Newspaper of Evening Star, February 20, 1862, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated February 20, 1862 Page 1
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4 9< JTT7? 1 Rt AflkMUHM;~ *:v *"* j 1 '* ' 4 * --# %? TV9Y Til 31*1 T M Jr / j Ififl J2 Q X K3 HH PJ psB s|| BM hB V PI ^r / IB IS HH Rl HI rjl |^j Bl 9n BJ y F |B |H C*> J*M V?, XIX. WASHINGTON, D C . THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 20, 1862. IV?. 2,808 THE EVENING STAR la PUBLISHKD EVERT AFTERNOON, (SUNDAY EXCEPTED J ^ A ? inc. S1AA BUIlil/hlUf, l?nu* t/ finujrltmii mmm and Eititntk ft. IT W. T>. WALLAOH. m < > P~v~r* In psekaftca ty carrier* it 84 I ftar, or :j? eer to p?r month. To mall *obaerlb?n Up jhIw la SJ.? a yrar, i* ad*anu; t? for tlx .tbt; m r. r ttree nontba; and tot lea Utu ttir> rnxntM At Vm rate of IS c**+ a week. Blm fie cop*.'*, os? c*st; la wrapper*, two cum. \~j~ ADTiiTiit^imi ahonVd be sent to th? Ac* before u o'olock m ; otherwise they may not *ppe*r aatll tb* next day. FASHIONS FOR FEBRUARY. f?r?m L* Follet J 1 Heenlj diiacaltj ift describing the mite rim* ana siyies in vogues at the present moment, arises from tho great number from whioh we hare to select. So many new fabrics have b??en introduced, and so m?n* old rnes i!*- ! proTe*!, that tHe description given, to ai to f rc.-6nt an idea of their real appearance, is no ea^y task. Moires and taffetas antiques are as much in favor as ever, but the colors and designs are so d'versificd that they have quite "a novel effect. Some are embroidered, and bro raded with shaded powers and leaves; others w'.th small satin strides and crcssbarf. These ?cry elegant. Or sable?that is, covered with small spots not larger than the bead of a email piu?is equally effective; as white sablo with black, black nith whito. violet with gold. The latter has ? very rich effect. In taffetas antiques many new designs have '' en adopted. ^ ~e noticed onp. A v?ry pale primrose, nearly white, on which were brocaded bunches of flowora. Each group was encircled witjj a o?r row oiacK line, giviac the fluwen the appear in*e of r?e?ng rw??ed, ? a ca^eo. We also tjuticed a white moire, with pink flowers brocaded in the material, and black leaves embroidered This i* the mode of the season. We must not omit t<> mention velvet, which if much w.rn, both ria'u an.> t??rr*. Kat'n ie iko i*; erent favor and la manufactured in e^ery imaginable color. Sky blue, sea green, pule pink, white and maize, are the color* pre/ J * - 1" icrreu i<t cvemcg wear; steel gray, golflcn brown and violet, for out of doors. For evening dresses, tbe materials are rioher and more beautiful than ever. For instance, tarlet&n, gauee and crape, embroidered in the ?a*r,eco' .r, and soutachc* in gold and silver Cbambery gause in always fashionable; but for grande 'oi!?tte tulle is the material invariably chosan, and worn either with or without flowers. Tae tunic i* much iu favor. For ball dresses tulle trimmed with donhle ran. chee (iec"upees, with tunic of talle, the same ui iteri i! embroidered in silver or gold, or stars ar.d smuU colored flower*. We particularly noticed a white eatin dress and tonic of the jams, the latter, with 3m*U white feathers on the edire. or nlaMd an i>lni? tnMthur t.i m. rresen' a ruefie. Another of white silk, with a *unic of white cr?|>e, spotted with small K 1 tn Ir a#??a T?.Ua - ? ?-!???- J ? wiwtm ? oiai a x una ui lai loiau urcosca are made with the skirts covered with twenty or thirty narrow finked flounces. Some skirts fc *ve alternate ruche- "f blond and bouillonnca oi tulle. Yt'e especially remarked one in the latter style. The skirt was of pink tilk, with alternate bouilionnes of pink crape and ruchings of black lace Tunics are seldom made of the same material ?'.;e undf*r ?kirts For instance, when unJ'*r<kirt i- made of plain tarlatan the tunio is figured or striped with gold or silver. The tun; . is generally raised by boquets of flowers: or a searf, placed over one sboulder, and tied under the arm. sustains it by being fastened to the unier skirt. These scarfs are far more elegant when the ends are left long and Hotting. Low bodies have very little drapery, butaro f;eneral!y worn with berthe?, trimmed with ace "r blond For young girls the ceinture braisiere is very pretty and becoming ; it is a berthe. formed by a ribbon edged with lace, which crosses in front and is tied behind, being faster?d on the ?h >ulders by a bow without ends. By changing the color of this ornament a white dress may be wern several times, ouvi jei iiwijb appear new ioe ceinrure 19 sometimes tied in front, and falls like a double acarf on each aide of the skirt. Long