Newspaper of Evening Star, February 21, 1862, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated February 21, 1862 Page 2
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EVENING STAR. washington uit: friday.... rwrtit.r 91, im. jj.>" THt. " IW ct' MM ? a . ? i* i? ? - ??*- ? ptw > . : i. in ik so larj?v *? tr r?.-jr rc it to be p*it tt> prf n at an early M*ir: A**-rr*i*~rtcnf!, therefore, ehonld be ?er?be?c*e 19 o'elork otfcenrlae they may iray not appe?r nntil the nrtt day. ~~~ ii i ? aj " IO"The new Dollar Weekly Star. fuller than ever of Metropolitan ne-*a and eoaalp, and choice literary reading, la cow on ouv counter rtadv for ' / delivery to the public. Embraced in ita entertaining contents are the following articles: A Ilootler Wedding; Strategic Points on the Cnmberland and Tennessee Rivers; General Furnside s Field cf Operations; Lat?> news from Southern papers; Fede-al and Rebel details of tht Roanoke Island, Fort Henry, and Fort Docel?ooa Vlcterles. A^lrsln Missouri, Tennessee, Kentncky. Western Virginia, ard North and South Carolina; Important Military Budget of promotions, appoint uiT-uit, rrm iTaiB anu imnrrincnv. L*'est telegraphic dispatches from all quarters: Proceedings of Congress. Supreme, Circuit and Criminal Courts; Lee turn at the Smithsonian; Agricultural, hcrticultural and gardening miscellany; local news general intelligence, &.c. t This is jnat the paper above all others for persona sojourning in the National Metropolis to send to their friends at a distance. Price only three cents per copy, or *1.00 per annum; postJijc prepaid by staii. [? when so arranged. Pr\rn or'WiLLi* I.ixcolx.?'The public tcjoiclnjrs at the recent successes < f the Union arms will be clouded by the intelligence of the death ? -?w lul vvu ... y will sympathize with the bereaved parent* In such a heavy affiiit;ot>. Willie Lincoln was a boy of unusual in teller iter. and was a favorite with all who visited the White Hfusr. Some w'? k? since he was taken s!<k with an iutcrmittrut fever whi?b toon assumed a typhoid character, and since ttiat time tbe little sutt'erer has been gradually sinking. Much of the time hit mind ms oeen wanaerint:, .tna only these parents who h*ve ?een a beloved child a prey to fever and deltiiuin can imagine the anguish of the father and motber as they watched the progress of Ihediseace.wi'hout the power to alleviate his sufl'.-riug*. Ilia condition has ix-en very critical for more than a week, and laat Monday his condition was considered almost lw>ptls" Since Wednesday b* has >unk rapidly, and vesterday it vtas seen that b? was dy'117. fie liucercd until 5 o'cloc k in the afternoon, when his >pirit was released. lirs Stunc and Hall have attended the dcccased and his younger brother since their illne?. The latUr is yet ill, b.U it is hoped not dangerously so. 'I be Pre>ldent ha*, with Mrs. Lineoln, watched by the 'id? i>t his suffering children for ten days past, and in all th*t time has bad trarrflir ?nu r&m* *< In ?Ko k!- J" * vx J -mm, j 00 II* ?u*. IIUU9I Vt Ult UUilltlUC affliction the carea of State were preaaing upon him. Willie was a flue locking boy, and bit intelligence and vivacity niade him a favorite with old and young. He v/?s a faithful a'tendant of Pabbath ?< hool at l>r. tiurley'a church, and the la<?t day he wa? present there tr!d his tutor lhat when he afta;iicd to map hood he wanted tn >? * : chorl-teacher or a preacher of the gospel. Ills ?xer. ises In literary composition were very creditable for a youth t-f his age, and Lie seemed to take great pride In theru. - ( National Railroad Cosvkktiox?Delegates from moit of the principal railroad companies of the loyal States met yesterday at Willard's Hotel lr? pursuance of a public invitation of t^e Secretary of War, with a view to making general arrangements for tbe trannpor'atlon of troops and military supplies cn uniform terms satisfactory to the government and the companies. The convention was very largely attended. Among the gentlemen .resent were H?n. Ersstns Cornlpg, Messrs Marsh,Stevens, Merrick, Felton, William D. Lewis, 0-?born. Kinsler, JewJtt, Garrett, C. W. Cbapin, Noah L. Wilson, Enoch Lewis. Alsop and Taylor. After the meeting had been organized by the appointment of Mr. Corning as nw??ir??n? = ? r ?" > Mt wr*. Bwlow and Klnsler as secretaries of the convention, the chairman deputized J udge Jewett and Mr. Wui. D Lewis 10 invite the attendance of tbe Secretary of War. who shortly after arrived, accompanied by General McClellan and Quarteruu?ter General Mc:ri. Mr. Stanton, in a few eloquent and impresMve remarks. laid before th? convention the object of bia call, which was to throw upon the railroad companies themselves, throughan efficient organ izauun, mr ariaii^ctnenx ana responsibility of the measures necessary at this juncture for conducting the transportation of the government, both of troop* and supplies, together with the estabitsbment of a fixed moderate rate by which such transportation shall be conducted on all the railroads rf the loyal StaWs. Mr. Stanton said that he felt be could commit this important matter to tuch a body of gentlemen as he ?aw around him with perfect reliance on their judgment and patriotism, for ihe accom plishmentof the object be had In view ; and that be infiaitflv preferred this course to the exercUes of the arbitrary power conferred by Congress on the government, to take military possession of the railroads for such purposes. Mr CofQtnt; briefly napvnded to the Secretary's remarks, with the assurance that he had not miscalculated the disposition of the convention to carry out his views. * ?' "* >.xvicw; OMIUHIH niia ijrucraj .