Newspaper of Evening Star, February 15, 1862, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated February 15, 1862 Page 3
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LOCAL NEWS. { * AMtini!iti To-Ni??t. TaiiTii ? John E OwfM u "Sara Slap" In "TbeR*ke,aPro?reae," and aa" William Thompson" In the "Two Thompson!." Benefit of Mr?. Bland on Monday evening. Ciihtt'i ?Ethiopian comicalities, acntja, dance*, flute and violin aoloa, burlesque*. Ac., *c , concluding with an original afterpiece. CAXTKBraT Ball ?K grand bill of comic, including two pantomime*, and spirited per* formance* by the Canterbury Mlnatrel Company and Leool Pantomime Company. Piv'LHabxobiic Hall ?The original Campbell Minstrel* in a huge bill of comicalities A fine hall, with new *tat?e. floor, decoratlona, Ac., and a superior entertainment, render th? new opera house a moat popular resort. Kisg's Amphit hkatkr ?A novel programme of equestrian, acrobatic and comic performance*, with Tom King. Kincade, M'lle Heiolae, Oardl ner and others, In new characters Sabbath School Fmtjval, Franklin Hall, corner of Ninth and D street*, for the benefit of Foundry (M. E.) Sabbath School. A grand entertainment laBteTening.wlth scores of handsome lassies l.ook out {** a rare treat to-night. OmriAia' Fai*. fo*the benefit of St Vincent'* Female Orphan Asylum, corner of T?*nth and G ts. Ice cream, confectionery, fancy articles, Ac. Acadkxt or Mpsic. Ta. avenue, between Ninth and Tenth sta. Free concerto at 4 o'clock. Hall open all day. Albxaxdbia Arr a:bs ?From the Alexandria Chronicle of yesterday we make up the following Items: Arthur Cnmminskey, whose arm was amputated near the shoulder In consequence of having been run oyer by the cars, diea at the hospital :ast Thursday afternoon. The body of a soldier was found in the canal day before yesterday It Is not known to what regiment he was attacbed, and after awaiting recognition at the deadbouse, the deceased waa btvted yesterday. An investigation la now being held by a commission of magistrates into the cause of the recent Are on Prince street, which broke out In the olBce of the "Loral News " Gen. Morell, Col McQuadeof the New York 14rb, and Mr*. McQuade, were each preaented with a massive ailver goblet night before last. George Cooper, a Baltimore secessionist, who baa been keeping a huckstering establishment on Fairfax street, and who assaulted Mr Tacpv. the Collator of Taxes, on Tuesday, for demanding hi* license tux, was brought before Justice Penn. on Wednesday, for trial Cooper acknowledged to have been counseled bt a gang of secessionists to denv the authority of Mr Tacey, and of the State government under which he acts, and to resist, by force, the collection of his license-tax Justice Penn told the prisoner that If he would grve the names of the conspirators his punishment would b? lighter than if he concealed them Cooper refused to disclose the name* of bis rebel associates, upon which Justice Penn promptly sentenced him to pay a fine of 5100, and to t-e imprisoned for thirty days. PoL'c* ?This morning the Third Ward patrol reported?Barnard H Brackman was arrest, ed by Patrolman Keily for fighting yesterday; his case was ruled for hearing before Justice Clark Patrick Donnelly, 13 years old, vagrant; wo'kbrti<e 60 days?by Justice Thompson Jno. >ally, charged with larceny; dismissed The Fourth Ward patrol reported? Paelo Gastano, stealing an axe from Geo'ge Savege; jiil for court George Brown, larceny of money, clothes, and a pistol from Col. T P. Mott. II* wa? t*ker> before Justice Dftnn, and committed to jail for a further hearing. Ed 5mlth. as?anlt and battery on 3arah Briscoe (all colored); discharged?by Justice Ba.uiiclo Cornelius Sulli va n H run V n<4 si i ~ ? - -L I. ----- ftA -a ? ?? w u>iK miu ui?un ,?i'ivj woisaoui*r aiiys Mary Sullivan, do; ft* 58?bv Justice Walter J a* Mahoney, violating the license law, and threatening a citlx^,; was ruled for trial. Wm. Bataon, larceny of ?54 from Wm Earp: diamissed?bv Justice Barnaclo. Marv Holloban, larceny of *12^ dismissed. Chiivi^?Editor Star: !n listening to the lecture o* pT cheever, last night, the osUntiblt ubjec*. 0f which was " Erakin'*, and tbe Battle f?r P reedom;" but the real aubjectof wblcb was the abolition of slavery, and the abuse of the authorities, one wa* forcibly reminded of an an?cdote of that brilliant advocate: An honest (Quaker being on a visit to his hous>-. Erskine carried him to church with him When the minister had read the text, the Q-i?ker arose to leave 44 Stop," said Erskine, " the services are not through 4? I know that,"' said the Quaker, * but 5 don't like tbe text ?' Well," replied Ersk^Te, " you must surely stay, then; for If the Uxt bad the small-pox or yellow fever, the ??rm?? would not approach near enough to catch It." The application is obvious. J.M.L. Stocks a??d Mosbt ?At the banking-house of L Johnson & Co . we ascertain that th<> rate on gold has advanced during the week, owing pnn cipally to tbe speculative demand In New York. rce rate is 4 Buying; 1 \ to 5 selling. There ts not much active demand on the part of the community here Stock* in New York hare advanced materially under the lr.fltience of the recent encouraging new* from Europe and from our arm'en. The closing prices for stocks In New York yesterday "weie?For U. S. registered, 90fc; do. 1881, coupon, 90. Tennessee <$' , 4?^; Virginia 6 per cent., 54; Mi?*ouri do., 43$; New York Central Railroad 31 exchange on Baltimore and Philadelphia, %. New York, ?; Boston, acarce, \. What ts thb Mitts* with thk Hackmks?? We notice In the Metropolitan Polics reports this morning the following arrests of hack drivers ye*terday, charged with a variety of misdemeanors Second Ward?Thomas Conley, assaalt on James Dunn and Benj Schofleld, Hugh Dijney, and Cornelius Kane, for violation* of the back law. fined SI 9? by Justice Clark Fifth WardGeorge Hicks, colored, disorderly conduct; fiaed 81 56 bv Justice Ferguson. Sixth Ward?Frederick Butler, for driving on the pavement, and Charles Kenna for driving a carriage without license, were fined SI 5n by each by Justice Cull. Aibbst or Exslish H *aar?Henry Smith, alias Kngiiah Harry, who has not figured in th? police record for several months, nas '-turned nn airaln ' ' and ist %m arr*af**4 I <*????l? ? ?