Newspaper of Evening Star, February 27, 1862, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated February 27, 1862 Page 1
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* t 0 ; j j^r lM' s ^ ^ j ^jb V^H ^Bl Vjv TV* #"J m^~:~ - > Ohu nHBr BH W9 ^^9 B3 f^S VH % Huff SfKp' |Bi Sr B HH HH r 1 \A X t B| E2 i^j flH la H H ^p / g? j| |^| % w ~ ???????? V2i. XIX. WASHINGTON, D. C . THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 27, 1862. N*. 2,814. ?* ??????? THE EVENING STAR ta tVBLISHED EVERT JLPTSRyOOlf, (tfJNDAY KXCEPTKUJ at in> siu nuu'vi.iua, fWftMT / WWW ?4 fHHHf* ft. IT W. D. WALLAOH. repere aerve* tm package* by oarrlera MM* fw, ?f 37 00(1 ta p?r month. To mall robocrlhen the prloe la S3 m a year, to fS tot tfi eotfcaj tl for three montha; and for laaa tfcrj toree aaootha at the rate of II cento a week. 81a rl? floolea. ona obht: 1b wrasam. two nm " (j^ AtrrarimiJTt ik??M be wit to Km iftee before U oNiloofc ; otherwise tbey may ot appear ontll th? next dayA Cha?g e ( er Chaage ( Pellcy D? Udfd fFrom the Richmond Whig of Friday.] Theee are ticjee to try men'* aonla. The oonaeaaancea of a defensire policy, and of the folly of transferring the war to the valley of the Misaiaaippi. where the enemv have their beat fighter*, instead of attacking them in their central and moat tender point?Pennatl ania?bj aggressive war, are now upon ua. We have permitted them, without in'.ermption, to mature their programme of aurrounaing and eompreaaing ua, which waa announced more than eight months ago. What our ^orernment haa done to meet the iasue, beaidea wrangling with popular generals and piddling over petty ioba, the Lord only knowa. Judging by reaulu ao far, it ia the moat lamentable failure in history, and auggeata to the reflecting mind that the moat aignal service which that government ceo render to the country is tke surrender of the helm to abler and better hands. In view of the put, tho present and probable future, the pageant of to-morrow is a bitter mockery and a miserable compensation for the ruin of a free people. A child with a bauble, an old man with a young wife, are partial illustrations of the deplorable folly. For eight menths the people have been hoping and confiding. Never enough can be said of the ardor, the disinterestedness and devotion of the southern neople, With one heart, they have offered all t ney have for the common cause ?the cause of life, liberty and happiness; but there has been no response from the authorities at all in proportion to the outburst from the popular heart. The dreary inaction of the last L_ - ..J - 1 iiLumcr BUU miuiuu, IUO 'iiacaac ouu woanucb? of camp life, and the wasting away of the finest army ever assembled, were endured, if not with patience, at least without any boisterous complaint against the government. If confidence was shaken, the hope still survived that our rulers were laboring dilgently, wisely and v effectively for our defence. The result is before us. Does patriotism dictate, does it justify longer ailenoe? Are we privileged to fold our arms in mute admiration of some reputed great man, while the ouuntry, I under his guidance, is going with railroad speed to destruction7 There is no unkind feeling in any quarter, that we are aware of, towards Mr Davis; so far from it, all the manP ifestations of the laat twelve months prove the contrary. But the conviction is general?outtide of official circles it may be said to be universal?tnai no one man can perlorm til the varied and difficult function*, civil and military, of this government. The mysterious, do-nothing policy, which has been attended only with disaster, hu substituted distrust and apprehension for the hope and confidence which previously prevailed. It is this lose of confidence which presents the most gloomy phase to our cause The men and the policy that have without necessity involved us in our preeeut troubles, are they on whom we have to rely for extrication Confidence can only be regained, and our deliverance achieved by a change of men or a change of poliey. The crisis is too serious* to mince words. Perhans we all have committod an ?rrnr ? nH hare contributed to delude the Administration by holding cur tongues, or only indulging the honeyed accents of praise. The disposition has been great among all classes to look on the bright aide of everything?to gloze over what we did not approve, and hope for the best from k what we did not understand. But such disasters as thoa* of Roanoke Island and the Tennernee and Cumberland rivers are such patent and appalling evidences of inefficiency tnat all eonfidence must be lost without seme assurance of an altered and