Newspaper of Evening Star, February 26, 1862, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated February 26, 1862 Page 1
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/ i - V M ' * /?* v * jc ">*v:.4^| # 0 . ,- ^ - .4 i-#- ? t ' t -.. i ^ * * * *? AJ. * * ^ s , " I ? ? - J _ ^ <4fc> J^Kfcy ,? Cl (ffbciung ftar. . \ . .. * "?J V5i. XIX. WASHINGTON, D. C. WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 26, 1862. N?. 2,818. _ . . _ . . __ _ __ _ . * # ??rnrn^mm ^ mm^??i THE EVENING STAR is rUBM8HBD BVBRT JLPTBRTfOOH, (SUNDAY EXCEPTED.) .? - K AT TtU ITiA BCILOIKM, / FtMMf<? <? h?hm mU Sitmmtk tl. ST W. D. WALLAOH. P?pc? w??d la paekaftw byoarrlen Kill year, or 37 oeota per month. To mall tabocrlbers tte prloe la S3 M year, m mdmmmt*; (S for MX months; 81 lor three months; u4 for Urn tbu ftm months at the rate of U cents a weak. 81a fie ooplea, oaa cast; la wrappers, two ram. ct Adtbbtisbmbwts abouM be aeat to the a Ace before IS o'clock m.; otherwise they may aot appear aatll the next day. ^ a^???s?s?sm?m Oaa. Great's Official Repert ef the Captare ef Fart Dsaelsoa. Headquarters Abut is tub Field, ) p ^ r* .1 n.i se ia?a 1 ret uonrrson, reu io, iomt j Central G. W. Cul'om, Chiif of Staff, Z)epartnfvt of Missouri ; General?I am pleased to announce to you the unconditional surrender, this morning, of Fort Douelson. with twelve or fifteen thousand prisoners, at least forty pieces of artillery, and a lar^e amount of stores, horses, mules and other public property. I left Fort Henry on tha 12th inst., with a force of ahont 15 000 men. divid?<t two Ai. visions, under the command of Gtns. McClernand and Smith. Six regiments were sent eroand by water the day before, convoyed by gunboat. or, rather, started one day later than one of the gunboats, and with instructions not to paw it. The troops made the march is good order? the bead of the column arriving witbia two miles of the fort at 12 o'clock m. At this point the enemy's picket* were met and driven in. The fortifications of the enemy were from this point gradually approached and surrounded, with ooeaaion&I skirmishing on the line. The following day. owing to the non-arrivai of the gunboat and reinforcements gent by water. uw nun uiwuv. 'H? iuv iUi OO lUiOU b WU extended on the flanks jf the enemy and drawn closer to his works,with skirmishing all day. The evening of the 13th the gunboats and reinforcements arrived On the 14th a gallant attack was made by Flag Officer Foote upon the enemy's works with his fleet. The engagement lasted probably one hour and a half and bid fiir to result favorably to the cause of the Union, when two unlucky shots disabled two of the armored gunboats, so that they were carried back by the current. The remaining two were very much disabled also, having received a number of heavy shots about the pilot houses and other parts of the vessels. After these mishaps I concluded to make the investment of Fort Donelson as perfeet as poe,;LI. J 4?.?i_ * 1 *? -3 - note, uin pmniauj loruij ma await repairs to gunboats. This plan was frustrated, nowever, bj the enemy making a most vigorous attack upon our right wing, commanded by Gen. J. A. MoCiernand, with a portion of the force under Gen L Wallace The enemy were repelled after a clesely contested battle of several hoar*, in which oar loss was heavy. The officers, and particularly field-officers, suffered out of proportion. I have no means yet of determining our loss even approximate. IT, bat it oannot fall short of 1.200 killed, wounded, and missing. Of the latter, I understand through Oen. Buckner, about 250 were taken prisoners. I shall retain enough of the enemy to exchange for them, as they were immediately shipped off and not left for recaDture About the close of th? action the ammunition in the cartridge boxes gave out, which, with th* loss of many of the field officers, produoed great oonfusion in the ranks. Seeing that the enemy did not take advantage of this fact, I ordered charge upon the left?enemy's right?with the division under General C. F. Smith, which was most brilliantly executed, and gave to our arms full assurance of victory. The battle lasted until dark, giving us possession of par; of their intrenchments. An attack was ordered upon their other flank, after the charge by General Smith was commenced, by the divisions under Generals McClernand and Wallace, which, notwithstanding the hours oi exposure to a heavy fire in the fore part of the day, was gallantly made and the enemy further repulsed. At the points thus gained, night having eome on, all the troops encamped for the night, feeling 'hat a complete victory would erown their