Newspaper of Evening Star, February 22, 1862, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated February 22, 1862 Page 1
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f 0 M * , . ? - - V2t. XIX. WASHINGTON, D C . SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 22, 1862. N?. 2,810. THE EVENING STAR M PUBLISHED BVBRT AFTBBJfOOlf, (SUNDAY KXOEPTEDJ AT THI STAR BUILIF1NOS, SfHMr / Prtftry .'???* MMM ?U EU**utk tl. ST W. D. WALLAOH. ripen rrftd in packages by carrier* it H I T??r, or 37 cento per month. To mall robecrlbert Ike price U S3 JO a year, M admmtut; 9* lor Hi montUa; 91 for thr?e mon'.La; tad for lea Uu feree naontka at the rate of IS cento a week. Sis ale codIm. sn cmt: In wrasner*. no enn. CT* imiTimnTi aboard be aent to Um Ace before 12 o'clock on ; otherwlae tbey may ?nt appear until the next day. THE PARISIAN "PISfH" ON MASON t^n si iiikM.. [Prom Le Charivari.] i A dense crowd blcoks up the pier at Southampton. A Teasel seems to be expected, for all eyes are turned towards the horison. Telo copes are lent for a pound sterling apiece, and a mere opera glass at three shillings. If a comet or an eclipse of the sun were to be looked at, optical instrument* would not be lent dever And still, there is neither a comet nor an eclipse of the sun to be looked at, but simply MM. Slidell and Mason, deputies from the South, set at liberty by the English Government and sent to England. " Ah ! I see the ship," said one English* BIB. " Where, where7" asked several voices. ' There, vonder?where mv finder roints." ' That's it!'' they all oriel. A load hurrah saluted tha appearance of the vessel. Halt an hour afterwards the remel entered the port. Everybody pushed to get forward, and many were nouriy stid^d.. When Mason and Slidell saw th* crowd, they were uuite stupified " How glad tbej are to see us!" eaid Slidell to hia companion in mkf>>rtana. ,-><1 tWa*,"*' replied Mason, "that this would be a favorable moment to ?aj a few words in season " lie was iust iteUim: ready to ocen his uumli. when a L^rribie hu-sicg prevented him from e?yin< a single word. What is me matter with them **' said Mason. ' They look dissatiefied." " But. no. the? are fcurrahini?-" As soon as they had landed, the crowd followed them. loading them with abuse. The reception was certainly not the thing they might have desired. The travelers at last took refuge in a hotel. " Dash me Mid Mr. Mason when they at length found themselves in safety, 41 they do not seem to reli?h us much " "Oh' there must be some mistake," said Slidell, ' they t9ke us for somebody else." At that moment a knock was heard at the door. " Come in." said Mr. Slidell. " I itn a correspondent of the Times," said the new comer, shutting the door behind him. ti XT-11 .L.a r J - / i en. n uat cui x au wr juu, nr: ' " I am in a great rage with yon." Wbj?" The Times imagined that we should hare war with America, and it wad delighted, because. ad I w*j appointed to follow the expedition, I could have sent them important communications. ?7 coming back to England jou deprive the English papers of all interest. "We are very aorrv. Mr. Corresnondant " replied Mr. Slidell, "to be disagreeable to you; but, as we were given our liberty, we were forced to accept it." u Nevertheless, yoa may make up your mind to be soundly rated by the London papers. ' 4. t>-? ?n xjui, sir . ' Yes, sir; you may expect it, I tell yeu." The Times' correspondent then withdrew, shaking his fist at the deputies. Hardly had he g;ne out, when a jreat fat tradesman came in like a madman. "Where are the Southern deputies?" he ajked. <t *rv.< j. ?i ? i? << uai u-j juu w?ui wua as : " Yoa want to ruin England !" " We never thought of such a thing." " You don't know, then, I suppose, that yoa hive made U3 lay out millions of pounds for nothing!'7 " We don't understand what you mean." Thinking that you would not be given up, we e- ke preparation for war to attack the northern States." 4 W a ipa c?rr mn/?K aKI I /??/! '' w -?w ? v?J iMHVU VVilgVU W ;uu " Bat now that yoa are set at liberty, all that expec*e is ageless. If, instead of arming Teasels and raising seamen, we had employed those five millions in fortifying oar coasts, it would have been a hundred times better." ' Still, we wuuld remark that" " I want no remark.*. I have no patience with yoa." Nor I, either," said a sailor, who entered frithnnt Slkincr r Armiuinfi " Wh*t have y<?u got to ?ay against us?" asked Mr. Slidell. " I am an old sailor, and I gave up a place I bad in a manufactory to enter the service again, supposing that we should come to blows with the Yankees. But, confound yoa, here you are, an 1 everybody is hugging each other. What the devil were yea given up for?" " la not peace the beet thing in the world ?" 