Newspaper of Evening Star, February 19, 1862, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated February 19, 1862 Page 1
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/ ' J $m - i sa?? ? i n ?w m i m mmmmmimm r -? | * #Jli" V2t. XIX. WASHINGTON, D C . WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 19, 1862. N?. 2,807 4 ? "THE EVENING 8x1? H rUBLISlIED EVERT AFTERNOON, ffTTNDAY KXOBPTKO.) AT TIIK ST.Ul BVILDIXO*, limn / tt*nM mi Eit**?tk $t. IT W. L>. WALLAOH. Psrw-n aerwd la package* by carrier* * Wl fear, or T7 f?nti per mcnth. To mall rubacrlbert the price la S3.SO a fear, in mdmmm; tS for MX ontt?; SI for three month*; and tot ton thai ?ure aaontb* at Uw rate of It oeat* a week. Bla fie copiea, osa c**t; 1b wrapper*, two mm. ct \dvmt:is:**:its ahoakl be *ent to the rffl - before W o'clock a.; otherwise they m*J ant appear until the next day. >r \\ ft FROM Ml'THERM PA PER V From late Richmond papers we take the following THE FKItKKAL FLEET SEAR SAVAXXAH. A letter from Savannah, under date of Feb. 10, says: "The Yankees are still actively engaged in oar vicinity. Their gunboats, to the number of ten, ire to be seen in Wall's Cut with a dredging machine, endeavoring to deepen the channel! Nothing has been done to molest thsm, but Fort Jaekson is being strengthened and other batteries finished," ?%e. The writer appears sanguine of a successful defense of the city. THE Bl' RM SI PR BXPkPITIO*. The Federal troops had all rc-cmbarked at Edenton and gone to gome other point. At Elizabeth City about thirty houses and two hotels were consumed. The Federal officers at ?,aent*>a bad assured the people that thej had not conic to rob and harrass them, but whiia the officers were making this assurance and giving orders the soldiers w?>re filling the fonboaU with cotton they found in the cottonouse*. It was rumored that EUzabeth City had been evacuated by the Federal troops. MuVElIE.NTS or GENERALS. Gen. Bragg has established hia headquarters in Mobile. He reached there on Wednesday last. Brig Gen R. II. Anderson, who for some j months past hag been stationed at Pensacola, has been ordered to Virginia. THE FEDERAL VESSELS We learn from a gentleman who arrived from Currituck on Friday thtt several of the Federal gunboats reached tha janal on Thursday afternoon about 3 o'clock, and commenced a fire of shot and shell on our men who were engaged in barricadirg ihe canal. On Thursday 59 Federal vessel* were lying off Roaneke Island, and twenty had ironeun the Albemarle Sound. from wsster5 virginia. A report has reached u3, from a source entitled to confidence. (nays the Richmond Dispatch, i that a body of the enemy attacked our cavalry in Mercer county, the latter part of last week. * ?ur cavalry, consisting of not more than two companies, (some say one.) was surprint ?u;J attacked by fbo enemy. who killed one man and took *ix prisoners, and captured some of the hor?es. Tho lath regiment, Col. IIcfh. cn-arr,ped at Pack s Ferry, started to reinforce ine cavalry, but fe!i in with six hundred of th-~* enemy, whom they engaged and repuUed. with what loss is not stated. moorpiklds taken r.v the federals. A irentlcmAn arrivpJ frnm \Vin.?Ki?tAr /aavc the Richmond Dispatch) states that tbo Federals hare tf.ken possession of Moorfields, the county seat of Hardy county. About 2,500 of them apart of Gen. Lander s force,) marching from Romney. entered the town perhaps on M .nday or Tuesday. There was some slight resi.-tanee by a small militia force of 700 men, under Colonels Monroe and Harness, but they soon retired, and the enemy took possession. The chaagcs in the occupation of that part of Virginia have been very sudden within a few weeks, and with no loss of consequence to the enomy He withdrew from Romney upon the approach of Jackson; but as soon as the force under Gen. Loring was ordered away, he returned and mended his hold by extending hi< line of occupation to Moorfields. Hardy , county is one of th<^ richest in the northern r ?i_ _ mi _ ** ???