Newspaper of Evening Star, February 27, 1862, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated February 27, 1862 Page 3
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I ~ LOCAL NEWS. AavainiiTi ro-NiftHT. T?ATft ?The comedy of the ' Lore Chaw," Via* Cbeatney as "Constance," with the terce A Pretty Piece of Banned* " C*5TBBacftv HaXI La?? weak of the Leon! (rantomtire Company, and last night of the treat* melodramatic pantomime ??Robert Macalr?," with Claakt, Mlaa Durall. Parker, and all the rther atara In a brilliant bill of borleaqne*. aongs, ^norea. and Canterbury com I e?l<ttea The enter j riding manager* of 'he Canterbury will doubtless ?*e to It that their auilen re? are not choked with ja? again, an on yt-sterday aft-rooon. Philharvoxic Hall?Ethiopian song*. bal * lada. dances, burlesque*, 6 v, by the enttr? troupe <>f ?!xteen star performer*?a moat attractive entertainment. FBaftiLm H all. corner of Ninth and D streets. Rarnum'a great Il?lntr curlr-a'ty. the M**hatla M it,'' and the celebrated Albino family from Madak-aamr. with white hair, pink eyes, and other wonderful peculiarities. McaicaL Hall ?Free concerts at 5 o'clock, embracing ?eleetona from the moat popular opI 'T**, excellent refreshments, &c. llall open all da*. Acadsmy of Mcsic ?Open all day. Free coo i at I o'clock, attractive mu?lc, auparior refrcabmenta, k,a Rmi'i AMPHitHSATta ?The great E-*1l?h ? steeple Cbaae" and rhe ' Maypole D*oce,'* with an Immenee prr^rarrmi' of equ*-?t'1an. acrahatl". and romic performaacea. Go aee lit baau tful Heloiae. PsaiTHaontAS ?Lecture hy toe Hen. John Jay, of Jle^? York f re ?h? W-ab!n>rtoii I Lecture Aaaociation. Pubj?c?, Thocgbta on tb* R-bellloa, fa moral character a ad ita political "onaeguerKet.'' Thr ?rmi>e Pibbxkibs ?fperaMona at but it f?w of the P >U>mac fl-h-rlea can be carried on ' hla ?-?on la conaerjuence of the war. The large fiaberle* are all b~irw nccoquan, with one or more In that vieinity It la -spectrd that th? smaller fiaheriea ne?'r 'hla e'ty will do a good *i? boaineaa. if the ahad and herring are not fright, ofd bv the popping from the Confe erate bat rlea; bat the finny tribe will perbapa do u everything eiae doea?run the blockade The gill neta, at:d the Little Falla fl?ber1ea. will no donbt do a good bu?ineaa Tbe hau'a hfcve ao failen ofi for aome year* paat that a ??&aon of reat will probably locreaee tbe vield next aeaaon. On 'be Patuient river more preparationa are being m?4? than usual. and aloo on Buah river. The faaqnehanna will alto b? more extensively wied than in former yeara. It la too enrly yet *o form an idea what kind of a aeaaon the coming one will be Aa another coo-equence of the war, *hofe owner* win experience a difficulty In obtaining fishermen, ana they will hare to autoM* t<ite colored bands for white. Ckabos or Labcbsy ? La*t night, the patrol'uen o< the Fourth Ward took a vouug man who waa rrry drank to the station honm* Ronndan an Feiwi'-k. who had noticed the man In the faiiemoon, coserYca iui ne men naa a waica oa > is person, which was {{one when he was arrested He mentioned the circumstance to Sergeant Cronin, who dlrecUd Fenwlck to take the patrolmen on the avenue beat, arrest th? parties last seen with the drunken man, search them Immediately, and bring them to toe station. Tbev arrested a vwung man nam<>d J. Adamson, and found upou him j small double-caae gold watch, which the prisoner identified a) hia? From the statement of the accused ft would appear that the parties had twen gambling; ard the case was held for further hearing bsfore Justice Walter this afternoon, A Vdamson, in the meantime, giving hail for bis appearance. ' VrraiMi CorRT. February 2j.?Hamilton W. R rthirifirtn Van r\f V kut V at V was ad mUf a<1 *n H?VM y , v< a V?< B , <raa ttUlli il^U B4 . ttnrnev and councilor of this Court. No 137 (ieorgef! Bates. plaintiff in error, vs. The Illinois Central Rtllroad Company. The argument of thiscans* was commenced by Mr. Wills for tbe plaintiff in error, and continued by Mr Joy for the defendants In error. V': ?srjr M?War E Wording. Esq , of Wisconsin. was admitted an attorney sad councilor of thu Court. No 13? lieorge C. Bstes. plaint illIn error, vs. tbe**is Central Kailroad Company. The argument of this cause was continued by Mr. Joy nod Mr. Noyt-s for the defendants In error. J?k?*sth Waid Police Casts ?Effort Jtuiice Sira'tom ?Francis Klrbv, fordrlvlng on the piveuien , judgment deferred. JainesC. Hughes, for ex: using bis person Instead of tightlug th? battles >f bis rountrv. was given in cnaree of tbe Provost linard. Pat McCarthy, Thos. IHllworth and Pat Sullivan were only * little tight, and were dtsmiaard with a reprimand A. NVentzell, baker, for fighting. was fined ?'.! 94; while Francis Foster, being more sinned against than sinning, k, wm dismissed Uolunnbu* Kidwell, a soldier, for Healing * h?*?d of cabbage, ww given in ?*harge ?*f the Provnst Guard Virginia Toobam, for disorderly conduct had to disburse V2 94. FotlTHWiiD Station Cur?Btfort Justice Walt'T ? James Wfcltaker. drunk: 91 6u John Adamson, charge of larceny; security for a further hearing Edw'd McCortne*, drnnk; tnrued over to the military W. J O'Ronrke man's a pr.tu; dl?mlss?d James Rady, E. M Brows, Iao Lawler, drank and disorderly; turned over to the military J *s Stewart co.or?d, wanderlog the streets, 13 stripes John and Edward Briscoe, colored, highway robbery, retained for a bearing Catherine Donovan, d sorderlv; *1. Edvrsrd Coot, riding on tbe pavement; 91 59 Duncan Campbell, turned over to the military. Neal N Brown, drunk a d disorderly; ?1. Josephine Naylor, vagrant; dianrased. Dai to it's C*aci**a?Hotel and restaurant keepers. sutlers, housekeepers and grocers should not fail to secure a supply cf the supeMor Boston crackers manufactured by Dayton. 454 Eleventh street, between O and II streets. Divton manu|\ factures all kindsef biscuit, breid and crackers of the best material, and every housekeeper Is well aware of tbe great superiority of tbe latter when fresh from the ovens, to thosa shipped from Northern cities 1>e Graham cracker *o much Isocyht for by drapeptlcs ar* manufactnred aolely by Dayton, and should be procured by evrry nflfcrer* f'om A -apepaia. Don't forget the nam' her, Ut Eleventh street. Fnat w* as Policb Caasa?Btfort Jttitt Pm ?Philip Biataop, a wagon m?ter, waa fined n 71 for riding bta horae on the pavement?conduct very o 'becoming a blabop. James and Margaret Ua-.ley had a little JollW tlcation. but carried the fnn ao far tbat they laid 'hrmwWei open to the charge of being drunk and disorderly. It rot beicg convenient to dlaburae the amount of toe Bn?? of *3 each, iwpoaed upon '.h*?m. they were consigned to tbe Corporation boarding-hooae, pieaaantly situated on the Laetera B ranch o.