< ? ??? wm uvuiaaua n?CII* ue, in front of & place of amaMmrnt, Ian! night, by Patrolman Lipscomb, ef Georgetown, who vii off duty in his own precinct, and bad come over to this city. The prisoner wu taken to the Fourth Ward station-house, charged with inciting a riot. Gtvi Ur.?Thursday evening, Thomas Ryder, who stands charged with the killing of James Waters, yesterday a week ago, on R. near Twentieth street, (as was reported in the Star soon af?er.) came into the city and delivered himself Into the custody of Justice Walters, who at once committed him to jail for a hearing on Monday next Ryder did not converse upon the subject, and propose* to leave all to the jury which shall try the case. Ckhtbal Gcabdhocsb Ca?ss?B'for* Juttitt Waller.?William Rothschild, selling liquor without license; fined t'JOSrj. Theodore Kallendor, vagrant; workbouse 80 days Mary Rose, do ; do 9U days. John Kubnvdrunk; dismissed. George Davis, charged with larc-ny; dismissed Bridget Connor, drank; flr.ed 92 38. Thomas Connolly; held for trlail. Mark Evans, (col ;) for safe keeping Eleven ledgers. Abbbst tob Stealing a Gold Watch ?in Georgetown y?>aterday afternoon Montgomery Jonw, a Midler, w?, .r rested by the Metropolitan police charged with the robbery at the Signal Camp of a fold wat'b, belonging to Lieut. Chares Herzog The accused was committed to jail by Juatlce Reaver. Abbbstbd ?It is aaserted that Rev. Robert Keiiea, formerly (chaplain of the three months Oi?trict volunteer a. and aubsequently serving in Chat capacity witb tbe lat California regiment, w?? taken into custody yesterday by a a guard under tb? ordera of the Provoat Marshal, and la now a prlaoner. Fcvbtb Wabd Station Cas xt?B*fore J unit* WaUtr ?George W. Barry, diaorderly at Canterbury Hall; line Si 94. C J. Ortlln. do; dlamlaaed Harry Smith, do.; 83 94. Marcel lu* Bark, do , coats 58 cents W. H. Hoger, , fine 81 56. K W. Strucka, do.; do. Jaa. Donovan, found aaleep in a paaaage. dismissed. Thb bbpotatios of Dr. White (No. 426 Pennsylvania avenue) for removing eorna without inconvenience to the individual recommenda hia treatment to tbe attention of those aflticted with theae troublesome excrescences. Give him a call. Elsbwbbbb It will be aeen that the Hiawatba Club give another cotllion party at Franklin Hall next Thursday night. Look oo* for a grand ejterta lament Attention ia called to the notice in another column of Prof Baraes' aoiree next Friday ev*. ning at Temperance Hall Ybstebbat the dwelling of Mr. Allen waa entered, and a Quantity of housekeeping artlclea inH Af Kar i/rvwla i*arn fa kran WB IT ifT Pfl 1 llfJA trucks and boies, frather bedJ, Blanket!, quilts, comforts, ihM's. bolster and pillows, carpets, hearth r.'g. tables, chairs, linen table cloths, slivar spoons, knives n.A forks, china and (jlasswar*, large tubs and buckets, remnants at dry gcxds, ai?o a quantity of malarial for trimmings, worm several nundred dollars. it* IssTasTavsous Ccai of Coras, Banians, Callisiiies, la verted Nat-is, Warts, and all die??wol tba (est Mr Dtmond, Burgeon Chiropodist, is enabled, by a peculiar process, to " dlcate tba moat painful exerteeensee In a few minutes, with the least pain or tha slightest . 'vooavenlenca to the patient. Consulting hours from nine a m to Ave p m at bis often, 353 f* r'snaylvanla avenue, opposite Brown's Hotel. reference given la tkie eUy. lab 4?lm Oman or Maiixil La mo*.?'The following order was l?ued by Marshal Lemon on the 9th lost I Washihgtoh, Feb. 9th, 1862. To Jailor *nd Guard* at tki Public Jail m tkt District of Columbia : You will this day release from custody all per one claimed to be held to service or labor, and not charged with any crime or misdemeanor, who are now In jail, who have been tbere for the pa"e of thirty daya or upwirds?from their arrest and commitment?and, In future, yon will, In regard to persons claimed to service or labor, and not charged with crime or misdemeanor, govern yourself In strict accordance with the order to me as .Marshal frr the District of Columbia, of date January 'ioth, 1WS9, from Hon {Secretary of State. Respectfully, Ward H Lamon, US Marshal D. C. Cafo!?s?Speaking of capons Wilson, 119 Pa. avenue, has a line supply of th?>se splendid fowls. Give him a call. Remember the number, 119 Pa. avenue, between Nlnteenth and Twimtleth sta. f The Imsian hub doctor, From Canada, will describe diseases and tell his patlenta the aatiire of their complaints or 111neai, without receiving any Information from them. No cKargt for Consultation or Adtnct. ova. MOTTO. We use ?r.ti Balms as have no strife With Mature or the Laws of Life: With Blood onr hands we never stain Nor poison men to ease their pain. Our Father?whom all goodness Alls, n s ? .11 <11. . rruTiurs vuc lucnu* iu uuio at? iu? j The simple Herbs beneath our feet, Well used, relieve our pain complete. A simple Herb, a simple Flower, Cull'd from the dewy Lea? Tbese, these shsli speak with touching power Of change and health to the. Room No. 11, Washington Building, Penn avenue, corner of 7th street. fob 8-2w* Corks, Bunions, Caloslties, Bad Nails, Enlarged Joints, and all diseases of the feet cured without pain, by Dr. White, Surgeon Chiropodist, 4'J6 Pennsylvania avenue, between Fourand-a-half and slx^h streets. Room 7?up stairs. Olllr.e hours from 1*2 m. to 6 p. m. Orders to cell at residences promptly attended to. Jan 16-lm* Pleasant Fcenishkd Rooms, with fuel and gas, with or without board, at 415 E street, be tween Eighth and Ninth streets. Table boarders can be accommodated. Jan 15-lm* Familibs who bare never used Boston cracker* are Invited to try those manufactured fresh every day by J. L. Dayton. Sold bgr all reaper-table grocers. ja 28-tf The xiaini and foul vapors generated by the hot sun will be far more deadly to our volunteers thin the enemy's bayonets In the Indian and Crimean Campaigns Hoilnway's Fills were used In enormous quaxtltles They kept the troops in perfect health Only 25 ceSts per box. Soldiers, supply yourselves. 