Newspaper of Evening Star, February 25, 1862, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated February 25, 1862 Page 2
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FY fNINfi STAR. WASHINGTON OJTY: TUESDAY 2 FURUARY 95, 1*68. L./" TT < //fc **" h - k la printed on tt<? f :*t?t ' pr-s* !n ?: . tomh of RsMlTr.OTf, Hi edition *' <? !;/.;* r? *3 rtqnlr* It ?o be pnt to pren at an hern: A lvtrtitrmtnSt, tfcere?c>r?, ihonld b* -nt in r^frt li oVUvk * : otherwlw th^y may *rry nt>t ?pi>wr until the n?xt day. "Ps. I'uvu ht '-if r.j.oot tuliStorr camps and r *:?ir>r? v ' i .ti a fcvor 07 u? r'>?ea * to mo r;cr.U *?d *5alr* !n their Ylclnltlf-*. Spirit the >1?rnlns Pre??. The InttllifncfT ridlcolea Lieut. Manry's plan fa} the DfW rebel ? 11 n bout flee*. Th* R'fubbrrrn treats upon ibe final deposition of the leaders of tl e rebellion. and urgea the pcl1< y of a levy trpoffBfclr property for the expense* of the war, ar:d tb?? Indemnification of the loyal anlfirrcrs #?? }< Mll iTAKl W DfiET. TUB TTSBSRPK* OF SASHVILLB' There ear. no longer be a doubt that Nathalie '5 iu the po?e?!oa ef She Union force*. Voterday we published the news coming via Richmnn/4 T- Ic mm nlno 'a tuii<^rm rnnfalti n f^m St. Lrc!? snr ouncliig the name fact, the news rf which moit have rcacLed there via llar??vi]le, Feit Donelson an4 Cairo. At a late b<,ur In*t nlabt, r-cnc:al McOllan rwlfd an "fflclal dNpatch from Bowling Oreei. annouBcIng th?* arrival fhrre of two men wh.i had mad;.* 'heir v.ay over frf 111 Nashville, w-ito Information that the rebel troop* had cbaii doiti Naabviile, rtirlng in the direction ?f M?rfre?ibor?\ Ter?n . with ttwtlirgH intention cf making a st.?*>i! tlip-* The particular t alor troops o'cnpytni; N>i?h !'- are, doubtless, Gen ra! Bitell'a advanct. f?>ec? orrtCSR^ F>VBiDDE> IJi A LK X A> DP i A. be Military Governor of A> sandria h <? issued ?- cdtr forbl<i?' in.; anypcr*un wlu> tuioigrtd, r o'bf rwise l?ft tU?> serv ce, from wearing tbe Co-fed S.ale* ullitary uniform la Alexandria, end directing the Prows' .Marshal to arreat any msy be f-usd d'_*obc> ing ?be order The f rc .'icet f per??n?vcariiu tb" uulformof < fli cr?, w be ba^ no right ?o to do, has l*d ?o ?o math m'K h:ef and dU^arc t-j ibc th;i? ;t onirlit SAVT YAaII. TV.? S' j'p K S.o'iea went down la?d ijijjLt, and th" King I'hil ip thi? mtrulng Taereh;ve bvn noariln:?f"im below ?tnce th-?ae la?? rej cried In the Star. TLf- did considerable d tmsge at tne yar t, b!cv!n,- in :te er.J of the lower ahip-house. ??><d l?ij ring sime vl ihe roof?. w ?vhinjiin'?BinlidiiT CrlrhTttitn in Alexandria. [C. cf tte StMr.] \\-xa : A I" -!?. i ? Wi-ohin^tc r ' f'h"{; '* 23J wj.< c? fbnlel in this city by bttt e military aid cit zei8 ll o rli-ck tiif troc p? jjarriaoni^jg the city met .-v v ur .1 v u "en, in pursuance of tn crier Nmu'1 by lieiierai Mc nt^r.-ne y, wfc?n t'r^ follow 115 eiercl?es to? k place : 1 Ope'lus I \ rin-; 'J Prayer*; 3. National Iva.n; A Tt" F'tlt^r; 5 h>mri?"My 1 ur.ty. 't ? r.f tLtt," ?5. 1'he reading of \V;uL:i jt--ii'> Katc*>U \udrexs, by Jud-^e Fre<-<??; 7. Tb?- r?adi:ii of Washington'* crier relative to ?'.? rv ike Stbbatb, by Ktv J A Bowman; - Null < 1'. "oiiij? I'J e Su S[anyled Banner," I c wlitilr cony tuition jo'nlug in the chorus; |>o*? locv and b?nedfctu>n. 'I he i t tt hi :? ? cccup!ed about two bouT?, and wr'e t^r-d itn wii-a *plr!t. ar.d "with tLe und' rsiaiidi' .it >-yall ?>re???.-ut Addtll"nnl lnU">-at vai yiv i totL>s tsi-r **-s frwin'h> fart tb thevtOO* pi' rr I! tLe idf- iMr l church W here \\ auttdiy w..:?bi(,? d during Lit re?, idence u< Mo.:nt \< iion. Tni? fa- t ws? alluded to l Jud^t Fxt'*e in hi? remarks pr? I'icing tb?* readlrir of t!.-.- 1'irewell Addrtf*; fd tbe bare mei.tion < f t.. ii 1U conr.ecticns, broajht tear? t<> Bit n V HVM 1 tu!? it r?,nnUi.J * * * _ . . ? . i vjtiKU !tu ^ i CO I 81 ttlc U rf ttc ;:i:; tkn t > ?e;- tte v-.uei&bie form cf Wa->b'r"'r n at <1 in Lit accustomed place, ai?d to be. r. a> it were, from hit own lip-?, the -olniin w i.i; -? contained In the Fart'well Address. At 1 o'-lck p rn tb? I'nlon el'!ze:>!? of Alexandra m l tiri\ Hall to ccniniemor^'e the hwtLdt I U'shl '^'on Portion" of the I'arcwvU Address were read by Mr Johnton, prel? ed bv ?oii!e ?\r*:!e.,t remark*; and a ino*t <;ipi'^i ?ii v? dil:v. 'ed by s Ferguson Btacb, i> I I.* h ?l! v. >, . impl-tely tilled, and mucb *ntbu?1.:MTt prevaPed throughout ?be rxtrrlua At ui one to two hundred p?r<ons? i /ts ' ;ti I;* i - y?Bat r!'>\vn to a mult aurnp i d er,| . red under the auiptce* of the l'i, ; d.t!on;i! I A?<"-lation of Alexandra Tbv bill in which the table wai *^rec.d v.aa 'rUooned wild iom? thr e 11 'AUicb v.xr? old relics, hav'ug been carried l-y the Federal Ucops in the Revolutionary war. Th'se. with sug.:ts'.: ve picturts hiin^ about the rooir, could net fall to excite th- liveliest patriotic emotions in evv y breest Af r tLe "cloth" w? r?moved, the Mayor of he city read oft' sever*! regular toasts. which were responded toniost heartily. Then followed several volunteer t a?ta, to which responses were made bv M*yor McKenzie, Postiraster Maaaey, Judge Freese, L!e?it Street, and oth rs. At about 7 p m. the company adjourned, all seeming well sati^fi'd with the afternuoa's entertainment At night the Ster Fire Company (Union) hud their engine lojsc beautifully illuminated, and a - -i?-*>ratic.5. of theu own. commemorative of the day A Ifowled.-e ?f th? ffect that, notwithstanding Virginia has decla ed herself "out of the Union," fc? bi'th-dsy if Washington can xtill be cele' riNd Ou Lki '' sicrt d soil," and tLat too by sous <>f Ler own whu Lave djred to disobey the edicts "( tie fc ale, tt-'.ausc of their greater love for the itauor.. Can.. I t it Lr- tueerinic to vvery true pitriot?{^resbado inn, a? it do**. wUt wi*l be before niv y u?or?!h? tu?; condition of things all oter the ^tat- l ie little leaven already planted in Alex&iidr-a, will, ere long, leaven the whole lump," when t*e *'O.d Dominion" will once more r'ai d forth, redeemed and re?eiie rated, among lite brightest ai.d best cf the United :-tate< * C Uli'GR bSSlONAL. \%\Vllth tOXGRESS?Seeeed Session. w?."<f*TE - After our report clcstd yesterday? The report of the joint committee <f conference f?n the disagreeing votes of the two Houses upon tfce i'reasary not*; bill was concurred in, and after he considerst on cf the resolution respecting the adnii.-?lon of Senator Stark from Oregon, and a oriel i xecur.oti <w?s'.on, the Senate adjourned Hoi sr ?The post i tfice appropriation bill was p .?*-J H?