Newspaper of Evening Star, February 14, 1862, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated February 14, 1862 Page 1
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(fbening Slur. V^. XIX. WASHINGTON, D C . FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 14, 1862. IN?. 2,803. Viifc EVEMING STAR rVPLMHED RVRRT AFTERNOON, (SUNDAY RXnP.PTKO.1 * AT THK UTAH RI'ILIMiVHI, fr*i' ' P?*?n ?!? ?<? I^MM **4 Kltvtnik $1. IT v\'. L>. WALLAOH. r-ryn ier?M la packagea by carrier* ?' * * fwr, or :|7 cento per month To mall tnb?rl*er? Ike price U t3.40 a jwt, M md?ut, f8 for ?U on'h?; ?l for three months; and tot lea *** Ikrte aionthi at the rate of IS centi i week. Bl? <-OS* cist; IB wrapper*, two cimts. J? jr ADrnTimiKTi should be aeat to the ?c" before IS o'clock m ; otherwise they may not appear until the next day. GENERAL HI RNAIDE'S FIELD OF OP. KRATIONS. ( f We present a brief sketch of the field of operations to which the effort* of the Burnside i Expedition are now directed. ROAKOKR IBLA5D. ThiiJ is about fifty miles up Pamlico Sound, J twelve milej long and three miles wide. Koa- ! noke Island is a position which if valuable to us. commanding as it does the Currituck Sound, which opens into the Albemarle. Cur- j rituck is about fifty miles Ions, ten miles wide, and is navigable for vessels drawing ten feet of water. Owing to the natural breakwater ' whieh protects a larjre portion of the coasts of North Carolina and Virginia, the water if as ' placid as a lake, and easily navigated. Albemarle Sound extends in a westerly direction *h )Ut aixtv miles: it ia from four to fif teen miles in width, and though in many parts quite shoal, is sufficiently deep to admit of the passage of vessels of ten feet of water. The Pasquotank river, which has its rise in the Dismal Swamp, flows into this sound. A canal, called the DismM Swamp Canal, connects this river with Diummond Lake in Dismal Swamp. This lake is about thirty miles in length, and from ten to twelve miles in breadth. When full the surface of the lake is twenty-one feet above tide water. The Jericho Canal connects the lake with Sufflk, which is situated on th? Xansemond river and on the Portsmouth and Hoanoke Riilroad. It is eighty miles southeast of Richmond, and twenty miles from Hampton Roads. Nan^smond river enters Hampton Roads, and is navigable for vessels of ten feetef water from Suffolk. W1LI?0!?, w. c., is one hu'idred and fifty rnitos from the mouth ef R anoke riv?*r, which, in ccnsequeuce of the obstruction of a fall, is the limit to steamboat navigation. y> eldon is a point of considerable strategy importance. Foor rai'roads meet there, viz : The Wilmington and Weldon, the Seaboard and Roanoke, the Gaston and Kaleigh. and the Petersburg road. The first of the roads ia one hondred and sixty-two miles in length, and rum southeasterly*to Wilmington, inttrs?ctin? Goldsborough, on the Nease rirer. The se?ond is eighty miles long, and runs to Portsmouth, Virginia The third is ninaty-seven miles long, and runs nortneasterly to the capital of North Carolina. The fourth is otherwise known as the " Richmond, Fredericksburg and Potomac, Richmond and Petersburg, and Petersburg railways." By this route Richmond is one hundred and eighty-six miles from Weldon; Petersburg, Virginia, is one hundred and sixty-four miles distant. Weldon seems peculiarly situated for an attack It is ea?y of access, and when gained can be as formidably intrenohed as ia Manassas. It is not farfrom Richmond, and, furthermore, the seizure of this point would seriously incommode the Rebels at Richmond an<? Ma- j aaav. NEWBBR.V, K. C. Newborn is on the Neuse river?pronounced as if spelled Nuss?which-, next to Cape Feer, is the largest navigable stream in North Carolina. It is navigable for steamboat* from its mouth, which is at the lower j>art of Pamlico Sound, in Waynesberough, X C , a distance of more than 100 miles. Goldsboroagh, near Waynesborouijh. on the river ia a point at which the railroads from Wilmington on the Cape Fear, and from Newbern on the Neuse risers converge. a AsnixoTos, n. c. Washington is in Beaufort county, on the left bank ot the Tar river, at the head of Pamlico river The latter is navigable to Washington for boats drawing eight feet of water. The river, which is a continuation of Pamlico river, is navigable for boats with less than eight feet of water to Tarboro. 1 BMZABKTH CITT. Elizabeth City, one of the towns destroyed ' by the Confederates, is the county seat of Pas- | quotank county, North Carolina, on the right bank of the Pasquotank river, about twenty miles from its mouth, and fifty miles south of Norfolk, Va. It was one of the most consider- * able towns in the noTtheast section of the State. J It contained two banks, three newspaper offices ' and several churches, and had a population of < about 2.