*.? ? *?-? - ? rum i Ui.a Lfiaip in-omfwr% j miKI r?rfu o? ?John and Mary Vogle, from Fad*-rUod, * M Lft(h,?nd for diaorderly conduct were fined S5 W e?h, but being jiwt then out of funds, and 001 tiavlagafri? d coore#tant tb?y wereaentto th-workhouse for 90 diva. Prank Jackson a hack driver foroba r acting the steet w*i fined tl S3 Cbarlea Parts, aaoldier wm taken np by tbe MetropoliUa police, he evidently being deranged, a friend ' jok him to the Government hospital for the la?are Two aoidlera. were captured, both nproariouaiy drunk, and they wtre handed over to the military autborltlee L Hmtru Roumt ?Laat night a colored man -tamed Jamea Clark, a teamater, mad* complaint t<> Sergeant Cronln that he had been knocked down and robbed of hi* mouev, by three negroea ta Prather'a alley. A colored woman, who aaw thna with him, ideatlfled them aa John Briscoe, Ned Briscoe, and Bob Racka. >ergeant Cronin dlapatched Roundsman Tumor, with the DstroU lutb of that beat, Id *eareh of ttean, aad in the oar*? of the night the Brlscoes were captured. Tbe case comes up for trial when the witnesses can be obtained and the other fugitive taken. ?????????? t Police ?The Second Ward patrolman reported 'be following caaea yesterday : Win. Heliuan, drank; turned over to the military. James ttreoks, throwing atones in the street; fined S3. J Connor, violating the hack law; dlsm'*?ed. Waa Swalingburg, disorderly; do. Pail WingA tA <in I <ir? Vbf fourth Ward patrolmen reported : George >eaberu Ill treating hla family; fined 9^ Margarst Mcworty. figbt'ng; diamiaaed. Georgetown Police Caih-Btfon Jmstiee /i-umt.-Cfca? Spranklln, restauraat keeper, for > celling an Sunday, waa fined 820 81, and apBam Poke and VVm Edinburgh. negro 4borer*, for disorderly conduct, were lined u follow* Sam to the tune of S3 U and Edinburgh ion account of b!a aounding name, no doubt,) 9 ; ?fc!- Cbarlaa Rogers, Iriab laborer, for dtaor lerly conduct, wu sent to the workhouse. Thkatkical* 15 Camp -MwSimib Den In and > Men Rogers are now --starring" It at a neat little theater eatablMhed by the men of Gen Btrney's ' r Made Tuyere aa?lated by volunteer "talent," s d :be ' Lveeum" Soarlahea amazingly. The K*nd of Ibe Third Maine regiment furnlsnee the muMc __________ D?im it Uiow.i ?John Bank*, negro cook, for aa wuolt on Wn Phlppe. and an attempt to nake haah of htm, In the northern part of the -ty, Wii arreeted and hrougbt before Juetlce Toompeen, who Aned him IS MCbtiu filllMMH CilM?B'fort Juiiict TSempt&m ? p-w B^an. drunk tod disorderly; l!W Wm Robbint, du ; workhetue 90 dava. GrorgB E Wilton, drank and profane; SIM. Arthur Asunder, sleeping In the market; SI M Coal ?A n anther ef tmnIi hare reached thia '2tr Wltk cergoeeef anthracite coal la the lart few weeks, h it prince do not teem to have declined m-ich Rrd ?sh retails for $8 JO to 99 per tea ; * ii!te aiL a u Utwtr. | Wi tn?uB to bi ibl? to oaagratalate our eltliena upon the addition of a new steamboat-, win, rftaunch and commodious?to the little fleet a! readv In servle* on the Potomac-?-one which will afford i more rapid and safe transit between Washington and any destined point than It hw heretofore be?n the good fortune of th? Inhabit* ant* to enjoy, unlets the Government should natch her up for a dispatch vessel The steamer Me'amora arrived on Monday, from New York, after being ft red into ae?en tlm?s by the rebel he'terles, baring made the quickest run upon recoid from that city to Fortress Monroe?eighteen hour* and twenty-three minutes? which will stand unequalled for some time to come Her dimensions ?re 180 feet la length.wlth a breadth of beam of 27 feet, and 8% depth of bold. Draft of water, 4# feet. Cylinder. 40 Inches; length of stroke, 10 feet She ba? three cabins?li'wer, main deck ar d upper?and is well found and furnl?hed in modern style. Due notice will be given in oar columns of the rout- to be seb-cted for her ; a>?anwt>.le the will be open for Inspection to those Interested In fine boats She will make a ?r p on Saturday and Sunday down to the upper flotilla. v iky i * PRopiR ?yesterday morning a aoidter rl tteOt? cavalry rrde through tbe Stiil'bacnlan grounds, walking hU borae in the footpath fr m Tweftb street to tbe Tentb-*t ga'e The weiltraln*d animal p-saed be g:.te and atilee without alarm. The *oldl<-r, wlablna to toke tbe nearest root- to tbf arer.ue. ur?ed bit borae up tbe atepa to tb? foot-bridge, and lying cioae to tne horae'a back to eacape tne iron top braoec, pa?*ed over and down tbe nortb-aide *tepa Tbia path ia not intended for aucb uaea, and tbougb tb< Soldier ii ay bav kn.wn no better, tbe fellow who guided him certainly did. Fifth Ward Polics Cx?i? ? Bt/wt Juttic* Ftrguion.? J. bn Ay*r (not (be cherr?-p?*? to al ma i, but a military nam; take) wag arrntf-d on a cLa gt of scaling a pV?1 fr-nn Leon Popperaa ar d * watch from H H Hiriia^n. and w?a corn* mi tied to Jai' for court. J tcob Kahi?-r, for the larceny of &5? from John Heaa; ca?e dismissed The FvsuaL or Mi Jo?n Scmvokb will take i lace t<-mo row (Friday) at o'clock p. m , from the E street Baptlat C urea wher* the friends of the family are requeated to attend, without further ootloe It MSITIJt* Of TBS CoCNCILa TO-H1GHT?It it understood that the City Couneila will me?t tonight, to take into consideration matter of no little interest to tax-payers THiBrtws ?Geo. Larcombe, a servant was caught In the act of stealing chickens oy the Seventh Ward patrolmen, and after a night In the guardhouse was delivered to hi* rr aster Ths caifariaik and Ohio Casal?There seems to be ab^ut as much traffic on the einal aa is usual at this season of the vear, and there ara daily arrivals of wood and grain. 