Newspaper of Evening Star, February 17, 1862, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated February 17, 1862 Page 1
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w "r ir i I'^g??? , _ , ?, I, , ? ? V A T5 T*. O U T~ - --- - ?..9 . .... . ^ - ' ? . ^, ? . . * j * m f jgji ?u| H iH jK3 Ka i W / ^B ^3 . /?j& ^B / / ^B " I . ... ? ' ' - " : ~ ~ : V^. XIX. WASHINGTON, D C. MONDAY, FEBRUAKY 17, 18<?2. N?. 2,805 - ' " \ . * * I I ^?? THE EVENING STAB . Ljo luS.'lED EVEKY AFTERFQblf, . > * I SUNDAY JL UJKJPTJhPJ at ruv (T(R Hnt.ntvm lirM' ?f flWJftMKW l?K'14 ?*< If. BT W. O. WALLAOH. Pat*** aereed in package* by earner* at $4 a fear, or :<7 cento per month. To mail aubaorlben the {.rice ia S) 50 a year, in fa for tlx KBBtor; ft TM three month*; aa4 tor 1MB thaa tkr?e aB?nth* at the rate of IS oenta a Week. 91a fie coplea, c*i c*st, In Wrappers, r#o casta. WT* i*??tnatliTa ahouid he ae?t to the ??ee before 12 o'clock m.; othererlae they may A . _ A a?i appear nam me next a?T: - 1 -L-- tLIMPOR rA*T EXKCt'TlVE ORDER RELATI V E TO STATE PRISONERS. W vsniNCTiti, Feb 14.?The following inVortnat order had iuet been issued : . WAR DeTARTHKIIT, WaSBIRQTON, ) February 14, 1862. j E\e<h tiys Orhers in Relation to $Tate Prisoners, No. 1.?The breaking out a formidable insurrection, based on a conflict of political Meas. being an event without precedent in the lrnifed States, was necessarily attended by great confusion and perplexity of the public mind. Disloyalty, before unsuspected. suddenly became lold, and treason astonished the world by bringing at on1*e into the Seld military forces superior m numbers to the standing armr of the tTnired States. . . ?. m . ( _ 1 trery department ox tne Government wag paralixed by treason. Defection appeared in the Sen.ite, in the House of Representative*, In the Cabinet, in the Federal courts; ministers and consuls returned Irom foreign coontries to enter the insurrectionary councils, or land or naval forces. Commanding and other officers In the ariuy and in the navy betrayed the councils er deserted their poats for com minds in the insurgent forces. Treason was Vagrant in the revenue and in the post office service, as well as in the territorial governments and in the Indian revenue. Not only governors, judges, legislators and ministerial officers in the States, but even whole State? rnstaed une after another,with apparent unauimity, into rebellion The capital was hesiegel and its connection with all the States cut < ff. Even in the portions of the country which were most loyal, political combinations and secret aosietics were formed, furthering the ?nrV Af menninn' wMIa frnm mniirAa nf irlSi. loyalty or cupidity, or from excited passions or perrterted sympathies, individuals were fctand furnishing men, money and materials of war and supplies to tbe insurgents' military and navsl fbrcrt. Armies ships, fortifications, navy yards arsenals, military posts and garrisons, one after another, were betrayed or abandoned to the insurgent?. 1 ' CVinirrp** had not anticinated and so had net prcvided for the emergency. The municipal authorities were powerless and inactive The judicial machinery seemed as if it had been ?ft?*t|*o?d not to sustain the Government but td embarrass and betray it. Foreign intervention, openly invited, and industriously instigated by the abettors of the nsur recti on, became imminent, and has only been prevonted by the practice of strict and impartial justice with the most perfect moderation in our intercourse with nations. iae puoin uiina was alarmed an<l apprehensive, though fortunately not distracted or disheartened. It seemed to be doubtful if the Federal iovernmont, which one year before had been thought a model worthy of universal acceptance, hal indeed the ability to defend and maintais itself. borne reverses. which perhaps were unavoidable, suffered by newly levied and inefficient forces. disc-ur?god the loyal, and gave new hopes tu the insurgents. Voluntary enliatwents eoeuied about to cease, and desertions r. mi Purtips linrm qaesti n whether conscription had not bee '.jug nooeisary to 611 up the armies of the United States iQ'thlj emergency the President felt it hi* duty to employ with etiergy the extraordinary powers which the Constitution confided to hiia in e^w of insurrection. He called into tho field such military and naval forced, authorised by the existing law;1, a? seemed neecssAry II n ?A. >. tU*. - f ?k .. JUC iLva3uu> MJ f?rcv?ui IUO use ui iud p*at ?ffi<*e for t/cafosabic correspondence. lie subjected passengers to and from foreign countries to Dew passport regulations, and be iiiiiiiuted a blockade, suspended the writ of k*/t6ai c.up /K ju various places, and ca?ueu persons who were represented to him as being or about to engage in disloyal and treasonable practices to be arrested by special oiril as well'l as military ager-ies. and detained in military 1 custody when*--sary. to prevont them and deter others from such practices. .Examination of such cases were instituted, and some of the persons so arrested have been' discharged from time to time, under circumstances or upon conditions compatible, as was thought, with the publie safety Meantime a favorable chancre of pnblie opinion has oo currod. The line between 1'jjalty and disloyalty id plainly defined ?the whole structure of the Government id firm and stable. Apprehension of public danger and.facilitiej fer treasonable practices cave diminished with the pK4{oM which prompted heedless per.