Newspaper of Evening Star, February 25, 1862, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated February 25, 1862 Page 1
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w / ' ' ~ ' ' * 1 ' " y f nn* f.TT ?*M|W V* ? : J f ?*>*. V ? O ' ? * - . ^ * -1 * f* **' *- -j ft; . - ? t - * V2i. XIX. WASHINGTON, D C . 1UESDAY, FEBRUARY 25, 1862. IN?. 2,812. THE EVENING STAR ia PUBLISHED EVERT AFTBRNOOIf, (SUNDAY EXCEPTED J AT THK STAR BllLDUISI, 9*rmm / PmufiwHM ??MM ?U Ku+tmlJi it. I, W. D. WALLAGH; r??en erred la package* by carrier* it?4i iw. or 37 cenli per month. To mall sub*crlten the price Is 93 50 a year, to 93 for all ontti; 91 for three moot ha; aad for lea tbaa lk *e months at Ute rale of U eenta a week. Sla (le copies, o5i canr; la wrapper*, two ciim [ fI7* At7?TTmHTi thoukl be seat to the ! He* before u o'clock n ; otherwise they ma; k lot appear an til the next day. I SUBJUGATION OF THK SOUTH? LO YALTT 1!? DIXIE. V- [Frem the Richmond Dispatch, Feb. *2u ] The Yankee nation, elevated bj the recent victories of its hireling armies, is entirely certain of the speedy and thorough subjugation of the South It laughs to soorn any I idea of any other possibility, and exults in deliciouaj day-dreams of the degradation tr which its enemy will be reduced. I It glorlee in the consciousness of its brute strength, and intends to exercise it in *he spirit oi a brute. All the enormous self-complacency and pelf-conceit which for a while were humbled bj the battle ri Manassai have renewed their ancient exr.ltation, and they fancy themselves the mas.era of the universe and the predestined conquerers of all mankind. But the work of subjagatien is as dis? tant now as ever?more distant, more imprac1 ticabla than it was before the shadow of disI aster had been east upon our flag. If eur early victories had been followed up, and a blow struck which would have paralised the >orth and compelled a peace, it would have been a temporary paralysis, and a peaoe which would have subjugated the South inorc completely than sha u ever likely to be by the hands of her enemies. The inevitable consequences of a speed/ peac would have been the restoration of the old commercial and manufacturing dependency of the South ^r0D th? North, with no other remits of her nominal independence than a temporary exemption from abolition legislation, and the heavy expense of a separate Government, with none of those sources of wealth to support it which commerce, manufacoures and trade supply. Such a condition, call it by what name we may. would be essentially subjugation ; and if the North had toflfei counsel of wi?dom instead of pride, malignity and reveDge, it would, in the first instance, never have permitted the | war to be waged, or, when it had begun, have 'v brought it to a termination u speedily as possible. When we say that the subjugation of the South ia now more remote than it would have been alter an early peace, we have no referf enee to that amall minority which, in the [ * South, as well as every community, is willing to purchase peace at any price. There are todies in th4 iSouth at mere were tones in the ^ Revolution, who** only sympathies are witk the enemie* oj their tountry, tcho lament its nciontj arirt rejoice over tzs aejeats. Tfie subjugation of these is not the question, for of all the tyrants who threaten to oppress us, they, in the event of an opportunity, would be the most revengeful and inexorable. The tories in the Revolution committed atrocities which far surpassed the most cruel oppressors of the British invaders, and we are prepared t? expect from Southern tories?happily not so many in number nor so capable of mischief as their illustrious predeoessors?the exhibition of a similar spirit There is iimtkAP ? ? mmmmrm ?H%B UiV/i W UUUlCiVIU who may be subjugated, because they are already subjugated by their apprehensions of the evils and calamities which are incident to a state of war. Whilst generally honest and patriotic, they look upon national honors as an abstraction, not to be weighed against personal comfort and security and material gain. * Dying for one's country," they consider a very pretty poetical sentiment, much to be admired in novels and tragedies ; but, like I many other poetical sentiments, nonsensical and Quixotic when reduced to practice. Selfindulgence is the rule of life