Newspaper of Evening Star, February 14, 1862, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated February 14, 1862 Page 2
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r ' EVENING STAB. WASHINGTON CITY: FRIDAY FEBRUARY 14,1868. Cy Tboo^h Tfi 5ta? la printed on tb? fastett ?t??ED ; r>-m !d UMt couth of Balttnore, 1U edition l? ?o larjje b.? to require It to be put to presa at aii early hoar: Adrrrtutmtnts, therefore, should bt not In before IS o'clock v.; otherwise they may may not appear until th? next day. IT^Thf new Dollar Weekly 3tar, fuller than nw ox .nexropoman new* and goaelp, and cnoice literary reading, ia now on our counter ready for delivery to the public Embr?~ed tn lta entertaining contents are the following article* A Pas'or Elect, by Virginia F Townsend; Love at Sight, and without Hlght; Patriotism under Difficulties; A Wall from the South; Russian Discipline; The Sharpahooter's Love; Great Reaulta Determined by Small Events; The P<)aiticn of the President and General McClellan; Mr Seward and 'be Presidency. Important Rebel Correapond?;.< e Full details of latest Southern newa; Interesting particulars of the capture of Fort Henry, and the affair at Harper's Fer.y; The Invasion of East Tenneeeee by Union Troops; General Beauregard'a Report of the Bull Run Battle; General Butler's Expedition; Government Telegraph Lines; Capta n Porter's Mortar Fleet. Lateet European and Mexican war newa; Louia Napoleon's declaration against Interference with our war; The District in Congress; Arrest of Dr Ives and Henry VVvkoff; Deaths of Soldiers; Dr Trail upon "Hygiene" "Drug Medication;" Alexandria Affaire; Dr Hayes's Smithsonian lectures noon Aretle K*nlori?i1nn? inH tbe F.?<jn1maa?> Lecttfreof J G Holland before tfc? Washington Lecture Association, upon "Working and Shirking " Great Union Victory at Roxnoke Island and Success of the Bnrnalde Expedition; at Cairo. N>w Orleans, Pensarola, Key Weat, Port Royal. Hatteraa, Fortress .Monroe, in Mlsaoari. Kentucky. Tennessee, Western Virginia, and upon the Potomac; Important War Gazette and Military Budget; Proceeding? of Congress, Supreme, Circuit and Criminal Courts. Latest telegraphic dlipatchea from all quarters; Agricultural, horticultural and gardening iniseellanv, Household recipes; Interesting locals, general Intelligence. This is Just the paper above all others for persons sojourning in the National Metropolis to sand to their friends at a distance Price only three cents per copy, or SI UW Per annum; postage prepaid by stamps when so arranged. Spirit ef tho Merninf Press. Tbe Intelligencer calls attention to the vindication of the Treasury Department by the Senate Finance Committee, from the alleged mi? M.n'na ^ 4i -# *1? ??*- ? - wnuon ui luf puoiic moneys, inmeminunc'.urt! of Treasury notes The Republican urges an Immediate decapitation of the officials of the District jail, by the passage of Senitor Wilson's ' warden" bill No Reception To-Mokrjw ?On" account oi the Illness of the children of PrMiH?nt the usual Saturday reception will not be held tomorrow The children, we are glad to say, are on the mead OUR MILITARY BU DGET. A BREST AND RELEASE OF A &EBEI. Lieutenant Barrett, of the Reb?l armv.who ws? ' taken prisoner in Kentucky and subsequently re l?w?d on parole, was yesterday arrested again in Baltimore, while on his way South for the purpose of effecting en exchange of him*elf. Suspicion was aroused by the semi-military uniform Aid Confederate buttons cf the lieutenant; but, upon leernlng bis character and destination, the Authorities immediately ordered his release SEXUAL BCmilSII>K. The only communication received from General Burnside since his recent great victory is a brief report to Gen. McCleUan, (brought by Mr Van Brunt, Com Goldsborcugh's secretary ,) which is, in substance, we hear, similar to the despatches Dom ine nav&i portion of tbe expedition that we print to-day. abrmtkd. Col. J. C. McConnell, of tbe 3d Maryland regiment, hat bt?n ordered under arreat by Brigadier General Cooper, on charge* of fraud In tbe forma son or bis regiment, and la now confined to tbe Units of bla quarter*, awaiting court martial. TBI S1CRRTARY ov WAR Secretary SUnton, we are glad to aee, la again at bla peat in tbe Department, tbe country will Mjolce to know Oct Too Soo* ? Early yesterday morning the iMUlligtneer office was delivered of a joke,?a wae, alckly thing undoubtedly, but Its beat. It ia well enough understood in Washington by tbls time that on tbe arrival of "a little strangar" of that sort at that office, each and every member of tbe Inttlligenctr corps feela privileged to avail blmaelf of tbe honorable seclusion of felrty daya due to maternity, and Incontinently goes to bed It la therefore with tbe extremeat apprehension that tbeir frienda find them up and oat to-day and again attempting to be funny. Aa Mr. Toota aays of Mrs. T. when In a similar interesting situation, they forget tbe medical man altogether. Our nelghbora of the Intelligenetr plume thamseives quite undeeerved'.y, we regret to say, apon furnishing tbe Star with " news matter. ai an feuiaoruy 01 ir.e past?as to what transpired In tbe carboniferous period, the order of procession Into the ark, and kindred matters?we would sooner consult tbe I*ttlligtnctr than any other paper printed; but its " news"' columns, we venture to say, were never invaded by the neediest editorial scissors T?* Viia Cacz Victory."