Newspaper of Evening Star, February 20, 1862, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated February 20, 1862 Page 2
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EVFNINGSTAK. _ _ _ -% WASHINGTON CITT: . THURSDAY FEBRUARY 80, IMS. Otb Ka;nrr? at tfce virions military camp* *nd pr tittoas wlli f outn a faror by keeping m posted as to movements and aflfclrt In their Tlcln'Ues C^TYicuph Tua ?Taa Is printed on the fastest ?t?*m pr^ss !n ns? sonth of Baltimore, Its edition Is so lanr?> to require it to be pnt to press at an ? ? a ---* A. A*.- ? _a ? W . enriy near: Mvniiiininii, inrrwore. loouia ur rat In before 12 o'clock v .; otherwise they may may not appear until the next day. Spirit af the Meraiag Preaa. The Intelligencer note* the recent change In European opinion relative to Intervention between the government and the rebels. The Republican, In the unhappv frame of mind which usually characterizes it in relation to the S'ar, endeavors to distort a news Item in th's paper?mentioning the Ro'.and for-an Oliver slap of the Lordon Framimr at Hon. Owen Loveiov In reply to his bunkum tweak at the whisker* of the British Lion?Into an asaault upon Mr. Lovejoy upon our part. Mr. Lorejoy who is a good fellow md sensible enough at bottom, despite his run-mad abolition, ism, will not thank the RtpuMitan for making h!m ridiculous by ita style of defense. OUR MILITARY BI DGET. TKAXsriBK OF TJlOOfi. A Brooklyn regiment, S50 men, quartered tn Mexand !a last night, and left this morning for ??en. Heintxleman's division. Five companies of tbe S?tb Pennaylvania, Col. McLean, hare left Alexandria to occupy the forta on the Faatern Branch of the Potomac, leaving fo*r companies for tbe protection of tbe city. Other tran*fera of troop* through thUJcity have eccuved lately. |p* Our abolition cotempor*rv, tbe Kipublimm. xllnvi Ita i#?alniiitv ind nf thp Ktnr tn I ? ? - ? J r ?? ' J -- ?? ? ? betray It Into Borne roaw alang, in which it rfeargeathat " there wna a time when the editor of the Star could not find epltheta vulgar or harah enough to expre?a bis contempt of President Lincoln and the Republican partyand hat now, for " favor*," " patronage." Ac., we fawn upon and flat*?r thoae whom we formerly abuaed. We have to say, that we challenge the Rtjrnbhmn to ranaack our files and point out where we hire either disparaged or fl uttered President Lincoln or the Republican party. Though never singing boaannas for, or proclaiming allegiance to. the Republican party, we have, throughout its history. treated It. and its representative men, as our abolition neighbor know* not how to treat anything or anybody?with courtesy As to the ?? favors and patronage" the R'pubii ran talks about with such watering mouth, we have never ask*d or received a?y, and are quite able to do without them The R'publitan cannot?kinr illat laerhnat. Tilt LATEST FROM TE>NESSEK. CLARKSV1LLK BRING EVACttATKD. u'Aimo, r en. jr ?a ai-paicn rrom me Cumberland river say* Ciarkaviile is being evacuated, the rebels falling back ou Nashville. CM HALLKCK ON Til K VICTOR*. 9t Loris, Feb 1# ?The Major General com minding tbia Department congratulate* Flay Offlcer Foote, Brigadier General Grant, and i be brave oflkers and men under their command, on the recent brilliant victories on the Tennessee and Cumberland. The war is not yet ended 1'repare for new conflicts and uew victories. Troops are concentrating from every direction. tvr >ucn t'uii ua*c an army wlicu sumi w irreili'.ible. Tbe Union Hag moat be restored The soMicra and sailora of tbe grent Wnt are rsady and willing to do this. T/iet>mt. and place have btm itttrmimd on. Victory and glory awatta tbe brave Bv order of Major General Halleck. N. H. McLeab, Aaa't AdJ*t Gen. A Sad Incident la the ?t?rHlu( of Fort LtaeliM. ROW T?* 119HT W1*? W?? liotn?Till TKT>Chicaso, Feb. 10 ?The Trlbune'a correspotdent, In giving a description of tbe battle at Port Ponelson, uyi that when Col Craft'a brigade, which bad been ordered to reinforce Gen. McCier. nsrd, came up in the rear of the 30th and 31*t Illinois, and *iith Kentucky, these regiment* were lying down and firing over tbe crest ( f a hill. Ob the approach 'I the relnforcemenla they roa?, not knowing whether tbe force In their reir wh? friend or f?>e; and tbe25!h Kentucky, anpposing them to be rebels, poured In a raking volley on tb?-m, which did terrible e^cution, and was sufficient to throw tbe entire^nigade )nt? disorder at once. Almost a panic ensued, many throwing down tbelr guns and equipments and The wood* were filled with (tragglers. arid ?3me even fl*d to Fort Henry The enemy Improved the opportunity, and advanced upou Schwartz's and Dressier'? batteries, rapturing five guns, and taking possession of McClernand's headquarters, driving our forces nearly a mile and a half The rebels seemed resolved to follow up their advantage At this juncture General Wallace's division w?i thrown in front, and took position o-> a ridge, with Taylor s b?ttery in tbe center of the road. The rebels formed on the ridge which General McClernand tad occupied, and Hushed with sue- I r*??. moTfa forward As noon as tbey came in rsnge. Taylor's battery opened on tnew with grape, canister and abell, causing the rebels to * quail and com* to a bait; and as our Infantry advanced they be^an to fali back, and we recovered the ground previously lo*t. CONGRESSIONAL. IMVlItM COSGRKSS?Secaed Bas**cn. h*nat??Yesterday, after our report cloned? VI * It' ?1- ? *? m * ' * * .?