Newspaper of Evening Star, February 13, 1862, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated February 13, 1862 Page 4
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THE EVENING STAR. flaw the Little Br*?k Bald kit Palac*All night, by the white atari' froat? cleMnav He (roiMd hla arete*, and matched hla beam*, Slender and clear were hla rryatal apara, Aa the laahea of ll^bt thai trim the atara; He sculptured every lummer delight, labia haUaaad ch*mbers oat of aight; ^ooaetinwa hia tinkling watera allpt Down through a frost-leaved forest crypt. I'Oug aparkling aiales of t>tcel-ete*imed trees finding to counterfeit a breeze; " ? _~.V Vr.r> BcmeuiuM, iae roui ? HCVWVl A BHVT j | Uut til very moase* that downward grew; ttojoetlmrs it was carved. In aharp relief, With quaint arabesques of Ice-fern leaf, ttooaetimea It was simply smooth and clear. For the gladness of heav'n to *hlne througn; and here He had caught the nodding bulrush top*, And hung them thickly with diamond dxopa, Which crystalled the beams of moon and na, And made a star of ewir one No mortal builder's most rare device Could match this winter palace of ice. - ^ II V 11 ( J am't iuhii lowch. Dxatbb or Solsikbs ?The following death* among the aoldlera have occurred since our laat report: John Aaop, private, ?7th regiment New York volunteer*, at camp. Joaeph Duff, company C,S7th regiment New York, volunteers, at camp John Kirkwood, company I, 9th New York cavalry, at Columbian College. Jemme Hentman, company E,85th New York volunteers, at camp. i.leut Thomai enmnanv D. 23d Pennsylvania i volunteers. at camp. Michael Ktrwin. company I, I?t Long Island volunteers, at camp. Henry Baker, company F, 63d Pennsylvania volunteers, at St. Elizabeth hospital. Martin Smith, company G. 5'2d Pennsylvania volunteers, at camp. Corpora! Wm Madison, company A, Rocket bittiillon, 56th New York volunteer*", at camp. Horace Hubbard, Rocket bittalion, 56th New Y;>rk volunteers, at Kruptlve Hospital. William Teaker. Rocket battalion, j6th New York volunteara, at Eruptive hospital. George Hoffman, company I, 4th United States Infantry, at General Lcapita:. Peter Misner, company 1,56th New York volunteera, at Carver barracks. J. T Ede, company K, 2d United States cavalry at Columbian College Sergeant Henry Stupleton, company B, 15th New York (engineers.) ?t camp. Levi Connor, company B, 7th Maine volunteers, at Semlnarv hospltai. n r> 1?n" L' r.')^ Donnavluania 1 cuuri, tuuipauj * i vmujj ???? '? volunteers, at camp. Stephen Hennessee.Sd Rhode Island volunteer* J at camp. Private Packard, company B, 2.4 United States artillery, at camp. George L. White, company I, 5th Pennsylvania Reserve Corps, at camp.' Thx Tk?.xi*skic Uivis F.xpkditios.?The advices received from tbp Tennessee river expedition announce the safe progress of the gunboats the very heart of the Rebel territory It apCars that toey advanced as far as Florence, Alaitr.a, and destroyed all the enemy's vessels and drove back all the forces which thev encountered. The reports are provokingly meagre as to the exploit1* of the Federal <run-boats at Florence. The village tsat the head of navigation, three hundred mlie* from Paducah.and contains about two thou? Inhabitants. Theriverat this point is about h-tlf a mile wide, ar.d is crowd by a tine bridge. Kiorence is the capital of Lauderdale countv, and 'n add!'lon to it? importance as a shipping point for th>- northern portion of Alabama. ts the site of ??-v^ral lar/e cotton factories The Memphis and Charleston Kdilro .d pas-cs with; u a short diitance of Florence We not apprised whether the sun-boa!* destroyed the lsr>je bridge already mentioned. or made an* upon the v'.llaae. ;\ic*t probably, however. the Eiped'tlon whs Int ndtd for reconnolterlng purposes rather than to luttct serious Injary upon the eremy. * ilox<??ir*tht s ittr Armt ?Senator Wilson^ I rtaented a petition In the Senate yesterday signea by W 318 tit z-: ? of New England, in favor of t!.e introduction of homoeopathic pract'ce In the crmv. The petition embraces signers from all trades of society. *nr?6i!>'o alosg thi Ohio?The Louisville Journal states tLat tb<* smugglers are doing a heavy trad< acroa* the Ohio river, below Henderson Wry large quantities of supplies of every d???crlptlrii are landed at L'nlontown, Casey ville, CarravlLe, Ford's Ferry and other points >*ALK Of RlBKL PROPHET! !* KANSAS.?Col. Jennison has recently turned over to Gen. Hunter the sum of S4.400, being the proceeds of a sale of rebel property in Johnson county. !H^The l>jke of Wellington, it it related, never loc. a eun in an engagement with the eneI?:**, tfcolli/h h?? rantnrt.H aKnnt fKraa J ?at, ? aw f ?< VI* u wu v WUUUMUU. HAVE > OUSUBSCRIBED FOR THE WEEKL\ STAR,TO BE MAILED TO YOUR FRIEND OR RELATIVE? IT 18 TI1E BEST DOLLAR WEEKLY IN THE WORLD! ITS WASHINGTON NEWS IS UNEQUALLED! ITS GENERAL NEWS IS UNSURPASSED Q V* Til A T AD a M XT .nn?/\ r?