Newspaper of Evening Star, February 15, 1862, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated February 15, 1862 Page 2
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W evfning^tabT WASHINGTON OITT: *1TCRD\V FEBRUARY 13, 1W. Spirit et the >Iermla? Prf??. The InttlUgtnrtr note* the impertsnceof the aMttgWM of tbe development of Union sentiment In Tennessee end Alabama In tbe advance np tbe ?ent>e*?ee river. Tbe Rigublitan commend* tbe MorrlU bill for th? abolition of slavery In tbe District. ocr military ritymset. mciDtirrs or tbk hcht at roasox* islaiw>. From a gentleman who came direct from Roanoke Island by the Star* and Stripes, we gather thj following Interesting incidents of the battle there; Colonel Russell, of the 10th Connecticut, fell dead from hla horae, at the head of his regiment, while marching againat the enemy. Strange as it any appear, not a scratch was found ?pcn his body, when examined, and bis death must have come from the wind of a cannon hall or from excitement. Lieut. Colonel de Montlel, who volunteered In the assault upon the rebel battery, received his death-wound while heading the advance, and whll? In the act of shouting, "Come on, boys, we'll show tbem how to flght " In the course of the action a shell burst on the U S. gunboat Hetxel, and set her magazine on Are. Lieutenant Franklin, her executive officer, uiunrv iuc mru iv iuc uio^aiiuc iu tauii^uibu tb? fire; they hesitating, tw took the hoae In hi* own bands. sprang dawn and extinguished the Same* before they reached the powder. A similar occurrence took place on the Ceres, from the hunting of a gun, when Acting Maater Dtarmald sprang Into the magszine and extinguished the fl e. A abell entered the coal bunka of another of our steamers, aettlng them on fire. The flames were subdued with much difficulty, with but little damage to the vessel. 5AVT TARD The King Philip and Leslie were down to the flotilla yesterdav, and returned last night. Af. fairs are unchanged in the lower Potomac. The Harriet Lane is at Indian Head. Great activity still prevails at the yard, and more than seventeen hundred workmen are still employed. A very large proportion of these are engaged in the ordnance department, in the preparation of war material. A Tiansfi* o? Dctiis, asdak Amnkstt.?By tl?e recent order of the President, (noticed elsewhere in to-day's Star,) an amnesty is granted to the political prisoners now held in United States military posts, with exceptions in the discretion of the Secretary of War, on condition of their future abstinence from cooperation, direct or Indirect, with the rebellion. At the same time the Secretary of State is relieved from bis responsibilities in that connetM?. At tbe opening of the rebellion, so heavy were the duties pressing on the War Department In extemporizing an army of 800,000 men to meet civil wmr throughout the whole continent, that the President thought fit, at the request of the Secretary of War, to confide those responsibilities In regard to arrest* of State prisoners, to the Secretary of State. All who are to continue in custody or inav be necessarily arrested hereafter, are, under this order, to be held by the War Department, (from the date of that order.) which Is to have exclusive charge of the subject. Its chief la amply competent to manage the delicate and reaponaible truat with enlarged sagacity and fcrbearance, at the same time not hesltat ng to assume any responsibility in this connection that may be absolutely necessary for the well being of his ch?rge?the restoration of the Union?peaceably, if he can, forcibly, if he ma?t. Wo have alto to add that hereafter the duty of considering applications for passe* to the South baa been devolved by the War Department on 6*n. Dlx,at Baltimore. ITT An order was issued by the V\ ar Department yesterday releasing the political prisoners now incarcerated at Fort Warren and elsewhere, on their subscribing to a parole engaging them to render no aid or comfort to'persons in hostility to the United States This ordsr applies to all persons under arrest, except those held as spies, and others who**? release at the present time would be deemed incompatible with the public aiety. To all persons who shall be released under fhit f\rA*r ami Vaah #Kni? u- 4 J ? ' ...? f U..V. BLV y I uv * (UC 1 IC91UCUI will grant an amnesty for all past dialoyal or treasonable offenses Extraordinary arreati are hereafter R> be made only by the military authorities. ITT The publication ef the thrilling telegraphic news to-day compels us tc defer until Monday a quantity of interesting matter ?tt up for to-day's paper, Including tbe important ex. outive order relative to State prisoners, issued bf Secretary Stanton. The time for opening the bids for horses advertised for by Uenerai Van Vllet, is extended to 19 m on Saturday, the3?d Inst. Part lea I art Csaeerninf the ether Fsrts Deserted by the Rebels. Tbe correspondent of the Philadelphia Inquirer writes: Two miles above Fort Bartow ia situated Fort Blanchard, containing four long thirty-two'# This defence la well constructed, and waa left in perfect order by the rebels when thev retreated, nothing having been Injured. Still further up the island, near the upne/mosi extremity, stands the finest designed of all the forts constructed by the rebels for tee protection of Roanoke Island sod blockade of Croatan Sound This la Fort Roger. It contains nine long It-pounders and one rifled piece, all In perfect order,except a few slight blows inflicted by a dull axe on the wheels ana sliding gear. It may be proper to remark that when the enemy retreated they spiked all the guns In the various forts with temporary nails, 'all of which were extracted without dllflcnlty The battery at Robb's Fishery, on the main land opposite, was composed of several old barges and canal boats, mann -d by three guns. This was destroyed, with the steamer Curlew, the evening following our glorious victory. Across the Island, and commanding the route toNa^a Head