Newspaper of Evening Star, February 26, 1862, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated February 26, 1862 Page 2
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~ EV FNTNfi STAT?, j WASHINGTON CITY: WEDSESW V FEBRTARy 86, INS. Spirit *f the Mtrniog Prf??. The fntellipneeT applies the cauttic to the Jeff Davis allegation In bis fast day proclsmatlon, that "law has every where reigned sup'eme, and throughout oar wide spr?-ad lfirlts penonal liberty and prlvat" right have been duly honored " The RimbUtnn farther Mv<vates tli? ero-.nclpatlon of slaves in 'h? District of Colombia. Bvtbbtisipo thx Teleorath ? The New York Tribunt having demanded rf freedomshrieking In Congress some legislation to defeat the purpose of the military authorities to prevent the transmission per telegraph of intelligence concerning military inovem ntsard mat ters ii*eiy to a;a ice enemy, in generating sensations for the advantage of tbe new*p* pen? with which the senders may be connected, freedom, shrieking In Congress of coarse responded by getting tsp an "Investigating committee " This committee w?s dssigned to report some misrepresentation of the truth concerning the action of th? military authorities likely to subserve the IMmm 'j end*. The utter folly of such Congressional interf-rence with mill'ary mat'ers, is aptly Illustrated ty the order of tbe War Department to bi faund today under the Star's War Gazette head. It baa at leagih become necessiry to hold tbe pecs of sensational writers for the pr'*59 on military matters ij check, lest they defeat the plans of the military authorities, that require secrrcy for the time brinj; fur their suctcss. So, the Depar ment, touching aside the Investigating commlttse?as one woo d a Sj- from oa?'? nose?proceeded (as the occ?*:on requires) to redouble the rigidity of Its ctnsor?h.p of the telegraph! As abolltlonUm is bent or. defeating the success of the Government's military plans, least that may ensure the cf the Union with the constitutional rights of all the States unlmoalred. It will nrobablv bowl. ne>v>?r h?>. fore. over this last order of the Depaitm^nt A brief week, however, will demonstrate to the world that, as in all previous casrs, the probable fuming and fussing of abolitionism Is to amount to rendering tbe enemy subhlaatial aid?nothing more Bosh In their insaur elf ?rts to take 'he direction of the plans of tbe campaign Into their own hands, the abolitionists are doing their best to make the Secretary of War appear as one of their eo-oonspirators This is evident in the "report ed" nayings and doings which tLe Cincinnati ffaztttt, New York Tribune ????/., are striving to fasten upsn htm. Wecan assure the distant public, those jou'nals to the contrary notwithstanding, *h't their stories concerning alleged dsily conversational declarations on the p^rt of the Secretary arc manufactured of whole clotb, a mply In the hope of thus disparaging Gen McClrilau Edwin M Stanton is a man of both strong sense and unflinching Integrity of purpose, and is not engaged in subserving the ends of Greeley A Co. as the latter would huv* ?ur wviiu uci ir*r rrr Charming. graceful, piquant, beautiful Mlw Chestney is tbe attraction at the Theater hn week. As ?,M*rtoa?'In "The Pride rf the Market," she wsi applavd'd, bequetted and encored, after the most enthusiastic sort last night. She wa? capitally supported by Mr. Hrink and others of the companyTo-night ?be appears in -The Honeymoon." Orrof Pan?e? ?We are gisd to learn that the youugeat ?on of the president U stlii Improving ib health, and Is now considered entirely out di annjr^r irom me a:i-i?e wnicn ^ro#tr?*e<l inm Mrc. Lincoln, alia, who wa* mu-h indisposed from anx.ety and watching, ! row Improving but is (till ronti'ied to her room. U7-F rom the publishers, Petersen 4 Bros , Philadelphia, through M S. Sellers Sc Co , corner cf ?lxth Mreet and Pt-nnsylvaniai: venue, we have Charles Lever's dvhine military ncv^l of " Jark Htnton. theGuardsa an." Jkrr Davis' imarorral ? The Rirhmend papera of the 221 give the (natural of Ji-fl" I>avls Among tbe astonishing effronteries of the laau^u _ A* " -? rai ii tq'.s aaseruon " Our Confederacy ha* grown from tlx to tli!r- j teen ^tatea, and Maryland, already united to us ! by ka'.levid memories and material interests ictli, I btliere. trh'n "tie to spcaJ Kith unai/le' tone. connect her ii?j.inv with tht South.'' With retpeet to the ?ucc''i of the South he ayi : 11 Battles have bwa fought, siegra have been conducted. and, although tht contest is not ended, and tki tide for the moment ?j agiin't us, the tnai result in our fntor not do "The i^eritid ia near at hand ichen our foe* sink undrt th* immtnse Scad rf debt trhich they have incurred, a debt which, <r> their elf rt to aubjugate i ? baa already attflnr-d such fc;irf':l dimeaaionaas will ?ub|ect them t? burtht-aa whicn muat continue to oppress th*m for generations to jme." He congratui&tta the South upon the < ff.-ct r f the blockade, in having united them more firmly together, and develoDrd tfc?ir r?? ?..wi ? _ _^ r - ? - ??-- ? th*a.a lseif supporting and people;*' and regards It as a satisfaction that tbey Lave maintained the war by tbeir own unaided exertions, having "neub< r asked nor rtcelvtd as. tinance from a&y quarter:? Be admits Uiat affaUs look rather blue la Dixie, mying. u JJttr a s* net of smetises and victories, lekitk oovorrd our arms tctiK glory, tet have recently met ?e*c4 serious disasters. But lu the heart 11 a p*opie resolved to be free these dissxt-rs lend bat 'o S'l?u,4'.e to increased resistance " And lu conelusion, commends his cause to the Divine Providence ' which las so visibly protected the Confederacy during its brief bu; eventful car***'? CU/>ltrtlJiSlSiOi>IA.L. UZVlltb COXtiKJbM-Secend SmiIia. "brats ? After our report cioaed yesterday? The btli lo cociif-ate tte property and free the alavea of rebtris made the ipeclai order for to-day. Mr. Fesaenden Introduced a bill, which be had Juat leceived from the Secretary of the Treasury, to autbor'.xe the S-cretary to Issue certificates of Indebtedness to public creditors I: provides for tbe Issue to any public creditor, who may be desirous to receive them, upon the requisition of the bead of the proper department, In satisfaction of audited and Betted demardt against the United mates, of certificates for th?