Newspaper of Evening Star, February 25, 1862, Page 10

Newspaper of Evening Star dated February 25, 1862 Page 10
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i 5 v~,4oe 13 lis ]r ? ? s* a^i z X TO WHOM ASSESSED t 8 "3: i ? ?? si ili as z _?__(? Todd, Win. B.. continued Paving ailey tax on in tercst from Oct. 83,1^ Tax for opening alley 10 3" C Ditto ..... 6 30 1 it 7 51 Paving alley tax on in terest from Oct. 23,1960 513 15 Ditto 45 W ? *7 I Paving tax on interest from Sept 3, 1961 ? J?3 Ditto \L.\ * 13 (16 13 Paving t\x on interest r.~~. T.n o ICAI , _ _ i ??W1U *i nu . O. ?w* , , *T6 ' tub Ditto IP 36 19 36^ I Tiz for abating a nuisance due since April 19 1361 ?51 partaub D.. Ditto ' 43 3 4bj Being the south 7 feet 6 j inchea front by the depth of the lot. Pa?in? alley tax on interest from October 23 ! 1*? 3 oo f sab ;>t A ;ro I'hlinan,Charles J 3 12. 362] 595 ?-? v i 2?i sn 7l? sub ) 4 Imp Ditto 91 ? ; FTO .ub. II.. Ditto J3 33j loi i? I'ttermuhle, William 1 51 1 ??3| 5 35 19 1 Ditto. I 53* 1 531 w Ditto : 2 2i t ?t SI 13 Venable.CharlesS* ' < , ? 4*| W 3U- If 30 Lighting the street 2 7*2 2 ~'i H5 3 Van Patten. Charles H .For | 1 o0; for WD, ?2 54 2 75 2 12671 00?5) 11 Tax for abating a nuisance, on interest from August 15,1651, *662 ti 1 Ditto Tax for IsSB.i I ?l o9; for l-w8, S2 54 2 75 2 12 1CM * I Tax for abating a nul sance, on interest from Aug. Io, 1654, *!07?e0 5 Ditto For loi8, ?1 59: for If 3D, *2 51 2 75 2 121085 V Tax for abating a nui sance, on interest from S'pt. 2:* 18.V4, !*101? ?< i 1 Ditto ...For 1-458, 91 59;| for Id5?, 82 54 2 75 2 12 1019 & Tax for abating a nui saner, on interest from! Sept. 20, 1S54, fc?71 fcO Ml N. *11 Ditto I 71 57| 1 31 5:0 part Venable, Kllen.. For ls59, *1 75 4 00 3 13j 7 19) 7 M Beginning for said pari about 50 feet from tb? 'innthKiil rnrner nf uld square, anil fronting on K alreet south,acd running ttence wni with K street 20 feet, thence north to Virginia ave ant&> feet, thence wltb the line of Virginia avenue 20 feet, thance outh to beginning. S67 part of aub 21 Vivans, LouU 1 tH> 3li- ? t^ 4*2 4t> B-ing the south - > feet 7\ inches front by the il?*nth of (hi* Iflt auto. 21 Ditto 3 00 2 si, ti 4u uW. H ' Ditto J to i *\ 9f ?i, ' Paving tax, <>u interest from Angu?t l?, UGO (in the name of T. H Bo wen) ay it; 5H*> K. fc \ k Im Vedder, Nichola '? tiT. ? fiT. >j ; ?? 3I5J part 1 and i?itli> 14 49 19 &i\ :t4 lt5 imp* , part tfepiiiuiiig on the north , of snb I A line of Mfts?arbusettft imps ; and avenue, 8<i fe?*t *J inche* part of 11. from the corner of Eleventh street west. and stid avenue, thence w??srwardly along tb? f line of stid avenue 45 feel to a paint in said line'i feet weatward of j the southeast corner oi said lot 2, theace northeasterly parallel with the east line of sild lot 72 f?t, tbence north 150 , feet, then-eea?t 13 feet, I aionj: toe north iiue of let* *2 and 11, thence south across lota 11 und1, 113 ffet ta the b.*^inninir. joit ,t| and imp Venubk, \\ iiilam P., I -J- 4 'Jat 4 2? M . . Veltch, William 4 31, 4 11 4 31 : > Wadsworlh, Adrian R .. - > 9 ? f -M iVi pan 4. im , Wollard. Ann, in truat for .. I fvJ' 10 04 10 01 M. L Dtviaon l?nr in iVit* m rr?<* ?fl ' 1 William Choppin for Krfi | 6 01 Beginning on <j alreet | north 0- fe*?t ;1 inchest eistfrom Ibe northweM cornerofsad lot 11.and runaii.g tLen aouth 'M, feet, tben east 23 feet!? 4 inchrt, tLen north 3?>; fret, taca wrst feet' > inches to Beginning. 31J r*ct 3an?iim William*, Anna a lb 2 13 5 j!> 5 03 Bring the north jy feet Tro-it by t&e depth of tf?: lot. H a. 10 part SI and 11.1 WalUngaford, Alfred ... 06 57 51 .'I 121 21 153 ?? Foi 1?J9, *61 oj Beginning at the ?outh-! w? ?t coiner of the lot, j thence running ea?t lrtoj feet b inches, thence north 21 feet, tbeuce, writ Hi ) feet S ln< bea,' atid tbencc aouth 21 jeei, u> ice place 01 beginning. Lit: Mine the strett, for IV>-, i . or; i--_>i | ;;i 1:3 fSf\ ( si*. S anl im We i, Arthur J , due for 195# 13-_'r J'3 IT 03 17 IKy?, iu the name of Mary A Turner, *1' 'Ki H ivlny a front of feet 3 Inches. mid extend!u. iback with tbut width] t I5?i feet, and nixt adjoining tte wfnt?.' feel >' inch>? front of the lot l?n paitofiOaad William*. Charles i .. 3 ||' 341 3 jj iiuips. ? iieing the north 17 feet front, by the d-'pth of4 the lot 170 ?ti>? X Winder, Charles II I 12 3 ;h? 7 n ?j> sub. B Ditto for S3 TO 4 Ui 3 I'M 7 1* 5KV 10 and imps Whit**, Chaile* J ' 14 !t3 l?i ?*> Iti i>6 Lighting the street.... .. 