217. Take so mors unpleasant and unsafe Mbiv Icinks ?For unpleasant and dangerous diseases, use Helmbold's Extract Buchu, which has received the endorsement of the most prominent phyttlclans In the United States Is now offered to afflicted humanity as a certain cure for the following diseases snd abuse of the urinary or sexual organs: General debility, mental and physical depression, imbecility, determination of blaed to the head, confused ideas, hysteria, general Irritability, rest* lessness and *leeplessne?s at night, loss of sppetite, absence of muscular efficiency, dyspepsia, emacle tlon, low spirits. disorganization or paralysis of the organ* of generation, palpitation of the heart, and, in fact, all the concomitants of a nervous and debiilUtr-d state of the system. To insure the genuine cut this out. Ask for Helmbold's. Take no other. Cu/es guaranteed. See advertisement In another column. feb t-tf I.IEIX RCBBTr. ?JOC D8. India rubber SheeN for protecting children's beds, that no family should t? without; 75 cents each. Rubber Blanket*, for soldiers, 81.35 each. Rubber Poacnot and Blankets combined, 8*2.50 each. India Rubber Coats, white or black, 8*2.50 each. India Rubber Legglns 81 per pair. And all ktnda of Rlibber Goods, including Rubber Boots and Shoe*, Rubber Stoppers for bottles, Door Mats, Under Sheetings for bed*Vh slcknexs, 4c , 4c , at manufacturer^ pricuyMl A. Hall's India Rubber Warehouse, 308 Pa. av., between Ninth and Tenth streets. feb 1-tf M1KRIKI) At Ryan Chapel, Uniontown, on Tbnrsdav llth February by the Rev. Mr. Marks. Mr. JOHN W. CuUBH of Virginia, to Misa MARY FRANCES Pl'RCELL. On Thursday evemcs, 13th February, by the eatne Mr JOHN 1 AVlOU to Miss SUSANNA BiAPLES. In Washington, et the residence of Mr. J. C. Howard, on the 21st of January, 1062, by *ev. Mr. ^fead >r. Mr. E. H. SMIl'H of Maryland, to ANNIE M.. third daughter of the late Godfrey and <_atharme Conrad, of le-algtown, D. C. * 1)1 ?11, On Friday. FeVy 14th, af oon*umption, JOHN W. GLO v KR. in the 421 year of ei? ace. Th* fr eads of the family ar? requested tn attend his funeral, from his late residence. New York av., between 4th and 5th sts., on Snncay at 2 o'ol'k p m. On Sunday, the 9th instant, of consumption, AN iMIh M ACTON, in the ZMi year of har a<?. Thon hmt !?f> n?. dMrait Annie. And gloom herdaaial mantel hanga; Pai he*rta - ereaved alon* oan tell Tu? keenneas o? my pints. Thy cent e voioe hnahed in death ; Bat, O ! why rhaald I weep I Without a atrnggie. nth, or groan, Yo j calraiT foil asleep! O iVa'h ! thy dtaolating hand Might lovelr youth ap?r? ; Why t><]gnt, beneath tr.y w thering power. Theyoncg the pare, the fair ? H*>pe, whiapering, bid* me ceaae to wasp, For wa will m^et again. In that world beyond the ekiee, Where all la free from pain! [Baltlmoie papera oopy ] * On the 14th inatant, CYNTHIA ANN HAMMACK aged 38 vrara. Her fnceral will tak* plaoe on Huoday afternoon at .IV1 paat S o'clock, from her late reaidenoe. No. 14 on 19H at-eet, jaat below Penn avenue. Her (rienla aa'1 ao^naintanoea are reepect'ully invited t?j attend her funeral, without farther notioe. 2t* GOD SAVE OI7B NOBLR union: AND OTHER POEMS FOR THE TIMES. ALSO, Mitropolitan Sot is of Men and Things at Washington, and A Reply to the "Potter Investigating Committee V By H- CLAY PREUSS, Author of "Fuhiom acd Follies of Washington Life." Prio" 10 o*nt?. For nle at PHI LP SOLOMON M a^d J .SHILLING TON'S. fel?y? FKE*H LEMON BISCUITS, 12 oenti per Ib.i B'JSTON crackers, 10 oenU, SPONGE BUTTER do. 10 cent*, SODA do. 8 oeota, SUUM do. 9oenta, WATER do. 7 oenta, 6 od BROWN SUOARi 9 oent*, Very fine CODFISH, 5o?oU, Another lotoffresh irovnd COFFEE, POTATOES and BUCKWHEAT FLOUR. At very low prioea, at fait lw* I. A. DELLWIG'S. Nary Vara. AFINfc. aaaortmem of Tie*, Collars, Baapen^9r*_, fchirta, TViinka. H*U and Caps, at 11 n b, no. ?do Tin atraet, oppoaite Poet Offioa. fa 14-1 m GKN frt Purmahiog Goode, Trnnke, Clothing, Trnnka. bate and Cape.allat Nor'he'n, at tha Peop'e'a Clothing ?tor?, No. 460 7th atraat. fa U Im FOK SAI K-A HORSE. SET HAKNES9. ar.dSPKINU WA?ON,oomp!#t?, with ex. oiiol-nh top. auitahle for a eut;er, Itaker, batcher, *?. Aprly at ?3tl Kubth atreet,-*C2X p?.w?n Pffln. iv>r,n? and D rt fa 13 *" ^UPKKHjR COTTONS t . AND LINENS. 5,000 yarda beet Sheeting and Sturtinj, Oottona, Hnpenor Sorting Lima, labia Linana, Napkin*. Towala.and lowalmga in great variaty. All aallias off at Laa Lowaet pnoea. fq 13 6t J. W. COLLEY. T? BUTLERS AND _ _ RK8TAURANTO, !?oaatau , vary rupancr CHAMPAGNE WINE, for aaie tbau by WM. CORWIN BUROY, No. 347 Paonaylvawa a vacuo, |a 1 ?ntranoa on With rt. B BLACK SILAS! LACK SI I KS.Juetopenad, mail gradaa, from 87H a#nta to ft per yard. _ Ail Pane* Draaa Silka Bailing off at ooat prioaa, to oloe* oat the atoak. Jo is M J. W. COLLEY. SbL.lyl.Mti OFF! 8KLLIN? OFF! _ ? ^ octlr* atook Hioh VTLufcr nd Fall Dr?M Good*. lAtng H'oohe gnavl*. Cloth P'.aid fhwli, a I9w uuUm' Ctotn Cloaks, sjl 1,^00 *tj or fal< Jt HI imcth Pa.w. .VifiW DRfc.86 ?OOl?! 1^1 J Ut K ?o?i red? ' ?' St! iff .WLStiZ*"?"SK?S !*Jfcoonet?Cm1 n UuTTmS I f? >8 6t Seventh *t.. abore Pa. ar. A l.U KINUfi OK VAMCY GftOCIUllKS AND A ?***' A KIATI^^. MMutK IW P*. AMUSEMENTS. THEATKR? Saturday. February 13'h,the pwformano* will commence with the Draira of "The Hake's f*rogres<"?3&m f'ap, Mr- J. E. Owen* ; Fanny Morstand. Mi?s Pusa>i Denin. To ooEc'ude with the Faroe of "The Two Thompsons"? William Thompson the 8d, Mr. John K. Owens. On Monday, the new p;eoe of "The Chimney Corner." It* CANTERBUH Y! C ANTERBUEY! First Appearsr.oe of the CA NTER BURY MINS TR ELS ! CANTERBURY MINSTRELS ! CANTERBURY MINSTRELS ! TO-NIGHT. First Appearance of 81GNOR RAFFAELR 8IGNOR RAFFAELK ABECCO. ABECCO. ABECCO. THK THE GREAT NATIONAL BALLAD GREAT NATIONAL BALLAD VIRTUOSO! VIRTUOSO! THE LEONI PANTOMIME ^ COMPANY In M. Leon^puhly suaoesstul oomio pantomime. LA STATUE BLANCHE! LA STATOE BLANCHE! Received on Saturday with unbounded shouts of i laughter and applause. Admission 25 oents; Orohester Chairs 90 oents. A Family Afternoon Entertainment On WEDNJKSDAY and SATURDAY. t-or i,acnes and Children, with delightful performanoea and a lavish distribution cf presents, seta ofGarn*t, Coral, ami other styles of Jewelry; artioles of useful and oost y oharaotor, and SILK DRESSES?31LK DRESSES ! fT7" The Silk Dress on Saturday. February 8th, was presented to M'S. John E Abel],on the Island. A macnifioent Lavender Che^e Silk on WedneaAdmi?sion gQcenta ; Clu'dren 10 cents. fe 10 u' the ASHIN6TON ACADEMY OF MUSIC, Finn. Avkmjs, (f'OCTH *rr>?.