Newspaper of Evening Star, February 20, 1862, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated February 20, 1862 Page 3
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m ? LOCAL NEWS. AxTimiiTt To-Nioht. Txiatii ? John E Owena a* ' 8am Slap" In (he " Rake'a Proereaa," and aa 11 Solon Sblnjrle" In the " Yankee Teamater." To-morrow ntght beneft of Owen*, and presentation of the "Chlm ney Corner " Cantibbvbt Hall ?'The Canterbury minstrel tod pantomime companies In a huge bill of choruses, songs, ballads, dances, bnrlesqns and sidesplitting comicalities, concluding with " Raoul, or the Magic Star " Kino's Axtithbati* ?Benefit of M'lle Helo'se. and first appearance of Mia Minnie, with Bill Gardiner. Baldwin, Smith, Dan Gardiner, Whlttsker, snd others, In an original programme of equestrian and comic performances. philhatmokic^ Hall.? Ethiopian dances. tonga, Oaliaaa ana oune*que, Dy toe enure company of sixteen atar performera?W. A Christy and other*?concluding with an original afterpiece. MraicaL Hail ?Free concert*, embracing the choicest selection* of popular music, excellent refreshment*, ftc Hall open all day. Smithsokiah Institute?Smithsonian lecture by Dr "Arctic Explorations," with an exhibition ->f natural cariosities and other collections fr?m the A?et1e regions. Admittance free. Door* closing at 8 o'clock Osfhaxs' Faia, forihe benefit of St Vincent'* Female Orphan Aavlum. corner of Tenth and G street*. An attractive entertainment AcaDIMy of Mu?>c.?Pall open all day. Free conrerts *t 4 o'clock, wltu refreshments of superior qnalltv ?ood music, 4c. Fbakklik Halt., corner of Ninth end D ? Blx'h cr?nd cotillion p^rty of the Hiawatha Club L <*k out for a capital time. Me Axti' LKCTrmR?Last night Rrr. Chas. G Anv s of I'linofs, featured before the Washlnzton Lecture Association, to an audience of about sixty persons. upon " W bat will bcconieof the Republic." Tbe present w*r. be said, promises to be a long one. and baa with It foreboding* of fundamental change. Tbe prime question wruld be for many year*, aa It was with ?ur forefathers, un<i?"t wbat kind rf a toyemment will we live * Not only oar Inst) intions but ourselves were on trial, and it wai to be determined whether we are df serving rf a Republic, and able to defend it The nation wa? b'irn strong and vigorona, but diseased, and tbe blotch of secession and treason were only the breaking out of the humor wbich poisoned the blood Tbe putting down of the rebellion was not of necessity tbe security of a popular government. Asa nation we we're diseased in many other respects than ? - ? _ 1 Hi % J X *-1 0 __ll who lutfry. i u? Knavery ana in?n;af 01 pi'wtlclans. the deep-**Ved selfiannesa of the people evinced by tbe multitudes parading their "claims upon tb? country,"ard the robberies of contracture and public thieves were evidence* of tbe comparative unfitness of the people for a Republic. There mutt be a revision of tbe understanding of that clause, " Governments are Instituted among men. deriving their just power from tbe consent of the governed." and we must govern the seceded Slate* in their paroxysm ?f Insanity, without this consent, together with the colored popu!ntior. until the latter can be brought into 'he full enjoyment of their popular rights. We mun alto revise our theories or tbe rl^nts or H*at??. h&d every State that Las defiled itself with treason, mutt pass through purgatory before I: can come bark into the Union The nation was ab?oired from any obligations to slavery, by the very act of the oligarchy The men who were so fearful of injury to the institution would coirplain of the miracles of Je?us Christ in casting out devils, as an Interference with vested right*, and of the raising of Lazarus as a waste of grave clothe*' The safc-gusrds of liberty bad been rendered null and void In the slave States, and it was our duty to set aside the safe-guard or slavery In the Constitution. This was the only condition of the preservation of a popular government. Imbecility was as fatal a* treason, and the nation could only be saved by bold strokes The danger would not be over if the war ended without harm to slavery, and be would prefer a recognition cf the southern Confederacy to their being brought back by a construction of the Constitution similar to their principles He would Interpret the oa?h of Abraham Lincoln in the language of his principles, "Slavery and Freedom cannot both live." and hoped that slavery would get the death blow If this failed, and slavery was not destroyed by the war, there would be a Federal democracy, and a motley crowd of falsely called conservatives, between whom the struggle would again break out. There con'd be no true peace until the utter extinction of slavery was effected. A Denial ?By the following It will be seen that the Mr Jenkins In the Capitol prison Is not tbe Henry Jenkins, of Fairfax county, who betrayed his neighbor: OidCamtoi Paisos, Washington, D- C., Feb. 19 ?W D. Wallace, E*q : Sir: I notice in your Issue of yesterday, urder the beading of "Our Military Budget," the arrest of Col. Crocker's tether, of Fairfax county, Va , ' who was seized by the rebels last summer at the instigation of his reoet neianoors, prominent among wcom vu Henry Jerkin?, recently arrested In Alexandria, and is now confined in tie Old Capitol prison " Aa the article above alluded to might lead many of my friend* to believe that 1 ?raa inatrumental In causing tbe arrest of Mr. Crocker, I will here state tbat I do not know either Mr Crocker or the Mr. Jenkins alluded to, aud was not In any way connected with his arrest or any similar transaction. Please insert the above, and oblige yours, respectfully, 0 H Ji.mi.ts. Jr?ri?i Clabk Dowi on Shin flam tkks.?I^ would be advl?ible for all persons who Intend to patronize the Central or Second Ward stationhouse daring the service of Justice Clark always to reserve enough In specie or notes above five aoi.sri w> pay one ana coats, roe squire la an avowed eneinyf notes " under the denomination of five dollara," as he follow! the law of Congreta prohibiting their passage in the JMattlct. Any > man who offers him a dollar note risk* the penalty of the law. for he conceives himself in duty bound to enforcc the law until it ia repealed Yesterday morning, a prisoner offered small notes in payment of a fine The Squire saw the man was Ignorant of -be law, and explained ita provisions to him, (deling, " 1 have no right to tear th:s up;*' but to t-ipreaa his contempt for the shinplasters, he folded the notes and threw them Ubder the stove The prlaoner picked them up, and a ft lend furnished the legal tender. Psactiosl Axaloavjatiov ?James Mullen, a walte mao, who has an "affinity" for a female of African descent, known as Coarlotre Medley, fr<v( IntA IsahKIm as /a11.