1 71 0U. part of 1 o... Wo-xlwad, C.. Mag aire, 0 35 4 12 22 73 -ri 73 J. and Miller C. Kor l-i7, *4 10 18>, 1*1 It;. 1-59, f4 f?l Being the north 1> feet front, by the depth of he lot. 261 ptrt and Wilson, Charles, trustee .. 3 j-> 7 7?? 7 79 imp*. Due for ]-;80 in the name <1 S H Plat! ..... 4 4o Having a front of .Hi feet! I inches by the d?pth' of the lot. and adjoin-, I'll; the north 3<> feel thereof. j * ^ \V \ J dud Wh ilen, Catharine Ann.. .. .ia II > i:j 56 13 iinrx. ? sad imps.. WaUarh, Cha*. !*, in liittt 11 7t> ?? tti -Hi To J3 ?; H.t.ta* i>i .tU . 1,. 1 It 371 1 Werner, Charles 5 27 4 UV||U ill lib i?l I'avinw tax, oil inteient fruinJan. 17,1V<>1... Itil 5!? 367 E half I.... Willie,Charleg ii si 5 25 12 (* lilh ^44 part of?ud Wal'er, Chaile* 17 V. 17 jii 17 W imp- I'avin^ tax, ?u lnt^rent from Jan. "JO, l-*?l. 4>C part 7 lnii Whit#, Charle* ^ 11 si c TJ IS 51 77 wi t'ae west o."^^t , fiout 'oy the depth of, the l?l. j ^ Ion?* Ditto 1* ** > (i 19 ..j | UfingiLeemi 1?fe*tIrofit by the depth of the lot. B *s. D. Wandinipa l>itu> j 4 Si 3 74 S ?i 21 and Imp* iMtto 14 t?l II 21 'Jj 851 U/ l' --? I kl?t~ !.* ?* - - ?? /J <* . | *<i 1 ; 4 J(l' 53s I I* VI allarL, Cuarir* S .. j :M5, a 15 25 .SI ! H>. j Ditto j .. , n 15; 3 15 &J3 part 0 Jt lui Ditto j ... Hi > iy ?|| Fronting ?fcj jeet H in-, ' he"', more or lea*, on j Indiana avenue, and !iunmng back th? depth of *ald lot. be ins all that pari of ajld lotG of which Msiyaret A Calve. diMseltid and posseted Lighting the atreet. .. | .y M 4J all WlltWrRer, Chartea H. 7l j, M Por 1^56, *>,10; jn>? 5r<w.?*: 1~^, Mi.lW; I 1*50, *M. MX Pump tax due ntnce Sept. 0, 1V55,*1I.4<> Ifti sub 1 and !ni Welsh, David 380' 5 ^ j m iy; sub I and iin Wiiklua, David 19 17 II *5 33 M aj yj UM3 21 Wateri. Brrtd 8 3 21 2 47 5 CP ch 731 aub H and i*n Waterston, D. A , j g 31 8 34 8 ai 15e E J* jandlm White, G. W.u it> i I* i too White, G. H. B .......... .. i 2 P4 284 281 fXi part V arid itn Wafd,H.*?.,. 0 54 5 03 11 57 It 37 BeRiming at u.? north?*-st corner of tiie lot, and running thence with 12 feet * Inches. tka fU?J> Mat Jlrfl /?*' 1 -? ??~ hit im. Iiae*ic? north l42 fee* 8 loch/*,and thence wiwt 100 feet to the place oi fewlantug. e~n ' f .. ?Ve?t,HelUtt M i 72* 1 n 3 30 639 r .... lUtto ! X lie - 1 i ........ WlU?n, John J ? 37| 8 93 39 90 i Ditto IW 3tt 711 . it i * lr- *- n Hi ? I TO WBOM ASSESSED 3 i * i s IBM. I, |.'j T. Z H JH ? Wilton, John, contiio?4. < '# J * 7 38, Ditto. 3 30 4 '? 8 22. part of 8 and WUUamaoa, Joaeph 4 46 4 46 4 46 10 and Imp. Beginning at the northwe?t corner of lot 10. and thence running oath 69 feet TU Inches thence ea*t >5 feet. thence tooth 06 fwt 7% lnehea, thence emit feet, thence north 05 feet 3 Inches, thence weet 30 feet, to beginning. 116 ." Walter*. James and Thna 3 *i 2 80, 6 32 6 99 For 1859, *3.43 o 419 part 6 and lm VVetwll, John W., 3 23 3 25 3 25 Beginning on Eighth itmt writ 105 feet from the northwest corner of aid square, and running south 50 feet, then east 100 feet, then north SO feet, then west 100 feet, to beginning. 532 part 6 Williamson, John IT, 7 0? 6 31 8 31 Being the south 25 feet 5 Inches front by the depth of the lot. Lighting the street ... 1 22] t*> part 12and im Wise, Jamra A 63 36 18 75 173 23210 88 For 1855, *54 32 | Being the south 40 feet 3 lnrhra front bv the depth of the lot. Lighting the street, 4 40 4 to, paxt 12and Im Ditto.." 20 15 15 50 35 M Dae In the name of E. C. Dyer, for 1859, $18 60 Beginning on Seventh street west 40 feet from the southeast corner of the lot, and running thence west 100 feet to the rear line of said lot, thence north 15 feet, thence east 100 feet, thence south 15 feet, to place of beginning. 6*.'t sub. Williams, JohnS...* 2 04 2 04] 2 'M 419 part 17 &. im. Walker, Jonathan T., In ' ~ 65 7 t>5 < 65 trust. Being the west 25 feet front Uy the depth of the lot. cii, I m>i ? 11'...... f r? j Oi! O * i -v " i p?i i ?? eavrr, j. i <?" ' m < m For 1S5?, Beginning at the north west corner of the iquare, and running thence southwardly with the line of New Jersey avenue 40 feet. I thence eastwardly ](?> feet to a point dUtant '27 feet southwardly from Ihe south line ol north E street, thence northwardly to the line of said E street at a point Km feet east from the northwest cor ner of the square, and l henc e west to the plact, ofheginning. K? ! 