Newspaper of Evening Star, February 24, 1862, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated February 24, 1862 Page 2
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w EVENDjG STAR. WASHINGTON CITY: MOXBAY FEBRUARY 94, 1*6?. ir^ Th? Sta* la printed on the verm pr?t? in n*? tenth of Baltimore, It* edition 1* ?> lare- a.? to require It to be put to presa at an arly hour: Adrtrti itmtmiM, therefore, should be aent In before U o'clock m.; otherwise they may may not appear until the nrxt day. Osa FantJins at the various military c&mpa and r> \m' tl <".n wl 11 *?/>n ft>T ft faHAt Ka* na n/Mtiul \ MV w u fa? Vt WJ BCV ^>1 ft U? as to movements and affalra In tteir vicinities. Spirit ( the Morning Press. The Inttlligmcfr treats upon the casuistry of the seceding representatives to the United States Congress, who are now ao extremely Jealoua of represent- ve honor and public faith, in tte rebel Congress. The Republican commends Senator Morrill's emancipation bill. Closkd ?The public offices are closed to-day In consideration of the funeral ceremonies at the Executive Mansion. l?7"The last six months have witnessed a great Increase in the naval force In the Gulf From two small rteam- r* pure ha-t d, fitted up in haste for the service, and sent on to the blockade off the Mississippi, the squadron ban Increased in two team and two sailing frigate, two steam and four sailing sioops-of-war. llfteen steam gunboats, five hips, and six schooners,besides several capturt-d ?teamera. which have fitted up aa gunbcata, making a total of thirty-five vessels. mounting three hundred and ?eventy-five Runs, and manned by five thousand live hundred seamen These veieela are at present blockading fourteen porta?four on the coest of Florida, on?> in Alabama, two Mississippi, alx in Louisiana, and three ir. Texas? bealdea cruising alor.R the coaat between Key IVeil and Mcxico The Tskms to bk Okaktbi* ? Everybody ! inquiring, on whit tt-rm* will the military opera Hons againat the in?urrcctlon be terminated ? Wt believe we ran an*wer this question, as fallow* -v!i A hear'y return to their allegiance en (fee nart i f all th?^ rpnn!? of thi> In s>rma i r - ??- ?? ?" agsmft tbe 1'n'oa. exccpt the leaders and m^st active mpporters of tbe rebellion, and especially those of them tLo have been In the civil, mil!tirv or naval service of tbe I'nited States?the cbicf traitor* and ron?rir?tors who have wnrVwi the mischief In the *cuth The loyalists everywhere will never b? content unle?s they b*nl h themselves or are duly pirn, lshed In their persons, If eatieht. Mi?s Chests et.?Th? wonderfully successful debut cf our charming fellow-tovrn*woman, Mils Cbestaev, is within the memorv of all. and th?>r? haa befn a general desire to see her again. Tbl* dralre Is now to btr ^ratifled. ?nd Miss Cheatney c rmmfnces to-nl<*ht, at tb? Washington Theater, a round of p? rfc rrnancea calculated ti well teat b r h U i b l.e: beauty and talenta fhcre can be no doubt of ber complete succca*. tT7"Tbe AM'.stant Secretary of War has received a letter from a friend In New York, contradicting (upon reliable authority; tbe recent atatement of a Richmond paper that the steam?r Vicfnrla had tnr/?P?>HoH 1 hro^Vi nr* ? ?? ??wv. ?V? ... V>vumiii|^ luc UJUL lave, and carried 15,000 stand of rums Into New Orleans It la scarcely necessary to contradict what Richmond paperasayr. JIT" From the publishers, Tlcknor & Fields, and from }*hilllngtf>n, Odeon Building, we have tbe Atlantic Monthly for March, containing articles by AVhlttler, Mr?. Stowe, Edward Everett, Holmes, Prof. Airassir, Jas Ruasell Lowell, and other literary writera, Bettik?We are glad to announce that the third aon of President Lincoln, Thomas, w. o haa bean 111 for seme weeks. 1a decidedly better. and it is new koped will speedily recove*. |?7"Five thousand of the Fort Doneison prison* ers have arrived at Indianapolis. Many of the private* are anxious to take ihe oath of allegiance. Cn*R?CTios.?The agent for the Associated Press makes the following statement explanatory of a matter which has rreated some discussion: WASHilfGTort, Feb *i3?The following paragraph, was, a* heretofore stated, added to tbe official report of the first ddy's proceedings of the. late Railroad Convention : "Secretary Stanton paid a bigh compliment to the younj: ard gallant friend at bis side. iMajorGeneral McClellan, in whom be had tbe utmost confidence, and the result of whose military schemes, genius, and well-matured plans were now exhibited to a rejoicing country." The officer? of the convention having been apftiled to in various quarters to say whether this anguage was used Ly Secretary Stantcn, &< 1 bound to state that such wu not the case, ard these words above quoted were a/ded after the report bad been furnished to the agent of the A s< elated Press. This Is tinned by Erastus Corning, president, and 'l'hos Rimier. Jr , secretary. As the article in question occasions much comment. especially among those unacquainted with tbe few and plain facts in the case, tbe agent of tbe Associated Press repeats a former assertion, that the paragraph wis by himself added to the official notice of the proceedings It was based en a statement from recollection of what was said on that occasion, without pretending to verbal accuracy; and farther, that the lnfcmatlon was not ofler'd, but furnished on application It now appears, from tbe only authentic denial obtainable. r-ameiv : cf '.he President and one cf the Secretaries?th-i tbe impression made cn the mind of th~ informant, was erroneous. Fisascial ?From the N. V Journal of Commerce of tbe Aid. Foreign Exchange Is very Irregular; prime commercial bills are r ot quite as plenty, but there la little inquiry of the bankers for remittance*. The tot?I receipts to day at the Sub Treasury were t5(8.2U3.97; total payments, S6u3,3i8.77, leaving a balarce on hand in specie and demand notes of ?5 tW7.5-J6.52 1 he receipts for dutiea today at the Custom House were S194 299 S4, of which 82,2ft2.