more vigorous policy Great and oriminal as may have been official remissness daring toe isateigai montns, wane the enemy were actively preparing to invade aa. our cause is not de?peraie if we can have counsels and energetic action. With a free and brave people, ready to peril fortune and life for the maintenance of their liberties, nothing U wasting but competent leader*?men of wire heads and big heart*, worthy of this great movement, to oonduct them to victory. THE NEXT PRESIDENCY. A Letter frena Secretary Seward. A Philadelphia Republican Club, baring for the object of iu organisation the bringing forward of Mr. Seward's name in connection with the next Presidency, that gentleman wrote the * following reply: Washington, Dee 18,1881. Deax Sib?I hare received the letter which *u addressed to me oa the 8th instant by you, an officer of a political association reoently organised in Philadelphia. You will excuse me, my dear sir, for what may seem unkind or ungrateful in thia reply to that oommunioation, which haa given me some uneasineaa, and which only fails to infliot severe pain upon me because I de not regard -> the movement whieh it describes as one of very considerable magnitude. The club, aa you inform me, have adopted a resolution to exert themselves to seoure mv advancement to the Presidency of the United 8tatei, and this resolution is generously bused upon high appreciation ef such publio sertmw us I have hitherto uttempted to perform. I avail myself of the good will of the club, I thus flatteringly manifested, to say, that t consider the proceeding as one altogether unwiM, and tending to produoe only publio evil ia a crisis when every possible path of danger ought to be carefully avoided. It is a partisan movement, and, worst of all, u partisan movement ef a personal character. If, when the preeent civil war was looming up before us, I had cherished an ambition to attuin the high poeition you have indicated, I should have adopted one of two courses whioh lay open to me?namely, either to withdraw from the public service ut home to a position ftf KflllOP withint x?t vAanAnnKilUw ak.AaiJ or to retire to private life, end, avoiding the caprlcea of fortune, await the chances of public favor. But I deliberately took another oourae. I renounced all ambition, and came into the Executive Government to aid in saving the Constitution and the integrity of my country, or to ?eriah with them. It termed to me, then, that must n?e?arily rear once all expeetation of fntar* Mraonal ftdvinUM. in nril? eeunsels I micht fire to th? President in auoh emu should not only be, bat b? recognised M being, disinterested, loyal and patriotic. Acting on this principle, I shan no danger and ah rink from so responsibility So I neither leok for, nor. if it should be offered to me, would I ever accept any reward. The eonntry is to be saved or loet by the highest efforts of public and private virtue before another Presidential election shall oocur. If U shall be saved, as I believe It will, I do not fear that ay teal in that great achievement will be overlooked by the grateful generations to oome after us. If. on the othar hind it shall he lost, he who shall study the causae of the great ruin shall not find among them nay want ef aelf-eaorifioe on my part. I eoald never eoneent, if unanimously called > upon, to be a President of a division of the Republic. I eheerfally give np my aepiration! for rale ia the whole Jtepublw, as a contribution to the affbrts neoeaaary to maintain it in ita integrity. I hardly aaed add that it result* from theee ni i immeUiiiiss, that I not only aah, bat I imywiu/ HI/ UIVUUO. in *H99W half von bar* written to m?, to drop my nam* hewaiforth and forever from among tboee to whom thaj looked as possible candidates for national distinctions and preferments. Very trulyyours, William H. 6*wa?tv CLTH Is new mid that Buhner at Pert Denel oo te be prepared for toy turn of fortune, bad a eeeple ?f tied to oppoeite e^d> ef a long ipele,?e reet stolen from a neighboring farmer lor a blark tag, and a ahlft Helen from bis wife for a white one While the Federals kept a dietaoee from the fort, be displayed the coat end at 1 i^uVirw' ^MI*"U>fy*PPro?cbed, be??blfted. A Novel Txlkoraphic Dkvicb ?The Louisville Joursal says: The most ingenious contrivance that baa yet come to light, as an emanation from the secession mind, is a telegraphic oommunioation between Qen. Buck* ner s headquarters at Dover, and the different fortifications at Fort Donelson A wire extends from the headquarters all through the fort, with batteries at each redoubt, ana Important points. B v this means it was calculated that troops