Newspaper of Evening Star, February 26, 1862, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated February 26, 1862 Page 3
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LOCAL NEWS. AaitiMim To-Nun. Tbbatss ?'The comedy of ' Honey Moon," Mlaa Cbeataey u "Juliana,'' with the tfcrce of "Mr and Mra Pater White " Caktibbvbt Ball ?Laat night of the great comic pantomime -'Vol an Vent," with a hog* bill of tonga, danoee, and bnrleaqoea. by the minrtrel. pantomime, aad Canterbury company. fviLBABMoirie Hall.?The original Campbell Mlnetreie, with Da peat, Qaylord. w. . Chrlaty md a hoet of other (tar*, la a brilliant bill of onn and comicalities, concluding with a alde pllttlng afterpiece. Fia*klix Hall, corner of Ninth and D streets. Barnuoi't wonderful " W hat la It." and the celebrated Albino family. Open all day. Hall, corner of PertneylTanla arena* and Sixth stre?ta. Free concerts at 5 o'clock. Ball open all day. Skitxsoxiax IxsTtrtrTK?Smithsonian lecture by Rev A Cleveland rox<*, D D , of Baltimore, on "Popular taste in Art and Literature." Admittance free. Doors close at 8 o'clock. 9tott's Hall.?Festival by the ladies of Union Chapel (M. E ) Church. An attractive entertainmeat Acadxmy ox Mrstc, Pennsylvania arerue, between Ninth and Tenth streets ?Hall open all day. Free concerts at t o'clock, excellent refreshments. Ac Kixo's A mphithiatii ?A novel programme i or equestrian, acroDaur, ar.a comic prnormanf^i by the rntire -mphi theatrical troupe, including Tom King, .-i'ile Helolae and other brilliant tars. 9m.thso!*ia? Lictckk?Notwithstanding the gale, there vwt good audience at the Smith on I an on Monday eight, to hear the lecture of Rev J C. Richmond, of Wisconsin, upon "The origin and daxonstrergth of the English tongue " The lecttirrr br'efl y noticed the various langnacM of Europe. and the origin of the English iDKuace, whose foundation consists principally ?f Hebrew, Arabic, Gr-?k, German, Welsh, Italian and Scandlnavlsn ; treating chiefly UDon t be force, brevity and twanty of the Saxon element of oar language He bit sharply the habit of clergymen. Congressmen and other public speak* ers, of md .ng their sermons or speeches, and argued tbat if a man ha* anything in him worth notice, It will come out spontaneously, In plain. strong Saxon, without any necessity for wr.tlng cmt, rev in Ion or rehearsal Amusing Illustrations were aiven of the derivation of many of our most common words, and choice selections from Chancer, Spencer, Coleridge. Wordsworth, Milton and other poets quoted to illustrate the superiority of plain Saxon. Quite a sensation was created by the sudden extinction of the gas lights about nine o'clock, resulting from some disarrangement of the meter The lecturer, however, proceeded with his remarks, notwithstanding the darkness, and the difficulty was soon remedied It Is proper to remind those In charge of the lamps between Pennsylvania svenue and the Institute, that they wonld be spared many maledictions by an attention to thslr duty on the evenings r>t WfnrM r>A nhvlat# th? Hik of hrnk*n lfmha Incurred b? Adventurers among the man trap* 0} Tenth street. Thi CowanxGATioM or Thivtiskth Stxxxt Baptist Cbdxch yesterday held s meeting In the Presbyterian church on New York avenue, and at the conclusion ot the religions exercises, which were conducted by the Rev. Dr. Samson, a committee was appointed to have the rnlns of th* church put la order, and the rubbish removed; also, to have estimates made of the cost of rocllng , the basement story. and the cost of erecting a new church edifice. The committee Is to report at a future meeting, and In the meantime Is authorized to solicit subscriptions from the citizens Rev. Pr Gurley, pastor of the Presbyterian church on New York avenne, tendered the use of that edifice to thr Rantlat rrtncrw?oirlnn fnr nnhl1/> worship every Sunday afternoon, and tbe lecture room Wednesday evening of each week. The otffer waa gratefully accepted At a meeting of the E street Baptist church, held laat evening, their ehurch edifice waa aiao placed at the disposition of their brethren of Thirteenth Street Church, and resolutions of sympathy were adopted. PoLtcs ? Yeaterday, In the Second Ward, Susan Murphy waa arrested by roundsman Talt, for an assault She was dlamissed by Justice Clark. John Harrltjr waa arrested for throwing stoats In tbe street, and fined 82 94 by Justice Clark. In the Third Ward?Marv Hogan was arrested for keeping a disorderly house" She was taken before Justice Barnacio, who held her to security to keep the peace In the Fourth Ward?John Qnllorsn was arres'ed on two charges: First, assault and battery; i second, selling liquor without a license. Both cases were dismissed by JustIce Barnacio. Hamlin Davis, assault snd battery; dismissed by the ssme justice George C Hatnorn, arrested upon four charges?two for keeping a livery stable without a license, sod two for having a stable nearer the bonding line than the law allows. They were all ruled for further hearing before Justice Walter. Cbaxos or Hoxsx 8t*au?? ? Monday, Maj. Bates, of the 1st U. S cavalry, applied to Justice Johnson for a warrant for the arrest of parties who were c air pea wittt Keeling a borne, saddle and brldie from him, valued at about ?185 The warrut was given to cflcer J. W. Allen, who arrested a man named Wm. V alien tine, and he w*? taken before Justice Johnson, and was committed to jail for farther hearing. About dark, a Mr. James Murphy, from Georgetown, arrived at the 0quire'a <"Uee with the hora*. saddle and bridle, and exonerated tbe man Vallentine. Joatice Johnaon released Vallentine from Jail upon ball for further hearing 1-rom the evidence it appeared that the horse was carried to Schafleld'a table* "n the 33d lnst by Vallentine, who aald be pick(>l him up la tbe street. At night he returned wuh a Mr. James Murphy, andaem&aded his horse. Naaaow Escapi ov tbi Dvc ?a C bait a sain the storm at Mnndav lnuins Mn*r Kahum damaged ?w a Urge brick building oo I atreet, between Seventeenth and Eighteenth streets, which ta occupied by a nau.ber of m . tary offlcera. Including