Newspaper of Evening Star, February 14, 1862, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated February 14, 1862 Page 4
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THE EVENING ST4R. HOrSEHOI.D RECIPES TO HACK RUSKS Beat up seven egg?, mix the n with half a pint of warm new milk in wbioh a quarter of a pound of butter ban been melted, add a quarter of a pint of yeast aLd three ounces of sugar; pnt them gradually into ?s much flour as will make a light paste nearlj as thin as batter , let it rise before the fire half an hoar, add more flour to make it a little stiffer, work it well, and divide i^into small loaves or cakes, about five or six ii obes wide, and flatten them 1*7 I 1 1 1 -l_l.l__A.At. .? A - n oen ohkcu am com, put mem in tneoven 10 brown a little These cakes, when first baked, re very good buttered for tea; if they are made with caraway seeds, they eat very nice cold. VEAL CCTLSTS. Cutlets are cut either from the fillet or neck, bat eh-pt are taken from the loin. Some persons have deprecated the practice of beating meat, but it is essentially necessary in veal cutlets. which otherwise, especially if merely fried, are very indigestible. They should be out about one-auarter. or. at the most ntie half an inch in thickness, and well beaten; they will then, when fried, taste like sweetbread. be qnite as tender, and nearly as rich Egg thetn over, dip in bread-crumbs and savory herbs, fry. and serve with mushroom auce and fried bacon Or. Prepare as above, and fry them; lay them in a dish, and keep them hot; dredge a little flour, and put a bit of butter into the pan, brown it, then pour a little boiling water into it. and boil quickly; season with pepper, salt, and catsup, and pour it over them. tellow bi tter is wi!ft*r. Put in yolks of eggs before the butter comes near the termination of the churning. This has been repeatedly tried and makes very fine, ? reet butter. rrr?ritcr* paste. Take tiro ounces of beeswax, two ounces of iui lii my. auu quarter UI BU UUOCO UI IIDSC0U oil. Melt them together in a alow oven, in a gallipot. It may be made red*(if required) by ateepiDg a little alkanet-reot in the turpentine previous to melting the wax in it. TO MAKE ROSE L0ZE5GK9. To a pound of finely-sifted loaf-3ugar, put an ounce of powdered gum-Arabic ; mix it into a rtiff paste with rose-water, and grind up with the paste a little of the conserve of roses, which gives both flavor and color; punch the mass into round or oval lozenges each containing about fifteen grains, dry them in a stove. TO MAKK APPLE FRITTER3. Take one pint of milk, three eggs, "salt just 1 to taate, and as much dour as will make a batter. Beat the yolks and whites separately, add the yolks to the milk, stir in the whites with as much flour as will make a batter, have ? ready some tender apples, peel them, cut them in slices ronnd the apple, take the core carefull* ont of thn I"""'*' .1:-- 1 I J ??.u aliue, J?UU to every spoonful of batter lay in a slice of apple, whicn must be cut rery thin. Fry them in hot lard to a light brown on both sides I to make A rich seed cake. Take a pound and a quarter of dour, well dried, a pound of butter, a pound of loaf-sugar, beat and sifted, eight eggs, and two ounces of caraway seeds, one grated nutmeg, and its j weight in cinnamon. Beat the butter into a j cream, put in the sugar, beat the whites of the eggs and the yolks separately, then mix them with the butter and supar. Beat in the flour, spices, and seed a little before sending it away. 1 Bake it two hours in a quick oven. u to stew lamb. * Put it into a stewpan, with a little oil. parsly, ? chives, and mushrooms, or kalf a dozen black 4 truffles, either whole or sliced, together with 3 some trenches of bacon Let it stew gently in ^ any kind of broth, and when thoroughly done j take it out. strain the irraw. *ml ***** ? ??. O ff " "** * * V tUV (] joint along with truffles or mushrooms only g To be well done it will require four hours in i tewing Fi?h ?But f?-w of the Shad and Herring fisheries on the Potomac will be worked this Spring 4 On the Patuxent river we h*?arttat more prepara- o tion will be made than usual, and we hope the j catch mav be ?rge It is likely that thes? fish 5 will be driven back after entering the former ? river, and our Patutent being the n?xt port of entrance, we may expect great quantities of the ( tinny tribe This result will i>e brought abo it ? bv the of fi ** ous r^bel batteries on the aouth side 5 of the Potomac wbose cannonading keep* back 1 botn little and -big fish," sometimes ?Marlboro' c Oazette ' O sir Florence, Ala , to wbl~L the federal gun- , - * * - ** - " uuw prur [aura aicr ice atiat k on Fort Henry, t is at the bead of navigation, three hundred ? mile* from Paducah, and contains about two thousand inhabitants Tbe rivsr at th's point 1? about half a mile wide, and la crowd by a Hn? 1 bridge Florence '? the capital of Landerdale 2 county, and In n\ Jitlon to ita lmportun^e as a 1 shipping point IN the northern portion of Ala- fl harna. Is the slfe of several large cotton factories, 'i 1 he Meuiphis and Charleston Railroad passes 3 with a sh <rt distance of tb? place. 3 4 1X17" An organ-grinder having accidentally . klii?-d his monkey, committed suicide at Cleve- * land, Oblo, a few days ago. 6 ??5 SIT! AN?) OTHKBS SHOULD SUB ? SCKIBt. 'O lilOMl'SON'tt BANK NOTF | HEFJtKTtR.-Wcfkly. p?r year; ser;ti lft in. nthiy. i?, ir-'iithly, 7o cen'g; with two I ? of JesonptiV 1 at free to &i! wt.