-ens to ad jpt 'hem. The insurrection ia believed to have culminated and to be declining The President, in view of \hee? faoti, and anxious to favor a return to the normal course # .v _ a i _ 1-1 a! C . _ I C. *L . OX IQC AauiiuuirBiiOD. as *ar as rrgaru i?>r iqu public welfare will allow, direct* that all po-1 rirical priteoers ox State prisoners now bold~j in military custody be released on theiv subscribing to a parole engaging thorn to render no aid or comfort to the enemies now in>h*stiliry (o the United States. The Secretary cf V.'ar will, hdwever, In his discretion exee^t from the effect of this order any pen>)ns detained as spies la the service of the insurgent*, or others whose release at the present moment may be deemed incompatible with the public safety. .J To all per?^M who shall be so released and shall keep their parole, the President gran s an amnesty for any past offenses of treason or disloyalty which they may have committed. - I Extra >rdmarry arrests will hereafter he ma Je under the diroction of tha military authorities alone. T~-,j By order of the President: ' " ! EDWJ5 M STAXTO*, Secretary of War. 1>k\TH or Mr The Chicago Journa' brings as the announcement of the death, in that eity, of J. Ilolbrook, Esrf.; the * well-known Special Agent of the Poat Office Impertinent He arrived there some two weeks ? *? ?'? ill nn Hut fnTlnwino an/1 died suddenly on Friday evening last of h?morrlage of the lungs His remains were sent to his late residence in 5ew York the same night. Mr Holbrook was on rivaled aj a Detector lie accomplished uiore than perhaps all ether officials combined in ferreting out and bringing to justice Poet-offieo robber*. He was a man or great natural shrewdness, a closa student of nam an nature, aod of unyielding tens itj of parpoMw He poweecod literary talents of a hvtfb order. His Ten Ytart Among the. Mail F*g> bad all tb? fascination of Vidocq. He was enisled at the time of his death, in the publioation of Tut M<rtl Bag? journal devoted to Po?Ul Reform and the diasemina| tion of Poafal intelligence i'HK Cut ot bin ?Several of tba Soaton "papyri asl tB&rG?n ?fone. now nndfrr meat, hall be allowed a speedy trial. The Ho?ton i: urtM mv? ?? Si*At; la well known here, ; t gbly reepected for an upright, honorable * Id i?av?Mlem efBtleinaa:ai)d people will be - >w to believe him guilty In the preaent ca?e, cud will not believe It at all nntil they aee the e/ideocc." " LT ' The National Hag wma hota'ed at the door of the Provnat Marabal. fa Alexandria, laat Tin d-rr n!zht about nine o'clock, by wok part'.e* unknown." Tb?>ab<w,from* exchange, UerroaeMM Tk? fl v In question wm rained ??tr the auartf ra of Cos. Montgomery, and not at tke oMce if tbe rro?oat Marthai ?lUjamdria CktonicU ' in-8?m*ike capture of Roeoobe Ml lull have: no farther Rebel threat* to hiag Col '-wre. ran, Lee and oOtcsa. Tbe r#!r?*e tfltxmc brave aaea will mk>? follow. !D"<> J?-nnlu;?a Wise, abot tbrougb tbe hip at Roanoke, It tie fbmi*r editor of the R!f bmpud Knqalrer, vrto shot Sbertard Clrmen* tbrofgb tbc blp in a du*l, Utulig tbe latter fur lite Ir TKa tit Rrv^ntrtii Until- VAiUtw * .*? J h3m w.tcee w:i to tbf wr*r-?nrg*l? nf r. its wkM? peptUMiMi *-.1+:* . cM i SOITHER9I ACCOL'XT OF THE BATTLE AT KOAftOKE ISLAND [Fram the Nor/oil Day Book of Thurnday ] tbi BOAXOKK DIKASTKR?*afht y Of COMMODOE1 XTJICH. Elizabeth City wm attacked oo Sunday afternoon, ftv eleven Federal gnnboata. Fteg-oflcer Lynch defended the city to the last Three or the "iMmiT* under his command reached the L)l*piaJ iwamp canal, and are safe One of our steamer* vrn* burnt try orrler of Com Lynch, and two w>-re captured by the Federals Com Lynch, his officer* and men. have reached Norfolk, and are safe Midshipman Craven, who lost an arm in the battle, arrived here this Evening. Those who wwe tl Nag's Head, and escaped, were Gen Wise, Maj Bacon, Capt Dinwiddle, Acting Lieut Partington and Swrgeon Lyons Lieut William Selden, a ion of Dr. William Selden. of Richmond. Is reported In the Norfolk papera to have been killed at Roanoke. FURTHKR Accousta ' Tbe Klcbmond wbigaaya mat me priannera raptured conalated of alz com pan lea of Col Roblnaon'a Ragiment. numbering perhap* 300 men: eight compaMel of Col Henntne*en'? Regiment numbering 6<i0; Col Greeo'a North Carolina Reg. lment: W'lif's I.t*pioft: Cdl. Shnw'i North Caro Una Regiment; and the me a wbo manned the batteries from 2 500 to 3,000 in all Tb? Richmond Whig, In describing the battle saw At early dawn on Saturday the enemy advanced. A small breastwork-flanked by the swamps, was unfortunately supposed by Colonel Shaw to be Impassable to infantry This, error was soon ascertained, as tbe enemy, msblng through the swamps, outflanked the breastworks Captain ^ Ue, commanding a battalion composed of the JjlueaandC?plain Cole's company, deployed as skirmishers on the riglt Sank, and the McCulloiifh Rangers on the left. The enemv soon concentrated their whole f?rc? on these flank aotn* parties In an effort to turn each flank. The light -i ? ???i ?