* lulion req-i^stiug the President of the ' ?:!:ed States (Ifnot incompatible with the public ?rv!ce) to furni*h the House infraction as to vh? ther auy foreign Power ba? received Into IU p? tk aroiea vt-rseN antagonistic to or In rebellion i^alr-st the Ucifad Max, allcwrd them to laud prtsorers Mken from unarmed vessel* of the I'n'.ted States on the high seas; and furnished tbem or a'lnwed ttem t? be rfirnlihed ?t said ports with ?up|>Me? or tui tending to give aid and comfort to an r:i?i>y of 'his Government; li.struc'.li ? ibe Cciiinilttee on .Military Affairs to ccu*!der i: propriety of giving a buunty of fifty do) U tu aidiriswbo hive served twelve moutis sad th^n teen honorably discharged, and to report by bill or otherwise were adopted. The Indian Appropriation bill wax passed, and tte report'of the joint committee of both Houiet on ihe dua^reemg noles upon the Treasury r.ote bill concurred in A joint iMalutlw to declare the mpjnlno ?m *.;t ? :L z.n_ Lr I'res'dei tcf the Un5t?d Sut?-? ?o Uk_- pt.?w-*?.u i of railroads and telegraph lines, *nd f- r oiutr , ^ipo^es, end to repeal opart of aid act. w is | .** d (Tils irsrtuuon resolves that no portion of 'tit- r>i'j \ i - tsti-.ll br construed to as to autfc?r:: "tt?* roustr:<_uon ot any iww railways, or thee- ; it'! -i of si. u railway the greater part of a rau .-d lncnmpjd*- at ti.rtiu.eof the .. . - f ' urh at t. or tee tn_a<4lng In the exitu>R'a of completion of any such work* } .Mr. Steve.? ff ted the loUoviin^: KesjtitJ, J Lat tb#-j >!nt o inmiliet on the conduct of (be war be reqirsted 10 lurn;?b to this Hum or p'jbli?h tbcevdeace taken by said committee relative to M?j t uenerai John C Fremont, while In eonuiund of thr Western d strict if, in their op utoo, it la not ir.coinpatibls with the pabl c inte est; adopud Adjmnied. . \rt f A N ortb Carolinian upon hearing that jtr^aa wi< ^rowSu/ in lue street! of hia native city became frantic with Joy. The idea thatgraaa would trow anywhere lu .North Carolina was perfectly delightful to tiim 1U~ llir r rw steam aioop-of war I'ci.sccolu, which run the Potomac blcckade recently, got upbore on the 6th in?t, on Uted Berry Keef, coast ?. Kiortda but without snffk-ring material dami i TELEGRAPHIC. OPERATIONS OF TOE UNION GUNBOATS IN ALABAMA, TENNESSEE, AND MISSISSIPPI. CONTINUED MANIFESTATIONS OF UNION SENTIMENT. ? The Nevy Department this forenoon received the following Interesting dispatch from Commodore Foote: Cairo, Feb. 21 ?Hon. Qidton Welles^ Secretary the 1Vary : Lieut Commanding Gwln, with the gunboat Taylor, has jnst arrived from Tennessee, Mississippi and Alabama, and reports the Union sentiment Sn South Tennessee and North Alabama to be very strong. I nball aend him back to day, and will call for a regiment at Fort Henry to accompany the gunboat, which will aid the loyal people of thoae State* to ra!?e Union force? within their borderi. A. H Foots, Fiag Officer Commanding, Jkc. FROJ1 FORTRESS MONRO!!. - THE BURN1N9 OF WINTON, N. C., CONm n ti r n r iivjir<u. Baltimore. Feb. 2? ?Th- Old Tolnl boat arrived this morning. ?be brings no later arrival from Roanoke Island. The news received confirms the burning of Winton, which was shelled by our gunboats after being fired upon by the enemy. Foster was not killed, as was reported, but had arrived at Old I'tiit. Ex>f??vern?r Wright Appointed Sfitnttr for Indiana. Isviakafolts, Feb 21?Gov Morton h.ts appointed ex-Oovernur Joseph A. Wri?jht, I'. 3 S^ns'or, to fill th* place of Jesse D BrlgM LATE FROM THE SOl'Tfl We rr.akp up the following summary of Southern news from Richmond papers of Friday and Saturday last WtHToj?, Ml, Bl'KNFP TO AtHKV f5*pei ial Dispatch to tbe Rlcbinord Dispatch ! ?rvroLK, Va Feb.21 ? Capt. Nichols. rf the Petersburg Artillery. arrived here this afttrr.o n from Winton, wh^rp he hail been stationed with his battery. On yesterday he shelled out by the \ auk?e? The enemy were supposed to be 4 (K?0 strong l'b?\ had g-vrn s-teamers all of which have passt-d up ?he river. (.'apt. Nichols had a horse shot from under him Two of bin nun were wounded The town of Winton is in asUes Our troops retired to Murfreesboro'. a skirmish cp thk CHOWAN river ?v. h fostkr killkd [From the Richmond Dispatch, 22d J Norfolk. Feb *21 ?The Federal forces again ascended the Chowan river on yesterday, to Wlntnn with ipupp .1 min>?ao ? .. . ... w . v> ? ? ^..uuvu* biiu a lai^c UUIll* bercf troops The Conft derates opened a heavy Are upon them, killing and wounding a number of them The Southerners retired Our loss is raid to be two men and two horses killed The humbug Congresiman, C H Foster,was among the Federals killed a r:01it !!? auk ?*csas. [From the Richmond I>l*p?t.-b. Feb Si.] The following d'spatch was received bv the Comm^sary General yesterday morning, and is said to be crnfirmed by dispatch's received by the President: Fort Smith. Teb 1^ ?Via Clarksyille. Ark . and Chattanooga. T?*nn ?Generals Price and Hebert are fighting the enemy to day at Sugar Creek, In Benton county. A k The result is not known Our troops are confident of success. Latir.?The enemy lost 700. Our loss is 100. Another great victory. Albert I'ikk thi "br pri'k at bloomkrt. The Confederate lots, sa.s tne Winchester Virginian, in the attack on Bloomery, Humpshir** county, was two wounded and thirty prisoners. The Confederate militia were,surprised. Col. 8clnclcdlv**r, of lJer*tley, was in command; he escaped. Our t'oops, rfter the engagement, retired to l'ughtc.wn. in Frederick county, where thsy remain?barring a few. who, with overdone prudence, retired to their hcmti, aud are probably ?till there. the hew* from ea?t tkjj1e****. [From tbe Richmond Dispatch, 22d.J As>et ?c lave no cl<ar statement of the result at Fort DoneUon from our own side. The telegraph has i;iven nothing directly to the press, and no mall has rrnne through from Nashville since the great battle. Th.s is owing, no doubt, to tLe corr plete mor.s'polyof th< railroad to transport troops and stores. Neither malls nor passengers have come through. We publish a statement this morning by telegraph from Augusta, made to tbe pr> ss of that city by a lieutenant who was in the fight at Donelson. This statement rather discourages th? hope that tbe loss of nris r ners is very much exaggerated by tbe Yabkees The disaster In this respect must be very great. Ano'her terrible lesson ayainxt cooping up ii.en to defend positions not properly fortified A correspondent of the Lynchburg Republican, tinder date of 13th Inst , says that no preparations been made for tb?