411 don't knjw. but I like war. What will become of ma now ? The Admiralty will discharge me, so that I "hall be out of place, and it will be all your fault. You ought to pay me damages, that you ought!" " And England also," said the tradesman And then both of them left, overwhelming MM Slidell and M?on wilh maledictions. " Well, what do you think of this, my friend Midell?" " I am i^aite confounded; bat I hop? at leut iney win let us ileep quietly " A moment after an individual entered, dreseed in a most singular manner, and addressed them very politely. *- <i?ntlemen,,: said he, " as all the English are longing to see you, I have come to ask you if you will make my fortune and yours ?" " How?'' " I want to carry 70a through the street, nd let yoa be <?eu for a certain suui Bui don't be frightened?yoa shall bare half." The deputies were dumbfounded, and they bad tome reason, we think. Ex-Govsrxor Pt*5i.m0t0.v'g Diath ? f>ime painful and distorted rumors having gained currency?to the effect that Gov. Pennington s death was caused by poison?it is proper to explain what was at first intended not to mention. Daring kis last momenta sulphate of quinine was prescribed in frequent doses It waa sent for, but the effect was so contrary te what was intended, that inauiriea war* immediately made at the druggists, remitting in a frank oomemion by the clerk, that he had through mistake, substituted morphine for quinine! Of course efforts were made to coiniteract the effect, bnt they were all nn ir i I i n* anrl Ik A n. i -? J stalling, uu IIIV VMWVX WIMUIlUOt II1WDed only to have hastened bat not produced the fatal result, whieh the physicians believe would speedily hare ocourred at any rate. It was to thi* cause that the nrofoand and insensidle stupor into which ne was thrown was due, and the incident should serve as a fearful warning to druggist*, in their delicate duty of preparing prescriptions. It ij needless to add that the clerk is greatly distressed by hit thoughtless blander, and is probably at (his moment suffering as severe a punishment from his own conscience as any one eould wish him to endure?iYivarX' Advertiser, Peb. 18. ir-^ jj j in more and Ohio railroad has been recpeeed by the United State* troops, under Geo. l ander from Cumberland to Hancock; and p.Mender trains are now running dally between those two points, connecting at Hancock with hff w u ?r H?"*rmto?r an<4 froj\ (hence by rail ta Baltimore, carrying tLe rolled mail Ths reopening of tbe above portioa of the road leave* bat ii miles of the line iuift the coetro! of the Confederate military authorities. DwTgrcTio.i or &m. Ha.ilioad Biimii. A sp?a of tha Msoaphls and Charleston Koad, over the Teauassee liwr, at Dscatur. Alabama, has been destroyed by Utiloa men, oa the spot Decatur ts abojt sixty miles above Florence, on th* Tennessee river. We m*y now expect once more In henr of the d? s. ru.'ica of railroad bridges on the great Teuueswc and Lvrchburg Koad. Exratssiva Sunci.?The Richmond DH I *!rh of th? 18th, publiabed three dava after tb? iptnr? of Fort Oonelaon, !a silent oft the subject. I fur it lied Ita iridrt however, wltb a three i *>1(10111 report of tb? tffair taken fiom tbo northern papaaa . m The Sax Francisco gossips, at lut dates, were greatly exercised over certain peculiar circumstances attending upon the rather sudden departure of the well known actress Miss Joey Gougenheim, for Australia. A correspondent of the Times tells the story thus: Her last engagement was not very profitable, and the oonaeqaence who she got in debt?that is, her agent Mr. Eddy, did. all the same?and his creditors learning that he intended to give them the slip, got oat warrants for his arrest, but being too old a bird to be caught in that way, a little plan was laid to frustrato their kind intentions, wbich was as follows: Miss .Joey embarked on board a Dutch ship bound to Australia, to sail next morning Mr. Eddy, with all tho baggage and funds secreted him self on board the clipper ship Carrier Dove, also bound out next morning for Cork?the Captain of which was to put Eldy aboard the Dutch ship outside the Bar Both ships sailed with the ebb tide, but on getting outside the ship# stood on different tacks, and were separated some miles. The Captain of the Carrier Dore, old sailor like, thought more of a mile gained to windward than all the actors and actr?Mec he ever saw, and instead of putting Mr. add j oa board tbc Dutch ship squared away with a cracking breeze, wbicn proceeding at hrft produced a look of wonder and openmouthed astonishment on tha part of Mr. Eddy, who demanded a compliance with the terms of the agreement, to which he received a short answer, and it was not till he became -juyiu'.'cu 111:11 ae was not in a very lttir way to see Miss Joey, that he guve away to rage indignation and despair. lie stormed up and down deck, swearing entreating and raving, but it was useless?" t? Cork and a market ' wa? the only alternative, and