scarfs of passementerie or lace are also worn ; the former with thick materials only, the latter on tulle or tarlatan. The bodies of dresses made in rich materials are almost always trimmed with lace or pasaomenterie; by they must be ot good quality and tastefully selected, as common trimmings rather de'ract from than embelish a drees. The more aerial a dress bail is, the greater the elegance of the cffect produced. A drawback. however, to these clwuds of lace and tulle is that, although the ruches, bouillonnes and flounces look so fairy-like at the commencement of the evening, before it is finished the skirt appears etna jr ee aad ragged. Fortunately, neither tarlatan nor tulle is very expensive, and a few fresh bouillonnw or ribbona of a different color restore the appearance of the dress. For dinner dress, light colord foulard, with colored flowers, or t&rlatan and muslin embroidered in colors, are very much worn. The latter is suitable for young ladies, and is generally made decollotte, with small pellerine of blond or embroidered organdi. A dinner dress * ? j a 4. ? J*. oi wane iouiara, wua rxxjueis 01 roses, menu description. The skirt was trimmed with two friSled flounces of pink silk: between them were placed five rows of piuk velvet. The body was round and low. with berthe formed of lace and frills of silk. Wide sleeves to the elbow, open up to the front, and trimmed to corresEnd with the skirt. Under sleeves of tulle utllonne. Pur <|Uiet evening dress, and even for the lucaier. eiumii poiormoo arc wuiu, unuor ivuuu or pointed, and are accompanied by email f. :bu3. The pelerines are made of tarlatan, or plaited tulle, trimmed with lace rosette* or frill- They are made alto in blaok guipure or p?int de Venise. The fichu* are either high or low. Ihe question of discontinuing crinolines has been much descussed ; bat, when we mention that the tkirts of dresses are five yards wide, and that to steel cages two or three petticoats ara added, it will be peroeived that there is no very gTeat change as to circumference. The petticoats are perhaps not quite so large near the want, but their is no dif orenoe in size at the bottom of the dress. The bodies of indoor and visiting dresies are generally made open; some merely to the bight of the low body, others quite down to the waist. Witbin tbese open bodies are worn uuslin fichu and habit ihirta, trimmed with lace or embroidery. Spanish point, chenille fringes, medallions and bows of ribbon or lace are the ernaments most in request for bodies and sleeves. We hare seen several corsage* with the trimming f>l*;ed in the form of a berth*?a moat becemng style. The berthes are round. The sleeves are ppen, and not very large, and trimmed either round or upon the seams. Many skirts are made open at the seams, which are torned back on revert, and trimmed with nichea A skirt of a different material is worn underneath, and shows at th* opening of the seams. For instanoe, th* upper skirt may be of silk, and the under one of tarry or plain velvet. The richest and most extensive trimming it the satin stitch embroidery, worked by hand on the materiel. This style of ornament ii only applicable to very rioo fabric*?aa velvet, taffetas. antique and moire. We have seen a bine velvet drew, embroidered in gold at the seams, which were open, di?-*loeing an nnder petticoat of white aatfci. Speaking of velvet, we remarked a violet, with a band of chinchilla ronad the skirt, up the froLt and over each shoulder. The body waa open nenrly to the waist. The sleeves were rather short and large, open at the back, and trimmed with a band of fur, which waa eontiouwd up eeoh aide of the opening They were lined with white satin. We have seen two or three moire and taffataa antique dresses, trimmed with a Gr.cque of rushing round the akirt. These racket are onetime* in one color, at othera in two ; ona A .U ?ka AtkA. a ? hUf) SWBV NUNV S3 IU? VUVOT) ? VbUVC little lighter or d?tker, according to the fancy of th* wetrir. 8om* silk drewta bar* two flouno** ; th* tower rather wide, Dut itreight round the skirt, the upper * oich ia narrower, pluoed is festoon*, ana needed bj ruche The body of on* *f the** dreeee* wu mad* tquar*. ?urr>und*d by a narrow flounce and ruch*. th* fleer* trim?d ia th* rame manner P*r Ttafti *f ainaw;, th* pal*tot ha* b**a ? 