Newspaper of Evening Star, February 19, 1862, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated February 19, 1862 Page 2
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?V ENING STAR. WASHINGTON CITY: TTIr?n?DAV FEBRUARY 10,1969. Ot? Fxixwix z'. the Yarlona military campa and poalUotu win roufer * fcT?r by keeping n? ported u movementa and affair* 1b tMi vlelnltlea. Though Thi ??ta* to printed on tha faaVat team ptra* )n nw aoiith of Baltimore, ita edition l?j?o ijrge as to require It to be put to preaa at an rerly bocrr AdrtriistmnUt, therefore, should be eflt In before 12 o'clock * ; otherwiae they may may not appear nntll tbe next day Spirit ?f the M?rninj Preee. The Int'lligencer is devoted to new* matter*. RfppWffw, In Its role of abolition pro- I pi'gandism, trot* oat the exploded canard of an offer of Mason and 9lldell to emancipate all negroe* hereafter born, aa the price of Engliah rrxojj*ltlon OUR MILITARY BUDGET. * MISSOURI CLEARED OF REBELS IN ARMS! A miOlt AJMT 15 ABXA*SA?' Last night a di patch renrhed the headquarter! here convey!ng the grat fylng Intelligence that Price is fairly driven cut of Missouri with the portion of hie army that eo far haa escaped the clutches of Gen Curtis. He 1* fairly over the border making tracks for southwestern Aikansas. Gen. Curtis, too, is out of Missouri, and In Arkan*a*. in close pursuit of him, picking up detachments of his men and the parcch of his material, as fast as be overtakes them ten. Price Pom (Uefcf Taken:: 21 CAPTURE AL?C OK fOL. PDR9EY, COL CROSS, AND t'APT JJipGE. OF TRICE'S **TA^ Juat as we go to presa the fMbwing dispatch has been received at the beadqavtera of General McClcllan ^, Ht. Locis, Feb.^fr?H) 30. a m. To Mator Gtmttml McCtellnm General Curtis haa capturcf^Gen. Trice, Col Dmkt, Col Cik and Capt /Idije, of Trlce a ataff. H. W. Hali^i*,Maj. Gen. T . * NAVt V ART. The King Philip went down to the flotilla and returned last evening. She reporta affaira unchanged on the lower Potomac. The steamer Stepping Stonea came up yesterday with the aervants of Mr Otterback, from hi? Virginia property. His family have been in this city some time, and hli furniture has been removed to Maryland. The Stepping Stones went down a?rain imme diately, and the only vessels now at the yard are the Mount Washington, (undergoing repairs,) the King Philip and th? tug Leslie. thk rnoroeiD rrdcctiox of cavalry. | The House Committee on Military Affair* had under consideration, yesterday morning, a proposition to reduce tbe cavalry force of the army to thirty, or at the most forty regiments. Tbe majority of tbe Committee were of opinion that tbe present force of seventy-five regiments wert not toj great in view of the peculiar aspect that the war is beginning to assume. Our cavalry force, well drilled, as it now '.s, can get over the ground rapidly, and thus shorten tbe days of the rebellion homeopathy ix the army The Senate Committee on Miliary Affilrs had before them, yesterday morning, a delegation of homeopathic physician* and professors of distinction and character, f rom tbe various Atlantic uekltt^ *ts?_ laluUltaliiiiv. ill uf u Uuuico^atklc hospital In the District of Columbia. After a patient bearing, the committee Intimated an adverse recommendation, ass i?nin<r n.? r**r ?r . b n " confusion betw?*n the two systems. a irxot. Among; the rumors afloat in Washington, without any traceable foundation, 1* the not Improbable one that Alexander H Stephens, the recently-elected Vice President of the rebel Confederacy, has resigned that otflce, and urges the return of the seceded States to the Federal Union. Niw PrB'-iCATioxs.?From Hudson Taylor, 3?4 Pennsylvania avenue, we have " Jomlni's Art of War." an admirable translation from the last Paris edition, by Lieut. Craighlll, U. S. A Philadelphia, J. B Llpplncott & Co. This work, by an authority recognized as the leading ni'lltary critic of the world, is a valuable addition to the list of military works now so much ought for. It Is for sale by Hudson Taylor. L'?nm IV.. ...kll.l.. - r... . ivmi >uc i'uuihucij, uici ? f inxfrsld, New York, (and for tale by them ft No 35^ Pennsylvania avenue) we have "Treasure Trove," bv 'ue brilliant humArist, poet, and painter, Samuel Dover; ' The Warden," by Anthony Trollope. now recognized aa leading novelist; and ''Castle Wafer," by the incognito writer whoie "Kast Lynn, '' Red Court Farm." and productions of similar power, have created no little inquiry as to tfee author. Tn Railroad Cokvkstio* ?The Railroad Convention which convenes in this city to-niorrow at the Invitation of the Secretary of War, will organize at 12 o'clock, at Willarda' Hotel, we understand. C7"The London Examiner styles Hon. Owen Lo*ejoy "a ranting blockhead " Fi5a5cial. ? Froni the New York Evening Fof t of yesterday : i ne goia market continues active, though the Lmon idccwm of the past ten day* and the hitch la the legal-tender bill have somewhat subverted the calculation* of the operators for a large advance The highest point touched was on Saturday?105, buyer ?? days?and the lowest since that time H'3*. stand lug this noon at The fail of bavannan, just announced, will prooably check any tendency to advance, a* tbe exchange drawers wiil doubtless soon bagin to shape their business to the probabilities of a res niiption of the cotton export the coming sixty ct ninety days The exchange market has a very unsettled look to-day, and a material decline in rates seems to be pending Money is in fall demand to-day at six per cent, on call. The nominal rate for best bills on London Is 114*115. I'be Assistant Treasurer received from Washington tc-day another million of the new issue Uaitad State* stock. There are now three millions on hand, which will be delivered to the banks when thev are prepared to receive them. Furiotr Df ins KnInourjjn I be English journals generally applaud Karl Russell's letter to the Admiralty relative to the us?