oould be ordered frem place to place with much greater speed than by the usual medium of a courier on horseback' and I am told by a rebel officer it worked admirably during every attack. While the engagement on Saturday was going on. Gen. Buckner stood upon a bill in the rear of the fort viewing everything through a spyglass. A telegraphic operator was by his aide, with a ' pocket instrument" in his hand, and by this means all ordera were transmitted from the commanding officer to the troops within the fort. trr A singular Incident of the attack on Fort Henry 1* related by the Evanavllle Journal. The rains which had fallen for some days before the light, xoftened the earthworks into a sort of heavy mud,during tbe engagement a shot from the Easex threw a great wad of this mud into tbe muzzle of tbe ten-Inch columbiad in tbe fort. The rebels not noticing tbe queer cartridge thus furniabed them, rammed In theirs, and or course drove the mudlpAhead of It, filling up the vent and chamber 9 that tbe gun could not be fired. Tbe Innrnal > > 3a- Kl? IadJ a# ? -J ???-** ? * w UUI uut oi?y tuc UUW VAC iuau ut 111 uu auu powucr la atlll In tbe gan, and It will take some trouble to get It out. 1?7" The ending syllable "ough," which Is ucb a terror to foreigners, la sbown up iu lta several pronunciation! In the following lines : Wife, make me some dumplings of dough? Thev are better than meat for my cough ; Pray, let them be boiled till hot through, But not till they're heavy or tough. Now, 1 must be off to my plough, Aud the boys (when they've bad enough) Must keep the fllea off with a bough, While the old mare drinks at the trough Iu~ i nree c mens or LAnc&ater, X. H , ascended Mount Washington on the 11th, an undertaking which was never known to be accompliahed before in auch a season. The parties were six days on the trip?two of which they spent on the mountain summit. \1~7~ Prentice aays it might not be Inappropriate to do to Buckncr what be did to the piera of the Green river bridge. Drill or And a hole In the lower part of him, ram It full of powder, and blow him tip. [fT1 The rebels are In treat distress?having a Burn(ln one)side, and a Foot vlgoroualy applied at the other. SEALED PROPOSALS Are invited till the loth day of M&roh. 1863. atlSo'oiook m., for supplying the U. H. Sub. Dep't with 8.000 head of BEEF CATTLE on the hoof The Cattle to be delivered at Washington City, and each animal to averac* ijno pounds cross vricht: no animAl wJiinh *?i>ka I*-- ?k?. 1/wV pcundi grOM. Tbe Cattle to be delivered at suoh times and in *ooh * nan titles as tbe Government may reiuire. No Oattle will b re^ajrH nader this ouatraot be fore the lit d%y of Ap .1,IP-S2. Heifers and Bullocks noi watte*. A N'ud witn jocd aad sufficient secant? witl be reJo?-^'men' reeervee to itself the rijht to pay sn 'l oasurr n.?tee. ... No biu will be entertained when vat la by oon tractors who have previously failed t-j oomply with the.r oobtraou. or where the bidder is not preeeU to ree?ond to hii bid- _ B> -Is to be directed to MaJ- A. n^utiWITHi C. 3., U. 8. A., WML:agton. D.'\ I. A B, do hw^x promise to dellvCT to the Government good 0* . Catt ? on th? hoof for par hundred r" uaa frees veignt. The Cattle to b* <ierive'p ? at . according to the terms of the enoio'>j advertisement. TheCatt'eto be weir he-! ou tue o&lee.and t>ie weight r. t>? tuo rarotiase weigM. I hereby *?ree to give a goedand sufficient liond for tac fw!nl!mect of the contract,and to .cceive Trea^nry ootoa in payment for the Gatt.j. fe!3 rhEPOT QUARTERMASTER'S OFFICE, 1/ CoENRR ElSHTBRSTH AID G STRKKT* Washington. D. C., F*bruary 19, 1861 Sealed Proposals for furnishing to the So*?rnmeEt. at this Mint, (100)one thousand HEAD BOAMDSfor tne gra?*s of deoeaeed soldiers, will be reoetved at this oAoe until Saturday! March let, 1863, at 13 o'olook noon. i ne Doaraa man ooaiorm la kit retpeota to the following SPECIFICATIONS. The Roanda to be of oi?ar locust wood, fru ftom 4*oii,i4) ftaur leet long,* 10) ten inchea wide,<IK > one and o-wrnalf inch tniok. To be Might.j rounded at the top and "chamfered** onhne aide, roeud the toa. *n4 down each edre to a diatanoe on 11 foot (9) inoaea. Planed amooth on eao{i aide. A ? pec i men of the atyle of boarda repaired may beaeen at tlua ofioe. Propoaala abonld be addreaaed to Col. D. H. Rvcan, Quartermaater U. 9 Army. Waahiogton. ?. C., and ahoa d be plainly marked Propoaaia rUead Boarda." D. H. mUCHER. fa 19 dtmar Q. M. and Col *n. nxm nanm VVAil U ViTiUiV J. \f R. PKRDHI AT, Surgeon Chiropodist, from 1"1 Paris, b?c* to inform too that be oan effeo'nal1t rtmor* Corn? and Baniona. without pain, ?o that the *hoe oan be worn immediately alter the operation, without iDoonyenienoe. Aieo removes Warta and other superfluous fl esh from the hand*, so that they will appear mall and delicate. No. H iX street. near CitT Hall. Charges moderate. In* teferi to thadootors of Washington generally )a H-lm* 4 ftO B. V/KRTHEIMER k. CO.. AC\ lD? No. a?a Aim Bifwtii tu 4H4 Offer th< nr mmToPwB^NblES, GINS. I CORDIALS. ete., also their iiri* assortment of SEttAJtS, TOBACCO, FANCY 600D8. sto., for Ml* at Wholesale Prises. 