from Croatau Sound, Is situated rvri rornwi, containing two gun*, eaeh 32Canders This defense is insignificant In size, t can only be reached by following a narrow artificial route, composed of trees felled and settled In (be quagmire On either side Is an unpaaiutbte barrier of mora** ..nd swampv waste The two guns mentioned are pointed Inland, and would cr*a'f great havoc in a body of men advancing ur 'he wooded causeway The enemy abandon<-<l this position about the same time hat they were defeated by onr troops In the mala battle ou the 9th. A short distance acrow the water, to the right rl this, la the place where Geo Henry A \N lie remained for few day*, prior to the arrival of our fie** ia Croatia He was on the mainland of Virginia while there, and conaidered It safest, aa 1" ultimately proved, to remain there nntll be learned sufficient to satisfy him that his health waa too poor to remain away from Richmond any longer, consequently h? suddenly departed on the night of the 7th of February?according to the '.aterrcnt of an lnh bitant of that vicinity. Copy cf a letter found in Fort Bartow, dated the morning the federal fleet cam* in sight of Roanoke IsUnd: Koav>ik Island. I'eb 7, l?w Deer *!r ?The enemy are iu si^ht of our bat ery. *iid hive alreidy twenty-iUree schooners J * *- IlllllKMt !!? ?- Ik.. - ? . . v?-^ T?r .. '?u " vu <u,? VI ur 01 tbe I We ire all ready for ibem, and expect to giveUieto a good tbr&sbiiig and send tLem bone to tLelr roosts. This eug-tgMuent will cer. taialy be a long a:.d deaperate cue, bat our cause . Kood.Uo-1 being, as 1 firmly believe, on our dei, will give u* tbe victory Wltb inucb riiprct, your obedient servant, Sergeant W. E Vacoha.* To J so R BiTHiWAt, Commander of Uun No 5, Pig's Point Ls;t?ry PmiUcui ?From tbe V LvtnUu P**'. Of yesterday: Tbe stock market ia firm and higher to day u^der tbe passage of tbe Treasury note bill and .ue satisfactory details of tbe Buruslde victory. Derr ?nd not>s arc selling among tbe brokers at )g tb ai.d 3-16cus discount Tbe 7 3U notes are t^ulte firm at 96?atf9. Money Is ex'.re ml y abundant to-day at t>Vt par ecai on call, p;incip?!iy a' 0. IMipr |-i;?er niy ? f.out lo 7 per cent , i to Udte -iid the pteferci. es of tbe buyer f ? j * i Another Great Union Achievement. FURTHER RESULTS OF GEN. McCLELLAN'S STRATEGY! Bowling Green has Fallent THE ENEMY FORCED TO FLEE ! THE STARS AND STRIPBS FLOATING OVER IT! Still Another Union Victory. LANDER HAS WHIPPED JACKSON'S AD VANCE, AND FORCED HI9 AND LORING'S ARMIES BACK INTO WINCHESTER! LANDER TAKES. AMONG OTHER PRISONERS. SEVENTEEN COLONELS, LIEUTENANT COLONELS, CAPTAINS, axd LIEUTENANTS. FORT DONELSON INVESTED, CUT OFF FROM REINFORCEMENTS, AND MUST FALL IN 4S HOUR*. BOWLING GREEN IS OURS ! ! Just as the Star goes to press to day, the General-in-Chief has received a dispatch from Gen. Buell, announcing that his advance, under Gen. VTW^ViaII roarhAH the rl?pr nnnntifA Rnwllno ittltVMVM) ?v <?'V. rc?""v ? Green yesterday by a forced march The enemy (earing the passage of his force across the river hv the remaining bridge there, burned that immediately, or sufficient of it to render it Impassable. General Mitchell at onc? set about constructing another, under the protection of his guns. The enemy thereupon last night evacuated their Bowling Green stronghold, of which General Mitchell is now doubtless In powession, as no enemy was left to resist him in raising the Stars and Stripes over It, the river being but to cross. Gen. Buell nad for some days past been concentrating a large force In the neighborhood, with which doubtless to march directly on Nathalie after having reduced Bowling Green. It Is the impression in military circles here, that on evacuating their Bowling Green stronghold last eight, the main body, If not all the rebel army, tied directly towards Nashville; as, to attempt to reinforce Fort Donelson instead, would be well-nigh a hopeless undertaking, and would Inevitably be followed almost Immediately by the fall of Nashville before the main body Buell's army, and the fall of Knoxville before the division "f Gen. Thoma* Neither Buell or Thomas can meet with any resistance to speak of in marching directly on hose most Important strategic positions, If the army running away from Bowling Green has failed In Its retreat to aim to cover Nashville; which, by the by, Is the main object of the effort of the enemy to continue to hold Fort Done'son GENERAL LANDER'S VICTORV YESTERDAY. Pawpaw, Va , Feb. II?? p. m.?Major (itneral G .B McCltllan: The railroad was opened to Hancock this morning; also the telegraph. We had an important forced reconnolasanc? last night, which was completed to-day. We broke up the rebel nest at Blooming Gap. We ran down and captured seventeen (17) commissioned officers? among them colonels, lieutenant colonels, captains, Ac. I will forward a descriptive list. We engaged thein with four hundred cavalry. Our Infantry were not near enough to support the cavalry, mid the enemy were retiring. We have in all seventy-five prisoners, and killed thirteen of the entioy. We lost two men and six horses at their first fire. I led the charge in person. It was a complete surprise. Cot. Carroll, commanding the 5th or 8th Ohio, made a very daring and successful reconnoisance immediately afterwards, toUoger's store. Major Frothlngham is entitled to greatcredit for building, under my direction, in four hour*, in the dead of night, a complste bridge across the Great Cacapon, at an unfrequented mountain road. Two columns of 8.000 men each marched thirty-two miles?one oolnmn forty-three mllea, since 4 pm. yesterday, besides bridging the river. Paper* taken, and mf own recornoissance to the aoutb, prove the country clear, and Jackson and Loring in Winchester. We made a move and occupied the Bloomery Gap and Point Mills east, on the belief (by information obtained from deserters) that General Casson's brigade wa< there. Gen Dunning baa Just arrived at New Creek, from Moorfleld, forty miles south