Newspaper of Evening Star, March 1, 1862, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated March 1, 1862 Page 1
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rttm-M*:! i r ry^TI (WH HlUftiP I j.'i !ffJ " . ** / - 4 " *j - - ?| M y ,.> > z ^ * (Etaittg Star. * v ? == V9i. XIX. WASHINGTON. D C. SATURDAY, MARCH I, 1862. N?. 2,816. I THE EVENING STAR PUBLISHED BVBRT AFTERNOON, (SUNDAY KXOEPTKDJ AT TtlE STAR BUILOISM, mr PtnASf ammm mmd MUfHutk it. vt W. D. WALLAOH. Paper* served la fwki?? toy owrlan it Ml yea*, * ft onto pw month. To mil rabwrltan ttoe price la S3M a year, im ?<?wn, 9? tot tlx | Mentha; tl tor three mombt; and fbr leaa thaa Otrwe Months at the rata of If ocali a woak. tla fie eoplea, oft em; la wrapper*, two ewti. C7 Adtbbtissmbsts should toe aeat to ttoe Met before II o'clock aa.; otberwlaa they may not appear until ttoe next day. HOW JACK PHILLIPS RECOVERED THE JILLE FROM THE SECESH. BT CAFTAIS J IRC WILLIAMS. If the stories of incidents and adventures enrrent in any of the numerous camps, in the neighborhood of Seeeshdom, could be collected in book form, tbey would make a very readable work. I may aend jou a string of such as are afloat in our region, at some future time; at present, I will relate on* which oame to my knowledge a few days since. Squire Bailey bad the biggest, and best, and most docile mule in Marlin's Bottom, and Martin's Bottom is about the biggest and best neighborhood on Greenbrier River Squire Bailey was inclined to be a Union man, and did not entirely conceal his sentiments, notwithstanding the presence of Floyd's army in the vicinity. About the time of Floyd's '* tumultuous flight" from that region, be was very much in need of transportation, and, accord " ing to e?tabli?bed ougM among cash, be rtMMdtd to levy on the Uama of tke neighboring farm an Of course, i TTnfoVThln, like Squire Bailey, was not to escape ; bat Squire Bailey, taking time by the forelook, very quietly, one night, removed to a safe locality all his live atock except bis faverite mule, which he kept for hauling wood and going to mill. This male being apparently the only support of a large and increasing family, Squire Bailey fondly believed the secefh would not be heartless enough, to rob him of it. But Squire Bailey did not understand Secash. One fine morning along came Quartermaster Blifie, accompanied by half a dosen armed men, from Floyd's army. Squire Bailey was standing at his gate when Quartermaster Rlifift annrnached. and commenced a oonversa. tion with him. " Good morning, Mr.?a?Mr.?" " Bailey,1' suggested the Squire. " Yes, Bailey; gpod morning, Mr. Bailey." k " Morning" said the Squire. " I understand, Mr. Bailey, that you have a number of horses and mules which you wish to dispose of to our glorious Confederacy." " Mistake, sir," said Bailey; "I hare none i to sell to anybody." " But, Mr. Bailey, tome gentlemen informed me yesterday that you had quite a number of horsoa and mules." * "If you'll believe your eyes, instead of ; some gentlemen,' Mr. Quartermaster, yon can see for yourself tbat I have nothin' but that mule, in the dog pen there, and that I can't nz- jai klw VAAVI kmilA ' ' W J A OV y U v UO v niiUUUk. Ah ! I see the male," said Blifie, looking through the craoks. " You'd be asking fifty dollars for that male, I s'pose. Well, its a big price, bat if 70a won't take less, I'll have to give it. Corporal just write a note for fifty dollars, ptyable in Florida swamp lands, at twenty-five dollars an aore, two years after oar glorioas Confederacy achieves undisputed independence'' " Bat, Mr. Blifie," remonstrated the Souire, "if you take my male, my family will ireeie to death, and starve to death, too, afore spring. And if I had twenty males. I could not sell yoa one sich as that, for less nor three hundred in gold, but this one I can't spare at no price." "We mast all make sacrifices. Mr. Bailey, for our glorious Confederacy If yon only knew the sacrifices I have made, Mr. Bailey. The starving and freezing of yoar wife and children are nothing compared to them; bat oar glorious Confederacy called, and my patriotism responded to the call. Future generations will remember and blesa us, Mr. Bailey, and we will receive the everlasting gratitude of oar glorious Confederacy. Think of that, Mr Bailev, think of that. Mr Blifie, before his appointment, had been utterly penniless, and ten times as mean as he was poor. Tbese qualification! got him the appointment ot quartermaster; out ot tmsomce he was, of coarse, stealing a fortune H? had *' sacrificed" the Peter Funk business for that paradue of peculators?a quartermastership. " Mr. Blifie," said the bquire, with much feeling, " for the Lord's sake don't take my last airthly aupport. Don't you seo my children all a cryin' and a carryin' on, because they know they'll all be in their graves afore spring, if you rob me of " " Rob!" exclaimed Mr. Blifie, fiercely, " Don't say ' rob' again, or I'll massacre your ..LaIA MM* A# t/\*a T ? V\ < ?AH ' ma wuuiv ueei ui ubiiuib. ai * uwau?v j uu i o an enemy to oar glorious Confederacy thit you are unwilling to sell the mule at a fair prioe. I oughtn't to pay such as you a oent, but I'm a generous man, and too ought to be thankful to me. Corporal, nil up the note as I dirteUd" " Hold on a minit," said the Squire. " If that paper is what you are goin' to gire me, don't spile it by writiu' on it. The bunk paper might be of a little use to me, but the writin' on it never oould." 