Newspaper of Evening Star, February 24, 1862, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated February 24, 1862 Page 1
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/ $ i ^Fm^i X^ I >Ak >^L/ ^L/ "^B* ^ w V Wr V V r Mr ? fl V^W ??y?????? ? ??????????????????~?m ii ' V2i. XIX. WASHINGTON, D. C. MONDAY, FEBRUARY 24, 1862. Nu. 2,811. ????? THE EVENING STAR M PUBLISHED EVERY AFTERNOON, (SUNDAY KXOBPTEDJ AT THE STAR 1DILM1M, Sotmt / ipimn tmi IOWI* ?t. " ! W. D. WALLAOH. Pipwi *er ved la package* by carrier* tk 941 im>, or 37 cents per month. To anil ?bacrlb*?* Ite prlee In S3 30 n yen*, im 9S for MX months; SI for three month*; ui for lem thai three months at the rale of If cent* a week. Sin gle ooplea, o*? c*it; in wrapper*, two c?wts. C~r* AsTintJnMT* ihoiid be aent to the aAce before 13 o'clock a.) otberwlae they maj ut appear natll the next day. HOUSEHOLD RECIPES. TO BOIL SALKO*. Salmon la dresaed in Tarioua waya, but chiefly boiled in large pieeea of a few pounds weight. The middle piece is considered, if not the rioheat. yet the moat sightly, than that adjoining the jowl; the tail part, though nearly aa good, being nanally kept for cutlet*. It reauirea great attention, and the boiling mast be cheesed more than onoe. A piece of four to fire pounds will take nearly an hour; bllt If HonhlM thst vaivht will nnt rMniu ? - ? IV'JWi.V more than twenty minutes beyond that time, ad if crimped, still leas will be sufficient; let I it, however, boil quickly in tha hardest water, on a strainer placed in a large fish-kettle, and b? thoroughly done, for nothing is more unwholesome and disagreeable than fish that is under-cooked. Skim it well, or the color will be bad. Tbe moment it is ready lift up the trainer and rest it across the kettle, that the fish may drain; cover it with a thick cloth. TO BROIL SALMOS. Cat slices an inch thi?k; pat them into battered paper and place them on the grid* iron; or the paper may be omitted, and the slices broiled upm the {gridiron, rubbing the slices with a bit of fresn butter wrapped in faase; sprinkle freely with salt. They will e done in a few minutes, and ehoald be served As Ka# mm tvAsaiKIa ?w uuv oa lutwTO TRT TK0CT. Scale, gat, and clean them; take ont the gill*, egg and ernmb then ; then fry in lard or oil until of a light brown. Serve with anchovy sauce and sliced lemon. eoosc. Scald four or six sage-leaves, according as thoj are fresh o: drj, the fresh ones being the Strongest; chop them fine; take one large or two small onions, chop them, and then pour boiling water over them to make them eat mild; mix the sage and onions with rather more than an equal quantity of.find breadcrumbs. season well with Depper and salt; put this inside the goose; roast before a quick fire an hoar or more, according to the size of the bird. Geese are sometimes stuffed with potatoes, tbe whole body being filled with them, either whole or masbed ; bnt it absorbs so much of tbe gravy as to injure tbe richness of the bird. Apple-sauce and gravy are sent up with geese in separate tureens TO ROAST PIGKOHS. S;ald some parsley, chop it with the livers, mix them with a piece of rresh batter, season with pepper and salt; put a portion inside eh pigeon; cover the breast with a slice of bacon fat; roast them; serve with parsley and batter in the dish. SWF.BTRRRAPS STUWED. After blaarh'ng, stuff them with a forcemeat cf fowl, fat an J lean bacon, an anchovy, nutmeg. lemon-peel, parsley, and a very little ? I ?-11 ?: 1 - 1 1 va/cuuo auu iujiuo, "ucu won Ui12QU, iau the yolks of two eggs. and fill the sweetbreads. Fasten them together with splinter-skewers, and lay them in a pan, with slices of veal over and bacon under them; season with pepper and salt, mace, cloves, herbs, and sliced onion ; cover close over the fire ten minutes, then add a quart of broth, and stew gently one hour; take out the sweetbread', strain and skim the broth and boil it to half a pint; warm the sweetbreads in it. and serve with lemon round. An Insight into "Sfctnd klght" ? Eaty it Y?h K how H?w It m Dear. Just now. in the succession of magical entertainments afforded our oitizens, the following explanation of the marvela of Moond sitht" may interest oar reader*, who are jast now being greatly mystified o' nights at Bryan Hall. We find it in the Missouri Democrat of Thursday, as an expose of Heller, according to which authority the system of second sight is a system of preconcerted <|>je0tions and answers. The same queation differently arranged requires different answers; thai : (l)Quee.?Is it plain or ornamented ? Ans.? Ornamented. 