Newspaper of Evening Star, February 28, 1862, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated February 28, 1862 Page 1
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? Jfr V?. XIX. WASHINGTON, D. C . FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 28, 1862. IN-. 2,815. PtMMMMMMMBPlMMM?? ?^ ??^ *^ 1 ?? i i ============ TUfc. EVENING STAR a rUBLteHKD EVERT AFTBRltOOfl, (SUNDAY LXCfctTbD.) AT tMl. iTAfl Hl'IL0!5??, Ber+s* ?/ mwm ??4 ft. Ft W. p. WALLAGH; Paper* w??4 la package* by carrlm it Ms fwr. or 37 cento par month. To mall ubaerlberi tie price U S3.M a year, m *d<im*ct; t~i for six aaonttoa; SI for tkree moat toa; an?i cor mm ou Aree aonUw it the rate of 18 eenta a week. 81* lie eoplfli, on caitr; in wrappers, two cntra. \ZT~ AsTfaTtmnra abonkl be tent to tba Ace before 13 o'clock a.; otberwiae they may ot appear nstll the next day. * OPE.1IJIO THE MISSISSIPPI. fProm tbeSt. Looia Republican ) i If, m is probable, General Polk is preparing to oTaettate Columbus, where months of labor and thousands of dollars have been expended ? ?? .L. D.L.i f- : ??ki. IU rcinicr -nc nouvi luiuuuaiiuna iiupn^usvio, it is not likely he will attempt to make a staad above Randolph, Tenn , should he, indeed, stop short of Memphis. To get oat of the reach of the huge anaconda now winding it* stupendous ooila to atrangle the rebellion in the Miasi wippi valley, he will have to go at least that far for present safety. Even this would not save him long if the prophetic signs of eventa are veriSed. We assume, however, that efforts will still be made by the Confederate authorities to impede the navigation of the Mississippi river into the cotton growing region, and as Kandolpn is tbe best available spot above Memnkis Dot flanked by the Union army on the Tennessee and Cumberland, it is not anressonuble to suppose that some resistance ^ will be offered there, by concentrating a force to obstruct the passage of our gunboats to the commercial metropolis of Tennessee. The keen, prospective eye of Gen. Halleck is doubtless now upon Memphis, the key to the Gulf of Mexico. When Memphis falls, then goed-by to "New Orleans and intermediate landings, " as the steamboat bills say. That city by far the most important between St. Louis and the mouths of the Mississippi, is the rntrenot of four riilroarl* trHv?r?in? Vnrth South. East and West. The shipments of cotton alone in the year ending September 1st, 18r>0, amounted to 400,000 bales; and its general business, in ordinary times, is immense. With a copulation of 25,000 souls, we may well beliere that if the inhabitants are sincerely and strenuously opposed to the Union (which they are not), the approach of Union forces is a matter of profound concern. But though there are thousands of loyal people in Memphis, and though (as the papers of that city tell us) the recent succeas of our Generals ?- were received by many there with undisguised A # 4* A. 1 J A1 A. A I 1 L . A ( ausiscuon. 11 must. oe saia inai ue rea-noi, howling SecessonisU are by no means scarce The place baa been strongly fortified, and the possession of it will be very reluctantly given ' up. Nature has done mucb for it in the way ol defences. The city is situated immediately below the mouth of Wolf river, on the fourth Chickasaw bluff, from thirty to forty feet above high water mark. Extending in front is a beautiful terrace or esplanade, nearly a tKnnaBnr) f.-pf irirla frs r m 1 n r* a rr]ft<?ta nf ca?l*_ ficient compass to accommodate a large arm; facing the landing. Heavy cannon have been mounted upon the most eligible sites q^'Ut the city, and the exposed portions greatly strengthened by skiliui engineers. Cut the same military necessity which compelled the evacuation ot Bowling Gieen. and which now compels the evacuation of Columbus, will, in due time, make itself apparent at Memphis. When everything is in readiness it will fall into the hands of the Federal troops, and most likely without any prolonged conflict. Between Columbus and Memphis the rebels have crected no less than five somewhat formidable fortifications. A strong water battery, mounting twelve 32 and 42-pounders at llick man. was erected to protect the Nashville and Northwestern railroad, connecting at Union city with the Mobile and Ohio, and at McKensie, fifty-fire miles southeast, with the Memphis and Ohio railroads; but as communication is now already cut off between Columbu3 and Nashville, the possession of Hickman is no longer of any use to either army. The same remark holds good in relation to an extensive work near the State lie Separating Kentucky from Tennessee, upon which 500 negroes, uuder the superintendence of an able engineer officer, are a lid to be set to work in September. Fort Pillow, a short distance below, a strong esuhwork with bastions, walls and trenches, mounting thirty guna en barbette, and the redoubts an 1 embankment.