Newspaper of Evening Star, February 15, 1862, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated February 15, 1862 Page 1
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SHif Star. vet. XIX. WASHINGTON, D. C.. SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 15, 1862. N?. 2,804 THE EVENING STAR n PUBLISH ED EVERT AFTBRNOOIf, (SUNDAY EXOEPTEDJ AT THE STAR tiriLBlftOt, \ Ifv / Pm-flmii imM ?U ?U??aia it. h W. I). WALLAOH. Papers aerved la packages by carrier* it Xt year, or 37 cents pet month. To mall subscriber* Ike price la S3 M a year, m arfvaact; Si for six oaths; SI for three months; and for leaa that ttrre months at the rate of 13 cents a week. ?'* fl" ccrl?> *** la wrapper*, two cimi. ItT* should be aent to the #Bce before 12 o'clock m ; otherwise they TZZTj aot appecr uatU the B?xt day. STRATEGIC POINTS O* THE TIMBER LA.Mi A>U TE.V1E??EE RUKRV tBK T***E*SiK Til? Tennessee river ha* its course chiefly in the State of Tennessee, and is the largest tributary of the Ohio. Its most remote sources are Clinch and Ilolston rivers, which rise in the Alleghany Mountains of Virginia. It hss half a dozen other branches, which, uniting, furai the Tennessee proper at a point forty-five miles southwest of Rnoville. From Knoxville it pursues a southwest direetion across the State, and enters Alabama, when it pursues a westerly course for 150 or 200 miles, and then turns north and enters Tennessee s^ain, crossing the State and the western portion of Kentucky, and entering the Ohio eleven and a half miles below the mouth of the Cumberland, and f jrty-seten and a half above the mouth of the Ohio. The whole descent of the river from its most remote source to its mouth is about 1,700 feet Its whrt1?t lonirlh th? crmrsB of tho ? -"-a j river is 1,200 miles. It drains a surface of 41,000 square mile?. There are no perpendicular falls, and few rapids which obntruct navigation through is whole course. The greatest obstruction is at Muscle Shoals, Ala , 267 miles from the mouth, to which point steamboats ascend A canal thirty-six miles in length has been built around these shrals, and above the navigation for boats is unobstruoted for 250 miles The river being ripid, is chiefly favorable for navigation down stream. FLOREBCE,ALABAMA. This town, which the Federal gunboats visited in their dabbing exploit up the Tennessee, after the capture of Fort Henry, is at the head of navigation, three hundred miles from Pa ducah, ai.d contains about two thousand inhabitants It is at the foot of Muscle Shoals, nearly opposite Tascumbia, and two hundred and fifty miles northwest of Montgomery, the whilom capital of the Confederacy It is about three hundrtyl miles from the mouth of the river. The river here id about half a mile wide, and is crossed by a fine bridge. The route ot the Memphis and Charleston liai!r*ad is within a short distance of the place. It has several public building?, including three large brick churches The most important fact in connection with the town is, however, that it is the principal shipping point for the produce of- the country and the; adjacent parts of Tennessee. The amoar.t ?f cotton raised in the vicinity is very large. Lauderdale county, of which Florence i< the capital, produces from ten to twelve thousand b ?les of ginned cotton, of four bun urea pounds. r ranKiin county, on tne otner siJo or the river, produces over 15.000 bales. Cotton is also produced to some extent in Tennessee, on the line of the river. There arc two large cotton factories on Cypress creek, three luiles from the place, having a capital of S 15.000 each. Shoal creek, nine miles distant, also gives motion to a cotton factory which cost $<5o t 00. The hospitable and cordial greeting given to the men on our gunboats in this vicinity. al'hough due to some extent, no doubt, to fear, may yet be considered as not wholly affected. It was known that northern Alabama, together with eastern Tennessee and western Virginia, were the last to assent to the heresy of secession, and were only driven into it by the mob spirit everywhere prevailing. They illustrate the lines? 44 He that consents against his will Is of the same opinlou still " It would appear from the facts quoted above, that one of the most eligible places to ODen a "cotton port" would be at tlorence, ai the principal shipping point of a large cottongrowing region. KXriCTKD ATTACK ON FORT D0XEL60X. We expect momentarily news of the attack on Fort Donel&oo. on the Cumberland river, sixty miles from its mouth, and fifteen miles southeast of Fort Henry. It was intended that the attacks on the two forts should be nearly simultaneous. The last news that we received was that Gen. Grant bad surrounded it with several batteries of artillery, and that ihe attack would be commenced shortly. It was constructed some time last summer, together with Fort Henry, to prevent the advance of car forces up the Cumberland, as Fort Henry was built to prevent our advance up the Tennessee. It is the counterpart of Fort Ilenrv, and these two