Newspaper of Evening Star, February 25, 1862, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated February 25, 1862 Page 3
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LOCAL NEWS. ~1 AimmnTi To-Nt?ht. Tiutk ?Second nlfbt of Mtaa Cbeatney, and prrwutatlon of ?kTbe Pride of tbe Market," Mlaa Cbeatney a> "Martoo " Tbe entertainment conrlodea wltb "A Pretty Piece of Buaalneaa " CaKTBBBvit Hall ?M. Jean Cloekl, Mlaa Sarah PuY*l,Ward, Parker, Butler, Mlaeee Mile*, Maggie, La Folio, Uttlo Ella ana otber* 1b an immense blU of burleoquea. aoogi dancea, and pauivim tur a ?iu%ucr p; rsuu iuawuw ??? v MDtatloo of Ttlaable gift*, including a all* drew, to-morrow afternoon Pwtlbakmohic Hall ?An entirely original programme of chcraaea, aonga. barleeqnea, and fctbloplan romlcallt lea by the Campbell ml nalrela. Look out for the grand afterpiece. L'sios Bctbbl Car sea, M atreet, between Hfteentb ard sixteenth streeta ? Laat night of the Old Folka' Concert. An attractive mimical entertainment. Ki*e'a A mpt tb bat a s ?Ton. King, Gardner, Baldwin, Armatrong,Klncade, Smith, Whlttaker, M ile Helolae, ana otner start in a novel programme of equestrian performances. Afternoon entertainment to-morrow Academy ov M csicF ree concerts at 4 o'clock, good music, excellent refreshments, Ac. Hall open all dayMusical Hall ?Open all da?. Free concerts at 5 o'clock, popular music, first-class refreshments, Ac., Ac. Stent's Hall, corner of Pennsylvania avenue snn Twentieth street ?Festival for the benefit of i.'nlon Chapel (M E ) Church A grand time Is ia anticipation PaocxvDixGs of thk Citt CotRCtLs. Feb 'SflS ? Board of Aldermen.?A me?"?age was rerelved from the Mayor nominating Dr Benjamin F. Cra'.g for physician of the poor of the First Ward Id ntace of Dr. Charles Mr.Cormlrk r*. signed, Thomas G. Clayton for Police Magistrate for the Second, Fourth and Sixth Districts; John F,. Leach, Secretary to the Commiaatonera of the Asvlum, in place of John H Noyes, deceased. Rrferred. Petitions of Mrs M A. Cox; of the Union Fir* Company; of Allison Naylor and otbera praying for tbe laying of a water main; of Pbillp Conder, praying to have *50 refunded to him, which amount he erroneously deposited In tbe Bank of Waahtngton to the credit of the corporation in December last; and of G W Sampson and others, asking certain privileges for Mr. Hatborn. (the proprietor of tbe livery stable In old Trinity Church.) were appropriately referred. An act for the relief of Philip Conder, (explained by the above petition.) and a resolution directing the Mayor to Inquire of the Attorney General of the United States as to whether the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad has the power ty acta of Coogreas to construct street railways in taj* city were paased The finance committee was on motion di?_ V a M .11 .? n A 1 AS _ _ uaigcu tiout luriucr considers won 01 io? peimoa of Mr* C. E Beale, and it waa referred to the committee on rlaima The above committee waa aleod lac barged from further conaideratlon of the petition of Jamea Lawrenson and R. T. McLean for Mra A. Hyatt. A reaolution In relation to thelaaulng of Corpo> ration notea, conatltutlng a committee to devise some judicioua plan for the leaning of small notes by the Corporation in conformity with any act of Coogreea which may be enacted; a reaolution Instructing the Corporation Attorney to take such measure* aa he may deem most expedient to pre* vent the ule of the Washington and Alexandria railroad aa advertlaed br Mr Siewart; aa act authorizing the laving of a water main on Thirteenth weat, between F and ti streeta, were paaaed. 1 he nomination of John H Bird aa inspector and measurer of lumber waa confirmed rtra voce A joint reaolution calling on the Mayor to atop all work on the central guardhouae, and furnlab this board with the bihs for work done up to thla date, *aa referred Acta for relief of Hueh Murrav. (remitting a fine Imposed on him by j usttee Clark for carrying a concealed weapon, be being a private night watchman at a grocery stor?-, and In danger front a person who has Interfered with him in the dincharge of hia duty;) for relief of S. Hold, (remitting a fine of S20 Imposed upon him by Justice Clark;) and for the relief of James White, (remitting a fine of S20 Imposed upon him for carrying a concealed weapon,) were paa<ed, and an act for the relief of B. F Clark (remitting a fin* of -npMcd upon him by Justice Rowland frr building a frame attachment to hla brick build* Ing) was laid over. A resolution for the appointment of a commit icr 01 inree memwri 01 eacn Hoard, with tLe Mayor, to examine Into the condition of the affairs cf the W aahlngtonand Alexandria Railroad Company waa passed. Adjourned. Common Counril.? Communications from the Mayor relative to licenses, and from Messrs Ennis and Clark In relation to certain claims against the Corporation, were presented and referred; also, petitions from E B Conkling, praying the remission of a fine imposed for erecting a wooden tructnrs contrary to the building regulations; and of certain citizens for tbe establishment of a fish wharf st tbe foot of Eleventh st. Mr Mobnn offered a resolution. Inquiring of the Mayor why a policeman is stationed in the ball during tbe sessions of tbe board. Mr Sbepberd thought It waa to ptevent assaults aid batteries. Mr. Mohun thought the Question answered, hut considered It strange that a member of the Metropolitan police should be stationed there daring the sessions,armed with billy and pistol. Mr. Shepherd replied, that men who behave themselves need have no fear of the police It w*? very proper that a policeman should be there, to prevent the Interference of outsiders. The rerolatlon was reject A. A resolution relative to the sinking of wells for the purpose of drainage waa referred. Bills la relation to tbe payment of licenses and *p proprlating CI60 for tbe repair of the roof of the Western Market were passed Also, resolutions calling upon tbe Mayor and Purveyor for Information concerning tbe abatement of a nul?ancs. (tbe pond of water on 9outh sroltna avenue, between Ninth and Tenth ats.;) referring tbe petition of M K Dant, with tbe bill for bia relief, to tbe Water Registrar for information; and instructing tbe committee before Congress to srge the passage of an act giving additional power to tbe Corporation In relation to the distribution of water. Adjourned till Thursday next at p. m Paor WoLowati ?Having noticed in several papers the high commendatlona bestowed upon I Prof Alexander Wolowskl, and the extraordinary success be has met with alnce bla arrival from Sew York, we take pleasure in eoorlnff the fol. lowing letter, written by one of bis pupils: willakm' Hotzl, VVashikotok. Prof. AUxamdtr Woimeski, .Vs 903 Sixth tt. Dear fttr: Permit ine to thank you for the extreme care and attention you paid to the cultivation of my voice, enabling me, in ao short time, to sing several Italian, French and English pieces 1 had been under the Impression so long that 1 had no voice for singing, iLat ween I was sdvised by my friends 'who Knew how much 1 d-sirtd to sing in public) to consult with vou on your new method of teaching, I did so, ana commenced a eourse of your lessons, but more with the idea that It would be amusement to myself than my andleace, before whom I was resolved never to venture as a vocalist till some of the ?