Newspaper of Evening Star, February 22, 1862, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated February 22, 1862 Page 4
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1 Tfcr Elwunv V!rt?r*- I A corrwjoadcat of tb? Wl??ettn?<V?.) Press I ? - - '1 ?t? enrage P ' r'-.IOWlPj* a Claim -u ujc o _ ment at Bloomer/. *V ut twenty lTjiles from Our coW. : ft ?*:rjF.w Station ?t four ' clwc-k, c.i + iiftcr I- ab^nt midwa . *od r. , - -i ?rjt, 2 trt rteep R 15tt,e we ar ?iT#d ?; t-.. .. c ?u; pr\<cd to l a the hendqaartei ? of -e 'siwr but tomr Jttrprise and dwappoir/i* ro eneiny ifpMna in rffbt, and we' ??il were in < "lartofi tunc none w?? I LIVI t . r Jhe i?ct of miking fires by which tv cook our > rcs>taji>, TTheu it w?3 reported tiat the f ?eiuj bad *bown hi'iissif in considerable force to our car air/, and ha*! fired on them 'H. Seventh Virginia Regiment was imma1 *l * ?1 ?** '*'? our,. , is'c'y ordered 16 ifia tae lumm .? i r" 'ho cn;. airy or engage the enemy as might >ie 'bought beot, ami with their gallant "Jol? a* I ?he vray, they ?r once started on (ii r' 't quick, expecting at every turn in the i . I to meet the enemy, but they were as o on disappointed, as he had commenced a mi -t inglorious retreat. After running on d; i blc quick some two mile?, the Colonel or r'Mi the men to throw off their blankets and haver-aek?. ?r.d then such a yell was scarce t ver heard. After ehn?ing hira some three .ilt s i* vms ?:iid that he had deployed to tho i akiag a very position on a high !?'!??! covered ly a heavy growth of undern.-hj nd of difficult access even to infantry, b wK-lJy inaccessible to cavalry, and conical linjj its approach frr a long way from uan qnari^r. every h nt rf "torui'pjf this ?trong natural '1 ? t?s aligned to tho i<?vcnth Virginia, , - !w>\ iary had m irened ou dcubie-quick : i thvUgu . tUey at onco undertook tho per - - . .? v. u Ie? 'owing their Col'juel until it nei' l'? '01. hat tho Color.:?1 could fTOCKd ? i s i en cn'*uurHg',!l and animated i urth'-r. and tL larubjred up the steep and !*v ce, the* c i? ridge ?n? of tho enemy r y ftscont On tL ig range hy Capt.Shell s tiiied at a\ cry lot -1 pri-onera, among the < i.i'uAud, aud ton take. ?dj't who wa. lit VC " ?. . i y Cap; Torn Morru n : uppoic.l to be fLe '< -? if tbo ftifrny w. risoners, includ.1 _ killt 1 and 7.^ taken 6 4 (Jencral, foui n.)5<.nr C iloBfl and ore A?j\ '<1 forty one (' piMiij, eleven Lion ten ants ?l vheoling it ] \ i'm. Tbe.?? were iont on t>? V 'ron? eacl li.irze of Mr Ton Morris. airi one i < cecort iiipany of the c-evcuth \ irginia aa bl o, auc <>ur lo.-p \%ai two killed, both cavalry me. t > or ihrce .-lightly wounded. |[ " iin'mnt nath? ni-.'iclait?a pr?>fe*?c < : i:.e i uivereity ?b?'hii; ?.U:?ileuyed to Cu I a rhvm? to ' T:?abuctoo,"' promptly replied w.tb tWfoll 'Win^ Irreverent verse : ' If I w? re a c :o.-*vriry, ?>i tue saud* ?f I 1mfoa? too. I \\?uld eat n tnrsloiiarv. trkin and Immhi, ir-L hym* bock ivo w & J. MV ? 10 \\ a Mir 'S Bsiicme, Fein, .'.vim* * ' i. i.; ' . m U alohei for ?iia, dl ?u c, t r*. A j. M V tKS. k i u o '31 j i y f. k. J. MYKRS. i - ?t . S ft J. Nl VKKtf. t'laud 1 '.cbj ?.kj M\KRS u * i- i tn k,w-.i. n. .j. hj s praotii ?.r.V J. MVKRS*. . a. : I..: >" ?* V vhoistai* fc/ 8. * J. K if ERR. 1? - *" A "? lex! m \V*tck#i and JoW* r liio*?'. toe?, v. s. ft j. M VKks' le - on tlactor * t ins elaewher*. ? ?< : .?* ! ? vT? I Hi | JN^H Hi;\v HUL DUCK, *)>' W '.. eh Cot??>c Duci , ; T ?m Na?ltiii?. Ts&a Lu?u, I'etf Comf-1*?, B.kik?k, i 1 muua, St?? la, i>b lucres, * Cloaks CivVE*. A^-'i ot-.'r kind of I?ry Goude cn sa'a tt tfce iowfst pr:c--a, t? WM. R KILEY A BRO.. r?o. io CftUai atore*. Le.tfeen 7ih ;-nd 3'.U f> 3 'ft opprv Cp-,tat .>lai?ct. n' ALL. S T EPHE.NS A CO., 322 i'X>N YLVAMA AVSTICB, Mlbi a U \ AND NAVAL -V ^ a CHANT r A i LORS. AN O ^LADY-MADE CL ?THIE*8L and X ruN-MV* l>KAl.KKrf IN GK.NTLEMKV& i l'RN!^HIN<i GOODS. _ 3?jy- f \v FOR THE ARMY. ? ? E fn-f '? r?>d. j ttftner Ar&co. * a*<- ?* ort'-i<n? ??f mu'iicat Frenci r;rs?" !> m? Grfto re;) rr?n?h Hu^io?, tor v cv.a -y, and ?-!rl?ry ; M?rtin Frir*'* ? . i"i vi.-.-r;1 t';Ut?= : &r&-? In?ti U !?': t* (a> a... A.?o, lLa faaa: <ua iIt of %'en iTj ?k?tLfcs. Ueus Aecorlecna acd KntiLa* 1 f-T ? * '.R-e of iateat Frpaoh . s:c for ii&_ Is. Mu.*i5 Stor* ,,f w e. MBTznorr, j\*4 '"ornr-r t a. avena? and Uth st. TT^OF. ALE.VANPbK WOLOWSMU. X iJAfiiST AND COMPOSEK. L't rft^'iretv: openacia?s for tin* 1'iant, Sir.jlnt. i-t i.a !ie? df. ' ??mg.i&y-V i ,!.*?. lu U. s Vi;, A p?vitumtfl1TVf) fi bocxt:;.!' ' a wf.o doriro f? ao 4 '5 * * ~ V KIS .1: I 'irr- >i? ;mr*o,?-n ti ? ni'i- !: -*l At th'>*e *h< <1 '*> t ji 1 -it* e.'Miz* w: I *c? y at onoft &i r^s ? o, :? ? ? Mx'.h et: set, between it e --t ami New Uit & . e^a.j. . <;ai - rovfpt _ i.a.^eon )and 12oV:Cck e.m. 01 T1 #dajs.Thii::ti\y?: and yatur!?;s. 1 A 9V tm i SO m, M I R : H i.l.MKK A CO , /| <? | J').* No. ? ;< *no :-*k't?Niii fc?., rlOJ t?"? sa r*? P?jU OJ(r.t, .y W LNtS. HRANOII-^.GINS ' RI>l.