with many men who are patriotic, honest, virtuous, and moral ] m ivug as kUO MSICISO VI lUOSfl qUlllllPS COSt them no sacrifice. Bat of *07 higher life than the life of the flesh they hare not the faintest conception, nor can they imagine anj greater evil than the loss of monej, the deprivation of fihjsical comforts, and above all, the loss of iie. No one will denj that the subjugation of this class is practicable, even with a moity of the immense forces which Lincoln has brought into the field. Bat sach is not the spirit of the great majority of the Southern people. They are devoutlv attached to their countrv tr? it* !rititntinn? ^ ? ^ , V .?v to its habits and modes of life, and they have an innate and ineradicable antagonism to the political and ?'jcial system of the invading race, to their character and their habits and their very modes of speech, which the present cruel war baa intensified into suet passionate and profound detestation that, sooner than acknowledge the Yankees as masters, they would rather see the whole Southern country sink to the bottom of the ocean. As a whole, the South is proud, sensitive to the last degree to a stain upon her honor, and holding dcatn an inferior evil to degradation Such men may be overrun, may be exterminated, bat they cannot be subjugated. They will resist as lotg as resistance is possible, and, if conquered, thev will not 8tavrtonnn?rjul Wti?? ?W - ^ j ww. ?? u?u wvo^iiive of a people are indomiUble, they can never be enaiaved ; and so long aa the South la true to hereelf, she will main lain her freedom and independence. WhAtean the enemy do with auoh a people? If driven from the citiea they will retire to the country, and their oitiea altogether could not mob a town half the size of New York. To follow them to the country, in the Taat territory of the South, would require an army more numeroua than that of Xerzea. They will retire to the country and take their arms with them, each man hia truatr rifl? ?n?l V>? * , fpared to seise the first opportunity to re-assert their rights. They will at once destroy the cotton and other staple* which the North is endeavoring to force from them by thesword,and will never cultivate them agam till they can do so for their own benefit. livery bale of cotton in the donthern State* will be burned, and the proprietors will raise wheat and corn and other articles whioh they purchased of the Nortk. They will return to the simnle and Irugal ways of their forefathers, in dress, furniture, and ail the comforts of life, manufacturing for themselves suoh plain and useful articles as their simple wants and absolute necessities require. If the Yankees choose w hold tieir cities, sod be masters of the only spots where their armies are quarted, these will be but islands in the midst of a vast oeean, and will aot affect the freedom and independence of the people ao long as they are constant to their cause and true to themselves. In the very worst aspect of the Southern cams, this is the extreme limit which Yankee subjugation can reach, even if our armies could be driven from every battle-held, and every Southern eity sad fort fall into the enemy's hands. But th? accomplishment even of that result, with all their superiorty of numbers, is an achievement beyond their power. They have taught us bv perseverance with which they contrived to fight us after their signal reverses Bethel. Rull Run , ; ??? ! field, Belmont, Carnifax Ferry, Leeoburg, Oreenbriar river, Alleghany and others, not to be dismayed and dishearted by reverses, bat to make them incentives to new energy and freeh determination. We shall rise, like Ant <*us, refreshed by every fall. The farther the enemy penetrates into the interior and extends his line of march, the more oostly and perilous will be his means of aggressions, and the more economical and practicable our means of defence. Everywhere he will be met bj desperate and prolonged resistance, until the foreign world, dependent as it is upon Southern commerce, would become inpatient of the eternal contest, and itself interpose to pat an end to the mad dreams o(Southern subjugation, now thet nui> oan. The Norfolk Dav Book states that the citizens of Savannah. Mobile. Charleston and V?? Orleaa* are *11 uudar ariaa and well drilled; and call* apoa the people of Norfolk to fly to arm* without any exception