44 You're a cursed traitor to our glorious Confederacy," said Blifie, and be started to take the mule oat of the pen. It was hitched with a halter, and had abroad eiraingle around it. Ha unfastened it, and without deigning another word to the " enemy of hia glorioua Confederacy " ha was off with it to aeek another farmer's stablea. Squire Bailey looked aad as ha turned to go in tne house, and, in the bitterness of hia feelings. so far forgot himself as to " d?n the " glorious Confederacy." Snugly concealed in Squire Bailey's closet waa Jack Phillipa, Vhe up-to-ererjthing Ohio scout. As the Squire entered the room he called out, " Come out. Jack; they've gone, and the infernal aooundrels hare stole my 1^ 99 u?. " I told job they would," said Jack, making his appearance, " and if I had'nt informed von last night, they'd a got nil the rest of 'em that yoa aent off." "That's ao Jack; bat I'd given handred dollars to have that mule back." Jack looked steadily at the fire fer five minutes. " What did yoa say, Squire?" " I said I'd give a hundred dollar* to get that mule back; bat I 'spoM three hundred wouldn't get him. " l don t know, Mia jmi, abstractedly, ud he looked la the fire for five minutes more. Suddenly Jack brightened op, and aid ' Give me the hundred dollars, Squire, and I'll bring yoa your mule to-morrow ulght, or your money shall be returned." The Squire looked amaied at Jack for a moment, but seeing he waa in earnest, put five doable eaglee in his hand. In a few minutes Jack left the house, dressed in lineey pants, a red wamai, and a coonskin eap. Neit dav as Jack was walking leisurely up the road, by a coincidence. prooaDly brougnt about by himself, he met die Quartermaster and his men, returning with the proceeds of the expedition Jack smiled a happy smile, whan he saw Blifie behind the rest, leading the Squire's male. He walked quietly along until na came almost opposite the Quartermaster, when he darted suddenly off the side of tha road, looking at the male as if fright* ened. " Blastad scoundrel txclaimed Jack. " Who! who is a blasted sooandrel ?" asked iuv y iinerohmi* " Atnt that the mule old Bailev bad?" asked Juk, moving still farther out of hi* reach. " Tea ; but who did too say ?u a blaated scoundrel'" inquired lha Quartermaster, very naturally taking all such compliments to himself. "Why, old Bailey, aad tha mule too, for that matter," replied Jack. What's the mattar with tha mule?" aakad Blifta. whose former oocupation had not made him much of a judge of lira stock. "The matter! Why he'll kill you afore you get him home. You didn't pay the old sinner anything for him, did you f" inquired Jaak. " Certainly; I paid twe hundred and fifty dollar* for him " Thla U what tha aaerifioiag patriot intended to rataro him at, to hU glorioui Confederacy. " Lord a merey !M exclamed Jack. " But what's toe matter with bim?" asked Blifie, looking at the animal half frightened. "That ere mule," replied Jack, "has kioked down, in his time, every panel of fence on old Bailey's place! You found him in a pen of big logs, didn't you?" "Ye#; why?" inquired Blifle. "And them ere logs are fastened by big iron bolts. Its the only thing that would ever hold him. He has killed all the rest of old Bailey's stock, and the old rascal has kept him on purpose to swindle some fellow with." "I heard," said Blifie, "that he used to l a_ 11 nave more siock " That's what become of it." said Jack. " Didn't the children crj, and didn't old Bailey whine snd carry on abont losing his threehondred-dollar mala?" " Yes, they did, at a great rate." "I knowed it," said Jack. "Tha old woman spanked them ohildren, and sent them oat at tka niek of time to help tha old rasa^ lit Ma swindle. AffJ to oheat oar rlorioflP Confederacy in that manner! He ought to be hung !" and Jack winked his off eye. "But it he's so vioious," said Blifie hopefolly, "how did they get the halter and cirsingle on him!" " Chloroform, sir, chloroform. I've actually seen that male kick his collar off." " And did they gire him ohloroform to get the collar on him ? asked Blifie. < XT l? T . mm mi ao:" repuea jmk. xney pat some oats in the bottom of a barrel, and laid the collar aorou tbe top; the male run hi* bead through the collar to get at tbe oats." " The devil!" ejaculated the Quartermaster. "Yes," continued Jack, "and I seed him kick tbat collar off. Ever since tbat, be kicks every barrel to staves that be gets eyes on." " But he has seemed quiet enough sinee I have been leading him," interposed Blifie. "Her you any liquor about you?" asked Jack. " Yes. a little in my coat pocket; why do you ask?" ' mat s wnat be rollers you for, and its a wonder he hain't eat you up body and breeches afore thii, to get the liquor. I knowed that mule to kiek the loek off of old Bailey's cellar door, and go down thar and git as drunk as a beast. Fact, sir. That mule can kiek your hat off, and you on bis back." " That can't be so," said the Quartermaster, incredulously. "Try him." said Jack. "I'yejist got aoool hundred dollars to give you if you'll ride him arod." By this time the Quartermaster's attendants had got out of sight, and bis avaricious soul prompted him to make an effort to get Jack's