Newspaper of Evening Star, February 14, 1862, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated February 14, 1862 Page 3
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LOCAL (NEWS. f ^ ? 1 1 Aiitiihiiit? To-N:?ht. Tniatii ?Benefit of Jobs E Omti, a?d hla appearance in three great character*, aa "Tbompacn the Second," In "The Two Thompaona;" aa "Aebtlle Dnfard," in ' A Peep behind theScenea;" and aa ''Vlawworm," 1d "T>e Hypocrite." with anrh performer* aa Brink, Owena, and Miaa 3uaan Denln. Philharmonic Hall?Reappearance and flrat night of the Campbell Mits'tel* Dupont, Garlord. Malone, W A Cbriaty, Warden, Ford, Stuart, lx)cke, Naah. Kendall, Ly**r, Schaffer, Claymore, Child*, and others. In a brilliant pro gramme of wnn, dances, and Ethiopian comicalities CiXTinniT Hall ? Signor Raffaele Abecco* Miaa Duval, Butler Ward, 'Armstrong, Talbot, Parker, and all ths other atari, In a huge bill of songs, dances, pantomimes, burlesques, and rnmteaMtle*. Grand matinee and presentation of a allk dress to-morrow afternoon. CamisTTV?An original bill of hamor, aongs, and burleaqne* by the entire company. George Cbrtatyin r>ew and apirited characters. Lookout for the afterpiece to-night. Kt*a'? Amphith*at?* ?Odell In the melodramatic acence, "Capt. Walker:" M'lle Heloiae a* tbe "Goddesa of Liberty;" Iflncade, Rivera, ard Smith in ''Flying Bar,*' and Dan Gardiner rj Time, with all the old favorltea In brilliant equestrian performance* 8*tTH?oNiA]? ?Fourteenth lecture before the Waabtngton Lecture Association by Rev Dr Ctaesver ?nbject?"K^ktne, and the battle of Freedom " Orphans' Fatb, corner of Tenth and G itreets, for the benefit of Sit Vlncent'a Female Orphan Atrium A mi*entertainment, attractlre toerery lore: of genuine enjoyment. Sabb*th School FisTirAt. for the benefit of the FoundryfM K ) Sabbath School, at Franklin Hall, corner of Ninth and D street*. Don't fell to enjoy the delightful erenlng'a entertainment offered bv fbe Foundry folk*, by any manner of means. The hall was crowded again laat night, and everybody delighted TiMPiaaacs Hall, E street, between Ninth and Tenth streets?Grand soiree of Prof C. F. Barnes A p'easint time may be anticipated. Academy or Mcsic.?Free concerts at 4 o'clock. Excellent refreshments, Ac , Ac. Hall open ail day A WOID A BOCT TBS LSCTUSS ASSOCIATION ? Editor / Star; I am a member of the Washington Lecture Association. I hare paid my fee of membership, attended the lec'urea, (I do not ait on the platform.) applauded when pleased and kept alienee when displeased I joined the Association for the purpose of aiding in affording to the citizens of waabington a svrles of lectures rarled In style and subject^ political, scientific, iit?r?r? I *m ant!-alarerv In feellnir. and desired to see the principle established that even that?to some?odious topic could be discussed In the Capital of the nation But I did not expect that the Association would be perverted to the promulgation of that doctrine to tbe almost entire exclusion of fill other subjects. The temrerajice question Is a good, moral, and Important one But should we therefore In a literery association secure lecturers who run every topic Into that channel* We are Informed that the course proper has been completed In fact, we have given one lecture over. In which the tlck??-holders were highly edtllsd and the lecturer extensively advtrtistd hi* profession. We hav also a second -ecture announced from Rev Geo B Cheever. I have listened In vain for a call for a meeting of the full a?soc!atlon to listen to a report from the executive committee and devise plans for the future As 1 have do other way to reach the officers of the association, I would crave, through your columns, the privilege of asking them some question*. By what authority do they prolong or continue the ?ourse of lectures* Bv what warrant do they engage for a second lecture Mr. Cheever " or any other man," and pay for the name out of ths funds of the association without first consulting the association? For one I protest against this assumption of power on their part, and especially against the ro-engagement of a man who vaun'Inglv proclilmed that " he was ashsmed of the name of American," and who vlllified his country when abroad, and whose every breath at home Is laden with abuse of the Government, the Administration and our commanding generals; who has no words of encouragement in the hour of peril but interminable harangues of blt>r ina n A Parian r? VmM i m r?M *? ?? wiMUiV. a VUI?, Th* Di?t*ict m Co?o**ss?v'MttrdiT, the bill authorizing the appointment of a warden of the District Jail waa reported back from the comtnirte. by Mr Grimea, with the recommendation that It pass The salary of the warden Is Hied at SI,300 per annum; bonds In the penal sum of *5 000 being reoulred as a sirety for the faithful performance of the several duties. The bill providing for the release of certal n persons held to service In th- District was aloo reported to the Penate, by Mr. Morrill, from the District comruitt#*,and !t? passage recommended. |t provides for the emancipation of slaves In the District with just compensation to loval masters; and says, among other things, that the continn nee of a custom olf.-n.iive to the moral sense, at the common r?s'denc? of the diplomacy of the Christian nation*, aa well aa the annual resort of the representatives of the people, parfakea of the quality of a public indecorum. Its repugnance to the sentiments of most of thoae who officially assemble htre is of Itself deemed adequate ground for Its discontinuance. Exchansx of Foot ex as ?John Reed, a soldier. who lodged with another soldier on Tuesday night, ro*e early next morning, in Imitation of the bird which 1* said to hav ' aught the worm. John, thinking no doubt that his early rising doserved a reward a!ao. looked around for it He aw a pair of wornout wnrtldeaabrogana near him; ihev w?re his own He saw a fine pair of new boots alongside the reclining warror, who was I till in dreamland These John quietly drew on, | km pipwa with tbe fit, and quietly chuckling with satisfaction If ft the room Bat a sudden reverse overtook him a little later in the day He wis arrested and taken before Justice Walter, and wms there confronted by the owner of the boots, who described hi* as'onlshment on asking at finding bit nice new boot* gone, and a pair of tattered and mud-stained brogans In their place. Reed