>IPUItlIan then withdrew, leaving General Meiga and Mr. McCollum to confer with a committee of the convention on the entire subject. The convention then adjourned till to-day at U o'clock M. Secretary SUnton, in the courre of hi* addreca, paid a high compliment to the young and gallant friend at L!a aide, Major General McClellan, In whom he had the Immt ?1 *" ???? vvMitutiitc} auu IDC mult of whose military schemes, gigantic and well maturtd. were now exhibited to a rejoicing country. The Secretary, with upraised handa. Implored Almighty God to aid them, and himself, and all occupying positions under the govt\ J- t I V. a At- a " - %i 1TjT--| iU V.IU3U1 IJg uunuis unnoiy rebellion. I It Is supposed the delegates present represented *:00,<?j,000 of railroad Interest out of the S'jOO,HU,W? of such capital in the loyal States H7"Tbe Uteat Intelligence from Eastern Kentacky left the Twenty -second Kentucky, with > two other regiments, at Piketon, awaiting the arrival of Col. Garfield with the rest of his command The Colonelwasat Paintsrille, sickfrom tbe results of vaccination, but was rapidly recovering, and was noon expected to take the field. The news at Tiketon In reference .to Marshall's forces is that they are at Whitesburgh, Letcher i.. ir? ? ? ? .... - wuutjr, ncumisy, on me Kentucky River, some fifty-five mliea Miihwct of 1'lketon. It is reported at l'iketou thM MaraUall baa been auper il^d. and Col. Jobn S WillUina put in hia IUcc. Poor Humphrey Mabsiial 1,am<<*.?Tbe Stir's rtadera will B id un iur firat paee to-dav a rr?ii ur ?f u<? ^ _ / ? IHV IVCVUk rnnaiur'.al onslaught npou the U. 8. Marshal of this District, to which we respectfully ask their ettentlou. Utluvlsi^ the charges against hint utterly ground)?**, we have thus taken occasion to show 1L.1t ;Lcre is no foundation for thcin. |f7* 41 Lookout" wiitt-a to the Baltimore CUpf r rebuking us for not kuowt U? that the hu?band of Mia Southwoith, ti*e anthoiess, died in California as loi'g o,o as the '-oJ of August last. "Lookout" 1* v. lihout doubt well po>Ud aa to what concerns the. partita m question, and we bjw respectfully tu bit iupct.or inform Uton. jj c-ui.i'u; iou, vjcon Building, send* us a copy oi tht ncclient March number of Harper's Magazine Also, from Anderson, 16- Seventh street, and 11 jdaon Taylor, 331 Pa. av , we have copies of tbe same. Affoi*t* iBT TO a Fomtios is JaFa.n ? Mr Heco.vf Japan, but vho was educated In the I hlt#d S1.I.. - * '? ? .. mi ir. c, vu irwm me ^uTiiiioienl ?) Washington (tHr'.a) appointment in Japan, and will toon return to Kauagtwa, (where he baa been reaidiug as a merchant sinr? 1958,) to rotor upon Us ofllrinl duties 1 OI R MIL.IT 4 RT FTDGET. | CLAKKRV1LLK f>C*? ! ? ? KA.JM.II 1 I J - _M IUBJOT UCD. .ilCLiruan lsn r'rimu au >) ncu from General Hallcck, confS miag IL1 rumor thtt the r b-la hid evaruaicd Clarksvtlle, and adding that on occupying it cor advance srcured twenty days' provisions of 'te rebel army, they hid been compelled to leave behind ucdea'royed. a TILL A XOTHER VICTOSY IS MiaaOCBI ! Gen. Halleck has telegraphed Gen McClellan that Gen. Curtis, catching up with tha retreating remnant of Price "a flying army, had again attacked them with great aucceaa. He had rot received the particulars wheu ending the dispatch. but onlv the news that Cnr'it's iiiccesa m ? ? * bad been complete. TBI RESULTS IN THK WIST. The evacuation cf Clarksville by the rebels leaves the way open to Nashville for our army and gunboats. Rv this Itmp tV-st rltv tAo with Its immpn?e stores of Confederate army provisions and military material, is probably ours, as It Is Indefensible. Our news from the South tells of the purpose ef the rebel Gen Johnson to surrender It under pressure of a majority of its citizens, who now demand its surrender to the United States. CONFIRMED. The Senate in wecntive session yesterday confirmed a large number of army appointments, Including, in the ordnance corps, M;<j. Symington, to be celcncl, and Msj Maynadler to be lieutenant colonel. ArFlUNTED. Sergeant I'eter N. MoChesncy is, by direction of the Secretary of War, appointed second lientenant in the 1st regiment of District of Columbia volunteers, vi<c James \V. Rlpgs. resigned, to date from Jin. *, I ARREST OF COL. D'UTASJXY. It is Ktat< d tli-it Col. dTtasscy, of the Garibaldi Guards, has been put under arrest by Gen. Blenkcr on charge of causing letters to be published In a New York paper inimical to his luperlor officer. CO iY? fi HSU ION A L. IXAVIIt* COI?:R?:sv^. ?n'i *? ?!# , tffruivir A t,~r amp rAn^?* c'Oiiit i rti'*. ' *??II IX |?