\u>> . f ? K w> ? ||W|?K taWW Uij; Ul OB 1VI&UW9 II appvo * ibst and Charlotte hare b?*ea living to pettier a* man and wife in the alley south of the Fir?t Pretbv'erlan Church for aome time past. Last n'ght , Richard Jefferson, a cbsp nearer in color to CLarlotte tban Mullen, took a fancy to ber, and calling at the houae proposed to supplant tb. Ta'.ter and tarry all nlybt with ber She deride'v ot^ ted to sucn a dark exchangp, when u-r ro.i. a inwrr(>llHl.rQrfO --Dressing IQinpa." JMu.len and Charlotte complained at tbe Fourth \\ ard station-bouse, and the result was the arrest of all three of the parties and their confinement for the nigh: In the station-house. Old TaiJiin Cucich ?The war aeilrat Mr liathorn, proprietor of the llvcrv stable In old Trinity Church, atlll continues, and yesterday morning nine warrants for hlsarrest for violations of Corporation lawa were served upon blm by Patrolman Peadle. Four of the warranta charge him with keeping a livery atabie without a license, four with converting a building Into a table contrary to the law, wblch provides that no atabie shall be within fifty feet of a dwelling; aod one with washing carriagesoa the aide-walk It la stated that fourteen warrants have already been Issued against Mr Hathorn The cases eratnat him will be trlsd before Justice Walter ?0 Wednesday next " OaiTCaai."?Seeing a crowd gathered around the old pump on the Avenue between Oth and ll)lb north aida t hi? rr\r\rni n<r tar- ? proMkcd and touodthe handle.spoat, and things of the sf<>reaald pump decently tied up, and a large piece of paste-board suspended to It. on which was Inscribed In large characters, ' Obituary.?DUd on the 1st December, 1861, at his station on Penn. av. between 9th k. 10th streets, this ponp He served the community Ion? and ML bat receiving no aaelstsnce from tbe power* that be, concluded to play out. commiubiohir." Ckimixal Cou?t?Yesterday, in the caw of Joseph Ridler, Indicted for selling liquor to oldie r?, ibe jury rendered a verdict of not guilty, oa tbo kround that the weight of evldenee seemed to be that not Joseph Ridler, hut hla father, tolne Ridler. waa the proprietor of the ber. Peter Mevr waa then tried for receiving stolen food*, and was convicted. There are two more Indictments against blm for the tame offence. ExrsiMirB 9ro?T ?John Little ud George ftoilth got into a difficulty at tbe New York restaurant, on the corner of Sixth street and the aveaoe, last night, when weapons were drawn. The parties were arrested by Patrolman Frailer, and taken before Justice Waller, who finedtbem ?23 and cost, each, for carrying concealed weapons AaaMT or a Hack Daivia ?P. Cochrane, was arrested yreterdsy by Patrolman Kelly, on the charge of refusing to carry a passenger, (Hon. E. 8 Waabbarne,) his carriage not being enncai At LlM. initkrj Willar < ?* Kim u? "" Lukvtbski will b? mu the advertisement of Mr J oka Earle, Jua., of Bottom, merchant ud military tailor, No. *14 Pa. avenue. For a neat, durable aad eboap suit, oAeers tad civilians boaId not fall to call upon Earl* Accident.?A bod carrier, tbooai o'Brien, i yeaterday fell from a bnhdlng In course of ersetioa on llitt street east, near Maryland avenue. Be jjU?Jwt W bat and as arm aad lay ware Maxtlahd Annual Confibxsc*.?This Urge sod influential body of ministers and laymen of the Methodist Protectant Church holda Its next aeaatona at Cheatertown. Md., beginning on the 13th of March next, and the flections for lay del* e*ate* to represent the societies in the stations in I this DUtrict will be held between the present week and the week of Conference. Last night was the time aet for the election at Ninth>atreet atatlon; bat it was postponed till next week, on account of tbe weather In accordance with the rule of tbe Church which governs tbe Itinerant system, all the pulplti of tbe Church In this Dl?trlct will have new minister* assigned for the enaulng year Those now officiating are: In Alexandria, Rev. J T Ward ; Georgetown, Rev. W. Robey; Navy Yard, Rev. W. T. Dumm ; Ninth street, Rev. P L.Wilson; who have all served their terms. Tbe Conference Includes all of Maryland and parts of Virginia, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Charleaton. 8. C It la expected that there will be a very full attendance at the Conference, notwithstanding the condition of tbe country. It la probable that th* only circuit and atatlon tbatwill not be represented In the Conference are Charleston, 9. C , where the Rev. Silas R Southerland his been officiating, and Prince William county,Va, Rev Mr. Dick, minister. Tn? Dn wt\ Pit* D itt n/tin V J i t *** Kf/ir On the city Railroad bill, aa It parwd the Senate, there la a proviao that thr<*e per cent, of the gross rtceipts snail be reserved for school purposes?a very commendable object, I grant, It attainable Now, It la usually calculated that from 85 to 90 per cent of the gross receipts of city railroads la paid out In expenses for running the road Suppose. then, the expense* for running this road should be 90 per cent: then add to tbia the3 per cent , xvhich would m ke 93 per cent: leaving 7 ner rent : then take, aav ! ner cent from that, for an scrumulatlni: fund for repairs of road, Ac , would leave s dividend of 5 per cent for the stockholders No sane man would take s'oek with such a dividend The mistake ii that, Instead of taxing the gross rsceiptt, the t*x should have been put upon the profits or dividends If the bill, finally, p*s?rs In Its present form, I fear we shall hav? no railroads built; and the omnibus line will Live another year to run The friends of this very desirable Improvement, long postponed Kir rAnflirtlriT 1 nto tm hiH hat f a r I nn r I n tn (kit matter. " ' a pkopkktt holds*. prprbms Court, February 19 ?No 2(x1 Vicente. Mtramontee et al , beirs at-lnw of Cande> Ur5o Miramontes, dec^as-d. appellant*, vs th* United 3tVe?. Appeal from the' District Court of tbe United States for the District of California On motion of Mr Attorney General Bates, this appeal was docketed ar.d dismissed No. 117. Tbe United States, appellants, vs Robert B. Neleljih