12) Q ? Is it ornamented or plain? A.?Plain. There are qaestions relating to color, pre ri<?us pMiim. uoiitie, wwiiu| >p|iiisi, jvw(ir^: Mo. As, for instance: Q. ?What color is it? A.?Black. ?What is the eolor ? A.?Blue. Q ?Tell ma the color? A.?Green. Q.?Has it a color ? A ?White. Q.?Any ooler ? A ?Orange or yellow. Q.?Name the color ? A.?Brown. The following for metals : Q?What metal? A.?Gold. Q?What is the metal ? A.?Sllrer. Q ?Tell me the metal? A ?Copper. Q.?Name the metal ? A.?Iron or steel. Q.?What metal is it? A.?Brass. And so on for the different articles mentioned abore. There is also a list, and a very * #- ?- ? - - ? extensive one, ior miscellaneous articles. A few example* win suffice : Q?What hare I here? A.?A pnrse. Q.?What is.this? A ? A toothpick. Q.?This will puizle you? A.?A Coart plaster. And eo on almost indefinitely. Bj thus having questions and answers classified and arranged, an article of any kind oan be very accurately described, requiring, generally, however & combination of the questions of different classes. Thus: Q ? Is this for any purpose? A.?Of course, a reticule. Q.?What color is it? A.?Black. (Takes an article out of the reticule and asks ) Q.?What lure I her?? A ?A purse. Q?Tell me the oolor? A?Green. J Take* money oat. What here I now? A ?Money. Q ?I cannot beer yon A.?Bank note*. Q ?Of what value if it' A.?Ten dollars. <4?la this the same? A ?No?a dime. (Another article.) Q ?Tell me now? A -Keys. (Another.) Answer immediately. A.?A handkerchief. U.?lias it color? A?White. 'Hioa the reticule and all its content* are described. TIaaavSKa ntAAA ftf Savalvw A'wv* aw * j/ivw v? JV n vu J Q.?Do you Admire thi?? A.?Yea; a brooch. Q?Do you know the atone? A.?Ye*; oormHH. Q ? lias it a color? A.?White. Mr. lieller endeavors, by varions expedients, to eoneeel from hia audieuce the feet that all Freddy'a anawers are dependent apon the qaettiona asked- He aomeUmes aaka no questions at all. The aadienee will observe that he doea not dispense with the qoestion till Fred's back ia turned, and he (Fred) within a few feet of the MIII ala^ A.^ iW.4 C1KMIIU. I> IWJ w?M ? */ VUVO(T? IBS V * ? artielee Mr. ileller hold up arc not the twiall ones, concerning which he had asked questions. This time Lhej are large?a hat. a naff, a ahawl, a set of furs, or something which can aasilj be seen bj a person be hi ad the curUin, who is so near to Fred aa almost to ba able to whisper in his ears. Of course, Fred don't fail to give the right name to tha article. otb VicToam Abroad?Ti>e London journals of Iks 4th nuUlsb the report* tl the battle of Mill Spring, with the death of ZoUlcoffer, and otta^r particular*, but, though we have dates to the ?th, wo do not we a aolltar y word, editorially, a bow la? the strategic Importance of the victory, or e?m mandatory of the valor by which it wai obtained It woald have bee a otherwise, probably, If tbo rebels had won! The Liverpool Journals are 1cm reticent, wo observe, but their unfriendly feeling towards the t4flsderaie" (as they call as) breaks oat la suck paragraphs as the following : rFrom the I.ImtiwwiI Mwmn 1 Lie?7?*> Xztkamft, 5 tutdmf Xrtmimf .?Although the Intelligence of the signal defeat of the Confederates In Kentucky ? presented I* us aa fully aatfceatlc and t a.-tallf "lotlrnwd yet there Is a pretty general Inclination to doubt Its veracity. Further eonfrmsttoa a*4 greater abundance ef details will be mi?eery to satisfy the public that a '-great battle" baa been fought and a "glorious irtory" achieved by Ute Federa! umj la Kentucky. AFFAIRS 131 GEORGETOWN. Corrtspondme* of Tk? Star. Gkoiqktown, D C., Feb 22 At tbe lMt regular meeting of the present City Councils, held last evening, tbe Board of Aldermen rawed resolutions in favor of R. Ballanger; for a nvdrant at the heed of the markethonxe; in favor of Walter Godey and others; in favor of \V. H Fletcher; and remitting a line lmpooed on O L. Sherwood. In ^be Board of Common Council, a resolution for the remission of flnea imposed on O. L. i?berJ I tl. ? ? tL. wuua tur uutisiciiog wiikiuui a lit:rnr?on ?ro ground that persons ought not to be obliged to take out license If they rent a stall? was passed. A resolution to pay the claims of Walter Oodev, Dickson St King, and \V. R Collins, was passed. A message was then sent to the Board of Alderman, to the effect that this board had disposed of all the buslneaa before It, tnd was ready to adjourn tint die. Mr. Marburv then took the chair, when Mr. Tennev offered a resolution tendering the thanks of the board to Anthony Hyde, Esq., their Presld-nt, for the able, dignified aid Impartial manner In which he had presided over the meetings of the board tie past year; unanimously adopted. Mr. Hyde briefly returned his thanks to the board for