?The news from Verm Crux shows that the battle that was reported (via 8an Francisco) near Vera Cruz on the !ft?h of January, was all moonshine No such battle aver took place. Stamped ?nvelsp?? aud the Seldirrt. BaLTiMoat, Frb 8, 1863.? The report that the Government has decided to discontinue the Issue of ruled stamped envelopes has produced a good deal of dissatisfaction, erpeclallv among the soldiers, with whom tbey are regarded as the cheapest and mcst convenient form of postage staink s ft Is ssld that remons'ranees against this step are circulating among come nf tbe encampments.? Ctrrttporndtmen of the N. Y. Herald. The Attack en Savannah. Tht w*Ur pip?s of the ctty dtttroyed?Eight thousand troops landed? Tk> obstacles m Sa??mah rtver otercomt?Charleston to bt attacked Fo*t Royal, Feb 10?Advlcsa have imn received at tbla place from the flfet now en rout#- to ttaek Savannah These advices are to Sunday afternoon ai 1 o'clock Not only havo the vessels succeeded, a* heretofore known, la cutting oil all communication between Fort FHaaki and Savannah, ~ut the forces have destroyed the water pi pea leading to the city aad supplying It wltb Waier. The gunboat* (elevrn in number) and tranaporta (three), under command of Gen Wright,expected to land 9.1AA) trcopa tbia (Monday) morning Tbe obstacles encountered by these boat* wrre ?>f the moat trying character The piles driven into tbe Savaiinab river were of heavy timber, and had been placed with the greatest care. It was a work of no small labor to cut them off, at a depth of sixteen ftet below tbe water. This w .? Ml, however. naonc tbe regiments on the Expedition ere the Ninety-seven Pennsylvania, the Sixth Counectieat and the Fourth New Hampshire. t** aaraoiTiow to cHaaLtsTON. TWol*o regianenta of troops were on Saturday under marching order* to leave on Monday morntog for an expedition Inland to tte railroad and IkMca to Charleston. Three regimenta of cavalry Vffl to Join them. Two almultaneous movemoata were to b? made, one of the railroad direct ia4 the other from the vicinity of Ldlsto Island Within the last month a large number of regl> BOtttahave beeb arriving at Port Royal, hq?| much i at tfco boovleat ordnance in u?e In the army. Hev?ral roglmenta of artillery were to accompany tho expedition Tto woather wm 1m, summer-like and the m4i lathe boat poaalblecondition, and a degree at aathualaam and excitement per/adlng the ??r~ ut before known aloco Fort Royal waa In WMMlon Too Mar*ower hod boon buay oo?v?yIng troop# op to tho vicinity ot Port Royal Ferry, but lay at M dock oo Monday. * * ?*? A**4.a axFE&iTio*. AM expedition oooalatlng of thirteen gun boa ta ef tho moat formidable armament waa ready and pin Bailing order* wboa toe Port Royal loft ft waajyeaor?liy undarat^od that an attack would ? ?-?-j "" ? ?wy, upon ron j iuMi Btvtnaah iMttrttllf over uta thousand imd bad Jolued mm expedition. but Um exact number wu not kaewn Tbey were composed cblefly of the New Ywk reglmenu f ? -?-? TELEGRAPHIC. Latert from the Bnrniide Expedition. ' THREE THOUSAND PRISONERS TAKEN. c THE WHOLE REBEL NAVY BURNED, e BUT ONE VESSEL. c THAT ONE VESSEL CAPTUREDTHE VICTORY WON BY A UNION BAY- 1 ONET CHARGE! c THE UNION L03S ONLY 36 KILLED AND t ABOUT 100 WOUNDED: TWO UNION COLONELS KILLED! O. JENNINGS WISE TAKEN PRISONER, AND SI^E DEAD OF HIS WOUNDS! j HENRY A. WIPE TAKEN " SHORT," AND KEEPS OUT OF HARM'S WAY! COMMODORE GOLDSBOROl'GH'9 OFFICIAL DISPATCHES! COMMANDER ROWAN'S OFFICIAL DISPATCH ! * Haltimorr, Feb 14.?The Old Point boat ha* arrived and bring* the following new* : Fortbkss Monro*. Feb. 13 ?The gunboat Start and Stripe? arrived here at noon from tie Purnslde expedition with bearers of despatches j for the Government. She reports the rout of the rebels as complete Three thousand prisoners t werecaptured All their gunboats were burnt or , captured except two. which escaped by the canal. ^ The Federal killed numbers forty-two; wounded, f about 140. The rebel killed numbers about thirty, ^ and their wounded less than 100. An advance from Hatteras took place on Wednesday morning. The expedition consisted of about sixty vessels. The fleet anchored off Stumpy Point on that night, and the n?xt day proceeded to the entrance to Croatan Sound. After a reconnolssance the * attack was commented on Friday morning, the ' Underwriter leading thecoluuin. Therebel fleet ^ was attacked and dispersed In half an hour by a " puivivn vi tuc iu?y, wuuemeremainaer auarcea 1 the land batteries The tight continued until dark. .Ourlng the ntght 10,000 men were landed, * and on Saturday morning 7,000 were advanced a A masked battery of three guns waa soon dlscov- I ered by the skirmishers, and was attacked In front and on both darks The '21st, 25th, and 27th ( Massachusetts, and 9th and 51st New York, and * 10th Connecticut were particularly engaged The 25th Massachusetts and 10th Connecticut suffered 1 the most se-erely. * The flgnt lasted only two or three hours, when SL - -? * ^ 1 iuc uauery was ananannra. i?ur iroops pursued, 1 and surrounding the rebel cainps, took nearly the whole command prisoners O. Jennings Wise * was wounded, and was shot twice while endeavoring to e?- ape in a boat Col. Russell, of the 8 10th Connecticut, was killed at the bead of bit regiment Lt. Col Vlgler De Monteil, of the c De Epineuil Zouaves, whose services were vol- r untary, was also killed. No other oiflcers were killed above the rank of lieutenant. Our total 0 loss of killed and wounded Is less than two hundred, and the number of killed only la lets than fifty We took between 2.000 and 3.000 prisoners. They w'ere about being sent to New York by the 3. R Spaulding and other steamers. Among them are about twelve or fifteen Colonels, Lieut. Colonels and Majors a On Sunday afternoon a fleet of fifteen gunboats tl started for Elizabeth City. The place was shelled ' ?nd having been evacuated and partially burnt J1 by the troops, was occupied. Ail the Rebel fleet was sunk or burnt except t, two, tbe Roanoke and Beaufort, which escaped r up the canal. The Sea Bird, which was tbe flag ? ablp of Commodore Lynch, was run down and boarded, and tbe Commodore escaped to the shore by swimming. The news from El zabeth City arrived at Ro- (' anoke Island on Monday evening, and the Stars and Stripes left on Tuesday morning Sheatruck " on the bar at Hatters* on Tuetdry night but started again in the morning and arrived here at o about noon to-day. J The Stars and Stripes brings a bearer of deft- 1 patches from General Burnslde and Commodore J Goldsborough. All take a cargo of ammunition, I and