>. < iuvl gsn aoiirvoi ine mwoaurtion of ? bill to repeal certain laws and ordinance* of the District of Columbia Mr. Grim s, from tbe Committee on the District of Col ombia, to which wu referred a bill for tbe construction of a home railway along Pennsylvania avenue and otbw streets and aveaoM in \Valdington and Georgetown, and aloo a bill for tbe incorporation of tbe Colon Railway Company, reported against their farther consideration; and they were indefinitely postponed Bill* authorizing judge* to act out of their districts in certain cases, and providing tor tbe better organization of tbe cavalry forces, were passrd; and after an executive se**lon, tbe Senate adjourned House ?A fir r our r#nnn ...?*.?*? - r? - - v.wjvh j coiciu?y ? Mr Hickman, of Pa., after stating that be reae in the matter of a charge against a member of his Houie, cfierrd the following : Whereat the -Baltimore Cllpp -r" of tbia date contains tbe following publication: '"Documents Found.?During yesterday a police force visited the office of the 'riouth' newspaper and took possesion of a number of letters,written by Senators Bayard and Saulabnry, of Delaware, and the notorious Vailandigbam, of Ohio. Tbe documents contain touching sentiments of poor bleeding Dixie, and variout suggestions how the Yankees might be defeated. I nerefore? R'flvtd, Tbat the Committee on (he Judiciary be directed to Inquire into the truth of the allega larrtin inaae again*? C L.. Vallandijjham, a member of this House, with power to send for p? r?oiit and pa;**r?. and to examine witne?aef on v?'h or affirmation, and to make report thereon. Mr. Valiandi^Lam ?aid that be had been waiting for an opportunity to call the attention of the House to tnik statement himself. Hii purpose anise time since was jiiat the name at It was now. Me bad never written a line ora letter to tb? Baltimore South, or to any other man south of Maaon and Dixon'a line. The article In queation he pronounced aa moat Infamous and acaudalou* After a protracted diacuaalon the resolution wax wiinarvwn and tbe Houae adjourned. flU~ Under date of the S:h February iuktant NtmuiT *eara, of Port Royal, 8 C., write* to the Pott Office Department that hla mall of tbat date la nearly or qnite fifty thouaaud letter* The wbole State of South Carolina never yielded such a corrcapondi-ncc ITT" The City Council of Bangor have psMed a resolution lnatruct'ug the municipal acbooicomiji t ee to Introduce military drill iuto ?uch of lbe public ?cbcol? a* they may deem expedient. U7* A young man who waa detected in Chilli, n.Br Rocket er, on Sunday Ittai. In aeilm.nal Intimacy with b'a neighbor'* wife, the molber of U>.'ecchildren,vra? taken to an out-houac atrlpped, and tarred and feathered A Hancock, Md .correspondent uyt chat la tliat vicinity, '*to know kow to read and be able to sign's cue's asoie without running oat the luti^ue at oce rcrnrr of tue mouth S the very m : me at lulelligeuco. ?7~ A resolution, started In the lllluols Mato Convention to basis* ail negroes iroai tbetftete, ?? voted down by a vote of II yes* to 44 nays . Miles Greenwood & Co., of Ctnclnnsti,1 J received sn order on Tueaday, from the Govern Hat, ft ittf It-pound cannon ? ** 1 $ THE BATTLE AT FORT BOMKLSOS. The correspondent of the Cincinnati Gsiette ft Wet the following Interesting; description of the part taken by the gunboats la the reduction of Fort ponelson THE TIK1M. At twenty-two minutes to three the first shot wasfredbythe rebels from tbe water bsttery. We were then a mile and a half distant from tbe fort Tbe ball struck the water about one hundred vardi abead of ua. Two mlnatea later another ball?a 64-pounder from the aarae battery? waa fired at ua, but dropped ahead about one hundred and fitly yards. Several shota were directed toward ua, but without effect, before we opened fire. At seven minute* to three the St Louis opened the battle for our fleet by the discharge of ber 8inch ahell gun. The aaot fell Into the water, within a few yards of tbe loweat battery of tbe fort. Our fleet firedalowly at firat, bat with good eflfcct?a great number of our sheels bunting wnuni iur curihy 9 luiiiuuaiMMo. We advanced on the fort slowly, but steadily? the four gunboat* maintaining their line of battle admirably. At a quarter past three the firing Increased In npldlty on both sides Shell after obeli was sent from our boat at Intervals of less than five seconds. Tte enemy's Are had by this time become terrific. They were using 32-pound ball principally, aud firing more frequently than we, wilh gieat accuracy. Our fleet us^d twelve puns, each Iron-clad boat working iu? three bcw pieces lheconestojra and Taylor kept about 1.500 yards in our rear firing shell at lcDg range. The Conestoga fl'ed thirty-six 8-ineh sbe'.l daring the action; the Taylor sixty-one Their distance from the fort wai too great for effective working, bat they kept a Douple of the enemy's guns engaged during a greater part of the action, and thus diverted many shots that otherwise would have been aimed at the iron-clad vessels. About three- quartera of an hour after the commencement of. the engagement, the boats hid teamed within three hundred yard* of the fort, and tb? hottest of the battle took place. Our ' gunners bad by this time got the range of &e rebel batteries much better than at first, and shot and *heil were imde tn fall within the breastworks and entrenchments with great effect. The water battery w:i silenced, and the gum deserted by the enemy. From the deck of the gunboats tUe reb^l soldiers could be seen running; up the bill to seek shelter in the entrenchments of the upper batt^ri^s Just as this occurred an officer was ot served to emerge from a redoubt oi.d wave a sword above his bead. I could not tell whether be was cheering his men to victory A m * 4 ?t 4 r% #? I m Vvn A 1* ft A lUnla mm ? n A v/i uiiviu^ iifniii uar& iw mcir kuiib. Tte only flai; we could discover on tbe fort wns one wblcn appeared to into be plain red. Toi?, bow?ver, c*n be accounted for by the fict that red predominates so largely In the colors composing the reb?