Newspaper of Evening Star, February 22, 1862, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated February 22, 1862 Page 2
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EVFNTNG STAR. WASHINGTON CITY: SATIUDAY FEBRUARY 22, 1M?. f?7*Tfcoagb 'I k* Stab it printed on the teste*t ?< ->n: ; rt m In um soath of Baltimore, its edition l? *o large a* to require 11 to be pat to prrsi at an early hour: Advert it tmtntx, therefore, should be eat in before 12 o'clock otherwise they may may not appear nntil the next day. Spirit *f the Mirninf Pre**. The Int'TTiftncer t?r?e* the impropriety of de;-A?!t:n<7 iii?? rftwl tn hf nrpwntMl to Con Kim to-day. with the Insignia taken by oar arms In oar part history, as It would impliedly confer upon the rebels not only the character of belligerent*, but of a political commonity sufficiently d finite to assume the appearance of a nationality. Tte Rrpublitan discredit* the idea that the South la to be reduced by constriction or atarvatlon. <'?rR MILITARY Bl'DGFT. f TILL AXCTHKB BLOW OS THEM. The act of Commodore Foote and Gen. Grant, in proclaiming to the inhabitants cf Clarksviile, Tennessee, that they may resume their business avocations without fear of molestation, in person or property, by cur army or navy?explained elsewhere in to-day's Star ? la calculated t? weaken the rebel cause quite as effectually as z ^reat victory. Thus it has already brought out old Cave John. >on the most influential man with the masse# in Tenres?ee, to advise hi* fellow-citizens to avail thimf elves of this elenuncy of the L'nlted States. Secession has been the destruction of their lives, fortunes and businrss?the terrible curse of the ciitKiicc <31 ttii oi tcfui ior iu<: pa#i y? ur. On finding that wherever the good old flag egain floats in Ifce breeie, protection and the re?trratien of all ft tir lost right* liberties and blessings may inatmtly accompany it if they *o will, as In this can?, the people everywhere throughout the Pon?h will not only welcome the flag, but will aid our arm# to re-establlfh the rightful authority of the Government, beyond all question. A Dastardly Fouigi.-Mr. N. C. Stephen, of Bbdensburg, Md , hes plaed in our bands the following lefter received by him, and which it wlil be perceived is a clumsy forgery, as disrredltable in execution as in purpose. Other parties have received mintim of precisely the same character, ar.d in the same hind It is not difficult to guess who are at the bottom of this contemptib e forgery business, and no one can ?in them ail the honors thev ar? llkplir to achieve by It: Wa?hisoto* Citv Feb Mr X. C $trf>k< n Sir will yon call at my office i>r vour X<gro Mm Sylvtxttr t*T 1 Have Him *af Call ?ocn a* Poalbile fer thf-et Dam Yankti Will tak?? Htm if tl.ay Know it & you meat Hurry ?3 Youra, W D Waluch Editer of. Star ' P C let no Bcdy Know what vou want to see me fer W. 1) W. Star, office The Flag Hoiitic?The Union eniign ws? aoisiea ior mf nrsi time to day on the Navy Department flagstaff, by the faithful Dietsenger of the Secretary, Lisdcv Muse. Exscttic* of Gordos.?Yesterday, Captain Gordon, the slaver. suffered tbe extreme penalty of the law In N-w York city?be-ng the fl-st man ever executrd for pros-ruling tbe African slave t.ade. After parting with his wife on Thurarfnv night, Gordon wsi transferred to another cell, and il* clothing thoroughly searched to prevent the possibility of any attempt at suicide Hi then partook of some refreshments, lighted a cigar, and, calling for pen and iok, tat down to write let'?r*. About 4 o'clock yesterday morning Gordon was discovered in convulsions, and a physician was sent for, who pronounced liim suflerl^g under the effects of poison. The prisoner sf*erwirds admitted that he had taken a small powder which had been furnisted him, and which he had concealed in a crack urder bis Wncb. Ua -?J t- ? ?-t *?? -? * - ~ 1 iic wviiuiiuru in ron*uiPiun? unni BOOTH IU o'clock, whf n the eflv^ta of th?- prison leemed to ubnide, and be railed materially. About 11 o'rlock be requested that a lock of bis hair and L.i ring should fce carried to bla wife. Uordon was taken from bis cell to the gallows at a quarter past twelv? o'clock, supported by two of Marshal Murray's deputies Tee appearance of Gordon'? face was ghastly; hi* fear was extreme; but with that assumed stoicism which V.-.- J V ? ? *-- ? - ? uan ui"uaxui?uni u.iu. ac waifra, or WH rBlDff carried, guilty to bis piece. He made no dying speech A* soon a* the n?o?e was adjusted, the black cap ws? pulled over bli face, the signal at once made, and in an instant he was dangling in the air. He died easily; but few convulsive motion* were observed He wa? dead in about five minutes from the time the rope was adjusted, but the body was allowed to remain half an hoar, when it was tiken down and placed in a rough coffln, in which I? will be delivered to h!s friends. Fihaxcial ?Fiomtha New York Evening Foat of yesterday : There la extraordinary animation on the Stock Exchange to-day, and prices of th<* State bonda move upward at the rate of 2, 3 and 4 per cent at a single evlon of the board. The establishment of the great fact that we are able to conquer the rebellion, together with tte proapect of an immedia'e passage of the legal tender bill, producea a prodigious demand for those aecurlxies which have own most depreaard by the temporary triumph of aecesaioa. Governments are active and higher. The entire list shows an advance of XaJ? P?r cent. The roistered sixes of 1-M sold at **)>$, the coupons i*C^. The lives of ;-71 sold at and that bid for more. The 7.3t) Treasury notes are firm at SHJKW^ . I lie gol'i market It decidedly active to-day, and the rate rise* ^ p?