Th? argurn-nt of this cause was contlou'd by Mr Reveidy Johnson for the appelW, and concluded by Mr. Black for tbe appellant . No 97 The United States, appellants, vs. MlrlanoG Vallejo This cause was argued by Mr Black for tbeappa'lanta.and by Mr. Reverdy Johnson for the appellee No. 119 The United State*, appellanta, vs. John Wilton. This cause was argued by Mr. Black, for the appellants. No. 13*2. Andrew Hodges' administrator et al , appellants, vs Leslie Comb*. The argument of this ciuse was commenced by Mr Reverdy Johnson for the appellants and continued by Mr. Kr&dley for the appellee. Fob*th Ward Station Cases?Be/or* Juttit* Walur.?Solomon Hall, aaaault and battery with a alupg abot, upon a man named Mickle, Inflicting a aevere wound. The aaaault crew out of the attention of tb* complainant to defendant's aiater. Hall waa bald to ball in 93U) for court. Richard Jefferson, Charlotte Medley, and James Mullen, for an unlawful assembly, were sent to tbe workhouse for 30 day* each. Jamei Gray and Charles Ruts, deserter*; turned over to the military. Jamea O'Neal, pauper; workhouae 30 day*. Augustas Senlin, drunk and dlaorderly; turned over to thf military Henrv Lawrence, aleeping in the street; dismissed Robort Rata, aasault and battery; jail for court. Washington ThiateeAs a report (arising aououets out or me iDntr 01 me lesfesh'p) bu got abroad that tbe V\ ashtngton Theater has been rioted. It It proper to ray that on the contrary It it open nightly, with Owen*, the favorite star comedian, In the full career of a tuccettful engagement. On Monday night next the beautiful and succeasful debutante, Mist Chettney, commences an engagement there. Wi ark requetted to itate that the newspaper report mai iter .^ir t\ener, iormeriy cnapiaia or the three months District volunteers, bad been arreted by the Provost Guard. 1s entirely without foundation. Papers which have circulated the statement are requested to make the correction. Almost * Mcrdek ? A colored man waa laat night beaten in Bates' alley In a dreadful manner by another colored man named Solomon Hall. The blows were Inflicted with a "billy," and the ...... _ i . .. iA i wuuuuru iiiau is Miu iu uc iu a cuuLuiiuuuuiuu. Hall was arretted. SrDDin Death ?Richard Weeks, who has been employed for some time past at the (iovernment stock-yard* and stables, near the Observatory, went home Tuesday night with a alight chill, and died next morning. Rrjisin? tbi Blcckadz of the Potomac Last night ten or twelve veacels arrived at Alexandria, among them three large achooners from Baltimore loaded with corn. oaU and hay for the Government. Confiscated ?Threa barrels of whiaky on their way to the camps in Virginia, were taken from a sutler's wagon at the Long Bridge yesterday, and the liquor emptied into the Potomac rviTiiT (tfAi nnnroi f! a 9 P *ffw* Clark ?Patrick Martin, drunk, diamiaaed. Jaa. M nllalr, do , do. John Francis, dealing harneaa; )?U for hearing 8?coid Statios.?But a aingie eaae docketed N. Clinch, drunk; dlamlaaed Small cha*ok and pennies may a1 way* be ob talned at tbe Star Office. tf Thx Isbaklitc* amd Sbnator Wilson In pursuance of an Invitation of tbe Hebrew congregation. a meeting of the Israelites of tbis District was held tbis evening, (February 18,) at 8 o'clock, J.P.Herman, cbairmin, Henry King, secretary. Tbe following resolutions wcre adopted : Whereas, the Hon Henry Wilson, of Massachusetts, In a speech delivered In tbe United States Senate on Thursday. February 13:h, used the following language?"You will have every curbstone Jtto broker, Ac., and tbe class of men who fatten upon public calamity, and tbe wants and necessities of tbe people, using all their Influence to depreciate the credit of this Govern ment " And,"again. "I look upon this contest as a contest between these curbstone brokers, the Jew brokers, the money-changer*, and the men who speculate in storka. and the productive, tolling men of the country; 'and Whereas, in the preaent crisis Into which our beloved country is Invo'ved. we yield to no claas of our fellow-ctiiens in patriotism and devotion tA the Oi.mMlntlnn ?n<l the 1'ntnn unri onn. tlnue bs we Lave done, and are doing, to give of our blood and t'eaaure In their defence, an4 that we ahall Imitate our anceatora of Revolutionary history, who came forward and most liberally ; gave of tLelr meana to contribute to the attainment of our independence; therefore, Rttolvtd, Thai we repel with Indignation the tiuultlnj: Ins nuatlon that tbe Jews of the United Htatee ratten upon tbe public calamity, or that tbev are engaged in a contest with the productive and toiling men of tbe country. Rtsotvtd, That we yield precedence to no claaa of our fellow-cltixens in affection er devotion to our country; and we burl back with contempt and Indignation *v?rv limanrin It k_ a Senator or a citizen, tbat call* in question our pttrlotiam or our willingness to assist to the utmost to relieve our country from its present ! peril. Rettlvid, That the Illiberal remarks made by the honoraole gentleman were unbecoming the dignity of a Senator of this enlightened nation, and uncalled for; tbat we will leave It to the liberal and enlightened people of this vsst nation to decide upon the merits of s-dd remarks. Ruolotd, That a copy of these proceedings be sent to tLe principal congregations of the United States J. P. HzftMAX, Chairman. H Kino, Secretary. Washimoton, February 18., 1803. Oebsk or MiiiKiL Lamor.?Tbe following order wu Issued by Marshal Lamon on tbe 9th lost: Wa?hisotoii, Feb. Mb, 1809. To Jmiltr and Guards m* tk* Public Jail m tk* Dittritt of Columbia : Yon will tbls day release from custody all persona claimed to be beld to service or labor, and I not charged with any crime or misdemeanor, who are now In jail, who have been there for the space of thirty day* or upwards?from their arreat and commitment?and, In future, you will, In regard to persons claimed to service or labor, and not charged with crime or misdemeanor, govern yourself In strict accordance with the order to me M Marshal frr the District of Columbia, of date January 23th. IMS, from Hon Secretary of State. P Mnnrtfnllr mm mmm . ?? ??? H iiABVH, U 8_ Marshal D. C. Coins, Bunions, Caloslttes, Bad Nails, Enlarged Joints, and all 4'sisiw of tha fast cured without pela, by Dr White, Surgeon Chiropodist. ?M Pennsylvania avenue, between Pourand-a-ha'f and sixth streets. Rooas 7?2d floor. Ofllce hours from 9 a. a- to 6p at. Calls made at private residences when desired. * fob 17 TBI miiMi and foal eapor* generated by the hot ran will be far more deadly to oar volunteer* thin the enemy* bayooeti. Ib the Indian and Crimean Campaign* flolloway'a Pllla were used In eoormoua quAtlttoa. Tbey kept the troopa In perfect health. Oaly S3 owti per oex. Poldlera, 1 nipply youraelve* S17. J 1 Iiutaxtaitiovi Cm of Coras, Bunlon?, Calloeltles, Inverted Nails, Warta, and all dtaeases of the feet Mr. Dlmond, Surjreon Chiropodist, Is enabled, by a peculiar process, to eradicate the most painful excreacenses In a few pnlnntes, with tb? least pain or the slightest [Inconvenience to the patient. Consnlting boor* from nine m to Ave n m . at bis otJlce. 