the Prince d* Jolnvlfle. the Due de Cbartrea and the Comte de Pari*. w hile the storm waa raging the Dae de Cartrcs left fei* room, and had been o?C but a moment when one of the ch Inane vs of tbe building wu blown over, and came crashing throagh the r?of. and through tbe room Juat before vacated by the oUser named So great wu the momentum af the falling mui that the brlcka and rnbblah broke through the floor of thla room, carrying In their 1X11 the tables, cbalra, is. The house la owned by Mr Gecrge H Smart, who occuplea tbe hcuae of Mr Mat!, which waa by the tailing of the Thl:a av i?wui-?Hve< vnurcn. CbhtsxL OcAmoaors* Casks? Btfor* Justice Thornys91% vtu "imjr.?Cornel js Loeraan, disorderly; fl>ed *.l litf; Jtmet Dougherty, do ; do. 93 l?fc; Annie Dougherty, do ; S3 12){. Lydla Donn-lly, do ; S3 Bridget Conuor, drunk and d:sord?r<y; worknouse 60 daya Seih L'lnsford. do , workhouse 30 days. Edward Ko-rner, do ; ine tl 68 Jokn Brady, do ; SI 58 A-gust Martben, vagrant; workhouse 30 day*. Johnson Do Rain, Jam<* Campbell and James Granor, soldier*; turned orer to tbe military. }* day ?Geo Lomax, stealing cider; tbe wit. mm f?ulng to appear, tne case was dismissed. Joba Burs be 11. Waa. Thompoon,George Leather I^Tko Uillwln * I .~.*l > w to the military' " Ahotbsk KumiRTOF Distsict VoLVSTIIB* Last eight, Justice Jobn?on went to the quarter! of the recruits of the Second Regiment, D C oinntecrs, In Thorn* Building, Seventh street, near D, and admin late red the oeth to alxtoen Ben, making the complement of companies I and K, Captains Krauas and Duncan; and thna com piettair the regiment Thla la the regiment commanded hv Colonel Iaaac T Peek, fowerly of Newark, N J., and the orgaalxstloo la better know a here aa the Home Guard, hat It waa atated laat algkt that the ref Intent la now ready for ordera to Uke the te d Allmb> Roaaaav ow a Last at aim Niraiw la ear police report* published yesterday was aaoatieaed a case which merits a mere particular aotlee It appears that Mrs Hannah Walker, who resides la the Northern Liberties, mlaeed a Talonble geld watch and chain en Sunday last Sneptctea attached to her nephew, a young maa named Gee W. Walker, who waa arrested by petrolaasa Crown, and the property found In bis MiMtM. Hi vm mmum to Jail by Justice T*? Miiiun Coarnuci ?At a regular BtMlig of tbe Methodist Proteataat Cburcb, Coa|Ma street, Oiof jfiowi, to sleet a delegate te tbe MaryLaad Aanual Conference, wbieb meets ta Cbarlastowa, Keat county, Mi. tbe second Wednesday la Mafcb, Char In D Welch, Eaq., waa eieetrl. aad Joaepb Llbbey, Eaq., altaraate. At tbe Niatb street, Waa blag ton nation, Lewis E Blabtalene, Eaq., waa elected mj delegate, aad C bar lee E Waters. Eaq alternate Colombia Maac** ?Thle favorite establlah Mat, US Peaaeylsmala arsone, baa lately beea rropsasd by tboae fl ret-class caterers Mallard A Willisana, aa extensive supply of eb?1oa meata. sagttablae, fml?, oatter, game, aad otber beuaaeasfitag aasaaeartaa, at tbe lowaet market prteea. Liberal terma are extended te partlee aad nay aaeaaes, aad eieijtblag la oeaaeeaen wltb n? ? ii?> > M?rmm tnmin patromm. t*?tfc?BaoaU. Bk?u W oi Station Caiii?M?ff* /miw ftarfc?Ywtorday?6? Dtvii, dl*ordrrly it tk* thaatir. tta. Wtllaeo, druak; J oka Mui, do.: or* di?111 Oww Carry, drnak: tantM ? tfco military No cmh tor trial t*-dajr, k?*?l?ftolodfw. S*?ptcio?t CticniTiKii ?CterlM lalto, i oidl? kotooflag to tk?9d Dtrtrlet MgtMat, vm fl"* ta* atgkt wkllo try lag to fares IS* look ftSwalitaCMrow-aad-a-iAfrtra*. *H k?Wi n?fc%? aunwy aat*orttt? Fttt* Poljci Di?r*ier? S*f*rt Juste* Tktmp tM ?The following cum were disposed of it thta station during the last week; A lad named Nally, arreeled by patrolman MoDerltt for a petty theft on ?erenth street, waa admonished and disc ha: 5 A colored boy named Lroe, about twelve years of age, was arrested by the same patrolman and charged with riding away with a home belong I a. >. Ik. _Li.k 1.M Kb m u>1. t?K ?v ??w vvtvi uiuvu*, wmga ww tvt? 1 dier la front of a stors on Seventh street The lad cried very much before tbe lattice, and said that I " a gentleman whom be did not know bad aent blm with tbe bo'o^ to be watered M Tbe lad waa discharged wltb a caution after being locked np for a few hours in tbe central guardhouse. George Gregory, arrested by patrolman W. M. Kelly, and charged witb stealing a colored abirt, two wblte shirts and some other wearing apparel, waa dlacbarged after a minute examination. John Magctre and Celia Maguire, arrested by patroiman J. T. Shedd, and fchar^ed with steeling a tin boiler, i washing tub and a bucket, belonging to Capt. Isaac Peck, were bdth committed for trial in default of bail. Some other persons, charged with breaches of tbe peace and Violation! of the city ordinances, were fined or dischsreed for the want of evidence. Ail these arrests were promptly made by metropolitan policemen of the sixth precinct. Pccbth win Stattoh Casks?Brfort Justit* WaU/r.?Yeaterd*7? W. J. Minor, drink and disorderly: fined93. Wm. Kraft,do ; do. Wm. Proas, A. W. Liatar, Tbos. F. Graham, releaaed Richmond prisoners, drur.k snd disorderly; dismissed. John Jones, drunk; do J. 8. Marrow. fighting; tamed over to the military. Michael Meagher, do ; do. To-day.?James Johnson, Insulting a lady; dismissed John McAvoy. bov, fighting: locked up a few hour* an* released Dtniel Coffee, drunk; dismissed l .nlel Wsldou, wandering about the streew at night; do. Moas than thi Law Allows.?Yesterday the types accidentally made the fines of James and Annie Dougherty and Lydla Donnelly, for disorderly conduct, 113 1C\ each?a higher fine than th? law allows. It should have bee;. S3 12# each. '-Gioksia Cr*a?*cT."