-l flag Some of our men thought tbe enemy desired to signify that be meanf "blood " Whatever he meant, he diaplay< d considerable foresight in p'.aclrg th?* Hag at a gord distance fr?u? hl? guna, thereby removing what is usually an excellent mark to shoo a*. At half past three a .shell from one of our boats B'ruck the rebel fla?st?tl'. breaking it oft' close to the grourd. An ( Hi er of the fort immediately ran out and erected it near its former site ALL THtf FLA3S TfT niW*. Scarcely bad the rebel ensign b?en displaced when a 32-pound ball struck tne Uag-staft? of the St Loulo, carryinj; It away cloi? to the ship's dp' k It bad nn *00 ier fallen than one of our brave men jumped before the mouth of a cannon jlist about to be fired, and seizing the (par, placed it In an upright petition, and coolly remained a mark fir t!.e enemy, while lie secured It to the ship's deck with a rope A few moments after this the da^-stan of the Louisville was carried oft"; that of the < aror.dolet went next, and fbnt of the Pittsburg followed soon after. DAMAGES TO THE BOAT*. As we neared the fort the enemy commenced pourtng " plnnglng shot" into us with great rapidity. Their guns were well pointed and did ^reat execution. A 32-pound ball struck the pi lot house of cur vessel, piercing the lnch-and-a nan iron ana ice cneen-incn oak. in striking the iron plate it was broken A number of large frag fronts scattered within the pilot house, mortally wounding one of the pilots?F. A Riley, of Cincinnati?striking Commodore Foote in the ankle, and slightly tnjuring two other men. Immidiately after tuis, a shot entered our deck in the stirboard aide, and phasing throught it j glanced downward to the ahell room, atriklng the ship's rcok, Charlea W. Baker, of Philadelphia, In the bead, literally tearing the skull off. Several heavy balls now glanced over the pilothouse, piercing the chimneys, and carrying away ihecli'mnryi guys These were follewd by a couple of shots wbicb struck oar vessel juit above water mark. It was now discovered tint the wheel had been Injured by the shot which killed the pilot. Two of the spokes were broken, and the vessel did not respond well to ber helm An attempt waa made to steer hf r by the relieving tarkle, but it waa found that the current was too strong. The Commodore, fairing leatthe -hipshould turn a broadftdr to the rntnir. rrderwl ber t* drop down slowly. The other boats we found were sufferlngjquite as severely as the Hag ship. One of the guns of the Caroundelet burstedduring the latter part ?>f the engagement; the tillerropes of the Louisville were cut away, rendering It almost Impossible tc steer correctly: the I'itts| burg received a number of snots below water mark, causing her to leak very rapidly. These two latter accidents happening almost simultaneously with the injury to the flag-ship, rendered a withdrawal absolutely necessary. The order was then given for the entire fleet to drop b?yond | the range of the fort. Though feeling that the condition of our boats demanded this movement It "'? ? , .. .... reluctance that the Commodore reconciled him-1 elf te It. The enemy had almost ceased firing, having been arlven from the lower forts and compelled to seek refuge behind guns that bore but poorly upon us Quick, however, to notice , our disabled condition, we had no aoouer commenced to retire than they again ran to the lower lotteries, and opened a brisk and effective Are. The first of these shots entered the pert-bow of the Ciroi de et, < uttlng off two men's heads, and | wounding two other men. l'fae bo.its retlaed slowly to the point whence I th?y started for the scene of action, about two ! miles from the fort The fire of the enemv kept pouring in upon us from thirteen gune, while our position In the river prevented us from using more than half that nuinb?r As we floated siowly down the current the rebe|? took courage and boldly sallied forth fr m their #ntr*nrhinent? I Hitherto the?nttre apac* within the fort appeared I onctbitt <f untrodde n anow; but live minute* <!.d n< t elapae, afier the atoppage of our engine*, when the whole arene was changed, as If a whirlwind had awept over the hill and removed nearly every trace of tfce atorm of J"hur*day? the eneiiiy'ef >rcea, wild withentbualjam, had ruahed c*own to tbe.lower batterte* In auch numbera The l>attle lasted one hour and neventeen minute* The lrat ahot waa tired by the St Louie. it bu within ? -? ? *? .. ......... - ?*.?? irn ?>i iuc titrr oaui-ry, ranging earth and water to tly into the fort. At thin, about a hundred of the re be la xtarted aa If to run up the hill; ihev ?oon found, however, that we hud withdrawn, and returned to open an inettectnul nre upon our disabled fleet. It took ua abont half an hour for our fleet to retire bevoud the range cf Ite gum The withdrawal waa managed with great skill We permitted our Don!.* to float gently down the atream In the exact tine of battle, and although the iteamlug apparatua of the St l.oula and Louiaville waa powerleaa, no colltalon or accident of any kind happened. We dropped anchor in good order. It waa found that the I'ittaburg was leaking very rapidly, and she ws? ordered to tie up on the left bank of the river. The St Louis wax atruck Gt timet in the engagement; the I'ittaburg 17; the Carondelet 54, and the i^oiiiavili* about 40. The enemy tired about 5(10 shota. Our fleet tired a little more than 300, about 75 of which were eight inch ahells. WOK'S OFFICE, Febrsary Jn. 186J.iU3 In accordance wit* the joint rete ntion of the City Conncila. th?