-r crt In view of the paaasge cf the Treasury no*e b!I! witL tke legal tender clau?e retel .ed Tae np^nlnir business was at KCj<U?K.closng at 10G\alu3* Thr foreign exchange market is a shade firmer, or rather fa-* uouiin:* . b v-rs and sellers coiniug nearer toe ether Yesteidiy the rate on Loudon was nominal at 113*114; to-diy 113*$all V are the quotations for first class bill*. Evacuated?a l>'tei from Savannah, of the *5th instant, reports the evacuation of Brunswick, Ga Residents everywhere along the coatt should prepare for the tiittly removal of all valuables. Chart* item Courier. ffS?RKV C.G.AMES.OF ILU^OIS-THK UOf loe a er- j as t ** ediesday ever ing?will Br.a^ha' the I'niia i*" Cburcii, corLer.ol it hand 1> streets. I'D MuR ROW (Sandajrw at 3% f. m. 8.ibi*ot?"The True* r.d t-al>e PeacV' It* FESTIVAL ?The Ladies of Unicr rh*n?l ih3 M *" 4'*"IP *lh hold a F'?t v?I in MotVa Cf JSiw. *tr??t and Peonry vaoit a\.t Nai^rl?ES"AV ?ad WKUNK^MAY K.VKf,ok???c?ct?, eat;t!inf the hoiilff to ^miuic u ftiid i good f*Q? Ad:(uiiioo. Wfl rV 3 !U"CT' c?3t*- Coma 0n9, cuai j all! f frr^ IA N LKCTURE- -KevTjF. , V "'t-josij of Wiuociin, 7J- r?i?At on *t?IJJAY K\ KMNS. ? eb'y 34! T,.-,.1>" 7iIS AS? #Mor..Sr*?U or the Kn?l ah Toa*??. The i?otar.? viil oommeace ti 8 o'oloci. T?5n?u2:,? ? ? 'BTiUJ. Admittance free. I" ** n"-g*-OrFK\K "F THK JOINT COMM1SUJj BlONOF f HF. UNITKDSTATES AND COS FA KI^A, Wo^k^gtfm, >'#?r?try 8, At % -r.eetiur ofth? bear J. neli thi? day. tt wae Ordered, Thar a! ?*t*on? havint claiuianpon the Keputiln of Co*U rfioa, which are ?rov (led for bf the ^ocvralioii between tie Ubited iMate* a^'t tie rai* Kepublio ctclnd-J octheZddny of Ju:r. 186L', Co fiio m^oionala <>t tfje came wi n the ticrctiry (./tins tfoa.d iq the c.t? of Waehmjtoa. CE A*. W. DAvIi*, S-eretar? pro tem. fe ll-:w No -i> O F utrt ct vut lY^f-ri IV I! A lb, Fet?rcary 3, 1S62.?Tha AaIU< ! "! '?. avifip osirip etea the Afcr.uat Aa?ea'-mn-i f r will m v.t <u thsir room, City Hall,*- a ll.'Vdol Appra'.froni the loth to tea .fctii ?<f t)> a mor i'i, ioo uiiT??, to he*' corr^ itmti and to : voauch corr?vtioce a* tbay mat ilwin no (?5'-V . OKOHGE COl LARD. f <b 4-/-.Tt^ gforauirw. fy^t-i iVfcK MKETINS Wnl li ' > *< tfct* v?vk id the Lutherau Chur- ii, K v. J. (i. Bat.or'a,) at iha corner of 11th ai ' '1 ?f . j:::m a;\OM at iX o c.iiek a m SCO c?>niTnw ? :r. ja <" rr&" A F' I. Lenefit oi St. Vincent'* I". ~ t ' r?h . A?y cm, vill opened on TBI B6i>Ai a .- t. it t e Ai yluio, corner G and 1<>: si vniioty of uaefnl and fancy articie- w:il n*? < ffor?d ( f tala. Ti.erewt!it, * o!i i wm w^ere a I kinds oi r*?re?tn. i'i v he *ervffi. lea Cream acd t>Tfjctioier-, iu taeir van:-tie*. ja 29-tf Iror ^aLE-JIALT grain, aarable f^od for ' t Of ?t! . tt |U c?^U per bBihfl Afflj niLOf.hH I J ' B e*e y, New Vo * tvenn*. b^tu. an * 2: ?ir. <e <3-1 at* fMWUEN BUTTER. _ * d x_ o a ? I CRANB* RRlb?? Ac. $' t jt* %nd .? t:3 prirp^ uo.^hk < 3u i a. - k? i i.'?-? f* * x^uivrii i/OAlBhKKI Cooti>.: Fr?iw >b-* F1O8, K vi I.?^. iJorJMax and S:oi jr - -!t iuel. AL jlU.tOS. Jilli?j, OiUiM. Worcartar 8AUCL, ??. ALSO? CP ivrdi Vo 1,2,i d 3 MACKBRBU, >1 Vo?8i A'lunu'itia) OAN ULKS, * ? vi 1 11V, 2 (*)>>, ij". fcst:tr.? 11 h?rl. ffitlS? *** (It'i&LBTOJi * BttAuL -M' g .? ? ?? * ?tmmmmmmmmmfmmmm TELBQBAPHIO, COMMODORE FOOTE'S OPFIClAL DISPATCHES (PER TELEGRAPH) ANNOUNCING THE SURRENDER OF CLARKSV1LLB. Clabicm-tili, Tenn , Feb 20, 1608. Hon Gidtoa Wrllts, Stcrttary of tht iVary. We have pesse sslon of Clarksville. The citizen! being alarmed, two thirds of them have fled, and having expressed my views and inten tlona to the Mayor and Hon Cave Johnson, at their request I have issued a proclamation assuring all peaceably-disposed persons that they may with safety resume their business avocation*, requiring only the military atores and equipments to be given up, and holding the authorities responsible that this shall be done without reservation. I left Fort Donelson yesterday, with the Conestoga, Lieut. Commanding Phelps, and the Cairo, Lieut. Commanding Brymt, on an armed reconnoissance, bringing with me Colocel Webster, of the Engineer tCorp?, and chief of General Grant*# s'.afF, who, with Lieut. Commanding rhelpe, took possession of the principal fort, and hoisted the Union flag at Clarks ille. A t'nlon sentiment manifested itself as we came ud the river. The rebels hart retreated to Nashville, having set lire, against the remonstrances of the cit'zens. to the splendid rallrcad bridge ar-rsa the Cumberland river. 1 return to Fort Donslson to-day for another gunboat and a*x or eight mortar boats, with which I propoae to proceed up the Cumberland. The rebels all have a terror of the gutiboals. One of tbem, a short distance above Fort Donelsc ], had previously fired an Iron rolling mill beW/%n frwVin Roll whlrh Km) ho?n n ao<l B VMi ? "MM " ???v? v M U*vu by the rebels. A H. Foot*, Flag Officer, Commanding Naval forcea VVeatern waters, i From Fortress Monroe. THE SURRENDER OF THE CITY OF j b i v a vv i ii t r\ tuk* rn\f uivrn IT Xm. > nilllilti * V7 1 11 ti V \ / .U Ul/ FLEET AND ARMY OF THE UNITED STATES CONFIRMED! THE REBELS STILL ANXIOUS TO RUN THE BLOCKADE WITH THE MERRIMAC. [Per Telegraph to The Star ] D >t iviunav CaK 0?) / frnm P ArtrpM \1nnrAA UAAti J * V W . It! VIII A VI > VW iUUIIIVt Feb 21 )?The crew of the Fingal, which run the blocknde at Savannah, mentioned In yesterday'* despatch, were returned to Craney Island la>t night. No boat, however, came cut to receive them, and they were brought back. They were carried over again this morning and sent back to Norfolk. Three flag! of truce were tent out to-day. It Is believed in Norfolk that the city of Savannah has been abandoned by lta inhabitants and occupied by our forces. This information la thought to be reliable, although no particulars are ascertained. IkT.