/^? ? . luai vr Ail I i >? yj UULliAK WEEKLY! ITS AGRICULTURAL MATTER WILL BE WORTH TO ANY FARMER A HUNDRED TIMES ITS YEARLY COST. ITS HOUSEHOLD RECIPES WILL SAVE TEN TIMES ITS COST EACH YEAR TO ANY FAMILY. The Number for this Week. to be out on Fri day Morning?pries Three Cents?vrill be a remarkably interesting one. d - j- - 1 ? ' 5 a. crciii/i c* tcnu IFvuia Keep Posted with reference to what is really going on here tut these interesting time* should receive it regularly. CALL AT ONCE AT THE STAR OFFICE AND SUBSCRIBE FOR IT. Whisky: whisky ! whisky; 3 N. PIKE & CO. barre'.a MAGNOLIA, jnt - XXX, > SOO " Miner's rye .uon0n6ahela, *C0 " Fine OLD KVK, SOO " Fine OLD BOURBON. . Jest recetvad u Ciacmnat' pnc??. E&ilLE DUPRE, 3'JO Pera?vlv?nia avenue. irr A bo, Agent for S. N. PiKE'd ARMY CORDIAL. fe 1-ly ^ t O ki rm* _>> ji r if n 11 ? u a t??J *- '?n " ' n.t 1 D* OX un 1>I\A w A I 3 A^D 11 ton 1 1 L9t VT Genta' Silk Pocket Handkerchlefe, *?enta' Lines Cambric Hindkereniefe, <i*nU' Glove. Genta' L'inbreilaa, GtnU' Unders'urta acd Drawere, l-'ine C!o?he, Vs*uii?a. and .aaaimeree, for genta, Gotten ^hirtinga of the best graiea, l.tnwi: shirUc*? of the beat eradea imported. All of tne ai v? at oar proverbially low prioea, vke<! in plain bgcree. An ina(.ectiou <>f .lock. aolici!*d ; it incara no ?. bligatiou to puroh&ie. PERRY A BROTHER. j\31tr t'epr. av?nu? and Ninth at. ? ? LNTLK.MKNH RKAOV MAitK BIUH. * I N rs, OK FIN K QUALITY. W e r?tlt o tizeotaand ?iran?era & ace assort r\cr.l Of oVKRCOAT*. DRKSS COA iV HU3I* ESS COATS. CAM i'ALOONM and VESTS, .( al c<> or* auU auaiitiea, equal in make and l.mah lo the boat oustoni work. WAi.L, STEPHENS A CO., M?ro ;aut i aitor* and Ciothera, 3J'J 1'a. v.'e? bsi 9th and 10th ata. >ia-tfil t Intel. * tiep.) BIR*SIDE'% Patent Portable Hou*e. The inventor call* the attention of Sutlera and otarra to thia uarful invention A House can be i nilt by this Inventor without da..j, screws, or croovea. an-i Stables buiit in the same way. It .-aa l>e ,ut up ac<> taken down without injury to the bofcrUa. Unlet a can bo i*ft with ~ ,??.*!UKL WIRE. Builder. Nfl 34#i K BtrMt na?? ? m u?i vc^ri'i ? lrp Waahimtoo. P. C. Horse blankets AND BUFFALO ROBES. A i ?tjlea prio?o, at * J.B. PUDNEVS, 3514 Pi. ava , hut room. 1-. 3iS D atr oet. KUBBER COATS. PONCHOS. LEGGINS, fclatkets.Ca* Covers mid Can# at J B. pOj>ney*s, 3Jl Pa ave., ha * room, or 33a D atreeL UtAVY REGULATION BLANK LT8, XJL I&:j Cheap, by J. B. PUDNEY. 324 P?.ave? b*cic room. Q' 3AZ D street. |),,r?, ? A NEW THING. 1. ATENT CompreaaaMe Cot. can b? folded op lato a upaoe 34 loohea loaf by 6 wide, an iLganiooa contmaLoe, (or aale bp J n l*lfllNS.V 3-J4 Fi.VvV?fc^k r^m. ortaa o ?tr**t. | ?KKY AND ?ECONi> MOURNIN6 hpno, *1 with All Other kinds of 8i!k GuoUa, at mo* t n<Mternt? rate#. I'KrfKV * URO.. '*. avrnae and Ninlh vtrMt. "Perry Bm.-lini.r IMPORT AWT TO FAK-ILIBS, RESTAl RANTS, HOTELS, SUTLERS, GROCERS, AND OTHERS. WILUi9I TUCKER'S CHEAP WHOLESALE AND RETAIL G1R0CER Y WAREHOUSE, 384 PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE, 32* PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE. GROCERIES AT HALF THE USUAL PRICES, Having bten jmrckattd / Bankrupt Merchant* and 9th*rt. TUCKER'S { TUCKER'S ! Groceries, Liquore, Wine?, Cigars, &c FOR FAMILIES, [ FOR SUTLERS, FOR OFFICERS. T EA8, FINE. U NION CIGARS". C RACKKRS, BOSTON. K ETCHUPS, IMPORTED. E XTRA COFFEES. R Ai?INS, MALAGA. READ OUR PRICES! READ OUR PRICES! Extra Brown Sugar 9 cent* per pound White Sugar 12 cento per pound Fine Green Tea 50 cento per pound Fair Black Tea 50 cento per pound Extra Coffee 20 cento per pound Good Coffee 16 cento per pound Wax Candlea 35 eenta per pound Malaga Raisins 15 cents per pound Codilsh... 6 cents per pound Imported Cigars 50 cent* per 100 Havana Cigars 91 to ?3 per 100 Almonds 12 cents per poiuid Salt 20 cents a bag Good Butter 16 cents per pound Extra Butter......... '20 cents per pound Fine Wines 91 per bottle Whiskey '25 to 50 cents per bottle All other kinds of LIQUORS In proportion. Call and we for yourself. TUCKER'S, J2o Pcnniylvanla Avenue. WILLIAM TUCKER'S < HEAP GROCERY WAREHOUSE, 3US PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE, 3JS PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE. GKOCEHIEH AT HALF THE USUAL PRICES, Having been purchased of Bankrupt Merchants and othtrt. Btu&rt'i Refined Sugars from 9 to eta per pound Extra Fine Green Tea 75 " 44 Good Green Tea 50 " 44 Extra Fine Black Tea 75 44 *? Good Black Tea 50 44 44 Old Java Coffee M 44 *? Good Coffee 16 " " Every tbing else in proportion. REMEMBER, TUCKER'S, 324 PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE TUCKER'S, 3S6 PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE Washington. ~ i TUDADT A MT rrA n * MTT 44UA VMAA111 XV/ ? UJSSIAIKANTS, HOTELS, GROCERS, AND OTHERS. WILLIAM TITER'S CHEAP WHOLESALE AND RETAIL GROCERY WAREHOUSE, 383 PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE, 3*5 PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE. GROCERIES AT HALF THE USUAL