Newspaper of Evening Star, February 17, 1862, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated February 17, 1862 Page 3
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? LOCAL NEWS. AirmwiHTi To-NtaHT. Thiatbb.? Baoeflt of Mm. Bland John E. k dm aa " Joahna Bottwfly" and "Achilla Ihifard/' in "Tk? Vlctlma," and "A Petp behind ?he Sceoea." odd FillowV Hall.?Georjjc Chrlaty, Nell, Hatlam, f*cott. Stratum, Hayea. Clairrllle, flonlfare, Smith and "Japanese Tommy," la a huge kill of aonga, dancea, oarleaquea, fcc, concluding with a atde-apltttlng afterpiece. Ca.ntkbscat Hall?Firat presentation of Ravel'a great pantomime "Raoul," and second week of the Canterbury Mlnatrela. with Slcnor Abeeco, Mia Dural, Sutler, Ward, and *lf the other star*. In new and spirited performances. Philhabxomic Hall ?Cbornaee, aonga, Iliads, dance*, burlenqiie. and Ethiopian comiealitie*, by the original Campbell Minatrels, aantated by a splendid corps of new and brilliant atara. Kiss's AMFHiTH?*T*a ? First appearance of Bill Warding and Silas Baldwin. With M'll. Helolae.Rivera. Ducrow, Forrest, Kincade, Smith, Hernandez. Gonzales, Odell, Tournaire, Dan I Gardiner, Whittaker and others, In an attractive programme of equestrian and acrobatic perforr ances Don't fall of witnessing the superb e<r *i" trlsn feats of tbe beautiful child rider, El!r v!1**" diner -*GirSabbath School Festival, for #' . _ _ Foundry (M K.) 5*abt>ath Scho >? wbwioi H?ll, corner of Ninth and D at- Fraaklln and a delightful entertalnm- Last night omrha!*#'Faie, corner early, for the benefit of S?t V of Tenth and <5 streets, Asylum. A rare ent' i accent's Female Orphan ted. .ftalnmettt msv beantlclpaAcADSMT of f embracing ae' ?Free concerts at 4 o'clock, ras. ex cell' *erUen* from the mod popular opeall day. M refreshments, Ac , Ac. Hall open AH/ par* .c**artA Hall. NavyYasd ? First cotillon fo f of the Anacootia Fire Company. Lookout * s *rand time. SticiDz?Leonard W. McKenney, a printer, committed suicide in this city on Saturday night, t>e? we*>n ii and 12 o'clock, bv cutting his throat. Tbe deceased was about twenty-eight years of **e at the time of his death. He formerly resided in Eaton Rapids, Mich , where he has or had a wife and child, as appears from letters found among bis effecta He came to this city about tbe commencement of tbe preaent ae?slon of Conpreas, and has worked most of the time since at h*a bu*ineaa of printing in tbia city, and then with Menara. Towers and Boyle was engaged in the publication of the Daily Virginia Chronicle at Alexandria. Tbe Alexandria firm was di*> *olved about a week since, and MeKenney, who had made many friend* here by hit amiable disposition, returned to thia city, and engaged board at the public house of Mr. Robert Rainey, on I) "treet near Seventh. and it waa in his room at this houae that he committed the fatal ict For aome dav* paat h.a spirit* appear to hav*- been ao much depre*ae<l as to affect him with symptoms of insanity. Before retiring to hla room on Saturday evening he bade good-bye to a favorite little daughter of the landlord, and to otbers After be had been In hia room a abort time bia room matea were awsk* n?*d bv a flight noiae, and on procuring a light found that be had cut hia throat with a pen knife, and the b-d and floor were covered with blood. A coroner'a Inqueat was held l>y Juatlce John "on yesterday morning, and a verdict rendered '.ti accordance with the above facts. The late "in sanity of deceased was testified to, and it wa "a aim 1 'a evidence that be wa? a man of very teir4t>Yrate bablU r He \\r.? a member of 'be Columbia T apographical Society and tbe Masonic fraternl' y 4n<j wm fc? ha Med hl? afu moon at 3 o'clock , ' Dm C?i?t?? Political _rev dr. . b^ver dUcouraed u, th, I altarUn (R^V Wm ? " rrc,n1 B\ Ch"r.c.h V >tprdaV afternoon from EYk*l 'Lf^ptr.1Ut J? 4th vrr. > 1 The word of tbe ^,or(| came unto me agnln, ?ayiug ** ' ~ ^ ?.I,,ean /e. that ye use tIlls people conkV? Jit?nC ,s,8rl- ylou- The fathers . V <?ur crape?, and the children a teeth are set ed' , > "! k ? . " ? I lire, salth th<~ shall Pot ^ p occasion any more to use ibis proverb. , .. Behold, all amil? are mine, as the soul of the ^ ber. so also tbe soul of the son Is mine, tbe soul tiiat slnnetb, It shall die. He drew a parallel between tbe Jewish people ind our nation, and said tbe expression used In tbr sa. red verse of tbe text was a popular pro.-?rb illustrating an Inspired truth He rontend?d tbat tbe Constitution was Inimical to Slavery, and if " S'rvlce " was tolerated In those early days It compared with the " Slavery " of the present dav as does the domestir rat to the full grown tiger Tbe bea?t should be throttled, and nothing would so commend our country to the favor of the Lord God. a* tbe immediate emancipation of the slaves, which was no longer a question of policy but had become one of necessity. Better have a aeries of defeats as disastrous as that of Bull Run, than reconstruct the Union on the basis of protection to slavery. Such a reconotructioB would be the InaujcurMlor.. of a perpetual and desultory warfare While we were reading tbe Farewell Address of Washington, It was not at all Impossible that the rebels themselves would proclaim emancipation In order to jjaln a recognition of their nationality. A portion of tbe audience generally known hi hi w mm iw ?. Bwver naquf inaicaiea tneir approval of the aentiments enunciated by demonstrative applauae Cittial Gcakdiiocse Casks ?Btfori Justice 'Clark?Saturday night?Catharine A. Gattec, fhrear*; security for peace Henaon Brown,drunk 91*4 disorderly; SI 5^. Waahincton Owen?. dia *^erly; St 5* Herman F.aton, do ; SI 56 Henry Thomas. drunk; turned over to his master F. Killcrato, vagrant; dismissed Michael Ho?y, llmnW. - - ?.. ll?? - < < kuiuvu tin i u iuc juiiuary. rmiiiutl Lj . Jackson, drunk and profane; S3 OA Sunday?NicholasMcCalTery,di?orderly;?V 94. Elizabeth Maher and Bridget Connor, street Mralkers;dismissed Mary E Lewis, disorderly; do MaryO'K"efe. drunk: workhnu* AO day*. Wm Rattiffe, disorderly;SI 94. John T Bark man. do ; SI 91. Loyd Cole, do ; SI 58. John Fisher, do ; ?1 5r Thomas Date her, do ; dismissed Sarah Sims, do : SI 58 Sarah Brown, do ; SI 5* James Sims, do ; SI 5e. F.Killcrab. vagrant, for disposal. George Jacobs, disorderly and Cast drivtas; S10. H. Kirschaer andChas. Roser. do ; dismissed. Monday? Michael Mark, disorderly; turned over to the military Robert Wallace, drunk; fined *".! M. Louis Delta, larceny; dlarasaed. Jokn Smita, drunk and disorderly; fined 93 94. Peter A Farmer, larceny; held for a tearing. Lex Coofzk sots down to North Carolina to S< Bcissidi *?B" the following, clipped rom the Richmond itpauk, it will be een that lh?