* of British ports by belligerents. The Times says that tbe government acted very wisely and impartially. The Fust thinks the latter must give universal satisfaction, and effectuC ! .h ? ? > i nin(Biir prneeeaingH a? ILok of Ifte Tuararora ud SidivtU* The Observer says the American government Is mo*t anxious f?r a rerewed rtfon for the laying vl a transatlantic cable, and otters to furnish'half the means and ships if Lupland doe? the aam^ ? It ?aya It is report'd that Cyrus Fields undertakes another mission to England or the subject. comvbbsio.n or thk mrrinc of Mexico into A *????a*citt. The Mvrtilax I'sii (supposed organ of Palmeraton) aaya that it ba? now been determined, with the aaaeiit of <jrt t Britain, by the Court* of I'urls a?d Madrid, tun' their armies shall march direct from Vera Cru to the capital of Mexico, and there suppress tbe eitstlin; eiecirtlve Kngland will limit her active military co-operation to the preaeaec of a powerful squadron in the Gulf of Mexico, and to kamsemng the toil of Sau Juan d Ulioa with a force of seven hundred marine* during the contluuauoe of the healthy on that coaxt l*bls force, when the aeaoon grows unhealthy, la to be replaced by acclimatised Cuban troops - i, ?Docc?aiaJ-??a.M -wduriPK yesterday a pa!ice fi/rco visiu d the < dice of U? South'' ..ewspaper ud took paMMMO< u U a uumbmt U >etter*, written by Senators Bayard and Saulsbury, of Delanotoriooj Vaiiandltfbam, oJ (>** .. The documents contain touching sentiments of *ad variant Mi?g?attoaa hew he Yankee* map be defeated ?Etu Ulifptt. mm%L " um* a-c. * ^ !- ??? IJ a *'*" ** x TELEGRAPHIC. A LATEST FROM THE SOUTH. c THE REBELS PERMIT NO NEWS TO COME BY THE FLAG OF THI GE. * BVRNSIDE S ARMV OCCM'YING EDEN- [ TO*. n n THE LATKST UNION INFORMATION FROM PORT ROYAL. Ba.ltimokk, Feb 19, (from Fortress Monroe g Feb. 19.)?The steamer Stars and Stripes sailed o for ifetiera* thl# forenoon with ? f?il-e?rgo ?f v ammunition. Theschooner Exertion li also load- * ing with ammunition, and will probably sal! to- ^ morrow morning. a The ttoauicr Connecticut arrived froui Port v Royal this afternoon. She left on the 15th. Sbe h bring" no news of special Interest, but operations towards Savannah were still going on. o A flag of truce thl* forenoon carried several d passengers from kere to Norfolk, but brought ^ back no news. m n I J. -All I L' ^ ^ 4 ... 111. K|.L.t. ?urn?iue wu uccu|Mr? ijutuiuii. inspiuiins g have been thrown out mme six or eight miles. He bu so far made no advance from that point The Thomas Jeft'erson and Baltimore have * ailed for Hatteras with cargoes of ammunition, c The Jersey Blue tailed this afternoon with two a hundred and tifty troops from Annapolis. _lt is known that the want of ainmuni- ^ tion has somewhat delayed the operations of * General Burn*ide.<uid Commodore Goldsborough t since (he fall of Roanoke Island. The three or b four cargoes just sent to them from Fortress Mon- 0 roe will, doubtless, at onte enable them to push p ahead, lie will also be relieved of the charge a of keeping guard upon his large number of * prisoners, which rt quired the detail of a large * portion of his force. t The news from Gen Wright's force and the c gunboats operating against Savannah by this s arrival being from Port Royal to the l*>th, Is J probably only up to the 13th from Charleston, two days older than the news by telegraph to * nn( nf ll'Viif K ( lw> rr-lu-l rmtwip /if t ntt I I iH'l t VU? "I ? UI? U i Ul I V ?/V I I IIIIKM VI I Ii? surrender of the eity grew. t We therefore see nothinp In these advice* from t Union sources to weaken the probability that Savannah has fallen.?Ed. Star. Mars and Stripes Floating In Arknasns. 1 run ur1vkn from MISSOURI ?OKN. curtis l.N 1 hot roasuir. ' St Lori<, Feb. ?The following dispatch | wa> sent from bead-quarters to n'^ht: < " To Major-General McClella?, IVmhingtan. D C. The flag of the Union is floating in Arkansas. lien. Cnrtfs has driven Price from Missouri, and is several miles across the Arkansas line, cut" ting up Price's rear, and hourly capturing prison- 1 ers and store* The army of the Southwest Is 1 I doing its duty nobly. ( (Signed) H. W. Ualleck, Major-Ueneral. From the Upper Potomac. Fredfrick, Feb I?.?The killing of a soldier of the Home Brigade on Friday i.i^ht by one of the Proves* pan s csused s<me little sensation here on Saturday An examination luto the aftilr resulted In the vindication ?f tbe latter The evidence *iic'.ted fron: n prisoner find a citizen bows mat out" < ! iht- I'rovost patrol*, named Doyle, of the NViscons'n Third. selected for his cool judgment, w;is placcd at the corner of Patrick nnd .Market street for th*-j urpose of detecting soldier* disguised hs < Hizens forth" purpose of surrtptltlonsly obtaining liquor. Thr~e men In pa'tlal citizens' dre*s cair.t up. and one named Baxter, belonging to the Home Brigade, was recognized and arrest* d by l)oyle. He resisted, and his associate* (one of whom was named Thompson, from Baltimore. and belonging likewise to the Horn** Brigade.) al?o interfered lo have Baxter released. D?yle trl'-d for several minute* to get his prisoner along bv using conciliatory language, but was prevented from doing so by Baxter and Thompson, the Titter lnvirig Doyle by the arm. Doyle then told them that he should, si wis bis duty, take his prisoner to ?h- guardhouse dead or alive, ai.d unlet* they desist-.'d h" should be com lo use forcible meat s Knowir g his opponent* to be armed, he d'ew hs revolver, when I'boir.pson, saving that was a game more than one could play at, drew, or attempted to draw. U1N UWiij uud ?L* Hiinl on- ?