. The corres pondent of the Press says Mlramon was at Vera Cruz. He was arrested by tlie British Admiral, for former robbery of the British legation. Sickness and death prevailed amongst th? allied troops to a frightful extent. The pirate steamer Victoriatailed from Havana on the 7th instant, with a cargo of arms and ammunition. THK CONFEDERATES tOJIt ESTRATIMG LP RIVER AND BUILDING BATTERIES THERE. Fiedericr, Md , Feb. 13 ?There are rumors that the Confederates are concentrating their forces near the river between the Point of Rocks and Leesburg, and also are erecting batteries there. We have nothing authentic. THE ALLIES RPJECr THE HEXH AN PROPOSAL FOR PEACE |Special Telegram to the Star ] Nbw York. Feb 13 ?By the ad vices from Vera Cruz we learn that Juarez had made proposals of poecc to the allies, which had been rejected by them. The Expedition ap the Tennessee River. St. Loims, Feb 12.?A special dispatch to the Republican, dated Fort Henry, February 11th, aaya that the gun boats Cone?toga, Tyler and Lexington, returned from I'ppcr Tenne^-see last nlgbt. 1 h? l<?ats went a? far a* Florenc , Alabama, and were received with tb?* wildest joy by the people along the river The old men cried like chlldreu at the sight o. 'be hurt and stripes, and invited the officer* and men to th<*ir houses, and told them all they had w?s at their disposal A la: ge number were anzlouc to enlist under the old flag, and the Tyler brought down two hundred and fifty to fill up the gan-boats' crew. f r <W ? " ?>--? ' * 1 " * </Ui wtic usunti tuat it iucy wuuia wait a few days whole regiment* could be raiaed, and If the Government would give them arms to defend themselves, they could bring Tenneaaee back tjthel'nionln a few months. They aaid that when the seceasian ordinance was pasted armed men stood at the polls, and everything went as certain politician! aaid. At Savannah, Easiport and Florence the oficers and men of onr boeu went ashore without arms, and mingled freely with the people. The Union men along the river coiuprlae the wealthiest and the beat portion of 'he Inhabitants, large numbers of whom have American hags. Not a gun was fired either in going or coming. The railroad bridge at Florence was not deitroyed. A quantity of papers were captured on the East port belonging to Lieut. Brown, late of the United States Navy. Among them were letters from Lieut. Maury, stating that submarine batteries sould not be successfully used in the rapid stresms of the West. One hundred and fifty hogsheads of toiiacco. and a oaantitv of other ftlurht will be brought down from the mouth of Sandy river to-morrow. A dally Una of packet* has been established between Fort Henry and Cairo. Nothing, during the war, has been ao probating to the Rebels as the laie victory, and the gunboat expedition mentioned above. CONGRESSIONAL. XXVVIIth CONGREU-Srctid Sesalea. Thf*sday, February 13. Senate ?Mr. Davis, of Ky., Introduced a series of declaratory resolutions relative to the rights of the States ana the duties of th* general govern; meut to the people and Slates In rebellion; laid on the table w<th tho** of Mr Sumner Mr. Grimes reported a bill from the District of Columbia for tbe appointment (by tbe President) af * warden Tor (he jail of the county of Washington, D C ; commuted Tbe bill to fix tbe number of member* of the