3 and imps Wirt. John I ' '24 31 lf> 7.1 43 17 4.1 17 518 part of 9 and Well*, John W j .. , 9 10 51 10 51 imps. Commencing njrth oi the comer of U street 1*2" feet, and running eastwardly from said; Fifth atreet 111 feet to an alley, thence north witb said alley J2 feet,' t hence west 111 fi^t t o' Fifth street, thence' KOiitb Wltb *ald Fifth. rreet W feet to the be-| tinning Lighting the atreat....j .. { 1 1*J t Washington, John A "?4 51 8 5H .? Ditto .. 1 uii -,4i U Ditto ' .. ! 4l| 41 1 7 Ditto ! .. ! 4.T 43 is Ditto ; .. ; sal oi 1 f Ditto j .. ; 7lj Tli Ill Ditto I I 0"! 1 w?i u Ditto ? ?! 1 2 Ditto 72 W; 1 3 Ditto w ? II Ditto i ? ? r? 13...?...? ?. Ditto . .. ??? ..? .. jj^J rt? "^ ijJl . > 230 2 Withers, John t# 91 13 3i 3? ul ?0 03 4'............ Ditto... 1? 30 15 00; 34 50 Res. 10 part of it.!.*. . Ditto 3? I k" 10 30 Beginning at the cornet, ot the lot and an alley Of feet wide on the line of Third street west,| and running thencr northwesterly with th#line of said alley 10 j feet, thence with the westernmost line of the lot southwesterly 23 feet, thence at right angles with the lastmentioned line aoutb*] easterly to the line of said Third street, and thence with the line ol said street to the place 105 ?ub. ? 4. Un. Wllwa, John if 11 wj 9 37 I? 63 93 75 ; 1'aving alley tax, on int. from Nov 2i, 1859,i I I 936 Paving alley tax, on lnt I from Oct. 10, 1^00 17 37 ub. 23 Ditto 1 1U & & 74 I i'avlng alley tax, on lot from Nov. '?i, IW9 !?36 1'avlng alley tax, on lnt from Oct. 10, 1*60 17 37 ub. 21 Ditto 1 1J 8? 19 if 1'avlng alley tax, on lnt from Oct. 10. 1*60 17 3; 3r*J Stand lmp?.. Wilson, Jacob 3 61 4 53 10 11 13 K ,31 Ditto 1 fc> 1 .V) 3 .51 4W> 13 Wllaon, John L 5 71' 1 95' 4 09 4-J.i sub # of S7| Walling, John W j 3 It 3 lb 3 lb and unit* 323 part land Im Washington Library Co.. 9? 6 PI 15 96 15 96 for 1850, fl*> 33 Being the north 05 feet front by the depth oi the lot. 12-2 parts and im Whitney, Lewis F ! .. 17 fc? 18 72 18 72 andpartofPl Beginning at the north east corner of lot 9.' thence running soutbl v<> feet, thence west 90 feet, thence north 6r*?! fe?t, thence 20 feet, t< the beginning. Lighting the street i 50 6i5 1 and Imp... White, Martha R, and 9 79 7 51 17 33 27 86 others. For A*58. *8 (Ml: 1*59.St*. III I I*'and i m p .. Diio j 5 0> 4 58. 10 3jj 185?, *4 97; IW?, Sb 4?| |!HJ part 5 and 1 ai. Wilaon, Norval j '21 06, 10 92 41 10 11 lo beginning on C atreet; north 2HI feet from tU*-' southwest corner ol. aid a<juare, running thewe east 20 feet, thence north llj feet. i hence we*t 17 feet, tbcnce north IS feet, tbence west :i feet.; i thence *?nth l;M feet,' to the beginning. Lighting the street1 1 10; 1 10 | 44, i? Wharton, Oliveretta .. i 7 47 7 17,20 70 li I Ditto I .. i 4 .111 4 ail I it Ditto .. i ?w; 4 ?H>| ia i>i?o .. j 4 s?! 4 i3 w. f,;; >m? Wagnrr, Philip 1'* , 1^5 1 54? 3"5 2:^ 35 '23 Tax lor abating a nunancK due from Oct. IU, lflOo' 31 7f; 6-11 ?m> B WMaon, Patrick. \ *1 1 W 3 21, 3 .41 73 N % li and W?tera, Robert A ., In tru?t; imp* for M. A. MlCfiim....| .. 6 W! 6 06 6 Ob j-,? I ... Waters, Robert 150 1 15 2 6*.! * ? ? ?<?7 part of 7 and White, Robert t .. ; * 31 h 31 H fM Imps. Betng the east 18 f>?ij front by the depth of, tha 1A# I ... D WIMama,P. r i 6 00 l? CO 10 00 oli H Ditto.... I 2 go 45,,. Re. 11 pirtofisiod WMilam*, Sarah B *? ! JO <* 47 .itf 4. * iiuus Being all the lot exrept ' the sooth 1 feet 0 In*; rhes front by 79 feet deep. I ! <uv\ tub w 4 ii lm Wllllama, Thomas r> 00, 5 00 00 9 Wortblagton, William M. .. H 1J H ?' M B 1<?> tub a and lm Worm ley, William ; 12 ? ?! 14 *1 1* 0? iw ?ub .? ?? Lighting the atreet .. 1 ?1 part of sub 1 Ditto .. . 67 M ^ Being the weat *2 feet ? Inches front by the depth of the lot. i Lighting the atreet .. 16 .... c Windsor, WlllUm B 2 00 2 00 2 00 3? .?!, A iidVm W.lJ^r, WlUl.rn ? ? JO M ? J>*S 87 "? B ..d Dl?. ? J! >? ? " M| ,ub C and lm 1>??? ; *-v-Vv ?' 91 ? w 47' 41 181

L.:gDilng me street 1 65 1 05 sub F and Im Dl"o 20 HI 16 M 39 41 Lighting the street I W 1 w ub G and lm l>l"o ?4 70 19 00 46 96 Lighting the street 1J3 163 3*9 J and !?p? Ditto., 6% 5 2* 12 01! 3 and Inapt. Ditto 6 79 5 SK liuitfl P?rt 1 Ditto 1 46 1 12 a 58 Jieglnnlng 79 feet 10 Inches from the f * northeast corner of 1 " j said square on the1 line of Ninth street west, and running * ? aooth 30 feet, thonce weet 100 feet, l (?? *T"|^ 1 | : WHt ? i; im ? If | TOWHOM A^EWBD ! f I ! 1* is! z z h - 451L5 and Imp*. WftUia, William 1 .. ? 85 23 05 30 63 Lighting the street <90 I*** w dhio.7rr....