was held for further bearing. CBivinai. Court ?Ywterdsy afternoon. Felix Mullen, soldier, tried for burglary in breaking Into the bouse of Mr Adams, was found guilty, but recommended to the imrcy of tbe Court. Counsel for the defence moved for a new trial, but the Court would not grant It. Cornelius I^eonard, indT< fed for keeping a d's o'derlv house, was acquitted George J one*, colored, convicted on Wedne*. day list of manslaughter, was sentenced to eight years imprisonment in the penitentiary. Police ?The Thlr?t Ward patrol reported yes teruayaianoa met rj'frn, lor Oelng drunk nd disorderly; workhouse 60 days. Thoniae Morris, fnr driving through a funeral pror??:on; fined SI Sc by Justice Bamacln. George ii. Calton, arrested upon suspicion of larceny, was dismissed by Justice Clark Tbe fourth Ward patrol r-ported Dennis O'Connor,creating a nusance; d'smlsaed. Patrick Folev, Morris Sullivan, do; do. G W. I'turmebfe, keeping a dog w'thout license; do Mlaa Btrab Auatm, aellliig liquor without license; do. Sarah Auatln, do ; lined?20 fc. Farads ?This morning a very handsome detachment of the Fliat Cavalry appeared upon the Avenue, fully equipped, aa If for a long march, and attracted much attenCoa Boon after, a splendid battery of brass piece* paased down the Avenue. The cleanliness of tbe men, horse# and trappings, and tbe brilliant pollsh of tbe guns after tbe unfavorable weather, excited surprise They were parading for exercise ... . They were succeeded by the Fifth U. 8. Cavalry, alio making a good appearance. PoVlTlWilD Statio* Cash?Be/or* Juttie* XWalttr ?Thos Slater and Abraham Smith were arretted upon suspicion of stealing eight bottles claret The stolen wines were recovered from their depository on Engiiflh Hill, and the two men subsequently captured; both were committed to jail for court, and the wine remain* at the Fourth Ward station to be Identified Daniel Dougherty, Dennis Desmond, and Henry James, drunk and disorderly; turned over to the military Alex. P. Newt ).i, disorderly; S3. * Baoroar into i tocui bt Wins.?Abe Smith aad Tom Bowie, two colored "boys," were overhauled by Patrolmen Hannan and Prazler last alffht Tom and Abe wsre In company, and one of them had a bag on his ahoulder. In which bag several bottles of wine were found. As the state f tbetr would not justify indulgence In the M Jalee of thegrspe," or what purports to be "slch," the "boy*" were locked up for a hearing. Rtdkopbobia ? An unmistakable mad-dog made his appearance In Swampoodle yesterday, aad caused no little commotion in that excitable neighborhood The animal ww pursued and aally killed by a shot from petrolmsn Han nan's revolver, but not uatll after it had bitten aeveraI dogs in that vicinity. _ MiLTTaav Fu.vtaAL?The member* of com n, 7TtB . >?? Yorr volunteer reginaeet. yesterday ifttrnoon accompanied to the Railroad dep t the remains of their lute comrade, Alexander Annable. The body Is to be taken to the late home of the deceased in Albany. Oimu Oiitraocii Casks? Jutttc* Wmittr ?Samuel King Wm H Mortimer, Thoa. Mshan, drunk; to mod oxer to the military. L. Hlpktn*, Bridget Conner, do ; fined S3 each. Eighteen ledger* wore accommodated Csaccir Covar ?Yesterday afternoon, In the 11 rane of Jam*s W. ftfcars vs lames W Colley, the i "J returued i rrrd ct for defeudaat. Compliment to Bbis. Gbssbal Mutm ? The ottcers ?f the Irish Brigade or Tuesday last, gave an entertainment to their Brigadier General. Tfaomaa Franela Meagher. The affair came off at Pprlngfteld Station, about Ave mllea distant from Alexandria. Among the eeesu present were General* Helntzleman, Shields, Howard, Richardaon, Meagher, and Colonels Terry, Caw and others. A good time was had. Usios Msstiwo is Gsossrrows ?There was an interesting and lively Union meeting is Georgetown on Tuesday night Addresses were delivered by Mr. Wm. n. Tenney and ether uiisna. CoMmmoiiD ? Dr W. T. Okie, fotmerly of the military hoapltalat the Union Hotel In George* town, has been romminatoned an assistant surgeon In the United States army, and has been assigned to duly with the 8th U. 8 infantry. Sal Austin is Tiocble ?Sarah Austin, whosa domicile on Sixth street has attained a lar^e notoriety. wan yeftterdpy arrested for selling liquor without lie?>n?e She was brought before Justice Walter, who fined her JM. Removal ?Marshal Umon yesterday removed Amon Duvall, one of the guards at the city jail. Cafoss ?Speaking of capons Wilson, 118 Pa. avenue, ha* a fine supply of these xplendld fowl*. Give him a call. Remember the number, 119 Pe. avenue, between Nlnteenth and Twentle'h ats f Ordbr or MakshaI. Lamow.?The following order was Issued by Marshal Limon oi the 9th Inst : Washington, Feb 8th, lb<H. To Jailor and Guards at tke Public Jail ri? uxririri or toiumota : You will this day rel^as'. from cuatody all persons claimed to be held to aervlce or labor, and not charged with am clme or misdemeanor, who are now In ^1. who tiave been there for the pace of thirty or upwards?from their arrest and commitment?and, In future, you will, in regard to persons claimed to service or labor, and not charged with crime or mlsdemeauor, govern yourself In strict eccordancewith the order to me na Marshal f<r the District of Columbia, of date January 25fh, 1*?2, from Hon Secretary of State. Respectfully, Ward H I. am on, U. 3 Marshal D. C. J. B. Conelim, the great spiritual medium, can be consulted at No. 411 Thirteenth street, between (J and H, Washington. fe 12-3t# Ttlik's CompoundStbcp Grx Akabtc ?We take great pleasure in recommending the above fivorit* remedy for Coughs. Colds, and all aflrctions of fee Yhroatand Lunga An attache of this office had a severe cough fr?r several weeks, and after trying every likely thing, without any relief, was perfectly cured by a single bottle We are not surprlaea that it is so largely patronized by our soldiers in camp.?Bait. Cltvvtr. Ths Ibiia* Hkrb Doctor, From Canada, will describe disease* and tell Ms patients the nature of tbelr complaints or Illness, without receiving any information from them. iVo charge for Consultation or Adtiet. oca MOTTO. We use such Balms as have no strife W ith Nature or tbe Laws of Life : With Blood our hands we never stain Nor poison men to ease tbelr pain. Our Father?whom all goodness fills, Provides tbe means to cure all Ills; The simple Herbs beneath *ur feet, Well used, relieve our pal- complete. A simple Herb, a simple