(jffi!04 if the Corporation in thA I i f V Mftll ?r"ll ^ w Ait no vivimj un CAi unuA y. RiCHAKD WAlLACH, ' (Int*?] & Kepob.) Mayor. nrV-NOTiCK -A incetiuj moalied bf the Hotel Franklin halt oor iie. a.h and Dstreata.on i R1DAY, the 21st inat., at 3 ?. m. By order it the * -HI COMMITTEK.E M I T U U 1WT I A ft! m ? - - ' "" 11 q .* m i A ii v! i' i a i^i lkutuKK8.*Dfi lijf Hay?s will five hu oorio.udiD* lecture on "Arotio Kxploratfona" on THURSDAY F.VENI Nb, Ftbnm y 2 'th. at 3 oVloofc. la lMt YwF?OFFICE OF THE JOINT COMMI8LLS SlON OF IHE UNITED STATES A.NU CObTA K1CA, Waiktitgton, >'*6m?ry 8, IKS.?At a nr.oetinc of the hoarJ. he:d this day. it vaa brdertd, That all persona havinc elelme upon the Republio of Coata Rica, which ar? aruv.ded for by the convention between the United State* and the aaid Republic concluded on the 3d day of July, 18G?, co fiie memorials ni the lame with the Secretary ofthia Board in theoityof Washington. CHAS. W. DAVIS, Secretary pro tint. fe 11-.W No. g*? P street weet v?"A FAIR, for the tteneht o( St. Vmoent's i? Frmaid Orphan Asylum, WliJ be opened on I'HU RSDAY. Sutn nut. at the A??Im. man** a and I nth etreefa. A variety of nsntul and fancy arutlea will be offered for *aie. There will ue a I inch room *kor? a<l kinds of re.*-islunents vul be urvod. Joe Cr?Mi and Confectionery, in their varieties, ja ? tf I-HE (iKSTLFMAN WHO EXCHANGED 1 iu? bison over ooat at the fair, Franklin Hall, oomer of 8th and 1) street, ou Monday evanicj, for aiuaah better one. vilt oall at No. 164 Pa. ave., and <et his own coat. It* A~ T WATER'S ADJUSTABLE ARMOR that naa t ean ?o tourmbly tested at inan* of the oimpi ai ooi.d Wachmgtua, any be procured at ike udios of to# surucrioer. Cerufioatea of oominandias oftoers, showing the yover of tkis Armor til rMint thsn f.r?? ai * -- , T" v?uv?B| UVXVBVI UUIHg, I a/uKil, Au"o'rn%TU|or*?h? I KV,0*"" 1Mh * /.:.) I - OFFICIAL. Amuha* Lincolm. Preeident of th* United Btatee of Amorioa: To AH Whom ?? May Comtm. WaHAotory evidonoe tonne been exhibited to me UuU Fsixsbich Ichiti. of New York. hM been appointed Cental of the Dnobr cf Anhiut-Dee??o, at New York. I do hereby reoognist him m ench. H.nd Kim frr? */> Aturniifi m<a? m-rtr K function*, power*, and privileges as are allowed to the Consuls of the moit favored nations in the United States. In testimony whereof, I have can?ed these letters to be made patent, and the seal of the United States to be hereunto affixed. Given under my hand, at the city of Washington , the 17th day of February, A. D. 1862, [L. *.] andoftneindepend?nceofthe I'niied States of America the e chty-sixth. ABRAHAM LINCOLN. By the President: W 1llia.x H. Skwabd. Seoretary of State. ADAMANTINK CANDT.F.H! ADAMANTINK CANDLES!! ( 60 Boxes Ad&n.antine Caadltfta. jooi quality. .? uer KINO A BUR1 HELL, fe 20 Corner 15th at-, and Vermont ave. F'RkNCH, GERMAN, SPANISH AND ITALIAN, taught <n a superior aad expeditions awiier, by a gentiem%E. late Profee^or m CoUm*. who has (raveled muob in Europe, and i* /wnilia' with the ?*s:ems pursued in the noted Univ^reiiiP* abroad Addre'e "O. W. R,. Po?t Cffiaa Bg* No. 6, ashington, D. C. * It* IV" FRY A CO., I "EAI.KRS IN PROVISIONS AND ARM V fcUPPl I Kt*. 449 Pennsflvania avenue, between 31 and 4H street*, are oons'antly ip receipt of fresh Goods in their iine, to whion they ir.vite the atten lion 01 enner*. note; k?eper?, ana otneri. 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Our northern and eastern oorrrspondents sand us new soppiici daily, one prise only marked m k?o". Pann avenae aad 9tS st T* NOTICE. , I HE PaHia ta iasyaatfalfy informed thai the lOTftrra "ffirrt Pecn. arenas to Mvidian Hill. 1 sw?{ tsrk >hr" ?** 1 I i a SICK AR9 WOCNDBS SOLDUE&S 111 BOSFITAL. Published in rtm forwuty *mth tks resolution of the Stnato of July 16, 1861. At Gmorol Hospital, Union Hotsl, torn** Bridgs mmd Washington stnttt, Os org* town, At 14. 1st N*w York Art. .. 2 5th Wt?coo?ln Vol.... * 5th do Vol... l ltt do Art.... 1 13th do do.... 1 ad Michigan Vol 4 13th do do.... 1 4tb do do 1

Utv <l? A*. I Ifitu 1 17th do do.... 6 7th do do...... 1 18th do do.... l id Vermont VolnnteenlS 19th do do.... S 4th do do 25 80th do do.... l 5th do do 13 99th do do.... 1 Sth do do *4* 33d do do.... 1 lit Excelsior Brigade. 1 35th do do.... 1 3d do do.... 8 43d do do.... 4 4th do do.... 1 44th do do.... l Sth do do.... 2 50th do do.... 2 1st New Jersey Art... l 54th do do.... l 9th do Vol... 1 55th do do.... i ut California Vol. ... I 56th do do.... 1 Harris' Light Cavalry 9 5-th do do.... S Mott'a Battery 1 59'h do do.... 9 McMann'a Battery.... 1 64th do do.... 1 id Cameron Dragoons. 1 69th do do.... l 2d Cameron Rifles.... 9 78th do do.... 4 5th Massachusetts Bat. 1 56tb do do.... '219th do Vol. 1 lit Penn. Ctralry.... 4 Stockton'? Rifle* 2 2d do do 2 Steinflfld'a Artillery.. 1 4th do Volunteers 1 Df Kftlh*. ? ?.? 1 7tb do do 4 2d U. S. Infantry 1 Uth do do 1 3d do do 3 12th do do 3 5th do do 1 3Stb do do 1 lOtndo do 1 JfiJh An An 'A An Artltlorv 1 47th do do 1 4th do do 1 57th do do 6 id D. C. Volunteers.. 3 Kane's Rifles 18 2d Wisconsin Vol 3 Total.. 90*2 At Hoffitml mt Columbian ColUgt, Washington. F>b. 14 Ut U. 8. Cavalry 7 78th New York Vol... 1 2d do do 7 77th do do.... 4 4th do do 1 4tb Penn. Cavalry .... 