<tiS, - ^ ? " fhcir i*rr? a?sortTient n r-: \U-, : >i v..?;?>, r anu COOIW, etc, *???f 1 > >' AJHK . |? .." P"? K ?? c ' r : 1 *!.J fine FHILADEL I U ' K K : .A." M., IB k';*, fo i > .? r Mmi y ue? 1 pu'i.ic ii) general are re n j i . & iv. r?. * Ci-.flin*? thei ?; . .r.'iid etou?. of ? -otia. S. WERTHKIMFR ft CO., 4?>4 and 4 64 >*VM>?h ?tre*, 21 3i>i op?o. Pott < >ffioa. Oyutern! Oysters I Vttl: OVhlLANIIOY !?'i KR KXTRhSS COMPANY J Ml e?L?;r..ic t i recei ve 'ai y thoasfamosu plants : r: rt \? r:vh oystkk*. i^v Rstiau iiit? private (a;n.i f _ tr- jhftr. ^AUH (r.o?c ..t i* - n:2 jfc imri filer l ?j jroiu tne *?' r. s - . :\0. *3 rp^c, oc u* u AvMCt Houib j*8-3ra . KORGE M. WORL A CO., * * I.rp .rten asi DcVer* }n TTLV? S. LIQUORS, CIGARS,iU., And GhNt.RAL COMMISSION MERCHANT An aa:ort.. -Lt of Merchandize of every deacrl] livaootitanMy oa hand. GEORUK M. WORL & CO., ? j Water atre?t, 6?<>rjeu>wn. ia 21-lro* Ht U?e K?f* Ferry. MM ITU A BROTHKR'3 JJ A I, K C K K A M A I, K SUPklUUti AMIS.fait AL11, r- RTER A5D NEW VORK BROWN STOU! Th* \f.ove CKl.EBRATKJ) AMERICA A'. K.i treS iT 1 fr n the CHOIOMT liAJ LKV MALT&ri 1IOP3, &c4 h:?h!y evtecmej I - -m .i 11* .1 Piirnniui*?ra r to cftil trA exsrniEO onr ?up?rior atoc >- t : t: Atticj w;." &iid tie B EST md FUSES a tieiea. '.Ye i are at a ttm?a a i. ie stock ready for d i.TTr. in Wli-*?, ?* f at 4 quarter oa&ki, smut f .rtus TRAI'K, HOTELS.and F\MILY US w.-.cii we clTer on the MOST FAVORABi. TbRNa SMITH A RKOTHER. Brewer* No. 13"? A 160 Wwt 13th it,New Vork City. ??rd#?r. by Mil or Ei;rMa pru!n>Lj executed P-feni _ | mportant to ladies. . ne tu?<?crU>ers have open?u the atore No. Dr. t : nha-id?tti?U. Mafii i : ?8 Lac?? ?- . ) J sji^j Droui cap Depot. o?c?i?ti m part <4 i'otnt a'A.Mws. AppUeue. Mecklen a \ . fi"ji"-?s -i, aueh as Coltara, Sleev H&cokc cLi*>f?, Csoc?, F.oaneinj, Caps. Cai o iiu?e? anil made up <o?d* of the ?n?*t qu&ii at,d at Nsw Vurlr prl ^?a COhiN k Dl'SsJiiLDOJU', fti.nri \?w v..p N. P.? ?.:. * m of Li??m w&vfaMi. is. do?#ni> ?u- : >.-?/ it ?.nm gufarf. i.aab-jiTV Hoots a: j m;?>rs to suit tii times. \ &r<* tprw nt all kind* of BOO' a':! *?n<?s . a <1 ocnfantijr rwivin* tuppit ???*< . -M.fK >[ ev< ri Kifi: ma>I? x Ijr . t.S . .".H ! eu" h<- m V c t4 ci'r J-" much infer ' < ? ?S 1 ' I !! V !>ft e? tf M ->ti ft jr mftd" * ' i . *: i v ?i|? tn! ft |i? -d ftjian i it * <i itovit; 1 st th* k>v<! p io?i tjivf ui i*!l. G* It FUN A liRO , apji-i 31 i iVtiiirh v.i* \T COLLI** * CO.* V . . > < ~ . HT *Ll ' > i ?? jutt rcc :* -'t; a %: tply a t;;?ahore A < -.f ^?ooirTr..>fd tooeofivrrr tapeiior ?h ft. lJ?r<oni wi \hic; to p \ tciAt*. by .nakiuj i i e4imu ftfy.i'iftuoa, etc ba larfitftbad. ARNV 4 SaiNN, no 1 6*r?*f9t?>WT I'NDRE39KU AND oriiKK MJiKKjk i ?f.iu -CTI? lu&?6r?. f tu? p>> P t fcUiCtJtM c! cr-B'B M^orf, Pink. ti.Mfti.d fluff Cfciuts. plus, forehi'dre < ?ur? lihsrn ?nl '?il?rn mim)HMi* ?< 'h,?> * oomi r? is-ir Pub. ? . and Nuta sn A1P WOffDFB Wld>IVKI IN 1 HOSPITAL. VvMishtd in conformity wth tht resolution of the Stmato of JW* 1(1, 1861. At Qentrcl Horpitol, Union Hot*!, Bridgo ond wonAintten rt*tetf, Georgvtoto*. Ftb 14. lat New Yorl Art. .. 2 5th WUcoMBn vol.... * 5th do Vol... 1 l?t do Art.... 1 VSth do do.,.. 1 id Michigan Vol 4 Ifttl* do do.... 1 4th do do...... I irh do do.... l /M Maiue Volunteers.. 1 17t>? do do.... li^th do do...... 1 13th do do.... 1 -2d VemonrtVolunteerilS 19th do do.... 2 4th do do 25 . Vth d<? do.... 1 fitb do do 13 do do.... I fttfa do do.....22 ~ M do dc.... 1 l?t ExceMor Brigade. 1 do do.... 1 3d do do.... 6 drtA do do.... 4 4th do da.... 1 !.?>, io do.... 1 5th do do.... 2 rlij* j do.... 2 1st New Jsrtey Art... 1 do do.... 1 j?th do Vol... 1 ?? tlo.... 1 1st California Vol I v!th do do ... l! Harris' Light Cavalry 2 do. ... 2|Mott*? Da*Wy 1 Wh do 5 McMann't Battery.... 1 n GO - Il '-K'.mr DnirnOBii. 1 Soth rto do'"" ij^d Cameron Rlie?.... 8 2n do'"i JthMaMaehnwtUBtt. 1 ,t?lh do do.... J, . . v . -5th do <? rktoa?R!flei i lit PttiE Cavalry.... j m* ^. f i.t do do a stek ih * ! I'h do V?iuat*et?. I OoKt YnflAtrv i 7-t do dn A id U.fe lDfi"lry \ 11S do do 1 id do j 12th do do 2 5th do "? J rtsth df> do...... t liKhdo n. J 4i?th do d?> !2 2d do Artlllt.ry J 17th do do I 1th do do.... ' 57th do do n.iJD.C. Volunteer*'" J KnRifles It] ? ~ MWbmATM 9| TMM ? 41 Ho.fUai At ColUgt, Washington, Ffb If. ; l-t U. b. Cavalry 7j7t? h Nrw V'ork Vol... 1 do (U* ....??.? /114 lb '. ? do.... 4 4th do do ) tth Tfrin Csvnlry.... 'J 5th do do 'i ftb do do 1 OUi do do 1 M do Volunteer*. I do AitlUcry. .. ii'ld do do 1 1 >* An Inf . II 13th ii:? do...... I ^'h d.> do 'jjOiu-liLi Civalrv I t4 UaliieVohntm*.. 1' Rocket Initiation 1 t-h do I i-?tli IUino!? Cavalry. 2 ilib ?in IllinoisRtfle*. a 1?c California V >! l!;>-l Maryland Kngln'n 1 . .'Hi Matsactawtt* V?/l. 2| liitli Indiana Vol 1 Iftt do do. M14MlAMMttTd 1 McCMIm'iDiu oat. Mlchigaa Vol..... i 1 UtNcwJ r?? yC .lev li i do do I I i?? NmViwI trtlllrrv d?' do...... '?! do J i 1) 0 V^hlct r* .. I 1 'Zi do Cavalry. 