- defense of Nathviile The Richmond Whig, of Tuesday, has a trenchant article on the Jefferson Davis rule, and declares that tbe inauguration pageant would be ' a bitter mockery and a mUeraMe compensation for the ruin of a free people " Tbe results of tbe Government are spoken ef "as tbe most Ismentable failure In history." Tbe Richmond Dispatch also talks tartly of the "Inefficiency and incompetency" of the rebel leaders. J' tf. Davis has appointed the 28th Inst, as a dav of fd-stint/- nr*u?r BJ r.?fvi ?UV> uuiliiii&uuui WASHINGTON SCIENTIFIC AS80CI1 i *< ATION ?1'he m#mber? of this Association are requ?rt?d to maet at the Ho< ins of the Youct Men's ?:hn?tian AieociaUon, T HI r* EVENlNti at 8 o'clock. A. geaera attendance of member* is rrqueeted.&s btmnese of importi: oe i? to ietran?aoied. M. L. HU8A1 tR, It Keo. see. NOTICE.?A m^etmt of the Tavern an-: J.Ji H< tei keeper" ?nlb>heid WEDNESDAY APfERNOON, ?'3o'cl ck.aud on Wednesday of every week, at F'-ankun Hall, corner 9th ai.d D tfeets. By otot of Committee)*. fe 24-2t* ' 1^g=-SMITH8<?N IAN LECTUR K8 ?On WEDNESDAY EVENiNQ, February fcth, Rkv. A Cmviland Cox*. D. D , of Bulti nine. will leoturr on "Kopuiar t&ate in Art and Literature." 'I he leoture to comirenc? at 8 o'o<'k. The >ubiio aro inviteg. Admittance free. fe2t nf^^FESTlVAL ?The Ladies of UnionChapel A M. K. Church will hold & Feat val in Stott'a Hill, o? of 2"th atreot an ! Penney vatla av., on TUESDAY and WEDNESDAY EVENINGS next. Ticketa 50cente, entitling the holder to admiaaion and a good Supp'r Admission, without suppT, 10 ceuU. Come one, coma all! fe22 3t^ YSF^CITY HAIL, February 3, 1062.?T!.e AaSJt seaaora, r avin* completed the Annual a a*armeut f r 1863. will me?t in their room, City Hall, a* a Board ol Appeal, from the 10th to ti e iStn of thi* month, iooiuiive, to hear oomplainta and to make auoh corrections a* they may deem caceiftrT- tiKORGE COLLARD. feM-3awtd Secretary. rv"w=?OFFICE OF THE JOINT COM MlSUJ? SlON OF THE UNITED STATES AND COSTA K1CA, WatHmttrm. b'tbmary 8, I8b2.?At a rreeticg of the boaru. held tins day, it was Ordered, That all persona having oiaima upon the Keaablio of Coat* Rioa, wbich are ?rov ded for by the oonvention between the United States and the aaid Kepublio ooreluded on the 2d day of July. Id6??,do fiie memorials oi the aame with the Secretary of thia Hoard in theoityol Washington. CitAS. W. UAVJg, Snore tar j pre tem. In ll-?w No. 'Jt>0 F street weatiV*?THE UNION FRAYER MEETING Will JjB t-e holden ever* day thia week in the Lutherr^7>w.Mk . o? * A ? u vumuuti nnTi j. u< Dni.or'it; ti (D6 oornor of 11th and H atreata.oominenfunf at ?H o'oiook p m? and continued hat od? hour. ja 30 M- JUfeT OPENED. 1TC HELL'S Park House Reataurant. No. x.iU K at-e-t. hetwee 13 and H'h a?a., leg* iw? Y| 18S MAKV MAG EE WILL HEAR OF l?I soinsituiiK to h?r ad van.a*e by culling at No. 496 3d at , between C and Pa. avenue , Capitol. It* I IN EN GOODS OF AH- KINDS-A full atock 4 of all the beat gradea of Lmeu Good*. FERRY A tfRO., fe *5 at Penn. avfnue and Ninth itreet. |i DRY FEKT! * HE Ruaaia Water Proof make* and keapa 1 boota and aDoea nnpe vioua to water, and will I mike than laat ai Iocs again. Sold by K. Dl PHI., I.n 11 . - " * ' m?? I ruii ?voimo, mill B.l IJ< Ol mfl CD"? UMiOn, ud Drsgsists and others Try it 8 felS lw* QUAKTBIMAbTLfW CERTIFICATESAnd other aorSKNMKAT CLAIMS Bought by JAV COOKE fc CO. fe>5 tw Hi Fifteenth street. N MOURNING GOODS. OW in store our umai an p'e and fin* stock of al kinds of Dry Good* tor Mourning Appfei. One cnoe ot.[y, thseolual oash value, marked in plain figure*. P&RRY * BRO , :o iS 8c Penn. avenae and Ninth ?t. P"A BIG THING " ATKNT Just granteu for the' Army Washing Marh.newash wun warm or sold water ; every cuu,pu) lathe army will buy taeu , Stat* of Mary laud, D stnot ot Columbia, and some Virginia oounties lor sals by tas Ageut. at the tiimpson Horse, ooraer Tenth street and Penn. aveuna. Ca.l to-mwrow to eeeure the right. We d?r all oompeuiioa. u" I The Cat* of Marshal Lamoa. Upjn this subject we take the liberty of again addressing Congrrss and the public. Ia canacquence of flrcquent visits to the Jail, and the Interrogation of prisoners by unauthorized persons, whose objacta were unknown, tha Marshal found it necessiry to regulate the admission of visiters to that institution by au order prescribing the terms thereof Exclusively responsible undt-r the law for tha snfe kecplnz of the prisoners. and vested with the exclusive control of the Jail, It would have been no unreasonable ex'rcise of power?Indeed It wonld Lave been only prudent vigilance, to require all persons seeking f>dmialon to the lall to i/bialn permission of the Marshal himself. But as some Senators end members of Congress, either In the pursuit rf Information, or In the eierclie of what they d?*n ed an enlarged philanthropby had, from time to time, evinced a desire to make them*el?ci acquainted with the condition of the prison and Its Inmates, It wis deemed desirable to place the facilities for their admission upon the most liberal terms compatible with the public interests and the proper government of tbe Institution. I bis, however, was simply an act of courteav and respect to the member* of the National Legislature?not a matter of right. Although Congress has exclusive legislative power within the Dl?trlct of Columbia, It 1* not true that any personal privilege attaches to the members of either house of Congress to visit the jail, which is solely committed to the charge of the marshal. A member of Congress has no more lawful rleht to walk into the prison and hold Intercourse with the prisoners, thin any private citizen. By the act of Congress of February 27, 1901, it is provided that the marshal of the District shall have the custody of the jail, and shall be accountable for the safe keeping of all prisoners Between his desire to be courteous to Senators and Kepresentatlves and his dct'-rmiratioii to do his duty, the marshal found himself somewhat embarrassed These are revolutionary times. In the midst of a civil war of fearful proportions, treason was alleged to have bad its adherents in every department of the Government, and spits and traitors were being dscove:ed everyday, even among high publi'' functionaries, under the guise or loyal i -AS " n"cew were BonmimtB mnae, ana prison- rs of State, as welt as fugitive slaves and prsonscharged with ordinary crlmes.were commltt^d to the marshal's custody, and confined in the JMstrict j?ll # Senators and Members of Congress, not being inveatid with