2 5th do do 2 6th do do 1 6th do do 1 2d do Volunteers. 1 1st do Artillery. .. 1 3d do do...... 1 3d do Infantry.... 1 13th do do I 8th do do 2 Oneida Cavalry 1 2d Maine Volunteers.. 1 Rocket Battalion 1 7io no ao,??. i oin Illinois ?JSTairv... i tttb do do 12 SturelsIllinois Rifles. 'J 1st California Vol 1 :id Maryland Kngln'rs 1 5th Massachusetts Vol. 1 19th Indians Vol. .... 1 10th do do . 1 1st Minnesota Vol 1 McClellan's Dragoons. 2 2d Michigan Vol 1 1st New Jersey Ctralry 1 Id do do I 1st New York Artillery 1 yth do do 2 5th do do.... 2 1st D. C. Volunteers.. 1 2d do Cavalry. 2 2d do do 3 8ih do do.... 19 2d Vermont Volunteers l 17th New York Vol... 1 4th do do.... 2 22d do do.... l 5th do do....13 37th do do.... 1 6th do do.... 1 36th do do.... 1 5th Wisconsin Vol.... 1 54th do do.... 4 1 62d do do.... 1 Total 120 At Ottural Hospital, (Oirclt.) Watkxngton, Fib 14. 1st U. ?. Cavalry..... 2 lOtb U. S Infantry ... 3 3d do do 6 2d New York Cavalry. I 4th do do 3 33d New York Vol ... 1 5th do do... 1 Stonefleld'a Battery .. 1 flth do do 1 49th PenD.Volunteer*. 1 4th do Artillery.... 1 90th do do tf 5th do do 2 5th N. Hampshire Vol. 2 3d do Infantry 9 7th Maine Volunteer!. 1 3d do do 5 tat Michigan Vol 1 4 th do do 1 4 th Vermont Volunteer* l 6th do do l ? 8th_do do. t Total 49 At St. Elizabeth Hospital, Eastern Branch, Ftb 14. 2?th New York Vol... 1 64th New York Vol... S 5th Vermont Volunteer* 1 6th N. Hampshire Vol 1 !Kd New York Vol... 1 15th Maaa Volunteer*. 1 53d Penn. Volunteers. 1 76th New York Vol .. 1 4lat New York Vol... 1 ? Cameron Rifles 1 Total 13 Ezcelalor Artillery Vol 2 | Sick m the Hospital for Erupt wit Diseases. at Kalorama. Ftb. 14 1 l?t U S. Artillery.... 2 S5th New York Vol... 1 3d do do 1 Rocket Battalion 3 lit do Cavalry 1 Onelds Cavalry 1 id do do... 1 3d New Jeraey Vol... 1 4th do do 2 lotb do do 3 5th do do 3 lat Rifles, Fenn R.C. 1 6th do do........ 2 loth F^nn.Volunteers. I 2d do infantry 3 27th do do 1 3d do do 1 45th do do 1 4 th do do 1 5M do do 4 U. S. Engineer* 1 65th do do...... 1 5th Maine Volunteer*. 2 91*t do do 1 7th do do.... 1 104th do do 4 7th M&x?achu*etU Vol 1 105th do do 4 4tb Rhode Island Vol. 16th do Cavalry.... 1 lit New York Artillery 2 5thW laconsln Vol... '2 niuiici* i uijl vol... I 19th Indiana Vol 5 25th do do.... 1 Berdan Sharpshooters 1 36th do do.... 1 2d D. C. Volunteers ... 2 4tth do do.... 2 Ambulance train 1 56th do do.... 3 Quartermaster's Dep't 3 61st do do,... 1 OAcers'servants 4 ?2d do do.... 1 ? I 76th do do.... 1 Total *4 77th do do 2 At Indian a Hotrital (Patent OtHc*). Watk\nrtan. ' D.t.tF'h 14". " 19th Indiana Vol 2* 7th New York Cavalry 2 1st BerdanBharpa'r*..10 1st Michigan Cavalry. A 2d do do 16 Citizen 1 1st New York Artillery 8 ? 9th do Cavalry. 6 Total 70 At Gtntrml Hospital, AUrnndrta, Feb 14. 2d U. ? Infantry.... 1 Wtb New York Vol... 1 3d do do 1 lit NewYork Artillery 1 4th do do 2 11th do Battery.12 6th do do 2 12th do do.... 3 1st do Cavalry 1 1st do Cavalry. 1 4th do do 1 4th do do.... 1 5th do do 2 8th do do.... 1 6th do do 1 2d do Artillery 1 2d do Artillery.... 4 3d Penn. Volunteers. 1 fifh An Ho 1 -J- > 2d Main? Volnnteen. 9 7th do do 2 3d do do 1 lltb do do 9 4th do do...... 1 *i6th do do .... 1 5tb do do 1 29th do do 1 6th N. H&mpahlre Vol. 1 32d do do 1 2d 33d do do 1 12th do do.. 5 35th do do 1 lat do Bat.. 2 45th do do 3 4th Rhode Ialand Vol . 7 40th do do 2 lat do Bat.. 2 52d do do...... 1 9th do Art.. 2 53d do do 25 f.0,?1 inforreinc the ladiea that 1 have just reoeivrd from Hie north al7'?e B?ook_?f niperior oualitr LAD1E8' RfcADYn P?H* moll ChtmiM, TTm,< Sf'lHf A-*1'?*' drawer., Ao.. Ao'l which 1 deeirethe ladiea to in?peo\ aa they ware imported before R<oda got ao hijh, and are there fore very cheap indeed. . No. R. O. ETCHl80N?No. 1?. Ps*na.. A Vinci, w ? ? Between 8ih and 9th Streets. N. H. Picking dona to order. fa 1-lm <;REAT BARGAINS IN CLOTHING,at the 7 Clothing Store, No 460 7th street. fe Ii ini f AND WARRANTS WANTED ocn uonneciicui voi ..iu 734 ao do 1 5th Vermont Vol 6 55th do do 1 1st New Jersey Vol.... 7 88th do do 4 4th do do.... 0 83d do do 19 5th do do.... V 90th do do...... 6 i?t do Csvalryll 106th do do 6 9th N Y. Bute Mllttla l 54th do Fire Zouave* l lflth New York Vol ...28 1st- do Dragoons... 2 17th do do....11 11th do do...... 2 18th do do.... 1 lit do Artillery.... l 10th do do.... 2 87th Indiana Vol 8 8*2d do do.... 3 -id Michigan Vol .....10 25th do do.... 4 3d do do 4 26th do do.... 6 5th do do...... 7 27th do do.... 17 lit Wisconsin Vol. ... 1 25th do do.... 1 ;id do do 6 29th do do.... 2 5th do do 5 3"M do do.... 3 6th do do 7 37th do do.... 1 lit Minnesota Vol 1 38th do do.... 3 Sth Illinois Cavalry...89 39th do do.... 1 Lincoln Cavalry 1 40th do do.... 4[Cameron Dragoons... 1 44th do do.... 1 Quartermaster's em &4th do do.... 1 ployees 3 57th do do.... 4 Citizens 3 l?t do do.... 1 __ 83d do do.... 1 Total... 450 #Gth do do.... 5 At Fifth District School Hon** Hospital, Branch of (rtturoi Hospunl on Fifth strut, Fkb. 14. Md New"York Vol... 2 5th Rhode Ialand Vol. 1 2d U. 8. Cavalry 1 ? Ohio Cavalry, (unat). ] Total...,, 6 Cameron Pragoona... 1 At Gtntral Hosjfitol.jGmlts's Mansion.) Fkb. 14. 1st Berdan Sharpa'r?..l3 4th Pena. Cavalrv 1 2d do do 16 44th New York Vol ( ) 1 7th Maaaachuaetta Vol. 0 ? lat U. S. Cavalry 4 Total .41 (a) An officer. At Douglas Hospital, corner of J strut and Now Jorssf avtnut, Fkb. 14. Major. Paymaster .... 1 lat Long Island Vol.. 1 56th New York Vol... 1 Sid Penn. Volunteers. 1 1st Pen n Car&lry 1 'id Vermont Volunteers 15 9th New Jersey Vol ..1 ? 1st U 8. Cha-curs ... 