of exciuea, on pais of ? * 0#*7 oitT, bat Portsmouth ad[Qoapurt alao, laid in a^hea. It ia aaaerted 0 other hand, on seemingly food Mthority, that do apprehenaiolm whatever u to the tafety of Norfolk nod of tbaNary Yard, exist id the mind* of Qen. Huger and hi* offloers, who, of course, know best what the capabilities of the city for defence are. The moat important item of intelligence by this arrival ia that which relates to the views entertained by the members of the Confederate I Congress, now in session, on the subject of the future conduct of the war. It is feared at Richmond that there are several members of the House of Representatives, and one or two Seiators, who are in favor of putting a atop to the war, and of taking such measures as will result in the return of the States to their allegiance. Thade views were entertained by them before the loss of Fort Donelson, and that evett will, of course, strengthen their convictions, and may also bring other members over to their way of thinking. They have secured the co. r Arotir.n Ana 12 JKACAA.? * ?> ? "|/vmuvu Vi uuu vi mo ikivuiuvuu CUllUIB *AJ IB certain extent, and a couple of articles will soon appear in one of the Richmond papers intended to feel the publio pulse in regard to these startling views (u they will appear at the South.) While these facts exist, it is due to truth to say that a large majority of both housed of the rebel Congress are still inclined to carry on the war, even in the face of their recent reverse*. acd of the still more discouraging fact that they can no longer depend on foreign aid, but will hay? to fight their battles alone and unassisted. Some inklings of the forthcoming meesare of Jeff. Davie, t6 bo delivered to-morrow, Lave fot out amwng the quid nunc* of Richmond, t was understood that it would not attempt to underrate the severe losses at Fort Henry and Fort Donelson, but would use those facts as arguinenu to prove the military power of the North, and the determination of the Union government to reduce the South to subjection, ?nd would urge the Southern people to renewed efforts to defeat the Union armies. The Norfolk Day Book of the 19th has an editorial article on the gloomy aapect of affaire at the South, In which it says :?" The fulnera of the direful wrath of the North is directed against us. Have wo prepared to resist the uae 01 invasion ine campaign tjatore us will be witnessed in trembling silence by the governing powers of the world. The North has stayed the judgment of England and France by sure promises of the restoration of the old Union. Is our army sufficient? Let the call be sounded for its increase." The Health or Captain W D. Pobtkx, of thk Gp.vBoat Essex ?The following la an extract from a private letter, written at the requeit of the Captain by hla Acting Aid, dated Cairo, 111., February 17th :?' The Captain ha* suffered all that a man could endure tince he was scalded on the 6th last. But Dr. Rice says he is getting along well, and thinks he will be able to get ??./! I. - t J-.? ? - ?- ?? ? aivuuu HI a 1C** UBJI. 1 UC ITiCl1Q lO WD0IT1 this la fddressed ha? received four letter* from Csptain Porter since tali lnjnry, and there Is no allusion In any of them to Internal injury, caused by "Inhaling the hot team." The writer of the above also says : "All hands on board will be glad to aee Captain Porter once more in active service, as 'hey think him too good a man to be seen lying on a sick bed." This is soldier language, for the best men must sufT-r aa well as do for their country The Essex was to be towed to St Louis for repairs, but at the above date she was still at Cairo. This delay caus?d by the wrecked condition of the boat, and the sickness of their gallant Captain, is trying the restless spirits of the brave crew rather severely The Kssex carries remarkably heavy cannon, which na? :n eacb engagement told severly upon the enemy's works. fTT-The Chicago Journal had one reporter killed outright, and another had fata leg (hot off. at the capture of Port Henry. A third escaped unhurt. SEALKL) PROPOSALS Are invited til! the loth day o?" Maroh. 1882 *t 12 o'clock m., for supplying the U. S. Pub. Dep'. witli 6.?