the support they had given him, and the uniform courtesy they had shown. Adjourned. GEORGETOWN CORPORATION LAWS. -+ .? A Risolctiox instructing til? Congreailonal Committee. Resolved by the Board 0/Aldermen and Board of Common Council 0/ the Corporation of Georgetown. That the Mayor'and tbe committee now repre-, s*ntlng the interests of thla town befofi CongreM are hereby Instructed to respectfully represent to Congr*** the very peculiar necessity which etlst* at tbla time for a continuance of the gas lights on Bridge and High street*. In consequence of tbe presence of the army and the Immense number of wagon trains wblch throng those streets almost every hour of the night, and which are liable to colllalons with other vehl' les which are passing at the same time?collisions which It la Lardly possible to avoid, even during the day; also, to make known to Congress that large numbers of dangerous persons bave been attracted here bv the irmr. and against who? outrages it would be impossible to guard, should these main avenues of the town be left in total darkness Approved February 8, lfO-J. A Resolution In favor of certain pmont and Trtiree of tbe Poor and Work House. Resolved by the Board of Aldermen and Board of Common Council of the Corporation of lieorgetottn, That the Cicrk be, and be !( hereby, antbor!*fd to pay to the order of T H Newman, for expenses of watch house to3lst December, 1-01, th? sum of ten dollars and fifty cents; to tbe order of John A. Grimes, for ccml bad at watch bouse, ten dollars; to the order of C. Myers & Son six dollars and llfty cents, for coal, same purpose; to the order of W. 1) Wallach one hundred dollars and fortytwo cents, for bill of advertising to l>?ctmber 27, 1861; to the order of John A Smith, Clerk Circuit i_oun \\ aldington uouniy, ei jui aonsrt ami ninety cent*; and to the ordt-rof Thomas Know to*. Trnatee of the Poor and Work House, live hundred and thirty dollar* and eighty-one renis, to rover the expenditures of the poor and work home for the quarter ending 31st December, 1H51. Approved February ?, 1?6*? A Rf?olx-tiom fixing the salary of the Clerk of the Corporation. Rtsolrtd by the Board of Aldermen and Board of Comw.on Council oj the Corporation of (isorgrioint, Tk.* ?V,. ? -? A -.. ? .... *t ? i uai iiuiu iuc imi ?* ly ui January, irs?, mr annual alary of the Clerk of tbe Corporation shall be twelve hundred dollars for lila service* as-Clerk and Treasurer of tbe Corporation, and one hundred and fifty dollars for nls services aa Secretary to tbe Hoard of Aldermen, payable monthly Rtsolvfd, That any laws of thla Corporation Inconstfent with thla resolution be, and the same are hereby, repealed Approved Februarys, l??2. tjKALKD PROPOSALS Are invited till the U?th day of March. 1863 at IS o'clock m., for auppirinxthe U. S. 3nb. Dee't with ,W? head of LIF.EK CATTLE on the hoof. The Cattle to be delivered at Washington City, and each animal to averace l^no pounds gross weight; no animal admitted which weighs less than l,00n pounds gross. The Cauie to be delivered at auoh times and in auoh qnantltiee ai the Government mar rranire. No Cattle will be required under this oontraot be I fore the 1st d*y of April, 1862. Heilers and Bullocks not wanted. A bond with food and sufficient security will be required. WoTernment reserves to tUotf the rifht to pay in Treaaary notes. No bid will be entertained when pot in ty con mw?vio wuv iubvo p> nftuuai; idiicu iu comply WUH their oontraots, or where the bidder is not present to respond to hia bid. Bids to be directed to Maj- A. BECK WITH, C. 8., U. S. A., Waahington. D.C. poik of Bid. I, A B, do hereby propose to deliver to the Government food Beer Cattle on the hoof for per hundred poands gross weight. The Cattle to be delivered at . aooording tothe term* of the enclosed advertisement. The Cattle to be weighed on the soeLlee, aad the wet* lit ao determined to be the purohase weight. I hereby a tree to giYe a good end iu?oientbond for the fulfillment of the contract, and to reoeive Treasury no tea in payment for the Cattle. fe 1? FhEPOT QUARTERMASTER'S OFFICE, mJ CotNBa EieaTaaniH and O Struts. Washington D C., Ftbruary 19, 1862. Scales PaorosALs for furnishing to the Govt rnment. at this point, < 1/ 80)one thousand H K AD BOARDS for t?e gra?*s of deoeaaed soldiers, will be reeeived at thia offioe until Saturday, March lat, 1862, at 12 o'oiook noon. The boarda muat conform la all respects to the following SPECIFICATIONS. The Boafda to bo of o>ar iocnst wood,/r?/rawi ?*ou.