Newspaper of Evening Star, February 18, 1862, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated February 18, 1862 Page 2
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EVENING STAK. WASHINGTON CITY: Tt' ISDAT rrBRI ARV U. 1*68. Ot* Kk'k.nri at the var'oui military campi and na will confer a fliTor by keeping us posted aa to movements and affair* In their Tlclnitlea Spirit af the M?rain| Preaa. The InUlligtnctr treats upon the "reaction" In British sentiment in relation to the rebellion, and the RipubliraH upon European Intervention in Mexico. No Rfceptios To-*isht?The confirmed indisposition of the President1* children, one of whom, Willie, we regret to say, la extremely 111, will prevent the usual Tue?day night's reception at the Executive Mansion from taking place. The Pretldent and Mrs Lincoln h??? dwn ympathy In tbl? community In tLla hour cf their affliction. IIv"Tfce glorious new* of the capture of Kort Donelson haa been received with immense telat throughout all loyal parts of the Union. A dispatch from New York states that, yesterday morning, while the veteran hero, General Scott, was making some prlvxte purchases on Broadway, ?i> ouiuuniuuk tiuwa rusura mio me enaoiiscment to acquaint him with the latest news The throng? speedily increased in dimensions until it bad blocked up the streets, meanwhile cheering luatily and crying for a "speech!" The General, however, finding himself unable to the tisk, begged leave to be excused, and entering his car. r'.age v.-as driven up Broadway amid a storm of cheers The General wa? again recognized while entering the Shoe and Leather Bank, and was a -wiiu iiac cDiiiprura 10 enrirjw oi!H5?ii iroin h'? enthuaiastic friend*, who i 'trued bent 011 "twice Jeopardizing bla life and limb " N*w PcBt:c*Tio5f.?From Franck Taylor we have " Infantry Tactica for the Instruction, Exercise and Maneuver* of the rioidier. a Company Line of Skirmiabera. Battalion. Brigade or Corpa d'Armee." By Brig- Gen. Sila* Casey, IT. i? Army. New York : Van Nostrand & Co Thiiwork if already recognized, we believe, as tk? authority in infantry tactics, embodying all the valuable improvements In this branch of the service, and suggesting other important alterations As a text brok It takes tba place of S:ott and Hardee. From Hudson Tavlor and from 9hUiin<rtnn ' ? ? , Odeon Building, *f have Bulwer's last novel. ' A Strang*Story." It ia something in the supernatural vein of hi* * Zanoni," modern *pirituali*in affording tht machinery for thia singular tale. in^From Shilllngton, Odeon Building, we have Godey'a Lady'* Book for March, a moat attractive number. [J3f* The ladies cf Alexandria are raiaing funda for the purchaa*? of a flag for the *th lailnoia Cavalry, now n-artered in thatcitv P7 Over '-igbty f-cnvalescent soldiers were exit to PbMadrJpfc'a on Saturday, from th<- different hospitals of Alexandria. * onspllmentary Letter t? General Lander. WAR f>grAKTMK!?T. t Washington, February 17, 1802 \ The President direc's me to say that be tias observed with pleasure the activity and imt*rr?rt?* manifested by yourself and theofficers and soldiers of your command. Vou have shown how much may be done In the worst weather and worst roads, bv a spirited officer at the bead of a small force cf brave men unwilling to waste life In ramp when the enemies of their country are within reach. Your brilliant success Is a happy pressage of whit may be expected when the army of tb^ Potomac shall be led to the tleld by their gallant general Edwis M Staktos, Secretary of War To Brigadier General K. w. Lamjhr. To. rir-?. -- J 1 ua wn*VA?o I unr UOU UtTfll, according to Commodor Foote, but six gunboat* rngaged in the bombardment of Fort Donelson opto Saturday afternoon. Four of these, tbe Bt Loui*. Carondelet, Taylor and Cor.eatoj/a, took part in tbe reduction of Fort Henry; two, the Loutrrille and the Pittsburg, were her- brought into action fir the first t*irie; and three of thnat> engaged at Fort Hen?y, the Fsat-x, Cincinnati and Lexington, wf re not in thia fight Tne s?t L.OU11 was Com Pocte's flag-whip, and was rushed into the very jaws of lb?* Conf. derate gun*. It wa? within >6o yards of the fort She wbi bit sixty-cre times Com Foote and Pilot* Riley and Hinton were wounded. The two last mentioned boats, the Taylor and Coneatoga. are not of the same model of character as the others, being mm ply Mississippi river steamboat*, rebuilt with perpendicnlar bulwark*. *nd pierced for gnns. They were both disabled laths actions' Armament of the Gunboats?St. Louis, 13 guns. | ^ Loulxvllle, 13 guns; Pittsburg 13 guns; Caronde-j let. 13 gups: Taylor, 9 guns; Contstoga. 9 gun*, j Total sunbvat armament,T^guns 1 The gun, are all In bat ery. and cone nre less than 32-Dounders?some are ii.nflnn<i?r? 64-pounde In addition to tl.?-?e, each boat carries a Dablgren rilled 12-ponnder boat howitzer on the upper deck Several of tbe lerger gun? on each boat are rifled, but moat of them are smooth bore, those being most efficient In close action. The Fort Dosklsos Victory in tub City. Tbe Etvi from tbe South wai received up town with every n an'featatlon of joy Every hotel, I and all buiid ngs. prepared for a demonstration with the nat o:ial colors, threw nut the old flag At !Wa nr nAfs>*? ' ? D?~J ' " " w w. .H.v? pvimn U1I uiutiuway, UUIieilDM were extemporized 'or tbe occasion, and vast thrones gattprfd about them to read tbe news, and lustily cheer the welcome intelligence of Fort Doneison's foil. At tbe Police Headquarter* tbe excitement waa intenae, and tbe new*, wai telegraphed to all sections of the city A gentlemen went to the Police Commissioner's room, and insisted that, as a matter of justice, the following order should be issued : TO ALL STATIONS Direct your men to arresr all persons who are found in (be streets sober after 2 o'clock this P . M Tbe Commissioners referred tte applicant to Mr Kennedy, wto said that be thought the po1 < r* a tSfmilil Vv*. ? *s ~-mm uv< w?m? ut icninii wim mi onenaen, out be rould not ccnseut to lasuc the order. Inspector Carpenter thought It ought to be issued ?