\ u 1 - i raj^a inmiiowi on mrw nan&??oTcrjn?wfrjny; numbers carried each flank, and a surrender waa necessitated. or oin. wis*. The arrival of Gea Wise at Richmond Is announced la the Richmond Enquirer. The Knqulrer sayathat the excitement and exposure which he^ias undergone has had rather a favorable than un'ivora'ble effect on ht* disease. As to the less of t Is son. lie take* it with all tha philosophy of a patriot who has Immolated his aon on the altar of M* eoantry [From tbe Norfolk Day Book of Thursday ] rtrvtfnnt pABncoLAmt or oca tiriuu in JCOHTH CAIOUM. To a gentleman attached to the fleet in tbe water* of North Carolina, who reached this city yesterday morning we are indebted for the fol lowing particulars: The fleet after falling back from Roanoke Itland, ran up the Pasquotank river for the purpose of reeeWintr ammunition, which wi? expected from Norfolk On Sundayth? enemy's vessels etowed the Sound, and early on Monday morning advanced up tbe Pasquotank river. Our vessel* had tneu gained the battery on the river, and were drawn up for the purpose of eo-operating with It if occasion should required It. Capt Parker, of the Beaufort, was detailed by Commodore Lynch to the command of this battery. Owing to the demo fog which prevailed an Monday, the Federal fleet eama within two ar three biuidrad vardaof our fleet and battery before being discovered. Oar fine* waa therefore compelled to retire again, sad the .battery was abandoned. Brfpre It wistleft. however, a'l the guns Wf-rt- epiktd. T!if fl*el proceeded towards Elizi b^tb City, eloaHr purtwed bytbe enemy. After proeevdioi; *<itne distance thrte of rbe ve***N werf, overtaken and captured. The Briufbrt, Empire andfii1-i^.h, however, nurceeded in mtkinir their 9 t ape *iid are now safe near tbe scuto eud ot,ifce con'-d. Capt Parker, who was in command of the b*t?, t*ry on tha i\w*-r, is thought to have escaped with bio ?rv?t? ta rh? direction of hdeulon. Captain* Hnwter and 5?irotn? are reported to be on btwrd their ve?atU at the. end of ib* canal, and Captain Cvv-t 1* snpposcd to have fallen Into the band*of (He enemy ULK W??'. ' Our los< was not over cue bandied killed and w<*nnd*d. wWIe that ?f tb* enemy in estimated at least one ihousflnd killed. Indeed we h*ve tfitom.stlon rhat &t Old Point the number is e*tiniate-d at Ufte?m feojidUed killed. Tbe beach ik rtprneatMi iia. strewn with their dead bodies, and tbe probability U that when tbe truth cornea out it will b*- found that this victory has b?*n pnrr.haswd by the Yaukrt-s with a fearful outlay of life. ? TEiACHiaY TBI cam* or thk disasteb Wtlnto tiiat a man named l>?f, who lived en Koartofc** Island, and who kherw of a landing plaer on <hr marsh that others were ignorant t>f, dfferted. went over to the enemy and piloted ' ttiPO* i?to the landing, after giving them all the lofurmatle* shoot oar forces and fortl feat tons. It appears Uxat Colon*! Shaw got wind of Intenffc-d d^rion. tad tdtitni That If be attempted to desert bu would blow bim out of tbe water but Doe ?Uerwvtd? got a cbane* and made bin eaCap4. and In '.ouaeqecoce of that eaeape webave this terrible diaaater. NOTICE NOTICE . goncE TO SUTLERS. TO SUTLERS. SPICED MOLASSES CAKES SPICED MO LASS RS CAITKS SPICED SUGAR CAKE8. SPICED SUGAR CAKES. la oonM^MMM of th? |r?kt dialed for oar MoiMtM tiiucer Cat* and SagarOafca.v* hare apininft W. B. HAMILTON * CO., 470 Niata Btroot, pr ipa Agent for their sale, flreia vtxrai Uey oaq be bought at fire dollars per barrel. SNAPS. JUMBLES, MOLASSES POUND CAKE, IN QUANTITIES, IN QUANTITIES, IN QUANTITIES. BOSTON "CRACKERS, Freeh every daT?warm fr?tn the or en make delicious food? * t j Ttn Centt Per Pound, * DAYTON'S CELEBRATED MINCE PIES. Hotel-keepers, Heads of Paailiee, and Satieve are nrritad to try out exoellent Miooe Pise. uor .iiinue riB? need only "to be tried to be appreciated; priee fio and f 13 per hosdred. " jaMks l. dayton, Bakery?426 Eleventh etreet, fefaS between G and . pAmAPPlNB ' CANDLES! j I MEUCCI S PA TENT PARAFFINS - - " ' ' - ' " ' j ?1 CANDLES ! ?* i. *' <. % !