Flower, Cull'd from the dewy Leu? These, those shall speak with touching power Of change and health to the. Room No. 11, Washington Building, Penn avenue, corner of ?th street. Feb 8-2w* Cobss. Bunions, Calositles, Bad Nails, Enlasted Joints, and all d'seases of tbe feet cured without pain, by Dr. White, Surgeon ChlropoHist J'jfi PonnairlvonU o won m* P? *v vhii?ji?uuiu urvuuc, wckwcrn rumand-a-half and Sixth streets Room 7?up stairs. Office hours from 12 m. to 6 p m. Orders to call at residences promptly attended to. Jan 16-lm* Pleasant Frasi.hid Rooms, with fuel and gas, with or without board, at 415 E street, between Eighth and Ninth streets. Table boarders can be accommodated jan 15-lm* Families who have never used Boston crackers are Invited to try those manufactured fresh every day by i. L. Dayton. Sold by all respectable grocers. ja 98-tf Ths miasma and foul vapors generated by the hot sun will be far more deadly to our volunteers thin the enemy's bayonets In the Indian and Crimean Campaigns Hoiloway's Pi lis were used In enormous qu^Atltles Toey kept the troops in perfect health Only 25 cents per box. Soldiers, supply yourselves _ 817. Take no koeh unpleasant and unsafe Mkdicinis ?For unpleasant and dangerous diseases, use Helmbold's Kx'ract Buchn, which has received the endorsement of the most prominent physU ciar.sin the United States is now offered to afflicted humanity as a certain cure for the following diseases and abuse of the urinary or sexual orpins: General debility, mental and physical depression, imbecility, determination of bl*od to the head, confused Ideas, hysteria, general irritability, restlessness and *leeplessne?s at night, loss of appetite, absence of muscular efficiency, dvspepsia,emaciation, low spirits, disorganization or paralysis of the organs of generation, palpitation of the heart, and. in fart, all the concomitants of a nervous and debilitated state of the system. To Insure the genuine cut this out. Ask for Helmbold's Take no other. Cures guaranteed. See advertisement In another column. feb 4-tf India Rubber Goods. India rubber Sheets for protecting children's beds, that no family should be without; 75 cents each. Rubber Blanket*, for noldlers, SI.25 each. Rubber Pcnehos and Blankets combined. >2 30 each. India Rubber Coata, white or black, 8*2.50 eacli. India Rubbe. Legtftns SI per pair. And all kind* of Rubber Goods, including Rubber Boota and Shoe*, Rubber Stopper* for bottlea, Door >lr.ta, Under Sbeetlnua for t?ed*4b alcknms, *c ,Ac , at s prlcw,^"^ A. Hall's India Rubber Warehouse, 306 Pa. a^r , between Ninth and Tenth atreeta. feb 1-tf SIAAHIEU. On the 81 f>f October, 1?jl, by K ev D C. J o!in?, Mr. i bWIS l? SI lB??I.t>, of Baltimore, to Mm Jij>KPH1NK B. DAWSOM, ol V\ astungtoa City, p. C. * Hfci*. On h* 13Lh lr.hta-t rf a abort a;d pain'ut illness. .M. s ANN MORGAN CHICK, wife cf Rio La,il T Ohio*. aged 56 ye%rs. Tbe friend* as<l a^uainTa.ce j are ros^eritfaliy invi d to a';en?1 her fir-eral, on Satmuay alter noou at S o'olonk. on West at * [ Baltimore papers copy.J On the 14th iu?t\nt, CYNTHIA ANN HAM MACK 38 T^ari. Her funeral will tail* place on J?urday afternoon tti. f ?? ? r> - ~ e * 1 - * *? k u ?i tndh ^ u giUUt U JIU IlOr i&lO TPHIQCIIO?, O. l!i <>n 1S>4 st-oer,jist below Feon avenue, tier frien Is an 1 *04110.111'auoes are re^peot'olly invited to attend her funeral, withoat farther notice. 2t* In W?*h ngton, Februa-v 13:h, f om the effect* of swsllowing s 9:3, Mrs tiKOKGKANNA HANKf*. wife of Dhv.iI Hacks. and daughter of the late 6t>ur$e Wheat er, 111 the20th year of h*r age The friends of the family are invited to attend the fiiiieral from her mother's residence. On M street between 4'i and 6th. (1 aland,) on Sunday afternoon at 2 o'clock. W D. Di'NN^ftLhY. the well known proprietor of the L'nioii^jfe.; Hmse, 4 4** Tbirttvtth street. Gen'! ilevi^ua tors, d:?d this minnnic very nuJif^ r, r.avir.w broken a blood-vessel. His virtues as* inan, and his patriotism endeared h.m to a large eirole of mourning frieuds Mr. Donnelly wm a regu ar corresponfant ot the New York Commeroi&l Advertiser and New York kxpresa. * Obitvast?3*^rM to the memory of ALICE E?TfcL.LK M. POULTON, who departed this life o 1 the 22J D*c??iiiber, 1861. Dead! dead ! in h*r glonou* betuty?in the flush of vouth: deaf to the reoa 1 of mnurmic hea t?. and the awakering e^hoe* of the affection she ha<l won ! If rnaoon u die, who was sure of an hour ol life? She is now free from all tin sorrows and joys A life, and Ua? gone to a world where all is IOT a.n.1 BMAA a. - - --- ? ? ? ,,f - - " r-.^, WllCir i( ||UW IICVBi CIII"!. Y? O m.!? her happv voice end ient!e ami'.e. which made h?r to heaved b? us all in our companionship. But a as. aha wn. join ua no mora in our merry aporta, or meet with u? in the friendly oirole. And thou art cone; though thou wert young and fair? TLoueh thy awaet hoe hal no', a trace of care ; Yet. thou wert taken from th? mother's love. To bad thy home in heaven above. Aud thou art ?o~e; thuuch .laugh er of m; heart? Thou whodidkt ahare cf it the de&re*t part? Thou, iry aweet Bulaoe in in* ?adder.e? hours. Gone to dwell io heaven's promised bowers! And thou art gone; and angels voices whiiper Mourner/tljy daughter sitteth at her Savior's feet; Moure not?w.r her?to b- a son' among the blessed la aweeter fkr by a mothers haul oareaaed. (Joae in the flaah of yonthi! tfen*. ere thy hrart tad fe.t earth's withering o re? . . fcr? t.e at >rmy worl 1 hai soils! thy spirit truth. Or sown dar* sorrow thore! bleep ona's.'p on! 1 ?o<ilJ not waice thee? 1 would not oall thee b%ok again Tq linger In this world of sin. To feel onoe mo its joy and pain.?H. * FRK?H lemon BIHCUITtt, 13oeats per lb., B'JSTON CRACKERS, 10 oenU. a or k VCf DVTltuDn -i- ?? ? OV A R bll UU. orn #, 5iJ0A do. toeoti, iCftAl d" 9 oerite, W ATKK do Tern's. ?joi BROWN 8U9AK, 9 eenf, ery fin# CODFISH, 6 o?nU. An?U>?riOtof ?r*h iround rQKKKK, POTATOfc.8 %nJ BUCKWHEAT FLOUR. At tot J l<>V?ri?M,?t U Itlw* L. A. PELL.W10'g. N?ry Y*rd. A LL KIN W> OF P* b*3 { (iKOCfcKltS AND A w* v4 fVglfe'NtC. d? ? St??>t MJ Pa. ftveuae, soar fitfa ft. AMUSEMENTS. THEATER-Benefit of Mr. J. E. P. Derm a* Rom Dnfard. Friday e??rmr. February 1?. tha f?rformanoe will ominenea witk the Comedietta i f "The Two Tbom>ioni W'ill'?m Thompeon the ?d, .Mr. J,K. (Wmi After whloh the extr?T?r*p?