*'| * I iwtw >? ? CI U" ) ? I The Army Appropriation Hill wcs paasrd, and Messrs Prt^ndcn, Sherman and tJirlile appctnted a Committee of Conference on the dl*a^rc< in*; vote* npon the rmendmeut to the Treasury Note 11111. Adjourned. lloCSB ?After our report rlrwd? The Senate amcntiuent to the Treasury Note BUI, and Ifce hill for tt;? snppo't ?>f the army were concurred in, and the House adjourned. !Vg=?\N ASHINGTON I.KCTL RL A8SOC1AlL? TION. The Fifteenth Loctuie of i:>a course wiii L>? de livereu i>r HON. E. P. CULVER, At the Smithsonian Institution, On FRIDAY EVENING. February 21. 8nt'jeot? The Rtbtili</n;i'? Crlmc%Cau-*,nnd Curt. Dfxirn op.** at 7; Lecture at # o'clock. A<lirmf*'ir?? " nip. ' 2 -It \ i'K'r! t'Kr I., ! - r ;i'y .ttttr ll_*< In aooortl^nce ?;'h tl>o joint re?o ution ct the City Council*. lt>*Offi ei of the Corporation intheCitj lift.i mil be ? . on SATURDAY, th? 22<i mat R1CHAK D WALLACH, fe2i> (Intel. A, RocuS.i .Mitur. |YTjr?OFFICE OF THE JOINT COMMI8IJJl MON OF THE UNITKD8TATK8 AND CUdTA RICA, WtiAinsr,?*. t'tbruarv S, lf-62.?At a ir.eetinc of the bcaru. held this day. it was Orderfd, That a'l person* havinf olainii upon the Kepnblio of Costa Rica, which are ?<l for by the convention between ?kfi-L'nitad State* and the said F "public c(?!o!u<J'vJ oh the 2d rfay of July, I8b0, do fiie :nemor:.\'B ol the same with the Seoretary of this Board in hecitrof Washington. CIIAS. W. UAVJ-4, S?or<?tar? rro trm. fe ll-?w No '2>;0 K Btref>t wesf. <V^^A FAIR, for the benefit o' St. Vincent's iL ? Fpma;o Orphan Asyiusu, w;il be opeaed on THURSDAY. ?'th inst . it the Asylum, oorner U and loth streeis. \ variety of uEeful and fancy articles will be offer'd for eale. There will be a lanoh room where all kinds ol jo:. ^BumrinH wu; 1'P POfVPQ, ICC bTPSIJl WO fectioaerj, ii> tucu v&.ieti^a. ja 29 tf J ILLUMINATING CANDLK<. UST K?ceive<i UK) boxts nlmrt Illu;mnat nj can ile^, 12 to the pour.fl GEO. K KENNEDY, It* Bracer, *?08 SeronUi street. J HAIR NETTS?UAiR NETT8. U?T hecetved a Isrce assortment of those double aril single Chine e Netts, aseorle'l colore. Also, an assortment of Si!k au;1 <*nrde1 Nett', at MRS. H?vVE'a Knal Store. ^99 Pa. avenue. between 9th and m ! l'Hh treeU,? ;uth s: le. ftf21-3t HUNT. 01.ARK ft CO, HUNT, CL\KK A CO., HUNT. U^AMK ft CO , Skll OUH BOSTON CRACKKR8. ? RAH A M (RACK KKS. MIXED 6INGER CAIIL8. fo 21 3t _ T~ SILVER bOAPI1E Best artiote for clca in* *i!vsr and plated ware, plate glaca, inarfo'e, paint, ftc., ever introduces iv viuu vaiuo uuimuK iu? van possioiy mure the fir.est plate or jewelry. For gale hy the euantity or sicple cak*. M. W GALT * BRO.. Jewelvs. 35 J Fa av , 4dours vefet of th? fe21 3t Metropolitan <late Brown's) Hotel. TOWEL9! TO WELLS:: I TOW8LH!!? 16) dozen Huckaback, L'an.ask, and Bird eye Towel*, 1,MW> yards R msia Crash, A pieces heavy Huckaback Toweling, ZS pieoes Damask Table Line:), IS" dezen 'I able Napkins, Bleached and Brown Go ton Chirtiu. L.ineuSheets*,Biani ets, Ouilta, and Furniture Print*. With afntl (tookof all Kinds of Dry Goods, for sale at the lowest prics?w> WH R; RILEY 4 BRO., No. 30 Central Stores, Between 7ih and 8th streets, fe SI 2* Opposite Center Market. E^RBNCU^ GERMAN. SPANISH AND r ITALIAN,taught in a superior a:id expeditions manner. >>y a gentleman. iate Profesior in College, who has traveed muoli in Europe, ai;d is Jam>li?r with the aja.ema puraufd in ths noted Universities abroad. Addreta "6. W. R.. Post Office Box No. 6, Waahington, D. O. It* GOD SAVE OUR NOBLK UNION! AND OTHKR POEMS FOR THE TIMES. ALSO, Metropolitan Notts of Men and Things at Wa>k MlMt; an I 'A Rmlu i? *i? ?' ?""" _ r-X ? ? < ? Investigating Committee Br H- CLAY PK.EU8S, Author of "Fashions and Follies of Waihm*ton Lif*." Pno? 10 o?nta. For s-ile at CHILf <fc SOLOMONS ?ad J. SHILLING TON'S. fe21 If NOTICE NOTICE NOTICE TO BUTLERS. TO SUTLERS. SPICED MO LASS HS CAKES SPICED MOLASSES CAKES. SPICED SUGAR CAKES. SPICED SUGAR CAKES. In conae^aenoe of the crest demand for onr Molasaea Ginger fake and Sugar Cake, we have ap pointed HUNT. CLANK A CO. Corner of fc and mih streeta, p uicipa Ageuta for their aale. from whom they oau be bought at five dollars par baitsL hNAPS, JUWULhri, Jft4>LAgHfc? POUND CAKE, IN QUANTITIES. IN QUANTITIES, I* QUANTITIES. BOSTON 'CRACKERS, freah every day-warm fr"m the oven make delicious food? Ttn CtntM Per Pound. DAYTON'S CELEBRATED MINCE PIES. Hotel-kt?per>, Head? of Pamiliee, and Sutlers are invited to tr? tnr eio*.l#nt Hiu> P?? Oar MINCb PI KS i>??d oaly tu b? tried to b? pfrooieted ; prise 910 and fit ??r hutttreJ. JAMES L. DAVTON. Bfcktry -45f> Klevtnta ftrMt, feb 21-1 w between 6 and H. Very Important from the Pouth. Tf?E REPELS ADMTT THAT SAVANNAH MUST SURRENT>FR IN THE COURSE OF THE WEEK! THEY SAY THAT GEN. JOHNSON (A. SIDNEY) IIAS OFFERED TO SURRENDER NASH VILLI! OV PfWDITIOX TH AT private property be spared: also. that they mfst lose an immense amount of confederate property there! ? Baltimore, Feb 21, (from Fortress Monro*, Feb. 20.)