* raised bv.Ttff. Thotunsoa at New Madrid, must likewise be abandoned as *f no farther service in the present posture of Gon. Grant's forces. Having mentioned four defended points below Col nimbus, n# next couie to Fort Randolph, sixty miles above Memphis, and about threo hundred and fifty miles from St. Louis. This is anything but a weak position. It is built upon the third Chickasaw bluffs, more than one hundred feet above the river, and immediately south of Island No. Si, the lower part of which commands the three mouths of the Hatchie river, a stream (navigable at good stages) that empties into the Mississippi just above the town of Randolph, at the upper edge of the bluffs. These bluffs form natural para# i a ? t % . ?eu lor oaitenea, ana oommana a view ot tne [iaaiasippi river for six miles each way. By silencing whatever gum may be placed on the island, iron-clad boats, in the present oondition of the lower Misaissidpi, might enter the northern mouth of the Hatohie out of range of Fort Randolph. The town of Randolph, near whioh the fort stands, consists of half a doaen or ao dilapidated frame houses, and ia approached in the rear by several rood roada, but the country behind it.beinn fall of ravines and gomes is capable of being fortified to an almoat indefinite extent. The position, however, is of no manner of o*e or benefit, exoept to dispute the navigation of the river. It hu no railroad commumeations, and as an army stationed there wuuld have to depend on the river exclusively for the transportation of supplies^ it would not require long to starve it out. So Gen. Polk may take bis choice. If he ooncentraies at Randolph, the capture of Memphis will be so much the easier. If he falls back on Memphis, that much more territory is reclaimed to Federal authority. TKa 1 t*k trir* ftf * Ktt annkASfa nn **?? .?W ...|/ V* ??V guuwahO up iUQ 1CU* nessee river demonstrated that that stream it unobstructed as far as the Muscle Sboals in Alabama. An army could be landed near the southern boundary line of Tennessee, at a point nearest Corinth, where the Mobile and Ohio railroad crosses the Memphis and Charleston road, the seizure of which would be of immense advantage in bringing Memphis to tsrms. From Corinth to Memphis the distanoe by railroad is about ninety miles, and as reinforcements would thus be measurably ?ut off, the work of reducing the latter oity could be prosecuted at leisure. That is to say, bo attack would be required to be made until the result should, by the concentration of men and arms, be rendered certain. The resources An/1 viMr ftf ft*n h?1)mv ?iw* >? ? ? . ? ?? ??.w? 5"w xooui auwo iubi the country will not have long to wait, for the time* And places of new conflict* and new victories have already been determined on. With the rebel bloekade of the Mississippi raised, and commercial intercourse between the loyal people of the North and South resumed ai of old, upon what ean the rebellion maintain itself? The fertile valley, stretching from the great Northwest to the Golf of Mexieo, oace more in possession of the Union, to wtvich by every right it belongs, and ever shall belong, the insurrection must die for want of sustenance. To us of this section the navigation of the Mississippi, unobstructed by secession cannon and unhampered by secession impost tributes, is a natural necessity. Ibe common treasure of tbe nation has been expended -to secure its beneuts. which are the property of ft eontinent; and not until the noble stream is cleaned to New Orleans will tbe peopla of the United States cease to prasecute a resolute and energetic war. 1ET Since the commencement of 1082 we have captured fail? MOW rebel prlaoaem. Tbe rebels have ofily taken about 300 " those carried to Nash.1IU ? W9 "TV 1 ?iw iiuku r wr? yooctwo. I ICT The JipaiHf uuib? f to England will comprise alxty members, many of them princes and others belonging to toe highest aristocracy. Tommy it not mentioned. iETIt U Mid that the more ?ery of the secessloaiaU of XaakvlUe are gnashing their teeth fsssctouslv We suggest that the asms of the town be writto* GsaahvUie ? Pr*?t*e$. Daring Marly every Amj last week, *t Bt. P??i, Mian., the thermometer ringed from to M degrees below mto A Growl at the Administration?War of Ex* termination Ad vised ?I'mon Men in til* Sonth. [from tb* Richmond Examiner, Feb 91 ] The Government of ths Southern Confederacy, eleoted by the people, under the orgtfaid law of the land, commences its ezis'enoe on a national fcolidav? to-morrow. The day is auspicious. The President and Vice President have received the greatest to&en of public faith and obedience ever given to the eleotive chiefs of any nation; they nave been chosen by an unanimous rote. Few governments have began to act in an hour of deeper