\T .. # Beginning at th?north w?? ?orner of mid lot No. 10 on II Knrt. and running thencr oath along the weat boundary line 100 fret to the alley, thence e*at 10 feet, the net oath 1-2 feet 6 lnchea thence eut 14 feet 6' inches, thence north j parallel to the e?s? boundary line 113 fee' 6 inches to the firs'! U ne,thence west wltb said first line 24 fret 6 Inches, to the be ^^Llghfing the rtree', .. 1 00 7 5780 1? Wayne, William IS, I W 3 22 20 3J For 1959, *1 06. I 1 7 ' Ditto ... For 1859,81 36 1 ? *' 1 39 !W 1 8 Ditto. .. For 1*59, SI 51 1 1* * 91 1 9 Ditto.... For 1859, *1.53; 1 ?? 1*" 2 91 2 0 Ditto. .. For 1?59, r2.13 2 31 1 7e 4 (fc? xi imio.... r or itw, sne.iti * ?< ? ? Wi * 3 5 Weaver, William A I ?* 1 ?? 2 ?' 1 CO 6 ! Ditto ! 1 *>. I ? a ?? *0 19 Whitmore, William ! 1 sWj 1 45 51 11 SI 11 Forl-5V.ri.5l Paving tax on intere*' from Not. 1*2, 185b. 40.06 463 VV. U B.... Weot, Win. H.,tnd other* .. 3t? Si: 4 7S E Ditto I ... 72 7? (i Ditto ... , I SI lei, I K Ditto I ..I 1 W 1 ?? 371 part 14 4. in, Young, Abner H j 39 19 57 63 68 44 65; 44 Beginning 5 feet 6 1 Debet from the northwest cor nerof aaidlot, and run ning east 30 feet, tbenc* nnik ^^bi mis In cbes, thence w?t 2r feet, thence north 1& feet 10^ Inches to tb< beginning. Lighting tbe street eu *o , 506 7 Yeabower, C., et si., for r, 4 32 9 91 <u *; lsUO, (la the name of A. Stepper. j , Sand imps Ditto Ditto I 12 1-2 9 32 21 4i; 620 ' |h Ditto...* Ditto H til tiff] 15 24, 19 Ditto Ditto ! 8 61 0 6a 13 21' 8 j9 20 Voung, Motley,and other* 2 ?1 2 17 4 9- 4 A psrtof 12and Young, Thomaa i*i 0.J .",0 79 I2? 12314 99 imps. Beginning at the north eastern corner of Mis sourl avenue and Fourand-a half street west it h?inir mi tho aiiIK. n ?iiijjv. i ) if.) ii Lighting thf atreei 5 15 J(? and impa . Ditto 64 15 49 .35113 .jo !U4 0 ! Ditto For ISM, * I ,31 < jii 1 'XI 5 "T . 7 Ditto For 1S35, $136 2 53 195 G 111 i 9 Ditto 2 M 1 M 4 4? 812 1 1 \>aton, William O., and Wlfr I ft! 1 17 3 3t 8 (Mi m 7 Ditto 1 22 ??4 2 16 e Ditto 91 7? 1 01 M 1 Ditto 8> ?.j 1 Mi 130 13 Zell, E F., In the nam*' f G. Swreeny 1 40' 1 13 2 2 5ft Feb 25?lawlJwAda A 1IOOHIKR WEDDING. BY HAZE!. GRIEVE, ESQ. Early one morning, a month or two after I had cot settled in my nei^home, I wae aroused from my breakfast by, "Hello, the hou?e! ' fmm witliAiit western corner of Mid lot 12, and running thence with the ea*< line of said la?t street north 79 feet 4 inches thence e??t 01 feet 0, Inches, a straight line, to the easterly line or said lot 1*2, at a poiu . . distant .>; feet 5 Inches measured in said east erly line southwardly, from the northeaster!, . corner of said lot 1*2 thence on said easier I \ line southwardly !?l feet 5 inches, to the i southeastern corner of u!d lot. It U-lug at ti? northern line of Mil srtUtl avenue aforesaid then wltb said aventu west ward I y 32 feot, In straight line to the be ginning. Lighting tLe street 3 ? * Hi Ik I Ah.i I i fit * * Aw A - -a or i\<\ a<. ... " 44 Heiio it is!" shouted I, opening the door ' Good mornin', Mart." ' Good mornin', Bill?won't you li^ht and take ft bit* ? I'ui just eating my grub." " Wal, no, I bain't time to stop. Sal and Mam want* you to cum down to our bouse this evenin'." " Indeed ! wbat'a up, Bill ?" " Wal, you come down and see." . "Wouldn't like to do it without first knowing what was expected. Might be they wanted to tar and feather me." ''Oh, reckon not. You cum down aod aee. Mout be as how some on 'em's sorter a goin' to get married!" With that Bill suddenly spoke to his horse, "Git up, here!" and away went old gray on a canter. Now, be it known that Bill was the hopeful son of Squire liaires, ftnri thai Mam Mra RnniM Uain*B anJ 2*1 ? c*": uu L'ii:cu?tn urn iwiiuum < ?iuu aovui a** uunurea j a rat down the road waiting for the hat to drop ag a signal for starting. I asked a friend what this race was about. " You see that are bottle?" inquired he. 44 Yes." " Wal, the feller what gits here fust and jerks it oli is the ownerlof it. and that makes him hev the right to stand up on the floor witn the youngsters what is gittin married, and to pick out a gal to stand np with him, and to kiss the gal fust what's got married, and to give her thefust dram, and all sitch." 4'Baj, Jones, why don't yer drap the hat and let 'em come, fur all hands is ready in the house J" inquired Bill. 44 Cause why, I calkerlate tha's ->omethin' the matter ameng 'em down yonder. They're a gittin' down, an' a hitchin' their hossof, an1 a rollin' up their sleeves. E'lieve it's a fight.'' Til tfllkr of t fi?rht. Vf)4 to tftllr ftf fun an<l fwn ill* J ?