8*Cohd Wabd Station Casks?Effort Juttxc* Clark?John Howard, disorderly; $2.61. Thos. Morgan, F. O'Toole, do.; S3 each. Jas.Cahill, do j 93 All r??oas can find the best stock of ClothIng, Furnishing Good", Trunks, Hats and Cape, at Smith's, No. 470 Seventh street, near F. fc *7 3m Best Coal Oil. (warranted,) by tbe barrel 38 cenw, oy ice gaiion ou cent* Lamp, Can* and Shades, aa cheap aa can be bought In Waahlngton, at Stuart A. Son's, corner of Twelf h *nd H streets. fe 26?Ot Why ta it that famllleaand keepers of boarding houtes *cnd from all aectlons of the city to Dayton'* Bakery, 456 Eleventh street, between 0 and H, for plea? Answer.?Because they are made by experienced male and female operatives, who have b?f n engaged iu the manufacture of pies only for thirty years past, and every one admits that they excel *11 other plea made at any other bakery lu this city. fe 90?0t Sevks Hundred Voiuntebes Sick in Camp! Youne men be warned In time, supply yourselve* with Holloway's Ptlla and Ointment. Tbev are guaranteed to cure the worat case* of Sores. Ulcers, Scurry. Fevers and Bowel Complaints. Oni> 55 cenU per Box or Pot. 218. Cokn<, Bunions, Otiosities. Bad Nails, Enlarged Joints, and all d seases of the feet cured without pain, by Dr. White, Surgeon Chiropodist, Vifi Pennsylvania avenue, between Fourand-a-ha'f and Sixth streets Room 7?v.d flt?or. Oitlce ho?.rs from ?a. m to 6pm. Calls mide at private residences when desired. feb 17 Tiler's Co*k>csd 8t*cp Gck Arabic ?We take great pleasure in recommending the above favoriu remedy for Coughs, Colds, and all affection* of the Throat and Langs An attache of this office had a severe oough for several weeks, and after trying every likely thing, without any relltf, was perfectly cured by a single bottle we are not surprised that it I* so largely patronized by our soldiers In camp.?Bait. Clipper. The Issian Hi&b Doctor, From Canada, will describe diseases and tell bit patients the nature of their complaints or Illness, without receiving any Information from them. So nksrrt for Consultation or A OU* MOTTO. We use such Balms a* have do strife W 1th Nature or the Laws of Life : With Blood our hands wfe never stain Nor poison men to ease their pain. Our Father?whom all goodness ills, Provides the means to cure all ills; The simple Herbs beneath our feet. Well used, relieve our pain complete. A simple Herb, a simple Flower, Cull'd from the dewy LeaThree, these shall speak with touching power Of change and health to the. Room No 11, Washington Building, Pcun avenue, corner of 7tb street. Canadian references of the Indian Ferb Doctor: Sir E Heads, Governor of Canada Hon Hy, 8t?arn?, Mayor of Montreal, C. E. Hon. O"o Hall, Mayor of Quebec. C. E Hon. Jobn Hutchinson, Mayor of Toronto, C . W. H n. J B Robinson H?n. Jas Cummtngs, Mavor of Hamilton, C W. Hon. W . Matthews, of Brautford, C W Hon W Barker, Mayor of London, C. W. W Savage, late Col of Artillery. H P Dwljiht. Sapt of Montreal Telegraph. J Taylor, J ustlre of the Peace, Toronto, C. W. R H Crook. Alderman. Torooto. C W. ( ft k * a u iff * i ar j. virquuui, surgeon, torvDio, V. > . falftf Tilt NO MOKE 4!*D VKOAPg Mit>iciaw ?For unpleaunt and daugeroua disease*, ate Beimbold'a Extract Buobu, wlilcb tuu> rec-ived toe endorsement of tbe mo?t prominent pbysl> Olaia in tbe United Bute* Is now uflferrd to aiBlcted humanity as a certain cart* for tbe fallowing dlsevn and abuse of tbe urinary or sexual organs t General deMlltv, mental and physical depression, Imbecility, determination of bUod to tee bead, confased ideas, hyaterla, general irritability, restlessness and AleeplessneMsatnlgbt, loss cf ap(>etlte, abaenoe of muscular efficiency. dvapepala,emaciation, low aplrlta, disorganization or paralysis of tbe organ* of generation, palpitation of tbe heart, and. In faot, all tbe conoomitanta of a nervous and n# ?k ? - . ?. T* I?. ?? ucwujwkw w?a?v vi iuo vrnvui. iu lusurv UM3 genuine out tbia out. Aak for Helmbold's Take do otner Cure* ^ucrantwd Bee advertisement In another oolum^ fcb 4-tf I9MA Rrun boon. India robber Sheets for protecting children's beds, that no family should be without; 75 oenta each. Robber Blanket*, for aoldlers, tl.96 each. Rubber Pooebea and Blankets combined, ft JO each. India Rubber Ooata, white or black, 9i.50 each. India Rubber Legglns SI per pair. And all klndi of Rubber Goods, Including Rubber Boota and Pboea, Rubber Stoppers for bottles, Door Mats, Under Sheetings for beds In slckne*s, Ac . 4c , at manufacturer'* prices, et H. A Hall's India Rubber Warehouse, 5l)8 l*a. a*., between nun in renu nreeu. rcb 1-tf Famiuiw who bare never used Boston cracker* are Inviu4 to try those manufactured freafa every day by J. L. Dayton. Sold by all respectable grocers. Ja 28-tf , DIM, Febmary 27,1862, JOHN ALEXANDER, only o of vv Jliam and aarriai Chaas, aced S rsars kLdtCWtM. A aad and ainful world ia thia, Altboagk it wemi so fair ; Be- Hukb ia pe est >oy and bliaa, For ?od mm.e f ia thea! Frianda of tba faou y are reap?otftally luvitad to aiiaod ?e t naral, uu Friday akSo'olock. from tba teuJeao* cf aU p ireata, on Flrai atre*t, between Marji&ltdavauaoaooaouth 0 at. * On tke *tb inauat. WluLlAM GORDON, formerly oi Freaemkabarc, Va.t and for many ye ua a o.erk ia taa fau?i< n Oft .a. Mia trianda tni tb? acquaintance! of tba family are invited to attend hia luaeral, oa Friday afternooa. 28ta inatant, *t 4 o atoek. tn>m bit late aa*~ ieaea. No. IAS 9d atreet, oornar Pennsylvania aveaae. * ti.i? citj ,t|N U )M/I, in theofln?ti?n hoyeof ft kiMMd iHunoruiity. ? SS ? Pi i, ?it other *tj!ek of Luim t^o Mumi* Bk. moni dojU, Uu> unseat (ma t*Mk &MOftmeat UiUktollj. J *U?K.NXH4L, Ho. 16 MirUt S>w?. ^ <? " n -i MM a a*W ^ ? ji A. L _ X _ I I UALNUm MlfTB 4NP ?.__ D SUPERIOR HOOP 8KUTB, ; to dozra Lo?a Pookrt Hajidkaf oftiMb. Ttry ok?f, from Si JB to ?9 f*r d???u MP it W. OOLLKT. ( ? < t a ! AMUSEMENTS. MiSS CHWTnIy^fWrTH NI8HTI _v THTn ktkni ?o. , Th? Hrfomnti wiii o vlU th* Gom_ TB* LoVli*CHA8F . t Constaco*... ChMtnr j Ta AP? a' n U vilh ft S A Pa A4 of _ . A PrfKTTY'VlVcK OP BUtlNKfW^ PoW>n .Mr?. H. Bard r T BAKNUM'S Cabinet of Living Curiotiltie* Will exhibit tor atho tp? tod, commencing _ THIS DAY FRAtTKLlv H'LL, (corntr 9tk and D its.) OPKM from 10 A. M TO 9 P. M. P. T- BARIUM rc^paft'bl'y announces to the oltnena of Wa?hintton th\c In will praeeot to tnoir pitrorgpe f r??nr rtayathn"" Living Pk nomtn?s tj A'af*r?, THE W A 1 IS IT.' and the . . . Al.BINO FAMILY, which a** a?t a*t d ?ach crowded and fashionable odi?i,c-a at his vnc*um in N-w Vnrk for ore 3*> niehta. ard which ha< mure* iro?