>*. Y Express. Tri Lite Mi Pkisingtos ? A Strang' Story ?The death of Ex-Uovernor Pennington, of N J , is said to have been (he r? suit of bis tak in2 eigni grains cT morphire by inNtake He bad been complaining of typhoid fever, which at timet affected him ?o severely as to cauat temporary aberration of mind Sunday morning he appeared to be no better, *nd a prescription waa written for quinine, and ent to the drug store of Dr. C. W Hadger, on Broad street, .Newark. The preacriptlon, direct, ing pewders. was dispensed and labelled "quinine " Shortly after tbe powder was administered to tbe Governor. In tbe course of a few minutes it was discovered that there was something wrong, and on examination the powders \1 fmiR/l t" ? -*-v* " * * * ? * .? ?V ?n Iivipuiiic, ri^m ^mini OX WDIC& had been taken. The ?ad aflatr will be fully Inv?itigated, when particular* will be made public. Ft?A!fciAL ?From the X. Y. Evening Port of y *terday: The stock market i? buoyant and higher, under tne accumulation of good new* from the army hid navv The announrement of the fall of Fort ] tonelaori, fey way of Fortress Monroe, waa not generally credited early in the day, and prices fell i ] per cent, from the highest point*, but under tue confirmatory dispatches received about one o'clock, the market closed firm There was an important advance in Kentucky*, Tennessee and Minnesota* The rite ii 2 lo 4 per cent. Missouri* were nisoactive at 15**15,^ The 7 3(i Treasury note* are in good demand f.r lamnaeat at 99\a99 Governments generally are unchanged i he banks sre supplying the m trket with the coupon bonds of l&M and 1674 The continued auccesaes < f the Union arms had a very marked eflect on gold. The price Saturday c realng waa weak at 101 j?alt)f K. but as low a* II!; per cent wo* accepted to day, doting finally at 1W\ .Money 1* lu better demand and at 6 per eeut. ? call; tbe large banking boua?? find little difficulty In employing toeir balance* Tbe foreign exchange market ia ur.aettitd. in Sueneed by ihe rrpoitrd fall of Sivsnnan and tbe weakness in goV. The rates for first class bills are nominally 1 4 ? a 115#. LZTTbe London papers, of tbe 29tu of January, publiahe i the following monster houx, under the heading, "Rnmored Confederate Victory at Port Royal "The A?ia has brought intelligence frout New .uiiui a wiuf bavin? bffo fought, on the 12th <f January, on the mainland. In the vicinity of i'ort Royal, between Urn lire's force and th? . VJeral trooi* .faulting In the total defeat of the latter, with a loaa of l,7uo killed aud wounded Tim Washington Government, we are Informed, had taken step* to suppress the new* of tnls rtverse, wXlcL. i.ever'.hHess. has reeched a higkijr respectable party la Liverpool, ttrou^h a priT?t? channel # Li * OUR MILITARY FrDfiET. TH* JilUTAKT TEI.FGB APH. On no other orcaaion ha* the utility of the elee trie telegraph been more forcibly lllu*trat???^than for the last three or four days in connection with the Government's military operations From Gen. McClellan's headquarter, night and day in that time, it haa worked in a circuit of full fifteen hundred miles without a break or a repetition from an Intermediate point. Thai has the General-in-Chief be?n able while sitting bv his telegraphing table h"re to communicate a* readily with Generals Hsllack and Ruell, who In turn communicated with the officer at the ends of their telegraph lines nearest the scene of the operations of their respective a-mies, as though sitting face to face to each other over a single table. Thus it is that the General-in-Chief ba* been able to carry out so simultaneously, a- well as triumphantly, his remarkable military combinations at pcints so distant from each other. MORK TBOOPS. The 13th Maine Regiment, Col. Neal (the well known temperance lecturer,) left Aufriiata vpstprdsv for the spat of war Thp <1M New York, Col. Crocker, Lag arrived in New York from Albany, and Is expected to come on to Washington in a few days. The lather of Col. Crocker has been a resident of Fairfax county, Va., and wai seized by the rebels last summer, at the instiitation of his rebel neighbors, prominent among whom was Henry Jenkins, recently arrested in Alexandria and now confined in the Old Capitol prison. The relatives of Mr. Crocker have not heard from him In several months, and have about yiven him up an dtad. The '.'3d numbers 1,WX) men, armed with Sharp's and Enfield rifles, three cf the companies beinu sharpshooters, organized for the Berdan regiment. Three companies of engineers left New York yesterday afternoon for Port Royal. THE REBEL FL4G. The Navy Department have received? forwarded by ConiRi; dire Foote?a number of fla^s taken at Fort Henry; among them the large Confederate flag that was hauled down from the main flag-staff of the pest when H surrendered. TtiK VICTORIKi . Salutes were lir? d lasl ni^ht, 'his morninsr. ai.d at noon to-day at the cranial and navy vard here In honor of the successes of onr arms COJCFKD GCSNKRY. The Panola, Lieut. Jack Crosby commanding, has made go< d her passage down the Potomac past the Confederate batterit* She was llred on, but not hit. CONUKESXIO NA L. HITIltk CO^ifiR ESS?Second Session. Sknatb.?Yesterday, after our report closed? A resolution in relation to the settlement of tne Oregon war debt was agreed to. and a bill regulating the terms of the Circuit and District courts of New York, parsed The b'll providing for the better organization of the UnlU'd States csva'.rv fore \vn> dUcuved by Messrs Fessenden. Wilton, Harris, Doo.ittle, it rimes. Howe ana others, and po't. oned until to-day. The bill to confiscate the property and free slaves of rebt N wa? made the special order f<-r Wednesday, and after an executive s ssion the St-nate adj >umed. Hockk ?After oar report closed? A resolution authorizing the employment of a stenographer for tb? committee on th?