forts in our possession, we have the key to the positions of the rebel armies at Bowling Green and Columbus, and can easily prevent them from effecting a ?iivw*tinn And PAH (*tlt nff fh^ir /*nrrmnni^*tinn i with the South, unless they abdicate their positions speedily and retire further into the recc**es of rebeldom. Fort Donelson is situated on the west bank of the Cumberland river, where that stream washes an acute angle at Dover. It is a fortification of earth. It is at the intersection of some seven or eight post roads, and but four miles north of tht Memphis and Clarkesville Railroad. The position is important as controling the ri?er as far up as Clarkesville. Clarkesville is thirty miles distant, and is the site r( extensive and formidable rebel works, which have been under construction for four months pa?t, to protect the bridge crossing ihe Cumberland on the railroad route to Nashville. The capture of Fort Donel?on is considered only as a matter of time since the taking tif Fort llenrv THE CUMBERLAND RIVBR. The capture ?f Fort Donelson will giro us a very strung hold on the Cumberland and become a base for operations further on, extending in time, probably, to Nashville, the capital of Tennessee The Cumberland river rises in the Cumberland mountains, near the boundary between Virginia and Kentucky, and pursuing a westerly or southwesterly courm enters the State of Tennesaee After an extensive swsep to the south it turn* northwestwardly and uortherly. and enters and oroeses Kentucky, entering the Ohio 11} aiiled east of the mMuth of the Tennessee river, and 5'J mil?* above tho mouth of the Ohio The entire length of the river is about 600 miles, and it dram* a territory of 17 500 suuare miles It is navigable for large steamboats and vessels to Nashville, 203 miles from the mouth, and for boats of fifteen tons 300 miles further. At cei tain seasons of high water, TeeMis of 400 tons can descend the river 400 miles to the Ohio, and for half its length boats may navigate it at all seasons It is the second river in sise which enters the Ohio, being inferior onlj to the Tennessee Below Nashville, the river is deep and narrow. There are on the borders of tne Cumberland nineteen furnaces. nine forges, and two rolling mills, producing annually 44,M0 tons of iron, valued at $1,67*$ 00. TH* CITY or 5ASHTILLR. In a short time, if oar armies progress in the West as energetically as they have done of Ut?. >HdDTiU8 win become a place of interest | at connected with oar movements up tho Cumberland, It if connected with Bowling Green by railroad. Nashville is situated on the left or the west bank of the Cumberland river, ?ome two hundred miles by the rourae of the stream from its inoath : two hundred and eighty miles northeast of Memphis; two hundred and six miles southwest of Lexington. in Kentucky : an 1 six hundred and eighty four miles from Washington city. Many of the private residences are erected en a scale of palatial magnitude and splendor, and the public buildings exhibit a corresponding character. The suburbs abound with picturesque scenery, en riehed with beautiful grove* and cedar. The city was originally laid out in lots of one tore each, with a reservation ef four acres for pub lie buildings The new capitol, whioh stands on a commanding eminence, 175 feet above the river, ia one of the moat noble, magnificent, and oostly structures in America. Trie material is fine limestone, (quarried on the spot, and nearly resembles marble There were fifteen newipapers published here, six of them daily, ^aanville run tains three banks, with a total capital of $5,182,64)0, afid fifteen churches representing the variooi r* denominations. The city is lighted with gas. The Cumberland river is crossed by a magnificent wire suspension bridge, built at a cost of $100,000. Water is supplied by being raised from the Cumberland river. Six railroads now center at Nashville, afford communication witb many desired points. It is the terminus of the Nashville and Chattanooga Railroad, 150 miles long, which was finished in 1852. at an expense of about $3,000,000. The road is built in a very substantial manner, and completes the connection with Charleston and Savannah. The commerce of Nashville is very extensive, amounting annually to over 5,000 tonnage, composed of steamboat* navigating the Cumberland river, enaged in the conveyance of passengers, and the traffio of goods and produce. Kxtensive manufacturing establish luv uic ai o 111 cuvw^ooiui v^viauvu a t vuio piavv) among which may be mentioned the powder mill, the rolling mill, the Tennessee Iron Works, just below the city, on the Cumberland river, which are as extensive and equal in capacity to any in the United States. foundries and machine shops The population of Nashville, at the present time, is about 26,000. THE VICTORY AT ROAfORE I8LA1YD. ?7? FULL REBEL ACCOCJIT. TERRIBLK FIGHTING. The Norfolk correspondent of the Richmond Dispatch, dated Feb. 10, gives the following de tails of the recent victory of the gallant Burnslde