* chivalry rroroae to retrieve their reverts a on Roanoke Island by the aid of the renowned ?even-by-alne " Lum Cooper" (aha* Edelia) of thla city, who with his Baltimore rompanv of ravdmuflai baa volun erred to go cbwn and squelch the Buruslde expedition. The Ditvaick mvs : ? _ * ^ i ? ? ? - ? ? ? " wpi. BHini company or (be Mm Mar. land Reclmeut, now lu Richmond, hare relinquished their furlough and volunteered to proceed to North Carolina to meet the Burnsid*' expedition Th#y leave ftr Uoldsboro' in the can tfeta morning This company ted prevlouaiv rre?>H?ud for the war. Well done, Maryland Sad for Burnaide' i lineal > H n IT rlHnt- >--* ?' ?' "* ***< v ? ???< iuui una^ iui, about 2 o'clock, Meaara Polsb and Matchett, who wer?- Bleeping In the library of Mr. / Richard*' rhoolhouae on Thirteenth atreet. were awakened by a noiae in the room, and rising, were further aatonUhed by having a piece of anthracite coal thr ?ws In their direction, which aoenftd to proceed from an arm wrll eierclaeJ. in the prelection of auch miaailea Thia routed them thoroughly, and thay discovered a strange man in tha room He waa aelied, bat managed to make hia eacape minus hia cap On examination, th-y * --? Ka? hntitlar ha/I fnan ?n UlVtWclv^l IU?1 ?vulb 1 ?v? WW ? VMtrtiicr, and bad broken open a cloaet and dcetroyed a number of booka, noine philosophical apparatus. AcDa Von Moacaziaaaa on rik <iin>iiTT nr a^ OrmiHic Aext Ho?pital V Dr. Von Moach itaker baa anbmlttrd to the Military Committee of toe t*enale a report, urging th- neceaalty of an uptuaiiiiit uw^iwi ivi %u? ai ui y , v* utuu uo ai ^ un would arreet the spread of inataglou* dlieim of thlt character. simplify tbe labor* of physician* a ad attendant*, economize tbe expenae* of tbe > medical department. educate a claaa of Burgeons la ibis apeciaity, and by arrcetlug ibe la tta ttrat atagee prevent tbe introdactlon of a fearful epidemic, known u tbe Egyptian or military optbaimla The Doctor propoat* to superintend the arrangt iiicat of any building that may be apk propriated for that purpoae, and offvra hia service* L *a Muoerintendent of the boapltal. Akmb?t rot Rare ?Capt. Kapp, of one of the ifrman volunteer regiments across the i'o'omac. ** as arre?tM on Saturday by Pa'rolmsn Frazler, barbed wl'.n committing a rape on Juliana LMilrnan, the -#lfe of the sergeant of the company which Cifi Kapp commanded. He was held to hail for a farther hearing an Friday nut?Q. A. ^prm^inau becoming his aurety. The offeaae le said to have been committed in camp Oafwi ?We have received from Wllaon, 119 Pennsylvania avenue, no roe specimen* of capons in all respecU the floe*t we have erar Men. . Plump, leader, Juicy, and beautifully draaaed, they are the perfection of good eating. We ? Imagine that Wliaoa has more of the same, with other delicacies la the gantroaomle ilne. Remember the number, 119 Pennaylvanla avenue, between Nineteenth end Twentieth atreeta ^ raitoa Knglisb, Swiss, and American gold andallver jratcbra, elegant ifwelry and pltk of till 4ca> rlpt'.ona arc furnUbea al?au>iilahtuglv low * 'I'lby H O Mood, No 338 PetiuaylviinU aT " "? For aodMUlOK a Iff c*li upon Hood A*PTHim Pmiirr**D*c*A?D ?Mr. Wwt Scott, formerly a printer In the National Era ofice In this city, bnt recently a clerk In the Land 0?ce, died yesterday morning at the residence of his fatber-ln-lsw, Judge Purcell, of bermorr bag e of tbe longs, said to have been superinduced by dlseaw contracted from exposure la tbe three months' service, which '.be deceased engaged In on the breaking out of the rebellion. His funeral will take place this afternoon, at three o'clock. irom me residence of hi* father-in-law, on Third street, betwee. r> and E, and will be attended by members of the Columbia Typographical Society, to proceed to the Congressional gur Sal, Ground. Fourth Wan Stat'.oH Cases? WalterSaturday nlirht?Walter Hellen, disorderly; fined *3 F. Mulre, do ; do. #3.94. thm m.p.-i?^ - -?- Morauaoa ana wary nrarnr, aiimimu. * rancUSackie, drunk and disorderly; fined *1M, t*h 1111 p SoU r, ?0 ; do ? W Moodar?John Holden. deaerter; turned o**r w> the mijlurv. John Brlen, drank and dlsorMichael Mwfphy; do; do. Richard Berrett, do.t turned ov-r to the mll.tarT. ' PoLin ?SuMb Anderaon, for fighting, wu arretted by U>> Fourth Ward patrol, and waa nt to tb* workhouae for daya JamM Mohone*. contempt of court; jail 81 hours. Jacob Peasant! aiaault and battery; security for peace. Matilda Marshall. do ., do. James Hlguln?, larceny of S54; dismissed. French Simpson, assault and battery; fined SI SO Ma-garet Water*, fighting; dismissed. Patrick Foley, ere fctinga nuisance; do Pxkham's Exccbsioh?This arrangement, combining economy, pleasure, and dispatch, affords the traveling public superior facilities for tatting northern cities, and commends itself particularly to the notice of every officer and soldier on furlough. Tickets for sale at tbe office of the agent, at (he National Hotel. See advertisement. Fibe.?Tbe alarm of fire about twelve o'clock Saturday night was caused by the burning of a stable on L, near Fifth street, belonging to Mr. George Savage. It was entirely consumed, loss Inconsiderable. It was supposed to have.been an Incendiary act. For a Hkari*o.?Saturday, Capt. Charles Kopp was arrested by patrotinan Frazier upon a charge of attempting to commit a rape upon the wife of a sergeant belonging to hiirompsnr. He w&s taken before Juatlce Walter, who held him to ?ecurity for a further hearing on Friday next. New Stkamkk bowk Rivkr.?Elesewhere it will be seen that the flae steamer Argo, Capt. Davidson, has commenced running between Washington and Gen. Hooker's division, at exfrpmp!