gold, thinking he couldn't be more than thrown off, anyhow. rru ? _:_va. i j av _ ? ? ? iui uigm oeioro id 11 meeting. JacK naa auietly stolon into tbe male's stable, and carefully placed a leather dog-oollar, driven fall of pointed sparrowbills. under tbe males cirsingle. patting a piece of light leather between the points of the nails ana the males back, so so that a moderate pressure would force them throogh into tbe animal's hide Ignorant of this, the greedy Quartermaster moved the male to the bank, and sprang on him just where the dog-collar was placed Just as he lit on the mule, a boulder lit on his head, and he lit sprawling in the mud. The mule, frantio with the pain of the nails still sticking in bis back, sprang off the side of tbe road, knocked down a doien panels of fence, and ran furiously across the field, rearing, kicking, laying down and rolling over, jumping up, and plunging about at a terrible rate. ?' I told you so, " said Jack coolly, as the Quartermaster scrambled up, rubbing his inH KrniKin? -.W*, -MM v?t?<7wtug ? IUV U1UVI VU U1S besmeared clothes. 14 He's worse than seven devils, aint he?" said the discomfited Quartermaster. " In course he i?," replied Jack. "What'U you give me for the chance of him7" aaked the Quartermaster, as he saw another string of fenoe go down before the maddened mule. "Don't know," said Jack; "the halter might be worth a dollar or so, if I could get close enough to shoot him before he tears it all toshorstrings." " But where's my horse'" asked the Quartermaster, looking around in astonishment. "Don't know, replied Jack; "the mnle gave him a hyste with h?s heels, jist as he started, and haven't seed the boss since." " I wish the devil had eld " " ueiio: goartermaeter!" shoated a man in seceah uniform, who waa coming up tbe road at the top of bia apeed ; " hello ! Mr. Qaartermaater, the enemy la coming right down on our eamp, and the General want! you immediately. Oar army la running Ilk* all poaaest, and the General wanta you to help aare the plunder. Hurry baok as hard aa you can run, or the enemy will be betwixed you and our fellere." Blifte waited to hear no more, but broke for bia camp like a quarter-hone. When he arrived. and found that the atory waa all false, terrible waa tbe vengeance he rowed, but before he had time to execute bia threat*,Floyd'a army waa in a remote part of the State. It is hardly neceaaary to add tbat the mes cugvr win asuii iu? yuarierm*8i?r on so precipitately, via an associate of Jack'a and that Jack had turned the Qaartermaater'a horie with hia head np the road, and by a sharp cat with a whip aent him out of sight before Blifie recovered from hia confusion. Squire Bailey got his mule again, little the worse for Jack's tricka, and he is aa quiet and uaeful an animal aa there is in all the oountrr. The double eagles Jack returned with the mule, taking the Quartermaster's horse aa compensation for his services T..I_ nujiu u. i * unoi runups sajs ao wouia lice 10 DITt ID opportunity of iDqatrinjr of the self-sacrificing patriot of the glorious Confederacy whether it hurt maoh when the male kiokea his hat off. Wilkes' Spirit of th? Times. Thi Tcicaioia and tub Nashville.?The Barnstable (Massachusetts) Patriot publishes a letter from the acting master of the United States steamship Tuscarora, dated Iale of Wight, Feb. 4. The writer says when the Nashville went to sea, her rebel flag tying from her mlssea, the Brltlah frigate shannon, having up steam, got under war, and commenced dropping down with the tide, keeping between the Tuscarora and the Nashville?tnus, In fact, convoying and protecU !nr the olrate to aea. Beeln*. kmwwr. that tti* TuscaroVa did not attempt to violate the Admiralty order by getting under way to chase the Nashville, abe returned, and came to anchor again near the Tusorora. The writer save: ? Yon mar Imagine, but I cannot describe, the excitement this affair created on board our ship. Curses loud and deep on the British government were freely uttered, and to an extent that called forth reproof from our executive offlcer In more tbaa oae Instance, although be, 1 have no doubt, felt the stab thus Inflicted on our cause more keealy than many of us. I have reason to believe that If the captain had given orders to slip our chain and give ehaae to the Nashville every man would have been ready; and if the Shannon bad tried to stop os, they would have fought her as long as a plank of the Tuscsrorawas left to " ? a* l. aa? ?*?> ? l|Hi upua out, iv ii, iflf iitnQTliie DU ft* eaped at thla time; bat 1 am mistaken in onr captain If we ever meat her or the Sumter again If they escape. no matter where they are found. We | have coaled ship to-day, and shall sail In the morning. Destination unknown, bat probably the Mralterranean I have beard today that there Is anether American shlp-of-war la the English channel: If ao, she may meet the Naahvllfe before abe leaves thla cosst " Tun Mmiiuc-Hu ama> mn The "Herri mac,"which the Rebels have in Norfolk, la now ascertained to be a much more formidable armament than we have credited her WllQ D 1Q^. The Rebel*, tt la now aaeertalned, give oat purpuaely fill torU of Ilea eonernlng ber. A French naval otteer, who hn? studied her wrll on board, report! her te be ona of the inoat formidable armament* of war ever put all oat. Whan well ottcered