1 fpperaeded by the Wat or eachtmir* fhawl. .?iinn made in the former material, they are handsomely embroidered in latin-stitch, and flounced with lace; or braided and edged with a handsome chenille fringe. For younger ladie* than tbo#e for whom the above-men' tioned styles are intended, we rfecoihmepd the jalf fitting basquineT embroidered in silk and J?t; and the large circular cloak, handsomely ornamented on the shoulders and back. Jn the form of a pelerine. Some loose paletots, slightly marking the figure, are made of gray or black curled plusn, lined with quilted silk, and fastened with cut steel buttons. fionn&ts ars not duite so pfononee; in form as thoy were a few Weeks a^o. Two particularly attracted our notice. One of terr^ Telvet and crape, the other of white silk and violet velvet. The interior of both was very full. Caps of quilled blonds or puffr of flowers quite acros? the top of the bonn?t, from one side of the head to the otnet, the strings and hair filling up the reel of the spaee. With this style of bonnet, the hair should be worn in 1 i uau'i^aud wvuuauvc. from the iduTit. A PANIC AMONG THE REBELS?DOI.OROf* LAMENTATIONS. Late papers from Memphis and New Orleans are filed with etbress'^naof apprehension, and it is clear tb it a panic is sei^ng thb rebels. The New Orleans Creacent has the following : " A plain statement of facts is all that is neceuarj to superinduce in the public mind a full realisation of the danger through which we are to paw before tbi? war it ended. The hour of our trial io near, and if we wogld have a bright end cheferiag ftetura we tliost awaken trutn our apathy and beatir ourselves like then. " That portion of our population who stay at home must awake from their dreamy lethargy, turn aside for a time from their various avocations, and respond to the call of their country. We must go to camps of instruction, carry our guns and learn how to use them. The people, we fear, do not realise the crisis. The transfer of Beauregard from the Pototnao to Columbus, and the Hrformatinn which comes to ua from other portions of Kentucky, which we cannot make public, mean more than the country is aware of. We repeat, now is the time for every patriot to show his devotion, and let him da so before it is too late.'' A Memphis paper says : "This is a day of trial. If the grand armies now being pressed forward by the enemy be beaten, the war will be at an end?another efif >rt to crush out the South will not be made. If one or more of them shall be successful the contest will be renewed with redoubted fury everywhere, new life will be given to the war. and new scenes of blood will burst upon the startled vision. The disaster at Drainsville, and the repulse of Crittenden admonish us that the conflict must be bloody and desperate, that at many places it will be doubtful, and that we should be prepared for reverses and at least partial defeats. The great strategic positions occupied by the Confederate generals can never be taken by the enemy. Bowling Green. Columbus and Manassas, we believe, can defy the numbers, skill and resource* of the North, now and for1 D-? - ever. dui iuera are luiervvuiug poiUis, important, but not vital, where our defences are weak, and oar means of resistance inadequate; and at these, the Federals may achieve such successes as will give encouragement to th? people of their section, sustain the Admistrution for a time, and stimulate their generals to renewed efforts to bind upon their browti the laurels of victory. ' There is bloody work to be done. Let none under-estimate its importance or its difficulties. Let every heart be steeled and every muscle set; for the danger is at hand, tbe day of trial is upon us, and we must be worthy ef the cause we have espoused or pay the petalty in the horrors of a prolonged contest brought nearer to our homes." The condition of the rebels' finances is thus set forth in a New Orleans paper : " A letter to us from Mississippi, of recent date. ?ay? : ' Oar state is ilooded with shinplasters as bad as in 18o7. Oppose such a system of currency in Tennessee as obstinately as you have heretofore done. Unless we can procure an influx of gold and silver by direct trade from England, our finances will be in a terrible condition. If obtained shortly, however, our peojflfe would refuse to take anything bnt gold and silver or Confederate notes Mississippi is more bitter against the Yankees than ever, and more determined te resist to the death. They do not complain in the least of taxation, bat invite it. BIO STORIES. [Special to the Nashville Union and American.] Memphis, Feb. 3.?Col. Boyce, of General Price's army, has just arrived in this city, direct from Gen. Price's headquarters. He reports Colonels Poindexter aod Dorsey, with 800 men, having met the enemy in greatly superior force at Boonville. and whipped them in three separate fights. They oaptured Boonville, and were still holding the town at last accounts. General Price's army was filling np