PRICES, Having bit* purchased of Bankrupt Merchants and oilkm. TUCKERS TUCKER'S WH0L18&LK AND RETAIL Groceries, Liquors, Cigars, Wines,&c FOR FAMILIES, FOR SUTLERS, ' FOR OFFICERS. T EAS, FINE. U NION CIGARS. C BACKERS, BOSTON. K ETCHUPS, IMPORTED. E XTRA COFFEES. R A1S1NS, MALAGA. READ OUR PRICES HEAD OUR PRICES! WILLIAM TUCKER S CHEAP GROCERY WAREHOUSE, 325 PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE 325 PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE. GOODWINS TOBACCO. H. H. WATT8'S VOLUNTEER TOBACCO. GROCERIES AT HALF THE USUAL PRICES, Having tutu purtkaud of Bankrupt Merchants <*nd otktrt. * HEMEMBBR, 'rCi^KkkV. 333 PKNNHVI.VA MI A. iuduhd . ? ? - ? - ?? af C.11UL TUCKER'S, 384 PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE Washinstof. Ieb7-?ai w . . _ , JCJVl il * t " Xl (bSTAJRLISHn w 1SS9,) U?t leave to inforw the pub'io tut tkw hare *tend?<l the.r Kxpre. s toJVaehhtfton, Mid are m>W prepare* to Tranepoi t Merchandise, Base >oU*, Spooie. Jeweiry, d c , to *11 p*/t? of the middf*, >?# Rn.fl ama ud Wttltm anl Cmnada. Connecting with the most reepoMlite Rxpre?*ea throa* hout the country, we are enabled to offer wutttaiM fncilititr to all who may favor u with their patronage. For term* and further informa uon m?pij i? n? oinuniaiomi t Third tt.,3d door beiov fa. avenae, J* 9-3m Washington, D. C. ^1>AM8' EXPRESS COMPANY." NOTICE OF REMOVAL, Tho daliwy offloe of this oompany t* removed from Third ttrect to the Iarc e depot on B street, | hotsreen 2d and 3d *t? da y-tf 'JUU FURNITURE! iHT FURNITURE! ' rtjfr- FURNITURE! jT\ W, B. MOSES, (of the firm of Konem A Peokham, Philad'a.) Manufacturer and Wooi*J?lo and Retai Dealer in Cane je?t Chairn, Cottafe, Parlor and Dininiroom Furniture?Thorn a liuiiJing, 60S Seventh street, above D. SIapa rtn?n r4** AnH AVAnint fn* *Ka ? _ j . -r-- ?uo ovcuoinjinatioi of the public. farohaiterB will etndy their interest to o?ll before 'iQotaBK el?ewh?re. 22Sm' CUTLERS, ATTENTION!! '200 BARRF.I.S G1NGMR SNAPS, A Peim* Qgality, For tale in ?uantitee? to stit the trad#, at low h*ur*s. JOHNSON & NAGKB* 'i?9 Pa. avenue, Washington, 1). C., ja 21 IV Royal Rt., Alexandria, Va. Wall, Stephens & Co., MILITARY AND NAVAL MERCHANT TAILORS, i And Obalkrs in SWORDS, ? ASHES, BELTS, fct-AUl-blW, SHOULDER STRAPS, GAUNTLETS, GLOVES,&0. And every variety ol READY MADE CLOTHING, At Rfaronablk Pricks. WALL, STEPHENS ft CO., 322 Pennsylvania avenuo. between _j? 11 [Intel. & Kepub.l 9th and l<Khirta. A act S. WERTHEIMER ft CO.. A(\ 4 iUm No. 4fii< and 464 ^'kvbmth St., *0-x Ovpofit* th* 1 jft Offitt, Offer their stook of WINES, BRANDIES, GINS, CORDIALS,etc..a!no their laree assortment of SEGAKS, TOUACCO, KANCY GOODS, eto., for nale at W holeeale Prices. They keeo constantly on h*nd fine PHILADELPHIA CREAM ALE, in keis and bottles, for bars or inmil* ??? tu? --11 1 ?-j ????. auv |<uunu iii gruorj! rPguested to (ivo them & call and examine their splendid ttock of roods. S, WKRTHEIMER A CO., 46ii and 464 Seventh street, de gl-Sm cppo. Post offipw. OyHterwi Oysters I THE OVERLAND OYSTER EXPRESS COMPANY Still continue to receive dai rthosefamons p'ant?d PATL'XENt KIVEK OYSTERS. Restaurants and private i?nnlie^(^^^ f m) would do well to ca 1 aru try th"in. Those outers are en;<l .'*> hours afVr they come Iroin the water. fuT Oflioe No. 4tS Market Space, b?low the Avatiua hrm?? ~ ....... jaa-am j WFOR THE ARMY. E Have just received. by eteCTrer Araro, a ' large assortment of ma>cai?oent French flraw Drums (System* Gregotre;) French Bugles, tor infantry. cavalry, ana artillery ; M*rtiu Frere's Celebrated Clarionets and Flute* ; 15ra^s Instruments of all kinds Also, the finest ^ua ity of Venice Strings. Busson'i Aocordeons and Flutinas. Together with a large assort nent of latest Frenoh Mnsiofor Bands, Mucio t-tore of W. G. METZRROTT, j* 16 Corner Pa avenue and 11 th st. PRIVATE. PRIVATE FHI VATE # DR. LA BOKTA Cnrea all Venerial Dieoaees permanently. and quickly, without the use of disgusting or poison* our drugs of ant kind. No dieting or interference with bueinesa. Consultations frfe. It is saying quits enough in tts favor, when I eay that my p'actios is that which is in use in ail the I New York citj ho??itais. | New York City College and Hospital TtatimoI niais furnished. I mAim.- -..a * uouicii wiui vr i.itea ana limeasea ot the Womb oured und saved a ooncniuptive's crave by my treatment. There is nothing oftniivt or disagrt$abl in any part of the treatment. I AU euro* warranted, or money retarded. Communiostions m writmt, trith retirn ?tam>, promptly attended to. Medicines for travelers and others packed, with I tall instructions for use. and warranted. Offioe? Koora No. 9 Wa*' in*ton Buildine, Pecn. avenue and Soventh St., Washington, D. C. feb 1-1 m' PHILADELPHIA PROVISION STORE, 119 PlNNSTLVASDl AvK"*r?, Ettv0t*n 18IA and 2??k sit. Tk. ..J.? L : ...? nuu0in(uou, Dsyiue loofvww Mmtoil &> above, takes this method of informing the oiticena of tho First Ward that he has opened a first-claf s Provision Store, cond noted similar to those for vhioh Philadelphia is famous. Here oan he lounrf at aU times a laree and freeh supply of POULTRY, GAME, KKF. MUTTON, *o. FRUITS and VE'.KTABLLB in season. Partionlar attention is oalied to tiie stock and prioes of BUTTKK, CH ELSE, Ac. Pniladelphia Print Butter. Goshen and Western Reserve. Being determined to five the strictest attention to the wants of hn customers, and t? ??'