\t low rntpa fnr n?rtfpnlart nH vortlau. 3 " - O.V KUfVltmment. Stddk!* DKATH~Francii"Datcher, an old colored man who baa been a meanenger at the War Depa-tment for thirty yeara, waa taken alck at the Department veaterday morning, and proceeded at onee to hia home, where he died in a ahort time. W'k ark kevcxstkd to announce that there will be no lecture at the S?iith*onian to-night, on account of the weather. CoRtfs, Bunion*, Calosltie*, Bad Nails, Enlarged Joints, and all diseases of tbe feet cured without pain, by Dr. White, Surgeon Chiropodist, 42? Pennsylvania avenue, between Fourand-a-half and sixth streets. Room 7?np stain. Office hour* from 12 m. to 6 p m. Order* to call at residences promptly attended to. feb 17 Tub Isdia* Herb Doctor, From Canada, will describe diseases and tell hi* patients the nature of their complaints or ill. neas, without receiving any information from them. No chart* for Confutation or Alvic*, Off? MOTTO. We use aiirb Balms as have no strife W ith Nature or the Laws of Life : With Blood oar hands we never stain Nor poison men to ease their pain. Our Father?whom all goodness fills, Provides the means to cure all Ills; The simple Herbs beneath our feet, Well used, relieve onr pain complete. A simple Herb, a simple Flower, Cull'd from the dewy Lea? These, these shall sp^sk with touching power ur cnange ana neaim w> ine. Room No. 11, Washington Building, Pfnn avenue, corner of 7th street Canadian references of the Indian Herb Doctor: Sir E Heads, Governor of Canada Hon. Hy, Stearns, Mayor of Montreal. C. E. Hon O'o. Hall, Mayor of yueb*c, C. E. Hon. John Hutchinson, Mayor of Toronto, C . W. Hon. J B Robinson Hon. Jas. Cummings, Mayor of Hamilton, C W. Hon. W. Matthew*, of Brantford, C W Hon W. Barker. Mayor of London, C. W. W Savage, late Col of Artillery H P Dwight, Supt of Montreal Telegraph. J Taylor. Justice of the Peace, Toronto, C. W. R H Crook. Alderman, Toronto, C W. J. Urqubart,Surgeon, Toronto, C. W. its 17 lw Osiiia (iv NYifiiUir l.ivd* TKo fnllnwtnnr order was issued by Marshal Limon on the 9th Inst : Washington, Feb. 9th, 1MK. To Jailor and Guards at the Public Jail t* the District of Columbia : You will this day release from custody ail persons claimed to be held to service or labor, and not charged with any crime or misdemeanor, who are now In jail, who have been there for the space of thirty days or upwards?hc r\ their a Went and commitment?and, In future, you wilL, in r srard to persons claimed to service or labor, and not cfanrged with crime or misdemeanor, gowrn yourv-if In strict accordance with the order to rae as Ma-shal irt the District of Columbia, of date January 25!h, 1882, from Hon Secretary of States. Hespectfuliy, Wakd H Lamoi, U. 9. Marshal D. C. Capons.?Speaking of capons Wilson, 119 Pa. avenue, has a line supply of these splendid fowls. Give him a call. Remember the number, 119 Pa. avenue, between Nlnteenth and Twentieth sta. f Families who have never used Boston crackers are Invited to try those manufactured fresh every day by J. u. Uayton. ooia Dy &u respectable grocer* Ja ito-tf Inst*.??ta5BOC8 Ccrr of Corns, Bunions, Callosities, Inverted Nails, Warts, and all diseases of the feet Mr Dimond, Surgeon Chiropodist, is enabled, by a peculiar process, to eradicate the most painful excreacenses in a few minutes, with the leaat pain or the lightest inconvenience to the patient Consulting hours from nine a m to five p in., at his otfice, 353 Pennsylvania avenue, opposite Brown's Hotel. Best reference given in this city. leb 3?lm India Rtbbkh OOODS. India rubber 8b??ta for protecting children' beds, that no family should be without; 76 cents each Rubber Blanket*, for soldier*. SI .25 each. n f % J 111 1 VI J ? " mg\ buuon roncoos unu Ditniracowuinw, 9* each India R'jbtarOoatt, white or black, 50each. India Rubbn- Legclnt 81 per pair. And all kind* of Rubber Goods, Including Rubber Boots and Paoes, Rubber Stoppers for bottles, Door Mats, Under Sheetlnsrs for bed^n sickness, Ac , trr , at me nofacturer* prices, A Hall's iadla Rubber Warehouse, 30b ra. a*., i/etween Ninth and Tenth streets. ftb l-tf ~DUKKIEU ~ On the IJrh tnataut. by the Rev. Mr. Dumm, JAMKSS H KA RRALL tuMiii LYDIA AMiTH, botft of tltia oitr. * OIJBU, On the 16th inatant. JAM KH RICHMOND PL'KStLL the only son or Nr?h sod John Par 11. ar?d < tear 5 month* and lo days. The funeral will take plaoe at the residence, between 2iat and Wd, oa Canal etreet, at 2 o'olook, and the fr nn/1a am rMaMtfnl, * invibiH til iltflnH in ft*or*?V)wa, on the 16th mat, after a painfnl and Ungennt iline**, Mm 18ABEl.L A,daughter of Kd^aril and Sarah Tippitt. H?r friend* and acaaaiutancea are r?**eotfully ,10 th* fonaral to morrow,< Tueeday), at Jaeluok, from the residence of Mr*. Born*, on O-inbartoa ktrest. It* *** ? ?' * tnoinin*. Febraary 17th, WALIEK, Wooed ?on of Junai tnd Halsn Mar. tin, Aged 2 ypftrs %nd t- rnontha. Oufyiiidiy.the 16th iB?Unt, Mrs. LOUISA K., Wif? of Juhu W- K??noid?, in tiio 33d y?r ol h?r 1MV10? dMolftt* bacbftcd and UrM atuldren. to mourn tnair irrep%rftbU Tt?? "id friendi of the family are m?>d to attend the funeral on to-morrow, (Tao?d%?,> at 3 c'olook p. m .from lirr iate re?i<i?coe, 3JS Jtii itraet. la Georjetown. on the 16th last., JOHN HFa ci.. in the 20th y;*ar ol his axe. 1? U 4_ f * . .? f m in I 1 ftM initil^l 4^ ? * iB?irwiui " ???? i?'iu?iwuMiaiifnil the tuner*; of the deoeaaed. on to morrow.<TarsCay ) afternoon, at 3 o'clock, at the reeidunoe of hit mother, on Si atreot, * On lflth, af er*a abort illnraa, ANNA LOL'Sla, daiui.tcr of John and UelimU Fatty, an or. ? ontJv. Tt>? frieuds of the fenllj are re? seated to attend at 359 D, between n* and 14th atreeU.on to-norrjw afternoon, at?o'olook. * ^ l; ! GOD SAVE or* NOBLE ONION! AND OTHER POEMS KOE THE TIMES. I w..?mu.. -/if.?' ^ . ?? ??j ???? ???Wi ?M VVdin* tnftorn; amd A RrP'y " **? "rttmr Invntigaitng Commutt* V " 'SOJSSWuBSS, jBwamdKuw AMUSEMENTS. THEATER-Mn. Bland'a Benefit. Mr. John Owenaa* Joehna Hutterby. Monda*, Feb y 11. will be preeented the comedy of "The VroMme"?JochaK B'ltterby, Mr. Owene ( Mri. Mefry weather, Mis* Deaia. To oonclnde With the extTftvMftntft of "A Pe??e Behind the Poenee"? ohjlleThifard, Mr. OWwrn : Kn?