>flO head of BKKF CATTLKon the hoof. The Cattle to he delivered at Washington City, and each annual to average 1 Ji?j pounds gross tn (th:; no ai.: m?l admitted whioli weighs less than 1,0<*> pcu'.di t rosn. The Cattle to t e delivered at such times and in suoh quantities a? the Government may require. No I^Attls wi :1 h* .poairpd nmlAr thl? Ka fore the 1st d*y of April, 1888. Heifers and Bullocks uoi wasted. A bond with good and suifioieat security will be required. Government reserves to itaeif the right to pay in Treasury notes. No bid will be entertained when put in bv oontraotorh who hate previously failed to comply with their oontracts, or whe-e the bidder is not prtoont to respond to his bid. Bids to b? directed to Ma>. A. BKCR WITH, C. S , U. ?. A.. Wastrngton. D.C. 102* or Bin. 1, A B, do hereby propose to deliver to the Government good Beef CatLe on the hoof for per buadred j muds gross weight. The Cattle to be delivered at . according to ihe terms of the enoiosed advertisement. The Cattle to be weighed on the soaies.and the weight so determined to be the purchase weight. 1 hereby agree to five a good and sufficient oond for the fulfillment of the oontract, and to rec*ive Treasury notes in payment for the Cattle. fe IS * yiAR i tK.MASl GH'B OKK1CE, Corner eightieth ard 6 stbbkts. W?uki*i'on< D. C., Ftbruary 19,1862. Peaxed Photos als for famishing to Uie 8o? rnnieut, at this soint, (l,'00)oce thousand HEADBO A K lid for the {r???i of deoeased soldiers, wilt d? reooiTed at this oAoe until Saturday, March 1st, IMS, at 12 o'clock noon. The boards mast conform In all respects to the following SPECIFICATIONS. The Boaeds to be of cl?ar loonst wood Jru from fanr feet loo*,(10) ten laolies wiUe.dH) one and onb'hslf inoh tuick. To be Mightly rounded at the top and "chamfered" on t>ne side, rou-id the top, aid down eaoh dee to a distance of(l) foot (9)inches. Planed smooth on eacn aide. A specimen of the style of boards required may be seen at this oflics. Proposals should be addressed to CoL D H. Rccku, Quartermaster u. s Anny. Washington. D.C., and shon d be plainly marked ' Proposals for Hr?<i Board*." D. H. xUCHEK, fe 19 dtrcar Q. M. and Col Ao. CORNS?BUNIONS. MR. PE&DKIAT. Surgeon Chiropodist, from Pant, beca to inform yon that he can effectually remove Corns and Bunions, without paiu, ?o that the ?hoe can b? worn immediately after the operation, without inoonvemer.oe. Also removes warn and otker superfluous flesh from the hands, so that they will appear smalt and delicate. No. 1#4H street, near CitT Hall. Charcea moderate. fry Refers *o the doctors of Washington gener?lf? laSi-im* Y|0URN1N8 SILKS OF NEW AND MOD1~I era etylea and iaiahBiaok and WSU> Hail and r.hMkaii it. arms, Black VrukeilkB, Extra Qioeay Bitot Silfca all widths and price*, KyQinr Dreaa Silaa, Re*I P*ria Kid blovea for ladioa, all aixea and oolora. All kinds of Dry Goods. Our northern and eaatern oorreepondenta aond ua near aappiiea daily. tine prioe only marked in plain fiearea. An Inspection of atook inoura no oolifationtopnrehaM. FERRY & BRO., fa 18 6t P?na a*enoe %nrt 9th at. 462 464 J far their WIN ES^BR^ANblKS, BINS. CORDIAL& Mo., alao their tarce assortment of eooD8The* Itam /* ? s?? 1,1111 ? nwT PfilA CR&AM aL&, in U:i ud bottlea, for bar* or tastily im The pubiio in general are raqueated to (it# them a oali and examine their aalead.d (took of goods, 8. WFKTHEIMER * CO., 469 and 464 Seventh atreet, 4e 71 -?m o??o. PoatOmoa. 42^0R8E M. WORL * CO., V* I reporter a and Dealere id And GE^R AM$5M*i&10NInf^Cfet'AJMT8 Aa aaaortnent of Merchandize of every deeorlption ovnatanUi on hacd. GKORtiE M. WORL * CO.. Ti Water atreer. Georgetown. tall->?* Bv the Roy Ferry. ROUGHS, COLD .HOARSENESS, *o. COMPOWfTD S? ftvfpf jfVM ARABIC. Tha #laa?aut aoc ?o?u!ar OagaRameor hat haaa ao iAug kaown lad exteaaively need that moat t srio^a have oeooma f&mili&r with ita extiaordjLr. T, ? - k. k-.4 mS -11 ?.! 