*?,_ I ~ 9 ?V. ....At ilUiWi lUBlGIlUlUK iuc auiuiiBHiiiB ui vile Ui'illPrn papers tbat ibe Merrtmac is a fillure, tbe latest information received Is that some two hundred men are at work or her, and that considerable quantities of shot and ahell are going on board. Their intention of making an attempt to run the blockade with her ha? not been given up, and it la thought that she may make her appearance here within a week. Kvery preparation has been msde, and standing orders have been given for her due reception. Another French gun boat arrived last night. There are now four vessels of that nationality in the roads. The schooner Exertion, with ammunition, ailed for Hattrras yesterday The ateamer Metav.ora, from New York, arrived thia afternoon??he la to go to Washington. The new gun boat Pinola arrived, and also sailed yesterday. More Glad Tidings frsm Tennessee. THE PEOPLE D!?OrsTKD WITH SECESSION ?EXTRA SBSSIOX OF THE LEGISLATURE CALLED. 3*. Lotns, Feb. 21 ?Special dispatches from Cairo to the Republican and Democrat of tbiscity? state that on Tuesday two Rebel regiments from Clarksvillecame to Fort Donelaon and gave them delve* up, saying they had been decelvfd and and were tired of fighting against the old flag. It la declared that a strong objection will be raised bv Tennessee against the force whl-'h retired from Bowling Green offering battle at Nashville. The Provcst Marshal at ClarksrHle sent to Gen Grant to come up and occupy the town at once. The officers of the gun-boats now lying there represent the Unlen feeling as being very strong. The people state that thsy been mide to believe that the Union army wai entirely composed oi bermam ana nrgruc* lor nuouuon purpose*( but now they see it is not. Thev are nnxl.-us to return to iheir allegiance. Prominent citizens ay that a similar feeling will prevail throughout the whole State In a week. Governor Harris has called a meeting of the Legislature next Monday> for the parpot-, It U of having all the unconstitutional act* passed by them immediately annulled, and Tennessee cffl^ersand citizens de1 ctare that the State will aoon be back in the | Union. Qenerala Buckner and Johnston ere till at I Fort Donelson Gen. Colluw haa sent sixty | nurses and ten surgeons to attend the wounded at Mound City. St. Locis, Feb 21 ? Nearly all the Fort Donel on prisoners have reached here, and are rapidly forwarded to their destination. Gen. Buckner Is expected to-night, and It Is understood that the officers will be sent to Colam. bus, Ohio. Important Report frsm Columbn*, Kjr. XO PR IP A RATIONS FOK AN tVACUATION?T1IS t*t l.octs. Fro 21.?A Union scout, who was In Coljmbus on Tuesday nlKht, reports that no prtparatlons were being made by the rebels for I the evacuation of that place. Fourteen steamer*, with steam up, were at the wharf, and a salute waa fired, Indicating the arrival of a General and 1 reinforcements fr m the South. The Case ( Gea Backner. Louisville, Feb. 31.?The Journal was misinformed with regard to the warrant issued by Judge Carton for the arrest of General Buckner. He Is under tndlr'ment. but it Is not probable that tb? civil authorities will demand him from the military authorities. The War la Arkansn*. captcri or BBXTOKVILLR. Sr. Louis, Feb 21 ?General Halleck to-day telegraphed to General McOlellan that General Cnrtla nas taken BentonYllle, Arkansas, with a considerable quantity of baggage, Ac. _ HAIR NETTS?HAIR NETT8. _ n ?- ? ? *? ~ v u i r uofliTru a mrje aaiortment or thoae tlnai<l<> an<) bil'cIa Chinelle Netts, aitorted colors. AlfO an A<?ortiii*ot of **rk and horded N"tt?, at MRS. LOWE'i Krin* Sto.e, 899 Pa. avenue, Ut?MnStii aud aid luth alieeU, juth aide. fttl-St SILVKR fcOAPHF Be?t art e.t, lor o!ea fug ai'ver and ai&ted ware, plate j a*a, mart e, paint, ?fco., ever It eoa txiaa nnthir? that oan possibly lniure the fintat piste or jewelry. Fflf CftlA li? tliA * na ?? *- - M- W^ALT & BHO.. Jnwel r*. fo ?1 at Metropolitan* !*t^rown'??HoUL. TOWELS! TQw TO WELLS!! ISO down Hack&baok, Duuik, ftad Bird TOWNlf 1,?? yards H uasia Crtuh, ^ kmrF Hiok?b*ck Tovshcc, ?iiioNDimuk Tabl* Umd, o!10 R I m~A D A2. si *?_ ?/i0WWl|ry ?UU 0) U?U VA? MO *" III Tt 1 Bf f Linen Bheeti. QoilU, and Furnitsre Prints. With ?t?i: stack of all Kinds of Dry Goods, for sals at ths lowett irioss. WM IfHrG&N^ Detvsea 7lb end tth streets, l? SI 2f Opposite Center Market f JlTr.*?? * PUH su.r, ~ I OFFICIAL. iniiiM Liscols. President of the United States of America: To All Wkcm it May ContimSatisfactory er-'ieno# havine been exhibited to methatCLsM >?. Frixbkich Hasedorn has been app dieted Con>nl of the Electorate of Heeee, at rnuaaeiptiia, 1 do Hereby reooiniss mm u suoh, and declare him fro* to exercise and enjoy inch function*, powers, and priviiegea aa are allowed to the Consuls of th3 moit favored natione in the United St&tee. In testimony whereof, I hare caused thesele'.ters to be made patent, and the seal of the United Statea to be hereunto affixed. Given under rar hand, at the oity of Washington,the lith day of FehrnaT, A. D.1862, II. a.] and oflne independence of the United Statee of America the e Khtv-sixth. ABRAHAM LINCOLN. By the President: William H. J'rwiHD, Secretary of State. JRON CLADSTEAMER? NAVY D^partmbst, washjxstow, ftbruam io. 1862 Tho Navy I>epartm-ct will, until the 54 h cf Maroh next, receive propositions tor the oompltte conttruo'ion and p*uipiii.-?r>t of Iron o ad vessels for river, h%rbor end co?st defence. These vessels with tho exception of those for the Mi?pis*ippi river and its tributaries, will be props 'ed by screws: those for ?he Mississippi nrer and trilutiri*? rn?y t>e propelled by paddle whe* a. fne hulls w;!l b* eirber wholly of iron (which wou'd be preferred) or of iron am wood combined, a* the projiclo.-s nay o insider moat suitable for the object propo. o i, b it their sides and decks must be prxectou w ith an iron armatute sufficient to rebi^i tho heaviest shot a-d ?' e Is. Th<> vessels }#>r the Mi sissifp: rtrer ar.ditstri butanes are not to d aw more than six feet water wnen iuny eq'uppc^ ana ?hci t'raft tf>!