Newspaper of Evening Star, February 19, 1862, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated February 19, 1862 Page 3
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\ LOCAL NEWS. T iivimim To-Ntas*. TviArn ?John E Owni m ? 9am Slap" In tb# drama af the " Rate's PrefT??,'? and aa ? Achilla Dotard'1 la MA Peep Behind tha Scene* " * caitiw br*y Hall.?A novel programme of HUM dance*, burlesque.alack-rope performance* Ac by the pantomime, mlnetiel aod Canterbury companien, concluding with tbe great Rarel pantomime of " Raoul" PBiLBAaxomc Hall ? Dnpoat, Qaviord.Ford, I** A > rsA a hAlt ftf f)th#T itiri 111 t A \ UI l*lj) ?** * ? ~ < j ? huge bill of tongs, dances and comicalities. Look out for the great afterpiece to-night. * *Mtsir*t Hail, corner of Pennsylvania avenue nd Sixth street. Free concert at 5 o'clock, uperior refreshments, 4c. Hall open all day Odd Fillows' Hall, Navy Yabd.?Second , grand cotillon party of Company C, National Guard A fine time Is in anticipation. Oa rasas' Faib, comer of Tenta and G streets, for the benefit of St Vincent'a Female Orphan Aeylnm. Ice cream, confectionery, fancy articles, Ac , Ac. Kms's Ampithkatkb ? An attractive pro pram me of equestrlsn and acrobatic performance* To-morrow evening, benefit of the beautiful Helotse. and first presentation of the great "English Steeple Chase.'' Actsixt oy Mrsie ?Free'concerU, embracing seierMons from the most popular operas, at 4 o'clock. Hall opea all day. SttrrasoaiAit ?Lecture by Rev. Charles O. Ames, of Illinois, before the Washington Lecture Association Subject, " What will become of the Republic." Asothir rlglxtm of District Votestrek??We are gratified to learn that the 2d regiment cf D C volunteer! now number* more than <**> men, rank and file, haying wltbln the last two weeks enlisted about 300 members. Tbe reylirent Is rompoard moatly of robuat man, and M In for three yearn or the war Tbe following are the regimental oBcer* : ? Colonel. Isaac K Peek; M^ior, Cha? Alexander; Adjutant. C M. Lluberk, t^uartermaster, Jas P. Sanderson, Surgeon, Dr J B Keasby; Aulstant Surgeon, Dr. L C. Hoote; Chaplain, Rev Mr. Lo< kwood Tbe following companies are full ?Company A, Capt Garrett, company B.Capt Dubant. company C, Capt Drew; company D, Capt Ditmarrls; company E. Capt. Callan, company F. Capt. Steele, and company G, Capt Stockbridge The above companies have been sworn Into the service of the United Statea Company R,Capt. Blltbirc, lacks four men; company I. Capt. Duncan, eighteen men, company K, Capt. Krouse, twenty men Thua forty-two men only are wanting to complete the organization Tolic*.?Yesterday the patrolmen of the Second Ward reported the following case* : John Wright, arrssted f?r breaking Into the house of Mr. Z Richards; jail for court. John White, Assault on R Doyle; fined ?1 91. C. M. Evans, violating back law; fine SI 58, by Justice Clark The Fourth Ward patrolmen reported William Hoheri. making indecent proposals to a female; dismUaed. G Weeden, harkman, Tefuslng to take Hon. E. B Washburn as a passenger to the Capitol; dismissed. Win O'Brien, assault and battery; jail for court. Margaiet I.ynch, do ;do. Wm O Brlen, keeping a dog without a license, fined *5 .V by Justice Walter. 9usan W?leh, col'd, profanity; Jas Davis, assault and battery; Oharle* Frels. for obstructing the footways, and IT i Ion VV *11 fe\r ftciKftntr urorA all /I icmicio/4 War vinu ?? > ? ??/ ?*.! v ??? Uini*li09C\t UJ Justice Barnaclo Row amono the JiBr's.?List night a wedding came off at one of the fine dwelling* on Thirteenth, near E street, and a vary large number of hacks were employed by the company present. Some of the colored drivers got Into a quarrel, and one. an old whip, knowing that It "ould result badly for all h^nds if not stopped 'nstantlv, undertook to quell the disturbance, when another named King, drew a pocket knife and split hit nose King was arrested, and being a slaw, th? penalty Is stripes or a fine. King chose the lat'er, arid was placed In the euardhouse to await the arrival (f his master the tnoney. Ssco.nd Ward Station Casks?B*for$ Jmstice Clark ?This Is a new ntation bouse, established for the patrolmen of the Second Ward, in the brieA bonding adjoining the planfnt* irtttl on Ohio avenue, between Twelfth and Thirteenth trset* Mar/ Fitihugh, drunk and disorderly; fined S3 ?1. John Borland, do ; do Si 94. Wm Anderson, (col'd ) profanity; do. SI M. James Wiggles, drunk; dismissed James Southwlck, firing !n the street; do S5 75. Thomas King, (col'd,) disorderly conduct: do S^ M. George Thornton, (col d.) do ; do. SI 94Txstimoxial to a District OrriCMt ?Lieut. V -M n * J< ?t ? ** ? - i?T"DTq running, v. s r*-, wqo lorroeny re IdM In Georgetown, and is well known In our elty. has been ecgaged In all the recent battles oa the I nnecaee and Cumberland river. and is men'ioned aa having acquitted himself gallantly. On Valenttne'a Day the ladies of 'Erie, NY, where tbe Lieutenant's family now reside, presented to his wife (formerly MiuOffley, of Georgetown) a fine Mirer cake basket, as a testimonial ?f their appreciation of the patriotic snd gallant conduct of her husband at the battle of Fort Henry. DtfOKDsaLY Pbbso*s.?Last night, a crowd of persons, civil and military, gathered around the door of a house on Ninth near E street, known to the police as the Wolf Den. and for a tlma there was danger of a serious disturbance The fortunate appearance of a policeman suddenly In the midst caused a general scatteration of all the par ties. The house has several times been entered by the police because of violations of law by the inmates. CmiMiRAX Cocbt? Vrrdut of Not Gnilty in tlu Munttr Ca>r ?Yesterday afternoon, the caae of John Dougherty, tried for the murder of Ezeklel Sivlls. was ,{iven to the Jury, who rendered a verdict of ' not guilty'' by reason of Insanity at the time be committed the offense charged In the indlctnent. Ton Chfap ?James Conlev, a colored maa, wu trying yesterday to aell a demijohn for a half d'ine Patrolman Frailer thinking "Jeems' must have got It easily to aell 11 so cheap, arretted him and took him before Justice Walter, who ' c ommltted him to Jail. Central Gv**dhovsb Casks.? Befm> Justice Clark ?John T Jenny, drank and profane; line 8Z S>t Daniel Dougherty, drank and disorderly; do. SI 94 Harry Wheeler, drank; turned over ?o the military Eight lodgers were accommodated. forith Waai> Statio* Casbs?Bifort Juttice W*:t*r.?Levi William* and J .Garner,children, behaving btdlv; lectured and sent homes James Connolly, cold, larceny, detained for further , consideration. Honors Morlarty, drank and disorderly; workhouse *0 days CaroHs ?Speaking of capons Wilson, 119 Pa. avenue, his a Am supply ?