Newspaper of Evening Star, February 17, 1862, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated February 17, 1862 Page 2
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* EVENING STAR. WASHINGTON CITT: MONDAY FFRRI ARY 17, 1?6?. Spirit of the Mtralll Pr?M. Tke InttVirrntfT treats upon tbe future legia 1 stive policy of the government towards tbe acceded States ?Thc Republic** eulogize* Cbeever'a ranting abolition aermon yeatcrday. Thk Important Stbokb or Policy.?Tbe order of tb? Secretary of War, (printed elaewbere In to day's Star,) whereby all tbe State prisoners? numbering perhaps 190?now In military custody of tbe United States, who will promise to refrain from aiding and abetting the rebellion oeroafter, are to be Immediately set free, will prove hardly lew advantageous to the great and good cause of the speedy restoration of the Union, than the three lmpcrtant victories?the fall of Forts Donelson and Savannah, and the ^attention of Price's army of guerillas, and cap. tureof more of them than Gen. Curtis can take c?ro r>f?announced in tn-riav't fttn* OUR MILITARY IirDGET. FOET DOHELSON POSITIVELY TAKES! 15,000 Prisoners Taken! ALL THE SMALL ARMS, ARMAMENTS OF THE FORTS, Ac., TAKEN FLOYD MANAGED TO CREEP ObF IN TIME TO SAVE HIS BACON GENS. A. SIDNEY JOHNSON AND BUCKNER ARE PRISONERS OF WAR THE REBELS SAY THAT DUPONT'S FLEET AND SHERMAN'S ARMY HAVE TAKEN SAVANNAH. ?EE TO-DAY'S STAR FOR PARTICULARS. J uat as we go to pre* to-day, Gen McClellan has received a dtapatcb from the General commanding at Cairo, announcing that on yesterday the two remaining works at Fort Donelson had surrendered to Gen. Grant. The total number of prisoners taken is about 15,W<). The two principal general offlcera who surrendered there are General A. Sidney Johnson and Gen. Buckner. Gea. John B. Floyd, anticipating the neccsjity for the surrender, managed to make his escape on Saturday last. News of this most important event of the war o far, reached Gen. McClellan an hour before (bis positive and official dispatch, when he was telegraphed of It by Mr S'a^cr, \riny Superintendent <>f telegraphs, who announced from cieaveland thst Go* Yates had just received this tews from Cairo, and that the Stars and Stripes were being raised on tue two remaining work* (at Donelson) amid salve* from tbe throat- of hundred* of j;r<a? guns as the courier left there This great victory prac'ically ends tbe war! NaahvtJie and Knoxville must both be ours by tbe erd of the wee*, by whi< b the rebel army of 'be Potomac will be entirely i?olat?.l from tbe.r supports outside of Virginia by thF Virginia and Ten ne?e? Railroad line. Tkat I* /? i: ?- ? w, i vui ucuij^ia, Aiaoami, Itcnl'KKV, Tc nneaee, Louisiana, Arkansas, and Texas. By that time Barnaldr, too, will have cut their inly other line of powlble communication south and we*t--whlch is through North Carolina by rail. We are fcatlsfitd that our military authorities &rre anticipate the surrender or evacuation of Columbus ere ten days elapse. -.That event will amount to clearing all Kentucky and Tenne??ee of rebels in arms, except fugitive bodiea cf hundreds each, it may be. hiding in mountain fastnesses Signally does this great event prove to the world the eminent wisdom and policy of the Generalla-Chlef, hounded ai he has been for months past by abolltloDitm in and oat of Congress congratulation* to com. foote. Navt Department, February 13, Sir Your letter of tbe 7th inst.. communicating the details of your great ?ucce? in the capture of Fort Menry, is just received I had previously informed von "f 1 ? ? j ?? v. ?uv icvcpuuu ui your telegraphic dispatch, announcing the event, which gave the highest sat isfactlon to the country We have to-day the report of Lieut Commanding 8. L Phelps, with the gratifying results of his successful pursuit and capture and destruc? tlon of the rebel steamers, ar.d the dispersion of the hostile camp* as for up the Tennessee river as Florence. 1 most cordially and sincerely congratulate you and the officers and men under yonr command, on theae heroic achievements, accomplished under extraordinary circumstances, and after surmountlag great and almost insuperable difflcultU* The labor you have oerforir!?rt ?nrt ih? ycu Lav rendered in creating the armed flotilla of gunboats on the western waters, and In bringing together for effective operation the force which Las already earned such renown, can never be overestimated. The Department has observed with no ordinary solicitude the armament that baa so suddenly been called into existence, and which under your well directed management has been so gloriously effective. 1 am, respectfully, your ob't servant, Gideos Welles. Flag OBcer A. H Fcote. U. S. N , Commanding Gunboat Flotilla,'Ac., Cairo, Hi. ropeRATCLATtO** to com. goldsrornleu. Navt DaraRTMRTiT, Feb. It. IW ^lr Your dispatches of the ?Hh ?t>il ? ?? ? ? ? ? 'iu inn , ?v tanda of your private secretary, wmmnnlrating the great turrets that ha* tbua far attended the expedition into the wa)iri of North Carolina, were received thl* morning, and I batten, in the tame of the President, to thank you for the aetv)e? you, and the brave men connected with you, have rendered the eountry Theae aucceaaful achievement* of cur Navy and Army in North tytroiina come to swell the current of cheering tidings that reach us from the Weat. where the cauant Koote, with his flotilla, ha* co operated v>l'h the Army in a kuecraaful demonatration ^^ainct the re?