* comment Irom tlie Preea and adnr>>r? ir>D f nm the spec atora m?D ?ny ou inaitri rvc ft" o '?w. A mimon86Mil; ?-h Id iQcanU. fctS CAMTtRBUK VI CANTERBURY! LMt W?e* of the LEONl LEIi* I LEON I PANTOMIME TROUPE! PANTOMIME TROUPE' PANTOMIME TROUPE! To N'fht, forth* l.w* Time the rat'.o drsnbe F? tumt" PO?E tT MArAC E ! ROBE T .VA Ai* E' ROBERT MA AIRE! Second Wffk ft ?b? CANTERBURY MINSTRELS ! CANTERBURY MINSTRELS ! 6r*&t Success of tk? BEAUTIFUL DUVAL! f> f J fT Tl r V TT T Ti TT xr A T I A fi A v i i r w 1/ u r A canterburFminstrels ! canterbury minstrels: canterbury minstrels ! Admission 29 oenta; Orohester Chairs 80 cents. Afternoon Entertainment For Ladies and Families, on WKDNE6DAY AND 8ATURDAY AFTERNOON*}, at J o'olook, 'V 1. ww ?i - " mm iia?i?u iuh*i"h w ? uit-rgvu* ( niriiHi id j mfwje: Rioh and Costly Jews! y. Books, Toy#, t-anoy Articlea, and ui'Vff mfioeot Si'k Drfaeea. Mrs Stanley, No. 41 iH ?treet, received a aplendid Silk Dress on Saturday. Admmaion ?oenta ; CLifdreu 10 oepta. fe 25 Philharmonic ham.: PINH. Avbxuk, ABOVI 11TH SI. CAMPBELL MINSTRELS! NEW OPEKA HOUSE' OPEN EVERY NIGHT! With an En'tn Ntto Company of SIXTEEN STAR PERFORMERS! First We??k of CHARLES KENDALL. The t? real Stump Orator ! , Firet Week of GEORGE COI.RERT, The Beautiful Ballad Sinter! I. A. PASCAL, The Great Baaso! vu ANK M A low The Matohlera Ruder ! Low Warlord, Do pout, Ford, Green. Wyant, Lister, Nachman. Lr-chk, Hollook, and host of other*. in a ffntt Programm* Every Sight Admifaion 2* oen'a. T>onr? opwn at 7 o'olook. f2i WASHINGTON MUSICAL HALL-^KEK CONCERT EVERY NIGHT. fr<m 5 o'clook to 9 p ni. Beat of H efrethme jta. Fine Female Wa.tera. Open ail dv. At the >outhe%at corner of I'e^nej;vain* aver ue and uorcer of Mxth atreet, under th? Centra. Hou?e, opposite the National, Brown'?. ard C larerden Hot la. fe 18 lin* VV THE ASHINGTON ACADEMY OK MUSIC. AVI.NCI, ( ""OUTH Sid*.) No. S89, Betwen 9tk and 10<A Jt.?. Every ereninj a remarkably fine Free Conctrt, emi>racmj selections rrom the best classic musio, and the most popular operas?rendered in better style than at any oth^r American concert aaloon. The guests?and the public are freely invited, without oharge for entrance,?may rely upon hav id( every comfort thry desire. In addition to tb? finest muoio in Washinfton, they will obtain, on call, from the attentive Mten<la::t?, decidedly the best Refreshments for sale in the Federal Metropolia Officers constantly in attendance to keep good order. Uonoert oommenoinr at 4 p. m. HENRY ROSENTHAL, feb7 lm Proprietor. I/JNG'S NATIONAL AMPHITHEATER." IV P?!?N. Av. AifT> E St., Ntar Willardt'. T. Kin*-?.. ?...Sole lessee and Mnuaeer C.Scott... .Assooiate Msnater F. Whittaker Equestrian Macajor THIS EVENING, Tom King win give his Comio imitation* of CLASSIC STATUARY HORSEBACK ! . Have yon oe*n old DAN GARDlNliR In hia great Burleiaae Dance A La (Wtbutttrl AND bcAUxMorcH! Th* Beautiful M .Fe HEliOlsf Every Evening ! K!NCAOE. the ltt) Summersault Man I The Great Zouavt Halt Muct be seen to he appreciated. DON JUAN livery Night until farther notice. N?w NoviLriEem Pikpaiatiok! tirmit tf Prit**?i trohee'er 'hairs IS oer te; Drtwi Uiroie to oenU: Children under 10 years of a?e to Dress Circle 29 oents; soc.a; Range 26 oecs; Coi orco ti&iieo isoenis; ^oiorea hoim &n cents. Door* open at 7 o'clock; performances *ili qomtnenee at 8 prcoiseij. fe 7 DATKn OiyiCB CURIOSITIE9-Gaid? t?. IT paten's, catalog oe of Curiosities and Government Gardeu- at the stand in Patent Karo Antique lau Books; G^va-nine t Pooka; Doo>in ents furnished; Railroad Reports; W1 itar* Re Krts; Hurbt Pat nt Offioe Reports; '''heap M okn rni'hed to Pella ?} Mi iter? 'I ria s: Miliiar; Laws; Army R?to ations; Par >rama of the Coast ihowfn* over miles; man; U>ou*and Cheap Books. P.?oolieot oh<*p rent. Large sale*, of e'ioes Up stairs, oT?r Ban* of Wa<ninfroa. ALFRKI* HUNTER. BALLS, PARTI&S, Ac. O H K K 'r L M M o T . QRAWD BALL! To Cblmiatb thb uikth or Robmt Euxit, Under the Autpioeaof 1 he Fenian Brotherh jod or THiacirr. Will bs baid at TEMPERANCE HALL, (B atraot. batweac 9th and loth atraetaj Oo MONDAY EVENING, Maroh 8d naxt. No effort ou tha part of tha manac?ra and m?mbara will ba apared to render tbia B?ll truly ei worthy of tbe o&uee and autiraly aciaaabia to JH ita participant*. /T* A food Biaaa and Strinc Band u actaiedusA for tha ooomu-b. Tha tapper and othar Refreshment* will ba farniahed by aa eip?nenoed caterer. TICKET* ONE DOLLAR, aJmittinc a gentla > m M ?*tii ! /* ? "too"Bail*Room opens at 7 o'clock p m. Cjtnmtff?? 0/ Arrangtmtnts. J, J. Kane, J- B Phillips* J. Lack-y, Y. Itaffr, 1). Cailaghan. i. Regan, J. Ryan. Mr. i>ufiy. P. H Donegan. fe 274 t? T'*? *TM GRAND COTILLON PARTY X Will be given at *%. TEMPBKAfrCE HALL. M E street, between 9th and lhth, JM On FRIDAY EVEN.MU, Feh'y 28 USA With a full baud. Tioketa #1, admiUiug a gentleman and ladies. ftBlf PROF. C.F. BARNES,Manager. PROF. C. F. BARNES' FASHIONABLE DANCING ACADEMY, at Temperance 34 Hall, fc street, between 9th and lt'tii Clashes JS every Tueaitey and Fridaf~-afteruoua class at 3, evening olaisat7. Soiree'Very Friday evening a # o olool. Mu?io *y I'tof. ?iao. Ar.u. Tenper*noe Bn will be let (or Utile, Parti?e, Ao. Apply a* above. leMlm* ~P K R H A M ' 8 SECOND GRIND EXCCR8IOII NSW YORK AND BOSTON! From JtaJtiaureto New York awl Ratarn f 9 Pro* Baltimore to Boetoa and Retain IU.M Tlokato for ealeat ChanUler'e Cigar Stand, ia tha National Hotel, when fall perloaiare m?y be had. Two Utroyh tralna daily, leaving Waeiung toa eturn on or baiora May let. /m\ ISAAC UKJIZBEKG, /(V 4 1 j? A $r Ifcrk K R. g10.00J to do lo*aeJ on ttold aadtiuvor NViicliM, JtVMrj, t?*M ud Pistol*. Silver Ww?, uw Wetrtas A??vr-ttth? old Mod, No. 3*1 C mtbt Nltunki Hotel, tctwoaniK G^rs^^fieasMR Cio till Of ?b>r?, No. 4*0 7th Stro t. /v - irti <f ? t . -,-to - !TT =^aHB^pja-=s-*^aa= . WAHT8. ^ A 8IRL, ?**TYMD, ? -*n ortdkiffVlfcAip*. /? ard i'"n ni. Ci'f refe emee reaimed Intcira *'311 ft itraet, H?mii UU> J? \\i XNY^t??}y a youm urn, a SITUATION ai * , o> am*?rniMii or oura*. ?*ood iaf<?rfiio*? gi-<*n. if r<q i <), from her 1i?t li:rr,a Appl* at liffios of th-8t?r. _ U*