and well manned, ahe ia certain If succeaafally let looee. to do a world of mlachlcf to oox ahlpa and eommeroe ? Y. Tri TELEGRAPHIC NEWS. THE WAR IN TESMKSSEE tbi evacuation of columbvs or deri i> it 01*. rOLI?thi torch tbiki to fall ba.cs to 1iland ho. 10?xnil vandalism. St Louis, Feb 88?The Memphis papers of ths 19th say that Gen Polk issued orders yesterday that the track of the Memphis and Ohio railroad be tern up and tbe bridges on the linede atroyea, proparaiory to t&e evacuation cr uoiumbua and the demolition of the fortifications there. The Columbus forces are to fall back to Island No 10, sbout 45 miles below Columbus, which. It is snld, completely commands the river, and can be fortified with heavy guns, and made impregnable against any river attack. thk evacuation of nashville?gov. harris de1vsn awat by the union mkji. St. Louis, Feb. as.?The Democrat's Clarksvllle dispatch of the 2fl'h siy?: ? The rebel soldiers. before leaving Nashvilie, plundered many dwellings and business houses, and excited great alarm among the people Several rebels wens by the people whom thev were robbing. ^^Jen. Nelson Is in command at Nashville, Gen. Buell still being on the north aide of the river. The Unlon sentiment at Nashville is very strong, and our troop* were received with the greatest cordiality. Great indignation was expressed against Gov. Harris, who was fairly driven away by the Union men, who became bold at the proximity of the Union troops Before leaving Harris made a speech, recommending the citizens to burn tbeir private property, and calling on Tennesseeans to rally to meet him at Memphis, but no one paid any attention to him or his advice, and it is not thought he will receive any considerable reinforcements Crittenden's command has joined Gen. Johnson at Murfreesboro'. The railroad bridge at Nashville was destroyed by order of Floyd, against the urgent entreaties of the citizens. The vandal act caused much in dlgnatlon The Britiib Prize Steamer Labnan N?w Yoik, Feb. 28 ?The prize steamer Labuan, < British,) captured off Brecca Chlcla, a small village n?*ar Rio Grande, by the U S. aloop of war Portsmouth, has arrived here In charge of officers of that vessel. The Labuan Is an Iron vessel 343 ft. long, built In 1636, and cost ?33,000. tihe has beer, employed In the Baltic trade, but waa chartered In November by the De Jerseys, of Manchester, for six months, to run berween Havana and some part of the southern coast. Her outward cargo consisted of various articles, Including a large quantity of blanketa, and it is estimated that the charterers cleared ?40.000 on thla cargo. When captured, a steamer loaded with cotton was Inside of the bar waiting an opportunity to come out to her, but as soon as the Portsmouth anchored she moved up the river. The Labuan was sent to Sh! p Island, and thence ordered here by Commodore McKean She has aboard the crew of the schooner Ware, of New Orleans, captured an hour previous, en route from New Orleans to .Matamoras, with 'obacco and cotton. The Labuan belongs in Hull, England Fiona Sin Francisco Sa* Francisco, Peb. 'X ?The steamer St. Louis, from Panama, has arrived The weather Is better, but the late rains Interrupt the communication with the interior. Most of the streets of Sacramento are navigable by small boats. Rebel F**d Prisoners ta be Hang. St. Louis, Feb *28 ?Gen Hallsck haa issued u gcuciai uiucr lurriiiciiing 10 UBn^ ail parties found yuilty of poisoning ford, as in the case at Mud Town, Arkansas. Officers of rebel troops guilty of such acts will be put in irons. ^CHENCKM PULMONIC SIRUP O THE tiKEAT ULO >U PURIFIER. This Sirup will scaroh through every blood res J. equalizing the cirou'atiou, preventing hemorrnage separating the bile from the blood, rr.akini it Healthy and the circulation natural With the adof theSiiAWEfc.UTO.MC and MANDRAKE PILLS, the system rerumes its fctalthy condition, the puruient matter, abscetses atd all ulcerations of the lungs mu?t yield to their power. In a moit every square of Philadelphia there are per'ons who have oeen cored of Consumption in its tevera stages by the use of Dr. Schcuck's med icice4. Many persons have been iest' red to health by theae remedies aAer being confined to their bedr. reduced to mere skeletocs. ana trouhlea with nonghn, nigh* sweats, hectic fever and all the other iadio^tions of an advanced state of the rtuease; hut hv An AVA.mi>tft.tiA?t with mmm.i?n.r,a? ,. ./ j WM i i hi? w ?uw ? o* piiwi rk . i ui;c lung na* be*n fom-d to bain a tolerably iioalthy oonuition. It oannot be denoted that many Inen have te?n eared by a timely reaort to these rern?diea. Jt ia true tbat in all caaea where oures ?re effVt*] the pa-ient mast have aome Iuhk" remainlug; but thoctaods ot VICTIMS OF CONSUMPTION have d*aoenaed to their gravea who might have been cured li they had oome to in time, anl placed themaelvea under hia d.reotiona. it ia nut denied that aome who tate Sohenok 'a Tuim >n10 Sirup die alao. They oommenoe too late. All that Dr. Sohenok claim* lor hu medicine ia their ability to regulate and invigorate the whoi*?yateiu. to r<pen th* abaoeaaea, and faoilltate tne dnettarg* of the moroia matter, to relax the muooui mei..h'ane of the bronohiai tubea, and to aiaiodge f on: thoaetubea the touch phlegm or puru.e~t mut* whioh ob?tructa theiu and produoea aeiioua diaeAaes