*est musical judges pronounced me competent The result of your system of teaching, and my own perseversnoe, baa fully satisfied the most sanguine expectations of my friend*, and 1 have a pleasure a all an idTftnUcrfi that 1 ha/f Iabo tlnna I to hope for. Believe me, dear sir. yours, with beat wishes, Awm* Katholds. Fotiti W aid Station Caixi?Bt/art J unit? VTmiur.? Wm Wlrth, of Kryzanowski's reglmoot, and Paulina Jacky, a little young German woman, wife of Mark Jacky, of D Utaasy'a regiment, and tbe husoand hlmaelf, were arreatod by tbe police at tbe bouae corner of Marble alley, over Barbour'a tla aiore It aeeira that tbe filtnleaa Paulina bad written a not* to Wlrth Inviting him to meet her at tbe houae, and they were taken /l*grmtu* delict* by the huaband A fight e iaued. and Wlrtb'a aword (a aergeant's weapon) waa twisted to a variety of abapea by the enraged husband Thla morning Wlrth waa turned over to tbe mlHtary, and Jacky Informed hla faiihleaa wife that they most part forever She exhibited tbe greatest agony-ahe rlung to her husband, begging him not to leave her. She bad to be placed In a cell to prevent dlaorder. Jacky went to the ceil window and gave her t ram of money, tad left her to be released by the magistrate. James Cannon, firing a gun at a sentinel near the wagon camp la Swam poodle; bail for farther bearing. John Wilson, arunk: dismissed. T. Gsffney, disorderly, fined Si. fcltta Parker and Catharine Wilson, rag rants; wo rh bo use 3u days. Agnes White, drunk; dismissed, but chose not to leave tbe station. Wan Cahill, charge of arceay, dismissed. Ta* LBcrras en Wedneaday night, at the Smithsonian Institution, will be given by Rev. Dr A Cleveland Coze, of Baltimore, one of the moat learned and aoeompliabed divines of the Episcopal Church He is also well known as thoroughly loyal, aad has bad much to contend with from the secessionists In Baltimore. A large number of the members of his church refasod to ?rnr m? n> uy am apart mm hum iinre by Prnllnt Lincoln, tod hum of tbem seen bad featiTiu-s and daneea at their booses at tbe time. Tn? next Sabbath after, being (oamuo:oo, Dr. Cox* auapeaded tbe wboie aerrlce, and told th* people tbal nnleea tbey ware Willi eg to obey tbe cooetitotad a exhort ttea. tbey were aot la tbe right atata of mind to law that ri-mmaat Tbe Leetare Association have announced In tbe moraine papera that a lecture of their courae would be given on Wednesday night, at tbe Smlthaontaa; bat tbla ta a tela take, aa arm n gomen ta tar tbe laeture by Dr Coxa bad been prrrlouaiymade by tbe Iastltntlon. He wiU certalaly glee hi- Ucture -, and aa hla anbject?''Popular Taste la Art and Literature"?la aa attrac*ee e?a, we may axpaet oas of his ftaaat tflorta A j'~ ' C -4 W! % *-* I 4-1*/ ?ksiaV* /.4 UelUi SZ u I i p Tn Btobx o? VnrnSiT .?We gather many additional particulars of the damage from the gale of yesterday. The military hospital at the corner of North Capitol and C streets was unrooted, and the portico was torn off Three house# near the earner of Second sad E streets were unroofed. The tin roof was blown off a four-story brick house on Sixth street, (No 446.) belonging to Mr McGaire, and waa carred by the force of the wind across the square Into Fifth street The fine shade tree at the norlhweai corner of the Intersection of Pennsylvania avenue and Seventh street was blown down; alao a tree at the corner of Eighth atreet and the avenue Many other trees were prostrated A large sign on the top of the bulld> lag situated on tbe avenue near Tenth street, and occupied by Mr. McGill as a printing ofllce. was blown off and Into tbe street, to the great alarm of hones Portions of tbe copper roofing of the General Post Ofllce were blown off, and more would have gone had it not been for the exertions of the workmen The roof of the residence of Dr Morgan, on the Island, was blown off, and carried a considerable distance, destroying a brick building, on which it fell. The roof and rafters of two Drlck bouses on Seventh street, belonging to Mr Poulus Tbyson, were carried off. The roofing of the new hospital building in Judiciary Square v?as somewhat damaged. Keppinger's bakery and stable, corner of Seventh and G streets, were blown down; and the roofs of bouse No. IS, Tenth street, Ginnlty's store, corner of Fourteenth and L streets, and tbe public achool-houae corner of Fourteenth and Q streets, were destroyed. Tbe three atory binding of Mr. Charles P CJneen, corner of Seventh and L streets, the bulidmg on Eleventh atreet near M, owned by Sampson St turns. Esq ; the large building on the corner of Si*cond street and the avenue, (formerly the ScLtlnel ofil-e;) and Mr.Conner's tin and hardware establishment on Seventh street, were all unroofed. The damage to Mr Maal's property, injured by tbe fall of the church on Thirteenth street, will amount to SI,000 or $1,200. The steamer from AUxandrla was unable to mate her usual landing place, but had to run up under cover of the Long Bridge. Two boys la a boat un the river were in great danger, and a life boat was sent to their rescue. They were saved with diflculty. Towards Georgetown the gale seems to have been more destructive, as that section wh* more exposed to its fury The Western Market was unroofed, also Payne's coach f?c ory, and tbe row of four brick houses near the bridge over Rock Creek A great number of chimney* and trees were blown*down In Georgetown a portion of the roof of the cotton factory was blown cff, and the tin roofs of the Masonic Hall on High street, and the Infirmary of Georgetown College, were rolled up and wb sked off We have heard of but few aerlden's Amongst these the most sericu-t la the Injury sustained by Mr. Llndaiey, who Uvea on the Seventh street road. A brick tell on his head and he waa knocked insensible, and It la feared his skull is fractured. Other persons were lijur d about the be?d and body oy falling bricks, slates and timbers, but none seriously, so far as we have heard. The Riqua Aerated Bee* d ?Quite an object of Interest 10 visitors Just now is the new process of bread miking of Messrs. Requa 9c Co., to be seen at their establishment on Louisiana avenue, near the Tenth street bridge. The bread, which is beautifully white. Is