* p*ruou ui lob omie. lae corn crop 01 mat county is immense. Thousands of cattle are in winter driven there to be fattened for market. FROW G*S. WISE'S COMMAND. The Richmond Dispatch of Saturday says :? On Thursday, at 3 o'clock, six of the gunboats (side-wheel steamers) of the enemy appeared off the mouth of the Albemarle and Currituck canal, and fired a few cannon shots at the camp of Gen. Wi-e, then at the bridge a mile or so distant. The General deemed it proper to withdraw towards Currituck Court House, as he bad no means of defense against the gunt- cf the boats. This he did. Subsequently bo ordered a further withdrawal to Great Bridge, in Norfolk county. A few of the enemy landed at the canal, gay two or three hundred, bui tbcy did not leave the protection of the boats while observed. Gen. Wise bad only eomo 1 209 men. Henning?en's batteries were not with him. ^ ; MOVEMENTS AND DESIGNS Of THE FEDERALS Tte Wilmington (N* C ) Journal of Wednesday gays The Federal gunboats have passed up to Winton. the county seat ot Hertford county, on the Chowan river. The Chowan is formed by the coniluence of the Meherrin and Nottaway rivers The main branch of Xottaway is the Black Water,which i* erased by the Seaboard and Koanoke railroad, about half way between ? -u a n?4 _?l au l iL r> giuod sou ri?rw*ujuuiu. iauu|u raiuor nearer the latter place. The Black Water is navigable up to the railroad, as a steamer has been running regularly in connection with the railroad trains, although necessarily a small one, owing to the norrowneu and crookedness of the stream The movements of the Lineoinite gunboats would seem to indicate a desire to lorce their way up as far as the Portamouth road, so as either to obtain possession of it, or at least cut off communication by that line. Although capable of doing much harm to the people resident on the shores of the sounds and the rivers emptying into them, it is evi tent tnat tbere wuulu do do strategic ena to b? serve i that would repay the vast outlay of men and money that the Burnside expedition ha* occasioned, unless either Norfolk is attacked or possession is obtained of some leading line of railroad, and therefore it is, we take it. that the attention of our authorities wiil be. or at least ought to be, directed to the protection of the lines of communication, especially of water communication, leading from the navigable waters of Albemarle and Pamlico soucdJ, in the direction of any of our public works. The Black Water, although deep, is ao narrow and crooked that it might be stopped by trees felled across it. Tub Samitary Commission.?The London Tines is highly satisfied with the report of the United States Sanitary Commission, and is not sorry to take some hints from it. It "peaks of the operations of the Commission as follows: "The Federals did not wait, as we did in the Crimean War, for the misehief to begin. They actually appointed a Commission to inquire into the health of the army before that army had aseembled, and not a minute was loet by the Commissioners in entering upon the discharge of their duties. Vnder the Presidency of a Doctor, not of Medicine, but of Divinity, they h%ve been at work seven months. * * * The Rev. Dr. Bellows seems to have taken his liien or oia regiment* ana ascertained all their 'antecedents with the aecuracy of a German i p-lice agent. We learn everything a boat the troops?where they came from, how they came, huw long they were coming, and what kind of men they were, as well as how they were lodged, fed. paid, clothed, entertained and doctored. It may be well supposed that this i .formation is valuable. We must say that we never met with more exhaustive report. 1 ae Commission appears to have been of great benefit to the army, and it will now enable the world to observe h>w that singular army has been constituted ' vrr The Richmond papers are diacuaalng the ir?t,on whether the colporteurs are doing harm by elrcolatiag terrible tracts in the rebel camp, ^ -.d on (be eve of expected battles, confronting our men with little pamphlets, entitled?"Are vnu readv to die'" Sinner, you are soon to be damned," fce., kc \TT A poor shoemaker of Brentwood, EogUnd. his, by the death of a distant relative, un? i x pert'dly become the possessor of a fortune of irr -Do von itke<-.*tft?b hills. Mr Wlggln" Vr tt??*?:utiu*ly.) "| realty don't now, Miss, 1 never recollect attending onq." THE BLRXSIDE EXPEDITION. [From the Philadelphia Inquirer.] WHY HINRT A. WISE WAS WOT CAPTURED. Bj a singularly atrange transaction on the part of an officer on board of a Government vessel, Henry A. Wise, and undoubtedly a large number of men who were with him at Nag's Head, escaped. This vessel left Fortress Monroe about the 8th or 9th inat., with orders to look after the enemy at Nag'a Head, at the same time that Gen. Burnside and Commodore Qoldsborough were engaging them on Roanoke. When the Stars and Stripes reached Hatteras Inlet, on her return with Government despatches, informing the Government