<f these splendid fowls. Give bin a call. Reu*no? the nanber, lit Pi. avenue, Between pupveenib ana Twentieth *U. f Otc** or Masshal La mo*?The following order wu Issued by Marshal Lsmon on the 9tb Inst : Wasiiijiotow, Feb. 9th, ISM. To Jailor and Guard J mi tk* Publxt Jail t? tk* Dittrict of Columbia. : You will this day release from custody all per- ] sons claimed to be held to aervloe or labor, and not charged with an? crime or mtademeanor, who are now la jail, who have been there for the pare of thirty days oe upwards?from their arrest and commitment?and, In future, you will, In regard to persona claimed to service or labor, and J not charged with crime or misdemeanor, govern yoeteHf *? strict accordance with the order to me as Marshal for the District of Colombia, of date January 45th, IMi, from Hon Secretary of State. Respectfully, Wabd H. Lamon> U 8 Marshal D. C. Goalie, Bunions, Caloslttes. Bad Nalla, Enlarged Joints, aad all diseases of the feet cared ' without pats, by Dr. White, Surgeon Chiropodist, 4*6 Pennsylvania avenue, between Pour- i aad-a-half and Sixth streets Room 7?3d floor. OAce hours from fla m. to 8 p m. Calls made at ' pnvaie rearaeacea worn aeairea. ieo 17 TaU wo MOll tilPlliiAHT iJO TH17I If BDlrTKSt ?For anpleaeent ud dangerous dliwiw, i uee Helm bold'a Extract Bucbu, which ha* received the endorsement of the Boat prominent pbysl- I clans la the United Statea la now offered to afllcted 1 humanity aa a certain care for the following dlamwi and ahuae of the urinary or aexu?l organa: Oeneral debility, mental and physical depression, 1 Imbecility, determination of blwod to the head, confuted Ideaa, hysteria, general Irritability, reatleaaneaa and *leepleaane*a at night, loaa of appetite, haenre of muacular eflclency, dvapepaia, , tloa, low apirlta, dlaarganlutloo or paralyala of the organs of generation, palpitation of the heart, and, In tact, all the eoacamltanta of a nervous and debilitated elate of the ayatem To laaure the genuine cut thia oat. Ask for Helmbold's. Take no other Curea gaarantced. See advert'aemeut I la another column. feb4-tf flLU'a Commcud Stmvt Ovm Ababic ?We I take great pieaeare In recommencing the above fkvorlta remedy for Coogki, Cold*, and ail aAc Uni o( BxTkittlaod Lu|?. An attache of thto oflet had a Kwrt eoagh for otmiI weeto, and after try lag every likely (king, without any relief, wea petfci Uy eared try a single bottle. We are , net aorrr wd that it laao largely patronized by | oar aoidlen la aimp.?Jolt CUpjnt." v' . * T?* KiAattA aod foal vapor* generated by the hot tua will be more deadly lo ear eofaintaera , thia tbo eoeay*! bayooeti In the Indtan and Crimean Campaign* Holloway'a Pill* were u*ed la womou qnaAtltlaa. They kept the troopa 1a perfect health Only * celt* per bog. ho.d trri, upply youraeire* 117. , ftar. i r ?' . I Thb IniAif Uin Doctoi, ' Prom Can ads, will describe diseases and tell hta patients the nature of tbelr cols plain ta or tllneaa, without receiving any Information from them. ? * If9 charg* /or Comuitatim or Adviu. ovm motto We one such Bahna as bin no strife W ltb Nature or tbs Laws of Life : Wftft Blood oar bands we never stain Nor poison men to ease their pain. Oar Father?whom all goodneas ft lis, Provides the means to cure all tlla; The simple Herbs beneath our feet, Well used, relieve our pain complete. A simple Herb, a simple Flower, Cull'd from the dewy Lea?_ _ _ i neoe, idw snau spea* wim wucning power Of change and health to the. Room No. 11, Washington Building, Penn. av. enue, cornet of 7th street. Canadian references of tbe Indian Herb Doctor: Sir E Heads, Governor of Canada. Ron. Hy, Steam*, Mayor of Montreal, C. E. Hon. Geo. Hall, Mayor of (Quebec, C. E. Hon. John Hutrhin*on, Mayor of Toronto, C . W. Hon J B Robinson. Hon. Jas. Cnmmlngs. Mayor of Hamilton, C-YV. Hon. W Matthews, of Brantford, C. VV. Hon. W. Barker, Mayor of London, C. W. W. Savage, late Col. of Artillery. H. P. Dwight, Supt of Montreal Telegraph. J. Taylor, Justice of the Peace, Toronto, C. W. R. H Crook, Alderman, Toronto, C W. J. Urquhart, Surgeon, Toronto, C. W. fe 17 lw Ihsta^ta^iotts Ctrms of Corns, Bunions, Callosities, Inverted Nails, Warts, and all diseases of the feet Mr. Olmond, Surgeon Chlro> podist, is enabled, by a peculiar process, to eradicate the most Dainful excrescenses In a few minute*, with the least pain or the lighten! Inconvenience to the patient. Consulting hours from nine a m to five p. in , at his ofBce, 353 Pennsylvania avenue, opposite Brown's Hotel. Best reference given In tbU city. leb 3? lm I .in i a Rcbbir uoods. India rubber 8bect* for protecting children'* beds, that no family should be without; 75 ccn's each. Rubber Blanket*, for soldiers, Sl.25 each Rubber Tonchoa and Blanket* combined, ti M each. India RubberCoata, white or black, f^.SOeach. Indta Rubber Legglns ?l per pair. And all kinds of Rubber Goods, Including Rubber Boots and Shoes, Rubber Stoppers for bottles. Door Mats, I'nder Sheetings for bfd?ffRjtckne?s, Ac , kr , at manufacturer ? price* ,c1"H A. Hall's India Rubber Warehouse, 306 Pa. aw, between Ninth and Tenih street*. feb 1-tf Familii* who have never nifd Boston crackers are Invited to try those manufactured fresh every day by J. L. Dayton. Sold by all reapertable grocer*. Ja 28-tf AERIKD. At Tnnitj C&uroh, on Tuesday, the 18th instant, by the Kev, |ir Morsell, Lieut. L. LORA1!*, of the U. ?