WanVW-iv. fcara rrarf oua If* ow fhnt thry I o*n fiad the ke?t ook of Ulotti??. H*ta an J c-Di.attb? *?rf lowp.t ratet, at SMITH' ?. No. 4 60 9tvi' th at-*?t, low F. feJT-Sm ?cte?_ . WA!\ rsi)-bo? R f rtc?M:nu, v ou* oMld, within ?n '?inot ?wa>V of hesva*1 o?ioe. For part ou in app <j to "W. l'?" at Star office It WANTED?A SITUATION l?T a ra.aec'ab'a rrl WC'j?t,*Mh ?i<< <ro';i* an eioel;*nt b ead baker. App r at ths Star office for "O. jr " It* WANTK.I>-To?' ineiftfcnti.KWAN familiar with Waihlnrfm oi<y, tn atten.l to 'omt outdoor bu'i"- ? > p??J to JUHN IRW! s. Room No 4,4?6 Ttk%l . ft *7 W ANTF D?Bj a '#g?pc4*U6 joun? girl, a 8IT? CMTION a? rh^inVprmaif a, *ji^ m? in ?n'iv?'?orb aMitu iu>u?? tie t ci't refi-rnne* uiv n. Add.c.a -'K. A. Bf..** Wapfeinstoa t'ost OA 36. It* WANTED TO -EI.L-A HOT^L doirc a K*ixl f> ! ?b> w i b4 eoti ou t o'i lO'ina Tl.? . rrt?.it... ?;-L ~ / -? I * : - iuc wi-n Bwiouroiium i/yiir- s ?a i a cni* r??con tor ailing Affix at No. 650 11:* ?t, Wa tl gton 0lty. . , ffl ll 3 * WANTEIKB- & jwirg i? j. ?ko i? a firtt clA*? op?r??o , an' ban * on* at Slig&'t *e?inj msc'iiriFg, EMP "VME>T Stie '? a firtt om? haud on ocau. at) a i- arou?t^mfd to w rkiflf for tai'or*. Adv. resa "H. M " Siar rf. naa. . It* \,\ ANs FD TO HI RE-A WOMAN 'o do ?? o-~K>k:n< anc bou'rwork in i?rei? . Toons well rtr^mrr,- 'ed ? od vi 1 h* n?'c Ap| pj- at No dOl 1 h stieet, o;po?iU tdi F i'o?a' HaJ_, f? V 3 I M'ANTFD-B? ar frata firl, ?HITDaTION | ?? p.s oro* or to doeareralh a??w .rk in an 1-1 i fami'y. TH#b?ntf>f r*f- ?nee-c&n r giv c. > ' "*" " ?v. H W fios 31H, Oil' Post utti-a. ft fT lt? Y\ A - TK D?A Ol" f .jir Wr:n?r *o At ooj? *- ina, *na in n tor a snail I mt!y ??* th%t aui'a wl ! fi da aci ioo<l w??ea hr oaii ir.r 1 minedla e y at 467H i4th atre?t, op?u? t? Wiharda' Hot?i It* SITUATION WANTED,bTar*epect*Veyoc-g wriTnii, * oi iimb rnnd?-id toao p ain it* teg or &?aiai in waBhing a?d ?r-m>g Hood r fer eroes g'ven * ppiy at No. 1 ST Fourth rtieet twe-n M and N. It* ti A f1* TED?From A?rll i, 186* for a perm?oert rea'denoe, a Fintl! CO fTAOE HO? Sh, (4 to 6 roi ma.) ei he-in *a hirgtoo or Georgetown. Rent must be mud'rsta. Referero-a onexoepUf ?b>. Applr, br letter or pi'BOraliy to K. P. THIAN, No. 1? Fust atreft.fiourgeiowu, 1). C. f*'*l 8awlm* WANTED- * fi-st c!m? OooK: aiao, a onm ftent DINING-ROOM SERVaNT. Apply at^^tfFet. fekti 3.* WANT KD-By young nan, a SITUATION aa harlt^e^erjn aome r-'pxstab'e house; otui KiVi me dcsi oi raierfooei ir< ?n a^t empio*?'* Ad drats, for two cay "L. P.," Star Office ft *6 VV*^TfeD-Three rood STABLE HAND?*. I *? and Man to ???hcarriages. Apply to i W. r HAZ9L ReaH street, between Bicn and Con grin. ?T?-orgt'towc. fe 26 St- | WANTfcl>?An experienced WOMAN who un j derstands coeking, w*sMng. aa-i iroti'^g The bestoitf refereiioe* r<-*u r?d Apply *t 410 9th street, ifarea doors al>ove H fe SS 2f VV ANTED? A servant GIRL, wto h*? had " tomi eteerienoe in cnrstrg children Vnn? need appi? who oanoot oome we! rfcommcnded * pply at Mis. Kings.north east eorner oHttb and E sts fe ? > WANTED? A good locking, well edneattd, reoommended BOY- who i* willing to learn ti e 'i'< li*coo and Oiear business, ?nd par miii, etc. fncli ?>r;e oti; Crj a g< od home and w^get. Address for 3 day*. "X. Y. Z Htv Post Office. fe /5-tt* ll/ANTF-D-A good nny, (white orco'oretf.i st Meherltrg^ He?t<urant, eorne' 9 h a..d * "iimirvii* 5voup, u) ni%ivt' ??> iiifoi i |vs?rwij u'o fnll. To a zord f-oy,j?ood wngd will be ?iv?n. Reference rfqmred. t<?sfr 8'-* ANTKD?For raonHn, a, sin*:. F<'K ?* Nl!*HKI> HOlTSt, within a oo?? nient alkipp ditranc* of the (?ener&: l'o?t < iLok, n' rear o-*of the om i b '? toat^?. Addrers "H <V II ," through t!ie rity fR >?. f? 2S 3t^ Want- 1j-a i'urchasktt t?r * new Cart, xX inch irou axle. ?id wiji held a ton of coa1 or half o rd of wn(vi. Irquira at corrs- 'Hri ai I ft* . '> HA''KR.MA \ ?* (irut'f) to 25-e -it* \V ANTFD- Arif x^nstic^it TV O.MAN.m nurse ? * f. r < wo m'ant oh I'iren ; ai o a?<>thar a? o ok aid washer for a fiuall fam'ly Tor honest and ltithiul <"-rv cer, ijood ware* will *>e Riven. App y at No t9 liOHitiana avo:;ue, >?otw en t?tli a-?t "h ? *. fe25 tf Musicians wantkd fok i*r cavalry BA.ND??>ua hrst o a?? Mtiaim**, mipv! r^e ofcomp Bine ami arr?ntii.gmu?ioard instruct log ard leadinc a ununited )>ar d. A I so etghtortenl ROftl Mn?ic:an*. Term of eniis'-insotS years: the umal pa*. piwh'sf, *c. ?f 'he r?*n?ar IfrVlOftflVflO. YV&Iit*d KiRu Al? ur firhtTnimufti. J ers Inquire at K"giin"nta! He\d?nYr?o"? cTmp >*p-atue. Wa*l.>rjgtoa, I> C, ( ate Ca'^p of H liode I?!*rd Reg'. ,)of l.L J. II. KELLOGG. ? 'i't l.t Cavalry. fa g aw* WANTKP?Kver? parson u> kro? that I am id the inar?et ready to ply cash for !] artiol?s in the huu*?lurni*lifr.g hn?? Thore Iravinr t^e oity, or b^vin* a *urp'u", will do w*!! to o?JI. K. Bl'rH'.Y, 42!? H??ertii ?t.,betweenG and H ?:? , (east aids,) Dea or in Now and Second Land Furniture nr> is tf Y\T ANtTTd? A younr lady *oo?isi?>rn!Hl to * * tcaohics. desire# a SITUATION malainilt, or a* an assiit'nt in a private or pnblio *ehoot. to Uach the Enc'uh branch's. with a moderate nnm pension The est of referetoe given Address B^x ^0*3 P??t Office. fe 24 eo3<* WA.NTtD-^ni'Srunil ?*r>ldiers to know that they can hoy C*>1P ST<?VK8 acd TIN W4RK cheap of H J. GREGORY. Sal P*nn avenue. ja H WANTED.?We are now buying SECOND HAND FURN1TUR E, STO VEtiand RED UINQ, for which we ^re paung tb? h'cLee? ?ash prices. Families declimcc uousakeepinx, ct tviiic a lupins Oi f.mature, will find it to to jive ns a ea'l BONTZ ft. GglFFITB, Je is tf No. 3?? ? ?t.. f k -t?. KOAROINO. HOARDING?A *?"t *man a"< !& yea be aoOom-no at 434 N*W Yora avenue, he tweeu a?.hi_ansJflth ?t . f? 27-Si* Three ??r four okntlkmkn c\n b aoomrrodated with BoartfTaf Eighth street Lc wee- ji ajul >, lu a pnvate 1 nuiij. H S6 Vw f?URNI8HFD KOOMtj TO RENT, w.'th t Bo\td. in a p'evcant !o?ati >n "ear the Capito1 Alio, a anlsomeiy furnuhed Pario- aud Ch*in?.er ci>uiiri*ii-catii.f. i> f iite at Star Otb e. fe is if liUdT AiTP f ?in REWArD? Loit. a white Correiisn M * . j < >? /> ait . > tr .l . : a . > i \7 m > 10 ru /\ r iv. wi'n 'no inui* a r>. D L " Th? *h?vo r ward ?ui be pa:d to tb find?r it H >KMK N3 ?30 t-ocn av i 86 3 ? ?Q R K W Alt D?Strayed from the p emiae* f 'J Wm Babbingion, bctwMn H and 1 atr??ts weit, on* t'd CO W. with whit YPkJdf' baok: If ng, atiaitjiorn*; and near ca!?nt frr at UOO tOST-fl KkVtiD? titraye'i from No. 339 fcuht^ntb str*' t,a large whi?e?stw l Newfoundland D< >9 The above reward v ill ?