353 Pennsylvania avenue, opposite Brown's Hotel. Best reference given in this city. leb S? lm Till I WD! a n Rm Doctos, From Canada, will describe 41mm and tell hit patients the nature of their complaints or illness, without receiving any information from tbem. No ekargt for Consultation or Adrieo. or* MOTTO. We use such Balms as have no strife With Nature or the Laws of Life : W lth Blood our hands we never stain Nat rtAiinn mpn Iami# their nain. Oar Father?whom all goodness fills, Provides the means to cure all Ills; The simple Herbs beneath our feet, Well used, relieve our pain complete. A simple Herb, a simple Flower, Call'd from the dewy Lea? These, these shall spesk with toichlng power Of change and health to the. Room No. 11, Washington Building, Penn avenue, corner of 7th street. Canadian reference*of the Indian Herb Doctor: Sir E Heads, Governor of Canada Hon. Ry, Stearns, Mayor of Montreal, C. E. Hon. G?o. Hall, Mayor of Quebec, C. E. Hon. John Hutchinson, Mayor of Toronto, C . W. Hon. J B Robinson. Hon. Jas. Cummlngs, Mayor of Hamilton, C W. Hon. \V. Matthews, of Brantford, C. W. Hon W. Barker, Mayor of London, C. W. VV. Savage, late Col of Artillery. H. P. Dwight,Supt of Montreal Telegraph. j. i ayior, .insure 01 me reace, Toronto, u. W . R. H Crook, Alderman, Toronto, C W. J. Urquhart, Surgeon, Toronto, C. W. fel7 1w Families who have never used Boaton cracker* are Invited to try those manufactured fresh every day by J. L. Dayton. Sold by all respectable grocers. Ja 88-tf MARRIED. < n lTth instant^ I.ieut J*MK8 W JITT wrj' L.nt u??'iu u voiuTvesrs, to jqaky h. WAR'l'HKN, bath of thia oily. * On the '9 h in?t*"t hy the Fev. J.G. Bat'er, EDMUND "LAGG. rf this oitr. 'o KATK, daorhter of91d'-ev H. Galligh?r, of Jefl>r*onoouaty, Virginia. [Baltimore p*p-rs ccpr l 01 EX', f*n the sntii instant, JAM K4* LF.'L'E, youngest ohi'(f'< f Stephen and FlurentinGillt aged l'> motths and IS days. The funeral will sake glace on the Slet, at 3 o'clock p m. * On t*e 18th insta?t. at Jubilee, Peoria county, 111. Mrs a'NN \ WahNKR, latelr cf this ci'y, and formerly of Detroit, Mio"- * [ Detro t. and Batavia. N. Y , pspers copy ) A M IJ S hi M KM'S. THEATER.?Mr. J. E. Ow?m in t?i Piwm. THURSDAY EVENING. Feh'y i9tb, wiil be repeated th? I'ramn of THE RACK'S PROGRESS?Ham Slap. Mr. J. K. Owen*; Tom B?kewell, Mr. E. H. Brink. T? oono ude with THE YANKEE TEAMSTER? S?lon ShiHg'e. Mr. J. E. Owen*. To morro*, Mr. J. E. Owen?' Benefit, when "The t.'himnay Corner" will te pro<lnce<1. |> THE OLD FOI.KS' CONCERT >Y ITnion Bethel Choir is POSTPONED to MONDAY and TUE3DAV NKX T, the24th and 3Sth initant, on aoeonnt of the inolrm;ney of tho weaker, and the death of M"-. D*?chrr. fe 18 WASHINGTON MUSICAL HALLr-FRKK CONCERT EVERY NIGHT, fr?.ia 5 o'olock to 9 p m. Best of Kefreshmauta. Fine Femve Watera. Open all day. At the?ou?he\At corner of Pennsylvania aver ue and ooroer of Mxth ?tr*?t, under the Centra Houre, opposite the National, Brown'*. a*d C iarerden Hrt-l*. fe 18 1m* THE CAVPKKL1.5 IIAVK COMK! the Campbells have come: THE CAMKBKLLS HAVE COME! NJFW OPERA Hf> USK ' ytwOPERA HOUSE' Latk Philharmonic Halt,, Latk Philharmonic Hall. Pflnn Avanna Kn?* CIa?a?H. Petn. Avenue', above Eleventh Street] OPKN EVKRY N'?HT! OPKN EVEKY NIGHT ! HtXTEKN STAR PERFORMERS ! SIXTfcE.N KTAR PERFORM EHi*! 60 See Them?flo See Th?ir?fio See Them ! Go See Them?Go See Them-Go See Them f Admission 25 oetU ; orohetter 50; colore;! Hilary 25. fe 17-6t RING'S AM P H I THEATER' BENEFIT ur AVLLE HELOISE ! on THUR9DAY EVENING. F?b'y on which ocoMion A Hojt iVOLUNTEER TALENT will appear! Admumon v) and 26 ocnta. fe Pit CANTERBURY! CANTERBURY! Pi rat nr. o,f GABRIEL jAflW nofclcTriltf rANTOMIME, R A 0 U L, R A O U L, R A O U L, OS TBI M*GIC STAR MAGIf! STAR' MAGIC STAR! with New 8e*n?ryt TrieJct, Transfornuittonj, \r Robert Butler (GabMel Ravel'* part) a*.. P\rto f ?ihii Armstrong (jert m* navel's part)M..Kftcul fc'eoonl Week of the CANTERBURY MINSTRELS! CANTERBURY MINSTRELS ! Great Snooess of the JE A UT I FU L DUVAL! B A U T I F V L DUVAL! Immense andienoea enraptured with SIONOR ABECCO, SIGNOR ABECCO, THE VOCAL VIRTUOSO. "Plgnor Abeceo wou'd oreate more enthuaiaam with the aolrfiery, upon the ere of b%t?le. tba" a 1 the banda of a trigvie."?A Lut%ng?uJud Ofirer, Admiaaioa 26 oenta; Orohester Chaira 60 oeota. Afternoon Entertainment For Ladies and Families, on WEDNESDAY AND SATURDAY AFTERNOONS at 2 o'olook. When a lavish distribution of Elegant Presents is made: Rich and Coit'y Jewel y. Bocks, Toys, I-kdot Artiolns. and magnificent Si'k Dresces. Admission 8> oents ; Children 10 oents. fe IT ? ? 7 TUC W ashington academy of music. Avium, (J'outu s*id?,) No. X99, B'twten 9(4 and 1014 ?t?. Every avening % remarkably fine Free Conotrt, embracing seleotions from tha beet classic musio, and the moat popular operae?rendered in better >t>le than at an7 other Amerioan oouoert saloon. The caests?and the pablio are freely invited, without oharge for entrance,?may rely upon hnr ing every oomfort they desire. In aodition to tti? finest maaio in Washington, they will obtain, on Mil. frnm thmttanhM attAnriiLnta. Hunirlxll, tk> best Refreshment* for sale id the Federal Metropolis Officer* constantly in attendance to keep good order. Conoert oommenoins at 4 p. m. HENRY ROSENTHAL, feb 7 lm Proprietor. KING'S NATIONAL AMPHITHEATKR, PKH5. Av. a.ND E St., JV<ar Willards'. T. Kmc ? Sole Lessee ana Manager 8. Soott ~ Assooiate Manacer _ Whltbla'Ar _ . >iActrian THIS EVENING, Tom King wul five hi* Comio Imitation* of CLASSIC STATUAKY HORSEBACK ! Have job seen old DAN GARDINER la hi* great tf urleeque U&oce. A i.? Cmbutur t Ak>o Scaramouch ! The Beantlfal M'ile HEL.019K Every Evening I KINCADE, thelOO Hnnraere?ult Maal Tks Great Zouave Halt Matt be seen to be appreoiated. SON J U A N ightuntil farther notioe. NlW NoVBLTIX* IN PftKrARATION ! A0M.1* * nr/ikaatar Pfttai ra U ^? MV?? M/ A r WW ? I VIIWW.WI VflHMI B 10 WVUW) l/rwv Ctrcie AO oeuU; Children under 10 year* of age to Dreea Cirole Sftoenta; ttooial Range SS oente; Colored Gallery 25 oenta: Colored Boxea50 oenta.