of Romuey. He has captured 'iv>o beef cattle, and broke up the guerilla baunt there. Two of his men were badly wounded He killed several of the rebels. The enemy have thus been driven out of this department. * # m (Signed) F W. Landib, Brig. Gen. FORT DONELSON. This forenoon a dispatch reached the Generaltn-Cblef here from Gen. Hal leek at St. Loula, announcing the iuvestment of Fort Doaelson with a force of 30,000 men, aided by the noble fleet of Commodore Foote, and anticipating its speedy reduction. Gen Halleck says that Pillow, Floyd and Buckner are in it, with a fore* of 15,000 men, and b? Is evidently of opinion that his arrangements to cut them ott' from reinforcements will surely be successful. How any portion of the rebel army In Fort Donelson can possibly escape death or capture, is past as to divine. Parties who came up by the Old Point boat say it was reported at Norfolk yesterday that Fort Donelson had been captured. INTERESTING PARTICULARS OF THE CAPTURE OF ROANOKE ISLAND. It was dull and cloudy on Friday evening when the works were first shelled by the sunboats, and on Saturday the rain fell steadily all day without any Intermission. The men were landed at daybreak on Saturday morning, and it was about eleven o'clock when the action commenced At first It assumed somewhat tke character of a brush fight, until the rebels were driven to the center of the island, and the artillery was brought Into requisition. Tke island is about twelve miles Ion*, and the landing was etfected on the mainland side, about four miles from the lower end. At their earthworks in the center there were some fine barracks and storehouses, the latter of which, with all their contents, were burnt by shells from the gunboats The main camp was at the upper end of the Island, where there were fine barracks and an abundance of the necessaries and comforts of camp life Owing to the destruction of the storehouse food was very scarce on the island, and had It not been for the abundance of pigs i running about thee would have been much suf iering on r?anaay ana .Monday. The prisoners were allowed to continue in po??*k*Iou of their camp and barracks, whilst the Federal soldier*, botb officers and men, roughed it n* bent they could on the damp earth The prisoners were, however, when the Stirs and dtrlpes left, being conducted to the lower end of the island to be embarked for New YorkCol Wise was kindly taken care of, and surglcal aid immediately procured for bim. Heap* ]-eared calm, but suffered Intense pain, thougb not seemingly conscious his wound was fatal. He spoke In a firm, frirudly tone to tM surgeon and others Dmr bv, asking if they would not allow him to be aent home until hi* wounds recovered The surgeon, seeing U impossible for him to live, replied: " Yes, you can have all you wsr.t ?' He rapidly grew weak, and expired on the* following morning. His body has bwn carefullv attended to, and will be delivered to hi* irtt-iuls on call. \i :s believed the Immediate object of Gen. is tu possess points in North Carolina Miierr the railroads can be commanded. He i JZ considers Norfolk and Portsmouth now?with the advantage* of holding Roanoke Island?entirely vlttiin his control. The wounded of both partlea are being carefully attended to. Energetic < fforts were making to discover and relieve all who may have been wounded, and secreted themaelvea in the woods, marshes. and awampa, where mmy have been found, brought Into camp, and t^eir wounds dressed by both the Federal and Confederate surgeons. Trophies of various kinds were picked up, amongst which were Confederate flags, private letters, military orders, and some Confederate money, in the shape of bonds. The Richmond Blues fought with desperation and s;reat bravery. They lost more men proportionately than any other company killed and wounded. * The Federal troops, without distinction, are reported as having Dehaved courageously. No vandalism was permitted by Gen. Burnside by his troops after the victory. The Confede a?e'prisoners bore their misfortune with becoming philosophy. All indications scow Gen. Burnside to be pre puiujl mi oiuri acuvr aiiu uii^uriani operations. GEN. BURNSIDE'S DISPATCH HfaJc/uarters Department, S. C. ) Roanoke Island, Feb. 10, 1862. 5 Major Gtn George B MrClellan. commanding U. S. Army, Washington. General: 1 have the honor to report that a combined attack upon this inland was commenced on the morning of the 7th. by the naval and military forces of tuls expedition, which has resulted In the capture of six forts, forty gum, over tteo thousand prisoners, and uptcards of three thousand small arms. A mong the prisoners are Col Shaw, commander of the Island, and O. J. Wise, commander of the Wise Legion. The latter was mortally wounded and has since died The whole work was finished on the afternoon of the S'.h, after a hard day's fighting, by a brilliant charge in the center of the Island, resulting In the capture of the prisoners mentioned above. We have bad no time to count them, but the number Is estimated at near 3,000 Our men fought bravely and have endured most manfully the hardships incident to fighting through swamps and dense thickets. It Is impossible to give the details of the engagement, or to mention meritorious officers and luru ill iur luvn umc aiiowfa lor writing ttlts report, the naval vessel carrying it starting immediately for Hampton Roads, and the reports of the Brigadier Generals have not yet been handed In. It is enough to >ay that the officers and men of both arms of the service have fought gallantly, and the plans agreed on before leaving Hatteras Inlet were carried ont. I will be excmed for saying, In reference to the action, that I owe everything to Genu Foster, Rena and Parker, as more full details will show. I am so?ry to report the loss of about thirty-five killed and about two hundred wounded?ten of them probablv mortally. Among the kilied are Col Russell, of the 10th Connecticut, and Lt. Col. Victor I) Monteil, of the DeF.spinenil