2 Cd do ? do...... 3 Ih d<> d?....I'lj.'d Veruioul Volunteer* I I7ih New York Vol... l, 1th do do.... 8 ?d do do.... 1 nth do do....!.') .57 tb do do.... 1,6th do do.... 1 *5fi'a do do.... l|5th Wisconsin Vol.... 1 "Sth do do.... 4i d do do If Totp.1 120 ? ?Ui**ral Hospttal. (fVc/i,) Washington, A F'h 11 Cavalry.... 2il0tb U.S. Infantry... a litll ??. 0.21 New York Cavalry. 1 24 do Ju M \i w York Vol ... I t-h do *o 1 'S oneflt>ld'? Battery .. I >th do <? 1 V.Hta Penn. Volunteers. 1 ?th do do *y.... 1 l>yth do do 2 Ua do Artilfe ^.jth.N Hampshire Vol. 2 5;tk do \\o P 7th Maine Volunt?rt. 1 .'d do I?ry.. . r, 11st Michigan Vol 1 d do ?1o 5. lthVerauontVolurteer? 1 J - Jn * J ?_ I' 3 UU U*J* ?...< I itth d<> do . IcUI 46 b'.h do do... ?| ? Eastern Branch, At St. E'. xab-tk Hospita. F' - ^ w York Vol... 2 CVtu New York Vol... l|fW:h Nt imoshire Voi 1 Ve:n:oi;'. Vt'"..ttcrs ! *5tlx .N A Volunteer*. 1 ?d N A" Yo-k Vol ... 1 I.Vh Ma*? 'ork Vol .. 1 5Jd IVnn. Volun e, rj. I b New V ? 41st NYw York VoL .. 1 13 Cameron Rifle* 1 Total Cv/uita'np A rtl!l*ipv Vftl 2 ' ll??' ????? Sri riiMMiiif tn lit Hospital for Eru, Distant, at Kaictama, Ft.b. H ~~j lit U i?. Artillery..., 2 Sith New York Vol... 'id do do 1 Kockrt Battalion 3 Jut da Cavalry 1 Oatida Cavalry 1 21 do di 1 Id New Jersey Vol... 1 tth do do 2 H>th do do 3 5th do do I?? Kittet, Pent) It.C. 1 / fth do do 2 icth IVnn. Volunteers. 1 2d d) Infantry 5 -i'th do do 1 "!d do do 1.46th do do 1 I'n do do........ 115"id do do, 4 U {?. Engineer*....... l.SSth do do 1 5th Ma', je Volunteers. v. 'Jist do do 1 " ?*l. An - 1 1 104th dO dO 4 I 7th SfttMehasefli Vol 1 lOMdt do 4 4th Rhod?' Island Vol. l th do Cavalry.... 1 latNewVorKArtillery 2j5tU WlMMla Vol... t i 14thNew York Vol... lilitth Indiana Vol 5 do do.... ijlJprdan Shsrpsliorters 1 < ICth do do.... l!8d I?. C. Volantfer?... a ( 11th do do.... Ambulance train 1 56th do do.... 3 (jaartermaater'a Dep't 3 < Cist do do,... 1 OMo^"' servanta 4 02d do do.... 1 ? 76th do do.... l Tofa!.*# .?...64 77th do do.... 2 At Indiana Hetpitai (Fattnt Offite), WaJ**nKl(m) P. CFeb if | l'jtu India:;*; Yd ~!h New YorkCavalr/ ~ ' 1st Berdan !-'w^rp?,rs..l!i :?t MlrhJgan Cavalry. J* tUl do do 15 Citizen. 1 1 Ut New York Artillery 8 ? 9th do Cavalry. 5 Total ..*.70 Hospital, A'rrandrii, Prb 14. S4 I .8. Infcatl / 1 (Mfc New York Vol... 1 't Jd do do 1 1st NcwYork Artillery 1 1th d?? do 2 11th do Battery.12 - h do du i11~itii do ao.... j l?t do Cavalry 1 l?t do Cavalry. 1 r Ith do do 1J ?h do do.... 1 i- jih do do 2:3th do do.... 1 lt Oth do do 1 2d do Artillery 1 2d do Artillery.... 1 td IVnn Volunteer?. 1 jtli do do........ 1 jth do do...... 2 2d M?lne Volanteera. 2 7th do do 2 M do do...... liilth do do 2 4th do do 1 -Mth do do .... 1 5th do do 1 i9th do do 1 6th N Hampshire Vol 1 32d do do...... 1 '? * ? * 1F.I ? f? J ? A n 1 " * id luSHM-auK-ii* >m nv . \ 12th do do.. 5 .15th do do...... 1 J lit do Hit.. 2 15th do do 3 Uh Rh<?de Island Vi! . 1 46>h do do 2 1st do Hat.. 2 52d do do I ie 6'h do Art.. 2 5oi do do......25 5 h Connecticut Vol ..10 73d do do...... 1 5th Vermont Vol 6 85'h do do 1 1st New Jersey Vol.... " w,-th do do 4 I h do do.... > -,113d do do 19 q 5ih do do.... 2 W.h do do 6 1st do Cavalryll|i05<hdo do 6 * 9th N Y State Militia l 51th do Fire Zouaveo 1 M u t o I'H Q .1 tT W t UTft > U1 | 184 VIU XJ i a^uuutt * 17th do do....ll|llth do do 2 i-tb do do.... 1| 1st do Artillery... 1 19th do do.... 2.27th Indiana Vol..... 8 rJd do do.... 3 id .Michigan Vol 10 1 t 25th do do.... 4 3d d-j do 4 2kh do df?.... B oth do do 7 r 27th do do....17 Ut Wisconsin Vol.... I :-t:h do d?.... I 3d do do..... 6 N 29th do do.... 2 5th do do 5 i ?2d do do.... 3 #th do do 7 ' " 37th do do.... I 1st Minnesota Vol I fib do do.... 3 Hth Illinois Cavalry...89 ?" 39th do do.... 1 Lincoln Cavalry 1 * !.?>> Ha H.i 4 f'ampron Dracooni I '1 44th do do.... 1 Ciuur:emia?ter:? em54th do do.... 1 ployeei............. 3 ?- 27th do do.... 4 Citizen*.... 3 ^0 01st do do.... 1 ? 63d do do.... 1 Total 450 I. 04th do do.... o At Fifth District School House hospital, Branch of iitntfxl Hospital on Fijth strut, Fib 14. 6'Jd New York Vol... 2 5th Rhode Inland Vol. 1 M U. 8. Canity. 1 ? ? <?blo Cavalry, (unat). 1 Total............. 6 Cameron Dragoon*... 1 }() At General Hospital, (Giles's Mtntion,) Fth. 14. r,L l?t Uerdan Sharj Ts.,13 4?h l'enn Cavalry.... 1 ?5 Jd do do Hi 41tfcNew York Vol(a) 1 M, Tth Ma?i?cbu??>t!a Vol. 6 ? Pf, lit U. S. Cavalry 4 Total.............41 tj- (a) An cfllcer. At Douglas Hospital, corner of I street and Nete t. Jersey avenue, Ftb. 14 _ ? !-- m -a- - til-.* f rvnn Ul*n?< VaI 1 I aviIJiS'.rr 1 ] i?? uvu^ inauu * v* * ? 56tb New York Vol... 1 o42d Penn Volunteers. 