will return immediately. J Gov. Wise was at Nagg;s Head, and succeeded c in eacaping to Norfolk ^ The rebels made no fightafier being driven from, .r their lntrenchments, which was done by Hxvvk- . kin*' Zouave* and the 41st Massachusetts Young Wise resisted the storming part es until he was >wounded, when he was carried off, and his com. mand retreated with the others to the tipper end of the Island, where they laid down their arma. Elizabeth City was about half burnt by the { rebel soldier*. The people sent off a deputation to Com. Goldsborough taking him to send a force to aasist In extinguishing the flames. ~ Edenton was taken possession of on Wednes- ' day by Com. Oolsborough, no opposition being j offered. t> Norfolk and Richmond papers attribute the <oss J of Roanoke Island to the blundering inefficiency > of their navy. They persist in asserting that ? nearly one thusand federal* were killed. They charge some Roanoke ialand farmer with having deserted and piloted the Yankees to the only point C where they could effect a landing, the island be- 8 ing flanked on all sides by an extensive marsh. tl Dispatches from Memphis to Norfolk admit that ? the Federal flag was rheerwd on the Tennessee J V... u -?a ?i. ' " ? - u inn yjy 'lie j.cvjn?t auu ancu lum ice t eiltralS w neither seized or destroyed any private property, not even cotton. Gov. Letcher has Issued an order for (he forina- fi tion of home guard* for Norfolk, Petersburg, and Richmond. <1 Messrs. Ames and Fish r.turn to Baltimore, the ^ rebels refusing to receive them. Four hundred released Federal prisoners will r reach Old Point Friday or Saturday. I l.Vor?.?By the bearer of dispatches from Com- J modore Goldsborough, we learn that the rebels 3 failed to getO. Jennings Wise off, and he was E made a prisoner, and died of his wounds ere the Stars and Stripes sailed?Ed. Star J OFFICIAL DISPATCHES. \ U. S. Flag Stkamrr Philadelphia, / t Off Roanoke Island, Feb. 9, 1862 \ * Hun. (wtJ'on Welles, Secretary of the Navy : ? Sir: Roanoke Island Is ours lt> mint* ... - r thorltles struck to us yesterday. Their means of g defence were truly formidable, and they were used with a determination worthy of a better * cause. They consisted of the elaborately con- ? structed works, mounting, together, twenty-two L heavy guns, three of them being 100 pounder a rltles; four other batteries mounting together a twenty guns, a large portion of them being also r of large calibre, and some of them rifled; eight fi steamers, mounting two guns each, and each having a rifled gun with the diameter of a 32- { pounder; a prolonged obstruction of sunken rev sels and piles to thwart our advance; and, alto- j gether, a body of men numbering scarcely leas ' than five thousand, of whom three thousand are now prisoners. The fighting commenced on the morning of the J 7th inst. at about 11 o'clock, and was continued e until dark. The following morning It wai re- ? newed at an early hour, and It lastea until well Z In the afternoon, when by a bold charge of our f arms, the rebel flag was made to succumb, and our own waa hoisted everywhere on tiie Island in Its place. No attack could have been more completely - lucceaaiui, ana it wu carried oat precisely la ac- | cordmce with tbe arrangement* made before the t exped'tlon left Hatteraa Inlet j A detailed account of tbe operation* of the s naval branch of the expedition will be forward* j ed to tbe Department hereafter. -I I beg to submit, herewith, a copy of the general order laaued to-day to be read on the quarterdeck of each veaael belonging to that btanch of f the expedition. 1 am, very reapeclfully, your obedient aenrant, J L M OoLiiMoioveH, Flag officer commd'g N. Atlantic Block. Squad. a U.t). HtUXII PlILAOILriU, > 1 Off Roanokt Island, February 9, 1?62. J Sllltlf nlTin To tb? officer* and men under my command, 1 * engaged In the redaction of Roanoke 1 eland ' I r" ? _ Your efforts of yesterday tnd the day before, T gainst tbe enemy, were alike worthy of year- ^ Ivea and the sacred cause oar glorious flag up- 151 lolda. !> ' I thank you for them, and congratulate jfoa up?n the result* achieved. No commander-in-chief _5 ould haw been more gallantly sustained, or f") :ould have desired a more gratifying display of j oolness, skill and discipline. We have yet mere work of the kind to aocom. >lhh, and ^rill soon deliver another blow to ;msh the hydra of rebellion. f From what I have already witnessed. I am aare Ci hat you will do it well. ?' L. M. GoLDSBonoraH. ? r Flag Officer Comd'g N. Atlantic Squadron. ** L". 9 Stkamk* Philadelphia. > f Off Roanoke Is'and, February 10, 1*<K \ ~ Hon Gideon Welles, Secretary of the Xa?y : O Si*: Just aa I closed my d iapatch to you of j rest?rday, I received reliable Information that j he rebel ateamers which escaped from here had 1 jone to Elliabeth City, and therefore I lmmedt- *l| itely ordered Com'r Rowan to take thirteen of oar J iteamers under bis command and go in pursuit j )f them; and also, if practicable, to execute an* J ?ther important service, viz: the destruction, up he North river, of a link of the Albemarle and ? Chesapeake Canal. He dashed oil'with a whole ^ * 4 t I % -? - - - ? lean ai nis won, ana tne way be hat already ac ompliahed the first part of it. hla own prellmi* ^ iary report (a copy of which I have the honor tni lerewith to encloae) will Inform you. ?jo 1 have decided to send the Ptara and gtripet off 0?0 o Hampton Roads to-morrow morning to bring ny ammunition from there without delay. Mr. ?f /an Brunt, my secretary, will go In her, and pro.eed to Washington to deliver to yon my dla- ? )atches, and two of the rebel we have taken. 'J' I am, very respectfully, your ob't aerv't, nn L. M. GoLDSBORoron, Flag Officer, &.c. I S Stkamkr DlLiWAlI. f I? Off EUxabnK City, Feb 10, 186-2. J an, Sir : I have the happiness to report that I aiet ev' _ . - . _ - . ve< dp enemy cu mis pisce imsmormng at y o'clock. fli md after a verv sharp elopement sucreedei In ?