*{ % J U. A--' - - MMwiwiim oy uta Mw Yom pAJU.r*m? Caaslb Co. 4 , j J I For ?Ue in (HltttiM to auit ynroha are, by th* I Manufetetuttrt* Aftnto, JOHNSON Jfc NAGLK, 'U ??? P?n*.WH|lw*tOB D.C, j* tl lOttoy*!; nlrKint >r., Alaxaadn*. Vfc. CO//V WANTED! . j Tlx di.kMi bIu r? 6 OLD AND s7 iT* Kll srwT* ro* Saiiui 8?wi to 8w. LEWIS JOHUON * CO., MARKERS, PSITOTLVAifU Avm?I. r I ' " Com* Tafttt 8tr*ot I^QAL OIL^C^AL OIL-OOAL OIL! 1 ; * Coal MIMM Uw ill jainfacttry 'oi4tr Nmt iw?n tT.i?d Kit. ^SJS??H?VAf >* -? V.U. . .. TELEGRAPHIC NEW8. THE SIEGE OP FORT DONELSON. Tkr ? Duns Fighting?A Despurate Battle? HeavyLosses on Both Sides?A Con federate Redoubt Taken?Five Federal Gun ' IT -J f TWT'+L t A J1. rwai.s u/iu ?r unaraicii jtoth itte Contest?Fort Doiulson not Yet Taken. St. Locia, Feb. 16 , p. m.?The city Is wild with excitement and rejoicing in consequence of the newt Just made public from headquarters that " the American flag now waves over Fort Doneljon." The struggle has been severe and the lo?sb<aTy on both sid?-?. One af Gen Grant's batteries was taken by the Robela, but was re-captured by our brave troops. Some of the gunboats are said to be baaly damaged. [second dispatch.] Sr. Lotus, Feb. 16 ?A special dispatch to the Missouri Democrat, dated Saturday, Feb. IS, p. m., says: Com. Foote reached here at 12 o'clock last night on board the U.S. gunboat Conrstoga. He stormed Fort Doaelson on Friday aflernotn. The gunboats St. Lou'ia, Louisville, Pittsburg, Carondelet, Tyler end Conestoga, after lighting a in kauf uMthHrA M jhfty-feur werekilltd and wounded on thagunboats, pilot* RLlev and Hlnton, of the St. Louis, beln* among the latter.. Commodore Foot*, while standing on the pilothouse of the St. Louis, his flag-ship, was slightly wounded. TheNt. Louis was bit sixty-one times, and two of the gunboat* were disabled L- The Tylptand Conestoga remained oat of range ! of the enemy's guns.. The line of battle was as follows The St. Louis on the right, next the Louisville, then the Pittsburg, and the Camodelet oa the left. Therenemy's Bring was Very accurate They ha* three batteries?one near the water, one fifty above this, and ? third fifty feet aoore the leeoiNl. Tfce upper one mounted four 18-pound era. i nn one was uem la reserve unui our ooat? ; got within 400 vaTdi of th? fort Our fire wa* directed principally at the water battery. One of the enemy|* gun* bcrctand a numoer were ai-moumeti roe enemy couia oe wen carrying the dead out of their tmiches. All the gcmboats were left up ttw Cumberland I except the Conestoga. She left there yesterday I morning. A rifled gun on (be Carondelet bant, killing I six men. The rudder of the Pittsburg wa? shot away. The mortar boats left here yesterdry morning The above ?tat*merits of the fight were deceived from a gentlemen who was aboard the St. LvuIk during the engagement. LATKK. A gentleman who left Fort Donelsmi yesterday afternoon at 3 o'clock, aid reached here at noon to-day, says that the fight had been goiug on all day yesterday. The rigbt wing of the enemy's fortifications were taken,and tbesUrsand stripe* were floating over thwa. TUe force# were breast to breast, and the battle was to be renewed Cairo, Feb 16?The steamer Minnehaha ar rived here from Fort Dcuelson, having left the fort at 5 o'c'ock last evening, bringing a military mall and dispatches and 166 wounded to the hospital at Paducah. The light commenced, as before stated, on Thursday, and on Friday and Saturday the contest was desperate. The Illinois lbth suffered severely, and the 17th (own sustained considerable loss. Capt. Swartz's battery .which wan taken by the enemy, waa recaptured by our men. Two colonel* were*wonnded, and two killed. The low is henvy on botb sides. The upper fort wa* taken at 1 o'clock, and the I nion fin*; >? now floating over It Our troops behaved with great gallantry. rue gnnboats St Louis, Louisvilte and Pittsburg were disabled The Miuneliaha met the mortar boats at Paducab, going up. ANOTHER ACCOUNT. Ci icago, Feb. 16 ?The Tribune's special corretnoiidenre is as follows : For: Doiulion, Feb lj, forenoon ?Tue tiring comnoenw d yesterday at day-i>reak and continued at intervals all da?. Up to four o'clock no movement or asaault by ibe land fo-ce? b jd been made. Night before last an attempt wis made ?>y tie rebH* to tak? Taylor's battery, but they wer>- repaired by two regiments, and driven back beyond their entrenchments. Our loss in wounded Is considerable, but *o far not more than three or four are dange-o;;sly wounded Six gunboat* arrived ye?t?rday and comn?en< ed an attack on the fort a? 2 o'clock in the afternoon The tiring wh* very rapid and *evere, and last* d imp hour and twent?*mlnvtw, when our gunboat* fell back The four iron-rlad bont* went witiiin '.hrce hundred yard^nf the fort All the rebel river guns, excertslx,wereeith**r dismounted or silenced The firs? shot flrcd from the nun boat Louisville demounted the rebels' 125 poilnder. The Louisville received 57 shots, two of wh'rb took effect, one striking the starboard side of bft deck, pausing through tte -ntlre length of tbe boat, killing three meu and breaking her tiller ' rope a Short distance from tbe pilot honse. The rope was then managed by some of the bands, wnen a sbeil from tbe Tyler, which lay some 4 i stance astern, burnt wt tbe Louisville, scattering the men at the tiller rope, and so much disabled the steering tackle tnat the boat was compelled to fall astern. One shot struck the Pittsburg In the bow* and stoveM Immense bole la her, which caused