Zouaves. Both of them fought most gallantly. I regret exceedingly not being able to send a full report of th# killed and wounded, but will send a dispatch in a day or two with full returns. I beg leave to enclose a copy of a general order issued by me on the 9th. 1 am most happy to say that I have just received a menage rrom Commander Goldsborough, statin); that the expedition of hlsgunboats against Elizabeth City and the rebel fleet has been entirely successful He will, of course, send his returns to this Department. I have the honor to be, General, your obedient servant, A. K BuansiDi. Brigadier General Commanding Department of North Carolina. I Confederate Telegrams Memphis, Feb II.?There has been a heavy loss of steamboats on the Tennessee river, in consequence of the invasion of the Federal gunboats Lexington, Conestogaand Sam. Orr. On Saturday the Appleton Belle and Lynn Bird, Confederate boats, were burnt by onr troops at the mouth of Duck river. The Sam Klrkman, Julius and Time, also Confederate boats, (the latter with ?100 000 worth of government store-*,) were abandoned *nd burnt at Florence on Saturday. The steamer Dunbar wassunk in Cypress creek The Eaatport was sunk The Cerro Gordo and Sallie Ward were tbe only Confederate boats captured by the Federals The Rnhb escaped. The .v.- .1? ' _ m ?? p, u rn M, >I?Vu a>u V IV 11 IUC I I TCI i Ullt wereexpect?d to return. They took 20.(HX) pounds of salt pork from Florence, but refused to touch private property, not even cotton. It is reported that the Federals are concentrating a larjre force in the vicinity of Paris, where there are about 1 Confederate cavalry The Federals have abandoned Fort Henry, and are fortifying Fort Anjjilo, opposite. Fort Henry has been inundated, and the walls are caving in. The Federals threaten to take possession of the Memphis and Ohio Railroad within two weeks, to which they have easy access. Military excitement is growing warm in Memphis and throughout this region. A public meeting wds held here on yesterday to organize for defence. -y-rjp-ST. PETER'S CHURCH, CAPITOL, HIM..?A charity sermon in benalf of the objeort of ibn Yocn< Oatholtc'a Friend S*oo-?tj, wul l>e pr.'&ohed in this ohuroh on sUNUaV MORNING, February 16th. at HH o'clock, by th? Rev. Father MoNallt. fe l at* (V^?S MITHSONIAN I.ECTUR FS.-?>n lL? MON1MV KVKNING. February 17th, Ds. Hay is will give the la*t lecture of tusoouree oaArotio i-'xporatiops. Subieot: '"The Progress ofArc'.io I)v*oovery." Dr. H. will V?o conclude h aaoooant o<the E squimaux and exhibit tli9ool;eotionsol'cui io?ities, &o , brought by Inn; on his reier.t rxprd t'on. Le^'uro to eomme^ee at ft b. m. f? n ? nffr?MASONIC NOTICE ?Grand Lodge of F. ar 1 A. Mason* of the District of Columbia, A Called off ComnnnicaMon of the M.W.Grand Lodre of the *-i??riot of Columbia will be hold on SATURDAY fcVKNING next, the 15th instant, at 7 o'clock, at wiiich all the officer* and member! are earnestly requested, and Master Maions in good staniUns fraterLall* and oordialiy in% ted to be present. W. MORRIS SMITH, fe 13 St [tnt4kRee.2t] Oram) Secretary. nrg=*OKFICE OK THK JOINT COMMIS113 SION OF TPK U N IT KD STATES AND CoSTA KICA, Withintlon, b'tbruarv 8,1P62.?At a jreotirr oft he board. hsid th's day, it was (irdtj'd, That a! I person* having claim* upon the Kepubha of Cost* Kioa, which are provided for t>T the convention between t^e United S'&te* and the taid Itepubiio conoluded on the 2d >la* of Juij. 188U, <lo fiie memorial* of the same with the Seoretvy of tLi* U >ard in theoitr of Washington. CHA9. W. DAVJ8, Secretary pro tern. fe ll-^W No. 260 F street wear, OCKVILLE AND WASHINGTON 'Jjl TURNPlKtS ROAD COMPANY. *Y&r*ary 8,1R62 ? A dividend of four per cent, haa been declared on the capital stock of this Company, payable to atookhbiaera on demaud at the Bank of Washington. S. B. BOARMAN, fe 10-lw Mecrrtar y._ SinuiTII Ui'Dmoi pi-BTiirii , . a w * m. m. i wv MT/1/U r r<D I 1 ? A Li.~" I Hi 1 l_5r FuUidry AL E. Paobath Sohool will hold a } Festival at Franklin Hall. oorn?r o| 9ih and l> streets, to oorninenoe TUESDAY, Ilth mst., and tooonticue dnnnc the week. A fall brass band will be in attenJane. A pleasaut tnne is anticipated. Admission 15cents. fe 10 6t* np*-THE UNION PRAYER MEETING Will llsj* beholden every day this week in the Lutheran Church, ( Kev. J. G. Butler's,) at the oorner of Uth and H streets, commencing at W o'clock p ra? and continnert hnt one honr. ja 2" FAIR, for the benefit of St. Vincent'* *1 5 Femaie Orphan Asylum, will be opened on TH1' R8DAY, 9KU mat. at the Asylum, oorner G and l 'th stroeis. A variety of useful aod far cy articles will be offered for sale. There wili bo ahnch room where all kinds of refreshment! wili be served, loe Cream and C?nfeotionery, in their varieties. ja 29 It 1X7E HAVE OPENED A i.tRRK STOfir of Tory fine JFN D E R~? ? I RT? unl DR&WKU^i which will bo nold at leuonable prices. MIU'L W TiOyjPSON, 3T0 Penn. avonue. fe 15-tf ur.iler Hrown'a. ? notice" OTRAY HOR8E FOR ??ALE-Th? horae la in oharce of Pruate ?LAU?, Orderly a? av Head quarters. Army of tee Potomac. The T-Tr owner is requeetei tj otll. prove prop?rtT. pay o.'.arses, and take the hone awav, or h* will be so d at oublic auction, on Tuesday, tho I8ih ian. fe lb 21' A1MJL.PHU8 LAUB. Dissolution of COPARTNKRSHIP. NOTICE.?The copartnership heretofore exiatins between Clark dt Blocher has been t??ia cay dissolves by mutual oonaect, Wei. I,. Blocher withdrawing The husine>sof the lata firm will beaettled by Win E. Clark, who la alone respon lble. (If) WM. L. BLOCHER. SHIRT 8! SHIRTS:! SHIRT 8!!! We are Riving speo>al attentien to mskmi Hhirta to measure, ad<l<?d to ha vin; always on hand a fi?.? stock ready made, ?j on lemon iieairing tiiia important caMnent made n a ntyle and of material as tliej shouid l>e, will please step in ani eave their number. SAM'L W THuMPMjN. 