1 rusur9^' U/ BOYS' CLOTHING. lNG. embracing all style* of low prioed, medium, anl fine taalitiee, watok we are Mllmc at Terr m 3 Intel, ft Rep.] TELEGRAPHIC NEWS, THE WAR IS TENNESSEE A'athville Occupied by the F*dtral jLrmv?Gov Harris Ctuknq in all tk* Ttnmstt* TroopsAeaction in Favor of th* Union. Locisvillk, Feb. 24.? Reliable private infor matfon received here to-night assure ui tha Nashville is virtually Id the possession of th< Federal force*. lath. St. Louis, Feb. 24 ?A special dlspatcb fron Cairo to the Democrat s*ys: "The latest intelligence from the Cumberland river is that General Buell's forces occupy Nash ville. and that Governor Harris has called In &L me r??I iroops. a:ia mat a strong reacuol occurred among the people." Clarksvillk, Tenn , Feb. 21.?Commodon Foote has advanced up the Cumberland with th< gunboats Conestoga and Cairo, to this port. Th< fortill atious on each side of Red river were de stroyed, and the greater portion of the lnhabl tants have lied. White flags are flying in everj direction. On the approach of the gunboats the railroad bridges over the Cumberland and Red rlveri were net on flre,aed that over Red river destroyed The other is but little damaged. Commodore Foote Issued a proclamation for th< people to return to their business. There are i iargc OUIUUIH VI I CUCl BIUICS uric. Cairo, Feb 24.?Everything Is quiet here The rebels, before evacuating Clarksvllle, tired th? railroad bridge crossing the Cumberland river al that point Rer ent Nashville papers advise the uudermining of tome of the bluffs on the Cumberland, and blowing thrin into the river on the approach ol eur gunboats, either to destroy them or obstrucl the channel. THE REPORTED XVACUAT ol OP COLFMBCS SOT CORRECT. St Louis, Feb 31 ?Cairo dispatches say thai the reports about the evacuation of Columbus are entirely false. The rebels are still there In large force, and none of the garrison has been withdrawn, and from nrMfnl InitlrMinm th?v Pv'Hpntlu tnlpnit making a desperate stand there Proclamation from Gra. Halleck te Ilia Army. Sr. Louis, Feb. 24.?Gen Halleck has Issued a proclamation impressing on the officers and soldiers of bis army the necessity of preserving gord order as the army advances Into Tennessee and other southern states, to show our fellow-citiz?ns there that we come merely to crush out rebellion and restore to them peace, etc. The regulations against pillaging, marauding and stealing, concealing slaves, etc , must be strictly enforced. Itd'es nut belong to the military to decide the relations of master and slave. No fugitive slave, therefore, will be admitted within our lines or camps. Fort Warren I'riitrrri Declining to Accept the Terms Proposed by the Government lor their Release. Boston, Feb 24 ?The following State prisoners In Fort Warren hare not been released, having declined their liberty except on unconditional terms: VVm. G Harrison, William H Winder, Henry M. Warfleld and Wm. H Gatchell. fcffects of the Gale. Nkw Yohk, Feb 24, p m?The gale here i? very severe. The steamers North Star, from AsDlnwall. and the Constitution, from Shin Island. are below, but it is impossible Co board them, owng to the tremendous gale. All the vessel* ancbored in North river, including the frigate St. Lawrence, have dragged their ancnors. Fire at Augusta, Me. Boston, Feb 23 ?The post office, the publish, lng office of the Age, and several stores, at Augusta, Me , were destroyed by Are last night. Loss $28,000; insurance $12,000. The Ganboat Essex. St Louis, Feb. 24.?The gunboat Essex arrived here from Cairo to-day for repairs. Capt. Porter li rapidly recovering and will soon be ready for duty. The Maryland Home Brigade. Frederick, Feb '24 ?A ballot has been taken In the Maryland Home Brigade, commanded by Col. Mauhbv, and all but seventeen voted to adhere to Gen. Banks' army wherever it may go From San Francisco. San Frascisoo, Feb 21.?The steamer Golden Age sailed to-day for Panama, with ?670,000 in treasure for New York, 8350,000 for England. She has but few passengers. Another Expedition. Cairo, Feb. 23 ?Commodore Foote Is already Aff An AW rvo/4 I Uo nvnnayl ^ #?? ?? vh uii auutuci cai^umvu. nc uas iuutcu uu tiuu; this point with a force of gunboats and mortarboats for an unknown point. /3JU FURNITURE! f7V 1 W" FURNITURE FURNITURE! w, B. M08E8, (of the firm o! Moses & Peokham, Philad'a,) Manufacturer and Wholesale ana Retail jje&.er id Cano teat Chairs, Cottage, Parlor and Uininc room Furniture?Thorn's Bnildinj, AOS Seventh street, above D. Every variety of UPHOLSTERING promptly ana neatly exocuted. Store open day and evening for the acoommadatlcn of the pubho. 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TEAR, COFFEE, BUTTER, LARD, FLOUR, MAILLARD'S CHOCOLATE, &c., 4c , &c. All of which he offers at iownt cash prloea. PIKE'S CELEBRATED WHISKIES. 