of the Federal victory, we learned that this craft and her able commander had just left the inlet on her voyage to Nag's Head, haying, as is stated, ran down the coast from Cape Henry to Hatteras without having been able to find the place to which he was sent. After reporting to Gen. Williams, he receivod snob instructions as it was thought would enable him to find the place, when he retraced his course up the coast. At this time the battle had been fought three days, and old Wise, with his followers, vanquished, so it mattered little whether he found it or not. Had the man in command of that vessel landed above Nag's Head, when he *ai in its vicinity, we should have caught the miserable Wise and all his party. I could not learn either tbe namo of this vessel or her commander, but it is evident that we lost a rich prize, through ignorance or disloyalty, either of which, in this instance, are inexcusable. CAPTl'RS or A FULL BLOOD. During the grand retreat of the enemy across the island some laughable incidents occurred, although it was a time illy calculated to indulge in laviiy. As we were trudging along in company with a company of skirmishers belonging to a Massachusetts regiment, who were search f A * # ?t ? ? ? tag ior any stragglers 01 me retreating toe wbo might be skulking in out-of-the-way places, several of them suddenly sprang out from behind some bushes near by, two of them getting into the woods and another running across an open space, making leaps that would have done credit to Gildersleeve, Jackson, or the "American Deer.'' Captain Bradford called out for him to step, several times, but finding we were likely to lose sight of him, ordered the men to ?ro The frightened rebel heard the order, and quick as possible turned around, and putting up both hands called out: " Please don't shoot?please don't shoot." The order having been countermanded, the man advanoed and surrendered himself, lie was clothed in a civilian's dress, and professed to be a quartermaster of one of the North Carolina regiments. Not long after this, fifteen or twenty of the prisoners were drawn around a good fire, and my friend, the artist, thought it was a good opportunity for taking a good sketch of them. Perceiving what was going on, the Rebel Quartermaster, who had by this time recovered from his fright, said?1' I expect you're some Yankee newspapermen, and I want you to remember that, tho I ain't so good looking as some o' the rest in this crowd, I've got jest the best kind n' Sonthirn K1a/v) In "ina '' body present remarked that perhaps that was the reason why he made such piteous appeals over in the field just previously. He was alarmed for fear he should lose some of it. Another prisoner, who said he was a Captain, and he certainly did look aa if he had been a oaptain of a clam sloop, ventured the remark that we had " bagged a big lot of game this time." But he continued, "You didn't get the eld man (meaning Uen. Wise) nor Frank Anderson, either." Tf'iO.OOO O Advance on alikindaof Gooria suitable for auction. Prompt attention given to aalea of Hou*>e-. Kurmlure, snook*. Bonda and every dsacrption of Merehan-liae. Peraoaa cant?mpiatinga ohaoae nr r?ir,nv%l < i f Knai?aaa will rAstoiwA ! 1 kara 1 ' K ?> * >'?uv " m ?'"?i " ill I wvi*? lIUVIMi vnnil advacoe on their stocks by MARSHALL & PAGE. A cot. and Com. Merchants, 50-^ 7th St., fe 14~ec3*. uuder Odd Fellows' Hall. NOTICE NOTICE NOTICE TO BUTLERS. TO SUTLERS. ST ICED MOLASSES CAKES. SPICED MOLASSES CAKES. SPICED SUGAR CAKE8. ariUHD SUGAR CAKES. Id oonseeuenoe of the great demind for our Molasses Ginger Cake and Sugar Cake, we have appointed W. H. HAMILTON A CO, 470 Nintn Street, pr tpa' Agent for their sale, from whom they oan be bought at five dollars per barrel. SNAPS, JUMBLES, MOLASSES POUND CAKE, IN QUANTITIES, IN QUANTITIES, IN QUANTITIES. BOSTON CRACKERS, Fresh every day?warm from the oven make delicious food? Ttn Ctnti Per Pound. DAYTON'S CELEBRATED MINCE PIES. Hotel-keeper*. Brad* of Families, and Butlera are invited to try our exoellent Mitoe Pies. Oar MINCE P1K8 need only to be tried to be appreoiated ; price 910 and #12 per hundred. JAMES L. DAYTON, Bakery?456 Eleventh etreet, feb S between 6 and H. pA&APFiNE CANDLES! MEUCC1S PATENT PARAPP1KK CANDLES ! Manafaotnrod by tb? Maw You PiiifTiM Cakdl* Co. For mU* ia ?aanUtt?a to suit yareha ?ra, by tbo Manufacturers' Agents, JOHNSON * NA6LE, a?9 Pena. avenue, Washington D. C. )a SI 10 Royal, n?ar line *., Alexandria, Va. COIN WANTED! Tha Highest Prioe yaid for QOLD AND SILVER! 