Newspaper of Evening Star, February 18, 1862, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated February 18, 1862 Page 3
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LOCAL NEWS. nr?mi?Ta To-Nioht. Thiati*?John E Owen* u "John Unit" In (be comedy of "Self," and as "John Jamea Pooiey" In the farce of " Young England." ca^TimirBT Hall.?Second week of Slgnor Ahffto and Min Duval, with Butler. Armstrong, Ward, Parker Taibot, Clarke, Mines Miles, Wells. La Folle. Maggie, little Ella, and other stars, In an immense bill of songs, ballads, dances and burlesques, concluding with the capHal pantomime, * Raoul." Lookout for the grand matinee and presentation of a silk dress to-morrow afternoon. Philhabmohic Hall ?An original mu or Kthlopiair chornsses, dances and comicalities by the entire company of sixteen star performers, with a sidesplitting afterpiece Kih?'s AxriTHBATBB ?Marvelous feats of horsemanship sod dexterity by the whole ampl* theatrical troop*. Grand afternoon performance to-morrow, and benefit of M'ile Helolse on Thursday night. 0*pha*s' Faib, for the benefit of St. Vincent's Female Orphan Asylum, corner of Tenth and G streets. Look out for a rare enertainment. Fsasblis Hall ?Seventh grand ball of the Stesrart Holland Club Arrangements have been perfected for a grand time. Old Folks' Cojcht, by the choir of Union Bethel Cburcb, M street, between Fifteenth and S'xteentb streets, for the benefit of the church. Music by the old compcsen. ancient costumes. Ac , 4c. Acabsxy of Mrsic, Pennsylvania avenue, betwffn Ninth and Tenth streets. Hall open all day. Free eonceru at 4 o'clock. PaocaBDixot o? rna Cttt CotrjictLs, Feb 17. Board of Aldermen.?A communication was received frtun the Mayor, nominating David W. Gar?t for word ar d coal measurer of the Anacostla district, John H Bird for inspector and rneas'irer of lumber; John Chl*m for scavenger of the first district of the First Ward, In place of Jacob G Carr, declined; Albert J K Baker for police constable; snd Edward B Bury for apothecary to mtrfviin to Ihr nnor of the Fifth Ward. Referred. AI to. a communication asking the concurrence of the board* to close the Corporation office* on t ie *2d instant, " Congress evidently intending to eommeirorate, by special observance, the approaching anniversary- of tbe blrtb of Washington " laid on tbe table temporarily. Also, a communication saying, " the success of efforts to preserve tbe Union, at Pbillppl, Rich Mounta'n." Laurel Hill, Gauley, Hatteras, Port Royal, Dranesvllle, Fort Henry, and tbe more rerent and brilliant achievement at Roanoke, and tbe last and greatest at Fort f>onel*on, which so elate* loyal bearta ia especially welcome to the citizens of Washington ; and as the maintenance of our national integrity ia vitally important to tbe existenceof our city as tbe Federal Metropolis and our well-being as a community, it might not be Improper to testify. In some public manner, the satisfaction these events afford." Mr. Richards offVred a series ef resolutions In IKa rwr?nt virtAf<M fKanWlnrr fKa President and Cabinet for tbeir firmness and wisdom In crushing the rebellion, and the army and navy for their heroic achievement*; which resolutions were pawd unanimously A communication wsi received from tbe Mayor romlnatlrj; for Scavenger of the First District, Fourth Ward, Wm. Jourdan; for Intendant of the Asylum, Joslah Adam*; referred. A petition from Jame* White, for the remission of a flue. wai referred. An act amending an act making an appropriation for renting, beating, lighting and furnishing station houses?allowing tbe Mnvor to use the amount ef the appropriation of #3 000 in heating, lighting and furnishing tbe station house*. In his discretion, was pa*s>ed Mr. Llovd oflVred a series of resolutions concurring in the Mayor's recommendation f >r an >ppropr:,?t?t observance of tbe approaching anniversary of the birth of Washington; passed uiMlmniilT The following bills and resolutions were passed A rc?olut:^n requesting the committee ori finance to report on the petition of Mrs. C E. Beale, referred to said committee on the 19th of August last; an act relating to the transfer of licenses? Axing the amount or iees to oe paia to tne Register for such transfers; an act providing a penalty for selling coal in any other way than by the tun of 2.210 pounds?punishing each breach ef the law by a fine of not less than three nor more than five dollars A bill In relation to the disbursement of appropriations for the market-houses; providing for the rendering of accounts for work at the marketbouses, or other expenses incurred by authority of law, said accounts to b?j certified to by the proper rfflce?s, and paid *s ether sccounts against , the corporation are: ana a resolution providing for the omission by thf City Collector from the advertised list of delinquent tax pavers of the names of officer* and soidiera now in the service of the United States. Tbe petition of S Held, praying for remlsaion of a fine, was referred Mr. Brodhead, from tbe committee appointed at tbe last meeting of the board to confer with tbe directors of tbr Baltimore and Ohio Railroad pAmnanv tiruin fVp vnhlPTt nt rnntfrnrtinn t VW^'BU J "J*"" MU>IU^ ?> V* ? railway* la Washington, made a report In writing tfcat the committee bad a conference with .Mr. Garrett, president of the board of directors of said company, who said the counsel of the company baa no doubt it had the power to make branch railways upon the streets and aren'ies of tbiaelty. and the company would no doubt give toe benefit of the grant, far which they hid a franchls* f*om Congress, to this Corporation, with no condition except accommodations for the transm tiinn of freight from (ieoriretown and to the Potomac, the company paying for the same The report reviewed the two rival ?ch*mw now before the House of Representative* of the United States, and suggested that if both should be defeated it might be advisable to make terms with the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad Company, the Corporation Attorney having decided that said company has the franchise It waa ordered tbatth?? report b? published with he proceedings and lay upon the table. The following bills and resolutions from the lnixr?r tw?rri were referred : One nrovidtncr tnw the issuing of small notes by the corporation when the law authorizing such issue shall be passed by Congress: one in relation to street railways, remor.strstli.,; against the passage of sny bill by o-^ress which does not give to this corporation ? the police regulations, and the power of taxation; one providing for the appointment of a medical practitioner as secretary cf the Boaid of Health; *nd