* conduct of the war was adopted and a bill to establish an Agricultural buirau p.ssed. A bill making an appropriation for the Si^nr.l service of the United States was alxo passed, and the House adjourned. nr"5=*WASHINGTON l.ECTL RE ASSOCIAlL2 TION. The Fifteenth Lecture of ths course will ha delivered bj REV. CHAS. G AMES, of 11! r.m,. At tito Smithsontan Institution, On WEDNESDAY EVENING, February 13 Subject?" Wha: will Become cf the Ktpublic Doors open at 7; Lecture a* 8 o'clock. Admittance 25 centw. f?'f-2t -Y^F-ALL ISRAELITES OF THE DISTRICT are h'ret'f invited to attend an extra meetI ins of tl.e Washington Hebrew Conererfttion, at their 5??iaeogue, i.u WEDNESDAY* EVENING next, at half tast 7 o'clock, in refeie:ice to the late perch ot Senator Wiison Br oider of the : f? 17 2f >T. y|CK' E. Sec. fV*=?OFFICK <>F THK JOINT CdM.MI?!JJj HON OF I HK IMTKDHTATKJ* AND COSTA KIOA, ir<i>kmKton, Fi'jruiry B, 1?62.?At a ipeetinr of the tvoaru. he'd this any, it wan Ordered, That ail per?orts having clMins upon the Republic of Cotta Kica, which are cri v deJ for b? the convention between the United S*ato? and the raid Repub'.io concluded on tl e 21 of Ju'y. 19?>. do fie memorial oi 'he *aine witn the Secretary of this Board 111 thecit?of Wa?ii ngtoa. CHAS. W. DAVIS, Secretary pro I'm. le 11-^w No. k2*iQ F wrreet wo^t 7V?CITY 11A1.L, February 3, 1862,*-Th? AsLk_?i season, havine completed the AiitMia> *ss>">s?meut f r 1862. will inert in their room. City Hall, a? a Board ot Appeal, from the IOHi t> t: o 26th of this month, inc tisive, to i;e*r ce-nplnnts and to make such correction tiny may deem Leces?ary. GEORGE COLLAR!), teh 4-^awtd fj^crevwrT. (V^F-THE UNION PRAYER MEETING Will be holden every d?T tin?i week in tne Luther an tnieii,f icev. J. t?. Butler's,) at the oorner of llth and H streets, commencing at o'clock p nj? an<1 continue') but o->e ho"'. ja 2" 1 tk1 A FAIR, for the benefit of St. Vincent's JL? e Orphan Asrum, wi'i be operod on THURSDAY ,3-th it t'.e A?yium,corner G and lntb streets. \ variety of u*efu! aL J fancy articles will t>e offered for . %!e. There will be a I inch room where aH kiads of ref-ffJanenrs will be served. !oe Cream and Confectionery, in their varieties. ja 29 t/ FOR SALE?Strong, nearly new sutlsr's or business WAGON. and double oet Harness.? ; all in perfect order ; coft tsxo ia Ba tim ore; pri"? 380 ; must be so'd ; to be >^?-n at HUR '>'S, 500 Mew Jersey avenue, near D?cot, fi? 13 21* _ f^OR SALE.-A jood sound HOR^E. with ha ness, warrar.iof. A so, a too Wait on. rv er? litte used; made ?o oriler. Wilt be sold ohcap, by spp ying at 434 ^^ * west. If _ ' ON AND AFTER WKDNKSDAY, the 19*b, ths mail trainers RfclNDEKR TC***. and VOLL'NTKfcR will i?av* Hen. C*f Hooker l)i?ik'cn at 11X o'clock^"^11^ * da'iy (**nndar? excepted ) fe lRjjt* C?HEE8E?CHEESE! TO CONNOISSEUR*. Just reoeivwl a laree lot of CHEESE,embracing the Stilton, Chedder. Wi.tghire. P re Apple ana fcdarr, a'?o. English l>airj !S>1 ITH * H \RT, ( Branoh of P, Tiercan * Son. Ilaltim re,) 511 Seventh ?treet, fe IB 31 N^xt to Na't"nat tuleiiigenoer. CAP p, PHOTOG H A PUS 4 ui? iuv AflU m AMES. too C?r<l Photograph* in variM?, ma'uding 0091ns ot Choice Pictures. Alio CaHD Vl^i i E atd OV All PICTURE FKAMhS, thi larftat assortment, from the boat mar.ufa.tor? n th? <<ount'y, for oa^lt, at J. .at A K KKITER't*, No. 496 f^ven'h stre^ . fa 18 8 doors above Odd Fellows' Hal'. ii70R THE FOLKS AT HOME ?Officers' and I idlers' needing any kind ot lJry tioons. for the folk * at heme, are cffr<*1 the most choioe fabric* thai our vast stock c tiers at our p'overtla Lr low prices, market iu plain ?tures Otie price on\y. All patoels f>r conveyance by express, or otlwr modes, proyeny packed free of oharge. fs 18 6t PERKY A HRO., Pa. aviiue and Ninth street. fcJTEINWAY 4 SON'S CELEBRATED PI? ANO FORTKK-TUm lu?trutneot?_ ? ? a e a^.ut ed by all munci%n*to be the be?tflE3W? iu*r>ulaotnr?d in tin* counrr They have'i ' &- ail time? racstTcl the firit premium over a'l oth-re, wh?rev rand whenev er tue? came in competition. Tbey arc warranted for live ?ears A .arte a?? >rtni ut of ilie?? lcntrumeLU is always to be found at the Music >*tor* of VV. <i. ME J ZfciROTT, Hole AgfLt. One 1 octave 4 rouno corner Chickermi Piano lor eale (or $s 5. fe 18 ^O SUTLERS' AND OTHERS. BR ANDY PEACHES, 100 doMD, 25 doxen FRESH PEACHES. 90 dt sen STRAWBERRIES. 20d< xen PINE APPPLES, *> ttoxen PIE FRUIT, CURRANT JELLY, 26 doien FRESH TOMATOES, GREEN CORN, GR GEN PEAS, TOMATO CATst'P, PEPPER SAUCE, SAUERKRAUT AND PORK. LOHfeTERS, CONDENSED MILK, CKANBEKY SAUCE, 10 UAKUELS PRIME WESTERN BOMJttNAS. I Jtiu r? e.v.d and [ t uia at the kwnt raih I t>ue<.ly UAEUOUE fc SEMM^iS. I fiM-lW No. 63 LoBUItB* AT0DB#. I TELEGRAPHIC. FROM FORTRESS MOSROE. Baltimore, February 16.?The Old Point boat hrinai thp fnllnwlnijr dpwi Foktxir* M 0:1*01, Feb. I?,?A flag of true? brought over a lady from Norfolk to-day, but no newspapers. We understand that the Norfolk Day Book of this morning makes no mention of the surrender of Fort Donelson, but represents the contest as still going on. Nothing additional has bten received from Savannah. The U. 8 gunboat Harriet Lane arrived from VI's.kU<T?An A MrU/* lo.t rilnK* A UKmi.iK > aouiii^ivu uui tiiK iaa? tu^ui uiCU at on the paaaage down the Potomac, but oneabot struck her, slightly injuring her wheel-house. A contraband came in from a camp beyond (Jreat Bethel tc-day, having atarted on Saturday nigbt. He bringa no information of value. A severe rain atorm has prevailed since morning, and there are now no signs of clearing up The wind is from the north. The Stars and Stripes, Jersey Blue and other hteamera, destined for Hstteras, are still detained. SAVANNAH REPORTED TO HAVE SI R. RENDERED WITHOUT FIRING A GUN. Baltimore, Feb. IP ?It Is rumored by passenger* on the Old Point boat that news had reached Norfolk of the surrender of Savannah without firing a gun. BALTIMORE EDITORS SENT TO FORT McHERRY. Baltimore. Feb. 19.?8. 