?Notice having been received by Gen. Wool tbat some four hundred e*cbai.ged prisoners would be tent down James rive verday, the George Washington and Express li. s' about noon for the appointed meeting plare. Tbe rebel bolt was appointed to meet ns at three o'clock, V\Tlt ft t I Knt Itmtr oLn twia nnt tn feLrl.t *? ..! ?i, ab! 1 ir I M?n u? vm?? uvui u' ?tuo iiui in aii: auu euuiny after a heavy fog shut down, making It impossible to move la any direction. The two boats I were fastened together, a:.d having drop >ed anchor, waited for the rebel boat to appear. The Srg did not leave until late In the evening, when the wind blew so freah that the boats dragged their anchors, and had to be separated. This morning at aunrise the expected priaoneia made their appearance on the William AlUatn, i Which, it aeems. had al*n anr.hnrpd fnr the n'cht a few miles above us She immediately came along aide, and the roll of prisoners being cail'.*d they were transferred to our boats The return passage was mads without any accident. We arrived here about ten o'clock this morning. The prisoners wiil be immediately sent North. The Adelaide brought down from Baltimore this morning the 4th Wisconsin regiment. They will be temrtorarllv mm nod nn ?li? , ? ? ??I - vvwvu. VmN ? regiments are shortly expected. A of trucc to Craney Island this afternoon took *everal passenger* down, aud brought back th<vcrew of the Fingal, which run the blockade of Savannah some time since with a valuable c*rgo; the captain and crew of the light-ihip before reported as having gone ashore during the last fevcrc storm ; and the crew of the llrltish schooner which also rim into Savannah. Richmond papers of yesterday contain the lollowing dispatch: 4 . /-> . n_i. 4?nL mi r%?? ? * ** Atbuti*, ua , rtu. isin.? I'roiffsor raui r . Eve arrived hire to-night 11c says Tort Doncl on fell on Tuoday morning. General Johnson had telegraphed to the enemy, and oflVred to *urrcnder!\>*hville on conditions that private property would be respected. .No answer was received, but a majority of the citizens seemed willing to give up on these condition*. A large number of persons hnd left the city. Thirteen thousand iracrai iroepi r.rc si rort uoneinon, ana two thousand were at Clarksvillc. The river wu rising so that the enemy'* gun boat* can reach Naxfcvillc. A large amount, of the Goveanment 8 to res will fall into the hands of the enemy ? Most of the rolling stock will probably be saved." The Norfoik Day Book of Wednesday, (19th.) after quoting Associated Pre** dispatches of Snndsy, thinks it more than prolM>?Ie that Fort Donelson Lus fallen! We copy the following parsgrapl : LVU t?J ?-? -1 iiiinAUtiUj i cu. io.?vyOiigiC!*ft mil u??uajr. In the Senate. Vice President Stephen* In the chair. R M. T Hunter was elected Vice President fro t?v<;0ames H. Nash, of South Carolina, was re elected Clerk The following Senators were present. V:z: Bath from Alabama, Burnett of Kentucky, Stnime* of Louisiana, aud French of Mississippi. Tbere was one Georgia vncanoy In consequence of the declension of Toombs. In the House, Bocock of Virginia, waa elsctcd Speaker, and Fmroett Dixon of Georgia, Clerk. " Augusta, Ga , Feb. 1- ?The .Savannah Mor ning News has a special dispatch frcmCharieston. The captain of the schooner Theodore, which wai captured on Friday by the Yankef s in Hull bay, escaped Heeaysthe Yankeestold him they would capture and destroy Savannah this wee|and Charleston sion after. The latest intelligence from Savannah is, that the Fedcra vessels were gaining ground in their efl'irts to reach the main channel of the river, and that their attack will not be much longer delayed A private dispatch states that all was quiet vesterday morning (l?th) at Savannah,at 10 o'clock " The steamer Georgia has just arrived. She has on board tb?21*t Indiana Regiment. .nnouitr rrencn yun ooai it coming up. OFFICIAL.. Navt Department, February 20, IStfl. Officers of the Navy and Marine Corps who, under the resolutions of Congress, msy be Invited to attend tbe ceremonies in the chamber of tie House of Representatives, on Saturday, the 23d instant, will assemble in the old Senate Chamber, at the Capitol, in full uniform, at a quarter to twelve o'clock of that day. UiDKos Welles, Secretary of the Navy. THE ILLUMINATION. FARAFFINE WAX CANDLES. PRIME QUALITY. ADAMANHNE AND SPERM CANDLES. JOHJI&ON it NAGLfc, aS9 Pnm, Avmdi, Between 9th and 10th itreeta, (tooth a:<Je j and No. 10 Royal ?... ir ? ?- ??? y ?? ?? ?? M ) fe 21 2t Alexandria. Adamantine candle#! ADAMANTINE CANDLES !! 60 Boxes Adamantine canities, good quality. Ju*t received. KING ft BURTHELL, fesn Corner 15th *t, and Vermont ave. FRV ft CO., EALER9 IN PROVISIONS AND ARMY ISUPPLIBtt, 449 Pennsylvania avenue, between 3<1 and *tr??u, a?e oons'antly in receipt of freeh (tooda in their tine, to whioh they invite the atien tion of sutler*. hotel keeper*, and other*. On hand a very superior lot of Lanoaster County OLD RYE WHIi'KV, *up*nor to any thin* in thi* market, at reasonable price*. f? at* IllBTKlCT OF COLUMBIA, ~ 1 Yr Washtkgton County, Ttwti; f ^ " ' uitrniii ' WW nr. reoniary 13,18W ! VAn invk of ie?p?ot to Ihoae who haw leoently fallen in d'fenaa of our comm on C<>uuti?. M veil as to their ?urv meg comrade* in ai int. that this Court stand adtouraed to Fn -ay next, and that the retular term f>r Saturday, ihe 2*1 instant, be p jatfoaed to Tureday f.puRCKLL * "mosks kTllV. It en iter of Willa. fean w COPARTNERSHIP. I HE Copartaerahip heretoforeexieting between Walter, Karmaon * Bopt. bavin* ton dissolved in conarq uenoe of the death ?