Newspaper of Evening Star, February 27, 1862, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated February 27, 1862 Page 4
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B a ill THE EVtiNtKtt STAR. HOrSPMOLD RECIPES j A BATCH or CARS. EH, Rural Tte*?-Yorkrr:?Having A few valuable recipes. I thought I could do do hotter than to send them to you, whioh, If m- j oeptable, please publish : . Fmit Cale ? One and one-half lbi flat gait j pork, chopped fine; 1 lb. raisins; 1 lb. cur- i - ? ?A_A f?. I rants; 4 lb citron; 1 ID. aagar; i pint moiw sea; t pint boiling water poured on pork ; 1 < toaspoocfal saleratus j Jetty Cake?Ona cnp sugar, S eggs; 1 enp I flour; 1 teaspoon cream Urtar; f teaspoon i saleratus, dissolved in water; batter rise of a 1 walnnt. Soda CaJt?? Two eggs, beat whites and ralks separate; i cop sweet milk; i enp batter, cnp sugar; i teaspoon soda; 1 teaspoon cream of tartar. Tart CniMt.?One cnp of lard; 1 tableepoon wbite sngar; 1 white of egg; S tablespoons water Railroad Cait ?One cop of sugwr; ( cnp of better; 1 oup of soar milk; 3 cap* of flour; 1 teaspoon 9oU?; 2 teaspoons cream of tartar Rural Nnv Tori?r. HOW TO CO LOB COCHIUBAl. " A Good, Bright, Unfading Rtd. "? Mike the brass kettle as bright as possible. Use soft water, an i for every pound of elotb or yara, one ot. of cochineal; 2 os cream of tartar; 2 ot solution of tin. Pat the eream of tartar in the water when cold; when it boil*, add the oochineal, well pulverised; boil live minvtes, stirring well, then add the solution of tin. Pat in the goods dry, or perfectly free from soap; boil twenty minutee. This will color woolen, silk, or erape, but not ootton. By varying the time the goods are in the dya, yon can have a shade from a rose pink to a ? arlet. Tu Color Searfet.?1st. For 1 lb. yarn half an oatse of cream of tartar; one onnce cochineal, pulverised : two ounces muriate of tin. Infuse tb? "resin tartar in two quarts warm soft water. Set over coals, and as the beat increases, stir if briskly, and add the cochineal. Whea "xell mixed, pour in the mum a _ r\ \ .? _ i . riata oi un. i.ase tne y?rn, wet it in warm water, and pet it in the dye. More it about moderately, and let it boil ten minotea. Take it out, drain, and let it dry. Waab it in weak suds 2d. For 4 lbs. of yarn, or cloth, 4 of oream tartar; 20 grains cochineal, pulverised; 3 os. muriate tin; 8 gallons rain or soft water. Follow the directions in the first recipe. Coloring Red ?For one pound of yarn take one and a half ounces of chochineal; two cunces solution of tin; one ounce oream tartar. D'seolve the cream tartar in tkr<u> gallons ot toft water; add the cochineal, and Sol! it five minute*; pnt in the solution of tin. ^ and stir briskly; then put in the yarn, and boil it half tn hour Wash as soon as jeu take it out. An Unfading Red.?Take one ounce pulverised cochineal; two ounoes cream tartar; two ounces muriate of tin; and one pound cloth Wet the cloth in weak soap suds. Put the cream tartar into warm water, sufficient to ?over the cloth, and heat it till it boils, then stix in the cochineal, and afterwards add the tin, and dip jour cloth instantly CocAmeal Red.?To one pound of yarn add one ounce of oochineal, ground fine; one ounce of melted pewter, poured into two tunces ?f muriatic acid. to stand half an hour previous to pouring it into the dje. Infuse iu warm water (soft) half an ounoe of cream tartar, stirring it briskly. Before it boils, add the cochineal, which must be mixed; then Kur in the acid, and stir it well, When it ils, put in the yarn; oontinue to stir it fifteen minutes, and jou will have a bright scarlet, if the yarn or cloth is clean. It must be colored in bras* that is very bright.? Rural IS 10 Yorker OVHTER9! OY8TERB An IMetar 8hi?piu( Companr hu been for mac for the purpose of ?upp.?ir.e \\ aehmjtou an.'it? vicinity ?nh Oyster*. All je-sofi? which axe fro? N> to tai fa lona p?'day.can be scppliad- Ojiteri in aba:, tact m bar* or & car load ol Iroin ISO to ? baaheU oan be o?^ on one day's notice: for a iea oaatlty oa . at *4 Brid<e treat. Georg-town, i> C. T?e Oyetera tupped by this ooweanr is a* freak. if not more 11 man any others tUac can br had 1b the D.ntriot . r Oratera are opened ?h same day they ?ro t*ien trom the water, and at sent to the pistriit .ua ai ne nuht. A*l ord*. directed to WILLIAM H\NOh, arnatoiia, Jit manager lor Company, will ta prom ot * atteoi to fe?-lm' "'N OYSTtiRS-OYPTliRa.^^ \S\lJf 6 ^eat ac ?nufio inr.frove-^m^lM0 ^ r went i r. aT fcA M! N O and ? ROASTING OYSTERS, ? by wbieh the entire flavor and sue of the Oystei ia r*la.' naH ThePfcARL SALOON. 