8rae? Foa SaM in Svm? to Svit. LEWIS JOHNSOS * CO., BARKERS, PunuTLVAjiu. Avxitvs, )t tS-tf Corner Tenth street. XTOTICE.?All persona are forbidden to neuotiatean aooeptaooe of R. W. Adams, dated Oeoember M, )Ml, fift?ea hundred dollars payable at tae Metropolitan Bank, New York,?the same haTins been mailed is New York to the urdersuned and net reeetved. fe '? rn J. LANCDON. SSci5nnafflT?ff^^5r 4M 7th street, between 6 aad fa. ? t-lm* m>? st<fe, CJELLIN9 0*~F! O JPJuiJ&G OFF! The entire stnek RJeh Winur ard Fall Drees Goods. I .on* Broehe Shawls. Cloth Plaid Phawia, a few ladies' Cloth Cues*, all at ooet for oa?b. fe 13 5t (|8) tfevSttUj'su aUVeVa)wr. TELEGRAPHIC NEWS. THE CAPTURE OF FORT DDNELSOI. DETAILS OF THE BATTLE. The Strength of the Confederate Wirki. Chicago, Feb. 16 ?A special dispatch from Fort Donelaon saya: The contending force* were about equal la number, but the rebels cad the advantage In poeitlon, being well fort'fled on two Immense hills, with their fort near the river on a lower ptrce of ground. From the foot of their entrenchment*, rifle pita and abatis extended up the river behind Dover. Their fortifications along the side back of the river were at least four miles in length. Their wa'er battery was in the center of their fortifications wrere they came down to the river, and mountrd nine heavy guns. The rebels were ?ure of success, and in any other cause, and against less brave troopi, they couid easily have held their position against one hundred thousand men. The business of getting the different brigades tn position for attacking the works and arrivals of additional troops to the dllTerenf brigades took up the greater part of Friday night At daylight on Saturday, tbe enemy opened on he 18th Illinois regiment, wben Colonel Oglesble's brigade was soon engaged, and wss soon followed by Gens. Wallace and McArtbur;s brigades, the latter acting under Gen. McUlernand. As the position of the troons had been changed daring the night, and Gen Grant bad been called awav during the night to the trunboats. and the movements of our troop* ?xrept those attached to (ien. McClernand's divisions were made without anything except general order*, at a suggestion from Gen. McCiernand, Gen Wallace s^nt up four regiment* to support his division, who were then nearly out of ammunition From the commencement until near 10 o'clock the fighting wu terrltlc The troops to the right were disputed as follows: Gen. McArthur'? brigade, composed of the 9tb, l-Jth, 4lit. 17th. and 19th Illinois regiments. Next, Gen. Oglesby'a brigade, consisting of the 8th, 13th, *29t0, 30th, and 3!st Illinois regiments, with Schuatz and De Cewer'i batteries Next, Gen. Wallace's brigade of the lltb, -tith, 45th and 48th Illinois regiments These three brigades composed Gen McClernand's division, and bore the brunt of the battle. It was found that the unemy was concentrating his main force to turn oar right, which was done by our men getting out of ammunition, and In tbe confusion of getting up reinforcemecU, retreating about hair a mile. As soon as the division, which had stood its ground manfully for three hours, retired a* stated. Gen Grant ordered Gen Smith to move forward his division and storm the enemy's works on our left. This order was obeyed with great alacrity, and soon the cheers of our daring soldiers were heard, and the old fla% was displayed from within the enemy's entrenchments Gen.Grant then seut word to Gen. McClernand that General Smith was within the enemy's entrencbmenta. and nnlpriniy Jh^ir fnrrpa fn mnoe forward and renew tbe attack on the right. One of (ieneral Wallace's brigades?the 11th Indiana, *th Missouri and some Ohio regiments?was rapidly thrown Into position, and company A. of tbe Chicago Light Artillery, was planted on the road, and as the rebel*, supposing we were in retreat, came yelling out of their works Into the road, the Chicago boys poured a hailstorm of grape and canister into their ranks, slaughtering dozens of them. Simultaneously with this tbe infantry commenced firing at will, and the rebels turned and fled pell mell back into their works, our men advancing and taking possession of tbe ground they had lost and a hill besides Fresh troops who had not been in action were th^n ? k - 0 J * " * * luiuwu ivtwsru, ana as me >uan oi mgiii drew on were In a strong position to participate simultaneously in the attack on Sunday morning Genu. Oglesbie's, Wallace's and XlcArthur's brigades did