>y are t > be able to iraitita n a p? mnner.t spefd of l~ire fenota per hoar In still ?at,;r. ard carry sbffijlent coil in tv.e : linkers for eixaaTs siearaicg at that apeml. Thsir arm^T-f nt will constat of cot left than six eleven inch *nns Tfcevesael for Harbor dtlenie are cot t > d-aw ir.ori thau tvf l>e f<et xater when fully equipped and armed, at w'tich draft they are to te able to maintain a permanent ipced ol '"n knots p*r hoar in smooth vit?r. and onrrr niffiyfnt Am.limk? bunkers for seven days ?teamin at that ?pe?*J. Their armamnnt w 11 oun? ist of not .ess than from two to four eleven 1 n:h t uus. The vessels for ct>a t dMencesare rot to draw more than t?cr. feet wafer when fully equipped and armed, at whiei - r'.ft they are to be able to mvnt?in a perman nt *reed uf.fitt'en knots rer hour at sea. and oarry sufficient oral in the honker* for twelve c'ays scoimitg at thar speed. Their armament wii ooasistofou? or two fifteen or twenty inoh nuns Tne Rims of the ves?eli for harbor and coast de i 'net? ara to i a i xo ?. i potiitl ol Ihe con pass Wlino-i'clisnjto in tin' vessel's rosi'ion. The propositions mu?: naio the lumber of ve?ee ?, eurjeot ta the e ee'ltia of the Department, which the par'y pn>pr?e? to fawnish complete in every re*p"*o . embracing arrrour, plating, Bfe^m machine j and equipments of a! kind*. rWy for aivioe, xnef ting on y the or'nanee and ordnanoe atnrrs au<t proviri?n*: the prop^MtKn most t ueeooinpan ed by descriptions.np3:: fiaMioni, dranii ga an l models of such efarac'.c: that tie work ecu d be execu'od from them. Th<> place i f deiivciT mu*t be a'&ted; the time wuniRwich the V'-Ftf! or vessel* are to te onm p eted. arid a s the total euin to to p ud for eachIt will be stipulated in t'l" coiitract that one-tf h the t <ta. amount will be retimed bi the Government un'i! tixty dais after tha reception of the v?>b*p1, in order to give it a trial, t*<e remaining payment* he;n? .i:?.'? w.'.h d ie regarI to the proper p -r orniancK an 1 propria of tie work; the contract will al?o *inbraoe forfeiture for fai:;ra to perform t.1" conoitio .H np'-ciSM. The bids mu.t ' <? accompanied by the guarantee re mired I t ;aw, t.iat f a c ntrart i^ awarded, it V, I i h** itMm.iH* t.w<A .??! I - - WW J' ? *.Ar Wi: kO ! All i II.' o liimo* u 1 I lie parties who aro to become ths enrattea to the amount of the fa?* tf <lie contract will a!ao be stated Hie Department Will coraideranT other propoal tinns tiiat may be pr?a?i te I in whioii the draft of wat r itlove r a is r,ct ix.eeded The Department wiH lie at liberty to acceptor rrjeotaEy or all tho propoaitioca. fe 22 HUNT.CLAKK X CO., H UNT, CLAKK *. CO., HUNT. UUUK Sc. CO., !?ELt. Or* BOSTON CKACKKRS. GRAHAM CRACKERS. MIXED G1NGKR CAKES. UAVTON'S HAKKRY, 1?AYT??N?? HAKKRY", lltVTflMM II u L' u V ?? * a ' v i ? van iv i | 4 50 F/LKVgSTH J^trkbt, Between G and H. fw 81 3t NOTICE NOTICE NOTICE TO SUTLERS. r<i m'Ti.KBH SPICED MOLASSES CAKES SPICED MOLASSES CAKES. SPICED SUGAR CAKES. SPICED SUGAR CAKES. Id consequence of the great demand for our Molasses Gingor Cake ar.J ?ugar Cake, we have ap pointed HUNT, CI-ARK & CO. Corner of fc and loth streets, principal Agents far thoir sale. SNAi'-*, JL.UML,fcS, MOLASSES POUND CAKE. IN QUANTITIES, IN QUANTITIES, IN QUANTITIES. BOSTON 'CRACKERS, Freeh eve.y day?warm fp>ra tlie oven make delicious foodTen Cents Per Pound. DAYTON'S CELEBRATED M1XCE PIES. Hotel-keeper*, Heads of Famine*, and Sntieri are invited to try our excellent Micoe Pies. Our MINCE pies need only to be tried to be appreciated ; prioe 310 and 812 per hundred. james l. Dayton, Bakery?436 Eleventu street, feb21-lw between 8 and H. ATWATKR'S ADJUSTABLE ARMOR that has been to fhor ughly tested at m*n? of the e%mp* aronnd \\ aslin gton, n ay be procured at the.oilioe of t<ie eu^onber. <"ertificates of oom nianrtiur oHioer*. showing the power of this Armor to ie?ist the ft>roe of bullets, baionet thrusts, and strokes, imv be ?*n at the aaine place. HENRY L- R11>EK, Attorney for the Company, Office oa 15iU Ltre<?ta nrxt to RiggsJtCo., Itaiik. fo 2-M w* T'HE:FiNEST_AN? BEBT STOCK OF JL KK&DY-.MADE CLO MliNG in Washington caa be f >uud at BAR. x DKO. S Estab'uhnioui, o-rnor of 1- and 7th jiU. ALL SIZK DO^ S, from the ag* of 4 years up, can be lifted out a UAH St BKO.'l corner t, and 7th streets, at much less than urn*! pricos. CITIZENS ANU STRANGERS, look to y?ur interest; Lcot f >r the oorner ?,f E auJ 7th streets?it i> t-e piaoo to buy fino CLOTHING for but littl; inocer. STOP WHEN YOU COME TO THE CORner of E and 7 h ntreets. and but a suit oi fine CLOTHING at SIO, 512. %!5. or 8 At DAK h. BRO.'8 feZl-lm" Fashion*u!ejr!otnintE?tablishmerit._ i^HEESE?CHEESE! TO CONKOISSEVRS. Just received a iarte lot of cflEESB,embracing the Stilton, Chedd- r, Wi.tshire, Pine Apple and ?dami also. Kiigiuh Dairy. bMITH a HART (Branch* Son. Ua t m >re,) fill Seventh atrert, fe 18 3* Next to National Intelligencer. AVELOCKS! 11 A VfiLOGKS!! Sutler* and others wanting a good article of Waterproof Havtkoks at a lew price can be supplied by ogling on J.SCAHOS, h 17 Iw* 434 Seventh street. IH O. HOOD SComtavtly receiving,and his a'ways on haad, a full sappy of al the n>o,t oMebrated JN. WAfCtir.ij thai at* manufactured in Eng-fM I !? 1 U?.t - . A ;? MWiiacuauu r% u r* ujcnua f'UlU 1Q UO ?rd Silver oases. H? alao k"-ops a arse etoj* o( fi no JEWELRY (>f the iruut deairabie atyla* set with Di&monda, Einerela*, Rubiee aud ail other Unma. Ha isalao manufaoturint all kindaofgolid ma-.uard Kilvf- Ware, m d keep* Sword?, Revolvera, Swoid Helta ard Saahca, Howie Knivea, Rasori. Soia<ora, Gold, Hilv *r and PUel t-p setter, and a rre\t variety of other thinga ltanal'y kept in a Jewe r? S'cre. and a'l at the very loveat pnoe. No. 339 Pa avenue, between 9th and 10th atreeta. fa l?