% were in Treasury notes, bearing interest, and the remainder In demand notes. Tbe Aa!stant Treasurer received to day one million dollars in bonds for distribution to the banks, including the first instalment of the de nomination or 9600 Thi Twi*tt-Sicosd is Baltimore?The day was ushered In with the ringing of bells, alutes. Ac , and at lu o'clock tbe national flag was displayed upon tbe Court House, Masonic Hall, where tbe United Slates cour s are held, and at other prominent points At 12 o'clock the firing of national salutes began In earnest, the fort on Federal Hill leading off with the flrat gun end f ill 'Wtd by Fort McHenry, Fort Marshall. United states receiving ahlp Alleghany, and othtf national vessels The members of the Fountain Wreckers Union Association tired a *eiute of ltJO guns. In the discharge of the last gan tbe cannon burst, severely Injuring several person*, nalmiii1.' some for life. The Washington Monument was handsomely decorated witb flowers and wreaths, and the national flag hoist<d at tbe tup. Tbe military parade was quite Imposing, the i rocession consisting of two squadrons of Maryland cavalry, Second Battery of Massachusetts Artillery. 17th Massachusetts Infantry, five companies of tbe 4th New York volunteers. detach cuenU of 87tb Pennsylvania and 4th Maryland regiments, and the 3d and 5th Maryland regimen t* Flag preventationa were made to the 5th Maryland regiment, Mlh Pennsylvania and other organizations, a d national emblems displayed at almost every point. The large mansion of Jerome Bonaparte, Esq., on the northeast corner of Park and Centre streets, was decorated with three silk flags moat superbly made and trimmed Two wer<s the fltar* and stripes. whilst the other was the national flag of the French In the afternoon, whilst the New York Zouaves were passing the bouse on their way to the WasUngton Monument, a lady el the family appeared ana waved the American ensign, which was courteously acknowledged by the regiment, who gave an appropriate aalute. One or two rebel flin /amon? th?m hi?s>v one) were displayed, but quickly concealed on the appearance of '.be police Interesting ceremonies, und-r tar direction of the municipal authorities, took place at noon at the Hall of the iMvnrlaud Institute, and at night many of the public aiid private buildinga were beautlfblly illuminated. TMK DAT 19 ALEXAXDBIA Arrangements were m ide by a large number of ? .tizens. as well as the Government, for an Illumination, and a few of tbe former carried out tkelr Intention, thojgb a yenenl illumination bad oeen postponed Tne uattnoai Hag was boiated ever the new office of the quartermaster at the depot of the Loudon and Hampahtre Railroad, and speeches delivered by Lieut Ferguson and otnera Salutes were flred from Fort Ellsworth and the various >? battelies on the !eft wing of the army, and the L loyal cltiteos assembled to hear the Trading of M WMblAgtoo'tftiewell Addxeaa ga orn MILITARY RFDGET. FORT COLUMBUS. Yesterday a dispatch reached the headquarters here, from an unofficial source at Cairo, announ* clng that the Stars and Stripes were tben floating over the rebel fort at Columbus. It was not credited, as it was known Lm (at the headquarter*) that the eipeditlon to which It wai alleged that the rebel* had surrendered Columbus had been ordered limply for reoonnoltering purposes, rather than to make an attack. We telegraphed to Cairo in the course of the day for more particular information, and received In reply, from a reliable source, the following dispatch, showing this news to be incorrect: Caiko, 111., Feb 23, 1962?Ed. Star: The steamer thatcame up firstfrom Columbus brought ronnrt that f!nlti m Vim hxH flnrrpnHprpH find It wm . r~. - ? 7 reported all over town n five minutes, and seemed to be reliable. It turns out to be a mistake, I am lorry to say. !?OT EVACCAT1XG *ANAS8AS. Reliable information is in this city, to 'he effect that no considerable force of the rebels have left their position at and in front of Manassis. Many of their re-enlisted men having been furloughed for slity days, to enable them to visit their respective homes, have, however, departed. As thev filled (in departing) a number of trains for some days, the rumor that they were going away by regiments, got out. Their departure does not amount to materially weakening the enemy in our front, though it la very questionable whether ?L ..111 Ut. iUj,la AX mry win r?ci a^aiu joiii uicii rcijwcuve rt*|ji* | ments. owing to the successes of the arms of the United State*, the destruction of their railroad connections, &c navy yabd. The Stepping Stones left the flotilla nt an early hour this morning, and fame up to the yard. She reports nothing new down the river. The steamer Metamora ran the bloekadc at an early hour this morning, and has reached this city. Six or eight shots were flred at her from the secesh batteries?the only timethvy have flrcd at anything for a week or more?but none struck her. kxtbact of a letter from commodore l. m. qoldsborovgh. 41 U 8 Fla<? Steamer Philadelphia, ?_ff Roanolct Iflnnd, Feb 14, 196'2.?I forgot to nay to , you in my pencil note, closed and mailed an hour I since, that never on earth was a grea'er He perpetrated by <be bind and bead of man than the one In the "slip of newspaper you ?ent me, atatirg that during the violent gale we encountered I wai taken down with an attack of rheumatic gout, and entirely disabled. There is not a scintilla of truth In it; nor was there the slightest ground for It Throughout the whcle gale I waa in perfect health anH hmu ? ? ?.-* ?- - . ? ? ~?-j ? nnu aa ill Illy re- I mark about my volunteer officers, and my in- | vocation to heaven, it Is all pure fiction, and only calculated to do barm wound sens'blllties. My volunteer cffi^nrs are all admirable men, and do tbeir du!v tfloriouiiv This very day yon ouuht to receive th- tidings of our doing In these waters; and, oh, Low well I know your hearts will rejo'ce. The God of battles h&s been with us,and to him we owe *vrrythlng. My officers and men are truly glorious " ANOTHER KFCONNOISASCE TOWARD* CENTEBVILI-B? CAT rr RE OF ELEVEN REBKI. PICKETS. A r^ was made Saturday morning frcm the division of Gen. !