8 Mills, publisher, and Thomas 8. Plggott, editor, of the notorious rebel sheet, "The South," were this morning arrested and taken to Fort McHenry. FIRE AT THE FRANKFORD ARSENAL. Philadelphia, Feb. IS ?The machine shops of the Frankford Arsenal are on fire Haw the News was Received Boston, Feb 17?A salute of a hnndred guns will be fired to-morrow by d^f-ctlou of the Mavor, J _ 1 1 *1 s 1 - * - ?? ? * ? auu on me mm in me rny win ring. The citizens will also Are live hundred guns Resolutions were unanimously passed In both branches of the Legislature, presenting the thanks of the people of the State to the gallant officers and soldiers of the army and the sailors of the navy on the occasion oi the series of brilliant achievements won by their courage and skill in the States of South Carolina. Georgia, Missouri, North Carolina. Virginia, Kentucky, and Teants.iee; and the Governor was requested to fire a a salute in honor of these great successes of the Union. Dispatches from Maine, New Hampshire, and Vermont, announce the general manifestation of enthusiasm and thanksgiving for the glorious results. YVilmimgton, Feb. 17.?The people here are crazy with excitein?nt; firing cannon, burnidg rockett, and giving demonstrations of their joy in every conceivable way. Isdtasapolis, Feb IT ?The greatest excite ment prevails here, Increas d by the terrible anxiety of the friends of the soldiers engaged in the struggle A special frain has left with physician*, twenty-live volunteer nurses, and a large quantity of hrspltal stores A citizens' meeting has been railed for taking care of the wounded that will be sent here Gov. Morton will leave for Foit DoneNon to night. I'rovipkncs, R. I., Feb 17?The citizens of Providence fired a salute of a hundred guns this afternoon A hundred guns were also fired by order of Governor Sprague L'tici., Feb 17?Guns sre firing, flags flying, fireworks and bonfires blazing, and the city in a ferment. IlrRLisoToN, Vt., Feb. 17?Vermont Arts all thp vu lift Ha liwii vi t hnmo bells In token of her great rejoicing over the feats of valor performed by the men of tbe \Ve?t. Detkoit. Feb 17 ?The news of the vic'ory at Fort Done'son has caused indescribable joy here. A hundred guns were flred and to-night many buildings are illuminated There will also be a grand torch-light procession to-night. Chicago.Feb. 17 ?The people of Chicago claim the honor of the victory for Illinois, there having been engaged twenty-live regiments of infantry of Illinois, six of Iowa, and four of Indiana; also, four regiment* of cavalry from Illinois, and six companies from Missouri. Albany, Feb 17 ? Huge bonfires are burning in tbe streets to-night, and the whole city is a scene of rejoictng. Acburn, N. Y ,Feb 17 ?A hundred guns were fired to-day in honor of the great victory iBNKVA, N V., Feb. 17?Bells are ringing and cannon nring. Pocghkbkpbik, Feb. 17A salute of a hundred gun* wa^- flred here to-day. Rocmkstkr, Feb 17?Our citizens are enjoying a general jubilee?cannon are being flred, belli rung. Ac. The War in MisionM. Tk?. R'It tut of Gtti. Prire?His Frjitcte'I Jinnfareemtnl*?The. Plan Probably Defeated?Gen. St gel in Clone Pursuit, fc., fc. SrRisoriELD, Mo , Feb 1" ? [Sp?ei:il dispatch to the St. Louis Democrat J?According to the latest advices the Federal army was In vigorous I pursuit of the rebels Price's army was in Crane cre??k. 79 miles from 1 here, on Friday evening, and our forces were five mile* in his rear, preparing to mike an early start in pursuit the next morning. Price had pieced bis train in advance. About one hundred wagons containing supplies for him were brought here from Forsyth, a few hours before his retreat The rebel sympathizers here claim that Price will be reinforced by twelve or fifteen regiments from Bentonville, Ark , under General Van Dorn; but lien Pijrel,wno is advancing on the rebel column on a difl'erent route than that pursued by General Curtis, may strike a blow on their fiauk, and up. D.I..V nci i iiuc taiuuia ium. Four rebel officers and thirteen privates fell into onr hands on Friday, and are now here. The officers are the notorious Col. Freeman, Major Berry, ald-de-camp to Gen McBride; Capt. Dickl inson, chief engineer; and Capt. Donnel, quartermaster. A poney express, with relay posts, has been established between Rolla and this point by Capt. Baldwin. BALLS, PARTIES, &c. riAuy u^MuvDki 1-mu iuuiuuc<iiv? xjc i nr> PHCENIX SOCIETY Take pleasure in *nnruno 01 lo their military ana citio frienis that ther wh give a g% bK-v.ND BALL a*. Tr'iiperanM Hall, on MONDAY KVE- Jm NINO. March S3. Particulars in future. mH My order of Committee of Arrangements, fe 19 4t T>HE9KrONDGRANDrOTILLON PARTY of COMPANY C. NATIONAL g% GUAR D. will take plac? on WFDN *>DAY M KVKMNG. February 19th, at Odd FeUowi'^na Hall, N?vy v ard. UM The Committe have tparad no paica nor expense to make it a night of enjoyment to those who favor us with their p:es?>noe. Committee q/ Arr<ingtm*nt?. J, fl, Tooker. Jnhn Klnmna* G. Thompson, r*. A. I'jne. Joseph Gordon. Ba'let Master?O. Thompson. Tickets 50 cents admitting a gentleman and ladies fe 1&-3t f|>UE HIAWATHA BUYS IN THK FIELD 1 AGAIN !?The members ol the iiiawa- g% tha Clui> take pleasure in announcing to their lEf many friends and the pnblio in general, that/HB the* will give ttieir ^ixth Grand COTI bON FAIVTY at Franklin Ha'l.oojger of 9th and srr< sta. on THURSDAY K\ RN1NG, Feb'y 2">. Ifidi. The members of the Club pledge themselves that no pains or exp'nse will be spared to make this party agreeable to all those who honor them with their presenoe. Hays' oelebrated Brass and String Band has been engaged for the o?oa uod. R-fresliments will be furnished by !