-tf A\^m FINE assortment of Ttoa, Collara, Huspender?, Shirta, Trnnka. Hsta and Capa, at SMITH'S, No. 460 7th attest, oppoaite Poat fBce. f* >4-1 m AT ftlOOKK'S WEST END DRUG STORE, 113 Pa. avenn*, >uth strte, a large ann general assortment ut Drugs, Mfdioines, Clear', Toilet articles, Ao. Also, Armor Oil, Coal oil, and Lamp*, a* tho cli*-sp n rMM fa H-frr GLN ?'h Furnishing Hoods, Trunks, Clothing, Trunk*. tlaUawl Cap*, all at Nonk?'n p ions, at the People'* Clothing store, No. 400 7th street. fe 14 Im 1VTAVY AND ARMY BLUE FLANNKLS. f?v?ral tu&'itifs of the best kiads made. Army anil i\av? Blue Cloths, aud "Doe tfkins," of qualities and oclors that can be relied on. n?L'?L2?.r !ErtM55? WlWftsfcflL?"** vwww.HW-ni l?u?? |OI V>lU lOU VT W? Liuen ptiirtinca, tad Fronting L.inana, of all gradea, thick and thin. Cotton Bhirtinja, of all tha boat branda, produced ut U? Home and ^Sro., fa 13-6t Pann. avenue aid Ninttt ati'aaC COAL. WHOLESALE AND RETAIL, At oar Oftoa, Haw Jeraey aranma, oppoaite B. a^OjJopot. , . , . __ *w ?^ ? # uu. ! O^L^tS01-"4"1- "" ~ I J. LANODON * CO , MW H*&KS%t.E,?. 1 ? m BOARDING. FL'rnisred rooms to iknt. ?ith Botrd. io a plaaaant location Mir tha Capitol. Also, a f aiKlaomalT faraUhed Parlor and Cb?mt*r

oomnnaicaticf. require at Star Oftce. ( 13-tf GEORGETOWN ADVEKT'MTF /^OAL-COAL! V |SIO PER TON. Ejpect to arrive in a frw days. 1W toaa beat eeolity Con!, which v* will Mil at the above prici for caeh. if ordered from the veeeel. Peraoua in want will please need in thnr oidere immediately to oar olBoe, C. MYKRS A SON. Oflise and Yard, Water ?tr?et. fa 28 1 w Wenrnetown, D. C. ji*ISH WHARF, GEORGETOWN, D. C. Matok's OTFIC*. I Georgetown, D. U.. Feb'y 20,183.\ ffttie* u ktnbf givt%, that Sealed Proposal* will be received at thia im nntii th? i?? Moi>itu nf Math next, for the renting of the Fuh Wbarf, own'S l/y the Corporation of tlua town* tor on* jfxr from tnat date. Terme Oft"h fot2 aawtd HKNRY ADDISON, Mayor. f2 NOTICE l*EOR6ETOWN KLKCTION.-An e!eotion v ill be held in the aever?l preoinoU in Georgetown, on MONDAY, the J4th luatant, for eleven member* to ooinpoae the Board of Common Connoil, ai d five m?mber? to aerve m Alderman. te 17 4t WM. LAIRD, CleTk. gUCKBKIN 6 L O V E 8J Ramsburg & Ebert, 102 Hi?h stuit, OEOHGETOWX, D, O. The only manufacturers of Gennine BUCKSKIN OLOVK8, MILITARY GAUNTLETS, MITTENS in the Dmtnet. Officers' Gauntlets made to order. Buckskin Drawers and Shirts. it M THE ILLUMIMATIOlVs PAKArrlNE WAX CANDLES, PRIME QUALITY. ADAMANTINE AND SPERM CANDLES. JOHNSON * NAGLE, 399 PlNM. A VSKUK. flftween 9th and 10th streets, (sooth side;) and No. 10 Royal 8tkiit, nbak King, f?s SI 21 Alexandria. Adamantink candle*! ADAMANTINE CANDLES!! 60 Boxaa Adamantine Candlea, food quality. Jaat rooeived. king * burr hell, fe20 Corner 15th St., and Vermont ave. District of Columbia, Wa*hi5gton Cocnit, To wit: Orphan's ^odrt, February 19, .8*2 Ordered, As a m*rk of re*p*>t to those who have reo<*nt'j fallen in df fmse f our common C? nn'iT, as well ss to their survivirg comrades in aim*, that this Conrt stand adiourned to Fri'av next, and that the rejnl*r term fjr Saturday, ihe 22J instant, be postponed to Tmsday followir.g. w'm. f. purcell. True Copy?Test: Mosas Register of Wilis. fa3Q 11 NOTICE. o 8ub8cribkk8 of the sunday MORNING CHRONICLE Subscribers in the Fourth, Filth and Sixth Wards, who have heretofore lailed to receive ihe CHRON1CLK refular'y. will confer a fare upon the uaCersigned, by making the faot inowk at the publication office. seventh street ar.d Pennsylvar.ia avenue. Having asrumed ohaige of the deliver* of tne CHRONICLE in these atd t^eother ward's of the ci'j, will afford the und?rsi(nod pleamre to rectify all mistakes, ar;d eee that the paper is hereafter promptly set red. Subscribers fn ft <*! * whn H n n/\? ? ? ? "" 1U ...V ? ., w I.v u? uu> p?J ? tun PUUKVWIVU VJUIOD, will plain* pay no money on account ot mbscription to any other oarnera than pysolf or my an* tnorizod assistants. BENJAMIN ROADMAN. Washington, D. C., Feb. au, ls?2. fe 20 at* THE UNDERSIGNED is at 214 Pennsylvania avetiae. Koom No. 8, for al?vd?is only, for the purpose of serving any ola^fl^ friends and customers. Km JOHN EARLE, Jra tfT Merchant aad Military Tailor."*" fe II flt* of Boston. Mass ri^HE SUBSCRIBER Will edvanoe, in the way 1 of paroh'se or loan, imail samy for short pe r ods. on Diamonds, Wa'obes, valuable Jewelry, or any description of satisfactory securities. *? Kc t or gentleman who woald like to obtain a lew doilara temporarily .in a quiet manner, may (Jo ao by applying a* 4 5t> H eveath street, between G and H. from '1 to 2 o'olook. fe 19 lw T|U Ml LI I ARY COMMANDERS, Ao.-Srufficiect consideration is offered for a Lien'enantcy in a volanteer regiment (New York City regiment preferred), rr a Lieutenactoy in the regn ar army, by an cffioer who lately resigned his fUBi w , ^uiiiirunio?iiuna lor inree oar* auareaaed ' Confidential, .^93 Teeth atreet," will meet with prom?t attemim. fe!9 3t* 'P COPARTNERSHIP. 1 HE Copartnerahip heretofore ex atinj between Walter, Karn.a-.n 4. iJ. pp, having been diaaolvad in oonaeqaenoe of the death of one of the firm, the haaineaa will hereafter b* oar r ed on under the name and fi'ra of Waltbk* K*kmaxx. W e are prepare' to build to order, aud keep oonitantly on fiano. ail kinda of the moat faehiontb :e C A H R1A G KB of the very beat workma'ahip. Repairing promptly and oarefully attended to at the moat reaaonable prioee. "Jhankiul for paat favora, we hope for a oontinuarojcfth* tame, at oar o d eatabiierment. on D trML hstvsf>n 9th m.nri 10th Wn m? air. ~f> l^l'm WALtBE' *"K AKM ANN*" OY8TKRS-OY8TER8^ C?illr G reat coientifin 1 mproTe-^Sxh^w ^Stw mailt in STEAMING and 'm R? 'AbTING OYSTER?, ? by wbioh the euUre flav.. and aise of the Orator U reta'-ned. The PEARL PA LOON, 313 Ponn. avenue, or posits Wi'lard*' Hotel, will open this evening, (sign of the globe iiguts) with its improved roanrer of (team nr. neatness of fitting.acd order ot servise. All daairin* a lanrv will r*wnrt?t l? I oVlmg. 