*mitb, consisting of the Cameron Dragoons and three regiment* of Infantry, nil under the command of Col. Friedman. The lnftatrv separated for several points, namely : Visnna, Flint Hill and Hunter'* Mills, to temporarily remain there a* a reserve for the cavalry, while the latter proceeded toward Ceo Wvllle, making a circuit within the lines of the rebel picket*. Thf result was the capt ire of eleven mounted -cbel flck^u. twicf whom t'flon^td to Steuart'? Regiment, a d the others t*> Ransom's l?t North Carolina Regiment lbere was an exchange of seme twelve shots, but the only person wounded was one of the North Carolinians. The prisoners were brought to Washington yesterday afternoon and are contintd in tbe old capltol building. No information either as to the position or strength of the enemy at Centervllle was obtained. The reconnoitering party started at 3o'clock In the morning, anl were absent from their camps about tea hours. REBEL ACCOUNTS. [Telegram to the Richmond Enquirer, Feb.iiO.] gsnkrals PILLOW, flotd and bfcknkr cot their wat throvah the federal links Augusta. Feb. 20.?Passengers who reached fc?re from Nasbville to-night, assert that Brig. Gens Piilow. Floyd and liuckner, after a gallant dtfenae of two days, cut their way through th? enemy, and are In the neighborhood of Nashville. Gen. A. S. Johnston was at Gallatin, and had no idea of surrendering tfashville. [Th*? p^wr.gera muat have lsft Naahvllle early Tuesday morning, provided they made all connections, In order to reach Augusta on Wednesday n:. ut The neura thev communicate th?r?ia up to Tuesday morning.] THE TKK2IK8SKB NKWP. At the time of writing this we have received no dispatches from the West If, at a later hour, any fhould come, they will be found In the telegraphic column. A dispatch wai, however, received here vesterday from an officer In the Quartermaster's Department, dated at Cleveland, In Tennessee This Is a point near Chattanooga, and la in railroad connection with Nashville. The diapatch atatea that Genoa's Johnston, Pillow and t> ueknrr were at A'ashrills, tcith a large fort*, and had made a stand. The commissary stores trere represented as all safe. Thla statement seems so reasonable In all Its parts, that In the absence of more direct information, we build strong hopes upon It. The telegraph must finely b? down between C eveland and Nashville,as we receive no news from the latter, where we most naturally expect it DISASTRR" AT FORT DOKRLSON. fhromthe Richmond Knnulr??r P?h <hi 1 I ?J ) - "?v J Very lew of our readers, we presume, placed rou^!? conlidence In thf Northern reports which have reached u? by the Hag of truce from Fortress Monroe, In regard to the number of Confederate prisoners taken at Fort Donelson. We find, howerer, that the Yinhet report uf fifteen thousand prisoner* being :aken is not much greater than the report which has obtained currency in some portions of the South. The following telegraphic dispatch wai published in the Columbus (Ga ) Enquirer of the 16th Inst , and also in the Augusta (Ga ) papers of the same date: Colimbcs, Ga., Feb IT.?The t>llow'ng dlsriatrh was received here early this morning, causng intense anxiety and excitement: Chattanooga. Feb. 17?Fort r>nn?i*?n been taken, with 13,000 Confederate* Nashville ha* surrendertd Later dispatches from Shelbyvllle confirm the taking of Ntshvllle by the Federalists It.lit strange that such dispatches from excited private lrdividuala should tlnd their way Into newspapers In the South, yashvill* A?i not been sun endered. nor is thert the slightest existence, so far, to sustain the statement of the capturt of 13,MJ0 Confederate soldiers. SICKNESS or GX.f. BK A C R EG AR D. {From the Charleston Courier, Feb. 17.1 With deep re/ret w<* learn that tieneral Beauregard is sick, In Nashville, of typhoid fever or sore throat. \Ve understand that prayers were offered up in our several churches yesterday, commend ng him to to the Divine protection. . yeP^NOTICF.?A meetlnr of the Tavern anl L 9 ii- te! kerpsr? wliib'held WEDNKSDAY AFXERNOON, at 3 o'ol ck.and on Wednesday of every week, at Frauk'in Hall, oorner 9:h and D st-eets. By order of Committee?. fe 34-a* (Y*?8.\1ITHS??N IAN LECTUREM-On WEDNESDAY EVENiNO. Febriarj 26tn, Rsv. A. Ci.kVRLASD Coxi< D. D of Baltimore, wiil lecture on "I'opu.a: taato in Art and Literature." 1 he ecture to oommeooe at 8 o'e'k. A he publio are invited. Admittance free. fe2t -v-^THE M1CHI6AN SOLDIERS'RELIEF lj 9 Aasooiation will hold ita regnlar aaunthly meetinc at the offioe of Hon >1. L- tetevens. No. 490 PrtDutylvtma avenue,TH18 (Monday EVEM.\ti ati>? o'ocok. A full attendance uf all the meirbsra la leg nested. ?t? H 1. ALVORD, Secretary. FESTIVAL ?Tl>e Ladiei of UnionChapel 15 M. E. Church will hold a Festival id Mott'a HaTT, o<rLer oi 3i>th etre?t aoi >>eon?y vania av., on TUESDAY and WEDNESDAY EVENINGS text. Tickeu 5?eeit?, eatltlm* the holder to admiaairn and a jcfxl Sap^'r Admiasion, without aupper, 1? cents. Come one, come all! faa ar; irW^?*lTHSONUN LECTURE*?Rav. J. Lk3 C. Richmond, of Miiwaukie, Wiaoonaia, ^,rf An %? ? ? V. I* - V_* t't WII vvkaKWil 'iunvni Df Ealllildi rsuj i\% on 'Tne Origin aud raxon Strength of the Ena hah i'onfue." "1 belecture will ouraiuauceat8 o'clock. The pabho are in nted. Admittaaoo free. f??? r^g-OFFICE OF TUB JrtlNT COMM1SLL? BlON OF THE IM1KD STATES ANi) riTB TA it 10A, W**k*mgto*, ttbruary 8, 186T-AI a ineeui c of the buftri. helU this aajr, u ?M Urdtred, That all poraoaa having olaiaw itaon the Kemulio of Coata ttioa, which are provided for Oy lh<t ooaveauon between the United Slate a aa>t tue aaid Republic concluded on theftd d? of J air. I860, do lie memonaia ot the game with the &eo:etao ofthia Hoard in theoitrof Waahtncton. CM As. Wi DAVI8, Secretary pre Im, la 11-2W No. F 'tfHt wet. pr^-THE UNION FRAYER MEETING Will LLg bo hoMen every day thia week ta the LatheranChurcu, - Rev. J. u. buUer'a,) at the oorter of lit :i and H atreeta, ooinmen?ia< at o'olook p n_ Mil oosUAuad bat 000 boar. j? M TELEGRAPHIC. LATJLST FROM THE SOUTH. JEFF DAVIS' INAUGURATION "A TAMB AFFAIR THE KALI. OF NASHVILLK KM*U*TKD AT RICHMOND. GUN BL RNSIDE HAP A FIGHT WITH THE F.NKMY AT W1NTON, N. C. THK CONFEDERATES RETREAT TO MfRFREESBOROUGH. iijb v&rruiifa u? mvannah im kuMORED AT RICHMOND. Baltimoii, Feb. ?4 ?The Old Point boat, which arrived this morning, brings 390 prison* ers, who have been released. The prisoners left Richmond on Saturday evening. The inauguration of Jeff. Davis as President of the Southern Confederacy was a tame affUr. The news had reached Richmond in the after* noon of the fall of Nashville. General Burntlde bad an engagement with the enemy at Wlnton, North Carolina. The latter retreated to Murfe-aboro', North Carolina. Nothing haa been heard from Savannah. Ite capture is still rumored. POTATOES.?1,400 busheta of Jiokacu White Pof-toea, jaat arrived per eohooner Wm Savere, and for sale frem veaaei ia lota PETER BKHRY.M Water at, fa24 41* (Rep.) Georgetown. OCOKE REDUCED. N Acoountof the oocdition of the a'reeta, the prioe of Coke ia reduoed to I oent?