n perianal prlv.lege to visit the jill. neither the Marsha! ncr hi* deputies, although wishing to eit^iul to them all proper courtesy, could nscurtnin who among them might safely be trust-d with the entree to the institulion <ind u 11 restricted intercourse with the prisoners. whether negroes, thieves, spies or traitors. A seat in the Senate or House of Representatives Is not conclusive evidence of the Incumbent's loyalty, so that he mav virtue ojficii, enter the District prison and hold free communication with whoever may be found there. The vacant seats in either house, th'r:c*lit expulsion of one Senator, the propesrd expulsion of another, the ttVrant suspicions cf tte loy ilty of others, abundantly show ti ls fart Not knowing how to resolve so delicate a matter, nor willing to sit in judgment upon th? loyalty of honorable Senators aim nciiiacnuim*.yn oihiomio oe courteous to the ' xtrem'* of cihcialduty. the Marshal shrunk fiosn tbe exercise of a power so insidious, vet so necevsiry. Hedeemea it resj-er tful to the Senate and House of Representative*, ur.d highly appropriate a^v well a? convenient, to remit this power to tbe presiding officers of those bodies 'espectlvely Not dreaming of or intending offence either in the substance of the act or the manner in which It was done, but o.i rtie contrary ?tretchlnK his official duty to It* lrmost limits to extend a courtesy io Senators and Representatives, and making known his arrant* raents in terms of studied respect, hf transmitted to the two Houses of Congress the following communication : United States Maksiui.'s Office, ) Washington. i) C , J^n 11. ls&2 } To the Hon IfmiOal Hamlin, Pr> *nlr*t of the United Flairs Senate : Sir : Applications are fluently made bj im proper i>ersons for admission into the public jail of Washington ?.cunty as vliitors and the uecrasity of excluding all persons as visitors without a pass has some'.iuies occasioned inconvenience to c Iticers of the Government who have desired such ad ni'sion Hy he act of 27th February, 1801, It is provided that the Marshal of the District shall huve tb?- custody of th?? jail, and sjiall be accountable f'?r the safe-keeping of all prisoners legally committed therein; and in the exercise of tin se duties I havedeemed it proper, both for tLe security of tbe prisoners and the convenience of thos^* who may desire to inspect the jiil, to make the following regulations, wbich are reauertfuliv subtn tted to the Senate, viz: First The President of the United states and the member* ol ttie Cabinet. Second The Judges of the Supreme Court and judges of other courts of record in the District of Colombia Third The Presidentof tlieSenateand Speaker of the House of Representatives shall be admitted at their pleasure. Fourth. Members of the Senate of the United States sLall be admitted upon a pass. In writing, siun< d by the President of the Senate of the U nited States Fifth. Members of the House of Representatives of the United States shall be admitted upon a written pass signed by the Speaker of the House of Representatives Sixth. All persons except the above-named Khali be admitted by obtaining a written pass from the Marshal of the District of Columbia, and not otherwise. Seventh. The Dublic tailor shall kwn ? wnrH of the names (and the date of admission) of all vliltora into tbe jail. I would respectfully ask that these regulations be made known to the honorable Senate of the United States. 1 have the honor to be your obedient servant, ward H . lamos, U S. Marshal for District of Columbia. Upon the receipt of the foregoing communication the House of Representatives referred It to one of its committees, who promptly reported that the Marshal had done only wbat he had an Indisputable right to do But in the Senate tbe Marshai was bitterly denounced, and charged with grossly offensive conduct. The Senate, upon motion of Senator Hale, without a hearing, condemned the Marshal and passed the following rpinilltlnn without * H \ csonti r? r* w/vIaa ? s fuvu* V? WidO^UtlUg 'VMV.C ' Hffolvtd, Tbat Ward H. T.amon, Marshal of the D.strict of Columbia, by a recent order, aa communicated to the Senate on tbe 14th of January inslaut, exelnding members of the Senate without a pass from admission to the jail in tbe city of Washington, which is subjected to tbexclusive jurisdiction of Con-rres*, hoc been guilty of a breach of the privileges of the members i f this Senate, tiid of * contempt of the rightful authority of this body, and that the Secretary of the Senate be directed to communicate a copy of this resolution to the president of the United States " Since tbe passage of this resolution censures have been cast on the President of the United Slates, in delate in tbe Senate, for not having removed tbe Marshal. A bill Lai been passed by ttiat body removing the district jail from under mi cuaiuuy; una one senaior uaa aeclared bit readiness to abjlish tbe office of Marshal, and then vote Immediately to reestablish It, for tbe purpose of removing tbe present Marshal from office, and compelling tbe Executive to present anothtr who will be acceptable to them. This action wus taken without affording to tbe person accused an opportunity to be beard. It was done avowedly as a rebuke to the Marshal, and to tbe Executive who appointed and retains him In office. 1 he Senate of th? United States is a branch of the appointing power It is tbe high court of tbe united Slat- s for tbe trial of Impeachment. Upon a charge properly made, it bat the power to convict tbe Marshal and to subject blm to the judicial punishment of impeachment?removal from office. But acting upon the suggestion of H^natnri urh a nnn/>a?i<f 44 '*4 * ..hv vf/|>v*vu hi* wiiutiimuuu auu oppointment, that body, without any formal impeachment, has in one breath accused and condemned him, without a bearing and without a trial?privilege* accorded to the meanest criminal. Now that the impulse of the moment is over, Senators may not b? unwilling to hear through the medium of the public press (the only available medium) after judgment, wnat they ought to have beard in tuelr own forum before judgment?viz: a fair statement of the case for the Marshal. They may still deem it due to justice and to tbe character of the Senate to retrace their steps. The House of Representatives, which dots not appear to have discovered any insult in tbe communication which so incensed the Senate, may arrest tbe precipitate ex parte proceeding whlcn the Senate has Initiated? the President whose executive prerogatives have