^00- Small vessels ascended the river t<> the plaoe. and it communicates with Nor- , folk by means of the river and the Dismal < Swamp canal. Lumber, rosin and pitch were j the chief exports. 1 BDBNTOX. The village of Edenton, also reported as de- ? troyed. is the countv town of Chowan county. 1 and is situated at the head of Edenton bay, ' which ocens into Albemarle Sound, a little be low the month of Chowaa river, about 150 miles east from Raleigh, and about 75 miles southwest of Norfolk, Va. It was a beautiful town, containing many handsome residences, besides a c?art-bouse. bank, a newspaper office and several churches It was one of the principal towns of the seaboard. and carried on a considerable trade by the navigation of the sound. The population was about 2,000. It was oettled in 1716. Richmond Left ix Darkness ?Tf add to the chapter of horrors at Richmond, ao graph- l ically 1 escribed by the Examiner, that city is | oon to be left, it appears, in pitchy darkness after sunset. 6o writes a correspondent of the Memphis Appeal. A rare opportunity for the bands of "plugs," who are assaulting whit* < and black, gentle and vulgar, male and female, ? : tr i_ _ ?? wim equai impuuujr. umen u me condition of Richmond before it has been capitalised three quarters of a year, what would it become after a decade or a century ? The Confederate States have coal to make gaj; but the manufacture of tiles for covering retortshad never been naturalised within their limits. An experiment to make them ia about 1 to be tried somewhere in South Carolina; but the prospects are very gloomy. Candles might be resorted to, it they were to be had; but the same correspondent avers that there are not suflj ?icr<t to last a fortaight. The supply of oil hI*<> given out; for as last as made It is i reauired lor the lubrication of machinery. Tbii is a \ery disagreeable state of things, brought about by the Xr rth, of oourse, which 1 possessed a monopoly of tile-making while "the old accuried Inion" lasted. It would be greatly improved by the independence of the Confederate States, for then the supply of tiles might, under a system of free trade, come " *? a a ,i irom i.urure?inree icousnna mues iartoer away than before How to light up the Confederate capital will mod be an interesting question. Gas there will be note; oil springs have not been discovered in rebeldom; machinery has a prior lien on the hog; there is another use t? be made of alcohol, considering the advancing { rices of ardent spirits at the South. But North Carolina has still a plentiful supply of pitch, tar, resin, and other inflammables, illumination with which wonld be better than Egyptian darkness at the dead ef winter. It strikes of that an article on the inefficiency of the Lincoln blockade wonld come in very 1 well about theee days. i Nor Altogether at Faclt ?The 4th New i Hampshire regiment has just completed a Leavy i<)b of shovelling at Port Royal. A few days met. on inspection, Col. hippie discovered one of the sotaien' runs not in the best order. Said the Colonel, "Don't a^pe?* i * ??? *? !iL _ la aiiiiK 1 OB lOIBWatB U1IB WHO /wm u> ??? ? condition." ' Colonel, I know the gun ain't jtut right, bat I have got the brighteet tkovl over in the intrenehmenU you ever uw," replied the eoldier The Colonel u? the point, acknowledged the corn bj a graceful bow, and down the line. J i \~y A coanU from J?p*n to December 1 Wtt* three-fourth* of of kanagava had been v-d bv ire The Iom waa tboot $2?JU.UU< I r?* Japanete Ambaaeadora to England and *7"?? w?* 'xpected t? Mart from Yedo on the of Jaauvy Maso* ajtd Slidbll.?The London Ameri:an, ef Jan 29,aaya: On Monday evening a numerously attended meeting of the working population of Maryle- j tKjne wag held in the new hall, Edgewara-road, to take into consideration the important subject of " how ought Englishmen to receive these j ilaveholders from the rebel States of Amer- j lea." The following resolutions were adopted : ^ ' That this meeting is of opinion that the rebel agents, Mason and Slidell, now on their c ray from America to England, are utterly un- j worthy the moral sympathies of the working :lasses of this country, inasmuch as they hold ( property in slaves, and are the svowed agents }f a tyranical faction now in rebellion against , the republic in America, and are the sworn tnemiea against the social and politioal rights i >f fViA wnvkinn alnaaaa r\f *11 +wi as J + ?uo Tfviaiu^ wi"mwui ui an uuuuuioo. " That in the opinion of thii meeting?con- 1 lidering the ill disguised e Jorts of the Times i md other misleading journuls to misrepresent publio opinion here on all American questions?to embroil us on any pretext In war with millions of our kinsmen?to decry demooratio < institutions?under the trials to which the republic is exposed?it is the duty of working , men especially (as represented in the na- j tional senate) to express their sympathy < with the United Btat-ss in their gigantio ' itruggle for tho preservation of the Union. ' to denounce