1 I K l?t IVnn CaT*!ry J '21VermontVolunteer?15 , w 9tb New Jer*ey Vol ..1 ? ? ** U 8 Ch"M<?u" 1 'fetal 21 \UT Washington papers pleasts copy and send ^ bills to the v? ir Drpnrtniesl ft 3t i?f - . : .. ? - i .. i~**>U?Ht*. COLD-, HOAR8ENE8R, Ao. ' * / 7 VL/TK'S !t. COMPOUND S) K VP OF HUM ARABIC. I him Couch Rffiiidf hlf , r-etu ??.?l"n* kiiown \nd extensively used that moat r?;u<a* Iin4 l>?oonia funiitu 7it)i itt utitordla*r) eifiojicf. It o\a he hvl at all the ?riaoip I Irij stores, at SS ard oesti a bottle. - ovi M-item*?*TP* a IV BOYft' CLOTKING. ui ? ? E Hare reocived with.n iue last daj or two a lar<e assortment of BUYS' SPRING CLOTHIN#. eSbraeinz all styles of low prioed, medium, i an l fcn-3 snalitu*, which we arssallmgat vary ?: !ow srioes for e?th _ _ Lr.l will iPtPUVNR * r?n u. n-41 j'a. z,v . talweeo 9th aadlOtb tx ? f' Itit4>? A R'"t> 1 Kg mil MAI,AOA urapkb. it't HJU Lbs. of Ui# ikiMii iwpoiuuion, wi oI !Kn.MMM.i'NUMf^ ? B??0?LL. U J?< Ootntr Ulh at. uc Vermont ^* ? r mmmmm?? TfTTTBTSirT to rmfiLiES,] RUTAI'RANt >, MOTELS, r SUTLERS, GROCEI IS, AND OTHEJ\*. WILIUM . TUCKER'S CHEAP WHOLE SALE AND RETAIL GROCERY WAREHOUSE, 325 PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE, 324 PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE. GROCERIES AT H AI*F THE USUAL PRICES, Having been purchased / Bankrupt Merchants and others. TUCKER'S TUCKER'S Groceries, Liquors, Wines, Cigars, &c FOR FA MIL IE S, FOR SUTLERS, FOR OFFICERS. T EAS, FINE. ir WON CIGARS.: 17 BACKERS, BOSTON. E_ ETCHUP8, IMPORTED. E. XTRA COFFEES. K- AI*1.^IS, MALAbA. READ OUR PRICES! R ET A D OUR PRICES! Extra Bro Pugar 9 cents per pound White Sug **** ccnU per pound Fine Green Tea 50 cent* per pound Fair Black 'lVn 50 cento per pound Extra Coflce.* .vW cento per pound Good C?tte? 16 cento per pound Wax Candlei 35 cento per pound Malaga Raialnja 15 cento per pound Codfish ? cent! per pound Imported Cigat? 50 cenU per 100 Havana Cigars.. 91 to 93 per 100 Almondi l'?! oenta per pound Salt - 20 centa a bag Cood Butter..- 16 centa per pound Extra Butter 20 ccnta per pound Fine Wines tl prr bottle Whiskey 25 to 50 cents per bottle All other kinds of LIQUORS in proportion. Call and see for yourself. TirritPD?? 325 Pennsylvania Avenue. WILLIAM TUCKER S CHEAP GROCERY WAREHOUSE, 323 PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE, 325 PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE. GROCERIES AT HALF THE USUAL PRICES, j ;ng been purckaitd of Bankrupt Mtrchmtt ' |ind otkiri, d Sugars from 9 to bi cts per pound Ituart's Refln n'Tea 75 * " ^xtra Fine Gret ^ tt (l iood Green Tea... ? ? V <? ?' Sxtrm fine macc t. __, , n ... .50 ** (( iood Black Tea 31d Java Coffee ,4? good Coffee 1. * Every thing else In pr?. xpor,lon* REMEMBER, TUCKER'S, 384 PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE TUCKER'S, 384 PENNSYLVANIA AVElit ? WmilMTOH. IMPORTANT i;0 FAMILIE8, RESTAUR-, ANTS, HOTELS, GROCERS, AND OTHERS. WILLIAM TICKER'-? CHEAP WHOLESALE AN D RETAIL GROCERY WAREHOUSE, ?aK lirfUMQVI VA\IT A A 0?? I ?iilllCIU?AniA a T D, 323 PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE. GROCERIES / AT HALF THE USUAL PRICES, Having been purchased of Bankrupt Merchants and Otkirt. TUCK E R|' S TUCKER'S WHOLESALE AND RE (AIL Groceries Liquori, Ciga n, Wines.&o , FOR FAMILIES, FOR SUTLERS, FOR OFFICERS. T EAS, FINE. U NION CIGARS. C RACKERS, BOSTON. K ETCHUPS, IMPORTED. E XTRA COFFEES. R AISINS, MALAGA. READ OUR PRICES . READ OUR PRICES! WILLIAM TUCKER'S CHEAP GROCERY WAREHOUSE, 324 PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE 324 PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE. GOODWIN'S TOBACCO. H. H. WATTB'8 VOLUNTEER TOBACCO. (tKOOKRIKS AT HALP THE USUAL PRICES, Hating htm fmtkmud / Bmkrufl Mtrckmmit mmd Mktrt. | RS MEMBER, TUCKER'S, S9S PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE TUCKER'S, 333 PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE Wauixw. 0 ? i I ? ? t * m BR. CHiAn R. BOTLLtR, UKKTTIST, NO. 3S6 PENNSYLVANIA AVKNUK, BlIWIlS ?TJ! l!fB 10TT! ST?. )? ?-?Q2in J^KW AN1> IMPROVED INVENTION ARTIFICIAL CHR0PLAST1 BONE *V P t? ** ( ?t Ci 1 WlTBOtT MITAL PLA** o* Clasm. DR. S. B S10K8MOND, , . 4 10 y*w Vsrfc?360 P?*?f*irai*t? 1? M??, 6?tw?a UiA r.nA 131* m , wutkn*t<M,m ails the fcttt'iUon of the pubiio to the toilowing T?jt?|M of his improT?il system: fc 1. The Tooth of (i'? n.AnV.hotare wi MM ever oorcue nor cbania oolor by any^*,I?' acids, be?nr turee foe . ta? Utiiter than aty other. I. No teeth or roots cw! be extrwtiw, u the ?rtif?ji*i OEM o&n be inserted orc-r t lera. i I. The roots will be msae ui^, M. nerer %ohe. 1 t. no temporary teeth ar5je?*?*V, u permanent ones oan be made iir.n t?lia*?;y, thereby ?reserrirn ?j?8 natural exfrweiftn of th*? foce. ^i.ieh Ui.isr the old 17 stem ?# fluently d-'fisnred. h. This wor< hU beeo Iniir testrfl over five years by many of the first ohcm:?ts u<l pluT?:tci?jiiof this cuntrr. Ik. is has also inrerted ft wh'.to ncdesttjotire metal &!line, with which the most seiisit) ve teeth oan be tiled without pain, ?ni can t>uik! up a perSut,