_per buahel. j. r. nnuwiN, fe 24-St In charge 6ft* Light Company. P KINDLING WOOD. INK KINDLING WOOD-Another lot Jast reoeivel ar.d for ?aie. All ti*?s of COAL for sa'e, by T. J. & W. M. GALT, 392 Fa. av.. bet. Ufh and nth *tt. f?24 3tif Also, foot of i7th nt.. on the Canal. POTATO E 9 ! POTATOES!! W# have just received a prime lot of Baofceye ard Peach Bl'-w Potatoes. For sale low in lota to suit customers. Ai*o, a lot oi Dried Apples for sale at lowest rates BU*EY A BARNARD, fe !4 eolw Georgetown, D. C._ Law school OF HARVARD COLLEGE, 1963 Two Te rns of nineteen week* rach, commending March 31 *ni September 1st. For Cauyogueani Circu &r, address JOKL PARMKK, t oyall Pre/ester. Caubndpe. ,Mmi? Feb. '?61. fe 24 S.St I NOTICE. HEREBY Forewarn ail persons fmn harbor* in? fB9 Margaret ilegon. who left nr.jr bed r.zd boarthne without any pro vocation. I wili not bt responsible for any debts contracted hy her She is now better known *s Margaret Browomiller. bavin* marriei the .aid Georcs Brownmiller, of the United States Cavalry in Utah Territory. AUGUSTUS DKGON. Wash ntton. f). C.. Feb'y 24, )Bt2 fe24.Mh3.IO* DROF. Al.FX. WOLOWPK1 RKfiS LEAVE IT to inform his friends and the pnb io, that, having met with so much aucoeaa, is continuing his Courae of Instruction on the Piano and in fintinf, by hia new metti ><1. All thoge who <1eaire to b?oome, in a abort time, fine Mm era or excellent performera ?b the piano ahon'd avail firmaelvea of hia liew ayatem of appUin* at his reaidenoe. No. 3036th atreet, between K atreetand New York avenue. Reception hours between 10 and 12 o'olook a. m? Tuesdays, Thurdays and Saturdays. (e 24 lm The most gratifying information that we can siva <o our readers who are sufTerin* from '.'"Ids, is thef/wtthat PEARSON'S MbDIOATED TAK dropa are really a fo??d remedy. M&ny of our frieLds have tried tnem with success for Couihs. fore Throat. Hoaraeneaa unri Asthma. Thesa confections also give relief to Consumptives Singers and Publio Speakers who are troubled with ?iiroat Qiseaaea findreiefby uaing Hearaon'a Medicated Tar Drops, whioh dear the throat of f.ueky and tiokling aemationn, produced by too much exertion of tl-.o vocal organa, and give strength. tone and ful'neaa to the voio*. Pr?pare1 and aold bv GEO. PEARSON, No. 6 North Liberty at., Baltimore. Cold alio at 491 Fight afreet, Washington: No. 4 Fairfax street Aiextndna; A. H. Hunt, Frederick; and by the principal drjggiata an J confectioners, at 10 oenta per package. fe 24 1m SCHENCK'S MANDRAKE PIM,8.-Tbla is on? of the THREE ?RE?T REMEDIES whioi have made 1>R. SOU fc.v K moresuccasfal in the treatment of several very dangerous and fatal dis?a'es that any other m?dioal practitioner in the United State*. The Mandrake Pills are offered as A SUBSTITUTE FOR CALOMEL. DR. SCHKNCK avers that his .Mandrake Pi Mi will tffaot every ouject for whioh the preparations of meroury can possibly be useful; and he declares most solearnly and conscientiously that these Pills mar be used with perfect safety in all oases where alteratives or purgatives are required. It is not much wonder when we reflect that the livens the largest organ in the hnman organisation, that it becomes so frequently diseased. The yellow and sallow skin, the coated tongue in the morning ar.d the dull pain in the limbs; tell at once that this great depurating organ is doing its work by halves only. Any person who will take one oi these Pill* at night will not only be relieved of disease, but likewise its disagreeable attendant*. such as headaobe.sour stomach, oosti vs bowels, piles, and the dull, heavy feeli:>rs over the whole frame, winch oftentimes make life burden some, and rand?r the patient wholly unfit for enjoyment or buMtess of any kind. DR. J. H.ftCHKNCX will be at hiaaxentafS B. Waite'a), oomer Louisiana avenue and 7th street, on Wednesday, February J8th. end M? see pitienta complaining with Con*hs, CoHs* Liver t omplaint, Dyspepsia, or any dieraes leading to Consumption He gives a1me without eharie, un'esa the? wast a thorough examination with hia Respirometer. then hia fee is three doltara. Price of Pulmonic Syrup 9' pei bottle or 95 per half dcxen. Pnoe of Seaweed Tomo 91 per bottle or $5 per ha<f dozen. Price of Mandrake Pills 25 oenta per box. fe34-M&* |RON CLADS TEAM E R 8 NiTT DirAlTHHT. Washington, February V), 28U. The Navy Department will, until the S4;h of Haiak n*xt. receive mroi?ri?itinn? for t)i> -! *r * oouatruoiion and equipment ol Irou o.atl veaaela for river, harbor ana octet defence. These tmwii. with the exception ofthoM forth* Mismsippi river and its tributa-iea, will be pro pa led by ior*wt; those for the Miaaisaippi river and tributariea may be p'opelled by paddle wheeia. Toe hulla will be either wholly of icon (which would be preferred) or of iron ana wood oombmed, aa the projectora may oonaider moat suitable for the object proposed, but their aidea and deoka reuat be protected with an iron a<-matuie auflioient to reaiat the heaviest ahot and ate la. The veaaela for the Mi?aiset;pi river and itatri butanes are cot to draw more man aiz feet water when folly equipped and draft innr are to lkj aoie 10 maintain a permanent speed of Fine knots per hour in "till wat*r, and carry sl Anient coal in the hankers for sirdars steaming at that speed. Thei' armamtnt will consist of tot leas than six eleven inch guns. The vease 1 for harbor defence are not Ij draw more than twel?e faet water when fully equipped and armed,at which draft they are to be able to maintain a permanent speed of tec knots per hoar in smooth water, and carry sufficient coal in the bunkers for seven daya i teaming at that speed. Their armament will coniist of not less than from two to four eleven inota runs. The veaaels for coa?t defences are not to draw more than twenty feet wator when fully equipped and armed, at whioh <"raft they are to be able to maintain a permanent speed of.fifteen krots per hoar at sea, and carry sufficient ooal in the bunkeri for twelre days steiming at that speed. Theirarmameat will oonsistofoae or two fifteen or twenty inch guns. The guns of the vesreli for h%rbor and coast de fence are to train to all point* of the compact withoat change in tbe vessel's position. The proposition* must Mate the lumber of vessels, subject to the e'eo'ion of the Department, which the pftr'y prop'ne* to farnish complete ia every respeo'. cmbraoing armour, plating, steam rractunerj and e^uipmente of a! kinds, rea^y for eervice, exorptir.g on y tbe ordnance and ordnance tores and provisions: the proposition must teaeoompan i ed by deaoriptiona.ape n ficationa, d raw lr |a and modela of such oharaoter t?