the nardest nutating, and h-vc suffered terribly. Tbey would undoubtediv bave held their first position but for the fact that the ammunition wagons were some distance cfi', the hills preventing their moving nearer. Some of our best officers and men have gone to their lon^ home". Hardly a man that went over the field after the battle but discovered some comrade who had fallen. We lost three Lieut Colonel?, and at least one quarter of all the other officers were wounded or killed. During Saturday night a contraction of all our llnrs was made for a simultaneous assault from every point, and orders were given by Gen Grant to take the enemy at tbe point of the bayonet. Every man was at bis post at daylight and an advance w;ts made, and when tbe full light of day broke forth, white fiaga were hung In many places on the enemy's works An officer at a convenient point was informed that they had stacked their arms and surrendered During the morning the following correspondence passed between the commanders: Headquarters, Fort Dontlson, Feb. l?, 186tl. Sir: In consideration of all tha circumatanrM governing tbe present situation of affaire at this Htatlnn, I propose to tbe commanding officer of the Federal forces the appointment of commissioners to agree upon the terms of the capitulation of the forces In this post under my command In that view I suggest an armistice until >2 o clock to-day 8 B Bbcknkr, Brig. Gen. C. 9 A. To Brig. Gen. U. S Grant Htadquarter% in Ike Field, ) Fort Donelson, Feb. 16. J To Gen. S B. BuclcntrSir : Yours of tbis date, proposing an armistice and appointment of commissioners to settle on terms of capltulstlon, is fust rwelTM N" * ? ? ?v?um an uucuudltfnoal and Immediate aorrender can be aceepted. I propone to more Immediately on your works. 1 am, very respectfully your ob't serv't, U. 8. Grant, Brig Gen. Headquarters, Dover, Tkjin , Feb. 19. Brig Gen U S. Grant, U. ? A?Sir The distribution of forces under my command lncl uem 10 an unexpected change'of commanders, and the overwhelming force under your command, compel me, notwithstanding the brilliant succews of the Confederate arm*, to accept the ungenerous and unchivalrous terms which you propose. I am sir, your nervaat, S B. Bccknkr. Brig. Gen. C. s A. Our forces were soon in the enemy's works, where the rebel officers gave up their swords The bulk of the rebel* were chagrined, as they knew of the surrender long before our men were apprised of It. Pillow and Floyd bad planned and executed tbelr escape during the night, taking with them Floyd's brigade and a few favorites, occupying what few small steamers they had

Many of the prisoners acknowledge the hone lesaneaa of their" case, and intimated a willingness to take an oath of allegiance and return to their home* To a queation put to an offlcer as to how many prisoners we had, be replied you have all out of '25,1)00 who were not killed or did not escape. It Is impossible to get a list of the killed and wounded, aa all the silled have not yet been brought in and are mixed with the rebels' killed. The composition of the rebel forces was as follows: Tennessee 11 regiments; Misnlulppl 8: Texas 1; Kentucky 2; Arkansas 1; Virginia 4, and one battalion of cavalry each from Alabama. icnnessee ana MlMlulppl. Total rebel force 27 regiment* of Infantry and artillery, and three battalion* of cavalry. ANOTHER ACCOUNT. Detptraf? Attempt of the Hebelt to Cut Iktir Way Through the Federal Line*. Chicaso, Feb. 18.?The Tribune's special dispatch from Fort Donelson gives some additional points of interest. The writer says : The position of the ground occupied bv onr troops in tho attack on Fort Donelaon was such that not more than one regiment could operate at the same time, while the rebelsoenld bring nearly the whole force to operate against us. The first regiment to receive the rebels was the leth Illinois, which fought with desperate courage until their ammunition was exhausted, when they were forced to retire. They were relieved by the bth Illinois, who also were driven back after firing their last round. Meanwhile the other regiments were lending such feeble assistance as their post-I tlons would admit. Gen Lew. Wallace was then ordered to reinforce Gen. McClernand, and sent the taH irom tbe center. The 31st Illinois regiment, Col. Logan,fougbtllke veterans,defending Schwartz's battery under the most galling fire, until every horse at the battery waa Silled, together with ail the oflleers who had charge of the a una, u well as the