370 Pa. avenue, under fe 15-tf Brown'? Hotel. PMODKRN LANGUAGES. ROF. D K. UKOi X Would respectfully inform th* p'iblio and his former pu pi a that he has rasemed hia private l.e-?ons in l.arcuages.also in schools and organized olaaira in French. Bpanish.and German. Persons wiabing lojoiuacy. of -tnoae o'astas o&n do so by app yin? at his res danoe, No. .149 Penn avenue, < ppoalte Mr wn'a Motel, or through the post uffioa. Washington, D. O folS-6t fp OOPAKTNKR-H'P. a HE Copariterahip h-ret foreez sting batwoen Waiter, Karir.a .n A- B >pp, having barn d?a?.;lvdd in ouesi f ata e ol ths <laatn f one of the firm the business w?ll tirrratterbsoarrad on under the nnua and b mof Wa.lxiui.vK/ w a are prepared io build to order, at.<l keep Oonrtantly on ban , a l ku:us of ihs most fa?hu>r.?b.e CakRIAG" **nf tha very bdat work oca ship. Rearing promptl* and oaialu'. !jr attended to at tha most reasonable prioea. ? l.auk u1 for past favsue, we hope ?ora coctnna' o tfthe same, at ojr o.U enuttli* m at. on 1) atr *et. t,t twaen 9th and lotto sta, No 34b up stairs. | felMm WALTER * KAKMANN. j 1 /-? *sa I CONGRESSIONAL. 1X1VIIU COMORE??-4w>?4 hulra. ?*5at*.?Yerterday, afU>r our report closed? The bill defining the pay of army oflrcrt wu taken up, and. after a protracted discussion, postponed Adjourned till Monday. Hocsi ?After our report closed? The naval appropriation bill was pawed with sundry amendments Mr. Hickman announced that Henry W lkof had purged himself from the charge of " contempt," and moved that be be discharged Mr. Stevens wanted to know what was Mr. NVikofs reply. Mr. Hickman held that the House would get the information asked for at the proper time Tbe Speaker then stated that the committee had

the power to discharge Mr Wikof without anv further action on tbepsrt of the Hcase; and here the matter ended The joint resolution In relation to the celebration of the itfd of February was passed; also tbe b' 11 for tbe relief of tbe Creek* and other loyal Indians. The annual pout office appropriation bill, and tbe subject of tbe Bull Run affair were discussed at length, and with the adoption of the following resolution the Houae adjourned till Monday next. Whereas the following advertisement appeared in the National Intelligencer of yesterday: [Here is recited a? large the advertisement of Brig . Gen. Van Vleit for horses which appeared In the In iciiiijrncer oi ioe i jcd in? J Ttitrffore? Hffolred, That the Committee on Government Contracts be instructed to Inquire what other notice. if any, was given for proposal* in this case; wbat reason, if any, exists for restricting the proposals to so short a time; and whether it is possible for the Government to procure the horses advertised for on these terms, on so short a notice, in this city. Fare reduced to BY THK U. S. MAIL Llafi OF 2MEAMER9. RKINDERR. Capt. Kibhl ; VOLUNNEEB. Capt. Faciice. leaving every morniuk,(Sunday* excepted.* at9k o'o'k. IT s rli> n from Jobn Jones' wha f. fuot of llth^^?^^^^ stroet, for Mattaworaan Creek and Gen. Hooker's division. Fare f 1 SO, or a return t>oket, good for 3 d?r? on either t?oat, ft 150. Freight at reasonable rates. Lioensed by tae U. 8. to carry Freight and Passengers, and wko?* Insp*'tor's CertlAcate may bi ie?? on board. No Alooholio Liquors taken. fft 15 2 w PKRHAM'I SECOND GRAND EXCURSION NEW YORK AND BOSTON! From Baltimore to New York and Return 8* From Baltimore to Bostcn and Return #13.40 Tiokets for sale at Chandler's Cigar St?cd, in the Nxtional Hotel, where full parti ouars may be had. Two through traiLS daily, leaving Washington at 6 a. m and 5 pm. Tioket* good to return on or betore May 1st. fa 31 2W IH. O. HOOD 9 Constantly receiving, and has a ways on hand, a fall supp y of all the moat celebrated WA TCH r.S thai are manufactured in Eng-#31J ar.d, Switzerland a* d Amerioa- both in Goid^W ?cd Silver oases He also k?epsn large stock of fi'iie J K Wfcl.R Y of the most desirable styles set with Diamond*, Emeralds, Rubies and ail other Gems. He is also manufacturer all kinds of So id Sta daTd Silver Ware, ard keeps Swords, Revolvers. Swonl Belts ard Sashes, Bowie Knives, Razor*. Scis?or?, Gold, 8ilver ard Steel fp?ot?cies. and a treat variety of other things usual'T kept lu a Jewe rr Stcre. and a l at the very lowest riA> Vn lift Da 1 ?- * r .v?. a^i a ovciiuc) iitJiwcra sin una i"ift street*. . fe 15-tf DAYTON'S BOSTON CRACKERS' DAYTON'S LEMON BISCUIT' Are manufactur&d out of premium floor; are high'? recoTrinepdeJ bv phys?c:*ds for the slok, end justiy pronounced the best artiole mad?. For sale by grocers in every town and city, and in Washington by BROWNING ft KEATING. *43 Pa. avenue Kl>? it Bl'KCHELL, corn*r 16th st. and Vermont **'CU*. VAHSHALLft PAGE, 308 7'h St. L' VEW , COLLEJ* * < O.. 316 F st. L. A DKLLWIG, 5*9 7th St., bet. G and H. kOW?RU H * l<L, 4<l w. avenue. W. A HKttWN, oorrter F and 19th sts. BKNJ FENNkK. 346 1) St., near 10!h. HUNT CLARK A CO., corner K and irth sU. ' K. IHRR tL CO ,oorcer 1) and 9>t, ots. 400 Bushels - NORFOLK .OYSTERS Just arrived at ^ jL^l *4oyster bay;' 18 th St. and Pa. are. " ^ JjJVBt* /RKAT BARGAINS IN CLOTHIN6,at the "* People's Clothinj Store, No 460 7tU street. fi? H Jjn AN JJ WARRANTS WANTKU JAY COOKE A CO, fe 14 lw 4<nl Fifteenth at. P POTATOES. KKSONS in want of superior Biowaor Hack eyes, raised in the loy?-l s<>U of New Je'*ey. p ease leave orders at No. yd 4S street, where a sampl# mar be weac. fe 14 1 w* POLD AND SILVER COIN AND 7 3 10 TREASURY NOTKS Bcofht and Sold by jtv rwxiRP *r ct* fe 14 1 w 4 39 Fifteenth street. ? GLORIOUS NEWS-BURNSIDE'S EXPE "1 riitiona perfect suoc*ss. But next to that ia the Grf*t Bart a ns now offered in Clothing, Famishing Goods, Truck*, Hat.i and Caps, at the People's Clothing Store, No. 460 7th atrett, opposite F?st Office. fc!4-lm POTATOES, ONIONS, BUCKWHEAT FLOUR CBRP-E, 4c. 200 .-&ks prime White Meroer Potatoes, 5' Bb's. Si'ver Skin Onions, Bbls. No. 1 Buckwheat Flour, ion Boxea English Dairy and Eastern Cattinc Cheese. Received this day, and for sa!e low, to olose ouneigr.nierte, by D. L. MORRISON & CO., oorn*r 12th and B sts. fe 14 St* T COAL-COAL! HE Subscriber h*<i reeived cn consignment a cargotf R<vl and White Ash CO a L. oontainmg 151 ions, and now being landed, which he w:l! deader at the lowest rates in lots to sniL JNO. A. GRIMES. Agent and Forwarding Merohwat, fe 14-St* Georgetown, D. C. ORANGES-ORANGES! LEMONS?LEMONS! Just reoeived? 