*, Army, to FANNIE MOSKLEY, daufh ttrof Wm. J McDon\ld, of this oity. On the 13th instant, hjr the Rev. Mr.Combs. Lieutenant GKl'RSK W. BENNETT. tf New York, to Miss MARV ANN WARD, of this oity. [Alexandriaand Balto papers oopy J * I) I Mi It, On the 18th instant, Miss KATE 8 , d&ochter of Capt. G and Eiizibeth Cottinxuam, ated sixteen years. The fomrsl of FRANCIS DATOIIER, 8f., wi 1 take pi%oe to-m<~rrow afternoon, the 20th instant. at 8H o'clock, from his late residence, on G stmt, bet sir-en Mth aad 13th. * The funeral sermon of the late ISAAC H. WHITTLE will t>e pre%che<i at the Methedist c.i'?nrz?r v.nurcn, t,asi w aspi?gion. on n^xt r-abb'th morLinr. Feoruar* 2), by th? Rev Dr. Ryan. The Irien la aud acquaintances of the family are respectfully inviteo to attend, without farther notion. * LfOR SALF?Strong, nearly new sntlsi'a or I huair><??? WAGON, and double set Harness,? all in perfsot order ; ooit t2>0 in Baltimore: price 4-0; mat', be told ; to be Fe^n at HUR'>'S, AGO New Jersey arenue,near Depot fe 18 2f ON AND AFTER WFDNKHDAY, the 19th, the rnaii ?t?am*ra R KINDEER and VOLUNTEER will "n i C, TM f Hookers Division at 11K daily (Sundays excepted > fe la -6t* CUEE8E-CHKESF.! TO CONNOISSEUR*. J net received a large lot ol i'HEESK, embracing the Stilton, Cheddar, Wiltshire. Fine Apple and ?daoi, a. so, English Dairy SMITH & HART. <Branch of P. Tiernan * Son. Baltimore,) SI 1 Seventh street, f* 18 3* Next tn National lnUi!li*finnAr 4 Of? CARD PHOTOGRAPHS A <*oO AND FRAMES. 4oD Card Photogracha in varieiv. inoluding copies ot Choioe Pictures. Alio CARD VISITEand OVAL PICTURE FKA.MfcB, ths largest asiortment, from the bact manufactory in thenountty. foroaah, at J. JMARKRITER'S. No. 4*6 Hoven'h stree'. fa IS 8 doors abora Odd Fellov a' H~u1. ttTEINVVAY A SON'S CELEBRATED PIANO FORTH**.?Theae instrnmenta^^ ^ are adm tied hy all ir.usioi%na to be toe heatlfiBIB manufacture*! in ihisoounirv Th?y hare'l* *" a< all times received the 6rkt premium over a'I oth-ra, wberev.-r acd whenev er tbPf came inoompotnio i. Tbt?y are warranted for fire year* A large aaaortm*nt of tbeae instruments is always to be found at the Music *tore of W. G. METZEROTT. Sole Agent. One 7 octave 4 round oomer Ctuckering Pimo or sale for $i.5. fe la WE HAVE OPENED A LARGE STOCK ^t ..... C _ ? IT Ai r* ?-' n o . ri * ? i?j ?OI J 11 yo U 11 U L IV O n I II ID &li*l DRAWtR?, which wil! bo sold at reasonable prices. 8AM*L W THOMPSON, 3T0 Penn. avonne. fe 15- tl _ ander Urown'i. U HI RT8! 8 H I RT S!! D 8 H I R T 8!!! We are ginnr spec al attention to making Shirts to measure, added to having a way* on hand a fii.e lock ready made. tientiemen desiring thia im portaat garment made in a *tyle and of materia1 a? tftey ahonid be, will pleaae step mini leave their number. SAM'L W THuMP!*or?. 370 Pa avenne,under fe lft-tf Brown'a Hotel. P MODERN V.AN6UA9K8. ROF. D K. GROUX Wonld resyeotfully in orm the ssblio and his former ptipi that lie hw resumed his private Letaons in Languages, alno in aohoola and organised elsasea. in f-renoh. Bpan lab. and German. Peraona wishing to Join any of . tnoee oaaae* can do to by applying at hia resi dene*, No. 349 Penn. avenne, nppo?ite Brown's Hotel or throagh the Pott OAoe, Washington, D.C. fe \S-?i T COPARTNERSHIP. HE Copartnership heretofore ex. *ting between Walter, Ktrm&au * aopf, having bwn diaaclved 10 oorM<|ii(n:eo( the death ?f one of the firm, the Maeine* will hereafter b? carried onnnder the name aadi'inof Waltik* Khhant vv e are prepared to baild to order, and kuep constantly on Bant, all kiodaof he moatf&?hion?b eCAHRtAG^Bofthe ver* b#at workma- ahip Kepairin* prompt!* and oarofally attended to at the mo?t reasonable piioea. fbankfulfor paat favora, we bope 'or a oootiuu&no>ufth? aame, at oor od eatabiiar ment, on 1> atre?t. between 9tn and Wth ata., No 34B np ataira. fe l&-lm WALTER A KAKMANNt A FINK aaeortin*nt of Tie*. Collara,Suspender*. Bhirta, Trnnka. H?ta and Cape, at SMITH'S, No. 400 7th atreet, oppoaite Poet Omoe. fe 14-1m SUPERIOR COTTONS O AND LINENS. l,ono yards beat Sheeting and Shirting Cottona, KuAArinr Hhirtinv I .1 nana TaKla f mara Napkin*, Towsls. and ToweTincs in great variety. All selling off at the loweat prioes. fel#? J. W.COLLEY. [VSWTkkW 1^1 Just Reo*! vexl ? 3 not yard* new and stylisft Light Calieot, Light Chi Dtp as, Gingnan.i aaJ Delaine*. 100 pieces P aid Canbi ioa. Brilliants. Nainaook Moaliaa, Jaoonet Cambnea, in the Ueat grades, at Ue loweat cisq prices. J. W. COLLEV. fe 13 6t flas Seventh at., above Pa. avhH O. HOOD Ponataatly receiving.and has atwaya on band, a fait supply of all the mo it oelebrated Wa fCHp.8 thai aie manufactured in Eng- 4M land. Switzerland a'd Ansrioa. both in GoiddUv and Silver oases. He also keeaaa large stock of bias JEWELRY or the most desirable styles aet witk Diamond a, Emerajaa, Rubies and ail other Gems. He is <lao mannfaotannc all kinda of Solid Standard Silver Ware, and keepa Bworda. Revolvers, Sword Belts and Sasnes, Bowie Knives, Razora. Sois?ors, Sold, Siverand Steel fpeotaolee, and a treat variety of other things asaaily kept la a Jaws ry Store, and a'l at the vary lowest pnoe.u No. 339 Pa avsnna, between 9th ^iMnoth C*OR THE FOLKS AT HOME.-Offioers'and r Soldiers' needing any kind of Dry Goods, for the folks at boms, are < ffer?l the most ehoioe lacncs iwourvnt stock offers, at onr proverbially low price*, marked in plaia figures. One prioe only. All paioeieforoooTeyaaoe hy express, or other mod**, properly packed free of oharse. fel?6t _ PEKRVV BRO.. pa. avnne and Ninth etraaC COAL. WHOLESALE AND RETAIL, At oar Uthoe, New Jersey avenue, opposite B. O. Depot. fett-tf J. LANG DON A OO. r|AT8 AT WHOLESALE. U Por sale by J. LANODON AOO? New JerMT a venae, fe tt-tf oee?>elte B. A Ohio K. WL AT MOORED WEST END DRU? 8TORE. IIS Pa. aveaae, south e?*e, a~T?r(? general aeeoruaeat ol Drugs. MeUicines. Cigar*, Toiietartielee, Ao. Also A mor Oil, Coal oil, %o4 Late, i the cheapis* r- -*e Te l?-?w ?iulffffiaw T^iT.TL0ml"TlDV.!"''^ ? r, AMUSEMENTS.. TPHRATBR.-Third Week of Mr. J.,E. Owena 1 WEDNK9DAY EVENING, Peb'r 19th, will be preaerted the drama of THE HAKE'S PRO6KB88?Sam Slav, Mr. J. K. Owena; Ton Bake* well, Mr. E. H. Hrink. To nonolnde with the ex* t aTMaagaof a PEE** BEHIND THE SCENES? Ao^llle Dnftrd. Mr. J. E. Owena. "1 he Chimney <: rner" will ahortly be prodnoatf. ' * ? lt? BTHE OLD FOl KS' CONCERT Y Union Bethel Choir ia POSTPONED to MONDAY and TUESDAY NEXT, the 24tti and 35th instant, on aoooant of the inalrtnfnoy of the weather, and the death of Mr. Datoher. fte W WASHINGTON MlTOirJAL HALL-FRJIK Tf CONCERT EVERY NIGHT;fmm 5 o'olook to 9 ). m. Beat of KefresbraeaU. FineFem%l? Wftituri OnAn tl! H&v At thA rnnthAiit nnrrAr of Pennsylvania averue and oorner of Sixth street, under tit* Central Hoave. opposite the National, Brawn'*,atd Clarendon HotMs. fa 18 lm* ?HE CAMPBELLS HAVE COME : HE CAMPBELLS HAVE COME! THE CAMPBELLS HAVE COME ! NEW OPKKA HO USK ' NEW OPERA HOUSE! LAT* PRILH kS MO!fiC HALL, Lati Pbilhaamonic Hall. Pfcnn. Avenue, above Eleventh St'ee?, renn. Avenue, atx>ve Eleventh Street, OPEN EVERY Nl?fiT! OPEN EVERY NIGHT! SIXTRKN STAR PERFORMERS! SIXTtEN STAR PERFORMERS! go See Them?