* Dufard, Mm l>enln Miet Che?tney will shortly appear. It* Bv- Tk ?wL^ PftLltSVOoNCEETi Tib*.0Jl?,r tv111011 He?hei Chofoa, aseisted DJ? t!:* ??vril ehoT? of this 2**1WEDNESDAY EVE"th m*t.. ai the Union Bethel > * !?, M street, between 15th and 16th streets. ine perionnern, thntv 111 Dumber, will be tire?s<*J In oo^tama* worn i reatury a*o. The mu?io will ? fr<- in th? n?^st ancient oompoeere Prolor the benefit of the cfiuroh. All under the direction of old Fathe' Thomas. Admiitmn 55 oente. D'kjm open at 7 o'clock; performance to tommfnoeat 8. The cubho generally are invited to attend. fe 17 -ft* THE CAMPKKLLS HAVE COME! .. THE CAMPBELLS HAVE COME! THE CAMPBELLS HAVE COME! nbw opera no usk' nxw opera houseLatk Philharmonic Hall. Latk Philharmonic Hall, Penn. Avenue, above Eleventh Street, renn. Avenue, a Dove eleventh Street, OPEN EVERY N??BT! OPEN EVERY NIGHT! SIXTEEN STAR PERFORMERS' SIXTEEN STAR PERFORMEKS! Go See Them?Ro See Them?Go See Them! Go See Them?Go See Them-Go See Them! Admission 2) cents ; orcheeter 50;oolored mllory 8b. fe 17-6t J^ING'8 AM P H I THEATER! BENEFIT ur WLLE HELOISE ! CM THURSDAY EVENING, Feb'x 2<)th, on which occ&aion a HoeT or VOLUNTEER TALEUT will appsar! Admission 5T and ?5 pent*. fe 17 V. CANTERBURY! Canterbury: First prt saltation of GABRIEL RAVEI/H COMIC FAIRY PANTOMIME. R A O U L , R A O TT L , R A O U L. OR TUB I MAGIC STAR! MAG I" STAR! MAGIC STAR with Net'' Srenrry, Trials, Transformations, \r Robert Butler (Gal>'iel Rav?!'? part) as. . L'artolf Wi.ha A. matrons (Jer.'ins Kav.Cs partiae. .Kacul Seoond Week of the CANTER BURY MINS TR ELS ! CANTERBURY MINSTRELS ' Great Sncoeas of the BEAUTIFUL DUVAL! BhAUTlFUL DUVaL lin:ri?n?rt Hudiir.iiM rn-nnt:;r*ii with SIKXOR ABECCO, SIGNOR ABECCO, THE VOCAL VIRTUOSO. "?igni>r Abooco * ui?i create mora enthusiasm witli tr>e aol'Uery, upon th* i'te of b*tr|e, nj the han?U if a I rigade."? A Listwstithed ( f er. Admission 25oenta; Orohester Chairs50 em's. Afternoon Entertainment I-or uauies ana r amines, on WEDNESDAY AND SATURDAY AFTERNOONS at2 o'clock, Whsn a lavish distribution of Eieg&nt Pr^s^nta is made^ Rich and Costly Jews] y. Books. Toys, Fancy Articles, and magnificent Si'k Drf??e?. Admission ?1 cents : Children W cents. fe 17 \v* t H E ash1ngton academy of music, f*SNN. AVKXDS, (J'orTH *1Dt,) No. 'iS9, BettetenQth end Ifsts. Every evening a remarkably fine Free Careirt, embrac ing seieotionn from tno l>?*t classic n nasc, and the most popular oper*p?rendered m bettor styie than at any other Am*>-ioan concert ;?aioon. The euexts?and the public are freely inrite<l, without charge for,?may rely upon ha* int every comfort th>-y desire. In audition to the finest music ic Waehiugton, they will obtain, on call, from the attentive attendants, decidedly the best Refreshments for sale in the Federal Metropolis Officers constantly in attendance to keep good order. Couoert oomraeaoic* at 4 p. m. Uli'MUV IHlSL'h'Vuil fob 7 1m Pfoprwfcr. KING'S NATIONAL AMPHITHEATER, 1'bnii. Av. a50 E St., AItar Willard.t\ T. King. ? ...Sole lessee and >lan&ger C. Sootl. . An8o<"i?tP Manager P. Whitt&ker~... ? _ ..Equestrian Mar.aser THIS EVENING, Tom King will ?i vc his Couito Jnuta iocs of CLASSIC STATUARY HORSEBACK : Have yon old DAN GARDINER In hie great Burlesque Dirce. A La Cubustcr And Scaramouch! The Ueautiful M'lie HEL.Olsfc Every Evening! KlNCADE. tho 100 wuniiner?*u't Man! The Great Zouave Halt Must he seen to be appreciated. DON JUAN Ever* Night Lntil farther notioe. Nkw Novbltibs is Preparation! Seal* of Pnett?Oroboeter Chairs 75 oentn; Drer.s Ctroie H: cents; Children under 10 years of age to urets ^iroie u oema; rwom. nnn*e oen?*; uoiored Gallery 25 ooata: Colored Boxes50 cents. Doors open at 7 o'clock; oerformanoeB wilt ooin renoe at 8 preoisely. fe 7 ODD FELLOWS' HALL. V/ Skvbnth Stiiit. George Christy's Minstrels APPKAR NIGHTLY at ODD FELLOWS' HALL. And continue ivtry ?t??nmg until further notice. NEW SCENERY haa been added to the ftate. and every arrangement made for the proper prodnotion of GEORGE CHRISTY'S CELEBRATED KAKCES. BURLETTAS. &o. Ao. 4c. Admission 25 oents; Orohester chairs, SO catt*. Doors open at quarter to 7: oomrneLoe at quarter to s. John p smith. fe3 Bnsines* Agent. Patent opfice cyRio?rriES-Guide to a Patents, Catalogue or Cariosities and Government Garden*, at the stand in Patent Office; Rare Antiquanan Books; Govemmert Rooks; Do' umects furnished; Railroad Ksports; Military Re fiorts; Burnt Patent Offioe Reports; Cheap Hooks rnished to Pedia-s; Military Trias: Military Laws; Army Rern ations; Panorama of the Coast ehowing over 2,?>o miles; many taourand Cheap Books. Recollect cheap rent. ?ale?, low prioes Up stairs, ovtr Ban* of Waihine'on. ja29-Im* ALFRED HUNTER. BALLS7PARTIES, AC. VB 1 n a j* a w i n / t ai r\ n a t r\ ? #\nn mm a * * a m- n I of COMPANY C, NATIONAL** GUARD. will take plao* on WFDNK^DAY SSI KVENING. February 19th, a*. Odd Fellows'/Hi HaJl, N*vy % ard. Ifcilk The Committe have pared no pairs nor rxpense to make it a night of enjoyment to those who favor us with their p ?senoe. Committee of Arr****mtnt*. J. 9. Tuoker, John Bloomer, C. Thompson, t*. A. Pyu?. Joseph GordonBullet M%lt?r?fi. Thomninn. Tiokete 50 oent? admitting a gentleman and la diet. fe 15-3t thkhiawathabuvs in the field a. AGAIN !?The members o! the ll ntv M thaClnb takepleaeureinannounoing tothofr K many Iriecd* and ?&? public in general, that JL the* will give their Mxth Grand COTI L afl? LON PARTY at Franklin Hail, oorner of 3th and D atresia, on THURSDAY EVENING, Feb'y <i', iwb. insnicniorrioi me v-iuu >ku|? mem selves that no paius or oxpmse will be spared to make till* party Agreeable to all those who honor them with their presence. Iley*' oelebiartd Wrass and String Hand has been encaced for the o-oamod K-fresliiuenU will be larouhed by SohifIe'a. Tickets 91, admitting a gentleman and 1a108. Ccmmittte ej ArrdHttrrnntt Win. Godiard, Jaines Graham, l>an. Perkins. Kob't Hifcly. K>has. Weber fel5 5t* N. II There will be no oards of invitation issued, but our lady frienda are most oord tally invited.