813 Penn. avenue, op ' eosite Wiiiardk* Hotel. will f pen tint evening (sign of U?e giube lunts) W5ti| its improved naaurei or neatness of fitting, at.a order of eer vioa. All desiring a luxury will l<e rewarded bj calling. Superior ^aailty cf Freeh Salt Oytterr oons:*ntly on and to supply Hotels. Sutler* an< Families. in eheii, kef, or oaa. Famine*' order delivered on short notice. Choice Cigars at rea " ? enable tates. !e 8-;m 1 1NDRESBED AND OTHER LINENS, and U Birds-eye Diapers, or the proper kinds for ohil urea's aprons. . PlDI. Klassod Rif TliliiM. northern and cm tern oorreaponienU sand I us new auppliea daily PERRY A WOTRER, fa ia-tr Ptrn ay. and Nir.that. WALL, HTEPHE.N9 A CO., 329 Pim'aTLvamA Avxnra, MILITARY AND NAVAL MERCHANT IA1LORS. AND READY-MAOE CLulHIER8, AND XTKNsrjVK DEALERS IN GENTLEMEN'S FLRNleHlNG GOODS. _ae S~-f WFGR TBE ARMY. E Have ja*t reoeired. by ateamer A*uo, a Largo aaeortwnt of m&xoineent Freno'n Cia*i Drama (Syitera" Gretore;! French Hnglee, for lafactry cwa. rj, and artillery ; Martin Frara'a Caiebra'ed CUnotote and F.ntea ; Bra?a In*trn menu ofafi kicda Alao, the nneat ana Uj of V ante .i Striata. Bumoh'i a coorJ eona and Flutinaa Together with a arte aaaortmeat of iateat Fraaob Maaio for Baoda, Muaso Store of W, tt. nCTZEKUTT, Ja X Corner Pa. avenue and 11th at. B^*lN?g5PU8EOF HDYC, No. *1T Hkvikth Stkut. BnAa on Ktiropeana on Uie prinoipai oltlee u the Union, in taint to suit, farciah?d dt uaon reatenxu to cititeas tad ao.diera. Coittt Tratnry Nutee, and Cmrreney bought and l>ipon* aooounU opened with ooatomera, either In Coin, Treaaury No tea or Cur ency. Jar-eol.n bWEKNV > HPYCK. 2. FURNITURE! f?\ FURNITURE! FURNITURE! W. B. M O 8 E 8, (of the firm of Moeae & Peolthim, Piuiad'a.) Manufacturer and Wholeeaie aud Retail Dea er in ace a?at Chair a. Cottage, Parlor and Dining 'tfom Faititu>?? Thom'a Banding, ?0? Seven il I lfDOA r Ot?C mmn uvoi7 ??>io?j wi vr aviiOi JCiAl.ll! prODlfti} %oo ncati; cumM A tor* op?a day and "T?m| for the ionbm4i ttoa of IM joK-.o. Purchasers will study tbetr interest to <?ll before wtoklac elsewhere. jaaa-3m* Oysters! Oysters! VHb WVKELA N D ^YgTfci* KXPRE88 #Wll ooDtlnne to r??tve<iai ythoee famous planted PATUXfcNT RIVER OY&TER3. ^ KNUruti ud >rlT&te f. J wo?HC do veil to eftii tu try them. \lkli T^iose oysters are old 36 ho?rs after heyeoroe from the water. 1 [TV O?0? No, 49 Market 8>*oe. beiow the Avenue Hou?. )* l-*wi \fOLRNlNO BILR8 OF NHW AND MOD1*1 era styles and hnt?K B tct end VN nite Plaid tad Checked Hiks for ring. B.ick WashKiIke, , Kxtr* 6 ois) Siwt 8t!ks a!, widths and proee, K rem eg l>'Mi Silks, Meal Paris Kid tlloTW for ladies, ail aitea and ?lew. AD k.sds of Dry Goods. | , Oar northern and eastern correspondent* M aew ? Oai f. cm prio? odIt marked la i&j?fc,J!A!xr~rdtn _fa _ P?nn fcTTiii* %nd 111 ?t. f CABH NOTiCli. IN Con*0?arao? of oar kavicj to pay oath for varr artioie ot good* * arehaM. are fore *1 to ndtM o?r buM?N to Caoh euluiTdr, for Uw jp?DT??^^sahtrKfts i ia? r*. ?, ?cy~ ? * rou au. ) ? Clam, * 1*T] . pUE THK FOLKS AIJMBeAtW^?pd ! ? to aiert n-euicc M7 aiua ot urj uooui, tor the to k? m ncm?, *re offer# t tne moat otaoioe 1 rfbrioa that our vaet atock offer*. ?t oar proT?r- 1 W*ilf lo?r prioaa, m&rkeU la pUun 6(urea. ( One prioe o?ly. < All p* e*a tor oonreTftnoe by expreea, or other "ST;.;""*" ~?Jsv?&w; pa- ar?cwe and Nm'h etreet. |UVT aKClSIViSD lane lot of BOV?? I i . I IICK iXD WOOROBB sou 'inB n aoiriru. PnMitkod in conformity wttA tho \ ***!**** of tho Sonato of Ju/f 18, 111 l* At towMrf Hotpiml, Omrftfwn, Jfc * 81 14 U. 0. lafkntry 19 Mb Pena. Voln* ** * J Ith do do..fn??i 1 47th 4o d?#* i )d do Artillery.... 1 57th do d?.^? * IdVermentVoluatoera 3 71st do do..... ** i 1th do do..,.. S 09th do do.?#.? * Ith do do.. . 1 0th do a 5th New York Vol... 1 1st do Ootmlty?. * 17th do do.... 1 4th do do \ Od do do.... 1 5th Wlaoomla Vol.... 1 ? - -?- i iotk M.u*iOiM?tiiVal 1 1 IM ao uu.... i ? ...... Ud do do.... 1 llth Connecticut Vol. 91 39th do do.... 10 Cameron Rifles eetttl I 97th do do.... ltdD G. Volunteer*.. 3 || s9tb do do... 1 Officer's errant...... 1 I fid New York Art. (e) 1 ? *d New fork C?t.(?) 1 Total.. M...W I (a) An officer (6) An officer. 1 At OtturaJ Hofpitml, Union Hattl, earner Drtdgt m%d Wmtktngttn ttritu, 0*mrg*$*wn, M >1. lat New York Art. .. a 1st Wisconsin Battery. 1 5th do Vol... 1 2d Michigan Vol 4 - - i. 1 in. An ii 1 ivia ao _ _ ? 13th do do.... 1 M aUlM Valualaew.. 1 14th do do.**? 1 ? 1 17th do Ao.... 0 vlTver^oalVoluntem 15 18th do do.... ?|4?k do do 39 10th do do.... Sr?h 40 ? W iuth do do.... 1 dt> o . "\i* , 29th do do.... I l*EieeWor Brlgad?. I Od do do.... 1 3d 4? do.... e 36th do do.... 1 4th 4? ?.... 1 43d do do.... 4 5th dO J?;,M * 44th do do.... 1 lit NewJiVWf??... ) 50th do do.... 8 9th do 54th do do.*.. 1 l?t California f 56th do do.... 1 Harris'Light CtfVHnr t .vtth do do.... 1 Mott's Battery * 3bth do do.... 1 McMann'a Battery.^*. 