the flagrant dishonesty and slaveholding advooacy of the Times and kind- j red journals of the aristocracy, and to exer- ? :i?e an emphatic expression of publio opinion ] in favor of the strictest interpretation of the i loctrine of non-intervention in the affairs of ' the United States; in favor of the reference of 1 ail disputes which may arise to arbitration, or to the settlement by commissioners specially appointed for each Ptate; tc denounce the war 1 policy of the stock-jobbing journal: and to give ' expression to the warmest sympathy with the anoiuionisu ot America in tdeir enorta to con- i vert the struggle to an ultimate settlement of 1 the slavery question. " That a copy of the foregoing resolutions r>e forwarded to the American government, through the American minister, as the feelings ?nd opinions of the working people of this :ountry " Fort IIbxrt as a Strategic Point.?The Chicago Post says : All tha attempts yet made :o describe and locate Fort Henry have been 'allures, because all have been more or less naccurate ; and the importance of Fort Henry is a strategic point has been under-estimated. But, from tbe adroitness with which the expelition against that point was conducted, it is . k.? ll.? IT. 11 U_ ?I?? - ? IUVUI iuav UOU . liailCUA AUUWfl HIC Lli IUUICBI 'act about the territory winch he ia to occupy ind hold By courtesy it i* called a fort, but it is only an extemporaneous fort, and has nothing but earthworks and some batteries A.t thia point there ia a ferry across the river, iad thia our forces hare taken poaaeasion of. rhe ferry aonnects and continues the important in* of railway from Memphis to Clarksville, ? that, thia ferry in our poaaeasion, the railway connection acros8 the State is cut off. By holding the ferry, we cut off railway wmmunioation between Columbu8 and Bowing Green; in fact, Gen. Grant controla at the erry nearly one-half the railwaya in Tenneslee. He ia in the rear of Columbua, and in the -ear of Gen. Buckner at Bowling Green. But is Gen. lialleck'a command does not extend t >eyond the Cumberland to the eaatward, it is a. a. a * . ^ ? 1 loi in oe supposed mat umruurtn Daa any mmediate designi upon Buckner. Wo shall ?on expect to hear, however, that Federal roops are departing from the ferry for the ineetment of Columbus on the land side. A Vstkra* Offjcbr.?Flag Officer Farragut, ifIio ta to command the western division of the rulf squadron, in the Hartford, which recently lied for the gulf from the Virginia capea, la by >irtha Tenneaseeaa, and the only surviving officer >f those who fought under Porter In the frigate Ssaex, In the last war. when that frigate waa aalalled by a superior British force at Valparaiso. ie was a midshipman In that desperate fight. Prior to the rebellion the debts of thi? Heeding Statea were aa follows:?Alabainato.cao.7", Arkansas S3 (J20.9W7, Florida ?7.500,000, Geor;la ?3.170,7*0, Louisiana 810 0V9.U74. Mississippi |1?.000 000, North Carolina 505, South Car Una M,292,643, Tenneaaee *16 <H 3 607, Virginia kA* aan T ?-1 At <> /? ioiaiFiit.jin,uiv. CUT" It la atated that a abeet Iron hreaat plate jras fourrfl among the personal effecta of Gen r Jeorge B Crittenden, In Zolllcoffer'a camp at Hill Bprlnqa It waa aent to Gov Morton by ( L,ieut Col, Kiae, of the Tenth Indiana. t 1X7" The Richmond Olapatch admits that the Lggre^ated force of the rebela now In the field la >at 630,0U0 t ? I NOTICE NOTICE NOTICE 1 TO SUTLERS. f TO SUTLERS. SPICED MOLASSES CAKES. t ?>riKjr.U lVUJUA?i3E.a \JAt\l10. t SPICED SUGAR CAKES. ( SPICED SUGAR CAKES. In oonaequenoe of the groat dtm&cd for onr Mouse* (iincer Cake and Sugar Cake, we have appointed W. H. HAMILTON k. CO, ? 4T9 Nlntn Street, * pr lpa Arent for their sale, from whom they san be bought at five dollars per barrel. SNAPS, JUMBLES, MOLASSEs POUND CAKK, IN QUANTITIES, IN QUANTITIES?, IN QUANTITIES. BOSTON CRACKERS, d Presh everr da??warm from the oveu inakade lioioua foodTV* Cents Per Ponn t. DAYTON'S CELEBRATED MINCE PIES. Hote!-ke?per?, Heada of Fainiliea, and Sutler* ire invited to try our exoellent Mirca i'lea. Our MINCE PIES need only to to tried to to appreciated ; price Sin ar.d S'.i per hundreJ. JAMES L. DAYTON, Bakerj?4A6 Eleventh street, be*wren *} and Jl._ COTTAGE SETS'. " COTTAGE SETS! } ? Thiitj very handsome Seti jait received ,c Solid Oak, Initiation Oak, Mapfo. ard Decoratea, with aid withou' Mar?.'. Tupa.uid at pneeethaf uini.otiai: to rive tintin maii.i. A!*>, an eit**naive & or"t7r>'i"t"of CABJNRT * Ft K Mr IKK KKATHIKBK r>8B01.HTKK b 1 %nd PIliLOWS, d shook MA'l'TK EBSFS to, Ac. BOTtLKR * VVII.L80N, < Iro^ Hail, SIB Pa. bet. 9th and lmh at*.. < ]^M-<teo 2d and 3d Upon. Banking house of m ? t SWEENY ft HUYCK, v No. 617 S*IV*WTH SflllT. Drafts on Europe and on the prinoipal oitiea in the Union, m iam? to imt, fariushed by a* on rea- > onahle terms 10 oitisena and soldier*. Com, Treasury Notee, ?nd Currenoy bought and , old. , . 