Door* open at 7 o'clock; performance* will ooiamenoe at 8 praoiaeiy. f?7 ?>ATKNT OPP1CB CURlOSlTlkS-Gaide to A patents, Catalogue of Corio?iti*a ao<1 Government Garden*, at the ataad iu Patent tffl ie; Mara Antnuanan U. oka; Gore-nine t Boon; Do menta ftirn ahed, Kailr<>ad Repurte; Ml lUn Be porta; Burnt Patent OAae Reporia; Cheap G oka fariutl.ed to Pedla^a: Military i Ma e: Miuiary Lava; Army Keca ationa; Panorama of tneCoaet anowin* over 3,ono miiea; aiany Uoutand Cheap KWVI v?? wuwv IOUI. MIIIV iOW 'Ta'Si.#'*" OTgr oN^a,tj^iKS8aStAY' ^:hand VOLUNTEER. will 0?o. Hooker a Dmatoc at UK o'clookMHi daily (Bandaya moeytad > fc l?-6t* PruiAltfUb KH.SON8 ibivul ofaaMrior Blova or BackS?, raited In U?Toy?J aoifof N?w Jar??j. alctaa mayVwee? * 4,4 * *. wkaty^atnjto f- .b if f 0 i T- ' WAHT8. W^nTED? A GIRJ, todotte work of a ?mal' *? fam lr. Good refurenc^ r?*nir?i. Applr at 309 t^<eath ?treot won. batwogn L an<1 M It* \XT A\TFn_Twn .m?!1 ROOMS hv tfcn la* nf tV Merch. between 3d and 19th atreet*. al>ou? 93 rent month!' Addreea h. L. E?qfor M . P Offioa Box 29 it* Awoman wishes to obtain a pitu&t'un in some raapeotable fami'r- ? obtmb*>maid <*r innotTraa*. Addreae for on* day, Box 18 i*tar Oflloe _1?_ WtANTFI>-Two atealy BOT8 to feed a double "" oylindor pre?a. Note but thoso nriderrtap.''mir the tuaiLeia well neM ap?;j. App'r at the Star Offioe. fe S0-3t A few good Hands for n*F.8SMAK1D5 want Ad. at IIKKHN^H'S Paria Dre*r , makmr Eatab iahmeot No 506 11th 8tr**t. ho two?n Pa. ave. and E at. N. B. On!y p< od hacda nuart appiT. f> an st* WANTED?A Cle'k in or>?cfthe Depart went a vri?he? BOARPINO f?r htmsr f ard wife, ?on?wh?r? hatween Sd an I l.sth s'r north of Pf nn. av. A private fami'y pr'f'rrnl. Adiireea, giyine t*rmi and location, Feet (JilLo Box $'23. fa y 3t* * I17ANTED?A ycunr lady * -C- Ktomed to * * teaching, c!e?ire? a SITUATION in * farrd'y, or a* an aa?iat'tjt in a priv ate or putl'c ech >ol, <o t*ach th<? Ene ith f?rai cliee, with a incderatr c m p^!-aa ioi The rest of reference tn'ea. Addreaa Box 6Q?j> Pout Offirto fe 3 WANTED?A WOMAN to cook, wash and iron, id a private tarriiiy. A'p!y a? No No'-th A ?t eot. Cap t M Hhj fo 19-*t* ANTED?BOAR I) for a R^nt'ertian and l*d?. "? in a private fau.i:y. K<??rU rot i? exc?d S4"> per rrnnth Refarenca civen and re?uirf<1 Ad rir^w p . 3>Br Offiaa f? 19 2" WANTK.H?A honest, tmetjr BOY. t???rrr a rocteon'hu ?a?<*r. * one oth.r pa*<I a-p!y. I1*!' At Ihia ..Ain* (t<N >?..r Tl, .1 r r . . fV . w. II IB will , | IV III"- "W ?/ 1 r'JUUSJ coon. at 3 o'nloek. fa 19_ WANTED?A SITUATION, hy a rwoiotablo jcu*i* ei'l.a* chairh'-rmaid; ia a flr?t hand at <toin? up l*die? kn"ri<"s Can 'inr^M'od rfcom.-n-r.dat.on* if desired- Call at 44 '& avn? soutnrjdv , fe 19 3t* Wanted?a plain cook, washkr ?nd " 1 RON' R , (colorrd.* for a hit*!! family. App!? a* No 457 9th ?u?et. between D and K. f*>9 3 * \vatn'tbd? a parTN^ R with* smal can " t&', ?n a t??l business. Two or thre? th^iirand dollars profit * m^wth insured App'j H55 Penn. avenue, oorner C'h strest, f??r M DON API. It* Wantkd- a furnished room t rcmi ?nitab ? for a rontvmp.n and hi*^if*. wit* out k'oai'1. situate! went i f '0:h ard te'm? irorter&'e. Ad?'re=s. with location, t.,m. I ? II. . tl.t.L?,*.. ? ?V I Vkw><? ? V"U' 111* !? lllli' 1 til U", I?? f I BOAr7~WANTED, by a joun* man in aoire pnva'e'amii? wl.ers t-ce a-e but fex or ro other hoar *pre. A northern faml y preferred. A<i(ireoa ??*toe %T?ommoditions. tmm?. ito.."rhiOKO " Box 3S0 P O- <t> 18 3'* HOUSE WANTKD?Wanted. a comfortable Hou-e situated in rome ore of the side ?tr-et? in thmci'T. Po?Re*?ior degir?d prior to March ! * 4ntiafftAfnrv rff-tranAAa mi*rm r ? A A u - r ? ' - ? VMWVB ' 14* *4U ' "? * | W. P.," th?? < Ififf*. L?5{L3'1_ UrANTKIV-A SITUATION, hr a lady that ii'i^i-Tstan t? VI kit i* r.f ohildrnn'* cl"'hlt? a'd a!l V"d? of p'ain rewipj *rd dre?^? A^d295 O atrest, between 13th and 14th fw 18 3t* \VANTMV-A ^ITi; ATI'l.\ as w?t nurse, by * hea'thr younr wimw with a fresh breast of miik. Inquireat 2?7 New York averue. b? tw??n 1st A'd 21 ??T?t ts. fs 17 4t* ANTED.?An ?yi?T*e ie busins?8 MAN may " be*r ?1 employment b? applfinr to JOHN ?ON FRY' A. ('(>.. 4 7ft 7rh ?t. f,i7-Ri? WA^T^H-Two or throe FURNISHED H R"<iM8, l.y % pnrmacent remdcnt, betwen SI and 14th efrreti, and Fenn avenne and L ?treet. Address P. O. Box 31 statir.< loaatinn. 'rmi, An. fo 15-'W 11/ ANTED?Ever* pe'8"n to know that I am in ? th? market, ready t'? pay cash for ?!l artio!*? in the hou??furni?hitie line 'Ih<-?e leavinc the city, h^virf * surplu*. will du wsli t > o*ll. K. BUOH IiV. 4 2? Sowfi.lh rt.. hetweon R a-id H ?'? . (aaat sidi,) Do&.er ut Ntw auii S?aocd hard For- i El'UfP. no 16 tf WANTED?Hu' ern and Soldiers to know ?hat they can bnw C\.V.!' ST??VF8 ard TJ.N WARK cheap of H J. uKKGOKY, 341 P*nn. avenue. ia H WANTKD.-W# are now t>nr,nr SECONDHAND FUR NITUK E, ST< > VK * r.nof REDOING , for w -toh tro arc pvmr the hijhoat cash prices. F&rv.i^s tfecll&mr !;';as?keep!nc, or hftttir. m n - .* ?i .. -i .4 * ? ?I ? . ? u? 1 " "UI pi *? VI JUlttllUirt WII Hi i U Vk' liJCII ?<lT?ntare to riv? ns a < *?!. UOx TZ * GRIFFITH* i? 15-tf No. "fh *t.. !>?tw. ? *n* K -t?. LUST AND FOUND. HHAKKN I'P?*?n F?h"ia-T 19 !:, !*~2. a h'.tek 1 CO W, white f too a?"<l bfilf.'! h? owu er paii have her br pr< v n pr> pert* a pa; inr cost vie -?A fcf. y iT\ B OorL?' H and Third r?re?t?. No 1' .3, fe 20 3t* ficngftown, D. C. T['STRAY?Came to the premises of T. W RIj I.K v. 8th. o in r H street. IsUrd.agN, MARK, Hi in J in ore ejf, had on * 'i^P saddle a^ b'id e. The owr rr 1 < r que to/>oine f irv&'ii, prove pro?<*itj, pijr oii?r<e*. and take her aarn^ fi 3i -8t* CAMF TO THK *TA'<LF, in Geortce'own. on S?o !*y. the I6t?i c\ msta'.t, a sroa'.l V?ik H"RSK. one f cut f .^ f ?ot wi iteft'd ci.e hirl f ot whit', nu 1 a whito s ftr m h!s forehead; had on a new i alter. Thft i.-wn^r w;l tfU?nr)A f.?rtr*r/* nrnt'fl . -? ? - . ? - ~ ?. ?? r,wr "-J- r?j oharreB, anf. take hiiri mj. 11" c*n be fjurd on Fourth *>ree\ N<?. 