her to drop oat of action. Tbe leak, however, has been stopped. One shot struck the pilot bouse of tbe 8t Louis, passing through it between the pilot's legs without tniurlng him All tbe boats were more or U*a Injured, none bat the Louisville seriously fberft were fve killed and two wounded on the Loulsvlile. Tbe gnnboata will not be In condition to renew the attack before to-morrow memlnir. id *onsequ?nce of the height at Ihe bluff* on wMffa the rebel fortifications are built oar cannon fcannot hare as much effect on them as on Fort Henry; therefore it will require a much longer time to reduce this fort. The rebels have raised ths blsck flag, it can be seen firing from a bank a short distance above, 9TILL LATER. St. Long. Feb 16 ? l>lspatrb*s received at headquarters say that our gunboats were pretty effectually disabled except one. Commodore Foote was wounded twice, but not seriously The UDDer redoubt taken bv mir trnnna ??* ?>_ mud* the main work of Fort ?>onelson, and Gen Grant telegraphs that be would be able to capture that fort to-day (Sunday ) Particulars ( the Ketaktag ( Springfield St. Lovh, Peb. 18.?A special dispatch to the Democrat, dated Sprlngflea, 15th, says : Our army under Gen Curtis marched from Lebanon on the 10th, and formed In three divisions, the right undsr Colonel Jeff. C. Davis, the left under Colonel Can, and the centre under General Sigel. Six miles from Springfield, on the 12th, a skirmish took place between our advance and a party of the rebels, in which nine of the latter were

killed, and one of our men wassHghtly wounded. ai lunan or ine same aav aou of the enemy attacked oar picketa, but were driven back with a 1omo( three- This was Regarded as the commencement of the battle, and two hundred cavalry and infantry, with a;battery of artillery,were aent forward. The battery was placed on an eminence comoaandlng the supposed approach of tha rebel*, and three abella were thrown to which bo response was made and our force retired leaving a stronir picket guard During the nlgbt continuous fir" log was kept up by the pickets, and at 3 o'clock en the morning of tbe 13th our army advanced In line cf battle, and at daybreak the 3d division, beaded by the 4th Iowa, entered and took peaceable posswaton of the town. Gen. Price had left at i o'clock on the same morning, leaving behind over 600 of his sick, with large quantities of forage and wagon*. He had twelve thousand effective troop* and fifty pieces orartlBery Yesterday evening a battail on of out cavalry captured ten wagons of tbe train, -uu w iv|ki aiiB| our picicu waa Mid in Ike direction of the retreating foe. Thia morning, it 0 o'clock, our whole force followed the enemy.1 11 ! reported that Price U merely f&llltg back to meet MclnWeh, who la coming up with reinforocmenta, and on hia Joining him he would return end glee ua bottle The probabilities are, bow enter, thet he ia In fell retreat The people in nod around Bpeingftald expreae undoubted antirfacttoo ft the arrival of oar troope. and general rejoicing la man 1 Tea ted throughout the 8outhweet xt rtie rexreat of the rebela. Thla expedition will doubtleaa end the campaign In Mlaaourt. . Enticing Britiah Soldtera to Oaaert , r CkTH**n?**, Feb- M ?SeTeril men h?*e wo coinmittM for trial nt the wxt A??\?s lor ^tctDi; roembfnof t?u? Enfltah t*re , A uJli * ii " *" -* V 1 OFFICIAL.' Treasury department, Fkbrtary 4, 1??J Holdkks or Bo*D? of the United State# dated August 19, l?6i, and payable three years from date, are hereby notified that provision Is made for the payment of the Coupons of se mi-uma?l In, terest which became due on the 19th instant, in coin, agreeably to their tenor by the Treasurer of the United States at Washington, or by cither of the Assistant Treasurers at New York. Boston, and Philadelphia. All tuch Coupon*, together with achedultt showing the number and amount of eacb Coupon and the aggregate turn of each parcel, mutt be presented for exam 1 nation and ver-itlcatlon at leaat three full business days before payment. 8. P. CHASE, ie o-wjio secretary ?i me iiea?uiy. Treasury department, February 4, 1^2. Notice is hxrkbt given of the readiness of this Department to redeem the Treasury notea payable In cue year from date, authorized by the act of Congress approved December 23d. 1S57, and the Treasury notes payable In sixty days from date, authorized by the act of Congress approved id March, 1861. ?* - ? ? - * ? ? t* ?-* ntoa /v# tka q knwo laaitaa inifim VII M lOMUi v 1IUK VI ?ut uww w V i?>?ui? wHl cease on the 7th day of April next by terms of thoae acta respectively. fe 5-tap7 Department of state, Washington, January 25, 1602. The Secretary of State will hereafter receive Members of Congress on business on Saturdays, commencing with Saturday, the first of next month. ?' ? - - ? ?? - - - mm. wm n IS* ? n f\ jan 27-ti wiLiLiiAm ti. btiWaivi/. WAR DEPARTMENT, Jamcart 21, 1&2. Ordirxd, That the War Department will be closed Tuesday*, Wednesday*, Thursdays and Friday! against all other business but that which relate* to active military operations in the flsld. Saturdays will be devoted to the business of Senators and Representatives. Mondays to the business of the Public. EDWIN M. STANTON, Ja 22-tf Secretary of War. iRHV LXPRESS CO.nPAHf, NEW ARRANGEMENT! ALL KAIL FltOM NEW YORK. 41 HOUKS. \ Thif Company i* prepared to forward all kinds r\t mt\rxAm a nH VI JVWB ?V Mll'l II "Ml NKW YOKK-Offio?32 Br.tatwar. BOSTON?Offioe, T Congress itreit, and *i Congress Stuare, PHILADELPHIA?Off.3?, 337 Chestnut street, BALTl MOR E?