to Cork he has gone sure. On the deck of the Dutch ship a similar sceno was being enacted. When Miss Joey saw the state of affairs, and the truth flashed upon her that her ?rarrln>hn her ninnpv A - ~ ~ ~ ~ and her manager were heading fur Cork and she fur Australia, she let hersolf loo^e an went off into a touch beyond any thing she had ever given the public on the stage. iShe raved and stormed, and tore her beautiful hair, screamed and cried and offered unheard of sams to be put on board the Carrier Djve, but tbe Captain smoked his short Dutch pipe very complacently, and when the pilot left tbe deck Misa Joey had gone off in a tragic faint in the cook's arms, upsetting his teapot and playing the deuce with the Captain's breakfast, and is now probably a hundred miles on her voyage minus money, minus wardrobe, and minus lover?agent, I mean. Gen. Lave Explains His Position ? The Leavenworth (Kan.) Conservative, Feb. 13, siya : The splendid band of the Ninth ( German) Wisconsin appear? 1 at the Planter's House last night, and serenaded Gen. Lane. In response to the fine music the "grim chieftain'' appeared and made a vary brief speech lie stated tbat the time for speeches was over, and when he next appeared it would be to act. Remarks have been numerously cir wuiaieu ujr interested pariies mat mere were difficulties between the gallant Hunger and myself. All such reports are utterly false When the Union is in danger he is a traitor who tries to stir up difficulties between those whose first ambition is to serve their country. When the facts are known these miserable creatures who wilfully circulate faleshoods will be covered all over with confusion. Soldiers of Wlaorntin. I shall eo into damror with von aiid the men of Knnsas and the West, and if 1 cannot serve freedom as a commandcr I shall do H ai a private. Bat, soldier:*, all diffioulties will be harmonised. Oen. Hunter is a tried and true soldier, a man of experience, and a man who knows the cau*e of the war. When I have feeigncd my seat ag a United State' Senator to the Legislature, and said fcr.ireli, my speaking will be over. Archbishop II codes asd Slavery.?Archbishop Hughes has written a letter to the Journal des Debats of Paris, in which he says that he is not responsible for the article inTbe Metropolitan Record of New York reviewing M Cochin's book on slavery, which was translated into the French journal as his. and the pro-siavery tendencies of which drew upon him condemnations from all sides. But while ho declares that he is not the advocate of slavery, and has never written or said a word in favor of it, he is decidedly opposed to American abolition. Slavery is the ''sick man" of the United States. The abolitionists of the North see its condition afar off through a telescope, acd everything is exaggerated to their GYP3- Hfl think* th>4t liL-r* v<*lIn* _ _ _ . __ _ aw J W'lVf* iU ( VI null the cholera, slavery should bo left to the doctor of the country wkero it provuils. and that it ia not worth while to burn the cities of the South in order to exterminate any cf the?e plagues. Cha*actbei?tic ?The Southampton eorretpondent of the Manchester Guardian, under dite nf Januarv ,H?h When tbe British *teumpr Delta, which arrived here a day or two ago with the Indian mail, was on tbe passage home, and^bad just parsed the Sumter, she met a very fine American (Federal) proceeding right into the jaws, as It were, cf tbe fumter. The commander of the Delta might have warned the Federal of her dinger, but, fearing it mlgbt be conatrued Into a breach of neutrality, bus ab?talned from dsing sj. luavery short time the Federal ship was captured by the Confedtrate, and burned to the lirstdf' dira - V"R"" CT'Mr. John M. Mill?, one of the proprietor* of tbe South newspaper recently published ta Baltimore. and who wa? arretted by the Gcvernm?nt Police on nxdny. upon the charge of publishing several libellous articles against tbe General Government, haabeen discharged. Meat's Sam uel ?. UMMTIMM tinowden Piggott, of the lame establishment. remain In clow confinement at Fort McHenry, and will not be discharged until they take aa oath of fealty to the Government Sjce at tbi Stomach ?The subjoined 1* mid lo be a true copy of the resignation of a Just)re of the Peace in ' Louilana 8?ate of Louslaos, > . To the Guviner of Parish of Natchitoches, > Loitsiana. Know all men by these presents, that I, L? L?, ' quire, doo hereby tkrote up for reasons best none to myself. L? L?, Justice of the Peace. PROF. ALEXANDER WOLOWSKI. PIANIST AND COMPOSER, Br c?n?r&l re^nnot wiuopon a cla?? for th? Piano anl 9ic{irsf, bj h? new and miplifi^s^CTStaa ITlAthiMi In i n i a m ? . ?