one instructing the Corporation Attorney to 'ike steps against the public sale of the Washing on md Alexandria Rillroad, (advertised by >|r. J B Stewart to be sqid la Alexandria in April next, under the English deed of trust ?Hep ) Th- resolution from the lower Board, Instructing the i?int committee before Congress to uree upon that body the Incorporation of a new gaa I'.jjht company, to furnish light at cheaper rates than tbe preaent company, wm advocated by Mr. Richard*, who thought ga* ought to be furnlahed te e a* cheap as in other clti?a. Mr Bohrer opposed the resolution He did not want the atreets to be azaln cut up, and thought tbe new company by furniahlng the Government and parties on the main ltnea, would get all tbe fat. wtile the lean would be left to tbe old com ptnv. Mr. Brown explained the provision* of the bill t>?fore Congress, and called attention to the fact that It was virtually a contract wltb the new rompany to supply the Government for ten years atttSO p?r thousand feet. That company could make more money at K per thousand feet on a contrmrt to run ten years, and furnishing only the Capitol and White Houae and Pennaylvania avenue, than the old company with its 44 miles of mains rould possibly make at its present rates of S3 15 p?r thousand feet. Mr Brown stated reasons why gas was higher here than in northern cities, urging the higher price* of coal, the smaller quantity of ;u manufactured, im the imer number of consumers to the number of miles of pipe laid He thought this board ought to take up the subject, and ask Congress to have the price of gas furnished by the old company reduced Mr Richards stated that a large portion of the pi pes spoken of by *V- Brown bad been paid by the Government, and a part by citizens who could not'o'.herwlse avail themselves of the sdvantages of jm. The company would not lay down pipes anywhere If the? did not think It would pay. Mr Brodbead said that the b'.ll before Congress was not a contract. It contained a section obligating the new company to furnish the government with gas for tea years at S3 JO per thousand, and to citizeas at the same price. The govern mem wouio mi oe ootigea to uie iu gu at that rate for one month If they did not choose to do to. Mr Brown Hid that two attorneys of ability tn this city had decided that the clause providing that the new company ik+U connect their pipes with the government main, amounted to aeon Tfvri win toe company ior me period named. rh? btll was atirewdiv drawn, that clause being bidden away lu the middle of a section. Mr. 8rodhead reiterated bis vlewa, and thought there would be no hardship la allowing a new company to furnish the government for ten years a', f2 50 per thousand feet, when the old company had famished a longer time at much higher rates Oa motion of Mr. Bohrer, the bill was referred to the Committee on Police Mr Lloyed read a resolution In relation to street railways, providing for the appointment of a committee ( three members from each board to uske an arrangement with tha Baltimore and Ohio Railroad Company for tbe transfer of their franchise of said company to this oorporation. < The special order, tbe resolotloas approving the street railway bill which baa passed tha U Jf Henst*. waa taker up, when Mr Lloyed moved tbat the resolution Just read by him be adopted as a substitute The motion waa debated, and pending action on it, the board adjourned Ctmmon Coumcti ?Mr Richards Introduced a M.?t r?olutlou .natructlag the committee before Caagrses to urgs tbe passage of a bill befora that ????????? body for the Incorporation of a new gas company; pas* M Mr. Shepherd offered a joint resolution reqnesting the Msyor snd corporation attorney to take measures to prevent the sale of the Washington and Alexandria Railroad; passed. The following petitions were read and referred-. R T VVatann #av MmiaalAti t\f An#' nf (Ha American Hook and Ladder Company, for relief; of Cbariea Stewart, for tbe prevention of a nuisance. Mr. Wilson, from tbe Ways and Means Committee, reported a joint resolution Baking Congress to amend tbe city charter so as to relieve tbe city from tbe payment of tbe molty expense of opening and re-opening tbe county roads; pasted Also a bill for tbe retirement and canceiling of tbe corporation certificates of indebtedness of tbe Issne of 1S91; passed. Mr. Lewis, from Improvements committee, re - * * * ? ? a 11 a porUHi Aldermen s dui ior opening no ?uey in square A; passed. Mr Given, from claims committee, asked to be discharged from the consideration of the petition of Catharine Hudson; which reouest was .granted. .Mr. Morgan offered a resolution requesting the Mayor to inform the board as to the amount of the floating debt of this Corporation, and what amount of monev remains to the city's credit In the Bank of Washington, or elsewhere; passed. The following bills and resolutions were re celred from the Aldermen, and disposed ofA bill Axing the rates of fare in harks and other ebiclfs; a bill for relief of W F, Dant; Joint resolution asking of Congress further powers in lur ainiiiuuuuii ui v?a?n iu luc^iiy, uui iu ic* Uttlon to the 'Mue of licenses; and a bill for tbe relief of Jobn P. Dennis, were referred to tbelr appropriate committee* A concurrent resolution directing tbe settlement of tbe water-pipe account with J. W. Thompson A Bro., waa referred to Messrs LewIs, Morgan and Raub; n bill In bebalf of tbe female department of First District nchool. and making appropriation for the same, was patsed; a joint resolution praying Congress not to reduce the price of labor In this city, and a joint resolution urging upon Congress tbe Importance of contfnntncj fh? *rnrnnrljitinn for llaMlnu th? atr^ti j running through the Mai); and a Joint resolution In relation to the recent victories of onr army and navy, wereadopted; a hill providing for the payraent of F. T Sands for the burial deceaaed with mall-pox. was passed Mr Shepherd reported back the report of the Intendant of the Atvlum, which was laid on the table Mr. Morgan moved to take up tbe joint resolution authorizing a conference with tbe President and Directors of tbe Baltimore and Ohio Railroad in reference to street railway*; lost. A concurrent resolution of tbe Aldermen in regard to tbe approaching anniversary of tbe birth of Washington, was adopted. The Aldermen's bill amendatory of an act making appropriation for tbe renting of station bouses, repairing of guard or lock-up bouses, and beating, lighting and Improving tbe same, was t?ken up and passed Mr Sterbrrd offered a joint resolution request lng the Mayor to stop all work on the Central guardhouse, and to furnish this Board with all the bills