500 barrels Magnolia, 500 barrels XXX. 500 barrels Millers Rye Monongahela, #00 barrels flue Old Rye, 500 barrels fine Old Bourbon, AT CINCINNATI PRICES. All the favorite brands of CHAMPAGNE, Mumm Verceny, Green Seal, Heldslck, which, being bought low, we offer at unusually low rates. Also, Sole Agent tor PIKE 8 ARMY CORDIAL. feb 14-tf JAY COOK K A CO., BANKERS, No. 452 Fii.eenth Street, opposite Treasury Buildings, Waaiiiagton. In connection with our Philadelphia House we have ;.'Dt>n*d at No. 4 52 Fifteenth street. an i ffic* fur the transaction of a general Exohange, Co:!&otiBgand Banking Business. Vve buy and sell Coin, Uncarrerit Money, Stocks anil Bonds, (on oommi-tion.) Drafts on American and European cities, rooeive Deposits, aad make Collections upon all acoessihie points !?4 lm JAY COOKE A CO. COIN WAITED! The Highest Price paid for GOLD AND SILVER! Bracis Foa Salb in Sums to 8*it, LEWIS JOHNSON * CO., BANKERS, PiRNSTLTima AVI.1UI, ja88 tf Oor'W Twith street ARMS EXPRESS COMPANY. NEW ARRANGEMENT! ALL RAIL FROM NEW YORK. 41 HOURB. This Comp&nj is prepared to forward all kinds of goods to and from? NEW YORK?Offioe 33 Broadway. BOSTON?(J Si oe, T Congress street, and 9 Congress Square, PHILADELPHIA?Offioe, 337 Chestnut street, BALTIMOR E?Offioe, Camden Station, i WASHINGTON?Offioe, 3S8 Pennsylvania av , ALEXANDRIA?Offioe, 105 King street, ANNAPOLIS, FORTRESS MONROE, NEWPORT NEWS. PORT ROYAL, And the SOUTHERN BLOCKADING SQUADRONS. AT FAIR KATES! ia.91-! T SUTLERS AND RESTAURANTS. 100 basket* very author CHAMPAGNE , i v w WINE, for aal* oheap by WM, CORWIN BURGY, No. 387 Peunaylvania arsnue, 1*1 on Stxth ?t 1 CARRIAGES. Have now oo hand a largo and fine assortment of I CARRIAGES, aupenor to any in tae. armp marknt, which'1 am prepay to aei'VgPn^gjy? low for cash. Peraona m want of gooJ-SBC=r?= I work, will do veil to call and examine my atook before pnrohaainc alaewhere. All repair* neatly done, and ordera promptly at, tended to. I have iklao ona vmrr fiaw ?!?? P.m... which originally ooat #13*6. bat little BMd.acii will b? sold low.aa the owr.or Lu do further iiu for It. ANDREW J. JOYCE, ja 3l-lm Corner 14th acd E atreet*. pORTABLE WOODEN TENTd! Ihe anderaigned has for tale and wtll make to >r Portable Wooden Tenta, of any repaired aige.ata very low prioe. Th?se tenU oan be pat > up or taken down la a few minntea, and oan be eeea at the oorner of Fourtee&tn and 6 ate. iaa lm* JOHN A. JORDAN. POLORED BORDERED, TOWELS, eeleot vtyiee and qaalitiee, from low-pnoed and me4^1i a m ay to extra fine. I TV it* oar eauai fall wad aaule steak of all kinda oi Lanen 6ood?. Ope pnoe, the aotua! ouh atandard rains, marked id s'.ain fiiurea. PERRY A HR()? ftia tr Pean. awaw and Ninth ft. Just leeemdVlaria'aaaortment of Nev Featbera, Comlortabies. B.ackeu, Bed?tea1?, Mattreeeee, aM Carpet*. Peraoaa wiabtng to bur are reqcert*-! to examine my atook before purotiMing, ae 1 am tiatermioed cot to be unaeruo.d. R. BUCHLY, 448 7th atreet, between 6 and H. ?1-lm* eaet airfa. JVOTlCli.?AU peraona are forbiduea to aegoi * tiate aa aooeptauoe of R. W. Ada ma, dated Haownber 16. l?3t. fifVan hncdred doIWa payable at thaMMTopvj'.'.uiT. Bank. New York,?the aaaae hart a r Ixn niM ia flew York totheardar lined aad not reoeived. frill* I J, LANSDON. WASHINGTON, D. C.t JANUARY, 1969. REMOVAL. A. BIIVIN&ER A CO. ATI n ?3 JVL O VBU T* 819 PENNSYLVANIA AVENIE, rro?rr? WILLARDS' HOTEL. We lOTtte the attention of ear trlenda and troas to the Gtrd below: No. 919 PKjiSaTLVA.R!A AvxaBB, I (opposttt WiUmrd't Hottl,) f The Subscribers, having opened a Branch Ea tabllshment in thla City a few mouths since, and feeling encouraged by the liberal patronage already received from Its friends and the loyers of pure and genuine WINES, LIQUORS, I and other articles In their line, have d^rnnned pon a continuance and extension of their bail uess Their assortment embraces? FINE COGNAC BRANDIES (of various age, brands, and district*.) BOURBON AND SCOTCH WHISKIES, JAMAICA RUM, GINS, Ac , Alio, several valuable Tonica, Hitters. and Stomachic*, which are remedies for bowel complalnta, fever and ague, headache, and the like. MADEIRA, SHERRY A PORT WINES, CLARETS, BURGUNDY, CHAMPAGNE AND GERMAN WINES. HAVANA 3EGARS, Of all Varieties and Prleef. FINE NAVY AND OTHER CHEWING ' TOBACCO ALSO, PICKLES, SAUCES, CHEESE, PRESERVED j MEATS AND FRUITS, SARDINES, j VINEGARS, SWEET OIL, Ac , Ac. The Stock wm particularly selected to ?ult the wants of Hotel-Keepera, Sutler*, Restaurateur*, ' Ac. They are lnviud to vlilt the establishment, which ia undsr the direction of Mr. Jot. P. WILSOS. , ] Owing to the fact that they Import moat of the uncles direct, ana to tne'.r many business facilities, they are enabled to offer their stock 6 ooda at very low prices. Your obedient servants, A. BINIRGER fc CO., ; mporters of Forrign Wines, Liquort, fc. | Ja 11-tf New Vohk and Wabeimston. j THE EAR i i EYE AND EAR. Nt. SST PENNSYSLVANIA AVENUE. 