? ?.2 rill"? ofthel Uu8t *uftiltT> *nd Bell at the iuTrro ^froi^e!'068' h" h?K* 10 merlt * ,h*re of IMuujIl* * ** u*?n dailT for order., If J?J! THOMAS R. WILSON. WATCHES UOLD *ND 8ILVS|ittlNGJJ8B. BWISS Ltea'MsJ.'.ts'f ;r.uf?*n,,is,?.?rv PJjJ0'? sood and reliable time keepers vwi vssuuium si; sea every description of fine JEWELRY on hand;all new styles received as soon as manufactured, and ciTerM at the lowest rates. Silver ware manufactured in my own shop. All kinds of MILITARY GOODS on hand, such as Revolvers, Swords, Sashes, Belts, Bowie Knives. Pocket Compasses, Ac.. Ac. Also stront Army Trnnks and Bed Combined: and many other things nsetul and ornamental at 339 Pennsylvania avenue. not tf H. A. HOOD. OQQ JOHNSON & NAGLE, QUQ IMFORTKKS 0? AlOi/ WINES, LIQ VOHS, H 4 VAN A CIGARS, FINE OROCJsKl kS, tc? No. 9S9 Pa. avenne. between 9th and 10th streets, Washington, D. C. No. 10 Royal st, near Kmc, Alexandria, Va. Sole Aronts for the SPARKLING HOCK and | MOSKLLK WINKS of the Hookheim juiui di ok i;o.. :n tiocKheim on the Rhine. Constantly on hanrt tjeir celebrated Sparkling Hod and Moselle Cabinet Wines. Conno.saeura are reapectfu ly invited to five ua aoali. jaa A BALMORAL, SKIRTS. NEW andonoice assortment of select oolors and patterns, many atyles, not fonnd elsewhere. In addition a fine and ample a took of all kinda of Foreign and Domestio Dry Goods in all the departments of family wants. An in?peotion of atook incurs no obligation to purchase. One prioe only, marked in plain figures ; henoe, no puroliaaer is deceived. PERRY A URO., ja7-tT Penn. avenue and Ninth at. COLUMBIA MARKET. Vy Pa. avemm, corner 7%trteemtk it. The sabeoriber would most reepeoilnlly inlurm the citizens of Wasnincton that he has returned to his old aaarter, where ne intends keeping a firstffRtA mRHTAt t? !! ^ irrrn r t ""Z1* ? m gone. Be will be happy to greet hie oldfrienda and oaetomera. N. B ?Goode sent free of eharge to any part of Hi? Oily ** ? O. MALLAKD. 86 SK co??D.?f,1L DDCKi ?* !?$*!? fsxNJsspBed Coatforu. Blanket. Flannel#, Shawls, Cashmeres, Calicoes. Cloaks, Gloves and Suspenders. Klnd ?* ^TJ Go?ds. on sale at tne lowest prices, dt WM. R. RILKY * BRO., No. 36 Central Store*. . Between 7th and Sth streets. f* a*,ot o?fo. Center Market. /fi ISAAC HER Z UK KG, A A, A "The Onlr JLiotnsed AwA . ? 4 5 R o s k R. R n 10 d? loaned on eouiand Silver W&toJtea Guns and Pistoli, Silver War*, ana trjet, t*0* of th? National Hotel, between <% and tth ?t?. 4? u-am1*^ 335 rwuaiBr* J?> Comer Vermont av. nad 15th street. ' 'ViiSr *u<M?,_. , r j 7? i f>gWTWTKT. PR. juKLKI R. ?M1LKK, NO. SH PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE. Brrwxxx 9th add ! ? St*. itmte ______ li. L. LEyKT^?S2?!Mb^K?ll of tb. wtebwould e*!l tb* atintior totho?* who<mljC|53 BMd his wrviMt. that (a addition to hiV** 11 ro treat laoiliti?a in opjratiT* l>onti?try, he ie * MMsmion of m. n?? ud im Ih. the insertion of Artifola! Tf->th. on the principle ot Atmojrhcrte rrttsttn, entirely diflerent frcm the old modn, r.nd secured by letters ratent granted April 6th. 18?.. This invention i* of the rreitest nine, thoro bemi less plate used to oover Iht r?W of the mouth, and /with an increased amount 01 suotion. The publio are invited to oa 1 and ex. amine specimens and eertificates from some of the most prominent and WKeuufio gentlemen. No. 481 *cuiii iRToi w?, near f a. ava. ja 14-gola* ^jE>V AND IMPROVKD.INVENTION ARTIFICIAL CHEOPLAST1 BONM TEETH,

Witho** Mkiax Plati ok CLAIM. DR. 8. B WBESMOND, , . 910 Broadway. .VlW Jerk?960 P**r\tyleant* Aft * mw, fcrtww* ?2U and 1SIA *:j , IVajiiauM", C*li? tha attention <i? thepubiio to tb? tonowicj ad ran fate# of hia iiupu.TW ajOirt: , j 1. Ths Toth of has nAnui&cture -wi. rfg/tT*] n?rer ?cTod? ?or sT.ivnc? color oy fcnyHgTrg I ao^qj, b?i??f fonrtii* l.ftpt?r than any other. I i j?u ui iwv* ceea da extracted, aa the I art-50ial cnea cu be loaerted over them. 1. The roots wili be made inoifenaire, an nerer 1 oaohe. 4. No temporary teeth are needed, aa permanent ones oan be mado immediately, thereby preaarrini So natural eipreeeron of the tu?. which under e eld ?y atetn is fYe^iently dirtjured. t. Thi? work has been fully tested over tra years by many of the first chemists and ehrtiuiacs of thia Country. I Dr. S. baa also intent?*! a white undestructive metal fiilin*, with \?u:ch the most sensitive taeth P? l>e filled Without paiu, and can build up a f#r" t, sr'and tootii oc any sido root*, whioh will laat OUfh lifetime. The beat of references firen?to Dr. V. Motfc Dr. Doremas, Professor of Chemist . N. v.