betn rudely Invaded may manifest a sense of of nciai dignity a? keen an that of Senators. An intelligent public may undeistaud and appreciate tbe whole transaction, aud see transparent in the action wf thos. who have procured this Senatorial action, privau malue usurping the place of public judgment. Among theui is numbered one Mr Ammcn Duval!, a discharged jail guard, who undertook, yesterday, in a card to tbe puolic, to break the force of our previous exposition of tbe part be has been playing in tbe business of siaveoatching, by protesting that he only engaged in that business under orders from bis superior lnoiftce, the Jailor. His subterfuge is worthless, if but from the bet be knew, well, that catching runaway negroes for the fees for their apprehension was no part whatever of his business as a jsil guard; bat rather of bis other avocation of scoanty constable, in which capacity only was he paid for auch services, and over the manner in which he discharged 1W duties, the jailor had no more to do than the marshal, or the marshal, than the own In the mown. Our previous exhibition of him (from the record) in the character of a catcher of runaway negroes for the sppreheoslou fees, we take it, has satisfied the public (If nut the Senate, who Mall the Marshal at his request,) that he la ss dsanlv ItiTolved la that practice u ioj otlMr oVMtabM la I - ?_ w M 9, this District, when be may turn a peon? by It, notwithstanding hla Intense abolition professions, and despite his card of yesterday. Below we present him In his other extremely Improper calling for a jail guard?that of levying bleck mall upon the prlaoners in his custody charged witb dlsloyaltr?one of the offences for whirh be was discharge) bv Marshal Lsmew from the jail guard. District / ColvmluI, Washington County, to wit :?l. Patrick Wilton, of the city of WaibingIngton,

do on tnr oath aay, that I have been for nearly foar year* ia?t past, and am now employed a* one of the guard* at the jail of thla county; that laata^rlng Ammoa Duvall and George H Favman we;e alao appointed guard*, and shortly after their appointment a rule was eatabMshed among the guards, without tbe knowledge of the Marshal, that If any one of them ahould receive any compenaatlon for extra aenrlcet rendered to a prisoner, It ahonld be equally divided among the guarda of tbe jail; that In the courae of tbe laat aummer a prisoner who had been committed by the mllt'ary authority, employed the aaid Amnion Duvall to procure hla relemae, for which he paid the aald Duvall twenty dollara; that la to tay, to the aald Duvall, to me and tbe othera, being Mr. Robinson, Mr. Fayman and myaelf; and ne oald to urh nf m kou? ? r ? m ? wwiaui , iu^ vui equal shares of the said sum of money, we being the guard on bis watch Afterward* the said Duvall paid to tha same parties one dollar and twenty-flve cents each, stating that be bad received five dollars from a man named Haven (who had been committed by the military authority) for procuring his discbarge. Sworn to before me, this Wd day of February, 1863 F. J. Mcrfhit, J. P , [L s.] it la upon the testimony and urgent efforts of this man Duvall, reader, that the Senate of tbe United States have tried and condemned, unheard, tbe I'nlted States Marshal for the District of Columbia ! COR 8ALK?One ran<4 HnB? - - - r spring New Y o r ?b AK~KR~'a~W AH* k' ~~ ON. Ic?uireat6. FRANK A CO.'9,37ft Pfnnsylvama av?nue, betwe:n JOth and"^"11th tta fe ZVH* OC OLD WHISKY. BBLg. Lanoaater County Rye Whtaky, warranted pure r>* and 10 yfara old. juat received and for sate by the gallon aki barrel, br FRV A CO., 449 Pennaplvaniaaveaue. between 3d and iii aUeeta, Booth a de. ITT A liberal diaoouat made to Hotel at d Rea tanrant Ktepera. It* BOTELER A WILSON. #7\ IKfjN HALL. X^L __** No. 31S Paw*. A \ *ti, TOT jj-jgljjg Between 9th and 10th Street*. ' l ? We oorda'.lj invite the attention of all who contemp ate furnuhing to our handaone a"d well aaaortsd atock of CABINET FURNITURE- em hraoini avtn ?twl? a.nrl ?? ! ? 0 - J .? ....-? ^ uum J II VIII ?UO U 11WB? Parlor Suit down to the oheapeat Bureau.Berfetetd and Chair, and at pricea whioh defy competition. Give ua a oall and convince youreeivea. re 2S eoft ?jpo DEALERS AND SUTLERS. I deaire to oloae ont the following gocda, and offer them at pricee vnd'r tKi titular ma-.k'.t trice : 50,000 6^ RMAN CIGARS, difleren' brand", 10i,OCO DOMESTIC CIGARS, various kinds, i? boxei dark aweetTWELVKS TOBACCO. 20 boiea medium colored POUND LUMP TObacco So boxea bright POUND LUMP TOBACCO, groaa FINK CUT in foi\ Goodwin's Plantation, Anderaon'a Amnlet and Cornish * Virgin Leaf. ?EO. W. COCHK AN, 399 Penna. avenue, eaat of fo ?5-#t National Hotel. HOR9ES, WAGONS. AND HARNESS FOR SAI E CHEAP. One apan good Kotd HORSES,toand and trua? Anlnr K.a? an/1 KrAwr. - one large Covered WAGON. cuitatle'QLlk f >r a suMer's or txpress business. Eastern*"^*" * Mult, and one of the best made Wagons that oan be found. One Coverel WAGON, suitable for one or two iioraes, Washington built, and run about six mouths. Two set* Double HARNESS. Two sets Canvas and Woolen BLANKETS. The above property will be sold very oheap, and oan l>? seen by calling on ALBERT BKLL, at M'lier'a L'very Stable, oomer C and 6th sts. fa25-lw* ^CHENCK'S SEA WEED TONIC. FOR ko the cure or Dyspepsia, Nervon* Weakness, Genera! Debility. Seur and Sick Stomach, Palpitation of the heart, a^d *11 diseases ausinc from a uisorilered condition of tneSiomaeh ?.??t <ir??n. of D.'geiuion, wnich are frequently great.y im paired in Oon-amption The SEA WKKD TONIC ia a stimulant dietilled carefully from tbe sea weed and kelp, which are found in great abondauoe on the sea shore. The t*ea Weed Tonic it a mi d, pltasant drink, as pure ? the best French brandr, ard pcss?ssrs the pevu.iar f-ope-ty of enabling the stomach *o concert the food into healthr chime, and thus forward ug the process of digestion, without which t' e rer.eral health and 'treatth ot the system oannot be maintained This wonderful power of the Hea WwJ '1 o->to will scooud* for the rapidity with which most persons gain flash while taking lt.snd which, unlike oihe- stimuiants, does not !