1 59 h d<* do.... 8 2d Cameron Dragoon** I <uth An do i 3d Cameron Rifle*.... I 69th do do.... 1 5th Massachusetts Bat. 1 ??th do do,... 4 9th do Vol. 1 HJth do do.... 8 Stockton's Rifles 3 l?t Ponn. Carv'.ry .... 4 In field's Battery ... 1 2d do do ? ? 2 Dp Kifi)*i........?.?a 1 4th do Volunteers. ) id 17. B. Infantry 1 ?th do do...... 4 3d do do 3 11th do do 1 5th do do 1 I2tii do do 2 101ado do........ 1 16th do do 1 m do Artillery 1 43th do do...... 2 4tb do do 1 47th do do...... 1 2d D C Volunteers.. S 57th do do 4 Signal Corps 1 Kane's Rifles 12 dtn Penn. Cavalry.... 3 2d W lsconslu Vol 3 5th do do 21 rotaL. At Hotfifl mi Columbian CoiUgt, Wmikmgtm, Feb SI. 1st V. 8 Cavalry 5 54tk New York Voi... 2 2d do do 7 82d do do.... 1 4 th do do 1 7#Ui do do.... 1 5th do do........ 2 77th do do.... 3 9th do do 1 87ti> do do.... 3 3d do lufmtry.... 1 OneWia Cavalry 1 8th do do 2 McCIcJIm^DwRoo**- ? 2d Maine Volunteers.. 1 Rocket 3*ttalloo 1 7th do do 1 lit Callf??Ol?Vol 1 Uth do do b 1st New J ?m7 Cavalry 1 2d Vermont Volunteersl4 8tb Illinois Cavalry... 1 3d do di.... ft Sturgis IllinoisRifle?. 2 4th do do.... 1 19th Indiana Vol..... 1 5th do do.... 3 4tb Fenn. Cavalry.... 3 8th do do.... 1 9th do do.M.>. 1 Massachusetts Battery 1 2d do Volnntee?* 1 5th Massachusetts Vol. 2 3d do do..<(*? 1 lOth do do. 1 13th do do t 1st New York Artillery 1 91st do do 3 5th do do.... 3 3d Maryland Engln'rt 1 7th do Battery. 17 1st D. C. Volunteers.. I 8th do do.... 3 2d do do..***. 1 2d do Cavalry, l 2d Michigan Vol 1 8th do do....43 3d do do I I7tb New York Vol... 1 Sth do de 2 22d do do.... l 5th Wisconsin Vol.... 1 -?-n ao ao. .. n i?t MlnneaouVol 1 J6th do do.... i ?? 37 th do do.... 1 TotAl..i?aiM??**17B At Omural HotpiUU, (CxreU,) WmMkmgtm, Ftb ai. 2_ Ut U. S Cavalry .... :I lOtb U 9 Infantry... 1 id do do 3,5th N. HampahlroVol. 1 Ufa do do........ 3 1st Michigan Vol I 5th do do 1 Ub Vermont Volunteer* | 9th do do 1 id New York Cavalry. 1 lit do Artillery.... 1 Stonefleld Battery,NY 1 5th do do Ii33d New York Vol... 1 id do Infantry Ili92d do do.... S M do do C.yvth Penn. Voloateors. 3 4th do do 3 ? 9th do do........ 21 Total ??. .?*. ?*43 9th do do )| At St. Eltmabitk Horpital, E+tttm Jrwrt, Feb ei. 4Mb New York Vcl... l|#th N Hampshire Vofl StbVermontVolunteera 1| 15th Mus. Volunteers. 1 tld New York Vol... 1 76th New York Vol .. I 5 Id Pena. Volunteer*. 1 57tb Peon Volanteers.90 41st New York Vol... 1 10th NewJortey Vol.. 7 Cameron Rifles. 1 ? Excelsior Artillery Vol 2 Total .*..40 (Hth New York Vol... 2 Sick i* lii Hotfxtmi /or Erwftimt Distant, M Kalorama, Fib 91. lit U 8 Artillery.... 1 77th Nerw York Vol... I 3d do do 1 86th do do.... I la* A ? o ? A ? uaY?iijr . i nocim DMiaiiOQ .M?, a id do do 1 Onrldt Cmlnr 1 4th do do 1 3d New Jersey Vol... 1 3th do do 3 10th do do.... 6 6th dc do 2 9th Peon. Cavalry.... 1 Id do Infhntry 2 lit do Btfi?,fc.O. * 3d do do 1 6th do Voluatoen. | 1th do do........ i ioth do do..???. 1 5th M&lne Volunteer*. 1 49th do do I 7th do do.... 1 aid do do t Uth do do.... 1 57th do do 1 Ut Massachusetts Vol. 1 86th do do 1 do do. S wl*t do do 1 **d do d#. 1 104th do do 4 4th Rhode Island Vol. 1 106th do do 3 lit New York Artillery l 6th Wlaoouln Vol... 1 14th New York Vol..". 1 19U? Indiana Vol 8 l7tn do do.... 1 3d D. C. Volaataera... 3 WU> do do.... 1 1st B*rdan flharpa'ra . 1 Utb do do.... 2 Quartermaater'a Dep't t 34Ui do do.... 3 OMcen' servants 3 AMI do do.... 1 ? 8 id do do.... 1 Total .80 7<Kh do do.... 1 At IndUm* Hotfi tal ^Pmttnt OJJlot), WmtkifUm, lwth Indiana Vol 84 lit Michigan Cavalry. 3 1st BerdanSharpa'rs.. 7 7th New York Cavalry 1 id do do 14 Cltlsen 1 lit New York Artillery 6 ? do Cavalry. 4 Total * tt I It Fifth Diitrxct StKool Hitpifl, Brmmtk #/ Q*n*rai Hotpttml ? Fiftk ttn$I, l>t. 31. Cameron Orazoooa ... 1 5th Rhode Island Bat. I Ohio Cavalry 1 MIM Artillery.... 1 2d (J. 8. Cavalry 1 ? 92d New York Vol... * Total. At General Hospital, (EcJtingtm,) Waskiuglom, - FV?.*1. latBerdan8iiarp'r?(a) 6 lit Penn. Cavalry 1 Sd do do...(6)9 4th do do 1 7th Maaaacbuaetta Vol. 2 ? lat U. 8. Cavalry C Total...., ...iff (a) One officer. (6) One ogcer. At Douglas Hospital, corner of I strtet amd Now Jersey avenue, Feb. 21. Major, Pavmanter.... 1 21 Rhode Uland Vol. I 56tL New York Vol... 1 ? lit U 8. CbaMeure .. t Total.. .....If 2dVermont Volnnte<?ri 15 At OmtrtU Hospital, AUxmmArim, M. tl. 4th U 8 Infantry.... 2 09th New York Vol... 1 8th do do 2 87th do do.... 1 4th do Cavalry 1 lit New York Artillery l 5th do do 2 31 do do.... 1 8th do do 1 11th do B?ttcry.iO *d do Artillery.*.. 3 12th do do.... 7 5th do do 1 4th do Cavalry. 1 ?d Maine Volunteer*. 8 5th Penn. Voluntoora. 