(iffiio, Gaindeu J-titiOii, WASHlNSTON-OSJfiS*? PjmmtIv&nia ar , ALEXANDRlA-Offioo, 105 Kiu? ?tre*t, ANNAI OLl!*, FORTRESS MONKOK, NEWPORT NEWS. PORT ROYAL, And the SOUTHERN BLOCKADING tti|UADRONS, AT FAIK RATES'. ja_^lrn*_ 4 ftO 3. W ER T H E M E K A CO . ll)?- No. AND 1?>4 S?VKNTH ST., lUt * a <t . . # ? > . ha. ? / - m t/iTO fie tn- l ** W*' ? Ofl'er their stack, oi \\ 1X K^, UK A N UIL8, GINS, CORDIALS, e'c.,?'so tti^i- ?'?* >rti?,eat of aicuaks, rouacco, ?-an? v good^, mc., for *?i!e M Wholesale I'nco. Tii'f Voep e'>n*ta":t:* oa hv <5 fin* I'Hl LAOELPHIA CRRAW a I,K, in t z* *n>t i-ottles, iV.r lar* >r laimly use T.'>e pu'iWo iu *er.'?r?! rs Quactfd to tiro t'sem a ca: a? d examine their splendid stock of c>o<3?. ? WkHTIIVlMFK V fW ibU Ecd 4*1 d? fl-Sm <>rr-1- i'"#t ><*? *. Opleni! Oysters! fHEOVKKI,/*Nno\ M'hK MX PR ESJ3 COMPANY 8ti:l continue to rocotve i'm y * p'aotrfl PATl'XEV# R1VKF OVri'IhK*. .?. Kest&uracts &i:<I |.-!VMe JP 5m /_ j W( u!d do well to oa: n d try tb?in. ^h lUr Those ojste. a are ?o'.d 36 hours alter ttieycorrie from tae w?i?r. ?' I Office No. 49 Markf't Spare, beiow the j Avenue House. ja?-3ra ^!>AM8' EXPKKSS COMPANY. yOTICK oVuEUOVAL. The delivery office of this company is removed from Third street to the l?rte depot on H *trnet, SetveAD 2d and 3d ?t? da ?> tf r 1 / L .. . ? ..? ? -t aoo % AA i r^i ADi.isniu in i^ow,/ Bag leave to inform the f jb'io that Uier have extended their Express to Washington, and are now prepared to Transport Merchandise, Bank Notes, specie, Jewelrt, ftn.jlo all p&rt* of the Middu, Srw Snnltuwd kod Western Stales an t Canada. Souneotins wHa the most responsible Expre-ses ireoghout the country, w? are enabled to offer wtu%waU?d facilities to all who may favor ns with their patronage. For terms and farther information apply to E. S. SMITH, Agent. Third st., 3d door below Pa. avenue, ja9 3m Washington, D C. PROF. ALEXANDER WOLOWSK1. PIANIST AND COMPOSER. By general request win open a class lor Wis Piano An/I vinaina Ka Kin n??i ami aimtklift*<4 w tfiu?iu? I MJJ Ilia UO W OilU L JtMlJ metnod. In tnis war, an opportunit*fTwTnf| will be extends j to all who desire to ao- V aire a knowledge of Vocal and Instrumental Music, on the most liberal terms. All thus* who desire to join this oonrae wilt apply at onoe at kit residence. No 303 Sixth street, between K street and New York avenue. Hours of reoeption between 9and !3o'olook a.m., on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays. jag 1m BOOTS AINU SHUKS TO SUIT THIS TIMES. We are now manufacturing alt kinds oi BOOTS and SHOES, and conttantiy rec?ivint * rupply of ractern made work of ev?r? dr-U| :ri?tiun, madeexprestly to order, ana wiUf Bi be ?old at a much lover prioe than baa txwa heretofore oharged in this oity for much inferior artioles. Persona in wait of Boots and Shoes of eastern or oity made work, will always find a food assort ment m store and at the lowest prices. Give us a oall. GRIFFIN * BKO, 314 Pennsylvania avetne. ! IV BOYS'CLOTHING. n e Have rMwvnd within the last day or two a large aaaortment of ROYS' SPRING CLOTHING. embracing all styles of low priced, medium, and fine ?aalities, which we are selling at very low prices for oaah. WALL. STEPHENS * CO , 322 Pa av , between 9th and lOtii u. m22 [Intel A Rep.] Dr. dupont's sugar-coateo kkMALE REGULATING PiLLS Read the following unsolicited enooau-^Bjj *^ 1 oannot ooirnnend them too highly." Wf-* "They are the beet fremale Pills extant." "I have need them with eomelete aaaaa.'* "Would not b? without them upon any ooasider tkc." "They operate sseedily and effectively." Prioe #1 Bent by mail. Sold by 8. C. UPH AST, 401 Chesaut street. Philaaelrhta, and in Washington by 8. C. FORO, oorner lltb street and P*. avenue.; in Alexandria, by HENRY COOK * CO.. Druggist* no? aoly DR. GODFREY'S ANTIDOTE WILL CURE GONORRHOEA in six days. No ohanceof diet required. It is an lish syeoifio of sixtT-hve years tanclng^^fiBfe, and will not harm the most delicate oonsUtation it eontams ite mtusraij, Price *1 OaM K?a n itouam * - - r uahii?VJ ^niiDIl urMt iladelphia, and in W?hincUa by 3. C. POtIV 111WK8,Wtf! ??L9* .? v ?-?~ " Vi * * tjr?* i nree gsfisrsr&ftM brown,by aung Uphnn'i LiquidHwrDie,tbbort s^w,H?^2S*Sr?E' sold by P. C. UPITaM. 40S Chtwnut ?tr?*t. rhil*? *??* * OALVKRT FORD, oorwr HUi *tr<?et &n4 r*. ATA.: in A Inual> *.! * AKN li V COOK A *'o? DranitU. F-iofr VOX iSXCBLBlQM. CRAClhJW'-A i^?h r uppiy of Fax's 0?i*t-rac?d KxwWor Crtrk 41 ILllldu . . Ml A. WASHINGTON, I>. t-, n'? IBM J lj**. RKMOVAL. A. BINIJUER A, CO. XI E M O VE3D .