OUCE WORK, KIN D KRIEND8, Wt'IK _ <;OME TO tiK KET VOU_: d:ne mimwri 01 toe oifiWABr HULUAND iDO take ploasure in announcing to their 9% many friend*, and the publio in general, that w9 they intend giving thair Seventh GRA RaLL at Franklin Hail, oorner of 9th anl DfiflA treeta, on TUESDAY. Feb'y U 1M2. The Committee piec.e themselves to spare neither paint aor expense to make this the giall of the season. Jiokeu one dollar, admitting a gentleman and aa. ' f*iS 3t* 1*MB 4111 GRtND COTILLON PARTY rFMPKlilficE^AiL. J4 E street, between 9th and 1MU, iB On FRiDAY EYEN.NU, FetV it Ui Daoeing will oommenoe at SK o*aiook. Mo io bo p7of Arth's fall band. Tickets tl. admittm* a tantlaman aad ladies fel> iw* |N THE FIELD AGAIN! 1 mlW?^/"?f C?m,*9(ott. OOOE, CfcHrmM. 1 . ?... ~ -y WANTS. HOY WANTED a? No. IS Market Space. Pa. avenne. between Rth and !HH at*. ?ood reference required. It* WANTFO-A a mail FURNIPHKO HOUSF.or part rf a hoeee. in the Tioinitr of the Department*. Addreaa Box No. 32, fctar Office, fn i* * wANttD?A sing' MAN to work on f;rm, "? ?no a<?i?t to miik ft few on*?. ApplTfttVftl!ey View Farm, ftbout one mtle weit of G?orte town Police. fe 17 3t* \UANffn-A SITUATION M w-t ft health* younr woman with ft fre?h hrwwt of ratlk. Inquire ftt 2?7 New York ftvem*. h? twwn 1gt ar<! utret-tK. fe 17 4t* WANTKP-A (ihk! COOK. WA8HER ftnd IRONEK. Mu-t fcnni joo?l recommendation* Apply at No. 345 mhstreet, between I and K-wertaide. f? 17 St* UV ANTED.?An ener*ei<J bmnsM MAN may '* ho\r of employment hr applrtnuto JOHN gQN FRY fc CO.. 476 7th ?t. {>, 17-61* BOARD WANTFD? In a private family br * gentleman and hi? wile. or would rent rek't rf & furnished home *uitah'e for hou??kee^inr. Ref ereno?s exchanged. Addrefp IRA MILLER. Pott Offioa. fa 17 2 * HOARD WANTPP?Bf ? ce*rlemen and wif* in aoire qnirt family north eide Penn. ?verue? Terms must be modeiite. Addreee "C- H M 8 ar Office fa 17-2T WAHTED-SITUATION ie a store, by a you* g ion to a lady or family. No obection to travel; nr wonM fo ?g honii<*kf?e?er. Or>'?d reference. Addre?a"Mi?? C. L- M.f" Star Office. _ It* U/AMTKD-A SITUATION m laiNtran <r ?' olerk in tome reipeotah'e butmeii*, by a young married man. who h%* h*d nearly ten year* experience with Drr Qoodn ar.d Grocery honeee: haa a thorough knowle 'ge cf al' commercial and me'can'ile bu?ice<?. and can tire good teetjmon alaaa regards honor, ir.tegrity.and ahilitr Troae detmn* servie** of such a partr will pif aw aCdre??"W. J. H ." Waahinetoa City Pout Office, for two da*e. fe 17 2t* WANTED?A Kro&rt aud active LAD about 15 or 16 yearn oW. tn l??rn the bock nnd ctAtioEerv Hi'iness?No. 109 I'enn aicate, First Ward, fe 15_2t* WANTKD-Two or th'ee FURNISHED y? ROOMS, by a permanent resident. hftween Si and 14th utrfeti", and I'enc avenue and L itreet. Address P. O. Box 31S. statine location, terms, A?. fa 15-lw* WANTED IMMEDIATELY?An a~tiv?? white ROY. who can ormewel! recommended, to attend in an oyster p&ioon. App'y at the New Oyster and Fatin? Saloon. New \ ork aveeue. n?ar lVh ?t. fe 15 A' WANTED?A HOUSE of about6 or 8 room*, either furni*hed or unfurnished, is wanted about Maroh 1. I'lwse state location, taring, *i., ~II BUUI CDB * . iy., caroui i)"i r"ii i?itoe fe 15 V WANTKD?Suiia >!e ROOMS for an rffioe for the Wuhintt<>i correspondence of the Nrw Yor|r Her%:d. F'rstll<jor, a* d the 'icini'v of Wil lards* Hotel, preferred. Address Box 6.'?, Washington City Post Office, rtatine loostion and term*, fa 15 3t IF JOHN UVKR9, who formerly resided in Liverpool, ani! sailed from London in 'he ship C a:> m .. ... *. l 4L ?r I nriiuio. n>r L^rw ? on. in inc mnnin 01 junuirj, 1R>9, and it ib believed resided f>r some time in Nd" Vork *nd New Or'rani will comnjunica'e witl Air. RICHARD TKBBAY- ?>f LavfrpoH, E^iland. At orney &t Law, he will !eam?oni?th;nc to hi a advantage fe 15 2t WAN T KD I K M E I) 1 A T E L V?\ ?ord WHi KI.VVRIGHT ti do plain work App.y at the onrner of JEM street aud Pa. av?nt>*. fe 14 3i* DAN'L MVERS. tIM VTrn A rn.*A ImA r i f i ? r\ KCimriiiau ?u > ?wj? wnui iw?i ?" ROOMS in a. strictly private family, wHh B ari. Me^t of refe-enc^s riven and retimed. >1 wnt I e in a cioilralile pa-t n| |'e oily. Addreen. I?t latter, rtxtir* terms, to "E. D.," B>x ?0, Poet Office, fa 14 4t W AN fKD'! ? RENT?Wan'ed to ren?. wi'li w or without Iurnitur*. m tlis F'T*f WarJ, r HOUPE With lro>n 12 to 14 KrnJ roomi A?idre?i imnWia'ely E.J. ALtKN, l'rovost Ma<-'liai'? Oftoe fe 11 - iw Vl/ANTriI>?sutler* urd So;di?r*to know that th?y can I t r'.VI' ?! ?VKH ar.1 TIN WARE cheap ol H J. bKEGORY. 3^1 fVnn averuie1 ,a It WANTED.?We ?<e new fur;ce 8ECOND'JAND Fl*RNlTUi*E. S*TI> VK? and HK1? OIiNii, for whiou we ar? pg.t,i;c ih? .1ithe?t oa?. price*. Faith!:** de* hrinf h-?!*ekeepiur, or havir.f a avrptva o| fnn.:t?. e, w: f.ud it to their ?? i ?u(?ce Mi t :v? us t i.i. HONTZ % GRIFFITH, j* iS-tf No. 3f? 7th ft., hf'vf. J *nd K eta. * * LVp 1?T?\ T*/f^ ? KTn iiOM A. i> 10?;AD, CTOi.KN OK hTH^EIKJn Friday *fterr-o.?n,fro nf'f.atufHiv?nn"rV '' on 'C stiaet between b'h a- d 4', t'fM", n TLO ma I bay V A KK. ftttfl-.-h'ri '.< iJu. er. |f/:v?^ ar,? one can * ve <in? ?n'ormvi?>n ??f tb inn*,or o%n liavs it rwimii" ' f> the miW'oriby. J. T. MeG.,U-'.or I etr^t. between l?Mi and i9th, or at th'? office, they w.lire.eivea lioera! reward. Jo 17 31* HOKJ^E LOST.-A liitht bar HiTue, very deep in neck and girth with a bridle and gy MoCleUan paddle. w?? taken fr<>m thecor-jJ5P ner of Kighth *nd I" ii'reerii on the evening ^* 1 < 1 iiic i?r\ ir^taci Afcy iniorinsi'nn which Will lead to his recovery Wi i e hi>?ra \ r-?war i?d. I> H W.LLIAMP, Colonel 31st I'a Vo, "'*irp,4??u'F Firm. Information may be '"ft at l'umphrey's Stable, tre?t. rear Nau .na Ho'ei f? 17 9t* rOST?Near the corner of 12th a*:d I streeta, a -J small oval B8E\STPIN. with white cameo set. i he fir.der wr! he suitably rewarded by leaving it at 404 I street, as it :s a present f om a Heoeased Wtttlve. fe 15 2t* G? C REWARD-Straied or stolen.siece Frida-1 last, a larse r?d COw, ^<"e white sr>:?ta rot rec'Wectw!; pn p uff *aeh*U^ eat; will havo a ^a't sen; had ba horr.s. Five rt?'i,'ar? will ba pa d f >r li.