* Ustroylng or capturing hii entire naval force, and 01 illencing and destroying his battery on Cobb's f 'olnt. ii The only vessei saved from destruction Is the Y tea me r Ellis, Capt. J M. Cook.who is wounded 7th md a prisoner on board this ship 1 have other ^ >risoners. V 1 am happy to ny that our casualties are few, i considering the warmth oi the enemy's Are?say wo or three killed a id some wounded I send the Ellis to you under command of Act- a(j, ng Master Chase, of this ship, who 1 hope you eui will confirm In the command The conduct of the gallant men I have the d*' lonor to command Is worthy of all praise. jjp A detailed account will be furnished In due die lme t'1 1 am happy to say that none of the vessels are f< evereiy injured 1 shall leavp here a small force, and visit the anals, and take a look Into other places before 1 3^ eturn. I have the honor to be very respectfully, your bedlent servant, J. C. Rowan, Commander U.S.N. CONGRESSIONAL. ? lULVIlth COSOKKSS?frecend Session. Srnate?Yesterday, after our report cloned? The bill authorizing the Issue of Treasury notes nd providing for tbe redemption or funding hereof, and for funding the floating debt of the Tnited States, was passed, and the Senate adturned. Hocsk ?After our report closed? Tbe joint resolution In relation to the transporatlon of troops and munitions of war by certain allroads in Missouri was passed, and the naval up.u^iaiiou uin uiacawwo uniu wimotit Anally Imposing of the aubject, the House adjourned r=?BEMEMBKR THE REV. PH. CHKEVI 9 EK'S l*ct3'? at the s-mithaonian, THIS Fridat) hVKM.\Q, February 14th Hutjeot: "Erakine and the Battle for Freedom." Leoiur'* to commence at 8 o'c oclt. It fTg*ST. PETER'S CHURCH. CAPITOL I*? HILL.?A charity sermon in benalf of the ihjeersofthe Yovng Catholic's Friend Societr, rill he prrached in ih s church on SUNDAY CORNING. February l'H o'clock, by the l\v. Father McNallt. fe 1 2t* /5-SMITHHONIAN T.ECTURES.-On IJj MONDAY EVENING. February 17th. J*. Hayes will jive the Ia*t lecture of hiscourse fArctio Kxporations. Subject: "The Progress Arctic Disoovery " Dr. H will a'so conclude lis aooount of the hsquimaux and exhibit theooleatiocs of curiosities, 4tc , brought by him on his a/iant Laotur/to corr.ircca at 8 p. m. fe 14 3t WASHINGTON LECTURE ASSOCIAJj? . TION. The Fourteenth Lecture will be delivered by G. B. CHEEVEll, 1). D., At the Smithsonian Institution, On FRIDAY EVENING, Febrwv 14 Subject?'"Erskine, and the Battle uf F,udom." Doors open at 7; Lecture at 3 o'olook. Admittance 26 cnts. _ fe ^8-2t v"?p?MASONIC NOTICE-Grand Lodseof F. wh L *? ami A. Masoi:? of the Distnot of Columbia. I Called oft ComTr.uniea'ion of the M \V Grand jodre of the "lsfriot of Columbia will be held on SATURDAY EVENING nex*. th? 15tti in?tant, ,t 7 o'clock, at which a I the offoers and members ,re earnestly rfquestel, and Master Masons in ood standing fraterna l* and cordially invited to ,e present. \V. MORRIS SMITH, fe 13 8t [Int ft Rev^tj Grw) Secretary. OFFICE OF TilE JOINT COMMI#- _? ,3 8ION OF THE UNITKDSTATES AND JOSTA RICA, Wuhtntfyn. Ftbruary 8, IW?2.?At I A meetinr ofthe board, held this day, it wa? I Ordered. That all mmnr. h.fin. ~i.i mm , r - ? ?( uiokiuia upon i.'i he Republic of Coat* Rica, which are emvided Si1* dt b* the oonvention between the United States ^ lid the said Hopublio cor.oluded on the2<l day of \j uly. 1860, do file memoria'a of the Hume with the . t, leoretary of Una Hoard iu theoitrof Waihmgton- u UHAS. g. DAVlgi, _i! Secrilar* pro ttrn. *7* fe 11-gw No. 'J6Q K atreet went ?< ilCKVIL L E AND WASHINGTON U? TURNPIKE ROAD COMPANY, ftbr*- j>u' irv 8,1862 ?A dividend of four per oent. haa been ^ eclared on the oapital atook of thia Company, ayab'e to Mockho.'tera on dfniard at the Bank of W rVnalii^gton, S. B. BOAKMAN, fe lo-lw Sooretary. g I W CITY HALL, February 3, 1862.?The Aa- Na U? aeggora. having oompleted the Annual Aa* eaement f r 18S2. will nu-et in their room. City f' lall,a? a Board oi Appeal, from the loih to the 6th of thia month, inclusive, to hea'oomplamta ,nd to make auon corrections a< tliey mar deem iecea*ary. GEORGE COLLARD. *rjJ feh 4-2awtd Seor?n&ry. ^ rg=*SABB\TH SCHOOL FKSTI VAL.?The L_? Foutdry M E. ^abba'h Sohool will hold a f? >atival at Franklin Hall, corner of 9th and D treeta. to oommenoe TlJE8DAY. lith mft? * u continue during the week. A full braaa band rill be in atter. lanr*. A pie&o&at time la antloi- B7* ated. Admission 15 oenU. fe 10-6t* ,Q~ **p? T H E UNION PRAYER MEETING Will __f? | K bo holden every day Una week in the Luther- gji .11 Charoh,(Rev. J. G. Butler's.) at the oorner of 9 1th and H streets,oommenomc at 4X o'oiook p ra? 7 ,nd oonticued but one hour. ja 80 Qn a fe Sf-A FAIR. f.?r the benefit of St. Vlnoent'a : Femaie Orphan Aayium, will b? opened on f< URSDAY.&th mat .at r.e Asylum,oorner G ~ nd li'th streeta. A variety of useful and fanoy [\ rtiolea will i>e offered fur sale. * * There will *j? a lonoh room where all kinua of 5 (*1 efrt-Suinen'ii will be aerved. lee Cream and Consctionery, in their varieties. ja 29 tf 11 r REAT BARGAINS IN CLOTHING,at the 11 People'4 Clothin; Store, No. 460 7th atreat. f( fe H im ? f AND WARRANTS WANTED C Li ?Y A JAY COOKE & CO., felijw 438 Fifteenth at. f, * l? ruiAiUtB. f/ L ERSONS in want of superior Blows or Buckru, raised in tli* loy*l anil of New Jersey, please s&ve orders at No. u9 4>* street, where a sample ?ay be seen. fe 14 lw* f( ' J O L D AND SILVER COIN ZZ AND I I 7 3 10 TREASURY NOTES XJ Bcught and Sold by JAY COOKE A CO., _fi fe 14 lw 4i'i Fifteenth street _ . r^LOKIOL'S NEWS-BURNSIUE'S EXPE- IN ditiona perfeat suoatos. But next to that is De< be Great Bar*a ns now off red in Clothing, Furn- at t ining Goods, Tracks, HaUi and Caps, at the hai eople's Clothing Sture, No. 460 7th street, opto- slci ite fost Offloe. le 14-fm n IOTA TO E 8, ONIONS! BUCKWHEAT I t FLOUR CHEF*E, 4c *-* SOO fa^ks prime White .M eroer Fotatoes, 6 < Bble. Surer Skm Onions, K.000 Bbls. N". 