- amount due. not les? than 1,0(JU each, signed by the treasurer of the 1 nlted States and countersigned, as may be dirrct> d, by the Secretary of tbe Treasury, and to >-ear interest at tbe rate of six per cent, per annum, aiid payable in one year from tbtir date or earlier, at the option of tbe Government. fv , till ? " - j <i > viu wra? ma arier an executive Mf?.cn, the Sea<tie adjourued. Hocsb ?After ??or report closed? B'.lls requiring tbe o?Ui of allegiance and to support ts? Constitution of the L'nHed Stalest u> be adniinis'ertd to ail masters of Ami-iiuo vessela clearing for foreign and otner ports during the rebellion; to est^>l!?h a postal money order system; authorizing Wditlonal mailable matter; providing for tbe survey of grants for claims of lands, regulatiug the time of holding the courts of the United States In the district of Kentucky; authorizing tbe Secietary of the Treasury to issje certificates of indebtedness to public creditors; and extending tbe laws regulating tra.e and Intercourse with tbe Indian tribes on th? Indian | reservation of California, were passed Tbe following was adopted : Rttilrt-J, TLa', tbe several railroad companies which have received from states grants of public lands made to aucb states by Congress fur tbe purp"* of aiding In tbe construction of the toads of said compute* are required to transport tbe property and troop* of the Vnlted States over their reapectiv* railroads free of to'l or other charge whatsoever Mr. Blair, of Me from the Committee on Military Affairs, reported a bill eutitied An ad J|. tional article of war " I* ?W*t * - ** it hc>cv??vi vin'.crs in me kr rte< at the United Stta'ca are probibiird from euiploylU ui> t<*ce ui.der tlieir respective comm*ad?ror tie purpose of returning fugitives from ervlce or laoor, and any officer fouud guilty of * violation of tnla^nactm^nttobedlknilMtd from (ha arr vice. After excited diacuaalon, the bill w a poaaed by a vote of 93 to 42 Run Vllif tt ?TkeNuuiifM P ? Guard. tan of Pebmcry -?b la Informed oy o s< Locnfr from Cbarleatoii that tbe Burnatde LipcdUlua t*i proved a tola, failure. 7,U00 of l&e troop* arid sailors baviiig been taken prisoners. Tbe t'nlofclate bad also a great defeat at Bowling Green, 3,000 having been killed and 3,000 Ukeu prisoner* Tbe atnall poi bad broken oot at WaablnfIpn. causing uni*er*a. al*m ?r a ? OUR MILITARY BUDGET. muini ovit We now have positive Information tbat V?sh llle ww abandoned by the rebels on tb? approach of General Buell's advance. KXrtTlSG TIM?* : The boom of artillery and the crack of volley after volley of musketry, heard here this forenoon, were, we take It for granted, practice shooting on the other aide oi the river; such as frequently takes place there. Washington Is to-day wild with excitement over the news of our late successes in the West and South, aud anticipations of what is destined to come off elsewhere In various quarters. Upon this latter point we shall of course publish, as usual, earliest accounts of events as they may have transpired. The excel | lent and necessary order of tbe Wsr Department of this date, (to be found In oar columns this afternoon,) makes it Incumbent upon all tbe Press to be guarded and cautious not to publish news thst may by any chance aid tbe enemy and embarrass tbe armies of tbe Union at tbe present time. JTAVY YARD. Arrival of tff Steanrr Baltimore from Roa%~ ckt Island ?Tbe steamer Baltimore, Csptain DeMaln, err1v*-d at the Yird this morning, direct from Roanoke Island She l*fi there on Sunday, and arrived at Oiii Point just previous to tbe gale on Monday. She anchored there until yeiterday, when she came up, and p-jssed the Confederate batteries :a?t night without being fired at. 8he reports no damage to our vessels at Oid Point or in the Pctornac ir> m the gale. The Baltimore briugs up a number of water tanks taken from tb<> Cwn.ederates, and a gun carriage, which was knocked to pieces ov our lire; aiic, a number cf inu?kets, Ac. Tue Wyandank cime up to the yard from Indian Heid yesterday. PASSKS1SXO MARYLAND, un una ?r:??r suurday, March 1st, all persons crossing the Navy Yard or the Anacoatla bridge for the purpose of ?oing into Maryland, wiil require a pass Persons rt8!dn.g between Washington and this ide of T B will bt allowed to crcss to the city In order to procure a pass to cross and recross the above bridge. All persons will be required to furnish satisfactory proof c f their loyalty or U*ke the oath. Workmen ?mployed at the Navy Yard or in Government employ, wiil rtqulre to be endorsed by the head of tLrir departments All persona requiring pass*a will Lave to apply in person, as nopa.*!f< will be otherwise granted. Offlce honra from 9 o'clock a m to S o'clock p m confirmed. Major John Syir niiton and Major William Maynadier, both of the Ordnance Corpa, were yeaterdav confirmed by the Senate, the former aa Colonel, th?* letter ts Lieutenant Colonel of Ordnance. C"tli ^"ntltin'-n .-.ft- natives of Maryland, and both are we ll k.iow i !n this city. Colonel Symington waa for many years the commandant of the Washington Arsenal, mid the large storehouses, model r -j::.I end ct'uer buildings at that were er J while ' e was stationed there. AS ARTU ,HKY SKVIKW. To-morrow, ht p in , a portion of the artillery rf the army of the IMomac reserve on thi? side of the rlvi r, consisting of seventeen full batteries, will be review! <1 by Brig. Gen. Barry, chief of amUer\. at tbe\;-ual point for such exer cises, on East Capitol <-trett, half a mile eait of the Capitol. ARMY GAZETTE. important military order. f'rrl'r ?n r-s^'ti .* Military Intelligtn't, by T'l'gripk, 3I*il, or otherwise. War Dkpartmknt, ) WasH1S61<'v. February a5, 198:1 J Ordird. F'r?t 0:i auJ afttr the '26th day of February in-t vit th- President, by virtue of the act of Cl-1^ i..r .