fl* work on said guardhouse, and other purposes, which was adopted; and the Board adjourned ImjTTKBT ?Yeaterday, Justice Johnson, for Coroner Woodward, held an Inquest In view of the body of Won Nixon of Co. A, 0th 0 S Artillery, who was found dead in the premises of Mary alias Mary Marshall, corner of Sixth St. East and Maryland Avenue, yesterday morning The jury examined a larfe number of persona, from whom nothing of any account waa elicited, except from two intelligent boya, aons of Mr?. Magee, and an employee in the bouae?Mra. Go?din The children testified that they went to btd about seven o'clock?thtir nUter Mary, a girl of about sixteen, their mother, and the man, Jam** Marshall, who she says la h?r huabind, ana Mrs uoodin. being then in the bouse They wt*re amuitd between twelve and oue o'clock by the report tf a jjun or piatol. and they smclled the burning powder. They did not hear any disturbance, or know of the homicide till the morning. wben tbey were told of It. Mm. Good'n substantiated the atatement of the children. ?be was aroused from sleep by the report of the gan or pistol, and also smelled the powder. They all a*y that Mrs. Magee, Marshall, Mrs Magee'a children, and Mrs. (jcxxllu wrre the only persons in the bouse when they retired. From the appearance of the premises, it would aoj m f K ? IKi a /) a?a* K*<l /? /\ m a n tKa ? on * IU iua? lur uc>tor:u uuu ^uuic IU tuc UOCA Will* dow, the blinds of which were open; and that the shot waa fired from within, through the glaaa, which waa Tre?h broken; and there were marks of powder on tbe aath The bill entered through the top of hla cap, atrlking upon the wide of hla nose, and glanced, passing entirely through the head, ceusing instant death. Blood marks were found on the lnaideof the abutter During the night the b dy was dragged from the yard to the street, a* was evident from bis clothing and the trail in the mud, and waa there found by paaaengera. who bad the body carried out of tbe rain to a shed in tbe same yard Mrs Magee has long been a resident of tbe Fifth Ward, and carried on a little groggery at tbis place, ana Janus Marshall, who ?be says Is her husband, Is a soldier belonging to tbe 1st U S Cavalry. Tbe jury returned as a verdict tbat the sild Wm. N'xon came to bis death from the effects of a ball discharged from a pistol or gun from tbe Inside of the nouse occupied by Mrs. Mary Marshall, alias Magee, and they further believe that the gun or pistol was discharged by one James Marshall. Justice Johnson, upon the verdict being rendered, committed James Marshall, as principal, for a further hearing, and admitted Mrs. Marshall, alias Magee, to ball In 81,000 as acr<>s?ory. Mr.' J H Bradley, jr., appeared as coaniel for I ? U .. A ..9^, .a ( L1C UCiCU?T. Ftrthkr Hb4Htsg or Thomas Rydkr ?Yester da v tbe witn^ss^s In the case of Thos. Ryder, who is charged with killing James Waters, bis son-in-law on tbe 7th Instant, on R, near Twentieth street, in this city, appeared before Justices Walter and Ferguson and gave the following testimony: Antif Witers (wife of deceased), sworn ?Said that on tbe 7tb February, about 10 o'clock p. m , tbe deceased and her brother (Pat Ryder) met In the house?all living together?both very drunk, but her husband (the deceased) most drunk; deceased asked Pat. Ryder to have an Irish wrestle, tr% witn?M nhi?rt?H Th?v ur*nt am! anil without having unfriendly conversation deceased knocked ber Brother down and kicked him in the face. Her brother remarked: "James, you are a better man than myself, and that ts enough now.'1 Deceased went then towards the house, and remarked to me: ''Kill that old grey-headed s?n of ib?h." He was then about five yards from tne house, snd bad a knife in bis hands, and moved towards the house. Just at tbe time Waters went towards tbe house to asiail the defendant, defendant fired his gun, and Waters was instantly killed. I be bouse was surrounded by several teamsters, making threat* to kill tbe def-ndant Tbe teamsters were friends of deceased (*Vater?) Waters had often threatened to kill u*fendant, or have htm killed by others He had 111 feellngi towards defendant, on arxount of the property, which he wanted to get himself Witness never told her father about that. Deceased bad many old wounds on Lis body. CaiKatxne Donohoo, sworn.?Said she lives In the nelgbborbocd. Heard a gun go oO She opened the doftr and saw James Waters lying near tbe window, and Patrick Ryder lay near the churco, In tbe nar of tbe bouse. Waters often threatened to take tbe life of tbe defendant Wit ne*s it a daughter of the defendant. The whole obj-<*t, witness Mid, wa* to get the property beloo^Btig to ber father. Waters wu worse when sober than when drank. Patrick hyam, Sworn.?Bald Waters was in his I house. Witness wss drunk. Waters wanted to have wrestle with witness, and Wsters knocked witness down, and witness then said Waters was I m h#(t#p man than htit WaUr* A \A ? [ but kicked him In the bee; and after Water* left wltneaa, witness beard a shot. It was a moonlight night. The Justices had partly determined to dismiss the defendant; but as there ara three other witnesses who were not examined, he required 9600 ball; but tbe defendant being unable to give that amount, he was committed to jail until they can be obtained and heard. The examination for the defence was conducted by E C. Morgan, Esq The defendant Is a very old man, and has evidently been a hard laborer. Cam BT Trial nf Jnkm for murdtr ? Yesterday, after tbe testimony of Or. Holdan, in the case of John Dougherty, Indieted for the murder of Ezeklel Slvlls, bad been taken. Lieut. Towers, Sergeant Carroll, and Corporal Clements were sworn. Their evidence was to the effect, that the prisoner, on the 23d day of November last, was raising a disturbance in the camp of the regiment on Meridian Hill; that be was plao?d in the guard-house, where bis violent conduct continued, and being about to #W ?AU> KPIAIP an/4 ??A# V ?