1 Total ?t ITT Washington papers plwK oopv and mM bills to Um War Department fe SO?M SHIRTS! SHIRTS!! I1IITBB W? are giving jfeoml attentien to making Skirts to metanre, added to having always on hand a ftne atook randy made, toentiemen ueemug tbia important garment made in ? ?tyle and of ?tinal ac they ahontd be, will pleaee eteein tnfl leave their number. SAJl'L WTTHoMPSON. 3 000 jarda nv and* atyiiah Light CaUaoa, Light Chintaaa, ttinmaim and DaiainM, >I?W WIH?mtt?t.tliOT>P?.>T. "*H?ssaift. I M nr?0 BUTLERS' AND OTHERS. A BRANDY PKACHES, UIO dcisc, IB doses FRESH PEACHES, JO doses STRAWBERRIES, Wdosss PINE APPPLE8, JO Scire PIE FRUIT. CURRANT JELLY. X doses FREPH TOMATOES, GREEN CORN, GREEN PEAS', TOMATO CATSUP, PKPPKB AllH'C SAUERKRAUT AMD PORK. LOBSTERS, CONDENSED MILK. CRANBERY SAUCE, 10 BARRBLS PRIME WESTERN BOLOGNAS. Just roo?;vfU and l<>r sale at the l^weet own price-, by BARIIOUR * HEMMER, felt-lv No 6i Louisiana MMM Anew daily link betwfbn Washington and MA.tawoman crekk. maryland, Rcrntcc daily to Otnt. Hooker'? n*ri BvkUs' Dirifionf, on tkt Loirer Potomat. THE STKAMSK A R U O, , _ Can,F. W. Davidson. Lea Tint Riley's Wharf, foot of JI tb afreet, at 9% o'clock, retnrLicK nine day at S jr??. o'olook. Refreshment* or. board. Fa*e SI 50 earh *&'; rcuttJ trip 91 9\ Freight taken at reasonable rate* For further particulars apy j to Captain oa board. f+n r|epot QUARTERMASTER'S office, nJ CoxNK* ElGHTKKNTH aid fi StK??T?. W-itki*Kton, D C, Fkbruarp 19, i86j. Sbalkd Proposals for furnishing to the Government. at this ?oiut,< I,< ?>)ooe ttousand HEAD IVI MlV VI QtUWPJU iVIUIVI ? will e rooeived M ta;a offloe no til Saturday, March lit, '8?2. at 12 o'clock rood. Th? bonrde iruat conform in ail r?iK?t* to tii* folio Vine SPECIFICATIONS'. The Boards to be ofoirar loouat wood./Vea/rem lmctt,<4)1rar f'<?t nr.d'Mten nchea wide, < IK i one and oifiTSflf looti thick. To l>e J'lhl'j rounded at Uie top and "chamfered" online a?de. round the tr?p, and down ea*k dee to a viiatanoe of< 1) foot (9)tn?hea. Planed amoath on each aid*. A apeciroen of 'he style of boarda repaired may We a?en at thin office. - Pro:maa'a ehould he addressed to Col. D H. Rcckek, Quartermaster L' 5 Army. Washington, D. C.t and alios d t-e piain!y marked ' Proaoaais for H*ai Boards." P. H. kI'CHKK. fe 19 dtiriar Q. >1. and Col. As. HORSF4J WANTED FOR THE U. P. GOVERNMENT. f ealkp Proposal* for the dativcrr in Waahinfton City of 1.4S0 CAVALRY and ARTILLERY HORSES, for the U.S. Government, will he received at the ofioe ef Col.,D. H. Raoker Depot Quartermaster in thia city, antil lSnu, on a A mn ib f> ?r ?? ? ? oa 1 urua i . um uo ibiikbt Theee horse* will be purchased in Iota not ex oeeding SOAesoh, and n't bids will be entertained for a grtater number from any one person. No bid will be entertained tbat ia not endorsed by two responsible persona, who will guarantee that the bidder will comply with hia proposition, if it ahonld be aooepted. Twenty five daya will be given from the opening of the bida.for the oomplt ion of thecjftlivery of the horaee. OftheaboTe boraea, son are repaired for Cavalry and #50 for Artihery. Description of Horses required. Cavalbt Bonn. From 15 to 16 handa in height: between Sand years of age: of dark oolora: well hrokea to the addle; compactly buiit and free from all de.'ecU. Aet:llirt Horsks. To be from 15^ to 16 hands m height; between f and a years of a*e;daik oolors; free from elidefeots; well broken to harness and to weigh not lee* than llfO pounda. The horses will l>e inapeoted by a board of oftoera detailed from the regiments requiring them The nnderaigned reserves the privilege of rejecting each and every bid, shonld he oonsider the interests of the service require it. STEWART VAN VLE1T, fe IS-td Brig. Gen. and Quartermaster. ila tlirore Clipper, Philadelphia Press, New York Herald Pittsburg Commero el Journal, will p!raea copy.till day, and send bill as above. SEALED PROPOSALS Are invited till tksKi day of March. 1862 at U o'o ook m., for supplying the U. >v ^ub Dep't With 6,140 bead of BEEF CATTLE on the hoof. The Cattle to be delivered at Washington City, and each animal to average l.?*? rounds cross weight; no an.mal admitted wliioh weifhs lessthan 1,000 pcund? rross. . . The Cattle to he delivered at such time* and m nuoh quantities at the Government ma? reeaire. No Cattle will b* required under this oontraet before the lit day of Ap-il, 1862. Heifer* and Baliocks no-wantel. a 011a witt, joou aud sufficient seeanty will be resuired. Government reserve! to :taelf the right to pay in Treasury notes. No bid will be entertained when put in by contractors who have previoasly failed to ooraply with their contracts, or whe'e the b.dder is not present to respond to his bid. Uids to be directed to Maj. A. BECK WITH. C. a ri o * ? o., w. o. a., watainirton. D.C. Korm of Bid. I, A B, do herebr propose to deliver to the Government goo! Beef Cattie on the hoof for per hundred pounds gross weight. The Cattle to be delivered at ?. according to the terms of the ?bolosed advertisemfi.t. The Cattle to be weighed on the soales, and the weight eo determined to be the purchase weight. 1 hereby agree to give a food and sufficient t>ond for the fulfillment of Um oontraot. and to rec* re Treasury notes in payment for the Cattle. fe IS 400 Bushels NORFOLK j OYSTERS Jo*1 arrired al rm^^ '?OYSTER BAY," <^7S 18th ?t and Pa. * >.. fa \s-tf STITCHED LINEN (SHIRT BOSOMS. ? Varioua from low pr.ood up tola*, all w??. kiwuo vi vAvoncuk iurn*. One pnoe only, marked in plain hfnree. Also, our nana! foil stock of Linen shirtinca. 