gloom or greater peril, fiut there was once another envinned with yet greater dangers, enveloped with enemies yet moro formidable, with less sympathy abroad, surrounded by more traitors at homo. It was that of France, when the powers of the nation were placed in the hands of a Committee of Public Safety. Yet it scattered like heaps of chaff in a tempest the armies that were marching over the frontiers from every quarter of the compass; it made the domestic conspirators, whioh it found jubilant at the distress of the nation, burrow into the earth with terror; taught Europe to shako and sicken at the very name of France, and set her armies marching on the hii?h road to ererv canital on the continent. But the committee of public safety did not stand on dignity, humanity and the rules of civilized warfare when it commenced its memorable operations. It did not employ military Turveydrops to command its troops; nor did it fill its bureaus with disguised royalists, emigrant Englishmen, or lcrers of nice offices. It was earnest and grim as its own guillotine; it struck for life and death, for victory and self-preservation, at any cost of blood and pain and horror. It summoned to its side the men that were like herself?of powerful Intelligence, and fieroe determination?men who had no quarter to give or take, and who cared for nothing but quick success in that desperate business. Their charactcr rapidly pervaded every officer. Thoy awoke the nation wiih an awful cry. Every other thing was given over and given up to the battle, and defeat was rendered so much worse than death to generals and soldiers, that no mortal courage was firm enough to meet it. If this country is to escape the miseries of a protracted war, which may render the Confed - l_ i? .1 f . t i ?racy a o?u on ear;n xor ice next ten years, the Government which is to be inaugurated tomorrow must adopt the same energetic system. The kev-note to this affair was well and truly given by Jackson, of Alexandria. Had his evor-memorable example been properly appreciated, the Southern Confederacy would be safe at this time. This war should have been rendered a war of extermination from the first. Some counties, in that case, would have been terribly harried and distressed by the enemy; but we should have long since obtained all the terms we wanted, or the whole energy and f _ P ii i- i i i turce ut 1110 nation wouia now d? up. organised, and wrestling with irresistible power. It is not yet too late to ohange the vain and genteel, but fatal system that has prevailed till the enemy has lost all fear of us; till we have become the open scoff of the traitorous torles that fill our streets, our fields, the very departments of the government itself, who invite the tyrant to our rivers and our coasta, spoiling for the halter and the bullet, while hell yawns and gapes to receive them. Lord Lyons' Opinion or thk 8orthkrw Status.?Lord Lyon-, under date of December IS. thus expresses his opinion of the Southern Confederacy in a dispaioh to hu government: This overweening notion of their own importance may lead to very serious inconvenience, if they sh uld succeed in establishing tKaSv in^onnrnlnr-i. I I * f f IUV** HW|FVUUVM V V vi i UWWH 1 > I IUV1I UUHV/U is quite great euough to render it extremely desirable that we siiyuid be ougood term? with them, and eDconragu any disposition which they m*y show to pi ice their commercial relations with us on a mutually advantageous footing. We might be willing to consider that a quarrel with them w >uli give up no means of ameliorating the condition of their slaves, while it would bring ? great deal of hardship and ?uffering upon vast numbers of our own working people. But still it must ever be repugnant to our feelings to be in intimate relations with a con leaertinon lounaea on me avowed principle of perpetuallug, if not of extending slavery. Unless the seceding States can be induced to act with moderation upon the question of slavery, they m*y rouse a feeling of indignation and horror in <irent Britain which will overpower all consideration of material inter* eat. Of this many of their leading men in the ? resent movement do not seem to be aware, omt of them even talk openly of reviving the African slave trade. An attempt actually to do this would, it may be supposed, be at onoe put down by the united foroe of the northern States, Great Britain, and of civilised Europe. Bat, on the other hand, it might be extremely difficult to bring anj of the slaveholding State* to renonnoe, in principle, the right of trading in negroes, or to induce them to enter into any treaty engagement on the subject. Any such engagement would be regarded by them as an admission that they were in the wrong on the question on which their oontest with the North has so inflamed their passions that they have loet sight of all reason. How could they bind themselves not to extend to large? numbers of Africans the blessings of the imtitntiftfi of AmftwVftn slftvarv nrkuik >uw...?..uM va aaawvxvwM w mm ? v J y TfUIWH hUUJ hold to be ordained of God for the happiness and improvement of the negro race7 It is to be apprehended that we shall have very considerable difficulty in placing our relations, commercial or political, on a satisfactory footing with a peoplo imbued with such sentiments, immense as is the importance to us of procuring a oheap aad abundant supply of their staple commodity. OEALKD PROPOSALS Are inn ted toil the loth ?3 day of Maroh. 