% of* "Pee? Benind the Poenn"?Aohille l?nfard. Mr J E Ovn*; Iom Dufard. Mi*a R. Deo r To oonolnd*, in one aot. wit? the Comedy ot rhe H^pocrit^"? Miwworm. Mr. J. K Owear, < c Monday will be pr^duoed "The rhiniBey Corner." It TLe Campbtlla Have Come. BRAND OFKNING NIGHT o? thtb WORLD-R BXnWNED HAND OF MINS1 R E LS*, AT THXIK NEW OPERA HOUSE' LATl PHILHARMONIC HALL, WITH SIXTEEN STAR PERFORMERS, FRIDAY EVENING, February 14. ArimiMiisn.......... ,25oent? Ktrrred Scats SOoenta fD- For portionlara w?e hilln of th? day. Tt CANTERDU R Y! CANTERBURY! First Apsearanoe of the CANTERBURY MINSTRELS ' CANTERBURY MINSTRELS ! CANTERBURY MINSTRELS ' TO-NIGHT. First Appearance of S16NOR R \FFAELB 8IGNOR R AFFAFl.b ABECCO ABECCO. ABECCO. THE THE (1rkat national. ballad or eat national ijallad VIRTUOSO VIR TUOSO THE LEONI PANTOMIME COMPANY lu M. Leoni'a highly suoo?astul comio pantomime. LA STATUE BLANCHE! LA bTATUE BLANCHE! LP AAAI i.a.4 i\n Ua * ? nri^k nnknuiulA.1 /...?? /?f |%DUV1 V DU UU omuiuaj OTlbii Ul. I'UU uuwi CUVUtB "I laughter applause. Admission 36 oetts ; Orohester Chairs 50 cents. A Family Afternoon Entertainment On WKDNRttDAYan 1 SATURDAY. For Ladies and Children, with delightful performances ami a lavish distribution of presents, sets of Garnet, Coral, and other *tj les of Jewelry; artioles of useful and cost y chataotor, and SILK DRR9SKS?SILK DKKH8E9! JX~7" The Silk Dress on Sa?ur Jay, February 8th, wad presented to Mrs. John G Abe'l.on the Island. A magnificent Lavender Cher e Silk on Wednesday. Admission 2" cents ; C hildren 10 oents. fe 10 II' TH B yy ASH1NGTON ACADKMY OF MUSIC. Pknn. Avbnc*. ( South Sidi.) No. Betieefn Qtk a*<i lwfc gts. Every evening a remarkably fine Free Conotrt, embracing selections from th* best ol&ssio musio, and the most popular operas?rendered tn better style than at any otrrer America oonoert saloon. The guests?and the public are freely invited, without Gha.rfc-* for antra.!."\a-?.m** r?l* y?h*w ing every comfort th.?y desire. In sedition to the finest music in Washington, they wilt obtain, on eall. from the attentive attendants, decided!? the best Refreshment* for sa.o in the 1-poerai Metropolis OJfioars constantly in attendance to keep good order. Concert comroencinr at 4 p. m. HUNKY ROSENTHAL, feb 7 lm Proprietor. KING'S NATIONAL AMPHITHF.ATKR, Pkkn. Av. amd E St.. Ntar Willardi'. T. Kin*...._? ...?....Sole Lessee and Manager C. - -. ?Associate Manager F. Whittaker ? ? Equestrian Manager THIS EVENING, Tom King trill give his Comio lm::?'ions of CLASSIC STATUARY HORSEBACK! Have yoa se?n old DAN GARDINER In his great Burlesque Dance. A La Cubufttr! And Scaramouch! The Beautiful M'lle HEUOISK Every Evening ! KINCAOE. the 100 Summersault Man! The Great Zouave Halt Must be seen to be appreciated. DO N J U A N E'er* Ninhtuntil fnrther iif-tic* Niw Novkltik^ I? HrkPAKATION : Scali o/ Prtces?r.rhesfer < hairs 15 cei.ts; Dress Circle Wioer.t*; Chitcrer. n^d"r lit years of as* to Dress Circle 25 cents; ^ocai Kaiii* 25 cen't; Colored Gallery io cents: Colored Boxe*?o ce;.t?. Doors op?n at 7 o'clock; performances -vrili eimmence at 8 precisely. . fe7 ODD FELLOWS' HALL. seventh ?trxkt. George Christy's Minstrels ATFEAR NIGHTLY at ODD FELLOWS' HALL. And continue tvtry evtmng until further not\rt. NEW SCENERY h&? been added to the St&je, and ev?t arrange ment maae i'?r trse proper prouuotion ol GEORGE CHRISTY'S CELEBRAlED FAK CE8, BURLETTA8, Ac. ft o. Ac. Admiaaicn 85 certf ; Orcheater chair.-,50 oect*. Door* opeaat quarter to 7; comm^toi at quarter to 8. JOHN P. SMITH. fe 3 Hnaimas Ag?nt. PATENT OFFICE CURFOSITIKS?G?id? to Paten's. Catalogue of Curtonr.'a an1' Government Garden*, at the atacid t\> Patmit office: Rare Antiqua'ian lt<>okg ; Gove-r.inA't Hooks; Doi*u' mt* furnished; Railroad Report*; ^'1 itar? R# o rts; burnt Pate at Office Reports; Cheap ttooka fumiihed to Pediaa; Miiitarr 'I'ia'a: Military Law*: Army Renu'ationa; Panorama or the Oast ?howin? over 2.000 miiea; many tfiouaaud Cheap Book*. Racolieot ohrap rent, Large a?Uer, 'ow p- ces Up ataira, ov*r Da ik f Washington. ja?-1m* ALFRED HUNTKR. J3ALLS, ^ARTIES, &c. PROF. C. F. BARNES' FASHIONABLE DANCI NG ACADEMY , at Temperance ">1 Hall, i>. street, be.wfen 9 h &n-< 1' th C!aa>ea SrfS v<-r? Toeadar and Fndar?after*' or elata film at 3. ?v. nint ela-B at 7. 8o?rea ? v *ry Fridayuflt evenin* a 8 o'olook. \luiic fcy I'rjf. neo Arth. Ten psr*no? HaL will be let for Parti'*, &o. Apply an above fe 14 lm* T^HK T HI .77) (j K A M U bOiKKE Will b" k<von at rl TEMPERANCE HALL. St K *tr*et, between ?lh aati 10th. Z7? On FRIDAY KV KNiNG. IVb'y UbuBk Daceirg will commence at 8K o'clock. The beat mueio will be in attSLilaaoe. Tiokot* AI. fe 81w* Prof C K. BARNES, Maiacer. BOARDING. PK.RMANKNT BOARD AN!) A PLKASANT room wantod by a teut'eman ofquie' ar. i home like habit# A private fam Ij preferred Will C on ... * L. A. ^ t. ?>n.. .1 >.! - I. . _ fray <3 J? iiiuuwi* j^t-avnoBn in muio ursimuio mill a Buperai uiidanco of provision No Secessionist or STinpathiier wi*h H el.el* need answer th r. Aduress " Boarder,"' Post Office. fe M-ot* Fl'RNlSHED ROOMS TO RENT. with Boird, in a pleasant location i ear the Capitol, Also, a i and?ome!y furnished Parlor and Chambercommunicating. Inquire at Star Offioe. fals-!f CENTRAL HOTEL, (*p<m tht European plan,) o?rn?r of Pennsvlvania avenue acu 6:n rtreet, cpeotite corner to Brown's and the National, is now furnished throughout with new and handsome furniture. The piopnetor informs his friends and the publie that tney can be accommodated with room.*, by the day or week, with or without meals. The Dming Salcon open at a 1 hours. H. DURHAM OKLHTON, fe 10 eo2w* Proprietor. PERMANENT OR TRANSIENT BOA KDers can be acccmmoaated on reasonable terms at 6A3 N ew Jersey avenue, Ca?itol Hill, within a few doors of south wing of Capitol. fe 12 3.* GEORGETOWN ADVEBT'MTS jg U C K 8 K I N G L O V E SI Ramsbu^f & Ebort, 105 Hioh STHMT, GEORGETOWN, D, O. The onif manufacturer* of Gennine BUCKSKIN GLOVES. MILITARY GAUNTLETS, aud MITTENS in the Dlctnet. Offiours' Gauntiete made to order, Baokekin Drawen and Shirt*. jg. jg NE NICE ROSEWOOD CH1CKLRING I'iANO for ?75. One7 oct*? four round comer Halie'PSBM A Dint i'i&nc lor f20". 'HIT! For ule npo.i ea?j term at the Mmie Store of W. G. MKTZKROTT. Sole Ageno* for Stein war and S^n'e and Haven. !I?orn k Co.'e Pl>rn?. del* PORTABLE WOODEN TENTS! T*e has sal* and will make to order Portable Wooden TeaU, of any reeoireo a very i?w priqe. ThfBetenUo&n b* put 09 Or taken down in & faw minnt^i *nH AAn U cann at the ooraer of Fourteenth and O JOHN A. JORDAN. mills. S. courtkille. ~ attention. ladFes'-u"^,;,^Suand ILLUSION WAlSTrt. KB A l.LACKfc of ry d??OTiptiOD, FRENCH KMAROIl>KRIE8. to. Ordera ?r? tak*n f..r Wnata to fit. Aino, *1! kinds of L.M? &ood?

