Newspaper of Evening Star, February 22, 1862, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated February 22, 1862 Page 3
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LOCAL NEWS. AMrmiHTi To-Nkit. Thiati* ? I.aat ntgbt of John E Owni. tad presentation of the '-Chimney Corner" and the vi?-ttnv" Owens &? "Peter Probltv" and "Joah ua Butterfly." Hail ?91g. Abecce, Mlaa Sarah Puval, Ward, Butler, Talbot, Parker, Misses Miles, Wells. La Folle, Little Ells and Mlaa Maggie In an original programme of pantomime*, nongs, dances and boMesques, concluding with Ravels' great fairy pantomime "Raoul." Phtlbabxokic Ball ?Tbeoriginal Campbell Minstrels, Dupont. Gsylord, Ford, W. A. Christy snd a boat of other stars In a new bill of sidesplitting comicalities, closing with a capital afterpiece Rise's Ampithiatm ?Benefit of OdaU. with Gardner. Bsldwln. Armstrong, Smith, Whittaker, Klneade, M'lle Heloise. and othtrs, In a spirited programme of equestrian and comic performances. Mriifit. Haii Dimii oil <) ? PrMitnvnfi at 5 o'clock, superior refreshment*, Ac. AtiPMTOf Music ?Free concerts at 4 o'clock, (rood music, excellent refreshments, etc., Hall open all day. Otrms'i Fai*, corner of 10th and G streets, for the benefit of 8t. Vincent's female Orphan Asylum. A most agreeable entertainment may be anticipated. Chaksi or Raps.?Yesterday, the case of the United States s gainst Charlea Kapp,charged with committing a rape upon Juliana Dllman.was taken up for trial before Justice Walter?Mr. Morgan appearing for tbe defense. The warrant upon which Captain Kapp was arrested by Patrolman Frailer was issued bv Justice Walter on the 15th Instant, neon the following affidavit: City e/Pkiladilpkia, * Personally appeared before me. an alderman in and for said city, Julia Tillman urhn h#!nff riiilv iwnrn ri*nntM ?nH ays, that Char Kapp had carnal connection with her -n the 2lit day of December, 1881, at the hotel of a Mr. Schnell, in the city of Washington, eight times or more Juliana Dillmai*. fvom and auhaerlbed to before me, this 3d day of February, 1862 Cha?. f Hbllfricht. Alderman. Mr. I'ttermehie appeared for the proaecutlon. The complainant Si a (lender, llifht-complee ted, yeMow-ha>red, blue-eyed woman, apparently about 2s- or 30 yearc of age, not remarkably bandsome. but neat and clean. Tbe counael having arrived, the J uatlce calif d Juliana Dxllman. who was sworn and testified that she knows Captain Kapp. She was In tbta city In December last; came to aee her h in bar?l on tbe 0tb; left him to return on the 16th; stayed all night on K street, between 4th and 5th. it being too late for the cars. Her husbant is Sern as n r \1 1 Ar I n tka Pa nnaitlva nf >crrim..nt' p(caui .<i?'ivi au ?u^ uw?u a cuu?|ifania ir^ iuiiim, Captain Kapp i? captain Id the aame raiment, encamped at Hunter'? Chapel, Va When abe went to the depot on the 17th to return home ahe waa too ea?ly; met Captain Kapp there, end he Invited h?r to go to the Turner Hall and getaom?thing to eat. Sergeant Anapaugh was there and aaomer soiaier; capiat n iv treaiea them; uapt. ft. toll Sergeant Anapaugh to get a carriage and he d'd so. Witness thought thev were going to the depot or another depot; but they carried her toSchnell's hotel on Fifteenth street. Witness got Into the carriage and Capt K rode a horse. He took a room, and witness did not want to go It, but thinking he was her husband's friend she went In, and they had something to eat After a while she went down into the yard and he went down also; the dishes were removed. She had a young child ebou' two and a half vears old with h?r U being sleepy she put It to bed In the room, there being two beds there. After a while the Optain undressed to go to bed, and made ber go to bed with bim. He took hold of ber, and began to abuse ber. She begged blm for Uod'ssaketo let her alone, as ate was five months in tbe fsm]y way, and ber child would die He abused her mo that tbe next day she suffered with violent pains In ber atomacb. Tbe next day, the 18th, he was afraid ber buiband would bear of It, and he got a back and told ber to go to Baltimore to a hotel, and stay till be came. She went directly home to Philadelphia, and wrote immediately to h*r husband lnformincr blm of what r*/?_ eurred. Cross-examined by Mr. Morgan ?Kapp accomplished bis purpose without her will and consent. He coaxed tier from the depot, and she drank a glass of lager beer at Turner HaU, in the barroom There are two beds In the room at Schneli's. t*he was In the art of undressing to go to bed with her child, when Kapp seized her She resisted, bat be accomplished his purpose right sway. He had connection with her eight times; the second liair auuui uan an uuur iruvn lur nrsi PD* IQfn went to aleep; he woke her up She resisted every ttm??the lut time avhlle before they got top, Just at daylignt. She attempted to get up; did get up twice Didn't go out of the room; ne n.ade her ( fo back. To Justice Walter ?Tha door was locked; the key waa In the door The child awoke, and ahe went to It. She tried to get la the other bed, but Kapp would not let her. To Mr. Morgan.?The a flair did not occur on the 21at, aa the affidavit has it; that waa a m'stake of the Alderman. Never knew K?pp before my vlait U... nr-v ? V. U# 1 n * WW ?u uri BUfiKiim. 1 uu* urrakiaii Willi v>opi Aapp the next morning at Schnell'a. down stairs. Ste made no complaint to anybody there. There is no door communicating with other rooms from the room they occupied?It is No 8. He wanted her to pass for bis wife She didn't speak to sny one in the house?didn't know any one. She knows it was the 17th, because on the 16th they were on the outposts, and the 19th she went to Philadelphia. She undressed before him because she bad no thought that be Intended fcer anv K * rm Ketiana/t K1 ?n * frUnil /*# ? j u? ni, mnv*vu u i iji iiivuu vi uc I uuvuaiiU. Knew he wm a married man, and the a married woman, and the light* wer?* pat oat Majir Hamm and aeveral oflcers being present, and anxious to retarn to camp, they were permilled to testify before the eiamlnatlon of Mr*. DUlman was concluded ft amounted simply to proof that on the J 1st Capt Kapp waa on picket d'lty, and the l?th sr 18th he was sway from camp from nine or ten o'clock a. m., which waa corsented to by the prosecution. Mr. Uttertauhle, for the Government, claimed that he had exhibited a prima faeit rase, and asked that it be sent for trial to tbe Criminal Court He cbaracterlifd the perpetrator of tbe a~t ma a brute rather than an nflrer unit crentl*. ' man Mr Morgan, for defense, argued to abow from tne testimony that there waa no rape, and read from a charge of Judge Brownaon, of Mew York, in e s*m!lar case, to substantiate the position he assumed. Justice Walter did not consider that otber evidence fer the defense would be neceasary, and reserved ha decision nntil live o'clock p. m At 5 p m the parties appeared before Justice Waiter, and he announced his decision to distress iU- case for the following reasons : 1st, on the "1st of December the parties were not at Pcbneir* hotel 2d, the woman went willingly to tbt hotel 3d, She undressed herself in the presence of Kapp. tth, she did not resist, as sba made no alarm, which she could haTe done easily 5 b, the key was in the dsor and not locked up 6th, she did not complain after she came down stairs Tth, she took breakfast with Kapp as bis wife, toth, she accepted a carrlaitv to no to the depot, at the expetse of tbe Captain. 