-f ? ?0 ?. ..?. .... ? >?) -U\? *uu n MO IUO lUC auvft fVUI U1 the western man; consequently away went nearly avary guest foil tilt down tha road towards the starting point. And it was astonishing to see how quickly they overcame the intervening distance. Scarcely a pause, and back they came, stringing along like a herd of sheep? the more lubberly bringing up the rear, and exerting themselves almost to death in the vain endeavor to keep up with the more aotive, who ran along with ease. ' What's the fuss ?" shouted those who bad tarried at the house, s<> soon as their curious friends had arrived within apeaking distance. Oh?nothiu ?much," responded the leader of tha Hook, l?atwoen his rapid respirations, "they disagreed?about the bosses?someway, and then they?concluded to run it?afoot." All right, tbea. No fight, no fun, but a foot race. The -bottleholders'Mowered their pole, tha hat-dropper elevated his cap?"one, two. three!" down, and here they come. The race was a laughable one. Buck Bradley, treat, stranain*. rawboned fallow, as ugly as sin, and almost u large, won It, and possessessed himself of to* bottle. This, aa the reader rnuat understand, mad* him groomsman, and placed him a notch a bore all preeent, tare the bridegroom himself; and now hia next doty was to repair to the honie ana select from among the many anxious candidates a bridesmaid. Off he went, still puffing and blowing from the effects of the race. "Come on, all o' ye !" was soon proclaimed frona the doer, and on we all vent, fer the critical moment had arrived. On entering the house, I saw that Miss Bailie and one Tom West were sitting side by side, looking very oouical and restless; a&d standing behind them were Bock Bradley and his ribboned end bachelorbuttoned bottle, and betide theee was a blushing beauty, who looked for ell the world as if she had jnst, and contrary to her expectations, been choeen bridesmaid- Silence, awfnlly profound, with tne exception of a few snigglee and twitters in different parts of the room, reigned over the seene for the space of fire minutes, when 8qnire Haines got up and said "Arise to your feet." Tom West and Bailie obeyed the mandate. "Mr. Thomas West, yon take thia here woman to be your lawful wife?" "YM," itid Tom. |L"k?iu Sal lit Uainos, you take this fallsr?no?aho*! this MM holt of jour hand to be your hueband 7" Yet, sir?ahem !" "I pronounce you nu and wife?laka your aeaU." At this juncture NntOMruopud whispered a word in tbo Squire's M?i whereupon ho said : "Git op agin a minute." They roao liko tho Yankoo who bad sat dowa oa aa air-tight store believing It waa a roods box, and tha Squire want aa : "If tha's aay bpro praaont who knows aay thin* why thaoa two shouldn't ba aarriad, let 'on say ao; If not, lot 'am aUors kaop tbo psaos. That's all, I believe." ... .. -w ?u? iuoi uoI was 4?IIMJ oauic Haines And be it farther known that I immediately considered myself invited to be present at the marriage of Mr. Martin, the Minister, to Miss Sallie aforesaid; and that I as quickly resolved to accept. True, my rig bore but little semblance to a -wedding garment;" still it was in the fashion, and when a man ii in the fashion he need care for nothing else. A Chinaman's dress provokes eur laughter in this country, yet tnere is nothing ludicrous about it in China. Evening eame, and after brushing up to the beet advantage, and down to tne best advantage, I went. On arriving at the ciquire's I was startled to find myself almost too late, for a large number of people were gathered about the house, and ont in the road, and the riuers in contMt for the bottle, were alreadv uo. The " hot?i? UUaa" up, also, and I may as wall tall jou how they were op. Two stumps, from whieh traas had baan chopped, stood, one on aithar side of ,the road, and upon these ware poised the officers in quaation, holding across the way, and at arm's length above thair haads, a tola from which, at a point oantral betwaan them, dangled tha bottla. It wajlavishly decorated in ribbons and strings of uried ''bachelor's buttons," or baohelor's dried "buttons," just as you please, while within it sparklad and leaped in unison to tha pulsations of the "holders," about one quart of common whisky. Tha riders for tha bottle, soma six or eight in number, ware mounted Tom Mlatad kia bride, and then Back Bradley's part of tka eereaoay, which m wmawwd by piMiir the hottle. ribboaa, baebe lorbutton* and all. into the bands of the bride She preaeed its eorkleea mouth to bor Itpa. and ia the operation, took a little whisky amvhila Bacfewae pressing kit lipr to thoee of tke beaatifal brideeaaid ' Having swallowed the 'corn-jaice." Sallie tore the bechelar't-battoni fron tke flask to show that Ton no longer was to ke regarded as a bachelor, and then she handed it to A??t He took aa aflaetfoaate pall at its contents, and tkea tore off the ribbans to iadieata that >' ? A ? a a _ ? * ? rn.rn.rn. - - same 9 aay? lor gaudy display a?a ee**eu 10 ae; and wmie thit *? going on the bridesmaid kiseed Buck, ormtber returned lt? kin which he had given her, while Sallie waa saluting the bottle Tha flank, bow mm ft* iu decoretioaa. aod mtn?