*l forrea in Tennea^ee. Our brave ?iM pat/'otic men, vu the! and iu the Interior arc earning a debt of letting gratitude from their country The hearta and btat wishes of the nation have been with you through the long trlala vou hare endured, and moat sincerely do we rejoice with you on theaucceaa which you have obtained In congratulating you and the offlceri and iiv* of rovr command, the Department would aluo extend congiatalationa to ticn Burn 1 Am m ?<! * *"" *' ? u4. ?nw lire A 11*1 y . I am, retpe<-tfully. your ob"t scrv't, (signed; (iibtoK Wills*. Flag Officer L M. (ioLMioioci>H, Coin N A Blockading Squadron. rooTi i'be following plea?ant letter wa? addressed to Klajj Officer Foflle, the day ?f?er thecairture ?' - i ? ?- "? fort Henry: H l AIXvr AKTtR; Fl??T |)lTi?IOM, > />?! Foot* (lua Hintjr), Ten* , Feb 7, lfc6i. J CTnmodort Flag Ojfuti Wnur* Wattrt. I>e?x Sir: At an acknowledgement of the con immate afciU with which you brought your A'uaboaU into action yesterday, and of tit* ad4nm aad bravery displayed by youraelf and , ? i oa*f Ukrn tU* liberty of j'lvlog the l*te "Fort Henry" tbe new and more aj? proprUte- uuv of "fort KooUPlwc pardon the liberty I have lakeo, witjj-s out first wearing four concurrence, at I am bard-11 ly d.apoeed to do, considering the liberty which I V l \ if, * v ^ y ... Jr pim took In capturing the fort veatcrday, without my ro operation. Very reapectfullr, youra, Ac., John A. McCliknasd, Brig. Gen. Comd'g Flrat Division NAVY TART. The gunboat Plnola having received her armament on board? two 21'a, a 11-Inch pivot gun, and a 36-pounder rifled gun forward?left the yard ye*ferday afternoon at 2 o'clock. Tbe Harriet Lane left Indian Head, boiind down, on Friday ni^ht, and, It is believed, pawed tbe Confederate batteries without being fired on. Lieut. Parker, who left the yard on a week'i furlough, hzs returned after an absence of only four daya?an example of attention to duty worthy of imitation. A COMPLAINT FROM TltfiHMAJi. Flag nfflcer Foote, In a lettet to the Navy Department, state* that General Tllghman complains that the strength of Fort Henry was overstated )n the telegraph dispatch announcing the surrender. The error was not made by the Flag Officer, but In the transmission of his dispatch a sentence became somewhat obscure, and the word "mounted" was suppoKed to mean "mortars " There were no mortars in the fort. The estimate of accommodations for men was also larger than 1ft fcfertnlif h?vp h?on Prnvi?inn hf?H hwn mm1* for only 0,000. Official Du^atrh from Com. Foot?. U. 8 Flas?hip St. Loci*, ) N'ar Fort Donrhon. *'in Padnrak.F*b 15, '62 > Hon Gidton Wtlltt, Secrttary of the Nnvy. Sir: I made an attack on Fort I)onel?on yesterday nt three o'clock p. m , with Ave Iron-clad gunboats and two wooden one*, and, after one hour and a quarter aerere fighting, the latter Dart f\t f Wfi H'U' witKin lcaa tK-in fl??" w. ,u, wu.t ?> nuiu *?_?? luuu u ?*- uuiiuicu yarui ui the fort, the wheel of this ves*el and the tiller of the Loui?v!lle werp shot away, rendering the two boats unmanageable. They tnen drifted aown the river The two remaining boats were aKo greatly dunaged hetwetn wind and water, thli esael alone having received U/ty-nlne ihoti and the other* about half that number each. There were fifty-four killed and wounded in the attar k, which we have reason tt> liipp??? would, 1n fifteen minutes more, could the action have b?*en continued, have resulted in the capture of the fort bearing upon na, a* the enemy was run' lng from his batterUs when the two gunboats helplessly drifted down the river from disabled steering apparatus, as the relieving tackle could not s'eer the vewels In the strong current, when the u.ciuk runuji iriuniru hi mr river uaxiery guns from which taev had been driven, and ayain hotly poured their fire upon ui The enemy must have brought over twenty guns to bear upon our boat* from tbe water bat terv and the main fort on th* hill, while we could oniv return the Are with twelve boat guns from the four boats One rifled gun aboard the Carondolet burst during the action. The otMcers and men in this hotly contested but unequal light behaved with the greatest gallantry and determination?all deploring tbe accident rendering two of our gun boats suddenly helpless tu me iianuw river aua twin current. On consultation with Gen Grant and my own officers, as iny services here until we can repair damages by bringing up a competent force from Cairo to attack the fort are much leu* required than they are at Cairo, I shall proceed to that placc with two of th? disabled gunboats, leaving the two others here to protect the transports, and with all dispatch prepare the mortar boats and the Bm'on. uith other boats, lo make an efftctual at lack upon Fort Donelitou. 1 have sent the Tyler to the Tennessee river to render Impassible the bridge, ?<? as to prevent the rebels a' Columbus reinforcing their armv at Fort Donelsou- A H. Fooib, Flag Officer, Commanding Naval Forces Western DivisionSOUTHERN INTELLIGENCE. Norfolk and Richmond papers of Friday supply , the following items MOKE cy THK ROA^nRr 1SI.ANO Plell T_f ? f t t> ? L or Ol:R ??CTIB<>ATS' We have ?oinc interesting particular* of the los* ! ?f Commtrtore Lvnch's boats, mid arc plracrt to 'earn tliat tbr Commodore was rertalnlv not taken priacne t>y theenemv, asfirst reported He Is expected to arrive in RtcUuiond today It apprarstbat Commodore Lyii"h wont ashore at F.Uiahetb Ci'y t?> take charge of tbe land bat tery, which had been ibmdoued there?the people of the plac either taking fl^htor wailing to rereive the en?