-> r\i in n^vzjioa. I 1 firuAra or l - . r--j "? r: o osir.f *ne more* ii m % note a'<uea?ed to W'ARRKN r^d.vfb, i 33J Pa. avciioe. f?7-6i* j 4}/? INCH HKAVV SAIL Dl'CK, * Ol) 28 itch Cotton Duuk, l"ig Klesotxxi and Brown . Tu?? Napkina, I at>le L^-ena, .T Bed Comi ru, Kllnketi, *' Flannela, Shawla, Cashmere*. !< (Calicoes. Cloaka. Cloves and Surpendera, 41 Atd other kind of Dry Goods, oa sale at tSe lowest el prioea, b? 1, WM. R KILKV * BRO., i No. 36 Central ^torei, Between 7th an>l 8:h tre-^tn. ?; feS-10t oppo. Cecter Market. ? ? u WATCHKS. 5t TOLD AND SILVER ENGLISH, SWISS 2t AND AMERICAN. * I have now on hand a large stook of all the moat d. ee etrat^d U atobea, thai 1 \m ? ?! I m at the very ?: lowest prices tr>at rood ac-1 reliable time Keepers oan beafforde<i at; and everj d?sc ption of lire M J K- VV Itl.PV K r---'--1' ? ' ?. ua? x * ** u**!. t o:i ijow rd061T6d 9s <2c oon as manufactured, and offered at the lowed yi rates. Silver ware manufactured in mr own shop. 10 AH kindsof MILITARY GOODiion hand.such \t ri Re/olvere. Swords, Saahes, Beits, Bowie f" nive*. Pocket Compassed, Ao., Ac. Also strong Army Trunks and Bed Combined: and many other 1* things useful and ornamental at 339 Pennsylvania St avenue. no30-tf M. A. HOOD. st I AHHHn 1 HAK.NDKN 5 KX.KK ESS. 5ti ( Lstablisu*!' IN 1939,) lai Beg leave to iuform the pub io that they have ex '-tl tended their Kxpress to Washington. and are now uti prepared to Transport Merchandise, Hank Notas, 1(?! Haacie. Jewelry, Ac.,?o ail pa-ts of the Mtddlt, }? Kail an J and Wttitrm States and C/inada. 171 Connectinc with the i.iost responsible Expresses throughout the country, w* are enabled to offer IV MMiaimlltd faetlmt* to all woo niay fs vor us with their patronage. For terms and further inform*. m tlon tpp.y to K. S. SMITH. Agent. Third St., 8*1 door balow Pa. avenue, >a93m Washington, D C. t?v ??????-??-?????? ? -aw / * E.NTS' SILK CRAVATS and NECH"i|fc;St ? V* Gents' Silk Pocket Handkerchiefs 32< * ?nts' Linen Cambric H and kerofc *!.?, 371 t -nts'Giov-* ;jy( t.oats' rmbre..a?, ogi Cants' Undershirts and p. *<rera, i iaa Cloths, Vestiu<?, ar.J < 'assnneres, for gents, Vr. ott^n shirtings of tie oast grades, uu..u Dunua|i ot tne beat imported. A 1 of the ft'ov* at our proverbially low prices, 571 iaa'ked in plain figure*. ? An inspection of stock solicited ; it incurs cj At obligation to purchase. " > PERRY& BROTHER, _ jaSl-tr Penn avenue and Ninth st. Cd ? ? 2d GENTLkMENB READY MADE GARM- Ob KN'fS, OF FINE QUALITY. ^ Weotfer citiients an.l strangers a age assort _ inert of OVER COAT*. bKF.SSCOATW. BUSINESS COAT*. PANTALOONS and VEST:*, of al> oolors and qualities, equal lu make and ... ttnisn to the beet custom work. W A l.L. STEPH ENS A CO., *1 Merchant Tailors aud Clothers, 7th 34-.* Pa. ave., bet. 9th and loth sts. 44tl i?g-tfii (Intel. ft Re?.> |?ORSB BLAN*BJ8 BUFFALO ROVB8, ? "j. B. rUDNEY'9, ^ flllUUtlB 1/vDDi.n UUATS, PONCHOS, LEGOINH, Ut S44 Pa bt"k room. _ O' Sii D lUMl, |i UEAVt REGULATION BLANKETS, ^ n n ? OQMP. bv ^ J. B. PUONEY, M PA Nh,W 'HINtt. tkat ATENT Co. .;' m? Cot, ou b* foldau up ??*< into a ?paoe M men** ???:.* L/ 6 vide, an lngeaiouf W & ontri?*:ioe, for aala by ao tl J. B PUDNEY. \?i 334 f'?. ?*<?., Mok room, CI Or 334 i) atreac ?Ur yi "w_ lie* Alio WOUNDED SOLDIKRI IN HOSPITAL. FuMxthtd in conform*tvmth the resolution of tk* Senate of July 16, 1861. At Seminary Heepimi, (i tor git own, Ftb.T. :id U. 8. Infantry 17 I'JthPenn Volunteers . I 4th do do 1 36th do do...... 1 6th do do. .. 1 57th do do*..... 5 3d do Artillery.... 1 71?t do do 1 1st do Cavalry 1 5th do Reserve.... 1 l*t Rhode Island Art. 1 11th do Cavalry .... 1 17th New York Vol... 1 5th Wlsronstn Vol.... 1 .'lit do do.(a) 2 6th do do.... 2 43d do do.... 1 Cameron Rifles ...... 1 45th do do.... 1 ad D C. Volunteers.. 1 ?2d do do.... 2 7th MstneVolunteers. 2 64th do do.... 1 Officer's servant 1 p?th do do.... 2 Hospital Department. 1 1st New York Artillery 1 ? Vth Penn Volunteers . 1 Total 53 (a) One ofllcer At (itntral Hospital, Union Hotti, comer Bride* and Wasktngton struts, Georgetown, Feb 7. 1st New York Vol... 2 5th Wlsconsln Vol.... 2 5th do do.... 1 1st do Batt... 2 11th do do.... 1 2d Michigan Vol 4 14th do do.... 1 4th do do....*. 1 17th do do.... 7 2d Maine Volunteers./1 18th do do.... 1 7th do do 1 19th do do.... 2 2d VermontVolunteers 2 20th do do.... 1 5th do do 1 29th do do.... 1 Oth_ do do 6 tin ao ao.... i m t-.xceisior brigade. l 33d do do.... 1 3d do ao.... 6 36 th do do.... 1 4 th do do.... 1 43d do do.... 4 Sth do do.... 3 44th do do.... 1 1st New Jersey Art... 1 50th do do.... 2 9th do Vol... 1 54th do do.... 1 let California Vol 1 55th do do.... 1 Harris'Light Cavalry 3 56th do do.... 1 Mott's Battery 1 58th &n do.... 2 McMann'a Battery.... 1 59th do do.... 2 '2dCameron Dragoons. 1 64th do do.... 1 2d Cameron Rifles.... 2 69th do do.... 1 5thMassachusetts Bat. 9 ?6th do do.... 2 9th do Vol. 1 96th do do.... 2 Stockton's Rifles..... 4 1st Penn. Cavalry.... 5 Stelnfleld'aArtillery.. 1 2d do do..i??i 2 Df lv alb.............. 1 4th - do Volunteera . 3 2d U. S. Infantry..... 1 7th do do 4 3d do do 3 12th do do 2 5th do do 1 3Sth do do 1 6th do do t 46th do do 2 iota do do 1 47th do do 1 2d do Artillery 1 57th do do 9 4th do do 3 Kane's Rifles 12 2d W1 Acontl n Vol 3 Total 141 At Horviul at Columbian Collie*, Watkingto?, ' Feb. 7. 