< li.ltny posteailon of all the tele^iaph in t..e imit-d S:atn. ^f.o .d A i i t^rapi.ic couununicatlpnt In regard to iiiMitary o; r. uiis not expretaly authorized by the War Department, the General Commanding, or the Generals commanding armies in tue lit ?1. In the ?< vt-ral departments, ur* abMnu'.ely foroMden. Third All newspapers publishing military news bewtver , >1-d and by whatever medium received. n t cuthor:Zkd ty the official authority mentioned in tue preceding paragraph, will bt * . I .?i> J thereafter from receiving Information by telr^ra: L or from transmitting their piper* by ratlroud Fourth. Edward S. Sanford is made military s>.'j>ervisor of telegraphic messages throughout the United States. nson Stager is made mllitarv superintendent of all telegraph llnea and tfflcea In the United S'atea. Fifth Thia p, -season and control of the telegraph lh #8 la n t Intended to interfere In any re ject with the ordinary affdlra of the com)>anie? or with private bualncsa. Hy order of the i'rea dent: Edwin M. Stanton, Secretary of W*r. Financial ?From the N Y. Evening Post of yesterday: The atock market continues very nnlmated, especial y on pov rnment and State bcndi, which advance at tLe ra"'- of 1% to 3 per cent, at each aesaion of the lioaid. without bringing out a large supply of atrrk Speculation stems to be tran?> fernng Itself t o r. aon.e of the high priced railroad Kbarea to eover nent and state aecarltlea. ana we iook ior great activity in federal stocks the present year, on account of the large issue ahead, as well u? the prospect of an early termU na'ion of ths war Tbe rue In Gov^raocnta is greatest on the Fivea of 1674?aaies taking j-lice at bo -jgainst 81 Jf yesterday. The of 1-bl arc also much higher? f>J for the CoL-poaa&nd Vi Jfa93 tor tbe Registered. The Oregon War Loan aud the Fives of 1695 are 1% per cent higher. Money i? in ^ocd supply at 6 per cent, on calL Tbe bauka are l^cding more freely this week Exchange on London rem&irs steady but doll. S >me of the le;ioing drawers hn'/e sold in *mall amounts at 114^', but first cla^s bllla have been done in the open market. n *? i nr. m t .UHI'-KS OF THK FIRST BAPJ.S tiit C urcn and ? l^rejanonare requested to ineetoa FKIUa v 1>v at?k o'o Or. Uurlej * l i j ch. Ac?r Yo:k avenu*. Dr. :*a*son *i.l p.cacu on SMitiATH at s>4 p.m. 'I MinJaj roa.. i will moot at 2}? p. m . at Dr. Ucrley te 2G-8t* (V Ml 1' H < ? N 1A \ LLC 1URK8 -On Ik3 >vED.Nt?D.\i LVKNiNO, February Situ, Rev. a l,.4V.uxd Ccik, D. D , of Uaitiiii ?ro. vriil i?;tufo uu *l'upu;?r taato in Art aid L t<;ratare." ife tare in c mtnence at 8 o'ol'k. 1 he are nmtc J. Ariiuit'.anoa fr>?e. fe2t YV>C1TY HAI.1-, February ?, 1662.?The AeLi 1 ?pt!bora. .i v.i ? o uip.eiea th? AliDuai Ai eminent f r ib> will m-ct <n their room, City Hail,a- iv Uj& u oi Ap^i a', from the 10th to tnc ,t>ta of tfc.a mo.i .i.wcu-.<w,to hear oomplainta ai't to t'.ak cuo.i v: > r-tuwiB a- tr>?)r mar deem neae?*ary. LhUKGE COf.LAKD. fen 4 iawtd secretary. rr?? un-iui iji- ri?k juim commisUJj alU.N UI - Hh L;Mi KD S l'ATfcB AND una TA Hi- A, fi'i *1**10*. b%bruary 8, 1W3.?At a uieeauc ol tho tioara. hew this uay, it waa Ordered, lust a. p>;.,oua having Claim* npon theKepuoiu of Coal* Ui:i,wiiioh are provided for by the rudvpouuu between t>.e United States aad ttie cau Kef. .';.,o concluded en the 3d day of July. lttu,uo fi.a wnaoriais ot the Mine with the beoretary ol Una iioard in iheoityof Washington. OHAS. W. DAVIS, s>ecretarj rro itm. le ll-2w No. UbO F ?treet weet t 1'HK UNION 1MIAYEK MEETING WU1 I g behoi.lenev ry oay true wee* in the Lutheran Chur.d, Rev. J. (i.'e,) at the corner of mil and M ?tree's,c>.i:.i:i.'Ucii>( at o'oiook > mM au<i b"t ii'_s hour. ja 30 ff i~\. ocfcter Harding, tbe artist, Is la town. 1COAL OIL- COAL OiL! AM Now iur: itmni tns trade with the beet HKKOSAlv "i.. &i ball inure prices; also, UAt, COHN. "AT:*, *o., at lowest market price. W O'LiAUtrHLKN, lei) lm* forcer .lew Jersey av.and ? at. O KAPOKS, Lb MO.MS. AND COCOA NUT8. 30 hexes OR ANG LS, 1? '* LivMOiis, $,?*? fresh OoUOA Nl?TS. Jest receivtd <u ovuMinm nt and for aal? at Baltimore p loei t* JOHN il SEMMES h CO, Corner 9-n street and i*ouisiaaa af .. o?po <re?t cno Octor MwUt. urrrcHhi) IN cuninAST COLORS-AU Fy coiorj and **? , ikxtqt vo-y be?t Kid UIotm. A Isr?? ioi at Ui<iap ?ud fia? Baok Uiaaattilka, Fmot Si t?, lor ue present afttf approaohiac ' leuoni. i .Haur NswSpnnj ood?, uuirioe ou.j, the ajitiii ouk value inarM ka piaia r1 oaf >i??ria?rn aad UttuB Co.raapoadaaU mi 4 LATE NEWS BY TELEGRAPH. FROM FORTRESS MOWROE. THE EFFECTS OF THE GALE Baltimois, Feb. 'J8 ?The Old Point boat haa arrived and brings the following new*: Foktkiss Mowio*, Feb. 25 ?The lUjamahlp Spaulding baa arrived here from Hatteras. She laft tY\mrm nn Ann/lav hut Kvlntn no n The attempt to lay a cable across the hay wm a failure. The Hoboken, after getting half way across, anchored for the night, bat wu overtaken by a storm and went ashore on Cape Henry, and Is a total l?sa. All hands were saved, and were taken off by the Spauldlng. Half of the cable was lost. The half which ia laid haa ita end buoyed up in the bay. The R. B Forbes went ashore new Nag's Head, and will be a total loss. The steamer Express ia reported loat on the Eastern Shore. Tr*?pa f#r Arkansas. . Q * I At*?s CaK 0 \ vi Qnn/4av avanlnM 1 ?. 0|, UVWIBI rvw> ?W V U WWHW?J VfVUiU| lasv thirteen steamboats landed a strong force of Federal troops at Commerce, a few ratios abort Cairo, whose destination Is suppoeed to be "some point" In Arkansas. The Rebel Le|liiatars ef Teaaesaet at N?aplis> 8r Louis, Feb. *23?Two old citizens of St. Louis, who left Memphis on Tuesday last., ar? rived to-day. Thev report that on the day they left Memphis, the Tennessee Legislature arrived tliere from Nashville, and were to meet on the following day to discuss tbe present state of affairs in that State. i ur were rapiaiy arriving ai Memphis from Nashville, and congregating in large Dumber!. All the gold and (liver that could be srot hold of h*d been moved to Memphis. A panic of coloswl dimensions had seized the Rebels. State and Confederate Scrip was of no value whatever. There were only 3,000 Rebel troops at New Madrid under Col Gunter. Earthworks had been erected a short distance bslow New Madrid. Jeff. Thompson held 110 command there. Great Fire at Bsston. Bostox, Feb 25 ?A fire, which occurred here lnit nlrvKt *?? An/. ? ? ? 