lieutenant colonel, acting major and seven captains A number of the lieutenants of the 31st Illinois Regiment were wounded. Being nearly surrounded, Capt- Cook, who was left in command, drew ofr what was left of the regiment? not,however, h?I their last round of ammunition was expended and they had commenced driving the rebels before them. The second brigade then came up and took the place at the retired one, and fought deeperately, losing a great number killed, but with the assistance of a portion of W ollaee's division of the 49th and 59th Ohio regiments, drove the rebels hack to their entrenchments, gaining the portion of ground lost. . The object of the rebels In this straggle was e* | ideotly to eut their way through our troope. I OFFICIAL. HHREASURY DEPARTMENT, X fkbscaftt 4, 1002. Holdkks or Bonds of tbo United States dated August 10, 1861, snd payable three years from date, are hereby notified that provision Is made for the payment of the Coupons of semi-annual In terest which became due on the 19*.h Instant, In cola, agreeably to their tenor by the Treasurer of theTJalted States at Washington, or by ettber of the Assistant Treasurers at New York, Boston, and Philadelphia. AM IULU UVUpVUI, ll'^CiUCI WltU BtUCUUltl bowing the number and amount of each Coupon and the aggregate turn of each parcel, must be presented for examination and verification at leaat three full business days before payment. 8. P. CHASE, fe.Vfttth Serretary of the Treasury. Treasury department, February 4, 1^62. Notick is herkbt eivkii of the readiness of this Department to redeem the Treasury notes payable In one year from date, authorized by the act of Congress approved December 23d, 1857, and the Treasury notes payable In alxty days from date, authorized by the act of Congress approved 2d March, 1861. Interest on Treasury notes of the above Issues wHl cease on the 7th day of April next by terms of those acts respectively. fe 5 tap" Department op state, Washington, January 25, 1862 The Secretary of State will hereafter receive Members of Congress on business on Saturdays, commencing with Saturday, the first of next month. Jan 27-tf WILLIAM H. SEWARD. WAR DEPARTMENT, J A.NCART 21, MW. Okdkrsd, That the VVar Department will he closed Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays against all other business hut that which relates to active military operations in the field. Saturdays will be devoted to the business of Senators and Representative*. Mondays to the business of the Public. EDWIN M. 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C., J AN U Ait Y, 186S. removal. a. bmimgi:r & co. ATB n 33 M ovj3D TO J19 PENNSYLVANIA AVr*rE, orror.r* W1LLARDB' HOTEL. We Invite the attention of on: f !end? an* toons to the Oard below: No. ai9 P*SS<TL??5!A Art!!-*, ) (opposiI* Wuiifi't Hottl,)\ The ?ut*rlber*, having opcrM a Branch tnbMshment In thli C!ty a few montbt since, and feeling eneour??rd by th?- liberal patronage alppjlll v PATo! Bo/i frt\n% f 1 n A ?<! ?"? I ? ?? - * ? J V" V. ?v? ?m a1 1VKU.1 ?in iU'. -VJC 1 I ? piire and genuine WINKS, LIQUORS, and olher nrts-rl*'* in their line, hn*c dc- nnmri pon a continuance and extension cf their bu?l ncaa. Their a*aortmrut embrace#? FINE COGNAC BRANDIES (?*f varloua age, brand*, and d!?trlcts ) DOUR BON AND SCOTCH WHISKIES, JAMAICA RI'M, GINS, kc , AUo, aeverai valuable 'Jonlca, Bltt>-ra, and Stomachtra which are remedies f r bowel complaint* fever and a^ue, headnrhe, and the l'.kc. MADEIRA,SHERRY A PORT WINES, CLARETS, BURGUNDY, CHAMPAGNE AND GERMAN WINES. HAVANA 8EGARS, Of ail Varieties aud Pri.-;#* PINE NAVV AND OTHER CHEWING TOifACCO ALSO, PICKLES,SAUCES,CHEESE, PRESERVED MEATS AND FRUITS, SARDINES, VINEGARS, SWEET OIL, Ac., Ac. The Stock was particularly selected to n!t the waata of Hctel-Ke- pcri, S itien* R iu-.uraU-urv fcc. They are lnviud to visit the establishment, which la under the direction of Mr. Joe. If. Wilson. Owing to the fact that t'uey import moat of the articles direct, and to tacir many bustm-M facilities, they are enabled ?