and lioldsborougb at Roanoke Idand With Inexpressible sorrow I nnnounrr th* fall of Honnok$ In ami. after a spirited and heroic resistance by onr brave troops This occurred between 12 nnd 2 o'clock on Saturday, and the news received here with every Indication of regret and Indignation Ws gather the following particulars from a young man from the Richmond Blues, who participated In the fljht, escaped lu a small boat and rowed to Nag's Head, whire he was taken up by one of otir gunboat* and brought to this city He 1* an intelligent lad, and 1 believe a son of your postmaster The enemy's ships, be says, opened Are on our batteries at Roanoke Island, about 7 o'clock in tbe mo{nln?, and kept up an Incessant Are until 7 o'clock In the evening, doing, however, hut little lnjurv to the Island About 9 o'clock tbe next day (Saturday) the He?sl?ns were allowed to land on a point to the east of Roanoke Island, wtere they marched up.>n that point The bo mlng of heavy cannon in the distance heralded tbe enemy's approach < >nr brave troops prepared to meet them, supposing their numbers to be aboutve thousand. Gradually the sounds came nearer and nearer, ard the shell came thick snd fait over ( ur lutrencnmeiiW. Confident of their own ctrenntb, our troops moved rapidly forward, when, In a few mlnutes, the ball opened and the terr.flc conte?t ensued Bravely did our bovs stind up to the overwhelming forces of the enemv, rnd not till everv man wis dead or wounded did they leave their stand Nothing remained but retreat, which our men did. constantly turning and giving them a shot Finding It useless to held the lsUnd under such overwhelming numbers, the order to retreat from the Inland was given, and our remaining troops retired. leaving their strongholds in the hands of the enemy. It will be a pleasure hereafter to record on the page of history the heroic fortitude of our gallant troops. Nobly and well did Capt O Jennings Wise, of your city, sta nd up with his men to the fierce encounter, when, suadeolv. he was shot through the side and instantly fell. One of his mMi itaV 1 na Kim I# mi??k ct w-_. f*. mm* a mm am uv mm IUUVU U UI b HUl much," Hid be, " but light them yet." He wu borne from the scene of action In a blanket. About 3U0 / our bravt bo ft /til, atid nearly ali tk* rtst tetr* taker wounded or taken prisoners The enemy's loss is laid down at 1,000 Fottr of thetr Ithips icirt innk, they doing but little damage to any of our bonts Commodore Lynch and other parts of our fleet did nobla service, hlaahlp being Hinon? the flrat to open fire on the enemy's shipping At last accounts they were In pursuit of Commodore l.ynch In the midst of this terrible struggle It will be regretted that (jen. Wlse was serionsly indisposed at Nag s Head Both he and his son are expected here to day. I am sorry to say that but very few escaped from Captain Wise's company. Large quantities of ammunition were saved by our troops. The wom*n, children and a number of negroes are reported now on their way to our city. TLe enemy will be successfully checked from tettiag possession of oar railroad in that vicinity Active preparations have been made here regardlex this disaster, which It may be Imprudent for me to mention. The new* fell upon the ear* of ur citizen* with fearfal *ignilicance. Many would dare abut tbelr eyes anairt*t the fact had not dread conviction come so dire * Everyman was at his | oat, and our department* here were er*aged In sending dispatches to tbe various enrampm-nt* The alacrity with which every officer executed hi* order* is a theme of public praise; and especial pralae 1* due to the Young Guard, of our city, for their service# on the occasion. At a verv late hour military movements were going on, and everything Is In great excitement. NoaroLK, Feb. 10 ?The Intelligence of the desperate and unequalled contest at Roanoke Island, and Its result, have doubtless reached you by telegraph. Of course this Is the principal subject of conversation here Considering all tbe circumstances attending the fight, a more favorable termination of the affklr rould h?? been expected by those competent to ludge. Our force on the Island it the time of the attack wm bat small In comparison with the heavy and numerous tore." of in* enemy. Of tbe bravery and gallant conduct of our troop* too much can scarcely be aald In commendation. That they were overpowered by greatly superior numbers, after fighting with a recklessness and desperation never surpassed, la a fact already established, and which will be placed upon the truthful pages ol history. 