labora at aa early boor in the moraine. This morning, at a very early hoar, Gen. S. B Backner tent message to onr camp nnder a flag of truce, proposing an armutice, Ac. A copy of the eorrespondenoe which ensued is herewith accompanied I eannot mention individuals who specially distinguished themselves, bat leave that to division, and brigade officers, whose reports will be forwarded as soon as received. To division commanders, however, Gens. MeClernand. Smith and Wallace, I mast do the justice to sav that each of them were with tneir commands in the midst of danger, and were always ready to execute all orders, no matter what the exposure to themselves. P At the hoar the attack was made on Gen. MoCleraand's command I was absent, having received a note from flag-officer Foote request. ? _ ... ? .v.! ? V_ u_: A- ? IUI uin w mum m uiui, UC W1UZ UUSUIO lO c?n. My personal staff?Col. T. D. Webster, chief of staff; Colonel J. Biggin, jr., volunteer aid; Capt. 8 A Rawling, aoting adjutant general; Capts C. B Lagow and W 8. Hillyer, aids, and Lieut. Col. v. E McPherson, chief enriaoor?all are deserving of personal mention for their gallantry and services. For full details and reports, and particulars, reference is made to the reports of the engineer, medical directer, and commanders of brigades and divisions, to follow. lam, General, very respectfully, your obedient servant, L. 8. Quaxt. Brig. Gen. Csttia| Grails. We notiee so many methods of eutting and w ? In in OmMabI l 1 uiwviviu| >u oj^iiuuivurai aUU UUriXOttl* tural journals, and so many conditions attac bed to tome of them, as though the simple prooess of cutting off a piece of last year's shoot of a pear, apple, plnm or other fruit tree, and neaping it until wantad for grafting, were shrouded in great mystery, anil could do imparted only by labored instruction. All tbeee spooial directions are useless. We have preserved as good grafts as other people, whieh wa think will be certified to oy all persons who have obtained grafts from us, (of course gratuitously.) and know how to sat them. (their name be in 5 legion.) We rarely aver fail in setting a fruit graft from our own outline. As soon as we can get Into the grounds, botween this time and the middle at February, when there is little or nofroat, the grafts are cot, and where the treas stand in cultivate! soil, as ours mostly do, the graft* are ttuek, one by oaa, in the rround at the foot of each tree, thus preventing all mistake as to variety. Where the toil is not ealtlrated?and la largo standard treee we deeai ach cultivation nnneoeesary?they are plaood elsewhere aad labeled. Thej are stuok In the ground three or four inohee and left there until oeoded, up to the last of May, without injury. Cherry grafts should be secured now ind buried in the ground. Wa have sent grafts by mail a thousand miles, wrapped in oiled silk or muslin, witii entire safety. When soions or seeds, or aything elsa requiring oare is sent by mail, the pocmaster should be noticed of it by a word or two of oaution endorsed on the letter or paccage. AnJtwmtiiiyrt AAB HA ^itnauk^ ? ? , ? ? ? wMfWVUWt Wllfl VI^UI nitij to any point, by careful packing in b?iii or bundles, la mod or in oiled mwii For these the moes U the beet?German town Tele#rapk_ R*a?4r f? Kicking Cewe. Tie the eow's bead op prettj close and high, and pan a strap round her hind lea, bringing inem prettj cloee together. She cannot kick then, if she wants to. and bj gentle treatment and coaxing yon will soon gat her ever the triek Nine-tenths of kiokin* cows are made so by the harsh treatment of milkers If a oow kicks or starts, what is are common than to see the milker whip and sooid at her aotil the kill is really tngbtened ' MbUwmi Is the b?t la 41 eaeea, aad wtththeaid of astrap, aeaforaaaid, jm ean tame the moet inveterate kioker . Aiothkji roar ?Within the put few week* the ambere of Company B, Scott Life Guard, ' under the direction ocCapt J. 8. Beware, have beea M work ta the eeeetraatlaa of a feet oa the onth tide ef the Ounpowder Bridge, which U Intended to meant one heavy rm*. IIwill he mounted "OBto commend eqoeflr^ll tWral- V oatfcior the OaapowdW Bridge north.? 