(4)i<yif leet ;oni,(lQ)tcn inohes wide, OK) one and odt"Wlf inoh thick. To b? sightly rc nded at the top and "ohamfered" onxme aide, round the top, and down each dee to a distance of(I) foot (9) inohes. Planed smooth on each aide. A specimen of the style of board* required may be seen at thia office. Proposal* ahonld be addrasaad to Col. D. H. Kccku, Quartermaster U. 8. Armr. Washington. U. u., and shou d be plainly marked "Proposals forH^ad Board*." ' D. H. M t'CHKK, fe 19 dtmar M, and Col *?. CORNS?BUNIONS MR. PKRDKIAT. Surgeon Chiropodiat, from Pari*, beca to inform yon that he oac effect uallf remove Corna and Bunion*. without pain, so teat the shoe can be vorn immediately after the operation, without inoonvenienoe, Aleo remove* Wart* and other superfluous flesh from the hand*, so that they Till appear small and delicate. No. It Vk street, near City Hall. Charge* moderate. ^ JO"Refers to the doctors of Washington geuer* PROF. ALEXANDER WOLOW8K1. " PI AM 1ST AND COMfdSER. Byjjeneral request win open a clMR.Nyr the Piano wi Dinging, ny aia new anu iimpimwaErrgq metfioU. In this war, an opportunity n lf|| will b# extends! to all who tleatre to ?o- * irf a knowledge of Vocal and Instrumental MtUfe, on the noat liberal terma. All those who deal re to join thia oonrae will aefly *t onoe at nia re?d?r,c?. No. SOS tMxth at reel. between K atrMt and New Yerk avenue. Howa of reoeation between 9 and Ito'olock a,m? n Tjw*ayi, Thursday*, and Saturday a. ja??* I 8. WKKTHK1MKR * CO.. AO A No. 469 and 464 Seventh tiv., *Ui ofjk>ftit tkt Post Qjlet, Ofor thsir Mock of WINKS. BRANDIES, GINS. I CORDIALS, oto.,also their imi? assortment of 8E6ARS, TOBACCO. KAN(A' GOODS. #to.. For Ml* U Wholesale Prioos. rwartnra&^v^'fi^fc bari or family sso The publio in general are re1 a??ted to |it? thoin a oall And examine their splendid stook of good*. S. WERTHEIMER * CO464 and 464 Seventh (tredt, do B-ta oppo. Pott Ofleo. f^EORBE M. WORL ft CO., An assortment of Merchandise of every desoription constantly on hand, ^miJksnuwfe, toll-la* Bvtho Roys Ferry. /^OUeHS, COLD?S BOAKHENRSR, Ao. ?mVMD Bidet OF 9UM ARABIC. Mnt Mi topanr bMM^lo^lnwrrsMg^toWTWy i??#d tut ?ott ^brkS5?to3AiK,ag>' W?? BOVS'CLOTHING. 'v,j^ .1 fe/B'sS and Cm <r*Iium, Wkioh we arvMltinc at Ttrj <>w pnoee lor ossiu WALL. 8TKPI1KN8 4k CO , T 38? flft. TCWvMiMii M4 imh .U. s.r,0 WRH3&. u 4,iir:;. xj TELEGRAPHIC NEWS. LATER FROM EUROPE. ARRIVAL OF STEAMER NIAGARA. American Affair* In Parliament; Halifax. Feb.23 ?The teamer Niagara bat orrivru WI (II bivcrpuui vaico VI ?u? viu iubi. Six set* of parliamentary paper* concerning the civil war In America bad been laid before Parliament. Not lesa tban forty-live officialcommnnlcatton* pasaed about the Tuacarora and Naahvllle. Among the Interesting official cvrrespondence laid before Parliament was the declaration of Earl Ru>a*ll to the Southern Commissioner* that England could not acknowledge the Confederate State* until the war or further negotiation* clearly defined their position. In January, 1E81, Lord Rua*ell Intimated to Lord Lyons that ia cas* of advice being asked bv Prealdent Lincoln's Cabinet. to reply that her Majesty's government will decline unlea both parties apply for counsel The policy of the British government In Febni ?t a ? r?" .1 J * * a ?i ? ary, 1001, in ior event 01 rmiueui umcvii rawing a question with Great Britain, Is laid d?Wn In the following terms: 44 Her Majesty*! government would, In the first place, be very forbearing. They would show by acta how highly th"y valued the relations of peace and comity with t he United Htatea, but they would take care to let a government which multiplied provocations iod ought for quarrels know that their forbearance *j>ruRg from consciousness of strength, not from timidity Or Weaknesss," There Is a abort nuttf, written as late as December 20th. showing that??efi then the Urltlsh Ministry believed In the probability of a war with the United states. Lord Lyons Is directed to speak with Mr. Seward on the subject of letters of marque, and say, In case of war between the two nations, England Is willing to abolish privateering If the President will mike a similar engagement on the part of the United States The Globe admit* that Parliament Is about ennalio divided, and that the conservatives If they choose could bring about serious complication! It intimates that if defeated, Palmeriton would dissolve Parliament and appeal to the country. Earl CamanoD, In the House of Lords, made an Inquiry Into the caae of a Canadian inbject named Shepherd, arretted by order of Mr. feward, and aid to Lave been made to take an oath of allegiance. Lord Russell said that Mr Seward tben supposed Mr. Shepherd to be an American, and o release was subsequently obtained on condition that he should not go Into the Southern States. The Federal tiovernment claimed