-my with submis?ion. Gen. Ht'iinin4?en> artillery was not brought Into action. The town 1* said to have been lired by Gen. Heniiinjarn'i orders, but the patriotic work of its destr jc.tlon was oniv partially accomplished, as tbe connagration mn quelled by the Yankees. wbo | were vigorously a?isted by the " Union " ?un of , the place. OFFER KD T1IK OATH. It is reported that the Federaltata have proclaimed to the people of Elizabeth City that they will give them four day* In walch to take the oath of allegiance, and have notified them that tho?e who fail to take it will have their properly confiscated at the expiration of that time and themselves made prisoners BC'RN THEM OCT The idea of rafs upon the various river* communicating with the sounds of North Carolina, where it la likely theenemy'a gunboats may be tempted to vlalt, la not a bad one Such raft* in sufficient numbers could be apeedily thrown together, composed of such combustible material as the old North Stat" abounds in, and kept ready waiting for the ?Dnrn?rh nf the enemy"?bay Book BRIOAMRR GBSERALS APPOISTKI) The following appointments of Hrlyadier General* In tbe anny of the Confederate Ptatea have been confirmed by Congresa: George W. Randolph, of Virginia. Howell Cobb, of Georgia. Joseph L. Hogg, of Texas. RB-EXLISTIXO FOR THE WAR We learn from ai adjutant in one of the Mla| aluippl reg:nituUiat Uenterville thataome sixteen Miss'.Mippj and Louisiana regiment! bave re-enllnted for tbe war. uiid that tbe good work la go* Inn filf u-* ' A mt?k .. -? -1- '* '* ?MR av. ?iu mtu ^? cai aiacriiy. ne that dome fifty thousand troops on the Potomac have already enlisted for the war fie say* that the late news ha* el vfn a great impetus to the work.?LynchhMrq Republican SI-IE* AND TRAITOR*. All the late movements of ihe enemy disclose the fact that tbrv have received important information from spies in oar midst. Th? wmM never have ventured to Florence, Alabama, with their gunboat*, if they had not known that the country to be undefended by soldier* Let 8 stricter watch be kept upon suspftioU* persons, and let them be r.umrnarily dealt with, if detected?Nashville Union. CONOR KB*. The Provisional Congress of the Confederate States closes Its term of exisU-ncewith the present week. U is impossible for us to say whether the bodv ha* r#rfnrm?/t lt? ?* > ? " M mu.j w iuc puuuc or not, for, having always d?ltb?rated with Closed doors, lu ofllcers and members alone are the possessors of Its se< rets. The new Congress will assemble on the Ifth, (next Tuesday,) on the 10th the votes for President and Vice President will oe counted, and on the vrJd the President will be Inaugurated. S?t?th*rn Telegraphic Dispatches. the latest from boanouk island?cait.o.jennino* wus-sm. wihk?a north carolina lincolsitk shot-gkn uknningsrn. [Special Dispatch to the Richmond Dlin?tih| iVorfols. Feb. 13 ?A Mr Wallace, belonging lo one of the North Carolina -A . .aav ? ? * ' f> lu tbe Roanoke fi^M, aaya he helped to carry Opt O. J. Wise oB tbe Held to a tent and law bin wound* dr^wed On*- ball paftied through his hip, the other entered bla back obliquely, whtcb he mw eifracted. Capt. Wiae seemed cheerful, and did not think hU wounda mortal Gen Wise a?nt down a flag of truce veaterday to Roanoke Island lie la now.near Curritork Court llouae. He Is something better, ana b?if? hU ton misfortune with fortitude, and say* he h? *- - ...u.v wua ink io arrince in aerence of the Southern Confederacy and ber noble cause; that be himself yet lives "to It^bt on and flight ever " One of Oen. lleunlnK*?" inen called at a borne near Klliabetb City, North Carolina, and asked for a drink of w.tter, when the man of the house called bint "a d d Rebel" and fired at him, the shot striking blm In the forehead Henningsen's men opeued fire on htm, killing him In bis bouse, and then bornttbe house and him lu it. Uen Hennln^sen is aaid to be In Kdenton. AN AbVAKCK EXPECTED. We have Information which Justifies the belief tL.? a* - " iubi me enemy contemplate All early advance movement o! our lines at Centrevillc and Leesburg, and if this weather should la.?t many day*, the roads may soon be In a condition to ju*lfy the movement Are our force* in condition and number* to restat the fierce onset that will be made* We trust that the Government 1* active. To be overpowered?for that lb the only contln eency we fear?at Manama, would be to a? a terrible event; alcnoit Irreparable la ite coa?cquences Let tUe Government look w*ll to this point and be on the alert ?Ly?f.kbmrg Vtrgi*um. oosb wk?twako C?ptaln F. B. formerly commanding a company from \Vaahlui<ton city, in FTret Virginia re^lnieut. left Richmoud on Yburaday to take command of an artillery company la Arklu*aa, ai d attached to a regiment under coinmaud of Col. Albert Pike. bb:oai>ibb obnabala ArroiNTau. roe louowing appointment? of Brigadier General# In tbe army of ?*?* Co* federate Statea have been confirmed by Congrea*: George W. Randolph of Virginia; H?wiU Cobb, of Oa., and Jueepb L Hogg , of Ttxaa 1SILUX Off fcoLblKRA Kvrrv train that arrive# la the city from Richmond for Maaaaaaa la crowded wltbaoldlw* who bftve r?-ei?i??e* ?'? 1b*ir return bom* to , visit their friendi -Lfntkburg tUjmbhtan TELEGRAPHIC. Important from the Sooth. THE rnMPCnK8ATE4 ADMIT THK SL'R rendeVof foat do nelson; r CAPTfRF. of GENS FLOYD, pillow, johnston, and BVCKNER, with FIFTT FN THOl'SANP OTHer prisoners:: savannah REPORTED TO BE taken BY THE FEDERALS. -* D ..... P.U TL. /IIJ DaIBI 11.,. uau 11 .n ?i\n? r ru i' ? 