(to See Them?So See Them! 0 See Them?Go See Them-Go See Them! Admission 25 ceats ; orchester Bfi; colored fuller j 24. fe 17 6t 1 N C'R A M P H 1 THEATER*! BENEFIT _ . (IV M'LLE HHLOJSE ! p* THURSDAY EVENING. Feb j JHli. on which occMion A Heir or TOLVNTEER TALENT will nrp?nr! IdmmiCp 60 and 25 cen^i. fa P ? Canterbury: canterbur v First trraQntntion of SABRIEL HAVET/M POMIC FAIRY PANTOMIME, R A O U L. RAO U L, R A 0 U L , O* THI MAGIC STAR MAGIC! STAR' MAGIC star: Wltll New Scenery, Tricis, Transformations, \c. Robert Butler (Gabriel Ravel'a part) a* Bartolf Wiilia Armstrong (Jen ma Ravel'a part)aa..Racul Seoonl Week of the CANTERBURY MINSTRELS! CANTERBURY MINSTRELS ! Great Suooeea of the BEAUTIFUL DUVAL' BEAUTIFUL D U T A L! Immense audisncea eirapturad with SILtJVUK AUtSCUU, SIGNOR A3ECC0, THE VOCAL VIRTUOSO. "Siguor Abeoco would oreate more enthusiasm with trie soldiery, upon the eve of battle. than al the bands cf a brigade."?4 Listinguisked Officer, Admission ?5 cents ; Orohester Chairs SO cents. Afternoon Entertainment For La line and Families,on WEDNKSD*V AND PATI RDAY AFTER NOONS, at 2 o'elook. When a lavish distribution of Eleg ant Presents is mado: Rioh aad Cost? Jew:! j, Books, Toy*. Kbdct Articles, and magnificent Si'k Orestes. A rl m iSDiin 4l nenta P hi'H re n IA <ients fa II /luiiiiDoiwu mr wvu?? ? v <U>ui vu ?v vvuk?i I n a VV THE * ASHINGTON academy of music, 1*knn. avinui.^odtii sld?.) No. *j?9, Between ?tk and 10(4 US. Every evening a remarkably fine Free Conctrt, embracing aaieetiona from the beat clasaio mucio. and the moat popular opera*?rendered in better at Tie than at any oth?r American concert saloon. The gueata?and the publio are freely invited, without charge for entranoe,?may rel? upou hiv ing every comfort tbsy deaire. inacditicn to the hneat muaio in Washington, they will obtain, on call, from the attentive attendants, docidedly the beat Refre?hmonu for aale in the f-edera; Metropolis Oflioera conatantly in attendance to keep good order. Conoert commencing at 4 p. m. HENRY ROSENTHAL, feb7 1m Proprietor. KING'S NATIONAL AMPHITHEATER," P*sn. Av. and E St., fftar Willnr<i?\ T. King . ?... Sola Lessee and Manager C. Soott Associate Manager F. Whittaker?. Equeatrian Manager THIS EVENING. Tom King win five Ins Comic Imitations of CLASSir STATUARY HORsKBACK Have yon se^n old DAN GARDINER In hi* treat Burlesque Dance. A La Cubutte* ! An^i {trARAMOtJCH ! The Beautiful M'ilo H KbOlShi Evert Evening! K1NCADE. the 10f* Summersault Man ! The Gr?at Zouave Halt Most be seen to be appreciated. DON J U A N Rverv Night until further notion. N*W NoVBLTIBS IN t*RhrARAT10H ! FmU of Prte?.??Orohester Chairs th oer.b*. Drees Circle to ceots, Children under 10 years of ace to Dress Circle 25 oenta; t*ocial Ranee 25 cents. Colored Gallery 26 cents; Colored Boxen 50 cents. Doors open at 7 o'clock; performanef will commence at ft precisely. fe 7 PATENT OKF1CK CURIOSITlES-Gu'de"to m. raienra, u?aio(n? 01 tnriosmn am uovern mentGardon*. at the stand iu Patsnt Office; Rare Ar.tiqaa'ian Books; Gownme't Books; Doou ments furnisbedi Railroad Reports; Military Re torts; Burnt Patent Office Reports; Cheap Books rurniched to Podia's; Military Trials; Military Laws; Army Regulations; Panorama of the Coast showing over i ,<*?"? miies; many taoutand Cheap Books. Reoolieot ohear rent. Large sales, low priees. us stairs, orar Bank of Washington. ja 29-lm* Aj,FRRn BfnMTF.R. ballstfa rt1es7&c! T NOTICE. HE SECOND OKA NO BALL of the BUNDL.ERS' ASSOCIATION of the Columbian *4 Armory will takeptaoe it Temperance Hall ?w onTUESDAY EVENING.March tth. /VA Tickets SI, admitting a g?r.t!*man and la wflfc dies. For partionlars see future adrertisementBy ord?r of Ccmmittee. fa I9k8* \10NUMENTALS IN THE FIELD AGAIN: i~I The memt>ers of the Monumental Club take treat sleasure in announcing to their Jn many friends and the publm generally that#|A they will give their Fifteenth Grand Aseem-WBk bly at Fraok in Hail.oorner of 'Jth and D street*. MONDAY EVENING. February 24,186i Tickets M oents, admitting a gentleman and ladiee. By order of tti? Committee. Floor Afsaaxsrs. w m, Katviu, ueo'tre Miller, Miohaei Klapigan, Ueo Pnla?ki. fe!9 5t? T'HE members op the I PHCENIX BOCIETV Take pleasure in anncunoinc to their military and omo friends that they wilt give a hRaM) BALL, J9 at Temperaaoe Hall, on MONDAY KVK A NING. March 31. Particulars in luture. Hi By order of Committee of Arrangement*, fe 19 4t THE HIAWATHA BOY* IN THE FIELD AGAIN!?The member* of the Hiawa- g% tha Club take pleasure in announoing to their jB many tnends. and the publto in eeneral, lhatMB ther will give their Mxth Grand COT1 L-Ui bON PAETY at Fra&klin Hall, oorner of 9th and streata, on THURM)AY KVEmNO, Feb'y 80, IMS. The members of the Club pledge themselves that no fains or expense will be spared to make this party agreeable to all those who honor them with their presenoe. Hays' oelebrated Brass and Atrinr Rtnl i.aa hMii infiiml fr?r tha siod. Refreshments will be Tarnished by "Vohaffield. Tiokets #1, admittlni a gentleman and 1adiet. Committt* if Arrmngimintt Win. Godu?rd, Jamea Graham, Dan. Perkins, Rob*t Sibly. Chas. Weber. fel5 5t* N. B There will be no oards of invitation issued; bat oar lady frlnda ire most oordtally invited. rpiG 4TH GRAND COTILLON PARTY 1 Will be given at