1>T kw* oonstantir on hjind fine PHI LADBLPHIA CREAM ALE, in let* and bottle*, for bare or family see The peblio in general are reelected to five them a cell and examine their splendid stook of foods. S. WEKTHEIMER A CO., 469 and 464 Seventh street, 4e a-to oppo. Post OflVoe. NOTICE. ? ADAMS' EXPRESS COMPACT " ?Vhls Company offers to the psbllo M Une^nalled *o? to ailiirto * UTUniW Stated ' '' KiirMW* to and from the North and WMt depart rrom and imn la Waahlniton Uno? <Wly, All EiirMN arc 1B eharg* of tmftrimttd mmd r*A?lPtokaSoldi on eamoa at "on * AU? oS/JoTthi? M^oallad "OonfMorata Btatea" and all Artiolaa M Conlrabaad of War" wflTb* Oar Eiinw laave Nrw York at 1.1,aad IP. M- arrirln* la Waahiagtoa at ? A. M. aad Ml iKxiireaaas laava Philadelphia at Ml A, M. and U P7m? arriTiai la Waahlncton at M? P.M. and e? laava Baityaor* at ite A. M. aad I P. M.^arriTin* la Washington at I A. M aad MO "jfiyi? ? for ail voiata North ud Wnt Iwn WMhinfton M7J0 A/M.aiid UO P. M.d%ilr. Beeoifcl Contract* for larca ?nantitiee of rr?t?fct B?y1 Adama' fcijreee Comjanr. Waahlmton, Aapit a. I Ml. wtt-V gOOTS AND 8UIT THE W* *x? BOW aaaalaeUriag aUfctpd* of BQQUi aon?b ?a, m^TexpntmZl^h or da r?M>ZwilI bo told ? a muehlower ?rloe than haa been * K herotofo* >. "barged u? uu? oity for rnaoh inferior IB want of Boot* aad 8hoes of Motora or oitr rnade work, will always tad a good twort a? M 114 P?uwlTtan yrniM. |MF01TAN T T O LA01G8. u !H?? t ? t meadodjjkad J fiEOR 9 K M. WVi:. J u jnkrttnmd uwhwi id And ej5HML^i8*^Mfcl^i6&^ANT? As %rmortmmt of M?r*k?ii<lise of rr#ry dMW^ '. jd ouusguitiy on h&nd. ? Hi' iif> li flf. WOttL * <90.. 7i WaUf Btorgetfwn. )>?-! * Bt tha > ow Pfry? TELEGRAPHIC NEWS. THE LATEST FROM TENNESSEE. OCCUPATION of 5A?HVILLI?THI FRDIRAI. VLA0 rLTINO OVIR TBS CAPITOL OT TZXBB38KK? TLIOHT Of TBS IIIU LEO IS LA TURK TO XIXPBIS. Cairo, Feb. 95, P. M.?Nathalie ws? yeiterday occupied by tbe national troops under Gen. Buell. The Federal flag It flying over the Rtate-house. The Tennessee Legislature adjourned on Saturday week, to meet again at Memphis. It Is reported that commissioners bav?been appointed to confer with the Federal authorities at Washington to arrange terms for the tranafer of llnrlanrr. unit that Hnv Harris ti? t/i turn the rebel forces over to the Union. FUKTHEk IN RELATION TO THE EVACUATION OV NASHVILLE?THI UNION CITIZENS 8ENDINO FOE A UNITED STATES GUNBOAT. St Louis, Feb. 2# ?A Fort Donelson dispatch to the Democrat of yesterday says:?"A boat tust from Clarksvllle reports the evacuation of fashvllle. The Union citizens of that place sent a steamboat to Clarksvllle, which towed op one of our gnnboots fbr tbelr protection. The rsM^. with Go*. Harris, retreated to MWfMRsbor^^^ Harris burnt all the State documents before leaving. Gen Grant has declared martial law over West Tennessee. th8 latest pbom cairo. Cairo. Feb 36.?Nothing further bas transpired Id reference to Columbus The reports from rebel sources represent that a stand will be made at Columbus. At Randolph and Memphis forces are concentrating. At the latter place the streets are barricaded with cotton bales. The reports of the pacification of Tennessee are denied, and late Memphis papers contain a savage war speech from Gov. Harris. reports thbocgh private sources. St. Louis, Feb. 25.?A gentleman who escaped from Columbus represent* a general Union sentiment as prevailing in Tennessee, and thinks the Legislature will acquiesce in the recommendation of Governor Harris, because tb^r are fearful of resisting the Union sentiment. When he left Columbus there were 30,000 rebel troops there. Another gentleman who has arrived herefrom Nashville [who left before the occupation by the Federal troops] reports that the rebels will make another stand at Murfreesboro'. He also says that when Governor Harris fled with the Legislature to Memphis, be burut tbe Stale library "and dlitrlbuted a large amount of commissary stores and provisions among tbe citizens The stores were all closed and business entirely suspended,while the secessionists were leaving with their stock and negroes, and were following tbe retreating army. A correspondent of tbe Indianapolis Journal, writing from Munfordsville, Ky . states that just before he left the Green river camps, a gentleman bad iust reached there who bad left Nashville on tbe day of the reception of the news of the fall of Fort Donelson He represents the state of excitement at Nashville as being unparalleled. A perfect panic reluned throughout tbe whole city The Htreets were thronged with people wild with excitement. Leading rebels were making speeches frnm itnro nAiula m .. ..w.v wv* m, tiuiii iuc ucri curiirn, to the excited populace, stating that the ?'Fed;rals" were upon them, the city was defenceless, and appetlli p to every man who had anv species of firearms to rally to th?