rapidly with well-armed and equipped men. The Missouri Democrat comments as follows on the above rebel " viotory" : The fact is that Poiniexter's camp wu routed in North Miseouri by the Federal cavalry, and all their equipments, baggage, Ac., aaptured. The rout ?u completed t>y the capture of a large number of prisoner*. The Pari* Mercury, the only paper in North Missouri that dare to squint in favor of secession, and evidently in their favor, says that Poindexter's defeat was the worst " slam" experienced by the Confederates in North Missouri, and accuses Poindexter of lack of capacity as a military commander. The Boonville story is quite as true as many others with which the Becesh keep up their hopes. NOTICE NOTICE NOTICE TO SUTLEftS. TO SUTLERS. 8PICBD MOLASSES CAKB8. SPICED MOLASSES CAKES. SPICED SUOAR CAKES. a PIC ED SUGAR CAKES. Ib oom^imm of the great demand for oar Molaeeoe Ginger Cake and Sugar Cake, we have appointed W. H. HAMILTON * CO* 4 79 Niata Street, pr lpa Agent for their eale, from whom they oan be bought at five dollar* pox barrel. BNAP8, JUMBLES, MOLASSES POUND CAKE. IN QUANTITIES, IN QUANTITIES, IN QUANTITIES. BOSTON 'CRACKERS, Freeh every day?vana from the oven make delioioaa foodTim Ctmtt Ptr Pound. n a vrnium ' CELEBRATED MINCE PIES. otrt-kMpcrs, H?ad? of PanihM, and ir? iariUd to try ?r axoallant Micoo PiMOar MINCE PIES need only to b? triad to ba a#rreoiatsd ; ynaa $ 10 aad fit Mr huadrad. JAMBS L. DAYTON, Bakery??M BIotcqUi itrMt, fa?? btivNa6aad H | JlJBT Imin^ ? ^rge seeortewptof New I PitiMri, ContertkbiM, Blankets. Bedstead*, Mattresses, aod Carpets. Persons Visaing M> ' --- TELEORAPHIC NEWS. LATER FRO 11 FORT DOIELSD*. The Rtbtl Surgront Estimite Iheir Lo*s at from Three to Four Hundred Killed and Double, that Number Wounded?Oen Grant Energetically Ordering a Speedy Forward Movement?The Rebeli JSipect'i to make a Desperate Stand at Nashviilt. I nn.. P/.K tO 1 ?? ? mA O ( . UU WIS* I CU, I o.? A UC 1/CUI'l. c ?u tees from Fort Donelson, up to Monday, says? It Is ImpoaflM* to state the precise extent of th" captores, everything Se!"# In ?ach confusion within the fortre*. The Slit and 57th Virginia regiments, and several Arkansas, Alabama find Texas regiments, were among the forces which left with Plllcw and Floyd in the night. , The rebel njid federal ofltrera frntfrnlxe since thfe light, slnft the best feeling, and even Union sentiment, it pfetaillng amcfftg uiany of the prisoners, which hag been ttwi strengthened by subsequent intercourse with them. This remark hold* specially true of the Tennessee r?*glment?. Tbe best officers anion* them, who vie!d<d to the popular madne*? M the eleventh hour, n*r they are ?lck of the unnatural Uarfare. Misled oy the politicians first, and betrayed by tflelr general* since, thev have become the most thoroughly disgusted with the bogus Confederacy,and desire to withdraw at once. General Grant has energetically ordered a speedy i or Ward movement to ttill greater victories. Tbe rebel oftcerS asfc-tt that Gen. Johnston will concentrate every available soldier at Nashville, and make a desperate attempt to retrieve he misfortunes ?f tbe past. *f he febel surgeons place their loss In killed ann wounaea at oeir'een inrw?ana roar uanarea killed, and double the nutnbef wounded THH LATEST. Two More Regiments Captured?Fugitives Coming in?Immense Amoun: of Stores, Munitions _r tf* <. n . l . r? j {y rrur, etc?rurytJij i*t asciiu Fort 1)oski.sojc, Tcnn , Feb. 18.?Two more rebel freKlrtieuU tfrere captured to-day lo the east of tLt fnfr^nrhmenU, and a number of fugitive troop* hive come in and voluntarily delivered themselves up. In addition to the other spoils mentioned, about 12.000 stand of small arms b?ve been taken. Many i>f the reb*l troop* destroyed their arms, and large numbers were thrown into the river. Thff(? Jiff two vt/<ft*r h)(t!prU? inrlnHpfl !n th* fortiScatlons ber?j The tipper one wan mount* d with one heavy rifled tun of & pound bore, and two 32 pound cannonades. The tower water battery eontiins eliibt Impounders and one 10 loch Columbiad. mounted In embrasures Two thousand barrels of ttaur, 1'2,000 box^a of beef, and a luree amount of other provisions were found to-day. All of to-day has been occupied in embarking the prigonerx and gathering up tbe stores and mnniticns of war. and In harvlnv tksdpiJ A great number of tlie rebel* are ntt11 nnburied. Captain Lagene, aid to General Grant, gnes to Clarksville to-morrow with a fla^ of truce with the bodies of two eolontls, and to ?-fl-*rt an exchange of wounded prisoners who Lave bee;: sent to N?