2?i boxes prime Sweet Oranges, 100 boxes fine Lemona. By MARSHALL A PAGE. A tic'ion and Commission Merchants, fe 14-3t 604 7th at, under Odd Feliowa' Hall. CA BUTTER AND EGGS. Ml Tubs and firkins of strictly prune Goshen Butter, exoellini fresh print, 8,<on]bs. Pa. Glares ana Iresh Roll Batter, U 500 lh?. Bakers' Butter. Fresh Eggs reoeired daily. D E. DUTROW, f9 14 61* No. 430 Eighth st., near Pa. ay. gUPERIOR CHEAP SHOES. Ladie*' Heeled Rlaok Gaiters, atfift oents. Ladies' Heeled Morocco Boots, at 75 cents. Ladies' Heeled Gaiters and Boots, at jtl. Ladie?' Heeled Gaiter and Moroooo Boot, (very groi.) Ladies' 91.25 and 91.W oents. Bo's' I onr Boot",75oents to 9'-5? oents. Misses' and Childrenc' Shoes. at all prioes. Lad is*' Toilet Slippers, only 25 oents A'i to be bought at the Chrap shoe Store, A33 Pa ave., between 2d and 3d streets. fe 14 3t* W H. DENHUR8T. NEW BOAT TO BUDD'S FERRY. THE S T K A M S R A R (i O, p... r iv n. .. ? ? *? i Will run duly to Huid'a Ferry, on the lower Po? tonaao, where Gen'l Hooker'a PiTb ^ JP* ^ ion la.?leaving foot of llth atrret.C?2S^?r? < KHej'a Wharf.) Waabington. o'clock, will arrive at Bud<t'a Ferrr at 1 o'clock, and retvrr same day, leaving Budd'a Ferry at 4 o'clock. Refreahm^nta on board. Fare f >r the trip S3- Single flair f 1J0. fe 14-lw* JUHT RECEIVED a large lot of BOYS' J ACKKTS, from Auction, whloh we are aHiink zs per cent, below their firat ooat, at No. 400 7th street. fa 14-lm RE ?1^RANT. Rtsuming tke oId Scala of frits. Our three boata? the Vandalia. Bine Bird and Fanny Forteat?having ao3ee?fuUy run the blookadetor thelaat th*??e weeka. and having the aasurancs that t h?y will oontinne eo to do dinnf the iwoi, thfiebf aiipplTlnc onr house at all timee with the b*?t of Old vlrHnia'i >? " - -? ' determined to re*un ? the old aoalo of rieea. Oar iVfuWliLl?."Pp,^i?ri,h *''* the market ird* j bar w,th tka ohoioe?t Wine*, Br*B?. ? Ciaar* Uu" Ala cannot mrMiiid. Citizen* tna gtra-fer* piea*? tat* notice. . <.1,,.. cAB;p,N^^ Sv%?srfei^tf ^ J. LAWQPON k. CO. OAT* AT WHOLKSALh. For *aU by J, L.AN6DON * CO , r 10 .# N?w Jereer avenue, fe ?-W OfP^lt* B. k Oiuo ft, R, | - 390 riNNSTLTAFIlA ATIHVE. EXILE DVTPRE. Juet RroMvpd and Opened, A large and flrai r laaa eteck of choice 1 FAMILY GROCERIES, j eontlxtlog of: SUQAR9, of all grade*, TEAS, COFFEE. BUTTER, LARD, FLOUR, MAILLARD'B CHOCOLATE. Ac, Ac., 4c. All of which he cffen at low eat oath prices PIKF'3 CELEBRATED WHISKIES. WO barrels Magnolia. 300 barrels XXX, 500 barrels MUlera Rye Monongahela. flOO barrels fine Old Rye, 300 barreta fine Old Bourbon, AT CINCINNATI PRICES. All the favorite brand* of CHAMPAGNE, Mumm Verxeny, Green Seal, Heidalek, which, being bought low, we offer at unusually low rate*. Al*o, Sole Agent for PIKE'S ARMY CORDIAL. feb 14-tf Horses wanted por theu.rgovernment. Sialic Proposal* for the deiiverv in Washington City of 1.450 CAVALRY and ARTILLERY HOR8ES, for the U. S. Government, will be reoeived at the ofioe of Col.,D. H.Rnoker. Depot Quartermaster in thia City, until 12 m , on MONDAY, the 17th instant. These horse* will be puroh?i?ed lB lots not ex oeedinc Xfleaoh, and no bids will be entertained for a greater number from any one person. iti~ ?.:? ?-- ??*-? - ? -? - * nu uiu win w vDwrisiooa mat ia not endorsed by two responsible persons, who will guarantee that the bidder will comply with his proposition, if it should be aocepted Twenty five days will he given from the opening of the bids, for the completion of the delivery of the ho re's. Of the above horses, son are repaired for Cavalry and MO for Artillery. Description of Horaet required. CiriUT Hoitli. From 15 to 16 hands in height; between 5 and I years of a:e; of dark oolors; well broken to the saddle; compaotly built and free from all defeota. Artilliet Horns**. To be from 1?K to 16 hands in height; between 6 and 8 years of age; dark oolors; free from all defects; well broken to harneee and to weigh aot leaa than 1100 pounds. The horses will be inspeoted by a board of officers detailed from the regiments repairing them The undersigned reserves the privilege of rejecting each and every bid, shoald he oonsider the interests of the service require it. STEWART VAN VLEIT, fe 12-td Brig. Sen. and Quartermaster. Baltimore Clipper, Philadelphia Press, New Vn.k m r* A " - via iiuiaiu ?uu uMuuig ooimnvrcifti joutn%l, will please copy, till day,and send bill as above. CJFALKU PROPOSALS Art invited till the l?*th day of March. 188J atl2o'c.ock m., for sap plyicrthe U. K Sab. Des't with 6.(40 head of BEEF CATTLE on the hoof. The Cattle to be delivered at Washington City, and each animal to average 13^ pounds (roe* weight; no animal admitted whioh weighs lees than l,n*> pounds |rc??. The Cattle to be delivered at euoh times and in Ruch quantities a 1 the Government may reeure. No Cattle will b* required cider this oontraot before the 1st d*y of Apnl, 1863. Heifers and Bullocks not ?an*e 1. A bond with food and sufficient security will be required. Government reeervee to itMif the right to pay IB Treasury notes. No bid will be entertained when pot in bv ?on tractors who have p-evioasiy failed to oompiy with their oontracts, or whe-e tie bidder is not prasent to respond to his bid. Bids to be directed to Mai-A. BECK WITH, C. 8., L\ 8. A., Washington. D.C. Kokm or Bid. I, A B, do herebr propose to deliver to the Government rood Beef Catt'e on the k?