?The case of Edward Rock, a showman, charged with passing Georgia money, was tried before Justlce Ferguson, and not Justice Johnaon. as printed in our paper yea| tcrday. Yotr* Comm.?Dr. White, the ehlropodlat, la In town doing good and relieving scorn of feet. He Inflicts not s particle of pain, and removes coma effectually. Hie rooma are st 426 Pennsylvania avenue, Lane & Tucker's building, between Four-and-a-half and Sixth streets. It* Bist Coal Oil, (warranted,) by the barrel 36 cents, by the gallon 90 cent*. Lamps, Cana and Shades, as cheap ss can be bought in Washington, at Stuart & Son's, corner of Twelf'h and H streets. fe96?? Wit is it that families and keepers of boarding houses send from all sections of the city to Dsyton's Bskery, 436 Eleventh street, between 0 and H, for pies T i?ji?r?Because they are made by experienced male end female operatives, who have be*n en gaged in the manufacture of plea only for thirty years past, and every one admits that they excel all other pies made at any other bakery in thla city. feae?flt Brvin Hundbxd VoLtJ5T?ims Bici in Camp I Young men be warned in time, supply yourselves with Holloway'a Pills and Ointment. They are guaranteed to cure the worst cases of Bores, Ulcers, Scurry, Fer*rn and Bowel Complaints. Onl> 36 cents per Box or Pot. 218. CoEifa, Bunions, Calosltles. Bad Nails, Enlarged Joints, and all d'?e*ses of the feet cured without pain, by Dr. White, Burgeon Chiropo<11 a# J PannMrlvsnla avanns KaHbaam Pans m vuuay * ? ?m ' ? u ? vu?4C f uv**?Wil r WUI" and-<vb&Jf and rilxtb streets Room 7?8d floor. Ofltae hours from 9a. m. to Ap m. Calla made at prlThte residence* when desired. feb 17 Thb Inixit Hkkb Dootob, From Canada, will describe diseases and toll his patlenta the nature of their complalnta or 111nesx, without reoeivlng any Information from them. No charg* f** Contuitaticm or Admit. oxra motto. We one ?uoh Balm* as hare no strife W 1th Nature or th? Law* of Life : W 1th Blood oar binds we never stain Nor poison men to ease their pain. Our Father?whom all goodness Ills, Provides the means to cure all ills; Tbe simple Herbs beneath oar feet, Well asad, relieve oar pain oomplete. A simple Herb, a simple Flower, Cull'd from tbe dewy Lea? These, these shall speak with touching power Of change and health to the. Room No. 11, Washington Building, Penn. avenue, corner of 7th street. 1/iqmiiu rejcrencCToi me maian nero uocior Sir E Heads, Governor of Canada. Hon. Hy, Ptwnv Mayor of Montreal, C. E Hon. Geo. Hall. Mayor of Quebec, C. E. Hon. Joha Hutcnloaon, Major of Toronto, C. W. Hon. J. B Robinson. Hon. Jaa. Cummlngs, Mayor of Hamilton, C W Hon. W. Matthews of Brantford, C W Hon. W. Barker, Mayor of London, C. W. W. Savage, late Col. of Artillery. H P. Dwlght.Bupt. of Montreal Telegraph. J. Taylor, Justice of tbe Peaoe, Toronto, C. W R. H. Crook, Alderman, Toronto, C W. J. Ur&ah&rt, Burgeon, Toronto, C. W. fe lf-tf CiPOHa ?Bpeaklng of eapona Wilson, 11# Pa. avenue, has a floe supply of these splendid fowls. Ofr* him m Mill R nmnmKaf nnmhAr 11Q Dm arena?, between Mnteenth and Twentieth sta. f In?TA.!fTA!fXov* Ccb? of Corni, Bunions, Callosities, Inverted Nulla, Warta, and all diseases o! the feet. Mr. Blmcud, Burgeon Chiropodist, la enabled, by a peculiar process, to eradicate the most painful excreecenaes In a few minutes, with the least pain or the slightest inconvenience to the patient. Coimultlnz noun from nine a m to five p m , at his otBce, 353 Pennsylvania avenue, opposite Brown's Hotel. Beet reference given In tnia city. feb 3? lm Tax* so mom unflkasant and tritsars Maniciitks ?For unpleasant and dangerous dlaeacea, use Heimbold's Extract Bucbu, wnlch ha? received the endorsement of the roost prominent phyaiclan In th* United Slates is now ofiVed to afiicted humanity aa a certain cure for the fallowing dlaMHM nil aKna? nf tna nHnant at M*nal /*?*? W? >MV VI */* U?i VI^BUI . General debility,mental ir<l physical depression, imbecility, determination of blsod to the bead, confa?ed ideas, hysteria, general Irritability, restlessness and sleeplessness at night, loss ot appetite, absence of mnaeular efficiency, dyspepsia, emaciation, low spirits, disorganization or paralyala of the organ* of generation, palpitation of the heart, and. In fact, a" the concomitants of a nervosa ana debilitated sL.:e of the ayatena. To lnaure the genuine oat this oat. Ask for Helmbold'a. Take no other. Cures guaranteed Bee advertisement la another column. feb 4-tf Tiui's Omsna Strop Gcm Arabic?We take great pleasure in recrmmendlne th< above favorite remedy for Coughs, Co ids. and all affecllooa of the Throat and Lungs. An attache of Una odor had a severe cough for aeveral weeks, and after trying every likely thing, without any relief, waa perfectly cured by a aingie bottle, we are not aurpr .?'<1 that it (a a* largely patronised by ow soldiers la Map ?B*lt CUpptr % lireiA Rniii boo Da. India rubber Sheet* for protecting children's beds, that ne family should be without; 75 cent* Rubber Blankete, for aoldlera, tl.M each. Rubber Peaches and Blankete combined, ft JO India Rubber Cents, white or black, t* JO each. India Rubber Legg'j a* fl per pair. Aid all klnda af Robber Goods, Including Rubber Boots and Sheea, Rubber Steooea for bottlaa. Door Mali, Uader Abortion tot bolls4* stckoess, Ac . Ac , st manufacturer* prices, at-ii. A. Hall's India Rubber Warehouse, 308 Pa. ST., between Ninth and Teott streets. feb 1-tf FiMiua who ha to nerer nsed Boston crackers an in riled to try those manufactured fresh every day by J. L. Dayton. Bold by all respectable (frooers. JilB-tf ABRIKP. On the 85th Instant, by the Rot. Father Boyle, Mr. JACOB PObfl to JdOLUE E. DODBuN, both of Washington City. BIRD. TO&raycsn 2?si& f~ biunu Charok. Rit ft.'Nobi*. M a o\>look on Tbiraday cmua*. fkl fn?nd? in invited to be ??? K rtiTtWtw? u n3 M'b ??. f ? It* QUABTKEMAbTKJW CKETIF1CATE8 ofEEwSjrSrItlaute MOUENIN8 6OOO8. OW uitori*ivuul M|< aad Imstook of M' kiadi of Drr floods for Mo* rain* Amrtl. esr^'disSsssF." 8W9iri(.K.tir%>SU|,',M Wtm AMUSEMENTS. Miss chkstnTsy^thiVd night: _ this gVEItlltO, The performance will e^mmenoe with Tobin'i Comedy of THE HONEYMOON. - ? Mlaa ChMtaer ? u rp?^i* ?