1 OPPOetTB WlLLAJLD'fl HOTEL. 1 Oculist and Anrftflt. * OR. F. A YON MOSCHZISKKRi From CJinton Place, New York. h?? armed in tke out h.g openea ma oiroea at S8T PENNSYLVANIA AVENOE, where he can be oonanlted on Maladiee of the EYE AND EAR repairing medical aurjical treatment. Dr. Von MotcEziatn la the invento. and introducer into the medioal prao'ioe of the ETHERIAL EAR INHALATOR, for the treatment of obatinate oaeea of DEAFNESS AND NOISES IN THE HEAD. He ia also anthor of the lettera published in the New York and Pailadelpnia papera treating on the p.e.ention of DEAPNESS FROM THE Fl&INQ OF CANNON, fc. Dr. Von M. hat for tne paat fourteen year* derated hia apeoiai attention to the TREATMENT OF THE EYE AND EAR, And poaaeeuM the teat.moniaia of aome ot the beat ] known pubho men in the Union, who h?Ti been moat anoeeaful'T treated by him for the RESTORATION OF SIGHT f HEARING. R E A D. f from P'lftttor * "I have Uiu da; aeen Mia* V> lie, her aij nt per- fc I ?oily restored. I am l appy to express my oonvio t tion that by yonr akill and judgment she bu been <j ml red from the createat deprivation th* <o?Jd have befallen her?' f From tkt Hon. Sm*tor P*fi] To Dx. Von Moschxisxxk : I am treat It oh iged for the intereat yon have manfe'ted in my oaae of Oeafneaa.aod ih? skill withvhieh yon have treated my oaae and I have no doubt that by oarefuiobaerv&nce of yoar direotiona, my heanni will be permanently reatoreO. 6 H. PUGH. [ From John ATLe**. Jr., im of tk? Htm. Judtt of tke U. S. Supr rmt Court J It ia well known to my naaieroua frienda that 1 have been deprived of my hearinx for many yeara. I am happv toatate that I have, thinks to l>r. Von Mooobaiaker, entirely recovered. My hoar ic ia now aa auate aa ever. JOHN M'l.KA.N Jr. For several years 1 Buffered from imiatm lh Von MoaoLxisker restored my i-caM 2. J 6t Louia, Scpt.7,1**. JOSLFII YEATS. Dr. Von Mosohx.aker moat ancaecafniif ostralcd on my eres, and Benefitted bit sisht . xaer-V::rr!j. GEORGE H CHENEY. 81. Louis, Sept. 17,1-866. ILttltr from Kit. J. J. Mullom.) \ Dm.. Von. Mobchxis**b?l>ear Sir:?A moot those who have be<*n benefitted by your skillful IrtttMot, in diseases impairing the stent. it afford ma great plta*ure to idd the testimonial vfmi ?,titude to the list ot tow patient-. My sight I mucn impaired dsring the last eighteen months that 1 could not re?ogm*f> the featnras of fneod standing naar me. I teu'er job this acknowledgment of your eminent cki l and suooacs in the treatment otyuar obliged and grater u fnead. J. jTMCLLON, Raotor ft. Patrick's. 1 The original of the above, and handle osors testimoums, oan ha seen at Dr. M.'s rooms. Patients wishia* tLeir iamiiy pnysioiaa to ao- s aonptay them ty witness ope accos or f. t1? * purpose of ao.isu'titici ireatfibe.-Tpto Sjrii* than. Medical men trill be at au Urn** wetoomed to 1 WitfiAU Dr. Von M ' any# a*an-.i?> otne of ttie in*trarn v.U & U( ictroduos ' for U* ffcoi.iUtiou of OpthAiwie U<l Air* Surgery. ^ Art. uoij^ KyMuuMrtM vxtfaoHt tuuui fcui Ofltoe boon from ? a. m. I* I p. m. fr<j?r. i t? 'Wllm M3T F> ,\NHYI-VA.NIA AVKNUK. t F<afRar.MtfK^\s?? J ?Is5r~? %ss mSittu* )?9 COTBM Vermont i* ?nd LMh I ? -'* GENUINE PREPARATION. HMiHLY COIfCSJfTKATMD ' Compound Fluid Extract Bach a, 4 /Mftiw wi BpmVU Mtmtdf For Dmum of UM VLADDER, KIDNEYS. GRAVEL, aid DJIOf eiCAL SWELLING*. hit Medicine '.ncreMM the Mvir of f?:|e?tioc, and excite* tb? aMoKBKRT* into h?ethy aoUot. by which the watkit ok rmuuii dtfoiit >ch. and a;'; u.isatceai K<tLAieina?T?