1862 at 12o'olook m., for saeelrinjclthe V. H. Sob. Dfj't with *,000 head of BfctbP GATTLKon thehoof. The Cattle to be delivered at Waahington City, aad each aaimal to average l.Sno ponndi gross weight; no animal admitted whioh weifhs less than Ijmo pound* iron. Tim Cattle to ha delivered at anoh time* and in suoh aoantitiea a* the Government may require. No Cattle will b* required under thia oontraot before l&e let d%y of April, 1883. Heifera aad Bulloeka not wanted. A bond with good and lufloient aeonnty will be repaired. government reeervea to itaalf tAe rig ht to par la Treaaarv note*. No bid will ba entertained when pnt in by oontraotora who have previoaaly failed to oomply with their contr&ota, or where the bidder ia not praeent to respond to hia bid. Bida to be direotetl to Maj- A. BECK WITH, C. S., U. 8. A., Was bins tun. D.C. Com o? Bid. I, A B, do hereby propose to deliver to the 9otanwent good Beef Catt:e on the hoof for ?? per hutured pounds groaa weight. The Cattle to be deflTArAd *.1 I - AATitrdinr lha tturma a/ ?Ka a? dosed advertisement The Cattle to be weighed on the Males, and tho weight to determined to be the purchase weight. 1 hereby agree to nye a goo<fand suffloient bond for the fu fi iajentof the o^ntract, and to racdve Treasury notes in payment for liie Cattle. fe is fAKPOV QUARTKRMASTKR'S OFFICK, 1 r Coaasa liahthnm and G Stkbbts. Wsskiagtom. D. C., Fibrnary 19,1862. Sbalbd Proposals (or furuuhicg to the Government, at this point, (l,'0V)oce thousand H HAD BOARDS for the ira?*a of deceased soldiers, wiH he reoeired at this ofioe until Saturday, March 1st, lfftf. at It o'olock noon. The boards moat oonlorm in all res>ee>a to the folic winr SPECIFICATIONS. The Boas da to be of ol?ar looast wood,/r??Afm Aaou.t 4) laar f*et ons.iloj ten inchee wide.(lk) fered" on oae stde round the top, aad down each die toadlstasaeofi 11 foot (9) incites. PiMrd smooth ob each sMe. A speoimeu of t&e style of boards repaired may be eeea at this offioe. Proposal* should be addressed to Col. D. H. Bociki, (Quartermaster U S. Ariar WashiBfton. B.C.,and siiop <1 be plainly marked ' Proposals for Head Boards." D. li, sUCHtR, t? 19 dl?nr Q. M. and ColT Ac. f INEN 600D60F ALL KINDS-A fall etoak of " * pUl'17 i*SSb.. kM ru>mu i?d RlittKaM. TELEGP A.PHIO NEWS. LATER FROM EUROPE. ARRIVAL OF THE STEAMER HIBERlflA. Diicn?s:?n ! American Affairs In ParllnttMti Po*TLANB, Feb 27?The steamer Hlbernia, from Liverpool oo the 13th, and Londonderry on the 14th. arrived at a o'clock this afternoon. American affaira had been further debated on In the House of Lorda. The papers relative to the blockade were promised shortly by Earl Russell. European political intelligence Is unimportant. The steamer Etna, lor Newfoundland, was detained at Liverpool till the 13th Inst. In the House of Lords, Earl Camarven said he had received Information that no less than three British subjects were confined In the prisons of th#> Federal government, and had lain there fer some months and beendenlpd trial or releaie unlet* they took the oath of allegiance. He hoped the government would take earnest steps la the case at once and declare what was to be the position of British subjects In the Federal States. Earl Russell said that Earl Carmsrven could hardly ha*e read the paper* which had been laid on the table, for If he had he would have aeen that these caaes had been brought under1 he notice of the government Neither Lad he made allowance for the peculiar state of affairs in the United States, which justifies urgent measures In England, Parliament had given the government, In times of difficulty, authority to arrest persons on suspicion, and <t bad been frequently done without their being brought to trial. This government bad complained of the arbitrary manner in which these arrests had been made by the sole authority of the President, without legislative sanction. He was not disposed to a# tVia fifalaa rrnVfl?n m ant UCTlC-llU OLII VI VAiU V III Vt vvui^o ^V? w ?