>?? ? ? ?P. T. BARNUM'S Cabinet of Llflng; Curiosities Will exhibit for a r hoit pei tod, ooraoneactrj THIS DAY, FRANKLIN HALL, (corwr 9tk and Dm.) Oru noM 10 A. M. to 9 P. M. P. T. BAKNUM reipeetftllr annosnoes to the oitisene of Washington that he will present to their patrncape for a few days those Ltvtnt Pktnomtnons of Nutvrt, THE WHAT 18 IT? and the ALBINO FAMILY, which ^ave attracfd anob orowded and fashionable audiences at hia Mmenm m New York for ove*9J0 nicbU, and wbioh haa cause j more oommrat from the Prea? and admiration from the spectators than any cariosities ever exhibited. Admuaion2S oenta; childien IQoerta. fe 25 CANTERBURY! \j> CANTERBURY! TO-NIGHT, The Cotnio Pantomime, VOL-AU-VENT, VOL-AU-VENT, VOL-AU-VENT, For the Last T>me. Second Week or the CANTERBURY MINSTRELS CANTERBURY MINSTRELS ! Great Suooese of the BBAUTIFUL D U Y A L! BRA V T I F V L D U 7 A L! CANTERBURY~MINSTRELS ! CANTERBURY MINSTRELS ! CANTERBURY MINSTRELS ! dmiNion 3S o?nu ; Oroheiter Chain 80 oenta. Afternoon Entertainment For Ladiea and Families, on WEDNESDAY AND SATURDAY AFTERNOONS. at 3 o'olook, Wh? a laviah distribution of Elegant Preeenta la made: Rioh and Costly JevsT y, Booka, Toys, Kanoy Artiolee. *nd mag nifioent Si'k Dreaaee. Mra Stanley. No. 41 ?H street, received a splendid Silk Dreaa on Saturday. AQHU?s on au oenn ; uniiqreu iu ocpti. ie p PHILHARMONIC HALL ! Pins. Aviurm, abovi 11th St. CAMPBELL MINSTRELS! NEW OPERA HOUSE' OPEN EVERY NIGHT! With an Entxrt Nttc Company of SIXTfcEN STAR PERFORMERS! Fint Wwk of CHARLES KENDALL, The Great Stump Orator ! Firet Week of GEORGF. COLBERT, The Beautiful Ballad Sineer? J. A. PASCAL, The Great Baaao! FRANK MALONE, The Matohlen Butler! f n . _ I I rv a. n a n trf * ? uvw 'jtkTioru, 1'upon'., r ora, ureen. ry jmu\, UTmter, Naohman. L?ohk, Ho! look, aad host of others. in a Ntte Programme Every Night Admirston 2S oents. Doors open at 7 o'oloek. f24 WASHINGTON MUSICAL HALL-FREE CONCERT EVERY NI6HT, fr?m 5 o'olook to 9 p. m. Best of Refreshmsats. Fine Female Waiters. Open all day. At the southeast corner of Pennsylvania aver, us and ooroer of Sixth street, nnder ?hs Central House, opposite the National, Brown's, aid C larerden Hot-Is. fe 18 lm* YV THE ? A8HINGTON ACADEMY OF MUSIC. PSNN. A vk5tti, (!*outh Sim.) No. 889, J3*tvettn 9th and 10?* itt. Srery evening a remarkably fine Free Conotrt, racing selection* from the beet olassio music, and the moat popular operas? rendered id better style than at any other Amerioan oonoert saloon. The cuests?and the pnblio are freely inrited, withotft oharge for entrance,?may rely upon hav ing every oomfort they desire. In addition to the finest music in Washington, they will obtain, on call, from the attentive attendants, decidedly the beat Refreshment* for sale in the Federal Metropolis Offioera constantly to attendance to keep good order. Conoert oommenoing at 4 p. m. HENRY ROSENTHAL, febT lm Proprietor. ICING'S NATIONAL AMPHITHEATER, IV raws. Av. aj?i> E St., Nut Willardt'. T. Kiu? Sole Lessee and Manager C- Sootc Associate Manager r. wiuwuer?? fcqueetrian maoager THIS EVENING. Tom King will five his Comto Imitations of CLASSIC STAT GARY HORSEBACK! Have yon seen old DAN GARDINER In his great Burlesque Dance. A La Cwbuittr ! And Scaramouch! Th? Beautiful M lie HELOlUb Every Evening ! K1NCADE. the 100Summersault Man! The Great Zouave Halt Must be seen to be appreciated. DON J U A N Every Night until farther notioe. NlW Nor*lti*b in Prkpabation! ScaU nf Pnctt?Orohester Chairs 75 oeots; Dreai Circle SO oents: Children under 10 years of age t?i Drees Ciro.e 25 oeute, Kange 28 cent*; Coi ored Gallery 25 oent?; Colored Boxes 50 cents. Door* open at 7 < 'clock; performance* wiii commence at 8 precisely. fe 7 TJATENT OFFICE CURI08ITIE?-CrMo U. X Patenti, Catalogne of Curiosities and bovernment Garden*, at the stand In Patent Office; Raro Antiq-8-iac Books: eoye'nmei.t Buoks; Documents furnished; Railroad Reports; Military Re ports; Burnt Patent Office Reports; Cheap Uookn furnished to Pedlars: Military Trials: Mllitarj Lavs; Array Regulations; Panorama or the Coast showing over S,<*)0 miles; many thousand Cheap Books. Reooheot oil cap rent. Large sales, low prices. Up stairs over Bank of Washington. laiB-lm^ ALFRED HIJNTKR. BALLS, PARTIES, fee. THC CARTRIDGE BUNDLER8 of the Columbian Armory annonnoe to their ft* friends and the publio that they will give JK their second BALL on TU&SDAY, Maroh JBE 18th, at Temperanoe Hall, on E street, he-UHk ifoul, 7iu sau iwa, Tickeu 91, admitting a gentleman and ladies. For partionlara tec fntnre adTertiaement. It* The ?th grand cotillon party Will b* given at *4 TEMPERANCE HALL. it E street, hatween 9th and 10th, JHrn On friday EVENiNG. Feb'r 88 UMfc With a fall band. Tiokeia 91, admitting a gsatlem&n and ladies. fe a 1W PROF. C. F. BARNES. Manayr. PROF. C. F. BARNES' FASHIONABLE DANCING ACADEMY,atTemparanoe H IIall, E atreet, IxtwMii &th and loth Claaiea JH ever; Tuesday and Frida??afternoon oiaai/IB at S. evening oiate at 7. Soiree evsrj Friday USA evening a< I o'clock. Masio t>r Prut. Geo. Ann. Temperance Hall will be let for Halle, Parties, Ao. Apply aa above. fe 14 lm* " __ ' I BOARDING. three or pour gentlemen can 1. beaooommodated with Hoard, at 268 Eighth treat, between m and N, in a private family. hg-lw' Furnished rooms to rent, wtth Board, Ln a pleasant location near the Capitol. Alto, a iandsomely furnished Pari or and Chamber oommunioating. Inquire at Star Office, le 13 if f EftHiN'B SECOND GRAND EXCURSION NEW YORK AND BOSTON! Frma Baltimore to New York aad Return B8 From Baltimore to Bostoa aad Return Bil l# Tiokata for aaiaat Chandler'a Cttar Stand, in the National Hot*), where fall p&rtionTnra may be had. Two throuf h trains daily, leaTinc Waahington atja. m.axufSf. a. Ticket* tood to retain on or Mora Mar lat. fett FRANKLIN * CO., 0PTICIAN8, B44 Pma'a av*( north ud?,) boi. 13th and 1Mb ill, i EYEGLASSES, MARINE AND PI ELD BLA88R8, COMPA88E8, *?.. to son>tuUT on hand. Barrm a rfl W#oordi*llT invito Uw ftttraboi of all who oomAnd Chair, and at whiah Amf* rAm?? Git# i ??11 tad Aonvinoe yo a i-mItm. fe'to 'tnii / WANT8!__3Zr XX7 ANTBD-Ai exoeI1ent COOVil atddle 3 "? woman preferred. Apply ISP H street north, between lath and 16th eta. If \\IANTED?A first elasa OOOIjmo, ? oom*T ri:nt dining-room servant. apply at *09 F at. fe n st* WANTED?A COOK, to vaah ani iron ; a'.ao % ha f-crown GIRL from IS to 15 year* old. Apply 3fi6. corner of H acd Wh ata. It* ANTF.D?ROOM and BEDROOM allomin?, b* % centiem&K and wife, (do children,) in a p'irate family, with Board. Addreca particular* to "D . Star Offioe. It WANT ED?By a you( ran. a SITUATION a? barkeeper in aome r*<p?ctab!e hoaae; o*n SiTd the beat of reference f * m laat employer. Ad' reaa, lor two days, ' L. P.." St*r Oflioe fe 26 It* WANTED-Thr^e good STABLE HANDS, and one Man to wa?h carriages. Apply to W. C- HAZEL. Beall street, between Hich and Congrega. fcteorgetowti. fe 8ft 6t* %*7ANTED? An exp*nenood WOMAN who ua