-? **< WIIW*) VW?iU? iiiCUl. A \J won orders to pat II down, that oftecr shot tbe prlaoner In tbe tblgh ; that tbe piI toner wu then removed to tbe Armory 07 Capt Degges, and that after bta removal be aelsrd a loaded musket and fired, tbe bullet atrlklng deceased In tbe leg. After tbe examination of these witnesses tbe court adjourned. a* Illumination.?In other eltlee we notice that movements are being made for a general 11 a .a >v. aaj .? _ . uiamiuuon od iaena 01 reoiusrv, (ine anniversary of Washington's birth day,) la honor of the glorious victories of tbs Union arms We preturns Washington city will not be behind otbor cities la this r~P~l , PositiWau Statio* Casks?Bi/or* Jut tic* Walter.?James McCallao, keeping s dog withoat license, fine S3 38. Mlcbaoi Nell, drank and disorderly: do. |5 M. Joan Ueleton, on iu?p|. cloa, for batrtig. Geo Cupar, drank; food *1 3B Cixmi OliiDiom Ca.?M?Bt/ori Jmttc* Clark?Wm Radcllff, drank; John Kuhns, suaplctoui person, and Win Lomax, drunk, were diamUsed. Pat'k Bkiveaa, do.; turnod over to the military. Nine lodgers wort aooomi^^aled. r * * Poltc* ?Chai. H. Marsh, peddling without license; ruled for trlsl. Mrs. Meyer, selling liquor without license: lined 990 58 William Dempsey, larceny; jail for court?by Justlce Walter. Chai Harwood and Thos. King, arrested for assault and bittery; ruled for farther bearing br Justice Ferguson. These cases were returned by the Fourth Ward patrol. Corns, Bunions, Calosltles. Bad Nails, En* * * -.11 -J i ..J iarR?*u jomib, ana tn a bvuucb ui ?uc icvt luicu i without pain, by Dr. White, Surgeon Chiropodi?t, 428 Pennsylvania avenue, between Fourand-a-half and Sixth streets. Room 7?2d floor. Office hours from 9a. ra. to 8 p ro. Calls made at private residences when desired. feb 17 Thk imian Hk&b Doctor, From Canada, will describe diseases and tell his patients the nature of their complaints or illne*, witfcout receiving any information from them. So tkarmt fwr Consultation or Adviet. OO* MOTTO. We nse such Balms as have no * trifle W 1th Nature or the Laws of Life : With Blood oar bands we never stain Nor poison met to ease their pain. Oar Father?whom all goodness fills, Provides the means to cure all Ills; The simple Herbs beneath our feet, Well used, relieve our paio complete. A simple Herb, a simple Flower, Cull'd from the dewy Lea? These, these shall sraak with touching power Of change and health to the. Room No. U, Washington Building, Penn. avenue, corner of 7th street. Canadian references of the Indian Herb Doctor Sir E. Heads, Gorernor of Canada. Hon. Hy, Stearns, Mayor of Montreal, C. E. Hon. G^o. Hall. Mayor of Quebec, C. E. Hon. John Hutchinson, Mayor of Toronto, C . \V. Hon. J. B. Robinson. Hon. Jas. Cummlngs, Mayor of Hamilton, C W. Hon. W . Matthews, of Brantfnrd, C. W . Hon. W. Barker, Mayor of London, C. W. W. Savage, late Col of Artillery. H P nvlohf Hunt r?f \1nntr?al T?1 Mrnnh J. Taylor, Justice of the Peace, Toronto, O. W. R. H Crook. Alderman, Toronto, C W. J. Urqu hart. Surgeon, Toronto, C. W. fe 17 lw Famtlis? who have never used Boaton crackers are Invited to try those manufactured fresh every day by J. L. Dayton. Sold by all respectable grocers. Ja ?-tf DIBIh On Monday, ths 17th in?t., JOSEPH R. MASBOI.ETTI, in the ?oth *?ar of his ago. His funeral will take aiaoa from ihe reiidAnn* nf hi? rnola, Richird Wright rn 12th ?t.. between L and M, to morrow. (Wednesday,) at 2 o'cloo* p m Hi* friends and the fnecda of the family are resfectfully it riied to attend In thi? oit?. onthe16thinatant, ELMER ELL8WOR '"H, ai?d >0 months an* 25 days, aon of 8e?e'lB and Jane A Corb?tt. formerly of Alexandria couLty, Va. * On the 11th inat,. a* ?X o'o'ook a m.. in the'9th y?ari;f h?r ere. VIRGtNIA, eldett daughter of Mrs. s*arah LanHrie. 8he has gnn* in the morning of her life. Trnir might it Le Mid : "None knew her, but ?o love her. None named her, hut to pr?-*e " Her fjr.eral will take place on Wednesday, a* 9 o'clock, from the reaidenoe of her mother, at 231 6 street. * Ofcronio croup, on Panda*, the 16th in?t , in the 6th jea',' m^nfhand l9ra'?ofhera(fe,FRANClS, daughter of Mary and Fnnois Scala. The fri*? d? o( the family are respectfully in'it'd to attend the funeral from her parents rendeLoe. O" Tuesday, at 3o'olnok j> m f ln?elii(feno?r and Ropubliran please copy.] On Mo d?y. 17th instant, THOMAS PKYTON. aon f Thom*s P and t softer A. White, aged 2 years and 6 mor f hs. AMUriiSMftNTSe ~ BTHE OLD FOLKS' CONCERT Y Prion B*t'>H Choir it '''>STPONED to MONDAY aid TUESDAY NEXT, the24tli *n<l 25th matant. on noconnt of the inolem*ncy of the weattie'. and the death of Mr. Patellar. fe 18 WASHINGTON MUSICAL HALL-PREK CONCERT EVERY NIGHT, from 5 o'olock to 0 p m. Brit of Hefreshmeats. Fine Female Wa.tsrs. Open nil da?. At trie >outneMt corner of Pe'cafivama averoe acd corner of M*?h street, under th? Central Hoare. opposite the National, Brown'', a* d O larondpn Hot?l?. fe 18 lin* THE CAMPBELLS HAVE COMK! THE CAMPBKLLS HAVE COME! THE CAMPBELLS HAVE COME: NEW OPRHA HOUSE' HEW OPERA HOUSE' latk philharmonic Hall, Late Philharmonic Hall, Penu. Avenue, ahove Eleventh Street. Penn. Aveme, above Elevemh Street, OPEN EVERY NI?HT! OPEN EVERY NIGHT! SIXTEEN 8TAR PERFORMERS' SIXTEEN STAR PERFORMEH8! Ro Pee Them?fio See Th?m?Ro Pee Them Go See Them?Go See Them-Go See Them! A'imualon ? oeeta ; oroheater fin; colored rallu. 9* - ~ |WI f 10 i 9 -qt I N G ' S AM PH 17 H E A TER BENEFIT of ATLLE HtSLOISE ! OS THURSDAY EVENING, FeVy 2?rth, on which occasion A Host or VOLUNTEER TALENT will appear! Admission 50 and ?5 cento. fe 17 3t CANTERBURY: CANTERBU R YI Fir?? pr?isrt*tion of GABRIEL RAV1U.'* noMIC FAIRY PANTOMIME, R A O U L , R A O U L, R A O U L, OK TBI MAGIC STAR! MAGlf! STAR! MAGIC STAR: witii | JV?w Sf0n*ri/, TrirJkt, Transformation*, Are. Robert Butler (Gabiel Ravei's part) as Bartolf \Vlilts Armstrong (Jen mt Ravel's part)aa..RacuI ?eoond Week of the CANTERBURY MINSTRELS ' CANTERBURY MINSTRELS ! Great Success of the BEAUTIFUL DUVAL! UMAUTIFUL DUVAL! Immense audiences enraptured with SIGNOR ABECCO, d r/f n < n OllXiWJX ABCtisUU, THE VOCAL VIRTUOSO. "Picnor Abeoco vou'd create more enthusiasm .with ine sofliery, upon tt.e eve of h\ttla, tfca" a 1 the bands of a brigade."?J Luttntaisktd Officer, Admission 25 oente ; Orohester Claire SO cents. Afternoon Entertainment For Ladies a:.d Families, on WEDNEBDAV AND SATURDAY AFTEB NOONS at2o'olook. When a lavish distribution of tiles ant Presents is made: Rioh and Coetly Jews! y. Books, Toys, hanoy Artioles. and munifioentSi'k Dr?stes. Admission SO cents ; Children 10 oents. fe 17 w A3HIN6TON ACADEMY OF MUSIC. r?ww. Avinm, (s'obth #u>?.) No. 1189, 9tk and VMk itt. Every evening f remarkably fine Free Conotrt. embrao ing selections from th* best olassio mnsio. ml ?Ka m..*? HAla* a.A... 1.J l * huu uiw iiiusb |rv|?umi u|?oi ^roijuorou in oci'or atjrle Chan at any oth*r American oonoert aaloon. The guest*?and the publio are ireely invited, withoat oharge for eutraooe,?may rely apon hav ing every oomfort thoy deaire. Intuition to tba finaat maaio in Waahingtin, they will obtain, on o&fl, fronn the attentive attendants, deoidedly the beat Refreahmenu for eale in the 1-ederai Metropolia Offioera oonatantly in attendanoe to keep good order. Conoert oommenoing at 4 p. m. HENRY ROSENTHAL. feb7 lm Proprietor. ICING'S NATIONAL AMPHITHEATER, IV rmh. Av. a.5d E St., Pi tar Willardt?. n' .Sole L.ea*ee and ?lanager F. Wut&SZL?'?-iZZSuZi KSK _ THIS EVENING, T?m * Have you toon old n a n n 4 u n i v v d la hia great Burleeqaa Dance. A La Cubutltr t The tfft&oUfal M**lle H &LOlaCfc HJETery Evening I KlNOAOt. the 100 ^nmmantoit Mac : The Or tat Zouave Halt Mail ht? seen to ha kumilatMl DUN j VAH _ Krer y Night until further doUoa. nrw N otx1ti mi* pukt ajl4t10r ! noon om at t o'oioo*; periormaaoes will oomMHBO* at I praotasly. f>7