1 Deposit aooounts opened with customers, either in Coib, Treasury Note* nr Cunency. ja^eola. BWEKNY ft HUYCK. ( UUTTER, BUTTER, BUTTER !-We 13 row reoeivin* by exp-ee* from New York, weekly. Prime goshen butter, to whiok we rwyeotfglly call th? attention of families ana ottert - BROWNING ft KBAT1N9, 9*3 Paanayi acta avenue, between ja U >'aw 6th and Tt> tte. It T kti0 tt???>fl.aAsAf AONK y, lNfc,l 1 tor^.ou^W I no. ??T *s!2S? **u * TELEGRAPHIC NEWS. THE WAR IN TENNESSEE. r IDVASCB OF COMMODORS FOOTS AOAINIT FORT DoamLson. St. Louia, Feb. 13 ?The Democrat uyi that A Commodore Footr, with the gunboata St. Louia. ^ Louisville and Plttabore. left Cairo for the Cum- serland river on Tuesday night. The gunboat 3arondelet waa expected to join him at Paducah te I d consequence of the t ery high water and rapid ? :urrent to contend against, the fl<*t was not exreeled to reach Fort Donelaon until this morning. . rhe attack would not be made until there wan :omplete readiness on the part of both the land ai ind naval force to co-operate together. The remit, therefore, cannot be expected before to-night or to morrow morning. The Republican aava that Gen. Hitchcock haa lot yet accepted hia appointment of Major Gene- P1 -al, but that he will respond when hli cornmUsion tt a received. rHl OCNBOAT EXPEDITION VV TH* TKNXI8S** KtVIB. St Louis, Feb. 12 ?A special dispatch to the _ Republican, dated Fort Henry, Feb 11, gives tome further particulars of the eipeditlon up the J rennesaee At Savannah. Ea?tport and Florence, the officers tj ind men of our boats went ashore without artr.z, md mingled freely with the people. The Union P1 nen along the river comprise the wealthiest and a< he best portion of the inhabitants, large numbers tt if whom have American flags. Not a gun wm ^ lred, either In going or coming. The rebel gunboats Kastport, Sallle Ward and ^ Muscle, only partially finished, were captured, md are here The steamers Sam Klrkman, Linn w Soyd, Julia Smith, Sam Orr, Appletonand Belle, jvere burned bv the rebels to r.r?*v??nt th<>m fmm 01 aliing into our band* The'railroad bridge at Florence wa? not destroyed. J from cairo. * f?t LotJii, Feb. 12 ?A special dispatch to the Democrat says passengers by the Kvanivllle y jacket report passing at Paducah this morning * leven transport* laden with troops. The 46th, 31st, and 4th Illlnola regiments, a 111 Battalion of'29th IUinoia, and a company of 6th Wisconsin. left here this afternoon. Signal fire ballooui, apparently sent up from -i Mavtteld l>y the rebel/, have beenseen for the pa?t " :hree ntghta. ' 9t Locis. Feb 13?The Republican's Fort Henry correspondence gives some further and cl Interesting pirtlculara of the Tennessee river p junboat expedition. Everywhere the people Insisted upon loading the visitors with presents, and as far as Florence the river can be navigated almost as safely as the 9< Ohio. Blessings, cheers, and the wildest enthuit asm greeted the gunboats?verywhere, and num ur-t? ui piviuiucai men came forward and said ha; should the Union army enter Tennessee, dfty thousand men were ready and anxious to protect ~ their homes, and would at once cluster around It v L'nder the operation of rebel laws commanding I ,hem to join the rebel army or lose their property, :bey were obliged to succumb In self-defense. The otficers of the gunboats say It is Impossible ;o doubt the genuineness of the greetings which ;verywhere met them The rebel press Is wholly inder the control of the politicians, who do not ipeak the people's feelings The secession element Is principally composed of the lawless politicians of the community, the order-loving being > vera wed by violence At Savannah, Tenn , Lieut. Phelps learned that I rebel cavalry regiment were encamped about a nlle distant, and immediately ordered a company >f 15(1 marines under Col. Given, to march against them, but the rebels, bearing of the movement, F led In a panic, leaving everything behind Their >amp was burned and a considerable quantity of irms and stores were secured. Only one steamer, the Dunbar, now tloats on the upper Tennessee The rebel steamers Appleton and Belle had 1,000 pounds of powder aboard, and when the nemy was compelled to fire tfcem, they were >urposeiy anchored opposite the line residence of ? ludge Crevalt, a noted loyalSit, which wu cotn>letely shattered by the explosion The partially finished rebel gunboat tastport i a fine, fast steamer, *250 feet long, very staunch, ind rendered shot proof by compressed bales of cotton and iron plates. The steamer Illinois brought a quantity of to>acco down the river -from Paris yesterday A arge lot of pig-iron was seen near there, which would be removed as soon as possible. ikavt CtKHTIiTlOM of VNI05 TROOH AT fokt ? ue.ii y . , CI5C1SSAT1. Feb 13 ?A special diuphtrh to the *Commercial frtin Indianapolis says rvllable inbrmatlon from Fort Henry states that there were lo,i>UU Fca.ral troops at and near there at noon ou ""} Sunday, and heavy reinforcements were contantly arriving L A gentleman from Green river yesterday reporti d* hat 35,OtXl Federal troops had crossed that ilver hi ip to the time he left. ,l Louisville, Feb. 13.?All Is quiet down the ailread so far as Is known here. ( ?n?r?) UlnJm.. ?