1 Buckwheat Flour, ^^100 Boxes English Dairy and Eastern Catting Received this day, end for sale low, to oloaa jVI onsignroents, by D L. MORRISON A CO., LfJ otner Uth and B tts. fo 14 ?t* ? prm...?.?s,r'c,of 6ood? e for \1 *1V#P10 ofHoaiM, VI r i?2iSK?r^ f>-^? arary description ?to !r of bn 'Jri#1V5J *r eo*?v a^h Sarif wu h $1] idv*&oo on their atocka by rww,T* Ul>#rai * * ?* ? MARSHALL ft PAGE, A act. and Com. Marohtnta, 30-J 7th at. fa 14-aokt under Odd Fanova' Htii. ft m # COAL-COAL! HE SnbMrlbar hM reeived en consignment a goof K?l aod White Aeh CO * L. containing too*, now beicr landed, wh on he will de fr at tMloWMt r?te? in lot* to in it J NO. A. GRIMES. Agent and Forwarding Merchant, ?! -?* Georf etown. D. C._ .RANGES?ORANGKS: LEMONS?LEMONS! net r*o*iveo ? boxes prime Sweet Oraegee, 100 box** ftne l,#mori, By MARSHALL * PAGE. Ano'ton and Commission Merchants. ?14?3t 603 ?th st, under Odd Fellows' Hall. r* BUTTER AND E60S. LI Tube and firkins of strictly prime Goshen Butter, exoe'.ling fresh print. OOlba. Fa Glades and ireeh Roll Bntter m ib?. Bakers' Butter. Mta Efga teofired daily. D . E. DUTROW. e 14 61* No. 480 F ighth it., n?r Pa W UPERIOR CHEAP SHOES. jadie*' Heeled R ack 'intern, ttM oenta. ^ diea' Heeled Moroooo Boot*, at 75 oenta. .adiea' Heeled Gaiteraand Boot*, at 91. .adieu' Heeled Gaiter and Moroooo Boot, (very od.) gl .25. _,%die?' Balmoral, at 91.3% and 91.W oenta. }o?a' t.onc Bjot*,75oentato 91.5" oenta. flisaea' and Chi'drena' Shoe*, at all pnoea. .adiea' Toilet Shppera, only 25 oenta Vll to be bought at the Ch^ap Shoe Store, i'2'2 . ave , between 2d and 3d street*.

e 14 St* W. H. DENHUP.ST. NEW BOAT TO UUDD'8 FERRY. 1 THE ST K A M K R A R <i O. Capt. E. W. Davidson, ill run daily to Bund's Kerry, on the lower Ponao, where Gen'l Hooker's Divi>n is ? leaving foot r filth stre?t.^^2?a?-? ilev's Wharf\ > Washington, at iloek. will arrive at Budl's Ferry at 1 o'elook, 1 return aair.? day, leaving Budd's Ferry at 4 look. It treshments on board. "are for the trip #3. Single fair $1M. e H-lw* ? NOTICE. HE PuMio is respfotfu!ly informed that the dersigned has oommenoed run , ig a LINE OF STAGE"* froirMJttlnf^# nn avenue to Meridian Hill. The W m * iges will leave Willards'Hotel every ornmg I o'clock and Meridian Hill K*if J will run regularly to and from Meridian Hill sry hour, thu* affording % cheap and epeedy ooniranoe to the ranoni camps in th* neighborhood. underaigned h<>pM to receive a literal support, he i* deurminrd to afford hit patron* every fait* in hi? power. Fare 10 centa eaoh way. GKO. M. MILL.KH, a 14 eolm* Proprietor. U8T RKCKIVED a large tot of BOYS' J \CKKTS, from Auotion. which weare??li; 25 per oent. below their firat oust, at No. 4U0 street. fe li-lm fcv VS GIBSON'8 /-> \(J KE8TAURANT. ^f|J QV Ktsuminf tk* old Salt of ?uf three boata?the Vandalia, Blue Bird and nny Forreat?having auacea*ful'y run the hlooJt ?lor t'lelant three weeks, and having theasanoe that they will continue ao to do (titaf taa Linn tWa?ftK? ? ? ? L " ...v.wut rnu^lT ,Ufc CUT nCUIfl ftl 111 HOT*** th the bast of Old Virginia's Bivalves. We?r? ermined to returr.e the old scale of price*. Our der will be supplied with the bent the market jrds Th? bar with tne choicest Wine*. Brants and Clears. Our Ale cannot be mrpa?seJ. Uzens and strangers pleats take notice. GIBSON'S Restaurant, pH iw* Corner of 7th and E street*. 0 PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE. LMILE DIPRE. Just Received and Opened, A large and first class stock of choice FAMILY GROCERIES, consisting of: SUGARS, of all grades, TEAS, COFFEE, BUTTER, LARD, FLOUR, MAILLARD'S CHOCOLATE, Jtc., &c., ftc. All of which ho offers at lowest cash prices PIKE'S CELEBRATED WHISKIES 500 barrels Magnolia, 500 barrels XXX, sou barrels Millers Rye Monongabeli, 600 barrel* fine Old Rye, SCO barrels fine Old Bourbon, AT CINCINNATI PRICKS. All tbe favorite brands of C HA MP AON E, Mumm Veneny, Green Seal, Heldalck, lch being bought low, we offer at unusually , low ratM. A Lao, Sole Agent for PIKE'S ARMY CORDIAL. eb 14-tf FINK assortment of Tie*, Collars, Suapen. dem. Shirts, Trunks. Hats and Caps, at | ITU'Q - *- * .. u u, nu. ?uu /in ureei, opposite I'oit joe. fe14-1m EN F* Furnishing Goods. Trunks, Clothing, Trucks. Hat* and Cap*, ail at N?r?he*n p'ioes, he People's Clothing store, No. 460 7th street. >14 lm OR SALE?A HORSE, SKT HARNESS. and SPRING WAGON.complete. witli sk. sloth top, suitable for a sutler, baker, nZTfk oher. Ac. Apply at 4Stf Eighth street. ween Penn. avenue and D st. fe ?S St* UPERTOR COTTONS AND LINENS. A yards best Sheeting and Shirting Cottons, >?nor Shirting Linens, Table Linens, pkin*. Towels, and Toweling* in great variety. AH selling off at Uie lowest prices. *13 6t J W. COt.LEV. HIRT1NO COTTONS, and Cottons for ladies' and children's wear, a foil supply of the best des. under the marked rates lotwitbstandmg the daily advanos in friee of iUoh fooda VA nnn?inHA ??*- 1 . ? - vgi viu win i>i erioes. PEKRY * BROTHER, >13 tr Penn- av and Ninth at BLACK SILKS ! LACK 81 (.KS.juat opened, in all grades, from i sMti to 92 per rard. II Panor Urea* Silks selling o(Tat oost prioes, >lose out the stook. 13 St J. W.COLLEV. KLL1NG OFF! SELLING OFF! 'he entire stook Bioh Winter ard Fall Drees ods. Long Broohe Shawls, Cloth Plaid Shawls, iw Ladies' Cloth Cloaks, ail at oost for cash. J. W COLLKY. > 13 5t 683 Seventh ?t? above Pa. av. EW DRESS GOODS! Jiist Reoeived? ? 7*rds new and stylish Light Calioos, Light Chintses, Ginghams and Delaines, *i pieces Plaid Cambrios. Brilliants, Nainsook Maulins, Jaoonet Cambrics, in the best grades, at the lowest oash oriops. J. W. COLLEY, >IS 6t >83 Seventh St.. above Pa. av. n ? t ~ " * WHOLESALE AND RETAIL, .t onr OAo*, New Jersey avenue, opposite B. J. LANG PON A CO. I \l\ PRIME HAMS, for sale, to close ccnsifaJU meat, at 7 oents per lb JAME8 B. GIBSON, | 993 Pennsylvania avenue, ? W st opposite Willards' Hotel. ATS AT WHOLESALE. For sals by J. LANGDON * CO , New Jersey avenue. > 18-tf opposite B. ft Onto R. E. OTICE.?All psrsor.s are forbidden to nefotiate an aooeptanoe of F. W, Adams, dated i sember 16.1861, fifteen hui.drad dollars payable he Metropolitan Bank. New Vork,?the same inc been mailed in New York totheacderned and not received. "8 10t J. LANGDON. A DIES' RUBBER BOOTS A11 , ? AND SHOES, Ali siiee, at f D [EN'S RUBBER BOOTS 1 L i 7 HAIDWAEF! HARDWARE! ^Hav# Ju?t rtMiTMt larg*additiontoonr i mine GriAn'a HorM Nails, Tiace spring*, i W-6t* Opposite Metropolitan Uoud. i EJORSE8 WANTED FOR THE U. 8.GOVrl ERNWtSr f ?alid Pbcposali for the d?