10 citea Cotton shirtinja. of ail the heat orar.da. fKKRY * HRO. fe 19-ct Pa. avanve and Ninth street. ?/^v GIBSON'S s~\ f^J RESTAURANT. /jJ KiJWNMiiikiiM Scait of \fijp ? Frt-?. ? Oar three boat*?the Vimdalia. B.ue Bird and Fanny Forrest?haYing ?aooee*4iif!y run the blockade lor thela?t three weeka. and ha vim the a?anranoe that they will oontinoe eo to do tinrinf the aeason, thereby uop!*:ng onr hou?e at all tiin?e with the beat of Old Virginia's Biraivea. We are determined to returne the old aoaie of prioM. Ou larder will be anppliad with the beet the marklt afforda. The bar with the choioeet Winea, B-andieaaad Cigars. Oar Ale oanaot be surpassed. PlS-a? J * >uu CTUlgar* JiMM tAK? nOtlOO. GIBSON'S Re?tauract, fe 14-lv* Corner of Tth and E streets. DOOM TO RENT, eaitable for satlaTa' supply It store Apply to f. AjTMYKRS, Importer* of Watctis*. 10 Washington Building. Dealers in watches woti4dov?ii to oalland examine the ttook of 8. A J. MYKR8, wtioh they are soiling 30 per oant. lover than mt other hoaee in the wty. 10 Waahincton Building. \17ATCh MAKERS Will ear- time and trouble bT calling nsf. fc J. MV ERS to purchase Watch Material*, Watoh 6laeeee, T<>o.?, ana Jewellers' Jobbing Material i. 10 Waahingtoa laildiag. _________________ SM * J. MYERS, having aaderetood that eev era! tnrWaf* having repreeented that they are ooaueci-d with their hoaee, and eeiling an inferior artic.e, they take thi* meuire in mforming the trade that thvy are in no way oooneoted with aay hou*e or Meat* in thi* city. irr* Branca oi Boeton Room- 10 Washington Building, Washington. Tel |\^R. PERDRIAT, Burgeon Chiropodist, from i"l Pane, beg* to inform you that he oaueffectually remove Corn* and Bunion*, without pain, eo that the shoe can bo worn immediately after the operation^ without laooavenietioe. Aieo remove* ...? >U? uuwr aupvrnuoa* a MA [rOB tk? kudl, o that they will appear amaJl and delioate. No. i 1* 4X street, near CitT Ball. Chartee mooerata. JgTK?fw? to the doctors of Wuhm|lnt ^ener- , ipHK AtT OP^WII BARON DK JOM1N1. Translated by Cspt. Mtuiell and Liest Crai?hill, GKN. CABKY^iNFASWkY TACTICS, Tuni VoLmn All Military Bookskr Nw^erajji^ , Bookseller and 8ta.t, 1)4 Peon, at, ft 1ST Tlataj- Ressb. A Chroa .tw| I A T MOOR BIS WEST END DRUG STORK, A lit n. mum, aoath ute, a nrgt uo inffijaasrw? ffis'i-jj.rsrc.atffi aod Ltnn, M th* oh??>?t r?t? frU-tw , nSNT'S Finuakiu Sooda. Tmki, Ootklii, , M uJ??SWc!othiiS%r^ NoN4?0 7tS atM ? BV?????AP0T10W SALES. [ TH1B AFTER NOP If ? TO-MOKROW Bl I. C. NcG IRK * CO, Aaotionera f^REAT AUCTION PALF OF ELF?ANT Or JAPA.N?->K CHl.VKMI RA9T InIIA OOODP. Ob FRIDAY, Fot.rr?r? Slat. oihimMii at |o o'aiook am . ?u?d 7 o'clook f. pi . a*<l ortiaatrg front da? to da? til tho ?hn.? it *i?fo#o-i of. wo ha. 1 ao.l, ob Ue Moo&d >or mi ?.?r Amotion Room*, vttr >at rNfrT?, tt.? largaat, rarrat ul moat t>aMiif?l ooll-ot:oa of? t?HiNEt?K. JAPAN?*E AND KA?T IN Pi A hOOM, Km < (Trod at vabtto Ml* ia tm? ooaatr?. For a daaonptton of tho?a hoaaifel coooawo rotor to tho c:rca'ar? which will ba lamrd ia Woduopd*? noil. TtM (ood* will boarraacad M>d oai froao*bihbiUon^lor Thuraiiay, '.oth :roa? K to I * fap tf J r MrVl'IRE * CO.. Aaota. | XI A HAL'S BALE?By virU* of* vrii?f V fcei mcitL* i?M*d fro?n th? C>*rk'? ofto*. o( th* Ciron* Court, of the Otatnot oiCoiamtxa for t;>? ooant* of WiihiRitor, *:.d to ir? dirartud 1 will expoac *o auk 10 for cud on RID* V, the Slat da, ? f Fet ruai^ oc th* Tana , inm^ diat'ly aut of Ux MarV* h- u?*- b-idr*. H*orr-towa. O C.. ooirx cjflf M la o'oook a m . ? Cordiofoak m_ 1 F i. i?\V or d, a?t**a *cd aTi<4 at Ob m th? goods *bd cKatt'!* "t John ? )nn?w. I .III a* ^ t I.. 4 . AA _ _ Will U" VU'U IU Mil"!* VMM' T'. in IH?T tarin UU, in tiTorof Uolttni. ?iror of Pick rail. WARD H l.AMON, ft H-dU IMP. Marsha , U. C. FUTURE DAYS. MAR-HA 1/8 HALK? In ViitM of a writ of fieri (tciaa, issued fr m :m c erk'? < ? of Us cirest curt of th? Diatriotrf Co un>t>ia. lor ths ooacty of Washirct ?n, and t>? ? direcum, | will axpp*? to pat?iic ia e. for oash. ic front of tk? Court U)u*o door of said oou ty, on WKD.NKs DA Y.Uie S h day of March 1*3. at 12 o'olook m.. > 11 IWUV W lUf UVWI ? WM pi Wfl' If I W W II I* II fendact'a ri*ru, t<tie. o km aou id ic and ir> t.Na tonth 3 feet loehee . f Lot No Si. in I^Mrt No. 9BS, fronting on tth street ??it, bet vera u ?u' p itrwu n^rth, in t.iecity ?.| Wuhioctoj, U. C.. together witti all ai d mi'gelar the imyr. vemecti thereon, eeised and lered upon a? the property of |rvm8. Ba'k-r.aud will beeotd toeatiary jud cia.? No. 3W to January torm 1MB. n favor of Jo ha B Kendei. WAKU H LA.WON, foio to L. 8 Mar?haJ P. C. FOR HALE AND RLNT. FOR RENT-At a abort distance from the Per ne Depertmtntr,foer teat y ferriehtd I'HAVBKRS "ed a '* a h i r?, a* h trc . eyjond d ?or i mr fa < f B?ar(! fermahed if dee ?4 f a>? it.* WM. MYKKB. FOR R"NT-Th? three-Morr b ick ROCfiK. No. *i'2 C tree'. i 4S and ub nrwh , ooslkiDiat room*. l?th room, (IdI t. iu w??? . and all modern iniprovairenu. am t U> lUOf H. HAVKNNEK. No. I4T C street, oyfoitt* ih? ywim. It* P)R RtNT?Tbroo I'ntarniabed a private boate. o< nnMtmc and r f large nu. wnh g*a and water The aioat retpectabie taler dom given ?"d ro*lit*1. A Lote .or M B. im a* ino t?tar <iltioe witi i?al i.aite and rea-denoe, will meet witti da* a'tmhor. fe >' ?t* WO NEWLY ANDCOMFORT*BLY Fi R niahod ROOM?*,on tne reoond floor. ia> j>i?ing.'with Board, in a prit* e Urn y, amtabie f ?r a ger.t einnn and bia wife, or two ?in?le ( Umr . Foaae??i.>r> given itnme 'ial?li. Apply a? No. 40*4 Kuhth street, between 6 atd R. fe ?> St* FI'RNISHKH house near the city HAI.L KOR KKVi-HooraNo lW*.?rra-d | street, between II K ? ? ? ? - * Brick Dw?