*chafIe'd. Tiokets fl, admitting a gentleman and lales. Ccmmtttte cf Arrantimints Wm. Goddard, James Graham, Dan. Perkins, Rob'; Sibly. chas. Weber felSSt" N- B There will be no carda of invitation issued; but our lady friend- are most oordially invited. ONCE MORK, KIND hRIENDS, WE'RE COME TO ttREET YOU! The members of the STB WART HOLLAND CLUB take pleasure in announoing to their many friends, and the pubho in general. th%t wfl they intend giving their Seventh GRANU/BB BILL at franklin Ha;l, corner of 9th an4 Duflft streets, on TUESDAY. Feb'y 18 1863. The Committee pledge themselves to spare coi'her paim nor expausa to make this the Ball of the season. Tickets oae dollar, admitting a gentlems-n ?qie?. ~ ~ l5-8~*"** HPHE 4TM GRAND COTiLLON PARTY 1 Will b* given at *4 TEMPERANCE HALL, SI E atreet, between 9'h and loth, iA On FRIDAY EVENkNG, Feb'y 21 QStk Daneing wi" oommenoe at IK o'clock. Mueio bo Prof Arth'a fall band. Ticket! #1, admitting a gentleman and ladiea. fe is lw? PROF. C- P. BARNES' FASHIONABLE DANCING ACADFHV , at Tetnperanoe Hall, fa. atreet, between 9th and 1? th Claa>ea JM ever; Tueaday and Friday?afternoon olaaa at S. evening olaia at 7. A iree' \>tj Friday UA evening at o'olook. Mutlo *>y Prof. Oeo. Aria, Ternpsranoe Hall will Do let for Bala, Partita, to. Apply aa aboTo. ft 14 lm* A T MOOKK^ WEflfWiDDRUO trivia* ^ , 143 r?.a?euua, aonih aide, a larr? ant ren" and axiortment ut Drags, MWioinaa. Cirar* l wA!*?' Armor wUTCoai oili and LamMt at tha ch?a??at r*t? ie 18-rw a piNE MILlTA^V^inons?A LARGE ASIA. W. GALT Jt BRO. Jtvdlm.SM P*nosj Irani a arerne, fo?r doors vest of Brown's HopresentVtion

their tcty *r,e m,ort,nent of general officfr8. _ staff. and line swobds, SMhes, Be ts. Shoulder Straps, Sword Knots, *? i_- - -?a -* - -V n . .u unit. : uu cverv oir,?r ?ruci" 01 nion muiwrj Good*. M. vv.GALT 4 BRO Jeweller*, >31 Penn. avenue, f? IT at Four door* wa?t of Brown'* Hot*!. Anew daily link between Washington and m ata woman crvkk, maryland, Running <iai'T to Gin*. Hook'r'i nnd bukUt' Dtruiont, on tkt Lowtr Potomac. THE ST K J M B K A R ? 0, Capt. E. W. Davidson. Leaving Riley'* Wharf, loot ofllth street, at o'clock, returning ?ame dar at 2 k o'olock. IT i I f I ttetreshments on board. Faie 91 50 each wa? ; round trip #250. Freight taken at reasonable rates For further particulars apply to Captain oa board. fe 17 , NOTICE. ? BE Following article* of TIN WARE can be fonnd at the Cheap Cash Store of BONTZ * GRIFFITH, No. 369 Seventh street, between I and K street* 2,4,6.8, w.ttan'l 16 Qnart Pane. 1,2 and ? Qnart Sauce Pane. 1, 2 and 4 Quart Buckets Small, medium and argo a: zed Water Bncketa. Sma'l ar.d large Basin*. 1,2. Sand 4 Quart Cofiea Boilers and Pots. 'l in Clates, ups. Dippers, Skimmers. I.adles. Candlesticks, Ac.. Ac. Together wuh a general assortment of Fanoy Goods, Fnrmtnre, Beds, Mattresses CrookerTt (i.ui ware,an". a teaeral assortment of Housekeeping requisites. Remember the number, 3"9 Seventh street, between 1 and & streets. fe 17 eo3t BONTZ A GRIFFITH. rfiREASURY NOTE COUrONS X Dr? 19th IrsTAKT, Cashel by JAY COOKE * CO.. fe 17 lw 4&a Fifteenth St. HAVELOCKS! HA VELOCKS!! " Sutlers and others wanting a good art-.ole of Waterproof Havelooks at a low prioe oau be supplied by o*lhng on J. SCAG6S. fe 17 IW* ISi H??nth COW AND CALF FOR 8ALF..-I will offar for ale at the market yard on Tharsday. ^M| the 30th instant, if fair, if not fair on thatVkaf* day. on the next fair market day, a veryAa^M superior Cow and Calf. <e I? 3t* LEWIS BA1LV. WE HAVE OPENED A LARGR STOCK of very fine UNDERSUl R T S snd DRAWERS, which will bo sold at reasonable prices. SAM'L W. THOMPSON, 370 Penn. avonne. fe 15-tf under Bn va's. S^HI RT8: shirts:: SHIRTS!!! We are giving upecai attention to makinr Shirts to measure, adaed to havinc always on hand a fice stork ready made, gentlemen desiring thiaim y<ji uui (sniioui uiikjp 10 a iijie toa oi material aa they should be, will please step in ana eave their number. SA.M'L W.THuMPSO.N. 370 Pa. avenue, under fe 1t-t( Brown i Hotel. PMODKRN LANGUAGES. ROF. D B. GROUX Would reareotfnllv inlorin th < publio and hu lormer pupi that he haa resumed hia private Lepaona 10 L*naueg*a. aiao in achoMa and organized alaasts. in Frenoh, Spaniati. and tierman. Peraona wiahing to join any of tnoae o aaaea nan do so by %pp yin; at hia rea< deaoe, No. 349 Penn. avenue, opposite Hrown'a Hotel, or through the Poet Office, Washington, D.C. fe 15-6t 'I* COPARTNERSHIP. 1 HE Copartnership h*ret->foreexisting between Walter, K arin a tin St B"pp, having been dissolved in oonsf quen-e of the death "1 one ot the firm, the basinets wOi hereafter b*oarr ed on under the name and fc-m of Waitir * K? r* ?sn, w b are prepared to baild to order, and keep oun'tantiy on han^, all kinds of the most farhmu*b eCAKRIAGfcsof th? very best workma'ship. Repairing promptly and carefully attended to at the moit teasonable prioes. Thankful for past favors, we hope for a coctiouaiiOAofthe saiue, at our o.d establishment, on D street, between 9th and loth sts , No 346 np stairs. fe 15-lm WALTER A KARMANN. FHESH lemon BISCUITS. 12 cents per ib., BOSTON CRACKERS, to cents. SPONGE BUTiER do. 10 cents, SODA do. 8 oents, SUGAR do. 9 oents, WATER do. 7 cents. Good BROWN SUGAR, ? oents. Very fine CODFISH, Soar.ts. Another lot of fresh ground 0!OFFEE, POTATOES and BUCK VVHEAT FLOUR. ai voiy iuw prioob, ai fe 12 1W L A. DELLWIG'S. Navy Yard. A F1NI? as?ortm*nt of Tie*. Coi.ara. Huapender*. Shirts, Trunks. Hata and Caps, at PMITtt'S, No. 460 7th atreet, opposite Post Office. feU-lm CUPERIOK COTTONS AND LINENS, i 3,i)0n yarda heat Sheeting and Shirting Cottons. Superior Shirting Linens, Table Linens, Blllrtati Towels. and Tnw?lin?? in ! " All selling off at the lowe?t prices. I fe 13 ft J. W. COLLKY. NEW DRESS HOODS! J_?t Received? 3/00 yards new and stylish Light Calioos, Light Chintiee, Ginghams and Delaines. 100 pieces Piaid Cambrics. Brilliants, Nainsook Muslins, Jaconet Cambriaa, in the West grades, at the lowest cash orio?s. J. W. COLLEY. (e 13 fit S'i3 Seventh >t.. above Pa. av. LV'.Kt REDUCED TO ?1.30 r BT TH* U. S. MAIL LlrtE OF STEAMERS. _REI_NDEER. Capt. ~k7khi.t VOLUNTKRB Uapt Facsc*. leaving every morn in*.(S* excepted.tat9H from John Jones' wh&'f, foot ofl street,for Matt?