1 send you herewith such particulars o(,the battle as 1 have been able to gather A true account cannot be given now. we know enough to causa a deep aigh of grief for the brave men alain and the g<iUaut sons of the South who are now captives in this cruel war, of homes rendered desolate, of hearts wrung with anguish, and ties of love and friendship severed But who believes, except the deluded and revengeful Yankees, that t dp South will ever yield to thetn ??that the great cause of southern liberty, and honor, and humanity Is not still onward T True, the news comes that the hospitable town of Elizabeth City has been shelled and burned, and that the vandal hordes are desolating the pLeaaaut places of the sound coast. But they cannot go far into the Interior, and the day is coming when theae northern minions shall be driven back in disgrace to their Inhospitable and barren aoil. Gen. Wise, though still sick, Is, I iearn, on hla way to this city, uapt O. Jennings Wise was dangerously wounded Major Lawson, Lieut. Miller and Captain Coles are reported among the killed The euemy lost In killed and wounded one thousand; our loss three hundred, m?>r? than two ikovtmd prisonn s We must be nerved for a vigorous resistance.and Providence will assist us a? heretofore In the cause of honor, and truth, and human rights. orimoxs or thi pbkss. [From the Richmond Dispatch. Feb 11 J Tke Disaster jit Roanok* Island?Th? occurrence at Roanoke islaad, resulting inare" wr? to our armi, was tba theme of converaation yeaterday In the city, to the exclusion of almost every other topic. The fact that some of onr Richmond companies were engaged in the 11abt occasioned an intense and painful anxiety, particularly among 'hoae who had ftienda or relatives among them, whlct. conld not be well concealed. It ) but a short period since the Wise Legion, after an arduous and toilsome campaign in Western Virginia, left litre for the coast of North Carolina, and though now defeated in one of the moat desperate conflict* of tbe war. It la at least roofoitng to know that tbe men fought with determined bravery, against overwhelming odda, and won'for themselves tbe proud appellation of heroes, of which tbeir preaent situation cannot deprive them The Light Infantry Blue* (Company A, of the Legion.} date their organization as far back aa the year 1793, and number among thair honorarv members many of onr oldest ana rauet venerated citixena Tbe history of the com>aay la ao well known that we need not repeat 11 Captain O. Jennings Wlae waa elected com minder a abort lima before the war broke out, and the corps waa ooe of tbe first to reapoad to the call of tbe country Captain WUe la reported badly wounded, and Lieutenants Fred Carter and Charles P. Bigger are taken prlaoners with, it It presumed. a majority of tbe men. Tbe Jacksoa Guard and tbe Light Ooard, both attached to tbt Legion, were enilated bere alter tbe commeneoment ot the war. Captain Hiram B Dickinson, of tbe former, and Captain Qua. Wallace, of tbs latter, reported captuerd by tbe enemy, are well known cltlseaa of Richmond Lteuteaaat Millar, of tbe Jackson Guard, la aald to be .mortally wounded. Major Hugh W. Fry, who 1? among the prisoner!, baa many friends here, who regret his misfortune, but who afe proud to believe tnat he sustained himself gallantly In tbe fight, and tbe same remark applleato Frank Johnston, of tbe Blaea, as brave a young man as ever shouldered a musket. The telegraph Informs ua that our killed and wounded amounts to 300, while that of the enemy reaches 1,000. The reader will find some further particulars of the affair In our Norfolk papers, from which it appears that tbe Infamous scoundrels have shelled a id burned the pleasant little town ef F.llzabetb Olty, are threateniag Edenton. Their operations In that quarter, however, will be limited; and Instead of depressing the spirits of our people, such acta of vandalism will serve to make them more determined, and rouse them to turice vigorous resistance. Personally we regret th# lnaa of our iwrom pllsbed correspondent ''Bohemian," whose letters from the Potomac and other points have for some time past adorned the columns of this paper. Dr. Shepherdson is well known throughout the South, and in his captivity (which we trust will be brief) he has the sympathy of a vast number of friends. THB CAMPAIGN IS CAROLINA. The Dispatch says that Burnslde's "object is supposed by some to be Norfolk; but if we are to believe the recent outgivings of Northern journals, his leading purpose Is to make a demonstration against the Weldon and Wilmington Railroad, with a view to cutting our great line of Southern communication Tkat thing seems, for the present, to be the special aim of the enemy in every quarter. His movements In Western Kentacky and Tennessee seem to have that single object for the present in view: and it has been re peatedly declared by Northern journals that Burnslde'i primary purpose ti a demonstration upon our railroad. Jn assault upon Norfolk la the only object next after this railroad enterprise, commensurate in Importance with the magnitude of the expedition. In such an undertaking the enemv'a vessels could be of little direct uae. The water approaches to that city from North Carolina are too narrow, tortuous and easily obstructed to admit the use or vessels; and if the enemy attempts a land att.ick the chances in our favor of repelling him are two or three to one. The reduction of Norfolk would be the work of