of the o gans of respiration SJHKNCK'S PULM.'MO SIRUP will prolong lite Bometimea eevrral iuon?ht. by keeping the bronchial tuba free from the putrid matter whioh imp^dea their functions, when the luoga are too tar gone to oure. There ia to medioine tbat cau oure ConBumotion wh?n both lunga aredueaaed. ami Dr. MsnencK would ratter e-m one would know their true condition before taking hie medicine. Ha treata no diisue but those of the Lunta, Liver and Stom&ob. and makes no chorees for advice, or examining lunga in the ordinary way* or as phyiioians generally do; but for a thorough exam'nat.on with tne Respirometer he charges three dollars, and wishes every one. noh or Boor, that has a Cough, Pain in the Side, or Shouiaer-blade, troubled wi'.h * oativeneaa or Diarrhoea, sallow Complexion Lots of Appetite, Low Spirits. Jtestlesaness at Night, or auy otl er disea-e leading to Consumption, to call on hiin and get hie advioa. DR J H. SCHENCK Will beat bit agents (8. B. Wane's,) oorner Louie.ara avenue and 7th sts., on Wednesday, February 2oth. and Wednesday, M OCf h ?A ?aa aatianta _.*U tu?ivu ?V*U| ?v ?wv |?lBki?UM VVIIl)(IDlUtU? Willi Com ha. Oolda, Liver Complaint,Dyspepsia,orar.y disease leading to Consumption He *i*e? alvio^ wntiout charge, unleae tiiey want a thorough axami nation with hia Keapironietor, then hie fee ia three dollar*. Price of the Polmonio Sirup, 91 per bottle or 95 per halfd' sec. Pnoe of tiie Sea Weed Tomo.f 1 par bottle or $5 per ha f doa?n. Price of the Mandrake Pi!!a, 39 oenta per box. feas wta.lm' fcjEALfcO PROPOSALS Are invited till the loth C9 day of March, 1862 at 12 o'clock m., for aupplyingthe 0. H. Sub. Oep't with 6,000 head of ufeBF CATTLtS on the hoof. The Cattle to be delivered at Waahington City, and ench animal to average 1,300 pounda groat weight; no animal admitted whioh weighs icaa than l,00o pounda r roes. The Cattle to b? delivered at auoh times and in auoh quantities aa the Government may require. Ko Cattle will b? required under this ooatract beire the 1st day of April, 1883. H.fTu. U,._. Mottvi ?t uw?? ?UU Utllia ?w* VAUH7U. A bond with good and aulBoient security will be required. Government reeervea to itself the right to pay in Treatnry note*.

No bid will be entertained when pat in bT oon tractors who have previoaaly failed to oomply with their contracts, or where the bidder ie not preaent to reaaoad to hie bid. Bida to be directed to Mai- A. BECK WITH, C. 8., U. 8. A., Washington. D.C. Voim or Bid. I, A B, do hereby propose to deliver to the Government good Beef Catt:e on the hoof for per hacdred pounda groaa weight. The Cattle to be delivered at . according to the terma of the enoloeed advertiaement. The Cattle to be weighed on the aoalea, and the weight eo determined to be the aurohaae weight. 1 hereby agree to give a good and anffioientbond for the faTfillnient of the contract, and to reoaive Treaaary note* in payment for the Cattle. fe 13 RfrilN n MOIHNINfl i?inn?BVd.i?? r w ? vmu 1 DIJUAOt S3 for Spring wear. Bl?ok silk*, more than oar osnal large and oomplet* assortment. Fanoy Alike, a select assortment Moarnicg Goods, onr usual fall and oomp>te stook c-t?luh Dress Good*, for early Spring. Also, our usaa ample etoek ot ail the leading 1 l)ry Good*. Staples, for the ourient every cay j wanU of families and honsekeepere. One prioe onir, m%rkfd in plain kg area, tkt oe-j tuml taik Mtaadard reUtu An mtpeotion of ?t?ok aolieited, it inonr* no ahli?a.tina to nrahua . perky & BRO., <? ?-6t Pft. wi, and Ninth etroet. 462 464 Jffer their itooTofWIN]KS^BJIANDIKB, G1N8. msrx!. ? f bey** ? ?oMtSnUj onhsnd fin* PHILADRLCftlA CREAM ALB. in kw ejxdbottles, for >r? or Jamily im The publio >? are re fu-^ated to civ* taraa a o*ll and examine their *""" ISHfk THE1MER * CO, 468 aad 464 sevenin ?treft, I 4*a-*n OffO. Poet Oflo*< official. Treasury department, FUKV4KT 4, 1801. Noticx is hkbebt aivaw of the readiness of this Department to redeem the Treasury note* payable In one year from date, authorized by the act of Congreta approved December Xkl, 1387, and the Treasury notes payable In sixty days from dite, authorized by the act of Congrea approved 2d March, 1861. Interest on Treasury nnW of the above !?suee wtll cease on the 7th day of April next by terms .11 ? ?_ m A. m. ox huw oci-i respectively. icsnpi Drpartment of state, Washinston, January 25, l?4W The Secretary of State will hereafter receive Memben of Congress on business on Saturdays, cossmenclng with Saturday, the first of next Irtk. Jan 37-tf william h. seward. War department, JaitVAai SI, 1^2. Oaoiaso, That the War Department will be closed Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays against all other bualr.pss but that which relates to active military operations in ths field. RutilMsvi Will Hp tn IK a hntlnoM a# Senator! and Representatives. Mondaya to the business of the Public. EDWIN M. STANTON, Ja 22 tf Secretary of War. AMERICAN WATCHES FOR AMERICANS! Na Mare English ar French Rubbish, rude to sell, bat not to keep time. Why shou'd an American bay a foreign Watch, when ha oan get a better and oheaper one at home.' Why should an American needlessly enrioh foreign Watch manufactures at the expense of our own nriiB?QB r Why *hould a a American send cold to Eng land and Franee, our oovert but bitter enemies, when gold la ao muoh needed at home ? Why