>1 vsrr in Wae*incton City of 1.460 CAVALRY and ARTILLERY HORSES- for the U. S Government, will be received at tke oAn of Col. D. H. Rsoker Depot Quartermaster in this oity.antil 11 m . <>n MONDAY, the nth instant These horses will be purchased k lota not ex oeedinc *? each, and no bids will be entertained for a *rrater number from any one person. No bid will be entertained that is not erdoreed by two responsible persons, who will cuartntee that the bidder will oomply with his proposition, if it should be aooepted. Twenty five days will be given from the openioc of the bids, for the completion of the delivery of the noma. Of the above horaea, 800 are repaired for CaraJry and wo for Artillery. Description of Horses required. CiTiiiT Hoaasa. From 15 to IS hanca in height; between 6aud I yeara of ate; of dark oolora; well broken to the aaddle; compact.y baitt ard free from all defeeta. AariLLtKT Roitiia To be from 1?X to 1? handa in height; between 5 and 8 yeara of age: dark oolora; free from all defeeta; well broken to haroeaa and to weigh not leaa than llflO pounds. The hortea will be inapeeted by a board of oileera detailed from the regimeota retailing them The ncderaigned reaervea the privilege of rejecting each and ever? bid, ehonld ha oonaider the interests of tha aervloe require it. STEWART V\N VLKIT. f? 11-td Brig. Ben. ard Quartermaster. Ba tiwore Clipper, Philadelphia Preaa, New York Heralu and PitUbarg Cominere ai Jo?rn*!, will p>eaae copy.til! day,and aend bil! aa above SEALED PROPOSA LS Are invited til! the l*th day of Maroh. 1862 at 12o'eiook m., for aapplying_the U. H. 5*ab Dep't with 6i40 head of BEEF CATTLE on the hoof. The Cattle to be delivered at Waahington City, and each animal to average ljro pounda groaa wight; no animal admitted which weigha leaathas 1,11011 pcutd* troaa. The Cattle t > he delivered a' atich timea and in anch quantities ai the Government may requi-e. No Cattle wnl b? required under thia contract 1 before the iat d?y of Ap-il, 1MB. Heifer* and Bul ockg to wasted. A b^rd with good and auftaient eeonnty will be repaired. Government reaervea to itself the right to Mr ia treasury noie*. N?> bid will b? entertainer? when put in t>* con tractor* who have previously failed to oomp!) with their contracts, or the bidder ia not present to respond to h<a bid. Bids to be directed to Maj. A. BKOK WITH, C. 9 , U. 8. A.. Washington. D.C. Form ot Bid. 1, A B. do hereby propose to deliver to the Government good Beer Catt e on the hoof for per hnndred pound* gros* weight. The Cattle to be delivered at .according Lo the term a of the enclosed advertisement. X^e Cattle to be weighed on the aoalee, and the weight so determined to be the purchase weight. I hereby agree to give a good and auAcient bond for the fulfillment of the oon tract. and to receive Treasury notes in payment for the Catt.e. fe 13 i MALL POX!?SmaU Pox Eftttunll, Curtd and Abolisktd'?'lti* subscriber came to Waah ington three weesa ago, and, to his astonishment and regret, fonnd the^mali Pox prevani'g through ... ~ vi ?w- iw hi *ii tifti m ug extei.t Being oogcizant of toe fact that the disease ia not in the >Mt abated, he feit it hia dury to hia country and feiiow men to rorrain h* re. m order to cure,destroy and expel that loa'.ha rr.odiaraae from your raidit and a to prevent iu further spread. If this disease ia not ayeedily oheck?cJ. but allowed to inoreaaeaa it has d>>ne rutin* the few past montba, what will ' eoome of the army and oi;isere t?fore spring' There ia bat one au>? >r to tkia question, and that ia aelf evident to every ore. The aubaenbsr guarai.tees that all persona auf* leriug fr m thie d.aease, wno ma? be attended t>> h-m. wiil not be n<*med or pittea in the faoe. Ail o'her disaaaes are treated with e?ua care and ?uooess, without the use of eolomtl o* blue fxlit (mercury,! Cazts of typko'i fever, wien treated at ac ti y ata.tre, rvrid i* 4c Kouri. All peraoaa who will call at hia offiae, No. *69 13th street, between L ana M. can examine hia Teatimomala, which are of the highest oha-aiter, and which, he doubts not. will prove to bo < cUreiy satisfactory. C. J. VON CORT. M. D , Formerly Pracfcai Pfcyncian and ?urg*on .n Military Hospita s in Eurose, aud for the past 80 years a well known practicioner in the citr of New York fe7?* T\JAVV AND AKMV UlAK KLANNKl.M. 11 several ? ua'itifs of the best kinds made. A'tot and Navy B ue Cloths, acd "Doe *Hes," of % uauties and colors that can be ra!i?*d on. Alio, onr usual fall and ampl? stoek ,of Cloths. Cassimerei. and Vestincs. for C t ten's Wear. Linen Shirtings, and Frontinc linens, of all trades, thick ana thin. Cotton Shirtings, of all the best brands, produced in the Home and European Markets. PERRY A BRO., fe 13 6t Pftin. avenue and u'lnth streat. List of uncalled for packack*? From the Baltimore A Obi" Ka .road.oc Stor ace at WALL A B*PN *RDS, south oornar of Pa. avenue and Ninth street: M. Cahn, B. F. Brash, . J.MoN'uty. J. H. Srakers. John8n*der, George Frioker, F. Thusber, T. m. Wheeler, p. F Wiieon. W. Leaner, Chaplain Matlook, Capt. W men bottom, 1st R. F. Marie jr. reg. Chasseurs, Luke Burk. 8ui 111, Col. Castenar, 1st Mtoh. W. H. MoCombs, regiment, W. A. Cummings, Col. Fa-rmrorth, 8th 111. Geo R tabards, oavalry, A- B Corey, W. Tompkins, Berdan's Murdooh A Copeiand, Sharpshooters. 1st reg. k. Clause, Mill me, . Richards, A. A. Cu innings. fe 8 H R ART OF WAR BARON DK JOMINI. Translated by Capt Mendell and Liaut. Craighill, GEN. CASEY'S INFANTRY TACTICS, T?.tr? ? ULV JB BB Ail Military Book* for ?a.e &t Northern pnoea. huuson Taylor, Book?eller and 8'atiooer, 334 Peun ar. fe 7-Sw tIntel. Repnb. A Chron . 