**hville. It is currently reported that Governor Harris, cf Tennessee, lias ordered all Tennesseans to lay down their arms. BCRNINO or ths t RXXKM kb IRON WORKS by THE pkdkram gunboats. Fort Dosblson, Feb 17 ?The great tire seen up the river last ntght In the direction of Olark*ville was the burning of the Tennessee rolling mills, four miles from there, by our gunboats The works had been used bv the rebels for the manufacture of shot and shell and other materials of war. It was an extensive concern. Gen Grant has promulgated a most stringent order against plundering f'om the Inhabit uts. Also, against stealing property taken in battle. Heiore surrendering, tbe rebels threw ino?t of their late mails Into the river. Col Mirkland, postal director, however, succeeded in ?eizlng a number of mall bags and some outside leltera, supposed to contain important information Pioyd's first brigade, fearing they might be taken, threw their arm*, which were Mlnle rifles nt it>? h??t irlnH. into fhe river, and the crews of the gunboats are now engaged in uiumg wcui out Capt Dixon, the rebel chief cf artillery, and the engineer who constructed the fo-tiflcation, was killed in the bombardment on Friday in one of his own batteries. THE WAR IT 1VIIMOLIU. rmri'i rebel army drivri from Missouri ? trr 8 r atk wholly dkl1vkred kbom ib k RUIll t*PRi5oriKtD, Mo , Feb. 18.?Gen. Curtis bai driven tbe rebel army, under the notorious Gen. Price, out of Misaoun, and beyond the Arkansas line A 10 o'clock on Sunday night our troops were lixry-nliie miles south of Springfield Tfce Federal flag now floats In triumph in Arkansas. Several *kirml*he? had taken place In a d?-H'e of the mountain!. In which we had nix wnnrided. The enemy lost sixteen killed and a lar^e number wounded We have raptured a large number of prisoner*. A messenger says we were, at last accounts, only a *hort distance behind Price's main body, and would chase him up next mornlng When twanty miles out the messenger heard heavy firing There Is a great abundance of forage and provision* on the route, except flour. ISTRRE8TIM0 FROM ST. LOBIS?RAPID T RAW tPORT O* TROOPS?DISPOSAL OP THE WOBJIDID PRISONERS. L3 _ T .... r.W IO Di -A a. ox uvvii, rcu. id.?rift aicamrri I'll lor 3i.

Charles, Mo , to-day, where troops will embark for the Cumberland. Two regiments arrived from St. Charles to-day, and will Immediately proceed South. The most active and extensive arrangements are being made here for tbe transportation of troop*. Gen. Cullem, of Gen. Halleck's stair, will go to the Cumberland for tbe prisoners captured at Fort Donelson, 7,000 of whom will be sent to Chicago, and the balance to Springfield, Illinois, and Indianapolis; 500 of the wounded go to Cincinnati, and the balance will be brought here. Tut: regiments which suffered the most in the battle, will be detailed to guard tbe prisoners la their places of confinement. Some 4,000 of these uiuicis no now ru ruuvciiuiu rnn uoneiaua. Tbe moat extensive preparations are being made to celebrate Washington'! birthday. THE KCLATIORS BETWEEN &8.H M'CLILI.A* AMD HALL ICE. Si. Lons, Feb 18.?Several reports having gained currency through the newspapers relative to Gens. McClellan and Halleck, which are calculated to mlalead the public and create misunderstandings and jealouslee, the Republican today announces, by authority of General Halleck, that he haa at all tlmea received the most hearty oe<operatlon from Gen. McClellan, and that in all tbe military operations of thl? department be haa bad tbejidvlce and approval of tbe General i ln-tniei. i n? [wo uenerai* are In almost con tant communication by telegraph. Fire at Hamilton, v. w. Hamilton, Feb. lfi.?The Great Weatern Kl? ator was burned tiiU afternoon, with ifc^UUO bushels of grain. pAEAFFINK CANDLIII \ Msaccva patriot papamUhmrn CANDLhS ! .MfcnafftOtnrfci bj Um Niw Y?u PuifTim Canoli Co. For Ml* in ?uantitles to aaitMroha ere, brtha Manufacturers' Agents, JOHNSON * NA6LK, U09 Pnm. avenne, Washington D. C. ja XI 10 Royal, near King it., Alexandria, Va. COIN WANTED! The Highest Prioe ptM for SOLD AND SILVER! Btwcxm Fom Sili m Scut to Btit, LXW1I JOHN son * CO., B A M I I M B, PsmmxTAau Arsiux, Corner Tooth troot fOLORED BORDERED TOWELS, ooloot vitTM Md iiilibM, from lov-fntM And mo, ^\tfaPoar'mioli tali tad amplo atoek of ali ftlaaa .??-'"rHSSSKr \ ?-? ?? 