8uj?rior ?nahty of l^reeh bait Oysters ooiutAntly on band to supply Hotels. Sutlers pad Families, in shall, kac, or oan Families' orders delivered on short notice. Choiea Cigars at rea ronable rates. ie?-im* IV NOTICE TO WATCH MAKERS. CH B. ft J. M VERB J2H Having opened a branoh of their Boston House at No 10 Washington Building, comer of Pa ave. and 7th street, invite the attention of Watoh Makers, Jewellery Pedlars, Ao , 4o.,to their large mock oiuomana auver ?y & toae?, wawn 3iau>n?! , Watoh Makers' Tools. Glasses, Silk Guards, Leather Guards, Bpectaoies, besides a variety of good* too numerous to mention in ordinary adrer tisemer ts, which they will sell at the lowest eas tern priees. 8. * J. MYERS No Goods at retail. Watoh work done for the trade oniy. Printed price list of Watoh Material, 'foola, fto., s?nt post free on a*r loation. No oonn?A#iAn writli n !niiiaa in frkia m fr w la M UVUIAUU W 1HI BU] WWIDI IIUUBD III WHS VI % J J I Ui NOTICE. BE Following artmle. of TIN WARE <*n he fonr,d at the Cheap Catk Star* ofBONTZ k. GRIFFITH^, No. 369 o?vect& street, between I 2,4,6.8. M.isu'i 16 Qeart Pane. 1,3 a-wt 4 Quart Saoee Pans. 1,Sand4Quart Buckets. Hmall. ui'dium and arces xod Water Bsokeu. Small acd large Bauni. 1,2 3 and 4 Quart CoSee BoUera and Pots. Tin Platea,? upa. Dippera, skimmers. J adieu, Car.dleitioka, Ac.. he. Tocatber with a general aaaortamt of Fanoy Goods, Furniture, Beda, Mattraaeaa Crockery, Glaaa Ware, and a general aaaortment of Houaekeeping re?uiaitea. Remember the Dumber, 3*9 Seventh air eat, between i and K. atreeta. fan eo3t BONT2 ft GRIFFITH. rrtRABURV NOTR nnnrnMR 4 owi* JA^VOIVi Jrerf> 17 lw 4*8 rag?th it P.op. o^ttWMSSfSSU? u. torm th* ?nb ic ud his former part ttat k* Jua resumed bu priT?U Lewuu la LacflMfM. nine in eohooli and organised elurn. In frwii, |m> tin. ntd Garmnn. Peraooa viakiBf M Join My of smste& fO SUTLERS' AND OTHERS. BRANDY PEACHES, 1? dosM, 35 dosen FRFSH PF.ACHES. 3D dcMB STRAWBKHRIEP, SO down PINE APPPLES. w ?ox;a r:K fruit. CURRANT JELLY, IS dcg?n FRE"H TOMATOES, GREEN CORN, GREEN PEA?, TOMATO CAT#UP, PEPPER f*AUCE, SAUERKRAUT AND PORK, LOBSTFRJ*. CONDENSED MILK. . CRANBERY SAUCE, 10 BARRELS PRIME WESTERN uuranu. Juat received and for eale at the lovaataaak ?ticm. by BARBOUR ft fEMMES. falt-lv No 61 LoBiiiaoiamit. Anew daily link between washington AND m ata woman crtfrk. maryland, Rddiiick daily to Otnt. Hooker's *wd bx-kUs Divisions, om tkt Lnwtr Potpmit. THE S T K A M K H A RG O. _ Cm. K. w. Davidwi, I.AJLYinr R iVt'i Wkftrf 1*?W ? ** J - * ?? at I^v? wi I* ?u m* IV o'clock* on and after Monday ne*t. ^ 24th iB?t.. retarcitiK time d%* at !Nfa9K? o olook. Refr??brafiiU on board. Kae $1 eaoh way Fro th: iikn at r?Monabl? rat? JETTRIP ON !?UND*.Y. For fu;th?r jartionlsrs apply to CM'aln on board. f? 17-2 w* 0k . T r- ? ? Jfik ? 400 Bushels NORFOLK OYSTERS Just arrived at 44 OYSTER BAY," ffl^ 13th St. and Pa. ara. ? -? f> 1 &-8t* ' CJTITCHKD LINEN |f*HIRT BOSOMS- ? kT5 Various ?tT e-. from low priced up to ftae, all wet made of excellent Linens. Una trios only, marked 1 i plain fignrea. Alao. oar usuv lull ?toek of i.inen rhirtinca. 10 ouea Cotton >hirtinga. of all the '<eet Dranda. PERRY k. BRO. fe 19-ftt Pa. avenne and Ninth atreei. ROOM TO RLNT, amtable for autlera' anpply atOre Apply to f. & J. MYERS, Import era of Watobea. 10 W'.ihiofton Kuiiding Dealers in watches wcniddoweii to call and cxanine thn a'< ok o! S A J. MYERS, witioh they are eelhng 20 percent, lower than act other honae in the city. 10 Wat hint ton Banding. IJTATCh MAKHR9 Will *av? time and trouble V' by oalliDt ' u t - A J. M ? KRS to purohaoe *Vatch Material*, Watch li later a. Toole, and Jewellera' Jobbing Material*. 10 Waahingtcn Bailaisc SA J. MY KRS, having anderrtood that eev eral trave in pe<l.ara havica repreaented that they are oonneot.-J with their bona*, and selfing aa inferiorartioi*, they take t.iia meuura in informing the trade that tbey are in ro way eon Looted auj house o- acanis in tlna II/" Branch of Koeton Mouaa?10 W&shinr'on Bmldict. Washington. fe? QPP09IT10N TO MONOPOLY! FARE RKDU^ED TO ?1, AM) HOCK ALT IIIX) BT TBI U. S. MAIL LINK OF STEAMERS?Riindiik, Capt. Kiehi; VoLr??TKi?, Capt FauLce. On and after February ?0th. every day iSunday exopp'ed.i at 11 o'olcek, from Jones' jt*k wtia f. foot of llui e'reet, ahd Hooker's division a: d ^re^i&iine aooje nour. r reitnt taken at arecuoed raw. Lioented by t ie U. 8. to oan;Huwn??r? acd Frenht *n<t wkost Inrrtctor't Cerulean may 6? ma on board, 'i'hor* boui are new and in good orasr, and make as faat time aa any other lo\u on the Potomac. fe 13 UKO. T STANLEY. Acent P 1? it H A M ' 8 SECOND GRAND EXCURSION TO NEW YORK AND BOSTON! PvAn laKlniAvatA V/v?W A ? *- 1 vui mmsm-. ? 1 UIVI v? ?w vw * vi ft BUU n ?7 V?11 li O From Baltimore to Boston ard Return f 13.*0 TiokeU for u>at C. *i.Ji?r'i Cigar Stand, in tbe ! National Rote!, wiiare/.i.l pa-tiou ar? m\y b? had. Two through trains daily, iwrisi Washington at 6 a. m and 5 pm. Ticket* good to return on or before Mar int. fa 13 2W AMERICAN i?PECIFIC.-Tbe only safe. speedy and cert* curs for a ettaia Pririn I)i<tast?cure in frt in three to six days. Soid or ly at II3K Pa. avenue. fe 18 6t / \ ANN&POLIb (R&fmJ COMPANY. OYSTERS! OYSTERS An Oyster Shipping Company has been formed Crtr *he Dureoae of nnn!*in? A nhiti.tnn ?* icinity wish Ofsiers. An pe'em* winch uae from 10 to 100 talons ee' day,can be supplied. Oysters in shell sent in 6en or a car load of from ISO to 250 baahetacan be had on one dat'a c olio*; for a leas oantity oall at 66 Bride* street, Georgetown, 1?. C. The Oystera shipped by this ooui#aaT is aa fresh, if not more io than a-, y others that oan be had in the District < <- Oxter? are opened ?.ij same day they are taken ;tora the water, and a < s>i.t to the District .he s\ ne-tftght. All orde; directed to WILLIAM 11 VNCK. Ar ca^olis, M 1 matacer forCoofear.y, will he prorast* atten, i to fe 4-1 w ]Vf OURMN6 BILKS OF NEW AND MOD1*1 ern styl?s ar.d finish. B.acK and White Plaid and Checked Silka for ADrinc. Black W ash !?i!ks. fcxira Glo?sy Black Silks all widths ud priow, K reruns Drera Sllcs, Kea! Paris Kid t? loves for ladias, all sues and colors. All kinds of Dry Goods. Ou' nortnern ami extern correspondents sand us tew eupp.ies ?