- Hm> juaje Wayne, ol the Supreme Uo?ri of WMhinitcu, and thou sand? of e Cal; aid exam i for yoamelf. no 8 6m GAS FITTING, fee. w * W, UOVK * (JO. "L Now prepared to ex?omto as 7 rttra with Walfh ?be* m*? fayorM in the rii?MBlN?, CAS OR 8TEAM FITTiM* BUSINGS. __ (17" 8tor? on ?th rtreet, a few cioora north of Pi. AMfllH. vhpr? K* _ , ? 1 " " .k?> vv * * \7UiriOIC ?CUI UiiClll ( CHANPLLlKWfl ard ?U? CAS, 811" A M and WATER P1XTWRK.S. UrM* W? AS F1X7IRB8, E Httii in etor?, tied are dai.r reoamr.f, 9/3 911TVKKS of entirely New Patterns and Doeirus ?ca Finish. superior in "tjrie to anrthmc heretofore ffcr <d in this market. We invite oitt sec.* ee.iera; Iv to tall ana examine orr stock of Gas anil Water r izl ires, feeiinc confident that *e have tin last teie?ted stock in Was! inxtoc. Ail Wck in the above Tiae ictrsst**! to *; ?*r? Will K? ^ w MI w *|?1U VV J IIUuUCU Wi MYEIB * M *9HAN. uri-U 376D?t-#*\ FAIRBANK'S STANDARD SCALES. FOR SaLK BT J. P. OAKTUOIiO W , Sole A cent, Hudvare k Agricultural Warehouse) 848 Seventh Street, Ettrrun Penn.",lrania atenus and tkt Carnal, opposite e&at ead of Centra Market, ja 14 tf LOVEL.L. COLLES& CO., WHOLESALE GliOCERS, t*6 Front street, New York, and 316 E atreet, Washington, D, C., (near Willarda* Hotel.) Having started a branch of our New York establishment in this city, we invite Sntfrrt. Grocers, p-tJ .ii-i.i ir * ?i_ ? ?14?H?IUI??( mro. auu iiviet A ZrtyZT J , VO G&ii iCd 6Xamine oar stock, which is well assorted atd compiled of *oods of the best quality. We take orders for any thinr in our tine, and execute them promptly- ja23 tf NOTICE. "ADAMS' EXPRESS COMFAWY " '('nil comply otters to trie pcMic" Unequalled Advantage*'" for the BsJe ana Qu'.-sk i?.?pa'ci of Heavy Freight*., Paos ages, Vaiaabies, Mods/, Ac. Ac., to all parts of the United Stairs. Expresses to and from tho Nortli and Wf?t d?oro and arrive tn Washingtoii twioe daily. All Expresses are 1- 0hargo of tzftrimai Mi rtlt+bl* Messengers. All Paokagea for The Boldiera czrnea at Mo!?a Halt" our usual rates. Au Goods for the so-onlled "Confederate States" and all Artiolei " Contraband of War" will b? Rsvibxd. Our Expresses leave New York at 1.1, and P. M .^arriving in Wasiusgton at A. M. and Expresses leave Philadelphia at sjn a. M. and 11 P. M., arriving in Washington at Aft) P. M, and ( A* 91 * Expresses leave Baltimore at 4-fO A. M. and I P. M., arriving in Washington at t A. M. and tjn P N? Expreesee for *11 points North and West leare WasniTirtoi) at 7.30 A. M. and 2JO 1*. M. daily. SpeoiaT Contractu ,or targe quantities of 1- rmtht1 an be made on app.ication to this < >ffioe. All Goods called for aiid delivered Jtm of Lstra charges. E. W. PARaoffs, Bupt Adams' Express Company. Washington, August a. 1W. an a t/ DR. DUPONT8 SUGAR-COATED PEMALE REGULATING PILLS Read the following uusoiioited euoomi B^ urns: Mr , "1 oannot oommend ?hero too highly." W. ^J "They are the beet Female Pills extant." "I have used them with oomplete suooess." "Would not be without them upon any ooniideratinc." "The* n?ma/1 >!w and " Price 91 S*>nt ?>y mail. Sold by 8. d. UPHAM, 310 Chesnut streer, Philadelphia, and in Washington by 8. C. FORI). 00raw lltn street and Pa. avenue.; in Alexandria, by HEN&Y COOK A CO., Orufrmats. no? eolT UPHAM'8 HAIR VYY.\-TO COLOR BLACK OR BROWN!!?Only 38 oenta a box. Three boxes for one dollar. Gray, red or flaxen hair oan be ohanged fa a few seoonds to a jet black or brown, by using Upturn's Lnuid H&ir Uje, the best a^d cheapest in the world, producing, the moment it 11 applied, aric'i natural appearanoe. Kach Box of UPH AM'S H AIR D YK is warranted to contain as much katr riye as others sell for o%4 doilnrX hold by 8. C. UPHAM* 310 Chescut'street, Phila uoipm*! IM1U i.aiiV r, rt. i t UKU. oorner 11th atreet &nd i'a.ave.; ia Alexandria, by HENRY COOK A Co.. DrmtieU. so? t-eoly I\R. GODFREY'S ANTIDOTE WILL CURE IJ GONORRHIEA in ?ix day*. obangeof diet repaired. It it an En*-^H^^ liah bpeoifio of aixty-five year# atant ing and will not harm the mostdelioateoon-^^KF^ ttituuon. It contai"! no miugrais. Price SI. Sold by 8. C. UPH AM, 310 Lheanst street, Philadelphia, and ij Wa?hinfton br 8. C. FORD, wimer llth ?tre?-t and Pa ; in Alexandria/ by HENRY COOK A CO., Drnigiata. aoMeoly BALMORAL BOOTS. IOAT Tipped Double sole Balmoral #1 ? Calf Kid do do do ?3 * Glove Calf ~ Alio, all other styles of Ladies and Misses' Balmoral Boots, the cheapest and best ateortmei.t in theoity. J. ROSENTHAL, ho. 16 Market Space, ja 7 eo Penn. ave nne, between 8th and Mh sta. L. Towns. J.M.Towns. J.B.Towns. L. TOWERS A. CO? STEAM BOOK AND JOB PRINTING ESTABLISHMENT, Conur Louisiana artnve and. Sixth ft. The attention of the bnsinees oommunity ia respeottully invited to the New Book and Job Pristine Establishment, which has been fitted up with aew materia., in the moat oomalete manner, is now prepared to eiecute, in a satisfactory style, every variety of Pnn^ni, vii _ . _ UVuk?i rnupuioii) u&rfli| Circulars, Sutlers' Bi&nJts, to.,kc The attention ol members or Congress is especially requested for our facilities for printinc S*seeches#?s ?e bare the Imrtttt itum power in the oitr- d?7-law6wi /TREAT ATTRACTIONS.?Grand rash lor ll 7th street, to see U* sew stook of Clothinst jnst received at SMITH'S, No. 460 7th street. He 111m <R? > VL'HITK CAMBRICS ,lw fc7'6t Peofl. arenae ml 9ti? street H^wJT^'JSSV IJUMiVftS Hk.'Jfffl'b*?k r?J?; ? 