_ . M WOI, <m . U|>L>UllUUlIjr| fff I will be axtendo : to all who dartre t > ao- ? * jire a knowledje of V i a; and Instrumental M osic, on the most liberal terms. All those who i**?ire to join this course will &oply at once at ais residence, No 308 :*ixth street, between ? street and New York aveuse. Hoars of reeeptiou batween 9and Uo'otook a.m., an Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdajs. 1m OANK1N6 HOUSE OF fl dur v ** ma x- a. ? ? "riOCTl ? nur UA| r. _ ^5- *1* 8*vmrra Sum. .! ?. i* iEuropeana on the principal oitiea in tLO L nlon la anmato enit, furmaheJ br as on reasonable terma to oituena and eo'diers bo'h lU* Trwuurr Wot?*? Ourrenoj boaiht and aooooaU opanod with ouatomsra, either in Coin, Treasury Note. nrCor>encT. JaO-eolm 8\VEKP:y it huyck. 462 461 Omtnxf Ikt P?.f OM-. noH brandies, gins, " Mi A L?J *<* mmr IWM Mao rimer: of f?S?K&^.%*^p1U&,fc rm.i* or family c?? Th? pvblKfln graml ?re r?an*at?A tn ?im tk?? .-,l " IiATI jr, TI ! " ?? tnrir pi^cdid ?(OCC of rwvit, il -*n ow?o. Port Ofiia. ... r. K?f ?., ?????&, ?J? w vwiomu uu?ai?<?un ar.R^nAix l B An Miortm#?t of Merehftsdixe of ererj dMorlf "" M. W*)RL * CO. *?.? " WK" "WWffir, TELEGRAPHIC NEWS. Execution tl Garden, the Slaver. Nrw York. Feb 2t.?Gordon, the slaver captain, was executed at noon to-day. He made no speech. Last night he attempted sulsitle by smoking a ct^ar saturated with strychnine. Reinforcements far Gen. llnrnslde. Niw Yo*k, Feb. 21 ?The Po?t mjrs that reinforcement are being ?ent to Gen BtirnMde. which will Increase his force to 40,000 men Arrival of a Prize Nkw York, Feb 21 ?The prize schoouer Maj. HirKnn9 Via* nrrirr-H )ufo ftha urat faVoti Kit tKa 1/UI MWUI UU? ui I I I V Vt UV1V. UU& TV ttl lOA( II liy IIIU steamer De Soto. Rhode Island Convention. Providenck, Feb 20?The Democratic State Convention has renominated Govemer Sprague and the other incumbents oi the State office*. Proposals put GRADING. TRIMMING. Ac. iMATom's Orriri, I t Wr.shin*tou, i e^'?ay 13, U6i, S P*o*.T?fit^^jll be fecejveuat this off^e, op to 12 o'o~>ck m on the 14th ol tyarph next, l'??r erau ne, trimming. carbtni &ni.l4tU?s the br ek and flag froiwars and pavicr the ?*tws and alleys in the First and 5'econd Wardsof the a:tf,fnrmin; oNe uiEir ci; jor me icira una i-ou in waor. tho srooad jet; Jiri-4 -h* Fi th ith a-d Sevn-h Ward*. ftrmine Ui? third district, (each to tse hid for 8-p?r&teiyt and tc r>e given to ditfVent cunt'actors.)for the year Hum niemiag i. o n-?i u?t ?a A?r.i, iM?<, a^rovaij.y 10 tne iol'omi k ?p'3;ficat 03?: # T ie Irbmoao tr? be ofttia ba*t Naw Vor ' North r:vt*r curhitoae, in pieces ol nit i -s* than two feet uo'. !e-s Than sixteen inches,aid not than threj a~d a ha f inoLes in thiokrets. t.ipujper ?u'}i?o? or ?"JRe to h? drcKcea to that th cKu.'SS. ar.d jet in ar.'l we!! ramme ' with clean crave!, fro* from c'ftj or loam, to tha proper xra-'e, ail the joir.M we i fitt?d. The b ick to be ot t't? S^tt qsalttf h*rd re1 pav in j brnk. ti be laid on a bed ??1 eba n nver hand, s?rca1 f ur ii!ol;?B dw>j pt; *v hea of o <-ai gravel, f-e? fri-m cl'y or loam. !hi'e inoh?s Ue-p w tb two course* on edge next to carb,and oiiecoor-ie u:i ou^d u:i hip iiiii r n-wu rc vnr pwcfncni ie !o*? than the fa I width; roextr? mr?a*ur*?mer.t for 'brick on ^soitil! beniide. Tt'.s s'o-i' piv?mc.:t to t>e of c.mmo!i *uart? not exofedin* four mohap indiim--ter,except the ?U>ne e>t the out me :iue at cM gutter*, oh rn<ist he of ix inch's :n diameter, In<i on a bed f c -a ?e uduleltll travel.. f-eC fri.m < 'ay or 1 Ml a? !< a?t r:ius in,he3 ilepp, to ho twice we ram .?a,l (t.a ?AA..n<l I > <?>. I- -1., ? ? -* u:w, kuo rv< v'i vi oiici un(?;$ \?"?'ii WCl flll'l af er being .xvniBed; and not '<Vorei bj the 0o:u snissioner, to be covered with fi o cieac Kiav 1 oooar e??ud,an-l theii.te ic? b itweea tne wHl h l^d w tn ti;e sain materia . The nagging t-> be t Ihe ?tst quMity blre r ck or guar 8. in pieces cf cot le?? thftu t to feet n* imnesiorg b; ei^Uttec itchea wide,?a<1 m>r than Uire - u;ohee th'ck, t?> be laid on a bed : fine j i- >An vrKvnl mm rl?* nrli m nr * K. - ^ (, ...? W?- ? >M *mj v? ? VI ? U Y lilUl tftad, >ix luohes deep, aii witti o.os* Joiut All xr^diiiK uotexoseding tlx inches to j rated u trimming. lite wink to be dore j, the best mviicaLdto the B?tis|actlon of the iMaynr, and to a com mei.oed within ten days ait-r the ?>rd?r five-' to the o. ntr>ictor. ai?d to be Oomplettd wi .in t..e nrne named in the order dir?ctinr it to 1 done, aau warrauted to etaud twelve nuntln r.iter its completion. And up )i tin iai'uro ol theooi tractor or 0')Ltr?ctors to o> inrntuce the work ?.r to c m p ete u within the ti r.e named, <;r upon hit jr their ftuare to ejceou?e the work ot th ? materia ? and in tiia manner her in required, ihe Mayor to nave the right ot ratplojnaf ollwr persons t> d > tiu ram?, ufin eucu irrm* co may oemi ex- .iif-nt, in winch CTfit the contractor or OHatractorn to 'a'li-g >h"r:! ray any lu** or damage tha Corporat or: u. .y sunia.u in conicquen<e th^ieot Auy ro^ira or re aj iu* wbion mpy b? rrqui'ed before tko expiration of the tun* lor wh'oh t; e wr rk is warr*nud ti sttnd, to te (tone by the contractor frr- of Oui's? witain fivo dar? af er notice from th? Cummi ?i cor of Improvements of the Ward; ar<d upon >a ltir* of any con'-ai or or co ? t.