>f purty (Aponcd a an;ie 01 aangeroua dimensions In a threatening manner Doylf, wbnw right arm wa.? stilt held by Thompson, flfVatcl h!? pis'ol and tired, the ball enttring bis right breast. The prisoner lie still held with his left l and, and the third one of the trio made hi* escape. Thompson also ran. After lolgiiig his prisoner at the guaidhous*' Doyle returned with two other patrols to tearcu for the others, when they found Thompson lying dead In th? road near the scene of the ntfrsy. The evidence In the case has been laid before the commanding General for his action in the premises. It should have been previously s'nted that before atu-mptlng the arrest Doyle asked trie disguised soldiers for tbelr passes, and was answered that being citizens they needed none and had none. The recent demonstrations around Harper's Ferry lead to the belief that the enemy are about to cross the Shenandoah live miles above the Ferry, and erect a powerful ba'tery on the Loudoun Height# opposite >andv Hook, for the purpose of driving out Colonel Geary'a forces ur.der Major Tyndale. They frequently maite their appearance at other points to divert attention from the apot If such be their plan, our forces will Vu? w? vvnt ttw ut v,uugm ua^pui^. Relief tar the Orphans of the Slaiu. Philapelphia, Feb. 17.?In the intdnt of the rejoicing ov?r th<* news from For? Donelson at the Commercial Rooms in the Merchants' Kxcbanye, a proposition was started to raise a fund of ?100,000 to educate and provide for the orphan* of the slain on the Federal side, and *o <>00 was raised in a few minutes. The rest will be easily obtained. Beside* this benefleen'"*, the Cooper Shop Refreshment Committee have had under consideration the establishment of a home for the benefit of all wounded, maimed and sick soldiers after the rebellion 1* crushed A charter for a "Soldiers' Home" Las been obtained, and the erection of a suitable building will >>hortiy be be commenced It Is stated that one gen'lurun has signified his Intention of subscribing $40,000 for this purpose. CONOR ESS ION A L. mynu CO1I6REM?S?c?nd Seitita. Sihatk.?Yesterday, after oar report closed? The cue of Senator Stark, cf Oregon, waa discussed by Messrs. Simner, Trumbull, McDoujjal, Carllie. Foster, Fessenden, Clark. Ten Eyck, Hale, Dixon. Nesmitta, Henderson, and Howard, and without further disposing of the matter, the Senate adjourned. d^Mr. O D. Hanscomb, of M?r?htie!d, Me , on the 1st inst . discovered in the woods, about three and a half milts from his bouse, a den containing three bears?two cubs and their dam. With a rope be made a noo*e, and passed It over the head of the dam, and pulled her to the mouth of the cave, where she was despatched with an axe. The cubs were served in the same manner. Yl?8MITH?ONIAN LKCTURKS.-Dr. kjf Havbs eive lua cor c udine lecture on . "Arotia Explorations" < n THL'RSDAV KVE- , NlNB, Februaiy 2>th, at 8 o'clock. la 19-? ] ^ -THt. ^Is^TFRS OK CHARITY ?t 8t | Vmoent'a Female Orphan Asylum i*turn many thanks to the patrons ol the Orphans' Fair J for their generonis iibtra itj, lesu'tiEf 111 the nand? me sum of two thousand om l.un tr? <1 and eightyJ.ll.? -? a.g uunai ?ua ?ov??'Uy-llX G3BU( #2,181 76.) It I?r. te ;h?enocr?11) YS?WA8HINGT0N LECTURE AHSOUIAJ3 TION. The Fifteenth Lecture ol the courts will be delivered br REV. CHAS. G. AMEft, of Ilhnoie, At the Smithsonian Institution, On WEDNESDAY EVENING, February 19 Subject?'" WAai tttU Kttomt cf tht t\rr*blic?" lloora open at 7 ; Lecture at 8 o'o'.ook. Admittance 26 cent*. fe T8-3t rr??whick of Tin; joint oom.MISll5 slon of ?MK uni 1 kdstates* AND ] ?,Ut4 r A KM A, t,biunry ?. IW2.- At WM><*1)01 of tiie hoarj. held Una u v. it vu . Gidtitd, That ait p?wiH having oleum upon the Kcptiiilio o( Mio?, which are provided < for bj the convention between lb* United State* aod the said Wepiblio oonoiuded on the ad day of J ?ly. It*', do hie memorial* o| the urn* wHh the Keoretary of Una boardm tbeoityof Waetnncton. i CHAS. W. l?AV|?, J Dwrctarf fr* im. fell-.w No. 'i?<0 F street weat. YW-THISl NION 1'RAVfcK Will j L1 be ho. Jeu evert day Una week in the i-uiiieraaChuroh, i Kev. J. G. at the corner of lltii and U aU*eu,?oiaiii?acuif atitto otook p and ooaUi.aed i.ut poo hour. la W> i fW* A FA IX. fur ike baoetil of ?>t. V meant'a " JLS Pemai? Orphan Aay.uni, will be opeoed on I l Ul KSUA X,9ti. mat, at tne Aiyium*oorner 8 and lnth ntxeeta. a variety of useful and fasoy < article* will tie offered for aaie. There wiU be ll-uicu- :com where a 1 iHade-ef refreshment will be served. loa Cream and Confectionery, in Uieir varieties, ja ?f-tf I . . fc w t. t.wi ... ? i THE FORT DONELSON VICTORY. Litthrr Acrsunt af the Last Day'# Fight. CmciNMATi, Feb. 13 ?The following Is an acount of the fighting on Saturday at Fort Donelon : On Saturday morning the battle waa resumed fth unusual vUjor and determination. ."