manufactured entirely without handltng. The flour passes from the barrel through the bolting apparatua on an upper floor, and thence by hoppers to the mixers on tbe in a'ii nuur, wbck wairr biiu mil is introduced Theae mixers are hollow globes of Iron,and in th?s? the dough maw is thoroughly kneeded by revolving arma or knives driven by s'eam Dower, and la made light and porona by the introduction of carbonic acid gaa at a high pressure Fifteen mlnutea time completes thla process, and It is then drawn out through faucets into bread-pans resting on scales, by whtch the loaf is conveniently adjusted to the required weight of eighteen ounces. Not a particle of yeast or decomposed matter pasaes into tbe dough, and the bread thus prepared doea not sour or become stale, and is aa healthful as it la tempting to the eye and agreeable to the palate. P. T. Baiscm'? Ccriositiis ?P T. Barnum, It will be seen by advertlaement In thla day'a paper, has taken Franklin Hall, corner of Ninth ana D streets, and opena for exhibition?commencing thla day?the famoua curiosities, " The Albino Family" and " Tbe What la It!" which baa attracted auch crowda at hi* museum In New York. washington >atio*u moichht A??ociation?EUction of At a meeting of the Annotation held on tbe 22d inst , the following ottcers were unanimously re elected: General Wlnlleld Pcott.Sd Vice Presldeut; Thomas Carberry, 3d Vice President; J. B H Smith, 1 rtaaurer; John Carroll Brent, Secretary. Am litmMsini Livxkt Stablx^xkxpxk? Six more warrant* were yesterday serVcd on Mr. Hathroa, proprietor of the livery stable in old Trinity church building, for violation* of the Corporation ordinances, but that gentleman pursues tbe even tenor of his way, reg&rdlew of the municipal storm which assails him. Union Hotkl Company, Gxoroktown ?The stockholders of tbe Union Hotel will see by the advertisement of the Treasurer in another column that tbe trustees have declared a dividend of 23 per cent. Attestioj* la called to the announcement in another column of Prof C. F. Barnes'soiree at Temperance Hail next Friday night. Six asviktisbxkut tf Army Washing Machine* in another column. ~ Attention it called to the advertlaement of E. L., of rooms wanted. Skvxk Hcsdbxd VoLrsTtm S:c? w Camp ! Youne men be warned In time, supply yourselves with Holloway'a Pills and Ointment. Thev are guaranteed to cure tbe worat cases of Sores, Ulcere, Scurvy. Fevers and Bowel Complaints. Onl> 55 cents per Box or Pot. aif. Conns, Bunions, Caloslties, Bad Nails, Enlarged Joints, and all diseases of the feet cured without pain, by Or. White, Surgeon Chiropo dist, 426 Pennsylvania avenue, between Fourand-a-haJf and blxth street*. Room 7?3d floor. OSe? hours from 9a. m. to 0p m. Calls made at private residences when desired. feb 17 Thb imin Hub Ooctob, From Canada, will describe disease* and tell his patlenta the nature of their complalnta or illnets, without receiving any Informs on from them. jVo ekargt for Consultation or Aivit*. OB* MOTTO. We use such Balma aa hare no strife W 1th Nature or the Laws of Life: With Blood oar bands we never stain Nor poUou men to ease their pain. Our Father?whom all goodness fill*, Provide* the meant to care all 111a; The Mmple Herba beneath our feet, Well uaed, relieve our pain complete. A simple Herb, a simple Flower, Cull'd from the dewy Lea? These, th?ee ahall speak with touching power Of change and he&iih to the Rooro No. li, Washington Building, Peno. avenue, corner of 7tn street. Canadian references of the Indian Herb Doctor: Sir E. Heads, Governor of Canada. Hon. Hy, Stearns, Mayor of Montreal, C. E. Hon. G?o. Hall. Mayor of Quebec, C. E. Hon. John Rutcnlnaon, Mayor of Toronto, C. W. Hon. J B. Roblnaon. Hon. Jas. Cunnings, Mayor of Hamilton, C W. Hon. W. Matthews, of Brantford, C W Hon^ W. Barker, Mayor of London, C. W. w savage, late Col of Artillery H P. Dwight, Sapt of Montreal Telegraph. J. Taylor, Justice of the Peace, Toronto, C. W. R. H Crook, Alderman, Toronto, C W. J. UrquUart,Surgeon, Toronto, C. W. fe il a Capons ?Speaking of capona Wilson, 110 Pa. avenue, has a Una supply of tb<-se splendid fowls. Wive him a call. Remember the number, 119 Pa. avenue, between Nlntoenth and Twentieth sts. f INDIA Rtlttt bOODS. India rubber Sheets lor protecting children's beds, that no family should be without; 75 cents Rubber Blankets, for soldiers, SI.25 each. Rubbec Pooches and Blankets combined, SS40 India R abhor CmU, white or black, 99.50 each. India Rubtar Leggln? SI per pair. And all klnAisf Rubber Goods, Including Robber Boota and Shoes, Rubber gtoppen for bottle*, Boor Mate, Under Sheetings fbr bedrftt sickness, Ac , Ac., at manufacturer'sprices,a?l. A Ball's India Rubber Warehouse, MB Pa. av., between Ninth and Tenth etreeta. fob 1-tf Families who have never used Boston crackers an Invited la try those manufactured fresh every dar by J. L. Dayton. Sold by all respectable pseM. Jaas-tf MUi On tii? *th Mutant, JOHN MULCARE, is the V>i y?*r of hu ac*< , T> * f.-isaosani rel*U*s? of ths family ir* ra #soti?uif ! ??* to at.sad i iif m.-it, to morrow as 7* a- m. iron fcis lata raa.ds ? , ls&t oorMt Ut IllMt BB'1 Pa fcYSQIiS, OnthsMtkinstant, EDGAR DEVAUBHN.a?sd i? BuistW) bsiovtd w* of Joka T. ud Strata Hi/fnneral will taks ?iso? on Wsdaasday, Mk instant, at 3 p. m. Fraud# of tk* family arc rsspastfnily tavitsd to attend. * IRspsblioan and Alaxandria papsrs oopy. J fstsraad farahE. ftannay.acad S r*waa4(ll 1 ' i a # *r . . i i / v>jj AMU 3EMENT^i M""~ THK*TER ' !99 CHE8TNEY'? SKCONO NI6HT! THIS BVBNlflO. Willb# perform*d ' om*dy of tht ki k> irtu i l i- t u r UiUtfL'T _ _ rmyr, ur I1 ?? m n I?1?I4 a . M?rton(th? Pr do of the Market'. .Mil* Cheitnej To conclude with the Fa o? of _ A PRETTY PIECE OF BL'sINESS. C?pta;p Merry weather Mr. E. H. Brink P T R4U\I V1N Cabinet oir LlTlog Cur loaf tie* Will exhi bit for a ihort pei iod, comn.eacir[ THIS DAY FRANKLIN HALL, (comtl 9th and D its.) OriN T&OM 10 A. M. TO 9 P. M. P. T. BA1NUM re?peft'nllT announce! to the oitixeni or Waahmtton that he will preient to I thoir r\aifAr *a fnr m. U? d?v? thniA *' Lirfmit Pktnomtmens ef Nnturi, TWfc, WHAT IS IT i and the ALBINO FAMILY. which Y ave attract d aucb crowded and faahioaable * udienoes at hia Mmeum in New York for over 310 nichta. and whioh haaoaatel more oomment from the Preaa and admir&'ioc f ont the apeoiatora than any ourioaities ever exhibited. AOmnaion 25 oenU; ohildrea 10 pacta. fe25 CANTERBURY! C ANTERBURY! To night GABRIEL RAVEL'S CoMlO FAIRY PANTOMIME. R A O U Lt R A O U L, R A O U L , OR TBI NABIC b T A R MAGIC STAR' MAGIC STAR' with Neu> Scenery, Tricks, Transformations, ire. Robert But!?r (Gabriel RavW'a part) as ? Bartoll Willis ArmatroiiK (Jerome Ravel's part) a* Raoul Second Week rf thje CANTERBURY MINSTRELS ! CANTERBURY MINSTRELS ! Great