-vct >r? to make auy rtp*ir< or to r.-iay any pave ma-it n ti.uiflve dais r(ter nctie* a'oreiuiiu, tt-e ."layor i* to iiave tue rig-.tof employ in* ??-y r.tlier D?r?r>n or Df-rsonf to do the cam * oi. itrmi > Ji<? rrayde*-m exponent; 111 eveut th? oont act r or contractors ?o (ni'ir.g sla' pay ^ry :o*r or Jmdpr^ the Corporation i?i\y au?t&m ; i cumequeuoe thereof Korthe due per ormanoe of the w. rt* and the me of th? ma'eria s as herein required boi d a i ?ecH<lty to tfea a;..ou:.t of two thousand lo lira wi11 r>o r? q;ur< u ?'i 'ne ojiiiraoiora Ths bidders will stats the ratas at which the curbing pavirg and flagging will be executed, in c!?d:u? materia s. For setting ntw ourb of New York North river ecrbtt ?ne, per running foot. Ko' mjng new brie* pa\emsnt, per Muaro yard For lading new stone pavement, per tutiare yara. For gracing, (whether excavating or filling,> per oobio yard. For irimT.irg p?r running foot. For spon; gn ler. o?r foot For laying down flagging, per usare foot. For la>in* three &ud five courses ?f brick 'cn ?dge, as re*tiirtd by law, in gutters and al'eys. per r 11 runt foot. And the rates at which the following work, ex eoni"1! of iD-UrTia's. except tbe s*avs! and rand w hich may be required: For tettu.g new curb, i oclu'licg drefgirg, per rurnine foot. t or lun g new briok pavement, per equate yard. For ta.icii up aii.i relaying old brick ; a.ement, per tqnara yare. For >aking up and resitting old ourV; per run Bine foot. , For faking up and relaying old atone pirernent, p r hums y?r I. For takiut up ani relaying old flag flx'tuayg, per bQu&r0 foot. Pio i>id wiU I'O reielted which do?a rot ino ude an "ffer for ee-ch para*.-) it.*in uf work and save rials Ht law tha Mayor laprohib'te! fr?m awarJm* coiit a ta for the al- >ve won to any p jrtson or parj

aon* ars not prao'.ica' pavers. fe 15 'aw4w RICHARD WALLACH, Mayor. U^AlLKD PR0P08\Lfc A re invited till the Mb ?3 day of Maroh. 1862 at li o'clock m., for supplying the U. t*. Sub. Dep't with B W head of VKKF CATTLE on the hoof. The Cattle to be delivered at Washington City, and each animal to average 1 ,au> ponada groaa i uo animal admitted whiin woi*h? leas than l,nn(i pounds tress. The Cattle t > be delivered unh times and in such quantities as the Govfrnuent ibst require. No Catt's will b? uadei this contraot bofore the 1st d*y of Ap-il, 1862. Heifers and Bullocks not wanted. A b^rd with food and sufficient Monntf vill he required. Government reserves to itself the ri*ht to pay ?n Treasury notes. No bid will bo entertained when pet in by oon tractors who have previously failrd to oomply with tho:r contracts, or whe e the bidder is not ?:e?ent to reatond to his bid. Bjdsfco be directed to Maj. A. BECK WITH, C. 9 , U. 8. A., Wanhir.jrt.on, D. 0. . ? j ^ KoaM ov Bo. I. A B, do hereby propose to deliver to the Gov eminent good Beef Catte on the hoof for per hundred pounds groats wight. Tha Cattle to be delivered at , aooordmg to tho terma of the enoloaed advoTtiB^meiJ The Cattle to l>? weighed on the ?on!e?,anu tuo weight so determined to be the parch*** w?i?ht. i here!?y agree to give a good and aunioiont bond for the fulfillment of the o< iitract, and to receive T eacurr noUa in pa;meat for tho Cattle. fe ia INKPOT QUARTKRMASTER'S OFFICK, vun.isit r iuamiHTll AND U iSTRXKTS. Washington D C f February 19,1862. Ssalxd FicoruaALi for furi ishiiif to (hn Uo?(rDDnti atthia point, (1,'OOJ one Uoua^nd li KAD for the grave of tleoeascd eoldiarg, wui 1 e reoaived it tlua office until Saturday, Maroh l?t, 1862, at 13 o'olook noon. 'I'h- boards muat oonform in ali reapeeta to tha followinj SPECIFICATIONS. The Boat la to be ofo. ar locust wood,/rs?/rcwi l<iur f?-et lont.(lO) ten inches wide.UHl one and onfeuUf inch tuick. To be ilifhtly iojnJrd at tha top and "eham! frr<?<{" on one s,d j. rou 1 the top, and down each ed^e to a dutanoo ofd) foot (9)inuU9?. I P !&n 9<1 ainn/tth nn flarth ? A rpeoimen of ?he fctjle of boarda required may be ite i at this office. Fro^otaU should I? addressed to Col. D H. 1 Rcckbk. Qua'tormaster U 8 Armr. Washington. r> and shou d be plainly marked * Propose.? for H'a.1 Boaraa." D. M^UCHEK, ie 19 dtmar Q. M. aud Col &e. Z COTTAGE SETS! fZ\ COTTAGE SETS! ffe Thirty very handsome bets Jast reactved, in Oak, Imltat:on Oak, M&pfe, ard De-.orated, witu fn.d without Marb'e Tops.and at puces that 4&n i ot tail U> give entire satisfaction Md FALLOWS, Hairfd Shnok MilTRF^tB .. . CyTkLKK k. \VI I LSOi\, i Joo c? ' aT** *et' acJ ?* . Jft 28- t?o >nd ?J ioor?. JyftsV* ? siS^fjatgp J* 7 P-an aT?w. b?f?Ird? ^uk t?k fulk*^v i^a .v1fsfcr&'??