4 * ? * * ui^u*. *?w? \fiic ui ?ur ^irivrvi ever Known in Boston. It burnt from ten o'clock to three this morning. The gale from the northwest was blowing heavily, with snow and hail,and the firemen had a severe night of it Two firemen wire killed by falling walla, and one was badly injured The entire range of buildings on the north aide of Eastern avenue from Commercial utreet to Water, including Kast Boston,Old Ferry lip and the large six-story building known as tbe Exchange Hotel, with 800 balesof cotton, was destroyed. Five vessels at the wharf were towed out and saved. The total loss Is probably half a million. Some esti mates are higher. Durlngthe night tbe tower of tbe Roman Catholic Church, East Boston, was blown down. LATE SOUTHERN NEWS. THE EVACUATION OP NA6HV1LLK. TVlA U KVimnr.H IT ,.l .... I Hv b?*vm*uvuu uu?funci caiiay ui c.uuruay evening, contains the following dispatches: Atgu^ta. Feb.22.?Private<fi*patchea received here from Chattanooga state that Federal gunboaU reached Nashville on Thursday. Savaji.nah. Feb 22 ?Gen. Walker has received dispatches which state that the Confederates have evacuated Nashville. Augusta. Feb 29.?Gen Buell (Federal) haa arrived at Clarksville. from winchester, va. The Richmond Kxamlner sayi:?A rumor prevails that the enemy, In very strong force, are marching upon Winchester, and that General Kirby Smith, with his command, has gone from Manassas to Winchester to meet them, in con4iinrUnn wifK tK? "? * * .1.1, - .>> >uc iuilr? uuucr iuc command 01 General Thomsa J. Jackson. LSIOS MKN 15 THE RKBKL GOVKK3MINT WOll HOPS. fFrntn the Richmond Examiner, Feb 21 ] We announced In our veaterday's Isaue that forty of the employees In the governmcut work hop* had, on Tutadav laat, refuted to take the oath of allegiance,ana we should have published their names but for a poaitive order to the contrary, given by General Winder to the gentleman at the artillery works who haa the llac of the recusanta In poaaeasicn Yet, though theae names are kept secret, the fact that so large a humber of traitors have been hitherto employed In those important departments, laboratory end the artillery work?, baa given rise to much angry excitement and indignant comment. Men recollected yesterday and compared notes of rumors regarding tbe quality of the ammunition furnished by this city to our army on tbe Potomac. It baa been told here, and never contradirt?A that the Richmond fixed ammunition wan so mean, and even dangerous, that the Washington Artillery refuted to u?e it after the flrat experiment; one of the sheila, designed to b? thrown half a mile, haviag exp>oded within ten feet of the gun A shell Is also said actually to have exploded before leaving the barrel of a cannon of the Pendleton Artillery And, further, It is said that not one in ten of the Richmond shells exploded at all, 60 defective are the fuses. Since the discovery of this large party of our enemies In our midst, our people think they perceive already explanation of the complaints of the artillery corps In the field. C2.REAT CHANCE TO MAKE MONEY? I SUTLERS KSTABLlbHJtBHT FUR c< i T n n . ?. ? ! ! r. fc./tr-iN a p ioe where twenty regime nts are vtationed. Piopi letor going t<? Europe. Appiy at Pa avenne. fe36 2t* Vfc AbON FOR SALE, suitable f >i two or lour " honeti rnvJe in Cocootd, N. M.; ooach axles, ambulanoe uijlojuai been in ate 4 month*; will be soid ohtap. inquire J. O. OuUK & CO.. C strert, Metropolitan Stable; or Washington Building. Room iNo. 1^. ie3B ?t* WEW YORK GROoERY! NEW YORK 6ROCERY1 NEW TEAS, OLD GOVERNMENT JAVA COf FEE. EXTRA fcUGAR-CURED HAMS, And all other kinds of FANCY GRDGiUUES! for ul? by WM. COK.WIN tiURGY, Importer of Teat, fe 16 Corner of 1 and Eleventh ate. SEALED PROPOSALS ARE INVITED ti 1 tin l.tth day cf Maroh, IMS, at 19 m.,7or rurohaaiDc from the UoTtramut tne Hides and Tal ot Hoofa. and Horna, Toniuea, Cfcaoka, and Shina, of &ii the Ueef Cattie naeri bf the Army of of the Potfimo, rxoept thoae killed Within the ancient li?ica of the Diatnot of Columbia. No b.d will be entertained anieva the bidder U preaAut to reepand to hie bid. The bide?, Taliow, Ao . obtained at the iiac ol u.o oontract >r-he will be held aooouctabie for Hidea, Ac., of all animila kilied, whether he teta them or not. The bida to be direoted to "Major A BECKWITJB.U. S.. U. S. A., Waehinctou. D. C. ie atft-tq K'.H PULMONIC SIRUP 0 THEUREAT BLOOD PURIFIER. This Sirup will search through every blood el. equalizing the circulation, preventing hemorrhage separating the bile hem the blood, making it healthy arid the circulation natural With the a d of the SKA WEKD TONIC and MAN DRAKE FILLS, the system resumes iu healthy oondiuon, the pur u.ent matter, absoesses acd all ulceration! of the lungs must yield to their power. In a most e/ery square of Ph\ladelphMk there are persons who have oeen oured of Conaumpuon in its se?erai stages by the use of l>r. SchencK's medicines. Many persons been restored to health I bv these remedies hu>? ? _? . ...wV WVUUUVU (U in vi r beds, reduoed to mere akeietota, and troubled with ooaght, nuhr sweats, heotiofever and ail the other indications of an advanced stage of the disease; bat by an examination with the Keapirometsr ope lung nai been foutd to be in a tolerably Healthy oonuition. It oanaot be donated that many lives have been saved by a timely reaort to theae remedies. It ia true that in all oaaee wbere oaree ?re effected the pa'ient maat have sum* lungs remainilk; bnttkoatands 01 VICTIMS ?F CONSUMPTION have descended to their graves who mi|ht have been oared it they had oome to Dr. Sohecot in time, and plaoed thsmaelvee under hie directions. it 11 not denied that aome who taae Schenok 'a Pulmon10 Sirup die aiao. They oommenoe too laU. All that Dr. sohenck olaime lor hie medieine is their ability to regulate and invigorate the wholesyeteob to ripen the abaoeeses, and