Suoce-a of tie BEAUTIFUL JJ U V A L ! B E A U T I F U L D U 7 A L! CANTERBUR~Y~MINSTRELS ! CANTERBURY MINSTRELS ! CANTERBURY MINSTRELS ' Admission 35 cents , Oroheater Chair* SO cents. Afternoon Entertainment For L&dip* and Fatniliea, on WEDNESDAY AND SATURDAY AFTERNOONS at 2 o'clook. When a la?l?h distribution of Elef.nt Present* ia made: Rich and Cost 7 Jew:T y. Books, Toys, Kanoy ArUolss. ?i d magmfioent Si'k Dreeset. M'a Stanley, No. 41 4X ?tree:, leaeived a aplen| did Silk Dress cn Saturday. Admission anoeuts ; Children 10 oents. fe26 Philharmonic hall; Pins. Ave*ci, Abov* 11th St. CAMPBFLL MINSTRELS! NEW OPKHA HOVSB' OPKN EVERY NIGHT! With an Kn'tri Ntv> Company of SIXTEEN STAR PERFORMEH8! First Week of CHARLES KENDM.L, The Great Stump Orator 1 First Week of GEORGR COLBERT, The Beautiful Ballad Singer! J. A. PASCAL. The Great Basso! FRANK MALONE, The Matchlets Bujler! Low GaTlord, Dnpoat, Ford, Green. Wyant, Lr?ter, Nachman, L' ohk, Hollook, and ho*t of other*, in a New Programme Every Nigkt! Admieaicn 2S cen*a- Poors op^n t>ll o'olook. f2t BTHE OLD FOLKS'CONCKKT Y Union Bethel Choir ia POSTPONED to MONDAYand TUESDAY NEXT, the 24tli and 85th inatant, on aocoabt of the inn!ein*ncy of the weather, and the death of Mr. Datcher. fe 18 WASHINGTON MUSICAL HALL? FREK " CONCERT EVfcRY NIGHT, fr <na 5 o'olock to 9 p m. Beat of H efreshmeata. Fine Female Wa ters. Open all dv. At the ?outhe\at corner of Peeneylvam* avem* and oomer of sixth etreet. unaer m-i;enira: Hou*e. opposite the , Brown'?, > d O larerden Hot-ls. f* 18 1m* iv the YY A9H1NGTON ACADEMY OF MUSIC, i**nn. Av*!rr?, ( ^octh Sid*,) No. 889, Bttuurn 9th and 101* st$. Every evening a remarkably fine Free CoD<Mrt, embracing eeleotiona from the boat oiasiio musio, and the moat popular operaa? rendered id better atjle than at any other American oonoert saloon. The guests?and the publio are freely invited, without charge for entrance,?may reir upon hav ing every oomfort they deaire. In addition to the finest mueio in Washington, they will obtain, on call, from theatteaUve attendants, decidedly the beat Refreshment! for eale in the Federal Metropoha Officers constantly in attendance to keep good order. Concert commencing at 4 o. m. HENRY ROSENTHAL, icp 7 im proprietor. KING'S NATIONAL AMPHITHEATER. PlWH. Av. A!*P e St., Niir Willar<u\ T. Kid*?... - .Sole lessee and Manager C. Soott. Asaooiate Manager F. Whittaker?. Equestrian Manager _ th18 evening, Tom King via give his Coniio Imitations of CLASSIC ST A TUAR Y HORSEBACK! Have jou se?n old DAN GARDINER In his great Burieaane Dance. A La C*bn}ttr! Akd Scaramouch! The Beantiful M'lle HELOla*. Every Kvomrg ! KINCADE. the 100 SummemAnlt Man ! The Great Zouave Halt Mast be teen to be appreoiated. Bon juan irht until farther notioe TV V 1X7 Vnwvi *T *? m Px? tr?t T> *lr.M ' ?<? /? nf Ptu*??Oroheater Chaira 75 oenta; Drees 8ircle <o oenta: Children under 10 yeara of axe to reaa Cirolc 25 cents; ttocia! Range 26 cents; Colored Gallery *o oenta; Colored Bozea 9) oenta. Door a open at 7 o'olook; performance* will e?mmenoe at 8 preoiaely. fe7 PATENT OFFICE CURIOSITIES-Guide to X Patenta, Catalogue of Cmrioaitiea an'l Government Gardens, at the atasd in Fatont Office; Hare Antiquarian Books ; Government Books, Document* furnished: Railroad Reports; Military Re porta; Burnt Patent Office fleporta, Cheap Hooka nirnished to Pedla^a: Muitarr Tnala; Military Lawa; Army Regu'ationa; Panorama of the Coast howing over 8,uuo milea; many thousand Cheap Booka. Reooheot cheajp rent. .Large sale*, low pnoes up naira, orer Ban* or waahiniton. ja29-lm* ALFRKD HUNTER. BALLS, PARTIES, &c. T?HERK Its A GOOD TIME COMING '?THE 1 ANDERSON BOYS IN THE FIELD M AGAIN !?By re<ua?t of their man* lady Wt frlends, and the pnbiio jenera'ly, the Ander- J|H son Clr.b ml< jive their THIRD GRANDhH^ BALL St Franklin Hail, corner 9ih and D ?tmeta on TUEBDA V. Maroh 4.1863. Ticket# }1, admit. Uut a gentleman and l&dtea. (! - --? ? i- n' ft* v uw? yviUHmiOP Uj AUrftmPBlCUlit 1X3 ThAtm ?rand cotillon party Will b? given %t ?4 TEMPEKAHCE hall, it ? street, between arh and loth, JA RIDAY even*NG. Feb'y 28 (dk With a foli band. Ticket* #1, aduuitiug a gentleman and ladies. fe it lw' PROK. C. F. BARNES, Manager. Monumental^ in the field again: The member* of the Monumental Club M take treat aleaaare ia announcing to their ?1 many friend* and the publto generally tha*/3B they will give their Fifteenth brand A*?etu-UHfc bly at Fiank in Hall, comer of 9th and d iwroi*. monday evening. February 24, 166^ Ticket* 50 oenta, admitting a gentleman and lariie*. By order of tto? Con mittee. Floor JfMMt'tWm.RabHtt, George Miller, Michael Hamgan. Geo Pula?ki fe 19 5t* jbarne8' _ ?a3hfois able i * vaiivinv Avaycoi 11 ftl 1 0Uip6r%H06 hall, k. UrMtf between 9th an<l l(4h Ola#. e? JQ err Tue?laj and Frida*?after ioon olaag^M at 9. eveniDg date at 7. Soiree ?v?rr Fi UA evening at 8 o'olook. Muiio by Prof. ???o. Ar.u. Ten;peranoe Hall wili be let for Balla, Partita, Ao. Apply aa above. tel4 1m* BOABDING. ~77 Three or four gentlemen can beaooomanodated with Hoard,at 268 Eighth atreet^ between M and N, in a private family. urn18hed rooms to rent, with Board, in a pleaaant location near the Capitol, Alao, a landaomely fnrniahed Parlor and Chamber oommaaicatlng. iMimatBtar ORoe. feia-tf PSRHAM'l SECOND GRAND EXCURSION NEW YORK AND BOSTON! From Baltimore to Mew York awl Return f 8 Tom Baltimore to Bo?t<n aid Return #13*0 TUMifer aalaatChaadlar'a Oi*ar Stand, in tha National HoUl. wh*r? (nil part ion ara ma; be had. Tiro throufh train* daily, leaving Washington at a. m ana Si-a. TMatojiood to raCarn on or Mora Max Int. A T MOORE'S WEST END DRL'G STORE, A 113 Pa. aranaa, lUDth aula, a large and (an' a- ' * ** 1 - 3 -": ?. .hi 1 ?- - r* j 4 wantbT \1|7ANTED?Several ictlva K0Y8 to oarrv a ?? mortJiuf pap'r. A^f to loom IT ftobbtn*' BaiMi'-f. >?qtb^-F and 7th ?t?. if WANTED-A SITUATION hr a ra.pootablo woman % cook, washer or ironer. App'y at No. 99 K tt.. between Mst and 83d It* 07ANTFD-RT a Towns lad-, a SITUATION M chambermaid or waitereM in a private farnilv. /(! ? *??, irrmediatay, a not? tor*F M. C Bo? 6 st>r ttffise. lt? WA NTEP?A colored W' MAN to d?cii*!nberwork mid h*lp to wa?h ard iron ; sle^p home : ?8 a raotth. A!?o a iiaot biaok, at 814 Pa. aver e?. li? WANT^D-A PURCHASER for a now Cart, inch iron axle. ?cd will hold a ton of coal or half cord of wool Icqnire at come' <>th an I ?ts.. ?t HAtiERMAN S Grocery fe 8S-e<>3t* A STEADY. COMPETENT WOMAN wielies a situation as cook walker and ironer.