\toii?L?z?ribZi wxiwx&sft secsz Pa. avenue Mid Ninth SnK OFFICIAL. Treasury department, Fibkuait 4, 1902. Notice it bkxxbt ?itks of the readiness of thi? Department to redeem the Treasury not** payable In one yesr from date, authoriied by the act Congress approved December 23d, lbS7, and the X*easury notes payable in alxty days from data, Authorized by the act of Congress approval oh lliriiti lfiki IWkt Interest on Treasury notrs of the above l*iun will mw on tbe 7th day of April next by term* of these acts respectively. fe5tap7 Department of state, Washisgton, January 25, la?3. The Secretary of State will hereafter receive Member* of Congress on business on Saturdays, (ommfnclng with Saturday, the first of next tnont}L Jan*J-tf WILLIAM H SEWARD. fTTAR DEPARTMENT, vy 81, 1b82. ohdirsp, That tbe War Department will be closed Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Friday* against a'.Iotber business but ibat whl^h relate* to acMve military operations In th? fl?!d. Saturdays will be devoted to the business of Senator# and Representatives. Mondays to tbe business of tbe Public. EDWIN M. STAN TON, <_ .W) A# A - M ?**_ _ ju zz-ii ccrreinry 01 war. mow xxajjU, 920 FE.1.1SVLTAX1A AVENUE. EMIViE nrPRE, Just Received and Opened, A larg? atid tfr?t-cl*M itck of choice FAMILY GROCERIES, ccnaistlng of: SUG S RS, of all grade*, TEAS. COFFEE, BUTTER, LARD, FLOUR, MAILLAR D'S CHOCOLATE, Ac., Ac., Ac. All rf which be otters at lowest ossh prlc?*. PIKE'S CELEBRATED WHISKIES. 500 barrel! Magnolia, 500 bam la XXX, 500 barrela Mlllera Rye Mcnongabela, rtOO barrela fine Old Rye, 500 barrr'a fine Old Bourbon, AT CINCINNATI PRICES. All tire ffcrortt* brand* of CHAMPAGNE, Mumm Verzeny, Green Seal. He!d*lck, which, being bought low, we otter at unuaually lov7 rate*. Alao, Sole Agent for pike 3 ARMY corlmal. f-?b li-tf jav rooKK a CO., BAJNTItERW, No. 4fiJl Fifteenth Sir?et, opp.<6it? Treasury Builders, Washington. In connection with our Philadelphia I!ci;ae we have opened a'. No. 4<Vi Fifteenth street, an office fur the transaction of a general Exchange, Uo.ieotir.p a:nt Baikin* Business. We bar ant ae it <J?iu, Uncurrent Mcner. Stocks a . 1 lJ' r.cs. (on commission,) Drafts on Amerioau vi 1 Kuropran cities, reoeivs Deposits, aud make Collections upon alt accessible points iei Ira JAY COOKK ft; CO. COIN W A JY T E iTf The Highest Prioe paid for 90LD AND SILVER' Ppktik For Salb in Soms to Stit. LEWIS fc CO., BANKERS, PtNNMTVAinA AVK*XT1, ja 22-tf Cnrnw Tenth trr?t. ~ARM1 tXPRESS CdJlPANY. NEW ARRANGEMENT ! ALL RAIL FROM NEW YORK. 41 HOURS. This Company u prepared to forward all kinds of goods to and from? NEW YORK?Office 3d Broadway, 1 BOBTON?Offioe, T Congress ntroel, and 'J Congress Square, PHILADELPHIA?Offioe, 33T Chestnut street, BALTIMORE?Offioe,Camden Ptatioa, WASHIN6TON-Offioe, 338 Pennsylvania at, ALEXANDRIA-Offioe, 105 Kiug stre?t, ANNAPOLIS, PORTRESS MONROE, NEWPORT NEWS. PORT ROVAI,. Aud the SOUTHERN BLOCKADING SQUADRONS, AT FA1K HATES ! ja?7 1m? 1 ? BUTLERS AND B U'-UT k. It D * lUTtt mm, a 4% Aunmi M 100 baakeU very auperior CHAMPAGNE WINE, for wle oheta br WM. CORWIN BUR9Y, No. 3#T Pennsylvania averue, 1? T entrant* on Sixth rt 1 CARRIAGES. Have anw on hand a large ar d fine ansO'tTi- nt of 'JAR K I AG KS. su;if 11' r to ai y la nmk't, which i an prepftfd to eel rz&LlK&Z l<w fur cash. i>r?-oT>p nt warn of si <. w - Wt? work, wili do we!' to ..all ana examine my Bt. ak be: re purchasm* ?>e* hen. Ail rectum neatly done. and orders prompt: j ?tterded { .. 1 have nl?o on? very hue eloae fannel Carriage, which orijiualiy oost 91 S25, but litt'e used, at i will be eoId low, aa the owner baa no further uae for H. ANDRK W J.J O VOK. ja 31-lm Corner 14th aid E atreeta. pOB TABLE WOODEN TENTS! J he ondoraifBAri ha* for aale and will m%k* to er Portable Wooden Tenta, of anr repaired ais*. at a very tow prige. Th'ae tent* oan be put nn nr t&k?m Hawh iw m ???? - .* ? - ?? - wv W u U. ? *?w -iiiu" tx*0| HUU UN uc ecou at the eomer of Fourteenth and 6 sta. j> O-lm' JOHN A. JORDAN. /COLORED BORDERED TOWELS. aeieet V/ etylea and qaalitm, from tov-prioed and medium up to extra fine. VN ith our utnai fm! sad ample (took of all kiA2a ol Liusn tJcoJi. ~ One pnoe, the aetnal eaah standard value, marked is p!.\io fifuree. PERRY A JURO., feia tr Pe?n'arena* ami Nlrtu ?t_ f AHieDailttHV Jl'ST i s^Si.?^fcaa. 'tans; jsasrs >?f to examine my ?took bafcru purokMi&g,a* I am doMrmloed cot to be timlereofd. K. BUCHLY. _ , , . 488 TU atreet, between O ?c4 fa, if. "*? f\J v)|rlLS.-*AIl paraooa an forbU<?? to dwoij tiatean aooepfeboe of R. W. Ad-.t*a, .