3?? b street, between mil i^n. d*4 tj I BilTIHORS M LOOK I9IPITAI, IM ?WWiW< O Wii, jfW??i Stmttf 4m tk$ wirH, FO* ALL DlttABWOP IMPRVDUIOB. Air ifO FAL8M DELICACY PREVENT, JlPPLY IMMEDIATELY, 1"" oSTft iSpilliil **4, Vca* cr Bkm, AMKtMoa af th? Lnn. Bim?"' " B?wel??tkwe TtrnW* n?rcin umfftM Miff*.1 Sufi* J?mth?Ui?? Dr?*df? u4 Pn?tK?? vtrieh riDdtr M&rntxt '.n-rv^?fvu mm,* - - I Mt ud Mind. TOVlfe ME If KapMiill; ?k? km >?* # tk? fKUn ?f BaMttfy TtM, Uat draaJ/al ud daii/Mei ? kaUt wMtfcaaatally iViipa ta ui sou-aii J jt??? ibyWarCa af 1 ?r| Mm W Ua MM ia! tali'.Li K-.t IrT.PjLn: t. :?:!i?t, wha Mifbi tharwiaa km i itiurti Imtiti vol *i Ifcandifa <-?!?. rtioci rr vakad ta icaue; thi Hriaj Itt?, b.lj kU ?nh nail tKUiDii. iSA&RIA*?h. MaMorwii"1 Ml! Marlit/i, kilcy a?i.ia a/ Phyaicai wn hm, ?tpali daMlhj, d?N?~! jaa, *c., apaidil* carid. i ?b? p'acaa hinattf andar tM mm af Ot. I. ?ij r?UflJ CtLadt In bu b?o?t aa a fioUaaa* ud rmij bh MUi u I fTJUTWll. OFFICE No. 7 SOUTH FREDERICK ST. Ikfl hand atill J?Uf fr?? BaktUMr* uraat, a f?w towViw U>? carnar. ruJ gft ta ibiiti mm* u4 iuM>. ktutn Ml ki paid t- i can 'Ala a Mao#. D*. JOHNSTOT*. ir.Viraf it? Inu U!li|i W ttrjMM, IkAm, r*ad?aia fram aoa af 2i laa-l amiuaat CaUaffaa is tka Bmtad talaa, ani 0>? rraatar part af vbaaa Ufa Uaa baan apaat to tk? tar;t?!i af Lacdan. Pkria. ftuladaipfcia and ilinhn, baa ?f?ct?W Mtaa af tha mat aitaaiaUa( Mraa tfcat vara a?ar knava; many track.?d vttk nngfe* tm Ua kaad ta4 aara vhad aalaap; rraai carraaanaaa, Miaf alaimad at addan aadr *?, kaahfUoaaa trith fraqaaui Maaaiog, attajdad aaoauihaa vtu daranf iraaot af mind, vara amrad taaa dltiaj. TAKE PARTICULAR NOTICE. Taanj Man aad athan vba ha*a ic?*rad u>a?aal?aa ky inua prac'JM M?tk*d to vkaa ai?? i hahdl kiMMti laap-?'-n ?tH cwpuiiu, > at acbaal, tka afacta af vaUb ar? nirfctly fait a*?n vkan aaltaf, and if am car*4. randtr* mirriif* irapaa?:bla, red dMirava batk mind and bad*, abcald ?rp<T tre mad lata! j. Tbui ara Mr.i af iki mld and MkMbtl; afaetajpradacad k? aarl* babiu af i WaakBaaa af tba Back aad Lunfca, Paina in tba Haad, Dininaaa af Bifbi, Lx<?? af Vaataal Fittr, af ln> Main, Dyapapav, Nirfw irntabilitr, Daranftmaat af tba Difaatira FaaatMU, 0aaarai Dabtlity, BjEopwoa af C^naamruon, Ac Miitallt.?Ttoa faartal iftcu an tba niod ara BMb la ba draadad?Laaa af Mamary, Canfaaiao af Idaaa, Pa cm ma af tpiriia, Iril Forabadicp. Avaraian af Sadat*, ftaif-Dtotrai , Leva af Salitada, Timidity, ate , ara aaoa af tba a??to pradatad. Mihtoc* PBBILITT.?Tbataaadi aaa or? Jadf wkat U tba uai af Uiair dacliamf baahb, toting tfeair rtfar, >?? h-f vaafe, pala, nar*aaa and araaekatad, btTiof a iinjalai ip)iiru '.i abaat tba ?ya?, eaafb ar irmptaox af tanaaap_ DISEA SMS OF IMP R VDM If CM. wbaa l?? miafaidad and itupradaat ?atary af,l?nn Inda ha has Urbwbad u>a aaada af tbia pun fa] diaaaaa, U taa afiaa k?p f ?o? that an iH-timad aauaa of ahtma er drtad af diacavarr datara bin. frata applyir^ (a thaaa arba, (ran adacauac and raapactabtlity, can a)ana bafrtand him. fall* tola tba baoda af ifnarwt aad daaif i.i-.j pratandara, arba, iacapabla af ctrit.f, Blch bia pacar.iary, kaaa b:aa tr l.of antb afiar laar.Ut, ar aa Ian* aa ua aoaliaat Faa can ba abtainad, and In daapair laara bun with ratrad haalth ta eurh T?r ait jraili>!|; ar by tba aaa af (hat daadl* paui?fTarjar??jlutat tba cauatitauanal ayroptaoa af tkia tambla <i?aaaja, aafn aa Affacuanaaf tl>a laan. ifcraat. Maad, kin, 4c. prafraaaujf with frifLtfainptdUyi till daath pau a Sariad ta araadfal aafaricja by aaoding hint a that M:-t?*arad caiLirr frara whaaa baanta na travalai raiaroa. DR. JOHNSON'S REMEDY FOR 0&&ANI9 WFAKNESS AND IMPOTENCY tj ikti imi.-, aad iir.aaruat raaady vaaknaaaaf ika niua ata apaadily aarad-nd fall rtfar rattarad Tb laaaada af tba aaat aarraaa aad daailttatad, wba bad laat ail bay a, la'l baaa lmmadtataly raUarad. ? iimmh km aurrufl, rtyucaj M BtaUi WIIH1ifMdaci, Lmi ?f PnwitUM P?w*?, lii'Ni lmuhtllt*. TMBWtnf tod Vnbui > (iitnilM ?f ikt *M1 ftarfW kM tp?*dllr tini ENDORSEMENT OF 7 HE FRE?8. ril Mapt TltCUROi u ikit inaUtatMB ?iU>? Ik* l&Jt MW.UH run and l!>* r irr.trtu irrp?rur.i karri Ml iy?r??rm?d fc? l>r Jafcrtian. wiui*a**d kj ) upmin if Mr<" *aa Buy ?tu ptmu, Mtltu ef vk'.tk Un afftittd 1(1:1 ud afaia ??.' * iM rakhc, a!<I?* kit >uld inf u a {(BlllDau *1 ckrtlKi ud mtil Mlity, It ? tLi (uiuui u ik? iBltud. atar li-1 ? TiifcEaBMuaLR. Protected bm Royal Letters Patent ef England, ami secured by ike Scab #/ tk? EtoU dt Pbarman* dt Paris, and tlu Imperial College ef Medicine, Vienp*. TRIK8BMAE No. 1 la the efwtu! rated? for Iiuunoit, 8rnM ATORRHQBA And blHAVlTION OB TH1 STkTUt. TRIK&KMAR No. 3, Completely and ect:r??T er?d;cat?e all traoea of Aim~~I--- r? ?1 1 " -- uv?v uwviuo(?