3 OFFICIAL. THEA8URY "DEPARTMENT, February 4, 186*. Notic* is h*r2tt ?itm of the reedjneaa of thla Department to redeem the Treasnry note* payable in one year from date, authorized by the act of Congress approved December 23d, 1S57, and the Treasury notes payable In sixty days from date, authsrlxed by the act of Cor.gresa approved 3d March, 1861. Interest on Treasury notes of the above issue* will cease on the 7th day of April next by terms of those acts reapectively. fe#-tap7 Department of state, Washinstoji, January 25, 1?62. The Secretary of StfcW will hereafter receive Members of Congress on business on Saturdays commencing with Saturday, the first of next month. Janr-tf WILLIAM H. SEWARD. * - ^mmmm TttAB DEPARTMENT, vv jarcart 21, Ordered, That the War Dcpartmsn' will be closed Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Frldaya against all other business but that which relates to active military operations In th? flsld. Saturdays will be devoted to the buslnees of ^puators and Representatives. Mondays to the business of the Public. F.nwiv m ?t 1 vtiim MV ?? at* ? ? v A .111 wi? | Ja 23-tf Secretary of War. 320 PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE. ENILE DYJPRE. Just Received and Opened, A large and flrct-rlaaa stork < f cbotoe FAMILY GROCERIES, emulating of: PUG AR9, of *11 grade*. TEAS, COFFEE, BUTTER LARD, FLOUR, MAILLARD'3 CHOCOLATE, Ac., Ac , Ac. All of which he offers at low?r?t ca?h price*. PIKE'S CELEBRATED WHISKIES. 000 barrels Magnolia, 500 barrela XXX, 500 barrela Mlllera Rye Monongahela, #00 barrels flue Old Rye, 500 barrels fine Old Bourbon, AT CINCINNATI PRICES. i ^WU ti.. ~M C HA MP AON E, Mumm Verieny, Green Seal, Held.iick, which, being bought low, we offer at unusually low rates. Also, Sole Agent for PIKE'S ARMY CORDIAL. feb 14 tf DAYTON'S BOSTON CRACKERS' DAYTON'S GRAHAM CRACKERS! DAYTON'S LEMON BISCUIT Are manufactured rut of premium flour; are blgh'y recorrmendei tj fhysici&ds for tbeelok, and iimtiT nrononnood tha heist Article m&dt. For HL6 br grocer* In ertry town and oity.aad in W&ahington by BROWNING ft KEATING, '43 Pa. avenue Kl Nrt ft UUKCHhLL, oorn.r 16th ti. aud Vor mont a^'nne. MAKSHAL.L ft PAGE, SOUT'h ?t. LOVELI-, COLLET ft <0.. 316 K it. I.. * niil.l.WIU JMltKit Iml Ciuul H KDVVaRD "A I.L, 40 L.V &v'4iu>. W. A- BHOWN, orrn^T F andflSth ets. BBNJ FBMNhK. 34? D st , near W:b. HUN T Cl.ARK * CO., corner K and 10th st'-. J R. BA RR # CO , corner D and 9-h ate. W M. H. HOOVER, oorner 5th ud I st*. fa IS lw _ JAY COOKE 4. CO., No. 464 Fifteenth Street, opposite Treasurr Buildings, Washington. In oonneetion with our Philadelphia House ve have opened at No. 4&U Fifteenth street, an office for the transaction of a general Kxohange, Collecting and Banking Basiness. We bar and sell Coin, Unoorrect Money, Stooks and Bonds, (on ominiftsion.) Drafts onAnterioan ana barupwo oiuei, reoeive Deposits, ana mace Collections upon all accessible points i?4 lm JAY COOKE A CO. ARMY EXPRESS COM PA MY. NEW ARRANGEMENT! ALL RAIL FROM NEW YORK. 41 HOURS. Thia Company is prepared to forward all kiuUs of f ooda to and from? NEW YORK?Offioe 3? Broadway, DAiSTiklU <>?:>. <V a .-J <% y-? uuoiuii-uuiwi tuu|rni urooi, UU v uonctmi S<nare, PHILADELPHIA?GAoe, S3T Chestnut street, BALTIMUR E?Offioe, Camden t taUoa, WASHINGTON?Olfioe, 388 Pocnsrlrani* tr, ALEXANDRIA?Ofiee, 109 Ring stre-t, ANNAPOLIS. FORTRESS MONROE, NEWPORT NEWS. PORT ROYAL, And the SOUTHERN BLOCKADING SQUADRONS. AT FAIH KATES! J*T> lm? T*o 1 BUTLERS AND RESTAURANTS. 100 bMkete very ?nperior CHAMPAGNE , . v . WINE, for nJe ohe*p by WM. CORWIN BURGY. No. SIT Peun?yiv*aia avauoe, ) ' MitranoA on Sixth at DR. DUPONT'S SUGAR-COATED FEMALE REGULATING PILL9 Read the following unaoiioited ?ocomi-fl0^i "I oannot oammend 'horn too hichly." "They are the beat female Pilit extant." "Ihave used them with oompiete anoeeaa." Would not be withont them xpon any soaaiaer?u.ofe" "They operate aaeedi'j and effeoti ]/." Prioe fl ?ent by mail- Sold by 8. C. UPHAM, 40* I beans t afreet, I'niladelphta, and in Washington by 8. C. POKp. oorr.or 11th atreot and Pa. aTenae.: in Alexandria, by HENRY COOK * CO.. Drutxiata. icIHolt DVSmSXft'SBPE* W4"-^EB oha^je of diet required. It is an Enilieh Seeeifte of niti-l?e yemtn itanc m<Bl|L aa;4 wui sot harm the mostdaiioat* ooa fner nth rtrMt and Pa- a?a i ia Alexmadra, by MBNEY COOK a CO.. Dmitri eta. mo?-Mir IIIAMLJUm not rtocitM, "ItlT-IM J, LAN?DON. WASHINGTON, 1>. t., JAMAKY, 1MI. REMOVAL. A. BINIMGER & CO. IAT1 REMOVED T? PENNSTI.TAHn ATKfTR, OPFOtJTl WILLARDS* HOTKT. We Invite the atUnl-u of car (Meads sad trotw to the Uerd brJow: > 1 * i No. 819 PrssMLMSu Armi, > {pppasit* Willard's Hot*!,) J The Subscribers, hivtag opened a Bra net Establishment In this City a few months since, aud feeling encouraged by the liberal patron ace already received from !. frirads and th?? levers of pure and genuine WINES, LIQUORS, and other article* In their line, have determined pon a continuance and extension of their bus I new Their assortment embraces? FINE COGNAC URANDIK* (of rarioua age, fcrnndi, and district* ) BOI RBON AND t*COTCH WHIPKIKS, JAMAICA SUM, ?INS, Ac, AUo, several val'iahl# Tocles. Bitters, and 4tArk.B^hff>a n*U(/?W MP** r.