>e paid f >r his delivery, or lor in Jorm*tion that will lead to kia recovery. . fe26 lw" C? r K fcWAR 1>? Talon out of a carriage ab< ut %?0 toaif pf 17 o*el<M>k o? thsouht of the ?*>tt inat., in f oot of Sonone'd'a ataifea, a set of drab CUSHION-*, *:tii a ud and white n&rre4 Bummer lining over th'm. 7 he above reward will be |i??n and ut ^ueatione afcked tfttey aio returned to the atablea. fe 26 3'.* f OsT?CHECK No. 349, for one hundred and 1-* wij eight do tare, drawn by bran Cam-ron, PR* ma ifor ( y A <\n l.k. IT..t. J -/ HiiMivi u. i_-. rt vu IUO A I * aaii' J VI fcUO \j I! IM*U States, da'ed Washington, February let, lftQ.m favor of t'apt. C K. Lows.l or bearer. <he payment of the >&me havirg been stopped a! pern ns are forbid negotiating the tame. 1'u? tinder will be rewarded by returning it to Captain 0. R. l.O W ElL, oamp of the 6th U. fc. C?val y, or to the omoe of Major B Cameron, corner K and 15th in. fwao-ict* STEINWAV A SON'S CELEBRATED PJ- I ANO FdkTKj.-Tfreee initmiti?atiare adm tied by a'l inusioiaus to he tue be*t||9B9K m&r.ulastured m ikiacountry Thry l>ave'T* *<1 at all time* received the first premium over a 1 othf'?> wherev-cand whenov er ti.e? cam* i a competition. Ttiey are warranted for five Tears A targe assortm-nt of tneie inntrumenta is alwayi to be found at Uie Musto -tore of W. 6. METZEROTT, f> i. ;' t Hoie Agent, One 7 octave 4 round oorner Chiekering Piano er ?le lor __ feU ^HKA.P CASH STORE! Thu mularairiiail nnnetati * I am - vu u*iiu n general aaeortineot ot Nnrud tweood han*1 Km uiture, Crookery. Olutw&rt, Tmware, hauoi artiolea ac<t hotuekeeeinc artiolea generally, which they Are prepared to tell m cheap it uot oheap'r tnan acy otliur enatiuhmant uthe city. Bayiux exoutively fo# tfca oaa&.aua eSMuf for tUe e&me.tkey are aatHbed they oau ooiupeie with liVrant of any of tlie above artiolea are yeapeotfally requested to cive im a oall before purcDMU( e aewhere. ?ii?SMlSr* " 7e U ?ott No. 369 T'h at-. het f K -ta PHPTTTa t o'is ai - ' , POTATOK 8il , We bare jaatT?oei*ed a prim* lot oi boo*wye and Pe&oh Hu W Fo.ato^t. *'y; aaie low in luti to auit ou?u>me:a. Al?o,a lot o! isried Appira for aaieatloweet ratea. BU3ET A BARNARD, fe U eolw Byt>tn??,D C. '' * SECOND EDITION. THRU O'CLOCi, F. B ARMY OAZhTTB. F.xtrntire Ordtr ?f*. 9 la Relatioa u Slate PrtMarr*. Wil DkPASTMRXT, ) a?hi*gtos citt, Ke&ruary *7, 1HM { It it ord'red:?l*t That special eommlaalon of two peraooa, one of military rank and the other in civil life, be appointed to examine the rate* of the State prlaonera reinatniog Id the military cuatody of the United states, and to determine wnether, In view of the public aafetv and tbfl axlatinp rebellion, they ahou'd be di? cha fed or remain In military rusiody, or be tenoitUd to tbe civil trlbonala for trial. 21. Tba M<iJ Gen. John A Dix,commanding in Baltimore,aud ttxe Hon Kdwardi Plerrepont of Ntw Yort, be and ?hey are lerebv appoints commissions* for th" purpose* a bore mentioned, and they arc authorized to exam'ne, bear, and determine the case* af ireaa'd. ex parte arid !u a huoimary aanner. atauct timtsand pi art" a* in their discretion tbey tray appoiut, and inakefu.l report to tha War Department By order oi the Freaid?*nt fc-Wiy, M 0TAKTO5, tocreurv of W ar uu& military budget. KAVY TA.KD The Yankee and Reliance a.rived las: nigit fro? the upper flotilla. The y?l?- of las' Monday did considerable damage upon the Potomac, cap*ung the schooner Scout, end sinking a launch at anchor wt to a small quautity of fli?d ammunition The howltter was removed from tbe launch only ab >ut half an hour previous to th? foundering of th* bn*t. COT OFF. Among t^e achievement* of the expedition to W In ton, N. C., and up the Chowan ri v*r, was tbe destruction of the direct railroad connection between Norfolk and Weldon, N C ,by burning the Seaboard Railroad [?<- nmm* ?> _ ? - ? ?ri w?Vi ?UC i^WHU" way and Blaekwater river*,?not to be reconstructed bv the rebels In ldss than a month's time. TBI IKON BATTERT We are Informed at the War Department that the P.-toaon lron-eled battery, and from which so much is expected, has not only been complt.ed, but has tailed for her destination. Where that la, we trust her own exploits will soon disclose to the public. EXPLOSION or A. IHKLL. It 1* reported that aeveral members of 'be 3d New York regiment, statloued over tbe river iu tbe vicinity oI tbe canal bridge 011 tbe Columbia turnpike, were severely injured yesterday br the explosion of a ahell which they w??re carele?a!y handlingRRVISW POSTPONED. The artillery review, which wu to have come otr this afternoon, was necessarily postponed on ! account of the mnddy state of the parade ground from tbe rain of la?t nieht CO N'rK ESS 1QNAL. IllVlitk C?fl?RE?8-SM??d lwU?. Thlkodxt February 27. Sknat* ? Mr. Wilion reported bark, from the .Military A flairs Committer. tLe bill for the ?*stablishmeut of a national foundry and f'lrnace, with an amendment striking outtaefurnace portion thereof. Committed Mr liavi* introduced a bill us a substitute for the pending Connscatioi bill. Ordered to be printed. On motion of Mr. Wilson, the bill to increase t'ne efficiency of the Medical department of the Army. wn? taken np and debated by that gentieman, Me?ir* fcherman, .Nesintth, B owning, Foster and Grimes, until the ? x pi ration of the morning minr, vrnen h wan iaia over The rep?rl of the Judiciary Committee on the right of Mr Starke, of Oregon. to n teat In the Senate. ws? tak^n u, , iiid Mr Howard proceded to addre*? th* Sen.tie against Mr. Starke's right to the seat. Hocsb.? The report of the Committed of Conference on thediiMgreeiug voU? of tbetwo Hou?es on the aiut-oduwuu to tie bhi making appropriations for the tun dry civil expenditures or tbe govern luent for tbe tt*cai vear ending J une 'Ju.b. I-G'J. was concurred In. A resolution authorizing tbe procl lmation of Andrew Jackson upon the a abject of null ti -ration, Waoblnu tou'a farewell addr> aud the Declaration of Independence to be printed for distribution, was referred. The contested election r-je nf Mr I'pton w^s taken up for < oirtldenMlu;1. Mr IMano having the floor. _ LATH. LOCAL NKIV8. ? . Tun iiilMIT Liasi. C? i. ?E'for* Ju$tict Johnson ? Complaint hivln., offn made before JutUoeClu'k on the Hat i s:.. upon the Information ard of John \\ l>?Krafft, who charge* that Samuel ?'ba?n K^ritev on the S7th day oi last month. d:d utter a:.d publish afa!a?