- ?--? ' wv-v-* .uwtuuu irpunvu lO 9f ai UOWIlDjJ ? ireen, supposed in consultation with reference o an evacuation of that point by the rebeli. 8L!* BEAUREGARD AT NASH VILLK. A copy of the Nashville Union and American of he 5th, found at Fort Henry, says that Generals Jeauregard, Pillow and Cheatham were there t also contains Beauregard'* plan of the battle of Hanasnan, and makes prodigious speculations aa o what Beauregard will do at Columbus. & Numerous articles are copied from Southern >apers asking government to take some meaaura o Keep the rebel soldiers In the service, as the f>rm of their enlistment was fast expiring, aud hey were fast becoming demoralized. The same paper also says there la a large amount ? if Confederates stores lying on the banks of the | Cumberland river. ' - u Pram California and Chios. lo Sax Fsahcisco, Feb. 1* ?TheshlpSwordFish ^ las arrived here In thirty-seven days from Hong long. The American ship Surprise had Hailed te or New York under the British Am, with a vallable cargo. Other vessel* had taken a similar J ourse. Purchases of tea for the States continue, r[ )ut the scarcity of tonnage prevents shipments The Chinese rebels captured Nlngpo on the (Kh ? ?f December, and committed great atrocities, T acking the city. * The customs establishment at Moghc has been >roken up by the French, English and American :onsuls, and all the duties paid to the mercenaries T srtil be returned. The Federal steamer Saginaw had been cot> ? lemntd The California Legislature protetts against the Q

liscontlnuance of the overland mall, and advoate* the restoration cf the pony express. Fi General Butler'* Eipdttitn. Boston, Feb. 13.?Special orders bave been sued by Governor Andrew, designating tbe o Knstern and Western Bay State regiments, re- C rulted by General Btitler, a* the ItOtb and 31st SI VlaM'ichus?tu rr?}?ltn-'nt8. Captain U A M L>udey Is appointed Colonel of tbe 3<)tb, and Lieut. p jcoding. of tbe 10tb, Cvionel of tbe 31st. f\, Ttils arrangement settles tbe controversy be- q, ween tbe Government and General Butler, and ?( iecure? to tbe regiments tbe Commonwealth aid ? 'heir families Western Virginia Leastktutienal CtiTeatita VVBKCLI50. Va , Feb. 13 ?The Constitutional Convention has adopted the following as a seotton )f tbe article on the fundamental provisions of tbe gt institution of Western Virginia, with the un- i*. lerstandlng that It shall be the settlement of the rexed question : w " No slaves shall be brought, or free person of :olor come into this State, for a permanent reallei - after the constitution goea into operation " \ T .Is will lnsnre a large majority for ihs const!- ? utlon. ? Latest frsm Missouri. Holla, Feb 13?Price Is reported to have left *prlngield and encamped near tbe battle-ground fr< >n Wilson's Creek Gen. Pigel Is no doubt now U..I SB - 1 J u ujji i ugjjrm. j QOAL OIL?COAL OIL?COAL OIL! g COAL AND ETHF.RIAL OIL At Rxcccso Pkicss! CW J5WS Corner New Jersey av. and t ?t!? 13-'. m* *] W BOYS' OLOTHING. as E Have reeetved witfua u? iaat day or two a ! arte Meortment of ROYS' SPRING 040TH- Uc Nu. MtbraoiDf all style* of low puoed, medium. 1 kid ine eualiuei, wltioh we are selling at very l(M ow ftio? or ?^^LL^T|!;pHEN8 k co | 344 Pa av , between 9th and lath ?. nS tlntol. & Rep.] *v gALMORAL ?K^TSrJN^ HOOp gK1?Tg^ $ ,*diee' beet Kid b Love# and Cauntieu, bo 0 dosen Linen Pooket Hattdkerohiefa. very cheap. Uu jlll Ji i OOLLbYi J OFFICIAL. rREAtSURY DEPARTMENT, Kebbcart 4, I9W. Holdiii or Bq*t>? of the United States dated ugust 19, 18?1, and payable three yean from ate, are hereby notlflrd that provision 1a made >r the payment of the Coopma rf semi-annual In reat which became due on the 19:h instant, in )in, agreeably to their tennr by the Treaaurer of ie United States at Washington, or by either of i? Aasistant Treasure at N.w Vork, Boaton, id Philadelphia < All auch Coupons, together with schedul'B towing the number and amount of each Coupon id the aggregate sum of each parcel, must be reaented for examlnatlr n a d verification at leaat tree full buainesa days before payment. 8. P. CHASK, e twuu a a ? ** _ n? to u-uffiu Decretory 01 ice i rfuury, rREASURV DEPARTMENT, February 4, 1**W. Notice is hrrrby gives of the readiness of lit Department to redeem the Treasury notes livable in one yetr from date, authorized bv the ;t of Congress approved December 23d, 1867, and le Treasury notes payable in sixty days from ate, authorized by the act of Congress approved i March, 1961. Interest on Treasury notes of the above issues 'ill cease on the 7tb day of April next by terms F those acta respectively, fe 5-tap? HVEPARTMENt OF STATE, W4?Hi!