sound tooth oc my aide roots, whioh willlMt ronth lifetime. The beet of ref?renoes f lven-to Dr. V. M ott; Dr. l/oremns, Professor of Cheroietry, N. ' Hon. Judge Wftyne, of the Supreme Court of Washington. and thousands of others. Call and examine for yourself. ro I ?n GAS FITTING, Jtc. A__ Wjl DOVK h CO. "E rtow jrcp+rtx} io er.ioato any ariars V'U W!U?? th?r m*iT t? fa?c.ed in the rfcWMfllNt, AS OR PTEAM FI*Y1M? BUSINESS, rj- Store en ?th r eel, a faw doora norU ! Pv vacae. where may be foasd ft compete assortereat f/OHANi)ttL.i.^t?S *na ;MT?A8.B'*KAM vai WATKB FTXTBBKS. iaT? nr_ W? A aj' IXTIRKB, K Hare in store, and ftre <!? r recfttvini, 9A8 FIXTURESoferAwc i New PaftoT.s ard Desiins ftrnl Fir.ish. superior in avyietoMiytfucj heretofore fl>r?d ui this mftrket. We invite oitiaens cenerfti It to Mil and examine oar stock oi Gfts and Wate> Fix'ires, feeling eontidost that we tare the list seated stock in Washington. All Work i?i T.... ?- A ? Liuo luidiw to ??' tart | WlU b? T to. MYKKS * Mcf HAM, Mri-tf TTSDatrMl I? R I V iV T B. PRIVATE. PHI V ATB DR. LA BONTA I Cares ail Venerial Pi8*as?s permanently and tuiokir, withont the u?e of disgusting or poison ous drags of ant kind. No dieting or interference with business. Consultations froa. It is saving ^uite enongh in its favor, when 1 sai that mr practioe is that which is in use in all the New York citv hospitals. New York City College and Hospital Testimonials furnished. Ladies with Whites and Diseases ot the Womt cured ?nd saved a consumptive's grave bj mr treatmout. There is nothing aftnfirt er dirarr$$nbU in any part of the treatment. n. u uuids w&rrnr.vea, or money reftai'ded. Communications in writing, with return (tamp, promptly attended to. Medicines for tiavelers and others packed, with fbli instruction" for nse. and warranted. Offioe?Roi-m No. ^ NV in*ton Building, Penn, avenue and Soven'h gi? Washington, D. C. feb I-lm* ~ FAIRBANK '~S 8TANDARD SCALES. VOK SAXI il J. P. BARTHOLOW. Sole Acect, Hardware & Agricultural Warehouse) 338 Sircnth Street, Buirttn Ptnn'v'.vanii mnn and tkt Ciuml, opposite east en?i of Goitre Market', ja 14-tf U T L E R sT~ ATTENTION!! 600 BARRELS LINGER SWAPS, Fer sale in '<alctUi?f to jrait tho tra?!e, ?t 10* ufcilM. JOHNSON 4 NA#LE, r?. aronna, Wuhmjlon, D. C., 3* >1 10 Royal gU, A.i???A0dri?, V>. NOTICE. "ADAMS' EIFRESf COMPANY." ?'hi? Company offer# to the pDblie** Unequalled vantagea" for t)i? Saft> ana Un:ck liirpatab of Heavy Freights, Paoxacea, VaJuablea, Money, Ac. Ac., to all parts of the Uuitec 8tatec. Lxpresses to and from the North and West dapart from and arrive in Washington twioe daily. All Expresses are U 0ui.:te of wmisMl tul rtlyUU Messengers. All Paokages for The Bo'.dir. s carrioi at "okx xlv" oar nsaal rn'ss, A 1! Goods for the ao-oalled "Confederate States" ?n*' all Articles " Contraband of War" will be ayniii. Onr Expresses leave New York &t 1.?, aad P. M.. Afr vmar 1*% lVsak>'..*A? at A k. M ATli I M P M w.? w *9.0 M , ,E*?raMe? leare Philadelphia %t 8.J0 A. M. and 11 P.jftl., arrivm* in Washington ,\t MO P. M.aad Jiiwpii limre Baltimore at 4.J0 A. JL *"4> Pf?'^|ErriT lB* in WashTiifton at I A. iu- ' *' k*? re?flM for all points North and Wart iVve *-hintton at7jn ATM.and 2J0 P. M. daily. 'jpeoiaT Contract* for iarie *nantifc*e of Freight 'j*a be made on asp.ioation to this i Mice. All Goods called for and delivered fru g( Litr? harfoe, E. W, PARSONS, Sap't Adams' Kxprcs? Compsc#. Washington. Aucnat a. 1861. an ?-tf Sutlers and others should subscribe 'to thompson's hank note R eportt r ? Weekiy, $2.50 per year, semi monthly. Si 5ft; monthly, 75 ceu's; with tiro copies of riasonptivA list free to all who pay in aHvanee. Orders promptly exeouted by er.olosing the mo^ej in a note a'dresaod to warren choatk, 333 Pa. avennc fe 7 6t* Wall, Stephens & Co., MILITARY AND NAVAL MERCHANT TAILORS, And Diuna in SWORDS, PASHKS, BELTS, EPAULETS, SHOULDER STRAPS, GAUNTLETS, GLOVES,*?. And every variety of HEADY-MADE CLOTHINV, At Rxa son ails P&icm. nrn ! btpvucmsi rn ?? ??UM| UA S4U11W W Wit 332 Pennsylvania avenue, between jell [Intel. A Repub,] 9th and 10th ?U. rpO MILITARY OFFICERS AND OTHEM, BATCHBLOH'S GENUINE HAIR BYE, The Beet in the World. IV Only RtliabU mud Harm It 13 Hair Dyt Emmm. Bold br pil Druggist*; also, at Biniron'i Patent Medicine Store, op. Patent Office, cor. F A 7th, eiSBa'a Hair Store, C4tf Penn'a avenue, where I n?.n Kttt it ab?1ia>I. ifilMtMX Factory - 8 ibarolay?t.< tatf 338 '.Broadway') N. Y. I CASH NOTlfcK. N Conseqaenoe of oar havirg to pay ouh for very article ot good* ?? purchase, we are foroed to redaoe oar basinru to Cash exclusively, for tte present. We have in ?torea?f ry Urieaaaortment of RliAOY-MADK CLOTHING Tor men and b ye* wear, which are aeUirc at a much lowar rate thaaaaaaUy. Wall. ttkphkns k. r<j.? 328 Pa. a?., between 9;h and ictii ata. r i_i i a m i i? ? nawi.a pw.| OQQ JOMN8UN * NAGLE, QQQ tt"'' IMFOBTBR* OF SOU W1NM8, '?> No. 989 Pa. arena-*, between 9th and 10th atreeta, Washington, D. O. No. 10 Eoyal at, near King, Alexandria, Va. JOlni Stock Co? in ilookheun Constantly on hanJ their calebraiad Sparkling Rock and MmxUe Cabinet Wines. ^ Coniioiaaeurs are rtsfMth !t inritad to give n? CS OLDIE *8 JO 81* RETURNED FEO M S.?toiiM;a?AKJ^iraifUS.!?s lock n.i>]|fiT4fcf Hmt tftrovtrtV ski m*ti Cr ui?, ; ?