4Pea? anffitu? Confederate Ctapeu. The House wu engaged on Saturday in a discussion of the past and future oonduct of the war. Mr. Bojoe. of S. C., argued at some length in advocacy of an offensive policy. The plan he proposed waa the appointment of a comirander-in-chief of the army, and leave to him the direction of military operations, and suggested Toombs, who possessed the revolutionary spirit. In his opinion the great error was in not prosecuting the war more vigorously in the beginning, when the North was comparatively unprepared, ana wnen iter 75.000 thr?e months' men were gathered at Washington, 8g it were, on a kind of Fourth of Ju'y celebration. Mr Maohen, of Ky., replied to Mr. Royce He said that when the House undertook to act upon the conduct of those who had the management of our campaigns, he fbought they bouli arraigned before the House with a fair show for defense. He asked gentlemen, before they raised the banner of aggression, to demonstrate the feasibility of that policy. We were usurping power belonging to ethers when we attempted to dictate the policy for conducting this war. Mr. Foot? asked if it was usurpation to express an honest conviction on the conduct of the war; if so, be wanted to go home. \f. 1 i ir tk... otaviivu uuuiuiuou) ouu asftcu u liiuoo who oontended for the aggressive policy intended to traiamel cur military leaders by resolutions from tLis bo^y. lie had no preIudire against, or undue partiality for, the 'resident or any member f his Cabinet. If the policy recommended were adopted, arms would be indispensable, and asked how and where theae were to be obtained. Mr Foote said be could rote for no resolution liable to do construed into an endorsement of the War and Xavy Departments. He was prepared to demonstrate by developments that neither of the brads of these Department were competent for tu? t >=!u r~ 'h?>y held, j After further discussion, the subject was laid on the table. ( horsing in Winter. A Long Island lady gives this to tho American Agriculturist aa her method to get a full quantity of butter ( equal to grs?s butter), in Winter: The cream is skinned each day, and placed at once in a kettle, and the kettle put into hot water (to prevent scorching), and put over <ho fire. The oream is allowed to 3cald, vithout boiling. It is then put into a vessel, and set aside ; each day's cream being in like manner scalded, and added to the mass, until enough for churning is obtained. The ohurning is commenced immediately after adding the last day's eream, which brings the whole to a proper temperature, without thinnine bv the addition of hot water Tn >?: wa j she gets aa good batter in Winter as in Summer, and also a sweet and palatable buttermilk. HAVE YOU SUBSCRIBED FOR THE WEEKLY STAR, TO BE MAILED TO YOUR FRIEND OR RELATIVE T IT IS THE BEST DOLLA R WEEKLY IN THE WORLD! ITS WASHINGTON NEWS IS UNEQUALLED! ITS GENERAL NEWS IS UNSURPASSED BY THAT OF ANY TWO DOLLAR WEEKLY! ITS AGRICULTURAL MATTER WILL BE WORTH TO ANY FARMER A HUNDRED TIMES ITS YEARLY COST. ITS HOUSEHOLD RECIPES WILL SAVE TEN TIME8 ITS COST EACH YEAR TO ANY FAMILY. The Number for this Weei, to b? oiCt on Fri day Morning?price Three Centt?will be a remarkably interesting one. Every Person at a distante who would keep Potted with reference to what it really going on here in these interesting times should receive it regularly. CALL AT ONCE AT THE STAR OFFICE AND SUBSCRIBE FOR IT. SEALED PROPOSALSAr? invited till the l?th day of Maroh, IMS. atllo'olook m., for ?upplyinrthe V. a. Sab. Dep't with 1,000 head of BbKF CATTLE on the hoof. The Cattle to be delivered at Washington City, and eaoh animal to average 1 Jno pounds grosa weight; no animaJ admitted which weight leas than 1 ,W pounds I rose. The Cattle to be delivered at snob times and in auoh <uantitiee as the Oovernment may require. No Cattle will b? repaired under this oontraot before the 1st day of Atril. UM. Fieifers and Bullocks not wit ted. A bona vita good and suAolsnt seoaniy will be reenred Government reeerves to itaei/ the right to pay in Treneurr notes. N" bid will be entertained when pnt in by contractors who hare previously foiled to oomply with their oon tracts, or where the bidder is not present to respond to his bid. Bids to be directed to MaJ. A. BECK WITH, C. 8., U. 8. A., Washington. D.C. Koax ov Bid. I, A B, do hereby propose to deliver to the Government good Beef Cattle oa the hoof for per hundred pounds gross weight. The Cattle to be delivered at . according to the terms of the enoloeed advertisement. The Cattle to be weighed on t!w scales, and the weight so determined to be the purchase weight. 1 hereby asree to give a g?KKi am ??LU?--?nt bond for the fulfillment of the , oon tract, and to reoeiTS Treasury notes i.. k&ticoi t lor m i^rua. fe 13 nEPOT QUARTERMASTER'S OFFICE, U Coa.nta Eishtkshtu and G Struts. WmJkingtm. D. C., February 19,1862. S sal KB PioroaALd for furniahin* to the Boy rrnment, at tfua aoiat, <l,lOO>oce tiiouaaad H EADBCJ AMDS for the <ra?