* maUcioua lib-: to the cr>.t Ir.ji y of Mid DeKtafft," tLat mat latrate ;?s led a warrant on the *&?~ne day { ' the arr?ei of I,liut B*r"??y Tba war ran t w.i* dlrect-d to U< o-ge 11 Walker, or J be?afortl Metropolitaa p linemen of the t*ec?md \Vard, who werf coiomrni Jed to apprehend (aid Bi'.iiv, and br):i? bur befon ^cue {uatlce oi tb' p4*ae?. Patrolman Walker made tie aneaton Moods/ ?iud Mr Ba:ueywaabrought before Juatke Joht.auti. and Jled an examination Tuead; v morning. enuring Into a bond n(MnriAh.k{....~^. tv. v.v **' una r 1 * #* pruCPffl'l1 ^ OH Tuesday were published ia the Mar of that day Thin morulnjc at 10 o'clock, to which time an examination v. ut poatpcued, a number of l?-ijal ^ enUemiu and otb?-r parties interested, Were present at tk" fourth Ward statlon-h"uee. as It was rumored tb?f further e.rd rich developments la connection wltu the caae were to be expected About 11 o'clock Justice Johnson appeared, and taking hit aeat, unfolded the warrant and signified bis readiness to enter Into an investigation. Mr David^e and Mr Winder appeared as counsel for Mr Barney, aud Mr. Blount for Mr Ik Kr?flt Mr Davldse aaid bis client was ready to proceed with tbe case tf . O T * *?--a ??- ^ rr ah. ouuiii twiru u?i ,?ir ue K.'ainwaived in * ismlnatlou of the ca?f before a magistrate pre fitrlog to bring tbe ma'trr b<-f>re tb? Criminal Court, through th<* grand Jury Mr Blount, oonttnuing, said Judge Kur ell requested hits to state tbat, ao f?r a* tbe libels contained la the pxmpbtet referred to aff-cted hlm??lf, (Judge i'arceil.) be waa reai'y for an txamlnation at any time and place. Mr Dsvldge said, If that waa the caae, bcre wan tbe place and now tbe time to prosoed with the Investigation J udge Purceii aaid that be bad not yet preferred a charge against Lieut Barney. Justice Johci#n stated that he would now admlnlater the oath to Judge Purcell and take bis evidence if he desired Judge Purcell declined to prefer any charge before Jualice Johnson Tbe case wu then dismissed by Justice Johuhon, and so tbe matter reaU at present, but we may expect to see "tbe Barney case" rtdivtus at any moment, aa it does not seem to have lost any of its vitality. GfiOHtttffOWN AD V Lit'l' AH 8 (YW UNION HOTEL DIVI DEND.?TheTrusLL?; teas of the Union Hotel Company h % ve d? ciared a dividend of tvsnty-i *o se. oenr cat of the capita. stock. p??ab At the cJBae of the sub odbix, osoa presentation of ttio eeit;hu?:? of took. W. H. TKNNkY, is 85 it Treasurer. ^ ? A A I nn* i -vair^UAU * #8 40 PER TON. Expect to arrive m a few day*, voo ton* b?*t 7|flomf Ocal, wnich we wilt Mil a' the above p^iee or oa?a. if ordered from the vee?e:. Pereoua in want viJl please lead in tour outers immediately to our ufiofl. _ O. MVfc.K> 4 SON, Otfcoe and i ard, Water ?tr-et, feglW ioorgetown. P. C. D C K 8 K 1 N 8 tU V it 8! JUunflburg & Ebert, ? lOt Hien BtkuIi 9BOAOBTOWH, D, C. s0ebk! wwkwsi ale. ' W? li&njut ra?eiT?d a ra?pli ol ta?*t>oTB am. Koio:. w* r?ooixuM*l to b? of* van interior ? Mif. reraoM wiitmi to purc.'.&te, D? m&king un jiauon, o?n be iura.^exi AKNY 4 JsHINN, Hworftowa. LOTS FOR S4L.C Oft RKNT.-We have Sv? onunprovjd Leu, lUia.ed in the i'uaecittc lemtty 01 the flfti?rotd Depot, which we wiii ?*fl k w lor oaah or inm on rea*t>n?M? trnni. P.* p&rtio.Ui4 inquire of UAfttiUtK * i*M ?M? , 1 >?.? 'i I XUbWCAN Pr'KCIFIC.?Th? oal, m?. /V aaa c->r taui oura for a mtUu 1 g||Mr|W?|?frMi Ur*? tu u* daia. , i ar%5'j <! ? f *. . ? *0 ? - 1 .1 TTTE OFFICIAL iCOOUKT OF TOE rAFTCR* 0F ft.DF.1TON ST A FORTftON OF THE tNION FLOTILLA. WISE ABANDONSTBE DEFENCE OF TRR CHESAPEAKE AND ALBEMARLE CANAL, AND AMAIN RUN A I.IKR A (tUARTKR HOR*E' PROCLAMATION OF THE UNION COMMANDER* TO THE PEOPLE OF NORTH CAROLINA i* 8 ?twam?h r ' ori?aw*. > ? Of Ehxabtik Cuy A.C., > *"?'? 12 V Sir: I'?tiwdinc U? your orders 1 pri<r?-?ded with tbi? ve??-l, accompanied bf the Underwriter. Lieut r>o,rimar.d!n2 JrV*r%: tb? Corrmodor* IVrrv. Lieut. Coniai'<nd1n? Huwer; and UX Lc-krwxt, AeMrg M?i. -r Hrarn commanding, totbecityof Lirn'.oii, wmi end of Albfnsirle Sound. At nVI<vk tMa rrnrn'no we irr'vut rW tfce entrant e to th? harbor, and *f!? r * c^r^fo'. reconn we f**?ed If??'be I,<v-< wo~<l <n the advan<*. to keep tb? lar^e reaaeM tnfi?rimd (fia i*n* to t: m" of Hie d? ntb ?>f w ter tn lb# cbann?4, ur "i iu- ?|vroiMT'u r - ? .? u ur mnn At 1U a it. *? lit 1 nndl?t"^h^d potu???l<Mi of tb-* town ; part of a flying *r!1It?>rv (va rt"li?lv e?*?oi*t?d at f'om IOl> to 3 <?> fled pffftplUt*;v,wtthou' b !tc a the Vanv ?f tba tnbab ttmta aiao Us't. Iu cona-queiice I waa told, of a * It rumor having been pu: in circulation bf lb* oatilr at ick**? oemv that our havoc waa India crlrrjnate at E'1nb??tb 1 vraa b*p: v In be Eg able to angmatize auch a report aa Udc*"?^d, and ?o reaiore quiet tor vary -xr t'd popu a 10a Toere art no fnrtlflt?tiou? at or In the water approach** to L4*ntcn At Horab'ow'a Point, trcca hive b eu f-U-d, pcat'.bly wiih a view to tbe enmeWi or worka Anvt the reauite tbe eipedlt!?n tr; tae destruction of fi^bi .s) cannon and on* schooner ( n ibe U?:kt) at b?1e ton We raptured two *rtr<one'a In tbe 'und, one loaded with 4.000 hutbela . f corn \V? touk a'.K bales of ooliori from tUe custom-house wfcs'f Th-r- ?vt? no public store* In the town The custom boose *?*a rmp'y We rerr atned two b?ura about the town. and w? re vi-lted b, tb?* author-,tt a and others. ma >y of ?-b<m piofueda nttmenu of loyalty to thfl od I n.on. Very reapectfully, your obed'en' a^nr-nt, 4. Matrar, Lieut Comd'g 2d co'urrn Navai uivn'oo Com * Rowtii, Cor^rf'' Flotilla Alb Hound. U 8 9tkamkk URMiwtmi. > Mourn of Sortk Htvtr, Feb U. ISM ( F.e : On p<rti"g compnnv with you at iota place yeateraay, I proceeded in the Lockwood, Acting Mnater Gravea, accompanied by the 9b up been and Whitehead, towing acoupleof acboooer< to the month of the Cbeaapeake and Albemarle canal. Oa opening the retch of the river leading to th>* mouth of the canal 1 diaoovered two tat all itenmTs and three ac^ocnera about a mile and a quarter up the canal, and that the mouth of the canal w-.a obetruced. Pickets atatloned near the mouth 11 red their mxketa to give the atam, and large body of men. wboae intake t* gUn'ened In the aun?hlB?, ^ got under cover at the point where thoae veaacl* were. I immediately moved up within a couple of hundred vard* of th? ror'i'hof the canal, nntll nil 'he T*?