*?T0!i, January 25, 1-TO. The Secretary of State will hereafter receive [embers of Congress on business on Saturdays >mmenclng with Saturday, th? first of next iOnth. Jan4?-tf WILLIAM H. SEWARD. .TTAR DEPARTMENT, rV Ja*uart 41, 1^*2. Ordered, That the War Department will be osed Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and rldays against all other business but that whl? b slates to active military operations In the field Saturdays will be devoted to tr?e business of enators and Representatives. Mondays to the business of the Public. EDWIN M. STANTON, Ja 24-tf Secretary of War. >ARAFFlNli CAN DLKS! fEUCCl'S PATENT PARAFFINS CANDLES ' M?huffco'ure?l by th* N?w YURK l'A?kiv.iK Casuli CO. or s* <j il ^uantiti** to turohl ftra,t>y II,? Manufacturers' Age/its, JOHNSON A NASLE, H** penu avenue, W &dtu:iiton I) C. )&2) 10 KuynUr\e&r Kut si.., Aiaxr.aj'ia, V&. coin wanted! The Highest Price pa.:<! for UOLU AND SILVER! Sfrcib For Sal* in Sums to Sbit. LEWIS JOH2ISO* Ac CO., bank e k s , Pkmnstlvama Avknc*, j& 22 tf Ct>rn?r Teiith street. >ROF. ALLXAM>tK WOI.OWSK1. pi a!* 1st a>'l' composer. uj i;en*ra! re*uMi wiilopoi) * < *?p 'or th? \>.o id Sin^intt hf '!? new v. i L- !--^T^SSya ethoj. lu Zi.:s *J>, A ' tj-i) ; | r tfl ill be ex tend e i to a',! who d.?*ir.? t i lire a knowlotljo V.xai "nJ li'Btrjinert&l U.ia /-.? * ii ?v.-.?1-? I uoiuf VII kuu i* Ai V"i ma* i i hiiuoc w IIv ' ire t > join this c"U-?<> rv a - :? *? <" 0? at residence, No ?03 Mxta ctreet, 'between K raet and New Yo^k aver ue. Hours of reception betw*?:: 8 and 12o'olo.ok a.m., I Tuesdays, Tburvdays, and Saturdays. ja22 lm Wall, Stephen* & Co., MILITARY AND NAVAL MERCHANT TAILORS, And LJkaj.srs in SWORDS, SASHES. BKLTI* EPAULETS. SHOULDER STRAPS, GAUNTLETS, 6LOVES, Ao. nd every variety of READY MADE CLOTHINU. At Rbasonaslx Pricks. WALL, STEPHENS A CO., 3-^'i Pennsylvania avenue, between |% 11 [Intel. A Hepub.] 9th and loth its, ^ CARRIAGES. Have now "n hand a larteand fine assortment of AKKlAlih.S, upericr to any iii arket, which I am prepared to ael ggl&jett w for cash. Persona IB want of good*.?3SL-. ork, will ao well to eaii and examino my stock (fore purohaaing elsewhere. All repaira neatly done, and orders promptly atoded to. I have also one very fine close Pannel Carriage, hioh oricinally cost SI 325. but litt'e used, and ill be sold low, as the owner haa do further use r It. ANDREW J. JOYCE, ja 81-lm Corner Hth ar.d K atreeta. pO MILITARY OFFICERS AND OTHERS. BATCHELOR'S OENUINE HAIR DYE, The Beat in the World. U Only RtlidbU and HarmUss Hair l)yt Known. >ld by all Drutiiata; alao, at Bsirktqn's Patent Medicine Store,ep. Patent Office, oor. F A 7th, and at iBBa'j Ha.r Store, ?*aa Penn'a avenna. where Ladies can have it a#piied, ;f desired. lotorr?Sl Barclay *t. < late 233 Bro&dway) N. Y. oo I ly r?C% 8. WEITHRtMRB * no. a a Ojfi No. 469 AND 4<4 SivKJITH i^T.. 404 Orposit* the Post der their stoat of WINES, BRANDIES. GINS. OKD1ALS, efc.,a!s<> their iar*i> aesnrtirent of KtiARS. TOBACCO, FANCY GOODt;. ?to., r sale at Whoiesaie Prions. They keep ooufctMitlr t>i? haml fcn? PillLADEL111A CKRAM ALE, in keg a and botiics. for irs or family use The public in general are re tested to live them a call and examine their tlendid stook of goods. 8 WERTHEIMER & CO., 46'J and 464 Seventh street, do 21-8m oppo. Post Office. Oysters! Oysters! THE OVERLAND OYSTER EXPRESS COMPANY :i!l oontinae to reoeive dai y those famous panted ATUXEN'f RIVER OYSTERS. RestauranU and private families^^i /_ J ould do well to oatl and try them. Those oy iters are sold 3b nours alter wBr toy oome from the water. icr Offioe No. 49 Market Spaoe, below the tpuuo numo. jl 3-SlTl ^DAMS' EXPRESS COMPANY. NOTICE oTjiEtdOYAl, The delivery office cj tl?ia ooinpany u removed oni Third atreeitotue larie depot on B ??reet, iI*md td and 5?d ?ta. <ie > tf ? FURNITURE! f7\ FURNITURE.' FURNITURE! W. B.MOSES, (of the fi'm of Moaee 4. Peckhara, J'tulad**,) anufaoturer and Whoieeale aod Retail Dealer in ine aeat Cbatra, Cottage, l'%rlor and Dlnin? om Foruitore?TLorn'a Bttiiiinj, 4u? Seventh reel, above D. Kverj variety of UPHOLSTERING prometiy a neatly excoutW Store open day and evening for tka aooommoda1*1 nf anKlU FnrohMera wiTi ?tuJr thair Ultaraat to call bafora >kini alaawhara. . j*?3m* CASH NOTICE. M Cousequenoe of oar having to pay ouh for art artiole of gooda w? parohaae. wa *> foroed reduoe oar buaineaa to Cub exaluiively, for *.ha ??ant. Wo have m afore a very i?rgaaaaortmaot RhADY MADE CLOTHING Tor men and y?' wear, which are aalllrg at a much lovar rata ko aaaaUv. WALL, STtHHKNS A f'O.. ^ I9i Pa. a* , batwaer #ih and 10th ata. 1 (Utal.4RaM # WASHINGTON I?. C., JAM AKV, 1"?J. REMOVAL. A. BIXIXGER & ? 