<<tve the system prostrated when its use has b?en abandoned, as it is distillad from tea weed after the same manner as Jamaica Ppints is from the sugar rane, It 's, thereforo, entirely harmless, and free from the injurious properties of corn whisky or acohol. whiuh form the basis of almost e-.ery Litters. The directions are to rake from aha'ftoawme gl&rs fn;I immediat?ly afte* each mea , and for the patient to find out what agrees with the stomach, ana take what he eata wall mastioated. When tho stomas!) is very weak, and apparently in an ulcerated state, it. is better to eat nothing but stole bread and butter, fat meat, fat of fowls ol any kind, baef, mutton, lamb,but no kind cf salt meat, beet's marrow la also very good The Tonio acts directly on the food, and turna it to a aoupy scbitanoe called echjme, the brat process ofdigea tion. UK. J. H. SCHENCK will be at his ac?nts<S. B Waite*B,)oorn or Louisiana avenue and 7th at., on Wednesday, February 36th, and Wednesday, March 26th, io see patients oomplaining witi Coughs, Colds, Liver Complaint, Dyspepsia, or any disease leading to Consumption. He gives advice without charge, unleas th*y want a thor< ugh examination with hia Respirometor, thea his fee is three dollars. Prioeof the Pulmonic Syrup, 91 per bottlt or #6 per ha'f dozen. Price of r*ea Weed Tonio. 91 per battle or 95 per half dozen. Pnoe of ftlandrake Pilla, 2> oenta per box. fe 25-TufcF,lm* WE HAVE OPENED A LARGK STOCK of very fine UNDERSHIRTS and DRAWERS, whioh will bo sold at reasonable prioea. SA.M'L W. THOMPSON, 370 Penn. avonoe, fe IS-tf under Hrxwn'a. LADIES' RKADY-MADE UNDERCLOTHING, NEW FANCY AND MILLINERY GOODS, REAL LACES, EMBROIDERIES, Ao., Ao ? I take pleaaare in informing the ladiM that 1 have juat reoeireii i;om the north a large a'ook of anpenor quality LA DIES' READY MADK UNDER-CLOTHING, auoh Chemise, Night Dreeeea, Skirts, Ladiea* Drawers, Ao., Aa.. which I deeiretheladiee to iaapeot, a* they vera inaftorted before gooda got ao high, and are there fore very cheap indeed. No. lU-MRS R.G. ETCHISON?No. 18. Panna. Avanex, Between 8th and 9th Street*. N. B. Pinking done to order. fa Mm UHIRTg!uniD ^ Qi.S HUTi!! R SHIRTS!" We are giving special attentien to making Shirts to measure, adci?d to having alwaya on hand a ine took ready made, bentlemen desiring this important garment made in a atyle and of material a? they ahoald be, will please ate* in and leave their number. SAM'L W. THOMPSON. 370 Pa. avenue, nnder fe 15-tl Brown Hotel. ^BAM8' EXPRESS COMPANY. NOTICE OF REMOVAL. The delivery offioe of this oompany ib removS^ from Third street to tl*e large deyot on B street, between 3d and 9d ats. de JO-tf AA MAI.AAA OD 1 O C-Q 1UU LBS. Of the latest Tinportation, and of in* DURCHBLL. la 4 Oorpor I?th il hki V?rm<nit w. LADIES' RUBBER BOOTS* AND SHOES, All aliea, at J. B. PUDNEY'S, 384 Penn arenae, back of Clagett'a Dry Qooda Store. MEN'S RUBBER BOOTS A, /W fali-tf 394 Penn. av.. Baok Room. FRANKLIN k CO., O P T I C I A N 8, 944 Penn'aaT.,( north ?de,) bet. 11th and ISth its. EYEGLASSES, MARINE AND FIELD OLA88E8, COMPASSES, hoof the best ? unit tie#, oonatanUy on hand. fe 4-eo 1 DESIRE to info MT^iEj^/rieLu* tad the pabito that 1 ha*e anooeeded Mr. Foeter m the TOBACCO and 016AM. STORK No. 409 Ninth atraet, nr Hnnri nnrtk Pah -n- m wa iilVoDtcithe door j'where I thall bi hipp'/tonf? pit th?m with the moat okoio* ar Lola* la U? 11m ?ffe??tt' wm. h thompson. Hrssas&i'isfii fch fcpd M<K. 0?F Law school Of harvard college, imti two termi of aib*tmo fmki Mob. oomlucnaiuc maroh 3d and september lit. for catalogue and ciron ar, addreea Caabr d?. laar. itb" mk" '""ifgar' SIIHMlMHMMf- -* rav POTATOES.?1,?? txikata of Jiakacn Wlit# l Poc toM.jiat arrived par sakooaar Wu fcaaara, aad fJt ?*' fran Te?a"l in o?t PKTISH BKKR V, Watar ?t, fa84 4t' I QaorgatcwaOCOKB BKDUCLD. N Aoooantof tn? oorjumoa ortka a*raatj, Ua ,n" "1?"u """f -' f? M-?t H i>H>r> I .'flit Pommy. P KINDLING VfOOK iflK KI^'DLIIS L Woul>-/.rot>r la jatt r'ceiTft'l and for ?a.a. Ali aiaaaaf COAL fo? ?a'a. bj T. J. A W. M. G*LT, qua n. - l - a. ?i.i ? i. rr i s. <.. mi irui;.a Lin ?, feSi 3tif AIe'v foot of TtK ?U. on th? Oofci. PROF. ALKX. WOLOW5KI BEGS LEAVE to inform hia frirnda and the pub ic, that, fcftTing m?"t with ao muoh agooeaa. 1a contiLoinc hia Conrta of Inatruo'ion on the P ?co ud in fiug trg, by hia new method. All thota who daaira to become. inn abort time, fine titter* or etc* leit p r formtra "ii ti e piano should av%i! thrmat! vea of hia naw s??tem of irstruction-by ap?l?ir.? at hia ra?id?'.oe. No. 303 8th atreet, between K street and New York avenue. Reception hours '?etw*en 10 and 12 o'clock a. nt., TneidAll. Thnr.lllta Mil H>tanl?a '? ? ? . ..... ?J - ?? ? tw Atti TB UK MOST GRATIFYING IN FOR MA* tion that wa can ?: <o our re ad we who ar? suffering from Colds, is the foot that PEAKSON 'A MEDICATED TAH DRUPd ara rwJly a go?1 renr.edy. Many of our friends have tried them with success for roughs. fore Throat, Hoaraena?? and Asthma Thaae coafeotions also gi?a lolial to ConanmativM S tigers an<l Publio Speakers who are troab'ed with Ihroat Diseases f. ;,dreietby using Pearaoo'a Medicated TarDropa, wfcioh ciaar tha throat of tueky and tickling aeaaauona. ?roduoed by too much exertion of the rooal orgaae. and give atrength. tone and fal'Maa to the voioe. Prtp\re1 and aold by GKO. PEARSON, N? * North Liberty at., Baltimore. Fold a!*oat491 Right atreet, Washington: No. A Fairfax streai At?x%ndria; A. H. Hunt, Frederick; and by the principal druggists an J oonfeetionera. at ! cents per yao*age. _____ _ fc M ! TOWELS! TOWELS!! TOWKIift !!' 15t dmei Huckaback, Damuk. an1 Bird eye Towela, 1 ,Sf*) Tarda R uaaia Crash, JS pieoes hoary Hunkahack T"welmt, 25 pisees Damask Tab!? Linen, U<) desen'1 able Napkins, j Bleached and Brown Co ton *hirtinf. Linen J*beetiif, Blanket*. Qoilts, and Fwrntere Prints. With a fill atook of all Kinds of Dry Goods, for ale at the lowest r noes. WM. R. RILEY ft BRO., No. 36 Central Stores, Between 7th and 8th streets, fe ?1 2* Opposite Center Market. ATWATERS ADJUSTABLE ARMOR, thai hu been an thor^ujhlj tested at man? of the o%rap? around WaahicatoB, iray b? procured at the office of the aubaoriber. Certificate* of ?cm mandiDc offioera. ihowinc the power of thit Armor to reaiat the foroe of bnlleta, batonet thrutta, and aai<re etrokea, uiat be ae*n at the aame plaoe. HENKY L. RIDER, Attorney for ?he Comracy. Office on 15th street, next to Ricga & Co., Bank. fe 2<MW Ah damantine ADAMANTiNV. riNni.Pn" I 60 Bni?i Adamantine* Candles, *<h>5 suality. J oft reseived. KING * Bl' Rr HELL, fe J" Corner 15th it., and Vermont ave. THE UNDERSIttNEDisattfM Pennsylvania aveiiue, Koom No. 0, for a lew daj?_^ only, for the purpose o( service any frier. Us and customers. !?% JOHN EARLE, Jr., > f# Merohantand Military Tailor."