? , The 1st, 18th, 20th and 21st Illinois regtnents ccnpled position* above the fort. They were bout preparing a little food for the day's austemice, when the rebels opened on them a lire of nuaketry. ... A line of battle was at once formed, and the form of leaden hall returned, perceptibly thtaIng tbe rebel ranks. The Rebels, from their advantageous positions, howered upon our ranks moat murderous volleys f musketry, grape and canister, killing and roondlng our men, almost by com pan lea, at very round. Vet every man stook his ground ravely. These four regiment* held their ground mling death, and dying and lighting aeaiaat ppalltng odda. andln the ftce ofefeiV" alaadTh? l?Uk iiUMk jegiawta an ami to ave resisted tbe severest storm. Agalrtt their inks the Rebels dirwted their heaviest fire; but iiKtead of falling back they advanced to the face f tbe enemy, and there etood in the very jawa cf path, with scarcely a prospect that a (Ingle oac rould escape. . For three hours these regiments, numbering careely three thousand men. held tnelr ground gainst the whole Kebe; garrison. At ooe time the l&tb, brine partially flanked, v*fli exposed to a crou Are of both musketry and rtillery, but onr right wine soon relieved them It this critical moment Colon*! Lawler fell. Captain Bath, acting Lieutenant Colonel, then saumed the command, but was aooa wounded; Captain Cruse was shot dead; Cantain Lawler vas mortally wounded; Lieuts Muntford and Thompson wff Willed; Captains Dillon and Wilon, and Lieut* Keilv and ScanLan. wounded; ao hat the daring " Egyptian Regiment" stood iffore the almost overwhelming force without fficers They fell In heap#, dead and wounded, romKinles were berrft of captains and lieutenants, >tid captain* were alm?at bereft of companies, he other thre* regiments did their duty nobly. Colonels Oglesby, Marsh, and Logan dashed ilong the ranks, waving their hats, and cheering heir men on to the conflict "buffer death," :ried Loirm. "out disgracc ueverStand firm md well they heeded Dim. Many fell dead and f aim/4 .<! A it # V. a litio* tt'nr<i A ti /ll I A<V?n r? imuvu ?ur, iniiti uuivuu u?'{;nii tnd Lieut. Colonel White Col*. Oglesbv and Month's regiments fought leiprrately, losing, like the other regiments, an indue proportion of otticcrs. Col. Oglesbv displayed a coolness and courage hat has elicited th? highest praise, arid served wpII In stimulating his men. Never, perhaps, on the American continent, las a more bloodv battle been fonubt. An officer who participated, and was wounded In the light, ;ays the scene beggars description Ho thickly was the battle field strewn with dead and woundfd, that he cold have traversed acres of It Dy taking almost every step upon a postrate bodv The Rebels fought with desperation, thelrartilIf slats iisl n<# I KaS i tr 11 V< IKa t*tnu4 //? rf nl i i ibto u?:u^ miii |'ictv? v* i?u iui mmt av-aiiua On either side could be beard oorcs of tho?e in command cheering oil their tnen. The four Illinois regiments held their ground full three hours. Nearly one-third had been killed or wounded, and yet the balance stood firm. Finally, reinforcements arrived, and f: r an hour the slaughter was continued. About four o'clock our right u in : turned the pr.emy's left, and the Rebels fell ba*k into their Fortification*, and our flag whs p an ?d upon the position occupied by their left w ng -for a time the slaughter then ceased. Dresser's and Schwartz's batteries were captured during the action, but the iPti Illinois, with clubbed mmkets, recovered i r? ?er's battery, while the 31st recovered thai o" Captain Schwartz. STILL ANOTHER ACCOUNT. St Loci*. Feb 1*.?The Fort Ponelson correspondent of the Republican give? the following account of the fighting on Saturday : " Yesterday (Saturday) morning, ju?t at daylight, a heavy ?ortie was made by the garrison from the left portion of their works. The attack was made upon the extreme right wing of thp Union army, where it wa? strongest. A part ol Gen. MrClernand's division, under Col Oglesby, consisting of his brigade, was stationed there; also, Schwartz's and Mc A lister's batteries Th? point was upon a rld^e leading into the right re dfl ib', and situated just abrrrethf main fort Dur lug the previous night the enemy could be heard busily at work, but it was Impossible td Mil al what, as the thicket and woods encompassed th? I'nion troops < 11 every side, obstructing the view In every direction At daylight a large body of the enemy snddenlj appeared on the extreme right wing of Colonel Oglesby's command, and opened a terrlllc iir? with cannon from their redoubt, playing at th< same time upon our forces from the mins which nun iift-n pmrfa in position on ir* ni(/ni previous The camps of the 'iltli and 3l*t Illinois wer< m?st exposed The whole brigade was at onci formed into line a* follow*:?The 1-th llllnoli regiment held the extreme right; the -th lllinoli came next; then the 3i)th Illinois; then the 20tt Illinois, supporting the r ght of Oapt. Schwartz'i artillery, ai.d the 31st Illinois defending tie ar t ilery on the left. From the firing of the first gun until 9 o'clocl the battle raged unremittingly and with fearfu Iokk on both sides. Again and again our troopi drove the enemy back, but they were often rein foreed, while our troops had,'owing to the ex tended lines of the army, and also thtir positioi on the extreme right, to flsht unassisted More gailant lighting never took nlace than tha of the L'nion troops Exposed to the terrible tin of triple their number, they stood their iirouiu until, in some regiments, every officer waskillet or wounded. At last, and reluctantly, regimen by regiment they slowly fell hack, leavins Schwartz'* battery and three of McAlllster'i guns in rebel hands. Retiring a few hundre< yards they all rmde a stand, and General Smitl arrived with reinforcements, and at once drov< the enemy again into their works In the first of the battle also, Col. \V. H. L Wallace's Brigade, comprising the