0. ATI RBMOVBD TV tfl9 PENNSYLVANIA AVt.M K, orroaiTB WlLLARDS' HOTEL. We invite (be atteifcm of our frle.ida and trons to the Card below: No. 2119 PSNNSYLVAXIA. AVKNL'K, > (opj out* WiHarrft Hottl,) J The Pubecrlbera. having opened a Branch ? tablikhment in tb'.s City a few month* since, and feeling encoara^* d by ;he liberal patronage already received froaa l;a friends and the layers of pure and genuine WINES, LIQUORS, and other artlclea la their line, have determined pon a continuance and extension of their t?u*l neta Their aosortmect embrarea? FINE COGNAC BRANDIES (of drloua age, Wanda, and dlatrlet*.) BOURBON AND SCOTCH \VHI?KIFt*. JAMAICA RUM, GfN:?, Ac , Alao, several valuable Tonics, and Stomaehlea, which f?r bowel cotr.pliSnU. fever and epur, L^adachp, and the like. VI a f\E? in* aui^n n t? n/ ? *< ? ? ?? ?,rnmii! a rim I w 11 ft? , CLARETS, HL'RGUN DY, CHAMPAGNE AND GERMAN WINES TIAVANA SEGARS, Of all Varieties and Prlct* FINE NAVY AND OTHER ('HEWING ' TOBACCO ALSO, PICKLES, SAUCES, CHEESE, PRESERVED MEATS AND PRUT*, SARDINES, VINEGARS, SWEET OIL, Ac , Ac. The Stork wta part!rular!y averted to anlt the wanta of Hotrl-Kwpra s -.t'rr-. R-a^urateur*, ^ 4c. Thf-y .'iviud : v s'.i .. -f'shineijl, which la under !ht ?Lrc<tW<a < i Mr Jo->. P WlLtHN. l>wln? to Vie fai-t t^at tfc^v 111.; >rt m?t of tLe artlclrs direct, an J t.i' r mi, Me?-ficlM?le?, tL?*v areenibit il oil. r : r k ;.t very low prlcrr ^ Your <>lml!eiit irrnnti, ] a. bni!io.:r tc t'h., i vifio'let) of Foreign. Liquors, f r. j Ja ll-tf Nkw Voks *.nd W a?Hinaio??. j THE EAR 1 SYE AND E A B . ?? * No. tf8T PENNSYLVANIA AVKNt't. oppositb WILLARP3 11QTLL. OciAlit and Aurlst. 1 DR F A VO!* MOM HZISKLR, From Cimton Place, New Vork. has arrived intne city and opened his officos at 3UT PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE, here he can he consclted on Mala-lies of the EYE AND EAR requiring medical and suigiua! treatment Dr. Von Moschztsksr the inventor and mtioducer Into the medioa! praotioe of the ETHEHIAL EAR INHALAYOR, for the treatment of o tig tin ate ca.-es of DEAFNESS AND NOISES IN THE HEAD. He 11 also author of the letters published la the New York and Philadelphia papers u treating on the prevention of s DEAFNESS FROM THE FIRING OFCANNON, (ft. Dr. Von M. ha? tor trie p?.*t fourteen rears devoted his special attention to the TREATMENT OF THE EYE AND EAR, And possesses the te*li;ruaia!? oi s<rne ol tlie t est r known Buhhc men in the llnuw *im h?> * most suooeefuliy treat?J by him for the HESTUKATWy OF SIGHT f HEARING. R K A 1). l#Vi m Professor Moritur. Baltimort 1 H "I have this dav se?n Mies Wi-e, her aignt per- ^ fectly restored. 1 em If-pp't -espr>?? bit convio ( tion that by your skill hrd juof ra-'i! sne h%? been j ssveii from the greatest e^rivat^? ? tint could bate befallen iter?' f From tki Hon. Senator Push ] ^ To Da. Voji Moschziskbr : I am greatly obliged foi the interest you have ma> ile?ted in my case of Deafness, and ti?e skill with which you havs treated nriy case, and I have no doubt that by careful observance of your dtreouons, niy heartwill b# permanently restored, G. H.PL'GU. I From Jokn AFLean, Jr., s-m of thi Han. Juite nf tkt V. S. Suprrmt Court J It ia well known to my numerous friends tliat I have been deprived of m; faring for man; years, o I am happv to stats that 1 have, ? hanks to Dr. Von Moscnzisker. entirely recovered. My heari; * is nnw a s/.uta u a awar I ft UV ? *-* * ?BVUVV^VIV., m liDAJl jr. For aeveral years 1 ?uk<?red from ueafneca. Dr Von Moaeksiakor ratiored my neft'iug. tst. Loui?,s?pt. 7, lasa. Joseph yeats. Dr. Von Moach?iaker moat aueoeeafally operated on myeyoa.and b6&efitt?d bit eight exoeeJicg'y. GEORtiE H. CHENEY. at, Loui?,tX>pr. 17,1??. v i Letter from Her. J. J. Mvllom.] Da. Von. .MoacHXiaxia?Dear Sir:?Among those who have been t>euehtted t>y jour ekiltful treatment, in dueaaea im? the aigt.t, it aforoa mt gre*t pleannre to sn-l the teetimoaia! of my gratitude to the hat o( jour patient*. Mr eight wai ao much unpaired during the l*at eighteen month* that 1 oould not recognise the featnrea of a frietii e landing near m??. I leader jon thia acauowleogineut of your eminent aki i and aucoeaa n m the treatment otyooroMigeo and rrat-'ui fr.eud. " j. j.mvjluo.n Rector m. Patrick'a. m it th? v ve. axU hand red* more m tecti.'uor iaia, oan bo aeon at Dr. M.'? ro^ir.*. * PauotU wtahin* taeir f- nily phya o.a K> ?oejmpmy them t*> "ritrea? ?pemFiotie or for Uie purpooo of oonenltatioii ^eai horiy to tiring Medical men wiii bo at aa t.inoa welouuiod to wituota Dr. Von M'a ope-?tioES, and exam CO oomoof the inet-ununtA ho i>aa introduced for tho iaouitauonoj t ptha iwo and Aura. Surgery. Aiti he.a. Eyt a inserted without oaaaiug any peua to the patient. Office honra from 9 a. iu. to it p. iu- auu Iron 3 to Eft 1m g*T PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE. _ JusiI . d*4?|va 1*3 P?.%v?ue9,qA?. wuit, til ?????? 111* WkkKLY S'i AK. rUt nm 1W rmmiif ut unn j*tnu *atol*lM * |M*M wftn? ai Utva?*c NM 1*4 uu Ma b? f??4 la uy ?>m n r"rltnlwl m >rl??T ??1M *1EH.ft 4i?UU slacic *opy, pet uiwh...imm,41 m Flw topis *? C?pl? Yweaty-lre r?pl?. Illinrlibiy N?