* defense of the plice. H? says that tijtse appeals i: d hut very little effect, and there seemed to Lv little, ?"v s}? m -tbout anything ti>et looked ta resistance. During the confusion fc; made good his ts. ape to Munfordsvllle. DlstijigaUhed t?r* Dooeltta Fritturri at Indiauepsiis. Indianapolis Ind , 25 ?Gen. Buckner and staff, including Majors Casby. Havs and Ca*sadv, Capts Tbouias J Clay, Charles Johnson and E H McDonal, a; a J N. Galleher, Buckner's private secretary, reached here at one o'clock this morning, with three hundred other prisoners. among whom were Major Herbert, Dallam ar,(4 Cant Moorman, of rui Hu?hrtxi Joknxiun'i staff. Cant Fr. ik Maney, (formerly of Garibaldi's caff,) apt Ravea, lugranaBtanwitxe, Joel Chipley, of lean , tad artillery and Infantry Surgeon* Crurlts Wlduoy and \V. G. Owen, Washington city. Among tLe prisoner! that arrived on Sunday and yeaterday are H. Col, Lyon, of the 6th Kentucky. Col. John M Rittars, Lt. Col Abernathy, of the 63d Tennessee, and Lf. Col. Overton. Gen. Huckner la confined alone In a room in the U 8. c urt house building. There it now in this citv and at Lafayette and Terre Haute nearly 6,000 prisoners. The official list of tbe killed and wounded of the Indiana regiments at tbe fight at Fort Doneleon foota up as follows : 11th regiment?killed 4: wounded 90. 35th realmeut?killed 15; wounded 100. 31at regiment?wounded 8. 44th regiment?wounded 0 58d regiment?killed 3; wounded 63. The War the Kansas Berder?Msremeats f the Rebels in Taxaa. Eimis CtTT, Feb. 85 ?A skirmish occurrcd at Independence on the 18th between a detachment of Ohio cavalr^and a band of rebels beaded by w(u?uwci aim rnrser i ne re Mil were routed,

with a Iom of three killed and several wounded Several were taken prisoners, and a quantity of arms were also captured. The Federal loss was one killed and three wounded. The danta Fe mall, with dates to the 10th inst.. has arrived. The rebel fllbley'a proclamation did not have the desired effect. Instead of rallying men to his standard, It has strengthened the Union army by at least two regiments, and placed nearly all the citizens under arms. The advice* from Fort Craig are to the 7th Inst. The Tezans under Sibley were at Fort Thome, 100 miles from Fort Craig, advancing on the latter place. Their supplies were scarce and transportation poor. Their only alternative was to flght or starve to death. Farther frem Califernta. Saji Fkancuco, Feb 94.?The weather haa been rainy for the put three days again, causing a partial overflow of Sacramento city, there having been no opportunity to rapalr the leveea for ita protection aince December and January. The damage la insignificant, auve that caused by the interruption ofbualnesa NOTICE NOVICE NOTICE TO SUTLERS. TO SUTLERS. SPICED ATOLASSBS CAKES. SPICED MOLASSES CAKES. SPICED SUGAR CAKES SPICED SUGAR CAKES la oonaeqnenoe of the great demand for oar Molaaaaa Ginger Cake aad Sagar Cake, we have appointed l HUNT, nr.tav v f>n < Corner of E and ioth street*, prinoipai AgenU for their sale. SNAPS, JUMBLES, MOLASSES TOUNO CAKE, IN QUANTITIES, IN QUANTITIES, IN QUANTITIES. ' BOSTON CRACKERS, Freeh ererr day?warm from the oven make delioioui food? Ttn Omts Ptr Pound. nivmuw rELEB&ATED MINCE PIES. Botel-keefera, Heads of Famlliee, and 0?tler> are iirlled to try o?r rxoellent Miooe Pie*. Oar MINCE P1BB need only to be tried to be ayyresiatad; ynoe fie and tit ter haodred. JAMES L. DAYTON, A Bakery?4*6 Eleven* etreet, fee n-lw between S aad H. it ne jKWfci. RY if the most deeirftfcU etyleeeet with Diamonds. Kmer&taa, Rubiea and ?il cti:?r lr?rr.ii He iaau>o fsAUi.-iac fU ki. ds o^poud L vaard t?ilrwr Wftra, aou *ee?a W"^, Revolver? Sword B. tu ?td PlttN, Bowie Kmvra, Raaore,Soi??or?, ?#c;d, BArer ardmeel Speotac.M.ud >|TNt variety of oth-r things *ae* y kept la ft Jawe ryBtoie, W ftli M the very < * est p^ No. 338 Pft. ftvano*, bc'.Weai. tftt> ^ ad iota r IN BP* OOODS OF ALT- imiTO-A full atook Li rfirt the t^ft-gradee of Ltaen 6cod?. PERRY 4 DRO.I fe at-st fens, itmm ftod Nlnui (treat. OFFICIAL. rEA9URY DEPARTMENT, PtimuABT 4, ISO. Notic* is 0U1I1 SIT*!