> No. aS9, Between 9tk and 10<* .<!/. Every evening a remarkably fine Free Concert, embracing selections from the best olaas'.o iruaio, and the most popular operas?rendered in better atyle than at any other American oonoert saloon. The guests?ami the public are freely invited, without charge for entrance.?m!vy ret* upon hav tot every comfort they desire. In addition to the fii:??t music in Washington, they will obtain, on | call, from the attentive attendants, decided!? the best Refreshments for sale in the Federal Jletropolis Officers constantly in a'tsndance to keep good order. Concert commencing at 4 p. m. HENKY ROSENTHAL, feb 7 1m Proprietor, KINO'S NATIONAL AMPHITHE*TKR. P5K5. Av. aito E St.. 1Wear Willards\ T. King ? bole Lessee and Manager C. Scott Associate Manager | F. Whittaker? ..Equestrian Manager I THIS EVENING. Tom King wi;i <iv" hia C<"t>'0 Imitations of CLASSIC STATUARY HUKfSEIJACK ! Ilnra you se-?n old DAM GARDINER In his great Burlesque Dance. A La Cuiwter! And Scaramouch Tho Bfar,tif?il M'ile UEL.OIsK Every Evening ! I KiriCAI>E. tne loi snnr:mers'vu|t Matt! Thb Great Zouave Halt Mcjt he seen Co be apprroiated. DON JI)AN Erer* further not'C". ftaw Novelties in Fri-paeahus! Seal* of Pruts?Orchesier <*)iairs75 cftnts; Dress Circled jenta; Children under 10 years of age to Dress Circle .o oents; SHnsiai Kauge 25 cants; Colored Gallery 25 cents: Colors! Boxes 60 cants. Doors open at 7 o'cfooV". performances will commence at 8 precisely. fe 7 I / vnn ppi i nwai n?i * u sktkmtii 's'tiiiti George Christy's Minstrels APPEAR NIGHTLY at ODD FELLOWS' HALL. And continue ?v?ry evening until furtkir notiei. NEW SCENERY haa been added to the r*ta<e, and every arrangement made for the proper production of GEORGE CHRI9TVS CELEBRATED FAKCES, BURLETTA9, &o, Ac. Ac. Admission 25 oe?*ts: Orohester chairs, 9> certs. Doors open at quarter to 7; com'i.ei.c^ at ? uarter to 3. JOHN P. SMITH. fe3 Qnsines? Agent. PATENT OFFICE CUFIOSITIES?Guide to Paten's, Catalogue of Curiosities and Governp?ent Garden?, at the staad in Patent Offioo; Hare AnU^ua'ian Books ; Governmer t Books; Documents furnished; Railroad Reports; Vllitarv Re ports; Jinrct Patent Oflico Reports; Cheap Hr.oks nirnished to Pe<ilar*; Military Trials: Military Laws; Army Regu ations; Panorama of the Coast showing over 2,000 miles; many tftounand Cheap Books. Reooheot cheap rent. 1-arge sales, low 1 p'ioes. Up stairs, over Ban* ^f Washington. Ja29-lm* ALFRED HUNTER. BALLS, PARTIES, &c. rrHK8K' OND GRAND COTILLON PARTY 1 of COMPANY C. NATIONAL M guard will take p;ac? cn WFDN Kf DaY Sjt bVENING Per.ruary 19th, at Odd Fellows' Mull- Niv* V ILrti The Committe have spared no pains nor 'xpttaie to make it a night of enjoyment to those who favor ua With their p esence. Committee Armrtementt. J. 8. Tucker, John Bloomer, C. Th<>mp?on, A. Pjns. J. ipph Gordon. Ba'let Mas''r?t3. Thompson. TiokeUSO oents, admitting a gentleman and ladlee. fe 15- 3t T*fi HIAWATHA BOY# IN THE FIF.LD 1. AGAIN !?The members of 'he Hiawatha Cluti take pleasure in announcing to their iSf many triends an<t u,e puMio in general, that the* will jrive their Mxth Grand COT1 L US9 LON PARTY at Franilin Ha 1. corner of 9th and l> streets. on THURSDAY K\ K NI > G , Feb'y 20, 182. The memb-rs of the Club pledge themselves that no pains or expanse will be spared to i make this party agreeable U* all tnose who honor them with their presence. Hays' celebrated Brass and String Band has beet engaged for the occveiod. Kefresriments will be furnished by ?ohaffield. Tiokets $1, admitting a gentleman and ladies. CemmUtu ef Arranieminti Wm. Goduard, J&m?s Orib&m, Dan. Perkins, Kob't Bibly. ?;has. Web?r. fe IS 6t? ONCE MORE, KIND 1-R1ENU8, WE'RE COME TO GREET YOU ! The members of the 8'IfcWARf HOLLAND CLUB take pleasure in announcing to their many friends, and the public in general, that JH they intend giving their Seventh GRANDJKA U\lL at Franklin Hail, oorner of 9th ana DW streets, on TUESDAY. Feb'r 18 1862. The Committee pledge themselves to spare neither paint nor expense to make this the Ball of the season. Ticket* oae dollar, admitting a gentleman and WW. Id 15-31* T*E 4TH GRAND COTILLON PARTY X Will b* given at ?? TEMPERANCE HALL. #Q E atreet, between 9fh and 10th, On FRIDAY EVEN.Nfci. Fcb'y 31 GmL Daneicg will oommeooe at 8X o'clock. Muuo bo Prof Arth'a full band. Tickets 91, admitting a gentleman and ladies. fa IS lw* |N THE FIELD AGAIN! The ANACORTIA "fTrE COMPANY will give their firat grand COTILLON PAKTV of tdn tenon, a: their Hal on MONDAY JtQ LVkNING, February 17.1831. 'I^r? mitting a gentleman anu 1 vuea, 50 o?nta. By order ol Oommittse: fe lS-tt* 1HOW. COOK, Chairman. MONUMENTAL** IN TIIE FIELD AGAIN ! ! The members of tne Monumental Club g* Uke great plea*ure in announoi: g to thfir flS many friends and the ?ublic generally ihntflQ ! they wiligiv* their Fifteenth Gr&nd Atgem-laflR : b'y at Fmnklin Hall, corner of 9th and D atreeta. ! MONDAY EVaMNG, February 84. 18C2. Tick- I eta M oenta. admitting a gentleman and ladies. By order of the Committee. Floor M'inagirs. Wm. Rabbitt, George Miller, Miohael Flanigan. Geo. Tulaakl. fe!3.15* HO! FOR THE HIAWATHA -The member ol the Hiawatha Club take great p'earure ga in announomg to their fnecda therlMXTH flts GRAND COTILLON PARTY, at Frank-i? tin Hall, oorner of Ninth and D, THL'R?-unk DAY EVENING, February ?th,1862. Tickets one dollar. Bee filters advertise mtnt /> i fjt' PROF. C. F. BARNES' FASHIONABLE DANCING ACADEMY*atTemperanee 2* Hall, k street, between 9th and loth Clas> ee Jta every Taeeday and Fridat?afternoon c miIB