#?r hundred pound* gross weight. ?hi Cattle to be delivered it , acoording to the terma of the enclosed advertisement. The Cattle to be welched on the soales, and the weight ao determined to be the surohase weight. I hereby agree to giv* ? goodand sufficient bond for the foTfi. meet of the oontraot, and to raoeire Treasury Bote* in payment for the Cattle. fe IS SMALL POX '.?Small Poz Efutually Our* and Aioi%ski<L'?'Lue subscriber oame to Waah lcgton three weeks ago, and, to hie astonishment and regret, found the Small Pox prevailing throughout the eity and its vioinity to an a aiming extent. Being ooguiaant of the faot that the disease is not m the eaat abated, he felt it his duty to his oountry and fcilow men to retrain here, in order to oure, destroT and expel that loathsome disease from your mtdit and a so prevent its further spread, If this disease is not speedily checked, bnt allowed to inoreaseas ithae donedniing the few past months, what wili 'eoome of the army and oiUsens beforo apring? There is batons answer to this question, and that is aelf evident to every one. The anbaonbsr guarantees that all persons suffering fnm this disa*set who mar be attended b> him, will not be markeo or pitted in the fiaoe. All other diseases are treated with equal oare and sue oess, without the use of calomul *r bin* pUU (mercury.* Casts of typhoid ftr+r, when treated at an early stage, cttrtd is 48 komrt. AH person* who will oall It his office, No. ISth tt^et. between L and m.oan examine his Testimonials. whioh are of the highest character, and wbioh. bo doubu not, will prove to be entirely satisfactory. c. j. von cort, m, d., Formerly Practical Phyaioian and Surgeon m Mil itary Hospitals in Europe, and for the past 9P years a well known praotiouner m the eit* of New Vorfc fc7 ?t* Navy and army blue flannels. several suahties of the beet kinds made. Army and Navy Bine Cloths, and "Doe *kins," of snalities and oolors that can be relisd on. Also, oar usaal fall and ample stock iof Cloths, Cassimeres. and VeeUngs. for Citisen's Wear, Linen Shirtings, aad Fronting Linens, of all grades, thiok and thin. Cotton Shirtings, of all the beet brands, prodnoed in the Hone and European Markets. PERRY A BRO.i feint Penn.avenne and Ninth street. 1ST OF UNCALLED FOR PACKAGES.Frorn tae Baltimore A Ohi Ra:.road,on 8tor age at WALL A BARNaRDS, eoath oorner of Pa. avenna aad Ninth street: a. e ? ? ~~ ro. ohsi U F. Brill, J.MoNnty. J. H. Stakere, Johc Snyder, fieorte Frioker. F. Thnsoer, T- M. Wheeler, . F Wilson. w. l^itner, Ch??laln Matlock, Ceyt Winsnbottom, lit R. F.Marier. re?. Chasseurs. Lmke Berk. Uh lll, Col. Caesenar, 1st Mioh. w. H. MoCombe. regiment, W. A Cammince, Col. Farneworth, M* 111. Geo Riob&rds, oarelry, A. B Corey. W. Tomekine, Berdan's Mngoeh^ Cope land, Ph try*hooter*, let r*. 6f r^oharde, A. ATdemminge. ? art of war Translated byBCi^?Men^H aadTient. Crai??ull, GEN. CASEY^S iSFA^W'RY TACTICS, Trkib VoLmn All Mil.*, Book. p? Bookseller and Stationer, SSA^enn. a*. f?7tw [l?tel.. Reyb.4 Ckroa ,?1 buknside i*?I xpkdition. but daily for booker's division. If ATTAlVnM AM nDPP* Th? aa?"aod atrouc Bteam Froyilf, MC PALPH." .HI TO>..g.U, .... u> ^ ass.aJtisr'ora'tiElrxiftKA'i NOON, a:? o'o.ockPmgkt takan low. ard far* rataonabia. For ? ?-?. 479 Kb atran, ? ataira. Waahlaftoa n Oui?a will Jaar? tba o?raarofnkaLui Pa. a?a., arary aorntn* at 9fc o'cookJor tbaboat Puufi Sv*!*" M # . ^snKPHtRD'8 PLAI IMS, for Drwn aad Raii p Cloak*. Phawia. baa Bilka, and tea iHaaa Goo la. at radu j*4 ntti (umtcok oi Mourning Ci>o<u. tn si; fa- n - la now fall aoc oomp.ete. , PERK** BftO_ fa 10 M Pa. irtiM aad Nlatt htmc | orri< ial. twepaiitmknt OF state, U Wiidnni, Fffcrnrr 14, IW ^ Is for iiia non lu bean at thla D*aart. m-at from Mr. R. W 9ac fildt. the Co*Ml Grnera: of the l'olt?4 Btates at Havana, that "tba Supreme Government of Bpaln baa ronlrmcd tba exemption from export doty hltberto granted to 'aguardiente d? cana,' rum dletlllad from molaa Pf"?, IDU too rirmpiiwn * -v..u?^v ? ut? ueb nMf'.i only ? , baTtng ronle 1 n baliaat, iball Imt? entirely loaded wltb do!mm " Iebl5-Wf AUCTION ?ALJ?a. THlSAFTERNOOrf ? TO MORROW 07 WALL * HARVARD, Aactioneera. TROTEKS1 SALR ? By rirtae of a dead of A tru?t from CpBihie H. Mmod aud otbere. dated Merer IS, 1W. and of record, vevi I o'er at ?uotioo.on SATURDAY, the l&cti day of Fei rwary, W 4 p'olook p. m.. on t be premi ?ee. tnat tot of (roaild in WuniniUin ksowa ea ot No. a(ihteen, (U,l la 4uare.N0. aeveuty three,(73,1 wifti U?e improva eata. Terira of aa e: On* tbird of U>e pirobaae aaoner to be paid is caan; and the reeidaeia three eaaat inatalaeota, at tfare*. m and bio* mootua after date, with iBfreet. to ha aaeared. The term* of tale muat be 00mplied with withiq one weei aner ta.e, or the >rop*rty may M reeu.a at tk* rick a&d coat of the trat purchaser WALTER S. COX. HI GH CAPKRTON. Traateea Georgetown Buwd'g Aaeoc a'a. Ja7 lawts w aLL A iiarnakd. AaoU. FUTURE DATS By W ALL A BAR MARl). Auctioneers Got, Sonik tult Pa. ar. amd 9tk meet. PEREMPTORY SALE OF GROCERIES. L:qcoas, Ac., th? Stock or t?vmL ("trhiii D*curt:><? tl ESDAY lORNl.Ntf. February l?th. commencing at 10 o'clock, we wi 1 aelt at oar Auction Koomt, with oat reserve, the stack of several Sutier's declining basinets. eonsiating o\? Barreie of Brown and Ye'low Sugars. Bags ?f Green and Burnt Coffee, Boxes of Eastern Cat icg Dairy Cheeee. Boxes of Chewing and Smoking Toba?oo. Casks of Cincinnati Hams and r-hoaidars, 7 Barre's So or Krout, for family uee. Barrel.- Shad, Boxea pioklee. Sardines, Catee o< Sa.t River, Monongaheiia and Boarbon Wh?slr?s. and Cordials, Cases Brandf.SjheidamrohnaM, Bnerry Wiaoa, Assoriod Cai.?s!ea, ?*?>aea, B ushes. Barrels Miliar s Rye, ooiiroon ?uu | v? ara Wmskiea. ^ Hoi and CJ>* ^ hiekey, * Pipe" Branch and J*P?riU, Cask uf M* ?m and Shvrr ** "n*" Cuki Cu?ifitk. B*'re!s (i;i|w#ckinti, <*u India N ubber B ftrkets, in\(?n Srgtirt, of different Bruy*' ... _ Aloo and tisortmrB< cf Sutir'i fc . With many other ( odi in 'he 6roo,r? uae, ?H ?f whioh will be sold without re?er ,~*i *? their s'< ck. Term* cash. ft 15 WALI. ft BARMABD, Aa"U. TRAliK BALE. en ftftft FKKT OF?*lA HOGAN V COFFIN 3U,tHIU BOAKI>? AND WALNUT VKNEKKS On TUEHDAY MORNING next, February Il k, 18H2, at ll o'lock precise y, we alia!' sell at 88 and 30 m>o h Charee treatOft ftftft FKKT OF ?LPKBIOR vAHOG ?U,UUU ANY COFFIN LOARD9, sides and 11> pi. , on nnn fket ourlei*. ^rotcbed ou,uuu ?nd ~ b.m) k l? walnut versEbRi1?jart arje ?.