< off r tiKlr <-tO' k Qo<vl? *? very low prices. Your obedient servants, A. BINIftGER * CO., ._j .x T'. n* - v t. mpVTlCTS UJ roj tlft* IT i^iyVvT y y * Ja 11-tf NrW YoRK A!f^ WA<El!??TO!f. THE EAR EYE AND EAR. No. ?87 PENNSYSLVANIA AVLNUU, OPPOiTTB WILLABD'3 hotel. Oculist and 4urft?t. OR F. A VUS MOSC HZISkER. From Canton Plao?, New Vork. hue arrived m the oitr and opened hi? offices at a?7 PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE, where be can be ooncnltod on Ma.adir* of tf.e EYE AND EAR re^uinnt ma^ica! an?l aurcioal treatmentI Dr. Vow MoarnzisKca ie the iiiventor and irl*o ducer into the medioa! practice of tue ETHERIAL EAR INHALATOK, for the treatment of obetinate ea?e? of DEAFNESS AND NOISES IN THE HEAP. He is a?o author ol the lett?r? rnMiehed in the New York and Phi arfelp^ia pup- -8 treating on the p'evention of DEAFNESS FROM THE FIRING OF CANNON, fr. Dr. Von M. ha* tortr.e pr^t fourteen tear* deroted liii> spoclai attention to the TREATMENT OFTHE EYE AND EAR, And potsenre* the testimonials of some ot the :>e?t known public men in the Union, who h*ye been noit eueoeefnliy treated by him Ibr the RESTORATION OF SIGHT f HEARING. READ. [ Frcm Profeuor Mtmkter, Baltimore 1 "I have tin* day ee^n Mm? \> ire, her i^tt perfectly re?tor?J. I am iappr to exproas my convio tion that b? your skill and ju-Jirnient the hie been saved troin tne greatest deprivation mat cowia have befalieii tier/' [From the Hon. Senator Putk] To D*. Von Moschzibzze: I am r?nit obliged for the interest tod have mar itemed jn mr ewe of Deafness, and theakili with whioh Tobure treated mr oue, and 1 have no doubt tftat by careful obaervanoe of your directions, m? hearing will b? permanently restored. g. H. pugh. [From John t/TLiau, Jr., ton of Ik* Him. Juit* of tkt V. S. Supreme Court J It it well known to mr numerous friend* that I have been deprived of ray haannc for many years. 1 am happv to state mat I have, tn&nka to l)r. Von Moaonsuker, entirely recovered. Mr toearinc la now aa acute aa ever, JOHN m'lfcan, Jr. For several veara I suffered from deafceaa. Dr. Von Mocchziaker restored mr heaMD*. tit. Louia, sept.7,isj8, Joseph yeats. Dr. Von Moaehziaker moat auoceaafally operated on mr eyes,auil Benefitted inv aicht ezoeedinriy. gkorge h. cheney, K f r Ani a..! m inn ALL RAIL FROM NEW TORE. 41 HOURS. This Company u prepared to forward all kinds of goods to and from? NKW YORK?Offioe 39 Broadway. BOSTON?(Jffioe, T Congress street, and 9 Congress Square, PHILADELPHIA?Offioe, 337 Chestnut street, BALTIMORE?Offioe, Camden station, WASHINGTON?Office, 388 Pennsylvania ar , ALEXANDRIA?OfBoe, 105 King street, ANNAPOLIS, FORTRESS MONROE. NEWPORT NEWS. PORT ROYAL, And the SOUTHERN BLOCKADING SQUADRONS, AT FAIR KATES! ! ? - " ' * ~ To SUTLERS AMD RK8TAURANTS. IMbMketa tstt superior CHAMPAGNE _ _ . . WINE, tor ?1? fthast by : WM. COR WIN BURGY, N*. MT PMaayhrute now, ?ntymi>a<n?a Wrth rt l^OX EXCELSIOR CRACKERS -A fresh r svppiy of Fox'* C?Jebr*UHl Ex to, nor Crack_i?S Comer Vwnnal?t. mid lath tnwt. ss, ws.1 " """ *3275" IL?K?r/rem Kre. J. J. MhUoh.] Da. Von. M'jschzisesh?Deer Sir?Am"'! those who have heeu Oer.ehtied by your uriiiful treatment, in diseases impairing t .e sight, it all wis me great pleaauie to add the testimonial of my gratitude to the list c tour patisntt. My sight wai so much impaired daring the last eighteen months that i oould cot recognise the feature* of a friend standing near m*. 1 tender ?on this acknowledgment of yosr eminent ski 1 and secoess in the treatment ot your obliged aad grateful friend. J. J. MULLON, He? tor ht. Patrick's The original of the above, and hundreds mote testimonials, oan be seen at Dr. M.'s rooms. Patients wishing their flunily physician to aoeompany them to witness operations or for the poreoeeofoonsultationareat liberty to bring men. Jufiaal men will be at all times we loomed to witaeef Dr. Von M 's operations, and omt 01 mo instrument* & dm introdloe* for tL? f&o; itation of Opth*ln>ic aa<l Aunt! Surgery. Am fceia Kye? i&MrtM wiuuot eiuuit ib; ptln to the patent. Odko* tears from 9 ft. in. ?J p. m. ud from 3 to 'fcbt ljp ?8T PKNN8YL.VA.NiA AVKNUK. JTCAS-TE AS-TKAB! U31 B eo?|ve4 * ft iim lot ne?r Tmm. For Ml? I iow*? vftowNlNtf *\lavin?H}. da t lUTL' * Sftii F?.?v*cs?.i>o?/ rt. A THK WEEKLY STAR. ru* <t?uu> ttajif u4 Dim iwin < ULUiK.l? * ( UMliU M*A <4 v>u ??m b? f?n4 l( ut li piMMai ,*l>:da> mziAiig. fUM?C*t\. i?NM<.r,<a *? ?? 8l*t?? fpf, prt U1 > .M P.'l SMlii ? * Wff* ?|IM ?1>? I Wl ? ? II UwtaVi J citdii the '' Wukili*t?? Nt*<' thst ksj made 7*U i**jy **? < ( 5w elmM ?o jrraerally throughout (he ooutry. rople* (in wrapper*) cu ba pr*> cured at Cm: ocoater, Imir.tjdialaly after tte Imt of th? ptper i'rlr*?THREE CENTS HtXMBOLD'S GENUINE PBtTVRATlON. f? 11 TT1 i-TT V *xanLI IVITl/JlifZltlt ttMM" Compound Fluid Extract Bach*, A Piritttt mmd K$m*4f For Dumm ul t* BLAIM'KB. mi'VBYH GKAVFL,u4 DROPSICAL gVVLLLiNCt*. TM ?<Ji9n 0 iuerM'Mll.* powor of rMfMt?OS. h i ; _ . l.'