1st L. 8. Cavalry 5 37tb New York Vol... 1 2d do do '2 56th do do.... 5 4th do do 1 62d do do.... 1 5th do do '2 77th do do.... 3 f>th do do 3 McClellan's Dragoons 3 3d do Infantry.... 1 1st New Jersey Cavalry 1 2d Maine Volunteers.. 1 6th Penn. Cavalry .... -l 7th do do 1 2d do Volunteers. l llth do do 13 3d do do...... 2 2d Vermont Volunteers 1 13th do do 1 1th do do.... 3 5*2d do do 1 5th do do.... 1 1st California Vol 1 5th do do.... 1 iBth Illinois Cavalrv o >th Massachusetts Bat. 2 Sturgis Illinois Rifles. 2 loth do Vol. 1 5tb Wisconsin Vol.... 1 1 ith Rhode Island Vol. 1 1st .Minnesota Vol 1 Rocket Battalion 1 2d Michigan Vol 1 Id New York Cavalry. 2 3d do do I <th do do.... 12 4th do do 2 Dneida Cavalry 1 8th do do...... 2 17th New York Vol... 1 1st D. C. Volunteers.. 1 ?d do do.... 1 2d do do 1 !4th do do.... 1 ? 16th do do.... 1 Total ?1 At (itntral Hospital, (Oircl*,) Washington, Pth 7. st U. S. Cavalry..... 2,2d New York Cavalry :d do do in *th New York Vn\ _. | Hh do do 3 48th Penn. Volunteer,,. 2 >th do do l|99th do a ith do do 2 5th N. H?'np(ilire Vol. 3 Ith do Artillery.... 1 ItLVej-jont Volunteer* 1 itb do do 1 7th *,iaine Volunteer!. 1 !d do Infantry 10jl?\ Michigan Vol 1 Id do do 5 Engineer* 1 ith do do,.,...%. i Cameron Dragoons... 1 1th do do...,,... a ? >th do do ? Total 58 Oth do do. 3 __ At St. Mt*ni>4tk Horpital, Easttm Branck, Ftb. 7. , th Kxcelnlor brigade. 2|59th Penn. Volunteers. I d do do.... 1 Eiceliior Artillery Vo4 M st do do ... Ij52d Penn. Voluntee'.*. 3 3d Penn. Volunteer* .11 list New York Vo'.... 2 th N*w York Vol... 1 15th Penn Voluo'teer*. 1 vth do do,... 1 2d New Vork Cavalry. 2 'ameron Rifle* 2 eth do do.... 1 5th Penn. Volunteer*. 1 57th do Vol 1 thVermontVolunteer* 5 <Hth do do 15 IrlckeP* Art. Hatt. .. 1 ftth N. Har np*hlre Vol 3 ?th New York Vol... 1 l?t California Vol.... 1 2d do do.... 1 15th >la*Volunteer*. 1 ftth Penn. Volunteer*. 1 ? t do Reserve.... 1 TC??i " *?*? e .VW lu* r*mai*i*g t* IA? Hotyital for Erupts* Dtstasts, at KaltHratna, Feb 7. t U.S. Cavalry 1 \9th Indiana Vol 5 ?i do Infantry 3|?i5th New York Vol.. 1 t New York Artillery 3|27th Penn Volunteers. 1 d U. C. Volunteer* .. 11 S? rdan Sharpshooters 1 d U. 3. Artillery I [44 th New York Vol... 3 1 d do do Il56tu do do....10 d NVw Jersey Vol .. . l 1?ih do do.... 1 1 th U.S. Cavalry... > 45th Penn. Volunteers. 1 th do Infantry 2 52d do do 4 th Rhode UUia Vol. 1 77th New York Vol... 4 tbU.S.C,?v*ify 3 Rocket Battalion 5 th do do 8 91st Penn. Volunteers. 1 th \ia!a? Volunteers. % -55th New York Vol... 1 .'uWisconsin Vol... 1 ?5thPenn.Volunteers. 1 th Maine Volunteers. 1 98th do do 2 th Penn Cavalry.... 1 61st New York Vol... ? ] << w York Artillery .. 1 Quartermaster's Dep't 1 oth Penn. Cavalry ... 1 101thPenn.Volunteers 3 Oth New Jersey Cav . 1 105th do do.... 4 Uth do Vol.. 2 Col'dserv'ts to officers 4 Lth Maine Volunteers 2 ? if S Infantry 1 Total 88 At Gin*ral Hospital, Alezandrui. Fib. 7. 1 U. 8. Infantry.... 1 01st New York Vol... 1 1 do do i uu au.,,, U :h do do 2 66th do do.... S lb do do 2 rtath do do.... 1 ( it do Cavalry 1 tat New York Artillery 1 th do do 1 11th do do.... 2 ;h do do 2 lit do Cavalry. 1 h do do........ 1 4th do do.... 1 t 1 do Artillery.... 3 3d Penn. Volunteers. l < h do do 3 5th do do...... 2 I Maine Volunteers. 2 7th do do ' t t do do...... 1 11th do do.....^. a h do do...... 1 20th do do.. j h do do...... 1 29th do 1 hN. Hampshire Vol. 8 32d do do. .. . 7 I Massachusetts Vol .11 35th do do h do do.. 1 15th do t? o* 3 . th do do.. 0 46th do in * a t do Bat.. 2 52d do 2^ . 1 h Rhode Island Vol. 7 53d do ^0* 03 t do Bat.. 2 73d do d0" ' ? h do Art.. 8 85th do do"***!" 1 h Connecticut Vol ..10 88th do ' - UU...*?t 1 ti Vermont Vol.. 7|?3d do do 30 tNewJersey Vol.... I Wth do do...... 3 ti do do.... 10 lU5thdf do 6 ti do do.... S 54th do Fire Zouaves 1 t do Cavalryl7 1st do Dragoons... '2 t b New York Vol... llliVa do do...... 8 * t? N. Y. StateMUltla ijlst do Artillery.... 1 th New YorkVol...A?i2d Michigan Vol.....12 th do d<?,...U|3d do d?...... 4 th do llStb do do...... 8 th do &>.... 2 27th Indiana Vol b i <V> do.... 3|*iet Wiacoaain Vol.... 1 th 4o do.... 4 |;jd do do B tu ck- do.... 0 5th do do 5 la do do....19 0th do do 7 th do do.... 1 1st Minnesota Vol 1 th do do.... 2 8th Illinois Cavalry...UO i do do.... 3 Liacoln Cavalry 1 th do do.... 1 Cameron Dragoons... 1 th do do.... 3 Quartermaster's em th do do.... 1 ployeea 4 ih do do.... 5 Citizens T , ,h do do.... 1 h do de?... 1 Total..,,. 0.475 ;h do do.... 5 Fifth District School HruU HotpiMi. B ranch of GiiwraJ Hospital g\ftk ttrtM^BV t>. 7. rucTon Dravoon? ... i 5th Rhode Islaot 1 Vol. 1 U.S CrrSky 1 ? lo Cavalry runal). 1 Total..*? . 6 tNe*v York Vol... 8 f Uttutml Hospital. AfBMM ? * ' * Berdan Sharp?'rs..l3 lit U ?. C? .valry 1 do do.(*? ?lb " " MantcliuieUi Vol. fl Jofcl .. 37 U New York Vol(a) lj (a) Ar^atftcer Douglat Hotpiia!^ turntr ?f .J itrut and New ? Jtrst j urtnut, M . 7. * Jof, FayiouVi .... 1 lMth. PennVaiuntaera I ipttal SU>wr;d 1 Ut luoojr Ialaad Vol.. 1 a New w?k Vol... l lltt. Maine Volunteer* 1 Penn. C*valrv 1 ? New jtnev vol.. l Total 9 U St CliMMun ... 