TVMPEKANCB HALL. it E street, between 9th an<l loth, ftm. On FRIDAY EVEN.Ntf, Feb'y 21 fife Daneins will oommenoe at >X o'clock. Mvwbo Prof Arth's full band. Tickets #1, admitting a gentleman and ladi?. fe ? hr* DROP. c. P. BARNES' P ASH ION ABLE I DANCI NO ACADKM V, at Temperance Hall, k, street, between 9th and loth C!as> es JH every Tueeday aad Friday?afternoon class MM ?t 3, evening olass at f. Soiree ?very Friday LM evening at I o'olook. Masio by Prof. Heo. Aria. Temperance Hall will be let lor Balls, Partita, An. Apply as above, fe U 1m* (Lfi BUTTER AND BM8. OU Tab* and IrUss of siriot/? srime floihai I I,"oo |6?B ***** fofl'btttur, lutf : I L'ST RKCKJVKD i torn lot of BOYS' PBKBON8 in??lot?u??m>r Bio vaor BnokSJB, ? ? ? ?f? ' WAJSTS?. - . WantKIX-A WASH GIRL. Apply at the " EhbittHome. . . Jt?, 1*7ANTED?A WOMAN to oook. tub and iron, in a private family. Arply at No 9 North A ?tffet. Capitol Hill. fa l9-8t* W^'^D-aGARD tor a*K*atleiflaa aad lad?. vv la a private family. Woard not to exceed #0 per month Referenoe uvea atul repair ?1. Ad dn-aaP .star Ofce f" 19 VI/ANTKD-A SITUATION a? *t*u> oook, '? waabar. lroner, or to do ehambuwork. In a private family. Cal! at No. 299 Fourth ?tre?t, between G and H. , It* IVANTFD-Two aotive WOMEN, oneto do " II* oofcinf, waehln* and Ironing, and the rtharthechamberworn. Apply at 4?7 E street. t,9iwgen go a^d 4th. l>" i WANTED?A honest, tinety BOY.tocerry a route on Um? ether n*vl a^ply. Call at tin* offio?, (<? morrow.) Thursday after noon. at 3 o'oloofc. , fa 19 VV ANTED-V SITUATTON, by a resectable " yoonf cirl.M chambermaid; u a first rat* tiaml at doinr up la*iie? fin?ri*?- Can nrirs irood recommendations if Ueairod. Call at "it t'a. av?., south ride. f? 19 St* WANTED^A few ABLE HANDS, to do up ~~ 'ace *ooda, ard *ork at fine iruslins None bat first rate bauds waited. Apply at Mrs. 8. COURTEM.E. llrti street, comer F If WANTED-A p.aia G?H>K, WASHER and lRf)NER.(colorFd.)for a sr?>a!l faroil*. Ad ply at No 457 8th sueet, between D and E. WANTKD-A Fl'RNI^HJKQR(?0.>I"r rooms uitabe for a cent'emsn and hSu'wlf*, *R1'ont Voar<i. Mnnt h* ?!taat*d west <>f loth street, and ffm? moderate.'Adores#, with location, terms, &c.4"Koonomy," at this office, fe 19-<t* \Va^TKD-A PAHTNKR with a ma'l can "* t?'. in a senteel business. Two or three thousand dollars profit a w>nth insured Apply S3? Penn. avenue, corner 6!h ?tre?t. for W M DOHAD1. - li* HOARD VVANTKR tt a yowne man. in some pnva'efamily where tHereare Cut few or no other boar lerw. ' A ir^rthHn fami'y preferred. Adores* *?at'.nr aortouiui j-laUuus, teiiai? Ac .. "<*hi cat" Box 350 P. O. fbiRSt* ABdV, 16 ?esr? of ace, is desirous cf obtaining a. SITUATION m some store or office?rto eery More preferred ; ts a food scholar. < an be found by a'idressice "M. H. H.,'' Nation*! Hotel. R??t of r?fer??noe? iiton, fe 13 2t? unimK w a vrv n _ n Hou'e situated in some one or the sid? streets I in this citr. Possesion desired prior fa March 1st. rWlrfadto'T references riven. Ad4re?? *'H. r W. P./' t>iT?i,tfiae. ie_16 3 A_ WANTep-A. SITUATION, by a lad, that understand* a'l kinds flf ohtldren's clothing ard all ku>da of plain sewing end iresiHnakinfAndre** 295 G street, between 13th and t4th. fa. 18 fit* . WAX ThiD-A euvd LAUM)K.bSSfor a *in*H family. One with enod referenoea wil find a homo at tkft northwest eorn?r of K and 19th *ts Either white or colored will arswer. App y inamediats?y fa 18 ?t* 1M7ANTBD-A small Pl'KNISHKO HOUBK.or " * part t.f ahoirts. in the vioinity of the Uepartm*nt*. Address Box No. 22, Star Offioe. fe 17 at* WANTED- A sine!* MAN to work on a farm, and a?cist to inilk a few cows. A pply at Valley View Farm, about one nule weft of e?orre town College. /e 17-3t* \VANTFD-A SITUATION a* w-t r.urie. by * a hea'thr yonng woman with a fresh breact of milk. loquireat 2?7 New York twean tut an* 21 street* fe 17 4t* WANTEH-A rood COOK. WA"HRR and IKONER. Mu't bring good recommendation". Apely at No. 3?S mhetreet, between I and K- we=t aide. f? 17 3t* %> ANTED.?An en"?rge io busings* MAN may " be*r ol emplujwaut by applying t<< J"IHV PON FRY * PP.. 476 7th ?? f> 17-^1* WANTKU-Tw.) or three FURNISHED * T R i >< )MS, by a (.'' rmarent resident, bet wee-i Si and 14th strf 0'*, and Fenn avenue and L street. AOdreBS F. O. Box 314?, n'atint .ojation. iermi, A r*. fe 15-1 w* \t/ANTED? A gentleman and ?*dr watt two " RO')\}Ai!i * >U'v?to family. with B art, Re?Tr?f rer^.-on^-^r**iv?n *nd reunited. MM.* 1 I ..A -' ?? - - - - ? ' ?i i?ni i c in n ursiiiii p^'i "I it'H QllIt ?aureBR, !>* Ultfcr; I'. >nit* ''O, Po?* 0.1>oe. fe 14 4t i'iy .> ? , > y -r ?ry * \irA!*TFT^? faff* p^rs ii to know thnt T am in ? * the ma-kot. reft'i t>> p$j ca?h for all articles in the ]i')un?furnicli>ri"TTr;o '1 h<>?<? leavinc tho ' oitt. or h^vinr \?ttr?Uis w^i <!*> well to e*.!'. R. BUCHI-Y, 45H rt., SeHreA?<; and H ?t? , <eaat?id?,) Dea er in NyF FnrDlture,' ' v / ' ijo 1ft tf WANTEI)iMuU?iiM(t t* know that tlieT Clin rr? (HIHt 8T??VKS and TiN VVARK cheap of H. J. ?Rt;t<>RV, Sal penn. avenue. ia H WANTKO.?W? *re cow hnjint SKOONDHAND FURNI'I UK K, STOV KSaud UKD DINti. for which we nrn Diiiinr the hirhaat cash prices. Fair.iUea decitaicr houtekeopiiig, or havicc % ncrpluB of fcrnitare, wt!! SM it to their *draot?ie to riT? ?i? * rail. rfTVT7 k GRIFFITH, je lS-tf No. 3Gi? 7tli St.. and K sU. LOST AyP FOUXfl* EVJUND?A BmVI SUM OF MONKY, whieh r the loser nan oMain by (J-kciiIjiek the s&ineaud pajine for tlna advMtiapmen'. JOHN I). CI/AR K F, fe 19 St* Two f l? *tr'?*t. Nn. ?23._ IOST?Od 1'a. avenue, a<?OLI> H.'.ACKLKT; j i?upp<Mt>"t in navedioppetl ir<"rr th?ann while walkm* bet* ?en the Nation.%1 Hot*! arid the Metiopolut Hank. A Ulvral re^ar J irtll be riven for it if either at the star Offioe or with Dr. S. A. HOUSTl>N, Sixta Auditj: t Oftce. le 19 3f CjTRAYFD AWAY?From th* owner, on the W7 !nth insto-t. a baj MAitii: b'.ind gy rieht e?e . ratlfr !?mi in right fore foot 'LSPk lost ou 12th attest. Ja and. A suitable re ward will be given if left fit 5ft* Fourth at. *a*t, |->r E wt It* % OST-On Satiu.aT, January 1, a LEATHER I-J lRUNh, email ?i*e. ru?-et c"!or offwvrp marked "tiecrjo A Paiksr ' <>a one en r.|enit4t\ and "8. M. Felton" on the other. T*entf *'"u dol'ara reward will he paid for the same on delive-y i the subscriber, a* 471 Fourteenth street, or auy iLfoim&tiun that ma* lea<f to the reoovery of th? same. fe 19 lw* A^H. KKYES. DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA Wabhis?TOS U Cocmtt ?I hereby certify, John H. rv Newman, ct said ocupty, brought l>e(ore me as a stray, ronnitig at la ge in tho?*-*-? treeta ofbeorgeiown, a dark bay MARK, sup posed to be about l'l sara old; aboat 16 hant? huh; a star in her foreliea . ring bone oo her left hina foot, both fjraJeet shod; switoh tail; has beet worked in geara. 1 Given urder my hind ard seal, thss 18th day of February. 