9th, ?ne delayed the complaint until the 3d of February, le62 10th, ne ther her letter to her husband, nor tbe affidavit corresponds with ber testimony itii - \ . *. i.iu, uy nt*r own K>uinony, ibu ?BB aia noi any all night, mud made no effiMt to escape while be waa anleep Her husband takea It with phlegmatic phlloaoP*/ Littli Willie lascoLU ?It will be a source of gratification to n?e friend* of the President to learn that the remain* of the little favorite of the r? m ' nvuac ua*C urru CUIUVIUJCU UY i/m O rOWH and Alexander, aaslated by Dr. Ckarlet A Wood; and In presence of the family physicians, Dra. Hall and Stone, Senator Browning, Isaac Newton, E?q .andotbera The embalmment was a complete success, and gave great satisfaction to all pros nt. The body will be deposited in a vault on next Monday, and will be eventually removed to llll> note,to be deroeited In the family burying ground of the President Yesterday morning the members of the Cabinet with their families called on the t'resldent snd Mrs Lincoln, to tender their condolence. No others were admitted to the Presidential mansion Tfce foreign Ministers. Senators, and other leading cttli<fn?"*?nt cards and letter* of candolence. Senator Browning haa entire charge of the funeral arrangementa. Ar>j>uasai) Msbti5? cw R bstacbatich? k An adjourned meeting of Hot'l and Reauarant keepers war held at Franklin Hall, corner D and ftth atreeeta yesterday afternoon, Mr. Herman Loracb, presiding The committee appointed at tbe last meettlng U> wait on tbe Mayor, reported * tbtt tbey bid an Interview witb b!? Honor, who Informed then that Judge Key** had promised htm (tbe Mayor) to attend to the consideration of a change of tbe military rule, requiring bara ?\ to be elosed at balf-paat 9 o'clock p. m , at tbe earliest possible moment. Adjourned to meet on Wednesday next. A Wisiinroi Hoy m th Fisht at Foets Po.iu.soa aiio Hs.tsr ?Mr. Editor; As all parU of the country very properly appear to vie with each other In doing honor to tboae who participated la tbe late glorious acnes in the West, the citizens of Washington may well feel pro .1 *f one of her sons?a Navy Yard boy, at thai. I refer to Com. B W Dove, who com mandrd ooo of ibo "fnllnat five gunboata," the LtuisviUi, both ?t Fort Henry and Dooolaon, ud contributed a fall ?bare to ine success of oar arms on both occaolona. J. B. K ' Appointment of Jail SiruiininnT.Mnw Umoa hoe, we loarn, appointed Mr. Booodtct Mil born superintendent or the county ^ Jail In place of Mr. Jokn H. Wiao, resigned. Not the Mu?Wo are Informed bf Justice Uara?cio that it waa Hoary Mono and not James Moron wko woo Inod for riding oa the pnva(M>t Ptrvran Hkaii** of t*i Nixoh Mtirn Casb ?Yesterday morning, Justice Johnson, to iTold snv prejudicial effect that the hearing of the evidence rWare the jury of Inquest in the case of Win Nixon, the solaler who was killed on Capitol Hill, Bandar night, might hare upon his mind, Invited Justice Oiberson to sit with Kim In thp hMvino a# tV* m>I4m?m An/1 rv?r. ties charged. James Marshall and Mary Marshall, appeared at Justice Johnson's office for trial, Mr Bradley, Jr., appearing for the defence. The witnesses were those examined at the inquest, together with the jurors, and some soldiers. The testimony differed in seme points trom that elicited before the Inquest. Mm Good'* testified substantially as before th#? innrMt Sh* r*?ttn nhn:it ton leaving Mr and Mrs Marshall down staira. s?be ' was aroused In the night by tbe report of a gun I or pistol, and smelled wtant she presumed was powder In tbe house Immediately after Hh? knew nothing of the killing until she waa told of It next morning bv Mra Marshall. Mm Mary Mage*, danghter of Mra Maraball, said ahe went to bed before Mra Goodin. Shf was arouaed In the night by a loud noise?the report of a gun she iiippoat-d She did not smell powder, and denied having said so before the inquest She knew nothing of the homicide till ?Kn mnrninor ***A? (UVlUIUg. James Magu, (son of Mrs Marshall, 13 fear* old.) said be went to bed between seven and eight o'clock; wan followed noon after by his younger brother. They were aroused by the report of a gun or pistol, and by bit mother coming up cut of tbe cellar calling Mr*. Goodin He smelled powder, but could not say if tbe gun was fired in or out of tbe bouse. Tbe next witnesses (there were eighteen in all) ?tr\9TY\ 1 w (a tK? fAllntvincr farta Th?u <CT'LI uru UUIIVI MS I W ?V ?UV tull\' ? ' *'PS ?' *? ?VJ found the body lying outside of Marshall's premise*. near the street; they found a pool of blood under the window, In tbe yard, a blood stain on tbe shutter, a hand print, a freshly broken pane, and fresh powder on tbe Inside wash. Surf on A C. William), 5th U 8 artillery, testified ibat death n.u? have ensued Instantly from the wound, and the body was probably dragged from the pool of blood In the yard to' the a'reet outside. On? nf t>iji InnnMt iiirorm? Mr W Readdv? when about to be qualified, refused to be iworn according to law, saying that it wii contrary to his religion* belief, and cited Mattbew, 5tbchapter, veraea 33 to 37, in justification. He would not use the name of God, nor swear by the uplifted hand. Mr Bradley, Jr., for defence, objected, on the ground that he was an unbeliever. The Justice asked Readdv If be believed the Sen ptures, and the doctrine of future rewards and punishment. He aatd he did H?? was declared competent, and proceeded with his evidence, substantiating generally the statements rf tbe other witnesses. The character of Marshall was shown to be excellent The deceased had the character of being intemperate and quarrelsome. The certlfl ateof marriage rf Marshall and Mrs. Magee was produced. it being given under her maiden name of Mary McCarty. Her business has been conducted mi/Iap tha ntmA t\f U <i (taa a1rmr>lif V? *r> M11 a A Mta V\ "*? """,c "?Vliahpd In that name. Tbe ?a?e wa* fully dismissed by Justice* John?on and Giberton, who conid discover nothing In the evidence to justify a commitment of either of the parties for trial at court. 1 HE ATIONAL J\ AILKOAD UO*FER?NCB?I Dll bedy reassembled In the concert ball at tb* Wlllard Hotel, at 4 p. m yeste day, Hon Erastus Corning presiding. Quartermaster General Meigs was present. A report from the committee to confer with the Government authorities was tben submitted, and it was unanimously adopted by the convention. Tbe terms thus agreed upon arc, that on all roads or distances fifty miles (adopting theclasi.fications of the four Atlantic trunk lines) a deduction of ten per cent shall be made from their regular tariff ra'.es on all supplies or material transported for Government account?