*i' IWl hu mUt r*? /Muy Pwr otmUH mo geaer&uy iLrcug ocil tb* coplra (la wrsppwa) RU W peaoqt?4 at tee c-uttz, in.iu?4 lately JWt U? laaua of lb? paper Price? 1UK KK CKNTI. ~~ HELM HOLD'S GENUINE PREPARATION. * rtk. HLT COXCSyTRATKV" Compound Fluid Extract Euctu, A Fuutxt Ktmudf For L.ieum ol Ua ULADUbK. KIUNtVS.bRAVKL.au4 DROPSICAL SWELLINGS. Sfcie M^icir.o incTm?*a th* j?otrer of Rt|MU<>B, th? ab*o*bic!?t> fn%o liatithy actiwa, bT Wi.iob th* wtiriT ? * ---vr u 'p liui'l | . fcud a. cbx*tci*l iXLiikiMwri are r*>:uooU, m are.: a* pain nth nri*-.ration. HELMBULV'S XXTRACT HUCHU For W?<DMr s Armni from Kap??eeee, H*' ta of Dim.fsti.a, Earl* lirfiiaor?tion or A'ute. Attad' d witktke Following Sy mptom': fndiop'-t *'?n to Ki ken, I.mH P?w?f. l.oaac-f Menv?rr, DiiV>altr of Hreatiubg, Weak Nerva. i r*nib ti|, tl rro'ol {V.r.itMi, V\ akfiulic**, liiiui.p? ?>f Vi*i< r. Hen .n the i?*ak, tfmreraa I.&caitale of tne Mmfflltr htateti.. Mot Hard*, K uatnnc of ttaa ftrtd* Urjnui ol the SVsm. KrnpUoui on thaTace, T ALLIT- Cor'*TI'V!*cr> Theaa >7in?to>n*. i: a uwM to (<> on, wrnoh UiU medioiDA iiivarm: ly remov<-a. soon fo iova IMPOTENCY. FATL'I TV. EPILEPTIC FtT8. M cm* of trAic* tit ratimi may Ejyirt. Who cs.n cay ?tiat tbey are not f-eauonUr fu? lowed by thfltfiiRvri nsKA<iB?." "INSANITY AMDCONSl'MPTlOfl." M?rt are f??a^ tK.e raceeof th??f ??(T?rinc. ?" r KOMB W. LL CO!*rt?? I"HK !tF"t?iU>?or THF l.\f?ANE AcYLl Vjt And tut Mt.'mmekely D*ntk? by Cv?tumvium. IOI AMPLB WrTNS?D TO rH? TkTTH Of TH M*?TTOX. tbv ro?-tit''tm>\ once akfeoted WiTH okgamc \vkaknk9s. e*u:rt>a the * <? ?f rri<*'ie; r? " etrencthen ?Ed lr.?nrr**? tte ^rrUtt hei.mbol0's? bxtkact buchu uraw 4 dot laial W LL COMVIWCB TEW V ?T IIVTIMU y>'A/.Jit;- rEI.lAi.iiS? fbl'lALES, Li' J ; ' VOLS- HNGLF. MAHKIl.U, UK l.vNT! Mi', AI1N-. MABKJAGE. In, i\iam.y Ajfn: > o*t Ftcmiiar to F'.mmUt . . ? _. I? ? 1 l' - i.ii!?". nu _ :s m t-? nr. -a r.* ?n j ?uri??r r?i< s<iy, v it. Chloroaia |rr *u antj or n?;i.n,4,? ?*?a&tioce. I ' ' <>r irron* ttftr* c; Ha r'l?, L??(?fTlk4 *.1.4 %r ft, . uoicpifti. i? mc??ieat ! tii* e?W, whoth- %;:?ine from lndiacreti<?t, Hft ;u of Ui??: or tb tu? ItECLfVK Oh CHAyOE OF LIFE* Pftk CTXPTOM* A BO V ft. NO FAMILY SHOULD BK WITHOUT IT fum * > <?? liilszm. m-.'rutt ct i'nj itt'tmt Muticmi J or UB/<Ua*iHt anj Ltanft ?? ? HELM HOLD'S EXTKACJ bl/CHU cnn ?KCKt.l UUKAtkA [&?ii ibflir jM.age?; At u:t.o Kxfeb?e Little c - lo in !< *!, No i .rou?*>u'eace And ?o r.xrc'H- . t c?af ,? & J-C^u-! . uc?ue &. ? g tee str#facic to L'rm*t?,th*r?l'f R ajvi>n? !?: ?. I'lw-veiii.: ; at i < j :r> - >i tue rr.nii.a, -I t liUailllHV'"! , ??? rofcr? t in th? cltsa < t > n. a-1 xp? ling mil Pc%to*aus. LHsttuad, a*<i ?> j-n ..*< art?r. THOBM1IU 1P?IN TUolllNM WHO HAVE BEEN THE Ot QUACKS, ltd ^fco rave ; vi-1 to been, ?ia M>erl h?*e fjat.. U(; w#r? < ?? ; :h?tl!? 'PCiao*" h<?. fcy th? ?i&* of ml m'trt+mnts Mt& ar.**l up m lie *ji U? 01 -u* oui u. at. a*., ,rar*ts?l furu., and rr .' ?'j L TSK K J RZI1VA "* 11lATT ?9CH? iil aflectmii* . fce? - ?.. i t:? I dl.iAiil OKQ2 TS? uaj*** on rtiAi.v. roa fcu e rT,? *tiRc ? no renter? di i L?1? m.lOiJIJ. liiewMilUsae O.ian* > <"<11 t..e a.J cf a J>!~ B.ZTIC. HELM BOLD 8 bXTKAL'l ISUCHU I? THE GREAT DIURETIC, ai is certain to h&v? the centred e??ct it ?.toitea tor w?ui t. ti r?{fr?tKiRd(4. IYILMCM OF TOB MOST RISrCNBISLB AJTD *? L1A&LB cBABACTMl ri!laoeomH^T i^e meiuciurs. CERTIFICATE OP cuk.;*, tTbOlutO OjCilc li&li' >t( *lth Ntiaea ksowc lo SCIENCE AN J FAME. "PHYSICIANS" PLEASE -NOTICE." * a mil " <> cbit" or i?b*?cimt? " HELM HOLD'S EXTRACT Ut'CilL' ooni^otadof Jtuc. u. Cu < t ? Junwr B*rr!M e. acted with grsat oare t>? a ciui^eut Wruxn*. PREPARED IN VACUO, BT H. T. HELJIBOLD, ractioal ac.I AnalyUoai Chamial. and So> Mac 1' hL^lnrAT ?l L?LX20U> S?1E> LINK PttKPAilATIONS. AFFIDAVIT. t-?re..r*i,T a?p??r?- c*fcre iq?, 4a AiJerman at tie oity o: Piui&ue phi*, U T. Hiixbol. who OiUA duly KWCrri, J>>(n &T- I.Ik pOi?? kin : !-Af<v . ?: jr. 'O.irr, i otaiex tuj' ri~v? rufk, Unt (ir? pui?.> ve^mi' e. 7>. T. HFLMKOLD. Sworr arJ s?it.?onb*J ?? ? ? tn*> thi*^ic..?j ?> iOVfin ?r, UM. \VM. i* Ai?l?rnuiit, Nmui st.. * '?e R*?c, h-n a. PHYSICIANS IX ATTKNuATrCk. FkUM e A M TO* F M. Pric* SI M<- ?r ?* ?* Deliver^ to as; aJrtreM, r??aretj roil bmntioii. AdJr?M for |- Jorr.fcUcc m o^ne ce H. 1. HtL.M UOL.D, Ckr?%u, t Twin it . ue.ow l ui tt HLWAMi (?f COl?Nl?ft*UU? 4>D VXFtLItiC:* ! jiU DtiLhUJi "ho ec^aaror to dt?c?< "of th?' T>^u" "ot(i<?r" *rtiole? ot ti;?> -'taiai* Hilmbold i U$wm*ni t " " ?M'Mi ???'*, ? ? ' OmrtBfrtUm ? " /ipr??? K*M Sola rj s. B. Wair*. Z. D. Jwa rii*T. a. c. *"?*. ? x. r*rr<*Yi* ?. O UH; D. M, Clajh, k.>w*u. * iinrnij;, . Majoi, W?fcngtn* Mt iMritnw*. tA'il IfKWHtilsrS MTMmrWBMkh, - ? JV i# ? . . ?' . - ASK FOft BXLH5CLD B. ' wtwt m wfwiwii. Mt?M;ku. K# AVOID iMTOaiYIOM ftJ XrUBSfcft Hirf h V ""

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