next U. 8. House of Representatives was then taken up, and discussed by Messrs. Hale, Trumbull and Collamer, until the expiration of the morning hour; when The consideration of the Treasury-note hill was resumed upon various amendments proposed, none of which were adopted when the Star'j report went to press. Hocfi?The joint resolution in relation to the transportation of troops and munitions of war, by certain railroads in Mlasourl, was taken op, and the aundry Senate amendments discussed, pending the consideration of which, our report closed. LATE LOCAL NEWS. m ?? MA.K1IAGI ohdee Di?hcuiti*?.?Last night a very good look In? couple, young and Intelligent. Mr. Jas Barry, of company 1), 6th U. 8. cavalry, aid Mia Leddy Donnelly, of thta city, went to the oflce of J uatice Jobnaon to b? united lathe holy bands of matrimony. They were Ignorant of the laws of the D latrlct, and were aomewhat taken aback when the magistrate told them they would have to get a licenae from the court and be married hy a minister. Through the klndnem md irillMtr* of officer Kmw iki ? _ _ - 7 __ ? V V? ) were Mt right. De acted as groomsman, and got t minister and license. , Unfortunately, the groom's name was wrong in the ilcsnse, and the minister, Rer. L K. Morgan, always particular in soch matter* required Its correction prior to performing the ceremony. The groomsman stsrted to have it done, and in his shsnee some one sagzested thst probably the clerk's office was closed This was too msch for the ?rooa>, who addnaud me minuter upon the oeceaalty of a apeady parromance of the ceremony. " Indeed. Mr. Pamoa/' he plead. "thla thing moat be put through to-night. I have come from Minor'* Hill to the city aa leave, ind my furlough is limited. It mod be done to-night. Tbearmy night mave." The bride alto exhibited considerable anxletvind exclaimed " ?h yea! It mat be done tolight!" UC mniner awaiiM IM return of the faithful I ;roomuun with the corrected license, u4 la ft | ww mluutm the bravo ?MMr were BAli?d ?n | ? ?- rr- - 1 1""" ~ * bolf ?n kf pNMu atf iiMfaa* Uon ?<*ihc a?*.i as tha happy pair tfcesasslvs* Ho MIC i DC ?Last Friday, a r??wa* Mi mm* James Water* was shot ail^kllM. at s hMBa wiavi ?i ? MM i wwiiitHi wm WW, oy I VHI nuwd TbomM Rjrdff, wboaneoedod It Mklif tn escape The patrolnea iitmu! CrfMa* Donobue, Patrick Ryder, and Henry Rwl ? aoeeaaortea to tbe kUl'ag, and Mar we haAd t? welt e farther bearing Oa tke ant day aa taqneet waa held by Coronet Weed war*, aa< tke jury returned a verdict of death by a shot frea a gun la tbe band* of Tboanaa Ryder The hail entered the left tide, and paaaed entirely through tb* body of the deceased. killing bias InstaetTy. Some af tbe neighbors sav that W atari waa Ry. iAI?.' n.'.iw kttincf aae#U^ d.?Va? - few wftki before, umI tuat thr tffilr w*i ctur4 by a acafle betweea W aten ud a mo of Thiiw Ryder Aiiikt or t. 4. Mairna.