* aome of it* e*a tent*, passed from tha hands of Tom to thoae of tha brideamaid 8ha took a mod ant nip and patted it to Back; Back took a bora, and paaaed it to hi* nearest neighbor, and from tbenee away it want among tha |anU from hand to hand, and from mouth to mouth regard leaa of age or eex, until the last drop had diaappeared and the bottla wm empty This wm called drinking a health to tha yoaaf folk*, and after it eame kissing the bride, and then the marriage ceremony waa orer The bride and groom returned their poeitiona la tha ?hair* tha eame as before tha ceremony, and we "men folki" west eut iato tha yard to wrestle, jump, pitrb mauls and ran foot roeM till nppor la nko?t half an hour supper wan announced, and a call made for tke -'tw-W and middle age*" to fill up tke first table. Tke af-?4 and middle ag-evtf obeyed tbe summon, and a few wko?e number of summers pleeed tbem far below even the "middle ag-?rf," elbowed in and doM likewise. But tbare was plenty of time and plenty to eat. tunquently we all had our fill of the rery beet the ooantry afforded, loftf before leaving the premises. When "night had hung her curUins up, and pinned then with star," the guests, with a very few exceptiona, had scattered off to their respective homes. The none, the laugh and the ehat had died away at ihe residence of Squire Haines by ten o'eloek, and tkeee who kad ?. a a 1 * * - larnea wen Beginning 10 exoouoge wnieperi ?bwt 'bedding" tb* young couple. wb*a hark ?a ftddle, a aelitnrj fiddle. wm coming up the lane. On hearing it, the Sanire suffered a frown te mantle kit brow. and Mies?no, Mrs West, tried to look Beared, jet neither epoke. Bill Eut on broad grin, and plunged undertbe bed, from whence be toon auled forth, and deposited upon the henrth, a large stoae jug, full ef something that ooied out around the oob atopple. and wm smelling Tery much like whisky. Meanwhile the Addle eame nearer, entered the yard, passed twice around the bouae, and then eeaaed For two minutee. perhaps, nil wm silent as death, both without and within, hot at the end of that time, and with a suddenness unsurpassed by the nearest clap of thunder, there came a crash which shook tbo booee from top te bottom, and caused its in mates to nlmoet jump out ef their skins. But this sudden crash was not the end of it, but the noise Kept up wjrnont losing a single not* for the spao* of taa BiMtM, per haps. Bells.tin pan?, tin borne, cow born*, iron ketUM.dumb Mils, horse-fiddles, clap-boards, men with giant lung* doga, and hog* for aught I know, commingled and sent up a* a anit their graataat eoundl. This wan a fkivt/M. and the sbivereenert, aoma thirty in number, pawed round and round the house in double file. until all were prwtty well exhausted by their ownjexertion* They than fortaad is a semicircle before ?he door, and after a momentary silence, rare three hearty cheers for the bride and groom. Tom, who knew the next atap nae essary to be taken, opened the door and charged apon them with tha jug aforenamed. They received the onslaught with renewed cheering. relieved the happy bridegroom of his burden. u*>k him gaotly upon their shoulder?jug ditto?and marchcd to tha tun* of? "l^eatUer britches, full of etitcbea, Leather britefcee, buttons on ; Mv wife kicked u( out o' bed. Because I bad Buy britches on Done on the old tiddle. in a masterly wanner. by a master musician To a large stump a short distance from the house they marshal, and upon this they placed the unresisting Tom. Haying formed circle around him tbey gate another trio of cheers, and then pawed tha jag to all hands, that all hands bight drink his health Ac. This dog* in enure Muuieii'tD. tliey on;e more t??o* him upon their ikooldtn. earrit 1 him biwk to the hou>e under tbe stirring influence ??F? 