| Congress had decided that the prerogative belonged to the President, and if be believed that parties were engaged In treasonable conspiracies, as alleged, be (Lord Rassell) did not see how her Majesty's government could interfere with a practice absolutely necessary, although It was exercised with unnecessary harshness. The American government alleged they had undoubted proof of the complicity of these persons in conspiration. This her Majesty's government was not in a position to contrsdlct, but they had entered strong remonstrances against the manner In which the arrests were made and the prisoners treated. The case of these persons would be earnestly watched by them. Earl Russell, in a late letter to Sir Charles wyke, touching the rumor that Arcnauke Maximilian would be called to ths throne of Mexico, ays: "If the Mexican people, by a spontaneous movement, place the Austrian Archduke on the throne, there is nothing in convention to prevent it. On tbe other hand, we could be no parties to a forcible Intervention for this purpose. ' Paris letters say that Mr. Slidelt had been received by M. Thouvenel In a private capacity, his diplomatic assumption of character being distinctly ignored. Letters from Vienna are filled with lamentable accounts of the Inundation. The district submerged in Vienna alone comprises a population of fcO.OOO persons to be provided for. Several towns were also inundated by the Danube, including Presburg and Pestb. A severe engagement between the Turks and Montenegrins had taken place near Sestarl. The loss was heavy on both sides. COMMERCIAL. Liverpool, Feb. 13 ?Sales of cotton for three days, including Wednesday, 29.000 bales; market closing firmer, with an upward tendency. Prices are unchanged. Breadstuff-* are still declining, except wheat, which closes quiet and steady. Provision* sue dull. Consols closed at 92#a93 for money. THI LATEST (VIA LOJIDOS D SKRY) . reoruaryu?roe nesraer uny 01 iicw *or* arrived out on the 13th. Cotton?Sales for the week, 54,000 bales The market is unchanged, though prices are firmer Sales of Friday, 12.000 bales. Breadstuff's closed strady Provisions are declining. Consols closed at 93# for money. Important from Arkansas. ob.n. CtKTIS IN POSSESSION of fatkttevillk? TROOPS POISONED. St. Lome, Feb 27.?The following dispatch was seni irom neaaquariers lo-aay : Major Qtntral McCltllan.?G?n. Curtis has taken possession of Fayettevill^, Arkansas, c?pturii.g a number of prisoners, hiores, baggage, Ac. t he enemy burnt part of the town before leaving They have crossed Preston Mountains In ureat confusion. We are uow In poaaesaion of all their strongbolda. Forty-two officers and men of the 5th Mlaaourl cavalry were poiaoned at Mud Town by eating poisoned food which the rebels left behind them. The gallant Capt Dolfertdled, and Llent. Col. Von Deutzh and Capt. gcbenan have suffered much, but are now recovering The Indignation

oi our Midlers ia very great, but they Lave been restrained from retaliation upon the prisoners of war. (Signed,) H. VV. Hallick, Major General Commanding. Prebable ETicaatUa ef Ctlmbn. St. Lons, Feb. 27 ?A Cairo dispatch says: "Heavy rumb'ing explosions were heard yester> d-iy In the direction of Columbus. It Is supposed the enemy were demolishing their entrenchments preparatory to an evacuation " Marine Disaster. r.lIHlnif V V OA Tt....!.. U-? V VMS ) *1 t vv. w A UC K1U ATI CICU r J of New Bedford, for New York, haa been totally loat on Plumb Island. Three of the crew perished, the captain only being saved. Anether Seccess in Missouri. 8t Louis, Feb. 27 ?Col Wood's Cavalry have driven the rebels out of Dent, Texas and Howell counties in this State, and taken sixty rebel prisoners. The Rebel Generals Bnckner and Tilghman , Sriit t? Fori Warrea. Cleveland,F?b 27.?The rebel Generals Buckner and Tilghman passed here, this morning, an route for Fort Warren. NOTICE NOTICE NOTICE TO 8UTLEK9. TO SUTLERS. SPICED MOLASSES CAKES. SPICED MOLASSES CAKES. SPICED SUGAR CAKES. SPICED SUGAR CAKES. 1b ooneeqnenoe of the cre&t demand for oar MoIimm Gisxir Cake and Sac ar Cake, we have arpointed HUNT. CLARK ft CO.. Corner of E and loth atreeta, prinoipal Agenta for their aale. SNAPS. JUMBLES, MOLASSES POUND CAKB. IN QUANTITIES, IN QUANTITIES, IN QUANTITIES. BOS TON ML ACKERS, Freeh every day?warm from the oven make delicious food? Ttn Ctnts Pm Pound, DAYTON'S CELEBRATED M1XCE PIES. Hotel-keepers. Heads of Families. *n<i Hntun are invited to try oar exoellent Micoe Pies. Oar MINCE PIES need only to be tried to be appreciated . pnoe 910 and ?13 ver hundred. JAMES L. DAYTON, Bakery?4*8 Eleventh atreet, feb 21-1 w between 6 and H. 462 nZW&m&ARk. 464 Offer their BINS. 8E6A^rj5|?ACCO, FANcV for aale at Wholesale Pnoee. They keep oonataatiy on hand ftna PHILADELPHIA CREAM ALE, in tee* aad bottle*, for bars or family nee The publlo in general are re T?. **f m cftii ui ex&mne tfcrir ylaadid itook of toodi, * co., 46iMd 4b? 8ev?