WW ?- - -1 i?? : ? - - - ?.wiu??uuu vuvftim;, ?uu irunin?. The best city referer"e? 'e^ Apply at 4 10 9th ?treet, ihrse doers above H. _fejfi_2t* WANTED- By & respectab!o vomu. a SITUATION to docecer*! honcawnrtc, or *s obamb?rm?'<l. Call at No. 94 4X street, near Maryland avenue It* \\TANTED-.' '< between 12an119 -ei. " " cl ?se. at tte rorthca.-t comer oi Dumbarton ana Montfomery streets, Georgetown. u* WANTKD-A cood PHOTOGRAPHER and A M BROTYPIBT. at the MoClelian Ualiery, No. 520 Seventh st. A I to, a smart Colored Hot. from 14 tn 1ft ?e*r? old. " 'lt? ~ YVT ANTKD? By a respectable roting womnu, a JMTUATIO \ as cook or ehsmfermMd in a una! family. CaUat No. 233 22'i street, between 6 an* H. lt? \J\T ANTKD?A GIRL, or \Vor~an, ?r do oo?k" inc. *Mh and iron for family. One that suits will fii d a hoir? and *oo-1 vagea dt eallinic immediate r at 467S 14th ftt'eet, opposite Wizards' Hotel. If W ANTKD?A servant GIRL, who has had some experience in nnrsicc chMdren. None need applv who cannot <x tne well rr on impended. *pp T at Mis. Kings, north east oorner of l.'tb and E ?ts fe ?S S-* nr i 4 ITTj i?ki_ _?n mm/ an 01/?n ?-hi?i ? hwh f kj <j m 1 i ? ? wpi." r?iu* " cated, recommended BOY- who n wili ng to learn the Ttb*oeo end Cigar ln?ine?s, *n<i eaiemau, eto. !?och one can flrd a g^od home and w?ges. Address for 3 days, "X. Y. Z ">tv P<>?t Offioe. fe 25-tt* \*7ANTfD?A good noy, (white orco'ored,) ** at Meherlirg Re?Uurar.t, corner 9 h aud ' oumlana averse, to make b'mself generally u*e fall. To a good boy, good wages will he given. Reference re?irred. fg>i Si' \I7ANTFD-For fliree mon*h?, a small FI'R *? HOIJ3K. within a co?**?nient walking dlstanoe of the General Po?t Office, o' estrone of the onuni b?s route* Address "H C. B through the City Hon f'ffhe. fe 25 3t* 117 ANTED?An expernnoed WOMAN,?snor?? v v for two Infant oh'Mren ; alio another as oook and ?ather for a tm&ll family. For honest er.>l f?i?hfnl ??rr'oeB (food wa<?? will be given. App y at No. 69 Louisiana avenue, between 6U1 and 7th a. fe >5-tf WANTED?A YOUTH, in a Drat store, ore having som* knowledge cf the business pre ferred. Afpiy fcorth weit corner ninth and L sts. fe 34 St? WAN! ED?A yoncr lady accustomed to teaching, desires a SITUATION in a family, or a* an assitt?nt in a private or pnblio rohool, to teaoh the English brar eties, with a moderate oompensa'ion. The t est of referenoegiven. Address Box 609 Post Oflioe. fe 24 eoSt* A GENTLEMAN FROM NEW YORK, havirg a store in this city. desires to onntinae the ma (kArmanantl* t an ?-? ^ t ? ?"?? fV' UIOMCUUJ t MUV IUH?I LI 1 111 'Ol i 1 DIIIIU bU now York, would therefore treat with an acceptable party of small capita!, aa sartnrr. The opening presented wi!l be focna to be desirable. Address V. O. Box 'ilH- Washington. fa 2?-3t MUSICIAN? WANTED FOK 1ST CAVALRY RAN1>?tine first a ass Musioian, capable of composing and arranging music and instruot tng and leading a mounted ba^d. Also eight or ten good Musician*. Term of enlistment 3 years; the usual par. rations, clothing, Ac., of the re?ular service given. Wanted also aix or eight Trumpeters Inquire at Regim?nt*l He\daiiarters. C*mp Sprague, Washington, D. 0..(late Camp of Rhode Island Reg'i,)of Lt J. H. KELLOGG. A<tj't 1st Cavalry. fe 22 2w* WANTED? Every person to know that I am in the market, ready to par oash for *11 articles in the houa*(nrnichiPK line. Those leaving the city, or havinr a surplus, w:li do wall to call. R.' BUOHl.Y, 42* M*verth st-.bctweanG and H ste , (east aids,) Dealer in N'*w and tieooud hand Fornitare. no 16 tf WANTED.?We are now buying SECOND HAND FURNITURE, 8TOVES and BF.D DING. for whioh we are paying th? highest cash prioes. Families declining housekeeping, or having a srrplus cf furniture, wnl find it to their advantage to give us a oali. BONTZ A GRIFFITH, JelS-tf No. 369 ?th St.. hetw. i and K sta. GEORGETOWN ADVEKT'MIS Y=s? UNION HOTEL DIVIPBND.-TheTrue1^9 t?e? of the Union Hotel Company have de clared a dividend of twenty-two rer cent cut of the capital stock, parab e at Ua office of the subscribe., upon presentation cf the certificate of t?ok. W. H. TENNIiY, _fs*5^3t Treasnrer. pi?H WHARF, GEORGETOWN, D. C. Match's Orric*. / Georretown, D. O., Feo'y $), 1^32. % Notict uk*rth-e*, that Sealed Proposals will be reoeiTcd at thia office untu ti e lit Monday of Ma>-ch next, for the renting of the Fi?h Wnarf, own?d by t'>e Corporation of this town, for one year from tnat date. Terms L ashfe 22 3awtd HFNRY ADDISON, Mayor. POTATO E 8 ! POTATOES!! We hare just received a prime iot of ttaoftoye and Peach bicw Potatoes. For sale low to lot# to Huii ouetumers. ai?v,i .oi i>i urteu A pp. J.; :or ate at lowest rates. BUPEV ft BERNARD, fe 24 eolw Georg?towp, D C. r?OAL-COAL! Vv 08 60 PER TUN. Expect to arriYO in a Tew da*g. ?Q0 toes beet *uo:ity Coal, whioh w? will sell at the above prioe fur cas^. if or>red from the ve**"!. Trrioits in want will please send ir t!i?ir r:? ?ra immediately to our oiloa. iiiERh t SON, O^iae and 1 ard, Water str*e?, fs 22 lw Georgetown. D. C. JJ U C K S K 1 N e L O V E tfi r. Pius burp & Ebert, H'os S*TH*3T, mi r /. f r* ?wi iir \f n ? irui.u a vt Ai, jj, i, She oniy Kiaftuiiaoturera of Genuine UCCKSRIN LOVES, MILITARY GAUNTLETS, ?J?d MITTENS in the Dtrtriot. Officers' Gauntlets made to ordar. Bnokykin Draw erg and Shirts. 