%t the work c?n;d be executed from them. The ?iaoe of delivery must be seated; the time within wr.ioh the Tfssel or vessels are to be oom p'eted. and a!eo the total sum to be piid for each. it will be stipulated in th<* oontreot that one-tf'h the total amount will be retained by the Government nntil sixty dava after the reception of tbe veaael, in order to five it a trial, the remaning payments being made witb doe regard to tbe proper performance and progrtfLof the work; the contract will alao embrace forferiCre for fell are to perfcra the conditiona specified. The bida mast be aocompamed by tbe guarantee required by law, that if a contract ia awarded, it will be promptly exeoated: and the names of the psruea wno are 10 income tne auretiee to the mount of Ue facs of the contract will alio be ttAtod. 1 he Department will oouider *nj other propositions that mar be presented in which the drajt of vator above named i? nut exceeded. The Department will beat liberty to aooeptor rejeot aay or all the propomtione, f?? t*he finest an? best stock of can & ftyind at iPaR0*,^RO.*EetabffiwS oorner of & and 7th eU. ALL size boys, from the ace of 4 yean bp, can be fitted out at bar tt bro.'s. oontar t? and 7th atreau, at maehleM thaa ueaal prloec CITIZENS AND *T? ANGERS, teak to roar v> intereet! Look for the ooraar. ofJS_ and Ttfc nr??u?II is in* piaoe 10 duj Hoe ULUTHINQ for bat little mow. ATOP WHEN YOU COME TO TBB COEC n?r of K aad Tth atresia, ud buy ft rait of fiaa CLOTHING at ?. WUmA . Fathionable CloUilBt gmbh?hint>t. ?^^fgava5rF jmmj "'ts-ssz:^ 4 4 I

HAIR NBTTS?HAIR NETTS. JlIPT Rm?it?<1 a large assortment of thoM doable and s:ng'.e Chlneile Netts, aeeorted oolora. AIM, an assortment of Silk and Corded Nett*. at MRS. LOWE'S Frini Store, 309 Pa avenue, between 9th and and loth streets, soath side. I IB Il-St T SILVER kOAPHE Beat artiole for oiea< Ing ailrer and elated ware, plate glass, marble, paint, Ao., erer totroIt oontaina nothing that mb rttibl* iniure the fiBMt plat* or jewelry. F or sale r>y the anantity or ainale oake. M. W. 6ALT A BRO., Jewelers. , _ 363 Pa ar,? doors west ofthe fa SI St Metropolitan (late Brown s) Hotel. rr?OWKL8! TOWELLLSI! 1 TOWBL9!!! 150 doien Hnokabaok, Damaak, and Bird eye Tovtli, l^no yarda R oul* Crash, SB pieoea heavy Huokabaok Toweling, 86 pieoea Dtnuk Table Linen, ISO desen Table Napkina, Bleaohed and Brows Co ton Shirting, Linen !jhe?Un g. Blank eta, Qallta, and Farniture With a fall atook of all Einda of Dry Gooda, for ale at the loweat prioea. WM. R, RILEY A BRO., No. 36 Centr*. Storea. Between 7th and 8th atreeta, fe31-Sw Uppoaite Center Market. HONT, CLARK * CO.. HUNT, CLARK A CO., HUNT, CLARK A CO., a*. a? . fSB&y&Sl'Pfi. MIXKD 6INGKR CAKfeS, 8i??8ftTsiiSlg?: DAYTON'S BAKF.KV! 45b CLIVCMTH bTKSBT, toil 31 B?.w"' 6 tod H. ATWATKR'S ADJUSTABLE ARMOR, that haa been ?o tnor^ughly t ected at many of tbe camp* around Waahi niton, may be procured at the o&oe of the aubaoriber. Cernfioatea of oommandinc offioera. ahowinc the power ol thia Armor to reaiat the foroe of bulleta, bayonet thrusts, and aabre atrokee, may be eeen at the eame place. HENRY L. RiDKR, Attorney for the ComKiy, Ofltoe on 15th atreet, next to Riffa k. Co., at. _ ft gMw* Adamantine*: adamantine candles!! 60 Boxea Adamantine Candlea, food quality. Jaat reoeived. KINS A RI7RrHKl.?.. fe 20 Corner 15th at, and Vermont ave. ISTRICT OF COLUMBIA^ wuhimtoh Covhtt. To wtt: OiriUH'a Cobrt, February 19.1862Ordtr$d, Aa a mark of reapeot to thoae utoo have recently fallen in d'fanae rfour oommon Countrr, aa irell aa to their aurriTinK oomradee in arma. that thia Can rt r'and adioarned to Friday next, and that the regular term for Saturday, the Z2d inatant, be poatponed to Turaday following. WM. F. PUECELL. True Copy?Teat: Moeki Regiater ot Wllla. fet" THE UNDERSIGNED la at 314 Pencsylvama avei.uc, Koom No. 8, for ftftvdtti ?? only, for the purpose of serving any old^flK frieLda and cuatomera, 11% JOHN EARLE, Jr., fV Merchant and Military Tailor,"fe 19 6t* of Boaton, Man. THE SUBSCRIBER Willadvanoe, in the way of purofnae or loan, (mail aunn for ahort pa r oda.on Dlamonda, Watohea, valuable Jewelry, or any description of aatiafaotqry aeountiea. Any lady or gentleman who woald like to obtain a few doliara tom?orii.rilw-in *? in?? ? by applyinf'at 45b ilileveVth street, between G and H. from 11 to 2 o'olook. fe19 1w H. O. HOOU 9 Constantly receiving.and h?a always on hand, a full aapp:y of a!l the most oslebrated Iv WATCHES thai are manufactured in Eng-#M land, Switzerland and Ainerioa. both in Gold^jWp and silver oaaea. He alao keep* a large atook of fiine JKWtLRY of the most ueairable style* aet with Diamonda. Emeralaa, Rubiee and ail other Gema. He la alao manufacturing all kind* of Solid Standard Silver Ware, and keep* Sworda, Revolvera, Sword Belta and Spahea, Bowie Knivea, Rasora, Soiaiora, Gold, Silver and Steel t*pect?olea. and & rr?it ?f ?'k?p *' ? , ? - ? ??/ W? vsuvi >UIU|I UBUBI Y kept m a Jewe rv Store, and all at the very lowest prioe. No. 33S Pa. avenue, between Btb and 10th atreeta. fe l&-tf rpo SUTLERS' AND OTHERS. BRANDY PEACHES, 100 doaen. 25 dozen FRESH PEACHES, 30 doxen STRAWBERRIES. 30doxen PINE APPPLES. SB doxen PIE FRUIT. CURRANT JELLY, Xrinunraaan TnM IT/1L-a GREEN CORN, GREEN PEAS, TOMATO CATSUP, PEPPER SAUCE, SAUERKRAUT AND PORK, LOBSTERS, CONDENSED MILK. CRANBEKY SAUCE, 10 BARRELS PRIME WESTERN BOLOGNAS. inat rA/tai \? e A **?! '? ? 