-ath atrwJt, ogta.Fotoapo. OFFICIAL. mUEASURY DEPARTMENT, X PlUVilT 4, 1868. Notici it niin eiTBS of the readiness of this Depertment to redeem the Treasury notes payable la one year from date, authorised by the act of Congress approved December 83d, 1867, and the Treasury notes payable in sixty days from date, authorised by the act of Congress approved 3d March. 1861. Interest on Treasury notes of the shore issues wtll cease on the 7th day of April next by terms of those acts respectively. f?S-tap7 TAEPARTMENT OF STATE, U WAtniite?oit, January 35, 1809. The Secretary of Stats will hersafter receive Members of Congress on business on Saturdays, commencing with Saturday, the first of next month. * Jan S7-tf WILLIAM H. SEWARD. "ptrAR DEPARTMENT, W January SI, 1?W. Ounn, That the War Department will be cioaea i ueaaays, weanesaays, mursaays ana Friday! against all other business but that which relate* to active military operations In th# fl?ld. Saturdays will be devoted to the business of Senators and Representatives. Mcndayi to the business of the Public. EDWIN M. STANTON, Ja 42-tf Secretary of War. IRON a^ZiIj, 380 PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE. ENILE DFPRE. Just Received and Opened, A large and flrat-claa ?t/wk of choloe FAMILY GROCERIES, consisting of: FU0AR8, of all grades, TEA8, COFFEE, BUTTER, LARD, FLOUR, M AILLARD'8 CHOCOLATE, Ac., Ac., Ac* All of which be offers at lowest cash price*. TIKE'S CELEBRATED WHISKIES. 500 barrel* Magnolia, 500 barrel* XXX, 500 barrel* Miller* Rye Monongahela, 000 barrels fine Old Rye, 500 barrels fine Old Bourbon, AT CINCINNATI rHICES. All the favorite brand* of CHAMPAGNE, Miimm Verzeny, Green Seal, Heldslck, whlcb, being bought low, we offer at unuaually low rates. Aleo, Sole Agent tor PFKK'9 'ARMY CORDIAL. ffb 14-tf JAY COOKE ft CO.. BASTKBR0, No. 4#9 Fifteenth Street, opposite Treasury Buildings, Washington In oonneetion with our Philadelphia House we have opened at No. 404 Fifteenth street, an ofloe far the transaotion of a general Exchange, Collecting and Banking Business. We buy and sell Coin, linoarrent Money. Stocks and Bonds, (on oommission,) Drafts on Amerioan and Kurooean cities. receive Damnti. ?.nrlrr.nk* Collection* upon ali'aooesaible points feilm JAY COOKE * CO. COIN WANTED! The Hif hMt Pnoe pud for GOLD AND SILVER 1 eracii Fob Saxbin Sums to Bvit. LEWIS JOHNSON * CO., BANKERS, P*l*H?TLVA.mA Aviirwi, j&23-tf Corner Tenth atrMt ARMY EXPRESS COMPACT. NEW ARRANGEMENT! ALL RAIL r&OM NEW YORK. 41 HOURS. Tbia Company la prepared to forward all kind* of goods to and from? NEW YORK?OAoe 39 Broadway. BOSTON?Offioe, 7 Concrete etreet, and 8 Congress Square. PHILADELPHIA?Oflloe, 33T Chestnut etreet, BALTIMORE?Office,Camden Station, WASHINGTON?Offioe, 388 Pennsylvania it, ALEXANDRIA?Oflloe, 100 Kmc etreet. ANNAPOLIS, FORTRESS MONROE. NEWPORT NEWS. PORT ROYAL. And the SOUTHERN BLOCKADING SQUADRONS, AT FAIR HATES ! Jagl-Im* I CARRIAGES. Hare now on hand a large and fin* assortment of CARRIAGES, superior to any in thCAjHU, market, whioh I am prepared to eeliygCT^gr low for oath. Person* in want of good-** ? work, will do vail to oall and examine my stock before purchasing elsewhere. ^Aj^re^air* neatly done, and ordera promptly atI have alio one very fiae oloae Pannel Carnage, which originally oo*t #1,326, bat little used, ana vXr jaai-lm Corner 14thmd K itrwU. PORTABLE WOODEN TENTS! The underaicn*d hu for aale and will make to order Portable Wooden Tenta, of any repaired eise.atarery low price. These tenta oan be pat na or taken dowa m a few minutes, and oan be aeen at the eorner of Fourteenta and 6 ata. Jaa-lm* JOHN A. JORDAN. P<OLORKD BORDERED TOWELS, aalaet v> atylea and qaalitiaa, from low-pnoad and madinm up to extra fina. ?W ith oar aauai fall and ample atoek of all kiada W Linen Gooda. ... One prioe, the actual oaah standard ralue, marker in^ainfcnraa. ?w ?? >1 i ??u. mmmo ??u muui BL J TT_NTION, U8T Reeeived a large assortment of New Feathers, Comfortables, Blanket*, Bedsteads, Mattreeeee, and Carpets. Persons wishing to bay are requested to examine my stook before nrchasing, m I am determined cot to be undersold. R. BUOHLY, 496 7th street, between 6 and H, ?Ha' east side. fCOTlCB.?All persons are forbidden to nego11 tiatean aooeptanoe of R. W. Adains, dated Deoember 16, Ittl, fifteen hundred dollars payable atUkeMetropolitan Bank,New York,?<he same bavins been mailed <? New York to the order if n?d and sot r?OMT?L fcuint J, I.ANWDON. QOUOHS. COLlJe. jHOA*SENEi*S. 4o. COUTOVND Slluf OF BUM ARABIC. Thu itoaauit and popular Cough K ?mely ha? (Men aoloog kaovnindexteuuvolj uMd tAitamt Hnoti tef* beoome i&nuU&r with lU extraordinary OAOMT. It ou bebad *t *11 UM ynuif 1 *> n*u bottle. H??? WASHINGTON, U. JANUARY, 1969. REMOT AL. * . BIIVUVGER * CO. ATI * at a DVMntw ? wav iinniiviJuvAniA Af Ani'K) OFFOtlTB W1LLARDS' HOTEL. We Invite the attention of ottr Mendi and trons to the Card below: NO. 919 PlRSiU*?I!U Atkhvs, > (opfctit* Wxilard'i Hoitl,) 5 The 8ub?crlber?, hnvine opened a Brunch Km tabllshment In this City a few months since, and feeling encouraged by the liberal patronage already received from l a friends and the 1 overs of pure and genuine WINKS, LIQUOR!