-"aled l)eceint>er 16,1861, fifUea hundred doilasa rarab e TOTOMmjrwaar J, LANQDON, I WASHINGTON, D. C., JANUARY, IMS. REMOVAL. A. B1NIXGEK h CO. wa*W R O V JO 3D r* ?lf PENNSYLVANIA AVEFIl'E, o: roatTi WILLARDtt' HOTEL. We lBT;te th* of oar friend* and V -?? to the Card bftow : . ' * - -* ?1 - - i ; . ' ' ' No. 219 PMSfTLWS!! AVBIfV*, ) (ofpotit* Will or Hot*l,)\ T'ae Sut^crlbert, bnving openfds Branch F. ttabl!shii<t:.t to tb'.a C!iv s. fr?" r> L? -lace, and feeling encouraged by the ]:oeral patronage already received from l a friends and tbe loyt-r* of pure and gen .ine WINPS, LIQUORS, nJ r~*\ ?? _ ? ? v I - ? ? * J * oii** i ?uci wki< in ia iiicir iiutr, awrminpa pon a continuance and extenaicn of their bu?l nc?a. Their awrtmrnt embr*t t*? FINE COGNAC BRANDIES (of Taricnt Rge, Lraadt, and district* ) HOrRBON AND SCOTCH V HI8KIF.S, JAMAICA RUM, GINS', Ac , Alto, several valuable Tonlo, Bitten, *nd Stomach!'* which are mct-dle? for bowelcomplaints, fever and ague, headache, and the like. MADEIRA, SHERRY * PORT WINK*, CLARETS, BIRGINDV, CHAMPAGNE AND GERMAN WINES. HAVANA SEGAR**, Of all VnrlrtMand Prlr*a FINE NAVY AND OTHER CHEWING TOBACCO A I WH PICKLES, SAUCES,CHEESE, PRESERVED MEATS AND FRUITS, SARDINES, VINEGARS, SWEET OIL, Ac , Ac. The Stock wsi particularly selected to ?ult the wants of Hotel-Keepers. Sutlprs, Restaurateur*, Ac. They are lnvltvd to visit the establishment, which la und?r the direction of Mr. Jos. P. Wilbos . v**iug w iuc ia-. w i;ja? iury iuj|>ui? uiiwi vi vur articles direct, and to their many buaim-as facilities, they areenatied to offtr tLcir sW-ck t?oo-Uat ery low prlcpt. Vonr obedient aeresi ts, A. niNINGER * CO., mvorters of Foreign Wints, Liquors, fc. Ja 11-tf New Toe* and W/isHiK?To:f. 8 Y K AND EAR. N?. PENNSYLVANIA AVHNl'K. oryosi** W1LLARD a HOTEL. Oculist and Aurtat. ?ll. F. A VOW MOS( liZIHKF.K, From Canton Place. New York, has UTiTed in th? oitj and opened his offioee at 98T PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE, *here h? can J>e occsslted on Maladies of lb* EYE AND EAR requiring meJical and aurjloa. treatment. Dr. Vo* Moschz-jufs is t:.e r.Teutir an1 ut'fd?o?r into tho medical prac'ioe of the ETHERIAL EAR INHALATOR, for the treatment of obstinate oases of DEAFyESS AND NOISES IN THE HEAD. He la also author of the letters published in the New York aad Phi'atieipLia paper* treating on the pevention of DEAFNESS FROM THE F1RINO OFCAIf NON, ft. Dr. Von M. h*? tor the past fourteen rears devoted his special attention to the TSSJTJfF VTrtFTHP rvc JWfl rid ? ??? *-? ? V* 4 A A A* AM A MA AA.A ' V A/ A'*) And poa?esa?a the te?ttm?Ei?l? of iom? ol the beat known puliic mw in tne Union. who h**e bees most snoo<*afiiily rreate-i by him lor the RESTORATION OP 8JBHT f flJBARiyu. R E~X D. | ?rm Pruftuvr Zlimkvr, palixwitrrt 1 "I have trus day aoen Mi?a Wire, her light per feotly restored. I ?m tapp? to eiprrn my oonvioUon that by tout ski! 1 and judfm -nt ahe naa been saved from the greatest deprivation tin coaid hare befallen he.-?' Vrrom <JM tt on, > en aim r~*ra J ok Mobcdzukkb : I am ireatly obliged for the iiitereat you have ma> lie- tw in my e*?c cf Deafne*a.and ?h?akll with w aoh you hars mated my oaae.and I have no doobt that y careful ob ervanoe oi your direotionc, my heannc wiii to permanently reatored. fa. H. Pi GH. I Prom John AT Learn, Jr., son e f '* Ho*. Jwift of ikt U.S. Surrrmt t'ewtj It 1* trail known to my nutcercua fn?n<la that I have been deprivt"? of ?iy h*ar;refor icany yeaia. 1 am ^ppv to etate tl at I >.ave, ths.i.k? V- Dr. V<?n z.eksr, uuMrdir recovered. Aly kearinc it nowasaowteaiever. JOHN MVtAN. Jr.* For aoveral *ea-e I auffered from ilea&Ma. UtVon Jttotobsiaker ro?t'-red mv heorint. St. Lo?is, 6?pt. 7,lh*. JOSEPH TBAT& Dr. Von Moaehxitk^r inost snje-sr/tily operated oil mj eyes, and jjtt 8t. Louis, S<*pt. it, V8? I LtttwJrwm. he*. J. /. MtUJom.J Dm. Von. Motcnz txtn?l*ar Sir -- Airoci those xrho tav? fc?tu iseneitted by your sIriUfni treatment, in diMMea impairing tte ci/ht, it stforrts ma great pl?a;urj to add lbs to^&mouaJ of my sratiiuda to tho list of yonr patient*. My ??*ht w?3 bo roach nnpvrrd during the last tutu^n months that I ecu!d not recoriui* the feature* of a friend fti&adiQf mm me. 1 tender ion thu aoknovte^gmeut of jonr eminent rki 1 tul ?uuoeu il tli* treatment ot your o>>ugeC t&J f rat-fa' friend. J. J. MULLON, Keotor ft. Fvick'a The orwaai ?>f the ab?Te. wr* hard crlcivrs lArtlmAniala ?% n Ka ??an kt Ilr il I. a ?W. wm vVtalll UIU LAJ Wk. v?II ?U.> ft 4 Jut 1.., Patiect* vUhiac their family ptyr.mac to iv o?mp?nr them to vttneaj off a "'u? or lor l .a p?rpo*<? otoo <??!tatu>L a'<?et -L^r j tr luini t;i?a ? JOMjoai ma:, wih be mi til UmM irelooired to I vitMM Dr. Voc M ' "perauona, Mid expnir? I Mate of tii? ir<atraa?*uts Ua* iutroduosd for U.a | facilitation of Opthamio aa<l Aura1 Bnrc?i7. Art) fecial Fr?? ?naert?a without sny p?ln I to t''C pauaat. _ Oitu? aoura from I a. m. u> J p. m.aad Iroj a tj 1 | 'fcbltm 2?T Pr.NWSYLVANU A VFN E. FOX BXCKIAIOA CRACKEBS-A fr^b I aw ?>f Fort Kx ?)?'r Vrtowi Jsiw?""L mfr. ! M t Oontfr Vermont h. mm IM att? THI W1KKLY STAR. ?w mmumf rvmoj ui "m inmi r*?