1862 HENRY REAVER, J.. P , eal.l ine owner or uie aoove aeccriitfd mar*, win i please o<mti* torsrard, prove property, pay charge*, and take her away, or she wi I be sold to pay ex penee*. Apply at olfne of Metropolitan Po'ice,M6 11th s'raet fe 19 2a?3w L'OUND-Laet Th*ra4ay? a small SUM OF , r MONEY, by o. e of inr children, wiiioh the owner oan have by applyint to EDWIN 6REKN, No. 1*# Penn. avenue. le 18 2t CJTOLEN OR STRAYED?On Friday afters' noon, from front of Havenner's Bakery, fgv on'C street, between6th and 4)6streets, an-.f? small hay MA RE, attaohed to Bitcrr, any one oan give any information of th? same, or oan have it returned to the sat?*oriber. J. T. Mo GuUK. on 1 street, tetweeu l?tb and 19th, or at this offise, they wilt receive a lioeral reward, fa 17-St* * T?r\T%tr? DUAlllilflW. UK) AR PI NO in UKOROETO\VDi.-S#v?r?l r> fentlenmn can be aoo:>inm jdated with H;.*id in a re?peotab!e private family and exoe lent ceishborhood. br addro??iu* ''Mrs. K. H.." through the Po?t Offioe. Keforenoti g?*en and required. fe 1? 3t* - " , tcentral hotkl. {upon tkt Emojxan plan.) ooroer of Pennsylvania avenue ana 6;ii?treet, rpnonte oorner to Brown's and th* National, la now.furnished throughout with new and handsome for ni lure. The proprietor informs his friends and the publio that they oan be aooomniodated with rooms, by the da* or week, with or without meals. The Diuing Salens open at a 1 hours. h. Durham gtl?TON, fe 10 eo8w* Fropmtor. IpliKM1SHE1) ROOMS TO RENT. with Boird, in a pleaaai.t location near the Capitol. Al*o, a tandeomely furnished Parlor and Chamber oommuni eating. Inquire at Star Office. le 13-tf GEOBQETOWN ADVE&T'MTS [T?"A LECTURE, for the benefit of the Yonng LkJ? , Oatholio'a Prieaii Sooietr of Georgetown, wul be delivered in Trinity (Catholic) Church, Gerogetown, on WEDNESDAY EVEN.NO, February 19th, at 7X o'clock, by R?v. Fathu Ea rly, t*. J . President of Georgetown College. The Choir nave kindly oonaentfd to furmah attractive mono. Admittance 35 oenta. fe U-T,T,S.AclJt jfl NOTICE UBOKOKTOWN EL.KCTION.-An eleotion will be held in the several preeinota in Georgetown, pc MUNDA Y, Jhe S4ih inatant, for eleven membera to oonpoae the Hoard of Conucoa Council, aid five ine'tubera to aerve aa Aldermen. te 17 4t Wfti. CAIRO, Clerk. D O n R If K "I Ki "n i. h v e a D , Ramiburg Jt Ebert, 105 HI?H ?mn, GEORGETOWN. D. The only muafaotnrera of GooniM BUCKSKIN GMJVhe, ^lUTARY^ GAUNTLETS, tad . Baok?fcin Diwriwil 8Mrt?- jt it Black SI LK% operisd^faftll trades, from V% oenU to 9? per jfcitl. ?~?frt~toUM J. W. OOLLEV. SECOND EDITION, THREE O'CLOCK P. M. The Sta*.?T'ae unexampled excitement of the public mind bere, u elsewhere, for the past two days, hu to run tha Star office down with crowds, numbering hundred* If not thousands dally, as to embarrass its business seriously, cresting delars which have kept back the due <1 uwivrry n iae pnpcr. %Ve bare succeeded In makiag arraagementa to work both of our double-cylinder preaaea at the same time; which will, for the future, cure the evil. Th* PaaatnasT'a Chtlmss.? Wllile, the r.-eaident'a second son, continues critically ill to-day thon?h evidently somewhat eaaler thaa ycaterdiy. Hia third boy, Thaddeua, who la Buffering from the same ailment, typhoid fever, has not yet been dangerously alck. Everything that skillful phyatclana- [>rs Hal! and Stone?and ceaseless care can do for thr little (offerers, la being done OscKtr ?We hear that Oottachalk, the great American nlinilt will * a rn nil rni?r#rf <n Washington, on Wednesday the ^tta inat , Jn conjunction with Hlnkley, Brtgnoli. Mancusl. Susinl and Maretxek. army gazette . ?. CO WAR PICK AMD MISBEHAVIOR IT AS OM1CBB IN TUE FIKLT Complaint having been made by lien Lander of the misconduct of an officer under hit com mand, and the matter referred to the Secretary oj War, the following instructions were given " If General Lander la satisfied that Col. Am santel was guilty of cowardice, or misbehavior k?(ii>r lha ?iain? ho V.-, ?.I 1 .1 ' v.v.v. ?mv viivu< j , uv miof uc kicu uu iuc bpui, and if found guilty, sentence of death may be executed on the spot, or he ma? be caablered by hts Commanding General at the bead of his regiment. " The former courae ta recommended as the preferable one. Cowardice in an officer, exhibited on the fit Id of battle, should receive the awift puniabment of death. " Lewis M. Stanton, Secretary of War 'War Department, February 1#, 16*2." UUK MILITARY BUDGET who'S WHO. i Jk -1 vit^auici ucuciat ouauiuu juumon, capnirra at Fort Donelaon, wu driven from the United Stain Army for peculation?stealing committary'? stores?during the Mexican war. Gen. Price, juat capturtd by Gen. Curti&, may possibly be a brother ot ' Sterling"?Major General?of that ilk, and the chief of the latter'a ataff; as there are two of them "Sterling," we fear, is too slippery to be caught. THE LATEST BY TELEGRAPH. ARRIVAL FROM EtROPE. m THE QIJEEN'8 SPEECH ON AMERICAN AFFAIRS N?w YoJ?&, F?b. 19.?The Kangaroo ha* arrived, br nglng the following newt: The Nashville wti last seen on the evening of the id inst , outside the Needle*. steaming down the channel. The Tuscarora still remained in the Cowea roads on the evening of the ith. At the annual meeting of the Liverpool Chamber of Commerce the blocking upCharleston harbor was strongly denounced, and the efficiency of the blockade questioned, but coutinued nonintervention generally approved A letter wa* read froiu >lr. Cobden, showing the permanent Importance of settling belligerent rights, and the necessity for Lngiand agreeing to the American doctrine relative to private property at sea. Mr. Bright, In a speech at Birmingham, de .!? J ?V.? A ? ? ? ? - ? mcu iuu >u? American uiocgaae wan inetl.ctive. and ridiculed the idea that America wu In a position to be trampled on. He pointed out the dangers of Interference, and strongly urged strict neutrality. It Is stated that Mr Adams does not'conceal Lis indignation at KiiMfll's hte letter to the Admiralty relative to the use of Uritbli port* There is also considerable difference in political circles as to the policy and propriety of the act The Queen's spcech oak*1* the fallowing* allusion to American affairs : Her Majesty* relations witb 'he European powers continue to be fiieudJv ?.nd satisfactory, and Her Majesty trusts iberr is no reason to ap prebend any disturbing of lb? peace of Europe A question of great importance.wbicb might bare