1 ? _ ~JT Washington pucn please copy and Mad % to the W ir Departs* at. fe 13?3t RTPEHDRIAT- ?? ~ Paru, bH? to in6?rin you that\? ou tAmnt? emovf corns aad Bunionj, withoataaiu to tha ?hoa oan ba worn immediately after the m., ation. without lnoonranienoe. Also removes rU tod other superfluous fl Mb from the hud* ~ hat the* will aefa*r small aod delicate. No! Tu street, neskr cut Ball. Char cm mod* rata, ^Refers to the doQtore of Waafcinfton cenerJasi-ln* J? 4 ^ _ i IMPORTANT TO FAMILIES, RESTAURANTS* HOTELS, SUTLERS, GROCERS, AM> OTHERS. WILLIAM TUCKER'S CHEAP WHOLESALE AND RETAIL GROCERY WAREHOUSE, 3M PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE, 3*4 PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE, GROCERIES AT HALF THE USUAL PRICES, rr i m. ? - n? ?- - ? ? xicsvi*f of en j wrc*ajea mj jd an icnt pi m ercfianu and otktrt. TUCKE?'8 TL'CKRR'S Groceries, Liquors, Wines, Cigars, Ac FOR FAMILIES, FOR SUTLERS, FOR OFFICERS. T EA8, FINE. U NION CIGARS. C RACKLRS, BOSTON. K ETCHUPS, IMPORTED. E XTRA COFFEES. R A19IN3, MALAGA. READ OUR PRICES! READ O V R PRICES! Extra Brown Sugar 9 cents per pound White Sugar 12 cento per pound Fine Green Tea 50 cento per pound Fair Bl/ick Tea 50 cento per pound Extra Coffee 20 cento per pound Good Coffee 16 cento per pound Wax Candles 35 centa per pound Malaga 15 centa per pound Codflah ? centa per pound Imported Cigars.., ..50 centa per lu<> Havana Clgara f 1 to & P? 100 Almonda 12 cents P*' P0^ Salt '20 centa a bag Good Butter 16 cents per pound Extra Butter '20 centa per pound Fine Wines per bottle Whiskey ... 25 t? 50 cents per bottU All other kinds of LIQUORS In proportion. Call and aee for youraelf TUCKER'S, 325 Pennsylvania Avenue. WILLIAM TUCKER'S CHEAP GROCERY WAREHOUSE, 325 PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE, 385 PENNSYLVA?NIA AVENUE. GKOCEKIES AT HALF THE USUAL PRICES, Having b*tn purchased of Bankrupt Mtrtkanti and otk$rt. Stuart's Refined Sugars from 9 to 12 eta per pound Extra Fine Green Tea 75 44 44 Good (i reen Tea SO 44 44 Extra Fine Black Tea 75 " " Good Black Tea U) 44 44 Old Java Coffee &> 44 44 Good Coffe? 16 44 44 E rery tblng else lu proportion REMEMBER, TUCKER^ 3M PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE TUCKER'S, SM PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE Washington. important to families, restaurants, hg tels, grocer8, and others. WILLI A\M TUCKER'S CHEAP WHOLESALE AND RETAIL 1 ROCERY WAREHOUSE, 33ft PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE, 32ft PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE QROC ERIE3 AT HALF THE kUSUAL PRICE9. Having bun purchased if Bankrupt Merchant! and ol kirs. T U C K E R?' 8 TL'CKE R'8 WHOLIIALK ASD BKTAIL Jrocoriea, Liqnori, Cfcgars, Wines, fcc FOR, FAMILIES, FOF SUTLERS, FOR OFFICERS. T EA8, FINE. U NION CIGARS. C it ACKERS, BOSTON. K JiTCHUPS, IMPORTED, E XTRA COFFEES. K AISINS, MALAGA. READ OUR PRICES READ OUR PRICES! WILLIAM TUCKER'S CHEAP GROCERY WAREHOUSE, > 8 ft PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE 32? PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE. GOODWIN'S TOBACCO. H. WATTS'S VOLUNTEER TOBACCO. GKOOERIES AT HALF THE USUAL PRICES, t)M{ b**n purchased <yf Bankrupt Mrrckautt and othi'fi REMEMBER, C EER'S, 39ft PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE C, KER'S, 38ft PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE WA?HI5?T0M. t>; 7-ftm i DENTISTRY. OR. CHARLES R. BOTELER, NO. 338 PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE. BrrwiKH 9th ahd 10th Bti. )? i-Mitm J^KW AN1> IMPROVED INVENTION ARTIFICIAL CHSOPLAST1 BONE V E E T a. Withoht Ml tax Pun om Cum. OR. B. B BIBESMOND, 10 Broadway, .Vn? York? Jlt>u Ponntylvmmte A buwun ISthjmd 1HA ill., W*tk*ntt<m, Calls the attention of the yyblie to the tallowing 1. "the Teeth of hfs manufacture wi ^^9 Btnr oorode nor ehtni* oolor by uj,*n aoids. being three fourth> lighter thus any other, t. No teeth or roots need be extraoted, as the artificial one# can be sc?erted over them. S. The roota will be made inoffensive, an never o aohe. 4. No temporary teeth are needed, as permanent ones can be made immediately, ttioret.y preserving the natural expression of the face, vhioh under > the old fjstem Is frequently disfigured. ft. This work has been fully tested over ?t? years by many of the first chemists and physicians of this country. Dr. 8. has also invented a white cndestruotive metal filling, vith whioh the most sensitive teeth ean be filled without pain, and oan build up a P?rfoct, sound tooth on any side rooU, whioh will last through lifetime. ^The best of r^renoes^iven?to Dr. V. Mottj Dr. yvt * iui vuemiairy, I?; lion* Judge Wayne, of the Supreme Coart of Waahingt ton, and thouaanda of others. Call and examine for yonraelf. no 8 >m GAS FITTING, Ac. Awm v. DOVK * CO. R.E prepared to exeoate any erder* vltt wote* th?T mar da floored ic the rwMBiN*. ,l??1"* try ate re on fth atreet, a fev doora north ef Pa, T?nae, wnere may be foanc a oon.p-ete euortmea* f CHANDtLi KRS and atkar ?AS, STEAM and WATKE FlXTMEKfl. iatr 1>