months, and could only be effected by a large Increase or iiurnslde's forces " OFFICIAL. Treasury department, Fkbruary 4, lf^W. UaT T\bd a /iv r/\wrui ?9 v? MU.1UO V/* IUC t UH' U dIUirS UQltU August 19, IsGl, and payable three years from date, are hereby notified that provision it made for the payqsent of the Coupons of semi-annual In; terest which became due on the 18th Instant, In coin, agreeably to their tenor by thd Treasurer of the United States at Washington, or by either of the Assistant Treasurers at New York, Boston, and Philadelphia. All such Coupons, together with schedules showing the number and amount of each Coupon and the aggregate sum of each parcel, must be presented for examination and verification at least three full business iaya before payment S. P. CHASE, fe S^l&th Secretary of the Treasury. mRKiMTRV nEP?BT?l'MT JL fibrcakt 4, lsea. Noticb i* hbbbby sivbn of the readlneaa of thia Department to redeem the Treasury notea payable In one year from date, authorized by the act of Congresa approved December 33d, 1837, and the Treasury note* payable in alzty daya from date, authorized by the act of Congreaa approved 2d March, 1881. Interest on Treasury note* of the above Issues wtll ceaae on the 7th day of April next by terma of thoae acta reapectlvely. fe 5-tap7 Department of state, Washington, January 25, 18<M. The Secretary of State will hereafter receive Members of Congress on business on Saturdays, commencing with Saturday, the first of next month. )an?7-tf WILLIAM H. SEWARD. WAR DEPARTMENT, January 91, 1*M. Orsbrid, That the War Department will be closed Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays against all other business but that which relates to active military operation* la th? field. Saturday! will be devoted to the business of Senators and Representatives. Mondays to the business of the Public. EDWIN M. STANTON, Ja 22-tf Secretary of War. NOTICE NOTICE NOTICE TO SUTLERS. TO BUTLERS. SPICED MOLASSES CAKES. SPICED MOLASSES CAKES. SPICED SUGAR CAKES. s p tc. r n sua ah r. a wrs In oonaequenoe of the (treat demand for oar Molasses Ginter Cake and Sugar Cake, we have appointed W. H. HAMILTON & CO., 470 Nintn Street, pr ipa> Agent for their sale, from whom they oan be bought at five dollars per barrel. SNAPS, JUMBLES, MOLASBES POUND CAKE, IN QUANTITIES, IN QUANTITIES*, IN QUANTITIES. BOSTON 'CRACKERS, Fresh every day?warm from the oven make delieious food? Ttn Cents Per Pound. DAYTON'S CELEBRATED MINCE PIES. 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Wlllard, of the Chicago Light Artillery, left Fort Henrv day before yesterday, (Wednesday,) at 10)4 o'clock, and reached this city to-day. From him we learn that the artillery left Fort Henry for Fort Donelson between three and four o'clock on the morning of the 12th with six regiments of Infantry. Gen. Grant and staff and his body guard left at 10 ftVlnrk sxmp mnrnlnor sinH tVm n>nr triiarH lptf at a o'clock p. m. The whole force wu 40,000 men with 27 pieces light artillery. At 4 o'clock a m. of the same day 11 regiments left Paducah, under convoy of gunboats, to go up the Cumberland river, making the whole force sent against Fort Donelsonover 60,000 men. The eunboaU expected to reach Fort Donelson at 7 o'clock yesterday (Thursday) morning It was designed to make the attack with the whole force yesterday afternoon. THE LATEST. Chicago, Feb. 14 ?The following special dispatch to the Chicago Tribune ha* been received, dated Camp in the Field, near Fort Donelson, T >nn , Feb 13, 12# n m ?Fort Donelson ia invested by our troop*. Our lines are formed from right to left and from north to south, nearly surrounding the fort. Heavy cannonading and skirmishing haa been going on since o'clock this morning. Owing to the extent of our lines of action but little can be learned of the result I hear, however, that a ciptain in company 1, 7th regiment, hesbeen killed. Gen. McClernand's division Is operating on the right wing and G#n Smith on the left We have had but one gunboat to play upon the fort until just within the last half hour, when three other gunboats are firing on the fort. The forre estimated within the breastworks froiTt the oest information is about 15,UOO No reinforcemeuU ran now arrive for the enemy, as all communication is cut nfl It is now thought that their left redoubt has fallen into our hands All the rtflcers are acting with great valor, and exhibiting a fearlessness highly credltaMe to our western army. Gen Grant and staff h;ive be*Mi rldlity along tte lines all the morning, regardles* of the grape shot that la being fired In everv direction. ft F M , 13th?The cannonading and skirmishing hp.8 continued briskly ail day, but has latHv dmcnntinm d A considerable runnier of soldiers have berr wounded on both sides The 25th Indiana, which rushed boldly up to the entrenchments, ha> had during the d?v forty wounded, but all slightly. The 7th Illinois and the 7th Iowa regiments, who have been close to the enemy's lines, lost I some men. Among the killed Is Capt. Windell, of company 1. 