%itb the proviso that In no ease t>hall these rates exceed, for first-class freiffht. three cents ?er ton oer mile for secord-clasa 7reigbt, two and three-quxrters of a cent per ton per mile; for third-clas# freight, two and a quarter cent* per ton per mile; and for fourth-claw freight, one and three-quarter cents per ton per mile. Messrs Corning, Felton, and Jewett were appointed a standing committee of the convention with authority to confer with the Secretary of War from time to time. Akbtval or Rilkasid Pai?o*?ts.?About 300 prisoners of war, recently released from Rich mona. srrivea nere in me early ariemoon train from Baltimore yesterday. They were exchanged thronoh a flig of truee from Norfolk, and arrived In Baltimore from Old Point yesterday by tbe steamer Adelaide. They were taken at Ball'* Bluff and In ikirmishes along the Potomac. They came here to receive their pay, and It is stated that many of them are anxious to enter upon active service again. Mexti*? for Rkliif or Sick a*d Disablid Soldiirs?a meeting of the laborers of the Washington ,\*vy Yard wat held on Wednesday evening for the purpose ?f disbursing the amount of one day^a pay from each member of the labor department, contributed for the benefit of sick and disabled soldiers In and around Washington, which contribution was colltcted through the untiring zeal and patriotic exertions of Mr. C.W. W hite, master laborer. The meeting was organized by calling Mr. White to the chair, and electing Mr. Lavender secr-tary The chairman. In a brief but eloquent manner, explained the object of the meeting, and aald the (( InK aid to the brave men wbo have ao nobly responded to the rail of their country, la a duty Incumbent on ail who aapir? to the enjovment of liberty ar.d human rlghta Thoae noldie'c have proved tfcalr patriotism bv leaving homes, wlvea, and children to fight the fcvtlea or our country to sustain eur constitutional K?vernment and laws, nnd defend that glorious object of our atT-ctlon and regard?the flag of our Union Mr White, In conclusion, thanked the men of hla department for their liberality, aa he wa? well aware many of tbera had large familtea to aupport with their earnings The following resolutions were then adopted: Hmnlvd. That the Chair bs, and he Is hereby, authorized to appoint a committee of ten, whose duty it shall b? to look after the sick and disabled ssldiers, aad administer to their relief until the amount collected be diabaraed. Rttolttd, That Mr White act as treasurer. The Chair appointed the following gentlemen aa a committee : Oliver Cray.Wm. Cadlll, Ilenry Marker, Thomas Lavender, Richard Lighbourn, Henry Stanford, John Morgan, Chas. etrlckard, John D Reld, and Joa H Morgan. The meeting then adjourned. It If toc have a cough or cold, nae "Boswell's Medicated Congh Candy," and find almost In | slant reuer eo:a by all druggista, and wholesale and retail by O. Bos well, corner of Maryland avenue and Seventh atreet, Washington. Caution ? Army and Navy officers are cautioned against the lmpoattiona of a person from Boston, wbo baa visited the camps, representing k 4 nn u I f /tAnns^U/1 1 t Vi m? rataKTtahrvxjrtt UIIUKil u I.VU UUV IVM *? 1VU IU J * aWUIKU I ft* C 11 ft , QIIU bat endeavored to obtain order* for military clothing. No peraon baa any authority to thus represent me or my establishment. It* John Earlr, Jr., Boston. SXVIN HCNDRRD voluntrrrs SlCK IN CftMP ' Young men be warned la time, aupply yourselves with Holloway'a Pille and Ointment. They are guaranteed to cure the worat caaea of Sores, Ulcers, Scarry. Fevers and Bowel Complaints. Onl> U cents per Box or Pot. 218. Corns, Bunions, Calosltles, Bad Natla, Enlarged Joints, and all disease* of the feet cared wiidoui pun, oy ur wuu, Burgeon u&iropodlst, 4M Pennsylvania avenue, between Four&nd-a ha'f tod Sixth streets. Room 7?3d floor. Office 1MB from 9s. m. to 6p on. Calls made at private residences when desired. feb 17 Instaktansovs Ccms of Corns, Bunions, Callosities, Inverted Nails, Warts, snd all diseases of the feet. Mr Blmond, Surgeon Chiropodist, is enabled, by a peculiar process, to eradicate the most painful excreecenses In a few minutes, with the least pain or the sliuhtest Inconvenience to the patient. Consulting hours from nine a m to live p m , at his office, 353 Pennsylvania avenue, opposite Brown's Hotel. Best reference given in this city. feb 3?lm Thx ImiAK Hub Doctoi, Prom Canada, will describe diseases and tell his patients the natnre of their complaints or 111 Mii I wiwvui i rtci i tig maj i uiui uia* tlon from them. JVo M?rf? /or ConstUiaiiom or Adwim. OUK MOTTO. We aw inch Balm* aa have do (trite W 1th Nature or the Law* of Life: W Itb Blood onr hands we never stain Nor poison men to cut their pain. Our Father?whom all goodneaa Alls, ProTidfi the means to cure all 111a; Th? tlmnl? Horha hmuath nur fnot Well uaed. relieve oar pels complete. A Dimple Herb, i simple Flower, Call'd from the dewy Lea? These, th?ae shall speak with touching power Of ehaage end health to the. Room pio. 11, Washington Building, Penn. avenue, comer ef 7th sireet. Canadian referenda of the Indian Herb Doctor: Sir E Heads, Governor of t^anada Hon. Hy, Stearns, Mayor of Montreal, C. ?. Hon. O'o Ball. Mayor of Quebec, C. E. Ron. John B ntcnln?oa, Mayor of Toronto, C. W. Hoa. J. B. Roblnaon. Hon. Jas. Cummlnga, Mayor of Hamilton, C W. Hon. W. Matthews, of Brantford, C. W. Hon. W. Barker. Mayor of London, C. W. W. Savage, Into Col. of Artiliory. H_P. Dwl^ht, Saprof MoatreaijTalegraph. _ I *&? iwdia Rtmn Good?. India rubber 8b*?U for protecting children'? beda, that bo family should be without; 75 ccnta each. Rubber Blanket*, for aoldtera, tl.25 eech. Rubber Poochee and Blankets combined, ?2.50 each. India RubbvOcata, white or black, 92.50 each. India Rubber Leuuln* SI per pair. And all kliiiaaf R nhlvr Hoodl. including Rub ber Boots and Rhom, Rubber Stoppers for bottles. Door Mats, Under Sheeting* for ked*nn sickne?s, Ac., Ac., at manufacturer s prices. A flail's India Rubber Warehouse, 308 i'a. a*., oetwcen Ninth and Tenth streets. feb 1-tf Famtli** who hare never nwd Boston crackers are invited to try those manufactured fresh every day by J. L. Dayton. Sold by all respectable grocers. ja28-tf * DIB II, On the81 st instant. JOHN THOMAS, aced 17 rnonthi ar.d 7 diya. beloved and on'y ?on of Ed. J. ?nd Margaret Hyram.of Wrshinctou City. Hi* fuie-nl will take pace at 3 o'clock Sunday evsninr, 231. from No 91 2 >th street, between I and K. The frienls i f the family are invited to oc m?, without farther no! ice. On the meht of Thursday, Feb'* 8^th. 186J M 4RV K DUVALI., daufhter of Eli A ana Matilda Jan* Duval]. a<ed 4 months ao?