W# A 3 P1XTVRK8. E Have in itore, and are dat.y recamnj, WAS 91 ITURXS of entirely New Pattern* and Des'.cna ana Finiah, superior m atyie to anything heretofore ffer<d in thia market. We inTiteoitiaeca teneral ly to aali and examine oar Rtock of 6aa and Water Fix* irea, leeling confident Uiftt we hare the - wt looted stock in Washington. All Work in the above line mtrviteti toiimn will b? promptly attended to. MYE1S * MeCHAN. Mr Ml 376 I) itrHt r? n i v a t e. PRIVATE. PRIVATE DR. LA BONTA Cures all Venerial Diseases permanently and ?uickly, without the use of disgusting or poisonou* droits of anr kind. No dieting or interference with business. Consultations free. It is saying quite enough m its favor, when I say that mr practice 1* that which la in uae in all the New York oit? ho?j>itAls. /<.#- rlr.1 4 IT ? ! T??;?? now iun v> i w j voiiO|;r ouu nwsjjitoi jusinui'mala furnished. Ladies with Whites and Diseases of the Womb I onred and saved a consumptive's grave by my treatment. There la rothirt cftnsitt or disatrttablt id any part of the treatment. ' All ourea wSh*ar:ted, or money refunded. Commuciostiona in writing, with retain stamp, promptly attended to. Meoioinea for travelers and othere packed, with ftail inatruotiona for use, and warrantee. Offioe? Room No.? Waif ingtoo Building, Penn. avenue and Seventh at., Washington. D. C. feb 1-lm* FAIRBANK'S STANDARD SCALES. FOR BALK BT J. 1?. IIARTHOLOW, Sola Atect, Hardware k Aprlcoltnral Warehouse, iiH Seventh Street, Pmtntulvamia s*ni<i and I At Ci*a.'. opposite east en<! of Cantre Market. Jal?tf 0 T L E K 8 , ATTENTION!! WOO BARRELS GINGER SNAPS, fKiMs Quality, For sale in quantities to rait the trade, at low fiturea. JOHNSON A NA'JLE, II**# Fa. avenue, Washington, D. C., Ja tl 10 Royal at., Alexandria, Va. NOTICE. mmmmmmwaa ? ADAMS' EXPRESS COMPANY." _ fhn Compfccy offers^to Ute poWlo" Unequalled ACVSEiUigre ivr hip hup ?uu yuiu> iMrpiwi isi Hetfy Freights. Paosaces, Valuables, Money, Ao. Ac,, to ail parts ot the United States. EiireiMi to an1 from the Nor'n ud Wsttdtom and arrive to Washington twioe daily, I All Expresses are 1? c\i*rte of ixr*n$$u*d mmd ruutblt Messengers. Ail Packages for The tJcldiera oarriea at "osi half" oar nana! rates. ' All Goods fo- the ao-oalled "Confederate t>tatea" and all Articles " Contraband of Wa*" will be Ri7vais. Onr Expresses leave New York at 1. i, and P. M.^arriving in Washington at A. M. and Expraeeea leave Philadelphia at (JO A. M. and 11 P. M? arrinng in Washington at t.SO P. M. and A.M. Expresass loare Baltimore at 4J0 a. M. and I P. ! M., arriving in Washington at 6 A. M. and IJO Expresses for all points North and West Isave Waemncton A. M.and 2JO P. M. daily. Speoiai Coatraots for targe quantitiee of Fretfht .tan be made on app.ioation to this Ofioe. a it a * iiZV. J ~ All VUWI uwisa iVI ?uu usimivu jma ohtr|N. E. W. PARSO'S, Bnp't Aewi' Express CompanrWashing ton, Aug ait a. 1KI. an IS-tf i>R. DU FONT'S RlJfiAR-COATED FK1/ MALE RE&ULAT1N6 PILLS the following unsolicited enoomi-^^b a? "I cannot oommend them too highly." ^ They are u>* heet * emale Pills extant." i "I have uaad U**u< with complete auooess." M Would not be without them upon an/ consideration." "They operate apeedilj and eifeotiyelr." -!?% ' ?<mt by mail- Bold by g. ff. L'PHAM. SjO Cbeenat atreet, Phiiadelphta, and la Washington by 8. C. FORD, corner 11th atreet and avenC*-; Alexandria, by HENRY COOK * CO.. D.mggiata. noat-eolr ITPHAM'S HAIR DYE I?TO COLOR BLACK U OR BROWy.'!-On\j 3S oenta a box. Jhr<? boxee for one do'lar. Gray, red or ti&xcc ,;sir oan be changed in a f?w aeeonda to a jet black or brown, by uaing UphtMn'a Liquid Ha:r Dye, the beet and oheapest in the world, prodseing, the moment it ia applied, a riou n&tora. appearanee. Each Box of UPHAM'S HAIR DYK ia warranted to contain as muoh Aatr dvt aa othera sell for cms dolt**'. Bold by 8. C. UPHAM, 3IO Oheanufatreet, Fhiladelphia, and OALVKRT FORD, ooroer 11th ? atreet and Pa. ave.; in Alexandria, by HENRY O.OOK A Co., DnitiitU. aep fr-eoly R. GODFREY'S ANTIDOTE WILL CURE go nork IKEA id nix dare- no ' oh&nctf of diet required. It ia aa Eai-^IV^ liahSpecifio P( aixtv-five year* ?tanc m(HBk and will not ha.'m the moat delioate oon-^^E^^ aUttt*M>nnt oonu: ? mintrali, Prioe 1. gold bis.C. C PHAM.310 Chaanat street, Ptnlaoelebia, and in >Vaahin?ton b* S. C. FORD, orner 11th ?tr??t and K. a?t.; in Alexandria., by HENRY COOK k. CO.. flrgntiata. Boas^oly jn BALMORAL BOOTS.. WV Hsr* ::S 5 ?love Calf do - .#8 60 Alao, all other atylaa of Ladiea and Miaeaa' Balmoral Boom, the ofca&pett and beet aaaortment in the city. J. ROSENTHAL, No. 16 Market Spaoe, ja7 eo Penn avenue, between 8th and ftth ata. 289 289 WINS 8, LIQUORS. H A TANA CI OARS. FINE IrKOChRlES, No, as? Fa. ?Tonuf| between 9th and lot* atreets, Waifiinfton, D.C. No. 10 Royal at, near King, Alexandria, Va. - ftfflL'?fc^i?^K.?W.Ng???2uc? "J Joint 8took Co.. in Eockiieim on the Rhine. Constantly on hand their oelebratwi SpmriUtLg Hock and Moselle Cabinet IVinee. ^ Connoiaaeurs are reepeotAi ly invited to iiv? QOLl?lKRB JUST RETURN KJ) FROM 9 Richmond oan bar their Ciothiax aad Farnlahinc Sooda at SMITH'*. No. dSOBeveath it >apoaite Poat Oftoe. at Northern prices. f j a 16-dla t BDm JOHNSTON, 1 11TIHORI lock Hoirariki H?t MmmtrU lii mmt Otrtmm, Sp?df mmd I/iiHmI Rtwudf m tks w*ld, FOR ALL PISKABK8 OF IMPKfDKHOK. I iff ifO FALSE DELICACY PR STENT APPLY iMMKMAWLY. 