aLould an Amerioan buy an imported Watch, which, in nice oases out of ten, will cost more to keep in order for o ne year, than its original price, and which was never intended to keep time under any circumstances Why ahoull America Lot patronise more generally American reanufioturea and thus emancipate themselves from tie thraldom of English capital, Frenoh fashions, and Continental gewgaws Tbc\n watoh Company's Watches are particularly adapted for soldiers' ass, being mr?t substantially made, and cot liable to set out cf order, either in marching,ridivg, or fighting. gold by M W. GALT ft DHO., 334 Pennsylvania avenue, Washington. Wholesale orders shou d be addretsed to BOBBINS k APPLETON, Agrnts of the American Watoh Company, f? a-im 1*8 Broadway, N. Y. Smith & Brother's PPPPP AA LL EEEKKKK PP PPP AAA LL KKEEEEE PP PPP A A \ A LL EE PP PPP AA AA LL KB PP PPP AA A A I.r. Rk KB PPPpF AA AA LL KKEE PP AAAAAAA LL EE HP AA AA LL EE FP AA AA LLLLLL EEEEEEE PP AA AA LLLLLL EEEEEEE XXX XXX XXX XXX XXX XXX XXX XXX XXX XXX XXX XXX XXX XXX XXX x?tx XXX XXX XXX <X\ XXX XXX XXX XX,X ?xW WxV W XXtfXX XXX XX xxxxx XXXXXX XXXXXX XXXXXX XX* XXX XXX XXX XXX XXX mmmmmm AA LL EEEEEEE AAA LL EEEEEEE AAAA LL EE A AAA A fL hE A A AA l.lj . htEK AA AA I.L KCEE AAAAAAAA LL EF. AA AA LL EE AA AA LLLLLLL LEEEEKB AA AA LLLLLLL EEEEEEE itrrmoi AMBER ALE, TORTER, A>D NEW YORK BROWN UTOUT, In Whole, Half, and Quantr Caiki, BREWED FROM THE CHOICEST BARLEY MALT AND HOPS RRfWPBV 19th Street, between 7th and Sth Aubim, NEW YORK. fa tT-dtj?9 NOTICE. PROPOSALS FOR FURNISHING U. 8. NOTES AND BONDS. Tsbasukt Dkpaktmint. Feb. 96,1161 SEALED PROPOBAL8 will be received at the offlo? of the Secretary of the Treasury until Wednesday, the 5th day of Maroh next, for furnishing ninety millions of United States Notes ani two hundred millions in Bonds, to be issued under authority nftheaot of February, 1882, entitled "An act to authorise the i?sue of United States Treasury notes, and for the redemption or refunding thereof," Ao. Notes and Bonds will be repaired rf the denomi? nations and in i he proportions as fallows: ThirfAAn mi!Mnna na/ih i. f i rito.i V */1 umvcu i^wsicb ii V'lCi U' the denominations of 5'e, W?a, *o'?. ?0's, loo's, and 6 o's, and twelve millions of the denominations of OF REGISTERED BONDS. Five million of the denomination of. . $so Fifteen do do do ...... ......... tro F'fceen do do do~~.. . ....... 5*? Forty do do ttn..? ? . l.Mlj F ifMen do do do..... 5.CCQ 'fen do do do ..19 ooo OF COUPON BONDS. Fighty millions of the denomination of. 1,000 Twenty million* of the denomination of.. 600 Proposals wi:l be reenvel for the delivery of all of one or more denomination! ot notes and b< nda, oomplete, in-lading the engtuving, printing, numbering, and paper, or separately for the engraving, for printing, and for paper The engraving must oe in th* h igheat style of art and the paper of the beat quality? Proposers mu*t state the number of sheets and the segregate representative value of eaoh demom nation which tuey undertake to farnish daily, and mo ivnai numDer 01 oaya reqnlrec Irom notice of award before commencement of delivery. Models for notes and bonaa must be submitted and specimens of work accompany them. Models of notes on the f&ee will be ir the nme form u now uipkj, and on the baoke t:i; atate t-e privilege of letal tender and other privilege* stipulate! in the lav. Models of bonda will. In addit'on to th e usual stipulations, have the statement that the; are re imbnreable After five asd payable twenty years from date. It i* expected alao that, aa far as practicable, the dies and p'ates wil1 be sueh aa have not been heretofore uttrd except for wosk of <he United t*tat?s. Eseh proposal mast b* accompanied by a state , ment orUe bidders' facilities for executing the work, the nsmber of presses in nse, hands employed. security of bailainga oooupied, and capita! UMMH. Proposals by inoorpor&teri companies mut be ftoopmpani?i by a copy of charter and the nanus f th*otfioTa; and proposal* by anlnoorporated a* ooiationa by tho artioiea of association and names of patter Bond* for tke faithful and prompt ezeouuon of the work a* proposed or fina'ly agreed on lathe sum oi fifty thousand dollars wi<! be repaired; the nape* of the parties offered as sureties and thsir witteo oonsent to b?oome ssoh, together Witt, a crtiloate of an Assistant Treasurer as toiheir snmotenoy. mut aoeompany eaok pro posy the S^oretary of the treasury reserves the right to reject any or all of the bids.and to vary ih< amounts apeeifed. as in his opinion the interests oi mmyt?Uo ?moe a\y resale fatT ti n I ATTENTION! MittrMM, nnu Cnrp*ta. Persona wisoinc to bay are requested to iuhum my itock before purohising, m I ?m determined cot to l*e nud?r?o[d. K. BUOHLY. 4X6 7th street, between 6 tuu ii, t? l-lm* east ude. ??? I ** O M H -A. Xj XJ v 390 f CNNBTLTAN1A i V E !*l IE . EXILE DTPRE. J oat Received and Opened, A large and Brat-rlaaa stock of ebole* FAMILY GROCERIES, ron?'?tlng of: 8U0AR9, of ail gradea, TEAP, COFFEE, BUTTER, LARD, FLOUR, MAILLARD'8 CHOCOLATE, Ac., Ac , Ac. All of which h? offer* at lownt cash prlc-ea. FIKE'S CELEBRATED WHISKIEtf. 