lao ill tale the diaeharge of the morbid matter, to relax the mnoona membrane of the bronohiai tubes, and to diaiodgefrom thoae tubes tne tough phlegm or pmrmleut matter whioh obstructs them and prodaooe serious dieease* of the oig&m. ol respiration . SCHKNCK'O PULMoMO SIRUP will prolong life sometimes several months, by keeping the bronchial tube nee from the putrid matter which impedes their funotiona. ?k?? ik* u? ? -? | tar gone to oure. There la no mediome (hat ou onre Coaanmation whan both laaga an dneu ed, ana Dr. bo&enok would rat bar err one wsaid Know iheir true condition before taking hia medicine. Ha troau no diaeaae bat tboae of the Lonxg, Lifer and Btomaon, aad mate* no efeargealbr ai 10a, or examining luaga in taa> ordinary way, or aa phyaieiana generall* do; bat lor a thoroaga ezami nation with tne Roapirometer he ohargee three doiiara, and wuhaa erery on* noh or poor, that haa a coagh, Fain in th? siide, or Shoulder-bWie, uoubled wi.a loaureneaa or .Dlarrbaea, Baaov yersst Wcritirxii ts sSssv Marah ?u, to m* aatiaau pewaltialni with Com ha. Colda, Lirer Gomplaiat,iJya?e?aia.oreay olaeaae leading to Coaaa*#uoa He iitm aine* witaoat charge, anleea they want a {horoogh exami nation wita hia Keepirometor, tkea hie fee la yeSSiLm*?-? ?? *?noe crisftt** Wm4 Twk,tl kettle or 9S I T&*$H&*adra# ***** * boxbe ----- . . f ICft AND wonrou lOLDim 1)1 OCPITA1.. PtMuksd in etn/ai mitf wxtk tkt rtoltuicn f tke 3*nat? oj Jul* 16, 1861. At SmtMry Hupitml, gwrfrtww, fit 31 N U. B. liftitry 18 tth Penn Volunteers. 1 4th do do 1 47th do do 1 3d do Artillery.... 1 57th do do 4 3dVermontVolnnteers 3 71st do do 1 4th do do S 99th do do 1 5th do do 1 ??h do Reserve.... 1 5th New York Vol... 1 1st do Cavalry .... 9 17th do do.... 1 4th do do 1

33d do do.... 1 5th Wlscossln Vol.... 1 43d do do.... 1 19th Massachusetts Vol 1 63d do do.... 1 11th Connecticut Vol. 1 8Mb do do.... 10 Cameron Rifles 1 87th do do.... 1 Id D C. Volunteer*.. 3 pgth do do.... 1 Oflecr'i aerrant 1 8d New York Art.(?) 1 ? id New York Cmr (k) 1 Total 59 ( ) An oflcer. (?) An officer. At Qtnornl HotpiuU, Union Hottl, nnw Bridf* and Washington ttrutt, &*orgitown, F>b SI 1st New York Art. .. S lut Wisconsin Battery. 1 5th do Vol... 1 ?d Michigan Vol 4 18th do do.... 1 4th do do 1 13th do do.... 1 ?d Maine Voinaleec*.. 1 14th do do.... 1 7th do &(> 1 I 17th do do.... 0 9d Vermont Volun t?er?15 18th do do.... 1 4th do do 39 19th do do.... 9 5th do do 19 90th do do.... 1 8th do do 89 99th do do.... I 1st Excelsior Brigade. i 33d do do.... 1 3d do do*... 6 3$ih do do.... 1 4th do do.... 1 43d do do.... 4 5th do do.... 2 44th do do.... 1 lat New Jersey Vol... i 10th do do.... 9 9th do do.... 1 54th do do.... 1 lit California Vol 1 55th do do.... 1 Harris* Light Cavalry 2 50th do do.... 1 Motfs Battery 1 56th do do.... 1 McMann's Battery.... 1 59th do do.... St 3d Cameron Dragoon*. 1 64th do do.... 1 8d Cameron Rifles.... 3 09th do do.... 1 5th Maasachuaetta Bat. 1 70th do do.... 4 9th do Vol. 1 "At#* do do.... 3 Stockton's Rlflea 3 lat Penn. Cavalry.... 4 8telnfleld'a Battery... 1 3d do do...*.? 9 Dc Kalb.............. 1 4th do Volunteers . 1 3d U. 8. Infantry l 7th do do 4 3d do do 3 11th do do 1 5th do do 1 12th do do 3 10th do do 1 35th do do 1 2d do Artillery 1 46th do do...... 3 4th do do 1 47th do do 1 3d D- C. Volunteer*.. 3 57th do do 4 Signal Corps 1 Kane'a Rlflea 13 8th Penn Cavalry? 3 3d Wlsconaln Vol a 5th do do:;;;; ?i Total. an At Htfifl M (Mmmbitm ColUgt, W*tkt*gtm, ftt. ai. 1st U. 8. Cavalry S 54th New York Vol... 2 2d do do 7 63d do do.... 1 4th do do 1 70th do do.... 1 5th do do 2 77th do do.... 3 Sth do do........ 1 67th do do. . 3 3d do Infantry.... 1 Oneida Cavalry 1 9th do do 2 MeClellan's Dragoons. 2 2d Maine Volunteer!.. 1 Rocket-Battalion 1 7th do do...... 1 1st California Vol 1 11th do do b 1st New Jersey Cavalry 1 2d Vermont Volunteeral4 8th Illinois Cavalry... 1 3d do do.... 5 SturgIs Illinois Rifles. 2 4th do do.... l|19th Indiana Vol..... 1 5th do do.... 3 4th Penn. Cavalry.... 3 Oth do do.... 1 0th do do 1 Maasachuaetta Battery 1 'id do Volanteera . 1 5th Massachusetts Vol. 8 3d do do 1 llrth do do. 1 13th do do 1 1st New York Artillery 1 91st do do 3 5th do do 3 3d Maryland Engln'ra 1 7th do Battery.17 1st O C. Volunteers .. 1 8th do do.... 3 2d do do 1 2d do Cavalry. 1 3d Michigan Vol 1 8th do do....43 3d do do...... I 17th New York Vol... 1 8th do do 3 22d do do.... 1 5th Wisconsin Vol.... 1 25th do do.... 0 1st Minnesota Vol 1 30th do do.... 1 mil ? ?? <i? i '*'-*-1 V ?V. t *| AVUU.iMMMMItl'? At Omtrai Horpital. (OvrtU,) Wutkmgtm. M 31. 1st U. 8. Cavalry .... 3 lOtb U. S Infantry... 1 3d do do 3 5th N Hampstilre Vol. I 4th do do 2 1st Michigan Vol 1 5th do do 1 4 th Vermont Volunteers 1 Oth do do 1 2d New York Cavalry- 1 1st do Artillery.... 1 StonefleldBattery,NY 1 5th do do 1 33d New York Vol... 1 3d do Infantry 11 02d do do.... 2 3d do do 5 90thPenn. Volunteers. 2 4th do do 2 ? Oth do do 2 Total 43 8th do do 1 A M. 04 1 .ll ?r _ *_? M . - 41 01. AIUIIXM /IdipiM, JHUlim ArMCA. 81. 29th New York Vol... 1 8th N Hampshire Vol 1 SthVermontVolunteen 1 15th Mih. Volunteer*. 1 22d New York Vol... 1 7?th New York Vol .. I 53d Penn. Volunteer!. 1 57th Penn Volunteer*.20 41st New York Vol... 1 10th NewJer?ev Vol.. 7 Cameron Rites 1 ? Exc^lalor Artillery Vol 2 Total.... 40 Mth New York Vol... 2 Sick rtmainxng to tkt Hospital for Bmrint Diutuu, mt Kmiorama, Fib. 21. 1st U 8. Artillery.... 2 77th New York Vol... 9 3d do do........ 1 85th do do.... 1 181 oo UBTBiry 1 KOCKCl BBlUUIon Z 2d do do 1 Oneida Cavalry I 4th do do 1 3d New Jeraey Vol... 1 5th do do 3 10th do do,... 6 8th do do 9 8th Penn. Cavalry.... 1 2d do Infontry 9 lat do Rlflea, R.C. S 3d do do 1 6th do Volunteers, i 4th do do........ 1 10th do do...... 1 5th Maine Volunteen. 1 45th do do 1 7th do do.... 1 5Id do do...... 9 llth do do.... 1 57th do do 1 lit Maaaaehuactte Vol. 1 85th do do 1 7th do do. 9 9lat do do 1 fid do da. 1 104th do do 4 4th Rhode I aland Vol. 1 106th do do 3 lat New Y?rk Artillery 1 6th Wisconsin Vol... 1 14th New York Vol... 1 19th Indiana Vol 6 17th do do.... 1 id D C Volunt**ra * Mth do do.... 1 Ut Berdan Bharpa'ra . 