1 ???A L V WVW??VU 0UU IUI MliO IHO lUWCil OUQ prices, by BARBOUR & 8EMME8, fs 18-lw No. 65 Loui?ian? arenne. Anew daily link between Washington and matawoman CRFEK, MARYLAND, Running duly to (rim. Hooktr's and SttkU* Divisions, on tkt Lovmt Potomac. THEn STK m_K .4 /i O O. VAMi ? W A/AYlilBVIfi Le&vicg Riley'a Wharf, foot of llth atreet, at 10 o'olook, on and after Monday next. jp? w 24th mat, returning eatne day at o'olook. Refrnehmenta on board. Faie $1 eaoh way. Freight taken at reaaonahl* nt#? inrTRIPONSUNDlY. For further partioulara apply to Cap'ain on board. fe 17-2w* d?k 1?^ 400 Bushels NORFOLK OYSTERS Tn.4 - - * -A vuow wnveu at * OYSTER BAY," MK^ *i^ S 18th at ud Pa. ar'e. * ?Q ^ fe lS-?t* GTITCHED LINEN (SHIRT BOSOMS. ?5 Various atr'm. from low priced up to iae, ail well made of excel 1 act Lineaa. One prioe only, marked in plain fiturea. Alao. oar nana! fall atoek of I men Shirtinta. lOoaaea Cotton bbirtinga.ofall the heat orania. 1>ERRY * HRO . 4A ia c? DA A?A.*m.A ftlt.aL ?- * IP IO-UV ? mim niam MOPV, ROOM TO RENT, suitable for antlers' aupply a tore. Apply to H. * J. MYERS, lmporiera of Watohee, 10 W&ahincton Bunding. DKALERS IN WATCHES Woald do veil to oall and examine the etook of 8. ft J. MYERS, wnioh they are aellmc 30 per oent. tower than any other houee in the city. 10 Waahiagton Building. WATCH MAKERS Will aar? time and trouble WW I 11: u a. t iit'Dou i ?? OT oftiuus ?'u o. ft in v r>xvo 10 forouM? Watch Material!, Watob Uliuei, Tools, and 4ewellerar Jobbing Matenala. 10 WaaniLgton luiidiag. Sk. J. MYERS, having understood that nr eral traveling aedlara having rapreaented that they ara oooaeoted with Iheir nonae, and aairing an inferior artlola, they Uka thia meaaure in informing the trade that thav ara in no war ooanaotad with any houia or uaota in thia oitv. (TT* Branoh of Boa ton Houae?10 Waaaington Building, Waahlngton. ra? QPPOSITION TO MONOPOLY! FARK REDUCED TO ?1, and hock utud it tu U. S. MAIL LINE OF 8TEAMERS?RXIHDBU, Capt. Kiehl; Tolumtkm, Capt. Fluoe. On and after February SOth. erery day (Siadaya exoepted.)at 11 o'olook, from J one*' . wh*'f, foot of 11th a treat, and Gan. Hooter*a diviaioc acd Creek at the above hoar. Freitht take t at areduoed rate. Lioenaed by the U. B. to eaRrPaaaeDgara and Freight.aitrf wkost Imrtctor'i Cmtxfcat* may J>? Man on bomrd. Theee boata are sew and la good order, and make as bat time ae aay other toau on the Potomao. fa 19 GEO. T. STANLEY, Ai??t |7?OR SALE-MALT GRAIN, suitable ieod for r hoga. rows, eto.. at U) oenta per bnshel. App, j at LOKFFLKR*8 BrewarT. New York tv.m,. between 1st ana 3d ett. fen-l?' f_JOSHEN BUTTE*. s aSK' fflpfbs, Jellies,Qataift, Woroaeter SAUC^Ac. f>a*?uf>*n(1 ?r *1^1 O'DLETON 4 BKALL* asK^ trom #Lao to H mv4os?."""b~ "" Ja? 9 ^ J. W. OOIABT. rpEJEABVRT NOTJS COUPONS , ^cyybr r>n-i? HORSES FOR 8AJLK, AMUSEMENTS. Miss CH N8TT?Sfifft??'CHARACTER!! MONDAY, MfMryK Will b* ?8r*orm?d. th? Coomt of tfet Llri Lfc TREASURE. 6ertrud?itb? Littli Tr*M*re> Mln Cb?#tr#r To oob: !(4* witb lh? Faroa of tit DEAD SHUT. LottlW Mi'? Ch?tn?v nHILHARMON'm ha i.i' r Pi**. Avixri, Apovi 11th 8t. CAMPBFLL MINSTRELS! NEW OPERA HOUSE ' OPEN EVERY NIGHT! Wtti an Sn.trt A'im Compam? of SIXTLEN STAR PERFORMERS! First WMk of CHARLES KENDALL. , The Groat Stamp Orator ! First Week of J. A. PASCAL, The Great Basso! FRANK MALONE. The Mfctohlers Butler ! Low Gftrlord, Dopost, Fori, Green. Wy?:.t, Lyster, Naohman. Lccht. Hoi!ook, and host of others, in a Nnt Programm* Every Night! Admission 2S cents. Doors op? at 7 o'clr>"h. 'AillEiKDU H i: Vy C A NTERBURY! R A O U L, - | Ok THI MAGIC STAR! BEAUTIFUL D U T A L! CANTERBURY MINSTRELS ' Admission 25 oents , Orohaater Chair* 9> wnu, Afternoon Entertainment For Ladioa acd Families. on WEDNESDAY AND SATURDAY AFTERNOONS, at 2 o'olook. Whan a laviah diatrihotion of Eleaant Pr*s?nta is ir.vie : Rich acd Costly Jew-T y, Beoka, Toys, Fancy Articles, and maco;iw r\_.?? umorot en 1/1 r?er?. Mrs Stanley. No. 41 O* street, rooeired a rptei did Silk Dress on Saturday. Admmion ypents ; Children 10 pent*. fe2i BTHE OLD FOLKS' CONCERT Y Union Bethel CWlr le POSTPONED to MONDAY and TUESDAY NEXT, the 24tu and 2S*h instant, on aocosnt of the inolemency of the weather, and the death of Mr. Datcher. fe 18 WASHINGTON MUSICAL HALL-FREF. CONCERT EVERY NIGHT. fr?? 6 o'oiock to 9 p. m. Beat of Refreehrasats. Fine Femve Waiteri. Open all day. At the southeast oorner of PecnsylT?nia aver ue and oorner of Sixth street, nnder the Central House.opposlte the National, Brown'*, acd C larepden Hot'ls. fe IS lm* WTHE ASHIN6TON ACADEMY OF MUSIC, Pans. A virus, (South Sidw.) No. 5IS9, B*ti0?en 9tk and 10(4 si*. Every evenia* a remarkably fine Free Cono*rt, embracing selections from the beet olaeeio mosio. iuiu uio uiusv pupuiv opsru?rendered in Deuor style than at any other Amerioan conoert saloon. The KBMt?-?nd the puMio are freely invited, without charge for entranoe,?may reli apon bar ing every comfort they desire. In addition to the finest music in Washinf ton, they via obtain, on aall, from the attentive attendants, decidedly the beat Refreshments for aa> in the Federal Metropolia Officers oonitantJy in attendance to keep tood order. Conoert oommenoinc at 4 p. m. HENRY ROSENTHAL, feh7 lm Proprietor. INS'S NATIONAL AMPHITHEATER. Paw Aw. *?n IT H* W.?? vr, I ? v m-m wa*? A? T. Kic* Sole Lessee and Manager C.Scott-....?- ??Associate MuDtftr F. Whittaker _E??estnan THIS EVENING. Tom Kin* vni cits bit Conuc Imitations of CLASSIC STATUARt HORBEBACE ! Have too wn old DAN GARDINER Id bis treat Hurless ue Daoce. A La CtAusim ! and scakamocch! The Beautiful M'.ie HKLOISK Every Evening! K1NCADE. the 100 Sunamersanlt Mac! The Great Zouave Halt Must be seen to be appreciated. DON JUAN Every Nifhtsntil farther notios. New Notkltim in Piuakation ! ScmU 4f Pntu?Oroheater Chairs 75 oenta; DraM Sirole K) oenta; Children under 10 yeara of M< to rase Circle ? oenta; Sooial Kanico 36 oenta; Coiorad Gallery 25 oenta; Colored BozaaSO oenta. Door* open at 7 o'clock; performanoea will commence at 8 precisely. ' fa 7 PATENT OFFICE CURIOSITIES-Gmde to X Patenta, Catalogne of Cnrioaittea and Government Garden*, at the atand in Patent Oioe; Rare Anti^aarian Booka ; Sovemmet.t Hooka; Docamente furniahed; Railroad Reports; Military Ra aorta; Burnt Patent Offioe Reporta; Cheap Books fur mated to Pedlara; Military Trias; Military Lawa; Army Reju; Panorama of the Ccaai allowing over 2,otw milaa; many Uiouaand Chaa> Booka. Recohect cheap rent. Larce sale*, low prioea. lj> ataira, over Bank o^WaahiBfton. _ ALKKfil) HUNTER. BALLS, PARTIES, Ac. CECOND BALL OF THE HEASON' t? To be *ir?n by the M COLUMBIA AC VIVK AKSOriATN M At Colombia Ha l. Capital Hill. /JA On MONDAY EVENING, Feb'y 34 U Tickets one dollar, admitting a gentleman aad ladies. It* There is a good time comingi-the ANDERSON BOYS IN THIiFIELD f* AGAIN !?By request of their many lady fll frienda, and the putolio generally, the Aixlereon Clnb will give their THIRD GRANDMA BALL at Franklin Hall, oorner 9th and D streeta on TUESDA V. Maroh ?. 