Uth, 2Utb 17th and 48th Regiments, participated; also Col McArthur'*|Brigade?all of which troops sutler ed v. OnnniipH to wore iuroiw thou?and Rebels, supported by guns that hac been carefully placed In proper positions Gen. Grant having, in command of the division driven the enemy Dack with reinforcements an<! gained the lost ground, at once ordered an ad> vance by Gen. Hmith on the left Charging under a hot lire up the steep hill or which was located the outer redoubt, our troopi gained the high breastworks, and with hardly i pause went over them, planting the stars and stripes over the walls under a most galling fire. They then formed^ charged and drove the ene my uaci nnm ne leu mio a new position behind some batteries. When evening camp the I'nlon troop* had been victorious at every point, having gained back th< ground lost In the morning, and got within on< part of the enemy's works. Our troops held their position during the night, repelling tne repeated assaults of the enemy. The scene within the captured fort after the surrender showed how terribly the Rebel garrison nad suffered. Everywhere were fragments ol shells and round shot, half burled In the earth; tents were torn to pieces, gun carriages broken and blood scattered around In the left redoubt, where the assault had taken place, the dead bodies lay thickly, and abundant evidence of a stern resistance and gallant attack was visible On the extreme right, where the desperate sortie was made by the garrison, similar scenes were visible. The gallantry of the Union troops has been well and severely tested, and they have proved more tuan equal to the task before them. As the fleet npproacbed the fort this morning, a aalute was tired, ami tbrea cheers went up when the American flag was displayed. No officer In the army had an Idea of the extent of the defercea of Fort Donelaon, uutll they had been gained and examined. Several of our men, when out ol ammunition, rushed forward, and although exp sed to the full a ?. - * > l , o ?*' ? * 1 * * * *

urc ui me nruri aruuery, gauanuy flrove their foes back with (he bayonet and captured their j una. The following are the name* of some of the Rebel officers captured: Col Gantt, Col. Voorhees, Col. Forrest, Col. Brown, and Col. Abernethy. FURTHER FROM l-ORT DONELSON. A Fire at Clarksvillt?Supposed Burning of the Toicn or the Hebel Steamers?Arrival of Prisonits at Cairo. Cairo, Feb. 17?The steamer Memphis arrived From Fort Donelaon this evening, bringing a Mississippi regiment aa prisoners, and 50 or 60 A-ounded soldiers, who were left at Mound City. Kight or nine other boats are on their way wltb Rebel prisoners. The Rebels who have escaped, it is supposed, have gone to Nashville or darksirille, where U is thought they will attempt to nake another stand This evening a great light whs seen for several tiours In the direction of Clarksville, and It li uppoited that the Rebels have either burned the town or their steamboats In the river, to prevent them failing into our hands The Rebel officers admit that if we take Nvhirille, the rebellion In Teune?ne is gone up. Tbe prisoners will probably be oeut to Camp Douglas, Chicago. It appears that the General Johnson captnred at fort Donelsan is Bush rod Johnson, of Tenn., a Brigadier General, and not as was first stated, Jen. A. 8. Johnston. v .. . , . . Among the rebel ofleers captured are Col. Gault, Cel. Vooihecs, Cel. Crown, Col. Forrest, ind Col. Abernetiiy. TB^.u?.D5Kl9gSVif,,,iiaw^r >n!y, far ?Im pmrpoM of Mrvinc ujr rienda and tutomtre. MarohMtMd Multitr 'i'mor f*?tW . Of^l?oa,kM.. i U tlt> 7 C. H. IiU SAV< FINE COT CAVEN Xos. 217, a Washington & 78 ] [ f. K V ,?k MM MM y m as m w TT5; #>7/^ / . i f1 * t ' Jf * t"* r FREDERICK .WINE ME IMPORT FOREIGN WINES, JBRANI AGENT LILIENTHAL' AND LONGWOKTH'J PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE, Corner *11 WASHINGTON fet> 19 goat 73 WARREN 9T1 C ILLUMINATION! ANDLK Soefceta, for the 11 In oil nation. Nn. 3il Penu nvenne. nonth tide, sear SeT^nthat., E. H. A H. J. GREGORY. fe 19-tt WOOD FOR SALE?'no cord* of Hiokory Wood lor Mle.slonKside of the truck &t Ke:tavile. Adilreaa or a?plv to O.R.SMITH, fe 19 3t* Bflia ville, Prince George'e Co., Md, ^HE SUBSCRIBER Will ?<ir*noe, in tn? w?y b. <>i p?>on<a? or iosq( im?n auniMor anon p* r odi on Dumondi, Wi'ohet, valuable Jewelry, or any description of ratisfaotory securities. Any l*dv or gentlema* who would like to obtain a tew dollars temporarily, in * quiet manner, may (to so by applying at 45b Eieveath street, between G and H. from 11 to 2 o'olock. fe!9 1w IfRKNCH. GERMAN, SPANISH AND 1 ITALIAN, taught >n a superior and expedi-' tions manner, by a gentleman, late profes.or in College. who has traveled muoli in Europe, and u familia* with the ayftiema pursued in the noted | , Universities abroad. ' Address "tJ. W. R.. Poat Cffioe Box No. 6. Washington, D. C. It* TO MILITARY COMMANDERS, *e.-Suf fioient consideration is offered for a Lieu'er,ar.toy in a volunner regiment (New York City regiment preferred), or a Lieuterantoy in the regn ar armr. by an iffioer who lately resigned hie posHio'. Communioauona for three dayaacdresaed "Confidential, a93 Tenth street," will meet with ! prompt alien*im. fe 19 8t* ^T ITCHED LINEN (SHIRT BOSOMS. I ?5 Various sty'e*. from low prioed np t well made of exoellent Linens. , one prioe only, marked ii plain figures. ' Also, our usual full etock of Linen shirtinga. 10 o&ees Cotton bhirtings, of all ?be best oranda. PEKRY * HRO. f? 19-6t Pa. avenue and Ninth street. [ QPPOSITION TO MONOPOLY! FARE REDUCED TO 1, ' ? A.1B HOC* ALT?XI> bt TH* U. S. MAIL Ll^h OK 8TK* MKRi*? Rutin*!