<?/ ?u mJ* Xftrtvi Rtmtif in ft* Tr#?iJt FO* ALL DI3?A.fcI^ Of jDJiflCK. ur rro wr? pm.rciT pjtsrsjrr. I Arpi v inmhputtly. 4 gVFB WAMUXrED.OK NO CHAB6B, IN VROX ONE TO TKO HAYS. I Viibin *f jt? ImI, knctaiH, Af? :?i ?f tk? IMMf? ?*d El?.<! !?j ? ? 1 ap*.M?CT, ?* irt.) r?4bu .y, >?' -WHi. P??j*p?/, U. i*?, CfciftJ.* | ?f Urn, Ui ?pir. I. an if tftt Wixn, 1 Tftrcblir f?, Dtnr?M?f ftjHW &f tM ad, TtiW.. N't* *t ! *!?. Lf' lit ?r E?w?l??t?*M v?rt. ;i p?7 ,trl ir t.rf fr*n Mlur; iiUti W I'tfiJiil ia4 lUtiractm hiiW' It, ted <u*u*y rn u\(9 yrss , BtpseisilT ?l? fc??s Vst- t ?;ctira? ' ifcst sad <t?t.r??'?? 1. ;t *' >ek orwlly tvtsps [ u an uiuntlj ?r*?? 0\iw dt of ??if| ft? to ?r ths mH Xi.k?d tal?nt? aa* Vrii'. ? ?C ? t miffct Kk?r*M? ka?s ratnattd lu.f j ~f . . w.J ij?U?oatr?W Moc* ?r vki4iii ' -t i*rt,tety Ml) v>lk rail Mctdtaet MJRRIAV9. MiUI? Y?t [ f ? Murltn, ktmj *?-.-? ;t?. , njuU uMMf) | 4tf?nni-j|?, *c., arte 3 J* evi l I wlnr'Acn - ' !"t. J nttftuoUi i? b'? h* ?r ? jf5('?r^r ??i escMtatly ttij ?p?n ht> skiii ?? t OFFICK No 7 nirrH FK 'CDBRTCK ST. Isfl h*o< suit 1* ^1 ' M.llW dssrt fr?a Us Mtif f??l m??i-!r?? nvii W : srr ksr ht US ft Ul kt f*J4 u4 MktC. 1 i.'.r f. - . J M#*Wf f. vhi *'t/r v,#il ? ^ Im. vndi* ... .ct M l_,? I : tfc? tl.ltfd *n4 ih? ftf"' j .? j la tea pitalt *? T^?ot>, T ?. 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E?:' V ra'. ri Buz.t.j, 8?1J l>iaItn^U'at' e? . :?,ara i?u ? ?l tc? *!! pa?dM?d. nu'<iV> !>? ' IT' 1-1 > cus f t* >>4[i wK?l H jtaHNtW tit 4k I tirTifcr, Mean- < Inf lAtfilt M . i ' ' j ? linf !?? ippitriait :t??t f *?' ?r ? r.pi?tn? it UN. DISK AS h'F ftp IVl'KUliRyrK Wh?i. (>>? f?f at'ltd r ? < * -rr ?f?! ?? ? k? ku itrhtfet'1 ' - .i tt ? ?h?? k?f7#i ibti ii ? ; >i >: ? i . d*i?n h:?r > i b.ijn > r*?p?CUkt!a?, t 'e t'. ??.' H? filii lnt? tb? kuidl nf *1*- ? 1 * .... . i '?. tni irci"p?? ? 9t tariff, llch I ? j . (l -.? J??r ! IB tr-lmf aaaMh ?"?r rr,?i Ui, ?f . , - . ? Itai f?a tan fca *tririad, ai.4 ' . .e >. : - . tv.S ,? tick iia jrsll'-f 4 : t ?,?? ' ;Le; dac?lj p?ia?t-M?rc* ? V.?:a . a ?.-i ? ' ?f lb>? Umkltdni it < c:iA( . . ? iltir V-rMt,ln4, ktr, *e., ff?f ?? j.; daaib p??a panad ta kia ar?a<!'? ? * i a it???iiiMTtriil (ci .it '- > DE. JOHNSON : k ? ... b-)h. UtiOANM WEAKNESS A > ? . .i'OTiEA'cr It tkt> ?ad ir|. . .i t r. mlUi ?iui ara'apaadily t?ra4 anil rlrai rr * ** * ?* ???*? mi ntrraa* ut dak.i'ui- ? ? ? kt?a lieiuidill#,j iiaxtd. iBftJtuKti ii Hu .i(. Fu?? - ?i Me i! DIKI*1lid.,.i?rtl lw { ImuW lit. tnnHirrml Wfm::n ti. . .?).*' iki an; fltrm tlai tarad. ByDO&SJSMf NT OF WE FRESS. T*? Mi*T T?orii*^* c?r? : - iraiil?U*? ?.lk!a 111 illlKlntu f? ti. f . r.???ni irrpartant Mrji ai ?f ?/ ptr'ntztti i r Oi. J4kni?, ?it .mil >f rtp?'iir? ?f > ..??.;> ? rtiuoi, muwi ( vkltk if*iir?l if s j ?: i ?j4i at.iri li iiiut, kit'Jti k>a as a gi tii wr. *! cHr't.iiialiiftt:* Mi'lf.I? a itltnil ' ?a ta uia r-.irllly T n ITJhrt JSTVI An. ProttcUd R* Krtva! I '.'frr? Fattnt of E*t,innd, find at*'- * Kv tht f 1.' f f tkt ? colt dt Pkarmarit dt Paris * .1 tkt Jt>i irial Colltgt of Militint. FttJtna. TRIE?EMAR No. 1 [a tli* e9*-i (i ' >' KiMtX4TT0H? 8rn MATOSKHCc'A W. * OI TKI ?TfTI*. THIE^TMAK 9, Cow??latp T A ? " -11 ? r ? - ' b ail irsoci ui those disurce.f, dt w .icii C<paivn a:.d Cnbebe t.ave t .! i .. ;: aa antidote, to the minor ths i. i tiie p> m.aton. TRIF.SF.M AR K... 3, ( the |re?t ard sor* r- r. - jcf iTili?ed world or al< imsuritpi ?if t . ,r *e.. aa recondary aympton.?, obv.v <* d' 'rn<2tire one of Mercury, as well a* ot:.. st an lotred'enta, and which all t. e r ? v w. d cannot remove. T*:k-tx.; \ j are aiike d$? rc'.d oit.Vte cr rrr.- - . . .unities ^allties. They are i;:' ? ! - ; i a?*: in*j lie on the toilet ta . f r > ?? beizg ?aefolri. iSOlJ In fan oases a' *5 -ach. ? fmr fs caaee in one for #9, and sn *<"7 ra * eavine Kliniiiietered by Va mo, - *iJ. Koix.fte., kc. WbalfAl* *!;t. f t* I'. A. HAKHOW, 194 VlMokc; ?ir? 4 >i* l.uaiMi# Uougal street). Nev V t t'e'.j us rfOf-!Pt of remittance, f>r. w v , 'c.-ward TriegeTar to any -art of ?:.a vc-riU, seeoro'y packed .an aciar?Bsed acocr ..;to *eivrtrnafiOBa of the w-iut. Pubiuhe ! *;?o liy DR tIA Ii' ' W, that popular acd l>?sui.fii'lr ilustra'e I r :?i ao*. lit: man Frai ty. Fri?*S6c"'.t . *' a ' :\-?>k cac be cHairM * rp?? V aatho':!' f -^rr C. F<>R l>. W a*hiB c t .mi. j>. C. J e U-3.T ^Kx r^\ iM Z^N Pi laJgiUTHT L'imvut trRiiAJ -miv yet Acs! At 991 c ftmi, ryr?jfti OYSTfcKS s!Tt;> MiSD In tLs Sic!i ! r. ufi ? Co >ke<l 'ir rape nor to * rout) .1: *?**.-. ttm cr. rt;c Ct'. &. j ace. The ardervf- f 7 ' -~.g l;u friend? In the llietric, r > -- T.thatnehaa refitted hie ot. a - iuji. blount in a moat thorcs* ! * * \ " ! 1 ?* male compete arriuice-*i?-' OYS ' KRS* ir, any atyioand in ar a-ai . ("'Ioj ' (a icma ahnoked f?rday. 2,uCO to S '?