'Wake np, wak* up. diy lea UreakTit', Don't ve rr tLe mornin' star!" And debited him very caretully. upjn the door-step. not exactly a# they had received biui. however, hut mnny the jug. He walked into the bouae. and straightway the one thousand end one discordant instrument* struck up their unearthly clamor, and eeatmued it withont intermission, until the Lride presented herself in the de??r. At *i^ht of her each performer came -uddenly to a bar of reat. and all was quiet fur about one minute. At the end of that time they fare three cheera: then they drank ber h?*alib all round, deposited the jug on the step*, wished her "go?Ml night," l;.rmed into .ingle file, struck up "Old Zip Coon," on the fiddle and uiarch< d rapidly away. And beyond a. few distant about s among the wood*, ml uiayh*p the high notes of a marry song, beard no more of them mat xmrtfrt went off well. but it woald hare beer. other wiae. had Tom failed to comply with the rule" He would bare received bat om fiet of obeers. and from theiK-cf.n till marning, or nearly ao. the eternal din would have been kept up I have since known aeveral iaataaeae of tbn> kind, but they nev*r ' went it well Ac a general thing, qowever. the shirr/> were expected, and due preparationa vera made to give tbem a cordial reception Now a w<>rd about wedding the young couple, and I shall dismiss the subject The bridesmaid and the groomsman had long aince gone home ; in fact, according to Western etiquette, their term of oftea e*pired immediately afrerthe ceremony had been concluded Bat the youngsters had to be l>*dd*d. neveitheless. and here is haw it ?u dose The Squire's house, as the reader already surmiaae. bad bnt owe room, consequently the newly-married folks had to sleep in the aeme rooai with the ololy-married folks The latter tumbled in as usual and then we youngsters took Tom out to look at the weather. While thia waa going on. the female youngster*?half a dozen or mora?put Sallia snugly to bed, then th*y came out to look at the woather. and wo, with Tom in charge, returned into the bouae. Aidad by a band froan each of us. he waa aor>n divested, and laid into bad parallel with a ridge in the quilt*, that run parallel with and rary near tbe wall. TL? J ' IUC auv( wis nuw luruwu of en 10 aware mo gim mat lurtber weather obwvation* were unneceaMry, and in they all earn*, sniggling *?d giggling, and up they ran "to aee how Sal looked in bed with a man." We, of the sterner sex. joined them, of eourae "to aeehow Tom looked in bod with a woman." and a merry time we had of it for about torn minute??then the fun began to get dry. and we turned away, laarlng them alone in their glory ?Porttrs Spirit. UUU1-U IIVLUIfl, 1QQDI UnyMldiBg t W?1 ty of purpose. lie pos^sed literaryftalents of a high order Hil Ten Years Among the Mail B igs had all the fascination of Vidoeo Ha wag engaged, at the tiuie of bis death, in the publication of Tkt Mail Bog?a journal devoted to Postal Keforiu and the diseeniaatioD of Postal intelligence HACKNU CAIRlAliES. In acoordanoe vita the requirements of taeSWh eootioa otaa aet la "T ? to Hackiim Carriages. Cabe, *c.,<approved Mare* ?. IMS.i the following sect wt? of eafd ac' are published lor tbe benefct of thoae oonoaraafl : Seo. 2 An J 6c it tnarud, Tnat, rrom and after tbe paiaage of thta aet. Ue follow ing rate* ol fare or eLartes for tbe oonTeyaaoe ol per eon a from owe place to another 10 the eity of Waebmgton. in hasfcae? oarriaaee, eahe. or other vehicles oarrjing easieiigors for pa? or aire, between daibraac aae ei< lit o'clock p. m.. siiall iiot be exeeeded, that is to ear. for eaeh aim every assaulter, for any distance not over oue mil a haif nule. twenty-bve easts; fbr aar distance over oue and a i>alf mile, end not saossding three niiee. Lfty oer.u: Prtridn. inottf am lackiey carriage, e*l>. or otaor rah eta thai! beuetained for a longer pe'iod man fcve minutes. the driver thereof shall l>e allowed for tbe wu:e hack, ?ah, or ether vefcieie, the earn at twaive aod a half oeuts for every if teen minutes eo dstaiiml, and for all eoave>aaces or other detention later Uian eight o'aioek s. m , the owaar of driver of I ackuevcarrtagee, oaha, or other veitiolee may <i?inaod and rassieo .1 kll. ?? -----? - - - - w>pp.Tiw itei|Mrvaaiac lar *? *P K ball not K> i?wlu. for ut Mr*oa or HreewtoiwseWsmei AikHir feu* vurir theeity of WMUrgtoA. utiMa ??ok ! ? immiM y?n**iou?!y o^iiod a UoenM uadw tfcM ; wmoy lM?rnac U* aoribad (or mucin( IimImj oarrmfit frwndsd, TM totkuc oontftioto .tSTb. oootruMl to r*??u* ui ?? ek ?U6 the ewew * ? noeee d liscfcney o*rn*c?, c&b, or othM all*** to rue k ucicb. . ? . B??, 17. And to u MMtiW. Th?t an* h?fcyy^toay m o?ibw. ttt <|? ju^w^n IH^mjrjyTV1g *. 