AoPiT &t327 ftth Kf Mt. h,1fVMn n'Httf sv>"nn? wnd K gt?. ' "ll* ll/ANTKD-A ROOM, acd Bedroim adjoitT? a renMemaa and lady, in a private familr Please atUress particular! to ,lK. L St*r Office. It vyANTED-A rervant GIRL. who h?s had exoerirnoe in nursing children Nora nefdBppI* who cannot coin? wri rfcrrmrendel. ? apiy at Mis. Kings, north east corner of VJtb acd K ?ts _ fe S5 3'.* WANTKD?A *nmt. *ooi lojkl'c. we!i educated, reoommended BOY- who is Willis* to Ie*rn the Ti b*oco and Orar hnn.esa, ?na f a enmti, eto. ?uoh ooe can fS?d a (rod bom# and w?ees. Address f>r 3 days. ''X. Y. Z .""ity Post Office. ffl rvtt* WANTFD-A food B<>Y.(white cr co'ored.) at Meheriirg He?t?urant, corner 9 h t ouiciana ns?ke h*in?9lf generally u*e r-n iVv j ?!? ? ? -- iui * U n s?iuu nuy, guuu W&gOS Will DP Kivcn. R?'er?ce? ff^u'r'd. fe25 3".* VVANTF-D-Tor threp moa^h*, % ?m%U F'ill 11 NISHKD HOUs*F, within & ccvnient wa'kmg digtanc* of the 6en*rr.! Po?t Office, o' re*'one ot *h? nm?i b><a iont*a Address "H O. H j" through the Citj j'osi Cfljze. fe 25 3t* \17ANTED?An^xpe'ieno?d \VOMAN.iwnnr?? ? for two inrant oh'l trrn ; al?o another ae o ok and ?Mher for * rmt!! fam*lv. For ho&est and f*t?hfu) ?*rv cm mood was** wiil he *iv<?n. A pp y at No (9 Louisiana avenue, between 6th *rri 7th ?< * " in iQ-n WANTED-A SITUATION by a Bober. in dustriou* TOant n.nn. in Pcm? rerp'otftble buaireaii; can prodnoe th* best of ci'y reference; an<* m wiiUne to work. C?n be *ren for two day* at No 2*7 Pa wonjo, or address Bosinep*." Box 11. 3t?r Office It* W AN TED-A YOUTH in a Drui store, ote " htvin* sum* koowifd*? cf the bns'nee* yre fer-eH. Aiply cortl* west oorncr ninth and L ets. fe 54 3t* WANTED?An American INFANT to ftH^pt, 5 to 4 weeks o!J. Irqulre a? Clay'* Hot#!, Root,. ?t, lor thre* d?* *, from 2 til! 4 p, m. fa 24->t* _____ WANTFD?PART OF A STORE, with u.e o{ winiew. in ant rood fcn*:ne?8 locatity in thisoity. Address or apply at 354 Pa. avern?<Up lairg. i* ."4 2f WANTE ?\petr el a>i<1 tnd>1 t i mWOMA?! wh~? order?t*r>ds housework. wint 1"*. &rd iroria* fi' & m&ll f*?n-'ly. TI:ot e tc t? ' in rfii ' prly Ksbrs.m* Hei^h*. <pp-?it? Wil.'arii'w p'ace. f < 84 2t* lFA^Tm'fll RRNT-* HOIMB ?M>>? ? ? ? or twe se ro"m?, ir * e^rd location "between 7!h ftr.d !5ti? stre ts. ACdrtM "A. M J?tft* Ofli Box f> 24 8 * VI' ANTKD?Ly young nan, a SITUATION " ? a- bartc???p?r in <>rr.e ' p -ctab'e hou ; ram c v? th* be*t of reference* f- m a: t employer. A'!-! tire. e, 1 >r two days "L. 1*.," Btar Offioo. fr24 2t* YirANTKD?At :he American Tel?cf&5li rfPce, ? ? fifteen or tweiur ifctellijSct H?>Y ?*, f r m"i*enKCT?. Mast be ftb.o >0 jive referenoe lor honesty. fe 24-2t* AQKNTLEMAN FROM NKW YORKharir?B ft stire in this city, desire# to cr>ctiru* the rni* permanently, but n)"?? him e'f retnrn ti New York, wou'd the-efore t ea' with an acceptable party of ?mall capital, as tar'nor. The cp^nioe pn-*eni?a wri t>? lounr to be dotirab:e. AMrtU r. (). B x 'ilX. Washington- f? 2*-3t WANTED 1M M EDIATI- LY?An active whi'e HOY "boat 16 or 18 years old. Apcly to E. ALLt"T, aia I'enn. e.v fe 22 3t* WANTED?Two email ROOM*, br the let March, b*ti*e?n 31 aid 12th street*, about $5 re^tnmnthl? Address "E. L.,Eiq for M. Post Box ^9 fo 2?-2t* Mi; - ic I A N ?* \v ANTE D F< > Ri STCA V A LRY B A N D-'?n# first c a*# Musician, cspa e of composing and *rr*nt i t mus card instruct lug and leading a mounted l>&: d. A'no eigttorten good Mu?:oisn?. Term of enlis'msn* 3 fears; the u?ual pa*, rations. o'othinf, * ?.. of ihe rerular servic* giv^n. Waa'oJ aiso *ix ?* eight Trumpeters Inquire at R^gim^ntal Headquarters. C*m? Hp'-a?u<*1 U a?!iici;ton, D C. (.ate r*?n? of R hode L laid Reg'i ,)cl LL J. II. KELLOGG. A*j't 1st Cavalry. fe 22 2w* i^jnitu-a innA~ I K?r two newly and comtort*My famished Rooms on 2<i floor, (adjoii,ir;j{.'with Board, in * prua'e fimi'y, suitable f ?r a gentleman end his wife, or two sincla eentiemer f oare'iion jfiwui nr>me'i*tei?. lie e'enee tiven if re^ui'ed Apply at No. 402 Eijh'h sr^et. between G aud H. fegl 4t" X\T ANTKO? K honest. treaty ROY. to carry a y rout* on'his paper, *oie other need a*ply. Call at this offiu*, (to morrow,) Thursday *ft?rr.oon, at 3 o'-:io3k. fa 19 \irANTKD?Kvery person to know that I am la ?? the market readyt pay cash for *11 articles in the b<>usefurni*htn< lire Those Icavine the city, or havin1' a surplo*. w,' do w?U to eill. K.. BLM HI.Y, 429 S?ver tli et.. betweenG and H sis , t (\..l I - * f-* * ' . ? \rv>Qvaiuc,; i#coicr iu -w ana ceeona nana KiirLiture. n?> 16 tf WANTKD.-We are now burn.* SECONDHAND FURNITURE, STOVES and HI D DINS, for whioh *9 are pajini the highest cash prices. Families declmim housekeeping, or having a surplus of furniture, will find it to their actactace to j; ve as a oa.i. BONTZ * GRIFFITH, JelJ-tf No. 369 7th ?t.. hr<w. I and K sta. LOST AND FOUND. IOPT?'^n Wednesday last, the 12th instant. J Wack COW,with white horns; ec<1 ot^r?^a her fail was white; was s.l out 5 yra-e old. Vkar* A ibera! reward will be rivfnon its re-Lk turn to J. M. MA V, No 69 High 8 reet, t>eorretown, D C. fo&> at* Cj*7 c B KWAK ? ?Kan awa* from tne premises <S> I ?J of S?!by B beiges, rear the Ana- m t;_ n : - *? ? - - - - tusiuor ueunir.t s ortme m Was In' gton /H oonnU. D.C.. a NK?HO WOMAN Vlary, Jw*. about 30 years cf are- not very blaok; lias JhW a pecmiar inantie oi the head when spoken to,and Hot Charley, the son of Mary, a> ut 4 years old, th? p openy of 8e!by U. leasts. And alsoMaa lit I Ball, about 30 year* old: black hrown, with some whiskers ana with a bothy head; he is stout made and ab ut5 leet 10 inebes hien, and very straight. The above named Bi'l is the property of Robt. Mar?i?a I. living nea- Mr 3oaegs,ia Pr nee Geori^'" county, Md. Twenty-live do lars a piece will he Riven for the apprehension an<1 de livery cf Ihe above named kervant*. They are uppcied to be in and abynt Washihgtcn cm 1). O. 8KLKY B. arAUd*. fe34 3f KOIiT. .MARSHALL. |7,OUNl>?A. lady'a GOLD PIN.whioh the owner r can have Dy calling at 354 Penn. avenue (up stairs. > !e 3*-3t* I^AKErTyP AHTRAV-Onths 19th large BULLOCK, wh oh the ownerr=T52rfci? oan have by proving property and pay in* rtzVIr* iamagws- Apply to AUGL >rUS C"N HYyi ZAiMtJ, Government stables, H street,be tween 21st and 22d sts. fe22 3t* UTRAVKD?From the subscribe''*, comer 2Zd 7 and M streets, a large red HTr.KB ? wih utr ni*rir on fith Up A libera re RT w&rd will be given for anr information of hu whereabouts. JOHN H. SNVDLK, fe 32 st* Center Market. GTKAYKD OR (STOLEN -Ob Thur-day bt?ninc.thaiO h inst .from the corner oi |tv Green and Stoddad atreeti, a sorrel MOUSE, marked with mustache, with^*-*mliUrj ndJ'e aLd bridle. A suitable reward will be given on his return to the office of JOHN A.GKlMfcy, Atentaud Commission Me-rhnnt. on the Canal, beorjet- wn, D C. te 23 St* RAN A WAY?F'om tue subscriber. living n^ar Lurrattswl.e, Prinoe George's oounty, m Mvi.. ab the7th FeWrua'j. 186f, niy NEG*o ? W('|HAN, Bettie." who calls herself betti* Shorter Mie is ftitout t*?ntj-five AV years ot at?, four fact 10 in mee huh; da k*3L* oofper ooloied; i?nn v:s?sed.ifa light niu. cu.?r i i Et tiitm? nf Kar *<?