| iut vuiCii UOptlVB iQQ UlWDi have cenera:ly been thouibt an anti<lot*>, to *Lo ram of the health of a tmi portion of the poM-*tMB. TRIE8BMAR No S. Ii the great and tare remedy of the emlisad word for at imauntiee of the vail ae eeooodary aymptoma, ebnaucg the deatraatava ?ea of well aa other d?let?rioaa in^r??,eru, and which all the Sareaparilla in the world o*nnot remove. T*i *?** a a Not 1,2 and 9 are alike devoid of taeta or ameli. acti of *1! nauaeaticg enalitie*. They are in the form of a :oa?sge, ai-a may lie on the toilet tabie withoat their &m being aceMO ted. Sold in tm oaeae at js each, or four #1 oaeee in one for f 9, and in $77 oaeea, thna saving t?. aa administered by Valyeav^LAllemasd., fro. Wholesale and retail br DR. H. A. BARROW, 194 liiaecker street, <4 doors from MaoiKtogal atrert). New York. Immediately on ra wi?4 vi ioiuimuuvi l/i DAKIOW ?1U lOrVhrfl Triosemar to any ?art of tM world. eeoarely packed.and addreeaed aooordmg to the iaetrnotions of the writer. Pabli?b?d alao br DK BARROW, that pop alar and beautifully illustrated medieal work, Hainan ! Frailty. Price 35 oenta. Trieeemar and B<x>k oaa be obtained br special aotlor.ty from S. C. FORD, Washington, I). C. de1J-#m l . I /^\ (SOMETHING NEW ! ' pij faJetUTHT Dn?cov**i ' 1< #81 C ttrut, entctiU ? rtipmr. OY8TER8 STEAMED lOhf Shell and Thoroughly Cooked < far superior be a roast) in iwomuwiw, tkt fiutui fiats on rtcerd. Cail and see. , The onderaig nod reep^ctluilr lnlorma hit friends in the D.strict. and viaitora to the oity, that he haa refitted his old and will-known bstabmihiunt in a moat thorough manner, and hae made oonaplete arrangements to furniah OYSTERS in any trie and in any quantity. 400 to fiooga'.ocs kLockee ' per day. 3.000 to 3,TOO cans ol Sptoed and Krssk at up daily?oats hermetically sealed. Furnished to the shelf br the bushel or fc*rr?L Peieou? wishing to have Oysters famished regular!? Uirongh the winter, it Be.timore snots, without fear of failure, shou.d csll end bus errsnc-'rifnts at onoe. Freight. Umo, and money raved hy snrehasing of me, as I furnish an article to the oeier rated Baltimore establishments, at prices just as low. TO SUTLERS, Canned Meats, Lobsters, Clams, j^trawberriee, Tomatoes, Pits' Feet, Tripe, Ao. 4,0.. Ac. Pickles, Cateup, t^ajoes, Brandy Peaohea, Ao. Also, ^ame end Tresh Pish. Turtles, Terrapins, Fr^sh Lobsters, Cod. Halibut, Ao. In fact, every thing for sale in the Northsrn markets always on hand, at ro&eonable pnoee. Hotels and families supplied with Oysters, delivered without oharge to any part of the District, in season. if the money is Mst with the order. My establishment is open from i a. m. to 12 at night, everyday,exoe??Sunday, when 1 iloee at 10 o'clock a. m. i&a y T. M. HARVKT. LKA A FIKKl Mat Worcestershire Sauce. Pron*n&ead by B EXTRACT CONNOISSEURS 1 ofsL?IUrft*?a - OKLV ??OD SAUCE." JM HWorMMr. UdM?lio?bleU> ? EVERY VARlt'TY lndlfc' ^IJmS jS*var&iM>b<?, im we.I u OP DISH. The above SAUCE la not only the xbst ud bhw! rorwLAi eoiroiniHr knowh, betthe moet SeeBw eaJ, u ft few dropa is Soup, Gravy, or with Fitk. hot and ooid Jmmu, Bmf Sum*, &awu, # ?., impart an exquisite seat, whioh Tiriimij firf 8mm manainctnrera have in vain endeavored t* imumu. On the Brtakftut, Lmmaitm, Dm**, or Bmpm TMt, a ernet containing M LEA * PERRI.N9' WOitCESTEKBHIEE 8AUCE" la tr rfliponaa ble. To appreeiate the iwillaK (Miuui of thia d*l% tiams preparation it is only aenee? ry to parohaM a email bottle of the fa(mm, of a reepoctable groMr or, aa many Hottl and IiiiwiH proprietor eeldom plaM the Pwa Saaoe before their Kneeta, bat anbetitnte a genuine BoitU filled With a tpwrumj mixture. i-or a&ie Dy brooara and Fraitarara iiaiakni. JOHN DUNCAN * BOMS, Mm Sfmmrt M wk strut, JVm* Tarft, Sol* WholMAlc Afists for the United Stataa. A Stock al way a is atore.?Alao ordara raoaivad tor dxrpot ahipmeota from England IDT Btwrt 9/ Cmmtmfmu mmd Imitmtimu.-Tn aa?? "da "kawtf" BR'ow'STwyk KKATINQ. WHTALM. Wa h?T* jot tt?eiT?d a hiih of the iMff Aja, whioh we rMowMVWw of a twt aipanor ?uaJlty. Faraoni vuiuag to juroiAee. by matin* ibnediftta affliaaboa. ton bafaraiahad. saamffiMWBB HW MM V ?.. ^T ^ TEAVELLKW DIMCT01Y. pAflSKNQXm TBAIR1 OmmmlAAm Monti AY ' Puramaa iuim ???"? WASHINGTON AN? littllll Wltl mu foliova t 'S&Ej: iteSftTtfrr"" MB IM M fc ? ?*??*. Por Pktt?do?*kiaa?d N*v Y?rl-U??iW*|. II <k< A - Suf P *. For B?lU* or?? L?*r? CVn?.infUiL at lot 7.4? a *. a d S 0 wid 4 r *. K?r Arr^pohi at14fi * u and 4 ? r u. rotfhii?d?<r?ii* at sw r *. I For Hftrrwb?rt aid tbo Nortk and Wm, ?*t? VS MhiMtoa at|i?AM.Md4?0or Mdr a. For Frederick at 7 4u a M,?ad TRAINS MOTUHi H0HT*. timr V^rk r.X.; Harmtnrj U*f?. Alortimf Aoeonu?o<Ja?ioa Wa#mcrtoa 141 4. .Arriveat Bit!"':'!