*omin Creek and G*n Honker's division. Fare 91 50. (J~ & return t'cket, good for 3 day" on either boat, 52.5n Freight at reasonable rates. Licensed by tae U. 8. to carry Freight and Passenger*, and wkost Inspector's CtrUAcatt may bt seen en board. No Alooholio Liquors taken. fe 15 2w PERHAM'8 SECOND GRAND EXCURSION NEW YORK AND BOSTON ! From Baltimorflto New York and Retnrn 9H From Baltimore to Boston and Retnrn 913.40 Tickets for saleat Chandler's Cigar Stand, tn the National Hole), where fall particulars may be had. Two throueh trails daily, leaving Washington at 6 a. m. and 5 p m. Tinkets good to return on or belore May lit. fell 2?* A MKR1CAN SPECIFIC.?The only safe. /V tpeedy ana oertain cure for a rer'at.1 Prirm'e Distasi?aurt In from three to six daya. SoM o- ly at 113>i Pa. avenne. fe 18 6t 1H O. HOOD 8 f > < * r*i? . * n*B avin on nana, w*arr?u,p^3*?. a ? most celebrated li WA rCH r.S ttiai are manufactured in En?1*ci,i^w,tzer!aod *'cl Amerio*. both inGoidAXtf *nd Silver oase.-. Ha alto k^epa a ane ?toaR>f fi'ne JEiWhLR Yof the moct ceeirable style* cet with Diamonds, Emerald*. Kabiee and ail oth?r uema. Hh is also manufaaturincall kinds of Vo id btanuard filver Ware, ard keeps Swords, Revol era. Sword Bella ard Saatiea, Bowie Knives. Kasors. Sois?ors, Gold, Sliver and Steel ^pectvolea, and a rreat variety of other things usual'y kept m a Jewe rv Store, and a'l at the very lowest prioe. No. 335 Pa avenaa, between 9th and 10th streets, fe 16-tf DAYTON'S BOSTON CKACKERS! DAYTON'S LEMON BISCUIT: Are m&nu.'aotDred out of premivm floor; are highly recommended by phyaioiada for theaiok, and jaatiy pronornoed the beat artiole made. For aale bv jrrocera In every town and oity, and in Waahmi:ton by BROWNING &. KEATING, *43 Pa. avenue RING & BURCHELL, oorn'r 15th at. and Vermont avrnue. MARSHALL * PAGE, 4011 7?h at. Love Li/, collek * co? sis k at. L A. UKI.I.Wir. smtii. - J " KDW *RU FALL, 40 L*. awLue. W. A BR OWN.oorwr F ant\J3th ?U. BKNJ FENNKR. 346 D t./near lO'.h. UNT CLARK k. CO., oortt?r K and lfth ?U. . R. BARR A CO , corner D and Btn sta. fe 15 lw I KEA^ BARGMNS IN CLOTHING,at the "1 People's Clothing Store, No. 460 7th street. fr 14 1rn ?^AN1) WARRANTS WANTED JAY COOKE * CO.. fe 14 lw - 1 l> POTATOES. I ERSONS in want of aoperior Blowa or Bnokeyea. raiaed in the loyal oil of New Itriej, limt leave orders at No. 99 4H street, whore a sample may be seen. foU lw? ^ OLD AND SILVER COIN 7 3 10 TREASURY NOTES Bought and Sold by JAY COOKE * CO., fe 14 lw 4S9 Fifteenth trot. i 1LORIOUS NEWS?BURN SIDE'S EXPEVI ditiona perfect euocas. Bat next to that it tha firm ? *?? - * . ?vqcivu m vio(ain|f rirpiehin* Goods, Trunks, Hatu and Caps, at the People'! Clothing Store, No. 460 7th street, opposite Post Q?oe. fa ll-lm fit) ? BUTTER AND JSGGB. U\f Tube and firkins of strictly prime Goshen Butter, exoelling freeh print, ,(00 lbs. P*. Glaoee and freed Roll Butter, J600 lb*. Bakers' Butter. Freeh Kegs received daily. fe U-tf No. 4 tO JUST RECEIVED ft >?rge tot of BOYS' JACKETS, from Auouol. vhioh weftreetltin? 25 oent. below their tret oost, at No. ?M 7th treat. > U-Im COAL. WHOLESALE AND EXT AIL. At our Ottoe, New Jersey ftvevae, oppoalte B. ^uTpepot. J. LAN8PON A CO. ?|AT9 AT WHOLESALE. \ / Pot aftle by J. LAJjepyNMAJLX> , felS-tl r^pp33uBrToiu? ft, R, 390 P E X N S V L V A * 1 A A T I If (J E . ENILE DI'PRE. Just Rtotlvrd ud Opened, A large and Irtklta stock of ehole* FAMILY GROCERIES, rondstlng of: PUG*Rl?, of all grade*. TEAS. COFFEE, BUTTER, LARD. | FLOUR, MAILLARD'S CHOCOLATE, Ac., Ac, kt. All of which he offers at lowest cash prices. I PIKE'S CELEBRATED WHISKIES 500 barrels Magnolia, 300 barrels XXX, 300 barrels Millers Rye Monoogahela. 800 barrels fine Old Rfe, 500 barrel) line Old Bourbon, AT CIXCJIiyATI PRICES. All the favorite brands of C HA MP AGN E, Mumm Verxeny, Green Seal, Heidstck, which, being bought low, we offer at unusually low rates. Also, Sole Agent for PIKE'S ARMY CORDIAL. 4UW II i# icu ifu HORSES WANTED FOR THE U. 3. GOVERNMENT. Fialid Proposals for the delivery in Washington City of 1.450 CAVALRY and ARTILLERY HORSES, for the U. S. Government, will he received at the offioe of Col.,D. H.Rucker Depot Quartermaster in this city, until 12 m., on MONDAY, the 17th instant. These horses will be purohaeed in lota not ex ceeding 900 each, and no bids will be entertained for a greater number from any one person. No bid will be entertained that is not endoreed by two responsible perrons, who will guarantee that the bidder will oomply with hi* proposition, if it aboald be *r>r>?nt*rl Twenty five days will he Riven from tb? opening of the hida,for the completion of the delivery of the borate. Of the above horses, V?> are required for Cavalry and 950 for Artillery. Description of Homes required. CiVtUT Hoses*. From 15 to 16 h&nag in height; between 5and a years of age; of dark colors; veil broken to the saddle; o<>mpaotly boilt and free from all defeoU. Artillkrt Hox<t?. To be from 15X to 16 hands in height, between 5 and 8 years of age;da>k oolors; free from all defects; well broken to harness and to weigh not leu than 1100 pounds. The horses will be inspected by a board ofoAoera detailed from the regiments requiring themThe undersigned reserves the privilege of rejer . ids raon ana every bid, ahonld he oonaiderthe interests of the aervioe reqmre it. STEWART VAN VLEIT, I ielS-td Brig. 6en. and Quartermaater. B% timore Clipper, Philadelphia Preea, New York Herald and Pittabnrg Commercial Jonmal, will pltaae copy.till day, and send bill aa above. SEALED PROPOSELS Are invited till the loth day of Maroh. 1862 at ISo'eloek m., for enpplyiof'the 0. S. Sub. Dep't with 6.C00 bead of BEEF CATTLE on the hoof. The Cattle to be delivered at Waahington City, and eaoh animal to averace l,3oo pound groaa wight: no animal admitted which weigha leaa than pounds f roan. Toe Cattle to he delivered at snoh timea and in auoh aoartitiee at the Government may reenire. No Cattle will b* required under thia oontraet before the lat d*y of ADril. 