*e of d^oeaaed aoldiera, wili be reoeired at thia offloe until Saturday, March let, 1362, at IS o'olook noon. Tha boarda moat oonlorm la all reapeota to the foilcwiu* SPECIFICATIONS. Tha Boasda to be cro:?ar loouat wood.ftufrwn fea0U.(4U<|ur lae* ?o*-x,(lu) tan iaohea wide, (IX) one and orfe htJf UfeJi ttaoi. To he tMilLtly ro-inJed at tha top and "chamfered" on one aide, round ?J?e top, aad down eaoh edre to a diatanc? of<l) fo?.t (9)inohea. Plan* d sn.ooth on aach aide. A aaooiaian of the atyle of bcarda re* aired may be aeon at taia office Pro*oeaia ahoald be addroseed to CoL D. H. Rcckik. Quartarmaator U. ?. Army. WmJ,.njton. p. c'.,and aboa d bo plainly marked "Propoaata Cor Head Boarda." D. H, mUCHKH, fa U dtmar O. M. and Col An. CORNS?BUNIONS !Yf R- PERUBIAT, urr??n Chiropodist, frcin I I'l. Pane, bfji to lmorui j-j ;~at ?o ti_ r >ty ranove Corns and Bunions, Without nam, ? tut ue ihoa o?n be worn immediately after the operation, without inoouveniecoe. Aiao removes Warta a..d cu^er uperfluoue fleah from tha bancs, ?o that they will appear amall and delicate. No. 13 4S itreet. near Citr Hall. Ca& moderate. Refers to tha dootor* of Waaluiif ton ^ener462 LMkt Uwr *M> ?'?l.TB&rB KAN DIES, SINS. s&fiiiTsfamyum mssnB nrwe at Wholesale Pnoee. btriUh iurti< to grr* tn?m ? otli and uuum their **-.. .v* *T "yrS'USW^. K? 1 TELEGRAPHIC NEWS. THE LATEST PROM TINMEUEE. The Repsrtrd Octipttlta ! KtihTllle?Csntradictary ActoioU Catso, Feb 24?An arrivtri here from1 Fort Uonelson reports that the enemv hav? strong fortifications on Pine Bluffs, twelve miles this side of Nashville, and are concentrating a large force there, and would, It was thought, make a desperate stand. The report that Gen. Buell occupied Nashville on Saturday night Is untrue, as be could not reach that city by forred marches before to-day. There is no change in the position of our troops on the Cumberland river. ISSCP?D DISPATCH j 8t. Louts. Feb. 25?The Republican'* Cairo dispatch to-day says: " The occupation of Nashville by the Federal army is confirmed. Oar troops to< k possession without opposition. FIcvil tf d, as usual. " The report ?uuat ttuv. Harris ordering the Tennessee troops to lay down their arms and go home is also confirmed ^ " The Temusice Legislature has t* en cifWl" for next Monday. No opposition to the Union movements has been made anywhere on the Cumberland. " reported that white Caga are flying; at Memphis." ajiothsr dispatch. Louisville. Feb. 25 ?a deserter from the rebel army arrived at Mnnfordsvlllp to day, and reports that the national flag is flyJag over Nashville, and s?ya the rebels pretend to be concentrating *300.000 men at Murfreesboro1, Intending to give battle there. proclamation of com. footk. Caibo, Feb. 23.?Everything la quiet at Fct Donelson. Commodore 1 oote has issued tbe following proclairntlon *o tbe Inhabitant* of ClarksV.lle: At the suggestion of Hon. Cave Johnson, Judge Wisdon, and the Mayor of the city, who called upon rr.e yesterday, after our hoisting the Union flag on tbf forts, to ascertain rnv vl*ws Jtnd Intentions toward* citizens and prlva e prop* V-., \... -- u V*Ur iarvAk-a.i rny, i iicic iv <u* jTnv""wij wy pprs^n* that nettfor In their p?'?ons n<' property ?hall they suffer nr. 'eatntioaby me or by th- i,u"?l force* under n:y co'Criand. snd tbey may safely resume tb"'.r ou?lnes? avocation# Vtn assurances of v \ protection. At "the same free, I rtq lire thai ml mli.tarv stores and r,rmy equipment* sb?M surrendered, no part of them being withheld or destroyed; and further, thst no ?-ece*sion flag or manifestation of sece^lun fueling shall be exhibited, mad for the faithful observance of these conditions I sh&li hold the authorities of tbe city responsible. ? ~ II L^^-. H i vuiB. THE K'LLED i.\D WOUNDKD AT FOBT DO.NILiON. Cairo, Feb. 25 ? Oflciai returns of tbe battle at Fort Douelaon ahow that 321 were killed, 1051 wounded, and 150 are missing in Oen AlcClernand'a divlaiou. a recgkroissamcb towaid colcmbcr?a rkbbl flao of trcck. Caibo, Feb. 85 ?An eipeditlon of four ironclad gunboats and |W0 mortar boats, with the 87th Illinois legiment and a battalion of tbe 6th Wisconsin, n.ade a recormoissaore down the river on Mondiy morning, a; d discovered that the rebels bad seized all tbe flat-boat* and skiffs aa fur up aa tbey dared to come There had been a movement among the troop* at Columbua, bat whether reinforcement* bad arrived wu not learned. Th? gunboats and mortar boat* were getting Into posltlon on the Missouri side, wi.en a rebel steamer with a white flag made her sppearance, and some rebel offi'*ers came on board,when a consultation took place, lasting over two hours, with wnat result has riot been made known, but the expedition shortly after returned here. general