2w] Bo q u ei?! boqukt8!! bouuet 8!!! clemkni son * hanft, FLORAL OEPOT, CoRXRR Pa. a v AND 3d ST., eouTK ?IX>B, Over Mad**' Hotel, M*nuf?o?orer? of all kinds of fancy boo wets, BASKETS*. vases and wreaths of flowers. frr Ba It. Piuti.-a and Weddings supplied with the oest quality, at the ?hortest notice, and at the lowest prices. BoqueU kent toall parts cf the city ?nd fieoreetown. P. 8.?Fresh Violet* constantly on hand, fe 7-1 w j\j a t 1 o a l .steam laundry. ai r*ji!? av . South Sid*. Between 13th and 13>* itreeu, Washington. W A 8 H I N G F?r the Army, Hotels, Families, and Individuals. A? we have every facility for doing up some Ten Thou?and Pieoea bail*, our patrnna mar depend upon having gooda done up in the beat atyle and returned promptly when rromiaed. Gooda oalled for and tlelivered. Charge* moderate fe 7-?t* WHEATLEY'8 DYKING ESTABLISHMENT TAKE NOTICE. Finding it impoaaible to give atriot attention to the Washington branch or my bueineae.I intend cioaing it on Thursday, the ISth of February. All peranna having ?ork there will p,?ase ca.l ar-d take it away. on or before that date, otherwise, they will be obliged to oail at my ola atand in Georgetown, where I am now permanent y located; where I ahall be ple%s?d to reoeive their ordera in future, wbioh I p edge myaelf to ezeeat* with promptness and dispatch. W. H. WHEATLEY, fe 7 M No. 49 Jefferson at., Georgetown, D.C. ffl Mf?T Dun n sides expedition. BUT DAILY FOR HOOKER'S DIVISION. MATTAWOMAN CREEK. Th? m'< and strong Steam Profiler, "C PALPH," will make a daily trip to ^ Matia woman Creek and bank, leav inc Carter*! Wharf, foot cf UK st Washington, EVERY MORNING, (Sundays excepted,) at 10 o'olock precise!* Returning will leave Mattawoman Creek EVERY AFTERNOON. at 4 o'o.ook. Freight taken low, and fare reasonable. For freight or passage apply on board, or to the Afect, JOHN PETTlBONt, 4T9 ?tn street, up etaire, Washington An Omnibus will leave the oorner of 7th st. and Pa. are., every morning at o'oiook.lor the boat * Passenger* taken to the boat free of oharge Passage |Ufc fe 14 6t* CHIRT1NO AND SKIRTING COTTONS, C5 all numbers of the beet brands produoed la the Union or EnroM * ~w ?. * <\ c **fsl 6t Pean. aveme and 3th street. P R HAM'S SECOND GRAND EXCURSION TO rOfiA" il^VD BOSTON From Baltimore to New York and He'nrti 99 from Baltimore to ttoet?n aLd Ketarn #13.60 Ticket* for nie at Mr. Perhs.m'e Ofisoe Id the National Hotel, where fall particu are m\j be had. Two throneh traits daily, leaving Washing ton it 6 a. tn andfif m. TiokeU good to letuni oa or before May 1st. jaSVUt* VALBNTINE8iLENTiNiiV:ALWITINEi ! HlBSHBfrProm the beet houses, for eale, wholeeale and retail, at the lowast oash er >mi * W..VTV?. J - is?? Tl"* JtlP-lr' Wo. 8T8 Pa. a*- Washington. CHKPHKRD'S PLAIDS.for Draaaaaand Suit* P Cioaks. Shavia, in* SiUm, and in* Drsaa poods, at rodmsod rat??. our atook of Moaraia? Goods, in ali fabrics, is low rtll Md oomtiett. PERRY f bro? fa 10 6t Pa. artta* and Ninth atr?c A LL MEN DISCHARGED FROM fe-KRVICK 4r<T?'N ^M.fcS. TU18 AiTbKXiHJh > ro-MQHHOW Bf GK KKN AWILI U???. AMUomni |V?. }*4 Strtn-k *> J It ?rr?#ff I ^AI.K ( f HOJLJ tHUil) URMTlIf F*1CT W f K|l ?B *?t Bnrkt, at \cctio ?Oa s*A'? i HO V. m? i?u ibataut at o'a.oct a m , w an ail a*.I Uoir A notion Rotmt, th* fnllowu c io^'i, tii . Mai.< *an? f*o a*. Or A ra. ani Tab ra, i>raaa.L( and ?tfc*r tin'-ana. Wardrob?t. Wutiaitodi,aod Calr*. FMth*r goria Ha r and otfcar MattrMaaa, C>ri?>, Mattidc . a&o ?tova?. China, Ulaaa and Crockary Wara. A l?r>? lot of Kane? Goooa. t?n?C?vo'od bpriBf U mod. Oaa Fnrrita-a i ar. Ton Harrole Ff*a. Fiflran bandrrd *rtfhtCb*N? tn<l Katiw And mto; other too oanie>oia to nana* rate. 1? U it GREKN A WILI I AM*. ? tou _ Ut tiKKKN k. WILLIAMS. Aae'tor>*?ra HH ANDftOMK IIUILlMNe LOT. KKONTIN? o? North M Pr -artwiaiiHia AfcuStrtBTH SmtTf, AT A CCTIO* .-^Ja 1l> **DA \ . liie lltt inatar.l, we aha.. ? <. i? frott ol the pre>?ir*a. %t ? o'clock ?. m.. naif of Lot No. t, la Habdinaio? of frqaare No. ?48. it htii|U sa4iTi<twt ha.f. Thia ?r>t?rtr ia *erj t and* iwe'y a.t?* ed, froiiting cu >1 street, betwsan H.*ih and H???nh atr?*? Termsoash. fs'-d GRKEN A WILLIAMS, Allots. I7THE AHOVK t?ALK 19 POSTPONED on aooount of tha inoleniobi vwiiir, uutil r Kl DAY. the ltth instant. ??mc hoar. J GRKKN A WILLUMH, Aaofr, Br J. C. Mo6l'IRE A CO., AasltoiMrt. PEREMPTORY 8ALKOF HPAVY BOOT* ill tflon.-Ui FK IDAY AKTKRNfH?N. F*bnttrT I4tk, It 4 o'c ook, tt tha AiNCub Rooms, wa shA.l ??il la Iwu to aa.t tt* trade? SCUN Cavalry Boou, 9 ( mm Mem' and Boys' Boots, Slogans atl G Altera, gma.. >ot Women's Sboea. SAle without reserve f? '3 .TO. MoeUIRK A CO.. Aaots Br J. C. MottL'IRE k. CO.. iMtiotMa [h'ftmtl're and HOt'SEBOLl) E?' ricTi IT Ptblic Accttow.-O* HTIK DAY MUR.XlNti. February I*it. ai W ' M*k. in !?> ? of tfc? A action Rooom, w* nba.. ?a;j l??n tity of ??xoeilMU Furmtar# Mid Hou??ho.d Eneeu, KImC cm ?r?d Solat ud ^rwCfcwri, Marbla ton Gentar acd Sofa Iw"". gntril Mahotany uit NN alnnt ItoeratanM a&. BootmM. . _ Cm* and Wood ?kat Chairt bud Rockers, Handaoiu* Oak Laatber o.?r?l I #ovuf , Bedsteads, Rama*. Weshstaads, Hair ti.d Ha*k Nittmni. ^ Feather Bods. Bolsters and Pnlows. Cml rU. B.anketa and i?jre*da. Painted Cottage beta. Spring .\UCtrtuM, t'iritu, OilOoth. Matting, China, Glaae and Crockery Ware, Cooking and other SIotm, *e.. he. Terica oaah. felSgt J.C. MoGlIRK ? CO, AuoU H? WALL * BARNARD, Aaetione*ra. Tomer South ?ti? Pa. m* ttnd Ntmtk ?rae< HOl-KHOLk) AND KITCHkN FIRM nti, Ac , AT ArccioR ?On HATl'RDAY MOHr> 1N9,15!h mat, &t 10 o'clock. we wiU ee 1 in front of toe A action Kuoma, the ?flecta of & family declining hunaekeeping, comprising ? Mahogany Sola, Cleans and C*rpeta, Mahogany Bureau*. Wardrobea. ana Tab lea, Ked-teada, dedaand Mattreaeea. Lounjea, Cane and Wood ^e\t Chaira, Rock err, Washatanda, a?.d Toilet 8eC?, an J Glaeeee, PHI n* ?2 mmm aaul VV0-* ?UU vrvg?CTJ??r?? M?