*f one of the Cm. the ba*iuea? will hereafter b?oarried on airier the name and fi.m of Walt** * K***ahn. ** a are prepared to build to order, and keepooajtantly on ham), atlkinda of the most faahionab e C A KRlAGitJof the very beat workmanhip. Repairing promptly a?4 oarrlully attended to at the most reasonable ormaa. ti' ? - - jd?miui ror pui r&vora, wa hops for* OBtinu - I *flLcCt.^L>l ?.1i.?'* ment, on It I J ? BOARDING. HOAKPlfltt IN (JBOROKTOWN.???T?ral reutlemsn o* ba %ro.?r?;w.*iat;?i vith U arJ mm" ?*o*ahf p ivMe fam ?y atidexe* !*ntceifhb4Tho(i. hf C * .Mr?. K. il.," thronjh file Po tOiliM. Ktfrreic * g.Tfn acd repaired.

J* V i? > . ? - Mi - ) m CI.VrR\f, M->TF L, Itppn T4? Emrrrn* r'zn,\ o aer ol fe - !va> i\avtanc %cq St. ftrMt, f p.">?ile comer to 1} own s and th? National. i? mow I'lirgutiod throucttost wiih new ai.d Landcoine firriii !ur?. The proprietor irsf rraa liu friend* and the rab'lc tint they can be *oe 0mm "dated with n< rn*,t>T thedar or v?*ek. with or without tn?alf. Tee Dunne idalron open at a I hours. B. DURHAM Gtl^TON. fe In eo2w* Proprietor. l^l" RN1SHKD ROOM? TO RUNT, with I noiiu, iu a pi?a>aiit locati >u near tUe Capitol. Alto, a I audaotneijr furufahed Par or and Chamber AAitl i..un' I. >4 kit. _ 4 \ dC - ? < _ In . f uviMuiuuivauiiii, ii.qunc <v; ciai uuior. if i?) (I UKOlWikrOWN ADYKST'MTri "VV^-.MAVOR'S OFFICE, L*c Otorftctctt. D-C. February J'ft, 1W3. Thre and all the ot*>?r office* of thi* Corporatu n, will o'otel on th? 2d isetant. that thoxe ei.fat. "(1 iatbem mij participate ia the ceriasomei of the day. It HENRV ADDISON, Mayor. 1 NOTICE , IKORGFTOWN FLKCTION.-An e^tion win b* hrld in the tergal preoinoUin 6wr*town, on MONDAY, theS4?h instant, far elsven n.ember* to oompr?M the Hoard of Common Oounoil, ard hve members to ?erve a* Alderman. le 17 4t WM. I.AIHD. Clerk. ^ utiksnin ? i/ u v 6 u: Ramsburg K Ebcrl, 10a Hibh ft****, GEORGETOWN, D, C. The on'y niaRufrctm-era of Genuine BUCKSKIN ULOVKS, MILITARY GAUNTLETS, and MITTENS in the Dmtnct. Officers' Gauntlet? ma<te to order. Unnkaki" l)r*we>g and Shirt*. it IS C~ I L L U M I N A T I ON! /ANI>LE 5o?)tetf, fir the illumination. No 321 Perm avenue. math ?;de, near Seventh at., E. H. Ac H. J. GREGORY. fe 19 ?t WOOD FOR SALE?'00 corua of H.oiory V?'ood lor saie.aloncaide of the track at He ts ii e. Addre?a or asp'.y to C. R. HMlTH. fe 19 3t* DeltaviHe, Prince Georce'a Co., Md. r|'HJ? UNDERPINNED is st 214 Pennsylvania 1 avenne, Room N:>. 3, for a few dsve only, for the purpose of serving any o,a>a8 and customers. JOHN KAFLE, Jr. W Merchant and Military Tailor." fe 1? fit* of Boston, Mass "l^HE 8UB3CKI11ER Will sd/anoe, iu the wav I * f punch's? or loan,nuall sunn for Bhort p? r ods, on Diamonds, Wa'che*. valuable Jcw"irv. or any description of satisiajtory securities. Any lady or rentlemai who wool'l like fo obtain a few dollars temporarily, in a quint manner, may do so bv applying at 45t> f evpnih street, between G and 11. fro;n li to 2 o'oioclt- fe 1? 1 w MILITARY COMMA*DKRP. Ae.-Suf m. uvici.i u";.mi.p'aimu is onprec lor (i i,i*n'enantcy in a volunteer reeMn?nt (New York City regiment preferred 1, or a Lieu'erantcy in tliereg u ar arinr. ly an (flioer wlw lately leauned bis posiiior, Conimumcauors for thr*? (iRTff&jdressed "Confidential, *93 Tenth strf?*t," wilt ir.e>et with prompt atrennan. fe H 3t* 7^""Tktt^-nYSTKKft jJsTTS ^JlUMr Great scientific improv?-^^LLBfr X5?F ment in STEAMING and ? ROASTING OYSTERS, ? by which the entire flavor ana *ixe of the Ojstei is retained. The PEARI< SALOON. 213 P?nn. avenue, op posite Willardft' Hotel, will open this evening (sign of tiie globe lights! with its improved manrer of'teain np, t-t-atnces of fitting, ax.d order ct *er vice. All desiring a luxury will l e rewa'ded l-y cVlicg. Superior quality of I'resh bait Oyrters constantly on han I to supply Hotels. Sutlers and Families. lr. shell, k**, or eaa I'&inilies' ordert delivered ou short notice. CJuice Citars at rea ponaide tat??- 1*8 m* NOTICE TO WAT0I1 MAKER*. S?.k J.MVKHS IlaviCK r.pened a t>raj'J: of tL t Boston H< u*.- m No 10 WfchliiDjteu tfuiidinf, corner of I'a. ava, ar.d ith rtreet, invite the attention of Watch Makers, Jewellers. Pedle-s, &o , their lame stock <i!Gol?1 and tMlver Watches, Watch Materials, Watch Makers'Tools. G!aeses, Silk boards. Leather Ouards, :*peotao es, Itesidfs a variety of jo.x's too numerous to msntion in ordinary adver Useirnnts, winch tliej will eei) at the lowest tM tern prices. 8. A J. MVKRS ZVo'Qooda at retail. Watch work doue for the trade only. Printed erice list of Witch Material, 'fools, Jtc., S'Et joet free on application. Nooon nection with say other house in tit aoity. jaS?