at 3, evening oiata at 7. Soiree ?v*iv Friday evening at 8 o'clock. Muslo by Prof. tieo. Arili. Tewpersno? Hall wiflbelet for Balls, Parti?e, <te. Apply ae above. fe 14 lm* BOABDING. PERMANENT BOARD AND A PLEASANT JL room wanted,by a lent'eraan of eaiet and home Uke habits A private farniy preferred. Will var ?30 m >nth. Neatness n more deeirable than a superabundance of _p;ovi*:oti No Secessionist or armpaUnaer wi?h Rebels need answer th e. Ador? -Boarder," Post Ofioe. feU-8t* Furnished, rooms to rent, with Bo%ti in a plNMt location near the Capitol.. Also, a tiaudeomely famished Parlor and Chamber oomftuaaUnc. In< aire at Star Oftee. leiatf r-? A; / _ ^ WANTS. A NURSE WANTED at the Wuhington Hobw. Apply tp J. V, MARTZ. It* WANTED?At No. 27S H atr*et, ft food %VO* ? MAN to do the general housework of ft rmftll family. 1.* \UANTED?ICO CHOPPERS to -hop board ' Wood or government. Inquire ftt C. Boy!e'a Fot*l. Kftl'imore Depot, Monday morning frc m 9 toll 12 o'oleck. It' WANTED?A umart and active I.AD abont 15 or ;6year? old, t<? l^arn the book ftnd atation ry buainma?No. 109 Pean ftrente, Firat W'ftrd. fe 15 8t* WANTKi)?Two or three FURNISHED by ft pe'Tnarent resident, b?twi>en $ 1 and 14'h streets, ard Penn ftvenue and L stre?t. At'ifPRS P II Hn* 'il I' ? ah ti # 'n>afmn (armi &<*. " ~ ~ ~ fe '5 w* WANTED 'MMED'ATF.I.Y?An a-tv-white IOY. vhown ocme well recommended. to Attend in an oyster *a>oop App y at the New Oyster and l ai iu s'alo n. New \ ork a*eeue. r?ar 15 h ?t fe 15 2t* WANTKD?A HOUSE of about 6 or 8 rooms, ei'her furnished or unfurnished, is wanted about March 1. P]?ase s;ate location. terras, fr*., an 1 address"*!. F. C.,"oareof Box 346. Post Offiee fe 15 31* WANTKD? Suitable Rt'OMf* for an office for the Washistt ? conespoidenc" of tfc?* N w York Herald. First fl or. a~<1 th? ?iciui?y of Wil lards'Hote'. prefer'?d. Address Box 65, Washinctoa City Post Office stating looatioa and terms. fe 15-3t IF JOHN MYERS, who formerly resided in I * - 1 ? ? ? ? ? * uiverpnoi, iwi ?n?fl imm Ltirtcn in 'he ship Toronto, for Nmt VorK- in the month of January, 1839, and it is believed re*sdfd ?ome tune in New VorknndNew Oriear* will jommnnea'c with Mr. RICHARD TKKBAV. of Liverpool, Km land Atomey at Law, ho will learn som*th;ng to his advantage fe 15 2t WANTED?Twenty-fi%e WOOP CUTTER*. A ppl w at Mes*r*. FKNWICK * 8TKVVART's tffioe, west ?ide of Seventh street at Canal bridge. fe 14 gt* W" ANTED 1 M M K DI AT ELY-A ro d > WHl.Kl.WRlGHT t^> do plain work App y at the corner of 22d street and Fa. av?nue. fe 14 3t* DAN'L MYERS. WANTED?A gentleman and lad* want two ROOMS in a strictly private family, wi<h Brard. Rest of references given and require!. Must fe in a detlrable part of tt e city. Adoress. by letter, stating terms, to "E. D.," Box *o, post Office, fe 14 4t WANTED-A gocd BLACKSMITH ; noiehrt a good ha id shall apply, at PHILIP KRAFFT'S, Seventh street, between M an<* N t?. fe 13 2i? W ANTED?A oo'.ored WOMAN,?" chamber" maid and waiter, one who thoroughly understands her business. Inquire at the Star Offioe. foJ3 2t* WANTED-A SERVANT ?IRL who is a ro?"d cock. One who in competent and faithful will find a good place by leaving h?r * dress tt the Mar OfRoe. diraoted to Mr. DaWSON. is 13 ji' WANTKD?A SITUATION. bya p'acfoai double-entry Bookkeeper of 10 jeare' egpe ience Best refer'uoe* given. A<!drers EDWIN WILLIE, Washington, D.C., through ?'ost Offioff. f*11 8te '* W AVTKD TO RENT-A mode-n HPUs*K, *' witb 8 to 12 roo"-*. between Pennsylvania avenu* an1 H street and 21 and 15th 8*8. \pp!y St 452 Eighth street, between Peon, avenre and D st fe 13-3t? WANTED TO RKNT-By a permanent resident, a Bir.aM or me'lnim ?z'1 Unfurnished ROUSE, between ?th a^.i 12'li and I'.- *-*er.ue a^d I? st*. Addrcs (*t?tcg terms, loci.ii >n. Ac,) at th:a ? flien ( 13 3'.? IV ANTED T<> KENT?We.nted to re?t. wi-h * or without furniture, in the First Ward, a HOI'^K with frotii 12 to 14 form Ai1i're?s inr-v Usa e j E. J ALL'.N, Provost War*ral*? 0?ce fo 11-1 w WANTED-."? er- an'! SoVtereto kn?w that ?' they oar. Wv C * M P Si.iVES av| TIN WAT E cheap wf"H J OKF j' H V, 3il P en. aver.u?. ja -8 \MJANTED.? \Ve ere no* :JT 8ECONDVV HAND FURNITUKK, ST?>VL*a:rd BED DING, lor jr 1 ich we %" ps. .r.; the highest caeh price-.. I am;::ii p.i?!injrF h '-keeping,or having a ?urr rs of fcrni'Mre, vi i f;nd it to f ?;r adrift tage ti cits at ? <*a RONTZ A GRIFFITH, je 15-tf No. *th "t.. betw. 1 an? K st*. liOST AND FOUND. LOST?Near the corner of 121/i and ) streets, a small oval BH Ka*TPI M. ?:tli white cameo eet. The ^nder wm'I he snitably rewarded by leaving it at 40i I street, aa itlb ft present f.o-r a <ieceatr l relative. fe B 2:* ? Ti R E WA RD?Strayed or stolen s-r.ce Frida> lust. a larre red COw, with no.i white spots not rw lecte'; crrn off ev; wit' have a call sot.; had cr *->ked a??0*>? horns. Five d?li?ra will be pad for uerdelivery to the subscriber's statue, coriiet or9th and f! sts., Is and. ' fe 15 2t* > A. PAULEY. f 0*T-0 Thursday evening, i" front, of the I j Post ffi?e, an uuoeecsj LK ITER, directed tome. An* person fimii < s*M letter,acd giving the notice throujh the Pc::? iJIfir*, or at the office Dr. A. K. Etar the cnirof 11th stree* west, and New York avenue, tiiAil be wc ! rewarded. fel4 2t? c H APMAN LKE. An??ti^k .Perron rrpr?fentm< him?e:f as Wm. H. Arnold, of Ho'oken. N. J , oa Wednesday, frx, February 12th. by mi3:a?o took *? j| i .f1 hors* in p ano of his own, which ho haii^"left at ti e iivery ?rab!e of Mesirs. NEW & NATHAN, oornar C aiiJ 12th tti>. He will p ease to rstnrn ?aid hor?e, arid take back his own, at ?i - eirifEt cuLvernenoe, to NKW ft j&ATHAN, Livery btsble,oorner C and 13th St.. 'V?tiingtan. D. C. fe H-3t^_ CtTfll VM ?., nf >ka SI.11 a I ? ^ '? *?**? ui niw ?.?; u'M'iajn ;Q W7 aver up, Wednesday ?v'nit;- . larr* sia^rnv hogaay hair ? o?h ^''CKING OH\lR the ??%t of which w?? a littio worn. A i:'nera; reward wili be pai-t for ?h? recovery of th'i raine Wanted, a Charnborrr.aid; a mo. a ?n.sli colored Girl. App * at No. ? Loruia-.a ave. fe 13 3t* REWARD?For th? apprehension (and ty'txl delivery to me at Blwiennburg, Md., AS or s-?>our*?i in jail bo thai 1 get him) of NK ?aL (jRI) r?VLVKSTKK, late the property of Nathaniel Suit, docee sed,of Prince George's jfm Md 1 will giv< the above reward no mattf r where taken. S?lve?t<>r ia of oorpor oompiexion of thin Bt&riire; about 5 feet 9 or 1) inches i:igh. He ia w?il known in \V aahington city, ard m no dcubt lurking th reabont or its vicinity, or in the n*ig hborhood of Guvomor's Bridre. A nee Arunde' o<?unty.Md. N. C. STEPHEN. Executor of Nathaniel Sn't, deoras'd. [Upper Marlboro' Gaz*tteand Pnnoe Georgian paper insert weekly for 4 week* ] fe l-2w* GEORGETOWN ADVKRTMT8 [r*"A LECTURE, for tho benefit of the Young LkJJ Catholic'* Friend Society of Georgetown, wiTT be delivered in Trinity (Catho ic> ?'huroh, fierogetown, on WEI)Nh8D\Y EVKN-NG, February ]9th, at 7>? o'clock, by lliv Fathku Early. S. J , President of Georgetown Col'eg*. Admittance 35 centg. fe 11 T.T.S.