72. befucten Frederick and Fayette ttrrete. Georgetown. ft?2? *t* LO^T-OHECR .No. 31*, for ons hio'lrrd and fifty eifht dol ars, dsawn h? ilru* Cain roc. PaTroaster tl. S. A .on the Tr'aimy of the l'n:t?-d states, Washiuston. Fet miry lit, ! favor < f <'apt. C R. Lc*?'l or bearer fte pajmeDf r>l the ^n:e li\v;r c been stopped a!, ?er?- r>? *re forb'rf n?t ?ttatint the same. The finder will he rexarded by returning i? to ( ap v.u O. K. l,OW bLl>. camp < f Ihe G:n II. S Cftval or tii Ui8 ( f Maj Jr 11 Cameron, o^rnor K ?tid 15th U. {* y?-Kt? niSTRlCT OF COLU.MBTA, IJ Washington C^cxty, To wit: Obfhan'b ' ourt, ! ebruary 19, (Jrd-'ti, Asarn\rtt<f 'i^p^t t? wtio fare recert'y fallen in dffouao f cur oomn >n Ooun'*T, a? well as to ?hc>ir turvmug conra^s ui a >n?. that thu ('oar' ?tan<1 a*1ioume!l to Frt'&v Lext. ai d that the regular term for Saturday, the 221 msiact, be pj?tpon*d to Tu.nday following. U'X. F. PI'RCELL. Tru? Cr>?y?T??t: _Mowga K klly. R*fiat&r of Writ. fe2Q CVHJND-A *m%:i 9VM CF MONEY, which I tKa 'nMr run nhtsin Kv a m j r .< ? >uv '" ww? - 'wxa-u ?/J kite BOIU0 ?UU p&yin* for thia advertaaeires'. JOHN D CLABKF, _fe 19 3t* '1 wtif h utrret. No. ?*33. LOST?On Pa.avecne, a GOLD BRACELET; auppoafdto have dropped from tin arm while walking between the Rational Hotel ar.d tne Metroaolis Hank. A !ib-r&l reward will be riven for it if l?ft either at the Star Off oe or with D""- S. A. HOUSTON, Sixth Auditor'# Offloe. fe 19 3t* f OST-On Saturday, Janaary 4, a LEATHER l_j TRUNK> small al*e. raa-e: c,';dr>fB5TTD m\rkad "titene A Parker ' on one ?cn Mif\ and "S. M. FoftoIi,, on the other. Twenty^***** doilara reward will he pud f >rthe tan:?>ou delivery to the acMoriber, At hi-tise 471 Fourteenth street, or *ny info: mauon that may lead to the reoovery of thi same. fe 19-1 w* A. B. KKVKB. "boabdino " Boarding in beoroetows.-several gentlemen can be accommodated with Board in a e?peatab e pii vale lamuy and ezce lent t.eijhborhood. by addr*?airic ' Mra. K. H.," throoth the Pint Ofliae. KeferoncrS riven and required fe 1* 3i* P?fcNTRAL HOTKL, (upon the Eurppfan plan,) I V> o irner ot Honuaylvama avsuue ana 6 a?treot, opooiite corner to liiowu s end the National, is now tu cgiahed throughout with new a&d haudsom* furoifur#. The proprietor informs his friends and the publio that they o&u be accommodated with room*, by the dar or werk wuh or wlti.out meal*. The Dining Salron open at a 1 hours. H. DURHAM GfcL*TON, fel0ec2w* Proprietor. FLRMSHMJ ROOM* Tu KKN I . wttH Butrd, in a p'ewaut location rear the Capitol. Alao, a 1 andtomely furnished Parlor and Chunber oominuuicatiuK. iLquire at Star lelS-if GEORGETOWN ADVEKT'MTS (1 NOTICE IF.ORG KTOWN K.l.kCrtON An will ba lipid in the several preoineu in fi porgeu. wu, obMuNOAY, th'U'h mat&nt, for elaven member* to ooirifxe 1 he Board of O&mmen Connoil, aid five memMri to aerve m Alderman. ie 17 4t VN'M. LA1RI), Clerk. IJUOKtfKlN 8LO V K 81 uauiBuurK & c,u?ri, 105 High Strut, GEORGETOWN, D, C. MITTENS in tV- Di-lriot. Officers' Gauntlets made to order. Hwolmfcji* |)r??i-i ?n<1 Shirt* j? 1$ I_ H ?. UUOU S ronst&atlj receiving, and htiiwi;*oB hand, a fail Hfp j of att toe mo it e^Jebr&ted iv WA I'CM " s thai ae n.anuf&ctnred in Enf- fT^l iard, 9witjfria-d ? dAwertoa rotb in bo < wim *i d Silver oa*c-a H also k epi a arc? no k ^ liaeJkWkl.kVitt thn mn.t i.Mirl i rt atv * >at wita Uiain nda. Kkwr1>i<, Kiibi** a i l ail cth*r (i?ma H? ia alao manufartarnu a.l ki?daof to id Ma dar* Silver War*, ftt-d keepa Swordt. Kevolvera, Swjid B*lta ard t>uDea, Uowia Kmvea. Kasora. toia o/a, tiokl. Silver aod Meal kmtto>ea and a (test variety of other thinca n>na!'y kept ia a J ewe rr Store, a ad a t at the very loweat price. No. 33s Pa avenue, between 9tn and loth atreeta. fe 16-tf A FINK aaaortm^ni of Tiea, Collara, Suapendera. fehirte, Tinh. Hate and Capa, at aMITtj'g, No. 4?0 7tii atreet, opposite ^Poat A I*L K1NM OF FAMCY OILOCKftlltB AND ^izrniiKSER i SECOND EDITION. THREE O'CLOCK, P. M. IT NEVER RAINS BIT IT POURS! ANOTHER"HEAVV HAUL"OP REBELS. A THOLSAND MORE PRISONERS TAKEN This forenoon the following dispatch was rereceived at headqusrters: St Louis, Feb. 19 ?To Majtr Gutrol MiCltllanA thousand more rebel priscners have been taken. They came down the river to relnfo-ee For: Donelson, not knowing that we had captured it. H. W. Hallick, Major General, Ac. Arkaxorksxt o? ?eat* -To-day the ?peaker aniuunced that it would be impossible to seat the famUle* of Senators tud members upon the floor of the Hall of Representative* upon the occasion of the annl v??r*^rv- ftfrrltn in " |tol on the 9>d, ?? contemplated; a* all the space not occupied by Senators and members, would b? required for Invited guest*. The ladles' gallery at the left cf the Speaker, with the western portion of the gentlemen'* gallery, has been assigned ? _ ii V * *?? ? ? io icr ismuies 01 inose upon tbe floor, into w; ich none * 111 be admitted without a ticket bear!r?; the number of a aeat. The gallery cf tbe diplomatic corps remains for tbe use of tbe several legations, and tbe ladies' gallery at tbe right cf tbe Speaker for ladies as heretofore. The iLLriirxATTOx.?Arrangements are already being made for the grand illumination cf the public buildings on Saturday night. A large force of workmen are to-day employed in tbe japuoi pulling up ban and sockets for the candle*, twelve of which are to be put in each cf tLe small, square upper windows The larger windows will have a greater number, according to their respective sizes. 177" Yesterday the municipal celebratirn of tLe lat? Union victories look place in New York city. Fl-igs were h< i?ted in the morning, and a hundred guns flr>d In the Park at noon. In th* evening tbe City Hail was brilliantly Illuminated. Dkad ? Intelligence h*s reached 'bis city of the death in California of Mr F H So ;thworth, husband ol Mrs Southworth, the well-known authoress Bitter.?We are glad to say that the President's second son?Willie?who has been so dangerously ill s-ems better to-d*y. Order of Proceedings of tbe two Houses of Congrni on the Twenty second day of February, instant. At one o'clock, precisely, the Senate will proceed to the Hall of the House of Representatives, with Invited guest*, In the following order: The Vlce-Frealdent and the Secretary- of the Senate, preceedcd by the Sergeit-at-Arms. Senator*. The President and Heads of the several Departparts. The Chief Justice and Associate Justices of tte Snpreme Court. n^mcuuiiiviis irwin r oreign lioTprnmtnti Bear tbli Government