-lm* ^JMLAP CAS II 8 TORE! The undersigned have ennstantlv on haM a renera: *??ijrtme:.t of New ant Second hand Kmi.iturd, Crockery, Gi^sware, Tiu?are, I'ar.oy article* and hons-keoeiLu at tholes lenerally. whioh they arc prepared to sd a? cheap if not ch?ap?r tnan tcy other establishment in the city, iiuyiiiK oxc usively fur tne cash, aui aeilmj 'or the saine.they are *atieked they oau compete with the cheapest. i'ersons in want of ar.v of the above artiolea a_e reepect(u ly req iesced to tire us a call pur(' hft> 1 ? m A uAWlt.irfl All kinds of r*eoond band Fn-titnre taken in rx charnte for Nevr. HONTZ k GRIFFITH fe 11 eo6t No. 309 7ih st., bet. I and K ?ti. ANNAPOLIS X&[mJ COMPANY. OYSTERS! OYSTERS !^Sjjr Ar. OTater Shipping Companr bas been formed for U:o purpose of supplying \\ asiiintUm ami its vicinity wi>h Offers. All pe'sons whichure from 10 to 1W ga'loLs pe-day,can be supplied. Oysters in shell sent in bar* or a oar toad of from 150 to 2M btislie scan La bad on one day's notice; for a iess s uantity ca.i at t>6 KriJge street, Georgetown. 1?. C. The Oysters shipped by this company mas fresh, if not more io than any other? that can be had in the District i .e Oyster* are opened the name day they aro taken irom tUe water, a e Sf?nt to lliufcrint '*:? Btoirt A ' direct*! to WILLIAM HA.NCL, Xr.nafoiis, >i t manager for Conpany, will ba promol r at??n ; f to. Mourning silks of new and modern atyUs and hnishB.aok anU White Pltmi and Cieoked Si.ka for afrinsi Black \\ ash Filka. Extra Uloegy B'.aok Silka all widtha and prioea, lt'vAninr I Irao m Ui 1 ir m ?? ?????>(, VI vro Uliac( Real Fans Kid Glovea for ladies, all eizea and ooloia. All kinds of Dtj Goods. Our northern and eastern eorreapondenta rend 1 us new supp,ies dai'y. one pnoe only -narked in pia?n figures. An inapeotion of atook inours no obligation to purchaae. PERRY A URO., fe 18 6t Penn. avenue an'l 9ta at. T? NOTICE. I HE PnHic la respectfully informed that the underauneo has commenced runrang a LINE OK S I'AGE* frorc^SHg^^ 1 Penn. avenue t> Meridian Hill. Th? IW m Stages will leave Willards'Hotel every ii ornmg ILt fi n'nl A/' lr n n/i M an^ia? Li ill a * ? ? ?* m - ' - ' ?. v. w v.w? i<4i?u iiiu av iJa11 ?a?i Ol I, , and will run regularly to and from Meridian Hill every hour, tbui affording a cheap and rpeedy conveyance to tiie vvious camp* in the ntightorhood. The undesigned hopes to receive a literal tupport, an he is determined u> affora his patrons every facility ia his power. F&re 10 ojuts ?aoh way. ttKO. M. MlLL.KR, fe lt-eolm* Proprietor. ' BMHHHI? HARNDEN'S LXl'RKSS, ( fc"TABLt?HKD IN 1939,) Heg leave to inform tiie pjb'io that they have extended their r,xpr*as to Washington. and are now 1 prepared to Transport Merchandise, Bank Notes, Speoie, Jewelry, Ao.. to all paru of the MiddU, Alt# hml and and Wtsttm States an-1 Canada. Connecting with the most responsible Kxprersea throughout the country, w* arc enabled to offer I un*i*ail?d fev i lit it* to all who may favor us with their patronage. For terms and further information apply to K. S. SMITH. Third 8t., Sd door below Pa. avenue, ja 9 Sin Waahinftom, D C. /mam furniture/ f* furniture! gggfci furniture! |p , W H. M O 8 K 8 { (of the firm of Moses A. Peekiiara,* Philad'a.) i Manufacturer and Wholesale and Retail Deaier in Cane seat Ciiairs, Cotta?e, Parlor and Dininc I room Furniture?Thorn'e Building, 608 Seventh 1 street, above D. _ Every variety of UPHOLSTERING promptly ana neatly exccutad. Store open day and evening for the aeoommada linn nf tK? nuhlm "Parchaaera will atudy their interest to o*Jl before looking elsewhere. ja22-3m* CHIKTS! SHIRTS:: | 55 SHIRTS!!! We are giving rpocml attention to making Shirta to meaanre, added to having a'waya on hand a ftne took ready made, toentlemen desiring thia lm- ] portant garment made io a at?le acd of material aa they ahould be, will please ate* in and leave their i number. SAftl'L W. THOMPSON. ' 370 Pa. avenue, under fe 15?tf Brown a Hotel. MEW imKKKCIHinH' Ju?t Beo^iTed? L"" 100 pi?oea Plaid Cainbnoa. Brilliants. Nainsook SS^Ate^SSS'SU?""k- i W^JiSLSSttPi.. A DAMS' EXPRESS COMPANY. ? 4k ?? NOTICE OF_RKMOrAL. Tha delivery office of this company is removed 1 fcSSffitf ^ *"e *"otoa w [AIM KB* RUBBER BOOTS i ,, , ANDSHOKS, AH ^ J. B. PUDNBVB, 324 Penn ?* ecus, back of HIAJ'RU'A fit* *?* - WW W VI J vvww UMII ! LIEN'S RUBBER BOOTS '? ^-JMC 1 la H Li] SAV4 [ F!SE COT CAVEN |i Xos. 217, 5 T rJ rr4-r\** >fr 70 L7? oauiili^l Ull V!b I V . "KtlMMRanMHi 3P 51361a - .iW^BfmVTfc I L vftsSii FREDERICK W I N E >1 E IMPORT FOREIGN WINES, BRAN J AOEN: L I LI E N TII A L AND I j (> N c; WO It T 11 ' I't>>?VL\ AM \ AM .ML, Urufr ! WASH I NO TO feh 11 ?