1 3d do do 1 7th do do 1 4ta do do 1 Wth do 1 I 5th do do 1 29th do th N. Hampahlre Vol. 1 Md do do...... 1 2d Maaaachutetto Vol. % 35th do do 1 12th do do.. 6 45th do do...... S lit do Bat.. 2 40th do d?...... 4th Rhode Island Vol. 3 53d do do 10 lit do Bat.. S Slat do do 10 fch do Art.. * itfth do do...... 1 5th Connecticut Vol.. 6 a8th do do 4 Mb Vermont Vol...... 5 Wd do do 6 let New Jersey VoL... I Wth do do >7 4th do do.... 8 106thdo do...... 5 5th do do.... 3 54th do Fir* Zouaves 1 let do Cavslryld let do Draffooaa... 1 MU New York Vol...?3 11th U Cavalry.... 1 17th do do.... 9 t7th Indiana Vol 6 18th do do.... 1 tt Michigan Vol..... 7 Ifith d? do.... 9 3d do d*...... 4 ttd do do.... S 9th do do.^. l 5th do do.... ? let Wipe?In Vol.... l Wth do do.... 8 3d 4? 4* 4 i7tk An <(? 1? 111. i. >. fcth do do.... 1 ?th do do..... s t9ib do do.... 3 let MiuMMteVol 1 ad do do.... t Slh IlliaeteC?*aby..lM Ktb do do.... 3 tai*i tm1Mb do do.... 4 ployeoi 3 17th do do.... 9 M?dlc&lDepvtaa?at.. 1 JIM do do.... 1 Cltiscaa ?d do do.... 1 do do*??? % ? *490 ELgsTOjej*- -vag* UHMW M, mm utuMi ? ifn, am nttM W1LLUM TVGUOPI OflBAP WHOLESALE AND EST AIL GROCERY W A HE HO USB, ** + ? PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE, SM PENNfTLVANLA AYEHITB GRO ER][?8 L AT HALF THE U8IWkL PRICES, | JMHaf *?? jmnkatU tf Bmhn*t Mmhantt m*d otkmrt. TUCKER'S TVCWR'9 n _r._ T i nri ni _ - tfiwv uw, iii^nor>i n iuv*t vi^in, SO fOJt FAMILIES, FOR SUTLERS, FOX OFFICE Ml. T EAB, FINK. U NION C1GUA.R8.*. C R ACKERS, BOSTON. K ETCHUP8, IMPORTED. E XTRA COFFEES. | R A1S1NS, MALAOA. READ OUR FMJCES.' K EA D OUR F R IC E S ! Extrm i%*own Bugnr ... 9 cents per pound White ?.1S cents per pound Fine 8rM "* T* ~.30 cents per pound fair Black Ten *. so cents per pound Bxtrn Coffe*> cents per pound Good Coffee r cent* per pound Wax Cendle* cenU per pound Hiltgi Ralsl**..... ...15 cent* per pound Codlsh. .?...? 0 cents per pound Imported Ci,(?rc...... ..SO cents per loo Hinni Ct|i ?..M<M. tl to S3 per 100 Almonds U ?ents per peqjid Belt .......*. .90 cents i beg Good Bolter....^. 1****** *? ? Extra Batter..... 90 cent* per pound FIM Wto6i ......m?.01 per bottle Whiskey .85 to SO cento per bottle All other kind* of LIQUORS In prr#porttoa. 0*11 and eee for youraelf. PUCKER'S, 323 Prnnylrsnla Arcane. WRUAM TUCKER'S CHEAP G ROCERY WAREHOUSE, )M PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE, MA PVM?IBVI ViMIA aWBfcrf.ei ?rw a All LA A Dll U C( OUOOERIES AT HALF THE USUAL PRICES, /Taring b**n pyrokattd / Bankrupt Mtrtk*nlt Imnd Start's Rdi?d Sogtra from 9 to 12 eta per pound Extra Pine Green Ten 7? < Good Green Tea .30 ?? < Extra Pine Blaok Tee.....7S ? " Good Black Tee 80 < ? jOld Jam Coflbe 10 ?? ? Good Ooflbe w " " btb?t win* else la pfoportlo* RXMBMBBBy TWCEE**, tW PENNSYLVANIA AVENVE VEOKBE'B, 89$ PENNSYLVANIA AVEUVE W?I!WW?|. IMPORTANT TO IAMILI1B, RESTAURANTS, HOTELS, OROCBRS, AND OTHERS. WILLIAM TCCKIK1 CHEAP WHOLESALE AND RETAIL GROCERY WAREHOUSE, M? PENNSYLVANIA AVBNUK, M PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE. CROOERIE8 at half the usual prices, ffMwf pwrtktud ?f Bmtkrwft Nrdimi Ml Mtiri, T U C I E ?r 8 TUCKER'S WBOLltAXl AKD UTUL Groceries, Lienors, Cigars, Wines, 4o FOR FAMILIES, FOR SUTLERS, FOR OFFICERS. T BA8, PINK. U NION CIGARS. \ C RACKBRS, BOSTON. I K ETCH0P8, IMPORTED. ? E XTRA COFFEES. ' R AISINS, MALAGA. MM AD OUR PRICES READ OUR PRICES' * WILLIAM TUCKER'S { CHEAP GROCERY WAREHOUSE, 53# PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE SM PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE. i GOODWIN'S TOBACCO. B. H. WATTB'8 VOLUHTDR TOBAOOO. J ? I GROCERIES fj AT HALF Til USUAL PBICBfl, j mmd ttkmt. ? ( rUCKWlt, SM FKNNSYLYANIA A VENUS J rUOUft*S, Ml P*NWiYL? ANIA A VSIfUB * VittllMM I * U M.?OUUT?m 1 OilTlHOII Su it it ? " ^ FOR ALCPM?!S1?0P IMPRV0CFIOB. Air NO FALSE DELICACY PEEtMMT. APPLY I.VMEDiAteLY. A f WRE WARRANTS*. OR NO OMAEOE, IN FROM ONE TO TWO DATE. VmUm W tk? auk, kmam, Uintou ?f tk* KM My* Md lltMtl -awinnn DtMltrpa, lafMMTiVw Ml D? Hilly, (k'hmm, Dyfpii, liinpw, CmMh f M?U, Ut tpuiu, fuphuM m uiTfnn, TlaMin, Tnnkup, DUnowt ai Bifkt m DMm) at ?M m4, Tumi, Res* it kin. Af *ctf?a? ?T U>? Lanf*. *? mft n Timlli ^ DMtncdT. rn? M, u45?i,4. *Mn^t, ud d*?tr?7 Ml ._