Invited Officers of the Army and Nary. Diatingui?ed citizens and other invited gueat* Preparatory to proceeding to the Hall of the House of Representative*, the President and Headi of Departments will assemble in the President's Chamber; the Diplomatic Corps, in the Marble Chamber in the re*r cf the Senate Chamber; the Justice* of the Supreme Court In the j Vice President's Chamber; invited Army and Navy cflicer*, In the room of the Suprca.e Court, (the old Senate Chamber;) and distinguished citizen* and other* Invited. In the Senate Reception Room. Procitdings m the Hall of R>] rcsentntires. Prayer by tbe CLaplaln. Reading of Washington's Farewell Add res* ; after which. Flag* captured from the Rebel armies will be presented from the Army and Navy Department* to Ccn? Entrance to the Capitol will be found bv the North and the Ev?t do >r? of tbe **enate wing, dud by the East and West doors of the House urfncr All nthrr ? ! ^ -1 * -- ? > ? ??v " UJV ?i0 vi ?< win in; ciusra. WiSHiNeT"*, Kch 2(Vb. W! OUR MILITARY UVDGET. i ? ciirnti. QriRTikMAtiKB General'* Owes, > Waih'ngtonCity. Feb *?, 1S82 $ Complaints having b?en n ade of th? qmlity of a portion of the clMblng is*if<i to the troops. with rrqucfct for mmt re!:?f to the soldiers who are charged w:*h ibis clothing, the attention of the officers of the Quart"nras;er - rApartment is called to paragraphs 1 0'9 tnd I "22 of the Revised Regulston*, pag^s I V and '51. i?? - J - - - ? - ..uu.-ij 11 ?ui?rj iiinirr ( u.a;r<ipD I Itn nave the power to the price* at which damaged clothing mey be issued to th" tr?>ops. and to recommend the condemnation of ?nch clothing as i? entirely unlit for. use Under this regulation the value of clothing which is inferior to the regulation material may be considered by boards of survey ; and upon the approval of the reports of such boards by the rommandlnir rfllrer nf ?n in?? ? --* ? D - w, .M.IWIJ) VI B 1 ?t pu I lllitui) and bv the QuarUrmaiter General, the p;oper direction! will b? given for the relief of the soldiers. Paragraph l,02ii requires every officer on recelving public property to make a careful examination to ascertain it* quality and condition. Had tbis been done In all cases, it would Lave enabled the Department earlier to detect inv fraud* attempted by inspector* or contractors. It should be strictly observed M. C. Mugs, Quartertraater Gen'l. matt yard. The steamer King Philip ran down to the flotilla last night, carrying Gen. Sickles as pM erger, who went down to to join his brigade. Egyptian darkness reigned In the lower Potomac, and several vessels availed themselves of the chance to run the blockade, as was the case ou Tuesday night, when eighteen sail bound upward ran paat the aeceab batteries, most of ttem losded with stores for tbe Government, and are now lying at Alexandria. The tug Pledmontese (formerly the Powell) came up from the flotilla tbis morning, bat reports nothing new. CONGRESSIONAL. XXV VII th CONG R ESS?Sec sad IhsIib. Thukscay, January 20. Bsnatk.?A House joint resolution appropriating >1.000 to illuminate the CaniUtl on th? niofet of Saturday next. February 22, waa received and passed Mr. Wilkinson Introduced a resolution for the expulsion of Mr. Powell, a Senator from Kentucky, ou the ground of alleged disloyalty; referred to the Judiciary Committee. The bill for the establishment rf an United States armory at Rock Island waa ihen taken up, and a motion to refer It back to the Military <*om- < m k.. ki iitn... <-? _ miiira wu uincuMtu uy rawii. " uwu, k/iuie ( and Grimes. Hocss ?The Senate amendments to the bill authorising tbe Issue of United Stales notes, and for tbe redemption or funding thereof, and for funding tbe floating debt of the United States, were takeo up for consideration; during which our report closed AIovbmshts ?On Tuesday night orders wer* received by Major General Dix f'om , tbe secretary or war jnr m*. rcmo-n^ r IU?- Jollowing r^nonrnndaThe 4ih Wueaulu regiment, Col. Payne, which for a- me time paat hu been atatloned at Pattern n Pink, and the 2 Is! In dlana regiment, Col J. \V. McMMilan, tat oued at Fort Maraball, Potter'* Hill. Tbeae regiments moved from tbelr eneampmeota at an early hour I yesterday eveningr, and aUrted for Fortreaa Moo- 1 roe in <ne iwimcri Aoriaior ana oeorgia, oo'.h boita being ero weed. Thru ultimate destination It not known, bo.' hick mill tar v authority sutn that they are to join Ora Butler's expedition At u early hoar yesterday morning Ccpt. Dunlfs fine company of cavalry, attacked to the Purneil , Legion, left here In tbe steamar Portsmouth aad a large st.amtug for Foftreaa Monroe.?Sails 1 line. * i 1 ?? ^ THE LATEST BY TELEGRAM ~ rnon fortrem nomi. late prom the burnwde expedi tion. gen bcrnsttje endeavoring to bp FECI"AN EXCHANGtOF PRISONERS WITH THE CONFEDERATE AUTHORITIES. NO ADVANCE VET OF RI8 FORCE. BALTiMoms. Frb. CO.?The Old P?tat boat bar arrive. f?be did not leave Old Point till lea o'clock last night, baring waited for tb*arrival of the steamer* Grorge Washington and Eiprea, which went n*? issue* rirer under ?\?r of true* to receive rtleaatd prisoner*, bat owing to tb* h?>avy fog on J a me* river bad not arrlvad whom tb* steamer left Our agent was on board on* of tbe steamers, bence we bare nothing from btm. The steamer Eastern State arrived at Old Point, having left Hatteraa at ten o'clock oa Tuaaday morning Hhe had rough weather all tb* way. She brings u>e bodies of Colonel Roaaell, of tbe unn Connecticut; uapt?m Henry A Hubbard, -7th Massachusetts; Captain Heury, 9th New JarKey; ard Lieut St 111 man. Company A. 1Mb Connecticut, in rbarge of M*j?r Kimball. Colonel Betts, Sergeant# Doughs and Thompson, and Captain Jepton and the brother of Colonel Russell. The bodies ell arrived here by the boat to go north. All the csp'urtd cttceri were on board the steamer Spauldlng ; all tbe rest of the prisoner* are still on Roanoke lslard General Burnslde la negotiating with the Rebel autborttlea at Norfolk 'or thflr r^l? rk?