led to very serious cor.M queue**, arose between Her Majesty and the government of the United Stjte-s being tbe seiruie an?l forcible removal of four passengers from on board a British rasil packet by tbe commicd^r of a ship of war of tbe United States. That questun bas been satisfactorily settled by tbe restoration of tbe passengers, to British prote.tlou, and by disavowal by tbe United States Government of the act of violence commenced by their naval officer, the friendly relations between Her Majesty and tbe President of the United States are therefore unimpaired. The wrongs committed by various parties aud Buueci'ssive Government* in Mexico, upon foreign residents within the Mexican territory, and for wnich no satisfactory address could be ob tained, have ltd to the conclusion of a convt-ntion between her Majetsy, the Emperor of the French and the Quern of ?pain, for the purpose of regulating combined occupation of the coast of Mexico with a view to obtain that redress which has hitherto been withheld. That convention and papers relating to that subject will be laid before ycu. CONGRESSIONAL. XXV VIIth CONGRESS?SeccBd SessUa. Wednesday, February 19. Sinatk.?Mr. Ha'e reported adversely, from the Naval Affairs Committee, on the joint resolu lion of thanka of Congress; Indefinitely postponed. Mr. Harrla reported from the Judiciary Committee a bill for tbe maintenance and safe keeping ot prisoner* of war; committed Mr. Rice reported from the Military Affairs a joint resolution to authorize the Secretary of War to confer the brevet rank of Lieutenant General, for eminent service; committed. A bill authorizing the President to authorize iny United States judge to preside over a court wltnout the limits of hi* own district where there Is a vacancy, Ac , was taken up and passed. Mr. Wilson introduced a joint resolution authorizing the President to present prizes to solders who distinguish themselves on the field; referred Tbe bill for tbe re-organ izatlon of the cavalry forces of the United States was taken up and passed, fit providss for forty regiment* of cavilry of 1,20U men each ] Hoc** ?Resolutions providing for the arrangement of seat* la the Hail of Representatives for [he convenience of Senators and invited guests to the anniversary exercises of the 22d: caillnc ipon the War and Nary Department! for iufornatlon relative to the transportation of troopa beiween the Mlasiaaippi river and the Pacific coast, ind of naval supplies upon the Eastern and Gulf :oants of the United States, during the last live rears; and of instruction to committees in rela;ion to the establishment of a new Indian agency n Colorado Territory, and lntaliziag certain nlnor laws of Colorado, were adopted. A bill appropriating tl.uou to defray expenses lor illuminating the Public Buildings on SatuN lay night; and a joint reaolutlon authorizing the lollectlon of war statistics, were passed. LATE LOCAL NEWS. GK1MHIAL Com*? Tnl / Liquor Cat*? rhU moraine, Joseph R Idler, of Georgetown, indicted Jot selling liquor to soldiers was out <>n Hal. " The evidence of James Trainer and another i ritaeas for the praiecirtloi ( o dlert) ?u to the rfTeet that they were served with liquor at R idler* restaurant by a man calling himself Gatlkildl, and that Jsaeph R idler was present. One >f them said be (R idler) seemed to be the boss ' A voanger brother of Joseph Ridler's testlled tut he (Joseph) kept a cigar store removed from tta bar room, and Umt Ua father, Antalae Ridler. Iredi in tha house, and that the name of Antotse Eldler ww on tba aton. [The ssaabllahaaent It near the market howla Oeoreev>w?. I Afler the claae of tha ?t!iOT?y, Mr r W. Jones, counsel for defence. prayad the Court to instruct the jury that they rami aequtt the d?fend ant. ttnleas tbeybelfnred froan the ev)dea<-? that be himself told, pare or administered Uqua* to soldiers The Court refused to g rant the prayer, and Mid that if such aubtorfogrs (as emploving agents to commit violations of the law) prevail crime would be macfc more frequent The name "Oaribaldl'' was evidently assumed by the bar-tandar as a disguise; and if the junr believed from the evidence that the person who sold the itqaor to the soldiers was employed by Joseph Midler, thev mtnl Mmift RMUr nf fhe nft>-nae rhirvMl Tbe Cott't referred to a eaae where a person Iivlne In New York employed a boy 1b Philadelphia to set! lottery tickets in violation of the law The principal, although be ?u la New York. In another jurisdiction when the offence was committed, waa tried -rxl rogrlrled. Mr Jones excepted to tbe ruling The jury had not rendered a verdict when our report rlowed. Tiik Last Affair at Pks*acola?A reporter at 9olp Island furnishes tbe following Itema of intelligence concerning tbe laat engagement between Fort Plckeea and the rebel batteries, palb ered from naval officer* who wl'nessed the affair \'ii mr ' a 01 n pany 01 rnngwi, wc:iw and Mack*, nial* and Ifini'f nnmhfr'.ng toiw fourteen p-rsons. made tbflr escape to (tenia Rom from I'ensacola. If tbe statements of these people are to be credited?and there ia no reason to doubt them?Gen Bragg was not present at the bombardment having goae to Mobile on official butlness Whoa tbe firing was om re need he was telegraphed to return, and arrived at bts post about three o'clock the next morning at which time tbe rebels ceased firing. Gen Bragg is represented a? being greatly ea?<p?*rated at tbe officer wbo wan left In command of tbe t'onfednrate forces for firing upon PlckeM when Gen Brown tired at tbe st?*suier at tb* navy yard, th?re being a perfect understanding between the two General* that no veaaels of any kind were allowed to vls.t the navy yard, or tbe wharf at Fort Ptckenv and that whenever they did so tbey w*-re expected to be driven off, without incurring a general engagement. The steamer which visited tbe navy yard on the day of the bombardment was not In the Con i a?c citjtc. uu? ? "iiwuiru a pmy ui U|?V young fellow* on an excursion AY hen flr.