1 4Uh do do.... 8 Quarteraoaatar'a On't * f*h do do.... 3 OWLctn' Mrraata 3 Slat do do.... 1 ? OM do do.... 1 Total 80 7th do do.... 1 At Indimm* HotpitoiOJJU4), Wmtktmgtm, ltth Indiana Vol M lot Michigan Cavalry. 3 1st Berdao Bharpa'ra.. 7 7th Now York Cavalry 1 Sd do do 14 Cltlsoa 1 1st New York Artlllary 8 ? 9th do Cavalry. 4 Total ...68 At Fifth District Stked Homst Horpit+l. Branch ?/ G*n*r+i ? Fifth ttr?t, Fib tl. Cameron Dragoons... l su Kbode Island Bat. 1 Oblo Cavalry 1 3d L'. 8 Artillery.... 1 ad U. 8. Cavalry 1 ? ?td New York Vol... * Total 7 At Otntnl Hospital, (E eking ton,) Washington, Ftb.%1. 1st Berdan Sharp'rs(a) 1st Penn. Cavalry.....* 1 Id do do...(6) 9 4th do do 1 7th Massachusetts Vol. * ? 1st (J. S. Cavalry 6 Total .....25 (a) Oneofflcor. (b) Oneoflcor. At Dwnglas Hospital, com*r of J strut and Jfm Jfsty atnnw, F*tr. it. Major, Psymaster .... 1 3d Rhode Island Vol. 1 66th New York Vol... 1 ' ? 1st U 8. Chaaoeura ... 1 Total ..*....19 3d Vermont Vol on toe r? 15 At &mur*l Hifitml, jlwuirii, m. tl. 4th U. 8. Infantry.... 4 69th New York Vol... 1 8th do do 9 97th do do.... 1 4th do Cnvmlry 1 lot New York Artillery 1 5th do do 8 4d do do.... 1 6th do do 1 nth do Battery.19 id do Artillery.... 3 19th do do.... 7 5th do do 1 4th do Cavalry. 1 9d Maine Volunteer*. 9 9th Penn. Volunteer*. 1 3d do do, 1 7th do do 1 4th do do 99999 1 99th do do >'9999 I I 5th do do ...... 1 99th do do...... 1 I 9th N . Hampshire Vol. 1 ttd do do 1 9d MMMchoeetta Vol. 8 35th do do l 13th do do., ft 45th do do t 1st do Bat.. 9 44th do do vvt ao ao,MIM 10 I* do Mot.. S 81st do do 10 *h do Art.. S 85th do U.".Y. l 4th Conaoetteat Vol 88th do do 4 5th Vermont Vol S B3d do do ? Ut New Jeney Vol.... i wth do 4th do do.... 6 106thdo do ? Mh do do.... 3 44th do FireZouaves 1 ' t do Cralryll lit do Diwomh... 1 l?th New York Vol ...t3 11th do Ctnlry.... i 12? 2? do.... STth Indian* Vol < 18th do do.... i m Michigan Vol 7 lMh do do.... t 3d do do 4 2* d?.... S*h do do ? S i ? ?; i ft i* 3? 4? Jt"" ? ?? ' Si J: tt-.lTJSZSZT7^* n?k J? 5 9 57*? . ".... ) NiiletlDtnttMBt., 1 ?J * *?.... 1 CIUmm...'. ...I. S j* ? * 1 w? n'ii jtmtjr"* -ygjr | H?? . On* ipu rood Hom HOR5fc>?,aoud and tr*o? oior t*y *oJ browo. _ . flv . Om Iftrf* Covo*?d WAGON. fftltftblaT-Vfr for ft an tier's or 'WIN biainaoa. Eftatr'r bmlt. &nd ps-of tha boat aftda Wiroai Uftt o*a b* found. ?'n? UT?r*l WAflON. s?tt*bls for on* or two ] bora**, Waaiunct->n bmlt, and ran fttoat aix raoiiba. _ fwo seta Doob'.s H A R N E89. vo sets Canv*a and Woolen Bl ANRETS. he ?bova sropartr will b* sold vary oHe?a. sr;<? oan b? a**n b? Mlliif on ALBKRT B KL L, at M'ller'a L.'very Stable. oornor C ud 6th at*. ft&lf FOR SALE?On* rood HOR^E. and * a x- I apring New Yort HAKKR'S W*8 arv ON. Irani'* at 6. FRANK A CO.*S. iiTA TijH Pennsylvania avmne, betwein 10th 11th rta f* R-f ' ^po DEALERS AND SUTLERS. ^ I desire to oloae ont the following goods, and of prion vkiut /?? rttuiar mmrk't prta : 50,000 0 r SI AN Cltf A RP, <Jifl?ren< brarrts, V*,m DOMKST1C CIGARS, nnnn kindi, SS boxe?da-k iwmiTWKLVM TOBACCO. ? ?>ox?? n^dinrn oolored POUND LUMP foh CC O | ?0 boxet b'lihtPOUND LUMP TOBACCO, *0 rjow P1N B-CUT ! fot'. Sowlwln ?i Plantation. Andereot'i Am let ud Cornish Virgin LwT ?EO. W. COCO*AN, - r. .. P enta. ar*a?e. ?Mt ?f _* IMI Nattoaol Hof 1. f ,NrEft.???M OF ALT. KINDS?A fall .took Li of all the beat grades of Good*. pri S V k osn * 4iKl% > DIIUil fog5 6t Pwn. *T?nn? *o<l Ntnth at-*?t. Pf i'ATOKS.?l,?0o bn?heU of Jiokeco White Po:? toes, jn?t arriTfd per ecbnooer Wm B* ere.erd for m'? fren vtiMi in !o*i PETER BERRY, t?* Water at. fe 24 4t* (Rep I Georgetown OCOKK REDUCED. N Aeoountof the oondition of ihe ?tieeu.the price of Coke ia reduced to eenuper bathe I. Jt r? BftOWNi fo ?4-8t In ohara* Gae l.itht Oowpaay. PKfNDLING WOOD 1NE KINDLING WOOi>?Another lot jnat reoeivei and foj- 'ale. _ ah auea or UUAL Tor aae, hj T J. * W. M-GALT, 392 Pa. aw . bet IKh and II th ?U. fe2<-.Itif Mm. foot of Tth ?t. o? U? C?b*1. ?>ROF. ALEX. WOLOWPKI BEGS LEAVE K to inform hit frienda and the pnbiie, that, having met with eo muoh aocoeaa, ta oontinning hta Coirie of Inatrue'ion on the Piano and in Pinging, by hia new method. All thoae who desire to become, in'a abort time, fineamger* or exoellent perform era *n the piana ahonld avail thtmaelrea of hia new ayatem of instruction, by appWing at hia reoidenoe. No. 303 6th atreet, between K atreet and N?w York avenne. Reception houra between 10 and 12 o'olook a. m., Tneadaaa, Thnr?daya aod Patnrdaya. feX lm I A CARD. DK8IRE to inform my frienda and the pnblie that 1 have anooeeded Mr. Foater m the TOBACCOtnd CIRAM HTOBUN-. &?o four doon north of Pennay'vania avenue, (Indian in front cf the door.) where I shall be happy to rappi* them with the moat ohoioe ar ti^ee in the line of my business. fe 24 7t wm. H. THOMPSON. Tub most gratifying informa tion that we can give to oar readera who are Buffering from Colda, la the feet that PEARSON'S MkUICATKD 1AK DROPS are really aioM remedy. Many of ovr frieuda have tried tnen with anooess for Coaghe- Sore Throat, Hoaraeneaa and Asthma. Theee oonfectiona also give relief to Consumptives Singers and Public Speakers who are troubled with Throat Dieeaaee find re ie(by uaing Kt arson's Medicated Tar Drops, which olear the throat of husky and tickling senaationa, produoed by too much exertion of the vooal organs, and give strength, tone and fal'neea to the roioe Prepare 1 atd sold by 6KO. PEARSON, No. 6 North Liberty St.. Baltimore. Sold Eight street, Washington; No. 4 Fairfax street Alexandria; A. H. Hunt, Frederiok; and by the principal druggists an J oonfeotionera, at 1? cents per paotage. fe W la TOWELS! TOWELS V. TOWKL8 '!* 150 doxen Huckaback, Damask, and Bird eye Towels, 1,500 yarda R ussia Crash. 25 pieces heavy Huckaback Toweling, 23 pieces Damask Table Linen, ISO dexen '1 able Napk ids, Bleaohed and B own Co ton Shirting, Linen Sheetn g, Blankets, Qailts, and Ftmitnra Prints. With a fill stock of all Kinds of Dry Gooda. for aaie at the lowest srioea. nrM ? w? ? ? ?