& ?. one pnoe only marked in lain figures. An inspection cf st<>ck incors no otlicationtopn'ehue. 1'KKRY & URU., fe 18 6t Penn >v?aa? and Qth st. j&mmmmmk iwsk T lARNIlKNS kVlillKiW n ( L.?TaBU?BBD IH 1919,) Ueg leave to icforoi the jjI/ic that the? have extended their Kzpress to waahiagtou. and are now prepared to Tranaport Merchandise, Bank Notes, Specie. Jewelry, Ao .to ail pa?-u of the Middle, A?te En ft and and H'cjttm ?;?<? an-J Cm?<?. Connecting with the moat re??cr*ib.e Kxpreaaea throughout the country. w? are enabled to offer wrnqnalltd faetliiut to ail who may tavor aa with their patronage. For terma and further information apply to K. 8. SMITH, Agent. Third at., ad door be ow Ha avenue, Ja9 3m Waehingtoa, D C. furniture: a FURNITURE! FURNITURE! fV\ W. B. MOSES, (of the firm of Moaea A Peck ham, Phited'a.) Manulaoturer and VV hoieealoaad Retail Coaler in Cans iNt Cb&ira, Coti&c?, Parlor and Dinlnc room Furniture?Thorn'* Uaildini, AOS Seventh IlA MA | \ Every variety of UPHOLT/ERINO promptly ana neatly exooated. Store open day tnd evening for the aooeminod*ttonof the puv-.ic. , ? Purchasers will etady their interact to oftil before looking elaewhere. ja Ola* T AD1ES* RUBBER BOOTH JHB Li ANDBHOE8, Ail alsee, at J. B. PL'DNEVS, 334 Penn avenue, book of CiajeU't Dry Good* Storey MEN'S RUBBER BOOTS Jjl AND SHOES, At J. B PUONEY'8, fe U-tf 334 P?nn. ??.. Baek Room, f A I) IKS' RkADY MADE "NDERCLOTH Li IN9, NEW FANCY AND MILLINERY OOOUS, REAL LACES, EMBROIDERIES, Ao., As.?I take plrwnr? in infortcinc tho Itdiaa that I hava Just rtcetvd from tha north a largi ?o6k of uperior quality LADIES' READYMADE UNDER-CLOTHING, *uoh CfaemiM, Nif bt Drenaes, Ski'ti, L?< iea' Drawara, Ao., Ao.. wlyok 1 daaira tha ladiea to invpaot, aa they war* in*orted bafora; ooda got ao high, and ara thara fore verr cheap u defd. No. l8?MRt R U. ETC HI SON..No. lg. Pimu. Armi, Batvaan 8th and Ka btraata. N. R. Pmkinr Hnn? 1a ap^at ia % . 8 B1" " We are erring epec'%1 atteotien to mfcinc Shirt* to meaeire, added to havlac * wai? on hand a in* tock reedy made, bentemen deeiring tins important garment made io a ?tyle and of material aa they ehoaid be, will eleaae ?te? in an<i leave their namber. SAM'L W.THuMPSON, 370 Pa. area a*, under fe li-tf Brovri Hotel. A DAMS' EXPRESS COMPANY. NOTICE Or AMMOTAL.^ t&S^atwsMngjC MAI MA* * owtw MM ? ? * ,JS" - ^^-J. w. COLLET. Black 8IL*^?So|2iiiR??l (rwlM, tnm htr* I. W. OOLLST. I AUCTION SALES. TH1B AFTERNOON* TO-MORROW By J. C. McGliKK A CO- A?etioi>?*rm. GREAT EAST Ifftu GOODS. On FRiDA > . f*br??ry Jut. ooiria?Mi| M M o'cUekft m ,?ad7??iook p. a.ttd ???ntio?.E? from car to cot aaui i? vh?t? ia diayond of. wi ?a'I Mil, on Uto aocoM floor of oar A actio* &?*!> (. wi?h oat rcMrve. the largaat, rvnliai moat baewti'el oci?otioo of? I'HlNLPK. JAPANF9K and KA*?T INDIA ?OODS. Er?r < W rod at Mbit* aaio in thti ooaatrr For ft (SoMriftion of U?m Nta inl tootfa. oa rafar to tba cirou.wa vfaioh wli. bo iMaad oo Wodnofdfty nsxt. Tba good* will baarraniad atd oo frMoikibtbitioc^fag Thar*-2iT, ioth ma'aol, fro* ! to *fo*ntf J C. M?61'I1K 4 OO.. AtoU. FUTURE DATS By v% ALL 4 MARNARD. tiMionm. Ccrim /"?. ?r. a?rf MA ?sr?<. rLOl'R AT AUCTION-Ob TUESDAY r MORNING. Ffbro?ry ?. eomatreinr At )ft o'clock, ? will 11, Or account of w bora it may oonctrc.atonr A net on Riomt, v tboat rumrrt? 1O0 BAKRKLStLUl'K. J*rnu oMh WALL ^ BARNARD. Aactt. Rj WALL k BARNARD, Aae!ioa??r?. f?ni?r SomtA tilt P+. ?U >??<* ttrru nKRKMfTORY *AL_E ?'P GROCfcRIFB, m. L groiK 4C , TUB *TOt* o* rrTLJM tfr rumn? Bc?i?w?.-OnTl'tMiAV MoKMN?, t?? ittUi. Ninime'ff at ! o'clock. w??wil II oar Anotmn Kotai*. without ?? (* . tho (took ?f *?ut oecl m h??in?r?? . _ _ 11 Barren Craahed an* Veiiow and Brown Sacara, Ktti ! *ire?n and B*mt < < f ?, BozM</f *a?t* n Cut ?rg Ct?N*. . _ Bozm of Chewing a- d bnu'1 f < king Toh*?eo. ' tiki'CicciBttti Hanta annkoiidarf, R.t? Nacke * I and Bvrala M*a4, CarM tfardio-a aid Hernrta, ' a*M Otarf Br-ndy "tnedain fohrapa. Wr??ey. G.nger, Ka?pt>erry, aoc Blackberry DM m A ? Ca?r?Sherr\ and Madeira Wine, Boxaa Canoe* at c tv ?. Barrel* Mi ,er'? Rfe, 1'jurpoa and W ard*? aad C'ow A. 8on'? wkMif. B? tain, Jaouuoa ffi 'U, and twtefc B? 000 Citar*'?aU?r*' amal ?tre?. Wit ii.a ? otbt i i "Oi ic ba Grcoary una, vkirfc vl!i be ao'.d ?ithont rawrn, U slot* oon lgnmenU. b*I U ?| ? - .... ? 111 H j>, ? Bt J. C Mo-iL'lHK ? ro, TH BUSTEK'SS'ALEOr NEATTWO-8TOIY Fbaxk liwn li>o Hoi*b on Tbbth WKST* 1I1WII2V N A!?D O ?TBiBTS HOBTH ?!) MONDAY AFTtltMtOM, February Mt?, < ? o'clock, on ti e pr. ;n art. ' y virtue of a d?ed of truat, cated Oct' ! ? .5*.h, 1W\ U'l da y -e.oided >o LiMr J. A. S* No ??, folioe 81. Ac. nit of tbe iBbd rawda (<>' Ww if rt?r. oouncy, 1). C, I aha . ee'I the tit to ptrta of L<?u naaotrad 77 and a, la I?vid?or'a auh d viaion of tqnare cumWtfd 867. froLtiBi '5 feri l inch on Tenth atraat an',twtweaa N and O atreef c rth. rtmnins back 1*> '?at ta a thirty ie?ta ley. toge'.h r ?. u tba lmaroreraetta. o^naiatinc of a naat and wt 1' hai.'t tw -ator.* Frui? Dwelling HouM. with a t>*ck ! niidinf. Term* : 0>? third cwh thereaaairaw infix and twelve mootha. with u.te ?at. ?foared by a dead o( trnat on tie prcimara Ja?. H. PHKKEl.L, Traataa. ja 3' >\wA <i? J VciiClH r- A fii ?n?ta. By IIaKNAHI) * BI CKKV. Auctioneer, C?f r??M?a, D. C. TRU8TKES' SAI>..