1 ?rjl? WARRANTED, OR NO CliAMBM, IN FROM ONE TO TWO DAYS. ff?kUM W M hit, untnr**, itmlm ?f U? KM?od Bladder Oi?cn*rjM, See ?1 DtfciUy, HiLTtacutM. Djtffj, Uutit, CmMHi at M?i, U* Bpinu, fiipuMMi ? ibt l?n, Tiaiditt, 111 Tvtmfelinyt, Dtmn*M ft tif it ? Siddir***, >Xhu? ?f ? ltd, Thraat, Mm m (kin. AIkimh ?f the Laun, >u? ul er Bewel#?Uiwe Temkle Dwrdere in?i| frwm Ml J mmuvmwv BMUI mwnu U1 IIMUKU^I rnr 1>?I which raodai Hinufi iruMMiki, 4*4 iWNf katk Mr u< MM. W TO UNO MEN Bapaalall; >k? ktri ktCKri tka ruuaaaaf Mttary Tlaa, tkai draadHi u< daatr?cu?a hakit vtMek aanaally itHji , ta as aaurralj frava UnaHnda af Yaarg Maa af tka Mat 1 aianad taJauta and brilliant intallaet, wka sight aihai ?m ha* a aatraccad Uaiaoang ImM vub tka thandara af a la- * aaaoaa ar vakad ta a can c 7 lha living lj?a, may Nil vttk rail M&ldauaa. ft; MAR MAO E ? MaiiU PlItHi, ar Tattif Maa aaalaapiatlaff Mardaft, kalng awafaaf rhfaic*. vaakaaaa, arraala dahUlty, daferaunaa, Ac., apaadil* em/ad *" a wba piaeaa bimaatr aodar tka aui af D?. J. m*.y ralifl- ? aaai j aanlda In hia hacac aa a gaatlaaaa aad aaaldaaUT raly apaa hia akill aa a phyt'eian. M OFFICE No. 7 SOUTH FREDERICK ST. ** laft hand aida raing frara Baitmara airaat, a faw tiwi fw . tka aarnar. fail oat ta akaarva nana aad aankar. batwia ' aat ka paid aai aantam a atarr.) DR. JOHNSTON, Mas bar af tka layal Callafa af tarf aara haadaa, (fad*- \ mta fraia aearf tba naat aai^ant Callagaa la tka le Had . lataa, aad tka fiatiar part af wkoaa Ufa kaa baaa apaol la tha haapataSa af Laodan, Pant. Ptuladalakia aad aiaawkara. ku ificu< urn af tba maat aataniabiaf iini that nn Tir kcawn; many traabiad wiib r.lg\z.r la tba baad tad an whan aaiaap; rraat aarvaaaoaaa, II1U aJarnad al addaii eaar.da, baabnlnaaa with ft#?aant t:aa5io( attaadad wMUnN wab dirufaoir.i af* <!, vara aarad uattuul,^ take particular xutick. * Taacf Man and atbari wha ba*a io)arad tbamaalraa by a aartaio praetica tadaifad in whan alaoa?a babtt fraqaaaHy H laarcad Cram a*tl caopaniaoa. ar at acbaal, tba aftcu af . vbica ara nifbtly fait a?aa vhac aalaap, and 1/ (M car ad. randan marriafa impaaartla, and daatraya batb miad aafl bad*, abaald apply inmadiataly. Thaaa ara aama of tba Bad and niaianabaty aVaeu pradaaad by aarty babiu af rcatb, ?it s Waaknaaa af tba laak and bunba, Paira in tba Haad, Dtmnaaa afli^ht, Laaa af Mnaii! ' Favar, Palpitation af taa Baait, Dyap*pay, Ramai Irrna- U bihty, Darufiaaai af tba Difaativa raniuaai, SaiaraJ Pability, lympiair.a af Caoaanptiau, Ac. R) M UTiLLT -TJ.a faarfal aftcu an tba r *ad ara BMt ta Bl ba draadad?laaa af Maiuary, Caofaaiao af Idaaa, Dapraaataa .f r_;i p W.J A ;? -? ? * -- ? * roiliwuiu|i| avinivo 9J >9CillJ, VI ' Ull* M traat, Lc?a af Mitada, Timidity, tie , ui mo* af tka a?il? p. ffidaui j H??toc? PlkiLiTT ?Thaaiaaada m u?|?<f<rtMli ? tka kmi af tbair dachcitf baaith, Imiif ?fcair ?ifa?, kaaaa- g log vuk, ptli, narvaaa ud iiHcuua, btnag * aiaf?laf appairaac* akaat lb a ayaa, eatfh ar ayrcptama af tana?p- ^ DISEASES OF IMPR VDENCK. K Wkto w# miaraidad ud inprtuint vatary af plaaamra do da 7^ ka h*? itnbtbad tba aaada af tbia paiofal diMui, it taa afiaa " kappaoa that an ill-uraad aanaa of ihamaar draad af diaaavary m datara bin. from apply iaf ta tbnaa wba, baa adauuaa ud laapaewkiiily, ean atona bafrvand him. fail* iota tka hacda af ignarant and daaif ninf rratandara. vka. intapakla \l af C*nc?, tick kia pacamary avbatanca, kaap kin trttinf * aaartb aftar a* lau u to* amallaat fa* eaa ka ak- L1 taioad, aod in daapair laaaa hiro vitb rmiotd kaallk ta airk " a?ar an jraliing diaappatr.unant; ar ky tba af that daaaly paiaaj,? Slartary?baatan tba Caiiair.auanal aymcnania af lb (a W tarrikla diaaaaa, aacb aa Affacuaoa af tba lain. Tbraai, Baad, ti Skin, Ac., prafraaamg with frtf btfal rapidity, ult daatb pwu a fo ariad ta kia draadfkr >?finc|i ky aaaaitf kitat a that ?- Bf Wttand caintir fiaa wkaaa tair a na tra*aiar ratarna. DR. JOHNSON'S REMEDY FOR 0R9ANI9 7. WEAKNESS and TMPnrnvrrr M By tS't nut and IcMnul rtmtij tukiM?f Ut trrui it* ?p??duy u.c f?U raaiarad Tt????di if tt? Wl ii*rr?u u< iabi..!*? ?], *? ktl iHl LU Mpt, Mfl baan iramadiatair raliarad. Ail :api 'tlniiu W Marrlaf#, Pbyataa! m MtaU) DtuulIIwUhi, km ( PwttMU'i p???, ln>m IrrtubQitv. TiiBtliof ul W ukaiu n tiuwun at lb a wn faarl*) If kte<l apaaaily *?rad. ENDORSEMENT OF I HE PRESS. u Tla Mid Tlot'ilDi c^rtd ai lb la maUtaUM vltbta lb a lut aaaantaao T*a/a, and Ih* r ir.irNi Iff! ?)Ml p???U?o? parferuad b* Ot. JAum, vitiiMMi by ft* F r*Ntun tf iba ftpiri ud Quj 1U11 Mruui, ukicm W vblab baaa apaaaxd again and af?Jn MM lb* MM*, hbitdu ku itudui u a (uiliatti ?r Uaiitui ut rMUtf- F ? ta a 11(1 il (tuuui u iba aflluii mi If-lv TZIIZ2SXIMJLZI. Proittitd by Royal Ltttirs Pattnt cf Englamd. and teevred by tkt Stalf of tkt Edit d* Pkarmacn dt Paris, and tkt Jmptriai Colltgt of Mtdicuu, Vitnna. TRiESEMAR No. 1 It the effeetnaJ remedy for Rblaxatiom, Hrx* matorehck*. and ExHAVSTIO* ob tbi &ystbm. TRIEPEMAR No. a, Completely and entirely eradioate? ail traces of those disorder*, for which Copaiva and Cube be have aenerally :>een tnought an antidote, to the ruin of the health of a vast portion of th? popttiabOD. TRIESEMAR No. 3, !a the great and sare remedy of the emhxed world or all impurities of the system, as well ae seoondary symptoms. obviating the deetrnotive nee of ? Meroury, as well as other deleterious ingredients, and which e'l the i*arsapanlla in the world oancot remove. Tkiiskx*u Noe. 1,2 and 3 are alike devoid of taste or am?!), and of al! r.auseatinc snail- ? tiea. The* are in uie form of a ioaenge, and may ' lie on the loiiat tal^.e without their uae being susaaoted. Sold in tic cum at 93 each, or fottr 93 oases in on? for ?9. and in 9ft oum, thus savin* tt.u administered by Valpeau, Laiieraand. Roux. to., Ac. Wholesale and retail by DR. H. A. BARROW, 194 Bleecker street, <4 door* from MuDounal street'. New York, Immediately od receipt of remittance, Dr. Barrow will forward Triesem&r to any ?art of tbe world, securely '? packdd,agd addressed acoordinc to tbe instructions ?' of the wniir. ?? Published also by DR. BARROW, that popular and beautifully illustrated medical work, Human Frailty. Prioe 25 oeuts. Triesetnar and Book cas b< be obtained by spec.a. authority from 9. C. FORD, * Waahinston, D. C. deli-Sm ' ai S~\ SOMETHING NEW ! /~\ C CH ^mTux^iyomT u ' At W1 C tirttt, orratxtt w * lis Tkimt OYSTERS STEAMKD t In tba Shell and Thoroughly Cooked (tar superior " to a roast) in iwoshssim, tk? f*tt*n 1 tw?? on rttord. Call and sea. r Tiift undersuned respectfully u lories h.s friends In tbe District, and visitors to the city, that he baa refitted his old and will-known istablisbmbnt k m * ?KATAii#h mkrnrr m.