Wanwd. ( ml abl? Handa to do t p |ua ?c da and m? at iue uutaaa. fa u at* ?f ^ wsjrp. A WOMAN WANTED to oooVanJ inn In qnirn at No. 433 E, between 7*h kd?1 Sth :?. feW It* \1T ANTED?A frrd ? H n VA ro wa?h, oook " aad irog, !g?air?lt No. 462 .New V?. ik ??., on* -loor from IS**1 at Tt* WANTEDIMMKDJA1 El..-* "OOR for a re<taur*nt in Alexandria Aarlr ?hi? or bef >re W o'cook to morrow forenoon, at 4 39 Penn. ay It* \A/ANTED^Or7~oT8TEi OPENER- n* ** who understand* th? bniin"??. Non* other c?ed apply at the European Hotel, oorner Pa ay. an-1 nth at. It* WANTEJ>?Twenty fi<e WdflD CUTTERS. Apj't at Mwn. F"NW'K'R * i*TKW ART'Scfflw, west tide of Seventh street at Canal bridge. ___ J* '* *'-* \\T A N T R I) IMMFPI AT F L\-k ro^d >* WHi EI,W RISKT t > do p'air. work Apply at th? corner of 22d street and Fa. av*nw? feUSt* DAN'L WYKRS. WANTFP?\ *ejit!?m*n an1 lad* wart two ROOMS in a strictly prvte farm!), wrh B sH. Pe->t r?f t?'p ei??( nv?n nnii rfenire'. V ns* 1 e in a i!u -lra!>:e pa t of i'c ei'r. Agrees, hy letter, static? t:rrcs, to "fc. 1).," Box'0, Post Office. fe 14 4t WANTF.o?A SITt A I ION 'n ayonnc inaii, as a nierk in a st'>*e. or r.i> an as :?'.ant t.-i a sutler. Wage* cot ro rrnah r'niect as expo*- . mer t wonl' l?n. Krerm"; ei '&ti"tii 'nmisl.e-', f reqii:frr-ni'he K t In p' yer. Wou'ri accept of a position a- i>ar kerp?r iu * ? respectable h^t 1 or r*pt.suran?. Address im-r-rd att y *F. C. H yta-- Offi<y?. Wa'hingt-'Ti t> C. 1 * WANTF.B?A goc J Bl>ACK?mra ; nonelo.t a tool ha I shall ajrl?, a? PHII IP KRAFFi'ti, ^evfnth street, If.wccn M arc* is' J etr. fe 13 2 WANTF.l)?A Colored WOM cliamVrir.aid ard waiter, or* W - fl >ro<ch!y wtd^r itauda h*r batmen. lnauireat the Star Oder, fe 13 2^* WANTKP?A SKKVANT <;IKI. Who IX a " rn^d oook. <>n? who r>n?rp?t?-Titn',fl faithful wi|. find % *ooi p'are \jf t^avi'i? h"r * <lrcgg at the star office. directed to Mr. DAWSON. fe 13 .1 ? VVANTKO to RKNT-A rao<!e-n HfUHF, " with fl to 12 ro ?T?. between Penney.vania imtM and H street and M and nth cti. Apply 432 Eighth street, batweeu 1'enn avenue and I) ?t_ fe 13 3t* WANTED T<? RENT? My a permanent re?ident, aumall or medium si*l lTnfnrnute-i HOUSE, between 4th and 13th and Pa avenue and K 8t?. A<ldre?s (stating terms, location. Ao,? "M.,"at ti?i??lfi <e. f> la 3** WANTKD?\ plain TOOK, WA3UFR. aTi IRONER. in small family. Apply a' 437 L'ltf lifK afi>AA? H . .1 L' f? m ?* * liiKir 11 O .? W? k l/u fc w <r *71 i i? OiiM I > tO Ol WANTED? Bt a !a?1jr and (tentlenan. a FURNISHED PAK I.OR ani OH VBKR.'wett ?f 12th street preferred.?with Board. Fire und <?a*, lintueationab'o reference given and required Addregg "M. G.," Star Office. le 12 St* \\rANTKD?One good SERVANT t-? enok, 1 " wash a>?! iron. The best v ne* g v*n. Nr.r> need aop!y .t>ut thoso who can com" well rferm menae.1. aibo, one survar-t 10 att*n<i 10 children ; the b??t wares eivfr. No 361 New York avenue.. between 10th and 11th ats. fa 12 St* OKORRK SFtTZ. \A/ANTED TO KKNT-VVentei to rent, wl?li w or wi'b^nt fumtare. ip. the Fi?et Ward, a HOUs'K With fro"i 12 to 14 grod roomi Addra** .irT>?n?div.e.!jr E. J. ALLEN, Provost Office ___ fe 11-lw WANTED?5?uf'er* and Soidrersto know that thev can bn? C MV1P STOVF8 and TIN WARE oheap of M J. UKEOORY, 3*1 Penn avenue. jail ( WANTED.?Wa are now baring SECOND- i HAND FURNITURE,STOVES?nd MED DINS, for which wo arc pavinr the highest cash prioos. Families dpaliair.f hoMBekeepint, c havine a mrphis of fo rnrnre, find it to thaiAd rantaift to give as r. >..v I. IIONT* fc GRIFFITH. Je lS-tf No. 360 *-th *t.. he#w. I and k *i*. i LOST AND FOUND. ' fl? C P FAVARD?I os*, n Mmua? *fternocn? a gO MEMORANDUM --'O K c n &in ne p\ peri. reoei ft?, Sc . of r.o to % > . lp but t owner. Five< o 'a s '"tv ! v- ' !- fiven lor iti , retorntofV P. \? 321 l>at. It/ Q JT REWARD-St-V'l f">~ ?; c Po*t Offioe, ? blwlt CA':KK.hid o> a %?< f!!? l*n saddle; i>rid'e was o d. and t.'ie rna'tinea ? Jij* wu n?w. The ?t>ove :e?ard will be fiil Q.JL;. 1 for ler return. A C Rh'iwN, It* Un . - Br wr> ?;o'e!. LOST?O- Tlu;rtd*y 6vea:i,r, in iront of the PostC fli e, ?":<>pec?d I K ! TEK . dmotfd tome. Any person fin-.i jr mi< Utter, and givine thenoft??e thma.'h tin Po?t r?ffi -?/>. ?r at the ? ffice D' A. K. n ar t?ie c -ner -f nth ftreer?e?t, 1 and New York avenue, ihall be * ? i rewarded f*U2t* H 4 PM AN L 8. AN-'TT": ~ P r.on Tf>?r;fo t?nt h'm.'e f \- Wn II. Arnold. o' Ho i lt?*n, N. J . <?. v\ *dr.;Fd.i Febff&ry 12!i; I>t i?ub ?ke t<>o? v.o i or T?! h'T?^ in piacp of bis c?n vhmh he hexl A "1 | i?mi in ii .ivnj < i Mei ri. "SJ.W k I NATHAN, correr O an'l '2'h rt-. Ho will p 10 reiurn mid lor ?, &u 1 'ake bv k hi ? own, a? i t o > r??n?rr* t?< NK*V * NATH \ N, Livery Btahie, corner C aHI l?rh at.. Watliinttor, L>. C. fe_H 3t* ST'W.tN. out of tli? Hal' of Nc. Q, Loriaiara avenue W?dnecdsiv "vermr a ;r.rie liiimi hoKany hi. r c otn M < !CK1 NG Olitilt th9H?*tnf which w*i- a littla worn. A liba ral reward wili be piid for the >acovor? of Wanted, a Ch-vnbariraid; a to. a iT.all roW-d Girl. Apf<!? at No. * hiuiM* s &va. fe 13 3t* STRANKl) ? R STOLK.N-Two MULES, ntraye<l from <?!U 1-ounJry Milla.ifc. Sunday amht. V o 9'h inatarit,?< c'uIuba r it?nr? amw a?H ' ? " * ? - - ? ? vn B i . i*a> ? > ' I-" r I, ! 7 11. ELI (% Both had on ha't'rs.with a chaia taohed, A literal r> vi-d xti 1 l>~> for th-? return of sm I mules Krgnire rf G EORGE WATERS, No. US Hijh airoei,f>n Cacai.^eorre i town, i) c. f-"a ?r IO">T-(in ; th<* 8th o( Jc^rua'*, a t ire ium ?:z? GoLI) WAT 511 b??r- W ine on the *>aok :hf innia ? "II l\ T t?<ether with a representation of a G nine J Church at l'i i t Lev;. tn? r.unibir r.nd^BaMt mak?r'? name no'. reco'!eote<i. A r.'waM of SI" wiilbepaiJ to thn j?"rnon returning the sair.i to th-> offie* of the iiVMiirR Vtir S^rppo'ed t-> icat either on Pa. avenue, or #'>iii< c-t 7 !i Btreit to t >U Kate fo 12 3t* I OCn RRWARD-Ruam f* -"n ?h"* aubno'iher, Februar* 5, tr.y > l-.