*? - from k bum when a ohi d; had <<r when ehs l*-ft a n u? oouqtry made yam iruok; ai d hail otler olotl?t*? viih her. fhe took with her, her ehi'd O.ivta a'out 12 rnontna old. $2?will be given lor apprehenai. n 01 tne M ove woman and child, provide that they are t'eiivered to me or aeourea 10 jail, ao that 1 can get them a.ain STANlsLAUs* BRAE FORD. fe 11 Std&2aw2w* ISTKIOT OF COLUMBIA WA*HI.n&to.I County ?1 hereby ojiufy, John H.p?\ Newman, . 1 c&id oouiity, Uought bflu e^P me aa a ?tray, rnnniug at la ge in t * atieeta ol beorgeiowu, a dark hay MAKE, anppuaed ?t> be about 10 yeara old; about is hania high; aatarinher fore heal; ring-bone on her left hinl foot, both foreieet ahod; awitoh tail; haa txfea worgfd in geara. Given ucder my hind and aeal, this 18th day of Febioary. 1862. HENRY HEAVKR, J. P , (aeal.l Tlie owner ? ? th?? ? ?11 please come forward, proT* prop arty, My charges, and take i,. t ???f,or the wi 1 be ?oid to p?y ex pens**- Ap?iy at oft je of Metropolitan Po iee,418 11 tb street. fe 19 *aOw V- Q8T-OHEC* No. 848, for on* hundred and I_j lity eight dollar*, drawn by Hru% Cam-ron. Pajsuaaier L. t*. A ,on the Treasury of th* United butts, fla-ed Washington, February 1st, 188}.is fa?or o( capt. G. H. Loir#:l or \riepajment of the ?&iae ham g been stopped al> serai na are forb ii nejouatins th* tarn*. I'ut fcuder wul be rr warded by returning it to Captain C. K. i.O*ti,L, oampor iheSth U. 8. Cava! y, or to the olios vf Major B Cameron, oorner K and 15th sts. | LOS1?oa Saturday, January 4, aLtATuhH IKLNk, email six*, rasi*t oolor^nni marked"ttecrg*A. Parker' on on* bd<!AifM andM. telion** on the other. Tw*nty^?^P dollars reward will be paid for th* sair.* on delivery to the ?nb?onb*r, at hwtsa 471 Fourteenth street, or any uOotinanon that may lead to th* raoovary | f* ?-! **' A. B. KKVB8. k V i* ? ?*? 4 SECOND EDITION. THBFR O'CLOCK, t. M. COSfGKhSSrONA L. IlXYIItfc CO EGRESS?Mr c *114 Ttmcat, Febres't i5 On mntlnn nf Mr IV* vote by which they vc*to'<liT passed the Trea?nry-no?e bill was reconsidered, and the ?ald bill wasaga'n referred to the Finsnce renamlttee Mr Qrlmea offered a r??olutU<n asking tbe War Department whether It had made any tracts to build any railroad or railroads. or had taken any steps to that end, and If ao, by what authority of law Adopted. Th? blli fcr the occupation and culture of ct?* tain cotton lands on tbe southern coast was taken up on motion of Mr. Wade, and after discission between tint jjet.Ueman. Mr. Carlile and wr Doollttle, was laid over until to-morrow j On motion of Mr. Trumbull tb? bill tocoo* fisrate the property and free the slaves cf rebels, was taken up. and Mr. Trumbull addressed the Senate in Its favor Hoc*!.?Rills for Indemnifying loyal citixens I for losses sustained at tb?* band* of tbe Federal | troops, and for loises bv Union men In the third congressional district of Kentucky at the hands 01 ne rt-oeis, were miroaucea ana rsierrea Tbe bill providing for a better organization of the cavalry force* w*? p-.s?ed LATE LOCAL NSWS. The Bakmt Cask in Sevseal New Phase* ? Lieut. Barney be fore Judge Merrtek ?Lieut Bar. ney before Justice Johntnm o* C Hare'* of Assault amI Battery, Tktea's of Violence, and Ltb'l ?We learn tbat, for a short uoic put. the eldest son cf Lieut. Samuel Chase Barney. a..d b.s twodau^L ters, have been In the custody of Dr. Harvev Llndsley. the guardian appoin'ed by the Orphans' Court, while tbe second son. Fid v. ba? for sjoic montLs past been with bis father On Fr.iiay last Mr. Barney met hla eldest son. Samuel Obsse, on Louisiana avenue and took bin Into cusiodv Dr. Harvey Licd?ley then au d out a writ of habeas corpus to recover both < he eldest children, Cbaney and Eddy. The mitter came up for a benrirg? B'fore Judge Merrick, (of the Circuit Cout.) I yesterday ?After bearing the arguments of counsel th" Court Kave an ord^r for the deliverv rf tte two tldett children cf Samuel ? bate Barney (Cbasey and Eddv.) Into the custody rf i>r Flirvey Lindsley, the guardimi appointed by the j Orphans' Court, until such time as tfe decree rf aa!d Orphans' Court maybe annulled bv e i. Ap- j pellate Court, or until the said chilur* a have attained their majority Before Justice Johnson ysteriny.?Lieu' i<ar-j ney was brou.-ht l><fure Ju-iice iouuzo^ ynitrviy on a wan ant for his arrest on the chirgecf s. ' assault and batt<-.-y on his Hde?t son, Samn< i | Chsse, committed whil>? 'akltur blm lit* fc'.: i custody on Friday iait, as above st.Usd. or ?ubst- | quently. Sever*' v.-itnesse? w?r? examined, afttr < which the case was di?m'?s*d Ano'bei warrant was upon Lieut. B'< nev, cfcir^lni; him with Ubrl on j. W. <>- K.-~ : a- d otlirrs. confa'red in c pamphlet, wh j it .* allied v?as rrinied by crder r-f Lieut U:raev and publisbea and circulated by him. This rase w.-is ???t for a hearing thl* morning it 11 o'clock. Still another warrant (commonly known ?a peace v arrant) was sfrved upon Lieut. Barney \e*terday afternoon, ch^rgln^ r.:m \y:th uiairli.^ threats of violence towards Dr. KarV'V L nds'.ey on tbe2!th inst. A bearing in ifcis cas^ ntso wa? postponed until thu mo ning. Lieut. ?-ntatjing ou his uwn recognizance for S3 000 to appear Re/ore Jvs'.ict Johnson thit mcTWug ? A ia.'ge crowd wag present in tbe Fourtb Ward station bouse ibis morning, at 11 o'clock, ts counsel, witnesses, Ate , in tbe postponed cases In tbe libel caw-, Josej h L Pearson *m sworn. The witness was shown a copy of tbe pamphlet said to contain the libels and identified it as thit which wa* printed at Pol kin horn's establishment where the Witness Is employed. Mr. Barney hid the printing done. Witness was present wi en he (Barney) read the "proof," and made certain corrections therein At this point Judge Purcell appeared, and stated that ne bad been summoned asa witness in the case being trltd, and was surprised thit the trial should be fixed c n a d^y when L" held court He bad now fir y persons waiting fur him In the Orphans' Court, and urged a postponement until Monday next. Mr. Havidge (counsel for Lieut Barny)*aid he was anxious to have a spe??dy trial for his client, who was a persecuted man, >>ut he would ro.sei.t to a postponement, not to xir.barrau the proceedings In the Orphans' Court The parties having aereed upon Tburfday morning, ten o'clork, fu;ther cots.deration o? the ca?e was postponfd until tnat time. In the case of the threats of violence, Dr. Harvey L'ndsley appeared and was fwom He testified to the fact of Mr Harney having threatened him with personal violence, but said be bad no apprebe.-slous of bct*!ly harm from Mr. Barney nor anv other man. He oupposed a b'eachof the peace might rexuit, and It was proper for him to take the action be hsd, but he did not feel any apprehension In the sense of fear justice joiinion took Mfut Barney's own recojjnizance for Lia appearance this evenine to give bail to keep the peace towards Dr L'rdsisy. Police ?Ytsterday, the < of f.