*\A Ka* *-* u 1a iuv?* ?tiv> vu?u . ?*v < , wu>t ii w lliauo ihiiu - . plete arrani?menta to furcich OYtTLRS in any 5 style and ie any quantity. 400 to 400 (aions shuoked per day. 2,(M> to >,000 oar.* of 'ptoed and Frwh ?J put up daily?cans hermetically scaled. Faraiihed % in the sheil by the baa he) or barrel. P Persona wishing to have Oyatera furnished ren- r larly through the winter, at Baltimore prioes. Without foar of fiulore, should call and mace arrangements at onoe. Freight. time, and money saved by ?uiuhi5ioi of me, as I fnrniah an artiel* 2aal to tfce coiei rauhl Baltimore establishments, price? just as low. WO 8UVLEK8, Canned Maats, Lobsiers, 8arfl;c??. Clams, Strawberries, Tomatoes, Pigs' Feet, Tripe, *0. *r.,Ac. Also, Pickles, Catsnp. Hajoes, Brandy f? Peaches, to. Also, Game and Fresh Fiah. Tnr- 81 ties, Terrapins, Fresh Lobsters, Cod, Halibut, *0. In fact, every thine for sale in the Northern markets always on hand, at reasonable price#. Hotels ac l famines supplied with Oysters, delivered wittiout aharpe to any part of t?e Distriot, in season. i( the money u sent with the order. My establishment 1a open from S a. m. to II at niiht, every day, except BOEday, when 1 ?1oh at lOo oiooka. in. j*? tl T. M. HARVBT. LEA fc rSHHlFIt* CBLBBRATBD v Worcestershire Sauce. * Pronaansed by El EXTRACT CONNOISSEURS |i of b Letter from B g te be the H Midifl (Hmtimmmm R MjL at Mtdm - O.LV GOOD n Hu KM. H SAUCW Bt Woroeeter. y w B? to fewg . rell u EVERY l^^TThSSj m33 i" in India, ud la, in " my opinion, the moat , pa aUMe, aa well aa L( the moat wLoIeeome . Sa%ct tliat n made." n The above SAUCE u?ot only theissT and moat J rorvLAK con&iMiM known, but Bttnom y it*U aa a lew dropa in Soup, Gravy, or With t**k. M hot a&tf oold Joints, Bu.f St?k, Ga?w, tc? impart a an ex?niaite vest, which vmprmcipUd Sauce man- J afaotarera have la vain endeavored to imumu. e< On the Brtakfast, LwmMucn. 1)umw, or Swrrm it Da&fr, a cruet oontaimnf " LEA * PERKINS" WORCESTERSHIRE SAUCE** u iaiiejenaa- ble. To appreoiate the txuilnu fMiiiui of thia dtii MMtl ftMnRrfttinn i? i? ~MI ? km vuij BBgW'J w fUIVU*W ^ a final' bottle of the rimiu, of a rMpectab.e grocer or dea ?r,u many Hotti an- KutammtU pro prietora aelaom place the Purt Sauce before their g gueata, but anbatitiite a genuine Bottlt filled With a tpvrtout nuxtnre. A For sale L>y Orooera and Fruiter era everywhere. JOHN DUNCAN A BON0. j, Vnum Mtmfi mud, 14U strut, Ntw York, Bole Wholeeale AgenU for the United State*. ' A Stook always in atore.?Alao order* received tor u'reot ahipmenta from England. j[7- rfCvmtmJtitt *?4 liwoe Wawa.^fl **? HT^O __ old. warranted. Alao. pruof Monongahela Whiafcie* for aale at S63 Pa. avaoae.bp fi de 4 itawtf BROWNING ft KEATING. * rt?Wi5iMV1 " We hare just raoeiaad a anaply of tueabove Aie, J wluon^wo reoommaad to ba ora rery acpen><r auaj 117. I nuui m HU1UI W yfMIM, W till IB) m?li?Ui?!iMboiitaaa boftirLjfeod. 7 ARNY * 8H1NN, f no 7 Goarf town. a bbU. HAVANA ORANGES, br _ M BROwPfW? A R EATING, <<? -?? wtf 16* Pv aaar >Ui ?t. ~ THE GRAND ARMY 18 ADVANCING TO- I 1 WftrdBPMITH ^, No. 4*0 Seventh treet, to J let k>dm of hie breat B4T|?U ib C oihiu, FVniMUBf Goods, Hats and Cm*. >a M-dlm < rKAVELLJfiKS' DlRJiCTOKY. PASSENGER TRAINS. Om and A/lf MOM DA Y. % I Mi. PiMiwn mm irwii* WASHINGTON AND BALTOIOR K W1U ruu foliova : St J Pmtlf 7V?wi Arrtrt mi and from WtuMtui<m Drntif Amrtmt ik* wtrk, mmd two m? For Philadelphia and Nov York?{,? WmIi cton ft? .<* a m. 11 a m, ati4 5? r m. Pot B>to??r? Lww wm!ib(Iob at m>ajt nxl s * mJTw* r . POT ABii??OllB iITMaii. *od 4 00 p H. For Philadelphia at *.<*> r m. For Harrnbar* atd the North aad Watt, leave t Mhtnrton at I?a m. and ? W or & no r u. For Fredenok at 7 ? ? m. and HOm, TKAirrs morrw nokth. Moraine Expreea leawe Waehinxtoi t a. ?. Ar at BaUiaore7jo a.Philadeipnie\U>< r.u.; e* York I r, Harriet* re 1 U r *. Morcinx Aoooaittoontioa leave WMfci (ton 740 h. Arrive at Baltimore i j" * m No enon#*octet K* timore. Thi? i* tha Moraine ooanex >n r Annapolis. New \ or* Mail Train?.eave Waehiaf ton at 11 , m., arrive at Baltimore it*, p. Phiiade.phm P r. h.; Now vork lo p. h. Phila*e'ph?a Train wtN Washington at sv r . retching Baltimore at? so r M.asd Piniade.phia ihvh. A.ft*i Loon Aooommooation- save Washington ;?fm,arrive it Hi timore at p *. No oos?xiol* at B* tirao'n. Tbi* i* the afwrnoon oon?xion for Annapo i*. Etmuii Kxpreee?leave W aa inrtoa r. ?. rnTf at Balttaiors Mt r. Philadelphia tuJC M-. New York 4 a. m.: Harrtsbarg 1 . Sunday. .eare Washington at 9 W and S p. . e i Ml. train from Washington ooaaeots iroegh to New York every day during the week. TRAiyS MOTISU SOWTH. L*av* New * ork at 7 i. Pti.?ce pbia 11 jr? ?. fe a. timore ?.M p. *. Arrive at Waekiagtot ' vi jueave New York at p. a.; Philadelphia l?jo p. ? Baltimore00a. u. Arneeat Washington > Leave N*? York at 11 p, Phil%delpbte Ijn Kn iiaiB.i?ore 7j5 a. . imnat Wub :.gtoo it a.m. Loot! Aaeomir-Nation Train* leave Baltimore t a. a., and ? 