*, > Capt. Kiehl; VoLDNTIIK. (!sat. Fsnn?u? ? On and after February SOth. every day (Sunday , exosp'ed.) at 11 o'olook, from Jones' w, I wha f, footof 11th a'reet.and Otn. Hooker'* division and Mat'*?ninaa^*^^* Creek at the above hoar. Freight taken at are cuced rate. Lioented by the U. 8. to oarry Hassen- I rri and Freight, and ickosi Infractor' i CerttAcate > may bt seen cn board. The?e boa's are new and in g? od order, and make &a fiat tune aa any other boita on tho Potomac. fa 13 GEO. T STANLEY. Agent. Depot quartermaster's office, Corner EIGHTKKXTII ?NDG STRBKT*. Wifki**ton, D C, February 19, 1862. Sealed Proposals for furnishing to the Gov- ' Bremen!, at thia pomt,(l,i dOior.e thousand MEAD BHAKDS for ti e gra*?s of aeoeassd aoldiera, . will 1-e reoe'Ted at this office until Saturday, March lat, 1862, at 12 o'olook noon. ''"he boards must oonform in all respects to the : following SPECIFICATIONS. i The Boards to be ofo>ar loouat from knots,(i) (our feet long.(10) ten inohea wide, (IX) one and one ha If inch thiok. To be slightly rounded at the top and "chamfered" on one aide, round the top, and down eaoh edge to a distance of< 1 > foot <9) inohea. , rianea smooth on eaoh ai<fe. A specimen of 'ho style of boards required may be s<>ea at this offioe. . Proposals should be addressed to Col. D H. : RtK kkr. Quartermaster u. S. Army. Washington. 1 p. C., aud shou d be plainly marked ' Proposals for Head Boards." D H. * l-CHKR. , fe 19 dtmar M. and Col. fce. I . ^O SUTLERS' AND OTHERS. . BRANDY PEACHES, 100 dozen. , 25 dozen FRESH PEACHES, l 20 dozen 8TRAWBEHR1EP, I 20 dozen PINE APPPLES. 29 dozes PIE FRUIT. CURRANT JELLY, 1 36 dozen FRESH TOMATOES. GREEN CORN, | 6REEN PEAS, TOMATO CATSUP, PEPPER SAUCE. SAUERKRAUT AND PORK. LOBSTERS, CONDENSED MILK, I CRANBERY SAUCE, ' 10 BARRELS PRIME WESTERN BOLOGNAS. Just received and for sale at the lowest cash price*, by BAR HOUR A SEMMES, fe 18-lw No. 63 Loumana artow. fjmne military qoodft-a large as SORTMENT. M. W. GALT A BROm Jewellers, 354 Pennsylvania avenue, four doors weet of Brown's Hotel, call attention W their very larie assortment of PRESENTATION. GENERAL OFFICKR8, staff. AND LINE SWORDS, Sashes, Baits, Shoulder Straps, Sword Knots, EaaoLeU, aad every other article of Rioh Military Goods. M. W.GALTABRO Jewellers, M 4 Pent. avenue, fe 17 St Fotur doors west cf Brown's Hotel. Anew daily line between Washington and matawoman creek. marvi-anh. Running daily to Gin*. Hooktr's a?d bukUtr Diviiiont, on tk? ' Ltnctr Pot01net. THE STMJMJiK AROO, CjL.rr.Jb. W. DAVIDMN, Lft&Tinc Riley's Wharf, loot of lith aUtet, at o'clock, returning nmt day at 2 JT"? ^ o'oiook. Refreshment* on board. Faie 91 60 eaon way ; roand trip fttSO, Freight taken at raaaona^i# ntfts For farther partioalars apply ts Captain on board. fs17 . NOTION * BE Followin/r artiolee of TIN WARE aan i be fonod at the Cheap Caih Store of BONTZ * 6RlFFITH.No. 369 feeveoU street, between 1 and K street*. 2,4,6. s, in. U and 16 Quart Pane. 1,2 a?d 4 Quart Saaee Pans. 1, 2 and 4 Quart Bneketa. Snail, medium and .araaataed Water Baeketa. mall and Targe Basin*. 1, 2.3and 4 Quart Coflee Boilers and Pota. Tin Platee, cupi. Dippers, Skimmers. I. ad lee, Caadlestteic, *<? ! ko ToceUier with a general assortment of Faney Goods, Fur d it urn. Beds. Msttr? n??r? Slut Ware, tad* (taMtl Maortant of Hoaaenp*>pmi raq lift tea. Remember the naubw, 3S9 tterenth alreet. ba*??? ??** '^'BONTZ k GRIFFITH. HTRfcASURY NOTE gOUTONS C?J.^hDe(mtr^F^ 'itWEBSS at ftft* mataat, lfffcir,If r.otfcir on that 4E&P y, on the next fair market day,a wtrfMmJ^d^ , ^"*%aJ 5 *J?% LKWIi MAU/Y. ienthals )RY DISH TOBACCO, no Barclay St&, N. Y. "V? ' i 9. COZZEH9, RCHANT, ER OF >1ES, HAVANA SE(tAR?. ' FOR S TOBACCO. FOR S OHIO W INK. ,4th Street, eae deer east ( Wlllirt'f. V, D. C.. AND BET. NEW YORK. UOR3SS WANTED FOR THE U. S.GOVn KIN ME NT. 8b*lib P*opo*ALf for the delivery in Waahingtno City of l,4y> CAVALRY and ARTILLERY HORSES. for the V. 8. Government, will he received at tbe offloe of Col.,D. H. Rooter Depot Quarter matter in this city, until lSm.. oa SATURDAY.tbe2Jd instant. Theae hnr?e? will he purchased id Lots not ex ceedici 20" eaoti, and no bide will be entertained for a greater number from any one peraon. No bid will be entertained that ie cot endorsed by two reaponaible peraona, who will guarantee that the bidder will ooraply with hia proposition, if it ahon!d be accepted. . Twenty five daya will be given from the opening of the bida, for the completion <>f the delivery of the ho rare. Of the above horaee, 500 are required for Cavalry and 9fio for Artillery. D'sn^ftion of Horses required. Cavalkt HOSfK*. Frowi 15 to 18 hanaa m height; between 3and I year* of age; of dark; well broken to the aaddle; compact;? built and free from all defects. Aani-LiniT Hon?*g. To be front 15K to 16 hands in height; between 5 and 8 year* of age; dark color*; free from all dafoot*: well broken to harness and to weigh aot 1m* than lino poaods. The horse* will t* inspected by & board of ?flo?* detailed f'om tharegimeet* requiring them. The undersigned reserves the privilege of rejecting eaoh aad atary hid, should he oonnder the interest* of the eenrlee require it. STEWART VAN VLK1T, le 12-td Brig. 6en. and Quartermaster. tin-ore Clipper, Philadelphia Pre**, New York Herald atu Pittsburg Coaaera at Journal, will please copy.tut day,and send bill as abora. ?<KAL&1> PROPOSE Lb Are iavitad till the loth r* d?T of Maroh. 