1 uc I'm rviui ?uia morning bring* the following news < 1-oktress Moxroi, Feb 19.?The propeller Planet arrived here this forenoon from Baltimore, having on board the submarine cable to be laid across the bay from thl* point to Cape Chsrle* The line has already been completed from Wilmington, Del., to Cape Charlies. and also from the headquarters of Gen. Wool, about a mile up the bcach, to the place selected for tbe crossing. The line will be sunk in a few day*, and as soon a* the necessary arrangement* can be made. 'I* V* I a rt F* rv-iA?W ti'l 11 t V\ r**? Vv? ? * > - J J I uia ui pa> i ui' iii mil > ucu W t;uillin im QUCCliy by telegraph with Washington and Nfw York, and the Government and the public will become Informed of the importint news traas nitted hence from twelve to twenty-four hours earlier than at present Theline will be under the management of Mr. Wm II. Weiss. of the U. S military telegraph, and will be of the ?reatest value to the Government By a flag of truce to-day, we hear that Fort DonelSon surrendered to Gen. Grant yesterday. Generals Pillow. Flovd. Johnston and llnekner were tak?n together, with fifteen thousand oth?T prisoners. We are ?!?o informed that the lighting ha? been going on near Savannah, and that that city hat probably been captured The Feruandina sailed thin afternoon The wind north east, and the weather clear. In the anticipation of a visit from the Secretary of War, the Tenth New York reoiment wai ordered to parade at seven o'clock thi? morning, and the Secretary of War to be received by a salute and other Loners yw v1'l flitfs of the district 'JJ? are h'reby invited to attend nn ax tra meeting of tl ? WaehifRti'T) Ht*t>rew Oo.j{;p~"ation, at their"gue, ?.;i VVEUNESDAV KVEN1NG next, at half t ast 7 o'c! ?clr, m refereio? to the late peechot Senator Wilson bt oidor cf the Chan man : fe 17 2t? M SICKt.F. Sec. (r%=-S M ITHSUN1AN LECTURES.?On 'J.1? MONDAY EVKMNfi. February 17th, dr. hatss wii! pivo the !a t >ctnroj?f hi# course on Arctic Kxporations. hukieot: 'ihe Progress of Arctic Dironvery.M Dr. H. will a so conclude h;s acoourt ofthe ? ?quiTn?7i* anrl exhibit the ooleotions ?vf curiosities, &c , Orougfct by him on hn recoct exped t'oa. T.wriure to (ximiBfue at a p. qi. fe 14 St ry"3p?officf of tub joint oommis!l 5? 8i()\' (!! thk llmtk-llstitlh ?ni? CC^TA RICA. Wnmimtun, h'mbtuary 3, 1S62.?At I a nio?tir.e of tho l>c*r?l. h?;d this day. it Ordered, That a!l persons havinc c'.atros upon the Kepuidia of Cost? Kica. which are provided for Iit the onvcntioii liotwcfj t) o tinted States and the raid Kepuhlio oonclndod on tl ? 2d day of Jul?. fi e memorials of the same with the Seoret&r? ufthia Roars' in t.!ieo:t?of Washington. ('HA"*. W. I)A V |*?, S?<*retar? pro t'tn. le 11-iW N". 260 > ' Btreet arem iPBf rHL IN ION 1'KaVkR MKKTIN8 Will UJ5 i-f hoMen o-nr* <I\t t n'? we? ? in t'ie l,uth"?ranT'hureh.t Kev. J. <*. R?t.*r >' a' the ' orner of nth and H ttrMU iwmn, Min> ? 1 * ^ " L ~ ? . V UI\'Ut V >Ul| and o<uitimie<l f>?it or,? iionf. ja Y^5*A FAIR, f<>. the benefit of St. Vinoept'* Ferrift e Oryiian ^s? i:;n, wit: l-? opened on THF H SO A Y , T;ii iijbt. .At to A; . u:n, coripr G and l"tli stfMK A \arietr >( c : and frndy artioies will t.e <?fl>r?d for sale. There will bo a i?ocu room where ail kinds of ref-esl.ments wili I* fjrvl. Ion Cream and Co?fectioner?, in 'heir varieties. ja 29 tf 'i'H KAPFR Y NOTK MMirONS I Oi l I'Jtii lr?<t*>r, Cashe 1 by J A Y COOKE A CO.. fe 17 lg 4 5'J Fifteenth st. HA V E L o C K S! ' HAVE LOCKS!! ivitlert a"d oilier* want : j *. s<.od article of w Atf rprooj Havel-. oM at a ' .w i?nc oan i>? supplied by caliinc oil J.tjCA<i?lS. fa 17 I w * 4S4 Seventh street. 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Wk 4^ Uef reehmenta oil beard. Fa e !ji ?) each wa?; round trip 52 51', Freght taken at raaionablar?-te8 For fuithar pirtiouiars apj'.r ti Cap'ain on board. fa 17 i NOllCK. HE Following artioio* of TIN WAKK. nan he found the Giie*p Ca;h ol BOM'IZ A. 6RlFFITH.No. 369 saventb atreet, between i and X street* 2.4,6.8, l<>. J2&n'i 16 Quart I ai.s. 1.2 a'"l 4 Qu.*rt t-fijot Past. 1,2 and 4Quart HuakeU. Small, mmiimi and arfto aii&U Water iiucketi. Small *r.d >ar<e iia&ir*. 1, 2. 3 and 4 Quart Hoilera aud i'ota. 'tin PJatea, < ups. Dipprra, t-kiiumera. 1 adlaa, Caiidieoiickd, Ac. Together wnli a general &>?ortirient of Fancy 6oods, Furniture, Hede, Mattreat>ea Crockery, 6laa? Ware, aula general assortment cf Houaeka?piDf re^aisitee. Kemfmb?r the i.un.ber, Sevontn atrdtt.bef V A Art I ?nH K WOT WM ?UU n cn w l>B? t* 17 eo3t HUNT/ A: GRIFFITH. WE HAVE OPENED A LARGK STOCK of tb't fine U Ml) K K S ti I R T 5 aud DRAWERS, will bo s->:U at reaaonabie prioea. HA.M'Lt W I HUMPSON. 370 Peim. avnnne. 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Peratma wi?h;ng to jmn auy of those o awai can >lo * > by app'yin? al 111* real deuce, No. ;*49 I'eun. avenue, Br ?wn'i Al ?4.1 ? ?L *' * 1 nuic or inrougn mo 1'oat Oftloe, Wanliuielon, Q.r. friESt rp OOPAKTNKHSIIT. 1 HK Copartnerchip heret >f?tr*ex etiug between Walter, Karinaa.n A. 1! pp, having bem diaaolved id oonaequeu^aol the deatn *( one ol the firm, the bwainoaa * li hereafter b?car.- ed on under the name and fi> nof Waltek * K*rmann. vv a are prepared to build to order, and keep oun*tar.tlr on ban', all kiudaof the moat l*?liH.o?bieCAHK.JA(i?-Softho v?rj beat workua-ahip. Hepairing promptly and oarcfuiiy attended to &i the most reasonable prteea. '/nankful for past f.ivora, we hop" for a coutmuanaaofth* aaiii", at our od ejiaUia msnt. on 1) at roe!. o?tween IHh and loth eta , No 34b up ulaira. fe Ij-lm WALTER A KAKMAN N E*KES?H LKMON HIHrniT? i <J -... .i vwum "* r BOSTON "CRACKERS, '0 oents. RPONGfc. JftUTTKR do. 1]oeijU, BO DA 4?? * cent*. S1IG\R do. 9 cents. WATfcR do. * cents, Good BROWtj SUGAR, ftcent., Venr fin?,CODI- 1SH, &KKK* - .A,'-'-" /"SEtf-wies. n... y?<-_ A FINK uwitw*a! of Ti#?i Collars, P**peB" *d?h!rt?. Trunk.. H?U ?ud 0?.p?, *t SMITH'S, No. 4CO 7Ui street, ?fP0,?*l4_Y? OffiM- _ - - ?*UPEKlOR COTTONS 3,000 yards beet Sheeting and 8hirtinr Cottons, gmenor Shirting Licens, Table Linen*, Napkin*, Towels, a ad 'foweiinrs ip great variety. Ail selling off at the loves? prioee. felStt J. W. COl.LRY. fvTF.W DKhA* ?OOli8! ' I 1 v J ?it RmnvM ? 3.o0u yards wew and stylish Light Calicos, Light