^ fe 19 6t* of Boston, Maes THE SUBSCRIBER Will adraooe, in the way of puroh*se or loan, ?ma!l sumi for short pe r od*. on Diamonds, Watohes, valuable Jewelry, or any desoripuon of catislaotqry securities. Any ivui v/i ^cuiicius1' hhu wuu.J UIP U) ODIA'.D A 16W dollars temporarily, in a quiet m&na?r, may do so by applying -V 4 5b K eveath street, between G and H. from 11 to 3 o'oloofc. fe 19 lw The finest an? best stock of READY-MADE CLOTHING in Washington oanbefmnd at BAR A BRO. 9 Establishment, corner cf fc. and Tth ?t?. ALL SIZE BOVS, from the age of 4 yean up, nan t>e htted out ai BAR A BRO.'S. oornar E and 7th streets, at muob leas than uaual prioes. flTIZK^S AND STRANGERS, look to roar Vv interest! Look fjr the oorner of E and Tth streets?It is t'-.e plaoe to bny fine CLOTHING for but little mor bt. STOP WHEN YOU COME TO the CORner of E and ?!h streets, and bny a suit oi fine CLOTHLNG at 8U ?i* nr aia ~ At 'UAl't BRO.'S fe?-ltn? Fashionable riotnint Establishment. IhTo. hood S Constast'.y receiving.and hu a'ways on hand, a fall sapp j of ail the nioit oelel?rated lv WA fCHr.S thai are manufactured in Knilard. 8witz?nar.d a? d Aroerioa. both inGoiIflMB and Silver rmm. He also k*epaa arte stout o( fimeJtWbLKYolth# most desirable styles eet with Diamonds, Emeralds. Rnbiee and ail other Geres. He is also manufaotnnnc a'.l kl"di of So'ia standard Silver Ware, at d keeps Swords, Revolvers, Sword Belts ard Hashes, Bowie Knives, Rsaors. Sois?ors, Gold, Silver and Steel tpectioies, and a treat variety of other things asaal'y kept in a Jcwe rr Store, and a'l at tha very lowest pnoe. No. 339 Pa avenae, between 9tii and loch streets. fe 15-tf r|io sutlers' and others, BRANDY PEACHES, 100 do ten, 85 dozen FRESH PEACHES. 30 dozen STRAWBERRIES, 20dozen PINE APPPLES. 30 dozen PIE FRUIT, CURRANT JELLY, * dozen FRESH TOMATOES, 6KEEN CORN, GREEN PEAS, TOMATO CATSUP, PEPPER SAUCE. SAUERKRAUT AND PORK. LOBSTERS, CONDENSED MILK. CRANBERY SAUCE, 10 BARRELS PRIME WESTERN BOLOGNAS. Jnat reoeived and for tale at the lowest cuh riit*: DIBnniTB ?- oouiiue r - w J wnM UO vn ? CD.Tl.HLPt fd 18-lw No. 63 Louisiana avebiie. Anew daily line between Washington and matawoman crfek, maryland. Rnnninc daily to 6ru, Hooker'f **4 Suklts Divumm. m U< l.owtr Potomac. THE STtiAMER ARQO, CAPT. e. w. Davimoji. Leaving Riley ' Wharf, loot ot nth itrwt, at 10 o'clock, on and after Monday next. JC^m ^ 34th mat., returning am? da? at o'olook. Refreshment! on boarti. Fare 91 each way. t reight taken at reasonable ^fs-trip on 8undvy. For further partioalar* apply to Cap*aia on hoard. t? n-9m* ROOM TO RENT, suitable for autera' supply tore. Apply to ft J. MYERS, Importer! of Watohea, 10 Washington Building. rVEALERS IN WATCHES Would do well to li oall and examine the atock of S.ft J. MYERS, wnioh they are celling 90 per oent. lover than any other honee in tha oity. 10 WaahiB(ton Building. WATCH MAKERS Will la * time and trouble b? oalling on 8. ft J. MYERS to purokaee Wateh Meter.&!a, Watoh Glaaeea, Toole, and Jevellert' Jobbing Material!. 10 Waahiafton Buildiug. Sft J. MYERS, hiTinx underatood that eer era! traveling tiavinf represented that they are ooaneoteJ vith their houae, and selling ? (nr*.?A.??UU ? a- 4i.;_ I ?u iuioimi mt *iuiO| mo; i-'< eo uiii mcm a re in; the trade that ther arc in no way connected with any home or arenta in this city. irr Branch of Boston House?10 Waahlniton Building, Washington. fe8 QPPOSITION TO MONOPOLY! FARE REDUCED TO tl. A.HD HOC* ALTiaiD ?T THE U. S. MAIL, OP 8TKAMKRS?RliNDSU. Capt. Kiehl; Tolcktkml, Cart. Fauot. On and after February 20th. every day (Sundays U o'clook, from Jonee' *SBk whaf, foot of 11th street, and Gen.^^4^M^ Hooker's division and MaPavomaa*^B^HHi Creek at the above hour. Freiaht taken at artduoed rate. Lioenaed by the U. B. to oarrrPaaarurr? and Freight and wkott /aapecter't CarttAcaw may b* turn am board. I nese tx>a?a are new aad in good order, and make as fast time as u> otk.r bofcu on the l'otomao. f? 13 GKO. T STANLEY. Aieat I? OR SALE-MALT GRAIN. autabla food for F boc* ?o?i, eta., at tu oenta K' boabai. App.y at LOEFFLERTS Biewery, Naw York avacaa, bet wean lit and ?d ?t*. fag-Ire* fJOSHEN BUTTER. sasriisra ^^szdirJi'ssti ifflSWft. Jolhoa, CtUapt, WoroMfer BAUCIS, i"c7~* 60 barrel. No. l,t,tod * MACKEREL., " "" * Eeoeivod ud for tale br 8 Itif M1DDLETON ft BEALLfrS" *lX ** **^*^*" j. W. OQILHT GKOWSX'ltS SOTS??W ^ li-lm COAL. WHOLESALE AND RETAIL, AtniOtaiNew Jarmj avMUM. o?oclte B. HSlMf ** J. UNtDON A OO. 0ATWLyi5OLWAL,k' Jf, LAN?DON * CO., fc?tf ""2&1XVL.B.M. AUCTION SALES. THIS AFTERNOON ? TO-MOUROW Hj J. C. McGClRK * CO.. AtPtioiimi. P^MKMH'.K THAT TRK 8ALK O-U I? fun? a:.d Ci ium Gco?t? not im THIS ?.'cUck. r n 1 to rn rro? a or im.TUMDAY.H l*e?olook. Pnntt m.n t*iv-?ti th? koart of h Hi il J. 0. *U? tifck. ft CO , Aaott rUlUKX VATS By MARSHALL*JTAOR^AMjUwMm. .*03 Til ?r, aa^fr Odd F*'/ *??' A??/?. ORANGK*. LKMONS. C?i?CKR!Ei, Li<?*o*a. H?n, Ac, at Accrtoit.-Oa THI)RM)AV MORMNU. I t 1?'T wtwifi si! at oar rtora? ifti Mi** Oiui'i ??d Ltm*t<*? l,t p uada D*u>i, R?:oiot, Ae. 2 r$' t.'.jm ?, coo* ^nt itr, S 0 iicxti rou'oh fltr-nc and OdS*b, 5 ha'f c i.??t Ooloi.c !>*. a good arijc e. I'' tarie'i Ur&ciiTt V.'hiair and Ma??lra Wiw, 40 oaaai Boota and ?ko*a u4 GaantlMn. Horee Corera, Buffalo Robra. H ankata, *0 A ao. a rood lot of hacda me Fnruitar*. cara?ta. Cr. okorr., Hard a&d Wood an t?' < ' 1? * - n I P, ^urui. m o. _* ? it MARShALl. ft PAGE, AboU. M^R^HAL'S BALK.?la TlrtM of m writ of fieri iraued from the erk'a oic* of tke oi*out o <ui5 of tho Diatnotoi Coinm! it. for Um OBDtf of \Va.-klBgl>n, ud to m diroetad. I will oxgoa* to Mbiie aalo. for ai*k. is frut: of tM Court Hosw door ofa?id ooaoty, on V* KPNK*5 ,J0*fcroh 1*J, At IS o'2ook jr.. tho following ?te?eriNed pr jfortT, to wit .-?Ail } ferdknt njt.t, title, o iiui ane latereat ia ud to tbo *??rh J i?ot * . nohea of Lot hitn No. *t-. fr or.imj ?& sth atreet w?#t, be twees u mk! r etrocU n-rth. in the oitr of Wiakincum. II. ET. togettor witn a!! u4 aingaiar the improvement* thereon, eeiaed ?n0 levied upon m the aroport? of 1 win t*. Bark v, anl vUi be aold to Mtiaiy jad cl* a Bo 2f?r to j v.nary terra 1MB, id favor of John K. end? I. W A Ki> H LAMON. fa |o u U 8 Martha. 0. C. FOR 8ALB AMD &KMT. l^OK RLNT-A threo-atnry HRICK HOI'SR. a with every mooors iroprov?aaent. cociamng aevea room* and kitchen, for $i?nper * n?. to a atiafaetory t ran". Location No 1U* Second etree;, between D and K ?treeta north No piopoeition wiil be leomved to rent for a lcaa period t antwoyeara /ipay to I i J r* M ** * ??