-r de!i*ery *- ?L * L - 10 viu> uuoior.ucr eia ojrr;er ol Jin *r. i : itg,, 11 ai.J. <<e >S ? "> A. tAM.EV. A NOTICE Person reprseer.t'.ng h:n:*e'fa? VV'm. K. Arnold, ol Hoboken. N. J , ??o Wfdne friar. fry Febrcary 12th. hr mi'ik" trot ?- \ horej in p.ire of his own. which he h vl l?ft at the livery rtable < f Messrs. NEW & NATHAN, corner C act! 52ih st?. He xrtii p ease to return sa.d horse, and take back his own, at hi? earliest convenience, to NEW A NATHAN, Livery Stable, corner C and 12th st., Washington. D. C. fe 14-3t* RAN A WAY?F'om the subscriber, livm* near Lurrattavilie, Prince George's oonuty, a Mil., on the?tii February, 1862, my NEGKO {jS WOMAN, "Bettie," who ca:!s her*e!f JR* tiettie Shorter. 8?he is ajnut twenty-five years of age, four f-et 10 innien high; dark^aL* copper colored; thi^. vjDaged.ofa light i r?njC| > rvo DUIII" mi nor tin one iuoi i niurecj from ft burn when a ohi'd; hid oh when FheWta I) ue oountry mode yarn frook; and had ot *r olothee with her. She took with her, her child Olivia, about 12 months old. S2>will be riven tor apprehension of the above woman and ohild, provided that they are delivered to me or secured in jail, so th&t I can ??t them a* am STANISLAUS BRADFORD. fall 3td?2*w2w? d>C(i KF.WARD?For the apprsbenMon (ftr.d delivery to me at Bi&deusfiurg, Md., ^3 or seournd in jail so tUfti I get him) of Nii ?St GRO SYLVKSTER, lftt<< th? property of Nathaniel Suit, deceased, of Hrince George's VI M l 1 will give the above reward no matter where taken. S'lvanter is of oo&per oomp!exi?n of Uiin stature; about 5 foet 9 or 10 inoh-a high. He is well known in Washington city, and is no doul?t lurking thereabout or its vicinity, or in the neighborhood of Governor's Hridf n. A nee Arunde oounty.Md. N. C. STEPHEN. Exeoutor of Nathaniel Suit, dre*as'd. I Upper Marlboro' Gazettoand Prinoe Georgian payer insert weefcly for 4 weeks ] fe l-2w* BOARDING. PER MATNENT UOAKD AN1) A PLEASANT room wanted by a*eatemn:i ol tmetand home like habits A privato family preferred. Will ca* #30 month. Neatnees is more desirable than _ _ _ i j /? - * ? * - a HupormmiHisnoe oi provision r*o ??PcPf8loni#t or sympathizer vi'h Rebels need answer tins. Address "Boarder," Post Offioe. fe 14-3t* jTKNJSH KI) ROOMS TO KKN r, wtth I Bond, iti a peasant iooation tear the Capitol. Alio, a t nndsonif'y furnished Parlor^and Ch?uii?er i-uuiiiiuuiuauug. iD^miesiBUr Ullior. 1? 13-11 GKORG ETQWNAD VERT7MT8 rvW1 A LKCTli R K, for the benefit of the Young 1L w t'Mholio'e Frlen t Sooiet* of Oeoi (mown, wTTl be delivered in Tricitr (Cathode) ?<hureh, fiarosetown, on WEUNt-M^^ hVKN NO, February 19th, at 7\ o'clock, br B*v. Fathkk Kakly. i*. J . Pree-dent of Georgetown*. AJimttanoe 26 cecta. Te '1 -T.T.s* Adit g i NOTICE UEORGETOWN htfcC FION.?An t action will be hold in the a?verai precincts in Georgetown, on MONDAY, thj 25th nmtani. foe flaveu mem bam to oompoee the board of Cominc n Council, ard five members to inrrr k* Aiderinan. ten 4t WM LAI R L>, Cteik. y I C K a K I .N 6LOV K 3! Ram?bur; & Ebert, 106 High &ikut, OEUKUETOWS, D. C. Baft?ftrrs v?f 7Tr^W*** ANU rE?,t^RANT?.| M^lercnAMrAGNE wlNfc.l for? W WB4. cOlWlN BU*?Yj \ N* *** D . icIuuflTMUl Ia7 antrano* on Bixlh *B BLACK 81LK8! ? . . LACK BlLKS.justopBn*d,in?U|radM, from 87H wnti to $8 per yard. _ Ail Fanor Drew mlk* a?li?nf off at CO?t priee?, to oJo?? out tha atook. rfl. . vv feust J. W.COLLfcY. SECOND EDITION. THRU O'CLOCK, P. M. The Offioial Dispatch Announcing the Qreat Victory at Fort Donelson! Caiio. Feb. 17. l!"<W.?Af<v#r OVuroi McCUlIan ?The t'nion Flag float*over Fort Dcnelscn The Carondelet. Capt. Walker, bring* the glorious intelligence' The fort surrendered at 9 o'clock yesterday (Sunday) morning. Generala Johnson (A fidney and Bucknerand fifteen thousand (15,UNi) prisoners and a large amount of material of war. are the troohles of vlctorv. ( ? # Loss heavy on both sides Floyd, the thief, ttoie away, during the night previous, with five thousand men. and It denounced by the rebels as a traitor. I am happy to inform vou that Flag Officer Foot*, though suffering wltb his foot, with the noble spirit characteristic of our navy, notwithstanding his disability, will take up Immediately two gunboats, and with the eight mortar boata which he will overtake, will make an immediate attack on Clarksvllle, if the stage of water will permit. We are now tiring a national salute from Fort Cairo, Gen Grant's late pout, in honor of the glorious achievement. Geo. W. Ccllv*. r? _i_ r* %' l J IT ki a j _ m nrifc utu *w. diiQ l c? .v . auu ta.? 01 ^ian and Engineers Still a Third Great Union Victory Heard from To-day! (iKN. CURTIS PIRSIKS PRICE, SCATTERINU HIS ARMY, AND MAKES MORE PRISONERS THAN HK CAN TAKE CARE OF ' Thi? forenoon. ;??. Hallerk telcr'anhed to # O ?I ? Itcn McClellan thf gratifying new* that (?en. Curtis' pursuit of Prlt e"> fleeing army has so far been eminently successful. He bad up to yesterday captured one Colonel, one Lieut. Colonel, two Captains, and more privates. &c., than he could by any possibility just then take due ca<e Tki- *v..? i? i v?. ? uiB uicau?, cr.uruuj , LIT ua* sue* ceedtd lu breaking up Price'* army. A DESERTER CATGJIT. Charles Moore deserted from the steamer Pledmontese in the lower Potomac a day or two since in a siriB'i boat, and bad neatly succeeded In getting saMy into Secessia. when be was captured by the Union picked and turned over to Lieut. Badger of the Anarostia. THE TR0FH1KS. This morning a doxca different tecesh ttaga were received at the War Department per A?iairn & Co. s Lxprtes They are trophies of our victories at Mill Spring and Fort Henry Karh bears a different inscription?the mm* of the rnrrv* that Intf it A- r* THE LATEST BY TELEGRAPH. Important from the West. PARTICULAR? OF THE EVACUATION OF BOWLING GREEN. IMMENSE COLUMNS OF OUR FORCES MOVING TOWARDS NASHVILLE AND I P THE CUMBERLAND RIVER THE BOTTOM OF THE CONFEDERATE Tl B CLEAN OUT ::: - ? ? Cincinnati, l-eb. 17?The Cincinnati Commercial baa the following : On learning the rctreet rf the rebels, forced marches were ordered by Gen. Mitchell, to save, if poaaible, the rallrcsd turnpike and bridges on Big Barron river. They L\d, however, been destroyed when Mitchell reactcd th? banks of the river. TU K.I ... J.,. l? Ui : ???