1862 &tl2o'oiook m., for supplying the IJ. s?. Sub Drp*t with 6,<00 bead of BKKF CATTLK on the hoof. The Cattle to be delivered at Washington Pu? and each am ma! tn averar* 1 .am pound* trou weight; no animal admit tad which weigh* less than 1 pcuud* (ro?s. Tne Cat?e to te delivered at auah time* and in uoh qoantitie* a< the 6overnm*i.t may require. No Cattl* will h? required under this oontraot before the 1st day of April, J862. Heifers and Bul'oc k? eo wan'el. A hoed with fcocd aad sufficient security will b? resuired. Government reserve* to itaelf the right to fay in Treasury notes. No bid will be entertained when put in by oontractor* who have p-?noa*ly failed to oomply with the.r ontracta, or whera the bidder i* not prasent to ressond to hia bid. Bids to be directed to Maj. A. BECK WITH, C. 9, U. 8. A., Waohinrton. D.C. Form or Bip, I. A B. do herebi '? r ? _ w kuo vu?eixmsBt ?ood Beef Carte on the hoof for p?r hundred pounds grow weight. The Cattle to be delivered at . according tothe terma of the ?oloaed advertisement. TU Cut.e to be weighed on the ixmiM. and the wmctit ao determined to be the purohaae weigtit. I herehj agree to giye a food and atrfRctent bond for the foTSMment of the oontraot. and to reoeivo Treasury no 1st m payment for the Cattie. fe IS 400 Bushels NORFOLK OYSTERS Just arrived at tjilL *4 OYSTER BAY," i V 18th at an* Ta. av>. ' ^ ^ fe lA-8t* ?1 BOON'S /^v / J BC?r?io?w" ' * Risvminn jlu old Scnlt ef ^>0^^ Our three boat*?the Vandalia, Bine Bird and Fanny Forrest?having suooee?lol!y run the bloekade for the last three weeks. ana having the m uraiioe that they will oonttnme eo to do daring the season, thereby supplying our home stall time* with the beat of Ola Virginia'! Bivalvea. W e are determined to resume the old aoale of prieee. Oar larder will be supplied with the beat the market affords The bar with tne ohoiotet Wine*, Brandies and Cigars. Our Ale oannot be surpassed. Citixena and atrangera please take notioe. GIBSON'S Restaurant, fe 14-lw* Corner of 7th and K streets. ROOM TO RENT, suitable for sutlers' aapply store. Apply to K & J. MYERS, Importer* of Watches, 10 Wtahin?ton Building. Db.AL.ER3 IN WATCHE8 Wotid do wall to call and cuaiM the took of 8.4 J. MYKHS*, whioh they are selling S> per oent. lower than any other hoaae in the oity. 10 Waahiagtoa Building. U7ATCh MAKERS Will time and troabla vV by o?;,ini on e. A J. MYERS to parohaae Watch Materials, Watoh 6lasses. Tools, and tewellers' Jobbing Materials. 10 Washing to a tuildiag. ' SA J. MYERS, having anderatood that aev era! traveling pedlars having represented that they are oouceoted with their hoaae, aad aellinn an Interior artlo e, they take this meaaare in informing the trade that they are ia no way ooaneotedwitBanyhonseoragenUintni?c.t?. fr^ Branch of Boaton Hoaae? lo \\ ashington Building, Washington. fit MR. PERDRIAT, Surgeon Chiropodist, from Paris, begs to inform yon that ha can etfectaaJly remove Corns aad BuiMoas. withoat pain, ao that the ?hoe oan be worn immediately alter the operation, withoat inoanvanjeaoe. Alao removea Warta and other superfluous fleah from the h*D<i?. so that they will appear email and delicate. No. It M atreet, near City Ball. Charges aotfsnta. l. H.miiwiusBODiorf 01 wttfhinftoa r*n?r*lfyT iat-lin* N lb?fey kt ^ BLB* #^s&ir 1 HI A R * #Nil " I ' 4 BARdN I?K JOM1NI. Tn?UU4 by 0?pr M?ndel! and UNt, CrvugMi^ GEN CASEY'S INFAJpfkY TACTICS, All Military BoSufjjjSjE! 9f** ?) prow. 1?. " * 'A' AUCTION SALES. TUjS A P- hKNOON + TO-MORROW By WALL A BARNARD. A?*t?ofi**r? Ok. S?nk t*4* P?~ mm. **d 9ik Mr?* I AKGK STOCK OP MISCELLANEOUS li ithtcii*tt??itArrrto*- 0?THUIII'PA^ M??ftNift#.3t1t mat. at I* o'olock. w* wiUaHl. ?i thr r>K>!M, lai fn' atock who ire d* llDIDC "! ? ?ruinf? inro In iia Ko' ~k: B militf. t Bl?" ri?>th Arm* * fcpa. PJP+*. Tobunmo. Gnwwttrtn. Hikvaluck a. Wool** Hook.*, tfhuu. pr*wm *fci on?rWooM Gooda, ChctfiM a?4 ath+r mmi: at?r?a too itnar II ffC?p > WAL.I. f B Mm? M ' n m-'?. f"?OVKW"VWNT HA f> CoV BOK?^r~<* If THtR.-UAY MURNIN6, 2?*h. at 1" o'o < ak ?t t*a Govs;;.OQ?ct Corral, bw U*> Obwrr*torT. I ah?t! aai:? 1S? Horaea, and Cofrrt'trr tinBt for paT>Tle aam'o* Trrma oa-c, lp Gorerrnnaat iuoiia. JTJrDANA. C*#lA Aaat Ur. Mr U.?. A. _ft> f3 4 TTrf MoGlIKFA Co , Aacta FUTURB DATS By J. C. McGUIRK A COn AaotionMra. g"kat ;^?t^.i^iffnaikle9ant EAST 1N1LA GOODS. Ob FRIDAY, FaSroayy flit, oommeooiBf at 1* o'aicok a m . aotf ToVock f m , and orntinuiti fro? dar to da* uatil the M di?F'>*od of. wi etaa'l MJL on U* tecosd floor of oar Aoati>r Ro>ma. without reeerre, the iarjreet, rarest aad moat aoaen'ul collection of? CHINKS!.. JAPANWF AND fcAPT INDIA ?H)O1>0. K?<*r (IT-red at ?ubllo sale in this ooaut/T. For a denonptt<?n of the?e t'oau>ifu! rri>*?. refer to the circular? which will he ii'iedon ?VH net <1 ay oe*t. The will he ar rante-1 acd on free eitubthition lor Thtirerf**, i?tli tnaiant, from ie to o'olock fe 17 if J. C. MoUl IKK A CO.. Aaola. MAR!*HAI/5 BALK- ?U? Tirtae of a writ of hen facia* ihiiH fro n the Clerk's often, of the Circuit Court, of the Diatrio* of Columbia, foe the count of V> anhiutton. ar.d to ine directed. I will np'ir? to tifcuo tti*. for raali on KIDaY. the ill', day of Kekruar IW. on the Caua.. taae <tiat-Fy Mart of the Mur .?t U ace buds*, mbtun*town. l> G., comn cncini at l<? o'clock a m . T+ Cord* of < >ak and Pm? \Vo>4,?*ii?d ud l*vl*4 uyoii at the (nodi aud chatt-U *>f John A. GrioM, and will ho aoid to *ati*fr ju<lioiaia No ?n, to Mat term 1*W. in ftivrcf Dickeor *ur?iror of Fickrell. WAKI) U. LAMON, fc 11 -dt? I Maraha'. I?. C|VlAR.?HAt.> HALK.