W^e/erl^ *** keb?t wbM Wee er^lmely grew# U>.u*adj W Tmtrg Mm W tfe. m? ul.aui krilliant lauUMt, ?h? J?* .?? MrV**t,*ne^ 1J"t*r*DC with tk? t*Cd .nTrf^u * ,MU4' ** Ut?* ?7". >V Mil tM JJ*" MM mimMM Mu, iy ~?idVZ k^llr"4" * *V* * ??- ' "*y sS'.^SrxJt'rswsi.'"'1? ?s~R ???. ?.l?0&?JZl?f?!cEJL. suns. :^<"KS --W ma mi m taa MM tmlnant CJolltftt la tba lalui uw*, aad tb? rraatar pin ( vbaaa lift ku k?u ?mi la U% fearoitali ?f Laodat, Paru, Philadelphia and <u tftctii Ml af iba maat aaur.iihtnf 1*11 that *?n at koawn; many Lranblad with n&ftnfr la Ih% baad aad an vhaa uUip; rraat aai i imuih, MM alusi4 at raddan Hull. baahfilnaaa ?itb fraqaaat blaabtaf, attaadad aaaaatlmaa viu iinw?l ?f Bind, vara (Brad luidhMfi TAKE FJRTICVLAR NOTICE. Tmmg Maa u? aihara vba baaa Ii|m4 tbamaal?aa by a artaio praetit* iodalg ad In wban alaoa?a bablt fraaeaodi kaamad Ihn aril camptmaoa, at at aabaal, tba afaeta M vbiaa ut nifhtly fait a?an Wban aalaap, aad If na* euid, tMdtn ntirifi Uapaaarbla, and danraya MU atod aad tod*, ah avid apply immadlattlv. naaaara aaaa af tba aad aad ailutM; afaau ptadiaad by aarly bablta af raatb, alt i Waaknaaa af tba Back aad hmba,raina In tba Hatd, Dimnaaa af Bijht, L?aa af Mmcmi Pavar, Palpltatiao af taa Haart, Dyapapay, Har?a?a uifltblUty, Darargamant af tfaa Di*a?U?a TaJuaUana, (antra] ability, lyuptaua af Cauiampiiaa, Ac. KTAI.I.T.?Tti faarfai afacta as lb* mind art Mtk ta mini III lin^MTT r_*-^?~ ,, vi iuvMi inirtHia af iplnu. Evil rmMiDn,iTinaH ( MM*.KHb> mat, La?t af laUtadt, TUakilj-, it*., in mm af iba t?ila MilHi Mirtovi Dibilitt ?1rtntuii Iba MM* af thair daelinliif baalib, laaiox tbalr riftr, k??M>Uf waak, p?ia, otrvMt and amaciattd, baTtnf a tioftlat tpfumn tW? iba *7M, (M(b ar lymfUma af uwupDISEASES OF JMFHVDENCE. Wbtr. :ha R'tfvidad and :mprmd?oi t alary af plaatart tadt ba bu imbibed u>? taada af th?? painfmi ditaaaa, u taa aftaa bappana 'iiat an ili-umtd tanaa of abama n draad a( diiMftn daitrt 'aim fram applying la tJbaaa vba, fram adatatlac and ?Bap? cubiluy, can alant bafnand him. falla lata iba aar.dt af ifuarani and datigaiof praundart, vba, lacapabit af aarinr, lleh hia pacauiary ta>atanea, bttahim tnling aoifa a/tar man lb, ar u Ian* at tea araallttt Tba tan ba abUinad, and in das pair laava aim vilh rtietd baaltb Va aijrb arar aia railing diaappainuaaott a* bp tba aaa af tbai daadlf pat Mr?ft treat y?baatas Iba taututauanai ayropiamt af tfaU tapibla diaaaat, t aeb at Af aaCana af Iba Baan, Tbraai, la ad, Tin, he., pragraaamg wttb fnrbifal rapidity, till daub pvu a pariad ta bu draadfW taffiring t bp landing Mm a tbat mdlaaavartd taanuy fraot vbaaa baa rot na utriiwiatina. BR. JOHNSON'S REMEDY FOR 0RGANI9 WEAKNESS AND IMPOTENCY. p tblt gtaat aad laptmtl rttatdr wa?hnu?''k? ?-? ? jaacuy iwH Mfl fUl rtgar niltrat. Ml mitni u< d?kil>t*iad, vk? Ui )wt all Mfl, Uti kHt tnasaftiaUly r?ll?T?4. All l?p?dln?nu u MarrUga.rkytWaJ ?t MtoUl VImmIMkIwi, Um *f rmimtttt Pawai, Rinni IrrilaWlIlT, VtcmMM* ?ad WtUim > BuiutlM ?f U? BMt fctrtU tM ?paaaii j ?>r?d. ENDORSEMENT OF 1 HE TRE85. TBI Maitt Titvuot* ?,w?4 it Ula iuuttUM wttkta in* tut Hfutttt ram, and tht DimtrwM IfWirt Itl ifttttm* pirfimM kf Dr. JthutN, Tiawil kj fti NMftin af tk* pt^tn aad ku; ftkit iamoa, Mitat af Vila* kita appiual again and tftin kafaia tka paklW, k?aid at kia avuduif aa a f aatlamar. af akanaui ami iiiimM Mlltr, ta a aaSalaat gaaraatat ta taa a?tta4. Mat Ifr4j TRZBSZIMJLZl. Pretettid by Royal Letter! Patent of England, mmd secured by the Stall of tko Ecole dt Pkarwuxie dt Paris, mud tkt Imperial College of Medtctne, Vienna. I. ah- ^~?--r.RIE8^M*R -N?' 1 ? ? ?.????! ivmaaj lor Kst.aiat:oh, i kitoubdt and Exhaustion oitkb btstix. TRIE8EMAR No.?, Completely and entirely eradicates all traoes of thoee disorders, for vhioh Copaiva and Cube be have generally been thought an antidote, to the rain of the health of a vast portion of the popalaooq. TRIE8EMAR No. 3, is the creat and sure remedy of the cinllsed world or all Imparities of the system, as well as secondary symptoms, obviating the destruoave sse of Meroury, as well as other deleterious ingredients, and which all the Sarsapanlla in the wond oennot remove. TaiisBXik Nos. 1,2 and 8 are alike devoid of taste or smeli. and of all nauseating eualitiee. They are in the form of a losenge.ana may lie on the toilet tabie without their use being saspeeted. Bold m tin oases at A3 eaoh. or four |) ease* in one for f 9, and in #37 oases, thus saving M administered by Vatpean, Laliemand. Rou, ko., to. Wholesale and retail by DR. H. A. BARROW. 194 Bleecker street, I* doors from Maeougal street). New Yo;k. Immediately on reoei^t of remittanoe. Dr. Uhkow will fewi m timw to any ?art of tne world. securely packed ,aqd addressed aooording to the instructions of the writer. Published also by DR HARROW, that popelar and beautifully iilnetrated medical work. Human Frailty. Pnoe 25 oents. Trleeemar and Book oaa be obtained by special authority from 8. C. FORI). Washington, I). C. de U tn /"> BOMETHIIW NEW ! /~\ ?lr*m,V?nT 0TCfiC*J At 961 O iiri?, tk* T\**ttr. OY?TKR8 bTKAMKD ll Ui Shell and Thoroughly Cooked (fhr aaserier to a roast) in meiiwui, tk* fmtuii f<?M en rMfd. call and see. The uderaigned respectfully ir.fotma his friends in the District, and visitors to the oity, that be haa refitted his old and will-known miAJtLieumr in a most thorough manner, and baa made oompTete arrangements to furnish OY8T?R 8 In any style and in any quantity. 