7th Illinois, and Colonel Morrison, of the 4Vth 1111 nols, Is wounded Uinrraa) uK?rr\ok?Ai\faf? V? *? ? *-? <4/vnn ? i Dunipnuuvvcm uu ?r U"1IC ^UUU ?ri Yicr. I They kept several of the enemy's puns Idle by picking ott'the cannonfers as fast us they appeared at the guns. I Capt. Uerak. with a company of cavalry, went arousid to the left bank of the river this afternoon. and report* that the gunboat Carondelwt received a lU-inch ball through her casemate, which wounded eight men, but did not Injure the boat materially, Cap .ain Walker, of the Carond?let, says he has dismantled three of the enemy's river guns. The other gunboats had not arrived at 6 p. m. The enemy's rifle shots and their grape have bet i flying thick and fast about here all day. Some six shot* struck around Gen. Grant and staff this afternoon, while they were riding along me lines, one bullet bit one of the horses of the body KU&rd near by. Trie fort will certainly be stormed in two days, if it does not surrender before Our men have driven back the enemy In every instance to-dav. Gens. Pillow, Floyd, Johnston and Buckner are said to be here. One of our companies bas been within 75 yards of the enemy's entrenchments to-day. Orders from Gen. Hallerk? Oen. Grant Appointed to the District of Tennessee. St. Louis, Feb 14.?Gen Hal leek has assigned Gen. Grant to the command of the district of West Tennessee, and Gen Sherman to the district of Cairo. Commanders of districts, divisions and brigades and posts are directed to have an imi^diate inspection of all their troops for the discovery of stolen and contraband property and ] fugitive slaves. General order Mo. 3, issued 1H61, will be strictly enforced, and anv officer who has nprnriit\t to vinlufpH hv hi? rnrn. inand wlfl lie arrested for neglect of duty and disobedience oi orders. Capture of Contraband Goods. Chicago. Feb. 11.?a special dispatch to the livening Journal, dated Fort Henry, Feb. 14, MVS that the land expedition und'.'r command of Col Riggin returned to Fort Henry to-day from up the TennenKee river, havinjj captured $75,000 worth of contraband goods at Pari*, Tenn. They also found tents and camp equipage of the troops that left Fort Henry before Us capture. Gun Practice at Pstnt of Kocks Momacact, Feb 14.?There has been heavy firing all the morning at Point of Rocks, but It is only our troons practicing their guns to get the range. The Virginia legislature. Wmilihg, Va , Feb. 13.?The Legislature is still in session, but will adjourn to-night. Hollidav'sCove railroad bill was again defeated to-day In thx House of Delegates. ARMY EXPRESS COMPANY. NEW ARRANGEMENT! ALL KAIL FROM NEW YOKE. A 1 UniTDU * A M\/V Thu Company u prepared to forward all kinds of goodn to and from? NEW YORK-Offioe3ii Broadway, BOSTON?Office, 7 Congress street, and 'J Contress Square, PHILADELPHIA?Offioe,:i3T Cheataut atreot. BALTIMORE?Office,Camden Station, WASHINGTON?Offioe, 3SS Pennaylvania a? , ALEXANDRIA?Offioe, 105 King atre?t, ANNAPOLIS, FORTRESS MONROE. NEWPORT NEWS. PORT ROYAL, And the SOUTHERN BLOCKADING SQUADRONS, i AT FAIR HATES ' jaifl lm* AflO B. WERTHE1MER * CO., 4 (\ 4 it)A NO. 4f'2 AND 464 S*VK!tTH BT., <*Oi (Jppositt tk? Pott Offer their atuck of WINES, BRANDIES, GIN8. CORDIALS, etc.. also their larce assortment of SEGARS, TOBACCO, FANCY GOODS, etc., for sale at Wholesale Prices. They keep constant!/ on hand fine PHILADELu ii i a i?uriti *i ?.? . ? i? * '? I 11JA V>ACiAlU AliCil 1X1 ftUU UUUiVB, TUr bars orl'amiiy use Tlx* public id general are requested to jive them a call ai.d examine thair pleadid stock of goods. 8. WERTHK1MER & CO., ' 46'J and 464 Seventh strert. de gja oppo. Post Uffoe. Oysters! Oysters l THE (JVKRLANI)OYSTER EXPRESS COMPANY Still continue to receive dai y those famous planted PATUXENf RIVER OYSTERS. _^ Restaurants and private fomiiiesd^^ft /.J would do well to ca'l and try them. wlUf Those oysters are sold 36 hours alter they come from the water. lLf* Offioe No. 49 Market Space, below the A renue House. ja8 3m ^ DAMS' EXPRESS COMPANY. NOTICE OITRKMOYAL. The delivery oAoa of this company is removed from Third street to the large depot on IS rtreat, between 2d and 3d *t? de >>-tf /**am FURNITURE! A VlTTt TVtTTTR J? ' Ul FURNITURE! W. B. M O 8 E 8 , (of the firm of Mow & Pookbam, Philad'a.) Manufacturer and Wholesale and Retail Dealer in Cane aeat Chairs, Cottage. Parlor and Diningroom Furniture?Thorn's Building) ft OS SevenUi street, above D. Every variety of UPHOL8TER1N6 promptly ana neatly exooaUd. 8tore open day and evening for the aaoommodaUonof the public. Purchasers will atady their iatareet to oall before looking elsewhere. ja?-3m* HORSES FOR SALE, Of even description. Jf\ . Constantly on hand?Louisiana avnis,^SR nt?< the Center Market del?