.r IB' .vc.-.M- 11. "IT *1 1 (f WAT KM < K C?..( i u>V? /. , ? a.. : >\ .. !. t - , t--.tioeil, a? we" a? r*'i ?^o j, ilEL.MBQLDS LI XT 11 ACT BUCUlf For A * : - ? - .& ' nf p ">1. tvl* 1> discretion ui A' use. Atten4*4 vftfc (ft? Follr>-mt*.g Symjtvmt: lr tp'rit; 'B t Ki' V.t.ri, Po?#r, (, sa. mo rr. ' i? ; ':r<-.Uiini, tV.'i) \*r.?s, ."iMbliiii, H<m ,' of lto'r-Me. ^VilcKuir e**, l?-it -*? of V 7.. l'a;n .n *ii* U*ck, Ur:v >a -'Ktetr. Hot i< ? ? th* Dnru* -*<>i th? Skin, ' r " on tb? Kaoe, r*;no ror-sr* N*?r *. Tr*w ?Tinpt v ; r, Wh:oh tfclf 'D* IBVart*!.1 !? ?. p f. <)* ? i.MpttiEMV.r .r us- : . i i:i"ncfits. >t c%* cj icKt'k I At Fu.itr.t m ijr E<rj>?'?. W,i> mn t\T Mi<v. t '1(1 ' ! fr.: loac. f ;h?t? 44 INSANITY AMD CONSUMPTION." Man* ar2 -f the c^-mopftheir ~u4?f teg, BT t HC>l Wll.L lu ilUI. T i! K ( -r i>H !N!?AN!: AM'LUMB Ansf ikt Mtlanrko'.y Dt%r\n by Con. umption. BtA.n amilk wrr.-iivi to the tkxth of th? as ? as t ion. I y.. i o\ <N -ntciLU WITH ORGANIC W ) AKNksb, e*u;ro* tU<> aid olmedicinei h> ttrrngthen *n<i Irvijora'" the J*yetea? t IM'LM HOLD'?* IX "KACT UL'C'it mra?i?' i? dcil T?!4L WiLL convive* THB KO?T fc' i; hi A ! *- a" /u j / fc' v? B ?- a? a / l'h & L/1U44 ? Ui'l *. I?4V#1 &iUV| OLl> OR VOl'Ne.-IVfii.r M>KR!hD. CONTK M Pl.ATl.NG M A H KI AOL. In Many 4/cetiMM P*e*'ter to FttnaUs the hx tract Buf tia is nr?Bait'a4 t>? srt ott*rt?aeuy, iWo :u Cu\ro?<? vc Km-^ntioa, I IT?**-anty Pi .Juicea, or S*.?p?re*e.oii o. i t ^inan Lvtcuatioon. I': or rated or j^cSnrroa* *t*?? of th?- I'tetup. I,?? rrliea or YVhitea, r>t?rni*j. * .?l for all oo;uf ai t? incident to the a;., wketiier arming from Indiseretioij, rf DieMpetion. or id the DF.CLlyF OR CHANGE OF LIFE! SB* SYMPTOM* AKOV?. NO FAMILi' EUiOULi) iJK WITHOUT IT. Tmkt n*. mc<? Balsam. or Vnf t?a$mmi Mtdictns foT *V j.Uo. .*??? nnJ i/anfrtmi Ditto.***. HhLMBOLD S HI THAU J HUCHU KKCKLI UlkKAkKt 111 a.i iiifir - At iittie .-.lpeLPe Little or f ! hanee ir Diet; Mo iboonvmecos And no axv<'?*'*- ^ Itcsoaes a freqa'&t Ue*tre & u p:ve? e#)cgth to Urinate, tierefoy Removing < <t*t u&tiont. rrevecuuc murine r^rioiurei 01 in* reiura, Ai'ayiae I'iiii at:J iudMiniiMiun, m> Ironuont in the cl&ea of ditea ?s. ltd expo Itsi +i> Pcumohi, Uii*A?4d,aMd w.'? out Alcuur. TttOVSAM&S UFO.N THOUSAND* WHO HATE BEE A THE TICIaMS OF QUACKS, and * no .icy- r*i'i Am ? tern 10 re oared it: a chert U&?e:i.uilu t;icy u>oeiv>-d, *uu tuM tu* Tune s"' fc%8. tLo : [' 'ill MfrutMMM t*rn >i><J tho Eyat.i.^, '.j break cat :& an frg zr*7.-t-lf:?rir,?ua J tV.HAi 9 AFTER KA MIV X t ||r S?? QLUU^i^U'O KXT?1A V BtOKB t'i tl?'fctios? ?c dlssafeC* ofth* 1'H.i wnr wi^ihn oristiit :a SlAi'K OK LX? from *2ii;rir '%ce? ^r,,,raUt; ted i.o matte: a tU * LOKO STAAiilKU. Piuearsca! i?ov Orcaw retal tae ud tf a ihVKBTtC. HULMbOLD'S HXTl'AC'J BUC1IU IS ?HE 6KEAT Dll Ri-TIC, and icopriain to > ?vo the ceaired fiieot la ??*<?* ii it rttpmwfiad. * ariruci or rw? host kcspo^pibls amd bmLIABLB enAKaCTiii trUiJarscrtfacT the medie'n**. rKH7tncATiis of (innn. f roustu ;?ra' ataxias vtth N*!n?? knew?; to 8<UNCE AK9 FAKK. "PHYSICIANS" PZ-SiSif ?>OTlCK.n w? iai "ao aicABT" or I1LLMHOLD'S EXTRACT UUCHU composed of Bnot^,Cn'ifb? and Jumper Hemes ??i?*cted with i-eat cars t j a oompete&i drcccial. PREPARED IN T/LCUO, BI U. T. HELM BOLD, ractioa! and Analytical Chemist. and Sc.e Mao n:*' turer of HKLMBOLD 8 GENUINE ?K EP A K AT ION 8 AJFID AT IT. Personal.;/ appeareo oefore ni?, an Alderman of the city of Pniladc pa>?, M. T. Hilmmld, who beiaj dn!y worn, dotn say. nis p f.a's.'.' ms oobtain do c&rootio, no mcrourr.or otaer iUjurioei drurs, btt are purely vegirtt1 B. T. HtLMBOLD. Strom and subscribed before n?. this id niiay o No vernier, law. WM. P. BlBb;,Kl?. A aeriuan. Ninth Ft., *>? Raoe. 1'ln.a FHYS1CIANS IN ATTENDANCE FKOM 8 A. U TO 8 F. M. Ft it9 91 Mr Mtl?, er all for ?*. DsliwM to any atfdraw. Meat*! y vacse^ rom eheerratien. Addrem letters fot Informative lb coafoa ee 11. 1. H&LMiiOU). QUmiK, ! Depot, 1?M Soath Taatk at, b?K)f CLnuui Phiia HfcWAttE OF COUNTERFEITS AXD UXFRINClfLED DA CLKKb who flodaftvor lo "of ?u?.' owu" other' artieiea oa Uie raputttio" -U*u>w i Htlmbeld i (fiMMi Prtpmrmttom , " " Emtrmtt But ?, 11 " " Smrfpm iUm, " " IwyrwU ?*M ITM* Sold by Z. &. Wtivs, Z. 0. (iiiuii Jon W:lbt. S. C. t iUi 0. b. liannmii B. O Majok, D. B. Cuu, Inwtu * VavkhwbOJ . ? --? urn ZAND ALA MPWisra mwmm* up j n * * 1AK1BOOIHL AWAfOlitWOIIflOU * X^OMlf VttM * < Mvto* ? ?Ht^ V k 4k i

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