400 to foo gallons shuckel per day. 1.000 to oana of Spioed and Freeh sat ap daily?eans hermetically sealed. Famished in the sneifby the buahel or barr?l. Persona vuhinr t/? !>?? '? ?-?*?*?-* ? 5 ? ? m w v/iwio AU r lUiUOU rffllArlr through the winter, at Baltimore tnoea, without few of failure, should oalr and male ariWDceraenU at opce. Freight, time, and money saved by purchasing of me. as I furnish an artiole eaual to the oelebrated Baltimore eatabiiahments, at prioes Jut aa low. Canned Meats, Lobsters, farJicea, CLams, Btmwberriee.TomfUoes, Pigs' Feet, Tripe, fco. tlee. Terrapins, Freeh Lobsters, Cod, Halibut, fca, la not, every thing for sale in the Northern markets always on hand, at reasonable prioee. Hotels and families supplied with Oysters, deSvered without oharge (o any part of the District, i season, if the money is sent with tbe oraer. My establishment is open from 4 a. m. to It at ?nt, every day, except Sunday, when 1 oloee at Holock a. m. a? ? j?i ? T. M. HARVEY. LBA ft PKRRIRI' OlUUiTU Worcestershire Saoce. PrOM?nted by U EXTRACT OONMOISSEURS H a Letter fro* a U b? tha II MtdUml ImiIkim At Madrma "<>ML\ BOOD nHitBr0tkt9 SAUCE." H?K9I WoroMter. u4.?Mo?t>I.U - Ml Si'k-TiEVE?V rasgsh"4ffls.%sss |S^55jin incLa', ajid u, la VARIETY |f5ij^]mro*1nioa.ttamoet Kfl^Mp&iatabie, u veil aa OF DIBH. ^K^jSibe moat wholeaome Uktn nt^" The above SAUCE u not only tha int and moat rarvui eoifswurr known, bat the soft Mtomtm I?U, aa a lew drop* in Soup, drumy, or witk Fitk. hot aad oold Jointi, Bttf Sttmh, tftrn, tu, impart i in axtniaite sect, which rmrruuirUd Sanoa mantXkotnrera have in rain endeavored to wwixt On the Brtakf+ti, Lmuktom, Dinntr, or Bmwm r*bU, a ornet oontaining M LEA * PERKINS' I WORCESTERSHIRE SAUCE" la indiapenaaaAa. < To appreciate the txctllmt ttuMHu ot thla dsli- i low preparation it la only neoaaaarr to parohaae j Lf all bottle of the tim?im*. of f KU ? ier or d?.w, m many Hottl and Rutmmi mt pro- i rieton seldom pIao? tha Pmt 8aoo? before theu J aeati. bat rabstitBte a geaaiae B*tU tiled vitk ? , tpwn??M miztara. I For aale by Srooera and Fruiterers ererrvhera. JOHN DUNCAN ft SONS, ] W*tmi 9i>ti mmd mrt ana, Ntw IWfc c Bole Wholaaale Acscta for tha Uol*ed States. J ABtoakalway* tm atore^-Also orttara mmH j ?r dlreot shipments from En (land. J ITT Pnring* fianmfiiti and faHfrtiai fT) a ea?a-lT,eo J u rms,wrjsawzssv&.'htsi . ox^ur ^ne^doa^^ray^red or fls^en^u^aao | _ 'mSgg^jf DENTISTS Y. H0. S3* PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE. Evvm ?r* jj?? IOts Pt?. |\]EW AN1) IMPK'i'vn _ ^ .? ? ? Ail f Ail A iUll , 11 tr ARTIFICIAL CtfEOPLAST1 BONE TEETH, WiTBotT Mru Pun oft cuwi. ; -n- i-rtrTTrffiiiiifi '"-. 1*tkjmd 1ST* rti . . IBggajP artificial one* su he iteertH oyer t^stn. } rooU wlU ** m*de "?offfcn*iTe, as Dtrer i ^5TV7 * WXX^. M Mrmueni t??^52^ 1. immediately. thereby ?rMerric| !vj Jffi ^ xereewon of the fioe. wmol inder 1 Thn^S? I' fr,!?ud?tj7 4i*4fBred, * I br BAD* afthft lira* . ? ? hn r 'T ? -"* 01 mi ' ^SrT^'hM Alto iBYtated a white aadeatraotire met&i Llllnr. with which the moat aecalivt teeth om be tiled without yam, and ou baild a? % f*T tt>et, ioond tood ob ku; aida root*, which will laat i "Twboei of references ci^en?to Dr. V. MottjDr. Dorwnat, Profe??or orChemi?try, N. Y; Hon. Jad?e Wayne, of th* 9n?reme Coart or Washing , ton, and thocsacds o( others. I Call and examine for yonrself. ao > I OAS FITTING, Jtc. 1 A WM V. DOTE * OO. __ , MlKF New prepared to eiecste any erd?ra Witt mieh tber ma* be fhvorad in the * ' *B?aiNKtJK'AM FIHIM irr- Store or. itk street. a few doora north ef Pa r mua where sa*y be foaad a eomalete aaaortmeet ethar?I?, sf&Lx S3 o? ?atr ?17 IAS FIXTIIE8. E H??? in store, a ad ar** da: y reooirlnr, 9X8 rilTVHESoientirr'y Nrw Patterns aud Dm.iui and Finish, ?nparlor m style to anything heretofore oferod in this market. we invitooibsees reneral It to sail and examine our a loo* of 6 as mod Water Ptx1 ires, fee::nc confident .hat vs tars Us '.?st selected stock in Washington. AU W ork in the abore T;ae lbtraated to oar ears VUl bo >romptir otterded to, MYEK8 * MeCftAN. arl-tf 176 D stroot ' PRIVATE. Pill VZLTB PRIVATE DR. LA BONTA Cares aiI Venenal Diseases permanently and ?uickl?, without tue use of disgustm# or poison oasorVts ot any kind. no aiming or mtorlerenoe with business. Consultations fr**. It is ^uite onouch in its favor, vheo I My that r.f practice is that which ia in nae in all the New S ork eitj hospitals. New York City Colleteaod Hospital Testimonials famished. Ladies with Whites and Disease* ot the Womb on red and saved a consumptive's (rare by my treatment. There is nothing aftnttrt or 4is?mM*is in any art of the treatment. All oures warraiiiod, or money retarded. Communications in writing, with retain (tamp, promptly attended to. Medicines for travelers and others packed, with fell instructions for use, and warrantee. Oflloo?Room No. 9 W as* in(to? Builditj, Pern, avenue and Seventh st., Washiacton. D.C. f feb 1-lm* r nlnDAINIx 9 8TANDARD SCALES. FOR 8AXI BT j. r. bartholow. Sole a tent, ltr4virc k Agricultural Vtrthtvi, itb KcTiBtb Street, Fttvtun Pnmylvani* Mnmi siid lk* Cmmmi, oppoaite cut end of Centre Market, J* 14-tf Sutlers and othvrs shoi i d subscribe lo thompson's bank note refortkr ?Weekij. 