*vn 7.1 WAR RKN STB f|*0 BUTLERS' AN!) orilKR?. URANIA I'KAI UKS,!??d..x?n. *-i u"?cn i ni Ml ri-.Ai mk>, doseagTRAWRF.RKIK#, PINK APPPM'S. * rffEffi p|K FRUIT. Cl'RRANT JKLLY, A J'-?'n I RK II TCMATOL?, GFKKN CORN, GRKK.N PKAH, TOMATO CAWl'P, PfcPPfcRMAUCE. u A (1 1*1* %r n i it n * * ?? ?? ? - rnu r.itnnAi i \>i' I'UIt*. LOB!?TKH?. OONOBNSm HILB, CHANBEKY Sil'CE, 10 BARRELS l'RIME WESTERN BOLOGNAS. Juct wivfU au<1 for Mie at tli? |ow?wt culi prices ?.? ftAKIIOlK* fcemmks. fa 18-iw No 6A L>m*iaiia avenue. Anew daily between wash- j LNOTo.n a\;> Ma i a woman creek, m \f land, Runnw.g Jaiiyto Oins. Hooker's nnd tt'L;??' L/ietnionr, on tkt Lctotr fV/r^mac. THE S T K J M h H A R tf 0, capt. e. w. f)avti>?0#, Leavini Riley's W'.arf. font of 1th atreet, at 9X o'clock, return:1* name Jiy at 2 o olock. O Kofreanmenta oc beard. iwiM?au Fa e $1 SO ?acli wa? ; round ?r p &i&>, I reifcht taken at revocable rmtes F"or fartafr tirlici! ir? nnn'r ti Cm ?i? board. if 17 400 Bushels ! NORFOLK I OYSTERS -Turt arrived at jLjitL ''OYSTER BAY," 18th et and Pa. ?t*?. fe lMIt* ^TITCHED LINEN 1?H1KT BO?OM8. Ik? Various *t? '<iv from low pnoei up to fine, a . wel'mads of excellent Linen*. One price onlf. marked n plain figiuea. Alio, our uiua! fnll stock of 1 lien tiiirtinfa. lccises Cotton Siirtinj*. of p.'! tl.o test ;)'*cd?. ' i'KKRY & KRO. le itf-ci n, avenue and Ninth street. GIBSON'S VI R K S f A U H A T. Htm minttk' old Scale ?^^^S|pr Our three boats?the Vand?.Ha, B'ue Birl and Fanny Forrest?having suooeaMaliy run the blockade f jr the la*t three w?ielce, am having the assurance that ?hfy Will continue so to do darta* th? sraeoii, thereby suppiv .ng our hi-nr.o at all times with the bast of Old Virginia's Biva.ves We are determined to reiurr.e tiie o!<l roale of prices. Our larder will be snpplie<i with u,e t>e?t the market affords- The t ar witi: u.c ?uoioaat V\ in*?, Brandies and Cigars. Our Ale cannot be turp&ssed. Citizens and strangers ? cai-: 'ate notice. GIBSON'S K?Bta?rant? fe 14-lw* Corner of 7th and E etreeu. ROOM TO RKNT. auitaMe for snt'er*' supply store. Apply to ft J. Nh KKi, importers uf Watches. 10 Ws.?hingt<-n Buudicg DfcALERS IN WAfCHKS Woalddowell to oal! ani examine the stock ol 8. 3c J. MY EH 8. irhieh they are rellire > pe* rer.t. lower t?-aii any other house in the etty 10 Wa:mutton Building. WATCh MAKERS Will save timeaud trouble by calling i n 8. A J .M VER8 U> purchase Watch Materials, Watch <>la*s*-s, Toole, p.nd Jewellers' Jobbing Materials. 10 Waaaington liUlIdlkg. t? A J- M VEB? -"-I ? _ . _ .. a.? , (ovimr rv .Wl MIHl B?T* J ^ eral trave in* pou.ara havibc represented that : they are oopncoud with their nous*. and w:!it| an Inferior a; t her t*k? i? ro?a?ure m in forming the trvie that ther * '? ir no vray oonoeotert with *nj u<:u%? o- at*; s in i * cit*. Icr Branch of Boston House?1U \Vaaiiin*ton Building, Washington. fa 8 ' f|PP0SIT10N TO MONOPOLY ! fare reduced to ?1, IDE HOUR ALTKKKD BT TH? u. s. mail link of stk4mers?rxindki*. Capt. Kvehl; VoLriiTEiK, Capt. Faunoe. Ob and after February ioth. every day iSundaya exoepred,) at 11 o'olock, from Jonee' jp? k wha-f, foot of 11th a-reet, and tie Hooker's diviaion aod m Creek at the above hoar. Freight taken at a rati uoed rate. Ltoenaed by the ij. s. to carry Pasarngera ana Freight, awi wkott Iuwter's CtrllAeatt mat b? sum en board. jgby"*'* are nev and in Kod order, aod make aa IBrt time aa any other \U on the Potomac. fa 13 UEQ. T STANLEY. Agent. P K u h a m ? SECOND GRAND EXCURSION TO NEW YORK AND BOSTON! Froai Baltimoreto New York anil Heturn 9H From Baltimore to Bo?ton &:.d K etui a 13.60 TiekeU for eaieat Chandier'* Cigar Stud. in the National Hotel, where fo parncu.ari m%j he uad. Two through train dai y, leaving Wuhmrtna ti o a. m ana a i m. Tiokeu cood to return on or More May let. felS iW AMERICAN SPECIFIC.?The only aale. t\. speedy and oertaiu cure for a ctt.aia Privi* Datm**?cure in from three to aix dayi. Sold or ly U H3S Pa. arenae. fe 18 6t UOOD*. REAL LACES. KMUKOTDEHIES, kc., Ao.?I take pleasure m luioinunc the adiee .hat 1 have juat reoeivrd from the noiU a large fSetjSi termor auahtt eaDikS' auan* rhioh TdMM th. iiiiN to iiiifect. MU.Vm or^verr o3B?j2?1** *? kl,k*andUw* No. 1? V ? -* K.G. ETCHI8ON-.N0.19. N D D Botwoon sti^ *nJ h ^trecU. N. 8. P nktm don* to order. fol-lw UALMOBiL BKIKT8 ANU r vruiUH HWr 8UIT8. L*dt?e* beet Hid 6iovei?r>d GaunjleU, ID dosen Linen Pocket Htudkerehieie, weiy elwy, ( |4?? ?***'j. W.COI.LKY. ' saw? .?&? ; e t ienthal's I DRY IDISH TOBACCO,' S19 Si 221 Barclay Sts, K. Y. ' i , i mm. e. coz/cxs R C fl A N T, Eii OF DIKS, HAVANA SEGAR?, r FOR 'S TOI5ACCO, FOK S OHIO WINE. Kill Street, *ue U??r cast ! Wlll?rd'?. N. U.Cm AND EET. NEW VOKK. AUOTJON ^AfiKS. THIS AFTlSRNOtW 4 TO-M'JllRQW H? J.C. Ma<3i IKK * CO., A?oti?n??r# | Mil A 1 Al'? I'liiN 8AI.K OF ELLGAMT JAPA.NfcM:. ClilNEHfc KAS1 INllA GOOD?. On FRIDAV, Fe'.ri?r? 2l?t, ooit.mencmc at 1? e'ol< ok ? iri . 7 oVI-.ok p m,a*<1 oonttnairc J from <)%r t<> tef ldIi; the wtiole t? ci?po*#?i of, wm ' * )%' 1 ffil. on the Mcocd floor of our Auction Koom*. with out rferrve, the largest, rarret and most tea-t'iful cvi ctioc of? CHl.N^K, JAPANFPF AND KA-T INt)|A HOODt*. Ever ff-re.< at ?i.t>uo cale ic tin* o^untry. For * ie?or:pt.oii of the** t esu'ifm coo^e, we refer tottiocircu are which wit! l>elaeae*4oa Wei ue?riaj next. riies?H-0- will l-f RirwueJ ami on freceshil'iMi j? .'or TlmrecfT, i"tn infant, from 1? to * o'clock. fr ;7 U J. C. MrGl lKF A CO.. Auote. ? FUTURE DAYS. MARSHAL'S bALK.?In vi tue of a writ of fifri (?<.;*?, nmsd from the c ark'a oftce of tks ci'cut c a it of ihe Dutriet c( Columbia. lor tl>? _ _. _ . r it?_ i * -? *. ? - * J ? s . inj 'i i> a< nr iit, i i?