1?I? U1 Hit; |?V? VOHlum uu IUS loref o.Uf ?BV(M IB addltien I bar MO. >eo 13. And i* *1 $**rtt4. 'I lilt no uwtiM or ditver ol a hacfcnev oarrtace. call, or other vehicle oarrvi lit pneeci.ier: I n p?? or lure. kt.el rflM|M WTT a or pMM&ieri at tn* lorecoies rn?? or d?a?eeii wnmwhi greater sum lor uie ounveyano* ol &ay peet-n lb? rates ol iare oj this aet ertaWiehrd; nor shall the driver ol any haofcney osrn*#e. o*b. or other vatatcie oarr>ii ( paseecters for pay or liiro. vt eo oarryii^^r aeoiber ol paewageri mora than two. or vhea the pateencers in ttio vehicle agree to pa* lor tk m eats therein, lie allowed to nck? up ar.y other paaeenger on the ny.VMl the permission ol the jersjui is the saaie. under the psasitv of 6re dollars lor eaah and every c denee: fro^d-L, a/trwy*. That Both mi henna wim>N hall be construed to prevent any oen?r or driver of haokM? carnaca. ca^>. or other vehioie from reoei Yiqi any voluntary compensation, for the mveyaaoa of oeraoot, over and above the rates hereby estab ishad, bat U a?*ll nevertheless be the duty ol the owner or driver aforeeairt to iffom the person offering neh extra c?mpens?tioa of the ralaa of tare hxed hy this aet; etaerwie* toe said owner or driver shall be dmed canty of ha viae demanded extra compensation. Sea. 14. And b? tt tnact'A, That vhea any owner or driver of aav haehaer oarriace, oab, or other vehtoie ia appaed to. to transport any immer or mm rwri ,lhin thi. _ --4 ' * , . iw? o"ji "? r??? H>ao so, iMtr tk*Mt tMt ho is already *naa?fd, ho shall ?tate the nam* p.aoe of reeiaeaos oi tho person br whom KiiiuiWN; and if tit* owner or driver ahaii refaee w ut? luoh name aad reaideeoe. u4 retaee to carry u? imii or wwm atini the afp uAaoi, owner or dnwr 01 mmMtMIom shall fniMaai pay ft *11111 not exoeedin ftveoollare; ard if,oa giviac the Ma* aad roaidocoft of any person, it shall appear mat ths iaforsuatioc wae laiM.aM Uer ft was not an actaa buna fide encftceneal, the ovmt or innr of ?iTvefcMM hall be liable to tho aoove penalty as above stated. _ _ ??o >&. And U i r saor wrf, Trat when any ownar or (Invar of aa? haofcaa? oft-riace.eab.or otborrehiole. oa-rying easeoncers far payor .lure, shall iopaad or receive any greater id* for the ooavoyaaoe of peraawe wao ekajl aot have resided twelve south witkta the eity of WMhiaMe than u established sent>e<i by the thirteenth atctios of tais aot. . ^ i'mmetU^ Thatjtb s aot beaay io^ aa^L.tfca aaaaa is barobr do Brown Stone Fronts ?The absolute unreliability of all human fame, hopes and expectations is ptrongly exemplified in, the deeay which is fast falling up<A the pretentious species of itore which ksi lately been used to the exclusion of almoet e\ ery other for the finishing or entire construction of the most elegant private resideace^p&d public buildings. Brown stone bouses and "brown atone fronts," which have Men used to gratify undoubted style and quality, will shortly be looked upou only as indicative of oorrantion and 4?eay Careful observation will show symptoms'throughout the eity of the rapidity with which this work is going on. Door sills are aeulinc on. ana pn sweeping me steps in iront ot our brewn stone bovm quite frequently will be discovered a collection of peeling rubbish which shows how rapidly the disintegrating process is going forward Even Trinity church, the stone of whieh was m carefully selected, exhibits the same signs of rottenness, as welearn by the beiuutifte American; and a careful chemical investigation will soon be eulled for, in order to obtain some method of hardening and preserving this material so accessible and otherwise so valuable for building purposes.-?iV. Y. Sunday Tttnts. ? ? Death or Mr. Holbbook?Tbe Chicago Journal brings us the announcement of the death, in that city, of J. Hoi brook fcsq., the well-known Special Agent of the Post Office Department He arrived there some two weeks ago. wss tsken ill on the dar following and died suddenly on Friday evening last of hemorrhage of the lungs Hit remains were sent to his late residence in New York the same uigkt. Mr. Holbrook was unrivaled as a Detector. He accomplishediore than perhaps all other officials combined in ferreting out and briaging to justice Poet-office robbers. He was a man ef great natural

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