Chintsee, tiingiiauisaad Delaines, 100 pieces Plaid Cambrios. Brilliants, Nainiook Muslins, Jaoon^t Cambnes. in the best grades, at the lowest omIi srtoes . . i. W. UOLLRV. to 13 t *93 Seventh si, above Pa. av. . s I i P*RE REDUCED TO 91.M V. 8. MAIL LlrtVor STEAMER**. REINDEER. C?>t. Kiihl; YOLUNTERI. Cajt. Facnci- leariDC ?rerT morn mm .anr Hliam.VlltM I At o'oi k . from John ion?#' fool of 11 atreet, for M?(?*?oman Creek and Ofn Hooker*? dincion. Fare Jl 30, or a return ticket, fO>d for 9 day* on either boat.#?5n Freight at r#won?bl? rats?. Lioeii??l by the U. 8. to oarry Fr*ifkt and Vjmeenr-r?. a?"* tekon Intptrror't Certifirat* m?? b: ***+ ?* hoard. No Alooholic Lienor* taken. f? 15 2w PKRMA VP SECOND GRAND EXCURSION TO NEW YORK AND BOSTON! From Bail'Tnoreto New York and Retnrn # { roin tieiltinix.7? to BotUm aLd Return 913.10 Ticket- (at .ale At pH7^?r!!;C'r?fBtMd.litha NaUonal Hotej. ?h e*/?:." Two throiiih tWne fai'Y. i* * Wufcuito at 6 a. ra ? -d 3p m. ,lt TipireU tiod to r?turt ?** ar M+r* . ' _f? __ In. (h HOOD ^ 3 ConilaBtiy rep?ivjiis,4nd hs?a'*-ay? ofi life. * a fall ?pppjT of all tb? eetabrated 1l , WA FCH ?i? thai are manufactured in E>|-I land. 8wit?erlaod a'd America, botii 'eGodJU# I and Silver ca*e? . H* also k?ep? a 'attfl etock of I fi'ne JLWhLRY ofthe mort r?*irable stylo* ?*t I With Diamondt. RnhiM and Ril Alh#f I (ieina. He la alao manufa^torine ail kindaofSo id Sta idard Silver Ware, and keepa SwortJa. Rerolvera, Sword Belta ard Saahea, Bowie Knivea. Raxora. 8eia?ora, 8o!d, Silver aod Steel rpeotaolee and a treat variety of other thinca ?>ua!'y kept iq a Jewe rr Stcre, and a'l at the very ioweat pnoe. No. 339 Fa avenue, between 9th and 10th atresia. fe ?>-tf DAYTON'S BOSTON CRACKERS! DAYTON'S LEMON BISCUIT! Are manufactured out of premium flour; are high y recounmende.1 by pbyaioiada for the alok, and justly p*onounoed the beat artiole made. For aaJe by grocers In every town and city, and in w&aiungton by BROWNING & KEATING. ?4J P?. avenue KINO * BURCHELL, coru;r 15th ?t. and Ver moot a^nue. MARSHALL ft PAGE, 508 7*h ?t. LUVELU COLLEH * CO., 316 Kit. L. A. DELL.WIG, 489 7th eC, bet. G and H. K U W A R U H* LL, 40 la. avenue. W. A BROWN', oorrer F and JSth ?t*. BKNJ F ENNKR. 348 D it., near l#th. HUNT CLARK *. CO., corner K and lPth it*, i. R. BARR /b CO., eorner D and 9>n ate. ^ 400 Bushels )35k\L NORFOLK OYSTERS Jnat arrived at "OYSTER BAY," *8%, loth st. aud Pa. av'e. f > 15-8f i 1H EAT BAKGA1NS IN CLOTHING,at the VI People's Clothing Store, No. 460 7th street. f> II Im f and warrants wanted 1 J * BT JAY COOKF. ? CO., fe 14 1w 489 Fifteenth It. P POTATOES. ERSONS in want of superior Blows or Buck eyes. insert in the loyel ?<m! of New Jersey, please le?.ve order? at No. 4S street, where a "ample ma? he ?een. fe 14 Iw* /'OLD AND SILVER COIN "J A!?p 7 3 10 TR KA8URV N<>TE? Hoiieht and Hold by JAY COOKE A CO., feUJw _ 43i> Fifteenth stieet g <M>RfO?'P NEWS Bl'RN&IDE'H EXPE ** ditioc a perfect sijocbs. But next to that is ihe Great H&rga'ns nov offered iu Clothing. r urftlihinc Goods, Trunks, Hat,, and Caps, at the I'o"? a'l Clothing J*tore, No. 4?0 7th stre?t. oppo?it? I'oht Office. fit H fm 1* f'JO.OOfl . O Advance on ftl! kind* of Goods suitable foi auction. Prompt attention siren toialMordnmn. Kurnilure ftook'*. Honda and every description of Merchandise Pemoas oontt mplatinea ohftnge or removal of hnsmesa will receive libera! *Mh advance on th?*ir stocks by MARSHALL A PAGE, Auct. and Com. Merohanu, SOU 7th at., fe U-co3: under Odd Fellow' Hall. POTATO ES, ONIONS*, BUCKWHEAT FLOUR CHKV*E, Ac. 200 ^aiks prime White Mercer Potatoes, a Bbls. rfiiver Skin Onions, K.coo Bb!s. No. 1 Buckwheat Flour, lot) tlozes English Dairy and Eastern Cutting Cheese. Received this day, and for sn e low, to oloae consignments, by 1>. L. MORRISON A CO.. oo:iijr iZ!ii sDci ii ia fe 14 3t* T COAL-COAL! HK Sul>aoriber h<v? reeived on oonaignment a cargo i f R<*1 and White Asa CO A L, oontainicg 151 tons, a.nd new being landec", whioh he wili deliver at the lowest rates in lot* to anit JNO. A. GRIMES. A *entand Forwarding Merohant, fe 14 3t* Georgetown, D. C. ORANGES*?OR AN UKs*! LEMONS-LEMONS! Justr?oeived ? 2 *> box en prime Sweet Oraacea. ltfl box** fine Lemons. By MARSHALL A. PAGE. Aiic'ion and Commission Meroh*nU. fe I4~8t 602 7th st, nnder Odd Feliows' Halt. ~Zt\ BUTTER AND E6GB. J\J TuNs and firkin* of ptriotly prime Goshen Butter, rxceliir.t fresh print, !li?. ?'% ?laie? and lre?h Roll Bntter, 2 000 it>*. Bakers' Butter. Kreah Eg*8 leceived daily. D K. DUTROW. fa 1? 6t* No. 430 Eifhth st., near Pa. av. ^UPKRIOR CHEAP SHOES. Ladies' Heeled Blaok 50oenU. Lathes' Heeled Morocco Boot*, at 75 oents. I ? A . U .