_ J I tuc uii^aur* v4 uit^&iuiaim KiinamaQ were till Thursday evening at \V*oodland Station. The rebels left nothing at llowllng Green escept a few old wagon*. A part of the town Is repotted to be burnt It la believed there are no rrbel forces now In Kentucky east of the direct road from Howling Green via Franklin to Nasbvllle. Breckinridge's and Hlndman's brigades have * *_ n ?? lauen uacK og uuBciriiic, wnere HUClDKr i ana Floyd's brigades have beea ftatiosied fo: some time. Hardee and Johnston were also believed to be at that point Friday. It is presumed that, with the exception of the above brigades, the whole rebel army baa been moved to Fort Donelson and C larksville What movement may have been made by the rebel forces since Thursday can only be conjec tured ; bat the probabilities are that they have concentrated their whole force on the Cumberland. If, however, they have not done so, the divisions of Nelson and Mitchell will be ample io cope wiil an tbey may nave between Bowling Green and Nashville. it ! believed the divisions of McCock niid Thomas embarked at the mouth of Salt river on steamer* for the Cumberland on Saturday night or yeaterday. The troop* that have been in camp of instruction at Bardstown, were at Loul*vllie yeiterday, embarking for the Cumberland. Three Indiana regiments and a battery of artillery leave New Albany to-dav. The neirrecrttf of thm* u.lnfn?-<_ meats ii perhaps forty thousand Bueil, we understand, goes with McCook's division to take command in person on the Cumberland, where our forces will by to-morrow number HU lftft). While he presses the enemy on the Cumberland with bis tremendous force, thetr flank and rear are pressed by heavy divisions under Mitchell and Nelson 81 ice writing the above, we learn that teu reciments lu the Ohio camps are ordered dt once to the Cumberland. THE VERY LATEST. FIRTHEROF THE CAPTURE OF FORT DONELSON. TEN THOUSAND OF THE ENEMY KILLED iin mo a di i'f\ * a' rv *'i*' xrgx i/ioAniiLy, ?* u r ir i Lt* THOUSAND TAKEN PRISONERS! Si. Louis, Feb. 17 ? Further official advices i from Fort Dooelaon &ay that Gen. Floyd earaj-i-tl j in the nigt^t, and the rebels in the fort den?;incid j him aa a black-heart< d traitor and coward The tiirmr. it is known, have had30 000 troop* ! at Fort DoneUon, 15,000 of whom are our prisoners; 5,000 esoaped The balance are report?d killed or otherwise disabled. Our loaa is not stated, but the slaughter iu our ranks is mentioned as terribly severe. THE ftEWS I!W BALTIMORF Baltimobi, Feb. 17 ?The Union men of Baltimore are overflowing with joy. The new* U no where more acceptable than o them. f*eceah Is overwhelmed with this Waterloo de- j feat. THKfttRRENDEROF FORT DO NELSON t*T Lorn, Feb. 17.?Dispatches from Gen Grant to Gen Halleck announces the surrender of Fort Donelson with fifteen thousand prisoners, in eluding Gen. Johnstoa, Buckner and Pillow. THE HEWS VIA CIHO*ATI. Cikcijcut!, Feb 17 ?Fort Doael?on wnufcm ! Yesterday, with fifteenthousand prisoners, including Buckner and Johnson CONORKaaiONAU XXV Tilth CONOR EM lnwl llrtH. Frtroarr 17 J SlirtTl ?Mr. Latham nported from tb? Hlli. tarv Aflalra Committee a bill authorising a Mr uev for a military telegraph to Amoor nwrr; rnmmlltMi Mr Nesmlth reputed from tbe mom comalttae a joint resolution providing for the payment of tbe awards for the settlement of lb* Orrjon and Washington territory war debt [The despatches snuounclnif the three great Union victories ?news of which ban been received here tc-day?were read f?r tbe Information of the Senate at this siage of to* proceedlngs, amid loi.ti plaudits from tbe galleries ] The bill for th? better organization of tbe cavalrv of the United States wm taken up. and discussed by %! *** W'.lson, Feme den. Foster and others, until? Mr Johnson (Interrupting those proceedings) aak'd leave to ofler a joint rrs. lut on exprossl ve of the gratitude of Congress and the people of tbe Untied States fv>r tbe preat military ?nd naval achievements cf which news had just been received; which were unanimously adopted Hoc?k ?A bill for the relief of Brig Gen Jos B. Toitfti was transferred from tbe Committee on Culm* to the Comtnitfce of tbe Whole, and a oil! authorizing the change f the appropriation f. if f k.P r\a 1ll.s.r t nf ?* ^ 1 ? -- -* ... _. f - j ?.v m% vi r* ^?r ?' ? ii mv wi * iW w IB*' United St t?? for Indian Aff*<r* puled Mr Colfox ? ated tbat Le bad been requeued bv <??n McCMlan t? ?n receipt of a d spate h from Cnir? with the news of the .iptureof Fort Donelson with I6,u00 prisoners, lac hiding General* Johusou and B lcknor?Floyd hiving escaped [Tbe announremint was rorelved with molt enthusiastic aoplause by the Houae and speetators, and Mr. Coifax wa< Immediately surrounded by a throng of members, prominent among whom was Mr. Crltt?*ndtn, who aorn.rd almost beside himself with joy } The confusion having partially subsided, Mr Blike moved a su-pension of the rule* of the Hou?e. that member* might be permitted to chat Mr Pomeroy wished to know If tbe House wu toinfertha? Fioyd had ftolt a inarch [ Laughter, j Mr Mallnrv moved an adjournment in consideration of the good news, lost Si?on after, Mr Colfax read a copy of dispatch^* from Fortress Monroe, with Confederate account of the capture of Fort DonHaon, wuh Generals Pillow, Bt ubam. Bucknet and Johusun.and also the capture of Savannah Another motion to adjourn vi< lost, and tbe resolution a atencgrapter to tbe commit ee on tbe conduct of tbe war taken tip Mr. Maliory thought that owing to tbe rcc?nt urce*ses the committee on tbe conduct of the war should be discharged from their sutject Mr. tiooch prece ded toaddre stbe House upon the subject of the war. LATH LOCAL NEWS. ?. CllMilia CortT?Tnil #f anotk'.r ntmtdrr ran ?Tbls morning Jnbn Doueberty, of the 1st District Regiment, wns arraigned, having been iidK'ed for fntirdrr He w.n rh>nrM< wfh kill. trig Kz?kiel ?ivlls. of the Mine regiment, l?y ? hooting him with a luunket in ?be left leg. iuat above i be kuee. on or about the '23<i u.y of Notember last Mn?r?. N-rrl? add I'terroehle appeared for the defence The following ja?y wat chosen?all from th" regular pan 1Lewi' W right, Oeo ? No yew, Wm P. Doniphan. vVun t-'eaarlck, Henry H Walker, Watkln* Tcl*r?n. Fairck Crowlev, Geo P. l>onn, Joseph Folia aiiee, Samuel R frylv??ter. Henrv Martin, *rd JoU?i scrivener Ten o'ner jurors were railed and rhawen^ed, or aet as!de for ante \ l . .??? ?? I a: ? ** -A ? i! vwuii^tvi, ?u?" i' *uii . ."vu''rnTy, mnn*r thf opriiini; statement to tb? iary, #n the p?rt ot the pro?f ':! on. Mr. .