900 barrels Magnolia, 500 barrel! XXX, 500 barreia Millers Rye Monongahela, 000 barrel* One Old Rye, jOO barrels due Old Bourbon, AT CINCINNATI PRICBS. All Ibe favorite brand* of CHAMPAGNE, Ma mm Verxeny, Green Seal. Heidsick, which, being bought low, we offer at unusually low rates. A ? _ _ a A m aiso, ooie Agent mot pike's army cordial. ftb 14-tf notice to watch makers, a sub. ? a j. mvers ? H%ving opened a r.ranon of their Boaton Hou^ &t No 10 Waahiucton Uaiidmg corner of Pa. a<r* and 7th atreet, invite the attention of Watob Makera, Jeweliera, P*iie'a. Ac , tneir ;aree stock ?fGo!d and !?iiT?>r Watckea, Watch Matena a. Watch .Makera' Toola. 6 astea. Siik (inarda. Leather tioarda, Speotac <>?, beaidea a Tariet? of (ooda too mirTonato mention i:: ord.i.ary adrer mrratuu!, wutcu <riu kh ai u?.'?enrw tern prices. 8. A J. MYERS No Goods at retail. Watch work done for the trade omy. frT.nted price hat of Watch Material. T->oi?, See., ??r.t poet free on app :oati'?n No ooc tieotion with aar other house in Una " It- laao-lm* JAY COOKE A CO., B A.TNT K: S n 0 , No. Fifteenth Street, opposite Trcaatry Baild.aja, Washington. In oonnectioc with oar Philadelphia House we have opened at No. Ai-4 Fifteenth street, an offlofor the tranaactioa of a seneral Exofcanie, Co* lectin* and Cankirg Business. We bar an<1 aef! Coin, Lncurrent Money. Stooka ard Kornls. (<in corr..T:^ai'>n ) Drafts oLAu?ricai and European oities, receive Deposits, and make Colleotioua upon ai. access.Me points lei lm JAY COOKE A CO. COIN WANTED! The flif heat Price paid for BOLD AND S I I. V K R Brvrn Fom Sam m Su*a to S?it. LEWIS JOHHSOI ?k ro., BANKERS. PVRMYl>?AitIA ArwTt, ja 23 tf Cr.rtrr Tenth atreet. BOOT.* AMI hHOES to" S~l< IT THE TIM KS. We are now m*nuf&ctnr ns&'i kirtbof BOOTS 4nd SHOES4, M. I constat:.* If oupplr of ea-t??rr. ?>\je ?ork of evr* oria'iou, iratift ejpf? j to<?rier. &.iri willw HI be roM a: amno'; lower prion than ran 1 -#n* heretofore cf.4rn?i iti ill <Mtj for ?a?h inferior artiolea. Peraoca in w\ of arl Sb?ea of eaatern or Olt? mAdfl KO i ?lll ?f? * fi nH a 1 rtrtii uunt merit in store r.ii'l the lowest p io<*a. Gift m a oall. <>K 11 r'l.N A- BRO , ?P S-r 31 4 P' amTlvania a^eoue. IWT1CE. iHMisn "ADAMS' KXPRS-lfcS WMPA?IT." ?'his Corapfu:? oti-*-* to tfcf public " l'r.eana!le<! vantages {<.[ ttii S?X*an<f Qn:ok l>inp/u<vh <rt Heary Freights, Pareuei, Valuables, Mon?y, 4.# ko? to all p*rt* ?f the tirr.ied iJt&lte. tixireiiAK to ar.4 from t;m ,\ortu and VVeat dapa*-? from ac1 a-rir??i.i WaaiiUJfton twice daily. All Expresses are |n r>at-ixt of **ytri*m??d mud rti%*bi* Messenger*. All Paozaces for The Boldiera cameo at "on ULi" our usual rates. All 6o>i* for the eo-oailed federate State*'' nH all A I - - tl i>Ar A# tD. Jt 1 uu aii aimuici vviikmuMia ui ?t mi win u? ImiiD. Onr Expresses i?TO New York U 1.1, ud f P. M.^arrmnx in Washinxton at A. M. ?nd *j? kxrrtMM leave Philadelphia at *Jt> A. M. and 11 PjM" amvinx is Washington at *J0 P. M. and Expresses leave Baltimore at C? A. M. and t P. M.^arrmns in Washinxten at I A. M. and U fc^prssfes for all points North and West leave Washington at 7JO A. M. and XJO P. M. uaUr. Special Contracts for (arte quantities of Fretfht aa n Ks n. m A a An aaa i am a-* a?> Am *kia I k A wu i/v Aucvuv vti avf juiuvu w una * 'KUUVi All Goods called for and delivered Jtm at Ljrtr* snarCes. E. W. PARSONS, 8up't Adams' Eipresi Compaar, Washington. August a. iWl. aa a-tl |MPORTANT TO LADIES. The sutocribers haro opened the store No. 16 Market Space. Pa av., bet 3th and 9th its., aa a firat slasa Lace and Fanoy Dresa Cap Depot, oon'iatiai in part of Point d'Aienoon. Applisue, Mecklen ana Valenc.OLnea Laces, auoh aa Coliara, Sleeves, Hacdkeroh;efa, Capea, Flouncing, Capa, Capa, Coiffures, and made up foods of the finest *, and at New York prices. COHEN * DUSSELDOR P, from New York. N. B.?All sorts of Laoee vuhtd, mended, and done up equal to now, at short notion. <i*?-gwi* 1H. O. HOOD 8 Constantly receiving, and has always on hand, a foil supp y of ail the mo?t oeebrated Jv WATCHf ,S thai a;e wan u foot n red in Kng- BU laud, Switier and a* d An.erioa. both in *? and Silveroaaes. Be also kieesa ar;e stock of fiine JKWbLKY of the most desirable styles set with Diamonds, Emeralds, Rubies and another Gems. He \s also manufacturing all kinds of Solid Standard Silver Ware, and keeps Swords, Revolvers, Sword Belts and Sasnes, Bowie Knives, Ramors, Sois?ors, Gold, Silver and Steel t pec tides, and a treat variety of other things Aseal'y kept m a J ewe rr Store, and a>l at the very lowest prioe. No. 33s Pa. avenue, between 9th and loth streets. fe lfc-tf 1 carriages. Have now on hand a large and fine aeaortmeat of carRIa6E9? superior to any m the<JS?. market, whioh i am prepared! to eeliygQ^R: low for oash. Persons in want of good* M work, will do well to call and examine my stock before perohasin^ elsewhere. I au ioj>(uia u??uj uuyc? ?Btt wreon fiuupuj ?itended to. 1 hara also one very fine oioea Pannel Camaca. which orijiLjiily oott #1,385. bitt litt.e BMd.&nd will be to Id low, m the owner haa to further use for it. ANDREW J. JOYCE. jail-lm Corner 14th E atreeta. FURNITURE! f* FWRN1TURB' FURNITURE! f^\ W. B MOSES, (of the firm of Mnaea A. PeokLam, Pkuad'a,) MauaJaoturer and Wboleeale and Retail in Can? eeat Chaira, Cottage, Far.or and Dialog room Furuhua?Thora'a Dail<lin<? 