DAfKNT OPPlCK CURlOBITlKft?Gaide to A PaUnu, Uatalog a* of Curiosities and Sorarnmeat Gardens, at U?? stand In Patent UIm; Kara Ant^na'tan Books; Government Books; Documents furnished; Railroad Report*; Military He ports; liirtt Patant Olfioe Reports, Cheap Books fnraisked to Pedlars; Military Trials: Military Laws) Army RHalations; Panorama of tba Coast showing over 2,000 alias; many taoasand Cheap Books. Reooheot ohsas rant. Lares sales, low ' Vv v. # ??????? WANTS. \VTANTEI>?A WOMAN to <HK>k, wash *nd * ' iron; *i*o, % half irawn 61R I. to ittead ohilJren. Apply H ?1re?t. orrn?r 14th- It* WANTED IMMEDIATELY?A tirart, BOY, in & Grocery ttore, one &?4U&intod with the baun'M preferred A?p!y &t New V ork t?rroery. corner i ana mn ?wn. ?' BOARD WANTED, by a youn* man-in ?cme private family wrere t^e are bnt few or no other boar >r?. A northern fami j p'eferr?d. Addreec ?t%tinr %oeomm stations, tnms. &?.. wf*hieauo " Box 330 P. O. 'e^8 3?? AB^Y, 16 ?e?r? of age, i? deeirone cf nbtainirg a SITUATION in some ttore or offioe? k^o eery ?tore oreferred; ? a goo'l scholar. r"*n be found by a?drP8?in(r "M. H. H.," National Hotel. B?'t of r?f.r?n?m gnen. fo IB 2>* HOUSE WANTKD?Wanted. * comfortable Hou?e situated in some ore of the side streets in this oitv. Possesion deeired prior to March 1st. Satisfactory refsrencee given. Addre?? "R. W. P i" thi? rtfioe. le 18 3'-* t*7ANTED?A SITUATION, by a lady that vv understand* a'l kind* of okiMni'i clothing ard al! kifds of p'ain tewing *nd dressmaking A^dres-a 293 G street, between 13th aud 14th. fa 18 St' WANTED-A t"0!l LAt'NDRKSS for a m\P family. Cno with sood references wi1 find a home at the northwest corner of K and 19th tta Either white cr colored will aiswer. App y immediately. fe 18 gt? \\TANTED? Every persm to know that I am m ' < the market, read; to pay oa*h for all arUoi's in the hou8*farnish<nc lice Those leavint t?e city, or havini * surplus will do wall to c*H. rf. BUCHLY, 4-2* S**erth ?t.. betweenG And H ?ta , (east aid#,) Dealer in New and Second har.d Furniture. do 16 tf WANTED?A smal. FURNISHED HOUSE,or part of a house, in th? vicHitT nf the Departments. Addreas Box No. 2'<i, Star Office. fe 17 3t* YVANTED?A Binf'e MAN to work on a f?rm, " and Mint to mi!k & few cflwi. Apply at Valley View Farm, abcot one m'le wett of Georce town Coll?ge )e 17-3t? %MTANTFD-A SITUATION ? w-t nnrse, by ? hea'thy yonuit wnniM with a fieah bre*?t ft milk. Jnquiroat 2*7 New York avenue, he tve?!i Jut ?.n<1 21 *tr?*tii. f? 17 V^ANTKO-A cood COOK. WASH?5R and " I HON KB. Mu't brins good reooinmendstions Apoly at No. 345 19thstreet. betw*n I and K- ^?it ?id?. f* 17 at* ANTED.?An ?nerpe io business MAN may ** h?*r of eniployrrwnt hy applying f> JOHN SON FRY A PP.. 4 76 7'h ?t. f* 17-6 ' BOARD WANTKD-111 a privat* family by * gwntlsman an1 hi? wifs. or would rert pa't^f a tarnished house mitab'e for hoos-lc**pin<r. Ref er?noes exohacged. Address 1KA MIL1>'.? P?tt Uffioa. fe 17 2 * BOaRO WANTKD-Bt* and wif? iu?o?r>o quu t family north aide P?r-n. ?v" u?? Term" mu8? b? rcodeiate. Addrtss "C B >1 a mm f? ?? ?*? o ai v/iuv. u ' o l WANTKD?A SITLATfON a* ? rr oierk <n soma respectab'e bu*:nes*, by a yon^r marri<?d man. who h\s h*d nearly ten ye%ra' ex#erienoe with Dry w"Od* ard Grocery honses: has a thr?'onth knowle *ee of a!1 oomm?roi*l "r.d me oan ile husir>e>a. ar,?l c*n *iv? *orwl testimonial s as regards honor, ir t'grity.aud abilit* T' ose d?airin* a*rvi?*? of mob a part* will plfa<" address "W. J H VVaahington City Post ''ffie, lor two <ia< ?. te 17 frANTKI)-Two or three FlIRNICHED *? R'?o.\I**, by a permanent resident, httweci Sd and 14th tire'*, and Fenn avenre an-1 L street. Addregg P. O. Buz 31)*, statinc 1o2?U'>d. e-mg, ft". fa is-'w? WANTKD? \ HOUSK of %bou? 6 or 8 room*, ei'her furnished or onfurriohsd, i? wgivea aliont March 1. Ple**e state looati n. t?rm?, A~., *n<1 address* !*. F. C.,"careof Box 246 Po?t nffi"e f' 15 T? \VT A NTKD?Suitable RdOM^f ra'i < ffi i* lor ? * the Wagh'nrt "cor#spm''e',o*of tti* Nfw Y?'k Her?i?l I- rRt fl or, f\id ih? viomi'T of Wil lards' Hotel. p'rf'r'?d Address Box 65, \V*ehin?u>n Tity Poet Office, siat-cg location and te rns. f? lS-3t WANTKD? A gentleman an<1 lad* wart two ROOMS in it *triot!y p'iv?ta family, with B art. P?'t of *iv*n *nd requirel. Mout le in ? datlrabl* pat nftie city. Addreeg. by letter, etatirg tfrir.s, to "E D.," Box e^O, Fort Qfto?. fe 14 4t WANTED?J*u* er? *i>d Soldier* to know that they ran b*y CAMP STOVES *rd TIN WARE cheap <i H J. GREGORY. 341 Fern. avenue. ja U WANTED.?W* are sow buyint SECONDHAND FURNITURE. STOVES and BED DING, for wiiicu *s are pa?ipe tiie hitCMt c*!.1! prices. Fannii** aeoiiHinr t;oui??keep!r *, or having & ?urp!n? of furcitnre, will etui it to their *dTant*t?tc etrs at. a *a:t. flONTZ k GRIFFITH, je U-tf No. ."??" <? "th *t.. t.r-t*. I ar.rt K *t?. LOST AND FOUND." EHHIND?Last Thursday. * ?m*li SUflt OF r MONEY. bt o ? of mr c'h ri'en, which the owner can have In ap?!y.nt '"EDWIN GRKKN No. l-O Perm. * enuff. ,'e 18 2t I (JST?In pa??ire from the ?ou?h w<??t corner -J cf i? at.fl sth. thronrh ?th and K toS'h ?tr<>?t. al'<>ut $20 id City C11rr?ncy. and oiic #> Bank Bill, of th? Mnt^ B*nk of Vir* 1a. p&y*hl?a? Uomnoy. The finder will I c tuit?!?iy rewarded, ??y >aTin)t it *t the Mar Office _ (( ST?<>n \Vedn*?<1e.y la*r. the J?th mat. a i blaclc CO^v . with wintn h< rr ; e: d of ko> la 1 I ?... * ? - Mkii w ;? ? w? II itr, w??"5 an 'U'. * JOH'B Oil! . JBSJW A liber*1 rfwurn will he *"en oa its re A. 11 turn to J M MAY, No. 69 High s;reet. Georretown. I) C 18 if | OST?A BLACK SATCHKL. containing cur I j business book was ieft in an omnibus going to Georgetown ?n Mi* ev?mng of the lSth of F*broft y. A r?>w*ril of Jl 1 will 1>? paid lor Iheir return t" the Omribns stand, in G^nrelotm, <>r at our office, on the corner ??f 6th and U street*, opposite the National Hotel, TV??MnrtontAVI'LKMAN A BRO , fe '3 (Rej.i Coal f>aler? CJTOI-EN OR hTRAYEIJ-Ot rricUr after O noon, fro t. front of'g liak-tt. g\, on IC street, between 61 h M.d 4fcstreetf, a JuTW email bay MA KK, attached to CU'?y. If* any one can give any information of the game, or can hive it returned to the sul??flrib*r. J. T McGi.U^'.on I street, between 13th and 19th, or at tb s offh?, they will receive a hoc rat reward. fe 17 3t* J HOR^K LOST.