bvckkeb. Louisville, Feb. 24.?The steamer Argonant. from Cairo, arrivM at Jeffersonville this afternoon with li>? of the Fort DoneUon prisoners, including Gen. Buckner and staff. They were In charge or a detachment ol teaerai soiaisrs, under command of Capt. Wnlkt *, and were sent to Indianapolis b* a special train. Interesting frem Misssnrl. IMPORTANT (JETER FROM GIN. HALLKCU KEOARDISO SLAVK8 AND OTHER PROPRRTT OF AKBELm St. Long, Feb. 23 ?The following order ba? just been issued by Major Gen. Halleck : Headquartert Department of Missouri, ( February 23, 1*62. ( The major general commanding the department dealrea to impress upon ail officers the Importance of preserving good order and discipline among their troops, and as the armies of the West advance into Tennessee and the Southern StatM, let us show to our fellow-citizens of these State* that uro nnrr.a m0 1a #?rnsh nnt Iho rohol 1 and restore to them tbe peace and benefits of the Conitltatlon and tbe Union, of which t' y have been deprived by selfish and unprincipled leaders. They have been told that we come to oppress and plunder. By our acts we will undeceive. We will prove to them that we come to restore, not to violate, the constitution and the laws. In restoring to them the glorious flag of the Union, we will assure them that thev shall enjoy under its folds the same protection of life and property as in former days. Soldiers! Let no excess on your part tarnish the glory of our arms. The orders heretofore issued from this depart ment in regard to pillaging, marauding ana tb?* destruction of private property and stealing, and the concealment of slaves, must be strictly enforced. It does not belong to the military to decide upon the relation of master and slave.

Such questions must be settled by tbe civil court*. r*a iusitive slave win. inererore, oe aaamtea within our lines or camps excipt wheu specially ordered by the General commanding. Women and children, merchants, farmers, mechanics and all persons not In arms are regarded as uon-com batants, and are uot to be molested either In their person or property- If, however, they assist and aid the enemy, they become belligerents, and will be treated as such. As thev violate the laws of war they will lie made .o t-ifer the pemlles of imch vlolat'"n Milltarv si^rea ana public prop, erty of 'he wnemv must be *urrecdered, ai,d any at'?-ii>pt to conceal Bu :h property by fraudulent transfer or otherwise will be punished, but no private property will be touched unless by order of the General commanding. ucurvci It U^UUICI i^uui* bu tt om for supplies and subsistence for our troops "Will be made. Such levies will be made aa Ugfct as possible, and be so distributed a* to produce no distress among the people. All property so taken must be receipted fully, and accounted for as heretofore directed. These orders will oe read ot the head of every regiment, and all officers are commanded to strictly enforce*them. By order of Maje* General Halleck. Frsm the Upper Paismac?The Secestl?n!at? Leaving Charleston. Sandy Hook, Feb.25?a boat, whilst attemptInir to r.roaa the Piitom<ic tu Haoer's Kirri; rlnrino the gale of yesterday, was swamped, and five soldiers and on*citizen were drowned. Tae ferryman, who waa v.nth Mr. Rcbr when he wai shot by the rebel* aome time since, ia the only one who escaped. The eertulou faUiilli* ve evacJt'iti^j Charlestown. Three companies ui . rbei ca* :-y nre the only enemy In s.^nt, and ttey Mia about turcf miles from the Ferry. Interruption el t'ele*rttphlcC?mmaulc&ti?B Mrw Yokk, Feb. *5.?The gale was veiy severe here last niBht. Sevtral vessels in the harbor dragged their anchors, but no serleos damage occurred. Alt the Western telegraph lines ere interrupted, but it la hoped they will soon be In working order wain. Firetwo-atory building* were blown down In Brooklyn Alao two a tee plea on Rev Mr Farley'? chnrch. A portion of the roof of the Brooklyn City Hoepltu wua alao blown away. Later fr+jm arkaaaaa. in uiu rnicn oaitsk rnox an artone rorr AHD in TVLL lltlliT. St. Locia, Feb. 3fi ?Oen H&lleek thla morijlag telegraphed to Qea. McClellan the following Intelligence: " Price a army baa been driven from bla strong post h ureas nouow. The enemy left h!j stck, wounded and sueb stores as be could not entry, and burned bla extensive barracks at that place. Oen. Curtis ssys that most of our prisoners for tbe last ton days bare bean taken from tbe enemy." Tbe Rlaiaritt Voaua. Boston, Feb 86 ?The royal mall steamer Niagara, from Liverpool via Halifax, arrived at this port at 7 o'clock last evening, and bar ma 11a sent sooth by the algbt trais L/Ia-*z.iWOKTH, r*fc. antaretno* that ? a. Hunter will leave for 8t Louis to day and Oaa. Lux for Washington to-morrow f official. ?eabury department, FKBtrART 4, 1-fci. Notice is ukksbt eiTBN of tbe readiness of this Department to redeem the Treasury note* payable lu one year from date, authorized by tbe act of Congress approved December 93d, 1957, and the Treaaury no tea payable In alxty daya from date, authorised by the act of Congrees approved 3d March, 1861. Interest on Treasury notes of the above Issues wfil cease on the 7th day of April next by terma of those acts respectively. fs5-tap7 Department of state, WaiHmeTON, January 25, 19<B. The Secretary of State will hereafter receive Members of Congress on business on Saturdays, commencing with Saturday, the first of next mrath. ' jwyr-lf**' william h. 9ewahd. War department, Jaktart 21, Ordirsi , That the W?r Department will be closed Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays against all other business but that which relates to active military operations In th? fi?ld Saturdays will be devoted to the business of Senators and Representative?. Mondays to the business of the Public. ED WIN M. STANTON, }a 22-tf Secretary of War. 320 PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE. E?ILE DFPRE. Jupt Received and Opened, A lirge *nd flrft-claw ?t<?ck of chol/"" FAMILY GROCERIES, consisting of: 8U0AR8, of all grade*, TEA?, uur t sc, BUTTER, LARP, FLOUR, MAILLARD'S CHOCOLATE, Ac., Ac , Ac. All of which he often at lowwt ca*h price#. PIKE'S CELEBRATED WHISKIEtt. 500 barrel* Magnolia, 900 barrela XXX, 600 barrel* Mlllera Rye Monongabeia, 000 barrt-la fine Old Rye, 500 barrela fine Old Bourbon, AT CINCINNATI PRICES. All the favorite brand* of CHA MPAGNE , Mumtn Verxeny, Green Seal, Heldslck, which, being bought low, we offer at unusually low rates. Also, Sole Agent fcr PIKE 8 ARMV CORDIAL. frb 14-tf JAY COOKE A CO.. BANKERS, rio. 499 Fifteenth Street, opp sit? Treasury Buildings, Washington. In oonneofion with our Philadelphia House we have opened at No. Fifteenth street, an offioe for the transaction of a general Exoh&ngo, Collecting and Banking Business. we buy and sell Coin, Unonrrcnt Money, Stocks and Bonos, (on eomniission,) Drafts on Amerioac and Enropran cities, receive Deposits, and make Collections upon ail accessible points ie? lm JAY COOKE & CO. COIN WAITED! Tha Highest Price paid for GOLD AND SILVER! Srscii Foe. Su.i in Sums to Swit. - LEWIS J0HN80* Ik CO., BANKERS, P?WN?TLVA.inA A VKNU*, i*22-tf Corner Tenth atroat ARM* EXPRESS CD.ttPlIVT. __ NEW ARRANGEMENT! ALL RAIL FROM NEW TORE. 41 HOURS. . Thia Company is prepared to forward all kind* of jooda to and from? NEW YORK?Office38 Broadway. BOSTON?Oflioe, 7 Congroaa street, and 9 Congreae S*uare, PHILADELPHIA?Oflloe, S3T Cheatnnt street, BALTIMORE?OUhe, Camtlen Ptation, WASHINGTON-Olfioe, 3*?S Pennsylvania av , ALEXANDRIA-Offioi, 10ft King street, ANNAPOLIS, FORTRESS MONROE. NEWPORT NEWS. PORT ROYAL, And the SOUTHERN BLOCKADING SQUADRONS, AT FJLlHJiATES j^gTlat* ? CABRURRS. 1. Have n?w on hand a large and fine aeaortm-nt ol CARRIAGKS, superior to any in the^anyj, m\rk?t, whioh 1 am prepaid to eel YcyCWP? lowforoaah. Peraona in want of good*-=3B?i work, will do well to call aad examine my atook b9i?re purohasmg esewhere. 11 repaira neatly done, and ordera promptly atI hare alao one very ?se oioae Pannel Carriage, whioh origina'.;y coat #1,325. but little used, and will be aoid low, aa the owner baa to further uac font. anmiiw j. Joyce, ja31-lm Corner l?th and E atreeU. pORTABLK WOODEN TENTS! Ska undersigned has for sale and will make to er portable Wooden Tents, of any required a very low prioe. Th'ee tents can be put up or taken down in a few inlnDtee, and can be seen at the oorner of Fourteenth and 9 eta. i?? lm?- JOHN A. JORDAN. COLORED BORDERED TOWELS, ee eet V/ ityiee and tualiuee, from low-pnoed and mediam up to cztni find* With oar uaaal full and ample etook of all kinds of Liaen goods. Ooe pnee, the aotoal oash standard ra?ue. marked in plain ft*uree. FKRRY & HRO., ft IS tr Pwan avenue and Ninth at J ATTENTION! L'8T Keoetved a large aaaortment of New FeaUera, Comfortables, Blankeu, Bed-leads, Mattreeeee, and Oarpeta. Persona visaing to buy are replies led to examine my stuck be/?.i e pur bmiUi uiu determined cot to be jui<i*?old. 7th rtreet, betwM oHa!aa fa, * *-* ?* *m> noe. OTICE.?Ali pereo?e Are forbidden to Mf *tietem aooeptaooe of*. W. Adsiu, dated ?>?vinr tx*n mailed in New Vork to the ncder?*tueu and n-'t reccivftd. 