-I : ? * '* * UAUiCS noojou UAIborB ftlld DOOll, Al & I. (.adieu* Heeled Gaiter and Moroeoo Boot, (very IS cod.) 91.26. L?diea' Balmoral, at $1.21 and #1.60 oenta. Hint' l.onc Boot*.75oenta to oenta. Mitaea' and Childrena' Shoea. at all prioea. LaJiBs' Toilet Shppera, only 25 oenta All to be bought at the Cheap Shoe Store, 522 Pa ave., between 2d and Sd streeta. fe 14 3t* W. H. DKNHURBT. Jl'HT RECEIVED a larie lot of BOYS' JACKETS, from Auotion. which we are Bailing 25 per oent. below their firat coat, at No. 460 7th atreet. _ fe 14-1 m GIBBON'S ^ C&||J RESTAJJRANT. Resuming the old Sea It of Pri'M. ~ Oar three tx>ats? the Vacdalta, Blue Bird and P>nn. - '-{< * . ,..M/ it?>iu?auuwo?riV17 IHtj IBOD1UOK* ado tor the last threa week*. and ha vine the a*Buranoa that 'hey will continue ?o to do clnnn* the e**on, thereby supplying oar hoaM at all time* with the best of Old Virginia'* Bivalve* Wear? determined to r?*unr.e ?he old ooaie of prioea. Our IflHer will ba aappliet with the best the market ftoid? Th? bar with tne ohoioeat Wine*, Brandie* and CiK&r*. Our Ala oannot be *urpa*??d. Citisensand *tranner* ? ea*? take notice. GIB^ON'8 Reatauraat, f?14-lw* Corner of ?th and E *treeu. CENTRA!, HOTEL, (vrcn l>u European flan,) curiier ol Pennsylvania avenue ana C'.n straet, opo.nif corner lo muwu'i and the National, la now furnished throughout with new and bandaome .furniture. The proprietor inform* bia frwads and the pub'io that they cau be aooommodat^l with rooms, by the day or week, with or without mealfThe Dining Saloon open at a'I hours H. DURHAM GKLBTON. fa in eoaw* Proprietor. ROOM TO RENT, auttableforaatlars' supply store Apply to A J. MVKR8. Imnnrt^r. w""S??SSPSIil W bt 0A'l.if,ml?. Watch S^fS^'W^.n"^" \V?tch M^?l?V ttuildiai. Wl A. J. MYERS, bavins snderatood that sevO eral traveling peU.ars haYins repreeented that they are ocnneoted with their nouse, and selling at inferior article, the? ta ke thia meaaure in informing; the traJe that they are in ao way oonnected with any twWee o' acenta in this oitf. Branoh of Boston House?19 Waahinc'on Building, WMihinttoJ. few B| A.NKING HOUSE OF ,,, SWEENY * HUYCK, No. ftlt Hkvsntm ^tmiiT. Drafts on Europe and oe the pnnoiaal oiUes in the Union* is same to anit, farusfeed dt as on reasonable terans 10 oiUaens aad soldiers. Coin, Treasury Notes, and CurrdDor boscht and ?M. in Ct>jD*1Tr?^ODri'* ?P?q?d ?t?u ? - - . "^^as^BsgasS I u iwMK iupcruuout Mb from the kudii far* to the dootora of TTMiilii?t?y ^n*r> COAL. ~ WHOLESALE AND KRTAIL. Ait our Olhoe, New Jrwy avenue, opposite B. aig V-j*P"L j LAMPOON A CO OAT8 AT WHOLtftfALfc* por sale by J. LATVQDON A ctv, fe 12-U "opfo^vt B* A oluo ft, ft, 390 rENPISYLVAPIIA AVINt'E. EMILE DUPRE. Just Rfe*l*ed and Opr;n?L, A l?rg? *ad first-claw stock, of choice FAMILY GROCERIES, consisting of: (St'/l A n C _# all n un ac, ?ri ?? ???* ?" ? tea?, COPFBK, BUTTER, LARD, FL OUR, VAILLARD 8 CHOCOLJtt'E, | Ac., Ac., Ac. Alj ^ which he offers ?t lowest cask pJic *PIKE'3 CELEb/*ATED wHIfW* 500 hsrrels Msgaoi*.*' 500 barrels XXX, ] 500 barrels Millers Rye M?iong>^" r>00 barrels fine Old Rye, aoo barrels floe Old Bourbon, AT CINCINyATI PRICES. AU the favorite brands of CHAMPAGNE, Mutnm Verreny, Green Peal, Heldalck, which, being bought low, we offer at unuauallf low ratea. Alio. Sole Agent for PIKE'S ARMY CORDIAL. feb 14-1/ PJOR8E8 THE U* ?* GOV" Peaxid Pkopobal* for the doliwy in Washington City ol 1.4J0 CAVALRY and ARTILLERY HORBKH. for the U. 8. Government, will t.e received at the office of Col.tD. H. Rueker. Depot Quartermaster la this city, until IS in., on MONDAY, the 17th instant. ineaonoraeB win ne paronasea in lotaaotex ceedinc ano each. and no bid* will be entertained for a (creator number from any one person. No bid will be entertained that la not endorsed |?J ?wu Inpuiiiiliic prirUDBt w w wih | UMftUkVO that the bidder will oomply with kia proposition, if it ahonld be aooepted. Twenty Sve day* will be mTen from the opmiac of the bide, for the oompletien of the leli^er* of the horefp. Ofthe above lioraea, .w *rm re?uir?f for Caval ry and ?Sf> for Artillery. Description of Hortts r*qutr?d. Cavalry Hok<i?. from L*> to 16 handa in height. between frani 8 year of n?; of dark oolora, wall broken to the aaddte. <v?mpaotly boilt and frM from 411 defect*. Axtillrut Hof?*v To be from 15X to lfi hands i.n height; between 6 audftrearacf age; dark oolora; free from all defect*. veil broken to harneaa and to weigh c>t 'am than UOO pouuda. The horses will be inspected by Uoard of officers detailed from the regiment* ratotnaf the?. * he nnderstgned reaerraa CM prrrrlea of reject tag each and every bid, ahocW he Maiaider the in?ere?ta of the eerrloe require it. HTKWtST ViM ?l V"T ~ . " * rti' ' ? )e 18 (d Brig. Gen. and cjnartermast'er. Baltimore Clipper, Philadelphia Preaa, N?w York Herald aud Pittsburg Commercial Joaraat will pleaee oopy, till day, and vend bill as ah*v*. SEALED PR0P08AL& Are invited tall the loth day of March. 1K3 atl2o'oiook m., for aupplTiue the C. M. Sub. Dep't with 6.COO head of BEEF CATTLE on the noof. The Cattle to l?e delivered at Waehmgton City, and each animal to average 1,300 pounda groaa weight: no animal admitted which weigha lees than liXRi pcncda groaa. 'ine tft'-lid to no ueuvernu ai luon limei Md 11 *noh eoaatitiei ai the Government m*y reeaire. No Cattle will b? r?*i uired under tine ooatraot before the lit diyof April, 1862. Hcifet/ and Bal!ocki not wan*ed. A bora with good and luAciect eecunty will be "SoVern:men." reeervee to itaalf the right to pay in TnS"S7 w 1 bi^ntertained whea iit in by oontraotora who have r*T,?\*'T failed to oomply with their oontmoU, or w>r? ?>? bidder la not ?r?e*Lt to mpond to hi bid. ? . . _ BiditobedirfotodU) C. fl., U. 8. A., Washington. ?;cI, A B, do hereby propose to Government good B*?f Catt.e on the Hf hundred pounds groee weight. *** del i verad at . aooordin* to the t* "m.