*fcrt rwlocec. a* wo;t as raiM alia laiuxiUTUa. HELMBOLD 8 EXTRACT BVCUV For WeekLWMfw Arising from Eirmn, Rebtte of Die Earl* liulteoretton or Abase, Attmdtd witktkt FbUtwtmg Sfmptciu: Indisposition to Exerfcon, Loea of Power, ..ose of Memory, Diftcalty of Breatr b?, Week Nerree, Trembling, Horror of DiMmee, Wakefelaeea. D^mnr-aa "< Viaion, Pate in the Ueo , Uniwrtt! Laaaitnde of the M naeeiar System. Hot Hand), Fiuahins of the Bqo* Drr*:AtB 4>f the Skin, L" uptiona on the Kao*. PALLID (-OVXTIS4M-B. Tfceae jmptonm, 11 a;lowed to (o on, vhieb Itn ffiMioice lnvariaHr remcvec. toon foUovs IMPOTKNCY, FATUITY*f EPILEPTIC FITS. to 0*1 of %rhiek t?.? Fat.wu r%Af ? zrpin Who can pe? t' it th*? are rot trocieatly lot .owed b? tf*->?e "hisjwcl L.'uin," *1M3A*:TY AND CONSUMPTION.** Man? are r?s?? nftt * their cafleriat, BCI HO** WiLL Court-*. rHK RKOOkDSoi THE INSANE A8\ LUM8 Ami M***nchclv I)ta:Hs by fUF IKrll WIT^f'1 TO THl TSCTB 0? TNI utnnoa TUK CONSTITUTION ONCK APFECTBD WiTa ORGAMO WEAKNESS, e^u.rea tie aid of mediouM to BtrcaKtuen ?i>d Itvjjvrate the 8y?te? feieh EELMBOLD*S EXTRACT BUCHU t*rocv - 4* d?? THAI WILL coxnscm TEX KOtT SI TICAL. FEMA LE3- FEMALES- FEMA LBS, * I.'ln ? * TELK WI1KLY STAR. i Tkii BMllrt taUty Hi Wwi Smmaml ? mVTUUt ?f. ' SUfleeepy, y m w .?! M FlVV WylW M<<HW4<<<MHHHIHI " Vtt UplH^Mtl ?<<< t <<<? ?<<< ? ? H fweityln It la variably Mitalii *b?WMfctigtw *! ?' Uil hat made Tkt Dmxlf M+mimg Stmr air*a lata so feaerally tfcroagheat Ike ooaatry. [CT*Single coplea (la wrapper*) su he peeeared at the counter, Immediately after the leaw ef tkt peprr. Prloe-THREE CENTS. HELMBOLD'S LD OR YOUN% blNOLK. M.' KRJKD, OH CONTEM I'TUTINO MAR RUG' In Many AJfjsruont P?mi tar to Ftmini the Extract Buohn is bum nailed by an? .'User iWy, & in Cn!oroMa or KetOLtioi., lrr'*u.a'!"j Psinfulness, or Suppression of Ovsiomart nation*. Uloer&ted or Schirrous state ?f the Uterus, Leucorrhea or Whites, Sterility. B id for ai! somylaists incident to the se*, whether arising (rom lni'scretioc, HaHiU of Dissipation, or in tbe DECLINE OR rHANOE OF LItM! SBB SYMPTOM* ABOVB. SO FAMILY SHOULD BE WITHOIT IT. rmJks ?e ?wi Emltrnm, Mtrewrf er Wfl??? Mtdicttu far UnpUatmrnt m4 l>Mf<rc?u PiwiM. HELMBOLD S EXTRACT BVCHU cnn SECRtX DISEASES n all tfceir * u?e?, At little ivxpe&M Lit&e or c.c il? is Diet; No ibOOETeniKia And nc ajipo.***#. Itoanaea a fr<^u?nt degire i- d ve? atrrnrth t? l'nr\ta, thereby Keni vioi obeti not.jra, PreTtntini **<i ?'i. Stricture* of tue I re0.r%. Aiiarioi ."aicaiid intiftiumaaoii.M re^aent in the ol&aa ol diaeaeea, ud expeif&f *U Pet*<mous. D\'*a'nt, and item out Ma.:it*. TBOVS&NDe CPON TBorSAMM WHO HATE BEF V THE T1C11MB 0> QUACKS, Lnd who Umye pud ktaryfn to bo eured id a ehert . hsvn fnnni^ th#v VArA HaaaivtAiI sjwI that liiA 'rwioa" !im, by th* u?e of"pomrf*l aiirtmtm t >ew dried op in the >y ctota, to bre*.* ost in ?s ftt ;r?Tsted form, ind flJHATS AMTMR MA MIA* * MBELMUUyU'9 ElTIi W ill rJFeeea aa in- di?ce?e? of the IKl.^AHI OHGAJiS? rtftln euafcnc t? ftlAJLJi OR FKHiLIt ron vh?terer ^bii ?micatinx ud no natter a J ? LONG standing. )iHUN9l tleae Oriu* r?4*l the nd of ? lh rune. HELM. BOLD 'B EXTRACT BVCHV M THE 6CEAT DIURETIC, pi la certain to have the deeired offeat .a fllMM/IT tt>MM u U WMMMUM. itdwoi or m mo?t EiiroRiiui amv uuaiu ciiiAorn nmnwmT fee cmkIMIM. OERTiFiCATF.P OF COSEP. Tr^maio 0 J?r7 roeil^f Witt N?me? tarn to BCiENCE AMI) FAME. *rursiciAifs" tlease-not^b.9 wb iui "no cmt" or Uu- -i * HELM ISOLD'S EXTRACT 1 oompoMdof liaohi.Cubebaaod Juiul looted with cre&t c*.re jj a oompoteni > tout. .. PRE FARED Iff VACUO. BY H. T. UELHBOL t', raclinai and Analytical CLemijt. and ; ?d. Nu QHctnfer of hlmboldb esnunn p&ipa&atio&b. affida . " ?ioc duly worn, doth My. hie preparations oob uc DO narooUo, no moromry.or otho< inj*ruNu Lrkgs, bat am pnraly voc*abia. B. T. HkLNHULU. Swore and subaanbad b*fi>rt? m* truaii oday o *OT?nbarfjl*4. WM.J? HIjfJBKKii. ii.ufrnni, i-vcui ti. mz>VTe hn, rti fHJSlClANS IX ATTENDANCE FROM I A. M. TO 6 t. M. r>I? 91 M* NilllH l?, Delirsrad to ftddrets, wrxrftlj p*ck*lbMTT?tt?L. AduraM letter frr I jvrrrtwr a ocalo? M H. t. hELMbOLD, r??aiM, Mi Bcita * u?fc ?t., beicw Ciiwir,*' F? la HEW ARE OF COVNTEEFi IS AND 9NF&1N0LTLMD DL 4 '-MM rjko Mdawr to diewe *??f U*f B0* s'o4ii?r'' vtialM on U>* rep-t*uc- * i?4 .w HtlmboWi triMwu Frtp?r?ta<? , ?' " XWTM fiM ft, HIM ffTIBIf ? M M JmprmU JUm ?*m. Bold by B. B. Willi, r. P. r.iiui i*nt NTmrr. 8. C. Ktu, 8. B. tinnmi. a C liict* D. B. Cuutiinru * LiuumlJ L llAJtli WIIIHIM IM twn*<M 4jrD ill DMweeiers * ? An fob iTjr -^-u. tAt* M OS*** LAB AVO10 IMTOMVIOK a *(???*? mi a/( JNm CMMMnil rf*'# * "* Hi;

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