< t* . cl J->icefl and i-'reah ut up daily?cans u*ii.-i-?t?c.\ t rw*:od. h.raiaiied intUeaholi by tie L.; . " o-! * rel. reraoni w;ahi~? t ~i ('; 'r-r farniahel regalar!* throniit t'i<" vr;'- . v. LN'vmon pnoea, without fear of fi r? and mare arraneementa at fr.ce i fine. and money aaved by aaroi o . e. aa I farxish an artiole equal tothect if ? i tlj e eatabliaiuMBte. at pnoea juai aa '.otr. JO 8DTLCR3. Canned Maata, Lu. 'c.a, s -Ja.^a. Ciama, Strawberries, Tom*.' 1. ?:_c' IV.-t, Trrpe, Ac. io.,4:. Aiao, 1'ick. Cr.t ?, cnt tiranay Peach*s, ic. A!ao, <ia- *>?.-. I I vh Fiah. Turt ? ?,Terispina, Fr?ti I. ' CHaiilut.&e. in fact, every thiut for fc* ? tiHrnmarketa aiwaya on han r<^ar .;.a o-un^sa. Hotels and families r... u ?ilia (mrM ? ? lirored without char> .?i aw ^ J>i?Uiot, it se&?on.!f the irot" t is w:.t :m ihs order. MT??t6bli?hmenti?or r - -n -a rr. to 13 at aifht. ?T*ry d?jr, ?c ?i - ; ;iy t ' . r, ! < o?9 a: 10 o'olock a. m. jaS 11 T. M. H AH V KT. i. E A * r?KiU:<?* CIUI1ATU Worceatersibiie f nucv, FronVnaed br KJ LX-TRACT CONNOIb^rUn? * 1 of a L5tt9r from a t# g t. V- I lUixtml Cmi.tmmn ? " aft " ONLY ?<M?D To His Erclk*r SAUCE." &t Worcester. *s4 appltoabie to .. r#n EVERY j^F^SJSS VARIETY ^Zzlrt :1t ';? >" v well u I OF disb. Vhe above SAUCE i? not only the bbst tad nxwl Fo?*Lx*conpiM?!TT t o?r? but themoBt fiwiwit*i, Aa A lev drop* in Soup, Gravy, or with FUA. hot And oold Jeitui, B*tf StMLk, Gam*, te., impart An extuiaite wt, whioti unprtntifM s*?oe mu Aotnrera have In rain endeavored to imitmt*. On the Brutfi'att, Ltmek*om, Dituur, or 4**ppar T*bU, a oruet eontalnlrf "LEA A PERKINS' WORCESTERSHIRE HAUCE" ia indiapeuaAble. To appreciate th* tzeti'wi i*<tlitu*ol this furious preparation it it only necessary to pareliaae a small bottle of the mhmi, of a reapeotable *rooer or deaer, as m&ay Hottl and Ruimmrmu proprietors seldom place the P*rt dance before their guests, but snt>stitvte a ceuuice Boui* fcl>d with a trmtout mixture. For sale by Grocsrs and Fruiterers everywhere. JOHN DUNCAN A SONS, Union Svuart mmd 14tk ttrut. New York, Sole Wholesale Aceats for (he United States. A Stock always m store.?Aleo orders rec.MTed for direct shipments from EnfJand. I IT fitMllri if PmiarssfMre mm it iMlilAKns. > /71 w?Myjw ___ I TPHAM'S HAIR DYE!-TO COLOR BLACK U OK llKOWJl!.'?Uc;j 36 (MuU a bo*. T:u*? S*oS^te818iB,%ifiw n4f to and chNipMUn ttw yrortdfprolnidnj,tft?'me naat it ia applied. a rich can-mi appearance. Eacf. Box of VPHAM'a HAIR D VK ii warranted tToo tt ! I i ! > ng v?.k * 4 i biv i r wi im uui i itreel u3 Pt, ire.; lu A!*x*bdriA, ty HENRY COOK fc Co.. DruKurtB. _ wyNolt GENTLS8* SV iEWK Wo offer oitteMta and vtrsnrara * io*? uiort oolon and ?o*ol is uki ud " 10 ?terIjWflihw t co, ?r?twnt 'lotion ud C:otker?, >.**, Afwa-n^-4*a? TRAVELLER."' DIRECTORY. PASSKHO IS TKA1S8 bliHMKS Om mmd Aft* MUMltAV ? ?? Pitimn ftiim mV?? WilHIPIflTOK ADO BALTIMORE Will run ? fo'lova : e? JJ&JS5,' &ZiZ24<?2Z.y" >1^ IW* ? fced N*w Y^-!-?T?Wi?li *?<M. lie* *.* -! *?" ? ? ?'*>r <\?wu&*u>a M ??Md 7.4: A M. Ud S 10 AD*. : Zr t * Per Aina^ol* It 7 40 a m ikik<l4<NPMForPhiiftdetfhm ?tAl?PK. . For Bamatiftf* ?'d tH# North tad WMt, l?T? A?hinctcn at 6 <? a M,?tnd 4 W or ?<* t *. Kct 1 ieU?rtck un am.and auo r TfLAIXB MOTIim ynKTN. ItoreuBfBvrrMa Imi e Ml; rcton tWt, m. ?lt nre at BaltimorA rr a. 4 MiAbeipbiA UM p. New Y ork r. lla*.uri 1.1* p. m, Mcremj AoeommclaVoB fcare \\ acr*nttofi a.*. Arrive at f:st-Tnor? f J- m No cobb<?IiOl? at lia Ui^ore. Thu n Ue Morale o?bullion for Antap^l e. New York Mai! T'*u: rare Wu) nitocai 11 a.*.; arrive It i-altraor" !! ?> p. TkiJadephla *J?r. New v?rk 1"p *. Phila'e phiaTrais : % < Washington at*i*p m. rMohint OA'U more utNrK nuKide^liii It 10 F *. AlUrtoo# A^ttimoiiiucx-l-ATt Wa#hiL?toi at4*^,irrrve At Ra tirror' At (rx. No oonB?kior;?At Baiimore '|hi? r the after boob oonBAZioa for Atcapoae. Evembi Kxsr^ss?leA-e V. ?? ititon I r. *. Arrtva At R*r T.cre M2 p k.; Phi)A4eiptiia HvAl p. New York i x nr.; H*rri*>l urr l a. k. Ob &BB<iay? leave \VAsian* toe at 3 ao and S p. M. oaly. The S p. m. traiB from Wa?. iftoB coBaaota thr sih to New Vt - k *r^-t - ri?? T*A1!*S MOfl.W SdXTTH. Lf?T8 Neir \ or* at 7 a. ?.; fi. afe >.ua I1JP . fc? Uitr? 4 t k 4r~ ?t 'Vnj^ajtoi > New Yori itfr.i. Pi ?<s- i?J? r.j H. Ba.lHD?ra 4JP Am k. irnwu v> ur :-|V>r tan '"j^aranaw Uikit 11 r m ! ' ade ?bi? I.*1 a. v.; Ralti <i)'*TX> K. AxnraM ffuh .('w itfi.E I.ooal Aoeoiwrc'attnr Train* Hattm?*? at ? 4 ?.r.d ?a> r ? ,f. r Warhioft->r. arrive t fa ?> M II a. *. ati 1 < r. u. (In U.. - .no...?1 " - ? 1 ? ? - u uuiajc n *# ' ? ': * "1 A ^ ? ' ' H 1 T J OfT* R^' I 4 mor*. No Au&(o'ii?r F(<i.*uck o-iicx-ona oa fllBBIfti P??*?ct??rTni'n? '.warn.? Wa*h'artc>n a* 7 4* &. M- a :d 4 w p. r.nd Haltmor* at 7.* t. % Had 4 3* p. k . make 4?r*et ?cn*etior? for Ao*n> ia at ih? Jonetiou. T?ie7 4 4 m, ai d 3" p m oonneotat K^.a* or Frederick, !lax?r?l wn, &?., Ac., ex .cpi Mii: f la.r.c '.e?Te Anrr.*-Jh? for I'.viiinor* ar.d Waait i- rTf-n at .v *. m *. ' r n PMWUW Tran;t? leaYirr \V a?i>infton at f.?