1MB. Tickets 91, admit* ting a gentleman and l&dtea. By order Committee of Arrangements. fo 24 *t* The #th grand cotillon party Will be fives at s>4 TEMPERANCE HALL, M E street, between 9tk aac H'th, On FRIDAY EV ENiNG, Fsb'f ? (A With a fall band. Tickets #1. Mmittui s sad ladies. feaiw PROF. C. F. BARNES.Manager. MONUMENTALS IN THE FIELD AGAIN! The members of the Monumental Club p\ take great sleaisre in announcing to their ig[ many friends and the public generally that they will give their Fifteenth Grand Assem-uA bly at Frank'in Hall, corner of 9th and D streets, MONDAY EVENING. February 24. 1862 Tickets 60 cents, admitung a gentleman and ladies. Rv g\rAmr nf tK? fnm Floor Mmnagtrs. Wm.RabMtt, George Miller, Miohael Flacnan. Geo.Pnlaeki fe!9-5t* PROF. C. F. BARNES' FASHIONABLE DANCING ACADEMY,atTemperanoe 3* Hall, K street, between 9;c and l"th Claxee sV ever; Tneeday and Fridar?afterooon olau at S. evening c.a;?at7. Soiree rveri Friday UB evening at o'olook. Mane by Prof. Geo. Aria. Ten peranoe Hall will be let lor Bal.i, Partes, Ao. Apply ae above. Hli In* TOOPARTNKR8H1P. HE Copartnership heretofore exiating between Walter, Rannann A Hope, having be-n dissolved in oonaeqaenoe of the death ?f one ol the firm, the feuaineea will hereafter beoarr ed on under the name and k m of Walts* A Karmaim. vv e are prepared to uBiin vo oraer. ana in; oonatantly on haaa, ail kinOa of tke moat faahionabie C AMRl AG feB ofthe vary boat workmazahia. Repairing promptly and oarrfolly attended to at the moat :a*aonat>ie prieea. fharmful for paat favora, w? hope for a oonticuanoaoftb* same, at oar oid eatabnannent. ob I) treat, between 9th and lothata, No 346 op stair?. fa 15-lm WALTER k. KARMANN. OY8TKR8?OY8TKR8\?u|F Great aoieatifio improveby wbioh the entire flavor and aiM of the Oyatar *2i a I a? i nA*i qh n a HV i WrtUVVil rWUL ITVDIVf ?P posite Wizards' Hotel, will open this return, f*i|Q of the globe lights) With it* improved er olmwiiii. mMbim of fitting, n.a order ol e?r ice. Ail desiring a luxury will be rewwded by oa'iing. Superior euality of freekMNU OyrUr* oonetaatly on hand to snpply Hotel*. Sutler* and Families, it shell, keg, or oan. Famiiie*' order* delivered on abort notioe. Cboiee Cigars at tea eonable rates. letlrj* A NOTICE TO WATCH MAKERS. IS. jQl 8. * J. M VERB ?m Harmc opened a bracoh of their Boston Boi? u No 1? Washington Hsliding, oorner of Pa. are and 7th street, iante the attention of Wateh Jt^k oVg"id aiidfcfe?Watobes?WatohMa**? a.s, \Va ten Makers' Tools, glasses, Bilk Gsaro*, LeMher Gnard*, ttpeotaoiee, ! <Ms,dee a variety of good* too nunperoas te Mention in ordinary adver tisemscts, which they will sell at tbe lowest eas teru pnoae. n _ B. * J. MYt.RB No Goods at retail, Wateh work done for the n?otk>'a~Vifa amy oSVThwuw Tin jrnmS* PEIHiM'l SECOND GRAND 1IOVKIIOR NEW YOMJC AND BOSTON! From Baiti aorale NfV York ill lMn ft Koa Balttaor* I* Mn uTUvi |1U? TiokeU for ?>WtOwdlir*! 1? ? < to?U oa or brton May !A QOLD AND II L V I ft COIN 'vjwjffifsr M41t 4tt Fift?tfc imn. AUCTION SALES. THIS AFTM&IIOON t TO-MORROW By J. C. MoGUIKE * CO.. AMtMMm. DFMEMBKR THAT THE SALE Ot JA It ard rf'!!? AOBtirDM TIIB KVK \ l N6,?t o'o ook. and tomorrow mora IBB. I I bSUA 1 , *t 1? n o noi Pr:vat> rate* b?v**a tfca hwt of Aaotioa. feU<< J. C. Ma?ri?K A CO . Arota. TB? J. C MeSlIRK * CO. AKMuNn. RLi?tek'8 9ale of nkattwo-htory Fbaxb Pwiuim Ro?*b on Tbkth itiin wmt, inwim N and O itiiiti noira -Oi MOMMY AFTtRlMUUM, Fttmri o ciock, on tlia arrmiaaa. by rirtaa o? a da?4 of tr?Bt, dttod OotnW ?th, MA, tad dal? mat <5 la Liter J. A. ? N?.M, foiioa U, Ac.. 01# ol iba raoorda for V\ ?a hint toe ooaaty, D. C.. f a&Jl earl fee tit.a tn parta of Lou BinMrad *? wTa.ii par d?ou'a aab-dinaion c! r*aa.ra r.unbare* m. rroLung is iw i incb on Teeth street wee', MttM N and O atreeta north, raBBiac baafc ISftfMt to a Uirty-fMt 'r with tM impnwimaala. OB?!?t)D(Ola BMtkDd Well b?l;t tW<-MOry FraMM Dwellioc Hmm. with a back baiidinc. Term* : One thi;a ouh, the remainder liuiutd twelve month*. witb iLtereet, aeoured by a deod of trust on tae premiaea J A*. U 8HKEELL. Trwataa. jm ?i 2nwAda J.<\ MoClUfc. ACO.Aaeta. By WALL A BARNARD. Aaotioneera tVnwr Pa. mr amd 9lk CLOUR AT AUCTION ?OB TUESDAY r MORNING, February SS. eonmetoiu at i? o'olork. we wi': aall, for aoooaat of wbon it mm or Auot oc Roams, w.thoat r?arte too bahrllbTLour Terms oaah. fag WALL k BARNARD, Aa??. By WALL A BARNARD, Auotio Be^ra. Center South ftd* Pa, a?- am4 Mimtk iirnt Peremptory ralk of ?rockrik*. L:qcob?. Ac., th* Rtoce or Cttuu P|rUNiR* Bi *!!?* ? On TV t "*UA V MoRNJN?. tfa? liMh. Poicmtte.(( st 10 o'clock, we will sell at our Auotioc Komi, without ie?etve. the stoofc of Wut' r'e decliDir.r business? 3) Barre.s Crushed anu Yellow and Brown Sugars, Kt|i ?f?reen and Buret Coffee, Boxes of ha*tern Cutwcg Cheese. Boxes of Chewing and bandies Hmoking Tobaaao. < asks'CiDoincati Hains and fhouiders. K U Mackerel and Btrrels Rfead, Ca?es Sardines and Herrinf a, t *?ee Otard Br*ndy Phiedaas BohnapSi. Wl>i?key. tiinger, RatpSerry, and Blaok berry BrftUfi Cases Sherry and Madeira Wine, Bozea Caocies and t*oes. Barrels Miter's Rje. Bourbon and Ward * and Crow a Soc's Whiskey, Ha f pijes 6 in, Jamaica Prints, and Rootoh Whiskey, w> (jnn Cigars, s*ull?r?' amal! stores. Witt many other goods m the Grroary line, which will be sold Withoit reserve, to oloee ?on tignmenU fe23 WilXi RiiMiin tui. FUTURE DATS. By BARNARD A BL'CKfc.V, Auotioneere, Curitimi D. C. TRUSTEES' PAlX^?By rjrtM of a deed <4 I tm?t from W?. w. MeMw, dated April M. 1*1, and of reoord, we will offer at aaoCcn on tlie HUi <1a; of Feb'nary next at 3 o'clock ?. m , on (M premises, all that lot of ground ic Georgetown k:.?T. ns tl 6 easternmost part of lot iibmt on* hsndred and twenty-eight, <l?.) in Baall'sauii'i.