-ln \ftae of a writ of ITI fieri fvjia*. iMued from the o erk'a oAct of Ue en cut oourt of tiie Diet not of Coirn.hia. for tiiO county of Waahircton. and to me dtreated, I wilt expoao to p?M>o aale, for o*?h. in front of the Court Houte door of said oourty.on WKDNkt?DA V. Uie % h (lav of March IK2, at 12 m'oioik at* the following deecr:h*d property, to wit ?All defaailant'i ri*m, t ti?, o aim and inioreui in and to u>e*outij i foot s iuohe? of Lot No. Zl.m fquaro mo, aw, ironnac on bui airaet am, dmvmb o m P atracU mrth, in tha cut > [ Waabingtoc. D. C.. tocathar with all and nenlar tha impr^vamaot* tharaos. aaisad aod Itrrt apon as tha jropam of Irario !*. Baik-r.fcuo ail, Naaold t<> ?at'i>;j ju4>c<%<a Co. 3fl to Jannary term iwe.m f?*or of John fc. anda.l. WAK1) H LAMON. ft 1? u U. 8. Marsha D. C. FOB SALE AND RENT. For rknt-a firmphed hoi se ?f? room* and bawneot. i *ar tha War Department. F<u parties,.i:? apply 51? ^arrntaantli ?t., Washington, I) C 'e 19 St* ITOR KKM ? \ ne iaixulwd ROuM, aaita ble for a ctinmiitee B?-d Room* attachad ; Sinfiaacd Double Room*; at >'o 214 Pennaylaa pi* avni:e. pe?t io V\ iiiard*'. fa 13 1 w* f>l RM"HK1) HOUHK TO LF. T?Thraa *> nee and basement. with wood shed. acd *tabie r.?nm far Inur hiira#* arifb i ??a h n^lra v* lard*'. A'irtrem BotVo* City P? ?t Oflioe it* VALLAHLKIMPROVED PROPERTY IN ths JUtfl of .New \oik will be exohange^ lot R f.itate in tin* t ty or rod fxn property in Virginia. Ai?o, land* in Imaoia. v\ laoonam. and Miaaoan, ?iU be a?:u f?r property in tn>* eity. Appi* to JAMES L. DiYTON. 4AO Eieveoui tit et, between b and H f* 19 1 w A FRONT AND BACR PARLOR.eo?cnani oating, with or without Hoard. No. #84 t*eveatfc it-eet, hftwfn M and N ata. Term* n.^i?rate. fa 1? K* Lots for sale or rent -we have fire unimproved Lota, ntuate<l in tha immerfiftte vicinity ol tha Rfcin>?d Depot, which we w:li eotl low for ca*h, or leaae on reaaonahie teraaa. For P%rtie?Ur? inquire of BARtJOL'R A SEMMEtt. la 18 6too L'dK RENT-A a'ge FRONT ROOM, niooly I furni*b?d. in aoentral location ; woald aaitoi or two gcntie?;en. Apply at No. 444 Eighth it, near D. to 17 X* FOR RENT-A dolightfal aait of ROOMS, doable par ora,(furniabe<3 a* chamber and parlor.) on fir?t luor, ju?t vacated by a U. S.a mr offijer. Inquire at 31 i E, between 9tb and 10th ata. felt H' TWO FURNISHED ROOMS FOR RENT 1 at 406 D atroot, l>otweon 6th and 7th ata fe U-tf DOOMS TO RENT, fnrniahod or unformatted, IV with all tha modern convenience* Apply after Monday at the corner of Third *Ueet and M ivooari avenue. felglw* LOFT to RENT, aeoond Bone. 316 E atroo*, near WlUards' lloleu 21 by feet, Inquire in the atore 4 JRARE CHANCE.?The proprietor of im trm. tiij Hot" . (tfet only first oiaisa Hotel uv open in Alexandria. Vv..> < dniram to regiro from bo?u.<' ana will sell, fo? a fair prioe, th? FTENITL KK, FIXTURES and GOOD WILL of the house. Hit lease wi:) terminate on the 1st of JuM'f, IKS. but the p'operty nan ?o jonM h? leased for a muco longer (arm at a moderaie rent. This Hotel is imv Coin*, at.a has lor man* "rears done, a large and profitable bnsicee*. The a ea. re of the undersigned to retire from public l?n?m*e? is the onlv incncement to sell, as he ootid not hope to engage in <>i.e more probtabla. For terroe aal partipu ars apply to J a KMGLlCH.whc 11 ?ii thonged to negotiate, or to the undersigrf.. iaIS-tf HAM'L HEFLKBUWER. PER HAM*8 SECOND GRAlfD EICrRIION NEW YORK AND BOSTON t From Baltimore to New York and Return f * From ttaiumore to Boston acd Rdiri #13.10 Tickets for sale at Chandler's Cigar ?t*ad, in the National Hotel, where fa I parties a>? may be hart. Two a roach trains daily, tearing Washing toe at 6 a. m and 5 p ro. Tiokets good to return on or baior* Mar 1st. fall I"' AMERICAN SPECIFIC.?The only eale. A if??dT and oertain our* for t tw?#ti Pr*vt? in Iron: three to cix ttoHlclr at 113H >'* fe I* ? FRE*ll LE**>N BISCUITS, l?oen**? BOSTON CRACKEES. u> oooU. SPONGE BUTTER d?. l??eo*e. SODA do. a ndu, |ytt&R (to. *oetii*. * WATkt do. l oonte, ficod BROWN SUGAR, ImdU. Very fine CODFISH. 6 cent*. Another lot of freeh tro^nd COFFEE. POTATOES and BUCKWHEAT FLOUR. At very low price*. at fe 12 lw* L A. PELLWIG'S. Nery Yard. |> AN KING HOUSE OF O SWEENY k. HUYCK. No. AIT SlVEKTH Stkut. Dyafle on Europenna on the pnnoipal oiUee in the U Lion, m mm* to enit, tarnished by m on rnaeo liable terms to oitiaena ?n<i lo.d.eri Com, Treasury Note*, ana Cnrrenoy bout hi and Depoet* noeonnW opened with entontra, either in Coin, Treasury Notee nrCur enoy. ja ?-eolni 9WBRNV k HUYCK. LWWMWSM ?OOJ>~. HEAL LACKS, EMBROIDERIES, tc.. Ac.- I take B.eaaur* if in!?nmr,? tfce lad.o* that 1 have jnnt feoeivrd from the uurth a Wan took of enperimr snaJitj LADIES' READYMADE UNDBR-cLoTBlNG, eaoh, Nigbt Dreeaoe, Skirta, Laci??" Drawers, A a-, A^.. whioh I deeir* the ladies to toepnot. ae Uiey ware imported before |o<?d? got eo high, and am there N7.'!a"~fes R.i. ETCMaON .N?. 1*. W. B. Pimfrim dona to ordf. >1 li | 'BEAT BARGAIN!* IN CLOTHING.*t tw VJ Ja*? ClottaiBf 8tor*, No. 460 Tth atraat faiYlra J^ANil WARRANT* WANTED BALMORAL aKlRT^AND H(>op MIRT8< Lodiaa' beat Kid ?lov<-? - Gaunt ttdesan Umd Pocket Har??kerc:,i*fa. ttj <* ??. W.COLI.KY. ^OLD AND SILVER COIN mi treasury notes BouRbt ud Boid bj JAY COOKE 4 CO.. faH lw 4?t rift?tb att?t /^LORIOI'8 NE WB?Bl'RNSlDE'B E\Pt vl diUon* perfeotaooo#aa BbJL,muJ to ttat ia ?r ?* o?n?'w IW'W vmmrml IB tMUlHi rill isnmt Goofl*. Trunks, Htti IM till, it sit* r*st?oibMK( No. IM nil imk M^EJ^?J9ltJlt,JvOF NMW AHD *OD' pi Ud Ckmk* ftUfc* U>t Jk* wut* *** 9t%9m' i oten *'fl 'or *11 lixs ftod Dry Soods. O*' aorUsiiul twlsri oorrrspoiMtot* istd liggKi^gis?

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