(iKO MAN, NBd,(ca'l? nimflf Ni d Herson,)h* i?at< ut tD ( five tact tix inehta huh; about thirty f.?a , yar* of are; had on at thx ime, a J* cloth, purple ja wnite pa it-<; hat a * ' aligh> rear ovr hia'eft e>o;fu!l Bait of vh.aker* < and I u ill give the above r>?wa d fi.r i<irn if taken out of Caitf-vi oounty, or tweuty-fiwe do ara if taken inth? county; in either case he rnuat he < aeuurcd liiat I can get him a^ain. rH4)8. V. Hf AKE. fe 12 St falvor* ronnt*. Fri?nd h'P i\ ?> rtlSTRICT OF COLUMUIA, C< cm- or ' I WA?Ht\fcTON, To ieit : - I h? (c r , Illy that Jam&a ? B^avora.of tfcu court' brought t ofore ire. one of tii? Jo?;ic** the Peace, in an-i for aa<d conrty. ti? a 8t - Febru- < a y 1862, a <Ja<k brown M*RK about l.VS hands high; liavii.g it* 1< fc tnr.d loot white up to i;.? aucle; it" right hind foot witj a little wiuu- under tha letlook; a rtar on it? foreh*a<1; an I iti fack a? r.\ dm i mare wn a luuntl i v: uu it a uiiutary t>(iddl? and bridle. Given nmier my baud a:;d ?ra'. W. THOMPSON, J P. The owner will come forwaid. p-o?o property, pay charges, and take the above name t mare ???y. o>- she will be ?o'd to par e^pen^ta. Call at office of Metropolian Poke . 51G llth et. f-ll 2awJw fijj IZ(\ REWARD?Foi the apprehension (and delivery to me at Bladeueburg, >ld., or eeourfM m jail so thai I get turn) of Nt ex GRO SYLV?.STEH, late th* property of Nathaniel Suit, deoea8?<l, of Prince George's VI M l 1 wilt givo the above reward no matter J where taken. 9*ireuter in of eocper oomplexion of thin nta'nre: about 5 feet 9 or 10 inches high. He ia well known in W ashing ton city, and is no doubt lurking th?reabot>t or rta vicinitr, or in the neighborhood of Governor's Uridge. Anne Arunde county, Md. N. C, STEPHEN. Executor of Nathani^rSuit, aeo?-aa-d. [L'ppei Marlboro* Uazatteand Prince Georgian paper meert weekly for 4 weeks 1 fe l-2w* STITCHED IN CONTRA9T COLORt? Ladies be?t Paris Kid Giovea. Alao, plain Kid Gloves, all oolora and a:zea, very beat quality. in addition, our uaual full and ocmplet* stoak of Ifry Uoo-ts, in all the departments ol family wants, for the present and appruaoiung season. PfcRRYt BRO., fe7-6t Pa avenue and Ninth street. I A OIKS' RKADY MADE HNDERCLOTH j ING, NEW FANCY AND MILLINERY tiOOD:*, KK'.L LACES, EMBROIDERIES, Ao., fto.?I take plsasnr-* in informing the iadiea that I ha*o just reoeiv^d from the north a 1?-r? s'ook of superior quality LADIES' Rt-ADY MlDE UNDER-CLOTHINti, suoh t'.neinise, Night Dresaaa,Skutsi Lftdiaa' Drawers, 4o, &o. wtiioh I desire'he ladies to in*peot, as they were imported bafuro goods jot so high and are there fore very chear indeed. N0.18-MRS R. G. ETCHISON.-No. 18. P**NA.. AvBsra, Be'ween 8th ana 9th Streets. N. B- Pmlnne done <0 order. fe Mm J ATTENTION! U8T Reofivea a large assortment cf New Feathers, Comfortables, blankets, Bed-teads, Mattresses, and Carpets. P t-olb 10 buy are requested to examine 11 y st- ok betore purnhaiinv AM I ?n I u 1 * ^ -- . ..... >wi... 1UC7V. uul w.' u'lurriuiu h. BL'CHLY, 489 7th street, between G an-i H. fi? 1-lm* ea.?t s de Sft J. MYKRS. . 10 WA?BIN?TO!t BUILDi.NO, Penn. Avnv* a lares stock of American Watches for a&l?, at wholesale, ly c*. A J. MYtKS American Clocks at wno uals by H. ft J. MYKR*. W atjti i>la;eri;lk at wholesaie by 8 & J.MYKRS. Plated ' name at wkola. ala by B.ft J MY KR* Watch Work dooo for tii? trad? only. by a practical wt.rkmaii, at S. ft J. M V kR8?. Steel aid Gilt Keys at wholetaie bj s*. ft J. Myers ITT All wholes*'? deiUrs in WatcLea and Jewelry would do wa<l to call ?t 8. ft J. MVER8' before run* on Cast or purchaaict elsewhere. NOW YOUR MMh, TO BUY OVLlf <*<at . PaiiH and Vsete.atNrw York prices, at 'JMlT.i ii, Nu. 460 9-?v?-ntn street, opr. . i.?? 1 PoitOL* jfclfidim I - SECOND EDTTTOg. THRKK O'CWM'I, P. M. STILL llATHKt rflAl TifTAKT* w aiiU >?I V I D IVil V ? I V Wk MORE RE'LH.T? OF GENERAL MOCLEL LAN'S STRATEGY ' PPR1N8FIELD (\10 ) OlFS* PRICFVS ARMV UuiDDrn ruror ? ? ? ? uii i au i nbnu PRICE LOSE? I11S STORE* AND EQUIPMENTS. AND IS I.lKfc-H ISE TAKEN "SHORT'' AND ABSql AT ULATES! ?- .. OL'R CAVALRY PURSUE THE FLYING FOE! Si Loris, Feb 14, lift? To Major General McClrllax The flag of the Union floats over the Court House In Springfield. The tnfxuy retreated after a abort eujiaueme it leaving a large amount of sU<rr* and tqulpmeat* which were capturcd by Gea. Curtis. Our cavalry are in elese pursuit II \V HaLlcck, Major Ueaeral. FURTHER A*I> >10*T IMFRFtTINU DETAILS OF I Ht t AP Tl RE OF ROANOKE ISLAM'. . THK LANDING OF OUR FORCES. IMPFTTOUS BRAVKRY OF OIR TROOPS HOW THF. ADVANCr. WAS MADE UPON THE BATTERIES. ?__ -? THE REBELS DISLIKE THi; ?MELL or COLD STFF.L. O. JENNINGS WISE ATTEMPTS To F.SCAPE IN A SMALL BOAT. HE IS SHOT IN THE BOAT, AND DIES THE NEXT MORNING. THE SURRENDER OF THE REBELS AT THE NORTH END OF THE ISLAND UMhVALX UK FRISK ACKOS* CROVTAX SOUND TO STOP OUK FLKKT IT DONT WORK. [9pec'.il Correspondence of the Star ) 0 c n bo at Stab* asc Stbife*. Feb 13, 1?02. Editor Siar ?I send you the following particu ars of the brilliant capture of Roanoke lalattd b> the Burnalde expedition. After the cannonading of the enemy's batt -les by oar naval forces, a lauding of the military wa? romineuced about o'clock on Friday evening st^AlLby'a Harbor, about milea below the rebel Fort Bartow, of ni ne 32- pound era The landing was effected under cover of the guns of two of our gunboats, the Delaware and Mnri*> a hirK ? ? ?1 J , ?, ??i?u oura^un, uruve away and dispersed two rebel regiments that were stationed [here with three field pieces to oppose thtlr landing. Our men were up to their middle in mad &nd water, in landing When on shore they found thethrfe rebel field pi*ce? in the moras By nine p. m that night, Gen. Burns de had landed tt,000 men, and coatinur d landing them through the liigLt, ut the rate of 1,000 per hcur. The land movement against the enemy* batteries was commenced early Saturday morning, toe fleet meantime engjgi^g and silencing a ihore battery opposite it Oar forces advancing In the direction of he batt ry in the ^?nter of the islaud, the rebels were so'jti driven behind their ifntren* hm^nts vrj<T? they reai t-. d F.iu ht mnrtara ? ?*l - - J J *" " ?h? ?*c c i-iuuca irom IU8 10 serve ti our army's Held artillery About m;d d^v, the H&wkius Z t:\V'i and the luh Coujitxticitt rr-^lm ut, under <ien Foiter, inide a dix*u' ifc l?. yoi'tt uj on t^e battery, ^CMnmmded by young Wis'-.) Wddln^ knee deep ibiougu mud aiid water to ^et at the f jrt, aud yelling like ?o many Indian*. Meanwhile a d-tour w?< mud.* on the right by Gen Ktno, and I?