-d upoii tbev steamed away, waving Secession flag* and uttering derisive shouts and la'igbter. The refugees report that the first shot from Fort Pickens lodged in the battery near tbe lighthouse, dismounting one gun, killing six men. besides woutiding a large number of others They also slated that several wagon londa of dead rebels were carried out of the batteries and burled, but this needs ronfirmati'Mi There seems to be a great deal of trouble and dissatisfaction among the regular ?oldiere of tha Confederate army While the volunteers arc full of fight, and ready at all tune? for a brush, tbe regulars are showing signs of discontent. Tbe people are also represented as being dlasatisfi*d with the condition of things, and aniioat to cat out nf th* arran* intA urt JrK f ir nwn fn1.Ka* led them A short time before tbe bombardment B?*g made a speech to his soldiers, telling tbem that the Yankees were going to liberate the slaves, and that rather than the negroes should tell into their hands he would shoot them all. The building in tbe navy yard which waa de siroved contained all the naval store* and supplies for fitting out vessels, snd its destruction, Together with Its contents, will put a stop, for a at least, to all naval opperations at Warrington.?Bos:cm Journal Sketch or TKtCcxBSBLaMD Rirsa ?As this river will doubtless become one of the important features of the campaign during the neit few days, we give a short sketch of it The Cumberland river Is one of the largest affluents of the IlkU I ia n.V.HW. -J ?- -a? </uiv a* *> i J HOBUikC OIIU UirvUlH'UI IU 1W course. It rises in the Cumberland Mountains of Kentucky? near the Mtitbmtrrn portion of tbf i*tnte. and, flowing westward and southward paat Somerset and MlllSprimrs, the recent scene of the defeat and death of ZollicofiV-r, enter* Tennessee between Jackson and Overton counties After making an extensive circuit through Middle Tennessee, passing in Its course Carthage snd the city of Naxhrllle, it turn towards the northwest, and a?aiu enters Kentucky about ten miles to the ea?t of the Tennessee river. Betweea Nashville and this point it pauses Clarksville and Dover? the former the point to which Commodore Foote has gone with bis fleet, and the latter the scene of the recent battle and capture of Fort Donelson Its course, after entering ttie Slate of Kentucky, is nearly parallel with that of the Tennessee river until It enters the Ohio atSmlthlaod. The whole length of the river in estimated at about six hundred miles During high water large steamboat* ascend to Nashville snd small boats about three hundred mile* further. About fourteen miWa from Williamibarg, In Kentucky, near the Cumberland Mountains, the river has a vertical tell of sixty feet. The area drained by thla river Is animated at seventeen thousand square miles. Thb Ca*kop Captain Gordon.?The last hoj on which the friends of this unfortunate man leaned for hi* reprieve from execution on Friday of this week has broken The first came to the office of the marshal by telegraph las' evening that the Supreme Court of tbe United States had refused to send the verdict and s?ntence back to the Southern District, for alleged informalities, with a view to a new trial. The Marshal com munlcateti the result to Gordon toon after Its reception. The doomed man bora it witha philosophical fcaimness and now gives np all hope.? S. Y Commerrtal Advertiser. C7"ln the stables of the French Emperor tbero at present four hundred and three horses.of which seventy are tboruugh-bred of the rarest kind, ono hundred and ninety-one for the Imperial carriage* of half blood, and one hundred and thirty MX har k horses Altogether, the ctate stables, exclusive of the cavalry and military studs, contain one thouaand one hundred and fifty horses OFFH IAL. By the President / the t nittd Stares. A PROCLAMATION. It is recommended to the People of the United States, that they assemble in their customary places of meeting for public solemnities, on tho twenty-second day of Fsbruary, instant, and eel sbrate the anniversary of the blrtb of the Father of His Country, by causing to be read to them hia immortal Farewell Addre-a Given under my hand and the seal of the United. ?i*iei at wi aanin^ion, UK nineteenth tiv of February In the year of our Lord one (l. e ] thousand eight hundred and aixty-twc, and of the Independence of lite United Htatc* of America, the eighty-eixth ABRAHAM LINCOLN By the President: William H. 9iwaid, Secretary of Mate OYSTERS-OYSTERS.^^ Grea'aoienufio laaarove 1114111 10 STEAMING and ? K<?A?TING OYBTKE ? by whioh the entire flavor and six* of the ' rater la ret&'nM. The PEARL SALOON, ?113 Penn. Avenae, o* aoaite Wi. vd?* Hotel, will open thia evening. (ai(c of the globe Ughta) with ita improved maarer of sleamiuc. n*&taeas of &tuncaai.d order of eervioe. AH <le?>nnc a iaxwry will >>e rewa<ded l.f vkiib(. ciifsrior qa&iiir <i f* resu sail viymri oonsUtnti? on Mat to ??ppIt Hotels. Sutler* Ud Families. ic fhell, kef, or one' orders delivered on abort notioe. Cboice Cuars at reasonable rate*. te -1 m* J\ NOTICE TO WATCH MAKER* Om ft. A J. MYERS ? Having op?Ded a Drasoti of ihetx Boston Hons? at No 10 YVashiufton Huildinc, oorner oiPs.sve. and 7th street, invite the attention of Wateh Makers, Jewellers, Pedlers, Ac , Ao. to their lares stock of Gold and Silver Watches, W atch Materials, Wateh Makers'Tools. Glasses, bilk Guards. Leather Guards, Speotao ss, besides s variety of roods too numerous to mention is ordinary adver tisements. which they will sell nt the !cwe?t ens tern prices. 6. A J. MVEK8 No Goods at retail. Wateh work done lor the trade only. Printed pnoe list of Watoh Material, r o.i. Ac., sent post free on application No eon neotion with any other hones in this oity. FRANKLIN * CO., 44 Penn'h?*.,?north aide.) M,Utli fend IXh at*, EYEGLASSES, MAK1NK AND FIELD OLASSE8, COMPASSES, * -. of the beat ?atlitiee, ccuct&ct v en hind, ft ^UKAP CASH STORE! T.i? andoraifned hare conataatir on ha?d a ran?ra: aeaorliBMt ( Now ?o<l r-ooond haad Fa Ditvre, Crookan. flltunri, Tinware. Kiap artioloa and hcaoefcoopiuc ertioloa loaerallj, wh oh they ara prep&r. a to *? oh?a? < not cn-?p?r irtB any o'UK ta > ishr a-t la tu* city, ltuytag ?lc wiw' for th* c^?b.?ni aai!io$ Iwr the ?mh? tkay ut ati??ai >haj cu c^mjatt viU ^Pa?~M>n?TBl,ir?at cfar? ?f *h- al?oT? inrl'i % imifaotta'ly ra*a?ai?d to t??a a ??!' H*f r* ??r ou??iuk e iswli9f? All Kiwia of r+cvoti tend Fwriatara ta*a?j in * ehinrt lor Nnr. B?iN17. ft GKjPr'|rH fa ? f<t Wo 369 Tik ?t.. Ut 1 aud K u A I A. KIND* Of r?~*}V AMI . ..

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