<niis s and John Wiehl, w&o were cfcar;?<d with *tealin^ a horse, was called up f"r hearing tyforr J::?r t Walter, and thay wi rr di?niis>ed Anothcrc se waa laid before Justice Johnson against Mr Rela. which wai a!?o there being no evidence whatever to s>'sti!n m< h a charge. Mr R., who w is i/reatly norTiled. lare* that it is a persecct on t f hiu", ar.d hr will uow claim protection of th? law. GeorgeC H iTbron, violating a city ordinance; ruled for a fkf her hearing Tc#same, for k- < , _ a livery without liceti*ruled for furtfr hearing btf<>-e Jus'l^e W l?er* 1 ri ? - uuaae niinrVi )<*r a?-i\ict an< l-altery un Ctaa.^ Barney, jr . was arretted r \ SM-r:_eant Croniu, aiid apptwrtd Vftr<* J ustice Johnson. who dismissed tt.i Ms,?. t'b;w II; r i< y, for threat* of iolence, w.<s li*-M to ba:l for fon^r hearing bv Justice. <i"o W'jlkcr, larceny, sent to ja'l fcr further hf:irin^ h Justice I*-;rnacl.< John Marren. peuillu:; withoi.t <1 ):o!'^se, tined ?-j? 5by Justice Harnaclo. Disi'KDEHI.', I*' r<u;.s ? Two weeks since the arrert of a j rty <>f disorderly person* et the licuse of C Lot-hard, was repoiUd by th?* police The house is on F street, opposite the Patent OBce. Let nard was tried at Court for keeping a disorderly house, at the last term; but was acquitted. On the day of his acquittal, a soldier went to a Police Magistrate for a warrant againt him, for assaulting and beating him. Last night the dls order became so great as to attract a crowd, and ice pauoimen on tne beat, again arrested Loenard, and with htm Jas and Annie Dougherty, Lydta Donnelly The females resisted the arrest, and struggled like experts to disarm the patrolman, and probably would have secured the escape of the waole party, but for the timely arrival of another patrolman They werv tak>-n to the Central Guardhouse, and Justice Thompson tined Loenard#11 12j?, and his three associates 913.12j{ each. _ Anon!** I'mios VirTn?? ?T?' - ? - ? ? ^ ? ? \?twrjc??/wn Election ?The entire Union ticket for member* of the Boards of Aldermen and Common Council wai elected in Georgetown yesterday, without opposition. The following la a list of the members elect: Board of Aldermen ?George W. Beail,Walter 8. Cox, Heary M Sweeney, Peter Berry, Joseph Libbey. Common Council ? S. H Howell. J T Bangs, T. A Newman. Wm. R. Collins, Win H Tenney. Charles S English, John Marbury. jr , John T Kelley, James Uoddard, L. L. Clements, Jas. J. Barrett The vote was unusually small. as "aeeeah" had ! not the heart, after the late Uninn virtnr;?~ in nominate candidates, but surrendered at dlsc;stlon. A. Femi!^nk Fiohi ?A. row having wnmtl In a house cn Twelfth street, south of tbeareni'". Sergeant Dowi..r aire*trd Laura Catkin, Jul a Dean, Nelly Matthews and a n>al?* visitor to U.? establishment, and took tbeun Ml b< fjr? Ju?t).e Clark H??re .t appeared In evidence th ? 1. n.M a d Julia got Into a " muii" all ab. tit soni furniture In th?? hou?e. which w?? ?? latter. A light ensued, and Laura wt? getting the worst of it, when the drew a knife and t Ion bed Julia, Inflicting a alight wound Justice Clark neld the partiea to security for further beiring thia morning, which hearing resulted in the matter remaining as It is, the evldtuc* not satisfying the Justice aa to the parties at fault. Aou as the grand jury aits on Mouday uext. he advised tbe party feeling aggrieved to appeal to that body. Prison id ?This morning a tqusd of near thirty aoldiers, belonging to General Banks' division, and who have been In confinement for desertion or other offences, at Prederlck, Md., were brought to this city, and delivered over to th? custody of the Frovo?t Marshal, and by him were ordered into confinement at tbe Central Guardhuuae. They belong to New York reglmenta. near Frederick. Knur rffiuw* ? ?? I brought before the Provost Mar?b?l this mornIn?, and were properly cared for Other prisoners at Hancock, are expected here. ScrRxm Court, February 24 ? L'poa the opening of th? Conrt, Mr. J notice Wayne remarked to tbe Bar: "Tois Coart having been iaf rns^i trit tte ther Departments of the G?.cru?.-.ut would net | transact any business tc-dar, u a mark o( resprci i to the President In hta sffl ctloa, 1 am l. sUn-'ed j to announce that this Court will, irotn consideration of the same kind, adjoint until to-morrow" Kkkpino a Gambles Hocsx ? Eliza Delany, whose "calling" is ei pressed la the pallet; report of this morning as that of "a big, fat woman," was arrested by the Patrolmen of tha Fifth Ward oa the charge of keeping a gambling house She la to be examined before Justice Farguaea to-day % \ Siftfn ? Daaial Qnialfc, drnk ul^HnSw^ flc-d ?1.M. Kate WlUUm *?4 Margaret Bailer, nvmphi ot the paw, and Pamuel Cornell w*re ill three arrested for profanity, and tbe trio ma<> to dlsbnie the following amount* t Kate M. Marjjnret (1 91, and S*am:iel #218?**9 aald amounts, we suppose. being graduated aocoriJ- ; t) ttoe kind and dee-ee of "cm word*' tor which etch party wu flnrd - - l A* OcrtMtor* Aiurtr.?A roiored man, c*T!ed Tkomai Da'cbet, was Knocked down at thrn- acr of Pa.arenue and Firat rreH ??', eaterday evening between 6 and 7 o'-'--Y. *-y K >r? e soldiers, who stamped uroa hia p body srd broke bla leg, and inflicted other lnjuile Th' wounded man wu taken to his home uy i cnmy .> o trre?w neve o-en made. sin*h Cc*?**cy.?Edward Rock. ? *hownamn, wai arrp?t*d by the Fifth Ward poll'*# yeiUrdiy, charged with paanlng "Oeorgla curren y." He w>? brought before Jumtlce Johnton, who dhmiaaed the c*s*-. /Ov ISAAC HKRZBKKO. /0v rxX The OtQr Lteeawd X^A 9 0 PAWNBROKER. 0 < #KUMV) to be loaneJco tiold end Silver Wsto/iea, Jr<w*iry. Gees and Pistol. Silver Were, eoo Wcarinc Appar*:?ia: tho c!a r^nd, N<-. 3J1 C r*?. b*ck of the Netiocei H?tclt l.c>r*n *% and (tta eta. de ll-ftm" ^TEINWAY A.RON'S CEM.UUATKD PI KJ Anu M'R 1 br.-Tltn v e sdm tied by all n.uaioi %? > to tw tae be? MRft ma- of%?tpr?d in thia <v?tatr? They have1'? *' ' n' ah tim?? ;~ec;?*ed tue f ret preir urn onrl l oth rs, wh'rev. r aud wheoev cr t! e? came ilooibpetilio". Tr.fy a-? warranted for fc?e ?eara A ar?? a?sort>r.*Bt of t.ieae iintruiueuU 1? a!*aja to be fown4 at tue Mcaio *t? re of *v.G MLT2KKOTT, > ?.e Atect. On# 7 octave < ronnfl o ruer Chick-not Pi*n?? or naie tor *i.S. fe It I 'LOKIOU8 NKWS?BURNSIl>li*8 KXPfc M dittos a perfect anocta. But neat Ui that ta the Gr. at Barga na nut iffVre<J ta C Fbtt'.ahiDK Goods, Trunk*. tiat.< ac<i ? apa, a; the Feople'a Ctothir.f More, No. 460 7ili t. o*?a> &ltA Moat I la 14.1m CKNTRaL HOTKL, (*rrm Ikf R*r<,r-an ?;**,) C >ru*-r ot Pec!i*ylva: i* ITWV at,u f .b ?trexrt, 1 oppoai'* oora-r ;o b>u?