\orris followed for toe defe'ioc The tisniiniUoi of w,tae??r* for the prmccnUog then commenced It Itc nten?t?4 bv the counsel for defence thai sucb a wcund a* thet r?>~eived by the d?reased would net nere?>sarily caut.- death.and that If the limb bad been amputated In time, the probabilities ar?- that the wounded man would have reroven-d. and tbia vlrw of tbe caae wu borne r tit bv tbe pri ftMiouil opinion of L>r I. H Holdcn. or.eof the wltne??e* for tbe proaecutlta. Fiek.?'This noraing, nb^ut two o'clock. tbo lirg* white buiidini: on tht ncrih i?ide of F street, n--ar Fifteenth, occupied tar upper part as a bo'-trd<fig-house, and one cf tbe store room* on the floor <!ial!q'ior?!'w. by Mr (i llana^an, and the other-?u>re r????nj s?y a .Mr. Wood, a? . s ];i s i'ore. v. <1 ?i <tv r?-d it. tlaT? t alarm was given. and the Franklin Comlianjr, the police and soldier*. were soon on'be spot, ard . nccofd-d in tfiM*1"" *1 ^.oodsfrom tb?-?tur*s and a p ... i. turnitiire froui the upper pitrt of the In tiding The &rem?n worked, uobi), assisted by 'be ?<>.dier? and citizens, and. nurt eeded in cor tin. ? the tire mainly to tb* b lildinn In wUcb it originated, which was entirely destroyed. with Much of tbe furniture. The adjoining buildings were but slightly damaged Tbe buildiug Is the property of two lad lea, Meters, named Clark, and is probably insured. Tbe property of tbe c?:. upanU, we understand, was not, and what tbeir losses are will require some days to aicertai u. We regret to say that tbe loss Is not altogether by tbe lire, a very considerable portion Is by tbf operation of thieves, of whom a host were on the ground. SrsrsrTiP Mcrder or a Solium?Tbu morning. the body of a soldier belonging to tbe U 5*. light artillery, stationed near I'herwood'sSpring, northeast or toecity .was r>una iving near tte corner of Sin h street east and Maryland avenue. The soldier bad evidently come to his d-atb from a ball which entered the face near the now and ey? and pa-scd tUrou^b the head Tbe police found tbat tbe body bad btrn draped from tbe rear of a little grocery, at the corner "of S.xtta street, kept by a w< man n\med Magee The b' >od drops tad been partially coa<*ealed bv asbis; but they succeeded in tracing tbem to the Immediate neighborhood of tbe house. TLe inmates of tbe house were fak* n into custody, to await tbe result of an inquest, preparation f?r which was making at eleven o'clock. '1 he was unknown to tbe police, and a messenger was sent to hla late quarters for persons to identify him The persons arrested profess entire ignorance of tbe homicide. Arrk?t roa Robbbbt ?a colored boy named Geo rue Brown, wuo wli riding up the avrnueon Fnd-.v. was made to dismount by a p lvate of Mott s battey, who took Brown before Jastic* IK nn, and stated that h? (the boy) bad been a servant of Major Mo'.t's, and bad run off some mouths since without demanding his wages Ab?ut the time of his disappearance a valuable platol and about f4o iti ca*h, belonging to tbe Major, turned up miming. Brown was committed to jail to answer tbe charge of laroenr. Daring Robbery ? uaat nitbt the Sewing rooms of Mr H O Noyes on Ninth street, near Pennsylvania Avenue, were entered by burglars, who carried away three of bis beat and mo?t cistly sowing machlnts. The villains evidently entered bv the front door, which they opened with fal*e keys 1 b?v then set to wore and unscrewed the machines fr. ni the stands,and carried them off with all the attachmenta, leaving tbe rooms by the back way. No clue to the villain*, has yet been obtained AO"1 srtKs-ovatmss.^ Gint Mi?i.uin improveViW m^nt m M hAMtNtt and ? Ki<ASTING OVSTKRF. ~ W. _L ... *1..... .. ? tL. 4 k 17 wi 10:1 im niuKU'vi auj iiii vi m? wjiin i? reta a?*J. The PE\FL SALOON. 213 P?un. Itmos, of posite Wilianls' Hotel, will open Una evening, (pignoftut. globe iighta! with its 'niprovad n> of fte?m nit, neati 'is of btUng,*i.a order ol aer vioe. Ail desiring a usury will t* rewn dad l<r oViing. Superior quality < f Freeh Salt Oyitera oonsuwtly on han't to supply Hotel*. Sutlers *c t Families 11. aheil. kef or mb. Famines' orders delivered on ahort notioe. Ckoi-re Cigars ***! POOlMe rates. tea-tin* JKX NoTICK TO WATCH MAKER*. Jts Atfl 8. A J. MVtR8 ? Smt n?. itiz nDfnKd a tir&uon of their Bonto*: Ho??? At No 10 Washington tiuuain*. corner of Pa. ??t. aiwi 7th ttreet, luvite tue attention <?f ai?'h Makers, Jewellers, Pedle's. Ac , he ,to ibeir larje stock *nd Silver Watches, \N at?h Mater* an. Watch Maker*' Tools b.a*pe?.tilk '-sard*. UOftlJCI UUft'UI, Cpf.'iW D*| ITe urr VI rood* t"o uuinn cui to ir?nti"D la ordinary Klv^r tmein?* t?. which .h?j will pr s; at the I- ?e?tta* ten fricn. I. ftX NVKBy MAliiioti at retail. U'Mt i w..ik for th? tra^eoulj. i*r nt*?i jrjc* ii t <?f Watot: Materia . Ao., ??nt post fr?? on a?- icat;i?a "*< ?r?r OFstion witn any other ,V?L?tf in tJi * o 'tr '% V lm~ MIANKM> fc ? O . _j -y ,, _ M dp O r T I V I A iV5, <11 l>un'? %v.,i>?-ith ?i<if>.> h*t. Iff* M)' ifh * KYKGL.A3SKS. M AKINE \ND UKLl? OLAShKh, COMPA***K?. *9 . of ttie ?. on hw?1. f>4 ? * y u &. A li < a u U ri Til II l>' ' ^ * n C< A 1 V# A C ti V v ? a 4 The in: ler?i(nnti luve cnrctaifttf on hand a sfurrai n??orin.Mu:o. \e* f^couo l.and FaMltire, Cruokctt) Uliu*'<%ip, Tmvxt, Ktrot Art.cle# and article# tf-cera. j, *A . ??I *T* F?f*rtu t? er I n. cif ? ifriCt oheap?rt..aa ant wia-. ulimtat lalktot* .li-T.'l4*rx,,L-,,T"i? V* w-.wtil "Ilia* 4r fha dCS^St? ~s "* '??> * Wllh reaaSSRi"'!^ ar.iolaaae - h*-fn rrJr j* a?a*ad to t:< ai a call before pwraii rf,*ut?rd -w-_A - ^cf lia J Farnitnra tacaal* e* e 1 - ?- 1 ? - ten , i . i.., i??jKu ^ "-IJ W- .n? IN 4 i.l. 'KIKSOll #, ?. S?ti?ra UO' -H :lun ) < , HH'iWSl 6 A KKAT1NW. '??stAvtf 3*3 Pi. ?*? . Mar** ?t m * * .. ?* t .-?? - \

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