-A light Hit Hnr.?. very deep in neck and girth- with a bridle and cy McClelan saddle, was taken frr>m thacorner of Kijhtli and K streets on the evening of the 14tr. inftMt. Apt information whi/-h will lead to hie recovery wilO?? li'iern i* r?warii?d. 1? h Williams, ColonelSlat Pa Volunteer#, ramp, Queen's Farm, Information may t.e '?ftat Fuinphrey'e Stab;e, it-en, rear National Hotel fe 1? 2t* DISTKICT TJF COLUMBIA, Copntt or WASHiiKiToif, To-wi'l I hereby c r- ?r\ tilv tl'&t Jamen Beavera. of tbia oounty- J?vH brought before ire. one of th* Justio of?-?-* the Pe?oe, in and for aai<1 eo-aty, tins fttn Febrna y 1882.a da-k brown MARK about 15H handa high; Having ita if ft bind toot white up to tfte anole; it? rijht mud foot witn a little white under the fetlook ;a atar on ita forehead; and ita back aor?. Said mare when found had on it a military aaddla inH Kn/4u GivVnnnder my hand and *?a'. W.THOMPSON, J P. The otn?r wi!l come forward, prove property, Pay charge*, and take the above name i marea^*y, O' fhe will be *oM to pa* expense. Call at office of Metropolitan Pul:o-, 516 nth tt. fell 2awaw "boarding. HOARDING IM GEORGETOWN.-Several J tentiemen can be a^ojnim dated vita B^ard in & re.peotab'o pur&te (am y and exce lent i eighborhood. br acdrontng '"Mra. K. H.," ttiromh fne Po?t Office. KefererO a given and requiredi f? FURN18HKU ROOMS TO KKNT. with Bond, iii a p'eaaaat location near the Capitol. Alao, a t am'aome.T (oroiahed Parlor and Chtin^er oominnaioatiDc. lnq a ire at Star Office, le 13-tf GEORGETOWN ADVEBTMT8 lY^g"" A LECTUK K. for the benefit of the ^ onnt LUJ Cnholio'e Fn?i Sooiety of Oeorgntowu, will be delivered in Trinity (Cathoiio) < hurofc, Kerogetowti, on WEllNfr&DAY EVEIS.NG, F*t>ri ary l!Hh,&t 7fc o'olook. bv Kav. Fathkk LaBLY. ?. J , President of Georgetown Col'ege. Aduiitt&noe 25 cem?. fe )l-T,T,8.itd;Jt " NOTICE IEORGETOWN EL* U t ION.?An eleotion will be held in the cevera1 preoinott in Georgetown, ; ou MONDAY, Uie25ii? instant, lor eleven members to oompoee the Board of Coninru n Counoil, i d fivA m<imKare ? ??"* * _ ?? win dwi ?o ?o iiucrmsa. e 17 4t WM. lAiKO, C'?ik. gUCKHKIN HO V t?! Eamiburg & Elbert, 105 H i6h Ithit, aKORUETOWN, D, C. SS8toEi?3 MITTENS in the Dl?tnot ufioera' ? made to order. Bnokikin Drawer* tad SoirU. It . : T" BOTUBM ,tBTAURANT?. w?f?Hn?cBA*PAeKB wlI4E% fortftle?b?Mbf *rcu.. wmm BUKUi, No. 3*7 Petm?TiT*ma i?1 ratruot on 8ixU? rt. U BLACK ?1LK8! Dl\CK SI LKS.Jaatcpsced, m all (rtdH, Iron 87* o?bU to 93 per yard. _ All Floor uroa* Btlka MlUax off ?t ooat prioM, to dloM out thl itoak 'to 13 M J. W. COLLKY. 6ALMORAL HOOP ???, liM' bMt Kid SlOTM fti a SlUtllto, losao l.inen P?ek*t Handkeroliiefc, very ehpf, I trom flJP 10 #S Hf dof*. I )?*> J. W.OPLLKY. ' * i 4 M MM? SECOND Kl)ITION_ THREK O'CLOCK, F. N. ARMY GAZETTE. OIPKR BBSrXrTin? TH> PEEOIKT*TtO!* OF RKBIL TUCI Wa* Diriirsim. > Washington Ctty. D. C , Ftb 1?, 19ft2. \ Ordtrtd by the President, Commander-in-Chief of the Army and Navv, tbat on the 2,'ddiycf February, In the Hall cf the House of R^pre?en iative?, Immediately after the Farewell Address of George Washington shall have bern read, the rebel flaps la'elv captured by the United states forcet shall be present* d to Congress by the Adjutant General. to be disposed of as Con^rew may direct. By order of the President. Edwi* M. Stastos, Serrrtarv of War CtBCCLAB. Hindquarters t>f the A> my, Adj't Gen't O ffice. ) Washington, I). C , Feb 1st, 1*^02 { Tbe general cAltera who, under the joint rc*slutlon* of Cor^ress may be Invited to sttrnd the ceremonies in the chamber of tbe htmae of Kep. rcaentativea on SalurJay, the day of February, Instant, will assemble In the old Supreme Court room at the Cardiol, in Itall uniform ? ? quarter to 1-J o'clock of thatdjy. By command of Mapr General McClellan L Thomas, Adjt. General OUK MILITARY BUDGET. ( labksv1llk. Clarksviiie, Tenn , to which point Fiovd fled on Saturday night last, with about 5,WW men, la 30 miles higher up the Cumberland than Fort uoaeison. u is xorunea, ana tne ran1.:. tody c: the Bowling Ureen rebel force got there bel~.e him. IU works are regarded as being far weaker than those at Donelson. It is h.irdlv po?s.ble that the rebels have?tractive inen lh< re. We took Donelson with men on land and nix gunboats In the river. About -v',!**" Cnion ltnd troop*, two iron-clad gunboats. many other a 11 r?hnxtw not 1 *?1 fnnr ap ?i* r ^ .... MV. WW V*vv>( *-? - v? 1VUI VB Ol A IIIVIIUI boats, will by this evening be concentrated before that place, if it l>e not reduced ;o-dav. NAVT YARI?. Tbe Kin^ Phillip arrived from Indian Head lut evening, but with no newt of Importance. The Harriet Lane, which ran the blockade on Saturday, rectivt d a shot in her wbeelhoitse from the rebel batteries, slightly crippling her wheel The Leslie took Com. Wymaa down to the flotilla yesterday, returning about 1 o'clock this morning. The new gunboat Plnola passed the rebel batteries last nigbt unmolested. Every body at the yard was in exuberant spirits this morning over our recent victories, and ar rangements were being made for tiring a salute of 21 guua at 12 m. THE LATEST BY TE LEGE API! IMPORTANT FnO *1 TMK WEST CAPTURr. OF PRICK AND ALL HIS ARMY. Philadllfuta, Feb. lb.? Tee Pennsylvania I l#lpff?anh lin*? r*?r>rrlt fhat at nnA nVW? tH? 1 morning the report was received thit Price and bi* army had been captured. NEWS FROM EIROPE. Philadelphia. Feb ?Per steamer Edlnburg we have tbe following fPk* ? AT 1 ? * ?_ ? ? r. -? * uc v'V?.ii?x*r-raLt: :?i? amrr r^BSDVlllf? ICII ^OlllQampton ou the 3d, and \wd tht Tnsrarora off Cowei, where sh* was au^uored The latter Kteainedup, but the frigate Shannon was alongside to prevent her departure for-.'I hours. The Nashville was last seen outsid* the Needier, steaming dowi the channel at full speed CONGR ESS ION A L. XTVVIlth rONGREVS-Secesd luiln. Thurrday, February lc ?*i>'atb.?Mr Harris infrcdup^d a bill declaring the forfeiture cf the I?-gal rinfcts and privileges of certain persons freb-Is) under the laws of the Untttfl g'ate*: referred ki. urti.nH i ? *?J -J " J*- ? mr. ?? iivuii jinrfuiin ? u a rfpninunn airpciinjj the Judiciary Committee to inquire Into the management "f tbe Wasldrgton jail; adopted The Hou#'- Joint r?snlutloti dlr?rting the Commitwioner of Publlr Buildi i?e to illuminate all the pnblle building* in Waahlng'on on Siturdav evening next, l:i honor ff tl.e rerent victory at Fort Doneison. was rereiv^d ard ;trtopted. The Judiciary's r*r*>ri In thec?e of Senator Stark*, chlmitg to re|>r-?ent Oregon in the Senate, wattak?n up and div m?ed by Meaara Harris, Sumner. Trumbull, and Hale. Hocje ? Resolutions tender'"" thethanka of * I --?