< 20 days. jjearsu Marr, in'>n nasi itic us. W e th* loss moat deeply feel; But 'ti* God who nath bereft us, He oan all our sorrows heal! But we h??e acain to meet thes. On that bright and b!es*eo ?hor? Where angels now do wait to greet thee? There we s*al! meet t> part no more! Her funeral wil. take pl*oe on Honda* evening at 8 o'clock frem the residence of her grandfather, John Duvall No. 274 Ninth street, between M snd N. * 1 On the evenin? o! the 21st instant, of ehronio croup, in the 2d y? ar of her ar?> XALlilE, jounces' child ol H. C- aii Ann E. Mitoheli. The friends of ihe famil? are invited to attend the fa-era', funday afternoon, at 2o'o!oclc. from the residonbe of tne ftraily. D street, between 6th and 7th. 1 land. _ At Tenallyto wn, this morning, in the44th year of his axe. JAMES DONKLLY, a native of Ireland, bat a sit zen of this county for 25 Tears, and a resident at the fiieat Fa Is. for rome three or four yets past He is well and favorably known in th s eity. where he lived for a long time. H ii frmnHa and tnanainta />* win rImla WW ? ? ? ^ MVI n il wu fi t |? VWCV ??i>CUU hit 'ODcral from Mr. Conrad's, in Tenalijtown, ob P'-ntay afternoon, at half pist 2 o'clock, fe 21 2t* AMUSEMENTS Lthkatfr. AST Ap|M?-a^09'f Mr. J. K.OWKNP.8ATURDW, F?h'j 22. will t e pjifirnrol th? domestic erama called' rtiaChimn?T Corner"-Peter p?-o bitT. Mr J E. Owen*. Toocnoude with Tom TaT'or'i CnmMj of "Th?? Victims"-Jothua Butt?-by, Mr ()?fci. On Monday Miss Cheatn**'s F'r?t Ap?ear<no?. It* .. THE OLD FOLKS'CONCERT ?y union HetifM Uhoir 1* POSTPONED to MONDAY and TUESDAY NEXT, h<?24t,i and 25th instant, on aooount of the inolemenojr of the weather. and the death c f Mr. Datoher. fe 18 WASHINGTON MUSICAL HALL-FREE CONGER TEVERY NIGHT, fr?m 5 o'olook to 9 p. m. B?st of K efreshmsats. Fine Fem%le Wa ters. Open all dv. At the?outheist corner of PenniTlvamK tv?f ll? *n,l ?( ??,wth ?4 - ?? ? ! > WU" w>/I UWI VI WlA' M ?" I VV-11 under the Centra: House, opposite the National, Brown'*, a^d C larerden Hot Is. fe 18 lm* THKCAMHUKUS HAVK COMti! THE CAMPBtLLS HA VK COME ! THECAM1BKLL8 HAVE COME! NEW OPKKA HOUSE' NEW OPEKA HOUSE! Latb Phu.ha*moj?ic Hall. Latk Philharmonic Hall. Penn. Avenue, above Eloventh ^t'eet. renn. Avenue, above Eleven'h Street, OPEN EVERY NIHHT! OPkN EVEKV NIGHT! SIXTEEN 8TAK PERFORMERS! SIX I ? EN STAR PERFORMERS! Go fee Them?Ro See Them?fio s*ee Tuem Go See Them?Go See Them-Go See Them! Arimttalon 23 ce&U ; orcheetor 50 ; colored r*llery 25. fe 17-6t A V T L-' n '? * #cVN TERDURY! Lnw. PANR A O u L, R A O U L , R A O U L , MAGIC STAK I with Nete Scsnery, Tricis, Transformations, fyc. Robert Butler (Gabnel Ravel'j p%rt> ??.. ..Bartolf Willi* Armstrong ( K&vd'a part)a??K&oul geoond Week of the CA NTERBUR Y MTNS TR ELS ! CANTERBURY MINSTRELS ! Great 9noce*? of the BEAUTIFUL DUVAL! BEAUTIFUL V V V A L! Immense audienoes enraptcred with SIGNOR AbECCO, SIGNOR ABECCO, THE VOCAL VIRTUOSO. "9icnor Abeooo won d create more enthusiasm with the soldiery, cpon ths eve of b\ttle. tha" a.l lbs oanaa ci a rrigaao -?a utsitngstsnea i jricer, Admiaaion 36 ce;.ts ; Oroheater Chairs ?0 cents. Afternoon Entertainment 1- or Ladies ar.d Families, on WEDNESDKV AND S*AT''RMAY AFTERNOONS at 2 o'clock. Whan a lavish distribution of Klesant Preaenta ia made: Rioh a-d Cost1; Jewsl j. Books, Toys, Kane? Articles, and magnificent tii'k Dreates. AHmiaainn 3n A?nta HhiMrftn 1ft nflnti. fm 17 VIZ THE V* ASHINGTON ACADEMY OF MUSIC, A VKNTJ*. ("OCTH !?ID*,) No. 899, Between 9tk and 10(4 sit. Every evening a remarkably fine Free Cono?rt, embracins aeleotiona from the beat claaaia muaic, and the moat popular oforar?rendered in better atjje than at any other Amirioan concert stloon. The gue. ta?and the pui>lio are freely invited, without oharge for entranoe,? may rely upon h\r ink every comfort they deaire. In addition to the finest muaio in Waahington, they will obtain, on oall, from the attentive attendant*, deeidedly the beat Refreahm<*nia for a&le in the Federal Metropolis Officera constantly in attendance to keep j .1 ? kuuu uruur* v^vuuci?. wimncuuiu^ ai i v. iij. HENRY ROSENTHAL, fab 7 1m Proprietor. ICING'S NATIONAL AMPHITHEATER, IV Pbnu. A v. and E St., Ifiar Witlards'. T. Kin*.. Sole Leaaee and Manager C. Soott....__??.Associate Manager P. Whitta*er~.?? _??Etnoetria,n Manager THIS EVENING, Tom King win give hiaCormo Imitation*of CLASSIC STATUARY HORSEBACK ! Have you seen old DAN GARDINER In hia >rut Hurleaaue Dance. A La. And Scaramouch! The Beautiful M'ile HKM)l?h livery Evening ! KlNCADE. the 100 ^ummersauit Mu ' The Great Zouave Halt Must be seen to be appreciated. DON J U A N Every Night until farther uotioe. N jw Notsltiss in Preparation ! SetUe rf Prxt*s?Orohester Chairs 75 oenta; Drees Blroleac aenta; Children under in years or age to rMt C irole 25 oenta; Booiai Range 25 cen's; Colored Gallery 35 oenta; Colored Boxes 50 oei ta. Doors open at 7 o'clock; performances will oommenoe at 8 preci?ly. fe 7 PATENT OFFICE CURIOSITIES?Guide to A Patents, Catalogue of Cariosities and Government Garden*, at the stand in Patent Offioe; Bare Antigua-tan Books; Oovernmei t Boots; Documents furnished; Kailroad Reports; Military Re porta; Burnt Patent O&oe Reports; Cheap Books rurnithed to Podia'*} Military '1 ria's; Military Lavs; Army Reflations; Panorama of the Coast showing over S.uuO miles; many taouoand Cheap Books. Recoheot cheap rent. Large *alo?, low prices Up stairs, over Ba..? of Wa?hinrion. Ja?-lm* ALFRED Hl/NTEB. BALLS, PARTIES, &c. 'THE ?TM GRAND COTILLON PARTY X Will b? given at ?4 TBMPBHAHCE HALL. ?t E treet, between ?(h and 10th, On FRIDAY EVEN. NO. Feb'* SB Qfc With a fall band. Tickeu fti, admnuuc a gentleman and ladioa. leMlW PROK. C. F. BARNES,Manager. MONl!MENTAL8 IN THE FIELD AGAIN! The member* of lb* Monumental Club ft* Uke great leiuure ia sunounoing to their ?Q many frienda and the pubhi generally that JIB they will give their Fifteenth brand AiMm-uA bly at Frank in Hall, oorner of 9th and D auoeii. MONDAY EVENING. February U. mi T~keu 50 oenta, admitting a gentleman aad ladiea. By order of tb* Committee. Fleer Wm, RftbNtt, George Miller, Michael Flangan. Geo Pela?ki. fal?-5t* The members of thr FHCENIX SOCIETY Take p'eaenr* in nnmnoiug to their military an<3 oiTie frienia that they vtli give a M b Rjvis D BALL M at Temperance Hall, on MONDAY EVE-A NING. Mereb 31. Partienlare in fatare. Hi By ordar of Committee of Arringemaz-tn. fe l?_?t THE SECOND GR/$UIBALL of Um BUNDLER?' ASSOCIATION of the Colombian M Ann ri will l*i*tlM* at Twiinat Hall on TUJCS1>aY EV EN t!NG.Miroh 4th. 'M Tiokrta #1, aduittioi a gentleman and 1ftBrj.r bealara bm fotara advartuament. i By ord?r of CommittM. fa 194.8* UUA&Vflg ftild wk6**6 TO0mi ***** / WANTS. WANTKD-A WFT NTRSF for a child ux ? month* oid. Apply at No 194 G atreet. corner of 19th at. 1T_ VV ANTE I>-T wo WOME N-on* as oo.-k .t s *h" er. and i>-oner; the other as c^amberm id. Apply at 487 K a'. It* WANTED IM* KDIATKLY?An aotive whi'e BOY "boat IS or 18 years old. Apply to E.