| Cir jm t. Oilcloth, * o , CookiBf and otii?r stovM.aad Kitohoo Furmtir*, feli' C WALL A BARNARD. Aocu By NN ALL A BARNARD, Ancttonror* Oct, Sontk txdt Pa. mr. amd 9tk ttrmt. 3nnn fkkt of lumbkr at auction. .UUU <>n HATURDAY. Ifitfe init at IS o'e. k m. *e will a?li to front of the Auction Kooni, S Oet if Lumber an 1 e?*< Joiat.a 1 in food order. feU WALL t BARNARD. A?eu. By WALL A BARNARD, Anctior.eer*. ' ^KLbTEES' SALE?By virtu* of a deed of 1 tru?t from Cynthia B. Ma?on acd <ttiers, ditM Marc'* 13,1857. and of record, we wi I o*1er at auction.on SATURDAY, the 15tta day of Fe ruary. at 4 > o:ook p. no. un the preir.irec, that ioI of created in Wasninfton known ss iot No. a nbteen,(II,I in Mu*r?No. seventy three, (73,) wifo tee improve. mer.U. i'erus of s& e: ore third of the parohase money to be paid in oaan; and the residue is three us. instalments, at thre*. six and nine months alter date, with interest, to be secured. The terms ol sa.e mast be oompiied with witnin one weak after sa.e, or the property may bo reeo.d at the rt?k and oost of the fret purchaser WALTER S. COX. HIGH GAPERTON, , Trustees Georgetown Bui.d'i Aaeoota'u. ja7 3awts WALL A BARNARD. Anets. FUTURE DATS. By J. C. McGtIRE A CO., Auctioneer* GOVERNMENT SALE OF HORSES-Ob V* tHl'R?DAY MORNING. February fmt. at In o*B ock. at the Government Corral., tear the Obeervatory. I sha'i aaU? lfto Horses, and 9U Mares, Condemned as unfit for public aervioe. Terms oash, Id Government fends. J. J. DANA. I apt. A Asst Or. Mru 1.8 a. <al?d J. C. McGL'IKE A (?Q . A ecu. \1 A Ri* HAL'S SALE.?By virtue of a writ of i'l fieri laoias issued from ths c.erk'* **??<? toe circuit Court, of the Distnot ofColumtna fur trie ooanty of Washington, to me directed. I will expose to imbue sale, for each on KRIDaY. the 21st day of Februar*, 1663 on the Csna , imtne- i diat-ly east of the Ms-ket h"U?e bridge. >l George tots.D C., oomrcpncic* %t 10 o'clock a m ,?? 1 Cords of Oak and fioe wood, seised and erled upon as the foods and chattels <-f John A. Grines, and will be sold to satisfy judicia.s Mo. **. tc Msy term 1862, in faror of Diokson, survivor of Pickral., WARD H LAMON, fs 11-dts U f. Marshal, D. C. By BARNARD A BLCKKV. Auctioneers, lt trtutm+, D. C. TRUSTEES' ?A1 -..-Uy vtrtae of a deed of 1. fust from Wm. W. MoNeer. dated Apci. H, 1861, and of reoord. we will offer at anclon on tf:e llth day of February next at 3 o'olook p. n.oc tt.e premisfs. all that lot of ground in Georgetown Known as the easternmost part of lot number one hundred and twenty-e.cfct, (128. > in Beal'sinitios to Georgetown, fronting 14 leet on Dsn'artoti street, and running lack north, of the same width. 128 feet, with the improvements, consisting of a two story frame house. Terms of saie: One-third of the purohase monev to be paid in oaih; aii?i l'ie residue at tfcree e< i instalments, at three, s;x and nine months, witfc IUWIMI. HI D< Kciraa. WALTKR 8. cox. HI oil CAPtR loN, Truetees Georgetown Buiid'r AMoeit n. jac avu barmaro * buckey, abcu. C7-THE ABOVE BALK 13 POSTPONLD to Uj? 13lh day of M%-ch neit. WAl.Tm 3. rox. " f?b 10 3?wt? HIGH CAPEtT()N,{TrM"M MARSHAL'S MLIj-h ?i tae of a writ ( 1 fun itciaa, imum! from tfca c erk'n 1 tie oirout o >urt of the Dutriot of lor t ? I oounty of Washington, and to me direct*, I 1 will expose to public ?aie, for oaah. in froc* ot tha i Court Honse door of Mid oovrty.ob WE0Nc>DAYiVic 5Lh day o! Maroh 1863, at 13 o'clock n... the following deeoribed property, to wit:?a: defendant's right, title, o<aim ui) in'oreet in and to e * L " " .? a imi lonnN ol L/Ot >" 21. il t^uare No. CM, fronUn* on Stii iTMt VMt, t.Mw??n o arid P etreeU north, in theeity ?f Wutimttoc, l?. C., tocether with ?lt and eiu??lar the iroproramet la thereon, eei*ed tod leriea upon n the eropert* of Irwin s. Btrksr.aad will beeotd tcesiiery iud eie No Jtn to January term f&vor of John L. K?nda 1. WARD H LAMON, fe lo u U. ?. Martha! D. C. FOR 8AJLB AND-RENT. FHOR RENT-A HOUSE Partly fufTiahed, ?0t* L'treat, between *th at<4 loth atieata. I quire of J. BUTCHER.on tt.a prcintaea. fe H tt' ROOMS TO RENT, fnrciahad or nflirBi(h?\ , with all the mocern oon*m*MM. Apply after j Monday at the oorner of Third a treat hjo Nuinri atciiUt. fe 14 la" TU HK UNDERSIGNED WOULD Exchange two ap'.endid Farina in the mo>t p'.pulona portion of aoathern Minneeota. for a Route aad Uot ta or m th? viont* of Washington. A<idreaa "Minneaota,'' Uox <68 Foat Oftoe, Waah tfurbin. 11 H W 1*1' _ TO I KT-V? j eovfor'atla aad eel. lerttielwd 1 ROOMS. . Waniid-M?I? and Female BER VANT**. Apply for:hwitk at 3A3 C street, betve?D 4H ?a<l f ?J>,BP?lair?. UUi' r L'OR RENT-With or witkoat Board, at No. r 4 to Tweilth mi-mi, cant aid*. ??etween t? ai. ' H atreett, a coamoCi.-ua FRONT K0<*M. ^ond torr, newly and seatt* turn.abed. The loeauoa ia one or tke most deal rable ia the eitr. Noehidren ? in the hoaae. f?li-lw ^ PXT# AOND1NARY CHAMCK-STOKE m*d Li FIXTVEhS FOB. SALE.-A Brora ia toe moat approved basiLeea loc&aty, ins adlot F;*turea and tut a ama.l stook of La ' in' Drees rn? j Eanbroidants aud Mil.iaery Ooods, will be < offeree at a treat saori&oe and poeeeeei n ?'ven ' forthwith. Taia ia a ehasee of lea rareet oeear- * renoe, ard all applioatiocs be aade at No. 1" l a- k arenas. btwe-c itt Mi *h sta 1 - ?-.** 1 f O FT TO Bi v r ? ? ? _ ^ ...< , , mun uoor. K *tr?*? I Li war WlUarda' Hotot.B by 1H fast. Id*m " 1 I tb**tor* )*??- I A RARE CEANCK.-Tha r opn?or u( I t\ City Hotel, (til* only fit olaa* Hot*. *-* \ Mi IB AUXBCO'IB, Vk,) IS llmroM to n*>r? ^ ?Tr i oftn* homaa. HiilOM will tarsalaa.U on t** l? of Jmmmmt,II. Wt tBa mm>> a> a* <? * * I Jlwoodjor imk loaf or tana at * modW/ ? hia Hots; la aov doing, ana has for many T'* I n*i B Lacks lad arofttabta baaia***. TV ?a*^ a of tha adBlraif B*d to raCira from pabiia * ie to* ouly ladaeeeoat U> ealLaa haooB d ef h"f* J i JT-t .Si,iSF>?-D-?,'Lt'?? ? et s MeSnSSg SSi 1 48S?Be@yB??. 1 1

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