* ? * N* mim>. b*oa at Ua tin ore. Tfcu ta u?? Moraim oonaor <* m tnifftln ^ New V ork Mail T*ain?leave Wulrpflat at u a. am re at Baltimore 114D f. Phnad?.>ta? U> ? *.; Nnr Vork lo p. ir. Phi.a'* p*i% Train teavaa WMbmctoE HJ* r m. reaching Ha.Unur* at? 5P T u aid Pkiladei>r<.t ?*10r?t. ? Attertoon Aeo^rr^'xiarjoo?WaehiLfW at?p** at BsStinwrt at em. No eon- | a?s1ot.e at IftaiUnor*. "itui 1* Um> afternoon oot bmiob for Acoapoue. IfiM fcajn ? >? *e Wukliitd I r. a. Arrive at Battimore LC r. Pi.. a4e.?nia Wit F.^jfyr York 4 i.g.; Harriabarcl a. ?. fTWUDpoiKIII U4tM 1 ?%'o * p. it. tmi from WiakiattM tMawti j throath to Nnr York ?tkj day daiiac Uo vwt I TM.JUXS MOTJK9 SOUTH. (,'*?? New York Uti. *Pt ;.td*'-thta 11 jr . M.jba.UiBcr?4 ?p. K AmnilWl?Ui|V>iS?> r,i5?T? Nov York Mil. PkitadoiakJi >?* r *? Baltimore C* *. ArrmHWiAis|k):it **L?aYO Now York at 11 P. PMladoi?kl? ijr a.** Hutuaoroi.36A.K. Arr.T?at Wut iftoi Jla.a> Looal AosmroMKittiat InM loar? at I a. Xhand 4 3? r. * .for WMkiagWa. am* tb?ro u n a. K. aa4 c ?S f. K. Ob 8*B<)ajo at ?JP and iJb a. *, only from Bat. nor*. KoAnurr or Froionck ooBBtxtoca jc 8opd?ym. ^aih'Ttirr MT? m.*aad4% P. K-, and BatUpor* at 7JU a? at ? 31 r. , make d?ro?t selection* for An?a?olia ?t th# J b r. eti on. The!*1 in, ard Si' f * oncn?ct ? Rotar tor Prodoriek, Hacor?tiwn, * ., Ac., ox .^oyi luiiri. . _ TraiBc leave ABnapo!<? tor Batuaorcaad Wut lurton at U? a. n. ana 9 ? r*. P?T Trams .aaviu VV aaluaftoa at M? !1 a. it. ard f ?. .. and I:a.t. nor* at l? at>4 Mtl. H ?i:li(naalxl ' * 1 Way PiamfwT mutt take th? AtctmmodM um YVami critic Tnuu wili IMT? Waaiunttm aad Baltimore frtrntmUv Ufmt ?r4 iim.aiMyttri tk?ith?4> < m,7?a>. *n<) 4on p m train* wiTl mim nici''? 11 noMiv;, to Moa^e the >?< Mutt rmm ike Kaat. For Wick ard Woandad * "lci#r?? A nacia' ear. with an attend ant. vita t*da. will l?av* Waahintt?a tvioe a vMk for PbiladaJpfcia a.raot at 11 a m, for ta? aooomiaodaboB of airk aad voit<.r4 aodiara. W. K kMITH ft 4 Martar of TraaayortaUoa. B? I ie*?] TRK [i9?a Penniylyania Central Railroad, (with ita aonaeetMaa) !? A FIRST CLASS ROl TE TO ILL THE WKSTERN CITIES SPEED, SAFETY AND COMPORT! STONE BALLASTED AND FSEEI ROM DIST: BAGGAGE CHECKED THROUGH FROM BALTIMORE! TIUI DAILY TUIIH VftOM PHILADELPHIA TO PITTSBVROH ! Two of there Baking CLOSB COKKBCTIOM AT Billiuru witu tr?UM ob tfie NORTHERN CENTRAL RAIL ROAD, too forming THE GREAT CENTRAL ROUTE nou WASHINGTON AND BALTIMORE to ail points is the WlIT, Nom-WMT 4HS 9ovti war. For Throark Ticket*, apply at the OAm of the Norliiero Centra Kail Road Con paiij, Otlvirt Suuod, Ktlbaon. Splendid Sleeping Cart on all Ntekt Traint Smoitng Saloon Cart on all 1 rat?j _ FROM Washington. PMMBiera will take the < a. n. aM 4 p. m tr*;D4. amrinr is Baltimore at 7 jo a. m. aao tf p m., whw oloae oonneetione are naae witfc trait.* oo the Nortkem Centra' K. R.,aad arrive le Hai'.t berg at I p. m. and 1.45 a m, chars eoaa?cbD< with the traine on u PeanejrlTtoia Centra. Railroad (or all parte oi the veet. _ FRE10HTB. dj ban roiw, rreifnu 01 an cmnyuom am t-s forwarded to ami from any point oa Ui? Railroads of Ohio, Kentaoky. indiaaa. Illinois, wiaoooain, I lu?a, or Missouri, iy H*%lrmd dtrse* Ths Penaar vaaia Central Railroad alaa aoaaaats I at Pittabarc with t*;eao>#r?. by wh.oh (modstM 61 forwarded to any port on UN Ohio. Matkincam, entaoky. Tec p was r ' Cun^iand. Illiao.s. him issippi, W isoonsm, Missesri. Kansas. Arkansas, and Red Hirers: and at Clcrsiatd, Saadasky and Chioa?o with stounen to all Worthwsstsrs Lahsa. Merchants and siiippara estreating ths transportation of their F reight to tills Company, aan re.y with oonfidfdo? on its 'peedy transit THK RATES OP FkKTGRTto and fro* acy point in the West, by the Pennsylvania Octra. Railroad, sri mx aM :mi? s? /?ror*bU as sn u*rf4 &? *k*t k+ur+ma c?simsml ^.C^Be Mirticuar to mark ?aafta?aaMriA Pans. MaVraW * KOONS. Freight Agents, No. *0 North street, Ira tun era. CMiva iwis tx?* <? . ! ?? io? ?w i >9?fvriin ij AiwwaMt rfti L. V- HOUPT. ?eo'l Ticket A('t. ft?ilad*t?hia. U^Jti TBOtSTON. ?ea'l ftratght J^OKTHtRiX CENTRAL RAILWAYTk* &Urlu<, QmUimtt mmd But Xwfli frmm B*u?WEST, NORTHLAND NORTHWEST. SMPSMUH WJIiTSR SCHEDULE. Cbajmi or Tuts. On ami after 8UNDA?TmU Pum cer Trains will arriT* and c opart from Oalvart Station aa follows : Tumi No*TH LsatB ! Mai; at I S a. m. J Parttou Ac'oomnAaf.oD 4_#. a. PitUtarj and Harmkmrj EirrmtJDy. m. Tiaiks Sotth Auiti Parktoc AeoommodaQoD attan. | Baialo Express 8 jr>a. m. < ?itutarc and Uamabarg Kipm 1 m. MU ? p. JU. The It, a trail from Washington mum a W? th? IJf l m. trait from UaJtimore fen ufit nW??t and for Bnffalp.Elir..^. F ?ch*Hw, !>*?k,Ctm4i(n and Niagara Pl.i, w?dfbr Nev 'k? X?'*. m. trail from WMhmgtoa touMti With tnc 3 ?. n train frcm Ba;timor* to Wml N?r-h aid N orthwoet aad Linura aoc Baffcio and I P- m. train from Washington oobmcu with m. train from Ut'miort fc>- P ttoburi, fairmbart and tho WwtaaCn ? diroot www- I boa for L?Wod. 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