ai.liot,aia pwa.tT. st? WANTF.D-T*ormtll FOOM^, by the 1st of " March, betvoeo 3J aid 13th atre*ta, about $S nrnnthi Addres?"E. L.,E(q ,"forM.. P?st Offil* Box 89. fo 27-8t* W ANTE**?Two oo!o?ed 6IRL8. In a *mail family, ta cook and do t'lerai housework, andaa ohild'a nnrae. Call at 433 L ?trfet. 4 dr,.>ra below Kth. It* W ET NURSE WANTED-WartM iirm*di_ wr ately, a_WetJ*uriLa. Inquire of l)r 1*1 \l> y 11 or at ino. siaa K atreet. betwton i?*h and 13th. fg 3t WANTED IMMDIATP.I.Y-A colored MAN as oook in an oyater and eMir* ?a!oon. who can oome rrccmmcnd*) inquire at the saloon, New York avenue, near 1th tt. f' 22 2 ? IIOHIAN A ?W('RD. WA"*TKH?An active BUiMNKS* MAN with f40n to aa pti t?er in a good I nuinf sa I already e?t*b iahed. Also, a amart yonn? Woman ?oenstom*d to h?ndMnt rooda and m' kinc Add'<?e-. with refereccea, N. 8. L , fctar <_ (Ins. f* 22-lt* * Rf IV 1* - ?? ~r ... J?{ r , rm I ?'? jmn VI IB UnqilUVB *'1 UU'^i'r /*. ing a SITUATION in some b't* or offioe; is a rood tcho!?r- and can o ma *?'' ^eommended. ?"an b?four.?l hy *fl'r ?"!:< 'M-U i'-, ' 53S* Penn n?fnne. or by calling in person at th? cffija of th* Nations: Hotel. It* \1U*ICIAN!* WANTED FOR 1 "?T CAVAL| if I KY BAND?One fin. o as? Must^ia-i. c"p*b e of comp iBins and arr'nr'ng mus o%rd in?tri,ct iog ard leatlit e a mounted hard. A.?o e-g't ?>r ten *'iid >1 uticiaut. Term of enlistment rj t- ar?; :'te ufu>' pi*, ratio-s. o'o'hiug, >?.. of 'he lernlar service given. Wan'ei ?iso six or figiit Trumpst inquire at Hexdacart jr*. I \m? i-pam*. Wa?hin?ton, P C. (late ra-^p of F h.>de [ I?!?nd Reg'?,;ol Lt. J. H. KELLOGG. Mj't let Cavalry. fe22 2w? WANTED?A iinnaU HOl'SKor partofa H u?e for a mall family, m Pir?t or Soconii Wavd. Addre??" J?mi?on,' San Offic*. fj2; 2.* \\TA N TED? A Rood plain COOK. A pp'y inme" diately at No. 352 U ?tr?ot, between 4>i *nd eth. f? 2 - V WANTKD?Ten WOOD CHOPPERS, to out about o e hnndred c^rdz ol o%k w^d, wi?t-.n th^AA milAi nf Iba M? ^LT| v DKLKFFK. near^etia Bridge. i* 21 2t* \kl ANTED-A rood COOK. WASBKR, and ? IRONKR. /or aprivae familv ; rer?r?n?t?a required Apply imm'diaUly at K *t ect, hetwea 14th and 15th at*. f? *1 si* BOARD VVANTF.D?V young man desires a pleasant f urr.ishpxl Hnnm with permanent Hoard. Location be?we*n 9*h atreot and G?orzotown, north of t'ecnsylvania av. Secessionist* need not reply. Addresa, etatins terrr.a, kf., "H. 9*?t Ofrca. fe 2t 2t* WTANTKD-A TKNA^T f-?r two newly and i ** COmlOftab'T furnished Room* on 2rl flnnr. I (ft^joinir!*,'with Board,in * priva'e f*mi r, Ile f>r a *ent!em?n and hia wife, or two aintla gectiemen f-owe^wion riv?n imme "*te'?. Re'erenro iven if required Apply at No. <102 Eijh'h a reet, between G and H. fe 21 31* UT ANT'-" D? Two atea .'t Hi) V'J* to feed a do ib!" cylinder pre*s. iMoce but those u'de-*ta*'<wk fh? huaiie e we;i ne'd *ppiy. App ? at the ?tarO(foeJ fe SO-St AKlTw GOOD H?ND? KOK 0?Et??MAKin? wanted at HKKHN' R'? I'*n? Dr^a rnakin* Katab iahrre't No -106 ll'h atiert ! . nrnAn t>? ?A .1 f -? TV! I* A. .. - - " 1 J- ! v??v-T7- f t? a?o n. u U 8b? ili U.. VUlJ (' I'.r IIHUUB nefrl Itppir. f> 2*> ?>'* WA N I KD-A O'k in ou? t-f thf> iV-av 'i e ts wi?hf?? R0AWP|>G f>r hims? f \nd vile, uniufwhJm between 3:1 an-1 15th struts, an' rortr. tfPtnn. ?v. A p- vstp fani p f rrni. iM'Kh, rivinr t?mi; and locafi"'!,, Host < ?th-.-e bux " + ">. fo y at* WANTED?A Ti'Unf H.!? acnnatomed to ? ? t?achlPlf, ffo'irpji aPlTI'ATION inx fatr.i y, or a? an atniet'i;t id a priv ate .>r pti' lie tchooi. o f-- ' : - U w ? * V- _ a I I'- I . t irII IFIftlX'iiri, WIM ft llil II era* 0 C" IIIroiiis&'ion. T'ie t ?it cl refererce iivpu. AHilrna Box l''Ht < Hfigo. fe 20 31* l\TANTK|)-A hone?t, trjsty IU?Y. to carr* a *? route on this jsnper.-oie other n???i a?p!y. Call at this o(Ro?, (to morrow.) Thur*d?y afl-rcoon, at 3 o'niook. fa 19 WA NTF. 1) A FI'HNIHHKO ROOM rr r^mT, uitab e f ir a gent emin and hi" wife, without Poai-1. Muiitii- eitjat U west ?f lorli ntfet, ard te-mg nmdera'e. Address, with location, terrn*. fro. I'-Kconi'niT." at tlnn ' ffije. fe 19-4t* ujinrEl>.? an^norje 10 !)U8tn??? 1Y1AN may }i?ir of employment by applying to J'lHNPON FR Y \ PP.. 47fi 7:h et. f' i7-6t* WANTKI'-Rvm pors'n to kt..->w th\t I am in ? ? tl.e iu\rk?t. realy to p*y for ?I1 aruc>n i in the h?ue -furni?hme lir.o Thru leavij.c ti.e city. or h*vin? a ?urplu?, "*'M do well to o*ll. R. BUCH I.Y. 42* Sowerrb st., between (* and IJ n's , (east ei4?,) D<?a!er in Now and Second hand FurLitnrc. no tB tf WANTED?!?ut'er* and Soldiwsto know that they can l?'y C\MP STOVES atd TiN WARE o!i ?.p of H. J. 6RE0ORY, 3'il P?nn j? ia \JU ANTKfl.?W? are cow t uyiii* 8KO)M>17 HAND FURNITURE, STOVES and SJKU DING, for which we ?rs pavn< the highect cash pncee. Familifce doclmnjr tionpekeepiut, v. h*\ icj a ?nrplu# of furuitara, will find it to tceir ad>antai? to fiTo u& a ftaM BONTZ 4. Gll'FFfTK, Je> 15-tf N:?. "th ??.. Mu. I arid K *t?. *?i??*an i ????am^rngmm?? LOiiT AND FOUND. FOlTND-A Inly'* GOI D pin, which the owner can h&vo by oaiiir* at 354 Penn. aveuve (up ?tair?.) '.o Si ot* LOST?In the vicinity of '"h *nd Pennsylvania avenue, a Rl'N?'H OF KKYS I he finder will rs rewarded by iaaving them at No. fill 9.1i ttrcet. *b"v? I'a >v. It* LOST?fin tk? evening of the 2('th !3?t?r,t, a POCKK T HOOK, containing about 860 .n money a rote for?' swi if. I other ?m?ll *"'0'o'. Tfe finder will te liberally rewa'de ' h? leaving tv'9 fame at th? tttar Office. f> 2l-2t* TAKEN UP A*TRAv-On rho 19th in?t, o?e 1 large BULLOCK, wh'oh the owi.ery^ can have by proving property and P^jme R >w-3S/* damages. A pp'y to AUGU * I US O >N ?C7| i J l? v U I i I i iv II pwi nci, between 2l?i ap'i & ! rtg. fe 22 3t* fcJTRAVKD?From the uibscr b?'"8, correr 2'd and M ?trp^t?, a larga red STKKB tifylt with tar mirk on ?*<*h hip A. libera le ward will t o f iven f >r anr information "fJUlM hi* w''i<?re*bout8. JOHN B. PNYI'tR, fe a 3t* Center Market. CTRAYKD "R {M'Of.KN -On Thursday eve mug. inoiu n 1 nei , lrom mo corner 01 Green ant ^'?lda ;l Ftree's, a torrei^SJft MOUSE, ma-ked with mustache, with"?^X in ht*ry saddle acd bridle. A Fui'able reward will b? fivon on his retu'n to tt,eoffi?e of Ji?H\ A.BRIMfci*, Agent and Commission Me-rh*nt, on :he Canal. rSeorget wn, D C. 1? 22 3t* CAME TO MY PRKMISKS, ON THE night of2ith. about 11 o'clock, i ' \j jf\ HORsE, with sa'dle acd bridle. Owner can have by ca'hng and paying o^ar*<,*.'^t?-^ftb 21 C. W. SWAGtiART. IOST?On Thursday, February 2"th. a lady's -* nsw set of FURS, between the railroad depot acd A street north and 1st etroet e tst I he ger.tle roan who was seen to pick th*m up, will receive a suitable reward and the grateful thanks of the owner, by leaving them at the Star Office. fe 81 at* TAKEN l.'P-Ou February 19th. 18=3. a b!?ck COW, white f&oe ar.d bfllv. 'i he own W.ij| er can have her by pr? v aj property and w&fr P*;ing ooct. MICHAEL McOHY,?jL Corner H and Third streets. No, T' S, fe ?