-M> vutre of a deed of Unat from Win. W. McNeer. dated April M. lWl.and of -rcc:. we wi at au?t. iii i>n tba 11th day of Feti'u* y i.?xt ai soV.KSk p. ra.on tha aremieea. a 1 that lot of ground in 6ro' (Von known as ti e mstar^mo-1 part of let i.anber one i.un ;red a- ! twenty - i<ht. 113.) ID ffea i'?addi'ion to (ieorjet^wti, fr. nticc 14 l??t on Dan artoo airaet. a: d rncc of t ao.k north mm?.m wvrftk t*> feet* with the improvements, oonsistifcf of a two tor? fran.f house. Term? of fa;e: OoMhird of ^orchttt monfi to be MM iu cai.ii; %od the r?sidme at three e*t?ft iDiUmcoti. tt i.iret, iix tod bios uioLtes, wilt interest, to be secured. WALTER 8. COX. _ ? HUUH CAPERTulV. . Zru,t?#!! pwgetowa Build's Amooib'a. Ja6 Sawta BARNARD * BUCKEY. Ahota. , IETTHE above sale is postponed to me lS'.h cay of Mi'oh re> t. u a I T ^ b q i * * ^ li 1 P ' A ? f ^ MM M febl0 2?wta HI GH CA 1'EK'l UN.< TrI,twlt M| AR"HAI.'S SALE.- In Tl'tM of a writ of fieri faciaa, leaned from im e ork'a olf e of tka oiroat oonrt of the District of Co:ua>hia. for tbf ooosty of Washington, and to me directed, I will expose to public eale. for ouk, in front of tM 8onrt Bouse door of ?ud oonr ty, on WEDNK#A V, the 5 h any ol Mach 1863, at It o'clock m., the following doeoriood property, to wit:?All dofendant'a right, title, o a:m and m'oreat in and to tro south 3 f*?t 8 inci.w? f Lot No. tt.ia F^uare No. JW, fronting 09 8th atreet weet, between U and P ttreeU nirtti, in tue c.tjr of Washington, 1>. together with n a:d ci* tn'ar the imprcreroonta thereon, ?t a?1 a< < levied upon aa the rroaort* of J Win < Bvfc-'. anl w. . tx? *old to?M ?fj )id r^l No. 807 to January Urn .<"362, in favor of John B. K?nfle 1. WARD H LAMON, faiou V 8. Marshal D.C. FOB SALE AND RENT. FH U R N 18 H E D HOUSE TO LET IN 6EORGETOW N, D C . WITH IMMEDIATE PwSSK81oN-A area. aaaUnoaic n?v Brink Hou??, veil, vth a**ry coaran'enoe f >r *? *? eepi g l'ia'o. Linen an<i 8< varvar? wil: b? et with h<. aae?citaat^d very near tha Bridge, and a beaatifcl lo. atioc ; bonce ha* al! U a modern lmprovem nu?fas bath, water, *o. Adi drtti or oail upon Mr o*ME. corner|? and | Congreae atreeta. Georgetown. It* OMFORTABLE PARLOR AND CBAMHf.R F< R RKXT Br?akfatt u U? hooae, it wi?had lr<u:re wt ?tar Uftoe fofi-n* LH RNIfHKD HOUSE, with taa. Potomac and r well *ai -r, 8 roona, on- annate nnr>h ot tne Patent < ff.ot?5 01 U atreet. between TUi and M ? t? rertto * email farr- j. Terma # ? per month. I |n?mre at 31*4 Seventh ?treet. a^ore I. fa >1 FOR RENT-At a ahort diatanoa from the Pablio Department*, foar reatiy fnrriahrd CHAM* BKR8*0(1 a ' A K ! ?K . at Foarv?? a h *treet. aeoond d or i or h f L. Board farnmhed if deet-ca la?-8.* WM.MYEM8. 17OR RtNT?Three (Jnfvniehed ROOMS, tn r a private honae, o<>nceoting and of !arite alae. With g*a and water The moat ret pustabie reler vuwa 11 *CU CI''U TMD' rfl? A. DOW OT .11 U . 41 4 kttlit St?r?i?0?.l* r-aj BUM Ult reeidenoe, will meet will, due Mt?tiiion. fe ?^2t* F| 1'RMiPrifcH HOUSE NEAR THK CITY HALL M'R RENT?Hone So lJS.Srcord street, between D a ad H at eet. a three story Brick Dwelling Hoate, with a 1 irocera laijroTeaieLU.and c >ir(ortally funushtd, is ofTerod lor r*ntto a saufao'-ory Uuaot.lor a ta m not leas tkan two j eara. _ J AS C MoOUlRE * CO., fe 20 St Aeetion-? rsand Conttmsa'oa alerchaat. 1\ES1RABLK DWELLING HOUSE NEAR \9 THK KlRKWOOD HOL'Sh FOR SALEA oomfortab e acd well bailt two-story and attie Brick Dwelling Hi>us??. with bark haiMief. sitoatal in the immtd ate TKiiutr of Ihe Ki-kwo d ftOttf, u ofiirtd for % e. It oo taioa two ptriora, ?? r?- d n?t? rj?m. beih room, and two good ov iri. (U a.Qd w*ltr ttroajLout. mJ u in perfect ord^r. App'y to , o, . . Jk9' 4J Me?UIBK * CO.. f?20 6t AitiOBfuriand ConmlM'n MarcMata. tjTORK AM) BAR ROOM FOR t*ALK, AND 0 PKfcMISKS FUR Rt^T-in eo[M?mM cf otter matter* re*uiriu< tie attest.oa of the Prrpri?'or, he offers for *a'e the fcf?ck and Fixture# of the Store No. 566 - evecth at. Tee stock of irt&p licoda Tbe Btr ru ft food mi of tr?telaaa custom. and the haiidini at a ttuonata* rent, con:a ni rooms ?off. lect far a lodging house ud fi-st-claaa re?tamsnt It? proximity to 'he market hoaae would affo d, to at active ai.d enarfetio ran, a p-orpeot of making men*; raptcij. For teraa, Ac.. inquire at tt?e premie ?, No Sevenih attest, between Pena. aveaue and B at. fafc-iw POR RLNX?A la-ge farniabad ROOM. aa<?a r b e for a committee; Bed Roona attar Wad j Bmzle atd Double Roomi: at No 214 Pm?t!? >1% a?. a?xi to fe 1? l"w* I OTtt FOR SALE OR RKNT.-W* h?r?ivo 1-j nimprovd Lots, si to* tod itlki iai?#di?to rioiottj oI tho Rarrood Depot, wkieh w? will #*U low fur ?Mk, or im?( on r?nn>t?lo Wna. for partoilar* in*aire of BARBOUR A 8EMME*. io)? Wo VALUABLE IMPROVED PROPERTY IN th? citato of Now Yoik will b? ncr.M.j^ for elfi ta:eiB this city < r good fun property in f u| us. AI'U, IUOB IB IIUBOI*. ?* laOODAin. M Muaonri, will b* ao.d for jiuNiti is ? oit; Ap?i? to JAMES L. I) \YtONT 456 E1?tmU meat, btwrw e tad H feTt lw TWO FURNISHED ROOMS fOR RENT JL M 406 D street, botwoec 6th ui 7tn Ms. fa l*-tf ROOMS TO RENT, firiUM or ufhnmM, vitk an Um Mdern oohv^dk': (<? Arp rafter I Monday at tee oorner of Tnird street aadMi?owt avenue. <e >4 lw* A RARE CHANCE.?The proprietor of tlM A City Hotel, (the only first class Hotel now open m Alexandria, Vk.) is amjom te rstir. irk rs of trie hours. Mis 1mm wid terminate an the lei of January, 1963, b?: tee p-oporty ou no donbt be m??k) for a miici tourer term at ? raodsrais root. Tku Hole! It tin* <A1H> Kill ku lAr Ulf ?f*rl r l.l* * ?roitai>ie beeiaeee. The {man ?> .Jho IIWriitDM to r*brafroni pu:> ic !'u?h*h la a# only ludaoomeot to Mil, m he oot>4 not iop? to encage in o&e more proilatif. For terna and t ss^'sgs." ? jalhtf ^aN'L HtKLCBOHEK. JUST RKCKIVKD a 'ar?e ?t of BOYV JiCKKTB, from abo'.ioj. whiefc wearee*l?' ? ?MT Mt.below UNI Atet *NI, at No- ?M 7th street. U U-lm (j}OTD N X> 11 L I ft CO ITr~ T I II TREASURY NOTBB 0oi*m im acta or JAY OOOKE * CO, fc 14 lw 4ft* P f iitt tr?I 486 ""AffVR&U.'" 486 from to bMt MtafWctorr it the *c natrr, tor hu, i* I HM ftoort

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