* of tbe readiness of this Department to redeem the Treasury note* payable In one year from date, authorised by tbe art of Congress approved December Wd, 1857. and tbe Treasury no lea payable In sixty days from date, authorised by the act of Congress approved Sd March, 1981. Interest on Treasury notes of the above Issues will ceaae on tbe 7th day of Xprll next by terms of those acts respectively. f# 5-tap7 T^EPARTMENT OP STATE, ? ashi^oto*, January za, ism. The Secretary of State will hereafter receive Members of Congress on business on Saturdays, commencing with Saturday, the flrat of next month. ^J^^tf ^ ^ WILLIAM H. SEWARD. WAR DEPARTMENT, JimtT si, l-fli. Oksikid, That the War Department will be closed Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays against all other business but that which relates to active military operations In the flsld. Saturdays will be devoted to the business of Senators and Representatives. Mondavi to th# hnalnnaa R t PnKlM KftWIN M. STANTON, Ja 22-tf Secretary of War. ; - 390 PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE. ENILE DITPRE. Just R?oel*ed and Opened, A large and flnt-cla? stock of choice FAMILY GROCERIES, consisting of : SUGAR?, of all grades, TEAS, COPFRE, BUTTER, LARD, FLOUR, MAILLARD'S CHOCOLATE, Ac., Ac., Ac. All of wbkh he offem at low??t prlc**. I'IKE'd CELEBRATED W HI SKIES. 500 barrel* .Magnolia, 300 barrel* XXX. 500 barrel* Miller* Rye M?n?ngahel9, fW) barrel* fine Old K v?, v?) barrel* fine Old Uour>?on, AT CINCINN.ATI TRICES. All the farorl** brand* ?i C HAMF AG N E, M'imm Verteny, Gretn ?eal, Heldslck, whlob, Wne b?uglit Uw, w<? ?-<??? a? "-,"??jiUy l/?w raffl*. Alio, Sole Agent toi FIRE'S ARMY CORDIAL. frb 14-tf JAY COOKE A CO.. BA.NKZ1X10, Wo. 464 Fifteenth Street, opposite Treaeiry BoiidIngt. Washington. In oonaeotion with oar Philadelphia Boom ws have opened at No. 439 Fifteenth street, an office for the transaction of a tene.-al Exohanja, Colleotine and Bankini Business. We bnj and sell Cole, L'nonrrent Money. Stcoks and Bonds, (on oonunlcsion.) Draft* on Amerloan and European cities, receive Deposits, and make Collections upon al. aooessible points let im Jay Cooke a co. CO 11Y WANTEDI The Highest Pnoe paid for GOLD AND 8IuLVERj_ orr ' r vk oui in cubs to diit. LEWIS JOHNSON * CO., BANKERS, PlMMTLVliOA Av 1**1, )> C-tf Corner Tenth itreot. 1RNT EXPRESS C031P1IVT. NEW ARRANGEMENT! ALL RAIL FROM NEW TORE 41 HOURS. This Company u prepared to forward all kiuda of good* to and from? NEW YORK?Office Sft Broadway, BOSTON?Offioe, T Congress street, and 9 Congress S*uare, rHILAL>fcl>FHIA?umoe, 337 Chestnnt street, BALT1MORE?Offioe,Camden Station, WASHINGTON?Ollloe, 389 Pennstivania IT, ALEXANDRIA?Ofioe, 10ft King street, ANNAPOLIS, FORTRESS MONROE, NEWPORT NEWS. PORT ROYAL, And the SOUTHERN BLOCKADING SQUADRONS. AT FAIR HATES! ja? lm' I CARRIAGES. Have now on hand a large and fine assortment of CAR KIA6ES, superior to any in the^^i%g. mark?t, whioh 1 am prepared to sel'BagSg^ lowforoasti. Persons in vant ofgood*=*= MA* W- ? >>!( -J ? 1 * " ?? -* ? wvia, wui uu won w cftii ana bzuudo my itook before parohaeini el ee where. All reecira nee fly dons, and order* promptly attended Co. I have alio one rerr fine oloee Pannel Carnage, whioh orieinally ooat fl 325. bot little aaed.ana will be eold low, na the owner hae no fort her oee for It - ANDREW J. JOVCE, jaat-lm Corner 14th acd E atreeta. pORTAULE WOODEN TENTS! The anderaigned hae for sale and will make to order portable Wooden Tenta, of any repaired atse, at a rery low prioe. These tent* can be pet up or taken down m a few mi mi toe. end can be aees at the oomer of Fourteenth and it a. ua im' JOHN A- JORDAN. COLORED BORDERED TOWELS, eeleot V/ atyiea and ?uaJibee, from low-pneed and mew 1t n'ftSSfltt and ample a took of all klnae nf I .ina*i OAiU* foU-tr Fwn avenue and NinU at J| ATTENTION! U8T Rooelved a Tart* assortment of Nov FMtkeri, Comfort&blos, Blanket*, Bedttoada, Msmaaass, and Carpets. Persons wia&ln* to ass December 18,1861, tih'oa hu rid rod dollars oayabto ^aryja,'^. UIWM,. ( va;8HS, OOL1>~, HOAR8&NE86, *0. cottrovND aftvf or vumajubjc. ? Thia floaofnt and popular Coaih R?mo.lT haa "" ton* kdowh ?.jg exieniire;y us?a Ult ayomi ^KEsSSaS^ r~ JfflJi1'"'- "SiKgrHfc i WASHINGTON, D. l&RV&KT, IMS. REMOYAL. A. BIHINGEB * CO, KA.TI RBMOVBS * SIS PBNIIITLTANU ATEFTOE, rrociTB nibiiAnVD' tlUIKk We Invite the attention of ?mr Mend* uU taww to the Oard below: No. ?19 Pmujilusia Atisci, I (opjouit WiUard't Hotil.) J The Habaerlben, having opened