-3t* 6e?rgetowp, P. C. "I7STRAY?C?me to the premise* of T. W KlMld LEV. 8th. o rn?r H street. Iiltcd.aicv bir MAKE, blind in ore eye; had on aT^Tfl addle and bud e. The owner ie requested to oome forward, prove property, p?y charjee. and take her away. fa 20-3t* u>r?UHKUR mo. 34f?, ror one hundred and ft j fifty eight dollars, drawn by Bru\ Cam'ran. Paymaster U 8. a , ^n the T^ajn'y of the States, da'ed Washington. February 1st, 1862. in favor cf rapt. C. R. Lowell or bearer, rfce payment i>f the tame havir g been stopped, all oer?< nc are forb.'l negotiating the same. The finder will be rewarded by returning it to Captain C. K. f.OWKLL.oiniprf the 6th U. 9. Cava! y, or to the olfioe cf Major B Cameron, corner K and 15th sts. fe 8?-lct? small BUM, OF MONEY, which a. lur 'uori USU UUUIU IIJ UCBCIlUlt.g IB1 (11113(1:0 p*jing lor this advertiaemen'. JOHN D CLARKF, fe 19 3t* Twelf h street, imp, fl'itf. LOS I'?On Saturday, January 4, a LF.ATt.FR TRUNK, ur.all ai?e, ru?-et color,KTIViv marked "George A Parker* on one en^.tfe^an and ?. M. teflou" on tfte other. Twenty^ MU iloilara reward will tie paid for the aameoo delivery to the ?ul.*criber, at k<>u?e 4T1 Fourteenth atreet, or any r.fnotation that may lead to the recovery of th f ? _J?Alw* A. B. KEYE8. DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA WismiKSTO* I W Pnn!**? I Kar*K> Aartif> InKn %-i ?- -www ? ., ?( uvit. V7 vvimi/i vitu * *. Ofc Newman, of Mid oounty, brought hefu- e T?126i me M a stray, running at la go in ts??ai treeta oi beorgetowu, a daik bar MAKE, ?uppoaed to be about 10 years old; about IS han 1? high; aatarmher forehead; ring bono on her left hinu foot, f'Oth fjraeet mod; ewitch tail; has been wori'd in (tears. Given ui <ier my h\ml and teal, Uus 1Mb day of Pebioary. .832 HE.","HY KEAVKR, J. P , (sea!) The owner of tha above deteribed n.arc, wiH piaass oume forward, prove, pay charges, and take iier away, or she wi 1 be ?ofd to pay exnan IA4 A Al'w at /> ?a a f VT a rA Hill ta n Pn iaa & 1 it r r*J l/UA JW VI UUliVV^UWU A v IVV| " AV llth Treat fo t? ?a?tw j^and warrants wanted . . . jay cools * co., _ fr 14 lw 433 FifWrth ?t. SUPERIOR COTTONS & AND LINENS. 3,000 jaria bast BhMting and Shir tine Cot'OLi, ?uper:or Stiirtiag Liaeiia.Table L.i e;.*, Nipkins, ToweU, ? d Towehaga m great *aiie?r. , Ail iftlUag off at t*? \owml trio?*. f#U-H J, Wi COLLLY <4. w > J ?_ second Edition. thkrr o*cr?rt, p. m. Oaiasio*.? la yeaterday'a paper the name of Secretary Smith wsa aer!dentallv omitted from the Cabinet ap.iouucemeut of the postponement of the lilom'oatlon in ccnaequcnce of the affliction to the family cf ti<? President. OUR MILITARY BUDGET. ? A BLTK TI MB OS'T. Jeff la to be Inaugurated, at Richmond to-day, for six years We fancy be and his co-consplrators In the "jolly time on't"' ther ?r?r? is kart kod, will be, to say the least cf it, tightly ditmol. Throwing out of calculation the effect upon their spirits of tbelr recent losses by the arma of the United St.^s at Mill Spring, Fort Henry, Fort Donelaon, Clark?<llle, In Arkansa*, at Savannah, &.C., ir , tt? now certain sudden change of almost the tnrire population of Tennessee against their, must ccnvlnre everv on* of thnw who are to witness or participate in the bo^us ceremony, that they are really burying secession to day?not inaugurating it Into the vigor of new life. T//I.' T i TITQ'#? iiir L* J frt j mi X Iiu uiiiJ<Oi OI J C. L,C,'T X? VI/' tt. THE ItLEBRATIOH 1% BALTIMORE. Baltimore.Feb. 22 ?Thecitr tl'?ywith and there is a large military display. The Washington Monument is decorated with fla^t and flowers. The stretts are ttrongedwith people. Silutes are firing from four quarters of the city. Bells were rung at sunrise, and are ringing now. r a t?& r /if a r wpmo xj/i i o ljkj\ i\la iv rr c. Anniversary op Washington's Birth DATIt Is noticeable that the obs?-rvan"?i? In honor of the natal day of Washington, a dty which it seems was to have been equally honored In the capital of the loyal and the rebellious States, ?h?uld in both cities be clouded by calamity ? I While loval citilflis here r?-ir?lre In which have at'ended the federal arms both In the East and West, they recognized with sobmission the chas'ening hand of Provider e, which has brought affliction in tb*t family of our chief magistrate In Richmond, the inauguration of the ruler thev have set up. will n-ce?sarlly be of a gloomy chara' ter, for th<?se who commenced, and have carried on the unholy war against th? Government must, in the reverses which they have recentiy sustained, see " the beginning of the end." The day was ushered in here by the ringing of beils, and the firing of salutes from tbe navy vard and ar?e!jal,and the puns in tbe fortification about Washington echoed an '. re-echoed tbe IkAnirtintr V.rrtujikftit* ^ L "" ????? *?? vvviuiuc, imuut: u ?ui *ur uay . 1 lir HBlinna! Q J* was displayed from all the public build'ng* end most of the private residences In and about Washington The Illumination, which would have been a general ore throughout the District' If it had not b?*en for the fcath tn the President's family, will be only partial Tbii is in consequence of the artion of the authorities in suspending the order of an illumination of the public buildings A great many had perfected tieir arrangements before the order was issued. nd the*e will probably illuminate. Rosenthal'* Academy of Music. on Pemisylvauia avenue, south kide, between Ninth and Tenth street*. uat a candle tn everv wlrduw nan* and th? fmnt I tbe buildtnic i? covered with fl ijts Our neighbor Me'zerott has out a line pictorial representation of an equestrian statue of Washington, flanked by Patrick Henry and Thomas Jetf<*r*on. A ureat tnany other bu'';1ings on the avenue are handsomely decorated. Tut: Franklin engine Is on tLe sidewalk in front of their en?inr-hoii??> and is handsomely decorated with the national colon. JZTF TATIS HCXO IN KFFIGT. In the grey of the miming pedestritrs were horrified by the appearance of a body, evidently lifeless, suspended by the neck frrni a pole out of the second story of the building corner of Tenth street and Louisiana aventi*. Ai the mist* dispersed. it was seen to be an eflJ-ry with a large placard affixed to tbe breast, bean.ig the name of ' Jtfl'. Davis " The Stiirtris R.fles. ?>f Chicago, III , Captain Steele, quarter in tuis building, and tfcey thus expressed their detestation cf treason and traitors. THK MOVEMENT TOWARD* THE CAPITOL. n ?. i *_ ?? - ? Itv ??ui pa n'CK'i'i, rt.Mi*) ..Vci'.lif and the stree's Itading to it were tLroatred with parties of ladies and gentlemen 03 their war to 1 be Capitol to witr.e>s the ceremonies in the House of Representative* At noon the btiis were a^aln rung, and salutes fired. KXKKCT8E8 AT THE CAPITOL. At an rariv hour this morning, a t ?s?less tide cf bumani'y be^an to stream up the avenue nr:d through the grounds surrour.ding the Capitol, beseigin^ the entrances ai:d patiently lingering around th* prrticos In the vain bop that som? tb'ng mi^bt 44 turn up" bv which tb?