> me uiroovoc, i w\ ' ?xro?e to pnt> c ra^, lor canh, in fmut nf the Our? !Irinm? door of said oon<>t}, on WKDNLsDAY, Uie Vh day of March lftrii, at 1C o'clock m . t >ie U?iiowin* de?CTK>ed property, to wit:? Ail def ioam t right, t.t.e, o am. and interest in and to tiieeouth :i fret 8 tochea of Let No. SI. in i*q??are No, * *, f'o.<!'.ct "i 8th street w??st, t*tweeB O atjd V street* north, in the ei'y r.f Washington, O. C., together with a!! ai d tir.tu ar the uupr vemer.U thereon. seised a>id l?ri^d upon as the cropertv of I wia S. Bftik--r,aiii wi , beeoid to satisfy jud.cia.s No. &n to Jaauarj terra >362,in favor of John L K'noo WARD H LAMON, fe1? r? U t* Marshal D.C. ton SALE AND JftKMT. J COMFORTABLE PARLOR AND CBAM~ v> Hi K K -K RtM K<-eakfa?tib the fcoute. ifwi'hei It ?uire M ?*:*r Office fe31-an* |Vl RM^HKD HOL'SK.w th iu, Pdonteiid w:i! ? ok- i<ttre rvr-h of t Pi'eot? Skc?-*0i H ?tr*et. between 7th and tit ? t? rent * *??!! fan r. lVrm? ?ffi p*r month. Inquire at 364 Seventh ?trw'., above I. fejl St* |?OR RfcNT - At & short die'anoe from the PotP ,/t .... - ?* - i1. J ??? * ? V f ? < I'M N' r, IUI I rtiV y IUTT .B'i'O ' II A.V* rt K P. H ".i??<Kl K,r * * Foort'i gh rtw, oonJ d or o h * f L board fwrni*u*d 1 dmxt w M- *v K* " FOR RF.NT-Tfcree lnlurc;i.hed ROUMf in & ?nv&ts iK'Usf, C'DLOCtiD* and o( large nze. with g*e and T.*ter The moit re>p^ctM > rel*retcee (tiren ar.d reunited. A cote lor M B.. aid a-the star Office. w:t \ i?al caae aod residence, will troet with duo attention. fe > ? FTRNISHKH KO( SK NRAR THR CITY ilAI.LMiR H KN'I ? Honia No lS?,?eeo?4 ttreet, l.etween U &td K ct'eet. a three storr Brick Dvrlimc Hcute, w:th al n,odern unjroT^n<ectr,and comfortably furnished, la ffferod for rent to a eati?fao'.ory tenant, lor a term not 1ms than two jeers. J At* C McfiUJRR A CO.. I?S" 6t Anoti'g?TaaLd Commin'ot Merohant. tEPIRAHLK DWKL' IN6 HOUSE NEAR 19 Til h KIRKWOOD IIOL'SK FOR PALE ? A oonTortaWo a-d w 1 Imilt two-ttorj arfl attio Urick Dwolimt Horn-, with bark t>aildtD(. :t. aleJ in Ine unmet! ate Ticicitf of the Kitkvoxi rou?*. is fl-rtd for a* ?. two par'ora, j r? cbam>r?. d niBf rxm, kitohen. bath room, anitwoicood o?Uara. cat and water t&roafbcut, an1 la id perfect order. App y to J AS. C McGlIRK A CO.. fe20#? Au'aoueera and Coaniai'ii Merobanta. ^JTORK AND BAR ROOM FOR PALE. AND P PKbMI?tl! FUR RbNT?In cm a*qaente ef otter matter" rMiiriat the attention of tba Pr, r, K. ..K.r. . -.1- .1-- .. ' - v,, vu*i? r/i r uir crnift nn<i r IItut??cf ih? More No, 6*6 **v?nthat. Ts* at,-ok o? t Up e UVoJa Th? Bar Hm a Rood mo of first ***** cnatom, aud the building at a reaaonatu* rent.conran room at? lent for a lodgm* hsnac and 6>at-kiaaa re>t*ur*nt Ita proximity to th? market ti<,a*e wou'd affo d, to ac am re a.,(1 eierC*tic, & p-oapect cf iT.aknc mcn?? rapdlr. F or tern>s, Ac,, irquue a* ths premis -a. So d?6 AllA. AtfAiiiA a n1 ftl fe?i u- "*"* " '"'l F'UR R! NT?A a *e furLiahed ROOM, mtt bie for a committ*#: B?0 Rwmi attached ; Sing.* and L?>ubie kooma; at No 214 Pinriyirt tti\ atecit, lifxc to W lUarda'. fe 1? le* V ALL'A HI.K IMPROVED PROPERTY IN the Mate of i\?? York will he exchanged for K?V fc.atatein thit city rr good farm property in V ir* ma. AI?o, tanda in lllinii*. v\ laoonain, and Mifaoun, will be acid for property in t*'a oity. Ap>i> to JAMKS L. l?\VTON. 4 56 Eleventh meet, between 6 and H fe 19 lw rrWO FURNISHED ROOMS FOR RENT 1 at 406 1) atreet, between 6th and Uh ata. fa 16-tf ROOMS TO RENT, fnrniahed or anfarniahed, with all the modern oonvemenoea. Apply after Monday at the oorcer of Third atreet ai.o Mieeoerl venae. ? l*i? AH RARK CHAN9R.-T)m propnetor of Um City Hotel, 'the ?.l.? tret oltu HoUl Dow om in Alexandria. Vs.." > doeiron* to retire froM bu?ieee?. ana will Il.for a fur pnoe. Um FURNITURE. FIXTURES ud (iOOf) WlkX of the houe*. Hultut will the 1st of Jnnaary. 1863, but the property bo doubt be leased for a maoh looser tern at ? moderate rest. This Hotel i? now doing, aua hue lor many rear* done, a larce and profitable business. Tin deeire of tbe ?nd?r??cnea to ryUre from pabt?e>o?iB?eo im !), nnU me uflftmftnt r.i mm'1 m- ' ?** k.?? ifl niiuf in 01110 more profitable. ?o<l SirtSwVrt M??T to J AB A KNGLI?H.wh<> -a? - 1 1 pa BUTTER AND tMB. , _ . OU Tubs acd fcrkiua of prime ?oekea , Batter,fxotiiui n? t"lk. ... l,fW lb?. Fa <i Lades and treafi Roll Butter. t W lb*. Bakers' Bailor hMklwr^^ly. K.DUTROW, fe 14-61* No. *4o ! i?Ti.?h-? ?p- " J Ui*aTO?2^VKU ? "* * BOYB* fl, fa. r# frwm A uotion. which weun?;ioent. Wlov their first cost, kt No. 4&? t* it la (^J OLD AND 81 L T S~* <5 O I II T J 10 TREASURY NOTE# Eeight and Sold by JAY COOKE A CO* *M-*w 43.J F ftoenth afreet. 486 pk " Mfaay1' 4?6 PlCTtJEK FRAMhD, the lar|Mt UMrtMai, from tho beat m\uuf&.torj in U*oonnii j.for mm, M J. M A ItKitITh.h No. 4M . fa 18 S doof sbove Odd Fallow*' H*U. \|R. Pfc.RUKlAT. Bariwa Ctiro^xll*, from i?l Fnu, t*ca to Uilorm yo? U?iIm?U?M **" J remov Conu Ud Bftiuo&m. witbo?l inn, ;o UlMtkMau Kt fciHi ?B?r Ika I uftnUioa. wiLhoiit imoitmimm. Also rasovu "sstrz-j yJT&anfc 144iSlr?*l. Cilf Hfel. CUriM moc*r?if to U* doetora of WlttTlrtlii wyy * '

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