-ft by tirn Fitter. Tula attack from turee s.des det>ded the fate jt the day The rebel* tltd from the r eDtrenehtnen's before the ariay of cold steel b:ougbt -< be r against them. The Hawklus Zouaves leaped the liout defenses, bayonet In hand, as the ito. -s fird Young Wise wai not wounded here, at report h a had it, but received his wounds la tudeavor'ng to n ape from the Island in a boat from Su;!. # bog Bay The boat was tired cu, and he received four wounds. He was mrde !iM?< :;er did died nn Sunday moraine of hi* v ?.;%ds After the reduction f the battery in the center of the Island, Ciena Keno and P<nk? took a force of men and went down to Fort B*ruw. (Col. 11111 in command.) ar.d took undisputed poaseasion of !t It had been the principa point of two days bombardment by our navy. At 4 45 p m. of Sot* urday the American dig was displayed from this battery. Gen. Foster then pursued the rebels to the north end cf the island, where was also in ump, ?t drawn up, a Virginia Rv-ginu-ut tha: had beta towed down in atx scLuoners from the u.ainland early on Saturday inornim* Gen. F iter approached, and Lid an interview with the rcb?*l commander, (Cul.Shaw, of N C .) wiio aaked what term* be won d exact lien Foiiter replied "An uncor.dit.onai aurreuder," ;snd contented to give hiiu time to return to b '.a ramp to decide 01 not to accede to the dr-iuand Tue r-bel ctflcer bad barely reached bin men when the MaaaacuuartU 1 weuty fourtu, burring with Impatience, sprung forward In the di.ecticn of the enemy, wheu Col. Shaw !mni d.ateiy raited a white handkerchief as a Mgnai tuat ibe rebeia had concluded to eurrender The euemy had proposed to cut cfl oar passage up Croatau Sound by a cktvauj: I frise of atake< extending from the mainland entirely acroaa to the head of Roanoke laland, but onr gunboaia forced their way through aud commenced the lnipetuoua pursuit of the eucuiy's fleet, which had been drawn up behind thia barrier. UUK MILITARY BUDGET. FLAB FBKSXXTATION. To-morr ow, at two o'clock, tlie Pennsylvania regimental colors will be j resented to Col W11llama' 31st Pennsylvania Regiment and Col. Campbell's 4ih Pennsylvaala Cavalry, at Camp Graham, tr Queen'a farm, near the Soldiers' Home. G tvcrnor Curtln, who la now la this city, Senator Cowan, Speiker Grow, and a committee of tae Pennaylvan'.a Legislature, now here conferring with the Secretary of the Treasury, and other distinguished eltixens, will be present and con. jute to make the occasion one of great interest. Governor Curtln. of Pennsylvania. Is here, conferring with the secretary of War cn the diaposition to be made of the division now ready for the field in Pennsylvania. The old Keystone haa long aince supplied more than her quota of troops, and exceeded every other State In the number of troops in the service, and now again she comet forward with an additional ten thousand ready an<^ anxious fjr active service. These will probably be sent west direct from Philadelphia. A committee of alx members of the Pennsylvania Legislature arrived here yesterday, to confer with the committee of Ways and Means, of Con. Kress, and with Secretary Cease, In reference to taxation; the purpoae being to avoid any conflict between the 8tate and National Legislature in the levying of Uxe?. The committee, with Gov Curtln, bad an Interview with the e< mmltteei of Waya and Meiua of the uoum- *ad Senate to-day. xavt yard Another L*qk Moppui ? S*ct*k Mati Vmpturtd. The Ring Philip, Capt Coolie, went down to the flotilla yesterday, and returned at a late hour laat night TLe steamer Harriet Lane la at Indian Head The heavy lrlng by the Confederate batterie? la at fatalng veaseli, but none are struck. Yesterday afternoon our picket# rear Mount Vernon saw two men leave the Virginia stora and go on board of asmaL aloop which wu T ' * : 1 s?ekor#d t* t* ?i- vm r*poct*d totbe oacor of tbr day. arid a 4*u, hn*ut wa? t lirraedlataW ??nt off V> hoard the tioop Tl?l? wa? done and a number of ietWa were dtanov: rrwj,u? and from p*rt?ea la aid iniong teni ten of ? Hw"" ^rt>w*? On?taaa14. lo contain **'f <^ *"?*" ?**?r '"* of dffr * on tb- Po'orr.*- 1 h? -> j?er? arretted The Jacob B-U to at! 1 with the upper totUla CONGKKSaiOHAL 1IVVUU iimui. Ffbn:*rr 14 Skxatk ?Mr WllM report d from th* Military Aff?lr? OniiBltlrf i b;'.t nr^anit tb? fitdlrv of the lTn'.t?d *!atet; oeatmt tted. Mr. F-^fc-r Introduv* a hill for tbe occupation and cultivation of cottoa lindt o i Uir southern cout; tplrrred. Mr Ha^rla introdiK--d a *?!ll to r*> ~'de for tb? ife-keerin*, and at irutnaocc uf prtacn?.i*f tb* United reftrr?d AUo. a b..l for provlsioaal g.'??ri.m?a'i in certain ' **??; ref^md ( Tb- hill f?r the appointment of a Warden of tbe Watulneton Jail ? ? t**en ut? a->d t>aa??d Tbr tejort of u.? Nival C mm'tv* on tb* an?Wer of it" So. r?*Ur?'t f tb N iwy to the 'eaolui lion coo?* uIm/t.<e " iploym-?? of * r V|?>riran a* a BHY.d abtp broker, wai uken hp, m.u wag debated ?>v Vr F.-ot a^diaa'. It. and Mr. W llkln ill in firf >t llot't ? O t ! i a(Mr S tbeiivuM re?oivrd Ha- if i .'1< Coir.raltW of the Whole (Mr, McKn'jjM In th? r ,a<-) upon 'h* Nival Appr* priat on bill. LATH LOTAL K9SW9. Cosir?T'tnl of>r C<i?? ?'To-day, the m" ul .Ni*b 1^1 H??rt k Luller. (colo ?-u,) cuar^'tl with th?* killing of Rirh-1 Tt:rtj? r, ire** ne^r -a, by ttriking l*?r with * botOe on the f"rrh?-*d, 'i being tried TU? honlrld# wiifrd Plamal ?M<7, on the laland. In D-ceinUrr ls.<?t >.r. K appe-cred for 4eThe following Jurv waa clioaeri?*11 from tLa regular panel ?Patrick Crowley, J *eph McNalr, Samuel R. s?v!ve?ter, John Pic. FrancU Riley, John Tretler, Henry C Klelfcer, G-orgwS Noye*. George 8 Dofln John Reri*ener. Joseph Folliuabce and Lew a \Vri?h? ? - n? Accident ?K man fell on the pa*eru**it la tb? reac. of tfce 1 lty Hall to day about noon, at.4 broke hJ? l?y He wm taken Into tbe to?pltai near br We could not lenrn his name Hr*.?sei>.?It la ?Uit?a ttiat Mr John H Wtae, Keeper of tbe county Jail baa aenita to Marabal Lamon bis re?l^ liatiou of tbat olttie. The War la kaaaat woith. Feb 12 ? Major-Gen. Huutar midf a formal call on Senator Lane yeaterday. Matters in regard the Southern expedition remain In statu quo Gen. L*ne baa not yet realigned the Senntor*b1p. No movements of troopa of particular momeat hxVH titk^n nUra A ?4*--- ,u* *?* A ? r..v ?? '!( tut mi two TLe Thirteenth VVitcon^ i R-k >>*?