*?v nru*r ?t U?mi| M<III Iku ui to Mill U Uf i>w H ptMhM a Mnli| Tnai-fei!, , ?a ?4mm. SiajrletepT, per uiu ^41 M pit* win I* 9 * * i w Wwwly*lT( oeplB>.????? ??!!?? ?? ? It lkTtftably mklM Uc "Wmklaftee Mew*' Ikil kM made I\? DmUf fmiif Mr llMMl ao gwcnlly tbroag hoot the emkf. (Single copies (! wrap pan) cu to pr?eored at ttc counter. Immediately tftar Ike Imm ? TuBfiJ ni>u~ ?- mmm f?fv? a inw a nnDD J C HELMBOLD'S GENl'LNE PREPARATION. " HUiHLT COrrCSrrTKATMD" Com pound Fluid Extract Bmchi, A r?tut+4 Mi Sftri/U Rtm?4f For Piimw oi tb? | BLAPPK*, KIDMKYS. KRAVKL tW I)tOP "PICAL SWfcLLINOS. Th:? Msd oit,? InoreaMw th? powr of Di(MUoi), a:.<i escitec the a?*o?bknt? : to om.u; totioi. tjr Viuoh tb* W4I1IT OR CALCRROCt d??OHUOD*, a&U S.T1 r>?iATr*AL iina??(?T> are recaoed. as W*ll at FAIX AND I^rI AM VATIOM. ".??rrrr-wwaccc?* rw Anoiac fro?s fcxceeeee. HmOiif ?f ?i? ipama. K?rl? iLdxorMioG or Abut. Atttndt4 %ciiktkt Following Symptomt: lftdi?po*itir>n to KXerfcoc, l,o?? ?f Pove-. l/<i'u at M^atorr, Uittoc :ty of Breathing, W??k 'Nome, Trewbui*. Horror of P'MM*. W?kefu u?*?, IhmiiMic of V laion. Pan in the Hack, k~'v?r**; Laentude of the M i>ont?r f rotem. Hot Hands, Klasbiut of tiie Body. IJ.ysesi of the ?k . K nu?:.? or. the F*oe, rt- Lin ro*^ris?uTfc a. T>.en ?j ii.?u !iu. it * ovn. w go on, which Ui.? > w .e u\ni)ft!y ?n ivm, i-cn fo lowi IMPOTENCY. FATC'ITY, FJ?ILEPTIC FIT*, Jm (mt of ukich tkt Fatimt mny Erpitrt. Who cue -*y to&t they ?'? not frequently IWIowk by tL???e "D?ti?rri. ? I Vw i M I TVr 4 Pk.n /uivfifimTiAW n * ** i 1.^ir 1 n'rtt Mi:.' ? ? iff* nf th? cum of their sufferta*? act Mor.t will conrKs*. THL RECORD:*or THE 1NSANE ASYLUMS An-i iti i't an'kohj Death* ly Co*t*m*rt\m, till 4*r;LB WITWKS# TO THI TBTTH or HI u?nn?k THE CONSTITUTION O.V E AFFECTED WfTH OFGAN1C WEAKNES?. H U>? kid o[ lo tioagtt>?D and inrijvraie use >yrtera inch HELMBOl I)*9 EXTRACT BUCHU i? ' am h <mi fllil WILL COJfVi.tCI THI HOPT 'KIFTlr&L. FEMALES- FEMALES- FEMALES. OLD UK YOIWG, tMNGl.K. MAKKIRD, UH CONTi .MPLATING MaRMAGE, J? Many AJfcetionf Peculiar to FtmmUt the Extract Ht>- an is une?u&ii-d by &et other rem (dr, M in CUiorocia or Ketectioa, lrr< f aianty Paialu ne -s, or Suppression o1 Odiijmiri Evm nation*. L otreteo or Schircous state of the L'te ma I.Mipirrh** ii? Vi'hitoa Sluriliti. ar.d for all oorTipiairta iuc;aer.t to Ih# e?w, whether aristae from indiscretion. HaUts of DmipaOon, or in U?? DECLINE OH CHANGE OF LIFE t SB tTMPTOH* ABOVE. NO FAMILY SHOULD BE WITHOUT IT. tfaiM nc mort Balsam, Af?rewry or UnpUasmmi bL*ix *iw tor UnrUa%aml ??.d Lhm.m*?c?? HBLMBOLD'S EXTRA/ i D crf-T AtJ bUCBU !1 * tieir ?rRtT uiamAm L ' *?r ar :i?; A . D>. . At K*^M It esn?M K ' * ^ssa?? - Pouomout, lhua.'td, and icorn otti Maiitr. TfcOlSANP* ChoN THUCaAMDS WHO HAVE BERN THE T1C11M8 Ot QUACKS. ud who here pud ktavy jvt* to be eared in % bort t.iu?, tiiTO futtud tfc#y T?rs deceived. u>d polios" hu. by tfc_- c?e ol"fowtrfwU beer Hried up in the cyrtJjB, to break o?i uta?| crtralsd form, and IMBillArB AJTZX Ml MJAOJi, eHFLMHOylV* EXTRA * F90?? &11 eolMtioDS aau diee???? ofth? wt?tk?r existiac in suiiC on rriuLi, from Inn rnrirtUn? and uo sattw UJ ? LONG SU.IDINU OiHueot tasia Or|tni r?mi the ti4 d ? Di tune. HELM BO UD 8 EITKAC1 BVCHV IS THE 6KEAT DllKblTIC. us<l uoerttiD tc htve the cffMt la [>; ?? i** for whtck it u r*comwit^d?d. Tiasabi vr twm >vit BiiruisiiM mm . mw UAliJ CJIAEACrm* tlllMwaVMy modioiae*. CKHTIHICATK* VF Cf'KK#. From 81? ?T*rt' iten^M *? "-Mlircf *NU PAMK. "FH ySlClANS" PLEASE "/VOr/CB.W? KAU "JK> IBCUT" or ''L96KIDIBVTf. * HELM HOLD'S EXTRACT BUCHU ii oompoMd of Buchm, Cnboba ud Jaaipor Born? aeieotod with treat ovt bj ft oompetent drsrmt. PREPARED IN VACUO, BY H. T. HELHBOLD, netio&i ud Anal?tiwJ Chennet. tad Soie Mm ui&stuiw of HBLMBOLD S PRJSPARAII0N8 AM FID ATrr. P*raoDftilj oefor* m. in Atdcr? m the oity or Piiil?celihi*, H. T. Hklm?old, vm bet ok d*l? avers, Uutn aay. hia prenftr%tic>na ooo Uin no n*rootietBo mercury, or oilier isjirioea druga, bat are purely Tcjetab.e, n. T. UlvLftLBOLa. tiworri and aufceenb?d ;4w,*r ? nortmoar, ihm ws, r. ?ip nr.Rv, Aidcnnan, Ninth *i- tsjn R?j?, I'M* PHYSICIANS IN ATTBNDANrW FROM t? A. M TO 6 P M. Prlc* II f?r bcltl*, ?r six for l?, l>eiiT?t?d to *aj a44r?m, ik?'?t r*? nainwMi AcdrcM lettei* for lnJo,nuii?n iB coaftd* ? H. T. HKLMBOI-D, Oumut, 104 bo?iu T?atk ?., b*k?v fhito UKWAEb OK OOfftTlif^KllP 4JVZ> VKfRiXClTLMb DAtlKS i who r< d?*ror to q.?*om Mof UM> ,To?ter" artici* om lie rayuiano UaUaou Htlmboid i CtMiM P< " , M '* Butrit Bmt ?. II M l( ? | - iffwrrt ini Wmtk Bold b/ a, B.*. X. I>. !L?a*. J?mm Wiut. tt. C. i okb, 6. B. m. A 1 M*IA D. B. Ouutiuviu 4 UuunI. J KUm. Wirt utw >?< l?*rnt>Tv tlJfJD ii-1 LMVWUtS MfM* 1WHMKU 4tfft FOft MMLXdOLDI ml FO 0X31*. ARI ATUlfiIMF4lVIO)l |i &?(?? t? D#rii? 8y?ititmt to mil 0?* <?? *.' ? ft

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