a Branch Establishment In this City a few month* since, and feeling encouraged by the liberal patronage already received from la friends and the loyera of pare and gennlne W1NE8, LIQUOR!4, and other articles In their line, have determined pon a continuance and extension of tbelr busl new. Tbelr assortment cmbracea? FINE COGNAC BRANDIES (of Tarlora tigp, brands, and districts.) BOURBON AND SCOTCH WHISKIES, JAMAICA RUM, SINS, Ac , Also, several valuable Toalca, Bliterf, nnd stomachics, which are remedU* for wweicompiaino, rever ana ag'i*, headache, and the like. MADEIRA, PHERRY * PORT W1ME9, CLARET?, BURGUNDY, CHAMTAGNE AND GERMAN WINE* HAVANA PEGAR9. Of all Varieties and Prices FINE NAW AND OTHER CHKWJNG TOBACCO ALSO, PICRLF.P, PAUCEP,CHEEPE. PRESERVED MEAT? AND PRUIT*. PARPINF* VINEGAR?, BWKKT OIL, *c , Ac. The ?Vk-Jt w>u particularly elected to avlt the w&&:> < t Hoi?l-Keep??ra, f-iUNi, keatauraU-uf*, Ac Tb-y ire tn\!t?d u> Tlalt the ?*tabuabiu*?nt which la under the direction of Mr Jo? F Wil#OH. Owing to the fact that they import out of the article" dlreot, aad to their minv b'j?in?*.? fwilltiea. iney v*ea*bi?4 ?o thftr ?t^*k ??od* ?t ?ery low prices. Toer ehMl<*rt t^rranta, a, Di.Tl.lutn * I f.p w%porttff +f foreign Winc!,Liqtt9ri,ft. jall-tf n*w voat and waibimtom. TH^ME^R ?????? ??? ITU AND EAR. N#. 28T PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE. er*o?T* WILLA*D*S HOTEL. Oculist and inriflt D&. F A. TO<1 noSCHZIIKER, Frem C.iaton Plao?, New York, baa arrived la tt< city and opened his offices at SST PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE, whare ha oan be eoaaalted on Maladies of the EYE AND EAE resuincf medical and surgical treatment Dr. Vow Moscazism is the Inventor and introdaosr into the roedio&l prae'ioe of the ETHERIAL EAR INHALATOR, tor tbe treatment of obstinate oasee of DEAFNESS AAV NOISES IN TEE HEAD. He u also author of tbe letters published la the Nev York and Philadelphia papers treating on the p'evention of DEAFNESS FROM THE FIRING OF CANNON, ft. Dr. Von M. has lor tne pest fourteen years devoted his special attention to the TREATMENT OF THE EYE AND EAR. And poaaeea*a the teatimoniala of some ot ftie best known pnhlio men in tee Union, who h?re been . moat enooesfnlly treated by him for the RESTORATION OF SIGHT f REARING. R E A D. fYom Professor Momkur, Baltimore ] M1 havethie Ca? aeen Mi?s Wue, her eight perfeotliy i restored. I am I appf to express my oonvto tion tkat by yoar skill an<f judgment shs liu beec s'ed from the greatest deprivation tha ooaid have belklien her?' _ f?om the He*. Stn+ior Pugk ] , To D|, Von Moschziskbi: I am greatly obliged for the interest you have ma iie?ied iu my oaae ol Deafness, and the skill with whioh you hare treated my ease, and I hare no dosbt thai by oarsfnl observance of yosr directions, my hearing will be permanently reatored. O H.PUGH. i From Jo4m if L*an, Jr., ton ttf Ik* Horn. Judtt if ,. . ? **? U. S. S*?rtwu Court J rIt is well known to my nn nsroua mends that I ive been deprived of my hearing for many years, amhappjrioetatetnat I nave, thank* to Dr. Von 1 mv?vui?ftoi, cuurriv reooTtr^a, IQJ OOV 11 ! GovutuHteuertr. JOHN M'LfcAN Jr. For MTtnl rears I ?offero^froii> d?freee Dr ySt Eassfesr- YEAT9. Dr. Von Mosohsuker moat euooeeeiuity operated ?vaa/FassfstBU Looii, BtyC 17. MR. [ Ltttr from Krv. J. J. Mullo*.] Da. Von. Moec?liM*a?dear Sir ? Aaom thoae who have be?u i*>uefccted br loariktUrel treatment, in duaaaea i mtwinj the eight, It affoi .1e me great pleasure to add the ust.moiu*! of bit gratitude to the llat of roar patient*. NJjr eight trai aa maoh impaired an nag the laet eighteen mentbathat 1 oould doc reoogniae the fratureeof a lri*m etaadinx near tarn. I ten iter ih Uu acknowledgment of yon eminent ski 1 and immn id trie trMtmatoifoiuobufWiud csWi friend. J. JTM U LLOWii^otor M Patrick'.. ^Th# ong^aaljy^fte^ on iu lir*M 'imai moT* Puma wishing tkair tally ekyaietan ?r> aoioniAikf thlm tu w tr am om^&qoih or for ttKi , purfMS oi ooMultaiion are at liberty to bnatUw aiSQoai itu Wih ue at ail tu&M wiioomoa to wltneaa Dr. von M i oyerauona, .\_ii one of ON instrument* be has ir.trodneedlbrtka etlitatioa of Optha mio and Aura! Bwrgery. ^Arb fiota.JBy?w inverted wtkoat oaueinc any r*tc pftce*toara fremt a. m.toI ?. m. a*4 froa ate .p. Tebllro WT PENNSYLVANIA AVLMt. fra joat r*o*iT?<). We o&c aoaaiv deautr* M tji? iovtrtfMM. _ . KING 4 BUEOHKLL, )l t OMMT Vamtoat wf. 1Kb etrwt. | !iJ2^5^^!222!^S655!25!^36B!^^H^5^^^52S5^^5^8^JJ TH* YTLMKLY ST AH Pih co?uot ruur n< ? mwi MCttlm?S? IHW *V??J tt tBtarartUc ? *l\( iku ui N f??t* la uy 9mm?* piM?i* MfMiafMnlatBlmti? *opt, per ( Pin SCp.M MM** ?