&djt v % ii p v a ir i m of n v l- a i a* v/ ******* a* ? u v v no* Ramsburgr & Ebert, 105 High Strut, GEORGETOWN, D. C. The only manufacturers of Gonnine BUCKSKIN 9LOVEB. MILITARY GAUNTLETS, *nd MITTENS in the District. Offioeri' Ganntiets made to order, Bnokskin Drawers and Shirts. ja 18 FRAKKL1M kCoj OPTICIANS, 944 Pecn'aar.,fnorth side,) bet. 12th and 11th sti. EYEGLASSES, MARINE AND FIELD GLASSES, COMPASSES, Ao? of the best qualities, constancy on hand. fe LADIES' READY MADE f NDERCLOTHING, NEW FANCY AND MILLINERY OOOD5, KKAL LACES, EMBKOlDEKt ES, Ac., Ac.?I tska p'.rasur" in informing the iaaiea that 1 have just ifor iv. d from the north al% *8 h'i.cIc of sv&erior ounl-tv I.aRiKk' r ' aiiv M\I>E UNbEK-CLoTlilMli, euoh Dktmiie, Nignt Dresses. Ski-tt. Ladi*?' Drawers, &o , Ac.. wkicn 1 Ueasro th.i ladies to inspect. ?e they were imported before good* jot ?o high, and ars there fore very cheap indeed. No. 18~MRS K G. ETCHI8ON..N0.12. Past**.. Avmci. Be'ween 8th and 9th Streets. N. B. Pinking done to order. fa l-lm J ATTENTION! U8T Received a large assortment of New Feathers, Comfortables, Blankets, Bedsteads, Mattresses, and Carpets. Persons wilting to buy are re< ueiited to examine my stnok before purchasing, as I am determined cot to be undersold. R. BUCHLY. 429 7th street, between G and H, fb 1-1 m* east a de. COTTAGE SETS! R\ ~ COTTAGE SETS! Thirty very handsome Sets jnst received, in Solid Oak, Imitation Oai, Maple. *rd Deoorated, with and without Marble Tops, anl at prices that oan rot tail to give entire satiefaction. , Also, an extensive assortment of CABINET FURNITURE.FEATHER BGD9, BOLSTERS and PILLOWS, Hair j^d Shuck MATTRESSES, Ac,Ao. BOTELER A WILLSON, IroTi Hall, 319 Pa. av.. bet. 9th and l?th sis., j?tt- teo A1 and 3d floors. JAY COOKE & CO.. No. 4#8 Fifteenth Street, opposite Treasury Buildings, Washington. In connection with oar Philadelphia House we have opened at No. 498 Fifteenth street, an offlos for the transaction of a general tzcisnge, Collecting and Basking business. We buy and eell Corn, Unourreut Money, Stock* ard B'ads. (on commission.) l?rafs on Americas tad European cities, receive Deposits, ana atakt 'war * co. I SECOND EDITION. THREE O'CLOCK, P. M. LATEST FROM FOET DONELSON. Just at the second edition of the Star of to-day goea to press, a dispatch from General Halieck's headquarters has reached here addressed to Senator Thompson, saying?"Fort Donelsan Is taken, with 15.000 prisoners, and Kioyd among them " At 2* p m no despatch verifying the abo?? had reached the headquarters here, where lu uuiu, uuiicici, woa uui rr^uura as ceing improbable. Our latent positive advices from Fort Dorelxon are up to 12 o'clock on the night of the 13th, when it was confidently believed by our officials that the question of the surrender af the plee?- was one of hours only. 80 we are inclined to believe this good news is true. The President's Thanks ts the Fsrcec that Captured Fort Henry and Roaaeke Island. uiiiistoii Citt, D C , Feb. 15, l?62 The President, Commander-in-Chief of the Army und Navy, returns thanks to Brig Gen Burnside and Flag Officer Goldsborough, and to Brig. Gen. Grant and Flag Officer Foote.and the land atd naval fcfSM nndertheir resp**ctive com mands, for their gallant Achievements in the capture of Fort Henry and a* Roanoke Island. While It will be no ordinary pleasure for him to acknowledge and reward, in becoming manner, the valor of the living, he also recogniies his duty to pay fitting honor to the memory of the gallant dead. The charge at Roanoke (aland, like the bayonet charge at Mill Spring, proves that the close grapple and aharp steel of loyal and patriotic aoldiers must always put rebels and traitors to flight The late achievements of the ravy show that the flag of the Union once borne in proud glory a ound the world byuaval heroes.will soon again float over every rebel city and stronghold, and that it shall forever be honored and reapectcd, as the emblem of Liberty and Union, in every land aim u|?uu every ?t:a By t rder of the President: LIdwis M. Sta*to!?, Secretary of War. Gidboji WBLLM, Secretary of the Navy. Order in Respect to Passes and Prisoners. war Dfpaktmkst, > Washington Ci:y, D. C , Feb. 13,1?62 S Ordirtd, 1st That all application - for passes to go South, across the military lines of the Unltvd States, be made to Major General John A. Dix, commanding at Baltimore, who will grant cr refuse the same at b's discretion. 2 That all prisoners of war, and ctiier perrons imprisoned by authority of any Departing of the Government, who sh-ll be rel?a?ed on parole or exchange, shall report th?m*tlves, immediately on their arrival at B'l'.inore, to Majr,r GfnTjt Dix, and b? subject to his direction while r^nlnIn<r in tbfttriK* : anv f iIIiup to nhoarra Vl? a? 14 ? will be taken es a forfeiture of the parole or exchange. Toe regulation heretofore existing, wLloh required |;a?ws across the military linen of the (Tatted Statea to be signed by tue Secretary of ?tate, and countersigned by the General Commandiaus Is rescinded By order of the President Edwin m. Staxto*, Secretary of War THE ijATEST BY TELEGRAPH. Further from the Burnside Expedition. KDENTON AND HERTFORD TAKEN BY OUR FORCES OLR GUNBOATS MOVING UP THE CHERAW RIVER AND OTHER WATERS INLAND. CONFEDERATEACCOUNTSOFTHE BATTLE PROGRESSING AT FORT DONELSON. THEIR GAMKOF URAli. \ ^ Baltimore. February 15 ?The Old Point boat which arrived this mornins; brings the following: Foktbkss Mosk^k, Feb 14 ?The propeller Jersey Blue arrived here from Annapolis this morning, with about 23U troops belonging to the various regiments,who were sick rind left behind when the Burcside cxp-diticn sailed. The Jersey Blue will proceed as soon as the weather moderates. The Stars and St'lpes is till here, and will probably sail to-morrow aftcrnocn. with a large cargo cf ammi'nl'.lcn A flag of truce went cut thin n.orning, and returning brought several passengers, mostly ladies, to go North. We find the following in to day's D-y L.ook : A