-ftm* WASHINGTON, O. C, JANUARY, iv j. REMOVAL. A. BIIVIXGER & CO. ATI RBMOVBD T? 919 PENNSYLVANIA AVENl'E, OP9MTTI WILLARDS' HOTEL. We Invite the at'entfon of onr friends and trons to the Card below: No. 4il9 Pennsylvania Amur*, > (oppostl* Willard's Hottl,)\ The Subscribers, having opened a Branch Establishment in this City a few montha since, and feeling encouraged by the liberal patronage already received from i!? friends and the lovers of mim o*i/l puic BilU gvuuiuc WINES, LIQUORS, and other articles In their line, have determined pon a contlnnance and extension of their bu?i neaa. Their n?aortment embraces? FINE COGNAC HRANDIF.9 (of various ajre. brands and districts.) BOl'RHON AND SCOTCH WHISK IF.?, JAMAICA RUM, GINS. Ac , Also, several valuable Tonics, Hitters, and Stomachics, which a re fmfdles for bowel complaints, fever and ague, headache, and the like. MADEIRA, SHERRY A PORT WINES, CLARETS, IH RGL'MlY, CHAMPAGNE AND GERMAN WINES. HAVANA SEGARS, Of ail Varieties and Prlcfs. FINE NAVV AND OTHER CHEWING TOBACCO. ALSO, PICKLES. SAUCES,CHEESE, PRESERVED MEATS AND FRUITS, SARDINES, VINEGARS, SWEET OIL, 4c , Ac. The Stock was particularly selected to suit the w&ius or noiei-neepers, tuners, Kesxauraieurs, 4c. They are Invited to visit the establishment, which 1? under the direction of Mr. Jos. P.. wllsoh. Owing to the fact that they import moat of the articles direct, and to their manv business facilities, they are enabled to offer their ttock Goods at very low prices. Your obedient servants, A. BHMGER fc CO., wiporters of Fottign Wines, Liquors, fc. Ja 11-tf Nkw York and yvashirgton. THE EAR EYE AND E A K . No. SST PENNSYSLVANl.'i AVENUE, opfoeir* WILLARD'S HOTEL. Oculist and Aurlst. DR F. A VON MOSt'HZISKER, rrom uunton Kiaoe, New York. tin* arrived in iae city and opened hi> offices at aar Pennsylvania avende, where be can be consulted on Maladies of the EYE AND EAR reqninnc medical and surgical treatment. Dr. Von Moschziskir is the inventor and introducer into the medical practice of the ETHERIAL EAR INHALATOR, for the treatment of obstinate cases of DEAFNESS AMD NOISES IN THE HEAD. He 1a also author of the letters published in the New York and Philadelphia papers treating on the prevention of DEAFNESS FROM THE FIR I NO OFCAN NON, fe. Dr. Von M. has lor the p?.?t fourteen years devoted his special attention to the TREATMENT OF THE EYE AND EAR, And possesses the testimonials of some o! the best known public men in the Union, who h%ve been most suooemuiiy treated i>y him wr me RESTORATION OF SIGHT f HEARING. READ. I FVcm Profnsor Monlcttr. Baltimore 1 "1 have tin* day seen Mi*s Wise, l:er sight perfectly restored. I am happv to express my convic Hon that by jour skill and judgment ahe has been saved from the ereatast deprivation that could have befallen her " [ frcm rfie Hon. Senator Punk. 1 To Da. Von Mo&chziskek : I am creatlv obliged for the intere?t yoa hare matife#te<f in my caae of Deafness.and tlieskill with which you iiavatreated my case, a, d I have no doubt that by careful ?! aervanoe if your direotioua, my hearing wlil be permanently restored. 0. H.PU0H. Jckm M' Loan, Jr., urn of r&? Hon. Judg* of the V. S. Huyrtnie Court \ It is well knowu to my nu nerou* friends that I have been deprived cf my hearing for many years. I am liappv to stare that I have, thanks to Dr. Von Mosoaaiekor, eatirely recovered. My henrice is nowasauuteaaever. JOHN M'LEAN. Jr. For several years I sufl'ored from deafness. Dr. Von Mcehxtskor restored inv heanr t. . St. Louis, Sept. 7,18*. JOSEPH YEATS. Dr. Von Moschzisker moat aneoesafully t perated on oeaemw Hit ucm exceedingly, (iKOKOt H. CHfcNtY. 81. Louis, tjcpt 17, Vti58. [Letter /rem Rtr. J. J. Mullo?.] Dr. Vow. Mo?chzi?k?k?L>*ar Sir?Amoijg t'loee who have bet?u i-ent>fitted t.y jour ssiilhi. treatment, in disease w.isairiug U<* ?iKht, it afford* rne treat pleasure to add the tesliinoLial ofiuv gratitude tu tiie list of jour patient?. My sight wii s_> much unpaired J arms the last eighteen months that 1 ooufd Lot recojnise the lectures of a friend standing near me. 1 tender ioa this aokr uwledgment of your eminent ski 1 and ?oeo?>? la u_e treatment ol Tour obliged and gratofai friend. J. J. MULLON, Rector fct. Pa'-rick'a. The original of the above, and hundreds more test jnonlais, can be seen at Dr. M.'a rooms. V ?? Patients wishing their family physioian to accompany them to witness operations or for the porsoee of ooosuitatioD are at liberty to bring tbero .Vtudioai useo will be at all times weioomed to wiUos* Dr. Vou M'a operations, and examine some of the instruments he has introduoec for ibe facilitation of Opiha'mio and Aura! Surgery. Arti tiolM Kyes inserted without oaasiag any aaia to the patieet. ^ OAm boars from > a. w. to 2 p. in. aad iron j is lm Q%7 PENNSYLVANIA AVKNUE. TKAS-TKA&?TKAB! UtT* Keoei ved a prune tot new Teas. Kor sais low at BgUWNlNS * ICKATINM'b, do 4 Vtawtf SiS Pa.avonuo, noar Oth rt. in TH1 W1KKLY STAR. nh oUial Family u4 InmU ?bb*ib1bc grmtm wm?y 1 ?4. U| uu MB to (N1< IB tay HBw ? FUikkd m FrlAay morala* pibitIb ?opy, f uinM....MM.J1 ? Fir* copies Ycft MMUM ?M ??# ? I 99 ?ooplca.?? a ? ? 9? B? ltla*?rlably?oitalaathc"Waahlaf(tM Nr?i> Itol baa m*d? IV DmUf E*mx%t Sta* clrtiBB ao * raf rally throughout the coastry coplea (la wrapper*) eaa b? procured at the counter. Immediately after the IBM of the paper. Price?THREtt CUNTS. ITD! If l)/\V r\! 