-nrv iii* f ?? k'Viiiovii II V, Tl UIVU ' <-% ?' -? bowel C"irplaint*, trrrt and bjjo*, beadirb*. and the like. I MADEIRA, CHERRY A PORT WiNfcS, CLARETS, BURGUNDY, CHAMPAGNE AND GERMAN WINES. HAVANA 8EGAR9, Of all Varieties ?wd Price* TIKE NAVY AND OTHER CHEWING TOBACCO. ALHO, PICVLE9, 8AUCE9,CHEESE, PRESERVED M EATS AND FRUITS, SAR DINKS, VINEGARS, 8WEKT OIL, Ac , Ac. The Stock ??i particularly aeiected to rait the wanta of Hotel-Ke**pera. Sutlers. Realnurateun, Ac. They are lcrlud to visit the eatabHahment, which la under the direction of Mr. Jo*. F. WiLaoM. Owlntr to the fs"t that thev imnnrt mnct tif the articles direct, and u. their inanv batlneis facilities thry are eaab'.ed to offer their stock Goodi at cry low priest. Von* ? A. Uini*GLR Jt CO., mporters of Fvrtign Wmts, Liquors, fc Ja 11-tf NKW VoRJC ATTD WasHIIWTO!* THE BAR KYE AND EiE. No. W?7 PENN8Y8LVAN1A AVENUE. Of*f?lTB WILLAKl>6 HOTEL* Ocullht and Aurlst. OR. r. A. VOM MOM HZI&KEB, Prom Clinton Plaoe, No* York, na? arrived in Ik* oit? and opened hia cif ce? at ??T PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE, where lie oaa be oonsuiu>d ou Maladies of the EYE AND EAR reqiirtn* inehcal anu surgical treatment Dr. Vow Moscbzipikb i? the inventir aad Introdaoar into the medio&i prae to" of the ETHERIAL EAR INHALATOR, for the treatment of obetiuate oaaee of DEAFNESS AMD NOISES IN THE HEAD. He u alio author of the lett?r> published in the New Vnrk and Pn Mi^lnVa mwti treetmt ou the prevention of DEAFNESS FROM THE FIRING OFCAN NON, ft. Dr. Von M. h*? for tne put fourteen year* devoted hi* special Attention to the TREATMENT OF THE EYE AND EAR, And po**e?*?F the testimonial* ol some oi tne i>e?t known publia men in the Union, who h*ve been most pucoe?f'?li j ire&tel by hiir. for tuo RESTORATION OF SIGHT f HEARING. d v < iv [From Proftaor Monku\Baltimore1 "I have this ua> seen Miss \N we, her ?ijnt perfectly restored. I Am t app* to express my con vie tion that by jonr skill and jndrm>nt she has been ?vfd from the greatest deprivation Ut% could have befallen her/' [ From :ke Horn. Senator Putk.) To Dr. v on MngcHZitiit: I am ireulr obliged for the interest you rave iua> ileneJ in my c*se of Deafness, and the skill withwruota you havt< treated my ease, and I have no doubt that by earerul observance of your direotions, my hearing will be eermaoectlv restored. 6 H PI GH, [ From John AVI eon, Jr., ton of tk* Hon. Juift lk* U. S. Sufrem* Covrt I It ia V?U kn>wa to mi uu u?ruu? friantia t'iat I h&va been derived of jny h^armc for many tn i. I am happv to at&ia i>.?t I nava. ih&uta to i>r. Vo? Moacosiaker. Mwr-iy n^covar'd. Mr hearm# ia DuwwacnteMtvar. JOHN Al'I.MN, Jr. For aevernl ye?ra I unffertd from detfneaa. Vt. Von MoaohiSiaker restored Ujt haanac. _ ?? St. Louia, S?*t. 7,18)8. JOSEPH YfcATS. Dr. von Moacnzitker moat suooeaataur operate* ?a inyejea.and aene^*W * 81. Louie, Sept. IT, !85B. I Letter from Htv. J. J. Mullo*.] Dm. Vo*. MoecHZiaata?D?ar Sir;?Ainott those who have been ironeitied by juurakilifnl t' diMUM imvairing th? ?ifht.itatf ?rri? in-J f re&t plea?ore to &d<i ttia teauiuoinal of inr gratitude to tke list o> roar tatieuU. MfC'fht wai ho much impaired ouriu* (toe iaat eighteen monttitha: I culd not racogn:*? the feature* o( a friend ufaadiug near me 1 tender ion this iakna*i(d(meii! of vnar eminent >Jriil *r..l ium^i IB the trpitintr.t ot yonr obliged and gratefir fn*n<L. J. jTMULLUN, Keotor M. Patrick's. The original of tM a to re. and haodre4a mora teatimonuae, ou be seen at l)r. M.'a rooru*. Patients wiahini thetr lamry phyaioisr to aooonipmy t^ witnesa operation or for tue purpoae of oo 'Fu.r*uof. ire a? liberty to briex tnom Medical oml w.:* be at at: time* we loo mod to vitiicc* Dr. Von M * up?, auona, and examine acme of the iBtframeata ha baa mirocuced for the facilitation of Optoa and Aural ? :??ry. Artj tola: Eyee inserted without o.mi?t any pain to the pausiit. Ofhoe ac-u :? 'rum 9 a m. U> 8 p. iu. aid from 3 to fcblf lm MT FBWNaVI-VANTA A YEN? K. ITOX KXCKLSJOliCJLACKEES-A tr-k r su*>!y of Fox'? C?)?br*t?o *ior Craok_ THS WHKL V SfAB. ? |W? wtet? *f tsWKUt ikf ttu mi t? HtH la lit ?tWl H ptlKM Sl?r!?eo?r: .tl < Pi wp'W 7% In ccpin I N WW PIH'-I . ? J? It iKWiabiy ccitaln the u * ufclafft** Nrwi ttat haa maAr Tki /> ??> ?*m*m &*** ^??! * o geseraUy ttoro-i^trai u>? coma try. ny?1-?l* contea (Is wrapper*) ma to euiod at the counter. Immediately atVr \bc taw Oftfc? pap-T I'rtoe?THRKF OK NTH - 'ilhLMBOLDS GENUINE PREPARATION. " HMJHL r COXOBirrBATVD" Compound Fluid Kx tract Buchm? A /#>?? mmd U Ktmtdf For Dimwm o t ti* BLADDER, KIDN K VS. 6 K A VKL, aa4 DftQT8ICAL 81VELLINGB. T.. * >U hc . 