* a. M. t i A. N.? a-"' t I V < 1 % ;: ' < at 4.?> a*o 7rV>A. Will < ' * 1' /4?. ipoi.j /m(Mn. Way I'aecenceia if o?t t?k? Um Attemm?4mtnm TV at* i OKiy Tra:ca will leave Waatiiuctoe anil flaltitnora prompts mpourorj itrm, rxo' ft ? t.'ia' H,*4.? a m.73Sa M, and 4 <w r trail w:.i *-ait k mi n?ui ifnecwaaary. to aecwe the ea*aeri{?ra aud Maiia from the K&aL | or S ck Utd V\ c :n fcl H. V4tii ?c KiteuUAt. wuii wul t-?vr Wuhiniton iwioe k ^Vk for Phi tule pm? dueot at II a m. lor the aoooir.mvlfttioa of s.'k and wounded oldier*. W. P. PMlTjl. fo ? Master of T^atr^rtatiop. Bali. l~6tf) THE [IMS Pennsylvania Central Railroad, (with iu connections) 19 A FIRST CLASS ROITE TO ALL THE WESTERN CITIES SPEED, SAFETY AND COMFORT! 81 ONE BALLASTED AND FREE FROM DUST! BAGGAGE CUElKED TUROl'CH FROM BALTIMORE: TBBIK TAiLT TU1HI FKO* rHILADELTHIA TV MTTftBlROlt ! Two ot them innkicr CLO?? CO.tKSCTIOKa AT HilllllVtl with tmca on the NORTHERN CENTRAL RAIL ROAD. nX Linuin<r TI1E GREAT CENTRAL ROUTS rioa WASHINGTON AND BALTIMORE to all point* in the W??t, Nobth-w*#t *sb ^ovti-wvt. GT For Tt.ronch Tic??u, apply at t.e Oftoe of the Northern Ce^fai Rati Road Company, Calvert Ptatiob, Baltimore. Splendid Slrrmrr Cr.r.* on nil Nrrht Train* Smoking Saloon Cart on ail jratnj. from Washington. Paerer f err wi i take the 6 a. ni. aao 6 p.m. traina. arriving ,n Baltimore at 7 JO a. m. ami (Ur m., where eloae ooaneouoaa are n.a.e with taici on the Northe.n Centra K. K.,acd arrive la Harm fcura at 1 p. ru. and I 45 a m.. there oonneotinx with the traine on the Penngylra&ia Ceuua. Railroad for ail parta oi the west. FRKIGHTtS. w y Mtta i wh 1*1 liVliUW VI U??OIirUVJ?V*ii If" forwarded to and from any pwnt on the Ratlrua4a of Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana, Illinois, Wiaooaain, lo^a, or Mistonn, fcv hatiroad dtrtct ThePennsy vania Central Railroad n ?o c r n*?ts at Hittsbarc wi'h tM*arn?r?, by whioh iioods o*a tx? forwarded to art pert on ti.eOhio, Vtu?k incurs, Kecluoky, Tecneaseo. Cuir'iT aud. I iiino.a. Miss issippi, Wisconsin, >1 isaoiiri, Kuiot, Ark&isar, and Red R vert: and at Clar?iacd, !*ai.cuw and CMcaro with r'^amer* to a NorhweKeru i akes. Merchants ami shipper* entrusting the transportation of th*ir Freight totl ia Company,ean rely with conftc?ijoe on its ?pe??iy t ut.-. rz- fi; w t. i j-I.* ? i i?_ ij i *.. -. ? ? ? - - * V A & It iilUtl ft I ' (' 4 ft I Ut Bii T to;nt IB the Wwl, by tho I'PT.mjIrania Central KBilro?d, ii*i at all ttm?? as f?ror*!>lt at ma t \*rtt,i fry '4kn Hat'.toid (Y*ipftnit* ?!I7"Co i?mctitar to mark pAckftgM "via Pen*. C?>Tki.L H R." A1 At;RAW A KOONS, Freuht Agent*, No. SO North street, lift t.mora. ENOCH LEWIS, C?r'! ( iMnnt't. Altsona, P?, L L. HOl'PT.(9?c'l Tiek'>t Aft't. Pin BdeiphiB. H. H HOUSTON, 6en'i Freight Agent. Ph?l?driphti M 4-dly JWOKTHLRN CENTRAL RAILWAY. Tkt Skertf I, and Ft*I h(ml* from B+Ui WEST. NORTHLAND NORTHWEOT. WISTRJi SCHEDULE. CBiiici or Tivs. Ob awl after SUNDAY, Mtfc Nor?nh?, I'miwser Tnin will arrive aad depart Iras Calvarl station aa foiiova: _ Traisb Np*th Lbatb mtn at ??a. m. i<' o Exprma ? p. m. Parktot A .oommoduionli. m. Pittsburg a ltd Harnafrurt Expreaa ftM p. A I TXA.ISS SorTB Akkivi Parktcn AocomnKKlatiot Itivu. Buffalo Expreac 8? a. i... Pittabnrg and Hamburg Exp fft 1 p. . Mail * p. m. The 6 a. m. train Irom Washington aoaifcti with th? a. in. traia from Ba.umora m Ob West and for Buffalo. K aura. Kenhwln, fttnfcirk, Cauadalgua acJ Niacara Falia.and for Naw Y?rtr oity. The If a. m. trait from Waehicgtou oocaect? Rith taeii. m train from Ba.tirr.ore to wmL orth ard NortAveet and Elnura mil Buffalo and RoeSMter, The ft p. m. tra front Washington ooclocU viU f- ? u. ! * ?u? ?h?v f. ?ii. n?iu ftikjlu ua.wu.urr m;; ruwuvri| Hfcrrifcburc acd the \N m? and in a direct oohd#cCon for Lebanon. but<m Alientown and New \orkvia Central Railroad of New /era*y. Try Una route for New York. SrThe onW tram lea vine Baltimareun fcanday e 2 p. m. train, for Harrtabari,Pittaborc, ChTeaco and the Weet. The only train arriving in Baltimore on Saaday letbe?.K a. m. train J AS C CLA*Efc~ no? ly {*upenctpnd>Bt HI IIOTICK til TKlVKI Eia M. ? ^artnuttr ??a?rST ha*;n? ordirtd tki Mil MrriM betweei Waahiaftoa, _ J ^ Bt i.niore.Md Old Point (Fortrest^^4^B^? Monroe) to bo returned, oo axd day / from their wharf, foot of Union Dook, at M o'clock ? m., or immediate: j after the arrival of the Wcahiutoo Train, hiah iearoa Wachiartoa atttto'oWofc f. m. mk-ti M. W- FALLS, Proot. TOPHAMT! IB MJJIUrACTORT, *- 499 iJTUTI MlPT, w UliMIW, D, C, Uw Medal ^ Maryland InaCtaU Baitiiv.ore, November 1, lfM. 1 i^VKiSiarjr* [ Crr^To?h?, r*C?.00. DMIilfll, #Im j(f Jjp frieii. M?b?a ?l CoMieuutd tr*r*i*n will iHMRjfflS&ffasft P?penc: LMvtUr kD& Dr?M Tnuka Mil I* rder. . . t' i. ( - tf-BC ugiwuw w mn iobwl ws^fSSaSSr OSS&jwusm. ULTWiM. FK1ZKTTIOS M 1M Ml dVM wW*. ?'? MMMM MbM. BkitWortreH. id w(ufciaMd. ^KTL-"*mW kill ! fttSMMtaiil BsBefiaMir^^^Sr i