1* 1? IVIABSJSY, COLLINS * CO.'S 1>I PHILADELPHIA DRA VQHT AL E. We have Just reoeived a supply ol the above Aie, which we reoomniend to be of a very superior <ualtty. Persons wisiuug to purchase. by making immediate application, can be furniahea. ARNY A SHINN, no? Getrpetown. EDUCATIONAL^ >1 H K R IT K R Wll.l. HKII'MK HKR LTI Sono<>i for Brslivh and Frenoh Monday. January JDth, Nev Yor* avenue, between isth and uth ?t?. ja 17-a6tA/an6t T NOTICE. I HE PnhliG is respectfully informed that the undersigned hai oommeiued runnine a LINE OP 8TAtiEa Penn. avenue to Meridian Hill. The tstagea will leave Willarda' Hotel evcij ..or nine at 8 o'clock and Meridian HiUat half aaat 3 Colli, and will run regularly to and from Meridian Hill every hour, thus affording a cheap and speedy oonveyanoe to the vai ioua carrpi in the neighborhood. I hA n n H ai i cn&H hnaaa tn raii?l ** It ^ ra I < ? ? uvu U' J?W? ?? I v VV1 f O a UUOI Itl C U^p'i t>f as he is aeurmint d to afford his patrons every facility ta hia power, Pare 10 oeute eaoh way. GKO. M. M1Ll.FR, fe lt-eolm* Proprietor. / V ISAAC HKRZBEK6, A XW1 The Onlr LioeoMd XW1 f4 WNER OKXR. ?,0 4 10,000 to be loaned on Wold and Silver Watches, Jewelry, Guns and Pistols. Silver Ware, ana Wearing Apparel?at the ola stand, No. 361 C street, back of the N?Uon?J Hotel, between 4X and4th ite. del?-am* CTKINWAY & SON'S CELEBRATED PI0 AND FORTEH.?Tfcese are ad m tied by all muaioiaaa to he the begtiRaHHI maoufaotnred ia this oountr?. They have"' st all timet reoeiveil the first premium over all others, wherever and wbenev er tbey came in competition. Tbey are warranted for five years A large assortment of theee inatrameLta ia always to be found at the Mueio J?tore of W. G. METZEROTT, Sole Afoot. One 7 octave 4 ronna oorner Chlokenn* fiauo er sale for $iu. "eli PHEAP CASH STORE! V Tha twderalgned have oonatantly on hand a generaJ aaaortmeutofNewand freoon.l hud Fniriitare, Crookenr, Gl&aaware, Tinware, Fanoy articiee and ftouaekeeaing artio.ea generally, which tbey are frep&reu to eell aa oheaa unot oheapej than any other esta'j latiraentln thee: try. buying explosively for the oaab, and aeliing for the aama.Uai are aaiiefied they oaa oonpete with PeTiont in want of a?y of the above arUolea art reapeotfally raqaeeted to give aa a oall before par^rl^ Brr-MEsar Uiln*?i I <___ D^.k^ U.?IWu>hur> from jfijwio iKTiWdoiMr""" ' ' Jig *1,W 93 a0,WU J. W. COLLET. A T MOORE'S WJS8T BND DRUG STORE, testess' M Uaii, W U? ohw??<rates. r* ?-!* j LOST AND FOUND. 810 ifMS?feDMA$K; inth\he*pitta!?*"*! D L " Tka ahor* rcvarrt will be pa.d to th? ??er.atH. PKMKKN'S. 3SO Ptaa.aT I *S:9 DO? LOST?#4 Kiwud ? Str?t?d front No. 339 EuhUKjnth tro-t.a Xrfe NnrfoiDdltnd D' 'fl Th? above rtnrdMJ^k will be paid fjr hie deliver*, or tor la ~ ? iormation that will lead to bia recovery. fe? iw? ft C REWAR D?Taken oat of a carriage abcat v*' balf pa?t7 o'clock on the^icbt of the s*th inll.. il front of Hahnfik H'i tli m m. ? nf CUSHION*1, with ft r*d ?n?l white barred aumn>?r lining oyer th*m. The *xiv> rewftrd will he ?i*en ftnd Bt <neatioaa asked if the? ftre returned to the aUMw. fe n r* LO?T?On Wednesday l&et, the ISth matftot. ft t> ack COW,with white horse; end ot her *ftil wia white; waa af out 5 year a old. A iiberftl reward will be ciren on ita reJb*?BM turn to J. M MAY. No. 69 High a j-eet, ?eo<tett-wn, D C. ' fe%5 >t* Z RLWARO - Fftn ivit from the premiaei 0 ? ) of Selty P Soagga, i.ear the Anft m ooatiftcr Bennica'a Bridge, in Washington (n o<>unty. D. C..ft NE?RO WOMAN Mftry, JR* about an yeara of art; Lot very Mack; h&a ^,W a pooatiftr mantle ot the heftd when apnkec 1 and Boy Charley, the aon of Mftry, aoout 4 y?are old, the a operty of Selbj 8. f.ftcca. And aioo Mftn Hit! I5?!.,ab#ut30yearaolQ. blftoa Pr?wr, with aoi e whiakera ana with a buany head; he ia ioui mvie. ac>i about 5 Seet 10 mebea high, and very at-*ight. The at>ove named Bill U the property of Kobt. Martha I, living near Mr. Seagg*, m Prino?g*nrge'a oount*. m?1. Twenty-five do'la^a a pieoe vu. : + for iue ?ppr6u: and delivery of the above named servant*. Tfisr are auppoMd to be in and about \Va*hihgt >n cit> i>. C. 8KLBY B. SOAGOS, fe 84-St* KOBT. MARtsH AL1>. District of Columbia, cor* of Wa^hihgton. To-int I hereby o?r-f^. tify that J ainet S. Beavers, of thia countybrought before ire,one of the Juattoea nf^^1 the i*e?ce, in and for aaid county, thia 8th Febrn%'y 1W2,? da>k brown MARK about 15>4 handa high; n&ving itaiffc hind foot wnite opto tneanole; it* richt hind foot with a little white unrf?r th? fetlock; a ?tar on its forehaftJ. at.d its back Mr*, Said mare when found had oc it ft unitary naddie ftnd bridleGiven nnder my hand and e^a1. W. THOMPSON, J. P. The owner will come forward, prove property, pay chafes, a*'i take the above name* mare a?*y, or the will be ?oM to pa? e*pen?*a. Cftll at oftoe of Metropolitan Polie*. M6 llth et. f? H 2%?9w RAN AWAY?K'om tfce eubeonber, living nrar Lurrattavilie, Prir.oe George'a ooonty, m Md.. on the 7th February.I86i, my NKG"'? (? WOMAN, "Sittie." who oftlls here-ii Jff* Uettie Shorter. the it aoout twenty-five year* of ate, four feet 10 inenea huh; tift-k JQL* copper colored; thin light mutou>ar frame; hat ?om? of her toe* on one foot injured from a burn when a ohTd; had or when the left a b ue conn try made yarn frook; and had other olothee with her. She took with her, her ohiid Olivia about 12 month* old. ft&vill be given for ftpprehenaion of the ftbove woftift*> and ohill, provided that they ftre delivered to me or aeoured in jail, so that I can get them araio STANISLAUS* BRADFORD, fe 11 M/1A2aw2?* District of Columbia Wa?hik?toh Cocntt ? I hereby certify, John H cy Newman, of md oounty, brought if me at a stray, running at la ge in the** r"* treetaotGeorgetown, a dark bar MAKE, euppoted to be abont 10 yea o.d; about 16 ban la high; a ttar in her forehead; ring-bene on ner left hind foot, both frre.'eet shod; twitch tail; baa been worked m geara. Given utder my hand aad aeal, this 18th day of February. 1863. HENRY KEAVKR, J. P , (teal.) The owner of the above deeenbed mare, will pleaae oome forward, prove property, pay ohargei. ana iace ner ?