1. LAWgTK>N. ^JUU?M?, UOLiK;, HOARttKNlBiSi, *Z com POUND Blhbf of OVM ARABIC. ] Tku liWft m<! tutelar Cough Remedy ku MAH ao Inn* known t.nH AvtAMivilt mmmd tH*i mnfti Mnot?kaT?bfooin?ttBuiaAr vltk tu uii&crdl? n-*?' HO?8?T^^S ^ ? ?W>ul4r?MwMArk?tLvaC1^l!e55?,,j^3L WASHISGTOX, D. C., JAKtAKT, J>60. REMOVAL. A. B1TVIIVGER & CO. SAW REMOVED T? ?1* PFN**YLVAJM A VEUVE, OPfOtlll WILLARD8' HOT Kb We iBT't* tk* at'witlca ear M*o4? tad Irons to the Oard below: No ?I9 . * --- ? - - a. aiu<aili<a.UA ATB^CI, (oppotitt Wxiiard'i Hottl.) ( The Subscriber*, Laving opened a Branch Establishment lb this City a few montha since, and feeling encouraged by the liberal patronage already received from It* and the layers of par? and r*n<ilne WINES, LIQUORS, and other articles in their line, hare determined pon a contluuance and extension of their lrosl new. Their aw>rtment embrace*FINE COGNAC L'RANDiES ("i various age, brands, and district* ) HOl?RBON AND SCOTCH WHIPRIKt*, JAMAICA HUM, GiNB, kr , A too, several valuable Topics, Bitters, ?nd Stoiaaciilea, wLlcii Are remedies frr tx^el complaints, ferer &ud if tie. uiddache, and the like. MADEIRA, SHERRY A PORT WINfe.9, CLARETS, BURGUNDY, CHAMPAGNE AND GERMAN WINES. HAVANA SEGARS, Of all Varietsf* tad Price* PlNR NAVV AND OTHER CHEWING TOBACCO ALSO, PIC1LF.3, SAUCES, CHEESE, PRESERVED MEATS AND FRUITS, SARDINES, VINEGARS, SWEET OIL, Ac , Ac. 'Ihe ?toc? wu particularly aelected to nit the want* of Hotel-Reepera, S>itlrra, Reatiurateun, Ac. They are InvlUd to vUit the eatabllahment, which la under the direction of Mr. Joa. P. Waaoa. Owing to the feet that they Import moat of the article! direct, and to their many bualnea* facllltiea, they are enabled to offer their utock Oooda at rery low prlcea You* obedient aervanto, A. RI.IINGER fc CO., mforttrt of Foriifn Wints, Liquori, ft. J? 11-tf New Toek *>d WAiHiiferoit. THE EAR SYS AND EAR. N?. 88T PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE, orroatn WILLARD ri HOTEL. Oculist and Anrkt OR F. A VON MOSCtiZISKKR. Prom Canton Place. Nov York. nag armed intb? 011? and open?-! lua oifioea at 88T PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE. where ho oan be consulted on Maiftdiea of ill6 BYE AND EAR re^ninne me-oeal and urgioal treatment. Dr. Von Mocch7i?i*e tha ii.Tentor and Introducer into the wedioa! pr?o loe of the ETHERIAJL EAR INHALATOR, for the treatment of obstinate o? set r>f DEAFNESS A>D NOISES IN THE HEAD. He ia al?r? ^jkror of th* !ett?r? publl?heC in tie New Y< rk and Fbi aJeiphia pspert treat.u* ou tii3 p-e\ ention of DEAFNESS FROM THE FIRING OFC*NNON, #e. Dr. Yon M. has fortue pa?t fourteen yeara devoted hii! attar tinn tn tka ^f?2^SISmr?'syiHtD *,? I * hearing, f ftwias ^a2^5r;.s;t?w ??%? I ha" ktfauXrjf^ ^HKStfSHS I [From tks Hon. Senator Pntk] To Dm.. Von Moecaiiem: I unirauiT obliged for the interest you Dave ma> ile*te<f in mv our ol Deafneaa,and tlnakill witnwhioh tod have treated my ease. and i nave no doubt tUat by oarefulobaervanoe ol your heartlc ?h; be permanently restored. ft fl, PIGfi. I From John WLean, Jr., ton of tkt Horn. Judft of tkt V. S. Surrm* Comrt J It ia well known to my caaeroua friende that 1 have been derived of my hoarin* for many yeara I am happv to state tiiat I nave, thank* to l>r. Von Bloaotiiieker, entirely recovered My toear"if nowaa aunte aa ever. JOHN M'LEAN Jr. For aaveral yeaia 1 anflered from deah-eea. Ur Vnn AAAaiaKviarar '6c Lo?ut0evt.T^iaa!~ "ioaEpfl'YEATS. Dr. Von Movoluiikw most iittttdilly operated 0t Louis. 1650. I Ltur Jrtun bti J J. Mulion J Dft. Von. MoiciI.llU-Dear etr ? AniO'? those who have been benefit ed by ionr?nU;ol treatment,in (Umkm impair ng tbe sight, it aJTor t me great plea?ur* to the io?t:nio..ial of n? iratiiude to the liat of jomr patient*. My ?:gbt wai bo much impaired daring the lut eighteen moctUa thai 1 ooald -ot reoogmis the feature* of a friend stand: ug near me. I tender 10a thu acknowledgment of yoar eminent ski i au'l suce*** la Vlio UUUSCDI 91 JVUl 0?U|MkM grMMUl M*BC J. J. MULL/UN, Rector hLfttnek'a. The original of the at>ov<?. ai.4 uuuUreda mora teetiiaoniaf, emu be aeon at Dr. M.'a room*. Patient* vlahiac their ffcmiiy ehjeioian to aooornp-nj Uem t~? witnaee operation or for the firme of eoosnltaUoa area?!iberty u bring tiiea Medical own wilt be at ail um?* weloomed to witneea Dr. Voa M ' operation*. and examine aotae of tee matr amenta lie has incrodaaed for iAe facilitation of Optfcawio and ilia bargary. Arti iota. Kyea inserted wilbont oanalnr aoi fain Oftce ,'iucra from a. m. to S p. m. and from s te #&bl Im 98T PKNNSY LVAN1A AVKNU KH>X EXCKL8IOR CRACKKR8 ? A (tort iovMt rttw. _ UNO fcVURCHKLU itl 9+am Vamoat *. ?m l*u< mtm*. 1 H' Till W11KLY 8TAtt Vk*? ruuif b?4 dm inmi NiUUU| (iMta witty ?t hm?t Mi112 ttu MB ki f>u4 la tmj IB u F:'4sy Mri!B|. BlaftWaopi, pm uiuM..,.