*? ? ? ? JAB C MeSriRF. * CO.. [f SO Gt Anctifn^rsand Commn'oa Merchaat, DE91RADLK DWELI INU HULBK NKAR THh KlKKWOpl) HOUVfc. TOR >*ALE? A 0?i ^fortab'e s.nd well bailt two-stnrr ADO attio Br:e* Dwtlutu Hour, with bark bnilding. situatai in lie im* WioUitj of Uie Kirk wood House, is i tT-rrd for saie. It o<>.Uina :rg parlors, five stsmlff". it not room. kitonen. ba<>. room, and two good o* are. tai and water tbrougl out, an i is tu perfoct order. Appj w? JAB. C Mcttl'IK L * CO.. f? y 8'. Aationrers and Comwiiss'ii M?rohacU. SU T<iRK A Nil BAR R<KIM FUR BALK. AND PR&MISKB FUR RbNT.-ln toree??*n?a of other m\tter? repairing the attention of t&? Proprio'or, he offers for sale the St-ok and Fixture* of the Store No. 3ft6 ?ev?aUiet. T*i? 'took of Stap e Goods The Bar has a good ran of firatolass custom, and trie building at a ie*eonabi? rent, eonta n< rooms suifi tent tor a lodgiug bouse and fi-tt-cl&sa revt&iirsnt Its proximity to the market iioa?e wonld affo d, to an active and j AO. v . now IREi A UU | fe 25 Allot ion a ad Co mmissior1 M?rcharts. A" CHAWCK FUR A BFHINKB* STAND, torner of 9'-h ?tr*et f.d New ? ork Th*Fr??<-ntoof uraat wiahea to t aogahitbna' & ??: ' ? hut a una. I let of groetriM on bai<d. fctt-31* ANY I> K"N uavin? a NKAT KURNl'HKD HOl>K to rft at a nodtrtt* prtoe can find a gocd teaact by apflttag t*> th? aub?cr1 b*r. \\ ill taks a bona* lor a tarn of y*ara or aarot-.aae on ftir tcrma. WilitikaUe baa'cars of a good p aoa Appy immrdiate y to M ENKV L. , MIDF R.< ftoeoa lfch atreet,next to Rigg* A Co.'a ' Bint <** It* FOR K * N r A ai* and fcn-ly Fl RMCHKO hOOM.oo th? first floor, wa>?M] by a furnace I i.i - - * ^ ? wiu iigoiaii ?ivu km; mutants I or or otfcer pur?o_c?. Al'?. a fin* toned PIANO Will rentej for $4 per n.ontli at No. * *>% aireet. fe M 2t FBM RM^UKP Hdl'SK NEAR TUK CITY ilM,l,HiRRKNT-H?wNo l*#,?eoo*4 street, t?tween 1) aid K ibMt, a tine* ilorr Bnok Dwelling Hobm,with all modern taiprot*. venta.and coirf">rtably fumiehed, ia offered for r?nt!o % pati-faotory tenant, for a term not leca thus tTn ?M1 |CUw II? RU ft p uipeci t i nuiiii ncntT rip fllj, For tern , &e.. ic*atre at-ttie premiaea. No. Seven'ti t'jMt, IxtfMa Peno ivijnt aal 0 at. f>? I** FOR EKNf-A la C? faixtstMd ROOM. n<tt ble for a i-tmmittM; H?k1 Room* attached; Single ard ! u Me Roomi; at No 214 Pen'?*?a ei* &ven if. if x to W iilardB'. fe 18 lw* VAU'\U!.K IMPROVED PROPERTY IN the Mite of New Vork will t* exchanged far h ktaie id this city cr good farm ?ro?ertY in Vlrg nil. A>o, landa in liuaoia. Akcodii^,'u4 Mitaouri, via b? *' :a for property in tlua eity. App.t t<? JAMK? L. l?\YTON, 4i6 t eventi atreet. betwen O and H fe 19 lw ARAKK CUA.NCE.-Th* proprietor of tJ? City hotei, (the only fret c ui Hotel now open id Alexandria. Va..) la deeiroea to retir* frombueineea. and will ? ,, for a fair enoe, Uto PITRNITLKK, FIXTURES ud 0006 WICL of the < K11 iw wi tor filiate or, the '.at of January, 1*0 t>?: tbe property can ao doubt bo >as~1 (or a much longer term at a moderate rent. Trm h< tr. le r. >w do; ^ . ana au lor many rear* done.a arceand eroiitaVe boaineea. The oeeire of trie onaeraicned to retire lrotn public bann*e( la t'.e 1 ir.Jucemeut tu ee , ae iecou.d not liopo toetitrace in one more p'otiia le. F<" r*.mi and particu araapp t to JAf A bN6Ul*H,*lioiiaithonzcl to EC(j< 'ate, or to the underlined. ja IS tf SAM'L HEFLEBOWER. GEORGETOWN ADVEBT'MTS UNION HOTEL DIVIDEND.-TheTree IL_S te?? of the Union Hotel Company have declared a diTidocd of twenty-tvo ?er cent oat >>f theoapita stock. p*?ah eat theeffioe of the aab ciihe , cpon presentation cf the eeruboaie o! rook. W. H. TENNkY, fe 2i >t Treasurer. P?(?AL-COAL ^ $0 PER TON. Expect to arrive in a tew day*. tona beat ?'.10 i Cc?',*r.ich w? *ti Mi. at tne above pr.oe for caap, if ordered from the ve??e.. Per?on? m want will pieaae Mod in their order* immediate y to our office. C. MYKA* * SON. Otfioe and i ard, v\ ater ttr??l, fe 22 1w eiwrnloTii. D. O. ?? V C KB K 1 N 6LO VBII Ramsborg k, Ebert, 105 High Stout. OEOAUETOWN, D, a I^iSr?'S?S^ S7fifcffi5.^2a MITTKNS in the In.tnct Officer*' tstairti made to artm. BuoktkiL Dr*wwi mil 8>mta. )i M CjQ X&lfer 0 Y8TER8! OV8TER8:^||^ An OtsW ComftB; hea b?? formed for the purpo c! fp'rim V\ aakun*tot ii^ iti noinity with Oriun. All peraona whiek im froaa I0tol>" n .van p<-d&r,o?& beamppiied. Orators in abeli eeu i- L*xt or a car toad ot iron 1* to So baaheis oan be lu on one day'a noUoa, for a leas lutitt sell a1 M RrM?? acr-Mt ?n c. The Oyetere tUpped by thie oobmut mm freeh. if not more 10 Ulu aor o tiers tUt ow w had in tbe Dietnot t ? Ureter* ?re upeaed ?too Hue day they are t\ien trooi the water, and a * eat to the Uiatriet ^ie etnadtfht. All ore*. a direoted to WILLIAM HANCk. a r.&*|O ia, It 1 manager for Coofetcy, will be ?.~ora?t> &tteo. < $M?BXii5^iSlF53~!U3li6 Card Photograph* le variet*. laeiodiag oopiee ol Chouse Pi turee. Aleo CARD VblTi and O V AL> PICTURE FKAMtb, the lftrgeet aawrtroeot. from the beet m vcufactorj lb theoountry,fer oa*h, at j MiRlfllTibHl No. fa H I door* ?boT? Odd P?'lo*? Hall. OOPAtTNEItH'f. HK Copartner imp heretofore ex aUai b*tVM Walter, Kancaon A B >pp. having been diaaolrad in aocatqaenoa of the ae*th ( m ol Um km. tAe baetneea v>ii herealtor be oarr>ed on under tbe nana tadft morWiiTUtliiKAM. w areprepared to build to order, ud k*?f oondantlf on Lan->, til kinaaof Ik* aioit fn*hion?b.e CAfciliAO ? boftb* vaiy beet workna ship. Repairing piomptl; ud oarriully attended to at the aott wiioaaM* prioee, l hnukiul tor H*t favors, we nop* <or a oonUaaanc of the ami, at oar old aetaklia meet, on O atreet, between 9th and l*Lhata. No 3?t> ep ataira. fe 15-1m WALTER It KAHMaNN. x-v OY8TLJLS?OVSTfcJLA^^ CUlf 6r?t (ouaui* luraw-Clif by which the a l tire flavor mad aiae or tfc? Or star T^Pt-^RL &ALOON, Si* Peaa. avonaa, <*aoeit* WiUarda' HotoU will ?pan Uua eraaiag, ( ud of the (lobe light* > witk ita improved anrar of aUamiai. ceatneee of fttung.and order ol jorvioe. All daairing iaaarp will be rewarded bp oafuog. Baparior ?Uiitj ol Frmh Suit Oyataia opBiUnt y oa baci to u?ly Hotals. Sutlara fad r?mihM. lb akuil, kas.or sua FuBiiiua' ordara dwivurud on abort boUm. CBoioa Oc*ra at r?a ?oaabla i?.Ua. le ? ! >' J\ NOTICE TO WATCH MAKER it. J\ EM ^ M J. M VERB . 491 ba? ibx oMaad a braaon of tk?r Biatoii Hoa??at No 1? WMkiactoaBandiac, aaraar of rt.ava. aad TU itraat, uriU tkt uttaunna of wutk loJlMlWImmgx..TSS to wiU moo ?, fco., s-nt fo?t fr??# on No?muouob Wltfc b.BT Otbf how IBQWIrty. CBEPHERD'S for DtmmumI 9uU. p C.onk, int A;.k?, m4 Am Drill

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