*, and other articles In their line, have determined pon a continuance and extension of their busl ness. Their assortment embraces? FINE COGNAC BRANDIES (of various age, brands, and districts.) BOURBON AND SCOTCH WHISKIES, JAMAICA RUM, GINS, Ac , Al*o, aereral valuable Toalca. Ultk-ra, and Btom&chlci, which are rea??dlt? for bowel complaints, f*v?r and ague, headache, and the like. MADEIRA, SHERRY A PORT WINES, CLARETS, BURGUNDY, CHAMPAGNE AND GERMAN WINES. HAVANA SEGARS, Of all Varletlwi and Prlc* I FINE NAVY AND OTHER CHEWING TOBACCO ALSO, PICKLES, SAUCES, CHEESE, PRESERVED MEATS AND FRUITS, SARDINES, VINEGARS, SWEET OIL, Ac., Ac. The Stock was particularly (elected to suit the wants cf Hotel-Keepers, Sutler*. Restaurateurs, 4c They are invited to visit the e?tahi!shment, which is und?r the direction of Mr. Jos. P. Wilson. uwug to the ract that they Import mmt of the articles direct, and to their many business fecllltlei, they are enabled to off*r tbelr ftock Goods at ery low prices Your obedient servants, A. BI.IINGKR * CO., mfort$rt of Foreign Wtnei. Liquors, ft. if 11. if fU *w r\ t> l i vn W i *uf ?a vna * ? 1 f? A.ainwivn rp TT T! T! A "R XTE AND E A 3 . Nt. 99T PENN9YSLVANIA AVENUE, MM WILLAKP'tf HOTEL. Oculist and Anrlst. DR F. A VON MOSCHZISKKR, Pram Clinton Place, New York, haa armed In the city and opened hia offices at ?9T PENNSYLVANIA AVENBE, Where he oan be omaalted on Maladiee of the EYE AND EAR _ requiring medical and anrgioal treatment. Dr. Von Moschzibkh ie the inventor and inlrcdnoer Into the medioal prao'ioe of the ETHERIAL EAR INHALATOR, for the treatment of obeticate eaaee of DEAFNESS AND NOISES IN THE HEAD. He u also author of the !ett*re published in the New York and Philadelphia paper* treating on the prevention of DEAFNESS FROM THE FIRING OFCANNON, fe. Dr. Von M. hat fortne peat fourteen rears devoted hie epeoial attention to the TREATMENT OF THE EYE AND EAR, And poaseaeea the teatimoniala of aome ot the beat known pu?lio men in the Union, who h?ve ben most anooearnlly treated by him for the RESTORATION OF S1&HT f HEARING. READ. [ from Professor MonJntr, Baltimore ] "I have this day aeon Mm W lee, her aiflt perfectly restored. I am ta??v to expreaa my odnvio tion that by your skill and judcmnnt ahe kaa been aaved from the createat deprivation tin could have befallen her?' [ From tke Him. Senator Pntk.] To Da. Von MoacHziakn: 1 am creaky obliged for the intereet yon have unaoifeatea in my oaae of Doafceaa, and thsakili withwhiekyoa have treated my oaae, and I have no doubt that by oarefal observance of your direction*, my heannr will be ? ? ?> u uvir a fWl IllWUPBUJ IOTWIOUi n? r WB? [ Prom JoKm ATLmm, Jr., ton of tkt Htm. Jmdgt cj tk* U. 5. Suprenu Court J It ia well known to iuy numerous friend* that I have been deprived of my heariL* for many yeara. I am happy to atate that I have, tbanka to Dr. Von Moeenaiaker, entirely recMy hear1 it ia nowaa acute aa ever. JOHN M'LfcAN ."r. For several rear a I Buffered from daa/nree. Dr. Von MotoMisker restored my heannc. St. Louia, Sept. 7.1858. JOSEPH YEATS. Dr. Von Moeohx.iker most taooeesfally operated ? m, WJBSgffi'81 Lonie, Sept 17, MSB. ILttttr from Rtr. J. J. Mml'.on ] .Dm. Von.. Mo?cbzimib?Dear Sir ?Amort Utoee who have tteen t>enelitte<J by iour?*i ilu treatment,in diimmos ;mpwrinj the ?lgnt, it afforli me treat imnr* to add the t?etimoi.ia? ofbt gratitude to the list of to?r p&benu. My f'ght waa no much impaired dormg the MMt eighteen Month* that 1 euiid sot reoogmae the featarea of a friend standing near me. I tender ion tins acknowledgment of yoar eminent skill aod boo^m in the treatmci. t of yoar ohhiedand grateful friend. I J. J. MULLON. Heotor tt. Patnok'a. The original of the above, and haa4r?4a more teatunouiaU, oan be eeen at Dr. M.'a roomi. Patient* vUhing their fhaily ehyeieian to aoMa*aiiy thoaa to wttaaea one rations or for the par pom of oaaaltation are at liberty to bring thorn affadutaJ MM will hA ? >11 ?I r ?.? wit?=n>ZTSmLZ nm? at tM laotro&tbU tie k*? mtrtxiuoad for the facilitation o! \l! Aural Suriery. Arti L01&. hi je? averted without MI1U4 atT p&ic oifcc? hour* from 9 a. m. to 19. m. and Iron 3 to 'fcHla UT PENNSYLVANIA AVENl'ti. m ion roo^irwl. Wo au ujpTr 4#V?ro %. iowoot rfttM. _ KIN9 4 ?tf*>H KLL. HI 0?raar Vermont ar ad Kb rtroot TUB * ft '?! Y HTAK. Mittli 'f |tMl? fWWy M ! ! ?H l?g ?Ma mi M f?iU It ut >? H pabttabe* M F*ffey amlii reTT, Mr Ml ? ..- n Flt? Kftrf * >?*?? ??? ?M ? ? KHt? 4 7| MplHm?t *wt?m>n mi??t I fi? ? HUTirUblf ceetaJulbe "WMklMtM Mt*!1 ttet tu mi4? 