^.4l M Fin topics ill?NiH> ^ ^ Tu to pie#.. Twwty lTf M^a M II lawltbly mttlM Itic "TT?hligl? IHwi' ttet haa xna4e TV Lmx?s Wmimg Btmr ilmM aa generally Ui/fif bont Ike futrr lET" Single rcplea (la vnppm) ru H preeared at tfc<* winter. Immediately tS*n tk* laaaa oftbepeper Price?THREE CENT?. HELMBOLD'S GENUINE PREPARATION. 44 HSUHLY CONCENTRATEDCompound Fluid Xxtract Buc 4 fmitw Mi SfcijU him* 4* For D.HUM at to* IUHB. miV8. 0RAVRI OA. bICAL ?WcLL!ti??. , Jh?? utoreaaMthe povti of IWr**axcit** ui? AitoEiiuiTs Into fcm ?e ? b? wkioli the w?mi 01 c*Lc?sor? de^ft't * - *< cw?fATraxL B.TL?.msK?aHr* %rv *3 *e]! Ai FAIH A.MS IBfLAJlXATlOlt. HELXBOLD'8 nXTRACT Hl'^HO . . . ? For tV?&kceft?ea Ar??itr fi"m Fx-fiwe, Ha Lira cf Ih?< -r : Lat.? I' di*c. stioc or A * -t. AHvkfatt Viik :** f lndi*po*itiou to E*er*? ?. !/ > ' 1 Lou of Memory. ? . .< ->& Wesk N>rve?, +'? Horror of 0t?eMe, *i''' i)iii!S??? of Kb,i> i i;n!ver??; Lutiit '* i ( ? ' 'I >tci ? w" Hot U&ud*. T laabfc, Dr)L.tL? ol toe Kriptioiu v F*H.'P iOt*T?9AJIC?. T. eae symptom;. 11? o?*a .? jo "t >&*? invariably removec. *kh> It . ' 1M POTENCY, FAT ''IT Y. fci iL??\- iC F1 * in or.t of %r\ick ?u Pel imi w*?f ?<r> ?? Who oac esy t! ej are not fie*u*?\'y io. ,<>wea y thoae 'rt?crri. r:?EAt??." -INSANITY AND CONSUMPTIONS mmnj arr - 01 ir.c c*oe- 01 m*ir rtF*rni, tVT MONI w:ix cow*zee. TKL KECUKi-dof 1 HL I."\s?ANL A8\ LUW9 And <%? '? (Viuimr'iM, mi wiTPt* *o -ji rum or n AMarioii. "h Mclrea the aid of medicine to trrafthen nd livirortt* the <*y?<#n hioii BELMBOLD*S LXTRACT ul'CUU tmmmrimUt iou viiii. wuaocitrntci tu axt utrncu. 4.' p KM A T t>m D ? /U 4 f r f? L 1# 4 F i>a m "in ijcu? r j* m /* uao, OLD OR TOUN6., SINOLC. MARftffc'D, Ut >1a m kia 0 k. i? Many Afutiont Piemiuu to FtmaUi the Extract Buobu i? unrtua.led by as? other rea>edr, at in Chloroele or Retntioo, trrtoa-ity Paiufulcea*, or ftuperesaion o' Omu>m?rt fcvioaation. C o^ratoa or ScbirTooa state of the V'erun. Leuoorrtiea or Whit?e. Sterility, arid for ail complaints moment to the bp*. wheioer aneuif from Indiscretion, HabiU of Dissipation, or in the DECLINE OH CHANGE OF Lit Ml in erartox* above. SO VAMILT ftfiOULD SB WITHOUT IT. T*h* *o awr< ?aiM?i, Mircwy or M*4ie\*t /or UnpUntmnt Mil (M?f?rMM MIMMI. HBLMBOLD'R EXTRACT BUCHU mn SECRET UISKISEI In fcii *bMr At tittle Rxf?nM LitUe or to shtnce in Diet; >o iuoocrec;ono And M AZT?M?. It cause* A frequ m de?.re a <1 give# otre&fth t? L'rlnate, thereby Removing t? bet; action*. Prerentiiif ud Curiux ftriotare* of the ?. retttra. Alloying v\ix. and mfinni itoc.M frequent in the ci%?? of du^f.-e*, an<2 ripe Imc *14 p0U<m<mi, !>' and wcm out Mntttr. THOV8AKM UPON TBOCSAKO* WHO HATS DEFH THE TJC1IK8 OP QUACKS, and who have NiJ to b*enr?4 id Iiktrl tin*, tiaTe fou .d tffj vere dt^eirad, uO that tit* *ror?oi*" haa. by Uaecie of"????r/w ?iir??ni* t>o<2 up in t'.e By-asm, to braa* out in an t? rmmtod fain., fci-d tun AreASTZK UA AJAB* VwlKLNUUyUl KIT*/ VPICM nl! Ufttti JUS an - dlW*'MOi t t'KIM ART 'JR9A 7?. wnthtr ezisUD( m r.14x.?? on rinAif, Iron wi?t?ror aar? *"?d rt HJ .? LO.IO ITA5DI.fl. Di?n*ei)(t;ei? Ortuu mul the ?i4 e li turn. UBLMBOhD 8 EXTRACT BUVH 18 THE GREAT DIURETIC K4 tseert?:o to c*tb the desired effnt ? wnn/?r %,'kU-k u u nummiM. m>i-:ioftsb bob? cburacimm VilllKMafUr Ute BWdlOiBM. CERTIFICATES OF CP REP, Ftoje ? to 0 r?rr ?taa"lv FAM* -rursicuNF- rLtisx ?norict: wm tin "*o iiciit'' or rweai narrf HELM HOLD'S KXl'llACT d^CHl Kncha.C *o?iu?d Jat^rv i" s> ?Cted witfc fr#M o*r# t<7 ot><nj?lAt.( 'BCf-> *2<* FAILED lit TA"VC. BY H. T. HILflUttLJ, neb**! ?u4 A oulyttw' Ckern a, *r.d tv. ililCKTir ol ESLXBOLD'S GINl'iyE PE?P.iK/.r>. N AM FID A . Person*;ir M?e*rrO oefore me,mr > the city or Phiiudrieiuu, H. T. ti - ' beinj duly rwom, aoth **?.?>? preca . tun no n&rcotic, i^o mercury,or oil r ii* druie, but ure pure.; vegetal: T, HKLYHUL tr>?i ar i^aadKaH hMnMi mu tin* I r>iu% Notwhjw, MM. WM. P. ftitfli. Kit. AldoriuM, Ninth ft.. toove Rto?. ? * PHYSICIANS /^ ATTKMJAHCB FROM ? A i^TO % F. 11. Prict SI r*r kttUi, ?f iU for ??. IkUvorod to ft4?r?tz, ?o?b?*Ij ro-f ?o" ebwrrstien. Aid rem loWort for taferaicvc i? ortfeno ? B. V. HCLtLBOLJ, A?ui. OaMt iOt Scitii T?at!> St.. below Oa* tcwt r. a dhVSARX. or OUVM-ttfttKJXP AND WntKlZClfLMi) DA AL**t> who ecdMTOT *> Lnoat *-?? tt*?' w' * otter" krtlolea eft the ? HtlmbeW* " ' " au>r%t* <?*? * w ?? SM*r? KM. " " * Am Bc-M b? 8, B. Wait*, Z- 1>. feiHL# J?U9 fftUl. fc. U. K?La, a. B. Ijftiwt, A. O Uajoe, D, B. Ouu.liiwtu A UMtrtiiJ iAITD ALL DMW9HI*T6 M If ' *** A* * 1 III VOK ULMBULP'b tU> 90 vftlUM AJI? AtoiDinr ?V10? a krt -*?lM VMNMNi i'H