3. p. m , l?w Washington. arrive !< *? At 11 a . M- Uld > ?S p. . On t*on at at ?J> and 7J6 a. m. only from Baltiore. No Annapolis or Frederiek oonnexions ?b ndsya Paa*et,r*r Trains leaving Waakinrtoc at V# a. .and ? m p. and Baltimorent?Jk a. m at.J ? 31 m , make diraat oonr>?etioDs fnr A nnapolie at tb* notion. TheT <o am, and p m aonneotat <*i*i tor F.-edeii"k, tiagrr>tovn, te., Ac., except nteri. Trains leave Annapolis for Ballmer* and Waeb xtcc at tjr> a. m. auct S 40 p. M Paeeenger Train* leaving Washington at Mf a. 11 a. and t p. m.. and Baltimore at ?jr aad IS i M Will llOMlkll iMOariij lua/naa W?| ?r? lieu it take I fie AidmrnoOixom ^atuji (n%iy Tr?:i.i vili imt? Washington and Baltimore omwtit ?*e??r?*<f m?u, exoeptir I that the *.? a ,? V> a a, and 4 <w p m trame will wait to mi natee D?e???rj,to eeeu e the paeMngore and Ma. e rm the KML For Sick a.n<1 Woondad Solaiara?A iNcik! oar, lth an attordant, witn bada, vUl laaveWaehir.*>n tvioe a week for Pkiladaiptiia airoot at 11 a w. t the aooommodation of sick and wour.utd Mdiore. w. P. SMITH. fe < Mater of Trm?portation. Ball. 568] THE [1?N.8 Penniylvania Central Railroad. (with ita connect one) ) A FIRST CLASS ROUTE TO ALL THE WESTERN CITIES PEED, SAFETY AND COMFORT! STONE BALLASTED AND REE FROM DUST! u a />r* a r* o r>^?e?aie* ? ROM BALTIMORE! THUS niLT T Ei'.M" FROM PHILADELPHIA TO PITTSBURGH : Two of them making CLOSI COSS?CTIOH? AT HUlIIItU with trtiM on the NORTHERN CENTRAL RAIL ROAl>, and forminc TI1E GREAT CENTRAL ROUTE noa WASHINGTON AND HA I.TIMOI ?f to all point* in the West, Moith-wht ahh Soctb wut. ^For Thronih Ticksts,apply at lb* UlTioi ol the Northern Central Kaii Road Com pacy, Calvert Station, Baltimore. p! end id Sltfptng Cart on all Nirkt Train is no ling Saloon Cart on all Tratnt. FROM WASHINGTON. aasentera Win take the 6 a. m. am; 5 p. m. trams, arnrinf in Baltimore at a. m. at. J t> ?& p. m., where oloae oonnectiona are mane with tram a on the Northern Centra K. K.,anc arrive m Harris bare at 1 p. m. and 1.45 a m., there oonneotiLg with tbe trains on the Pennayivaaia Centra. Railroad for all parts of ths wast. FREIGHTS. By Ui.a routs, freights of all description* can t>* rwartlsd to and from any point on ths Rai.roatla rOhio, Kentucky. Indiana, Illinois, Wiaoonsm, ??a, or M issoun. fry Haxlroad direct. ? > ?uh?j ivauia vcuktai nwirnw ft.VO OOEDVOll Pittetoirf with Steamers, hy (ioodintL (forwarded tour port on the Ohm, Mutkincum, ? ntuoky, Tenneeeee. Cnmt>*r and, IIIilo a . Miaa ippi. WiNosim, Miniuri, K?'.em. >'kat.eaa, id RfO K lvera; and at Ciere.acn Han<iu?ky and hioajo with ateamere to a^i Nu'thwwMin Lakee. Merchants and ahiepera entreating th? tranapur>tion of their Freight to thia Company, oan re.y ith coi bdenre on ita *pecdy t^aiieM. THE RAThS OF FRR1GH I to and from any )int in the Weat, by tLe Penneylvania C-nra. ailroad, *r< at all tivut at faxormbl* at iarftd fry otktr Railroad Companus. L - Be to mark ptckifta "Hi Pun. irntAL fe. R." MAURA W * KOONS, Freight Agents, No. ?0 North street, ?a t m?r?. NOCH LEWIS, t?en'! ^iperint't. A toon\, Pa, . L. HOUPT, Gen'l Tioket Ag't, Philadelphia. . H HOUSTON, Cen'l Freight Agetit.Piuiadelphia. ly ^OKTHEKN CENTRAL RAILWAY k? Skortttt, Q*itk*jt and Ftit Ramtt/rem Baiti wiofl 10 1*4 WEST, NORTH AND NORTHWEST. filHHILJi WINTER SCHEDULE. CBAM9B or Tina. Od and after SUNDAY,31th November, Pumiir Truu will arrive And depart from CaiT*rl AtJOI: M foil0V? . Ta&isa Noeth Luvi Mail at I Xkm. Bulalo Express 8 p. m. Parkton Aooommodarion 4 p. m. Pittsburg and Harrisbnrg Express 8 JO p ta Tbaihs Softh AlilVI Park ton A coon modation at 8 a. m. Buflalo Express 8 90 a. m. Pittsburg and Harrisbarg Exprees S p. a. kaii SO p. m. TK* C ? ? " * *? v ? m? uwu irum v\ iioinciOD oorc^cj# ith the (JO a- m. train from Baltimore tor U? /sst and for Buffalo. E'mira, Roobester, Dunirk. Caoadaigaa and Niagara Falls, and for Narm ork city. The 21 a. m. train from Washington connects ith theSs. m. train from Baltimore to Vea crth and N orthwest and Elmira and Buffa.o and ooheeter. The f p. m. train from Washington oonneota with ie8J0p. m. train from Baltimore for Pittsr>urg, arnsbur* at. : the West and is a direct oonnecon for Lebanon. K as ton Al.entovn at i New ork via Cehtral Railroad of New Jersey. Try its route for New York. ftT'The only train leaving Baitimare oc Sunday riil& train, for HarrirburgTrittaburg, Chl?hJ only barn arriving in Bel tip-, ore on Sunday the IJO a. m. tram. JAs C.CLARKE. no?Jy guperirtecdeBt I* NOTICE T'? I K A v i.uhkA. at l'oettnaster Uerera. having ordered the iai servioe between Washington. J*w aitimore. and Old Point Kortre*sjM9^k^ Ion roe) to be reeuu.ed. on aa<i Loncxi.tM *<th lulls' Ui? Bay I.ineof elaamera i ill ldave B?u?.^.e SVKHV HAY texoepi S?in , ky) from their vbarfTfbct ui Us: r *V.*k, at 4* leek p. m., or Immediately a!t*r Up tru**1 J , ia Waehtaatot Train, wtnoh leeTeew&hiifceoo 1 IiH o'olocl p. R. M. N KALUt, Preat TOPHAM'tt BBS r MM MI WM TK W UK WO MANUFACTORY, - * ill llTUH ljT*E*T. WllBiMftB, D.Im I Liver Medal awards by Maryland laeCtaU e Baltimore. NoremW- * i^-e* -rsr? ss&rs^Tsssrr* Um ?oie Laaa*r. r** S&ijfw.Aiin >m sstr^sartarB^stas ? - Ibaliw Mill IB OUlJr CltlH. B&porior LwiSer and DrMi Trmata ** ISttESU&aKeftsafin - i I* - Aiwmdrifc. iAilES . trssFse^J* ( ssmwrnt ] j9

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