*ir. or the *11 be told to pay fxpraiei. Apply at ofibe of Metropolitan Po ioe, 416 11th street. fe 10 2a?3w f OST?CHECK No. 349, for one band red and Li fifty eight dollars, drawn by Bru* Catn'Mi. Paymaster U. 8. A .on the Treasury of the United States, dated Washington, Febrnary let, 1962. in favor of Capt. C. R. Loweil or bearer, the payment of the came havirc been stopped, all perse us are forbid negotiatinc the same. The hader wi.i be revardei by returning it to Captain C. R. LOW KLL. oarap of the 6th U. 8. Cavaliy, or to the oAoe of Major B Cameron, oorner F and 15th sts. fe 3D-10t* NOTICE NOTICE NOTICE TO SUTLER?. TU SUTLEKS. SPICED MOLASSES CAKES SPICED MOLASSES CAKES. SPICED SUGAR CAKES SPICED SUGAR CAKES. lu oonaeqnenoe of the jreat demand for oar Nolauee Oinrer Cake and Sujar Cake, we have ap pointed HUNT, CLARK Jt CO. Corner of E and l*th street*, principal Ar?nta for their sale. SNAPS, _JUMBLKSl Pl??L.A?PE? FOUND CAKE. IN QUANTITIES. IN QUANTITIES. I.N QUANTITIES. BOSTOX Z'WACKERS, Fre?h every d*r?vrarm fr?m the mtke delicious food? Tin Cent* Per Pound. DAYTON'S CELEBRATED M1XCE riES. Hotel-keeper*, Head? of FamiWo?. and SnVere are invited to try ?nr exoe'leut Mi. Piet. Onr MINCE.P1E8 r.eert cn'r to h* tried to be apfreoiated ; price .f 11 %r.l ?|2 i*r nuotlrel. JAMES I DAYTON. lliOceir?*30 Eieve-t'u ?treet, feb Jl-lw between 6 and H. III. O. HOOD S Conataatly receiving, au?l u*? & *?'i od hand, a fall aupp ? cf a'! tUtf mmt c-?let*rat?d WATCHhi thp-i a'? ir.aEnfictiire't in land, Switcria ?t a- d America- toff. i>~ Si and silver r;aae? H ? alao k?epea &r|* *?ooa of fiineJKWfr 1 K Y f?f t: ? inott <le?iraM<? * yieaaet witt Diamjotu, Ka Rut.iea Had another Gems. Ho >e al?o iiiannfactunnt a'l ki*d? of fcoid Sta-.dard Silver War*.arid kcepa Sworda, Revolvera, Sword Belt* erd duties, Bowie Knives. Raxora. Scia-ora, 6o!d, Silver a:<d Steel ?peettc ?a. and a treat variety of ?ther thinca mnaiiy kept :n a Jewe ry Store, and a>i at iLo very low??t rine. Nn 13* P?- m-?nn? o?h treat!. ' la ld-U BUTLERS' AND OTHERS. BRANDY PEACHES, lOOdaien. SS ucfco- j-KKSH PbACJVg, 30 dogen STRAWBERRIES, 20 dozen PINE APPx-LEB, *1 Knxen PIE FRUIT, CURRANT JELLY, 36 d.>MQ FRESiH TOMATOES, 8REEN CORN, GREEN PEAS, TOMATO CATs?UP, PEPPER SAUCE. sauerkraut and poke. LOBSTERS. CONDENSED MILK. CRANBERY SAUCE. 10 BARRELS prime western BOLOONA8. Just received and for aale at tha lowest oaah BARBOUR A SEMMKB. fe 18-lw No- 66 Logman* aveoua. ROOM TO RENT, smtable for sntiera' ?upply atora. Apply to H. A J. M VERS, Imponera of Watchea. 10 W&ahington Bailding. Dealers in watches woaiddoweii ta call and examine the stock of 8 A J. MYERS, which they are laUins SO par oant. lower than any other houae in the city. 10 Washington Bunding. |17ATCh MAKERS Will eav? time and troable by ? n ? A J. MVERS to purohaae Watch Materials, Watch Glasses, Tool*, and tewellera' Jobbing Material*. 10 Washington luildimg. Sk. J. MYERS, havinc anderatood that mt eraitrave ing aed aranavini repreaentad that ther are oonn^otrd with thair honae, and Belling an inferiorartlole, they take tnia meaanre in informing the trade that they are in no way eooneotad with any honae o' acenta ia thia oity. (rr* Branob of Boston Honae?10 Waanlncton BoITding. Waahington. fit ?< HIETIN0 COTTONS, and Cot?ona for lad lea' ?9 and children's wear, a full anpply of the heat iradea. under the marked ratea riotwithatanding the daily advanoa in (rioa of aoh foods, we oontioue oar old aoale or prtoea. fait tr ^^KPe 1 p*a^and^c t?at. IP HK ART OF WAR BARON DE JOMIN1. Tranalatod by CaptJM?ndail and Lieat Craighxll, (J, S. Amy, GEN. CASEY'S iNFaM iKY TACTICS, TIU1 VOLCMBB AMMimtr, ?<?" "b'SubS^WPMET* BookMller Md Stationer, 314 rana. at. fo 7-fw |latt|..ltnk. * Okrnn . t?l 0Nth*ffiif2K*.S8SES.ikY- JSJfud VOLUNTEE*Wl taf. tuJ^Ck Hookara Dtauion at Ilk o'alook^^BM^^fc daily (8?adw exeepfd ) fa l?f A FINK Maortnent of Ti#a Coilara. euapanf\ telurU, Trunk*. HtU aa<l Cap*, at blrtlTH'8, No. 460 ?lk atreat, op^oaiU l^oat Oily. f? 14-im A MKK1CAN BffhCI K1C.?1'aa oair aaia. A apaady and oar tain ear* for a ctrfia P-i+%it Distmf onra In from tkr? toaixdaja. 8cid o<Jf at II3K P*.arwM. fa \t& GK.V8Si'ia^*2dA JBJfuiS'.'V.a; anka Clothtof *?ora, No 4^6 nk !tr? I. J-*c * * , % SECOND EDITION. THRU O'CLOCK, P. OlTl MILITARY BUDGET the rioron lunitu Hcdquartirg, Armfjf ikt ftiinic, l r?o si, im > General Order*, No. dtl 1. Brigadier General Andrew Porter la announced u Proroat Marshal Uenersl of the Ann* of the Potomac, and will be obeyed and rcapected tecordlitlf. a. A Provoa* Marshal for each Dlvialoa will be appointed by Ita commander The Division Pravo?t Marsha' will obey the order* of the Dlvtaloa commander la all matter* affecting Interior police, bat will be reaponslble to the Provoet Marshal General and be sruided by such Instructions as he mar, from time ?o time glee. A su<B~!ent gaard will be detailed by the I)lvt?lon commander for duty under the orders of the Provost Marshal 3 A local Provost Marshal for a city or village will, when necessary, be appointed by the c?m maud rig Ptncer or ry these HrMqaarnn 4 For Brigades and detachments, * Deputy Provost Marshal may, when necesaary, be appointed bv th? Division commander 5 Tue duties of tbe Frcrott Marshals General and local, relate to the general police of tbe army and embrace tbe following subjects: fupprers ->n of marandTng and depredations, and of all brawls and disturbances, preservation of good order, and suppression of drunkenness, beyond tbe limits of tne camps. Prevention of straggling on tbe march. Suppression of gambling bouses, drinking bouses or bar-rooms, and brothels. Regulation of hotels, and places a# txmKIU ui puwiib a Hi vcmcu Searches, seizure* and arrests. Execution of sentences of General Court* Martial, Involving Imprisonment or captul punlahment. Enforcement of order prohibiting the eale of Intozicatins; liquor*, wbeihrr bjr tradesmen or sutler*, and of order* respecting passe* L)?-serters fr?iin the enemy. Prisoner* of war, taken frotn the enemy Countersigning safe guard* Passes to citizens, witLin tb? lines, and for purposes to trade. Complaints of citizen* a* to the conduct of the soldier*. 0. 