that In an extraordinary emergency like Ihe present the " '?. ?" j _i. 11... rrcniu?n? iuuii uc liiTnK n w iiu curaviuuiai) powers, extending to foreign residents a* well as American citizens. Toe British Government entered strong remonstrance*, and there was no objection to produce the correspondence. I.ord Camanon hoped the government would not be content with remonstrances, but would also demand compensation. Mr. Gregory in the House of Commons denounced the blockade of the southern ports as a pai'T onr. The new Ctmard *crew-s?eamer China takes her place in the line (or New York March 1st. Her trial trip ahowed great speed. The Bink of France his reduced the rate of discount from 4^ to 4 per cent. M Hontefeuille ur?eaa congress to settle the right* of belligerents at sea and the formation of a league of armed neutrality to protect the commerce of neutrals In case of a maritime war. The French government has contracted a ioan of ?4,000.000. General Itnell Taking the Field?Reported Evacuation of Nnhrllle. Lociuvillb, Feb. 2-1 ?Gen Buell left here several days ago In the direction of Nashville. H is atatt follow to-morrow. It Is reported here that many negroes who had been Impressed bjr the rebels to ala In fortifying .Nashville, took advantage or tne panic created after the fall of Fort Donelson, and are making their way back to their homes It la aald It was considered too late to fortify Nashville. The rebels propose destroying the bridges and road near Nashville, but the citizens along the road remonstrated and prevented the design. Rumors which cannot be traced to any reliable source have prevailed here all day of the evacuation of Nashville by the rebels. The Fort Dsatlstn Prisoners. Indianapolis. Feb. 83?Five thousand rebel

prisoners from Fort Donelson have arrived here within the laat twenty-four hours. They are the k Aat I aa W 1 n r? ma# n fill i?r fafl i<? I UBIUCBk K?rvci i<vllvvWU IV^CIUCI) UI11* formed la rags of all colora, with carpets for blankets The privates assert that 'secession is dona up " They say they are better treated and better fed here than they have been for the past six months. Most of the man are anxious to take the oath of allegia nee. Three of their surgeons have been I paroled te attend to their aick, which is becoming quite numerous. The officers are not uniformed, and do not look much superior to the privatea. First Telegraphic Dispatch (rem Eastern Share, Va. To tkt Ag'nt of the A'secitted Prtst: Eastville, Feb. 2*.?The natal day of the ? attaer of bis Country has been celebrated here by a military dlaplay, proceaaloni, Icc , in which many citizen* participated. The indication* are that seceaaion In Northampton county la dlaappearl ng Signed?The Union Relief Committee of the Eastern Shore of Virginia. Ilaw U Treat the Rebel* Lovbtillb, Feb. 29 ?Hon. Jamee Gnthrla, In a apeech delivered here to-day, advocated aevere treatment of the Imdlnv nnturnl rebels hut a general amnesty for subordinates at tbe close of the war. Cimbtrltsd Gap and Hnssellrille la pessea* lUa af the Federal Fercea. Louisvilli, Feb. 22 ?Cumberland Gap and Rtiasellvllle, Ky. (the latter the headquartera of the so-called "Provixlonal Government*' rebels), are in poaaesaion of tbe Federal forces. General BucUner. Cairo, Fab. 22.?General Uuckner lias been delivered to the L'ulted States Marshal on a warrant lasued by Justlc# Catron. H? will betaken to Kentucky for trial on a charge of treaaou. Fart Deaelaea Frlasaers. Chicago, Feb. 22 ?Four thouaand Fort Donel. son prisoners have already arrived at Camn Douglas. Two thousand more will r?a 1j Urre to-morrow. Z FURNITURE! FURNITURE! ^ FURNITURE! W. B. MUSES, (of the inn or Moui k. Peak ham, Phiiad'a,) Manufacturer aad Wholesale and Retail Dealer in Cane seat Chairs, Cottage, Parlor and Dining room Farnrtnjra-Thorn's Building, 609 Seventh street, above D. Every variety of UPHOLSTER1N8 promptly ana neatly executed. Store ojjmday and evening for tbe aooommada Purchasers win stndy their interest to oail before looking elsewhere. - Ja?