rumor reached this city yesterday by passengers from Suffolk, that the enemy had taken possession of Edentcn, and also Plymouth. Later In the day it was rumored that a couple of the enemy's vessels had proceeded on a reconnois sance as far as "Coleraine." The Norfolk Day-Book gives a sketch of a new adopted by the committee of Con^reM on the subject. It is to be a blue union on a red fl<?ld,wlth four stars In the form of a square in the union. The Richmond Enquirer says that four bundred prisoners of war are expected to leave Richmond for Newport News in a day or two, In exchange for an equal number of Confederates released by the Federal Government, and who reached Norfolk on Tuesday. The 11th Pennsylvania cavalry, Col. Spear commanding, went out on a scout to New Market bridge to-day. Nothing was seen. It commenced raining at II o'clock a m ; the wind is northeast. The Richmond Dispatch of Friday has the following : General Wise Is near Currituck Court House, and sent down a flag of truce to Roanoke Island on Thursday. A Norfolk telegram says it is believed that the mortar fleet is intended for this pla< a. A gentleman just arrived from Gstesvllle, says that seven hundred horses were landed at Eden ton last night; also that a large number bad been landed at Elizabeth City. Hertford, capital of Perquimans county, waa taken by the Federal* yesterday. The population Is fifteen hundred. Capt. Goodwin, of Robinson, of the N. C. Rip Van Winkle's, with fifty-two of his men, and seven of the Wise Legion, have reachvd Suffolk A Nashville telegram of the lath says that a dispatch which was rect-lvrd from Cumberland City this evening, states that one federal guutn appeared in sight of Fort Donelsoa this morni:? about 10 o'clock, and opened ti e, but without injury. The fort returned the fire, and the gunboat retired. The federals have landed in force, and a battle with light artillery commenced this evening. It is reported that the federal force is from len to twelve thousand. When the steamer left for Cumberland City the battle was raging. No particulars are given. PxixKSBCKa, Feb 13.?The editor of the Ex* press his received a letter from Suffolk dated Thursday, which says that Edenton and Hertford have both been captured. Five runbo'.u moved alowly to the wharf at Edtnton yesterday at nine o'clock and landed their troopa. Very aoon afterwards fifteen mere gunboa'a arrived. The citizen* ralaed a white tag. Between three and four taouaand Federal troopa landed at Ldenton. The populailon of Kdenton la about two thoosand, and It la dlatant from Suffolk about flftv mllea. In the afternoon two gunboats went up tae Cheraw river towards Wlnton.and several others towards the month of the Roanoke. Nasbtillb, Feb 13 ? A dlapatch c1 .:?d Port Donelaon to day at half past U o'clock a ai. tates that firing of artillery had commenced this moraine before sunrise, and had continued uireaslngly up to that time A number of piece* are rapidly ftrlng. The enemy keeps at a respect ful distance. The field artillery are engaged all along the line < L.ATE& ? T*o* tUck y m * PI rlag toiowil, probably that the enemy may-, I I I change their position. We bmio tor npaM the enemy at every point on oar line Oar low la >31 all Tbe FwlrnU gunboata mired, and we thick they are aererely Injured 9TILL LATER The dav 'a almoat paat. and we till bold oar own : We hire repuiaed the enemv and driven back ttieir gunboata. and whipped tht-m by land and water, He atlll Ilea around, probably to attack ua agalc to morrow, our loaa la not very great, wblle that of the enemy muat be heavy. We bave had lively Setting and bevvy cannonading all around tie line*, all day Wa hav? repuiaed the enemy everywhere, and we are antlafled that we have Injured tbetr gunboata materially, aa they Lave ret:red twice. Our Unea are entrenched all around IMPORTANT FKVM KUHMOID. ORKAT SCARCITY OF IRON AND COAL. THF. DEFENCES OF RICHMOND VERY POOR. THE BOTTOJ^ OF THE CONFEDERATE TI B DROPPING OUT. Baltimore, Feb. 15 ?A reliable pa?seng?r from Old Point aiys workmen from tb? Iron work*, Richmond, who cam* by flag of truce, represent that they left there for want of work *o great win the scarcity of Iron and coal, that work waa being suspended Coal was enormously high. The mea ny there are few tf any cannon left in Richmond, all having been tent away from time to time to other po.nt*. Very few defense* there have anv cannon mounted. ARRIVAL FROM RL ROPE. THK BIDS OF THE CONFEDERATES FOR. EUROPEAN SI HPOKT Nsw Vors, Feb 15 ?The steamship Asia has arrived, bringing date* to the tl Inst. The independence Beige assorts that the South'* ern Commissioners have Informed the F.ngllsh Government that In return for the recognition of the Southern Confederacy, 'hey would ?*tsbllsk most absolute free trade for fifty years, abolish the ex'emal slave tratflc. and emanclpste all the blacks born after the recognition These offers, however. will not determine I.o'd P ilmerston to sbandon the policy of neutrality LATE LUC A L NEWS. ? oriminai. o'crr?i"' r-lrt m the Murder Case.?Ncah Shlelda and I'a'rirk Butler,colored, who we e tried f?>r the klllinz rf a co'ored wo. mm, n uii'd Rachel Turner, In " Desmond's Riley." oa the island, iQ December last, were acquitted. The ijrmnd jury Laving d.spo?ed of all tb? business brought before them, ifrere Anally dl?c barged Thia morning. In the case of John Woodcock, lndir'ed for *t?>alin r a sum of mon?y from Chas. *.V*. waa prov-d that the ?t<>leu moaey belonged to Flint A Co when a nolle prosequi w*s entered, and ifae fi'jii-r was reminded to jail A jur.? viaiv:nn in tb*?ca?eef ilenrv Hal!ist?*rf for au-alir^ a nu-nh^r of scarfs, Ac., from J. P. Herman. but in tt.ia rase also, a nolle prosequi was entered. Cikccit CorRT ?TLi- morning. in the case of S'rklea A Co?ke vs. tt-?* Washington, lieorget ?'ti A Alexandria Steam Packet Company, (the ,-e tbrat?-d ion^-conteaud cut-oil' case,) a motion for a continuance of the case w*a ca-.d- by defense. a'id was i?eing arguedby Mr. Carlisle whea our report doaed. Resigned?Jnrk&on Punphrey, one of the go* "Is at tLe city jail, reined to-day, it In staled. f PR O PUS A LS F ?R GRAD1N0, TRIMMING. As. Mayor's Orrici, i Warjiingtwn, feftmaj 13, Proposals will he >?ceiveu at this oSce, up to 12 o'c ret m o. t;ie '4rh ?