1 be Provost Marshal*, General and local. Will notify tbe reg mental commander- concerned of ail arrest* of aoldiera made under their order*, and will cause the men to be delivered, with a rcnv of the charge* agatnat them, to tfceir proper ofR-era. 7 Thev will aee that tbe orders respecting pMM to cfflrersard men absent f-om their csmps, are enforced. A11 passes will h? taken up t>v tbe paa'da at their expiration. Pais^s ao taken up will be turned over daily to the Provoat Marsha] of the D vision to which tbe guard belongs, wbe Will cause them to be examined and all fov'd passes, or passes granted by improper author!!?, or for unauthorized period*, to be reported to the Division commander 9 All prisoners capture from the enemy will be turned over to the Provost Marital of Division, who will send (hem, at the earliest practicable moment, with complete descriptive lists and Information as to where, when, and how, they were captured, to the Provost Marshal General. 10 AH safe-guards granted at these Head Quarters will be countersigned by the Provost Marshal General Persons found violating such safe-guards will be Instantly arrested by the Provost Marshals. 11. Passes to citizens, within the lines, sad for purposes of trade, may be provided bv the Provost Marshals. General ana local, who wnl oe guided strictly by the Instructions heretofore given by these Headquarters upon the subject 12. The Provost Marshals will investigate all complaints of citizens In regard to the conduct nf th? t rrtnrta sn/f uri'l rrnnrt farta In th? to the Dlrtalon commander By command of Major Gen'l McClellan S. William*, A*?vt Adj't General Official:?J. KiainsD, Alde-de-Camp. ? .<?? THE LATEST BY TELEGRAPH. THREE VESSELS STR13DED [Special Telegram to the Star ] Baltimock, Feb 26, (from Fortre* Monro# Feb. 25 )?The Spauldlng bu arrived from Hat teraa She left there l&at Sunday She brings no news from there. The Hoboken Lai gone ashore near Cape Henry In a storm. She la a total loss All Lands on her were saved, however. Laving been taken off by the SpauldingTbe R B. Forb^ 1* ashore near Nag'a Head, and mutt also be a total lo*a. The steamer Fipresa la also reported to be a total lo*a on the Eastern Shore, CON UK E88IONAL. inTUU COBiRR>^-ft*cra4 WiBKisDAT, l-ebrutryj#. t-Kf a t b ?Mr. Hams presented a petition from a large number of merchants and othera, of New York, for a general bankrupt law; also, a memo _i-l _ m . _ A % m sa _ * a _ M a* *? m_ riii 01 me Acsapmy 01 roeaicine 01 i ore, against the employment of homeopathic surgeons In the armv of the Lotted State*; both referred. Mr. Do 'little presented numerous petitions for the abolition of slavery In the Southern States by action of Congress; referred. Mr McDougnl reported from the special conmlt'ee on that subject the bill for the establishment of a railroad and telegraph from Missouri to the Pacifl'' ocean; committed On motion of Mr. Wade, the bill for tbeoceu pitlcn artd culti verion of certain cotton lands and plantation: on the coast, was teken tip and debuted by Messrs. Doollttle, Sumner and Browning. Housk ?At his request, Mr. Van Wyck was svr> isfwr>m servinir aa ?K? PAmmlttM All R#VA. V*V- uw ia ll VIM WI f IUK VII - W \/ VIUXII ?vv wh a*v*v^ lutionarv Pensions, nls regiment with the Army of the Potomac requiring bis services. A resolution Instructing tbe committee on Gov. eminent contracts to mate inquiry relative to tbe monies received by Federal officers In New York: to the ownership of tbe public warehouse*, and the storing, Ac., of foreign gods. was adopted The contested election caae of Upton e? Beach, of the seventh congressional district of Virginia, was taken up, Mr Worcester, of Ohio, having the floor. LATE LOCAL NEWS. Firs.?About half-pust 8 o' loek this morning, the little frame building at Loeflle: s garden, on New York avenue, u?ed by tb? proprietor as a k.. ?n/M<n aaManralli- tAAk front ilnvs It UII'IIA'IU. OlA lUVHVVii y ?W? HIV VIM . vwt*, ? is supposed, and was burnt down. The contents were principally saved The lues was Inconsiderable Chakoe NotSr*iAi!f*r ?Elite Delany, whoee arrest for keeping a gambling hejw waa noticed In the Star a day or two since, waa examined before Justin? Ferguson and dismissed, there being no evidence to sustain 'be charge. Passa&k Thiives Aaorr?On "Similar last the hail of house No. 159. Pennsylvania avenue, waa entered, and a black beaver overcoat stolen herefrom. A Gray Mali Non Est ?Between 1 and 3 o'clock on Monday, a gray mare, marked -'11.8 was stolen from the rear of the railroad depot. Lots for bale or k^nt.-w- t?? iv* unimproved Lots, situated in the i i?i? vloicity o( the Rairoad l>ei? t. which we wi?. e,. low for oash. or lease on r9&?->nsbl* terms. For ...t,H A w iidi R * 8KMME8. rTe *18 6tao ***^ " I NOTICE. HEREBY ForevtrBkll^mm fan harboring 'ne Margaret Dmob. wfco left n j bad and boardmz without any arovooation 1 will not be rttpomibisfor any debta contract d U her She it now bettor known ?e Margaret B owr.imUer. having married the raid 6eorr* Brownmi ler, of the United State* Caralry > Utah TVrntoij, AUSUnTUt* DKfiON. Washington, D. C.. Feb'y ?, IM8- fe*,Mha.?"* LAW SCHOOL or HARVARD COLLEGE, 1869 Two Terma of BiD?*e?D week* cask. M)a menoid< Mares 3d and BaptmnMr 1?L For Cntmogua and cirou ar, addrena JOtL PAKKKK, A?|?U frsftttm. CaTibnd(?, Mm*.. Feb. >eii. ft M 8Jl i 1 LOR I(J18 NEWS?BURN HIDE'S KXPE 'I d.Uoca perfect anooaaa. Bn' c?xttot;?tta tUa tire?t Bar fan* now offered in Ciotkunf, Kimntahifit Gooda, Trunka. Mnta nod Cn(>a, nt tfce pr^&c<!><^&Il, &tor*' N?" ****** CENTRAL HOTEL. (trpo* tk* far?Ma^*.l V> oirnerot PenneylTaMa a venae noo Cut rtreot, cpaoaito oorner to brown a and tn* fratioaa, i* K>w limitefeed tkrongbont vttb new and baadeome nftar*.' The proprietor inform a hia fhende and tte pat>U? the 0*j or work, vi.k or w;ti oct naolr TboDtimc &*lron om *? i nounH. DURHAM Gk.L-T?'N, fe 10 oo?w? Proprietor. | "BEAT HAKGAINS IN CLOTBiNB.Ot tko vl peor, Cloti.ftf Store, No 4*0 7lk tlrooc ^HfcPHKRD'S PLAIDS, for Drew#ud S?iU. O C.ooka. ^Uv:i, fco? P..t?, ?*4 kc? Dron Boo -r, it redkc?i r?t?a. ^ cii M jwnciiM Goo4?. laaU M PKBRV * HH'i_ P%. IffftNU'l NiftU r * '

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