-?ia* IVfOURNINO SILKS OF NEW AND MODivl ern styles and finish. Himak and Whita Hlaul an.t in a;iir. t~. BtaeV^MMh Silk?, J I Kxtra Gloeay Black Silka all widtha and prieee, Evening Dreaa Bilka, Real Aria Kid flores for ladiee, all aisea and oolore. All kiads of l)ry 0ooda. Oar northern acd eastern oorreapoodeata Mad as new aappaee daily, line fries oalr aiarked ia G T Ti HdbSSla'eoleBalirortU 1 ? m tbe CUT. J. ROSENTHAL, Jiim Ptaa. rn/Klt tte ntkf at kora*, arc on?r*d the Mat ohoioe fStrtoithatp?rrtMt itqek rar fr?r?bia1'VfrWwISy '1<UB jffl%*ie2?k>rToonretanoe by express,or olher ppI&iS^ OFFICIAL. rEASURY DEPARTMENT, Fkbiuakt 4, 1S4K. Notici is hbbsbv oivbn of the readiness of this Department to redeem the Treasury note* payable In one year from date, authorized by the i act of Congress approved December 23d, 1857.and : the Treasury notee payable in sixty days from date, authorized by the act of Congress approved 2d March, 1861. Interest on Treasury notes of the above Issues will cnH on tbe 7th day of April next by terms of thoae acta respectively. fe 5-tap7 Department of state, Wabhihston, January 85, lfMW. The Secretary of Stats will hereafter receive Members of Congress on business on Setsrdays, commencing with Saturday, the first of next month. I Jan 27-tf WILLIAM H SEWARD. War department, janytary 21, lt?2. Ordssid, That the War Department will be TnM/tairi WmI TKiira^avc nn A Friday* egelnst all other business but that which relates to active military operations In th? fUld. Saturday! will be devoted to the business of Senators and Representatives. Mondays to the business of the Public. EDWIN M. STANTON, Ja 22-tf Secretary of War. 320 PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE. EXILE Dl'PRE. Just Received and Opened, A large and flrst-claaa stock of cho!c? FAMILY GROCERIES, j consisting of: SUGARS, of all grades, TEAS, COFFEE, BUTTER, LARD, FLOUR, MAILLARD'S CHOCOLATE, &c., &.c , 4c. All of which he offers at lowest cash prices. PIKE'S CELEBRATED WHISKIES. 50(1 barrel* Magnolia, 500 barrels XXX, 500 barrels Mlllera Rye Monongahela, 600 barrels fine Old Rye, 500 barrels fine Old Bourbon, AT CINCINyATI PRICES. All the favorite brands of CHAMPAGNE, Mutmn Verzeny, Green Seal, Heidslck, which, belpg bought low, we offer at unusually low rates. Also, Sole Agent for PIKE'S ARMY CORDIAL. fcb 14-tf JAY COOKE A CO.. S^.NKZIIi0f No. 402 Fifteenth t)(re:t, opposite Treasury Buildinjs, Washington. In oonneotion with our Philadelphia Hons* we have opened at No. 43'i Fifteenth street, an offio* for the transaction of a general Exchange, Coilectine and Banking Business. We bar and sell Coin, Unourrent Money, Stocks and Bonds, (on eorami*sion,) Drafts on American and European cities, reoeive Deposits, and make Collections upon all accessible points fa* Ira JAV flOOKK * f.n. COIN WANTED! The Hie heat Prioe for GOLD AND 81LVKR! Bricis Fo* Sali in Sums to Svit. LEWIS JOHNSON * CO., BANKERS, Pi:I!<STLVAN:A AviIfVI, J a g-tf Corner Tenth gtroct ARMY EXPRESS COMPANY. NEW ARRANGEMENT! ALL RAIL FROM NEW YORK. 41 HOURS. Thia Company u prepared to forward all kind* of foodi to and from? NEW YORK?Office 39 Broadway, BOSTON?Olftoe, T Concrete street, and 3 Con (TMI square, PHILADELPHIA?Oftoa, S3T Cbeatnut atreM, B A LTIM OR K?Oflioe, Camden Station, WASHINGTON?Offiae, 3?tt Pann?Tlvania av , ALEXANDRIA?Offioe, 103 Kin* etraet, ANNAPOLIS, FORTRESS MONROE. NEWPORT NEWS, PORT ROYAL, And tlie SOUTHERN BLOCKADING SQUADRONS. AT FAIR HATES! jaWlia" T" ? " ?? AND RESTAURANTS. loo baaketa vary auperior cba?PA?NEwinEi for aale oh?a? by WM C0RW!N BURGY, id* ?a* mm, - i ?* ij? rvuuajiv?ui> kvouuo, )> t SSBSSS on ***Xlh ** I CARRIAGES. Hit* bow on hand a large ud Go* assortment of CARRIAGES,superior to any in the^^MA, market, whioh 1 an prepared to low for eash. Persons in waat of good '**'* work, will do wall to call and examine my stosk before psrohasiDC elite where. All repairs neatly dona, and orders prompt j at MB4M to. I bar* alao on* vert fiaa oloae Panne I Carnaae, which originally co^t f1.325, bat little aaad.aad will b* eold low,aa the owner baa bo further uaa font. AflDKKW J, JOYCE, jaSI-lm Comer 14th and K atreeta. pORTABLE WOODEN TENTS! The anderaicnerl haa for aale and will make to order Portabia Wooden Tenta, of any reauired aiaa, at a very low price. These tenta oan be pat Wr taken down in a lew minntea, acdoan beeeea e corner of Fourteenth and 6 ata. JOHN A. JORDAN. fOLORED BORDERED TOWELS, wl?ot V/ atylMud ^oalibM.froniov-pnoed and ineA'o?juo?l fuH ud amp 1* .took of ill k 1 neu I ATTENTION? fiUffi rrrr-gg^g Mattreaaat. and CtrMti, Persons vianior to bay ararafttaated tovMUMnr atook before ?ur^ 498 7th atrMt, Mtmb Q>o4 fa. Daoember M, 1MI, fifteen hundred dollar*. payable WASHINGTON, D. C, JAFIFARY, l"?i. REMOVAL. A. BI5I1GER & CO. ATX II ?2 MOVB D to S19 PENNSYLVANIA AYEMIE, or posit* WJLLARD8' HOTEL We Invite the st'en?ion of oar Mends and trons to the Card below: No. #19 Pkn^ptlvas:a Arisri, 1 (ofpotit* Willard't The Subscribers, having opened a Branch Es tabllshrnent in this City a few months since, and feeling encouraged by tbe liberal patronage already received frctn I'js friends and the loyera of pure and genuine WINES, LIQUOR!