82.50 p ' yea--; 'mi monthly. $1 fiO; monthly, 75 oenta, with two eopiea of d?aoriptiv<? iiat free to a ! who pay in advaoee. Ordera p .>:npt. r executed by enoloainj the mor^j in it note a^dreaaed to warren choate, 338 pa tvwue fte T-6t* n.- ? -?- ? ? ? n mi, siepnen* & to^ MILITARY AND NAVAL MERCHANT TAILOR 8, And in SWORDS, HASHK9, BELTS, EPAULETS, SHOULDER STRAPS, GAUNTLETS, 8LOVES,**. ( Aixl er^nr rariety of READY-MADE CLOTHING, AT RIA.SONA1I.B Pi!CM. WALL, STEPHENS k. CO., 3tt9 Penaaylraoi* avenue, between la 11 ?- " - ? j_ .. iiiikti. a. noyau.| Ha UO tfllll Itt. rjiO MILITARY OFFICERS AND OTHERS, j BATCHBLOR'S 9ENUINM HAIR OJt. The Best in the World. IV Only RtliabU mmA Hmrmlui H??r Lhtt Knnm. Sold by pJl Pmniiti; also, at Banrron'a Patent Medfome Btore. of. Patent OAoe, oor. F Jt 7th, aad at 9ibm'| Hair Store, mlt Penn'a avenue, where Ladiee can have it am lied, if desired. i Faotcr^?B1 baroiarat.(lale as Broadway) N. Y. e Gold and s^v ? r" k^g lish , 8wis8 i nnu nmcHil/An. 1 have bow on band a large itook of all the moat oeiebratea Watohe*, that I am aeJliLi at u>? vary lowaat pnoe* tnat *o *j and reiiabia tuna kaepera oan be aflorde?i at; ami every de*or:ytion office JKWKLRY on hand; all new aty.ea reoeivcd aa aoon aa manmactnred, and offered at the loweet ratee. Silver ware manufactured in my own ahoa. All ktndaof MILITARY GOOD? on hand.euofa 1 ri Revolver*. 8 word a, 8aabea. Beita, Bowie \ uvea. Pooket Cora?aa?ea, Ao., Ao. Aiao atrcng k Army Trunka and Bed Combined; and many other 1 thiaga naelul and ornamental at 33* iVniaylTac.a avenne. r.ny tf H. A. HOOD 1 8* J. MYfcKS, j 10 Wi'UiTOTON BuiU)IH?i Pitmi # A large stock of Amenoan watobaa for aale, at t wholeeale, Ly 8. A J. MYKR8. * American Ciooka at wholeaale by 8. A J. M YKR8. ^ Watch Material* at wholesale h* A * T Krvcsir Plated Cham* M wholetale by S7* J "MYERS.5" Wak?h Work doua lor the trade only, by a eraoti8U.1 WISA'ASSctK. * J. S MYERS. cy All wholesale dealer# in Watohee and Jew- t, elry would do veil to call at 8. ft J. M YER9* before^omc^on East or parohaaiac elsewhere. Read the fol.owinj unsolicited enoonu N '"I oanoot oommend hem too highly." ? "They are the beet I1 emaie Pills extant." ^ mi k.._. J >- >? ? . M.<> mm-cII una ?IU aumpiMS BOB?." ?"Wonld not be without the? njon any oonnidar- ? UioB?" al "They oyer ate aneedilj and ffeotirolr." I6S Cfaecnut urNt, Philadelphia, ud in Wuih acton by 8. C. FOKp. oornor 11th atreet aod Pa. vmaa; in Alexandria, by B?NRY COOK 4 I JO.. l>mgrata. noB-ooly I , ihanceo'l diet repaired. It ia aa Enf-^|^fet ikU bpecifio ol aixty-fire yaara atanclng^^^Bfc ig^wtll not harm^Uie moatda^ioateoon-^^^^^ A. IjSBibs- ,i*5|?s3' iS-Vvsw; gLACK TKA CI TKA, u aoehecta ?t*n(Uf<l Bi*ok Ta? taw beaa rtomrt T. *ar ^'^fkussvsssit,. * m black SILKS! ?i 3lACK B? LKS.jmtopened, in all into, frni fg || f xmj oni t *? i???. fr * 1^ Oil .J gya^ ^jj'Rvsa.'aai 3 SQ^ift'iyg- ?*wfaSoiig? 2 0 IiM,*W||g 4 TRAVELLER?' DIRECTORY. passing ib t&aifb Om mmd AJtm MONDAY. ?, W PiiiiMii rum MTwttn . WASHJ*UTOM AND BUT1MOEK WUI nou Six 7Vmm > i r??? ?r ?W Ivari Ami IfuttaflMi Mil* tfuriai (A* mi>, ?4 I** M iwUaii. For Pfciiftdoirklt N?w Y orkuLmr* WmIi Install tl 4.00 a K. 11 00 a M.Md 6 of r k. For Ba?tl?ror#?Lmti waitiagton K t-OOaatf 7 # A M, tad 3 rt?M?2 4 00 p . For ft nwnln - m. ? For PkiJMlo pkia at IMP . - J For Barrubarc *tU Ue Nertk ud W#rt, ieav* WMticroc at 00 k. M. and 4 W or 8? t U For Frederick at7 ?o a a. aad *.? r * New Vert r. fi*- ? ci Ur. u. Morui:.| AocomnodeuoB leave Waa^inftoi 1M A..M. Arrive at Baltimore 9M a *. No oonae* bom at Baltimore. Tkia ia the Morulas ooaaexioa for AaaefoMe. New York Mail Trala leave Waehiaftoa at U a.arrive at Ba.Umore lLa> r. Phmdelpkla U7r. m.. New Vorkier M. Philadelphia Traia lea. Waakiactoa atjwr M. iMofalni Baltimore at? 90 r and Phnade.ehia at M r m. _ After toon Aeoewiao aatiea?leave WaeklafUt at4f at. arrive at Batimore at l?*. '*? *" BAXtona At BAltlmorft. J hia i? U>? >ISn'>otWA DOXtOB for A MiApom Koobu* Exyrr? I?ato WMMaftn I p. ATriTA At bA urr.ore Ui r. v.. PhiaAdpfctA WJI p. Naw York 4 a. HArrt?b*rrl a. m. On SncdAj lAAve WmLicitoo At j w aim! t p. m. The b p. m. tr?in from Woahlnftoi ooooocta through to New York orory day iinii Uf week. TKAIX& MOT ISO SQVTH. Lr?ve Nf* i ork At 7 a. ? Pbi.Mo.tfat* UJ4 a. BA.U1MT0 4 40 p. K. Am?i at WaaU&c?oc 4 ? **l!o?ta IWw York *t 4 p. tu Pkik*4oiok?