-y cou!d ?fl-"Ctan entrance i tj the Hall of JJ ?.'--?sentatlves, where tUe 1 uteres*!n,; exercises ariaueed si J a? *- L - ?1 * - *? * lur iuc ixny \vr i* iw mie place All UP LOU .'8 wore awv! ?nd th* coor'ei ?< l?ut Arm janitor* proved Inflexible, integral p*rt* of the throng dropped <"'3'. ?n 1 Into a countvr current down from the Capitol, wM'e tU-ir jiacrr rapidly filled up with newcomer*. AH entrants to the Capitol were closed s!v? the north ar.:l east door* of the north wt:ig atrd the east end weit door* of the south win;;. Officer* were utationed con lennut to each other throughout the d nwljr crowdcd passages, and upon the stalrcas-s, to prr*?*tve decorum and point out the respective portions of the galleries I assigned to families of 5^-nato-s, members, and I Invittd guesla, diplomatic, corf* ladle*, and gentlemen All approach < to th?* fl^r of tbe House were closed isvr tbe private staircase of the members The sjallerlei were crowded beyond comfort, and no little amusement was occasioned by tbe protcstatons of ti:e occ'jja: * of tiie gentlemen's gallery against the "pressure"' brought to bear by those !n the aisles and doorways, one Individual persi?tently shouting, "police, poiice, send up a policeman,'' &c. At the right of the Speaker the heavy oakeu chairs, with their green upholstery, formed an _ ? ?? - > - ngr,''eai>ie conirasi 10 inr ligLi map.e cane-seated cCairs upon the left, and in addition to the fla^a over the Speaker'* desk, a beautiful banner was uapended from the reporters' gallery. At 1*2 o'clock the House waa called to order by the Speaker, as usual. Mr. Crittenden regarded the presentation of rebel flags as inappropiate, and mived that that portion of the orden of etfcrcises be dlsp?nsed with. Mr. Lovejoy demanded the yeas snd nays. Mr Dawrs the prtsentatioa, and objected to magnifying the character of the ilaga by such a disDosition of them After considerable excited discussion, a resolution carrying out tbe motion of Mr Crittenden wts adopted?yeas 70, nay# 61. 1 be Clerk of tbe Hmiae wt>s directed by reaolution to Inform tbe Senate that the House was retdy to receive that body with (be Invited guests, for the purpose of participating In tbe anniversary exercisfs, and at one o'clock tbe imposing procrssion entered the Hal'. At the head, escorted by the Secretary of tbe Senate, walked Vice President Haiclfn, followed by tbe Chaplain of the Senate, Rev. Dr Sunderland, Senators, Cabinet, Count de Paris and Due de Cbartres, Judge* of tbe Supreme Court (with tbe exception of Chief Justice Tanev), foreign ministers, officers of the army and navy, headed by Major General McCleilan, (in neat shoulder straps,) and invited quests. No sooner was the young Commander recognized than the galleries broke out into vociferous applause, the Udiea performing well thtlr part by tbe nimble use of tneir bands. Among tbe invited guests uj-oa tbe floor were Mayor \vallach, N. P Willis (accompanied by Geo. Boker tbe poet). Rev. Dr. Lbanning, Leutze the artlat, Bigelow Lawrence, Henry C. Carey, and other notabilities. Tbe judge* of tbe Supreme Court, officers of tl.? r. .. A natrtr #a? iuc aiui) CiiU iwitijjn IU1 unw i auu iutiitu guests occupied the seats at tbe right of tbe speaker's deak, and the Representatives, with a number of ladies, tbe seats upon the left The Cabinet and Senators occupied tbe three front rowa of peats, with the Vice 1'resideatat the left of the speaker's chair. A most impressive prayer was then offered by the Chaplain of tt)? House of Representatives, Rev. T. H. Stockton, and tbe farewell addreas of Gen Washington read by tbe Secretary of the Senate, Mr. Forney. MLIfilT. There wa? no concerv-d military display to day, bat the 3d regiment of New York artillery,which arrived on Thursday uteht, paaaed up the avenue, attracting conaiderable attention. sum cp. The large national flag prevented a t>bort time since to tbe Washington Monument Ascociation, was raised on theafeff on the summit of tte obelisk to-day at noon apkopoa to tbi dat The Statue of Fret-d m, for the dome of tbe Capitol, will to-day receive tbe flnlabing touches at tne studio of Clark MUla, E q. Ckiminil Covet?Adjournment ?Tfce caae rf Nicholas Thlelda, on trial for stealing a revolver alu?*d at S4<),frora Frederick Berk, was conclud ed yesterday, and tbr jury brnuth' In a verdict of guilty. Mcssra M ^ r and Foley, counsel for defence, moved for a new trial. ITio Cour.'aald the motion muat be argued Immediately th^n. aa <M court waa about to adjourn Ccun*el Mid the* preferred to argue the notion at the best term. Argument waa tccordlngly postponed until tb# March term. Tbe Court then dismtMed tbe pe It juror*, thanking them for their strict attention to duty during the long time (cwrly thro* months,} tWy had been lu art?dance, and - * i i raid thin tffm wm tb? longest alooe I tif preaent Judge bad h?? on bet?<-b. nerpt In a aingle ln*t*nce, when on* trial ran through thf wl ole term?tb* celebrated Gardiner raae | T*>e Ccrrt tben rdjcnrned until the next tern in courae?tbe flr*t Mondiv in March After tae p?*tit Juror* wrre dlaro'.aaed. the? pro- . cetd?d t? th? Marshal'* ">ffl-e wh?re tb*y raid oiT Tory tben. with i great inanv membp ra of the bar. proceeded to a iooiu in another __ _* _ # \. t * ...V k?? ? -V ? ? ?I I ?n Ul lur uui w>uk. W UT?r inn f *. un ? 111 rw lat'.on prepared by District Attorney Carrlngton. Here ;airlotic toast* were drunk, and speeches ro.-.df by the hi at. by Mr McNeir (formerly of ('itlUoTBla), bv I)r ClavUHi, ar-d others The Star-sp^igled Banner wi* sun#, In floe style, by Mr. Kiley (ef the jury}?those nrrsect joining la tbe chorus with uncovered Lead*. Bap roi Mill.?M W Cluskey, formerly of Washington citr, bat now of Memphis. waa a candidate for Clerk of the House, (aee?sb) at Richmond but he rwclved on the third and iaat ballot only 2*3 votes to II for K Dixon of Ga , and li? for T. C. Johnson, of Missouri. A Magistrate AfroiSTiD ?Dr Thomas G. Clayton vesWdiv received bis appointment from tbe ('resident >? Justice of 'he Pence for the District of Colombia Tbe oath of rfll-e waa administered to bim by Justice John H Johnson vm v a ?-v i-u it vi rAiii'vti m n v.'i 1 m - J IS . Ribel l.tmrntatiovs over t*" Full of Fort Donrlson?Disafleetion of tkt Foreign Residents of Richmond. tub fall or rikt dosel?os [From the Richmond Dapaub, Feb 19 ] Afiprtbrfdsviflf thf mml lighting ever wltm-ased on tb rsntiariii. ?o drrNrea i veteran regu'ar efii ~er) rjost le-permte h?ng a2u'n?t the ra It tr-nr>?rdt?u? o<td*. In *rhl<-h day aner day tt>e mult mi: .is h <t of invaders were driven bark p??t their own campy, our glorious Spart.;n band, f otn sheer *ibaust;on. ba? been borne down by a newnvdlar.cbeof reinforcements piled upon t be alreid?r enormou? weight against which they have bitherf? ?truj?n';ed with rom< plete ?ucees?. and has filtered on* of those misfortunes which are common to war, but which entail nodi*bot;er on our cause, and which wiU only animate *o the most ?'