*? ? ? ? ??. n. niLLl C HKU.i No. 36 foctnTstonM, Betveen 7th aixl Kb itrMU, _fe JI 2w Oppoaite Center Mwl?t ATWATKR'8 ADJUSTABLE ARMOR, that hu been eo tnor"ifhly tetttd at many of the o&mp? aronr.d Waahincton, may be p r oo nred at the office of the aub-oriber. Ortifioatea of commanding officers, ahowinf tiie power of thu Armor to reaiat the foro* of ballets, bayonet threats, and aabre atrokca, msj be eeen at the same siaoe. HE^'HY L. RIOER, Attorney for <he Com|*o Offioe on 16th atreet. next to Ri^g^A Co., A mm DAMANTINK CANDT.KK! ilUUl ?TI & Ir r?*im . TM A li^y V/A** vuoo 60 Boxea Adamantice Candiea, good quality. Joit received. _ KINS * BL'RrHELL, fe 20 Corner 16th at., and Vtraoat ere. The finest an"> best stock of RUDY-MADE CLOTH 'N6 in Waahlnfttm o&nbef'QDd at BAR & BRO 8 Eatab lahment, oornfrof fc. aT) 7th ata. ALL MZE BOYS, from the af a of 4 yeara op, oaa b? fitted cot at BAR k. BRO.'B. corner K and 7th street*, at maob lata than naval pneeo. /^ITIZENS AND STRANGERS, look to jour V> intereat! Look for the oornar of_B and 7th atreela-it u t^e p.aoe to boy fine CLOTHING for but little money. CTOP WHEN YOU COME TO THE CORner of E and 7th street*, ana bo? a auit ol fine CUiTHINflai am ?'? ? ? ? ? ? - - - v ww 19 ?VJ XM 1* I0| VI 9 ii At BAR A BRO'8 f?Wm' Fashionable Clotiiim Establishment. Anew dajly link between WashINGTON and m at a woman ck4j-1k. maryland, Running da.ilr to Gtnt. Hooktr't ?*<f t*ckiit Dimitim*, m UU Lower Potomac Tosehmg at Praa'a Wharf. THE SThAMKK A A & O,, E. W. datiwon L^aricg Ri ey'? Wharf, loot o( 1 th str?t. at ?X o'clock, on and after Monday aazt. Mth iu?U, retarniuc same dar at o'oiook. Refreshmenta on board. Fa<? fl each way. Fwl|H takaa at t?onabla rates IL < inirunsunUlYFor further partioslara apply to Cu*ilii on board. gyi-jw* QPPOSITION TO MONOPOLY f FARE REDUCED TO tl, A.AD HOCK 1LTUIS ?T THB U. 8. MAIL LINK OF 8TK> MKRS-RaWBSSa, Capt. Kiehl; Volchtkss, Capt. Fiuo*. Ob and after February soth. every day (Sasdays ezoepted.) at il o'elook, frost Jonee* jpaik wbaf, foot of UUi a'reet, aiid Hooker'* diviaion and Mat'?woim^ *to Creek at the above hour. Freight takes at a rati uoed rate. Liseaaed by the (J. S to carry Psmcb* l?ri and Freight. a?U I**rtior'M CmrtiAe*u may to i?m on board. Thee* boa'a are new aad is good order, and stake aa faat time aa any other bo%ta on the Potom?o. fe 13 GEO. T STANLEY. Ageat FOR 8ALE-MALT GRAIN, esitable food for tioii co*?, etc.. at lu oenta par baaheL Apply at LOEFFLKR'H Brewery, New York aveoae, bstwfdn lat and M ata ?? 370 raw. itodh. falft-tf ?mW HrcwL't. ??ISM Ac., 4c-1 t*k? yl??nr*u iinrauf Um mom tb*t 1 j nit reoeiY'd frvm the aortk *Urjp Nightbr?Me?.etiru. LtdiM' Dnvwi, Jte., Ac. whiob T dMire the Win to iu?HOt, u tk?r ?m imported before ?ood* rnt ? hi.K &?<t ? foryeq ohe?^i|d^ eTCHISON-N?. It. Betveen'tth and *h ^treeta, H. B. Pinking done to order. U\-\m SHIRTS! 8 R I R T tC 8HI1T8X We are jiving special attention to ? king. Shirts to miiare, added to fearing always on Mad a toe took ready made, ttentiemen deairing ton laportent garment made la a style and of material aa 370 Pa. areane. uDder ft 15-tf Browa'aBotoL A DAMS' KXPBK88 COMPANY. NOTICE Of REMOVAL, aSMOPSdtttffei?HSUMM? btiwi *T tad fcfaU. *"""w 1*77* 100 LBS.Ont^SJl^tS^^ ,J |> 4 OmtruttumTMBiiUf, T AD1K8' RUBBER BOOTS Linj ANOBHOKB, (LIEN'S RUBBER BOOTS ut A-jffiFte | c,, 'L'J.. Sn??4Si!,,J!38'i: j. umtDOH * og ^7i LAHSDQIIA OQ?> *a-? ^ftpS3BKT8Ui,* : AUCTION BALBP. __ tUJ8 AFTERNOON ? TO-MOKKOW bj marshall a paok. aioikvmii. MS 7Uk M , ?<U?f Odd Ftll0*r?' u >:. ORANGES, LEMONS, CROGKIIU, VJ Liqcom. Fits. Ac, at aicticr.-Oi TRIIHfellA V HORNINA ft. mm will ?U ?' r?r tore? 'W ho*m O'&nc* And I,*? >??, 1 r* r uidt lMtM) Ra'?m?, Ac. X f?' too<1 ?na itf, ? 0 Ix xet Scotch Herm and C. dl'ta, 5 ch?(t < Oulot* T>? . a *o?tl trice, 1? I arreia l'r%nd?, Wbiat t aorf Madeira Wli*. m cum BooU acd Shoe* and Gaaotlet't, rtor?e <\>v*rd, Buffalo Rohr*. Blacketa, As. las. a irood lot of haftdaia* Farniture, tWHU. Cr ?k?tT. OikM, Hard M Wocdaa Ware, Cords, ft e. it rs n M ARBHALL ? f AQB. Aaete. FUTURE DATS. By J. C. Mc6l IRE * CO.. AoetmnMr* f EXCELLENT PIANOFORTE. SEW I.NO a Miru mi. Fckritckb *?; Erracta e?a Fixiit KiSinriM fkom citt ? <>o SaT7 LKOA i' MuH.MMi, Mwca lat, at ! c'o'ock. la front of liif > t o.ion Kuoni, wa at ail Mil 'Im Kir nltnro and Kff^ota of a familr ramonng fro? IM citj, oompmirg? Kxoel aut Koar?ro<d Caa* P.Moforta. by Kaat*. Suy-rj r r^win* Maehino, Whatoct, Walnnt P u?h and Arm Cka r*. Ata^oxacy Ha r sprint t?aat Hat aoiaa, ftotkara, a d Par: >r Chaira, Roaevuod Marbl- toy Ontr* Tab1*, Tan W a cat and Maho*ar t Boohoaaaa. B'teitia.l irM pi? and otkar CarMta, U'miiqc ax* <- am B?reaua, \% Mha'acda. BMateada, Caa ra I on-?aa duparior F?atner B' i?. Boatara.and P .ioara, Har and H-?k Mattreiaea, B uitU, and Comf&tiM China, UiiM, an<* Croskwy Wara, Cooktcf am1 >..#r SIutm, iocet'.?' wiita a c?*i aaacrlment of Kttefcfla L't^r ai e Iaraa oaah. 2? a _ J^C MoOUIRE A CO . AaaU. Br J. c. M GI IRE A CO., AMlMMm. DH*,KAB' ETWOfTORVBtICK OWRLLise Horn, with B?kkst Fob .MONfAt AUtKMl/< >. MaraS 31, at 4 o'clock, on 'he srennaea, we ah* ear Lwt No tare >o. 4?. fronting 36 fleet " felstfc atreetvest i-tweer. 0 an<l H atreet* rorth. and running bao? W feet t? an a: >y.together wit' the imaioTementa. eotxWtins of a tw-> nry bnok 4vallmg hoorm, w u brick bakery attach* dTerm* un? f nrtk OMk; the rema.nder in sis, twelve. and eighteen months, with interest, secured b? a dead of trait ui the premises 'rule perfect. fe?- <T J r. McGt IRK A CO . A sou. \IAR8UAL'!> SALE ?In ?trtae of a writ of ke?i 1*1 fao.aa under lien iaw. is?a*d from the Clark's offioe of the Cirovit Court of the Diatriet of Cof .. 4V* ? ' i u uiuia iwr |nw uvumr OI nHDlBftOB. I?4 to M directed. I wili expose to puKio s?,e. for oaah li front of the curt ioim door of Mid <vw.tT, oa h RID \Y, th? 21st day of Maroh nut. IKS at IS o'o MI in , th? t d*ec red property, to wit, via ?A arf udam'j right- title. o aim or interNi in an J to a oeitiaia d*?' !?| bets, tereeted on lot No s and the ?onth 19 feet 4 inches of tot No.