-n to Georgetown, fronting U lest otPin '^rU>b itfMj. and running Lack north, of the Mate width. l*> feet, with the improvements, consisting of a two story frame house. 41 vrnis ui w>: vne-wr.ra CI IM paronaee WW to be Mid in cash; and the residue at three equal instalments. at three six and tune months, With interest, to he secared. WALTER ? Cy-Tj, HUttH CAPKRTON. Truateea Georgetown BniUre Aeaoc.a r. ja6 sawtc BARNARD A BUCKEY. A?to. ICTTHE ABOVE SALE 18 POSTPONED to u.e lSlh Car of Maroh nest feb Id-gawta HUGH CA.PER^oiM.1 Tr>,Uc* I \1AR^HAL*8 SALE.?In virtue of a writ of i'l fiori facial, issued from the o erk'a oftee of [ tie oiront ooartof Uie Dul-.cioI Co un.fua.ior the of Waahlr.(ton, and to me d.rectod. I will ex?o?e to publio sale, for oaeh, in front of (tie Court House door of said oonoty, on WKDMESDA Y, the 5th day of March IMS, at II o'oioofc m* the folio wing described property, to wit:?All defendant's right, title, e'aim and interact in aad to the aouth <3 feet ( inohee of Lot No. U. in Square No, aw. front.on 9th street west, betweea o and P strata north, in the oity of W ashing toe, B. C., ?nn ?u ana lingular UK in^roreiMDti thereon, eeised and levied upon u the property a/ irwinS. Barker, and wiilbeeold toeatier? Jsdteiaie No. tui to January term j86s, In favor of John E. keode: WARD BTlaMON, fel? a U. 8. MarehaJ P.C. FOR SALE AND KKNTT* a chance for a busine9* stand. A corner of 9th atreet at,d New York avenee. I The present oceuiant wiehea to change hie baei te??; hee bat a email lot of grootnee ou hand. fe 2*-3i* Any p* bison havi.vs a neat fcbNISHEO HOUSE to rert ata moderate price can find a g ood tenant b? applying te the eahreri - o?r. n in case k doom lor ft tern of r?tn or Hr~ ohaae on fair terma. Wji, tike the boa', care ol a good Pftoe Appy i mired, fttely to HENRY 1.. M1DKR, t ffioa oft to Rifi? A On.'a Bank. fe U If FHOR RKNr-Ai?rt??D(l finely FURNISHED ROOM. Oft tftft first floor, Wftrined by ft faraftoe ftcd lighted vith Kfti; anitftbie for ftn oftoe or other partoaoa. Alio, ft fine toned PIANO will be rente J for 94 per month ftt No. ? <S etreot. fe M tt'_ A^m GENTLEMAN FROM NEW YORK, bftvirg ft ttore in thia city, doeiree tr oontinaa the as me permanently, bat nasi him tail at urn to New York, would therefore treat with an aooaptable nart w ftf ama!! ? "? J"~* ~ , wriw>. mm partner. t 00 Of?Dlll| preeented will betuttd lo be desirab'e. Address P. O. Box til*. WMbunton. fg MSt (BURNISHED HOUSE, with cm, Pt !oibm and r well water,!rooms,one ssnare n?rih of the Patent Oflioe?40? H street, between 7th aad at'? to rent to a small f tunny. Terms fin p?r month. Inquire at S*4 Seventh street, above 1. fe ?t >t* FHOR RENT?Three Untarnished ROOMS, in a private boose, oonneotmg and of targe size, with gts and w*ter. The moat resprctabie references given arid repaired. A note jor MB., and at the Star Office. wit? i?al name aad reaidonoe, will meet with doe attention. MMt* I BURNISHED HOUSE NEAR THE CITY HALL POR RENT?Boose No taS.Seoood street, between D aad K street, a three story Bno* Dwe Uag-Hoaee, with a.l qiodernjstprov* mim.ioii giioiuriiDir iurnianea, ia oflerod for rent to ft e&ti'fftalory tacftot, for a torn: not leaa thftn two yaftra. J AS. C MoGUIRE fc CO.. fe 30 6t Auction?craftpd Coguntaa'on Merchant. DESIRABLE DWELLING HOl'BK NEAR U THE K1KKWOOD HOUSE FOR SALKA ooiTifortftbl* ftnd well built two-ftory ftnd ftttie Brick Dwelling House, with b%ofc bni ding, ltnfttftd in the immed.ate vicinity of the Kirk wood House, ia oiTarui for aftie. It ooutftina two Mriora, five okftmbera, dung room, kitohan. bath-room. ftDd two good oeliftra, (M ftnd water throng bout, ftnd ia in pftrfoct order. AHJ to J AS, (TMCGL IRE A CO.. fe3B6t Aulioccera ftnd Commiae'n Merohftata. CTORG AND BAR ROOM FOR BALE, AND ~ PREMISE? FOR RENT.-ln corar^uenoe (f other matter* repairing the attention of the Proprietor, he offer* for aftie u>e ?f>ok ftnd Knturea of the Store No. 066 Haventii at. The etook of St?p!e Gooda. The Bftr hfta a cood ran of firatftlaca ? -* ?!* v<i?w>u, ?uu vito usuuiuf ki s rvifOfttDtl rent, oonta n* rooma aa(Enact tor a .odgiag boat* aad restaurant Ita proximity to the market hone would afford, to ac aotire and energetic, a p.oepoot of mak.nir money rapidly. For tern *. Ae.. icqnire at the premie?, No 44# nvontu atroot, between Penn. areuae ud B at. o? IT*OR RENT?A la-ge fnmiahod ROOM. a?lt? a bio (or a committee; B?a Roome attached ; Binge and Double Room a ; at No 814 P't caylvania avenue, next to W marda'. fa 11 lw* VALUABLE IMPROVED PROPERTY IN the State of Now York will bo oxofcaiifod for n ? ? _ ? -? i_ ?? - - ? * * ciwi ib is ia our or fooa mtb prtMrtr ti virrnia. Aito, iMliiailliwii. Wnovm i ^ itrxi, bttwwa 8 aad H w W lw DOOMS TO RENT, furuehod or aaffcratahad, IV with aTl the tiiodem oonT*tii*&o*t AH y altar Monday at the oornar o? Third treat as* Mtaaoari fcwenae. leH-lw* LOTH POR SALB OR RBNT.-We hare ire un.mproraci Lota, llfll J in the laafljlUM rioiBity of the Railroad Depot, wLioto we wti; Mil low for oath, or leaae oa reaet u?t..e ?rae fo r partioilari ia*aira of BARBOUR A 8BMMEB. HaU 6tao a <5?y h ou?*uky^ wily'fc r?t'c BoMl mt oh> in AUxfcLari*. Yfc..) > dM:ro?i to IMI f, r -,1 'ri WW fflb Sik'it^WX Of Uf totM. Bis IMM wtu UrilMt? OB tkiU of j^aary, IKs. by*. Um property o*n mo OobM bo Iwac for a maoh .umt term u a nodtrtit root. This Hotel u Bov?oin(.aoo baa lor but th" doDfltB tart#and arubtat.i* butmeeo. ,Tko of toe tti.arre.jaM to retire from pab.Vl bBMBeBB U tbe on: j .r.ceoement to Mil, aese oo*ld sot bopo to ecgBio ib obo more profctab.e. Foj mfw bb4 pejt.c* *r? apply to JAB a. KNfiLl&S.Wbo n bb'ISAASW CkQ OYflTUR! Aa OYftar Ikiiiiai Conftir lai kM fcrawi MMl'* (?. ion per dfty.otn W ipilML Q|?m in the . ifH in 'jiiiott Mr <>?d olfritr. 1* ?o W> WMii ou bt Ul m pw 4t|'i tobMifcr I tot lu^LUtf oUl itM 0?or*?*ov*. II. 5?"_JV OraMra mujmi by Uut mmmmy mm (NfkiriDffiMll3 liu Mr etbora Ml M M M IB Um D.ltTMt. T(.c OrMtri V IMM iw mmd&y UiMin UIn rroa Um nur.Hl t " ssua SyftEa: M-ypfgW^1' Mnirlw(Mmt,^rtU h? y^myrVMM*. i 486 *486 NOVIlU riAMiMM jm?l MwrMiS, jr4"-1 -^"j! ixitffif'I HIM HwtlrtlTl

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