-* i<t tugou* to Fort Smith. Tae Fir?? K iaa&a in on furlough lot the days ? . a pKOFodALS FOR VVfcLLS, PlMP*.Ao Mtfoi'i Orncit "'uatnr?<i, / , eurai'f 14. ltfB. { I HOPJ?AL?'f! ?r tiai Wli !? r?*0?ived at tins offic }, up t) 12 'c i'.k tr. ?h?? '4th <lajr of Maro.u nait, for nt'itiuc I'unp (ltd ?>.t? Logt for oou v. f.Lc va or, ni.U f?: ?ink ig Wel'a iueiu<1>nc nl itocwtr* imU'i* - fOi w-rkfUM k:* in d<Cftr<? Lxi> g m ! e-rtn?.?~a> g v. ho b??. nA_ii- ', a d (or n< tu" 11 L?r.'e-t repair foro<?ni!t'tu e !ii I e l-Va? Di.' ic . r>ornr>MX> of the Firt-t a. J W ar.'*; .j f.? rt*o< nd Untri t, co up redoith* linrJ.F '9r k? J'" viliU and is th* Th<rd i? ?tr:ct c rp sod of the FlfUi a <1 J*ixtr> Waaa e ?ii to bo bid for separate y an-1 to ! ? u v*i o d ffv?ut o ntractora,? lor t?e term of On jaf,c"i>iT''t?iat ??n toe I at day ofAp i ,'38i, ajr'.a 1) to mo fotuvag ?p?o:LoA'.ioi.a: F~?R WKLLS. Pigtint ?"d ^>a u * ??:ie, luc'ndint materia a ani removing t;.e i>er foot, 'ir.?ei. Tha *l * to h-j inches .Vs-- oi a *o.:J n*rd ? ieaain? "it w't , ?aob. MiLk;r.g o'?i weMe d ~per, ?er fo?t. laliititoal vd wji.a a:.o pii'tn* in aaine, per toot. C\aes <- f ei?ht fa*t i*rg?h. p?r f>ot. i a-e~ m i:? t aa e it tit f-?*t l?r;* rn, p?r foot. 'ov?rtnt :.?ar wt-Pa, ine erfing ma'"-!-The w??'ic( id u? hi no mu >.??(< " .. ? joitt, not )e a tb%u th c ^.cdoKt> ? Paving new ve:U, icclddt^s br.ok and puap tor:*. Ufu.ii{'>'d we ii, an?l civ* ict mna wilhold mvionV eion. t>,? uiiigo.d ??u<tud covering tuia with new timi). r. FOR PUMPS. K?"?!n- t i-OTsps S3 repw, v I stop?trg %ij .es . ftr., it cm be done ?Unuitt?lt;ni out ti.*' pns?i?, eicri. TakiDc out & i i put-'-.! 'n rl J ;uv.p?^o; ;o4 t>aou. >I\ki tU'WJ IOt ilo.i1 v(t. I Mfw loro pot ;n o|J ru up*. &> ' f. ot. Nowb xe.aaJt" u'? m oiu ruiiipa,nth. :\sw pi mp?. p?r fjot. li nos Mi l rpn*:? for i.f* pumps, ?*o t. ?*opp*r ' nai.'ib^rt fo' rump. Tliet >p log of the ru.nps to baof the bset ??e j-ui wiiitr >.a?, a;.a tue remain Jar of Uie beet neajcJluw fine. KOR HYDRANTS. Jv?epic* tli" hy rant* I repair, vis. etoppirg ail ?< ?kb. Ao . al ii-w valvee and rpouta. re?alnag th? old one*, aud repaiing tue o d iroae belonging t > * iri, 1" '>? JOue withont t*.kin* ik? !N'? t (TOT, f*C". Taking out hja'ant* ?'d pitting in mm*, eeob. N?* hy irant-, per foct. : p ut4 f r fydrauts, eaafc. >>pnu(? oc*? <io do. Pan.tiDf pumpe aud hydrant* eac.. IKON WORK. H<icdlea, tps?-i, platea, oacdi and repair*. per Id. t*.out and iowr Ux iroaa for pumpa, each. icta to o.d apeara. r*ew ?p iut &-,- !?n- ircri fo* hydranta. T?e w irk a-id n t b.?a I o: tae beet <ua ity of th<'ir r*spootiv? k::d?. Nuifi rwn be receivea that .a cot made by a pract oa pu i p maier I bo ?er oa or p-rvta w*'.?a offer m*j b?ac cepie I ? i i b ?; paired i ?- ter into t.oua for one t ou-NTid d .|1? - ?uti two fo.?J uretiea. conditioned :o; >li> faitijal r*rfo.-n.?nre cf bu or their 0O?itract: k.c i thoulj ai.y ooutra. t -r or entreat re U 1 or ii u e to o nip.* wim a:.? of ?he coidlii ns oi . r.n< of i<i?ii> tueir o .Li eot, or to expou * &l> wot* within the u?n* ramed tntheotdftr ?.t tii^ ?:i%oer d -mi.n.m it m h? ? ?? autb ?r z 1 to e.i s * ij f-th*r p*-eon t r rcr <-a- t?? fxt;'? il? taat*, or to la msh ne m\ * iv's up in Bi??h ic r.. * \? he ir 4<-on*eiiedient( it waich t i? C<>n' ai'o < r contrtolnrt to f*: me sha : be responsible to ttri Perforation for a~y '"3? '?* < *m?i it r.*) sat'aiit t ?<?-b*. a* I :he M'jfCr D tr tlkucioT ^)0? oociraot of fiUvli or in i 1 ^ > KICilARi> Vv AI.LACH, le ll-lswtw M?|?. 1 G'? sc.e^ufi- ui.p'tvvyv i i'ie^r i>i htkamix - \y#f ? K?>A^fI\0 UVSTKR?, ? ! by which il.<? ebtue aav.n *l4 siseof ti?e U?? ? is reta .. ThoTK vKl, SALOON.3nP?ac.?wm*,o?poei'e Wi! ard?' Hotel. w. . 'pen this ?venir?, of the globe lisiilsJ a <tit its lntfroved rjuirer cfi:te?in n*, nwitnrss of fi tiu*, ard order cf service. Ai d??ins4 ? iutuiy will te rewa'ded l-y Ci'urr Superior quality < ( Freeh t?alt Oyster* constantly oa hao 1 to supply Hotels. Sutlers and Ftwiiiie* in shell, k <, or ca.i t'biiuiios' orders delivered on short notice- Choice Clears at rea ronable tatee. t<lia* A COM AN V.1* OYSTKRS! OV8TE?B!^M^ An OTster Shipping Compact >>as b*en form**! for the purpoe* fcf iupp ymj VS asb;n?ton and iu loimty ?i?k Oyate-a. A 1 pe'toas which im from 10 to 100 ga lost pe- day, can besuppiied. 0-et<re in she'u sent in bars or a oar Ioao of from IM to 2#o bushels can be bad os one da*'a notion; for a leea quantity call at # Brtdg* etr??et, Georgetown. D. C. The Oysters shipped by tin* ooaiMor la aa freah, if not more so, tbaa anr other* that oaa be bad id the District The Oyster* are opened 'be aame day they are taken from the water, and are srrt to ike District th? am? night. All ord*ra direounl to WILLIAM H\NCE. Annapo.te, Md4 mai.ager for Company. wiil he prompt y attended to. fe 4-lBI* J?jv Nt/TiCE TO WATCH MAKES*. Jv J?. A J M EM i Having opened p, bi&^o f :be r Boston Hume at No 10 Wa?hi)i(to Uaildaj ooruer of Pa. ave. and 7th street, iLviU- fie rtteution of Wateb Makers, Jewellers i' die ?, A o , Ao ,to tfce:r large sf>ck oftioldI aud Stiver Wa'.ehea, Watch Materla's, Watob Makers' Took o lascea, t?iik l*aarde, i Leather t?u& is, Spe.te.0 se. t>e*.de( a rariett of foods too aum?rcu4to i. i-ioi.iiory Hirer iiwmmU, which uhey wilt wi! ot the) >weet eos tern pnoee 8 ft J. MYF.RS No&oodi at re*??i. Watch work co i? for the tratle??tily t*rn*.ed price lut u: t^\tch Mitnt., t"ols. fto., e?nt to t free ? epplicottoa. No ood j nacti' Ti with any ?" " >v "? ' ' '"* ROOM TO KICNT. n tt :# t * Itn'l tore Avp y \*> ft J MVKIIS, Imporveru ! of Watches- "? ?? ? ' '* DKA1 ER* iN o\W . ifO ?? o&U tuid exsn.! ;? ik* itoct u:SAJ.M\KKs, wuch th^r ?r? Mil i<? *> ;?wer ?'? other house m the city. I# \\*'kik|luii Brnid\ug. Vl/ATCh MAKEUP **" '! ?.v? time tad trouble 'T br ci.. t>? ? n ?? ft I Mr KKB to puroC%?? Watch M*t4?iui.?, *VaJ?h Hla*are, Tools, uJ Jewellers' Jobl>ia? Jttat'nal*. 10 Waai.ii4toa buii<U*c- _______________ , O k J. MYERS. h*vint tmierit-od that eeveral tisve ibg ?? r*preeeato>d ! they ore ooaneotrd with thtlr *n f an infer.o- arliiiie, ih?> (we I Die mtMurr ta tnf mirg the trade the? are Id -o way oon, wan \uj buve o a?*ut? to thie oity i r- liraaot) of Bjeiua Hoaa^?1? >* aeaiecton Bbi;?liay. WatHnfton. f-?? HfcAV* WOOL mfeh. BHIklf AM* DHA?riiK8.a^T*>:V i-fiiKD, ai ??4 ra umcf. back rot*; 1 Ui I) elra*. 1 mfc aaa u*+ ? t m - L m ? * 4 i ? ' '

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