1?S2_ Heifera and Bullocks co wanted. A bond with good and aufficient *9001117 wi'.l be required. Government reserves to itself the right to pay in Treasury note*. No bid will be entertained when put in by contractors who have previously failed to oomply with their contracts, or whe-e ti.e bidder is not present to respond to hia hid. Bids to be direoted to Maj-A. BECK WITH, C. S., U. S. A., Washington. D.C. Koim or Bid. I, A B. do hereby propose to deliver to the Government food Beef Cattle on the hoof for per hundred pounds gross jreight. The Cattle to be delivered at . according to the terms of the enoloaed advertisement. The Cattle to be welched on the aoalqp. and the weuht *0 determined to be the purchaae weight. 1 hereby agree to give a good and sufficient bond for the fulfillment of the oontraot. and to receive Treasury notes in payment for the Cattle. fe IS iZik v ' 400 Bushels NORFOLK OYSTERS Jai?t arrived at 44 OYSTER BAY," 13th at and Pa. av>. fe l&-8t* GIBSON'8 REBI AJJKANT. flgtt /-J Rtm'ninr tkt old Se+U ? Fm?. Onr three boate?the Vacdalia, Bine Bird and Fanny Forreat?havinj nooe8?lury run theblockui> <<*? ?K? !?- ?1 ' - ' ... m.vowrcii, ana having the meuranoe that they will continue to to do daring the m?on, thereby iu?p!t.g{ our house it all time* with the beat of Old Virginia's Biva vm W e are determined to reeuire the old aoaie of pnaet. Oar larder will be supplied with the beet the market affords The bar with the choioeet Wines, Brandies and Cigara. Oar Ale oannot be eurpaeead. Citizens and atrangera ple&ae take notioe. GIBSON'S Restaurant, fe 14-lw* Corner of 7th and K streets. ROOM TO RENT, auitable for autlaru' aupply store Apply to ft J. MYERS, Importers of Watohea. 10 Wiahimton Buildingp|tA,LERa_1N WATCHE9 Would do well to ? u*u ?uu examine the stock of 8. A J. MYERS, whioh they are selling 90 per oect. lover than UT other house in the oity. 10 Waahiaf ton BaiUfinc. 117ATCh MAKERS Wtll save time and trouble WW by calling on 0. A J. MYERS to pnrohaee Watch Material!, Watch Glaaeee, Toole, and Jewellers' Jobbing Material!. 10 Waanington laildiag. SB| & J. MYERS, having anderatood that eer eral traveling pedlars having represented that they are oocoeoted with their nonae, and celling an interior artlole, they take tbia measure ia informing the trade that they are ia no way connected with any home or agents in this city, irr Branch of Boston House?10 W ashing toe Bailding, Washington. iV o ME. PEEDRIAT. Surjeon Chiropodist, from Parte, bee* to inform yon that be ou efTaoi naily remove Corns and Baniona, without tut the ahoe oan ba worn immediately after the operation, withoat lnconveniecoe. Aleo ranovie warts and other saperflnous (Uan from the hand*, ao tbat they will aapaar emailand daiieata. No. 1*?H atreet,near City Ball. Chartea mooerata. ITT Refera to the doctors of Washington generally ja 3< lm' TVJAVY AND ARMY BLUE FLANNELS. 1 aerWala malibea of thebeat kinds made. Arm* and Navy Bine Cloths, and "Doe Skins," ofaaaliUaa and oolors that oan be railed on. AImV oar aaaal fell and aawle stock mf ni?efcA - ? I in2> v??Ubi?. for Citisen'a W?*r. ute?!?'? iSSVhm"* ProaUa? ?t HI < ."Si's? ,?.h ffirii' ?~ r?mt fM..4jsTi?gii3^SMC Y84 AET OF WAR fr*n?i?t?4 'V Sffulmt. Orftif till, 98N. 'JA8E Y'8 iNVi^f lY TACTIC. Kit G^of?Mou rnj n( Goods, IB %11 fchnoa la "'Vbw?' ? A I l owmal. Department of~statk, Wmiimtor, Februarr l(, Is**. Information baa been recflrrd at tbla Depart, ni it fr< .1 Mr R W *h araLDT, tbe Conn! General of the I'n'.Wd state* at Havana, that - tb# Supreme Government of Spa:n La* cooimHI the exemption from export dutv bttfarrt* g-*r.iM to aguard'ent#- de ca^a.' '?rn d!a".!l*d f-< it oariaa aee, and tbe exemption from tonnage due* io such Ttwli only as, bsvlnjj romf in be liar ball leave entirely loaded with molaasrs M 15-3tlf AUCTION SALES. Br J- C. McGl'lRE k Co., Aaetioneera f^REAT AUCTION SA LK OF ELEGANT U JAPANESE. CHINESE EAST IN MA GOODS. Oa FRIDAY, I-etrosry Slat, commencing at It o'olcot a m.. and 7 o'clock p. ra.ard e^rtmnni from day to day antil the whole ,? opposed of. we atta 1 aall, on Uie eecocd fljor of car Auction Roome. with oat reserve, the largest, rarest am most beavtifal ooj <otion of? CHINESK. JAPANESE AND eai?t in in a goods. Ever cff?red at pcbllc rale in this ooantry. For a description of these beta ifal coocs. we refer to the circalara which will be ia?a< d on Wed next. The good* will be arranged anc on freeexhifciK;t,"n for Thuraday. 10th inaiact, from 10 to ?Euftf 1. C. MoGl'l*E k. CO.. Aaeta. By J. C. MoT,I IRK * c<? , Autwum. f^OVKRNItSNT SALK HORCES ? On UTHIRSDAV MOKN1N6, Febraary SOU. at to o'olook, at the OoreiLKtot Corrall. mv the Obaorratnry. 1 ahaJ! Mil? )M HoraM, and _ an Maroa, Coc>!'u.r e4 aa nnf.t for pnb'io eervioe Terma oath, in Go Tern meet uda. CMt.* Aeet Or felSd i.C. MeGL'lUK * <*.(i . tuti. MARSHAL'S BALK.?By virtue of i wniW tc. f*cia? iecued from th? Clerk'* off.c?. of the Ciroait Court, of the D.itMoi of Columbia for tM ooiitr of WaahiDctoa. a^d lo m dirtoM. I Win expoee tn kukio m * for euk on ^ RIDaV. the 21et day of Fet ruar y, 1MB. cd the Cana , mmdiat'ly Met of the Mftrket h u?e b id*e. id Georgetown, 1) C.. oomn er)ctD( at ie n'e'ook i a,IM Cordi of Mac and Pi :.e W.Md, ?? zed and evied upon ae the good* and ohatteie ?f John A. Grmee, and wi!' be eo d to eaticfr judiei%l? \o 4 >. U> May term 1*2, id favor of l)iokaon.?u'?vr of Pirkrell. WARD H LAMON. fell-dte XT e. Marehal, it. C. MARSHAL'S SALK -In M tpe of A writ of fieri faoiaa, lMued fr? m the o erk'? office of tke oirent o^nrt of the District of Co gmt <a. ior tha ooaoty of Waahicctnn, and to me diraotari, 1 will axpoa* to pnbuo aaie, for cath. id front of the Court House floor of said oout ty, on WtONEs DAY, the 6 h day oi Mnrch 1863, at II o'olook m . the following described property. to wit ? All defsndiot'i right, t.tle. okim %nd m<*rMi in and to the couth S feet inches < f Lot No. 21. in Fqoare No. *?, fronting on tth street wnt, between U aud f streets north, in the city t Washington, D. C.. together with nil and ungntar the improvement* thereon, seised and levied upon &s the propert* of 1'Win ft. Bark-r, and will beeold toe&t sfy judicias Co. J?n to January term >#62. in favor of John K. ode 1. W ARD H LAMON, (e 10 u U S M&rshal P. C. B? J. C VO'l l' IK K * C'l , TRUSTEE's ^ALK OF NEAT TWO-STORY 1 FltMtLIWk.UM Uokiok Thitritiiit WBT, BK1 WKKf N ASD O ITKIITI KolTK -UB Monday a K ItK MtON, t-?t>ruary 24th, at 4 o'clock, on the prin m. by virtue of a deed of trust, cateU Octotei xsth, 1 and du'y reco'det >n Lioer J. A. 8 No *?, o'.io* SI. fcc., ooeof the land reeorda for Washington oon-.ty, U *:. I shall sell the tit e to of Lots numbered 27 and 21, in Davidson's sub division of equate numbered XI. fronting 15 feet I inch on Tenth street wes\ between I N Rtld I I utrAOtn BAPtK riinnin* ? thirty ?e?t a ley. togeth-r *nh the improvements, ointntini of a neat and wel! built tw?