-Oi TMtdiy n.vbt. Mr T J Magrudor (a wdl kim bcoi and shoe iMlrr oa D Seveett rind) wm Mrwlwl at bta bow aad bkw laic coated? It It rumored that the charge* agaloet bin tafivtag UfUoMblt information to the eoeiny, bot mt the character of the information one 1* infciimd t vord the mate Department Mr. Marrad?r waa in good c:t inatir e>. had boaa ?. gaged extendeely la the wholesale shoe trade. He was one of the leading member* of the Meth ? ? ? -- - - ? - wi-? ppiKvpu v.aurcn 9AIH>,IM WM HtlBHWy acquainted * tk m&uy of it* rebel sympcth) sera, iohi' of whom bavt left tbis city to take part wW> the Confederate# Circcit Corn -TUi morning. inwl Jury trials wrre decided. Cbarlee Gautier n Moetyery Bltlt, earntor of T be mas H. Ben toe, deneaeed?werdlet far plaintiff, 1412 59, witfc in ert* _ jfw mimng ye NtwoMry Blair, nantor of Thomaa H Benton, deceased?verdict for plaintiff, Ml 97, with latareat. John Doc rs Jcunea Cratchatt aardlet for plaintiff, damage one cent. Jamea W (Vara n Jaime W Collaf?oa trial when our report closed. Mb Adamb hot Riium -Tht Alexandria Chronicle of yeat-rday aaya ? We aaera mistaken in saying that Mr. Adin,* bed been 'alaaaed from ruatody on Monday night. He araa gl ren la charg* of the Mayor for the ntffht, ana la tha morning wag delivered to Major Gile, arbo handed him over to the Provost Marshal. A da ma araa taken to W?L ngton ve*terdiv afternoon, la cempiny witt- ?e?ral >ther prisoner*. Oca. Montgomery approved of the arrest, simply giving Adams liberty to remain with Mayor Mcf enzie all night. Too Fast ?Yesterday morning, eight newsboys, employed to carrr the moraiag papers to the camps, were arrested for racing their horw through Georgetown. Tber were taken In charge by the provost guard and brought to the Coatral guardhouse. to be disposed of by the military authorities CamiRAL Covet ?This morning, Felix Malien, a soldier, was on trial charged with borzkwv In breaking open the house occupied by Was Adams, between 10 and 12 o'clock p. m , oa the 30th Jan oary ARM I EXPRS9S COMPANY, NEW ARRANGEMENT* ALL RAIL FROM NEW YORK 41 HULKS. Thi? Unmrut ? prepared to fonrart all Had* of frxxli to and from? NEW YORK-Oftce 39 Broadway, BOSTON?Oftia, 7 Congreaa lUoei, an 4 S Catgreat Square, PHILADELPHIA?Oftoe, SST Cheataat atra*. BALTIMORE?Oftoa.Camdan P tat ion, itr iUUiw/'TAVi rv* ? -? ? - ? - ?? Acimiu i'uaw?i ooo rooivTi^BUi IV ALEXANDRIA?Ofkoe, 106 Kin* ?tr*K, ANNAPOLIS. FORTRESS MONRO*, * NEWPORT NEWS. FORT ROYAL, AW the ! SOUTHERN FLOCK ADING SQUADRONS, AT FATH KATES' )>r ! ' 'N OYSTERS-OYSTERS '^v Vilir c TSPt ment in STEAMINS ROASTING OYSTERS, ? by whiohth" entire flavor AM nseui the Oyster ujetALPfd. The PK&KL, RA LOON, 913 renn. fo?it? V\ llitrdt' Hotel, wtli omi this cveuu. (*'*r. of the globe lights) with ita improved turrr of, befttneu of fctung, ana order ofeervioe All fleamnga luxury wilt he rewarded by ca'ling. Superior euahty of Freeh Bait Oyster* oonatJvntiy on baal to io^!r Hotel*. Sstlsrs Md Families, it. rbe'l, kef, or ou. Families' orders delivered on short ootioe. Chotoe Cigars at re? gonabie tatca. _ > > ! * f\ ANNAPOLIS I3^f|J COMPANY. ft/J XS(| OV9TEH.S! OY8T?a?!^d^r An Oyster Shipping Compear ha* bees formed for <be purpoan of *upp!ying \Naehington eiKl its vioinity with Ovstere. All pe*eooe whicn see from into g%:ion* p*' ilev.oec beespplied Oysters in shell sf>nt in bags or s car load of from LM to V> bushels 3an be hm oo one aa? *? do(1m, for tl?M u&ntity ott.ll at *6 Bridge street, Qeorgetova. II. c. Tbe Oysters shipped by this oobmot mm freah. if not more so, than any others tut ?i he had io the Distnot The Oyatars are opened 'fee same dry they are taken front the water, aM are sent to the Dis'rict the same night. Al* ord*ri direoted to WILLIAM H \NCE. a i.napoiia, Md.manager ;or