*, and other articles in their line, have determined pon a continuance and extenalon ct their busi neaa. Their assortment embrace*? FINE COGNAC BRANDIES (of various age. brands. and district* ) BOURBON AND SCOTCH WHISKIES, JAMAICA HUM, GINS, Ac , Also, several valuable Tonics, Bi'.ters, and Stomachics, which are remedies f?r bowel complaints, fever and ague, > sis urauacur, anu mc MAUKIR A, SHERKV & PORT WINES, CLARETS, BURGUNDY, CHAMPAGNE AND GERMAN WINES. HAVANA SEGARS, Of all Varieties and Fr'.cet FINE NAVY AND OTHER CHEWING TOBACCO. ALSO, PICKLES. SAUCES. CHEESE. PRESERVED MEATS AND FRUITS, SARDINES, VINEGARS, SWEET OIL, Ac , Ac. The Stock was particularly (elected to an It the wants of Hotel-Keepers, Sutlers, Restaurateurs, Ac. They are Invited to visit the establishment, which la undsr the direction of Mr Jos. P. Wilsoh. Owing to the fact that hey Import moat of the article* direct, and to tlvlr many business facilities. thrv arp pnplilt-d (i oWrr thp'r vtrrk Cor,da *1 very low prices. Your obedient errant*, A. BimnflER * CO., mporttrs of Fortign Wints, Liquors, fe. Ja 11-tf New Yore a5D Wajhwto*. THE^EAE X 7 ? AND EAR. No. 38T PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE, orrosiTi WILLARD-a HOTEL. Oculist and Aiirl?t. OR. P A VON MOKHZItKER, From Clinton Place, New York, hae *tit?<1 in tfce city and opened hit office at ?8T PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE, Where he can be oonrolted on Maiadiee of th* EYE AND EAR requiring medical and eureioal treatment Dr. Vo* Mobchxkiik it the inventor and Utrodncer into the medical prac'ioe of tbe ETHERIAL EAR INHALATOR, for tbe treatment of obstinate caaee of DEAFNESS AND NOISES IN THE HEAV. He ia alio author of the iettera tublithed :n tbe New York and Philadelphia papers treatini on the prevention of DEAFNESS FROM THE FIRING OFCAN NON, te. Dr. Von M. his tortne put fourteen yeara dorotcd bit apeoiai attention to the TREATMENT OFTHE EYE AND EAR, Ami poaaeueg :h# teatimoniala ol tome of tlie : eat known public men in the Union. who h*re been most aocoeafnlly treated by hiui ftir the RESTORATION OF SIGHT f HEARING. K K A D. I Ftvin Pf/ttior Monkur, fialtimort 1 "1 have Una da* teeu Mm \Vi*e, her Bight perfaotiy reatored. I am Lappy to exprett my convic Uon that by jour akill and judgment the haa been saved from the gr eaten deprivation tb% could have befallen her/' [ from tkt Horn. Senator Pugk] _ To Da. Vox Moschzuikk s i am greatly obliged for the interest you have manifested in rav cane of Deafness, and the ski 11 with whioh you have treated my case, and I have no doubt that by carelul observance of your directions, my hearing will be permanently restored. G. H.TUGH. [?Vc?i John McLean, Jr., son of tk? Hon. Judtt of tkt V. S. Supreme Court J It is well known to my numerous friends tfiat 1 have been deprived of my hearinc Tor many yaars. 1 am happv to state that 1 have, thanks to Dr. Von ntosohzisker, entirely reooverrd. My heannjr is now as acute as ever. JOHN Al'LEA.N, Jr. For several years I entered from deafness. lft Von Moso'surer restored my i.?irii'i, _ SC Louis. Sept. 7, 1838. JOSEPH YEATS. Dr. Von Moeehsisker moat suoeesslully operat?c on mj eyes,and iieue&tted my sielit exceeding y. KOKGE Ii. CHENEY. St. Louis, Sept. 17, MM. [ L tiler from Rev. J. J. Mull on ] Dm. Von. Moschzibki*?Dear Sir;?Among those who have beer, benefitted by your skillful treatment,in diseases impairing the sigfht, it affords me great pleasure to add the testimonial of my gratitud* to ths list of tour patient*. My sight was so much impaired during the last eighteen months that 1 couid cot reoognias the features of a friend standing near rae. I tender ion this acknowledgment of your eminent skill and success in the treatment of your obliged and grateful friend. J. J. ML'LLON, Rector fct. Patnek's. The original of tke above, and hundreds more testimonials, eaa be seen at Dr. M.'s rooms. Patient* wishing their family physioian to aeeoms&nr them to witness oserauons or for the perpoee of oo limitation ar? tt liberty to bring them. Mei1:o&i Ml wilt to at aUUBN weloowed to witness Dr. Von M ' operations, and examine tome of tbe tnetrnaseeU he baa iatrodaeed for the fac': Uation of Uptha. in uj and^A ura! Surgerj. ^ ^cTL^, from 9 a. m. to k p. m. and Iron S to 'Wf 1w 8?T PENNSYLVANIA AVKNllt. VOX KXCELBIOK CRACKER*.-A freeh r enpplj lit Fox's Ceiebtaxi ExcSator Crookror;^[cT!V6d *iiSt .ue 1?? Corner Veraon av. and Utt street, THB WRSKLY STAR Vkl? m?i at KimTIv u4 Hjvi rtUUlsc t ?.-v- <*i c: LkU.MMfcf Mi l&l ihi? mi m mu hi uf ^itu?: t ? rriuf ?eri Sf!*f le eapy, ft: uivji 31 N fi'C 69p!d ?? ? ?? ? n ca ?f?pl ? Vvntr lTf ........ ? M ItlmruUbly ?otta!u Uat "H ufelBjriM Mcvt' Uti Ui made Vkt Ifuf Si*> elrttU ? o grner&Uy t&rc ae tout U? ooaatry cop'.e? (in wrapp*r?) csi b? pi* rarM it tfce c tmir.fdlEtcly ifVr tfc* In .