< rn and und) in^ resistance every tru** Southern heart. [From th'- Richmond Diapalrb 1 The crisis of the war Is noon ue. and reverae upon reverse comes in quick succcmIm We have scarcely recovered fr?>m tbe d< press1 on consequent upon our defeat at Fort Henry ?nd Roanoke, ere we are called upon ?o ni??t a at ill heavier calamity In the fall of F?-rt P n< l*on, and the surr-nd* r cf onr brave troops holding that 1mfiortant pest. It ia true tb* fict* concerning thia ast disaster bave not yet rearli'd us from source* entitled to our belief; but emu^h is known to convince us that w have sustained another s agge-ing bicw The War Pepar'ment received, on Monday evening, from Gen A S Joh*>ston. a telegram, announcing 'he fall of Fort Done'son. couched In so ambiguous a style that it be^aaie d? ?-ssary to r^queat mo;t Intelligible iufo-matioa. No aaI swer a s yet be(n r-eeived fr >m that officer. probably on account of the luterrup< ion o( telegraphic rommunlcmtloD,occaaloot-d by the severlt) of the weather [Fiom the Klctrcond Krqulrer. F?b IB) 1 he fortitude of our p-op!e t a^&tu to b? tried, and the metal of wbu h their courage is made once more to be test d, by the lait iipwi from Fort Donelton We hive me', wl'.ti heivv dl? asw tl*-wretches w i.o- :> lnvad!our cj intry were enabled, by th* facilities of rlr-r transport-Men, to bring np r? intercurrents to their previous v \*bii['d troop?, ?rd have ov-rwhelmed it with numl>ern Weirrwltiioat th? nec eiwry fact* a d explanations to j-Mt'jv r mmeut cpoa the tragedy of ia?t S :n<tay We have had experience enrich already to show thef >llr of premature criticism* We tnuat have pat'eota Such r po'ts a* have reacted i? are cuieflv from tue North, and areg.veii la the telegraphic column. disaffection or thk foreign bes dints or klCHXOSD. [Frcm the Kichircd Kxnm'ner J Tbp riilHtt. r ' - iin nf a lara? n<ir?lnn ,if i a fX? ? . - - V?-WM ^ V ^?V?1 *I"M V? ?kV aVt " eij^u population in Richmond, whi-h La* b?-n d?-v>-lop*d by tfcelr *t?ibb ru r-aiatsnce of the military draft now In projjre**, is, of itaelf, sufficient to excite t e vigilance of oi;r rit.z'-ns, and to put them on 'hsir jrasrd with rap* t t<> particular* of foreigner* In our m d?t We are not In the habit of reporting information w tfaoutsntiafa tirjr aqaoranca of the correct?ie*a We have in ourpot-el. n soaie ru-.out iufcrmsfion, which is t om a woir'-e nt>t onU L!."uir pSt'Jotir, but to which implicit credit In due, respecting the movt:R< a'? ai d anBpWous f r-eechee of a nember of th^fore1? 11 pogulatloi of tb ? itjr. We are not entirely at htertv, no' d<> w derm it prudent, to d> tail tfa- ti wair.^ hav? h -i. mid. inuuicdttd to u?; but we m<sv :is?ure the oj'.jUo tbatvigilci.ce i? to b* tl.? price ?' ihew safety from euemics la their nudst. TO BB TRX*I? Fr.KRED. We learn that President DavU h*s authorized Col. T. R. R. Cobb to inci^a*e hi? Legion to the nunitrf-r of 5,000 nn?-n, Hud teat \ L*?;ton vriU b? transferred ft r s-rvict n tb- Teanetser line. to bc pariii [From tbe Richmond Knquirer. 19th ] We le?ru tbataa order was yesterday l*?ui d by Secretary ?f War Benjamin for tbe release, ?a tLelr parole not to take up a^mi against thv Con i^ariawr ?.aui, oi au me prisoners oi war now Lold by th? Con fed ?" <? ^tites, numbering, la the aggregate, about 3,500. ISAAC HL.KZBKKG, /Av XWA Tl.ft II I IA. 1 ?WM y IV P Awyn HOLE ?. B 9 t? be ,oan.*a or, a I ver W atciea, Jesrf ry, Guns aud Pistols. Mi?? Ware, auo W?8:i^R Appar#:?at t'i? o:d sta id, No. X61 C strlack of the National Hotel, between Of and 6th ?U. di? ig -am* ttTtTrMWAY 4 SON? ChLbB'iATbD PIi5 A NO KUKTK*.-Ti.ei? a e adir: t'ed by a I unticim* to l-*tne bet ftoMH mirulastore^ in this o"' ntrr. '1 hry have'Uin at all timra reoeiveJ t o tirt-t p e nium over a11 oth re, wh-rev. r and wftenev er the* came . ocom(Ctilio >. Tliey are warranted for 6*e ?rars A arte MKr>rtm?nt of these iE?trumeuts is always to be lou ad at the Music "tore of v\. ii. Mt.lZb.RoTT, J*o!e Ateot. One 7 octave < ronni c raer Chickonng Piano or sale for 5. fe 18 ? 1 I.OK miff* MKWH?ttlTH N-ItlU'X KtPB. Vl dition a perfect succes. But p^xt to that la thff Great Barga'n* cow tf.-red in Ciothiuc, Furnishing Uooda. Trunk*. lta.t.i *rd Caps, at the People'a Clothing Mors, fi - . i ';9 7ib eJr?ct, oppoaita P<*?t Office. '314-faa FEAMiLIM k t O , OPTICIANS, 44 Petr-'a a*., < north aide,) bet.Uirt an4 lltt (ta. EYEGLASSES, MARINE AND FIELD GLASSES. COMPASSES. Ac . of the beet tualiUce, oonsiat,t'.T on hud. fe ____ CENTRAL HOTKL, tk* Bnroptmm pl*m,) o >rner of Pennsylvania avenue aca 6;h meet, cp?ocite oorwr to Brown ? ?nd the National, la now furgished throughout with new and band some fcrntfare. The proprietor icfjrras hia friends acd the pub.'io that they cxa be accommodated with rooms, by the day or week with or wltt.o^t The D.uing Sa2< on open at a 1 hoi.,-* H. DURHAM GEI>TON, ic 10 coaw r-opnetor. QHEAP CA^Il sroKii! The nndereicned hsre constantly on h%cd a genera Assortment of Nev and !*eco. d hand FeFiture, Crookery, til??sw&re. Tinware, Kacey and housekeeeinc articles teuerally, wh ch they are prepar^-d to sell as chta* if not ohfap*rthan any other estab ishmer.t m the city. Hminr eio mitslt for the . s.i, ' a*liinr for the same.tkey are eatiaiied they e&? c-nipote with the cheapett. Persona in want cf rut of the abovj ar.ioica arc re?p?ci(u ly requested to give a oall hefcre purcha?ing e'si?where. AU Ul Is ?<*3i>nd hand Kurmtare taken n exchange for Nct. B'.NIZ & ?<TJP?|TH fe 11 et-6: No. 3fe9 7th ?t. h?t. I sn-I K U. f? NOTICE. ? HE PnHto la r?? informed t *t the undersigned has commenced run a MNE OF STA'jE? IronMyiU.^ -5# feiiU. av*ru? t> Meridian Hi!l. i hl-JPT^ra*States wi>i ieav" WiHarfU' H#W every ? cn.g atS j'clock an 1 Mercian Hi i at t.aif m?i So'cI'i and Wili ma r#gul*rty fo and from Me*i aa Hill every hour, tKu? aflWdir ? a the^p ml ?pe??J? cor.vM.mnft to t!.C v& louk C4ii b* tti rifi/h o-? oa.i The uiidaiaigned l?< ?n nuaive ?. lit.erai uppor , a* he la determined to ato'd his p\tro&a t ,ery facility 10 hie power. Far.* l? ? juU ?acli waj. OhO. M. M1L.L.KR, fe !<-<" lm* I'fo^rirtor. SUiRTINU ro i TONS, and i #foa- f riadtw' autl obiidren'* wear, a faU?n?>/y of i?j l-set craie*. under the marked r?.t**a Plotvitfcetardinf tre dail? advar.c in rioe of auoh gooda, v* oantirae r?r old era * >? pr'caa. I'fcuKY A BKGTIIEK, ie 13 tr Het n. & d ?l. T*H? A K T OF W A h. * BY , Jomini. Tr* C?pt M ?od?ll koA UMt. Crai|kil<. GEN. CASE Y'o 'iNFjUvfcT TACTICS. . _'l RRBB VoLUUa. A 1 nw.tuj Booii for rki? at Nortknn PriOM. _ _ , ui/n?<?N tavloi, Back'* l?r?od 8 #4. wow, 334 Pens. it. ftT-SW IlwlH.. K???K ? ChrOB ,t>l ON AND AFTKR Wi J?NE^PAV, tk? If-v. tk- III*! it HM KM *Di llR ? ' *b< volunteer ?i'i i?t< Hookers l>?vi?. a at llfc o'cl * ' ??.?J . C. >< Cit C*iIy K ^vuumjm ? ^U?-F HfcKb'8 PUAlDd.fof Driwmd tnita. 0 Cioaka. SkMrtt, Sua Silks, aud tea Draw 'cUf?\iot ,sui;? Good*, m ?U fabrics. la #.-?% tal< aad oomp'?M