*'< ' in ' * 819 rENNSYLVANIA AVENUE, orrotiT* WILLARD3' HOTEL. ? We Invite the attention of oar frlendi and ??nn. i* n..J i.-i ? . hvuw iv ?ur una urn'w : No. 41H Pbhsstlvasia Armi, > (ofj'onu Wtlltrd'r Hotil.)\ The SubecrlUra, having opened a Branch ?atftbllshment in thta City a few montha ?lnce, and feeling encouraged by the l.beral patroua^e already received from 5'a friends *ud the loyera of pure and genuine WINKS, LUU'ORS, and other article! la their line, have determined poa a continuance and extension cf their bu*l neaa. Their assortment embraces? FINE COGNAC RRAND1F.S (of various age. branda, and districts ) BOURBON AND SCOTCH WHISKIES, JAMAICA RUM, GINS, Ac , Also, several valuable Tonics, Bitters, and fltlBDAhln urkloJi nrt> ti.w bowel complalnti. terer and ague, faeadwhe, and tbe like. MADEIRA, SHERRV A PORT WINES, CLARETS, BLRCl'NDV, CHAMPAGNE AND GERMAN WINES. HAVANA SEGARS, Of ail Varieties ard Prices. rlNK NAVY AND OTHER CHEWING TOBACCO ALSO, PICKLES, SAUCES,CHEESE, PRESERVED MEATS AND FRUITS, SARDINES, VINEGARS, SWEET OIL, Ac , *e. The Stoci wu particularly it-let u-d to suit the wsr.ti cf Hntel-Kecp*r? S;jtl?r* R'wtomreteyrii, Ac- Th?v are lavlwd t<> vl?!t th<= establishment, whlrh !f nnder the direction of Mr. Jo?. P. Wt T on? f* . 0?*lng to the fart tli&t tLey Import moit of the arttcU* dtrfrt. and to tL?*lr n:anv bua'.:i?*5 faciUt!-a. toey ar* enabled to offer tLelr stuck 6ojd? at ery !ffw prices. Your obedient servant*, A. BISIMUER fc CO., mportirs rf Foreign Win**, Liquors, f . Jall-tf New Yoei a.>t? \Va?u:?ion. 'tk **"v TJjLIi Xiiiil EYE AND EAE. No. 1)87 PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE, optosm WILLARO*# HOTKL. Oculist and Aurist. OR F A VON MOS4 HZ1SKKH, From C'tntoc Plane, New York. Hu arriTed UJ th* wty K d opened h>? office* at ??*PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE, where to can He eonee'ted on Matariee ol tfco EYE ANDKAK requiring meuioaiand ?urjical treatment Dr. Von JlltoacHziAiBR ic tii* investor lid ictroUucer into the medical praotioe of the ETHERIAL EAR INHALATQR, f*r the treatment of obatinate ouaa of DEAFNESS AND NOISES IN THE HEAD. He la also author of the letters pubh?h*d ?i? the New York and Philadelphia papers An ?ifAnlinn ftf DEAFNESS FROM THE FIRING OFCAN SON. fe. Dr. Von >1. ha* tor tue put fourteen ;?&ii d^voCed nu *pcoi*I attention to the TREATMENT OF THE EYE ANV EAR, And pos*6e?*k ihe to tin of ocnieol tli? *?? ' . known pul.Iio men in the Unu?n wUoh*V* I o?r. molt'f tre*t<>" by hir* for the RESTORATION OF SIGHT f HEARING. READ. f Ibrrm Prqf0*sor Moninr, Baltimore.1 MI have Una de> ee^r Mine VVue, tier ?i*at perfectly restored. I am I appv to express my oonvio Uon that br soar skill aod judtmtnt she Las t?ea saved from the greatest deprivation that could U?TO UCiAijCLl UPI, _ [?om >/?. SiMttr PwaA.) To D^. v ox Mokuziskbk: I amireativ ohliied for the interest yon have ma' ifeated in mr cwt ot Deafness, and ths skill withwhioh rou ham treated my oaae. and I have no doubt that by eare!ul observance M yoor dtrrouone, my heancf trU! be permanent!? restored. tt. H- PlItiH. I from John AT/'on, Jr., ton tj iK* Mom. fu-irt of tkt U. S. Suprrme ComrtJ It ia veil kaovi. t > my numeroua friend a that I h&ve baen deprived of mj hearing lor many jeaa1 am happv to state tbat 1 nave, tlmika to Dr. Von Moac&aiaker, entirely recovered. M? Learn* ia now la acute as aver. JOHN M'LEAN. Jr. For aever&l Tears I suffered from deafoesa. l)r Von Moec .xisker reatorad mj hearitti. T*t Lturta, Sept. *7,1358. JOSEPH YEATS. Dr. Von Moaohz taker moat aaoeaaafull; operated Ou rnr eyea, aud benefitted mt eight exoeedircly. GEORGE H. CHENEY. ? f t, Lome, Sept. 17, W8B. ILttier jrom ner. j. j. Muiion. 1 D?. Vow. MoKHziMU-l>tr Sir ?Amort thoee who fcare been ^>e&t.ed ** joarsfci lf?:l treatment,iadiiwim impairing ttiemht, it af ar<1a me i"?' pic&tnr* to add thu teetimouiai of my gratitude to the l?at ot soar patient*. Mr eight wai ao niuoh iraWurM daring ike La?t eighteen raonthalhat 1 o? u"d cot reoogr.;?e the featuiea ol a friend atandiiig near me. I tender ion thia ae know led (in en t of roar eminent #ki 1 and Meo?n in. the treaOBMi tot your oaagfdaaU jr?t?l? f cud. j frrLLON, Keotor M. Patnck'a. The ongiu*! of the above, and band eda more ! teatimout&ia, oan be aeen at Dr. M.'a rooma. [ - ' ' ?? Minta wiahing their kmi j phfaioiaD to ar- . earn pan? them la witaeaa ope rati o_t or for ... I Hi^epaqlaoaaaitaVoa areati.berty to i-r> I nnUgN men Will ? ?? ?>' ".-tooxnrl to witteaa Dir. Von 0???Mon? # fcnd extmiue o na*>f w l*a*??i?*?t* * } .ctroauOM fo* '<** faoititaiioa of Optt?ta?lo tinr%\ ??rt*nr. .. A*Ui?*aJ f 'M iLa-rt?l Vuhout c*uai"? b^m* ?. e. lo ip. ie ir'? j t? feb? 1? OPn?'.< HT'ti' 1 ra-m B * AP-TAAn- V MJk? l0Ji VmvT ?*^iYe? *b,^'a ls b_ *-t-1 "t.W*?I .vMi. v?r?- * * m# h?a I % ?* [fa* waaaxsTijr I ^ ? - p Wi > r* . it?i -?? ? ?? inriii> %n+kmr mvw*l It jliilH>| r?4!?.; nil in ba nui !> f'Yittw-tl I?? fyidty - ..l*r?~v Tuki-^H, wwt?