> 1 Marnh next, for rrmA mc, trinwtin*. curHt< and laTin* the f>r ck and fla? froivuti and pavid( the ectt-r? and al eye is tiie J- iret aad Wardaof the city, forming ci..8 d'ltrict; for the Third and Foutn W'ama. forn the second district: and the Fi th. 8 sth and Seventh Warda. forming the third diatriot, (each 4utrint to be bid for ??p\rate y, an tc be g ven tod;ff**ent coitaiion.ifnr the yearoommen;ir,g t..e fir?t day of April, 1862, agreeably to t""? i'ol'OWii g ?peci?cation?: T-e osrbatone to be ot tne b?tt New York North river oart.afoot', in piec?? ot not it??a than two 'eet I?? g. ar.d no e;s than rixteen mchea wide, a d not iOra than tiiroe a-d a ha f inobea ;n thioureas, tr e upper surface or eore to b? dreaaea to that thicknega and act in ar.d veil rammed with oiean a rave1, free frcn c ay or team, to the proper grade, anl the joint* we.I fitted. The b'ick to be ot tne be*t qcalty hard red pavln; brick, to r>e laid cn ft (>ed of aha nver ear.d. .,ro. . r ... oir!< ? i i ui nr t.or^ UU ft U^U Ul H' P O I r?To!. free from ol%y or ioin., three mories deep. w;th tvo eocrte* oc ?dg " next to curt, and one courn na edge on the tnner tu.e, wh*re tae pavement is ;<?? than the 1 width: r o extra measurement for brio* on rdge vlll be made. 'ins b'oii- pivemeut 10 he of oarrmon quarts Dot oxo -edir.g fw-r lichee indnm-te..except the atone on the oumie .ine of the gutterr, ta oh mait b* of ix moh in diamefr, Jail on a ??ed ?'f oaa'ec taad an ' cl-ar' irnve!, f ?e frt m < lay or loam at iba*t nine m?.h?? <t- p, am to r e twico well rammed, the eec<u.d *inie afisr t-ei?g wen wet. and* after t.emg <xvniued and not fr-Morej br the Corniaiiiioner, to be covcr<*d wi'h fi-C clean grav?l or coane s*ud,?.nJ tr.eicte iaea between the atones wftll b led w.tu the ram* materia!. flagging t- te > the twst qnanty blue roolc orcasca. in pieoe* rf not lets than t#o feetaix lr.ohf* lo-.g br eight en inches wide, and not Ism than threa inohe* th cfc, to be laid on a bed c { tine clean gravel. Iree row clay or i am. or sharp river canu. ix moh3a Je-p. a:iJ with o oae jo.uta aIi griding notexoredisg aix inches to be rated ai tr.mming. Ti?e &ork to be done i the Seat manrer and o tin .'&t:alaotion of the Major, ana to be oomm^-.ocd wchin ten iJays alter th* order i? givei to tfco ovntrictor. and to lie ojmp eted within th* time na-oed'd the orler directing it to bedont. a&i warranted to ai&L<l twelve mcnths after its oomp. t- r. Ar.d up >u th* failure of the contractor .<r U ictrnctnr? loc. mrm ti<>? inn wnrk nr in p ete u within the tiuie nanud, or npon hi* or the r iailure to execute the work cf th* materia a and a the mvner her iu rcquir d, the Mayor to have th* right of employ kg oilier pvaons t > da the same, upon each term; a* r e may fleem extedient. ui which the contractor or contractors a* fait? ins (hall pay any lose or damage the Corporation, may sustain in consequence thmeoi Any repairs or re ay ing which mry be required, before the expiration of the um< lor which tt* work is warranted to stand, to be done hj the contractor fee* of c.i je wttain days after couo-? from the Cumnii'ii 'tor of improvement of th* Ward; and upon fa lura of any oontiac.or or oojtract ji* to make any r. p*ira or to may any ?av?ment wittiin iue daye alter 'otice a.oreaaid, tl? Mayor ia to have tne right of einploj ing ar > other p-raon or peraona to do the aanie on aboh terms aa ns mar deem cxpetient; in which event the contract r or co-tiactora so failing ahail pay any lo or damage the ?_orporation may eiistais in consequence thereof. . For the doe per'o-manoe of the wrrk and the* furcisiiinr cf th" matena s a? herein required boid ac i security to theanionnt of t?o thousand dollars will berfqmr d of the cottraotora The bidder* m ill ?tat? the r&t?a at which th* curbing paving and flagging will be executed, including materia a. For netting nt w curb of New \ ork North nrar cu'btt >ce. per running foot. For ajicg new b;sca pavement, ?er aquare yard. For lavi"g new *toiie pe*eraent. jer square yarn. For e'aiing.t whether excavating or niliag,) per cubio yard. For iriimring p*r running f>ot. For epoa: gutter, p* foot For laying down flagging, per ?q"are foot. I**.ar \?inir fhrA.i * e >1 (| V I A:i* ra^a ?f briek r fdgc, an re<cirtd t>y s?, in (ut*:ni a d al era. ?er ru. Lint f *>t Awl the rat?a at wisich the fallowing work. c'.uai*e of mit-rii -.except tl<? *'av#! r.r.J ta:.<l which may t e rfqaued : Fur ??tU's new curb, ireiniirp drer?ig, per rur.nist l.n.t. For li?'r ? ew hnck psT?BM'. pe- r<ua. *cr '. Fur tanai up aud relaying oid Oriok :a per tqunr ' y MC Fo' ulii-c up a-d re??V .:j v :Z ccr?, per nr.nine foot For i&kicg rp ar.d rciiyinj o'd ?tcn-pireraent. per square yir :. For takinc up an 1 rrlayi'c o!S flag t!;a, per Equa-o foot. ftonulvsl! r?? rere'Td wh;ch doea rot tno n<1? in .tfsr fo: eich a;parato item of work aud ma e mi Uj law ths Mayor iaproh;btel frsm awarilot oo? .ract? for the ai>ove wor? to any p)i?on or pefs?ua >h i ar? not rrao'ica ravnra. le!5 *wiw HlCHAK J VV'ALMCa, Mayor. ovaxL&s?qyhtek^ ^S^iQr GteUco'tLtii^ iniroTt-^LlHr rr.ejt in *TK* MlNO and k -I . E??AfeTI.\G C^RTEE*. ? by wbtoh thd ?i.ur? flavor ioi rise of thi 1 r?t#r la ret*. n-d. Th<? PK> K r, f A LOON. ?1 a P-no. ?rw?., op K>?lt? Wll ifj4' Hotel. nJ p?r (tin ( jcr. of sue jjjho liick!*> v :hl!( iii?pr>.vod of ?lafem.n?, r.e&rc.*n of bttiLt, a:.d id*r it serves. Ai. rionnag a .tttutj w 11 .* rtwsded \tj OVl :.g. Soporiot quality of Kr.?li S*ait Myttara ooa*:vi:.y oa batH to Hotels. and 1 amines, it rhell. or caa f'aauliM' order* <leiiv?re-i on si.ort notice i Sor# Cljar* or -earonail* tate*. t? ?-! * J?v NOTICE TO WATCH W*KKRH. Xal ?. * nr, Jm Ha. oeeaed a bra e {ih<* r BueMMi Uuim at No 10 \V&*lu.'?toz. btil ' to uer of Pe. v*e. vit? 7 th atreet, itT'5? tfc refill oa o' "A'e. oh Make:*. Jeweller*, " JU- s. /- c , Ae..t< aeit .ar*o it'Kk n'OMd m4 SI!T ' \V . Mate/ta *, v\ avee Maiccr*'Toe.' 'vih .It iar?*. { Lt^'hor ttf. .rae . i?? ? o*-? a ??" ' '? rood* u>o a?n:t-rotv< i tis.i'i -n L oniiUkry ? ?-?' ivm'- t?. wtici i..* ? ? at the **8*"L?y *o?x fr o?*. Q fcT MY J; E> V C j *3? at r?'* W. *o-fr "?*?.f>r !' aOe voif r ne.5 f ;oe U*. ol Waivh * * " }? *. *'