Gompanj, will be promptly attended to fe -! * Jts. NOTICE TO WATCH MAKE&S. JQK 8. A J. MVEI9 mSt bavmc opened a branen ef their Boston Bonne at No 10 Washington Building, corner o.'Pa. ava. and 7th street, invite the attention of Watok Makers, Jewe.lerSj Pedle^s, Ae , Ac.,to taair lane t>>ck >( Oo,d aiid Silrer Watches, V\ ?t?b MkUri ala, Watch Makers' Toola. biaaaes, Silk liwa-d?. Leather boards. Spectac.ea, besides a variety of fooda too numorous to mdnbaa la ordinary advertiaemaota, which Uiey will ael! at Uia lowaat raa tern prioea. ?. 4 J. MV1 hNoGooda at retail. Watch work uoae for ti?e trade only, Printed pnoe list of Watok Materia., '*oola. Ac., **nt post free on applioatioa No ooa neohmi with any other hoa?in thiaoit*. ta?' ' ai* SMITH ft. BEUTHtre PALE C K E A M A L, K . SUPERIOR AMBER ALB, POBTEB AMD MEW YOBK BBOWN STOUT. The above CELEBRATED AMERICAN ALES are Brewd from t*e CHOICEST BAK LEY MALT aoft HOPS, and fcifkly iilnmil by I hots who have uMd them. Purohaaera are requested to Mil and tuuu oar enponor stool, anired that th?y will ftnd tbo BEST art PUREST iru gin. We h?T6 at all timM a ltr(( stock readj for 4?lirarr, in wU?le, aa f auU quarter owki, itabte for the TRADE, HOTELS, and F AMILY USE. which we offer on the MOST FAVORARLM TERMS. SMITH A RROTHER. Brewer*, No. 1&S A 100 Weet l?h St.. New York City. Ordere t-j Ma. or Ezereee promptly eue?M, Cm Mm ROOM TO REIS r. nitkbl* for aatiors' sapplr tore Asplr to +. A //MYERS, Importers of Watohe^. <0 Wiahintton Beiidiag I\KALERS IN WATCHES WofUtow^to I W I i m.m*A ke aIM A ' fo \ w ML* IMI MIU UABIIIIHV Wl? BVWB W1 IMO. # < n | L.HC, wliioh they are mHibc *> >?r cent. itvtr Uw u; other bouse la the oity. 10 WtthikftM B?J*inf. \\TATCH MAKERS Willttroumeandtroabta " by calling on tf. A J. MVKRS to yarohaea Watch Miu?rials, Watch Giase*s. Tools, aod Jewellers' Jobhim Materials. 10 Waahiagton BaUdiac. S& J. MYERS. h%Tini aaderatood that ar oral Irava lag r^u.ars hanoi is^ee eased that they are ooaneeted with their noaee, aad NM aa inferior article, they take this meaeare ia ta foraunc the trade that Urn are la *o ?aj eooneoted with aay bonea o' ??nu ia this oitr. |TT Branch of Bokoa Hoaae?1* Waehkaiton Banding. W fcohinyton fe? Black tea BLACK TEA! 30 chests standard Black Tea ha*e bean iiMiTai to-day. Alao. ehoioe 6<-eaa Tea. live a RiT*na*i.f. Jat Cornf lAtt it mm mma v*rwmmt mw. JAY COOKE ? CO.. BANSZ1HS, No- u* Trmmrr In ooo Motion with on Pklls4ejplus HoiMfi h?ve tt No. PifUm't ?tr?t,M e>?? for tha tr?r.e*cr ion of ?enm-&! Kxahaac*. C?JlW ssSa .srrsi?..... a and Bonis (on eowwimon.) Draft* oa 4mtn?u Raro^ao oMm, r?o?w Bipfli, aad ir? lactooaB a?oa all aaaaaaibla paiata to 4 1? JaY^OOKK A CO. JMPORTAN T T O LADIKI. The aabaanbara bara op?wp4 Mm Mii No. II Mark at ttf aoe. Pa. ar. Jbat Mb and 9tb ?U. aa a fcrat Ia-v- ainl Fauor D.**? <"a? l>e?ot. "fitium is part ofVotBt d^ajm*on. A m>Iij?a,ltaeBgaSI Handkerchief*. Cap*#. Fooacinf, Caps. Oax?! &is T.v"v<atar* ** OOHBN * 1)! rVfKL^O*^, don* ? xa*i to a* ?H>n ?ol<*. PINK, WHITK, BLUE, AN4) CORN COLOR rioli Mf*diw bilks. i?r hmui dnn-i. i?h Mr jrioe fijft per va^d, offered o?v *b4 f*r (U * xt tra ??? at ||Kni t*ru i*Vtl ? tonus i hrfMY 4 BKOTlft. fetS-tr > < lillft ?t HUKBM rt/A QALK. _ Of mTMNrttua. M\ ? - * %. <FT :? * * X

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