-story 1 raine Dwelling Mouse, with a back huudinc. . Terma; One third easu, the remainder icsn and twelve month*, with interest, eeoared by a dr??.i of trust ol the premises , o ^ JA8' ? 3HEKEI.UTru.ttM ia?t 2a w A (is J.r*. MeOfilw k A . A acta. By BAKNAKD A. BUCKKV. Auctioneers, TRD8TEES' 8AI >:.-li'^virt?? of a deed ,.f * truat from \Vm. XV. McNeer. dated April H. 1861, and of reoord, we wiii off>r at auot<on on the 11th day of t-eb'uary next at 3 o'clock p. m , on the remises, a.l that lot of irroand in Geo'ceiown known as the easternmost part of lot umber one hundred and twenfy-Meht, (128.i in Hea i's addition Y?""iwwu,in?nuDi! it ol i/an %rv>L and run nine lack north, of th? Mm* width. 1 *6 foot, with the improTemtnrs, ounsiaUng of a two Btory frarr,* hi me, Term* of sale: One-third of the pnrohaae money V* he Mid in caah ; and the rem Cue at thrM eanal icrtMaifn'i. at three *i* a-id bim muuu*, witb uteiMt, to be aeeured. WALTER 8. COX. HI OH CAPERTON. . Zr",ta*S ?eoriotown Build> AwoeiaV ja6 2?wts BARNARD A BUCKET, Aaota. JEXW aB.?VK~SALE IS POSTPONED to the 13th day of iMa'oh r?*t. , t, _ WALTKR ?. COX, (, _ f?h lo Hwii nrnn riPBiTnu , Tnr"w ? MWVH univnt) FOR SALE AND RENT. A FRONT AND BACK PARLOR.roaaamcalirc, with or without Ho?rd, No (*? mth atreet, between M nnl N ate. Terro? w?o<Wij. fe 11 ?? 1 OTS KOR 8ALE OR RKNT -Wi have fire I t unimproved Lota, aitueted in the immolate vicinity of the Rm rued Depot, which w? will ?ell low for cash, or leeae on reaconable terma. For parties la ra inquire uf JJARtJOUK A ShMMES. le 1? <teo IjV?R KKNT-A ier??? FRONT ROOM, noeiy farius^ed. in aoectrel looation : would *uito e or two fent emen. Apply at No. 454 Eighth at.. M?~. > 17 X* FOE KENT?With Hoard, at No. *3* Twelf'h it e?t. at corner of L, a oomtnodtoua FRONT ROOM, aocond atory, auitAblefor two gentlemen. fa 17 ?f For rent-a *?UrMW wit of rooms, double par ora.lfurmane i aachamber and parlor.) on firat tioor, ja?t vacated bjr a U. 8. annr offiaer. ln%nire at 37 3 E, between 9th and 10th eta. fel*?* I^wo fl'kn ished rooms for rent at 4 06 D atreet, between 6th and 7th eta. fa 15-tf DUILDIN8 FOR RENT AND FI RNiK RK D A.ND MATERIAL TO BK {HJLD-TM large four atory BUILDING on Pennaylraata aTenn*. No 1*?0, between 17ta at.J ]?th ?treeu i? ior rent, ud the Furniture and m?i?ri? to be old off at Terr low rates The eeoond, third, and fourth stories, of one room each. aid oeiiing 14 feet high.oan be seed ept'aiel*; the fcrat at or* he* two rood Store Rot ma of3i feet by 75 feet (one ued Dy the L mted States)end drv Basements Possession can be had ofthe Sto'eard Baeemer.t at onoe, and the Upper K noma ae fast at the stock oan be eo d. 'there la a rood Brick Stable a'd Workshop. *Ld Shedding and Yard, enclosed with h (h briok wall. ( fe 15-St) EDWIN WW KEN. DOOMS TO RENT, farniehed or anfarniehed, II with all the modern oon??nietoes Ar ply after Monday at the oorner of Third street and Mireoarl atswa wMlt* f OPT TO RENT, seoond floor. *1? E street. L near VVUlarda' Bole . 22 by 110 feet. Inquireib the etore jaii A RARE CHA \CE.?The proprietor of tne /V City Hotel, (the only first o.ass Hotel bow open in Alexandria. Va.,) la desirous to retire from ^nsmeee. and will Bell, for a fair pnoe, the Fl R N1TURR, FIXTURES and GOOD W|lX of the hoses. His lease will terminate on Ue let of Jannary, 1863, but the property oan no doubt be leased for a muoh longer term at a moderate rent. This Hotel is now doing, ana has for many year* done, a large and profitable business. The desire of the undersigned to retire froir. psbl.a bunn-ss is the only inducement to soli, ss ieoould not ;.ope to engage in oae more profitable. For terms and pa~ticu arsspply to J AS A E.N G LI SH, who is ai then serf to negotiate, or to the ar-dersicned. tal?t? AaM'L HKKLKgOW ER. JAY COOKE A CO.. Nn SSS Pie?" ?- ? * - ~ wwiimi ovi wi, opfofiii i f6Mlrv Buildin?a. Wuhii(Uia. In oonneotion with our Philadelphia Hoom w have opened at No. 4 AU Fifteenth atreet, an oAoe for the tranaaction of a ceneral fcjonane, ColTeetina and Baaki n? Bu?i:>?*r we bar and en Coin, Lnearrent Money. Stock and Honda,(on oomn.. ion.) Draft* tiinci.ME and European oitiee, reoeire Deposit*, and sake Collection upon all aooeuible poinu 4-lm JAY COOKE k. CO. |>a*KLNU Hol'rik oP D _?WEEJSrY Jt HUYCK. *' Brrnmi Mtmst. Drafte on Europe ana oa the pr.Lc.pal eitiaa in the Union, in bum te it, raruehed dt aa on rea onable ternaa to eitiaena aad aoidiera ofd m' im*arT Notes, and Carre007 bought aad JM?osi* seoossta opsnsd with easterners, either ' aur1"' ^aawre BOVCT. GOODS, REAL LACES. EMBKOlDKRlIft, Ac.. Ao.?l take pleesar* il lolortraLc u.? .edic* mat I have Jut rsosiyrd iron, ?U? n rth ?!? * N%"l*"it )*l,' Vr?eee*7i*irU, Lmin'Dnwwi, Its.. Re~ Whi6t I dMirt Iks llliw to .L>p?ot. ? they ww sr.r. "c ? "** No. la -MR"1 K 0., N. B. Pimm don? to erdor. fcMs M<5!ffiISUR&.or NBW "D "OD" b fcct me Wmi* Pud u4 Ck?M 8Uka tm I*ti? GiomV fi.Mk bilks aU vidtki tad pr**?e. kz*vjsm&- lot *!? *. WW ^Ot' nortjlwn nad^aaitara aomapoadaata *m4 ? -?w unity. ? m pnoa only n*H'<

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