-llic* i???, with a i irodern lairoTr ??nto,aDd onrlortiHj famished, it iffjrod lor r*?t|o a eati'fao'ory tenant, :or a t?'m notice* than two yeere. , ? ? , JAS.C MeCClREtOO., I _Jf 20 Gt A octi^Lwniacd Coamiu'DO Merchtnt. |\E8iRAHLK DWEL' IW? HOUt*K NKAI 19 THK KI K K WOOD HOLSh FOR 8ALtA oonfor'Ab1* ud WfII bvilt two-ttory too ett.c Hnok Dwltirr Hou?-. with ba/>k haiidirt. eitL&taJ in the tainted ate Tieioitr of the K i>k? o*d noa*f. is off jr. d for aaie. Jtoontaine two earlore. fifdehumSfn. ti t inv rw m ki?Ai a>, .? . i. ? - ?? ? "" WB'II and two food Mrs. gas and vat*r throne tout, and is M perfect o'der. App r to ? . IA?.C. Mc?UIBI? * CO.. f?y6 A B?jonn?r? snd Merchants. CTOEK AND BAR ROOM FOR PALE. AND PKEMISbfi FOR RfchT ?1B coni^uro S rf ott?r matter* re?n<nnr tte attention of tbe Prc prie?or, he offers for sale the Stock end Fikl,lrS* ?f thy Store No. 4Jh Seventh at. The stock of Stap s Ocods. The Bsr has a good ran of first class csstom. and the Guiding at a reasonable ram, curna n* roow ram teai lor a in?(iii( kou? and fi'it-cliM re?t*urent Its proximity to the market taoaae von d affo d. to a:: aouve and ofgetio it,an. a p.o*prot of making money rapidly. Kor teriiia, Ac.. moire a' the premia *#. \o ftd* 0^v<>n'ta etrret, beteeea I'.ua. aveaeeaal H at. fe *> 1 m FVOK Rt.Nt-A la re lutxiahed ROOM, ra ta tie tor a otmmuiee; BM Room* attache*! ; Single acd Double Rootr.a ; at No 214 Pentteylva nia atrfnae. rri'. to Wiliaroi*. f ? 19 lw* VHAtl'AKLK IMPROVED HRCi'LKTV IN the^ta:e of New York will be rxoKanget* for Heal Estate in thie city cr goo* farm property in Virginia. Al?o, landa in lluneia, laconain. at<d Muaouri, will be ao:fl for proeierty in tn>e city. Appi* to JAMES L DaYTON. 456 Eleventh aireet, between 6 and H fe 19 l w A FRONT AND BACK PARLOR,coanaoicatiER, with or wittjonf Kutrd, >o 334 ( ? nth ctioet, between M an 1 N ata. Tmm? w?o?WaU. fa 1? at* LOTS FOR SALE OR RENT-We harefir? animprovad Lota, auaated m tbe in.netful* vicinity ot the Rai road Depot. wbicfc we will ?ell low for oaah. or lease on reaeoasbla tern*. For pirtioolara inquire of DARbOI R A HKJtaMK*. te IS 6tao 'B'WO H KNI??EU KOOMS fOI Kfc>T 1 it 406 ?> street, between 6th u4 Ttu su fel5-tf ROOMS TO RUNT, furbished or aofurniaaed. with all the modern ooLr*ni*n?es. Apr; a/teMonday at the oorrer of Third street and Nifoin a?enae. m H ) * A RARE CHANCE.?The proprietor of the Cttjr Hotel, (the only first e'.ass Hotel now open in Alexandria. Va.,? is deeiroue to retire from baaiceea. auu will ell, for a fair pnoe. the FURNITURE, FIXTURES and GOOD W|i-L of the house. His ea.?e will terminate on the let of January, 1883, bu". the popertjr can no doabt be leased for a much longer term at a moderate rent. This Hotel ia now doing, too baa tor many years cK.[.e, a larce ano prohtabe bnaiaass, Ths desire of thennderau ed to rt-Urefrom pet' ,o ba?m*ss Is the onl* mil u/w?n??i ?>> ?' 1 ** 1 a ? ?? "Wit, ?a MV own B0% BVfV f to enir&ce m one more proitt&bl*. For terma and pert!co ?r? appr to JAJ* A KNG Llr*H .who it ac (honed to negotiate. or to ih? ?ndercicc<>d. f l&-tf BAM'L. HKFLKlfoWKa. BAJjL8, PARTIES, kc. \ Muni'nIAL5 ITi Tttt I IKLU AGAIN The membere of tLe Kiono mental (" b Uke jr?*t eieature in at.noucciog to their U man; friend* nod the puoln federally tn?' the; will fire their Fifteenth or?- d Aimk IA bly it F-ack in Ha u corner of 9th and Detreeu. MONDAY EVKMNG. Feb'nary M.1M* T?rteta 6A cent*, admitting a gentleman and adiea. By order of th* Committee. b'.Off Mtilfllffl Wb, Bab1 itt, Georte Miller. Mlahaei Klatigan. Geo Pn!a?fci. fe!9^t* members of thf 1 PttCKNIX SOCIETY Take p'eaanre ia tnw anoint u> their Military aad oiwic fnen3? Uiat ther will -y^e a g\ *?R*ND BALL M at Tempertnoe Hall, cn MONDAY F.VE A NINO. Maroh 91. Particalara m latere. IB By order of Committee of A.I rang entente fe lfi ?t THE HIAWATHA BOY* IN THK FIELD JL AGAIN'.?The membera of th? H .?? tha Cl?b take pleasure in aanoaaomg t/> their mtr; tnecds. and pahlio in geoorai, thai/^B they will fire tbeir >ixth Grud COT1 LON PARTY at Franklin Hall, ooraer of 9tk and D streou, on THURM?AY E\KNING, Feb'? 90, IMS. The member* of the Clob sirdge thom mitm that no pains or oxp nss will be spared to aksthis party agreeable to all tttoso who horn r them with tneir presence. Hays' o*>er rated Brass and String Banc has haos engaged for ths o~oa?iod KefroahMoata will bo fori.i.tM bp eshafltd. Tieksts Rl, admitting a gentleman aad iaOsisiillN *f irrisi(si?iti Wm. Goooard, Jams* Graham. Dan. Perkins, Rob't Sibly. (Jhas. Weber. fall St* N-B There will bonooardsof iantatioa sasaotf; bat oar lady friowU aro mo?t oordtaily isTitod. nr??E ?TH GRAND COTILLON PARTY & Wilt be givea at g% TMMPBKA&CB HALL. fit F street. tftweeL nth aad 10th, JHb Ob FRIDAY EVKN.Ntt. Feb'? <1 a iwwee win eoeimeeo# ate* o'eloek. MbhoN* Prof Artb'a fall bana. Tiekeu #1. adaitfiac * trciltmtuaBditOiN. feUlW PROP. C.F. BARNES, Maaa??r DROP. C. F. BARNfc8' FASHIONABLE f AS^&mspgks a mrmri T*Mday and Fridav?aftarauoa cmM at S, *r*aing olata at 1. Boitm * rtrj FruailA l renins at s o'olook. IKoiie ?? Fror *i*o Arm. ? Twhmm Bali will t? l*t lor tfalla. Parti-*. Aa. Ap?iy aaaboy. m U ! * , jfjifsssia ist raw-. IJDo lb*. Bakon* Bailor. mk Ken rMumdiiui. " ? E. DUTtOW. ft 14-f No. ?M fcukth 1, H?f f?- ??. 1UST RECEIVED a ?? of BOY?* .jesses yOLD ND IIJ. Til CO I 41 Till TftfcAtst-RY NOTES Bcagkt and Bold by JAY COOKE ft COti U-lw fift?U tr?I 486 ""AViffiMtf" 4K6 fi t8fig^aSg@gS?ga i WW tk? bwt n?n?lW?torf I

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