4epower of P (Mtioi. a-.i?i?Kcit ? th? ?p?oei?ht? itto : eatuj aouoc, by w ;r !j t'te waxekt o* t -~.<>po?itt<>na , n:o & c3N4ir?i*L MLi(?ia?KTt art re4*<w1. tm i i ? ? - ? '? WW -I xwm M "*.<1 anf inVLAXIA UPLMBOLD S EXTRACT BUCMV F;?r W?kKiM? kr net from Kx"m*?. lift :U of DiMtpaQoA. Kftrl* I w.?or?t c or A ?*. A-tended ?rffi tkt Following Symptomi: n tt) l Lm*Ttin ! a? r*f p^? , ? - - WWI W| V/ WW !.< ?? of V. 'iiiorT, D'.'Souity of Rreftthict, \Ve*k Pifrm, Trending. Horr?r of Di?''a?e, Wiknfulneee? ()iM?a*aa of Viaioo, P?m in tk? B*efc. L' ii.vrn Line it cd* of tfc" M 'if.u !*r "t item. Hot Fleshing of the Body. Utju "t "f t;ie K jfuorn oc the Fftoe fa lid corst?*aj?ce. These stirpt- its. if % o? cd to 10 "h, whieh this racilicne irnrw !y remove?, ?<>?<d fouova IMPOTENCY. PATI'ITY. EPILEPTIC PIT?. in mm of wkt<k Ik* Pa it?it mif Wf>o en i*j M! thej are no? freoentiT M i -wed br tu< ? "dimfpl ll I IUC * *.> >?* * ? ? i.iph.u r >u >IfTIOn." M?ni ?re av?r? ?f t?,e c*u*?of their ulfonuc, Bi*T son W:I.L covrvn. THK RFCOKPSo* THE INSANK AWYLC** A?/* ?* Mehmckc/y D"Uht bv Con BUB AMPLM wiryw TO TH? rsrTH o? 4MBKTMR, TBt CONSTITUTION ONCE AFFHCTKD WITH OHOAS'C WF.AKNfcWS. tL<;iwd of tned'^m to |riTt|<irMi the Pr*tM? bwk MK1.MHULDD SXTKACT BUCttli inMrta11% tf+M t Hi I wri.r ?y.m m r?t FEMALES- FEMALES? FEMA LBS , OLD OR VOl'N??, I?I\GU;. MAKKIKD, OR CUMK.ViJ'i.All^ MARRIAGE, In Mm\ Af*tUo%% Ftrultnr to Ftmmitt tr * 'xtraot B1 t>? any other rmrv e ?, * m Chio:oaia or Ret iam:, Irnii-ui'T |**i .tu nes*, or Suppression ot I'ftoTurr V . \ ua;?a?. U.o raisd or Polirr a" < l <? rus. Leucor^li a or White*. ?i?riiit? a..d l? r % ooraplair.t* incident to thr a-x. whether ariam* iron) luftiemiM, ntnuot ji??if%uob,or iota* JjECLIXE OH CHANG F 0* LIFE * SBI T*IPT"II* *?OVTI. NO FAMILY SHOULD BE WITHOUT IT. T*k* ?r mof$ BnL?mm, Mtrrwy or VnpUmMB* Xtd.ont ft* Cnj itatam mmd Mafiriw Wmmu. HELM BOLD 8 EXTRACT BOCUU cvua SECRET DISEASES In ail their * tagea; At Utt * Kx^hm ' /Whl^Klrrc.Wv ??? ??? It oanaaa a fre?n Bt ar.ct givee trpngU to Urinat*. ttie*eti| Removing *'h?ti uotioii*. Fr?reEt'n ana t'liting Strictures of the Vnthlt, Ailatm* ram and i rl^nimatior. so freqnent in the oi&'e* of di**-iue?, aim ipe !:ng *ii Possmout, UtstmMd, and terrn ml Mr.tttf. THoCSANM CPO* TBOUIIAWW WHO HATE BEEN THE VJTIJMS OF QCACKS, and who hare pai* iieif/m to becarod it aahart iiir#, ?i?iTe:'onnd tn* y vvr deceived, an .1 :?i lb* "Minn" hM. tjy th? B. (J nf rcnr?r/tu CMtrtnitmU t>een tinea up -n tie sjet :.u. in or oik cat m a& as |im ted fpiBi at 4 JEKHArS Ai IF. MJ MJA&M, EXTRA VBVOIV a!i eZtoiirai *n<i <?i?ea?rs e t the I'KMaRT I'KflAm, wfcet^ar exi?Unf m MAX,*, ua. IEKU> , from wnats* ?r '??f -r,rtratirr ?*2 bo .xk'Wi <? iiJ ?? LOKfl StAIDIIfl, DlMtCHJi IJ9I3 O.'tUI r94 Hi tilt til ttf I IHnme. HEI.KBOLD'S EITK/CI BUCHV 18 THE 6RKAT IMURETIC, ?a<l leoertaia to bare the desired eCeol (a D;ut tee/or ukitk it it neommtrndsd. TISXXCS OF TM MOST UlrO.HUU AMV U> LU1LB CEAOACTBB vt:!|? Uto medic.-ee. GURT1F1CATliS OP CURES. ^ Fromtk> c yecJy etardftf vtth Name* tcspwi. to SCIENCE AND FAME. "PHYSICIANS" PLEASE* NOTICE." WJI 1LAJEB "BO IICI1T' OF "mUMHI. " HELMBOLO'S EXTRACT HLCHU iieonijowd of Bnoko, Cahebe and Jumper Bmnm elected witii great oare by a competent dririMl PREPARED IN TACOO. KT M. T. 11 ELM BOLD, raoLoal and Analytical Chemist. and Sole Manuiacturer of HZLMBOLD'8 QKNU1SZ PREP AR ATIOB 8. iflmrir. Pmnlir ??Hraa oefcre me. *a A titer? of the city of Phiiad*lj?Ai?, 11. T. Hklhvolu, woo bein* duly (wcm.Uoth ut. till ooo tun no narooUo, no mercurj, or other uusttOM W. u? ror?Jr ...?bV H OLa fHrorr and *u been bed Hefore me thui 3 <hi?j o November, 18M. WM. f. BiBBfcKO, Aider man. Ninth at., above Raoe, Hhl-6 THY81C1AX8 IN ATTMNDANCM FROM 8 A M TO * P. M. rnrt mi fmT xiui, wr in ? itahveioc to ut a^drw?.Moa.rc.r paotw ro* ?1 ? IBtl?i ddrea .iw:i for it/crmauea It. tcxlo* o? H. 1. H?LMBOLtil, Cktmrn. OepoU IM rtoct* IW'i Bt.. beict Ca^?ih?i Flu * JiCWAP.E OP OOVNTERFUT9 jI.VjU VNPR TtfCl TLED Dh> ILERS w io emi savor to diafooo Mof tt*-1 ova' "ot^er" a-tiolaa ou lis reystatio~-itaia*?? i UtiWkhtid I (timim frtJMrlilO* , H ?< k>M.I Nu a. *' " *' Smrtmpmiilt, M M i9+r?4 ?m< fMi So' J by B. B. WaJT*. Z. D tuuv. .* ?? Wcii, 8. C. Fau, 8. B Enrwit^i. ? C D. B. Ouu, eUWJLLA ? Unw7?i. K. M.JJOB, WuluvtM tU Iwnrtwt. BA1TJD iX-L ?*f#?J9TO idi rot ULiaoitf A till *0 OTTIt ?!? ?! VWwtNU, MMItl AMA1BIMMWIM a* xroevta .?(

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