* in iquire No sn. in theeity ef Wash lag toe. y. C.seaeti and levied upon aa tte property of n.iu?* wi t besmd U> eausf* iadicia.* No W* to October term. l'JT, in farrr of Jonathan T. Walker. f. D. HOOVE*. fe?S-du M arthai. MARSHAL'S BALE.?In rtrtas of a writ of fieri facias, leaned from the o ark's office of tie 01 rent ooart of the District of Colamtua. tor Uf oonnty of Washington, and to aae diraoted, I will expose to pnbiie Kale, for eaeh, in front of iM Court House door of said oourtj, on WtDNKUDAY, the ft'.h Oar of Maroh IKS, at II o'eioek an* the following described property, to wit??All 4afendant'a right, titie, o aim and iniereot in ao4 to the eonth 3 feet I inches of Lot No. SI. la ^eare No.**,! fronting on Bit street west, between u and r itrMH B^rih, in the city of Washington, fi. C.? together with ail and aiDgalar the improvement* thereon, aeia-d ai><: levied apo- m the property of Jrwint*. Barkv.nad will bea<>.d toaatiary ju<2 otate Co. 107 to JuDkrr term 1862, id favor of Joha K. nMl. WARD H LAM O.N, fa 10 u U. 8. Marehal P. C. FOR SALE AND RBNT. |?OR RENT-A far f ROOM, handaomaly farr nitbec. Apply at No. 439 Taeilth at feK at' FOR RENT?Two new y FURM9HED KOOM8. on the fcrat floor, with gaa. Pomm long.veu tba let ol Maroh. Apply at No 4)1 11th atreet between O aid H. It* AMKDILM SIZKD HOUSE, partially farm?hed. will be rect~< whole or part, to responsible persons, or the f imi f of two woold board wifi the ocoupar.t Water ud (as in. Apply S3* eonth U etroet. one ?qui'? from tae Cap t. n?*r Seoond street, Capitul Hill. le86 It* FOR RENT?A eeite of handsomely Famished ROOMS, on first floor, chamber and parlor oommsmcat,n? prioe ?5" A'so ro. n.s .t Sd storr. at tea* ratee. A arce and oonren out CARRIAGE HuLft ar.d S i ABI.K, wuh talis for J borate; tor rect on the 1st of February . Apply at No a 24 8 s'reet, between 12th nt.d 13 h ets fs 36 K* (70R REN r-\ PARLOR and CH*MBKR r very n?atly furnished, on the first fioor, eierated 6 fe*t ?>>oy? tt e sidewalk ; looa'ioc rory pleasant and he* thy, near th< State Department and President's House, on New York arena*, be tween ista arx! n : etreet* ?No. 460?and tut a few^ar^seast ol the omnibus oe to the Capito ranm run sALt-rwo Ftrmi. OoatUBirf toeeth^r ??'ae ea; oca at Aonapo.n Junction, the out alicicint. at 8arace 8w:tch, troaunc the WMfclDCtoa Kll ">ad ; *ltM' of which will be o' -1, witli the *n*Lt ty of act) to aait purcha?era. Tr>e improvemente ere r.f trie L--?t c>aa. and land cf the beat quauty, with orehaidi if ohmoa f ait in foli bean n* ; tai'road tut ion wiuib ? raicntei* W> k of either dw? iMf. Term, eeerFor f*rtioulara apply at the Win* Store of wy, H CAMPBKJ L. ?** i Fa arenae. fefc-tw' FOR RENT-A three atory EKICK HO USB. with every modern improvement, coniaialag e?*ec rooms and kitchen. for STO per ?bbu?. to a satisfactory t?nan\ c^t.oc ."No 14* Beoood street, between D and K streets north No proposition win be received to rent f raUaa period t'-an twoyeara. app i to j As. C. MoOUIRE ft CO. fe 25 6t A notion and Coatmiesioe Werchacta. A CHANCE FOB * ? ?? ? - . v* ?* duioo" n A^U? /V corner of ?Ui iUf?t *&d New * ork kmm, Thepreaent oooLieaot viiqm to ebuft hi a bail l??c: haa bat* a ma*. lot ul roomee on hac<L fe&-?t* Any fhison havinc a nicat fu*NI^HEI) HOU^K to rirtttl nodirt:* prio* oan fled a f o< d tenant b* applilog f> the aab?erl ber. W 1 take a home lor a term of r**ra or parohaae oil feir inmi. ^ i.. take tee be*' care ul a tood p aoe * PP 7 imir ?4iOteip to HENKY L. IIDKR. c(Lof oa 15th street j>ext to lis/* * ?^Yi But to * lw* t IT*l]KNltUEH HOL'BE NEAR THK CITY ' HALLM)RKEN1-HoimNO 1?9,8MOO4 street, hatwowi i? tad K a treat. a th?ee atory IruX D?e..,t| P.n??,w Ik a.i mobert lujptOTOn.etb ud o ^rr f->rtaoiy fa-Dished, ts one rod lor r'?t in & sanfattor? tecant, for a tern, sot leaa than two I ear a. JAB- C MottUIKE * CO.. IbflDM Asoti^BTraud Comrmsa or Mfohaal. | ^E?|RA^L? DW?M INti HOLBk. Vr Al m-r I M?s KIIKWOOO HOU^K KuK i-ALK ? A oouuortab e aod welt Inilt two-?tr>ry mm MM Briok Dw4hni Hou??. with back baildtnf. utvatod in tiM imm?l ate Ticinitv of the Kukwo^i4 Howe, m offered for u:*. Ilaor.uiu :wo MfMn, iietkubin, dcim ruoa, k'torto^. ba<,. ruM, tai two |ov. e? ?n, (ti aul water tArongLOut, and it in perfect order. A?r to J AS. C McCl'IRK * CO., fe>R6t AntioB<T? and Comiwl??'e CT"RK AND BAR ROOM FOH CALK, AND A PRh.M18fc.l3 FOR Rk.NT.-iB ioim?b?>bm rf other matter* reqixrtac Ui? atteniiOB of tM Proprietor, he offere for sal* the m^ak end Fiaturea of tho Store No. ilt <?mtk it Tho etoafc of tftapie Goods. Th? Bar baa a good raa of irotolaaa oaatom. and the baildiag at a reeaoaabio rest, ooata n? rooms aeffi noat tor a lodging koul and t'lt-clui reetaursat Its proximity to tho market boaae would afford, to ac astive aad boot gstio maa, a poepeci of makta* monej rapici*. For tor nil, Ac.. iL^aire at tho preaisee, No ?? Seventh etreet, between Pena areoae aad B aC ium if ' A BAKE CHANCE.-TW propriator of Um A City Hot*!, <UM only irtt ?lui Dotal aov In re of tb* houa*. Hia >?m? will torauaato on tb* Ut of JtBUTT, 1M, bat too proparty om bo doaM bo laaaod for a maob lone or tors at a modarat* rant. Thii Hotal la now doing, aaa baa for many rttn dona, a larca and rcctabla baataaaa. Tb* aaairo of tb* acdert.cDod to r*br* from pihita bawa*aa ia tU only tad bob?at to sau? UMj>oti4 aai hop# to aocag* ut oaa more profctabl*. For tarma im partoo* araapp.y to J&g KNfi LIHH.wbo ia aaIborixed to aagotlMa.or to tb* Bodoraic oad. lagtf iiM'LHttFUigOWEK. AQfZ CARD PHOTOGRAPHS IOC sr 'h, BiSsffipS^ > w > door* ?lb?re? ftsreajra.. Thb a-JlSSiJISSSS'i,**. b-~ W^.MtSmS^Vm. h?vit.f b?rn dMMlrS Sir fi?s: udl'jiifWiLmtt.uun. sr MO* at tfc* Mwm o< ojd MMMwaMtv* 1> Jv NOTICE TO WATCH MAKkU ja. ?5! " mhwBi wvrmm ?(& **> md Ttk atreat. mnU tha lwpniii of W?toa Htkm, Jvwllen. Pedlar*. * , Ike..ta tbmr larii took oflioid and IfiMH. WMk MkHnlUTWMak Mfcfcar*'Toala. tiiaaM*. Mlk '? wwdt, bMMlur<i(, SmsImmb* mwii TlfWtJ of lOtulM tiftroti to ?>ptw la ornmmrj mtrm ^ ^n^rarfir Ah? KCfwfffi ivjin&s. .EEskSflBSsMSx 25?

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