008 MT?ot: atreet, above D. Every wiety of UPHOLSTERING pronapUj ana oeatlj exocatod. sure open day aad evening for the aooomm*da lion of the pablte. i m mm ?iu mu; iMumrMWHU nwort coking aliewhwe. j*. COLi)^ yHOjULSENiSSB, Jto. COMPOUND S ?M UP 01 9UM ARABIC. This tlHsut *?5C popalar Coagn R?i. +ij hu ttMa m tcmc known and ext*m,ire!j ? <] that mod peraona have beooir.a .'amiliar with ita ei'iaordi nary ef&oacy. It omi be had at all the arina ? * Irec rtorea, it ti i d ?' MCti a bett* a * JY-hI*Ml?* * TUB WEEKLY ST Ait. raVrtizy wrmleg. TilXf?#m*, ?aNHtMf, 4m ~ i? 11 r BlmgU ?fi, par M WylW 4 1 .?????????? mmi lli Twnty-|f| ? nn?M#?? # W W tBTwUMy MitaiM u? ?WMklactaa Hew* ttal baa made n? DMf I*m<m 5Mr alraata* aa family Uroucboal Ue MUtry imituu uitio /i. ? ?-- ? oured at the ?oamtar, lawttSf After the ) ? of the pepev. Prloe?THE Kb CENTS H ELM BOLD'S GENUINE PREPARATION. " HMOHL T CO JTrtiTWD" Compound Fluid Xztnot Bvcha, A Md tifU Riwii) For IhMMM ol Ut BLADDER, KIDNEYS. GRAVEL.DROr &1CAL SWELLINGS. This Medicine inoreoeee th" power of Difeeti<mi. osoitM the iMoiinr* into h?*,Uy fteuon. by vfaioh the watekt o* caltsbof* dee^-one. ?nd ? 1 f UN ATT* A L It'iUtaatTI irt IWiDOM, M WOll U PAIS AND IM LAM HAT ion, HBLMBOLD'8 KITRACT BUCHO For WMkn?wn Artamc from txof??M, H?i>ite of DiMtpoQos, E*rl* Irditoretnn or Abiee. AttmUtd witAtk* Fellowi*f Symptom/ lndinpomtioc to ExeiHoo, * Lose of Povor, Loee oi Meraorr, DUBob ty of Br?*thint. W?k Nenree, Tremblini. n'nur ui inHW) WHflUUIt, Dimcees of Vision, Ptii in the Bm , Uaireraa Laaaitade of the Mqeoniar fritein. Hot Hand*. Flashing of the Body Dryness of the Skin, Krsptmnson tue Kmm, PALLID rorfrTl!U!*Ct. Theee eymptoms, II tKowed to go on, whioh this medicine m variably rem ores, soon to lows IMPOTENCY, FATUITY, EPILEPTIC flTl, to ?m of wkitk tki Parts** wuif Earpir*. Who ou say that they are not fv**aratly loilowed by those "dbvcl disaa?bs. * INSANITY AND CONSUMPTION." Mai j are aware of the oanse of their raftortot. but !?ojt* will cohfbss. THE RECORDS ov THE INSANE ASYLUMS And tk* M*innck?ly Dtntki fry r?siMv<MS. Ilil AMPLE WrTintSS TO TH? TKTTH OV TV! AMlIflOl* TBES?i,T8aTIJ^7cH??f?ftS5f.clBB 4nir?a tho kid of medicine to itrencthec . nd lcvigorate the 8y?t?m hioh BELMBOLD'8 EXTRACT BUCBL rmux will comnwc* thi mo?t utmcii. FEMA LES- FEMALES- FF MALES, ?LD 80NVKPP^ A T? & *1AVR"a <^U' ?B tU?i I MUrLA 1 l.'U .HAlvMAwb. In Many AJftrlion: Picxltcr to the Extract Boohu la nceeufv l?d by any other remedy. M in Chioroaia or Retention. lrrcga-a'ity Pamlu'.' ^aa, or tfuppreaaion o1 Ouatomar? Evaoaatioca. I'loer&tea or Sohirroni atate of the Utenia, Leucorrhea or WIn tea, Steriii'y. and for all oornpiairta incident to the tm. whether amir.g from lodiaoretion, Hamu of Diaa.:>atioo, or is toe DECLINE OR CHANGE OF LIU! an aTMFToice ajovi. NO FAMILY SHOULD ?? WITHOwT IT. T+h* ne morg fiiiM, Mircttrp or Mtdtcti /or Vnt>l*a.-9?H mnd Umnftrom Ihurn*** HBLMBOLP'8 hXTKAVT BVCUU cnn SECRET DISEASES In Ait uatr >U|M, At littie ? Little or lo chin*e sc Dici; Ng icxniTKuUie An4 nt> Aiycnri. Sto?o?M a f-o^u-ut dMire tad (Ivm etreocth t* Jrinatfl, thereby Rimanai obstructive, 'raventing aji<l Cwriu* Stricture# of the Uretiira, A.aj'iij fun &-.d lr.flainm?tHT0 freqient in the citee of tiiae&.ea, and cxpe ira? Poucxumt, DxftatfL ?* item out blatttr. tSOV!A.NM fPO.V TDoryNM WHO HATE BESy THE rjClififi Ok QUACKS, ?nc wno mtp iv rieoarnc it ? inn L ma, u&re fouo ! me w?r? deceived. *j>o thai ?h? ,'roi?o!*#* bw, br tlie u?.i of "powmrfui hoes lri*4 up to th? rraVvr .to f n*k mtituu(r*v?u^1 form, &p< rMtHAia Atrs* MA m.IAH* ??r apLMUOyVB K1VPA f PWOBf ?U Affwtlon* ad" Xmmm "fth* UK1NART IIRHtVL wfe*tfe<r ?*! ??Ef in MAI.S OR f EMALKt tre? aoee aud n- natter HJr? Lone arANDina Dimumo! ueee Ortane r<tul the aid ol a Dirovne. UBLMBOLD 8 EXTRACT BUCHV IS THK SRKA'F DiUBKTIC, and laoertaic to ba?a the d em red affect ta l>:aea aec/ar whUk t'l u wm?M nDBoa or m most aaarosarau am ?? ULABVB CBamATTU vUUaaaamyacr U?e aacieiitaa. CERtlFICATKP <>F APRS*. ' tr 9 w r*ars' ataadlag " "-SaHKSfABarAME. **FHY81C1AN8" PLEASE * NOTICE." wb kui "ao iicut" u? utiiDuiTi '' UELMBOLD'8 EXTRACT BUCHU i? eomtoaed of Buohn, Cut* bo tad JuniMr Boitim aeieoted wrth (TMt owe by a oompeteni dracgiat, PRE PARED lit TACUO, BY H. T. HILHBOL V, retinal *nd Aoaljtioai Chen.let, and Bo,. tUaulictmef of HELMBOLD'S QKNULNE PEKPARAIUU t. AFFJDA . rviBOLt&. y i?o.t>ro me, ma A. driw.?( the oity or Phii?de>hi?, b. t. hklvbold, tm being d*iy avorn, aoth a&y, his prep^rauoai contain no n&rootio, no merourr.or other lnjnriom. druce, but &re pareiy rejetAbie. J.T. HELM0OM), Svors &cd an be#ribed before ran, thia ti c Oat November, 1864. _ WM. P. rilBBfcKD. Aiderm&n, Ninth at.. a bore fltoe, Phi A PHYSICIANS lit ATTBHDAyCX FROM b A M TO 6 P M. PrUe 91 M' hettla, ar tlx i*r It, Delivered to aay addreaa, aocarfcj fMkM ebaai ution. A^dreM letters for infors>%t:rb is* o? a. V. HKLMBOLD Cktmta, Dopot. 1M SuKth TmUi at., belov Ch?*ic?t faiii NEWARK OF OOVNlEftfKIT* AND WNFA.1N011LMD OM4LKAS who endeavor to dispose "of ^hMr ova' 'other" artiolee ot the r*pat*bo-> uoui*' ? AlinkU'l 0MMtM , ? " K?*rt*t B~< ?. " M " **? " M imrr?4 ?*n . Sold Vj S. B. Wi;r?, ?. i>. . Wait. S. O. Ftiv S S. umriitii A. 0 Ki;?i, D. B. Ouuiljviu * uitotl.1JL. Hun, Ww>imw im !>??<>?? ?. gAJVD ALA DMWWlBTa X* * hi \* t ? An roA vxuuoL'i * . ? ?? tAk? ihu ix '.t* \ hMM AtOltf Uir* <llIIO> ? t M <>#KJ *? *M u**r?ii??r },? VHW

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