** i vui'i(ic03 iu vt'ui i/upuiii, (iiiu o iac ufflctrif oldier* and nilors engaged in (he ljte battle* for th?* Union were adop't-d The Senate imrndm?nU to the fortification bill were concurred In. and th? htl! authorising the latue of Treasury not s and funding of tbf srine, with the Senate amendments thereto, tnide the peciai order for to-nn.rrow at one o'cio-k A bill in f lstlori to th<* grade of navil oftl-e'S wu referred; and a joint resolution dlrectii g the Illumination of all the public buildings on Saturday night, in honor of our late vl<*torirs, adopted. Mr.vVaihbume ottered the fallowing : R'.folved, That a* a mark of reaped lothe memory of the noble dead ai.d brave men killed, a* well at In sympathy for those who have been wounded In the recent victories of our armies In South Carolina, Kentucky. Tennessee. North Carolina, Missouri and Virginia; and well as In testimony of the profound adrnira'lon rf the membersof the Douse for the persistent and undaunted courrge of all the officers, soldier* and sailors eogagtd. who have achieve^ for themselves and conferred upon the <Aiuntrv imperishable honor and recowti, thS* Hons? do now ad jvruiis, LATE LOCAL NEWS. A PsaroaxA??ci !iot dews rjf tbk Bill* ? Psmetlme after the usual performance in tbe Washington Theater last evening, a supplementary affair took (lace which seems o have t>?en the culmination of a difficulty of some st ,i ding between the owner of tbe building. Mr l^ewls Carusl, and the lessee, Mr Humphrey Bland. Tbe affair speken of occurred between 13 and 1 o clock last night, and resulted In the arrest of the following persons, as we gather from this morning's report of Metropolitan Police Sergeant Downer, of the &:h precinct ?John H Behan, laborer, charged by Mr H Bland with an assault on Mrs. Hland VV. W Blennerhessttt and Humphrey Bland, charged bv Lloyd Moxley with disorderly conduct. I.Toyd Moxlev, charged bv Humphrey Bland with an aasault on hlmseif. r? j -a i>.( ? # O-V.?? *v- Ji -? mwiru riikC, ui uui.uu, i.Lai(jru wiiuu.uruerly conduct The parties were all released to appear for an eiaminat on ot the 6th precinct Station house this morning. At the appointed hour this morning the parties proceeded to tbe ?tat'on house, but were directed to Justice Clark's office, on litta street. Here after a lltte delay, there appeared Mr. Bland. Mr. Klennerhaasett, Lis acting manager; Mr Price, of Boston, a muscular loQkino gentleman, with some resemblance to Hrenan; M ox ley. the watchman; and bis assistant, John H Behan; also Mr John Ennts, as counsel for Mr Bland, and Mr. Eugene Carusi, as counsel for Moxley and BeLan Quite a number of spectators were preseht during tbe examination, and among them Mr John E Owens, and o'ber Well kno*n members of tbe theetrlcal ptofettiOb, including severs! of the iock company or we nouae Sergeant Downer having charged the partlaa wltb inciting a riot, and Mr Blar.d and Mr. Moxley for auauitaone upon the other waa aworn Hla testimony waa to tbe efltect that Superlutendent Webb directed him to have a foree at tbe Washington Theater oa Saturday nigtt aa from the dispute in regard to the possession of the building a muat might occur. He detailed tone men, but on Saturday night nodi the -ilty occurred. On Monday he received tbe same o*ders, and accordingly bad men in r?adin#?* i.?kt n1 jSt K?m> time after 12 o'clock, be beard theory of 4 police" ' and going up tbe steps aew Mr Moxley the watchman palling Mr Bland towards tbe door, and saw Mr. Blend strike Mr. Moxley He also saw ineirieMr. Blennerbes?ett. R' undsma.* Tuti teetiflrd* to having ee^n Mr Moxley edrence towards Mr. B'.&ad, and Mr B strike Mr M. / Mr Ennis made a sUUapfct te the effect tbsl there was a diSDute * - - building, Mr. Hland contending that C _rid it for the Mm, and Mr Ctraal taklrg tb* ground that Mr. Bland coold be made 10 vaea?<* tb?" premises at a-frfcrh'a notice. A few werki: -r Mr. Carual notlled Mr. Bland that be. Mr C ) bad iMHd the building to Mr Kunkel. ai d di ratted him (Mr B ) to vacate Counsel and friends Interfered to preserve tbe lrirndly relations of the parties, and yest?rd?r he (Mr. mw Mr. EuffaBt Carnal, (councilor and agent for bit uncle,) and Mr. Canwl agreed that Mr Bland * ? hotiM jro to the tbe?ter list night, tfcat the w?t hn a'i tL^ . t order blm to leave tb? protnl m, -nd that he Mr B ) retired the matter w?uld ?ud th? re. at <1 Mr C*rur would write t* Mr Kunkel uot f.lng b m that Mr. Bltcd could - * - * m _ BJI Dr ' ;t'ra wilDoiii lorrr Mr Ki*enr Caruti *a:d b collection of (he Convcrntion Wi- not tii- nm?. end be bad 41rected the wat< bimn, Mr M at If y, to rjeet Mr Bland from the p-rmia*-*, and to uar do more fofrp tbsn wai necraaary Tb" JuTiee said that aa the qnontion of who wm entltlrd 'o oc-Mpanry of tbe bonding ?-w ?" fiffkl tr> AtA+ k* won id A1A m!n tb<* ea?Mr. B'.ar.d then entered forrral eha'rea a^amit Moxl-y for an s?u ill and battery en hifnarli. and aga'.nat Brhan for an **aault and battery with int*nf f? kill on Mra Bland Mr. Bland w?a then a worn sad testified te Moxley having dra^trd tlm from one end of the building to the other, altnoat dtalorating hi* tbenlder Other witrieaaes testified, after which Mr. Carnal railed Ma uncle, !*amnel Caruat. tobeaworn tsunnel Caru?i teatil!?d that he waa preaent *t the a_re-ment Wtwern bia brother and Mr. Blanl, a:.u'hat Mr Biand wa? to Liv tbe tbei.tcr cm tne tame le nn as Manager Glenn who preceded hlno. -Mr. Ennls raised the po'r.t that the contract between manager Glenn end Mr.Ccrua! waa ne? er aigr.ed Mr Eugene CaruM sa'd Mr. Bland uaed to be stage manager for Mr Glenn, and knew the cot dittor.a on which the Utter gentleman bad the buildiny He (Mr O > contended that manager K.i^r.d onlv had the "use" of the building for rehearsals and performance*, and never had poeeee aton. Mr. Ennis spoke of the distinction between ' use" and ' D' urnion " as a inrtaDbniul on* Mr Lugene Carus'. aaid tbe watchman Mo?ley was paid by bis auric, and It was hie bual> r.eaa to eject all person* from the theater after the even Ins: performance. < Mr Knnls produced a letter from Mr Lewis Carnal to Mr Bland, written before heciim Into possession, letting him have tbe building for S125 per wetk. to e paid ul^htlv, out cf tbe rece'pt*; a letter written l>v Mr fc Carual live or ix weeks etnce, d<mard:r.^ aa Inereane of ??1 per we*k on th*> rent, and ctbe Intermediate let. ter? Mr Ernla atI<1 tnat for the aake of peace, Mr. Bland submitted to tbe Increase to ?150 pe? week Another letter was th?n produced from Mr E. Cartsi complimentary to Mr. Bland, and atatlng t iat the rent wou d not be -iln raiaed Suw. ?aid Mr Eonta, they li ive laku another eourw to raise It The bu:iding wj? rente! to Mr. Kuukle a ftw wrfVi since, and theu Mr. B was ordered to vaca'e the p!