* ?? the ea elossd advertisement. The Cattle to ^ wT'/?. on the eoaies, ud the weicht so deterim ** the purchase wejrht. 1 hereby urea to n7* foo<f and soi&otent bond for the la I .roent'c r#o*iTeTr*MBr7 note-c "f-;nt C W ALL POX ' Per Eftctvall* c*r* ? tmd AMiskU'-Tae sabeonb^r omio to VV lib ' mjton three veets aro, and, to his astonishment ml retratyfoaad the Mraall Po* pcevaiU-ig throushost tnr oity and its vicinity to an alarir.Dc ex test. Uaine Aikvttivan* <1# a ? U.4 ?L . J: _ O! MIC iogi iiiftl vac QIKtM IS DOC in the east abated, he felt it hia daty to kia oountry and feuow men to remain here, in order to i cure, destroy and expel that loathaomediaeaae from your midtt and a ?o prevent 1U further spread. If this disease is not speedily checked, bat allowed to moraaeeas itkas donedminc the few past months, what will '-eoome of tne army and ciiiseM before sprint i There ia bat one answer to tkia question, ana that is self evident to every one. The suh*oriber guarantees that all pwraona saftering fr< rn thia d saase, who mar be attended by him, will not be marked or pitted in the faoe. A.l o'her disown** are tr<*lfd with e^oa! oa'e and ?no hum. viuuoi mm we 01 dlMWI ?r tin* r\Hl ( mtoarr.> Oasts ?T tvphmd fiver, when treated at an early aU?e, cured m 4S komrs. All pereona who wili call at hu office, No. 969 ISth ktreet. between L and ,M. oan examine kit Testimonial*. whteh are o* the hifheet oharaoter, and whioh. he doabta not, will prove to be entirely ] -- -fl-tory.c i vo^ CORT M D-, j Formerly Practical Pbv?ioian and Surgeon in Mil- , itary Hoipitaie in Luroee, and for the past an yeara a well known practieioner in the oil* of S?w York fe7 8t* , IVTAVY and a H M \ BU? vi Aaasaatl* ray re! of the l<eet kinda made. Arm; acd N?vt Blue Cloth*, aa'l "Doe tfkine," , of qualities and oolora that can be relied <>c. , AIpo, our ueu?l full and ample atook .of Clothe, Ceeaimeres, and Veeti?t?- for Citizen'a Wear. ( Linen Shirtinca, and Fronting uieu, of all grades, thlok ana thin. Cotton Shirtings, of all the beet brands, produo?d in the Home and European Market*. peerV Jt BRO.. fe lS-6t Peon. arenas and Ninth street. i List of uncalled for paceaueb.Froni the BaltimorelOhK Kv road.on Btor a*e at WALL. A/BARNARDo. south oorner ?f fb. avenue and Ninth atraet: J fsSSSt.,. Itlafc.. ! ra?R 'Twi.:; p. F Wlieon. W.TiritMr, Chaplain Matlock. Capt. Wiggenbottom. lit R. F. Marie;. re*. Chaaeaara, Luke Bark. 8U1 III, Col. Caavenar, let Mioh. W. H. MoCorob*. regiment, W. A. Cutnro;og?? Col. Farnaworth, fttt 111. Geo Kiobaraa, cavalry, A. B Corey. W Towskma, Berdan's 1 Mardooh A Cope land, Sharp* boo tera. let rag. i>- Craaee, MiUina, e-Kiohards, A. A. Cummingi. Jt! i H ? ART OF WAR KARON nK uuriNi i Translated by C?pt Mebdell and Lieut. Craig kill, ' GEN. CASEY'S J^FITWrY TACT10B. tiui V olcmii All Military Booke to^c^thern^^ ow Bookeellerand sUtkmer, 334 aT. I fe 7 2w (lateL, Repab. A Chn n , 2w] BuRNBIDB *?? XflilTlQE 1 BUT DAILY FOR HOOKER'S DIVISION. MATTAWOMAN CREEK. ?'Tju'rjiffif WMlftaftoa, B y Iti Y MORONS. ffiK&jsst j PreiiAt tftkoa low, tod fir* r?MOB?bl?. For I f?.fWSr ft 479 MA BtrMt, ? Sttura, WMhinctoa. 1 An OmnibM will t?*r? tb? ooro*r of 7th at. %ad ' P*. * ?., ry morning %t ?* o'olook Jor the boat, j KwjuK^Bjl" W? tt? boat frM ofohajt* ^ i QHlPHBKO'fl PLAIDS, lor Dwrni iml talk, p Cloa??. jSawls. Am Atlha- an* Am TW?? vooji, it ridutd iUm. I' Oar look of Mourning Goods, in ail fcbriM.tal "SmT li rn< ial. Department of -tatk WtiiiMTdii, Ffbruiry 14, I1#.' Information bu Nw rerelerd at tbta Depart. ment from Mr R W Sirirtiw, tb* Conaril . Groeral of tbe I'nltod ?ta'r? at Havana that br Supreme Government pf *pa!n baa ronlmrd tbe exemption from export duty bltfcorto pranted to 'aguardiente de cona.' rum dtitll'od from mo.aaaev and tbe exemption from tonnage dues to orb tiwn oeiy u. rww . kuni, hall Imtc entirely loaded wllfc BolaMrs " feb l6-3tlf AUCTION HALK& THIS AFTER NOON ? TO-MORROW Br J. C. MofltlKE ft CO , Aaotioaaar*. n!! a?ll,ic frost oftta Aaotioc !*tnr?? ar Mara, t ratn aid, *r broke to Wmh A^yo. 1 Ex area* Wagon, and 1 Basket pnHfluh. ^H?t_ J. C. Mc9L'IKi. A CO . Aaota Br V\ ALL k BARNARD. A 4tiAin>ri (br, Scntk it4* Pa. sr. and 9tk ttrtj. pF.RK.MmilY 8ALK OF GROCMMKft. * L:?jco*?, Ac., th* Stock or ftviiiL 0rrk?.H> m.Q'W* TVMD4)' MUlNlNf, Pebmsry Itth. rommmui ?t 1? ? ?o?l, ? Till Mil It o?r AISUOB Kovw, with out ro?orve. lbs a took o( Mvinl 9itl?r'i NuicCMi, oonaisting ol? Barrels of Brown ani Vol low | ?f ?ro?s sod Ha rat Coff > , ( t. >X?s of Kwtsrn Cst ing U*<rj Ciu***. of Chew 1 m aod Pmoking Toba-tco. L. K <f CmeniDAti Hama and rkoaidora, S??r Kroit, for %miiy ?m, 7 B?rr*i? vl. Bozos piokloa. Sa-dicoa. RltrSll ?k t Rivw, Moconc^he 1% nod Boh on fSTnfV od Corti*!., <*? .?. kMdMirelinap.Biwrry Wi??, A?5ort?d^?Bd^?. *T?? * Jerboa aad ; Waxd BSrWtoj$lw!r'e ^ otoh Wluikfy, v pim Hoi ?o<l Gin. 9v oa^rinu, 2 Piim Hruich tfid JtcA " M? ??i Bh?'_ry " Cnki ('txjf ?h- O.n*?. *w I ndia K l?o,U)0 of drii>iy?t Bruii'H. i or??. Alto end ortment 01 i*?t;ers pnu * nn?, Mi of With m?r.j other goods in ?he Grooer, to okwe whioti will he Bold wittiest re??rTt> their a took. Terms cm*. fe 15 WALLA BARNA?D.Al?U TRADE SALE. fUlfl FEET OF?* AHOGANY COFFIN DOAkDi* AND WALNUT V K> F K h t* On TUESDAY MORNING next, Febreery l??k, IftSi. at II o'look precise y, we smii sell at aad 30 South Charles street? 90 <UWt Pt.KT OF^UPKRIOB MAHOG ?\7)UV\r All uurri.l VUAIJP. DM MHl U'M(WUI F?vKI ct RI.KI>. rROTCHKn OU,UUU and hHAl'KI) WaLNIT VENEER!