>eli grounded. and ordered the Whilebead to open fire with li?r n'ne-in-h guna Bat wreeaD^n9 were area, u\tn the ?rkole Mf prtcipxtaUlf fltd. O.i goi < "" ?hore I found IL?t a ?<-Loon?r bad been k :nk about fifty yard* wltbln mouth, opported bv pile#, log*. h.~ form'.a complete barrier I sdrnnced a picket of flfWn men, under cointn nd of Acting M?ater iSravea. fallowed bv the inacblr'fti of tue LouUuna. w:tb crowbars, mau'.a, Ace. At the distance of half a mile a second row of pile-a b?d be< n driven They w?*re at work on thia when w* surprised th?ni. The stealers a>d achooiera bad l?*ft before we 'lnded; ba' a fine large dredging machine remained, and tnla we a?!>n mw nk i . Thle M-.nk diagonally arroaa tb" canal. losing it entirely for the passage*! tti-;> ' i>eln^, ?av. ten fetft from o&e b??k 'ud ir .u ibe other. 1 Le marl ' tiery w?* e..t.r<-ly d.'Str<n?d bv the working pvty, tbe bull above witer turned and niirely con-nmed A 1 .it tiiu4?-d s^tofe. having a vtore near tb-? poi t. n'w^ated. and atated t5at ttie force n?-ar *- rhr r' rf . l - rr r ....? * -? ? "* n j.?f a. ivrt. virwn rtitxm u a C/^ Ml p 'I^H, *nd numbering aboutt**! men Cipia i ?;rave*, with a few mm. fillpwrd tbetr r a' - i*rd tote co inty brid ;??. Tbta It tbr thoroughfare between Currituck and the upper count ..nd tbera wat a battery of three p!ir>d to -immsnd the cjidjI and main ro :d The e^ird b?d been removed la their ha>?te th'-v left tbe a Jet u?erl in destroying th<* d 'rising ma< tome canteen*. havntacks and clothing In fact, at a contraband deserter froii' tb* l?-cl'>n, at Elitabeth Cltv. told me. t.-er tin<^ ttu* light In vN eateru Virginia in wbi h we loat jti" men. we ta tve been ruouiux all the tliue. and now tbey ? .11 or?n ?iv|r un 11 lury ??ri MCI 10 KK'B* Hi3nil " (!) I ompit-ted tbe r?*bel worka byalnkfng two scboonera in tut ;uuutti of raufc., ^ud burning all that reiiidlaed above water Tae work completed. I returned to this anchorMy thanks are due to Acting Muter 6'???, -ind AW'.ram Engineer Ley. acting chief of the Louisiana, f >r the cunplett manner In wblch nay dlrect:"na were carried out. Re?pectfully auOmltted. W?.N JirfiKi, Llfut. Com j. Lieut Com'g A Martr, acnicroffloeroemmaadlag expedition. ncasoii islam). .> c . t-eo it>, wm The mission of our Joint eipedttlon is not to Invade any of your rigats, bat to sssert tb? autarky of the United S:at*a, and to oioe? wtth you tbe desolating w?r brought upon yur ?ttt-. DV cooaparat-v* v a few r<ad men in your mWUt. Influenced ii fl jMely more by tbc wont passions o i turns a nature than by say show of eievatod reason, they are t-tiil urging y?u astray to gratify their unholy purposes lb y impoa* upon your credulity by WUag you of w1 krd ard ft n diabolical intention* on our part?of our desire to destroy yfar freedom, demolish y>ur property, librr te your tlavr?, injur<> your women, and such like enormities?ail of wbicb, we assure you, la not only ndloalous, but utterly and wilfully false We are Christiansaa well as yourwi*es. and wn proiess to know full well and to feel profoundly tii- sacred obligations of tba character No apprehension need be entertained that tbe demands of humanity or J'tstlce will be disregarded We shall Inf let uo injury, unless forced to do an hv t ah 9 Atvn ar'ta and 11 . n ih'ri ! ??! ?l>a>r AAn fttlently roiy Tboxr men are your wortt enemies 1 ney, la trutu, u??e d iwg vou Into vour present condition, and aretbr real d s'urtr rs of yoar pence had the h?pplre?s of y? n' fireside* rt e lnTlie you m th- usiue of tbe Constitution, and in teat oi virtuous loyalty tad civilization, to separate yourselve* at unce from tbeir maiiga Influeure, to rtturn to voar nUeylance, and not compel ns to reaort further to the force under our eootol The Government a?ks only that its authority may be recognized, and, we rrpe*t, in no man* ner or way d^es itd'aire to interfere with your laws constitutionally established, your Institution or auy Kind woatever? your property or any aort, your usage* in any reapect (Signed) L. M OoLDtBonoreB, Flag Officer Commanding Nortb Atlantic Blockading Squadron. (S:gned) A E. ttrixiisi. Brigadier General Commanding Department of North Carolina. f iLORIOLS NEWS-BURNSIOK'S EXPK"1 dtUon a perfect euoc-aa But nexttc tb&tia tbe Great Bum at ouv off-red .a Cotaint, Firu ishing ttovda, Trunka, ttato aau cap?, at Ji* iimr_?_ . _?L - _ _. iki 4 A/> . L _ _ _ m rrupie i ovuro, *iu. ? w #vu I, 11(6 POfl OftO^. ! 14-Itt H AKNDiJM'S hXPKWN, KJL < fc,ST*?L18H?i) IH l*s?.) . ??? K-are to inform toe taat the? ita?e utecded their Kxpreaa to wwaiBituik. asd ?r? now er?paredto Transport Merchau<li?a. Baak Notes, ?peoie, Jewelry, M ijoUl f?'U of Ue MuUU, IStte Amgiatui and IFmen* ?ig(u an i Ctimmd*. Cobmoubc with the moat reeecr* b.e Expresses throughout the ooa&tr*, w? are auarxed to oflier *n*t*aU4d faciiuw to an Who may ia?or with their patronage. For terms acd further mli rma 1 BUD trM H> P Tiiird at., 3d door batow Hl avenne. !>?? P C. RIM'M TO KENT. (at earplr tore Apply to ! . 4 J MVKttS, lmrorwrn of W a Us he*. 10 W tabic* t.m BaUfltag |\t>ALER-i IN WATCHES Wc*i4 60 wail %n Lr Mil ftii'i ex&nunattia ?tuok o( ts ft. J M '? iiRts, wnioh th?j are aoUiBC *' per com. iuver Uar sat otlier hoiM ?* tka ciij. 10 >Va?iuiictoQ fe<u<4 f. ____________. tl/ATCh MAKKK6 W ill MVftiiMwd t*?nM? ?? bTOftlliBf ' ??-. A J. M) tie lu PL vs ?ich Mattrtaia, W'ttoh til** a?*. Took, _U Ievelieri' Jobo;uj Mit?ruu?. J VV?? uiloi ittilfliaf. _____________ Sfci.Mt A ??.* <?1 thit aar onu trmva iur p?d.?r? h\ n$ r?pre?*nie<; mat tftoj ara ooub?ol.d With Uit'r ...n*'. anU it* SO IB Wo? ftrtlote, Tftey nlf I ! 'tWm '* ID IfiI form g tk? trade tost ta?? w k '# ??1 oomI n?tU - vita wjj hv>i.e o ota to inn e.ty. H,r b fttio* i? bmtuu H<mis- ? ! W Mkikitea BalWirj, WftaMugion ! ? ?*U1K. J INtt ? O I T4#NR, ftcd O: OB* h* ?>*? * 0 fttid children'. *?. ft ftrll o? i*? t act frfttiei. under ibe aa?r***J rM?i MotwiU)?tftudiU( tr?4ftiiv ftdrft c 11. # aa of ftl ?u?h <?.? ? i':B? ??T ? >! z - ,( , om. . , fKXX\ A liHOTMl..v. M? &, I * /\ ^ * *? 'a A t * ??? jmn ar . #

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