*?. j AI.WO. i 4 barrels superio* PI RNITl'RK VARNISH. N B.-CitmuM d?? b fire ta e V\ ood bow for ia?peotion,>o whion ?e invite the attention of bn??r?. N. B ?Term* at eale. f. ?v. bennett a CO.. ft 15-8t* A uotiODMra. Br J. C. MoGL'IRE & CO., Auettopeere. GOVERNMENT SALE OF UORSES-On 1* THURSDAY MORNING, February **h. at in o'olock, at the Government Corrail, near the Observatory. I thai Mil? ISO Horaea, ar.d ? Marea. Condemned u unfit for pub'ie aervioe. Terra* oa?h, In Goremmect finds. J. J DANA. Capt.* Awt Qr Mr. 1.8 A. fe IS d J. C. MoGLlKK A CO . Aonu. MARSHAL'S BALK.-Uf virtue of a writ of fieri f&oiaa leeueri from the Clerk'* oSc*, of the Cirooit Court, of the Diatnot of Colambia. for the oountt of Wwbiutton.fcLd Ut me directed. 1 will expose to pafeio ?>. for oath- ot FRIDAY, the Slat day of Februarr, 1862. on the Cana , immediat If eut of the Market tuaae badge. in Georgetown I) C , eomn<enoinc at le o'e <?ok a >,? *> Cordaof Oak and Fine wood, eeiied aLd lerled ujon as the (node and ohattela "f John A. Grinee, and will be aold to aatitfr jndioiaia No. 4", to May term 1862, in favor of Diokaon,eur*m?r of Pickrell* WARD H LAMON, fell-dta >1 - ??1 . V VI WI If, V?? Mm A REAL'S 8ALK.-ln i|-ta? cf a wnt of fieri facias, iuumI from the c erk's office of Uecirout o urt ofitif Dietrlot of Co Binhtk. lor the I ooacty of Waahincton, and to me dtreated, 1 will ezpoae to pnblto aa'.e. for oash. to from of IM Court donee door of aaid oon* ty, on WKDNEfDAY, the 5th <l*y of March 1K2, at 19 o'clock m.? the following described property, to wtt:?All da- J fendaut'a right. t.tle, o aim t,.j ic eim id and to > t: e ?outh 3 feet I inohea , f Lot No St. in fqiar* No. ***, fronting on Itb street w?it, betweea u and | P at reels north, id toe city of Waalungton. D. C., together with all and aifgular the iiuprovemecta ' thereon, seised and levied apon aa the property of I'win 8. Barker,and will be eotd toaaiiaiy jndioiala No. *rr to January term iwfi.m la.or of Jobt. C. Kendall. WaKD H LAMON, fe 10 u U. S. Marshal P.C. FOR tiALE AJ^D RKNT! ~ WWO FURNISHED ROOMS FOR RENT J M 406 D itrNt, b?tvMh fiU uc 7th iu. fe 16-tf OUILDIN9 FOR RENT AM) FL'R N TI"RB O AND MATERIAL to be S*OLD-Tte lir(? four Tory Bl 11 DING on PtuxyiTUit No 190, between 17th and Itth street*, is fcr rent, at. d the Furniture and material to b? old < (Tat very low rates. The eeoond. third, apd fourth stories, of on* room each. a?d oeiung 14 leet high, oan be used seps-aie!*; the first stor* has iwo geod Store R.m mi ofil feet by 7S feet <one used by the United States) asd dr? Basements Poseessioo oan be had of the Store and Kasem'ct at onoe, aid the U pper K ooms as last ai the stock oan be so d. There is a food Bnok Stable ard Workshop, and Shedding and Yard, eno oeed witL h gb WB.J1. (f? !*-!?? I V nu-* ? ? - _ , - w w- , l/ m n r. r> ^ . FOR RENT-A HOUSE tartiy fun>iab*d,?0? jL L 'treat. between 9tl> ard i?th vtreeta. I autre 2 of J. BUTCHER. oa tue preinieea. fa 14-lt* ^ DOOMS TO RENT. fi-tuM or anfarmahed, 1 IV with all the modern ooc*<?ni*Dc?e Apply after Monday at the oorner of Third etreet and M trsoart t?ep?a. nU la' ^ Thhk undersigned WOULD fx" change two apeodid Fa-mt in the mo.t popa1 one portion of aouUtern Mir.ceeota for a Houae and Lot in or in tn* vioimtv of Waehinrton. Ad- * dreaa "Miiicaaota,*' Box 60S Poet UBo?, WaanlDCtoo. It C. fa 14-fj* TH O i.KT?Va:y ooaforiat'Ie and well larniabed rooms. Want ?d-Male and Female SERVANTS. APflj forthwith at 3*3 C etreet. '* <>" ?v ind 6Lh. ay atal 'a le 11 V* . FOR RENT-Wtth or vithoat Beard. at No. | 4*0 atreet, tut aiae. between 6 and H rtTMti, a oon.mcxiioui FRONT R eooood . atorj, newly aud noatN tort..?f>ed The looatioc io I on* of the moot desirable la theeitr. Noohudroa lathehouae. frll-lw Extraordinary cbanck-sroa^mmf HXTU*kS FXJK SALS.-A Store la tho moat approved tnaiaeea loea.itr. ino adint Fia- A torea and tot a eaaal! etnok nf lea' [imi Tmih- k mi ax a. Kabroidoriee aod Millinery Oooda, trill bo I off^r?d at a groat aacn&oe aad aoaeaaai a ?itoo ' forhvith. Ttjia taa obanoe of the rarest oooar- I renoe, &nd all apalieationa be made at No. I? ?<a. h arenae. botwe?a ?th and >t? J- *-*w' I ( oft to RENT, aeoond floor ?1? K arrest, | M nMP IVilla^.l M k * ? - <* uw?i? M OJ I'U IBW. 11 the store jt? wTOKK IN ALEXANDRIA. Vi. FoR SALE. o The adrsrtiser beisg about to or-aofe fa is bui ^ sew. will Mil oat bit Store, sitnatsd on the aoraar V , of Kmc and Royal streets, Alexandria The location > the aoit dssirahls in the town, aaJ the stoek o>ir.*i?U ot a wall seieolsd awor'mtat of goods sstta*>l? for the ar*-y. Parties wleMug to p? chase will peaseoall at the *tora. No Tt Kmc street, oorner of Royal, or address Bex |0T r*ost Ofioe. AJaxacuria. fell-ear A^m RARE CHANCE.?The proprietor of lbs City Hotel, (the only hrat elass bote, now <1 open ia Alexandria. Va.,) is dasiroas to retire W of thp hoses. His isass will terminate on the 1st of Jaaury. IMS, ba*. the property oan so doaM be ^ 1_ . I >V. mw IUH|(I in IB II & BOflSrH# rem. Thu Hotal la now dotug. ana bu lor mjt t?*?* J dore, aiargeaad prottAt. e haeineee. Tfce deairo t of tb? aadereif noa to retire from yoluio bu?m-ee U 1? the only indao?ent to Mil, m be oon A not hop* m to Wftie m more pi <>t Labia. For torn* tH per-joi araapply to jAh A. KNGLltfH.whoiet* 1 QHKiF CASH STOIK! * The anderaigned hnre constantly on hand * gener*. eeeurttnsot of New aad S'aouad KmJ/" nitnre, Crookery. GlMeware, Tuwirt. rMJT and hc<a?*k*ectnr artleiee genera-^. wktoh they we prepared to sal m eh?a? ?f * ? \ oket|?rUu My other *eiat> ukmt nt U the eifr. A ssSr^^I^?Si.sswi I IM IMfM. . f\ Pareoe# m wut of My of the above ?nioi#,.*V M \ reepeotfhuy reeaeeted to lire a? a sail W*** P* * ' f 4v l?*-. ing bets uiled in New York to the ui im- ?W/ "ITuw"""*-'*4 J.UIN?IK>N. I

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