1 GENUINE PREPARATION. u HMiHLY COSCElfTRATED" Compound Fluid Extract Bicha, A J'oiUtrt mJ SfrxfU R$mt4f For Diisun el tha BLADDER, KIDNEYS. SKAVKL. a ad DROFSICAL PWKLLINUS. Tb:? Medicine mcrM>M the power of a id ?wcite? the a.b*okbk5T? into i>e*.thy action. br which the watery ok riiriinr? deyoattiona , *l<! ail r^AiiKii. aiL4.a?KM?*T- are reaaoed, as veil &a paik asa inflammation. HELM HOLD'S EXTRACT BUCUV F??r WeakDMfn irii:n( f m H* ) ?( 1>? hiwr'T U>d iteration or A*<nae. Atttm/Uil wirt iti Foilcmtng Sfmytowu : i nil it position to Kxeifcoo, Uho f Power, L?oe? of Memory, Difficult? of Broathim, Weak Nerves, TrwnMioc. Horror of Dieaam, V\ akelnineea. Dinitiesa of Vision, Pun in the Back, Uuivcrsa' Lassitude of the Muscular t*Titem, Hot Hand*. Fli?b>ni of the Bqdy, Dryness of the Skin, Kmpticna on the Faoe, pall!n rntxTiys i. These umptoms. it a iO* ed lo to on. which Una medicine invariaMr remove, aoon fo.towa IMPOTENCY, FATUITY. EPILFPTIC PITS, Jh rnt of tekuk ik* Piixmt mtf Foyirt. Who can rat the* are rot frequently followed by Ui'W"i??n oikeasb'," "IMAMTV AND CONSUMPTION." Mar.r are awar* at the caj*e of their sufleriti, BI T HOJiK WIIL C0NFKS*. THE RECOKDSor THt INSANE ASYLUMS And tkt V'atks > v Con 'umpixcm, B>A& AXl'LB WIT.1S?? TO TUB TS.CTH Of TBI a??rBTio*i. IH F. OONSTITl HON UMTE AVKKCIEl) WITH ORGANIC WEAKNESS. *4 uirea the aid of luedic.ue to atreacthen and * Ir.vijorate the System inch HELMBOLDH EXTRACT HL'CHU wrs'iaJ ly d041 Tt*iALi* B T ?V?I UlfTillU EE MA LES- EE MA LES- FEMALES, OLD??H YOUNS, 8INGLK. MAKKihD, OK CUMLMI'UILNU MAKKlAtiL, in Many j4if?ttotis I'tcuhar to Fetnnltt the Extraot iiucliu is uiie?u& !t>d !>y any otner remedy, a* 111 CUi'Mi or Kciei.tioi., irrrguiarity Pamfttiuess, or ?*UFprc-i4.?j. of Cu*'?.niiar? Kvaonations. L'.e.'raled or <:hirroos state of the Uterus, Leucorrhr:* or vVuites, r<*enUty. and for all cmp &. ti incident to tlie ttm. whether arising f-om iudiaoreton. Ha..ts of Dissipation. or la the UECLINE OK CHA V(x E OF LI EE! SSI 9TMPTOMS AloVM. NO FAMILY fcHOULP BK WITHOUT IT. T*k* no mori Loufam. Ms-cutf or UnpltMml Mtdicin* /or Vnp Uatwni and Omngtrout WNSNI. HELM BOLD S EXTRACT BUCHU CURBS SECRET UlSEASES in all their Stages; At Utt'.e Extensa Little or no ohanpe in Diot; No inoonvenie&oe And no hzpon<??. It causes a frequent desire ana gives strength to UnuUe, thereby Removing Oiwtruoticus, Preventing ami Curiug Mrictures of tae Vrett.ra, Allying Paiuar.d inttajnnaaor. *? iro^ ur*Rl iu \uf3 o:\b? tu u. -1^3, a: - Potiowms, IHsMstd, and wm <ni THOUSANDS CPOS TH0r**!*3J? W7/0 JfAKS 5ECiV THE V1C11MS OF QUACKS, Mid who have paid Atary ' ?> to be cured in a short time, uavefound ttir r ?f? Ur-ceived, tu4 that the *4ro:aon" has. by tiwis-iuf "ptnffut ?<:n?i?ui been dried up id the ayeUmi, to l: -at out ic ac Bf era rated form, acd FLB21APS A.FTWK MiriU':*. ? ? HELM HOLD'S EXTRACT 2 3CR9 all at'eotiot-e au- diaeasrs o I tho L K1>AHT < KtiA.ll, whether exietms ta MALK OR FE^ALK, from whatsrer \are />r<r ratine and no matter o UJ 1 LOIXfl STANDING. D seaaea jf t loae Orjtr? re?cl the aid cf a I>inmc. UELMBOLD 8 hITKACI BUCHU le THE GREAT DIURETIC. and is certain to have the desi'ed effect la Disearee/er wtut it it rtrommtndid. btidbbcb or rna host bbsponsiblb ajtd bbllablb ChABACI kb wililaccomfacy the mediomee. CERTIFICATES OF CURES, From 8 to 0 years' stand !if With Natcea known to rc.iknok anil k'ahk. -PHYSICIANS" PLEASE -NOTICE.*' VI KAU ' MO IBCKBT" 0T "iHaBBDIBMTI." HELMUOLDS EXTRACT JIUCHU 14 composed of Hucim, Cor>el>s ami Jumper BerriM selected with treat care by a oocupetent Urutciai. PREPARED IN VACUO, BT H. T. UELNBOLD, raotioaj and Acalj tioai Cttenuit. and 80le Manufacturer of H?LM?OJLJ>'S li&NLLNK FKKPARATIOMS. AFFJDA7JT. Personally appeared oefore me. ai. Alderman e| ih<? est* or I'hiladelDliia. H. T. Hkt.mbolb.vdu beiog duly vorn, dofli nay. hi* pr?*: eoctain co n&reotio, no mercury, or otnor i^unvoi druca, but aro purely vegrt?r>i?. H. T. liri.MiK LD. Sworn aad subaoribed ???t*?re w tuiaiJ ^-uaj o November. 186*. W'M. I*. HlBbiiKD. Aldc.^ia, Nmtii at..iWw Ftc*. i'laa FHYSICiANS IX ATTEXliAXCB MOM o A. M TO t> F. M. Frloo SI par belt la, or ill lor **, Delivered io acy t?it!i?aa, ??cc:eiy ?uioy ivn abti i>tioiu dcieaa iattrra for liJbriuatia& .a wltua ca H. 7. UELJ^BOl-U, ******<, Dopot, 104 South ioLtn at., beiow tiiw.kH fiula BKWAIfrfc OF COUNTER!-tars AND VNT KlXCU'LKi) DA ILL HZ who mittior to <i;??o?e "of iu?-' uwu" "eU^" *. Uolea on tue r*juu*Uo- -UAUiev ; ii??Mboid i btMiM , 44 44 Emu?I But m, 44 u " Jirnyniin " '4 imftfc*M IfMt BOiU bf fc. 0. M4.TI. Z. U. SlUlAji. i(M WlUT, 6. C. Korb, d. J*. tOTwiini, B. O Major, D. B. CLABB.RIBWBU * ^AVSKMBOJ. R. U&JOB, Wa?fcini??i u< tMriiuvB, ALE DEvemars MWMMTWHMEM, AbA FOB ULMMLDV. 1AILB BO VXiiML ilMki Uf MniiNBn. MmMUO. AM? AVOID i*r0#J?10? Bi JUTOMRR Dm*** Bfmrum mi </ Onmwmimw. Hij k # B *

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