*.?. ta <?fcii L9 ?? ?? ? *51 Hb I** eopiet T?* for!? ? ? .. IK Twfi^i?e eepta _*.. il Ttwll'u the " WMfclEftWI N?Wt' Ikit l.u made 7>i i ? ?.'? * ? !?* Star clreilate c grarraxiv tfcrouphout the coaatry. i copW (la wrapper*) eu M pfrCdrr4 ?t the counter, Immediate:? after \b? mm of tte p?prr Price?THKLE CKN T* HELMEOLD'8 GEN11MJ PREPARATION. " HWHLY CONCENTRATED ? Compound Fluid Extract Bichu, A PfiiiM S?? ?*< htm*4) for ol IM ULAUVLR, K?L?FYt* Gh .\\ Ki. iit DftOJ**I?JAL ftWtiJXttlUa. a V?\llCil.a ItWIMfXIH r*" of lh? cto ttchoc. IiV W -** - -i *...1 *4 c?axr?KAL are i?cn??d. a? Well M FA1M and IXVLAKH aT'OM. ?_ HELMBOLl) S t.X TKACT BUCIIV For W'nkMwi Aritmt fr?-n f.Ko * ?. kit u <,1 DtMiF* 40L hStrlv li-a.?ore':ou 01 A!oi?? AtttnUtd teiiitu* Xvhihh - t i.?po?.tion to Exertion. Lr^?ofPav*r, of Memurt, I' JRci. ty o.' '< >, \\>ak Nr r*F?, rr*r t iu?. H rror ol IW ? . a 1 n?w, Diimioas of Vidian. in th? Mack, Un.vrm Lwaituae of Sritw, Hot Hand*, iluxbinc of th? B ylj, DryuMi of the Skin, >.ru#U?u? u ti>? KtM( F?t L!T> COUNT KXA "** . These evmpti'in*. it * o*<si !> jn n, vhiob tfeia lueciotue inv&ri?My removes. Mi a faJowa IMPOTENCY. FATl'IT\ , EPI LKPTIC FITS, to mm of *tktek tk? Patitut mif f rp??? Who Will r*? tt-a' t' ?t m*e - testier ftw Ini loved bj ttu>?a "uBiru xm*ba*s??" "INSANITY AND CONSUMPTION." Manv are aw%r? nf the ^*u*" of their "(Tfril*. BUT HON* WILL COKffc**. THE RECOKDSo* THE INSANE ASYLUMS And tkt Mtlanckoly D'MKf fcv Comumrtiom. BUS AMPLI W)T!?K?? TO TUB TBVTB Of Til UHUTIOE THE CONSTITUTION ONCE AFFECTED WITH ORGANIC WEAKNESS. e* aire# the aid of hmcIicil* u* trencttten and Illiterate the Syetea hich HELMBOLD'S EXTRACT BUCHL' mrmrim't* dot* TRIAL WILL C0RV1NCB THB ?0?T tBJ'TTt At. x FKMA LES? FEA1A LES? FEMALES. OLD OR YOUNG, MNGLt:. MAKKIKD, OR CONTEMPLATING MARRIAGE. 1% Many A^trtionr Peru/tar to FemmUt the fc.xtr?ot Huobu ? ur>e?uanfd <>i tur otiwr rraedy, &? in Ciilorosis or Ret Imcuitntr P?.nlu :*> ?, or 8appr?M:na of tJtn ><n?rv krae nations. U.c*rat?c or Scairrous state of the Uterus. Louootrhea or Whites, and for *11 o? ts incident to the . whether arism* from Indiscretion. Habits of Dissipation, or ib the DECLINE OR CHANGE OF LIFE! BUS irxrjou* ABOVE. SO FAMILY SHOULD UE WITHOUT IT. T*kt nn moft Fal'im Mirrw* m P?f /o* 1/Hfiiuintmt ??4- qui liELMBOLD 8 EXTRACT BUCHU crux* SECRET DISEASES |l v. *neu SiA*c-?>; At .i'Uc hxpenee Littfff Pr ho ofeattc* ' f>i?r - W?-*acm.?*u:ene# An4. no r. zfO?* <. -ie*TiJr* & ir?*f u-m uf-: < ft-.a gir??? rvenrxu to 'irioftte, ti.eTPi'j Knnirttbn^ .. I'rfTentinc m><1 w" - * . !!:< urrthrt. AiiAfiii* CitJinO inja fref nent ia the cis;.a vt d:e:8*e?. fcrd >*Fe.inja.V fAfflWt!. l)i*amttd, m*4 t*ftn ?m, TH'jl'f VP or THO01*!?D? WHO have BE EX THE VICJiXS 01 QUACKr Vdww dht* paid heavy jtt? t?? ? onrtd tp short tiuM, .:% ? iouad t&?j w ?:o V-:n1, ar. f iii*t ?ti? pome**" i<*?. br f t'< c**- f'pt'vt'fhi a*rrt?mmts to?H .;r.od u; is thr $3 tt-iu, to uf'f.t es: i&iLt. j rtrst^d frrfn. *r 1 fWXHAffl AFTER HA JLIA&M. -hKLSLXTRA T HIUftB Ail fc'iOCtlcuB inu t'.'s^geii of t^e i RiiASir orssitb, wk#fh?r exiftmc m MALK OR rEitlui, torn wlit'.f T9r -*3 ec rrnii'f-*^: *nJ ?? mrttor o iu * Ltwfi ?ri*rDij?o, Diteaet: ! Up99 Ori*:Ji r^ri "i* aii of 4 Ih HbLfHBULV B &ATKAU1 HUVHU 18 THE GREAT DIURETIC, and laoertam to have the retired effort !a Uiimin/* ?Mt* it u fttcm.% 1 tmdtd. ironoi or m hob* RBiPonnikB AJLB %mLuiij oaoiciu WiiijK>eom?*py tue*. certificate of corks. From a to P if&.e* rttuCIn ?ttc Nluim ?!. >wc to SCIENCE ANi> Hilt. . ? . < ?. ? ?. ,1 "IHr&lClAXV firMAZM * hakb "go iioit or ibk&kaivta-" HhLMBU LiU'S fcXTKACl 0UCMV. i?composed of tiuchu. C?"cvc ?w 4 ? i:*.. per B?r 1 t?a elect*! with great ear* & a euiefwui ti.-ucgiat. PRETAX u| i-V P^Ci-c II T H. T. HEIittiiOLU, tactical au>'. AnalTt.oai Chiniit, uc>' eo.e Mac biwuum <?i JUtLMiSOLD b UKH11Kb 1 HEi'AKATIOKS. , 4 "? irffwrir faraouaur a?>ear?>o ocfore ice. ae A! oI the city of Kfniad* phiv H. T. ntitMtn, wno beioc duly aworn, doth ui. tit piepajauoua oodtam oo oarootio, uo nif-rcjiT.vr wtiior injjnoti* drur?, i^utare n>re!y vei<?t?t>>-\ fi. I. kiKLMiiul.D. 43 ? W * ? ? . ? ; A owuri, sua luuigiivw i*kt? w , ir < > i w MoTWnber, 186? WW. I*. Aiderwsr., NioU Km?, I'm fUTSICIAA'S IN AtTKNUAfCK FROM 9 I U TO * F M rricc SI Mr ?r 111 l?r ft, ltollv*r?4 U> *>) *?ear? ? run ob? Addnaa :*Urt for MvrmM ot; in lobam m H. T. HKL,Mi???LU, [?** <, Rowtfc T?M ?., fcatov Kb>t? ^ j at - i m ? * <lt AM. or COVftTfc&r U, l? AMD BNfMlSCirLMV D* <i aho wbo ralMvor lo d.cfocs "ot i?*t* ?w*' " other* artioiM on tb? 1 t Htimbeld .? Oimnm m-m 11 " Smtr?t B*t ?, <* ,f S*r?*feirs/ie. " " illH ITtit k?? ? ?A SoiU Of #. B. WUlf*. X 0- J.B4JI, J*b? WiLB*. 8. C. Ktu. p. U. LmwMTis. B. O MAJOK. U. B. 1UW04 * fctuumjj. ft. >U;c?, Wut.L|ici -* ?T . i>ur?M?Li "iffi' ** *? ? ? ....... .. ? " FOB MUJLS )U>'b ? . .. - rt - - . - * i i - ?*.. ? ' m.t+Mm I * fct 4 AM# A*l>;D ?* JfWr -,. ^ ~ ** 'n* ' - . ^ ? . .. y# . w W. . <i | ?V*? A4?tec ?hp# k.

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