>iritse? After further explanations. the Justice aald that Mr Moxl*y was uo doub' acting under an impression of dutv Mr. Bland said he bad no feeling against Mr. M ?xiey.; ;.d .so lid withdraw the (.barge against him Intbeca<eof the attack on Mm. Bland, Mr John F C-vie was sworn, ntid testified that be hea d * reams from tb? theater. (after the parties already mtn'lc'i^d ?nid oeen to tbe?tatlon bouse,) and goirg tip Haw Mrs Bland brd be^n injured by blow* r?ue bad a ?cr?tcb on b / cheek, and several bum^? on tier bead, wbicu wltneas felt. Sbecharged the acsuied John H. Bout, w.tb tbe a-*4uit ur>on her. Other w.trieaaes lea lfled to (be ?atne effect Mr Cnnia tbeu produced a note from Dr Burnu^ba. Mia Biaod phvaician. aut that the la to-day laboring under *re?t mental excitement, and It wi uid not be p-udent for her to leave the buu?e Job H Beu&a w-ta then L? Id to ball la tbe ?u:n of *6cki, on bi? " vn recotiu'z idw for sku and other parties f >r *:WU, for hla appearnnce at conrt. l'be Me*ara. Caru 1 b?rane hla auretiea r. > ?we ;e<?rn itai aiu*r Manner H.ana b?d lef' the theater to attend the ex nun it ion. tula ra<>rui.i?, the watfijmat, Mr. Moxley, (hat gentleman'a (Mr B.'a) reprtatiUV.ive, and lacked up the building. RKV. Mr CltCEVKK BKf.'SE THt U'aCBIWOTOM Lictckk A??ociATioM ?Tbia rmtorloua ndlvidumt lf-tnrfd b-fore tbe W.-abiugtioa Lecture AaRoria; nr> on Friday evening Isa*. The tffiir wa* tb!n!y attended and the clique who have brought Mr Ch^ever on b*-r? to ma: firture nboliUnn M-nlim??nt. brow beat tbe Preald nt, and abuse Gen McCIrii&a and other arm? rfll"era be*<n to appreciate that tbev have made a miKikf Hhi^tpr U not th#irmiin if* fa Im malevolent, j bitter and rcpein imUMd of making C5nv?>r ? He his a gall-b*? in place of a heart, a id after llatentlng to him It it not to be wondered at that he ha? fewer peraonal frienda tbm aiy public orator or speaker of abllltv(ar>d be undoubtedly h>!a ability of a certain sort) In America. Never*lieleaa the abolition propagandist* hay?? got the e'?pt>*n' on their hand?, and mu?t duly parade him. Sunday* and we k-iaya The audlencea meantime ^et thinner ai d thinner, and th? 'applause" more forced and hollow One fellow on Friday night, who ?at on a front next, i?med to act a* a lu^le-man for tb- claque, col05 on at Da.i coci aiiDtei fl 01 every cueever penoa, and turning indignant glances at his gang who o feebly supporttd him la clapping Another clap-atiltcted chap w&a Icated in th* center of the ball, and ek>-d out tue "applause" contrt but?*d t?y hi* palm* bv doing bis apparent beat to ki^k a hole through th- hall floor In the course of hia malignant outpourings tt? lecturer procetded to abuse Gen McCiellan in of fensive language, b?tt was a;> -*-dily admonished by the Indications tf disapproval in hia audleoce thut be was venturing upon unsafe ground. ^on^rea* also wifa ica Miar* or dlaparacemmt Tue fl:at acta t f C >ngr*-?>e. upon mating laat auoimwr, xbould barf b?en to abuliab alavery 1n the Dintric'^ Columbia repeal tbe fogitivealave law, nn<l to brand the Dred .^cott drcialon with rt-probdti in and band it n*r?-r to be burned a' tbe bard* of tbc common ban^mnu Notwitb tending all our present tucresH. unless we came up to the work of God's opportunity, the bstUe would be Bgslfft us CoTert saeer* z^alnst tbe President, and rindictive abus*- of U*n*ral Sherman, at Tort Royal, and othwr officers who have failed to come up to the Cbeever standard on the nearo. came next 1r order in the Cheever hiiaujtne, and he clotted by readlnp 'he preamble of a resolution adopted by a "League of Emancipation" now forming lathe city, declaring unen ling hostility to aiavery, a..d pkdsing the use of every possible m*aos to secure Its destruction. CxiMtJiAL Corar?Tht Trial cf Je>m Dtrngh ? i r a T*. c _ sv. ? ? ?.# my jar .tiHTii'r ? v-uiy, iniur- tnpr pi joor Poui-herty, indicted for the murder of Eiektel Sivtla, tfce evidence was closed tta'.e morning, aft^r which tUe Diatrlct Attorney delivered hi* argument Mr. Noni? wag delivering htaargoment on tbe part of the defense aa our report closed OYt*TER?-OY?TER9 V^iLjr' Great aoienufie unarove-'^^xVA^ Wv n-?nt i. kIKa^iM. and wMv ? k < "a m i \"g o"{ s r t. RV. ? by which the ei.t, -e flavor ar 1 i>i? of the Ufi?? ib reta uM. T&e PK\KI. SALOON. *13 Pecn. irnu?,orpoeite Wi..ard?' Hotei. will rpea tin* evening, ( HP of the globe ligata) with i!a improved -nanreof itwn a<. neatm of fitucc. atd order of Mr viae. Al* dsnrira lavury will rewa-ded lr OV ric- 9u**rioi qu&litr ?f Freah i? t Oyctori cotb \ t'y ?u i.a < to U^-l- e. Hutle-a and Fami iT# u. rbe!!, keg, or can Famine*' orders delivered on short notice. Choice tita-Ml re? eon&iile lates. leS-ia* Jfo. NOTICE TO WATCH MAKER*. #31 P. * J. MYEKS ? na.?inr opened a t>;&?oQ of fboir Boat >o Boim at No 10 Wftdhicito.'; Wtin?lic-. eorner o? Pa. ara. and 7Ui alreet, invito the a;v?ituu ot W atoti Maker*, Jewel er*. I'td.-'f, *0 , Ac.t' their iar<e tx.k ot Gold and Silver Waiobee. Watob Mated a s, Watob Maker*'Toole O a*?e?.-;ik <>uara?. Le*ther (>nara*. Speotao e?, beeide* a variety oi food* loo nam*row to meatioc 1. ordioarj adrer lU'merU, wnich tiiej wi.l * > at the ,<???*t ta< tern frioei. 8. t J MUK8 JNotiooda at retail. W?oh work Coue for the tndeoni* Printed ?'ioe li*tof Match Matariai. r oi?, *r.. ?ut ^oet'iree on m? io?Uo2 >o ooe ce?tio? ? th toy other hocae la th city. ;a SO-lm* ptNTRAL IIOTKL,(*k? tk* Eureprnm vy o^rn^ror Penr.ay lvaM* tv-iiu" a^a 6 nrtreet. < paotlte u??rr?r ?o H.owu a ?nJ the K>?tl Ut,ll n >w formatted Uuoug.'.oi't with new abd itr'i.xiie fi'rmltBl*. The proprietor lnf^rmc kit friends auJtue pub'lo that tlieyca. be a^c mm^tlaied win r. unif, try the da? or *?? k wi h o- wio.put n>?ai*. T.<e Dining balrun oaeu at a t n> uia. H. DOJtbA* (JLL-ToN, i 1? ??- Proprietor. ft KA>KL1* k tO O P T I CJ A NJi , 1(1 reXUTBBT.,' Borvu HUH)i niiuduu uu EYEG LAi?t?ES, MAKl.Nfc AND FIELD CLASSES. COMPASSES, ft*., of the beat *&fciiU?c. oor atAiU f on hud. f? ? ? PHKAP CAS H 8 T O K K? The mi >r?i?n">d ii%?s * ( era. ??or:o.--t or > * ^ ' , LIU.">. Orockfy. tt}??w^re, Tay*. ?*?; . .,(,(> ? ?, d Ik B??le*Cn4 fctiCJM "" f * ?b 3h tt?T ?* rr*r?T.i u. .m *? ? *< >?* c!?r*p?r than tcy ?*&? "'J1* '?u? tc wis c*iv?ly l > toe **? uV^-Tiit ar.ttlufi*! ?k- ?? ? Up#? <??!n\r?UJt cf W of ih? fcWr* _? ..^.tlaiii rpon?<.r'. tO tl" * ?*'' ^ ' F ' r** , ?_ (tit ?tB( **wa*r? A* t kic4* (4 s*ocA>l-aft .it . ! r:t?!? ufi i ? OLl\**tot N?w bti\:Z 4 G 11>|TM . fcf* *?t afcd^ui^u t imi.u r . ; #

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