<|>f >HH ?M? 4 T? ooplsiv4*?< ?? > *? ?? ? ? TWMty-tTi M rti~iniiii] mniiini ^rinrin in?* tkal hm mmU TV ZMUy f?w<H Mr U lit* m gwrslly tbreojthoai tv> eeeaWy. ICTWnflr oeptea (la wrmppan) tu to pf> ean4 at tW tmuta, Immediately altar tto law Tttopapc* PrU??THREK CKNTS HELUBOLD"S GENULNE PREPARATION. hWNLY CONCKNTM.ATMDm Compound Flnid Kxtnd Bmehv. A ftitfw ?mA SpteifU Rim*4% For PllBMW 01 IM BLADDER. SIDNEYS. 9RAVEL, ??4 DEOP? SICAL 8WELUiN?e TMi Medicine n?'?UM the ?o?? of Difoatto*. ud exeite-e the *b?o?*ckt? into .lO^thy %r?oc. by wr.<ci the watkbt ok nunon depoeiuoah. and til tn?M*Ttr*A.x. are rtdtaw. M VOil M HUM AND IRtt-AMMATIOII. I HHLMBOLD'B EXTRACT BUCHO For WHtoeutl Arlaint fro be Kio?un. Hahiu of PtaalpaaGC., EarW IrMliaerctmij or A >bm, Atttmd*d wilkikt FoU^tung Efmyti*-n: India pon tion to Exertion, Lom of to we-, Ijom of Memory. of Breathing, Weak Nerve*. Trembling, Horror of Pintn. Wacefalaaaa, Dimneea of Vleion. Pa:a in tfc? Sao ( Uaire ii Laaaituds of the Muaciuar rr?tare. Hot Banda, j l?.'7Tcj of tie CoJf, Drjneea of the Skin. Eruption* T the Faoe, fallip norwrajiAiica, These *ym?nm?, 11 a < wad to mo on. wkiaA thta meoicine invariably itmciw, eoon fo.>va IMPOTENCY, FATUITY. EPILEPTIC PITS. M on* ef w\-:k tk* Pa'im' Fr^t. Who oac my that tbey are not fr^aeetly foilowed by thoee*'DiaarcL nitKAtaa. "INSANITY AND CONSUMPTION." Mauy are aware of the oaane of their *PT HOW! WILL COM??. THE RECORDS or THE INSANL AS\ LCMS And tk* M*l*ncKnly H Cmrumrnom, lltl AHTLB WITH1M TO TUB TKVTB OF TVS MfllTIM THE CONSTITUTION ONCE AKTI5<"TED WITH ORGANIC \VKAENESss. Hue* aid of metfiolne to ?freogtn?n Invito rat* th<* H??w? h'.eh HELMBOLD** EXTRACT BUCHU tariKM'ieu ratal wat p"imnr? va? trtt nimcii. FK MA LBS? FUMALBS- PP.Mf ,.< ? In Ma/iy AJft'-'tcnt Piruit? to the Extract Bueiiu ta unt??u?.. xi (ry err r*. ecy, Ik ChSoroets or K?teuti>j?i. Irr 'alt: Pftinfr rie*a, or t*npprea?ion o< Cwatome. ?.vv uali . -a. I cerateo or Xufcirroja ttwe of ]j ? rua, i.?u"r?rrtie? or '* hi'.*.?,S'.eri.ity. WMI I*f Co. comptaiEU lBoideiit to tne aex. vheUier hrlsuif from ludieoreuon. HsUta of ihesip?tK>n, or in tM l'trLIHE OK CBAS9X OF Utt< t? iTMFTOlt* NO FAMILY SHOrLi* T>s WITBO'-T IT T*U *p wxi Mf f P*f Y(<?w? /? Cut tM 1M MiltMI. HHLMbGLIt'Z HXTKAC7 BVC&I ma ?EIKI' DIAEASES IB ail tfc? j Et*?ee, At attle ELlf?c?* Lit lie OX CO >< N? IMMH1MW 4M ?ti /irrpjt-? iteacs?? a fro^u-nt s-.: rtre? etrec*ft t? Jru??t?, thereby RemoT'r- 'jabu oe?, Preveaum ?au Ou;.ag (.inotnrM ol i** Lreftr%> ."naasc icfifcrti.At.on.-w treqndn: is t~a ol&ea o: tad < xp*j;nf fMMMW, JtMMl tad *torn out Jdattar. TBovaa.Ni* rroai TBocaajiM WHC HAV? BEEN THE ViCliMS 01 qvaces, ?b4 who h*re Mid Ua-k/w: to be o?r*d IB * a.Trt urtOj fcarelbaLd ttry very desaired. and tL?t lit "WWW" btaTnr "iefle?ot%k?<r+rrj*i a??w# tern dne-i vp in? ?*?}, fc pr?i o?t >s iA&t. font, wi ?!??!?? in ir/"* jaMaf&tiZtim* ojunm oteiM. wfcrtiprexiatonj ia sullm on nniLB, from vhfttor** -tut ^..tratn* ud eo mat** aj'? Lone itajidub PlMMMOt IttH OrfW mil UMttd ?l|pf nine, HBLMBOLD'8 BITHAUJ BUCUU ie THE QBEAT ihirktic, tad U oertain to h%re the dei.ral effeo* l? Dtaaa ?Jm wkitk u u nttmmmdti. rrmnci or m hoot umiiriLi an a? LIABLB CIABAOW TlHn?nn|in the m?dicuMB. CERTIFICATED OP CORES. Proalto 0 y?w? WtfUf ?-"ntinar*m.r4jiE. -mreicjjutr flubs 'ttOTitmr WM KAZB "BO SBCBBT" 0? "UIIIMIITI * HELMBOLD'8 EXTRACT BUCIU ia oempoMd of buchu, CiheU ud Juumt U*idM Mioot*d with irett ears by * competent drmrW r&M PARED IN VACUO, BY H. T. HILMBOLU, raotlMLl Bad Aiuurtie&l Ct.em.Bt, *i.<l Boi * (m/ttnr?r at HJTLMBOLD'8 OKNULSE PIUtPAJLAlIt--* AM DA . Par?onaily ojeared Before me. ao Alderman >i the Oity of Philadelphia, H. T. Hklmbolu, wno being duly worn, doth eay.kie ytMMtiuu ooatun no narootio, no merourr, or otaer icjariom. drug*, bnt are purely vegetable. H. f. HE/.MBOLD. Swore and bbearibed before me, tbiaiJ c l?y o November, lift*. _ WM. P. AlBFEKO. Alderaaa, Ninth et.. abov* R%c*. Phi a f HY&IC1AN8 IN ATTBnDAKCK FHOM8 A M TO b F M. Prtee VI par aettie, a* in i?r fa. Delivered to any addreee. a tMj pari*: beerration. ddrma ietteia loi IzJ-t a *? S. ?. flj&LIIBOLV, D*r?t< M4 T*t>t?< it,, b o-w C ??'WU P n? BEWARE OF OOWf?TEEFfcl O AND VNTM1NC1TLML) Dm ii ct. Who cndMfw to diwoae -of ife* ?? " rther' *rtieies tfee 1. t Vnunm* Frtpm*mu ? " " Swtrt* 8M' . " ? * ? fto.i fcf C, B. Wtitl, fc. P. VTobt. S. O. IDIU, B. ? * Muoi, 0, B. Ouu,l:nnu ft it-iw* L Nun. WauottM kit * ???.?;> * lAND i 1,1 n* ?' - /rt . ? k . * ? APW row CBUlfcOLP ? UiK *r <m:j* flftll ftl'MtdlMMtl ?'? - -v " U>? ATOUHMT ? f <0~ ftf t>?r??< lyxni' -i*w# MM

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