*? f?rt ? _ ALSO, 4 BARRhi,3 SUPERIOR ? ? ? FLR.MTl RE \ ARNIBH. N B.?Ca'% < HUM I) f ir? II I ood n >w for intp??tion, 10 whioh ?? tatit* the ?tt*nboo of havpra. N. B-?T*mi? ?t F. *V. BENNETT * CO . fa ll <M* A ww AHninnnii n FUTURE DATE. By J. C. McGUIRE & CO.. AHliuoma. CJREAT ArcTION 8ALK OK ELEGANT * JAPANESE. CHINESE 4>t EAST INDIA GOODS. On IRIDA Y. fehreary Slat. ooium^wMOf at l? o'oloct a. ra., and 7 o'olock f m . a'd eortiraie* from dif tn rim.* until tha *hn ? i* di?ba?aH nf ma | ahaM Mil, on Ue aerond fioor of oar Austin Room* without lite largeet, rarcel and most t>eautiful oolleetion of? CIIKUK. JAPANESE AND t?A*T IN IMA ?OOD*. Erer c fl *re<l at tebiie ?ale l tj.ia onuntit For a deeonpUon of tbeae t^au'i/al iooci, w* refer to the oireulara which will haia*nr<?oa Wed nerday next. The ?codi> wi I bearraoced and on freeein > hitmD for Tlmtadat. .?th instant, from 1? to o'clock fe 17 tf j.r MeGI IRE * OO..A*cta B? J. C MoGl'IRK A CO.. Auctioneer*. C^OVKRNMENT l?ALK OF HOR9EP On VTUUR0DA* MORNlNt*. February ^-t*. < 10 o'clock, at the Government CoriaU. teai rt ? Obeervatorj. I ahaM aell i v> Roraea, ar,d *' Marea, Condemned ti mi tit for > . .? ?.. ? ' t>rm? la Gowniiint ( A Ap?i Or'. Mra iTb' a. I^Ud _ J-o. MoGUIKK ft C" A?ato. RSHAL'i ?ALK -Bt Tirta* of ? writ of 1\I fc? '? t*>iM Ufaed from til* Ofwk'? tk/rirau t Court, of Ui? l>i?t?<Ji of ColBebw^for Ik! unt? of \VMhlL?U>ll.?=<J to rm dir*"-t?d. i IahM Ml?. for 0Mh. OK ? RIDa\ . ?v' F?? rn*ry. 1K2 on the C?n? , inutwdmtr ' "-' Of i M?tket houw. fv.rf.- > town, DC., MNk* fffi io o'o.ooli rn.9ir> Cords of Oak and Pu?? wood, Mii?d wad i?vi?l u?on aa the gooda an J ohattola ?.f Joan A. Grtnoa and will b*t told to aatu iadioiaia w at. u> Mm orin 1883, in favor of Uio*. ?"n. aur?i?or ?f ^?DJ}.UMON. foll-df V . f. Mat a ha,, U. Q. Msr'bal'3 balk.?in of a wnt of fieri fvoiai, i at ued from 'he e.*'k'- office of Ueoircatooartoftbe Omtnot of '?ia. lor U>* ooanty of WuhimtoB, and to me d!.-aeuii, l will expoaa to public aa>. for oaaa. in frotii of tbf> Court Honee door ofipud onu-ty, on WKDNKfPk.Y'iP1? ?l Mw?h 1863, at 18 o'olook m., thefoJowia* daaonbad propartf. U> wit.?AU defendant a rijjtit, title, o a^iii a&U interea to and to the?outh <S feet t inche* of Lot Mo. Paaare No. OT, fronting on ttti street weal, between u and W^-li tha oily of WaaH.agtou. I). C.. together with all and siiuular the improvement* thereon. aeised and lenerf upon as the pro pert* of I* w iu 0. BWB<i,?ia Will waOMMMtllfT )o4HlM No. 2<ti to January term IMS, in favor of Jutui t k?nd*.l. WARD ft LA WON, fa 10 u U 8 Manbai P. C. ~ ;"U8 8ALB un> BENT. ik NT-A Ari? FK ONT BOOM, noaiv * VnrnT.haLi ,n * cectral loc itioa : won id ?nh o or two^entletn* n" Apply at N..444 , Dear Kj*OR *KNT-W!lh Twelf b r at eet. at oorner ofL. * ??fl? Filii BOOM, Moond story.saiU^ftw two 4?nttem?;. f?17tt" . FOR RBNT-A delichtfn! ??? ?/ *?9*8, doabls parlors, .farnisbed as obatnV rand p\rlor,ton first door, jB*t vacated by a I). ofijer. Inquire at 375 K. bet vera 9th ?. J,' ' ita. fci - TWO FURNlPHED ROOMS FOR RJt'NT at 406 D street, Mtvsss 6th and 7th su fa lA-tf BUILDINe rot RENT AND FOKN'IUIK AND MATERIAL TO BK mJLO-Tr.a Itrft four itor? BUILDING on PrturlmiA venue. No 1K0, between i'lh and Iftk atreoU, te Fur rent, ted the Furniture led mater ? to bo old off ?t very low r*te?. The iwoni, third, end lourth (tone*, of oneroom eeofc. eod* 14 feet high, oea be ueec epve'.el*; the firut etor* hli two f<-od tHnro Roc mi of ii wet *>J n fe*t (one ueed b? the L'aitec St%te? i eed dr? Beef-merit* Pom?mioo no be tad ofthe *tor? end Bteem*' t tt oooe, end the Upper R oom? u fut m the etoon ^Eh*n ia a good Brick Stable ard Woikw?l< and SLeddm* an-1 with u Kb brick wail. (fx ).V-at) EDW IN ftII h FN. ROOM 8 TO RENT, firnulxd or mfumnM, withal! the modern oonvaBieaoee. Apply aft# Monda; at the own? of Third rtrer and Wi-i >?ri It?a ie I4 iw* EM)R RENT?W'th or withoat Board, at >?.. r 4 JO Twalftl treat, *%a* arte. between and H etreeU, aooaiiaodioai FRONT FO< >M. eeeood atori.newlv aad naat ? lurntet.ed. The iocaiii>t .< oaeof the moat deairabie in the oitf. Noehikdrea ic the htmae. fa li lw V OFT TO RENT, eeooad floor. 31* E aire*. L? s??r Willarde'Hooe .s t>r li?*f<wt. fa?aireia the atora A KAltK CHANCJ>Tfc* P*o?net<>r o( !hi % A. Clt? Hotel, < tk? only first c.ass botot low J MM IB Alexandria. v*..| is desiroas to Ja mftwrn"' MvtKk'zsJ&trVi u. i of the home*. His >?sm wi., termiMto on t*s in I M JtoiVTi lie. but Um property ou so doaht N* leased for a auoh Ioqrm term at a moderate rem This Hotel is now dot of. ana has lor mat* yrar* done, a larc? and profitable hasiaoes Ihe oesire of Ute undersigned to retire from paMifl be?ln**s la the only mdnoement to eeU, as hsoonM aot hop* ' to engage id one more profitable For terms aad parties arsapplr to JA0 A ENGLISH.* ho is a? Lhnriiwl ~ talS-t? a'atlIS KFL K rfo \\ k . JAY COOKE * CO.. N?- 4*8 FiftMoth Street. ?w?MU Timmk BuMtMOVktkiiftoa. is ooomoUob with oar fbiladalpiu* Koaar * bar* MM ?t No. 49K PifU?Dtt atrwt, arI ofl lor th? tr?p?Mtion of immiI baokaac*. Coll*o- , uwi%}? Mafi (>ota. L'aaarraat MmNt.HUKtti | Md ?owU.<uaoomBueaioeu) on imrt ? IactionaYpoti afl'aoSaMibU joibu*' H Hi lm JAYCOOEKftCO. LW^WUN?Hv ts?&.fiBsyggb I Lcat I ktT? jtst rawtrrd irmm th? north tlt'f* 2 ra.C,W-cratt,wsE I -tfij trk?^r^?l4'*""dmw?r?, acl, a?~ t? s&i "SK; i'u^sirtstiyrwr >ioTli .MlLrr,6. ktchiimJN n?.w b^?wii >!nd frf** w M M "? Jnn. >? Miln Ml IW>

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