* 14J? p. IU Boltmoro CJO a. h. Atioa At WoakiBctoB t* **Loat? Mow York At H t. PfcUMo.tfa** I J* a. *? Baltimore 7.35 l.u. Arr.po*1 WMkiactoi 9 2ft a M Uooai aooomfttviat.oc Ttaim Iaata B*!?iaoto I At i a M . AEd ? 3J p. . for wmklmt* MiiM II"* M II A. M. Md 6 4S P. M. On t*?r> At <3 aii<i 7J6 a. M. only from Bac ibvp. No AcMpolia 01 Frederick eousexiou ?o Sunday*. PMMrr?rTf*:u ietrui Wut rttN a. . And 4 i' f. K aid Baltimore At tJb a * Am! < <n P. M t mUc dirent noxDAOtior* fm Asr^oli* At im Junction. TheT4 Aft, end ?< r m oonnwjt At RoIat tor Fre.lei toil. UAi^ritcvo, Ae? Ao? e xoeyt TrA.Lc ?e*f A-nApo .? for BAitimore Atxl Wuk injrtoc At f.v> a ?. And ^ ?c r PeAeeiiser TrA .ie leeving wmiinitoi At Kl? a. m? 11 a. *.. 1'CJ r. m.. And BAlttmore At 43' Ar>7 j6 a. m , v. i l(?p w^? immpttel ;?m(ma Wat PAaeengera muat Mette Awmwwitm jyatnr <mly Trame trill leave Wmbiniton And Ba tin<or? promt?r?? ' ?< nw, exoeptirg thattf?4V? m.I JS a a. At J 4 "?> p trAina will WAit ? riihIm if ncoo??Aiy, to aroHi* the paaapncwe Aud MAt>e fro* the Ka*U For Sick &nd WonnJed Sokitere?A epeoiA. ier, with en attendant, with beds, will Jaat* Wuki?. urn twice a for PbilM^jhi* airwt at 11 a m* for Uu MoemmorfaUon of Bick and vnion oidiere. W. P. MKII H, fe? Mulw of TrmyorUtiot, wut. IMS] THE (IMK Penniylrania Central Railroad, 4 Wit* it* oonneobonj) IS A FIRST C!A*S ROUTE TO ALL THK WEHTEHN CITIES SPEED. SAFETY AND COMFORT: STONE HAL LASTED AND FUL'E FROM DUST! BAGGAGE CHKCIED THmnca FROM BALTIMORE! mil daily TK.A.I** rtoi PHILADELPHIA TO PITTftBlBOHt Two of tfaMD thill closb cokkbctions at lainirw wilt trAins ob Um NORTHERN CENTRAL RAIL ROAD. and tannine THE GREAT CENTRAL ROUTE r?on WASHINflTON AND BALTIMORE to aU pointa to Um Wbit, Nobtb-wb*t akd 8o*ti vmt. (ETFor Throath Ticket*. Apply At ti* Oftw M tb? Northern OntrAl KaiI R"a<1 Com Hur.Cklnrt StAtion, BAiUmor*. 8 pi end ui Slternre Cart on all Nigkt 7Vimm S mo ling Saloon Cart on all Train* PROM WASHINGTON. Paaaangari wili UJte ibe 6a. m.uo $ p.m. traioa, trlllilft " B*iUlDOr* vaara oioM ooaotetiona mr% naaa witb Uai ia as tkf? NorUwraCwjmJ * tf!. JJ?rrlr.i8 _Hrf ' P- ? acd I 45 s m., tier* ootnootAn* Railroad for all tart. oftha wait By thla roat*. freigbta of ail 4mc atiooa aaa da !?rr<T?, *? to.M<1 ^roB> f P?1?' on the ?V r uu? ?/.Px ' t?c<[y. Indiana, lilinoia, Wiiooihq 'uT WlMOWl, bit Railroad dxrtrt ..TKr***! vapiacaetral Railroad a!ao ooat.oota at Pittsburg with 8waat*ra, by vbiob G<<K-e?ae feu il^k 10 00^Ohia M??kiAcam. Ke tuokj, TenaaMS,Canbcrlaod. " Wi ? lKioltin. Miunnri. L irk..>. ud Red Hirers; and at Clere.aad, Saadaaky mod ctuea?owitb steamers to all North wiwtern J.akea, Merchants and ?h:?per? <-Dtrust,nj the transportation of their FrmcM to this Company. oan ret? with oouftdenoeon ita ???w r tranait. Tilh RATES OF FfcEIGH T to and from anr fomtin ttf \% rvt, by the Pennaylraata Ontrat Railroad, arc ai all itaui aj /aeera^Je at ar< that ruj by otkm Rmxtromd ComfmUt jet'Be parties ar to mark packs*ee wtta Phil C?irr*AL R. R.** WAS RAW A ROOMS, Freight Areata. No. *0 North street, Klfcmera. ENOCH LEWIS. ften'TSaperint't. Altaona, Pa. L L/HODPT. Tiekef Ai't.^iiiiadelehia. d ^ hl^?l i Freight Afeol, P^i^f^ORTHERN CENTRAL RAILWAY. Tkt Skcriui, QmuMit am4 B*?t RamUfrtm BmtH WEST. NOR Til"! OBTHW EST. WINTER SCHMD CLE. Ckajmb orTniB. Obiud Bftsr 8UN?>A y7*Ui Ncrrwnbec, Immb w Train will trrtT* ui 4?pvtpM cCrirt SUtlOl M follow t Tuih Nobth Lun it l?ka U .n\ r,xvr?M p. m. firkto* Aoocir.a,o<lki.on 4 %. m. Pitt* tinlid*?" - TxAini Sorra Aum Pa-k tot Aooommodation Bt-daJu hxprsae sx>a. m. twbn^rc and HarrUbari Iflirw The 6 &. m. tint from WaafclwrtM ooaaaqu ntk the lJo a. m. train froa Baltimore for tla Vh: aad lor Buftki. Elmira. Roob?uc, Dmark. Car.adaif ua aad Niacara Falls, aad forTiav ?or* city. The 21 a. m. train from Waehlnctoe >?aae?? nth the l?. m train from Baltimore to W?L <orth a??d N o rvh vest aadElmua aad Baiak> aM TheSp7m. train from Waehin*tor mbmoIi vtu he UO p. m. train from Bt.uroore far rittstmrc, larnebarijgDd the VVeet^airt Ujtd^rwt^Bc^aae^ Lieroate ?orhN ew^ort*^ *"*' smgttittOBSwBsafc wo ana the W?il _ The only tnn arnTtac .in Baltimore oagaaday i th? ?J* a. m. train. JAB.C CLilU^ r NOTICE TO TKAVKMUUB t >'uitn.^*wr beLf-fc. u?t i~t irdared tkt tail <niw between Waahtarioa, -j"w ^ ?it;iror?, and Old Point ( Foivmi^^^^ locro*) to be m?><, o? ?4 lOw?? Loader, thetfch wataut, U?? Bar Line of immti ui 1HT? Baltimore K VLB YjPAY teaoeft Baa Mi from tkeu whirl, foot of Dun boot, at 4m elook immediately after tke arrival ml le WMtua|ton Train. vtiakTaaveeWaefciartea 1mT r' "* M. w. FALlM. I*r?t. TOPUAJU'b BBB F *MMA * M TM9HM H *4J?rw4<TV*T, ? ???i ttnnr. 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