7>< Dmilf Fuming Stmr elrcel??e m generally Umrcghont the coaatry. l>j~Single e?plea-(la wrapper* k Ma be p**? ?wd at the counter, ! as mediately after the tnce of the paper Frloe?THREE CK.ITH. EFLMBOLD'S GENUINE PREPARATION. " HmHLJ COXCKIfTRA TKD " Compound Fluid Extract Bach a, A fwlm mmd Sr*<\At ?im4? For Dihhm of U* BLADDER. KiUN^VS. GHAVICI ..i 'pical swellings'. " ahia Medscir.e taoreaaee the jpowar of Dilution, eacites the iiiotiiMt action. hy which th?WATtEirg rtir?*oc? flejoeitionh. and al vktiatokal ikllmimviti are rMMtd, M WC.i U rilK 4Jli> lK??*jiS.*Tl3N. HBLMBOLD8 EXTRACT BUCHO Am., i Lir--> ?, |T*t>ite of DiMipati'W h*rl? lodiUMUM or a'***. Attmdtd with tkt Following Bymptmms: 1r.<Ji?po?itii">n to Exer*on, Loat> of l'o*? , y<>?8 ? Memory, Piftoulty of Rr*ath:nc, Weak Nervf-e, Tremhlitif, Horror of Dieea?e, Wake'.ulneaa, Pimneea of Viawn, Fata in the Bao , Uinvprja Lae?ituaeof " " Mnerular Hot Band*. K!aahic( of the Body. Dryuetaofthe Sk a, I upti. ua on the Eaee, r*i lis roe*t**a!?r?. Tfc^ee aymptc ma, 11 a .owed to fo on, whieh tfcia m^.cine invariant* remorea. no->. LUPOTENCY. FATUITYPfLBPTIC FITS, Jk out o/ tfktck tk* tilt*..' m |f ?<rpv*. Who oaa cat tl.&t tney %>e ret f-^sei Ur Mloved by tboae "nmwrvi ritaitae." "INSANITY AND CONSUMPTION." Manj ?re sw? of the cucseof tbair rsfleriu^, *rr Ko?r? will roiFi^ THK RECORDS or THE INSANK At?\ LUMS And tk* M*i*mckoiy Dtatkt < wnwynwi. Kil AMfLI W1TDUI TO TBI TUTU Of Til iHUTlOR. THE CONSTITUTION ONCK AFFfJCTKD WITH ORGANIC WEAKNfct*S, e?ciree the aid of medicine to atiengthen ?nd Invigorate the H>it?a tu?h HELMBOLD'S EXTRACT BUCUl) iirinr1 i* ^aii TBI*L WILL OOSVIWCB TBI KOtT HBTroiL. FEMALES? PEMA LES?FEMALES, OLD OR YOUNG, SINGLE. MARRIED, OR CONTEMPLATING .MARRIAGE. In Many AJtUont Pteultar to ftmoUr the Extract Buohu .b uiiMut ?1 l>j any othtr remedy, as in Chloroa.t or Ketontiuo, Irr'cu.a'iiy Paicfulcess, or t*upprMsir>o o' Owtlonrnr? Ktmaatiocs. Uloerated or Sehirron* tate of tkf I'terus, L>?aoorrhea or W mto?, j??-.>r;lity. ai.d for all ooinp ii-.u lucidett to the ??*. vhoUier arisinc from Indiscretion, HaUts of DiMiptUou, or is tb? DECLINE OR CHANGE OF Lit Ml HI STXPTOWS ABoVi, NO FAMILY bflQULD BE WITHO'-T IT. n??? ?o ??* ? Mttrwt or VnfitMmt Midi-in* /or Uni-Uatrnmi mnd HutcoM OlWIMI. HELM BOLD S EXTRACT BVCHU CVftM m?KAMRK lc all their tajee; At littio Kimm Luiie or bo Dh?n*e it; Diet; No iboouvciuobo And no i-rrcmi?. it oaasua % fre^u^; dsurv %_u give* ftr'uftfc " Ur.n?t <- Uiorobj Reiouriu i> Mtruoti"^*, Prerectuit ui! Curiu? Snlotaree o! t^* V*--<r?, A!l*?:nr lair and Irflen to iaoi.,M frequent :n tae rti?i>fc of dieee?m. ana PoMonout, and teem vui Mutt. tmobsasiw cros mvuKM WHO HAVE BES.V THE f7CllMB Ok QlsxCES, ft> a wiiO lATe k.~ryf*ti to b#" "Od in lli.'.t tine, tAT? looiia eere deceived, Ml Im "TWO#" JJM.ny 'Ilo a?? of*>owr/W ? Nvc .iripd a? :n the #y*tnn, to b;e^k o*t ;u i??i rrwatod f'.V L". ?:Mi r*/tHA?E H7ER MA *U.H* * B,c" GKCAWS, wtrik?r 'MLaticc in 1ULK OR FKIIALC, ?roo winterer ?im rrrii;*tifif uul do cjktUr a j ?t LOI? sTA.iome PiiMiwo! taece Ortaxe r?*nl U*e kid of i Dinme. ublmbold'b extract buchu I* THL GREAT DIURETIC, ijsd lacertnc to h*T? the ctonrac! effect la DiaeAMc/ar ukUk Git rucmmmd*. wrwwMOM or m mom kutoiiuu abb & > UAD.1 CliUOTIB willlMWiyiiy Ike OMdiciaw. 0ERWlFICATIi8 OF CVBKS. From s to o rori'mndtai vltfe Ifunea taewr to BC1KN0E AN3 FAME. MfUYSlClAKS" PLEASE"NOTICE." WB 11U "BO BBCBBT" or "UtSEBDISITTS. " HEJLMBOLD'S EXTRACT BL'CHU laoompoaad of ttuoha, Cubeba and Jiumi B?irw aaieoted with ir??t oaie by a competent drurf tat. PRE PARED Ifi VACUO. BY H. T. UILHBOL1I, raoCnal and AnalytioaJ Cbaouat as<2 Sou Alanalfcoturer of fT?UffftOLD8 GENUINE PREPARATION S AFFIDA . Perponally appeared oefore me. an Aidennantt the o.ty of Killed*'phi*, H. T. Uiuibold, to* beinc duly avom.aotL t&r.hic pr*Mr*t>on* contain no n&root'c, no nwcsrr, or other iujurioaa ttrni?, but are pure.y le. r- ^ x HEi MPOLII. Sworn and ambeanbed before m*. t<a?i>> caay o November. 1?M. WM, P. HI u. Alderman, Ninth iU aSore Kao*. Phi PHYSICIANS IN ATTENDANCE FROM b A M. TO 8 F M. PrlM SI par MUt, ar t*% Jar ?. De'.iT?re<l to uy adSraai, Mearrty ?c?abaanration. Addraaa iotteri lor information la oochdo H. f. HKLMtfOLD. C*tmut. 0n*t< 1M Boatk TacU ?U, balav Chaouiai i" +lm MfiWABB OF OOVNTfcKi-KlIt* AUD WlfFRiyCIFLMD lHHLkhb who endeavor to dimoee -of in*'r twr' *'other" artiolf-8 on tie rejo ? Htlmbold't Vtnm%4 Frtpmrmttom , M M * ?..?? ? ? H, " " * Sar??r* >Ma, M n ffrwrt K?m "?h4. SoM fcr 8. B. W liTBt Z. Cft. Jen Wail. & C. Ptit, V. H. kRtwiiT' I A. 0 MiJWt D. B. Gull, fcuwn* * k*?iix?t,J E* Mum. W~M<t mm **A lwn?t?? . IAXD ALL DABVH18T3 AfXMTDMitl ABE VOB b tal* ri htm a*b avoid imr wiriv* . i < ?*?? jim lit mi oimnni >*hmi

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