* Mfcepafvr. r- rHRKKCFNTB liEfiM BOLD'S GBNUNE PREPARATION. *? HU'lfL r COXCStrTRATSO '? Compound Fluid Extract Bnchu, A i Mtnvi ?n4 Sr?t?A? K$wudf For Disewo* ol t; BLADDtH, KtDNEVt* HRAVKL.tU DROfJ 81CAL. SWELLING#. Thlt t! (ne ?r>?cr of Dit ?tin ar.d ncit** tli? i t ** ar'tcr by which taa w*i sri o& cauhiu i .<*r .o" mU &rx^iirnAT. *:e rfiUv." ? vH! ? rtts iss aTU%mv on. HKLMBOLD 8 EXTRACT BUCHO Wwt \V??ai wmmm Ar-rci from tic?UH. of D;m pi'-.-i K*r!? iDdiscrefs r. cr A u< ?. Atfnlfd wi:htk? Following Symrtomf: (Ddiifoiition to liMrttor( L 'M#f rt Mrniorf, l>:ff cc t? of Kr*&thio? , Weak N*rvM, Trmb>im U ~ f Ik - * uuiiv. v* WM' 1 f' Dimness f?f Vtwioti. I'fc'nintlt' liar , Unirerm L&*Mtui<e of the V -isoo)*' >*? ?te?r.. flat Htnili, Kiaimj ui tne DrHM the r<kin, v -i* oc tin* F'v rotrifTry 5CB* These ?yin*n inr, >i a ufa To ro ?>r. wt.ioh ir mectouM inrartftt If reinuvee, r. ;n f<> < ISIFOTEM'Y. TATl'ITY. Li*iLKPT!0 FIT? to f?( o/ tehfh t*it Pit -J*' 'r.ty A ! o ca: *m Hint thr? &."* *".< . fretcaCy iv lowe-j h? tko*"'*!) ??artt t :?*?;t'." MINs?AN.?TV AMI) COM9I JIPTIOX." ?re of the ranee i r fieir Miflei inBC I N(/M WiLL COKF ?8? THI. KECOKDSof ru.; INSANE AS\ I.UM At.1 tk* Xf**(kciv Vfitis CMn^iiM. Bl?* AJtTLI *n.M? TO TUB^ACIH Of TBI THE CONfTlTPTIoN ONCK >FFECTEU W ITU OKU A NIC UEAKNE<5. quires the aid &f modicin* to f?r?ac .en ?c4 luvicvratt t e Sf?teic t'.ou HELM tilluii'ti EXTRACT bLOdL nvorw .y aoir Yl AL W1L rCWtSCB TH? flEMICAi, F?ilMLES~ FEMALES? PEMA LES, Q(JOR VCM pro, KIN'Ti.fc:. M1RRIBD,V COM h .V J'i.A f 1 xi? iV AKKlAUK, 7* Al< *y AftclioHt Picultar :o F.maiti tl.9 Extract D 'jl.u .? t ? -*!:& ' by snr Ml : CM* ** in Chlorat * or Kstv.t". n. irr-rr a-i or Uapprcom n m Ov: n ar* r.- 'ktUoci. Uicra'.e - Sc!i:rr?>u itott of (hf l't' rn?. L-vtcorrM* or \V r<tcri itT.a: i frr s c?>n:p.a;ni4 t ttie a:;?u frosu lE?ii?crer j, HV.'itv cf Diet ;ati >a, ormt;. DECLINE OK CHARGE OF LltE! v* *txrro*is above. KO IA5UL* SHOULD LL WiTHO -T IT Tftiri iirt.Mtn. McrMarv or f'ftr.iAict /or Vnyltm$mmt Mi rut iHnttt ?*. UELMBULD 8 EXTKAC'i HULHi CD KM RHKCI DijfcAbfcS lnaiithair r-ta?c9; At im a f kf*m. 1J. A %* no k.-ro- - 4. It C?U?**? * frs*u**w fir - A K'C?'_ ?tr- .jtr L riUC, tnereujr Koini vi^g < -..d, Pmeiitirs *u-i Ct> r:iit muc'd !?# ft o v \ U*i&t ; ME Mid it.flAi.unifeoo: fr^uen*.la t::? c >-ss of j:r r cijf !itj s POltOntUl, O.A'1 t"5IH l-Ml UnitT. room*,st? cr?N iKtcv?ii? WHO HA7? L. t: \ 7UK 7X1 iM5 0> (t'VAC AS. And who ctte *?u 1 Aso ry/.?? -o m ** r t'lr-O, U&feioar. i t :?j #:r5 icoMved,and tiifttt r-noM" ?- -?. L** -iif s-i tc? ?* in ti.; i.ytvui, ts> broi* cc; iu t I riTitel !otu., ?-jd fMMhJLiS AiZLZ HI MIAfi ?#p belmijo^c 3 lttra v fcli tBt?U>'M in- ! ibt UKlftAKY OE61M, vietfesj NUaUcc m mala, un fxvali, 'roa wkH9?er ior? rr,,tr?tme *iid to 5?*U?t il i ? LOSO IIA.^.IH. Oiaetaatoi lie*! OrttL* Mil t-e 4-1 of a I>i mine. HKf.M Hni.n-8 RXTKAi'.T KUHUV 18 YHE 6RKAT D1URFTIC, fcoerUio h*v?? ??!? Creired pfisal m D.ssir e?/.v vkuk it i; TKcrsvitnUd. iticuo or tea kost sjeoroaeisu amj tu ltull coa&aot2* vilil&o*omi??j ice medicine*. CERTlFiCATF.9 OF CUKES, From !W C jdut' att?C>.Sf with NimM rr^wr. to SCIENCE AM) FAME. MPHYSICIANS" PLEASE "NOTICES' VI mi "ao bi rir ' or "iickidiiiti.' HELMliOLDS EXTRACT BUCHU { ompoted of Uuoi.u,?. iir.?si.? tu<l Juniper Miecteu wilii great !. ? a cowpetft&t i'.rurt .n PREPARED IN VACUO, BT II. T. UKLP111ULU, rtctica'. and Che-r-irl, au-i 80. - >!? Jactwer ol 1ULMB0LDS GENUINE FE?FAKA'iJU>?AFFIDAVIT. Kerwuali* *>?Mxed cx-fura me, ac A .dermal ? tbe eity of rtuiade:Mu&, n. J . Hii.mboll, wi c beios Juty wcrn.uofi. e&r.ui* prepju*' <u;i co 1 tain 10 carcuUc, to mercury, or other lUjtfrtvu HKLMBULU. Kvoro an-J tui>acriOed f-More iw, thia/3 un&j o November, i?S4. V. .M. f. IilKbKKl.. AUiern;*u, Nintii Kmc,-fin ? PHYSICIANS IN ATTENLANCK rhUM o A. M TO H P. M. Price SI per kttle, er ?ix tor ft*. lieiivereu to ur Mdraaa, ?*c?re y ptekec hMrvaUMu Add tea letters far lr.fcnaatos in ecnfeee ?e H. T, HELM BOLD, fimui, IM SoaUi at., t*.o? CliMlbiit P'.iU MKWAKfc. OF C01NTK*M?i*S AND Byr&INOlTLBU Dh AL kt. j who en4?*rcr to dinoco "of th?r own' "?thftfH articles ce fta recitation Waited , Htiwibaid'i tilMiM iVcparatt** , u ? inrw itaM M ? " Bmrim u " Jmpr?td Aim #?u. Bold by t*. B. WilTt, Z. 0. rnOMA*. Jcik WiUT. & C. FiU, 8. B. hMrwuTLB, B. U Majoe, IX B. Claee, Kiiviu * Unms, J H.. Mum, wmkiut? ui inrnNwi, tiMJ XLA UMWeUISTS IFIXTW2&M.I itt vol ULKB0LD1. ?A*1?9 9TaC& ViUhI 14*! kiiftiiKNt M m?4 %r ii. a*? avoid i*ru?iYiow ml xroeici Horrf *Bi,iB,,,i

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