* Vn furfhur v?Itr? K*aa made, nor w any Immediately eip*cted Tbe gunboats bad returned from EVssbeth City. All tbe fl-et are at anchor < tt Roanoke An immense amount of trophic* were captured, including a splendid State flag of North Carolina, worked by ladle*; a va*t amount of qaiint, antl. q.ated arms, old sword*, ?abres, flint-lock muik;t?, chot-guns and pistols, musty with age IMPORTANT PKOM EUROPE. STRICT NEUTRALITY PROCLAIMED BV ENGLAND Portland, Me , F?u. 2J.?The Bohemian ha* arrived with Liverpool dates of the 7th B-V.H house* of Parliament h*ve ro'rd an unanlmouc fddreas in reaponse to the yupfB'nwfc. T ie opposition approved of the Government'* course la the Trent attair, end Paiiuereioi. announced that the Government would maintain ??rtct neutrality. The iron-clad steamer Wcrrtor'e passage to Lisbon wu a failure, *be not minding her helm. Tbe Tuacarora left Cowct at 9 o'clock on tbe morning of I be 6 th, proceeding westward. Tbe Naabville bad forty hours atart Tbe engineer of tbe Naahville tjld tbe pilot tbat it waa agreedabe tbould never be captured ; tbe yalvea of tb? ergne were ao arranged tbat abe could be blewa up In a minute. Tbe Prince of Wales baa gone to Trieste. Pabu, 7th Inst.?Tbe Moniteur say a tbe Priace will not take supreme command in Mexico r j mo r /-*/* a r Mfn/n i>n i o rr o. Direct Trad* with J at ?Oar readers will thank us f >r reminding them tuxt the sale of Japanese, Chinese, and Rut India curiosities tikes place to morrow This la R great chance for securing som? of these quaint specimen! of Oriental taste, which at all times h**e been a-> much aought after hv us "*Veatern Barbarians ' As toilet tible and parlor oroarnenta these things are as rare as beautiful, and we teil our fair readers that Japan*-** 'a now the rage. We have had an Kuiba??y of aevertv Japanese amoo^ us, who fema>ned tte ?ju*-aU of tu<- nit:on for some time ?? t aic iu? utm u?umvi j w u 'in tail rxriDBITH race has tLun honored, and in view of tbe great things in trade we expect to make oat of them, and our well known love of excitement and novelty. who doubt* tbat our people are not already crazy about these b&ld-pated Orientals Everything U a 1* Japanese. So we would ad*is? all who would keep upw lb fashion, to take time by the foreleck. g?-t Olipbant'a book on Japes, and post tb?a)*elve? on Japanese manners and customs; but first of all?for there 1? no time to lo*e?^o to the auction to-morrow. at MrGatre's, and lay in a supply of Japanese objects of esrfw, lacquer-ware vases, Ac., Ac. Oisxisskd ?Friday mornlnz about two o'clk. the Seminary building of Z K Icb-i'ds, corner of Fourteenth atreet and Nfvr Vorfc Av?m>? ?? ? pled as a boarding house, was broken Into bv burglars, and an attxnpt irada to kill or trjure Rev J 8. MaU.hett and a gentleman named hosier, who occorM a room there, b? throwing tones Into the bed in which tb??v slept. The finding of a cap belonging to Co B, 5th I" 8. Cavalry, led to tfc* suspicion of some one lo that company, and Mr. Matcbelt went to the camp to search for him,and be thought he recognized In a man namtd John Wright the person who bo saw in the room This morning the case came? 11 n h?>f,?re J-.istlr* PltrV wh?B t? annMr* Wright hs* b*n under i;nsrd ' quarters for several weeks past.and net allow~d to b* at large, and went to bed at nine o'clock Thursday night, and pot np at reveille next morning. Tee testl mony was regarded r>.? lnauflnent to justify Wright's commitment for court, end the ease w di>ml?ed. Pomck ?The Third Ward patrol yesterday arrested James Moran, for riding on the pavement, fined fl 58 by Justice Barnaclo Tt.. r? ? ?i?? .-J u-i * ur ( uuivn ?? oiu j oiruiHJTsi rcpuiVTU VHIS morning the following ea*ea, tried reaterday : J C. Rogrrs, vagrancy dUmiawd Eilaa Llovd. backca^n, refusing to eairy a pa.saenger , tine and cotts, ?5 04 G O II at born, keeping a llverv tablf without license, vd waahing carriage* on the pavtnenU; ruled for further bearing. The above caaea were btfore Juatico Walter Tb? caaea againat Mr. Hathorn are two out of nine, ao the policemen aay, growing out of the occupancy and uk of oid Trinity cburch aa a livery atable i nomas root-mater, ouv tier, arrescea for telling contrary to the munlclpa. law; dismissed on pay ment of 58 cents costs, by J uatice Barnacle. Criminal Cocar.?Tbla morning, Mr Whar* ton argued tb? motion for a new trtal In tbe eas? of bit client, Pel lx Mullen, who waaconvicted of burglary a few da>a a!ace and recommended to tbe mercv of tbe Court. Peter .Meyer wat again arraigned on the charge of receiving stolen goods He wasyeaterday convicted of a similar offense. Mr Farraily Is hU counsel In each case 117" In relation to tbe reported capture of ftavaanab tbe New York Times says it violates no obligation to secrecy in rrferlng to lntimationa given out by Conimoaore Dupont to peraona la his cobflHenr# 1 iat^lv nrin? tn tha War srtnM the laat northward bound ateamer from Port Royal. At that time the laat obstruction to th?? advance of th? gunboat squadrcn bad been re- . moved There wu uninterrupted steaming from Beaufort to Savannah. The only defence on the way wa Fort Jackson, a work of no importance, and which. In all probability, would dec'lae to dispute the paaaage For Information, which the PI... m p; vuitci i* jjo u^u " ciiMK iv icrsiiir, k?u leached him to the effect that the Rebel Government had advtaed the people of Savannah to offer do opposition to the occcuneilon of the city by the Natloal troopa, el her by resisting a landing or by burnln^ and deserting the place A town of so much importance it was deemed Inadvisable to expose to the ahella of the enemy or the torch of friends, when Its destruction in either way, would be simply ao much damage to the cauae of the rebellion. OFFICIAL. Bftke Prtsident oj tkt Lmited SULtt* , A PROCLAMATION. It 1* recommended to tUe People of the United State*, that the? UKmbli In their customary place* of meeting for publl: solemnities, mm Uw twenty-second day of February, Instant, and calibrate tbe anniversary of the birth of the Father of His Country, by causing to be read to tb?m his immoral Farewell Add re-a. Given under my hand end the senl of the United State# at Washington, the nineteenth Any of February, In the v?*r of our Lord one [l. a.J.tboa*?nd eight hundred end sixty-two. end of the Indrpenderce of the United State* of Amrriea, th?* etgbtv-stxth ABRAHAM LINCOLN. By tb? President: ?> m a iW.r-cc.^Pwary ax ;>:*? f* KURfE-CBtL^K! i - w c ?:*>o.''sir* . , J?at ra*?rid & larga lot??? fce . tkMtfw. W- uLir?. P n? Ap?t? aid Rju,, a:to. Lei iik Dairy ' SWlTH A H *RT, (Branch of P. Tiaraar ? ?. Ua tim ra.) til ?*Vrutll itlMt, hit** NczttoNa'i u*i Intalliiaaocx WF. HAVE OMfMKD A LIRuK ttTOC* of very 4m I' M)hKttnl KTS MM DRaWKRb. vki?h fu! i* *oi4 ?t n>ii?III ^r.wi. SAM ^ W. TiMJ^rsON, j?u-u *T* 'SWKSIv,

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