<i* toe J* tioua., is nowinifliahed throughout with new a<.< aaCaouM f-rnifar*. Toe proprietor ?itOtrmi *>ie frieidaana pub So tii&t the; can be a<MK>ui*n ulaied mU riMjin*. by thedav or wwk wi.tior witi.oat lurnit. Tr.e Diuici Sa i>i> o?ku %i? i boure. H CtL-<TON, f? 10 eotw* P^ofrieXt. ^jatAP cash 6 roan: Tm aaderi:(c d iiMf cjuataady on hard a r-neia! RB<ori<aeat ot .\ew i id r-eoond h&nti Fa>j : llure, CfMkcry. 0 Wtirt, l'.L**re, Floor !vrtic;ee 8td hcu?eke-r.icg arUcis* teneraity, I viiich tr.ej n. e pre?m*<.<? to eel: *? cheap if not . rii -a.D0rt a.ii fi.iv o*k^r rn'iih if n.?r:t in tka oit* ttcyikg *xc naively ! t'ie exa '-i. 43<i kelLag for **n a.tii*-j are rvt* t?!-| ca-. o mp*te with tb? ?h?ap#?t. t'- son m wuitcfas* cf Ih *1 jre artic'.ea are -jTsi !y reqir-srcd to ?i?e cs a oall before par ehs*inw e'e^wh^r'. . iiir^b ofse .nd ' n-t Knrx t re ?aken in ei ofc* ff >aw r Griffith. io U o-fcf. No. a? <* ~tn M.. r^t. 1 aiic K ?U r*? ~~r*t ?i ire. ? RF. PnHiff i? r?>f r pM? informed that tit# arde^ifcetf oo--mp? , ? <! r::" MEr ? LlMK ^ Fr: i. av*s a* tj Hil. Ttir crr? Ir'y* *i.: iiv t* ^ '?* ito^l evrtj . uu.L^t ?' oViix-k fcji i Mer" half ?a?* s o'ol'a. lad w : :lb r'sc.r r t-? r..d irom Me-icnan Hill ewri near, thrjv ?t!iori.i~j a and r ??ot coo 'fp.i.O# ?< t'.e vv tuii oaxpi ir tt?? n .t-or hood. I lit uu<i' ?iRued ti> p>-? ?? rroeito& ut> J support, a* be is tieunu b&d io ?ffo n hi# p?u. ij eve> j faci itf in iiis so Jrcr. Fa* *9 e <ate ?*o-i w .y. oh<?. M. MlLl.KR. lelt-ec'TO* Krofietor. notice NOTICE NOTICE N TO SUTLER?. TO sutlfcrs. SPICED MOLASSES CAKES. SPICED MOLASSES CAKE1. SPICED SUGAR CAKE8 SPICED SUGAR CAKES. In oonae*-'?no* of tha rre?t demasJ for our Moiassca G inter Cake ani Scuar Cake, we have appointed HUNT, CLARK & CO. Corner of E auJ l^th at.-eeta,; Ateata for U??r ?ale. 6NAPB, J T \i i f | ya MOLAS9KS POUND CAKE. IN QUANTITIES, IN QUANTITIES, IN QLTANT1TIF3BOSTON Cfi ACKERS, F'Mh eve.y daj ? ??rm fr m the ovec mai? de!'ciou? food? Ttn Cent* Per Pound. F'AY ION'S CELEBRATED MINCE PIES. Hotel-keep* , Head; cf Families, and Sutlers are invited to try oar exeellent Miaee Pi*?. Our MINCE PIES need only to b* tried to b? appreciated ; price fl'i ar.d 913 per bune'rei. JAMES L. DAYTON. Uakery?4 #6 Eleventh street. . feb 21-1 w lutveM 6audU. | R <J N CLAD8 T K A MKR!* Nm DT/htkuti Flbruam <?>, ',962 The Navy Departni^ct will, ur til the 24 h of March n?xt, receive proposition* for the complete coaatruc'ioc and eautpmsnt ol Iron c ad veaa?ie for river, harbor and coast defence. These veeteia. witti the exception of those for the Mii'i-at^pi iivar a ad its tributaries. *i 1 be piope ed by aorevs; those for the M<? <aippi river and tributaries ir.av be propelled by patidlo whe* ?, Tne hul.a will be either wholly of ron < which would t>e preferred) or of iron am wood combined, as the projectors mfty cnndor most suitable for the object proposed, but their atdea and deck* must be rroteoled wiih ftn iroc \rn %tuie siift.oient to resist the heaviest ahoia .d s!e la. The vessels tor the Mt?aieaitp. river and its tri butanes are cot to draw more than si* feet w? .*r when fully e*tuppec and a wh.el /afi they are to be able to maintain a remanent rpecd of' ice knots ner honr n etui wat'r. &?d carry auffioient coal to t*>e ounkera lor aixdava > tearunr at ?liat apeed. Tner arrratr ?D? will oonaizt of nut less thau six eleven inch tuns The vesae ' for *arbor deienoe are icttJ draw iron* than twel?e feet water wheu (al'j eecippe^ mi<1 armed,at which draft they are to be mL!? to maintain a permanent tpeed ol *?u knota per boor in t mourn water, ard carry ufb-'st-n: ru%! u lbs buukcra for t-evea day* (teaminc a*, tpeed. Their armament w.ll eon?m; of not .eta than from two to four eleven mah *ona. 'I he veaselafor noa t defence* are r<?t to draw more than twenty feet water when fait; equipf <3 and armed, at wriou < raft they aretobeabla to maintain a nt freed o( fifteen kcota pei hour at sea, and carry c _a. in the hinkera for twelve daya stemming at tl<at ape d Th*>.: arluame t wi 1 ooueiat of oue or two fifteen or twenty inoh gbue. li e guns of th? rw>elt for harbor and c .aat da fenoe are to t an to a i pomta of the con paaa wither onan*e in tne ?e?tn'? po*i ion. The pr< po*iU n? inja <t?:e ismrerof veaseia, iuhject t > the e ee ion ? 1 the l'epnrtmert. w;.icu tse par'y proprtoi to farLieh ompiete ta every retpec'.tmf-raeiiif ?*mour, p AUug, iteut nttohinoij a:.* e?utpineutt ?f R- kind*, rea'y for ervite, exc fting on y t'i? ?rdrance and orJiiMM atoreaaai p-ovi-ion*. the proposition n:uit te to oompv ej dj d-acr:|ti 'i<?.epe3ifio6tu<n?,drawlrg? an n.odeis ciaaoh etaracte' that ttie work coaia be ete? ?*?4 from thera. T e place of delir-ry ronet be etateJ; th- urn* WifiaW'ieh tne v<-teel or T?ne!? are t > l-e^om p ,<-ed and a'ao the total cum (u Mr "d for eachli will u? atipu>aud in th? eoLtract that oue-tf k ths t ;tal amount will be retained b. the Govera rocut uatu uxty da?? * "?r the rec-pti >l of th* va?el, in order to gin it a tnaJ, the rercamiLg f>sym*nt* being ms'c dee regard to the proper p-r orrti&nce an1 pruffi cf th" work; iheoon'rtot wiii also embrace fvfeitur?tor failure to perform the condition* aptH>j&?d. Thrt bid* mu?t ite acoom parted by the cuarantee required by law, that if e c ntract i?awaid*d, it w II Ie promptly sMUl' ? < i??* of the part ? who ar> :o b?e_:ne the mre?iea ?o the ainc t o 1 tL? :%o* ?>f <ho ?urUract wn! aiao be itttrd. 1 l.e P?f?rta4nl o? -eider rot other proroiitioue ii.*. iii&T ? ' ;r?fct to1 i? vMoii i >e -raft oi v?t r above cr.-BeC ?e nti tx er"ed The l?cpartm-r<t V;;' tart lltwrty t> *:oeptor reject w?y or ali the propo?>. or a. fezi ^UlRIIMJ vOVIi *r.d v ovcvuf 1.* .^lea* and chiUr:ti'a tttr, a fall *u?rly of the beat trade*, Bi.d?r the <? ratea riotvithetai tne daily a ivane* - price of eucli tooce, ?e?rLti'.?f <nr old ? a ?i ii.on. PEKKY A BKCTtffcR, f? '3 if K'erp. av and Nmth it ?J* H li ART OF WAk BARON JOM1M. by Capt at*nd*U and l eat. CraifhiU, 0. 8. Army. &JSW.CASKVS ii>? AiVi HY TACTlCt*. Tnti Voltm its AiiM- iUry books lor rate ?t North?r> pnoe*. HUllSoN TlYLUR, B.h kj?'l?r and 8'?.t.o ?r, 3*4 i'*Ui. r r. f?T-Svr |iM"l r 8*1 ON ANn AFTKK WKI>VE#Da\ ?.? MJu the runt ?;-au*r? ktt i.-iir r.* ' ^ Mil v UiX' N fLLK ?Ui fct>_ li<; Iter UK _ Uii'T (5U2d?T?jUOepMKl_l_ * _?* W' v F1SS Mfortaa: of Tbi o< ?1 0?r?. fci.irtr, in?n>?. il-U aaii ? spit. kt >?. 46<i Hn itrMt. o?* *w|a r^?t I'fto*. f '?-"n AMERICAN ?PKCIPiw.-ik? on; ?|i. i>p?<d j *sa eertair cur? for ft c?n?? j Lxumm oife in Iron U>r#? to bix <Uja to;4 ooty ftt II3X Pft ?TW??? f H m GKN i'o Vttfnithiu* Goods, Trvrh*, CMtkihf, Trunks, Hftt, ?lJ 'ftps, til at Nor A* t< p tow, ftt (A> Peofi?*i CfUiif now, N? (U 7U rti (. fi IV Ua . < ^ % v

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